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2011-12-31 New Performance in Practice Module on Electrodiagnostic Report Writing from AANEM 0 None
2011-12-31 New healthcare software for administration of medical history, clinical questionnaires 0 None
2011-12-31 CHEST Foundation awards $100,000 for development of blood test for lung cancer 0 None
2011-12-31 Poly Implant Prothèse misleads TÜV Rheinland over silicone-filled breast implants 0 None
2011-12-30 Four-year effort to map genetic code of 1,000 African-Americans 0 None
2011-12-29 Evolution recognizes RTI Biologics for achieving 98.7% equipment performance rating 0 None
2011-12-29 FDA intiates measures to reduce risks from inadequate 'reprocessing' of reusable medical devices 0 None
2011-12-29 New form of esophagectomy for treatment of severe cancer 0 None
2011-12-29 OAC and Obesity PPM to launch long-term online educational initiative 0 None
2011-12-29 Healthcare scheduling exchange solution improves preventive services for managed care organizations 0 None
2011-12-29 New initiative to detect cancers in earliest stages inside cells 0 None
2011-12-28 Troponin I level test may help rule-out diagnosis of heart attack 0 None
2011-12-28 Delcath receives ISO 13485 Certification for Galway facility 0 None
2011-12-28 FitnessBuilder now available on the Web 0 None
2011-12-28 Nano3D's technology and revenues continue to impress RBCC 0 None
2011-12-28 Meta-analysis does not find significant association between CYP2C19 genotype and cardiovascular events 0 None
2011-12-28 Journal highlights safe use of point-of-care testing technologies 0 None
2011-12-28 Pioneer in infectious disease medicine shares his perspectives in new podcast series 0 None
2011-12-27 USPTO issues patent to Novus Scientific's TIGR Matrix Surgical Mesh 0 None
2011-12-27 FDA clears Meridian Bioscience's new Clostridium difficile assay 0 None
2011-12-26 Researchers warn food allergy blood tests should never be used as standalone diagnostics 1 3
2011-12-26 Allergan seeks to reassure surgeons, patients about safety of breast implants 1 None
2011-12-26 Survey finds main reasons for resistance to new airport security scanners 0 None
2011-12-26 Glycol chitosan-coated MRI agent safer, more effective in detecting breast cancer 0 None
2011-12-26 Biologists develop radar to track ADAR's RNA editing activity in neurons 0 None
2011-12-26 LANL's top 10 science stories of 2011 0 None
2011-12-23 Jenna Bush Hager reports on family trip to Africa to visit health programs on NBC's Today Show 0 None
2011-12-23 Graphitic carbon plays key role as lubricating layer on metal-on-metal hip implants 0 None
2011-12-23 UC San Diego surgeon removes diseased gallbladder through belly button 1 3
2011-12-23 Biosensors capable of detecting lung cancer in exhaled breath 0 None
2011-12-23 Reverse spectroscopy eliminates background noise and cleans up images 0 None
2011-12-23 UTA chemist to develop simple, paper-based test for drug-resistant TB 0 None
2011-12-23 Congress cuts federal funding for needle exchanges 0 2
2011-12-23 UCF scientists pioneer new source of stem cell generation 0 None
2011-12-23 Surprising finding about implants used in hip replacement surgery 0 None
2011-12-23 JCV, CDC announce publication of 'Update on HIV Diagnostic Testing Algorithms' 0 None
2011-12-23 Researchers develop CAD-type tools to engineer RNA control systems 0 None
2011-12-22 FDA clears OptiMedica's Catalys Precision Laser System 0 None
2011-12-22 Fetal heart rate monitor may improve infant's health 0 None
2011-12-22 SAMMI can monitor foreign bodies in foodstuffs 0 None
2011-12-22 Asynchronous telemedicine can improve healthcare delivery in rural areas 0 None
2011-12-22 Researchers use functional MRI scans to perform brain decoding 0 None
2011-12-22 FLT-PET imaging can effectively detect mantle cell lymphoma 0 None
2011-12-22 New silk-based microneedle system for controlled-release drug delivery 0 None
2011-12-22 TriVascular treats first Canadian patients with Ovation Abdominal Stent Graft 0 None
2011-12-22 Study measures brain activity in infants to better understand their pain response 0 None
