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RSSArchived Device / Technology News Stories - March 2011

Date Title Comments Rating
2011-03-31 First MR images to show complete borders in human cerebral cortex 0 5
2011-03-31 Asuragen launches new miRNA Biofluids service offering 0 None
2011-03-31 Clontech launches new SMARTer Ultra Low RNA Kit 0 None
2011-03-31 McKesson releases Horizon Cardiology 12.2 cardiovascular information system 0 None
2011-03-31 Foundation for nationwide consensus on access to genetic information 0 None
2011-03-31 Towards accurate simulation of whole working cells 0 None
2011-03-31 mtm’s p16 and Ki-67 dual staining test identifies high-grade cervical disease in women with ASC-US and LSIL 0 None
2011-03-31 Easier health and wellness for college students through social media channels 0 None
2011-03-31 Researchers develop new virus-based nerve-tracing technique 0 None
2011-03-31 Experts discuss about need for national colorectal cancer screening program at Capitol Hill 0 None
2011-03-31 Surgeon presents LASIK procedure comparative study results at ASCRS Symposium 0 None
2011-03-31 Scientia Vascular's PLATO microcatheters granted CE mark 0 None
2011-03-31 Simplifying cyborg circuitry using human blood 0 None
2011-03-31 Patients with CRS can benefit from balloon sinus dilation procedure 0 None
2011-03-31 Top-line results from Biomoda's CyPath pilot study against lung cancer 0 None
2011-03-31 CardioNexus to launch Panasonic CardioHealth Station at American College of Cardiology 2011 Annual Scientific Sessions 0 None
2011-03-31 Electrophysiologists use new robotic system to treat cardiac arrhythmias 0 1
2011-03-31 Regular CT scans can cause secondary malignancies in older men with testicular cancer 0 None
2011-03-31 HHS unveils new website on vaccine and immunization for consumers 0 None
2011-03-31 Abbott launches MitraClip system to treat MR in Australia 0 None
2011-03-31 KSB, SuperNova sign agreement to develop and commercialize Neopterin 0 None
2011-03-30 Non-invasive blood glucose monitor closer to market 2 5
2011-03-30 Allscripts ED 7.0 receives Complete EHR certification 0 None
2011-03-30 Roche launces new GS GType HLA Primer Sets for HLA genotyping 0 None
2011-03-30 XTRAC laser therapy can offer relief to patients with severe psoriasis 0 4.5
2011-03-30 Report examines how new technologies can aid in humanitarian response to disasters 0 None
2011-03-30 IntraPace reports first commercial use of abiliti system in obese patients 0 None
2011-03-30 Routine sonograms after IUD insertion can reduce pregnancy complications 0 3.5
2011-03-30 New stereo-EEG method can detect epileptic foci during surgeries 0 5
2011-03-30 Los Alamos National Lab, Biomagnetics to develop and commercialize IOBS system 0 None
2011-03-30 GI Dynamics announces positive results from EndoBarrier studies against type 2 diabetes 1 None
2011-03-30 New system can improve patient adherence to colonoscopy recommendations, reduce disparities 0 None
2011-03-30 Nanotechnology-based biosensor may allow early cancer, pathogen detection 0 5
2011-03-30 CancerForward announces new national outreach and partnering program 0 5
2011-03-30 Unilife initiates Unifill syringe production for pharmaceutical companies 0 None
2011-03-30 Canadian Cancer Society applauds Ontario government for allocating new funding for Breast Screening Program 0 None
2011-03-30 Accelrys announces Modeling and Simulation Suite for optimizing R&D value chain 0 None
2011-03-30 Vexim granted FDA approval for COHESION bone cement 0 None
2011-03-30 Almac inaugurates new CLIA registered laboratory 0 None
2011-03-30 Navy sonar experts develop new medical device for stroke detection 0 None
2011-03-30 Covidien to present new laparoscopic surgical products data at SAGES 2011 0 1
2011-03-30 Prostate Oncology Specialists introduces new blog for patients 1 None
2011-03-30 BIOTRONIK completes patient enrollment in IN-TIME clinical trial to treat HF 0 None
2011-03-30 Engineers create new microfluidic device that can detect cancer cells, HIV 0 None
2011-03-30 Stanford professor receives AFER Ludwig von Sallman Clinician-scientist Award 0 None
2011-03-30 Uterine fibroid embolization reduces fibroid-related urinary symptoms 0 1
2011-03-30 PerkinElmer launches new oncology testing service for cancer patients 0 None
2011-03-30 Labcyte launches 1536-well tissue-culture treated microplate for cell-based screening 0 None
2011-03-30 Transgenomic discovers novel BLOCker-Sequencing technology 0 None
2011-03-30 Osseon launches Osseoflex BT Steerable Bone Tamp for physicians 0 None
2011-03-30 FDA clears Access Scientific's POWERWAND catheter 0 None
2011-03-29 McKesson awards GW with two grants to study mobile-phone use in diabetic patients 0 None
2011-03-29 New guidelines highlight genetic testing use in heart arrhythmia clinical management 0 None
2011-03-29 Doctors who use iResus application perform better simulated cardiac arrest emergency 0 None
2011-03-29 Penn neurologist develops new approach for brain activity study 0 None
2011-03-29 New study: Many elderly men may overuse PSA testing 0 None
2011-03-29 UC San Diego student to make medical imaging available in low-income countries 0 None
2011-03-29 PHT announces availability of NetPRO eClinical solution for public 0 None
2011-03-29 Interventional radiologists complete RDN human trial in patients with uncontrolled hypertension 1 None
