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RSSArchived Device / Technology News Stories - December 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-12-30 URAC releases Patient Centered Health Care Home Program Toolkit 0 None
2010-12-30 AngioScore initiates worldwide recall of AngioSculpt PTA Scoring Balloon Catheter 0 None
2010-12-30 Clinical Data closes sale of genetic, pharmacogenomic testing and biomarker development business 0 None
2010-12-29 Experimental device for obstructive sleep apnea 0 None
2010-12-29 Crothall partners with 3M to implement effective infection control 0 None
2010-12-29 Researchers develop breath-analysis technology for rapid detection of biomarkers 0 None
2010-12-29 Natus Medical ships ALGO hearing screeners to New South Wales 0 None
2010-12-28 HeartWare seeks FDA PMA approval for HeartWare Ventricular Assist System 0 None
2010-12-28 UPMC MyHealth Connect web-browser mobile application launched 0 None
2010-12-28 NIIT Technologies forays into US health care segment with acquisition of Preferr EHR 0 None
2010-12-28 ACT, Roslin Cells collaborate to establish hESC line bank using single-ceblastomere technique 0 None
2010-12-27 Exiqon announces introduction of GLP compliant services for miRNA biomarker screening 0 None
2010-12-27 Researchers develop microfluidic device to orient hundreds of embryos for research 0 None
2010-12-24 Pros and cons of apps for common New Year's resolutions 0 None
2010-12-24 Male partners' sympathy levels during menstrual periods lacking 0 1
2010-12-24 Littleton and Porter hospitals selected to pilot new iTriage 'Tell us you're coming' feature 0 None
2010-12-24 High pressure technology holds promise for decontamination of dairy products 0 None
2010-12-24 $1.1 billion Martek sale measures success of UMD-Mtech 'grads' 0 None
2010-12-24 Meaningful use of EHR systems is an IT and organizational initiative 0 None
2010-12-24 HIT interventions promising tools in fight to improve medication adherence, despite paucity of data 0 None
2010-12-24 Five-stage reverse osmosis best for removal of hexavalent chromium from drinking water 0 None
2010-12-24 Positron granted U.S. patents for quantum photodetectors 0 None
2010-12-24 MiMedx receives notification of Class III certification for HydroFix technology 0 None
2010-12-24 Electronic health records have only limited effect on improving quality of medical care: RAND study 0 None
2010-12-23 Mobile trends, FDA regulations to be explored at Digital Health Summit 2011 0 None
2010-12-23 UMMC improves delivery turnaround time, enhances nurse satisfaction with MedEx system 0 None
2010-12-23 RyMed disappointed with verdict in InVision-Plus IV connector patent infringement case 0 4
2010-12-23 Brain regions that 'fire up' due to suppression of automatic behaviour 0 None
2010-12-23 Procognia grants Euro-Diagnostica license to provide diagnostic services for gastric cancer 0 None
2010-12-23 Promising initial data from STABLE clinical trial for endovascular treatment of Type B aortic dissection 0 None
2010-12-23 St. Luke’s second in nation to perform EVAR with Endurant AAA Stent Graft System 0 None
2010-12-23 AADR testifies at FDA Advisory Panel meeting on dental amalgam 0 None
2010-12-23 BSD in final process of establishing international distribution networks for new microwave ablation product line 0 None
2010-12-22 FDA joins Abbott Diabetes Careto to recall 359 glucose test strips 0 None
2010-12-22 New nanoparticle-based diagnostic platform provides rapid detection of sepsis 0 None
2010-12-22 Millennia compiles data on 100 wounds treated with Cytomedix AutoloGel System 0 None
2010-12-22 Delcath completes NDA submission for chemosaturation system 0 None
2010-12-22 Dynacare purchases Bruker MALDI Biotyper system for rapid microbial identification 0 None
2010-12-22 Edge releases edgeDMS for iPad for Dentists and Dental offices 0 None
2010-12-22 RadNet to acquire Imaging On Call 0 None
2010-12-22 Virtual technology to train social workers to help address mental health needs of veterans 0 None
2010-12-22 Emory University study reaffirms benefits of VNS Therapy System for refractory epilepsy 0 None
2010-12-22 First implantation of Medtronic Transcatheter Aortic Valve Prosthesis in US performed at Mount Sinai 0 None
2010-12-22 New online tool helps scientists to find gene promoters 0 None
2010-12-22 Merrion, Novo Nordisk enter Collaboration and Option agreement for GIPET technology 0 None
2010-12-22 U.S. pivotal clinical trial of Medtronic CoreValve begins 0 None
2010-12-22 OSI to provide patient monitoring solutions for new hospital in Issaquah, WA 0 None
2010-12-22 USPTO validates Spectros white LED patent during reexamination 0 None
2010-12-22 Quick-Med, Foster complete joint development program for NIMBUS antimicrobial catheters 0 None
2010-12-22 El Camino announces first patient implant in Medtronic CoreValve clinical trial 0 None
2010-12-22 Esprida software solution can help improve patient care 0 None
2010-12-22 Pepex announces development of combined glucose monitoring and insulin delivery meter 0 None
2010-12-22 Vitrolife receives FDA approval for RapitVit Blast and RapidWarm Blast vitrification products 0 None
2010-12-22 Arrow announces worldwide voluntary recall of 5800 Series IABs with Super Arrow-Flex Sheath Introducer 0 None
2010-12-22 3M sues Andover for patent infringement over two layer compression bandage systems 0 None
2010-12-22 Ontario hospital implants powerful new defibrillator 0 None
