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2009-02-26 New software aids discovery of new genetic markers for diseases 0 None
2009-02-25 Impact Medical Solutions starts clinical trial and listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange 0 None
2009-02-25 University at Buffalo designed ventilator can safely sedate ICU patients for less 0 None
2009-02-24 Radiation therapy equipment vendors to test system integration 0 None
2009-02-23 CERAM offer medical device manufacturers key highlights to materials 0 None
2009-02-23 Microfluidic device mimics tumor microenvironment, helps drug discovery 0 None
2009-02-23 New imaging techniques let scientists see biomolecules more clearly 0 None
2009-02-23 Life-giving technology: Camera pills and ultrasound creating maps of the body 0 None
2009-02-22 Laser treatment clinical trial misses primary endpoint 0 None
2009-02-22 Scientists develop mobile sleep lab for home use 0 None
2009-02-22 Abbott receives European clearance on acquisition of Advanced Medical Optics 0 None
2009-02-20 New ultrasound device provides bone disorder diagnosis, fracture healing 0 None
2009-02-20 Human papillomavirus lesion identified with VELscope at dentist 0 None
2009-02-20 FDA approves humanitarian device exemption for deep brain stimulator 0 None
2009-02-18 Nano-sized laboratory detects pollutants, disease and biological weapons 0 None
2009-02-18 New technology could save vision of millions 0 None
2009-02-18 Handheld device provides on-the-spot DNA analysis to test tolerance to prescription drugs 0 None
2009-02-18 FDA clears new immune response claim for CryoValve SG pulmonary human heart valve 0 None
2009-02-17 Video imaging technique provides dynamic view of airway obstruction 0 None
2009-02-17 Faster detection of viruses with nanodevices 0 None
2009-02-16 New software speeds enzyme design 0 None
2009-02-16 New device decreases wait times for patients needing immunotherapy 0 None
2009-02-11 Personal digital assistants used to track tuberculosis data 0 None
2009-02-11 New self-sanitizing antibacterial plaster 0 None
2009-02-09 New efficient technology speeds protein NMR imaging 0 None
2009-02-09 New microscope visualizes cells in 3D 0 None
2009-02-08 Remote Intelligent Drug Delivery System (RIDDS) may soon be a reality 0 4
2009-02-08 How electronic medical records can be used to test drug efficacy 0 None
2009-02-08 FDA approves first ablation catheters for the treatment of atrial fibrillatio 0 None
2009-02-08 Novel gene silencing platform 0 None
2009-02-03 NRL partners with industry to develop compact biosensor for wide-ranging applications 0 None
2009-02-03 Robot scientist promises to dig up new drugs 0 None
2009-02-02 New technology rapidly detects tumor response to chemotherapy 0 None
2009-02-02 CT and fiber-coated surgical microcoils help locate small lung nodules 0 None
2009-02-02 Stereotactic vacuum-assisted breast needle biopsy better than 14-gauge in breast biopsy 0 None
2009-02-02 New imaging technique distinguishes breast cancer cells from normal cells 0 None
2009-02-02 New technology analyzes breast cancer tumours to determine best treatment option 0 2


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