2011-03-29 Ohio engineers invent new fluorescent nano-particle to tag molecules in biomedical tests 0 None
2011-03-29 SRI International, CDD receive NIAID grant to develop TB information repository 0 None
2011-03-29 Diopsys launches new Vision Testing System to detect optic nerve disease 0 None
2011-03-29 PerkinElmer expands epigenetic detection reagents portfolio for drug discovery 0 None
2011-03-29 Study: No increase in abnormal mammogram results after breast 'lipomodeling' 0 None
2011-03-29 California Institute chemistry professor receives ACS award for 'ultrafast-motion' imaging 0 None
2011-03-29 Backscatter airport scanners may not increase lifetime risk of cancer in travelers 0 None
2011-03-29 PPD introduces new mobile application for clinical trial searches 0 None
2011-03-29 Carl Zeiss Meditec’s MEL 80 Excimer Laser receives PMA from FDA to treat hyperopia 0 None
2011-03-29 FDA clears new BD ProbeTec Qx Amplified DNA Assays to detect HSV 1 and 2 0 None
2011-03-29 Abbott launches Cataract Suite for micro-implantation procedure 0 None
2011-03-29 SpHb sensor can monitor blood hemoglobin levels during spine surgery 0 4
2011-03-29 Scientists develop new model that can predict early adverse drug reactions 0 None
2011-03-29 Medtronic's Resolute drug-eluting stent pivotal U.S. data to be presented at ACC.11 0 None
2011-03-29 FDA approves Medtronic's Protecta implantable defibrillators 0 5
2011-03-28 Improved technology is improving outcomes for cardiac stent patients 0 None
2011-03-28 Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. spins off Great Lakes NeuroTech 0 None
2011-03-28 More than 27,000 disused and unwanted radiological sources recovered by NNSA’s Global Threat Reduction Initiative 0 None
2011-03-28 Ozarks Medical Center selects ProVation Order Sets electronic solution 0 None
2011-03-28 New Peer Review Program for radiologists 1 1
2011-03-28 CareFusion launches 11-gauge vertebral balloon for spinal fracture treatment 0 None
2011-03-28 IMRIS sells IMRISNV to University of Utah Hospital 0 None
2011-03-28 Positron to move PosiRx system to commercial deployment 0 None
2011-03-28 Ascension launches TITAN Modular Shoulder Fracture Prosthesis 0 None
2011-03-28 Review questions diagnostic value of MRI scans to detect rupture of silicone breast implants 0 None
2011-03-28 CRANE ChemPharma to launch Saunders PV Life Science Diaphragm and S360 Actuator at INTERPHEX 2011 0 None
2011-03-28 Alpha II, PCIS Gold enter integration contract 0 None
2011-03-28 Everist Genomics announces global launch of OncoDefender-CRC colorectal cancer assay 0 None
2011-03-28 WaferGen launches SmartChip Human microRNA Panel V2 for gene expression profiling 0 None
2011-03-28 Biotectix acquires Chameleon BioSurfaces technology 0 None
2011-03-28 GE Healthcare launches Centricity Research, a new clinical research management solution 0 None
2011-03-28 Chembio develops DPP assay for rapid detection of HIV and HEP B/C 0 None
2011-03-28 MolecularMD and ARIAD collaborate to develop and commercialize CML, ALL diagnostic test 0 None
2011-03-28 Trilink, TATAA sign deal to sell CleanAmp Products 0 None
2011-03-28 Cleveland Clinic, Elsevier to offer physicians with evidence-based clinical content 0 None
2011-03-28 GE launches new specialty musculoskeletal MR scanner 0 1
2011-03-28 Toshiba introduces new Infinix-i cardiovascular X-ray systems 0 None
2011-03-28 Artimplant's Artelon CMC Soft receives European CE-mark approval 0 None
2011-03-28 Almac, BioFocus partner to provide FLT assays 0 None
2011-03-28 New discovery may improve cochlear implants for deafness 0 None
2011-03-28 Breast cancer specialists offer new technology for patients to detect early-stage lymphedema 0 None
2011-03-28 Study finds only 1 in 10 children with asthma use traditional inhalers correctly 0 None
2011-03-28 NeoProteomics secures exclusive option agreement with Case Western Reserve University 0 None
2011-03-25 Morphologi G3 Raman chemical identification of contaminant particles 0 None
2011-03-25 Biognosys brings proteomic breakthroughs to mainstream users 0 None
2011-03-25 CDC awards Duke University $2M to study prevention of HAIs using Tru-D disinfection system 0 None
2011-03-25 Elsevier announces free online medical information and clinical reference support for Japan earthquake relief efforts 0 None
2011-03-25 Smart Medical to customize NaviAid External Channel Device to suit Crospon's EndoFLIP imaging catheter 0 None
2011-03-25 FDA approves humanitarian device exemption for Elana Surgical Kit in cerebral bypass 0 None
2011-03-25 New studies demonstrate advantages of Masimo noninvasive and continuous measurements in ICUs 0 None
2011-03-25 Teleflex to distribute Perouse line of POLYSITE intravenous implantable infusion ports 0 None
2011-03-25 Emory plays key role in bringing advanced proton cancer therapy to Georgia 0 None
2011-03-25 Covaris launches Bench-top SF220 Formulation Processing System 0 None
2011-03-25 Qualifacts CareLogic Enterprise achieves Complete EHR certification 0 None
2011-03-25 Positive Phase 3 results from Tarsa's ORACAL study validates Unigene's oral peptide drug delivery technology 0 None
2011-03-25 Two new studies on post-traumatic stress disorder 0 5
2011-03-25 Patients with low back pain can benefit from new spinal neuromodulation device 0 None