2010-12-21 FDA approves Medtronic Endurant AAA Stent Graft System for abdominal aortic aneurysms 0 None
2010-12-21 Medicaid Health Plans of America selects MedAssurant for advanced analytics in healthcare delivery 0 None
2010-12-21 CoreMatrix delivers new cloud based, integrated, on demand marketing solutions 0 None
2010-12-21 AutoGenomics introduces first automated molecular assay for Familial Mediterranean Fever 0 None
2010-12-21 ICU Medical wins I.V. connector patent infringement suit against RyMed 0 None
2010-12-21 CIOs need to identify where IT needs to be 0 None
2010-12-21 Novel pen measures stress levels 0 None
2010-12-21 B-Bridge International unveils first brainwave athletic trainer 0 None
2010-12-21 LUMEDX announces subscription of 50 hospitals to cardiovascular SaaS solution 0 None
2010-12-21 AmeriCares, Baxter team up to deliver IV solutions to prevent cholera outbreak in Haiti 0 None
2010-12-21 Halt Medical presents results of Halt Fibroid Study at NIH Global Fibroid Congress 0 None
2010-12-21 XFELs technology can track damaged membrane protein structure 0 None
2010-12-21 Alion awarded $1.4M Army contract to develop affordable robotic prosthetic device 0 None
2010-12-21 Exiqon completes discovery phase program for early detection of colorectal cancer in blood 0 None
2010-12-21 Laser restoration therapy promotes hair regrowth in women 0 None
2010-12-21 MEDSEEK, BayCare Health System partner to develop and deploy fully integrated eHealth solution 0 None
2010-12-21 Wishard expands partnership with SIS to improve perioperative services 0 None
2010-12-21 Gastric bypass surgeries performed using da Vinci Surgical System 0 None
2010-12-21 Kanis receives Hamdan Award for Medical Research Excellence in osteoporosis 0 None
2010-12-21 Ovarian cancer tissue and healthy tissue smell different 0 None
2010-12-21 New CPT code for use with T-SPOT.TB test 0 None
2010-12-21 Biomet Biologics completes enrollment in Recover Kit clinical trial for chronic tennis elbow 0 None
2010-12-21 New predictive medicine product for hereditary pancreatic and related cancers 0 None
2010-12-21 Diopsys develops new SD-OCT imaging software for ophthalmologists 0 None
2010-12-21 Researchers develop new lung imaging technique that causes minimum tissue disruption 0 None
2010-12-21 PharMEDium introduces pre-labeled, ready-to-use Propofol in tamper evident syringe admixture system 0 None
2010-12-21 Exome sequencing leads to correct diagnosis and life-saving treatment for mysterious genetic disorder 0 None
2010-12-21 Robotic surgery as effective as other minimally invasive techniques for head and neck squamous cell carcinomas 0 None
2010-12-20 Veeva announces seamless integration of CRM solution with Mederi 0 None
2010-12-20 Health-care coverage program for kids ends in Ariz.; Florida Medicaid patient information may be at risk 0 None
2010-12-20 Tryton initiates enrollment in Side Branch Stent System trial for coronary artery disease 0 None
2010-12-20 OSI Systems receives $1.2M UK hospital order for patient monitoring systems 0 None
2010-12-20 Criterions EHR earns ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification 0 None
2010-12-20 HistoRx grants Metamark worldwide license to AQUA technology for commercialization of Prognostic Assays 0 None
2010-12-20 Mind Technologies to sell Emotiv EEG headset 0 5
2010-12-20 Opsens unveils EasyWire for growth market of Fractional Flow Reserve for coronary lesion assessment 0 None
2010-12-20 Spartan RX CYP2C19 DNA testing system receives European CE Mark certification 0 None
2010-12-20 Itamar Medical, Roche enter development agreement for EndoPAT device 0 None
2010-12-20 Exosomes derived from lymphoma, colorectal cancer patients circulated through Aethlon's Hemopurifier 0 5
2010-12-20 U.K. decision to close operations at Forensic Science Service could contribute to Orchid Cellmark's growth 0 None
2010-12-20 Response Biomedical strengthens patent protection for RAMP technology 0 None
2010-12-20 NAFC forms council to establish independent quality standards for incontinence products 0 None
2010-12-20 Phadia to market diagnostic products in India 0 None
2010-12-20 CNA Warranty, MVP to provide cost-effective equipment maintenance coverage for hospitals 0 None
2010-12-20 MDI adds McKesson's CareEnhance Disease Monitor software to Viewpoint Analytics solutions portfolio 0 None
2010-12-20 FDA approves Medtronic's Arctic Front Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter system for drug refractory PAF 0 5
2010-12-20 Nanosphere's Verisens cTnI assay measures low levels of troponin I in patients with heart failure 0 None
2010-12-19 Arthrosurface conducts first knee procedure based on HemiCAP platform technology 0 None
2010-12-19 Improved brain-machine technologies 0 None
2010-12-17 InspireMD presents long-term data of MGuard stent technology at the ICI 0 None
2010-12-17 Sapient awarded multiple-award ID/IQ prime contract with CDC 0 None
2010-12-17 Best Buy announces national rollout of health, fitness products at 600 Best Buy stores 0 None
2010-12-17 Elsevier Foundation's new library grants focus on telemedicine, HIV/AIDS videos and Egyptian cancer database 0 None
2010-12-17 Electronic medical records appear to have varying effects on primary care physicians: UC Davis study 0 None
2010-12-17 BioMimetic granted Canadian notice of patent allowance covering rhPDGF-BB platform technology formulations 0 None
2010-12-17 GE Healthcare announces global partnership with Embrace to distribute low-cost infant warmer 0 None
