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2009-01-29 New imaging technique catches arthritis early 0 None
2009-01-29 Advances in nanotechnology point to next generation of prostheses 0 None
2009-01-29 New bone cement may prevent amputations 0 1
2009-01-27 Health IT associated with better outcomes, lower costs 0 None
2009-01-23 ZOLL cleared to market new defibrillators 0 None
2009-01-23 Roche NimbleGen microarray technology enables highest-resolution map of human genome copy number variation 0 None
2009-01-23 Researchers create precise biosensor for detecting blood glucose 0 None
2009-01-19 New technique images whole cells in liquid with a scanning transmission electron microscope 0 None
2009-01-19 New scan shows bleeding inside heart after heart attack 0 None
2009-01-19 Ground-breaking test for spem quality 0 None
2009-01-19 Tiny pressure sensor in artery measures blood pressure 0 None
2009-01-19 Biologically tagged nanowires integrated onto circuit chips 0 None
2009-01-18 Microfluidic devices capture and analyze single cancer cells 0 None
2009-01-18 Biodegradable nanoprobe images new blood vessel growth 0 None
2009-01-15 Invatec launches drug-eluting balloon to treat atherosclerosis below the knee 0 None
2009-01-13 Improved MRI scanning of tumours 0 None
2009-01-12 Speech and language disorders can be assessed over the internet 0 None
2009-01-12 Tiny particle syringe for drug delivery 0 None
2009-01-12 Abbott to acquire Advanced Medical Optics 0 None
2009-01-09 Use of robot and VR system improves walking post-stroke 0 None
2009-01-08 New cataract early detection device 0 None
2009-01-07 Osteotech starts trial for DuraTech BioRegeneration Matrix 0 None
2009-01-07 Lasers show potential to 'zap' amyloid proteins 0 None
2009-01-06 Nintendo's Wii Fit helping seniors get healthy 0 None
2009-01-06 Digital mammograms take longer to interpret than film-screen mammograms 0 None
2009-01-06 Implantable cardioverter defibrillators improve survival in older heart patients 0 None
2009-01-06 Health-monitoring technology helps seniors live at home longer 0 None
2009-01-06 Innovative brain-scan technology helps visualize brain aging before symptoms appear 0 None
2009-01-05 Simple test kit helps prevent lung cancer caused by radon 2 None
2009-01-05 Peer discussion improves student performance with Clickers - simple audience response devices 0 None
2009-01-05 MRI scans emerge as vital resource in treatment of back pain 0 None
2009-01-05 FDA announces recall of ophthalmic viscosurgical device 0 None
2009-01-01 Specialized kidney transporter improves transplant results 0 None
2009-01-01 First U.S. implants of Embozene color-advanced microspheres embolization technology 0 None


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