2011-03-25 Non-invasive brain stimulation improves swallowing ability among stroke survivors 0 None
2011-03-25 Jefferson Hospitals uses VMAT and Monte Carlo technology for accurate and fast radiation therapy 0 None
2011-03-25 New platinum coil technology makes minimally invasive surgery for brain aneurysms safer and cheaper 0 None
2011-03-25 Wolters Kluwer Health offers free online resources to Japan for earthquake relief 0 None
2011-03-25 First AngelMed Guardian cardiac monitor system implanted in patient at Jersey Shore 0 None
2011-03-25 FDA approves Boston Scientific's Clik Anchor for Precision Plus Spinal Cord Stimulator System 0 None
2011-03-25 UC Berkeley, UCSF partner to help develop neural prostheses for brain repair 0 None
2011-03-25 DMC launches new procedure to protect diabetic patients with PAD from leg amputations 0 None
2011-03-25 VisualSonics introduces Vevo LAZR system to advance cancer research 0 None
2011-03-25 Quantum dots allow stem cell therapy monitoring for brain injury 0 None
2011-03-25 Molecular Devices signs distribution agreement with ChanTest 0 None
2011-03-25 Researchers create hand and finger gesture controlled microscope 0 5
2011-03-25 FDA approves Medtronic's Consulta and Syncra pacemaker systems 0 None
2011-03-25 VARI, Gentel Biosciences receive U.S. Patent for new glycan detection technology 0 None
2011-03-25 HDL, BG Medicine to offer galectin-3 testing services for patients with heart failure 0 None
2011-03-25 Scientists develop new software to test alterations in night vision 0 None
2011-03-24 BioCer to showcase plant-based hemostasis and coated hernia repair technologies to China. 0 None
2011-03-24 Biotage introduces new system for microwave-assisted peptide synthesis 0 None
2011-03-24 Perceptive Informatics announces eClinical Product Suite survey results 0 None
2011-03-24 FDA clears MASEP Infini's gamma ray neurosurgery system 0 None
2011-03-24 Linköping doctor invents electroosmotic pump that can be placed in microfluidic chip 0 None
2011-03-24 Robotic surgery for prostate cancer safe over the long term 0 5
2011-03-24 Star Scientific's Ariva-BDL and Stonewall-BDL modified risk tobacco products not subject to FDC Act Chapter IX 0 None
2011-03-24 Imaging with voltage-sensitive dye captures real-time brain dynamics 0 None
2011-03-24 New study: Coronary calcium scan can help reduce risk of heart disease 0 None
2011-03-24 EndyMed's 3DEEP RF technology in real-time skin impedance measurements published in peer reviewed paper 0 None
2011-03-24 Xirrus deploys high performance Wi-Fi Arrays at EMA 0 None
2011-03-24 Researchers create new computational model to understand animal cell behavior 0 None
2011-03-24 Rush scientific team selects BioFortis Labmatrix database to manage biomarker research activities 0 None
2011-03-24 Iodine 131 exposure during childhood increases risk of developing thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-03-24 First MRI-compatible pacemaker implanted in patient at MetroSouth Medical Center 0 None
2011-03-24 John Muir Health provides new cancer treatment using Varian's RapidArc radiation therapy 0 None
2011-03-24 First continuous-flow total artificial heart transplant performed at THI 0 None
2011-03-24 Prescription Solutions launches unique online service to streamline Prior Authorization requests 0 None
2011-03-24 Cardiac pacing may help epilepsy patients with seizure-related falls 0 2
2011-03-24 Researchers develop new epileptic seizure-detection method 0 None
2011-03-23 Cell receptor recycling mechanism discovery opens up new class of therapeutic targets 0 None
2011-03-23 FDA approves Nordion's TheraSphere IDE for Phase III trial to treat HCC 0 None
2011-03-23 Almac to launch new services for clinical trial patient management 0 None
2011-03-23 Winner Medical's spunlace non-woven fabric technology wins Circular Economy Project Award 0 None
2011-03-23 launches new syndicated advice-column for psychotherapy problems 0 None
2011-03-23 Researchers create nanosurfaces to seal leg prosthetics against bacteria entry 0 4
2011-03-23 Terumo CVS agrees to terms of consent decree with FDA for quality system improvements 0 None
2011-03-23 More sensitive test to detect protein troponin associated with increased diagnosis of heart attacks 0 None
2011-03-23 Asuragen introduces CE-mark approved AmplideX FMR1 PCR Kit 0 None
2011-03-23 LDR submits two-level Mobi-C cervical artificial disc PMA to the FDA 0 None
2011-03-23 Bowel cancer rate increases to 12% in over 60s in England due to screening test 0 None
2011-03-23 HTH relaunches new consumer e-commerce site 0 None
2011-03-23 FDA announces consent decree of permanent injunction against TCVS 0 None
2011-03-23 SimQuest develops open-incision surgical simulation platform 0 None
2011-03-23 UDL enters license agreement with Humeca for burn, wound care products 0 None
2011-03-23 NeoTract initiates patient enrollment for UroLift System trial to treat prostrate cancer 1 None
2011-03-23 CABC offers first-ever PEM-guided accessory for breast biopsy 0 5
2011-03-23 FDA clears LensAR Laser System for use in refractive cataract surgery 0 None
2011-03-22 New image resolution technology from Ellex ELX 0 None
2011-03-22 Researchers launch free online Atlas of TB vaccination policies around the world 0 None
2011-03-22 Isogenica executes services agreement with J&JPRD 0 None
2011-03-22 UCSD selects Millennium Labs, Research Institute for NIAAA granted study 0 None