2010-12-17 Cancer Treatment Centers of America deploys Intel's personal health system solution 0 None
2010-12-17 Electronic cigarettes much safer than real cigarettes, says BUSPH researcher 0 5
2010-12-17 Study suggests blood test may detect persons with CKD 0 None
2010-12-17 Researchers discover new molecular mechanism of Alzheimer's disease through protein interaction 0 None
2010-12-17 Study: Biomarkers may aid in early diagnosis of breast cancer 0 None
2010-12-17 New study suggests PSA test effective for men with prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-17 FDA grants Fenwal 510(k) clearance for ALYX blood component collection system with wireless data export 0 None
2010-12-17 Scientists receive $1.4 million NSF grant to develop robotic device for heart surgery 0 None
2010-12-17 Head, neck radiation exposure increases thyroid cancer in children 0 None
2010-12-17 COPAN announces US patent for evoluton in flocked swab technology 0 None
2010-12-17 Gen-Probe announces GTI Diagnostics acquisition from Riverside Company 0 None
2010-12-16 Recent mergers and acquisitions in the ultrasound market 0 3.5
2010-12-16 Akonni receives $150,000 Phase I NSF grant to assess feasibility of developing lab-on-a-film microarray device 0 None
2010-12-16 Web-based screening tools for determining TBI or PTS among military service members 0 None
2010-12-16 GSK to deploy BioClinica's Trident IWR system across Phase I-IV clinical trials 0 None
2010-12-16 RFA highly valuable therapy for controlling cancerous nodules 0 None
2010-12-16 Guardian 24/7 selects Glowpoint's video managed services for remote diagnosis and patient collaboration 0 None
2010-12-16 RAD to restore SCI's Radiation Treatment Center 0 None
2010-12-16 Orthofix settles Trinity Evolution patent infringement suit with NuVasive and Osiris 0 None
2010-12-16 MedicAlert Foundation's 'Code of Conduct' helps evaluate integrity of emergency medical information 0 None
2010-12-16 Miracor granted CE-Mark for PICSO Impulse System to improve ACS revascularization following PCI 0 None
2010-12-16 International Bionic Engineering Conference to be held from 18-20 September, 2011 0 None
2010-12-16 Precision BioSciences receive $3 million to develop DNE technology 0 None
2010-12-16 Study finds that immobilization devices significantly reduce braking response time 0 None
2010-12-16 Pico-Tesla commences pilot study of Magneceutical Therapy in fibromyalgia patients 0 None
2010-12-16 Envoy's successfull application of bacTRAP technology triggers milestone payment from Merck 0 None
2010-12-16 New visualisation software tool for older people to understand mobility problems 0 None
2010-12-16 BioAlliance wins grant and award for new applications of mucoadhesive Lauriad technology 0 None
2010-12-16 IDS recieves grant for two CLTM systems 0 None
2010-12-16 DeCODE Genetics identify SNPs to derive PSA threshold for diagnosing prostrate cancer 0 None
2010-12-16 SBUMC to unveil one-of-a-kind neuroendovascular simulator 0 None
2010-12-16 Epitomics enters contract with SAIC Frederick to develop rabbit monoclonal antibodies for CPTC program 0 None
2010-12-16 Study demonstrates BRACAnalysis testing for women with breast carcinoma in situ 0 None
2010-12-16 BioPontis Alliance, Merck enter innovative strategic agreement in translational drug research 0 None
2010-12-16 PEG-Prom encased nanoparticle aids in cancer detection and treatment 0 None
2010-12-16 Ultrasound-based diagnosis for rapid detection of benign and malignant ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-12-15 FDA grants marketing clearance to Accuray's CyberKnife VSI System Lung Optimized Treatment 0 None
2010-12-15 MCSA Tool for colonoscopy trainees to assess cognitive and motor skills 0 None
2010-12-15 AmoyDx receives SFDA approval for its EGFR and BRAF mutations detection kits 0 None
2010-12-15 New nanotechnology based technique to detect pneumonia within minutes 0 None
2010-12-15 iTech Medical receives CE Mark approval for Muscle Pattern Recognition System 0 None
2010-12-15 PharmaNet launches Initiator and PKS technology platforms to improve clinical study timelines 0 None
2010-12-15 BSGI/MBI provides additional information when conventional imaging is indeterminate in diagnosing breast cancer 0 None
2010-12-15 joimax to present C-Camsource HD Twister for endoscopic spinal surgery at 5th German Spine Congress 0 None
2010-12-15 New online tools allow parents with autistic children to enjoy holiday season 0 5
2010-12-15 Echo acoustic liquid handler improves discovery of potential therapeutics 0 None
2010-12-15 Plasma technology safe, effective alternative to antibiotics to treat multi-drug resistant infections 0 4
2010-12-15 AzTe and Zcube: Innovative treatment of chronic respiratory diseases 0 None
2010-12-15 CMS increases reimbursement rate for Cylex's immune cell function assay by 267% 0 None
2010-12-15 Researchers develop synthetic circuits to detect changes in state of health 0 None
2010-12-15 Positive results from large, multi-center Canadian trial with On-X Prosthetic Heart Valve 0 None
2010-12-15 New device gathers reliable data about risky sexual behavior among Ethiopian teenagers 0 None
2010-12-15 Cell Biosciences receives US Patent for NanoPro assay technology 0 None
2010-12-15 Case study sheds light on pathological course of Alzheimer's disease 0 1
2010-12-15 Smiths Medical launches Medfusion 4000 wireless syringe infusion pump with PharmGuard systems in Canada 0 None