2011-12-22 Scientists model brain structure to help computers recognize objects 0 None
2011-12-22 FDA approves Infrascanner to detect life-threatening brain bleeding 0 None
2011-12-22 ORNL tool reveals previously undiscovered role of retinoblastoma 0 None
2011-12-22 ASGE honors 27 endoscopy units with 'Certificate of Recognition' 0 None
2011-12-22 Agilent acquires BioSystem Development business 0 None
2011-12-21 Reva Medical commences its first clincial trial 0 None
2011-12-21 Neurotechnology announces availability of VeriLook Surveillance 2.0 0 4
2011-12-21 Optical imaging can visualize cultured cancer cells' response to particular drug 0 None
2011-12-21 Hi-tech dental instrument uses 'cool flame' for painless fillings 0 None
2011-12-21 FDA, other organizations unveil program to monitor cataract surgery devices 0 None
2011-12-21 Regional variations persist in cervical spine surgery 0 None
2011-12-21 SMA honors JSUMC obstetrician with Robert D. and Alma W. Moreton Original Research Award 0 None
2011-12-21 Researchers discover how spinning microparticles can direct neuron growth 0 None
2011-12-21 Siemens Medical pledges $200,000 to SIR Foundation's Discovery Campaign 0 None
2011-12-21 Optical coherence tomography measures changes in retinal cone cells 0 None
2011-12-21 AUA, AIUM develop practice guideline for ultrasound imaging in urology 0 None
2011-12-21 Handheld near-infrared imaging device enables quick detection of hematomas 0 None
2011-12-21 PRI now offers latest surgical robotics for patients with kidney tumors 0 None
2011-12-20 etHIN chooses OptumInsight's health information exchange technology 0 None
2011-12-20 Streamline Health announces two major developments for AccessAnyWare EHR module 0 None
2011-12-20 Cutting cardiac sympathetic nerve may help control heart rhythms 0 None
2011-12-20 SCYNEXIS, MMV assemble Malaria Box of 400 compounds with antimalarial activity 0 None
2011-12-20 MU Department of Surgery continues to secure research opportunities 0 None
2011-12-20 Mammography appears to detect women with low-risk breast cancer 0 None
2011-12-20 SonoCiné AWBU effective in detecting small cancers not detectable with mammography 0 5
2011-12-20 Grand Challenges Canada, Gates Foundation announce grants to develop portable diagnostic tools 0 None
2011-12-20 GHS launches MyChart to access MyGeisinger electronic medical information 0 None
2011-12-20 Tufts professor receives IEEE Fellow designation 0 None
2011-12-19 FDA nod for pediatric Berlin heart 0 None
2011-12-19 St. Vincent's HealthCare to implement Orion Health HIE 0 None
2011-12-19 More digital data equals more risk of breaches 0 None
2011-12-19 MDA doctors challenge breast cancer brachytherapy study 1 None
2011-12-19 Studies confirm potential of EarlySense system as risk assessment tool for preventing pressure ulcers 0 None
2011-12-19 GreatCall launches new app to make medication management easy 0 None
2011-12-19 Soybean compounds can increase effectiveness of radiation treatment for lung cancer 0 None
2011-12-19 Acacia increases infusion pump technology patent portfolio 0 None
2011-12-19 IGN joins BCCA Genome Science Center 0 None
2011-12-19 TeleTracking releases Capacity Management Suite system version 2.3 0 None
2011-12-19 Toshiba, AHRA announce recipients of fourth annual Putting Patients First grant program 0 None
2011-12-19 UHC launches turbocharged version of physician profile tool 0 None
2011-12-19 ASI launches GenASIs advanced cytogenetic and pathology platforms 0 None
2011-12-19 Clinical trials highlight beneficial effect of CRT in heart failure 0 None
2011-12-17 GE Healthcare's MIND campaign goes online for patients with neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2011-12-17 NYC Council Member celebrates re-launch of Einstein's Gruss MRRC 0 None
2011-12-17 If misused, popular noisy toys may permanently damage children's hearing 0 5
2011-12-17 Researchers demonstrate laser transmission spectroscopy 0 None
2011-12-17 Berlin Heart receives FDA approval for EXCOR Pediatric System 0 None
2011-12-17 Vanderbilt to develop low-cost extraction device for people in resource-poor settings 0 None
2011-12-16 First reliable method to predict whether SSRIs work on depressed patients 0 None