2011-03-22 Objet demonstrates 3D printing solution benefits for digital dentistry at IDS 0 None
2011-03-22 New Neurotez method can predict genetic factors responsible for AD 0 None
2011-03-22 Scientists develop new method for gene regulation study 0 None
2011-03-22 PSN system can reduce psychiatric medication errors 0 None
2011-03-22 Cordis launches new PTA Balloon Catheter to treat PAD 0 None
2011-03-22 Telecommunication engineer creates new child arrhythmias database 0 None
2011-03-22 CMU's CNAST receives DSF Charitable Foundation grant to develop novel biomedical tools 0 None
2011-03-22 BDSI's BEMA drug delivery technology receives Canada patent 0 None
2011-03-22 STJ inaugurates Advanced Technology Center for physicians in Beijing 0 None
2011-03-22 USPTO grants patent to HistoRx methods for digital microscopy standardization 0 None
2011-03-21 ViroPharma launches online community for teens and adults with hereditary angioedema 0 None
2011-03-21 Svelte Medical completes 6 month follow up in initial Acrobat angioplasty system clinical trial 0 None
2011-03-21 Abbott receives CE-Mark for new qualitative PCR-based HIV-1 test 0 None
2011-03-21 SLEH treats irregular heartbeat with novel minimally invasive cold cryoballoon technology 0 None
2011-03-21 WaferGen, NuGEN collaborate to develop integrated workflows for gene expression profiling and target enrichment 0 None
2011-03-21 NeuroFocus unveils wireless headset to capture brainwave activity across the full brain 0 None
2011-03-21 Finesse launches new core modules for off-line data processing in fourth generation TruBio DV software 0 None
2011-03-21 Echo Therapeutics fiscal 2010 net loss decreases to $4.1 million 0 None
2011-03-21 Innovative algorithm for AEDs distinguishes betweeen adult and child arrhythmias 0 None
2011-03-21 Equipois debuts x-Ar exoskeletal arm support system for manual tasks at Applied Ergonomics Conference 0 None
2011-03-21 Intrasphere launches SafetyXpress implementation accelerator framework for Oracle Argus Safety suite 0 None
2011-03-21 Life Technologies enters clinical trials for DNA SBT platform for analysis of Human Leukocyte Antigen system 0 4
2011-03-21 First clinical use of GORE VIABAHN Endoprosthesis with Heparin Bioactive Surface on lower profile delivery system 0 None
2011-03-21 NDS Surgical Imaging launches dynamic color calibration solution for surgical displays 0 None
2011-03-21 NDS Surgical Imaging introduces new 26" Radiance G2 High-Bright displays with stabilized LED backlight 0 None
2011-03-21 Almac, Exco InTouch enter exclusive integrated patient management alliance 0 None
2011-03-21 New synchrotron-based imaging technique offers more detailed chemical images 0 None
2011-03-19 FDA Neurological Devices Advisory Panel voted to recommend approval for Pipeline Embolization Device 0 None
2011-03-19 Ontario announces passage of regulations that fully enable remote pharmacy dispensing 0 None
2011-03-19 Brooklyn Hospital Center implements Netpresenter software to keep staff, visitors, patients up-to-date 0 None
2011-03-19 The Lancet publishes Oceana's Solesta injectable gel study results against fecal incontinence 0 None
2011-03-19 Researchers develop new system that documents healing process in detail 0 None
2011-03-19 Study explores impact of electronic record systems on quality of care in developing countries 0 None
2011-03-19 OGRRGA offers new service for women with PPD 0 None
2011-03-19 Scientists to develop new MR imaging techniques for brain study 0 None
2011-03-18 NovaSterilis awarded NIH funding for supercritical CO2 sterilization of advanced biomaterials and absorbable sutures 0 5
2011-03-18 Olympus offers new stones retrieval products 0 5
2011-03-18 RainDance Technologies launches ASDSeq and XSeq Research Screening Panels 0 None
2011-03-18 Aerocrine acquires FENO technology platform and intellectual property from FILT 0 None
2011-03-18 PixelOptics launches world's first electronically-focusing prescription eyewear 0 4
2011-03-18 Avid, Eli Lilly receive FDA complete response letter for Amyvid NDA 0 None
2011-03-18 Retina Implant to join with Wills Eye for U.S. artificial vision clinical trial 0 None
2011-03-18 C&EN: Health tracking biosensor may be closer to reality than many people think 0 None
2011-03-18 M7T, MGH collaborate to implement Keystone Engine for radiology workflow scenario 0 None
2011-03-18 AVTD freezes its EOS device design for regulatory phase 0 None
2011-03-18 SCRIP to launch new pharma Lifecycle Management microsite 0 None
2011-03-18 GHDX presents Oncotype DX breast cancer test study results at St. Gallen conference 1 None
2011-03-18 New detector technologies capable of reducing radiation dose from BSGI/MBI studies by 75% 0 None
2011-03-18 Scientists develop California's first detailed neighborhood database on cancer 0 None
2011-03-18 JHUSON adds Harvey the Cardiopulmonary Simulator to simulation education 0 None
2011-03-18 FDA advisory panel votes in favor of NovoTTF-100A System for supra-tentorial glioblastoma multiforme tumors 0 None
2011-03-18 Transcranial LED-based light therapy improves cognitive function in traumatic brain injury patients 0 None
2011-03-18 Pilot study shows feasibility of heart screening for risk of SCA in children 0 None
2011-03-18 BDV installs IDSS video and audio solutions in Saint Francis', John T. O'Connell Tower 0 None