2010-12-15 NY Times: Panel set to study safety of electronic patient data 0 None
2010-12-15 Synergetics launches next generation of Codman Malis electrosurgical generator 0 None
2010-12-15 Lung protective strategy can increase the number of lungs available for transplant 0 None
2010-12-15 Unique device eliminates cold and flu germs in eco-friendly way 0 None
2010-12-15 Davita launches online tool for dialysis patients 0 None
2010-12-14 Two patients receive first kidney transplants through OPTN national program 0 None
2010-12-14 World's first remote 3D keyhole surgery to be performed at University of Surrey 0 None
2010-12-14 Glycotope receives innovation award 2010 for GlycoExpress technology platform 0 None
2010-12-14 Life Technologies announces launch of Ion Personal Genome Machine sequencer 0 None
2010-12-14 UnitedHealthcare's care management solution will improve diabetes prescription drug adherence: Study 0 None
2010-12-14 NIST publishes guides to support EHR system developers 0 None
2010-12-14 ICESP selects Ekahau RTLS for staff tracking solution 0 None
2010-12-14 Integra launches second size of Endoscopic Gastroc Release System 0 None
2010-12-14 Chinese hospital uses UNIQUE radiotherapy system to treat cancer patients 0 None
2010-12-14 Genomic Health announces results of Oncotype DX test in early-stage breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-12-14 Gore releases statement in response to safety of GORE HELEX Septal Occluder for PFO closure in cryptogenic stroke patients 0 None
2010-12-14 Vented bottles prevent nutrient loss in breast milk and infant formula 0 None
2010-12-14 Roche launches new xCELLigence System RTCA HT Instrument 0 None
2010-12-14 Study finds carotid artery stenting has higher risk of stroke and death than carotid endarterectomy 0 None
2010-12-14 SINTEF ICT scientists develop sensor belt to monitor chronically ill patients 0 None
2010-12-14 National Institutes of Health honors Nevada nursing professor with $377,000 for ischemia study 0 None
2010-12-14 UCSF physicians evlaute devices that could reduce hair loss in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy 0 None
2010-12-13 Intercell to stop further development of Travelers' Diarrhea Vaccine Patch 0 None
2010-12-13 Enrollment commences in multi-center clinical trial of CorMatrix ECM for Pericardial Closure 0 None
2010-12-13 iMDsoft, Mindray enter new distribution agreement 0 None
2010-12-13 FDA clears Clear Catheter Systems' PleuraFlow Active Tube Clearance System 0 None
2010-12-13 MedVirginia becomes first community HIE to connect with Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record 0 None
2010-12-13 South Korean FDA approves EDAP's new Sonolith i-move lithotripter 0 None
2010-12-13 Nuance announces availability of Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder on iTunes App Store 0 None
2010-12-13 University of Utrecht orders for Bruker 527 GHz Solid State DNP-NMR system 0 None
2010-12-13 Zimmer's Trabecular Metal Modular Cup awarded 20% reimbursement premium in Japan 0 None
2010-12-13 TRL, Anaphore partner to develop novel protein therapies for autoimmune diseases 0 None
2010-12-13 Panasonic to manufacture electronic lenses for PixelOptics' electronic focusing eyeglasses 0 5
2010-12-13 WellDoc DiabetesManager solution integrated with leading EHR system 0 None
2010-12-13 SunTech Medical, ADC launch ADView spot-check device 0 None
2010-12-13 Cedarlane to distribute TGR's new ELISA-One technology assay reagents in Canada and the US 0 None
2010-12-13 iTech Medical receives Health Canada approval for Muscle Pattern Recognition System 0 None
2010-12-13 Ascension Orthopedics reports first implantation of PyroTITAN Humeral Resurfacing Implant in France 0 None
2010-12-13 New positive data on Generex Oral-lyn published in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 0 None
2010-12-13 Zogenix's SUMAVEL DosePro Needle-free Delivery System wins 2010 Most Innovative Product award 0 None
2010-12-13 Yissum introduces novel DNA profiling method for investigating complex crime scenes 0 None
2010-12-13 Stimatix GI's AOS-C1000 colostomy management device meets primary, secondary endpoints in pre-clinical studies 0 None
2010-12-13 Silicon Biosystems' newly formed subsidiary to commercialize DEPArray technology platform 0 3
2010-12-13 bioTheranostics reports new findings from study evaluating Breast Cancer Index molecular oncology test 0 None
2010-12-13 ORNL's software scans molecular databases, may help scientists to develop new drug treatments 0 5
2010-12-13 OraSure commences enrollment in final study for FDA approval of OraQuick Rapid HIV-1/2 OTC test 0 None
2010-12-13 Combination of SPECT and CT scans could offer protection against lymphedema in breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-12-13 New DNA-based testing technology for tuberculosis treatment 0 None
2010-12-13 Simple fingertip test may help evaluate risk for CTS in breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-12-13 Study shows stereotactic radiation therapy as effective as surgery in elderly patients with early-stage lung cancer 0 None
2010-12-13 New York City surgeon performs first revision rhinoplasty cases with FDA approved PDS Plate 0 None
2010-12-13 Mayo clinic creates new computerized radiation tracking system 0 None
2010-12-10 Sound masking therapy is of uncertain benefit when used alone to treat tinnitus 0 None
2010-12-10 MMI-USA announces limited launch of new Smart Toe II Hammertoe Fixation System 0 None