2011-12-16 TAU researcher develops capsule endoscope to investigate digestive system 0 None
2011-12-16 Microvascular stamp stimulates, directs blood vessel growth on wound surface 0 5
2011-12-16 Kessler scientists monitor Ekso device in six patients with traumatic SCI 0 None
2011-12-16 New MRI method can track progression of multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-12-16 MHI cardiologists perform first clinical procedure in Canada using MitraClip system 0 None
2011-12-16 HIV testing remains important amid push for expanded treatment in Africa 0 None
2011-12-16 Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges to develop new diagnostics for tropical diseases 0 None
2011-12-16 IASLC takes proactive role in advancing lung cancer screening forward 0 None
2011-12-16 TJC approves UCSD's DSC Certification for Ventricular Assist Device 0 None
2011-12-16 New book on clinical laboratory mycological identification 0 None
2011-12-16 Critical Diagnostics receives FDA clearance for Presage ST2 Assay 0 None
2011-12-16 Metabolomx' colorimetric sensor array can identify subtype of lung cancer 0 None
2011-12-16 Hologic receives FDA approval for Cervista HTA system to detect cervical cancer 0 None
2011-12-15 Decision support tool for objective diagnostics of Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-12-15 University of Southampton receives ERC grant to support research into enhanced NMR 0 None
2011-12-15 Virco Lab launches HIV/AIDS EHR technology 0 None
2011-12-15 FIND, NUS collaborate to identify novel biomarkers for TB diagnosis 0 None
2011-12-15 Study evaluates use of leukocyte and platelet-rich fibrin biomaterial in heart patients 0 None
2011-12-15 Lockheed Martin, Johns Hopkins partner to create safer and more efficient ICU model 0 None
2011-12-15 Potential breakthrough test would predict breast cancer progression, recurrence 0 None
2011-12-15 Simple online calculator can tackle pancreatic and bowel cancer 0 None
2011-12-15 New knee replacement model increases likelihood of early revision surgery 0 None
2011-12-15 First mobile safety lab for South African patients with AIDS and TB 0 None
2011-12-15 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute introduces Insight blog 0 None
2011-12-15 First Total Artificial Heart implant performed at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia 0 None
2011-12-15 Multiple CT scans can increase risk of cancer 0 5
2011-12-15 Fast Forward, Lineagen to fund clinical development and validation of blood-based assay for MS 0 None
2011-12-15 Olympus introduces EZ Shot 2 single-use aspiration needles for Endoscopic Ultrasound procedures 0 None
2011-12-15 Magnetic stimulation of brain nerve cells may speed up recovery from hemispatial neglect 0 None
2011-12-15 Health Canada approves Positron's Attrius system 0 None
2011-12-14 Alere Pima CD4 test receives prequalification from the World Health Organization 0 None
2011-12-14 CardioNet launches Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry device 0 None
2011-12-14 Research on pancreatic cancer diagnostic test wins QED award 0 4
2011-12-14 Textile cushions with smart sensor systems for persons confined to bed or wheelchair 0 None
2011-12-14 Potential nanoparticle treatment for macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa 0 None
2011-12-14 ICFH to implement EHRs for behavioral health services 0 None
2011-12-14 Nearly half of children with epilepsy experience adverse events due to invasive EEG 0 None
2011-12-14 Scientists shed light on 3-D structure of olfactory receptor binding site 0 None
2011-12-14 Lobbying reports highlight focus on health care rules, calorie-count laws 0 None
2011-12-14 Canadian researchers develop portable device to monitor HIV in rural areas 0 None
2011-12-14 ASM launches clinical microbiology web portal 0 None
2011-12-14 Promising results from Fate Therapeutics' ProHema Phase 1b trial on hematologic malignancies 0 None
2011-12-14 Medtronic agrees to $23.5 million settlement in Kickback case 0 None
2011-12-14 FDA allows marketing of Infrascanner Model 1000 for intracranial hematomas diagnosis 0 None