2011-03-18 Study: Daily hemodialysis can help alleviate sleep problems related to RLS 0 None
2011-03-18 NCG Medical provides two EHR solutions for physicians 0 5
2011-03-18 Quest Diagnostics ColoVantage molecular colorectal cancer detection test receives New York State approval 0 None
2011-03-18 St. Michael's receives $5 million McCain donation for therapeutic endoscopy program 0 None
2011-03-18 Positron to introduce its radiopharmaceutical system at American College of Cardiology 0 None
2011-03-17 Wash your hands? You may now approach the patient bed! 0 None
2011-03-17 'Father of Biological Nutrient Removal' recognised for using micro-organisms to treat used water for the protection of lakes and rivers 0 None
2011-03-17 Sports medicine physician suggests cardiac screening for young athletes requires augmentation of existing diagnostics to achieve greater accuracy, become cost-effective 0 None
2011-03-17 ACT initiates enrollment in TEMPASURE cardiac ablation catheter CE Mark clinical trial 0 None
2011-03-17 St. John Providence Health System selects Intuit Health Patient Portal 0 None
2011-03-17 FDA grants CSI marketing clearance for Stealth 360° Orbital PAD System 0 None
2011-03-17 Crowell Systems' Medformix XXV v3 earns Ambulatory Software Certification 0 None
2011-03-17 Research on electrophysiological assessment of hearing in patients with acoustic neuromas 0 None
2011-03-17 STAA introduces phase two of its Visian ICL direct-to-consumer ad campaign 0 None
2011-03-17 Inovio signs agreement with OncoSec to sell non-DNA cancer vaccine technology 0 None
2011-03-17 Beike, ThermoGenesis enter agreement to employ new technology for stem cell therapies 0 None
2011-03-17 Computer-based tools can help improve relationship between patients, healthcare workers 1 None
2011-03-17 RBMG selects Dynatronics for inclusion in the RB Milestone Portfolio 0 None
2011-03-17 Laser light can kill cancer cells by pumping drugs into them 0 None
2011-03-17 Next-generation sequencing can improve infant microbiota 0 None
2011-03-17 Videoconferencing can treat individuals with OCD 0 None
2011-03-17 65-year-old woman receives new neurostimulator implant for deep brain stimulation therapy 0 None
2011-03-17 Skyline Diagnostics launches unique test to detect patients with AML 0 5
2011-03-17 FDA approves Rochester Nomogram technology for LASIK surgery 0 None
2011-03-17 Medtronic introduces Activa SC deep brain stimulation system in the U.S. and Europe 0 None
2011-03-16 St. Jude Medical achieves 2 million mechanical heart valve implant milestone 0 None
2011-03-16 Oxford Nanopore selects Accelrys Pipeline Pilot NGS Collection as preferred analysis platform 0 None
2011-03-16 Finesse releases T700 upstream processing platform for single-use bioreactors 0 None
2011-03-16 Aerocrine and Meditab partner for Allergy offices across the US. 0 None
2011-03-16 Scientists create new drug delivery system to treat cancer 0 None
2011-03-16 FUJIFILM submits Aspire HD FFDM system 510(k) application to FDA for marketing clearance 0 None
2011-03-16 Light files contractual lawsuit against Creation in Tel-Aviv District Court 0 None
2011-03-16 Washington Post: Doctors slow to switch to Electronic Health Records 0 None
2011-03-16 Researchers find first-generation x-rays more effective than today's systems 0 None
2011-03-16 Electric devices can improve aging skin 0 5
2011-03-16 NextGen Sciences introduces multiplex protein assay for oncology biomarker discovery 0 None
2011-03-16 Prism Medical receives new UK contract to provide Disability Equipment Services 0 None
2011-03-16 Non-laser light treatments may help treat common skin conditions 0 None
2011-03-16 Two articles address long-term public health threats about airport security scanners 0 None
2011-03-16 Conservative approach with endoscopic techniques can resolve colonic perforation 0 None
2011-03-16 Ambry, LABS partner to offer new donor and patient screening options 0 None
2011-03-16 vRad launches breast imaging solutions across the U.S. 0 None
2011-03-16 NKI's eye-tracking I-Portal research to be showcased at 2011 Brain Injury Awareness Day 0 None
2011-03-16 Sonova expects sales of around CHF 1,600 million for the current business year 2010/11 0 None
2011-03-16 U-M purchases Fluxion's IonFlux system to study nanoscale membrane disruption 0 None
2011-03-16 Ventana, CST enter license agreement for personalized cancer diagnostics 0 None
2011-03-16 Biomagnetics Diagnostics initiates miniaturization process for optical biosensor platform 0 None
2011-03-16 HPK receives Reissue Patent for digital slide scanning 0 None
2011-03-16 Advances in imaging ability to discover heart defects in newborns 0 None
2011-03-16 New review finds no link between pacifiers and breastfeeding problems 0 None
2011-03-16 Genomatix launches service model for NGS data analysis 0 None
2011-03-16 Backscattering interferometry can precisely measure membrane protein interactions 0 None
2011-03-16 New self-monitoring blood glucose sensor uses tear fluid as sample 0 None
2011-03-16 SYSPRO, Avalara enter strategic partnership 0 None
2011-03-16 ASL releases new eye tracking software solution 0 None
2011-03-16 Bruker launches GC CARE gas chromatography columns 0 None
2011-03-16 Hydro-stomach CT imaging is not a reliable tool for EGC detection: Study 0 None
2011-03-16 Self-sample HPV test can help increase cervical screening uptake among women 0 None