2010-12-10 Complete Genomics announces CNV and SV results as part of complete human genome sequencing service 0 None
2010-12-10 Tru-D UV-C device effective in reducing pathogens on all environmental surfaces in hospital patient rooms 0 None
2010-12-10 Tomophase receives FDA 510(k) clearance to market Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging System 0 None
2010-12-10 Pisgah's technology imparts abuse deterrence to commonly abused prescription drugs 0 None
2010-12-10 Toshiba to market Elekta's products and clinical solutions in Japanese radiotherapy market 0 None
2010-12-10 STENTYS initiates international APPOSITION III self-apposing stent study in AMI patients 0 None
2010-12-10 AvMed to optimize Member Services call center operation with Panviva SupportPoint 0 None
2010-12-10 Harvard Bioscience files two major patents in regenerative medicine 0 None
2010-12-10 FDA grants Neoprobe Type B pre-IND meeting for RIGS technology BLA 0 None
2010-12-10 First genetic test on developing risk of Alzheimer's disease and heart attacks 0 None
2010-12-10 Simple molecular sensor color test to determine safe fluoride levels 0 5
2010-12-10 Ambry Genetics announces launch of Illumina HiSeq 2000 Next Generation Sequencing Services 0 None
2010-12-10 New 5-minute Memory Orientation Screening Test to identify elderly patients with dementia 0 None
2010-12-10 Presidential commission pushes feds to 'facilitate' more health IT 0 None
2010-12-10 Stereotactic radiation therapy as effective as surgery for patients with early-stage lung cancer 0 None
2010-12-10 New molecular tools show promise for cleansing brain of amyloid plaques 0 None
2010-12-10 AACR reports majority of women do not get regular mammograms 0 None
2010-12-10 Researchers find new light-activated platinum-based compound to kill cancer cells 0 None
2010-12-10 New software may help improve major deficiencies in ADHD children 1 None
2010-12-09 Scientists to develop ultra-rapid sexually transmitted infection detection system for clinics 0 None
2010-12-09 IKEA pencils better than traditional felt tipped pens for facial, head surgery, two surgeons say 0 None
2010-12-09 Ingenuity Systems and CLC bio collaborate to provide interoperability between software solutions 0 None
2010-12-09 Hamilton Thorne launches new Stiletto laser for regenerative medicine and stem cell research markets 0 None
2010-12-09 Nightingale to launch EMR and practice management solution for Apple iPad 0 None
2010-12-09 Genetic Immunity to present DermaVir and DermaPrep transdermal delivery system at HIV DART 2010 conference 0 None
2010-12-09 LUMEDX implements CardioInventory software at Iowa Health Systems' affiliate hospitals 0 None
2010-12-09 Ellipse's PRECICE Limb Lengthening device receives CE-Mark approval 0 None
2010-12-09 Palomar announces global availability of MaxG Optimized Pulsed Light 0 None
2010-12-09 Cardiac Science adds two ECGs to Burdick line 0 None
2010-12-09 Appeals Court upholds preliminary injunction against FDA to stop seizure of electronic cigarettes 0 None
2010-12-09 Medical Alarm Concepts acquires controlling rights to U.S. patents RE 41845, RE 41392 0 None
2010-12-09 Clarient introduces Mammostrat test to quantify likelihood of breast cancer recurrence 0 None
2010-12-09 Central Logic rebrands event series to Patient Flow Summit 0 None
2010-12-09 Is neuroimaging voodoo, new phrenology, or scientific breakthrough 0 None
2010-12-09 DENTSPLY, DIO enter strategic partnership for dental implant production 0 1.7
2010-12-09 Digestive Disease Specialists deploys Wolters Kluwer Health's ProVation MD software 0 5
2010-12-09 USAID, PEPFAR and HHS welcome WHO's endorsement of rapid diagnostic test for TB 0 None
2010-12-09 New software predicts key information about nasal insulin treatment regimens in type 1 diabetes 0 None
2010-12-09 Systagenix launches new innovative website 0 5
2010-12-09 Study demonstrates new test for early diagnosis of Turner syndrome 0 None
2010-12-09 St. Jude Medical announces advanced technologies for streamlined workflow in EP lab 0 None
2010-12-09 Research into hospital bed technology could soon represent giant leap forward in patient care 0 None
2010-12-09 Agilent, UC Davis to develop MassCode PCR technology for identifying food-borne pathogens 0 None
2010-12-09 Medisafe 1 Technologies demonstrates syringe locking device at Israel's National Ministry of Health 0 None
2010-12-09 Exergen's TemporalScanner demonstrates accuracy in temperature assessment for surgical patients 0 None
2010-12-09 Bioheart group to advance BRIDGE TO RECOVERY clinical trial 0 None
2010-12-09 Home health care technology could help patients improve their health, overall well-being: Study 0 None
2010-12-09 Anchor Therapeutics announces publication describing pepducin technology as novel approach to target GPCR 0 5
2010-12-09 AltheaDx partners with Compendia Bioscience to launch Breast Cancer Segregation Panel Assay 0 None
2010-12-09 Organovo releases data on bioprinted blood vessels 0 None
2010-12-08 WHO endorses rapid TB test 0 None
2010-12-08 Myriad to acquire technology for diagnosis, prognosis of malignant melanoma 0 None
2010-12-08 MedeAnalytics introduces Accountable Care Solution for healthcare provider and payer organizations 0 None
2010-12-08 FDA clears Valeritas' V-Go Disposable Insulin Delivery Device 0 None
2010-12-08 Researchers develop imaging technology that can accurately identify prostate cancer 0 3