2011-12-14 Microneedle-based sensors can detect real-time chemical changes in the body 0 None
2011-12-14 Mimicking periosteum to heal traumatic bone injury 0 None
2011-12-14 Aethlon Hemopurifier can capture Nef protein exosomes linked with HIV 0 5
2011-12-14 Study highlights how technical swimsuits artificially enhanced athlete performance in 2009 0 None
2011-12-14 Microwave ablation therapy may be safe, effective for pulmonary metastases 0 4
2011-12-14 U.S. DoD awards $11M to study two different ways to treat PTSD in war veterans 0 None
2011-12-14 Indiscriminate expensive imaging has little clinical benefit in patients requiring epidural steroid injections 0 None
2011-12-13 Microvisk scoops ‘Healthcare Project of the Year Award’ 0 None
2011-12-13 DNA sequencing identifies new altered genes that drive CLL 1 5
2011-12-13 Intertwined diseases may both contribute to cognitive decline in Parkinson's 0 None
2011-12-13 Basque engineer develops computer-based psychological tool for sportsperson 0 None
2011-12-13 WPI to develop smart phone app for foot ulcers, advanced diabetes 0 None
2011-12-13 Inaccurate blood pressure assessment may impact hypertension treatment decisions 0 None
2011-12-13 Study describes new method that synthesizes novel anti-HIV protein 0 None
2011-12-13 Quintiles launches Kun Tuo to service unique needs of biopharma companies in China 0 None
2011-12-13 No change toward more aggressive biopsy follow-up of PSA tests, finds study 0 None
2011-12-13 PET scans can provide insight into process that causes aortic stenosis 0 None
2011-12-13 Boston Scientific introduces Charger PTA Balloon Catheter in the U.S. 0 None
2011-12-12 IRIDEX announces data from MicroPulse laser therapy study on DME 0 None
2011-12-12 InVivo co-founder receives 2011 The Economist annual Innovation Award in Bioscience 0 None
2011-12-12 Mazor Robotics to purchase Renaissance system for spine surgeries 0 None
2011-12-12 ETView files VIVASIGHT DL 510(k) Pre-Marketing Notification Application with FDA 0 None
2011-12-12 Rainbow Biosciences signs letter of intent to form new joint venture with n3D 0 None
2011-12-12 MyHeartMap Challenge to create nation's first crowd-sourced AED registry 0 None
2011-12-12 New method for detailed analyses of electrical activity in brain 0 None
2011-12-12 Biochip can quickly predict blood poisoning 0 None
2011-12-12 PSA testing that combines blood test with other factors can help men avoid prostate biopsies 0 None
2011-12-11 PubMed Health, CRD announce new partnership 0 None
2011-12-09 Bluegrass Vascular commences enrollment in clinical study of Surfacer Inside-Out Access Catheter System 0 None
2011-12-09 Abbott commences Absorb-XIENCE PRIME comparative clinical trial 0 None
2011-12-09 Microsoft, GE form new company to create health care software 0 None
2011-12-09 New methods speed up process of identifying harmful E. coli bacteria 0 None
2011-12-09 Initial results from whole-genome sequencing trial for triple negative breast cancer 0 None
2011-12-09 Supreme Court hears arguments related to patent dispute 0 None
2011-12-09 MRI can predict breast cancer prognosis 0 None
2011-12-09 HHS to widen access to Medicare data 0 None
2011-12-09 MSU researcher uses MRI to unlock how cerebral malaria damages brain 0 None
2011-12-09 caprotec's CCMS technology identifies novel co-targets of three anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2011-12-09 HCI earns NCI's Center for Quantitative Imaging Excellence certification 0 None
2011-12-09 Lawson researchers exploit hunger hormone to identify prostate cancer 0 2
2011-12-09 Electromechanical wave imaging can diagnose non-periodic arrhythmias 0 None
2011-12-09 ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines receive AIUM recognition 0 None
2011-12-09 FDA committee votes against CardioMEMS' Champion Heart Failure Monitoring System 0 None
2011-12-09 FDA approves Boston Scientific's Infinion 16 Lead for chronic pain management 0 None
2011-12-08 Heart patients may experience fewer traumas with new invention 0 None
2011-12-08 NIH, EPA and FDA collaborate to move science forward 0 None
2011-12-08 Researchers determine planar nets to build self-assembling 3-D structures 0 None