2011-03-16 Corindus begins CorPath Percutaneous Robotic-Enhanced Coronary Intervention Study trial 0 5
2011-03-16 FDA clears Intralytix phage-based EcoShield food safety product 0 None
2011-03-16 Enzo Life Sciences introduces ELISA system to detect SMN protein 0 4
2011-03-15 Raymond Associates, BioNeutral enter global sales and distribution agreement for Ygiene antimicrobial technology 0 None
2011-03-15 Argon acquires global rights to market, distribute Rex Medical's Option Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filter 0 None
2011-03-15 XTIO2 presents XTI 360 ANTI-GERM SYSTEM to 83rd Academy Award-nominees 0 None
2011-03-15 Researchers receive NIH grant to study effects of BBTW treatment in patients with MS 0 None
2011-03-15 Ingenuity announces new features to support RNA-Seq workflows, microRNA research in IPA 0 None
2011-03-15 OncoSec signs agreement with Inovio to purchase non-DNA cancer vaccine technology 0 None
2011-03-15 New tool can measure brain waves in children with cerebral palsy 0 None
2011-03-15 Innovative orthopedic operation using 'telescoping rods' performed at HSS 0 None
2011-03-15 Hospital VIHrtual is a safe and effective tool for HIV patients 0 None
2011-03-15 eToims launches new program with leading football franchise to improve athletic therapy 0 None
2011-03-15 ExonHit receives CE mark approval for AclarusDx to diagnose AD 0 None
2011-03-15 Covidien to present new data on hernia, abdominal wall repair products at San Francisco 0 None
2011-03-15 University of Bath to deploy SciQuest for eProcurement technology 0 None
2011-03-15 Pico-Tesla receives ISO certification for Resonator device 0 None
2011-03-14 Bayer receives FDA approval for Gadavist Injection 0 None
2011-03-14 Taking health technology to the top 0 5
2011-03-14 Repligen reports positive results from RG1068 Phase 3 study to improve MRI of the pancreas 0 None
2011-03-14 EHNAC accredits Sourcenet as first medical biller 0 None
2011-03-14 OrbusNeich launches CE marked Azule Cobalt Chromium Stent 0 None
2011-03-14 Air Techniques' Spectra device leads caries detection aid category in sales 0 None
2011-03-14 Gamida to distribute Health Robotics' CytoCare, i.v.STATION, i.v.SOFT technologies in Israel 0 None
2011-03-14 Medtronic launches Contour 3D Annuloplasty Ring for treatment of tricuspid valve disease 0 None
2011-03-14 First stage of $22.5 million Manitoba EHR project goes live 0 None
2011-03-14 Main Line Health implements eClinicalWorks comprehensive EHR solution 0 None
2011-03-14 Dehaier Medical enters distribution agreement with Shanghai Haopu for eVent's inspiration ventilators 0 None
2011-03-14 Canon Digital Radiography Systems installed across multiple hospitals in Mexico 0 None
2011-03-14 LA Times: Q & A with Surgeon General Regina Benjamin 0 None
2011-03-14 MEDecision, Health Language enter strategic partnership 0 None
2011-03-14 Fysicon to customize Merge solutions for BeNeLux market 0 None
2011-03-14 Surgeons deliver virtual temporal bone dissection course for otolaryngology residents, physicians 0 None
2011-03-14 Life Technologies receives FDA 510(k) clearance for StemPro MSC SFM device 0 None
2011-03-14 Spaulding Clinical announces 510k approval for ECG device 0 None
2011-03-14 U-M's CoreValve trial to offer less invasive approach for patients with aortic stenosis 0 None
2011-03-14 Daylight Solutions ships its 200th commercial laser system for scientific applications 0 None
2011-03-14 New analytic method suggests tumors grow in punctuated, staccato-like bursts 0 5
2011-03-11 Premier endorses GHX Procurement Suite 0 None
2011-03-11 Polyglot Systems, CCNC offer Meducation technology to North Carolina residents 0 None
2011-03-11 Understand radiology benefits and risks before undergoing scans: ACR 0 None
2011-03-11 FDA approves Lantheus Medical Imaging's SPA for flurpiridaz F-18 Phase 3 trial in coronary artery disease 0 None
2011-03-11 Sonitus Medical's SoundBite Hearing System receives CE Mark certification 0 None
2011-03-11 Researchers find four in five office-based physicians can qualify for new EHR Incentive Programs 0 None
2011-03-11 Surgical robot acquisition increases rate of surgery to treat prostate cancer 0 None
2011-03-11 Organ removal surgery through body's orifices, without any visible incisions 0 None
2011-03-11 Texas Children's completes first phase of certification to implant SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart 0 None
2011-03-11 IHS opens new GE Discovery ST PET/CT system at Laurel imaging facility 0 None
2011-03-11 First U.S. catheter ablation procedure for treatment of AF performed at Mount Sinai 0 None
2011-03-11 Harvard, Oxford Nanopore enter exclusive agreement for graphene DNA sequencing 0 None
2011-03-11 Researchers use new computer model to learn about toe strength 0 None
2011-03-11 Majority of Americans support government involvement in distribution of genetic test 0 None
2011-03-11 FDA approves ELANA Surgical Kit for standard bypass surgery in brain 0 None
2011-03-11 EHSI to sign definitive agreement with OceanBASIS 0 None
2011-03-11 CALP, HistoRx collaborate to co-develop new generation of tissue-based imaging solutions 0 None
2011-03-11 CSC implements phase one of NC-MIPS program for healthcare professionals, hospitals 0 None
2011-03-11 Researchers develop web-based approach to solve personal health assessment problem 0 None