2010-12-08 First Edition: December 8, 2010 0 None
2010-12-08 Memorial Medical Center selects Mobile Aspects iRISecure Tissue Tracking solution 0 None
2010-12-08 Cipher Phase 3 dermatology study uses MedAvante Centralized Ratings 0 5
2010-12-08 SORIN uses KIKA's advanced EDC platform to evaluate effectiveness of Heart Valves 0 None
2010-12-08 Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota installs Toshiba's Infinix CC-i system and MAQUET OR table 0 None
2010-12-08 Court ruling on regulation of electronic cigarettes as drugs and devices is wrong 0 None
2010-12-08 New NIH guidelines support broader use of blood tests to diagnose food allergy 0 None
2010-12-08 WHO endorses new rapid fully automated nucleic acid amplification test for TB 0 None
2010-12-08 Robots in the ER 0 None
2010-12-08 Ortho Kinematics closes $2 million of new funding 0 None
2010-12-08 Audax Medical licenses novel TBL technology to fix broken bones from Brown 0 None
2010-12-08 Detection of blood biomarker cTnT associated with structural heart disease 0 None
2010-12-08 Video games effective in improving diet behaviors of children 0 None
2010-12-08 ART's stent superior than other bioresorbable stents 0 None
2010-12-08 Shrink, EV Group enter development agreement for StemDisc stem cell and cell culturing platform 0 None
2010-12-08 Objet, Clearstep enter collaboration for digital orthodontic solutions 0 5
2010-12-08 Low-dose aspirin enhances fecal occult blood test performance for detecting colorectal cancer 0 None
2010-12-08 Issues in health delivery: Hospital-spread infections; Finger-prick blood tests for diabetes; Medicare spent millions on unnecessary stents 0 None
2010-12-08 Jackson Health System selects MedAssets as its strategic partner 0 None
2010-12-08 BioMimetic Therapeutics to assess safety, clinical utility of Augment Rotator Cuff Graft 0 None
2010-12-08 Proactive therapies may prove to avert stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation 0 5
2010-12-08 AMR begins nationwide initiative to implement Stryker-PRO XT powered stretchers 0 None
2010-12-08 One Lambda, Luminex renew 10-year human leukocyte antigen technology development partnership 0 None
2010-12-07 New sensitive blood test could determine unrecognized heart disease 0 None
2010-12-07 eLINCx to implement GE's eHealth Information Exchange across Wooster, Dunlap Community Hospitals 0 None
2010-12-07 Size exclusion chromatography illuminates protein crystallization 0 None
2010-12-07 Miracle Applications to sell and market Bioflex Medical Magnetic products 0 None
2010-12-07 Fluxion Biosciences announces launch of new BioFlux 1000Z system for live cell imaging 0 None
2010-12-07 MP receives FDA IND approval for clinical trial with HTLV-I/II ELISA 4.0 and HTLV Blot.2.4 0 None
2010-12-07 FEI launches Magellan extreme resolution scanning electron microscope for life science imaging 0 None
2010-12-07 China Biologic receives license to commence commercial plasma collection at Yishui station 0 None
2010-12-07 Lutheran Medical Center implements Medsphere's OpenVista EHR solution 0 None
2010-12-07 Cardiologists achieve 90% success rate in sheathless transradial PCI to remedy complex lesions 0 None
2010-12-07 Zogenix, Desitin receive MAA approval for SUMAVEL DosePro needle-free delivery system in Denmark 0 None
2010-12-07 Cytomedix receives ISO 13485 and Canadian Medical Device Certification for Gaithersburg facility 0 None
2010-12-07 Breast cancer patients taking tamoxifen anxious to have CYP2D6 genetic test 0 4
2010-12-07 Stereotaxis awarded VA Federal Supply Schedule Contract for Niobe Remote Magnetic Navigation System 0 None
2010-12-07 Interference with biofilm detachment mechanisms may prevent biofilm-associated infections 0 None
2010-12-07 PET/CT scan predicts, detects local recurrence after radiofrequency ablation 0 None
2010-12-07 New bio-coating technology could enhance long-term performance of medical implant devices 0 None
2010-12-07 Expansion of newborn screening throws some families on a journey of great uncertainty 0 5
2010-12-07 Virally structured nano-electrodes boost energy capacity ten-fold 0 None
2010-12-07 Cellectis bioresearch licenses fluorescent proteins from Evrogen 0 None
2010-12-07 Broselow Pediatric Emergency Tape now in electronic format 0 None
2010-12-07 Calhoun Vision LAL Light Adjustable Lens for customized cataract surgery 1 None
2010-12-07 Microsulis Medical announces first U.S. patient treated with Accu2i percutaneous microwave tissue ablation system 0 None
2010-12-07 NanoString secures exclusive worldwide license to develop products for breast cancer intrinsic subtyping 0 None
2010-12-07 Research team creates digital version of Broselow tape for children 0 None
2010-12-07 Smoking's effect on face induces women to quit the habit 0 None
2010-12-07 Roche introduces X-tremeGENE 9, X-tremeGENE HP reagents 0 None
2010-12-07 Quantros to demonstrate new patient safety improvement solutions at IHI National Forum 0 None
2010-12-07 New endoscope aids in early detection and diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease. 0 None
2010-12-07 Blocking quorum sensing would prevent bacteria from turning pathogenic 0 None
2010-12-07 Health experts, mobile service providers discuss potential for mobile health in Africa at summit 0 None
2010-12-07 Investigator recommends screening mammogram during first week of menstrual cycle 0 None
2010-12-07 Positron achieves highest possible compliance notice from Nuclear Regulatory Commission 0 None