2011-12-08 Cedars-Sinai neurosurgeon seals off wide-neck aneurysm with new device 0 None
2011-12-08 Health technology's 'enthusiasm gap' 0 None
2011-12-08 Scientists discover clues to the pancreatic cysts' possible origins 0 None
2011-12-08 CRD to conduct review of safety and effectiveness of BMP-2 0 None
2011-12-08 Women & Infants the first to offer digital breast tomosynthesis in southeastern New England 0 None
2011-12-08 Microsoft, GE Healthcare plans to create joint venture 0 None
2011-12-08 First realistic 3-D diagram of thalamocortical column in rodent brain 0 None
2011-12-08 Issue features research on digital holography and novel 3-D displays 0 None
2011-12-07 Next generation personal genomic testing now widely available 0 None
2011-12-07 Needle-free anemia test to be launched in February, Guardian reports 0 None
2011-12-07 Aethlon receives approval to begin Hemopurifier study at Sarcoma Oncology Center 0 None
2011-12-07 New updated site shows how well UMHS provides care in clinical settings 0 None
2011-12-07 New NHGRI funding plan sharpens focus of Genome Sequencing Program on medical apps 0 None
2011-12-07 Web-based video game players contribute to analysis of DNA sequences 0 None
2011-12-07 Supercomputer simulations give insight into proteins involved in drug detoxification 0 None
2011-12-07 SG Austria, Nuvilex use live cell encapsulation technology and treat diabetes in animal model 0 5
2011-12-07 Breast reconstruction surgery to become safer and more realistic 0 None
2011-12-07 Donated permanent pacemakers safe and effective for Indian heart patients 0 None
2011-12-07 Testing athletes for concussions may induce mental fatigue 0 None
2011-12-07 TAU develops tumor destruction method that also creates immunity 0 None
2011-12-07 Purdue, GE Healthcare and Notre Dame announce commercial availability of Veo CT scan 0 None
2011-12-06 Study: Dental x-rays can investigate bone structure and predict fractures 0 None
2011-12-06 PerkinElmer announces availability of Vectra 2 automated slide imaging system 0 None
2011-12-06 Banner Health selects ExteNet as distributed network systems infrastructure provider 0 None
2011-12-06 Alzheimer's Australia, Bupa Health launch brain health app in the UK 0 None
2011-12-06 Xeltis receives PEI conditional approval to initiate tissue-engineered cardiovascular graft study 0 None
2011-12-06 QAI announces availability of Virtual Human Body App 0 None
2011-12-06 Biosensors can detect oxidant production in living organism 0 2
2011-12-06 Transient absorption tracks carbon nanotubes in living cells and bloodstream 0 None
2011-12-06 WSU study to improve diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders 0 None
2011-12-06 UH receives HP/Intel Mission-Critical Innovation Award 0 None
2011-12-06 DD and autism screening should be routine for all children seen in epilepsy clinics 0 None
2011-12-06 MHI cardiologists use ABSORB bioresorbable vascular scaffold to treat CAD 0 None
2011-12-06 Telemedicine can improve depression in nursing home rehab patients 0 None
2011-12-06 Medicare tightening payments for 'big ticket' cardiology and orthopedic procedures in 11 states 0 None
2011-12-06 EMBL-EBI, BBSRC welcome UK funding announcement on behalf of life science community 0 None
2011-12-06 New website helps raise awareness about childhood obesity 0 None
2011-12-05 Enrollment commences in Estech's HISTORIC-AF staged hybrid ablation study 0 None
2011-12-05 Herzig Eye Institute named TearScience's first Center of Excellence 0 None
2011-12-05 MRG releases 2012 report on European markets for large-joint reconstructive implants 0 None
2011-12-05 Spacelabs Healthcare ranked top for Holter Monitoring solutions 0 None
2011-12-05 New automated storage and pharmacy-grade refrigeration system from Talyst 0 None
2011-12-05 gloStream to integrate DiagnosisOne's smartConsult CDS solution into CCHIT-certified EMR offering 0 None
2011-12-05 Beyond Lucid Technologies launches MediView software platform 0 None
2011-12-05 Toshiba adds two new enhancements to RADREX-i DR X-ray system 0 None
2011-12-05 Concord Medical hosts Twelfth Annual CCM Academic Conference in Beijing 0 None