2011-03-10 Avinger completes patient enrollment in CONNECT trial to treat CTOs linked with PAD 0 None
2011-03-10 Medtronic launches VERTEX SELECT CHROMALOY Plus Rods in the U.S. 0 None
2011-03-10 FDA grants marketing clearance for Teleflex Arrow NextStep Antegrade Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter 0 None
2011-03-10 AGA issues Medical Position Statement on Treatment of Barrett's Esophagus 0 None
2011-03-10 Diabetes people can benefit from noninvasive polarimetric glucose monitor 0 None
2011-03-10 New technologies open unique avenues to bone conduction hearing aids 0 None
2011-03-10 Pepscan signs Research and License Agreement with Crucell to devlop novel vaccines 0 None
2011-03-10 Matrix, dbMotion partner to market and deploy healthcare solutions in the UK 0 None
2011-03-10 BMC anesthesiologist receives Letter of Commendation from WHO for pulse oximetry video 0 None
2011-03-10 Caltech students receive Lemelson-MIT Prize for innovative disease diagnostic technology works 0 None
2011-03-10 Solazyme executes JDA and LOI with DOW to advance algal technology 0 None
2011-03-10 St. Joseph's Hospital launches new neuromodulation center in Barrow 0 None
2011-03-10 Researcher launches new DBS clinical trial to pinpoint brain activity in depressed people 0 None
2011-03-10 U-M participates in national trial for alternative approach to open heart surgery for severe aortic stenosis 0 None
2011-03-10 CDH Proton Center expands treatment capacity 0 None
2011-03-10 Wii Fit video games can improve health, physical fitness in women 0 None
2011-03-10 Medtronic opens new manufacturing facility in Singapore 0 None
2011-03-10 Noninvasive MR-guided focused ultrasound successfully treats essential tremor 0 None
2011-03-10 NSW selects ZOLL AED Plus devices for Rural Fire Service stations 0 None
2011-03-10 Salient settles patent infringement lawsuit against Bovie Medical 0 None
2011-03-10 PPD introduces new online portal to enhance patient connectivity, improve retention in clinical trials 0 None
2011-03-09 FDA clears Tenex Health's TX1 Tissue Removal System 0 None
2011-03-09 Atherotech announces Sponsorship Agreement with NLA 0 None
2011-03-09 M-3 Information introduces new behavioral health website to improve quality of care 0 None
2011-03-09 LUMEDX implements HealthView Chest Pain Management solution at Methodist hospitals 0 5
2011-03-09 ADVANTAGE, ITA to implement proprietary oncology decision-support platform 0 None
2011-03-09 CareView executes agreement with Health Management Associates 0 None
2011-03-09 Grace CHC secures $150,000 in state Medicaid EHR incentives 0 None
2011-03-09 BIOTRONIK's new ablation catheter is now available in Europe 0 None
2011-03-09 MabCure presents ovarian cancer diagnostic blood test study results at SGO meeting 0 None
2011-03-09 Touro Infirmary implements Centricity Perinatal 0 None
2011-03-09 Study supports DNA mismatch repair test for bowel cancer 0 None
2011-03-09 Geospiza, NuGEN partner to develop seamless next-generation sequencing workflow 0 None
2011-03-09 CNSystems to present CNAP blood pressure measuring device data at International Symposium 0 None
2011-03-09 PIVI document examines endoscopic assessment of diminutive colorectal polyps 0 None
2011-03-09 Study finds reduction in pain favoring Mynx Vascular Closure Device to Angio-Seal Evolution Device 0 None
2011-03-09 First urinary metabolomic investigation in gastric cancer using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry 0 1
2011-03-09 BMGP receives BIOTECH Development Partners offer to commercialize optical biosensor 0 None
2011-03-09 Colonoscopy can serve as effective tool to reduce colorectal cancer death 0 None
2011-03-09 Pulse Health's Revelar device helps minimize free radical damage 0 None
2011-03-09 Brain implant surgery can improve life for people with cervical dystonia 0 None
2011-03-09 Next Generation Identification System to process fingerprint transactions more effectively 0 None
2011-03-09 Allergy Asthma Research Institute, Forest Labs join SAFE-BioPharma 0 None
2011-03-09 Text messaging effectively intervenes during smoking urges 0 None
2011-03-08 Majority of Americans believe doctors using EHR systems provide better care 0 None
2011-03-08 Study finds AFFIRM assay may accurately detect Trichamonos vaginalis 0 None
2011-03-08 CCCB selects CLC bio's enterprise platform for next generation sequence analysis 0 None
2011-03-08 EHR? Not so fast - Patients express security concerns 0 None
2011-03-08 Henry Schein MicroMD EMR Version 7.5 attains ONC-ATCB Complete EHR certification status 0 None
2011-03-08 Nursing professors to develop new device for older adults 0 None
2011-03-08 Vertos reports long-term safety and efficacy of mild in patients with LSS 0 5
2011-03-08 Neoprobe reports positive feedback from FDA for RIGScan development 0 None
2011-03-08 GTHP provides update on FDA PMA review for LightTouch non-invasive cervical cancer test 0 None
2011-03-08 New research finds OSS for health IT may be more secure than other systems 0 None
2011-03-08 AudioNova, Amplifon's hearing aid and audiology device drive European wholesale market 0 None
2011-03-08 University of California, Irvine purchase SpineAssist to conduct minimal invasive surgeries 0 None
2011-03-08 BrainScope announces launch of Ahead EU-100 to help in head injury assessment 0 None