2010-12-06 Exiqon announces launch of 6th generation of miRCURY LNA microRNA Arrays 0 None
2010-12-06 Asuragen, Novartis to develop ARQ BCR-ABL1 RNA IS Calibrators, laboratory software reporting tools 0 None
2010-12-06 Performance of Myconostica's MycAssay Aspergillus in CF reported at British Thoracic Society meeting 0 None
2010-12-06 HHS, U.S. Treasury Department recognize Integrated Medical Systems' technolgy 0 None
2010-12-06 MBH receives prestigious 2010 Healthcare IT Summit Innovation Award 0 None
2010-12-06 Study confirms importance of EEG as diagnostic tool in ICU 0 1
2010-12-06 officially launched during ASH meeting 0 4
2010-12-06 First patient dosed with rFVIIIFc in A-LONG trial 0 None
2010-12-06 Amgen announces final study results of Nplate in adults with chronic ITP 0 3
2010-12-06 LouseBuster device proves effective 0 5
2010-12-06 Merrion Pharmaceuticals announces oral drug delivery Feasibility and Option agreement 0 None
2010-12-06 MRI scans quantifies disruptions in blood brain barrier, identifies TBI patients at risk of developing PTE 0 None
2010-12-06 Study provides evidence of acute, long-term safety of external TNS for epilepsy 0 None
2010-12-06 Researchers adapt gene chip microarray technology to study glycans 0 None
2010-12-06 Cerner, Baxa sign strategic reseller agreement for DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager 0 5
2010-12-05 Marine life-inspired anti-microbial surfaces 0 None
2010-12-04 University of Portland's school of engineering named after Bjork-Shiley heart valve inventor 0 None
2010-12-04 Appropriate level of Static Magnetic Field exposure for wound patients needs to be considered 0 None
2010-12-04 Seven studies on Oncotype DX breast cancer test to be presented at 33rd CTRC-AACR SABCS 0 None
2010-12-04 Elimination of first month purchase option for power wheelchairs will hurt Medicare beneficiaries in rural areas 0 None
2010-12-04 Access adds patient experience testimonial video to MuGard website 0 None
2010-12-04 Shrink's MetalFluor technology on front cover of Applied Physics Letters 0 None
2010-12-04 Robotics and machine-brain interface may benefit paraplegics 0 None
2010-12-04 ETP, EF announce latest grant recipients of New Therapy Grants Program 0 None
2010-12-04 Pharnext receives French approval for Pleodrug Phase II clinical trial in Charcot-Marie Tooth disease type 1A 0 3
2010-12-04 United Science licenses ion selective electrode sensor technology from University of Minnesota 0 None
2010-12-04 URMC's Cone Beam CT scanner studies presented at RSNA 2010 0 None
2010-12-04 FDA Advisory Committee votes in favor of expanded use of LAP-BAND gastric band 0 None
2010-12-04 Omnicell to unveil new solutions at 2010 ASHP midyear conference 0 None
2010-12-04 Information technology could improve prevention, treatment of depression 0 None
2010-12-04 EHSI announces acquisition of Rotary Cell Culture System 0 None
2010-12-03 LifeSpan TR1200i folding treadmill named 'Best New Treadmill' 0 None
2010-12-03 Toshiba offers new classes to educate technologists 0 None
2010-12-03 NetDimensions releases Enterprise Knowledge Platform version 6.3 0 None
2010-12-03 RadNet acquires five imaging centers of Progressive Health in Northern New Jersey 0 None
2010-12-03 Prostate cancer imaging shows real-time tumor metabolism 0 2
2010-12-03 Euro-BioImaging project to provide European scientists with imaging infrastructure facilities 0 None
2010-12-03 Rcadia's COR Analyzer System effective to rule-out coronary artery disease 0 None
2010-12-03 Smith & Nephew's VERILAST technology shows superior survivorship than other hip replacement implants 0 5
2010-12-03 Cardiac surgeons are trying innovative approaches to traditional open heart surgery 0 None
2010-12-03 Biomagnetics updates prototype bench top version of IOBS biosensor 0 5
2010-12-03 New robotic arm device for early to mid-stage osteoarthritis 0 None
2010-12-03 Access MediQuip enters agreement with BCBSTX to provide implant surgical management 0 None
2010-12-03 NIAID researchers develop new method to detect prion diseases 0 None
2010-12-03 New scientifically-based family planning tool 0 None
2010-12-03 Sentara Heart Hospital commences procedures in AtriCure DEEP AF feasibility trial 0 None
2010-12-03 TITAN Modular Total Shoulder System implantation performed at Bucks County Specialty Hospital 0 None
2010-12-03 CDC: Hip replacement surgical procedures are more prevalent in the U.S. 0 None
2010-12-03 New inexpensive filtering technology to kill disease-causing bacteria in water 0 None
2010-12-03 Olympus PlasmaButton- vaporization technology now usable with Gyrus ACMI SuperPulse- Generator platform 0 None
2010-12-03 FDA accepts to file PMA application for LightTouch Cervical Scanner 0 None
2010-12-03 BMEYE signs licensing agreement with PULSION Medical Systems 0 None
2010-12-03 TUM physicist's new approach expected to improve image contrast with low radiation 0 None
2010-12-02 Arteriocyte launches Stem Cell Expansion System for research use 0 None
2010-12-02 FDA approves IDE application to initiate Tryton Side Branch Stent System for coronary artery disease 0 None
2010-12-02 World's first handheld sensor for measuring optical density 0 None
2010-12-02 FDA approves Abiomed to begin MINI-AMI trial to evaluate Impella 2.5 0 None
2010-12-02 Early autism diagnostic test on the horizon 0 None
2010-12-02 GE announces image exchange solution 0 None
2010-12-02 Denmark grants marketing authorization for SUMAVEL DosePro Needle-Free Delivery System 0 5