2011-12-05 Epilepsy patients can benefit from gamma knife radiosurgery 0 None
2011-12-05 Study: 3D-TV may cause seizures in children and adolescents 0 None
2011-12-05 Potential medical and social barriers to resective epilepsy surgery in patients after initial evaluation 0 None
2011-12-05 Researchers uncover binding pocket of 'functional significance' in Ras oncoprotein 0 None
2011-12-04 FDA guides novel diabetes device manufacturers towards easier approval 0 None
2011-12-03 La Jolla researchers create first cellular movies showing destruction underlying type 1 diabetes 0 None
2011-12-03 New rapid blood test for early diagnosis of cryptococcosis 0 None
2011-12-03 Four clinical centers to provide NovoTTF device treatment for recurrent GBM 0 4
2011-12-03 NASA-developed technology for treatment of hardened arteries in the heart 0 None
2011-12-03 University of Illinois Hospital prescribes Tumor Treating Fields therapy for recurrent GBM 1 None
2011-12-02 UA researchers receive NSF grant to develop terahertz spectral imager 0 None
2011-12-02 GE Healthcare invests in C8 MediSensors to focus on disease management solutions 0 None
2011-12-02 JDRF supports FDA's draft guidance on artificial pancreas technology 0 None
2011-12-02 Novel interventions promote CPAP use among people with OSA 0 None
2011-12-02 First results from whole-genome sequencing clinical trial on triple negative breast cancer 0 None
2011-12-02 Global external defibrillators market to grow at 6% CAGR to exceed $2.2 billion by 2017 0 None
2011-12-02 Specific electromagnetic fields can block cancer cell growth 0 None
2011-12-02 Agilent expands life sciences business with two strategic acquisitions 0 None
2011-12-02 FDA issues draft guidance on artificial pancreas system 0 None
2011-12-02 GRAST, Bruker partner to advance the field of Glycomics in Korea 0 None
2011-12-02 Two studies uncover limitations in screening for hepatocellular carcinoma 0 None
2011-12-02 Cheaper test as effective as a more sophisticated test in guiding anti-retroviral drug treatment 0 None
2011-12-01 Autism Speaks releases 'Visual Supports' tool kit for parents, providers 0 None
2011-12-01 FDA clears Covidien's SpiderFX embolic protection device 0 None
2011-12-01 Yale researchers monitor growth of laboratory-engineered blood vessels after implantation 0 None
2011-12-01 Study reveals no clear advantage of one implant type over another 0 None
2011-12-01 GE Healthcare announces interoperable visualization and image management applications at RSNA 2011 0 None
2011-12-01 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance to Emboline's aortic devices for TAVR procedures 0 None
2011-12-01 Inadequate mask and respirator use put health care workers at risk of 2009 H1N1 infection 0 None
2011-12-01 Synthetic human tissue aids in testing photoacoustic and ultrasonic imaging technologies 0 None
2011-12-01 New marker may provide more accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer's, FTLD 0 None
2011-12-01 Onconova uses BioClinica EDC, data management services to support clinical trials 0 None
2011-12-01 BUSM, BMC anesthesiologists win APSF's Ellison C. Pierce Award 0 None
2011-12-01 Majority of people do not follow standard guidelines for lens wear and care 0 None
2011-12-01 Study reveals classification scheme for treatment of blunt aortic injury 0 None
2011-12-01 Novel nanocarbon platform shows potential for future bioelectronic implants 0 None
2011-12-01 Boston Scientific provides new warranty for ICDs and CRT-Ds 0 None
2011-12-01 NovaSom introduces MediTrack OSA management platform 0 5
2011-12-01 Potential test to diagnose membranous nephropathy in early stages 0 None
2011-12-01 Nanoparticles do not penetrate beneath outermost layer of cells when applied to the skin 0 None
2011-12-01 Toshiba announces new functional-based clinical applications 0 None
2011-12-01 Study shows how UK scientists develop simple blood test to detect early-stage Parkinson's 0 None
2011-12-01 Duplex ultrasound screening can detect high rate of LDVT's in critically ill trauma patients 0 None


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