2010-12-02 Covidien's iDrive powered stapling system granted FDA 510(k) clearance 0 None
2010-12-02 News segment highlights value of hyperthermia for treatment of breast cancer 0 None
2010-12-02 SAFC Hitech plans new production facility in Taiwan for LED and silicon semiconductor precursors 0 None
2010-12-02 Toshiba showcases Kalare DR system with new lightweight DR panel detector at RSNA 2010 0 None
2010-12-02 Toshiba announces new Vantage Titan HSR 1.5T MR with high slew rate gradients 0 None
2010-12-02 A.D.A.M. adds Anatomy Practice online to suite of educational resources for college level courses 0 None
2010-12-02 Argonne researchers awarded 65 million hours of computing time on Blue Gene/P supercomputer 0 None
2010-12-02 M*Modal partners with RadNet to provide advanced documentation capabilities 0 None
2010-12-02 CAIRE enters definitive agreement to acquire SeQual 0 None
2010-12-02 Advinus collaborates with Corning to bring Epic technology to India 0 5
2010-12-02 Expert panel at RSNA meeting to discuss medical imaging technique 0 None
2010-12-02 New visualization tool to foster understanding of science dynamics 0 5
2010-12-02 APHP selects Bruker´s Biotyper as exclusive MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for microbial identification 0 None
2010-12-02 Researchers develop best biologically based test for autism to date 0 None
2010-12-02 Museum of Science recognizes RainDance for contributions to advance genetic research 0 None
2010-12-02 FDA grants 510(k) clearance to Focus Diagnostics Simplexa Flu A/B & RSV test on 3M Integrated Cycler 0 None
2010-12-02 Graphene: A new genome sequencing technique 0 None
2010-12-02 CareFusion to showcase Pyxis closed-loop medication management system at ASHP Exhibition 0 None
2010-12-02 New radiation-free device to detect breast cancer 0 None
2010-12-02 Philips launches Juno DRF and DigitalDiagnost - ER Wireless X-ray solutions at 96th RSNA 0 None
2010-12-02 Cellectis signs agreement with Harvard Apparatus for electroporation-based instruments 0 None
2010-12-02 CSL Behring launches next generation HeliTrax System for Apple's devices 0 None
2010-12-02 GE Healthcare launches eHealth Image Exchange software solution 0 None
2010-12-02 Collegium completes spin-out of Onset Therapeutics 0 None
2010-12-02 Mindray launches V Series patient monitoring system 0 None
2010-12-02 New cell-based assay for reliable testing of HIV inhibitors 0 None
2010-12-02 MiMedx awarded QTDP grant for CollaFix drug delivery device 0 None
2010-12-01 Dec. 1 news from RSNA 2010 0 None
2010-12-01 DecisionView releases StudyOptimizer 4.2 patient enrollment planning, tracking and forecasting solution 0 None
2010-12-01 Toshiba introduces women's imaging configuration for Aplio XG at RSNA 2010 0 None
2010-12-01 Toshiba showcases new Vantage Titan 3T open bore MR at RSNA 2010 0 None
2010-12-01 IMIA, GHIP announce strategic alliance to strengthen health information and communication systems 0 None
2010-12-01 Penicillamine challenge ineffective for detecting Wilson's disease in asymptomatic children 0 None
2010-12-01 OraSure supports rapid HIV testing initiatives to recognize World AIDS Day 0 None
2010-12-01 New experimental device could offer effective treatment option for people with swallowing disorders 0 None
2010-12-01 SILADENT and Innodema appointed as SensAble Authorized Production Centers 0 None
2010-12-01 IDEA clinical study seeks to promote weight loss among young adults 0 None
2010-12-01 iLeverage announces final phase of Biocontrol Technology's patent portfolio sale 0 None
2010-12-01 Bosch receives 2010 Europe Product Quality Leadership Award in Remote Patient Monitoring Market 0 None
2010-12-01 CoActiv Medical introduces CoActiv EXAM-PACS image sharing platform at RSNA annual meeting 0 None
2010-12-01 Scripps Research Institute enters agreement with Aileron Therapeutics 0 None
2010-12-01 CT best way to detect cocaine in human drug couriers 0 None
2010-12-01 AHRQ selects Outcome to develop new Registry of Patient Registries database 0 None
2010-12-01 USC purchases WaferGen SmartChip system for Molecular Pathways and Drug Discovery center 0 None
2010-12-01 MRS imaging technique may help diagnose chronic traumatic encephalopathy 0 None
2010-12-01 GE Healthcare showcases low-dose CT innovations at 96th RSNA 0 None
2010-12-01 New tool helps gauge care for people with neurological disorder 0 None
2010-12-01 Aushon, LightArray enter strategic partnership to provide multiplex biomarker products and services in China 0 None
2010-12-01 Study indicates risk of developing radiation-induced cancer from CT may be lower than previously thought 0 None
2010-12-01 New brain imaging technique can trace effects of SYN115 drug in Parkinson's disease 0 None
2010-12-01 Philips Electronics introduces IntelliSpace Portal to improve patient care 0 None
2010-12-01 Roche NimbleGen announces NewGene as first certified service provider in the UK 0 None
2010-12-01 Vets compare VA hospitals online; Government doctors may face pay freeze 0 None
2010-12-01 Diabetes Health profiles Echo Therapeutics' Symphony noninvasive glucose monitoring system 0 None
2010-12-01 Medicare often overpays for wheelchairs, durable medical equipment 0 None
2010-12-01 Alpha II integrates CodeWizard software with First Medical Suite 0 None
2010-12-01 Quality issues persist at hospitals, plastic surgery centers; use of CT scans in ER increases 0 None


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