2011-03-08 New method of detecting pre-atherosclerotic regions using MEMS thermal sensor 0 None
2011-03-08 New advance in tissue engineering 0 None
2011-03-08 Researchers develop new method for DNA sequencing analysis 0 None
2011-03-08 Scientists receive European grant to develop new robot for people with damaged limbs 0 None
2011-03-08 Debate continues regarding certain medical tests 0 None
2011-03-08 Scientists integrate stretchable electronics technology with balloon catheters for cardiac procedures 0 None
2011-03-08 First POSE procedure using USGI's Incisionless Operating Platform performed at Ospedale All'Angelo 0 None
2011-03-08 New screening program to identify children with behavioral, emotional problems 0 1
2011-03-08 Arthritis handle kitchen tool for RA sufferers 0 None
2011-03-08 Study explores nine nutrition education online courses 0 None
2011-03-08 IRB approves Guided Therapeutics light-based Barrett's Esophagus detection technology for human trial 0 None
2011-03-08 Spacelabs Healthcare receives FDA clearance for Enhanced Flow Meter Visualization 0 None
2011-03-08 Bupa introduces new health section online for international audience 0 None
2011-03-08 UCSF's new pharmacy to focus on direct patient care 0 None
2011-03-08 Scientists develop innovative device to efficiently identify CTCs in blood 0 None
2011-03-08 Excelsior medical's SwabFlush receives FDA 510(k) clearance 0 None
2011-03-08 FDA clears Breathe BT-V2S ventilator for COPD disease management 0 None
2011-03-08 Alliqua completes transdermal pain patch initial in vitro study for treatment of PHN 1 None
2011-03-08 Experts develop financial modeling tool to assess economic impact linked with accountable care 0 None
2011-03-08 Ambry, RainDance enter new collaboration to develop and commercialize ADME screening 0 None
2011-03-07 FDA clears Spacelabs' EFM Visualization used in Anesthesia System 0 None
2011-03-07 Now get a 3-D kidney printout to replace damaged kidneys: A regeneration science innovation 1 None
2011-03-07 Hadasit, Yissum license innovative regenerative membrane implant to RegeneCure 0 None
2011-03-07 NanoLogix announces MRSA testing preliminary results, new Science Advisory Board members at UTHSC 0 5
2011-03-07 Carnot LSI launches new website for industrial contacts 0 None
2011-03-07 Scientists develop unique device to measure short-lived radioactive thoron 0 None
2011-03-07 Sectra receives strategic order from Trillium for MicroDose Mammography system 0 None
2011-03-07 AusBiotech, WMDO to offer online medtech courses 0 5
2011-03-07 New website to encourage healthy behavior changes in Oklahomans 0 None
2011-03-07 Poll explores link between Americans' use of communication technologies and sleep habits 0 None
2011-03-07 ShearWave Elastography increases performance of ultrasound breast cancer diagnosis 0 None
2011-03-06 Multifunctional balloon catheter can improve cardiac ablation therapy 0 None
2011-03-05 Oxford Instruments patents to be auctioned off at ICAP Ocean Tomo's Spring 2011 Live IP Auction 0 None
2011-03-05 Elsevier / Gold Standard announces enhancements to ProspectoRx 0 None
2011-03-05 Efficient medical treatments to be showcased at SIR's 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 0 None
2011-03-05 Core Performance uses IBM software to help consumers reach their fitness goals 0 None
2011-03-05 BioAlliance Pharma awarded €2 million in funding to study Lauriad mucoadhesive technology 0 None
2011-03-05 Philips introduces new innovative and cost-effective solutions for radiology at ECR 2011 0 None
2011-03-05 Father of Juicing introduces Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro to promote good health 0 None
2011-03-05 TearLab provides update on CLIA Waiver categorization application for TearLab Osmolarity System 0 None
2011-03-05 Bovie settles patent infringement ligation with Salient Surgical and Medtronic 0 None
2011-03-05 Stockholm court rules in favour of Occlutech against AGA-St Jude Medical 0 None
2011-03-05 NCI renews Ariadne's license for Pathway Studio Enterprise system 0 None
2011-03-05 Medifocus to present on Microfocus APA-1000 at Annual National Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference 0 None
2011-03-05 Researchers use qMRI to confirm effect of CS treatment in patients with OA 0 None
2011-03-05 Eveo to develop mobile solutions that encourage adherence 0 None
2011-03-05 BNCT treatment proves effective in treating recurrent head, neck cancer 0 None
2011-03-05 First implantable heart transplant using new LVAD performed at University of Utah Hospital 0 None
2011-03-05 CRF Health to present on ePRO data collection methods at DIA EuroMeeting 0 None
2011-03-05 Bessel beam plane illumination microscopy reveals 3-D structures of living cells 0 1
2011-03-05 CMSI launches first online registry for medical marijuana patients 0 None
2011-03-05 PRI, AnswersMedia announce launch of Patient Advisor 0 None
2011-03-05 Bulow BioTech reports first ever use of Ossur POWER KNEE in cancer patient 0 None
2011-03-05 Outcome's TotalQuality Reporting Service to help hospitals meet quality elements of Meaningful Use reporting 0 None
2011-03-05 BJC, WUSM use IBM software to provide better care for patients worldwide 0 None
2011-03-05 Study: BMP can improve dental implant success 0 None
2011-03-05 OHSU receives NTI grant to study TEG for blood-clot prevention in obese trauma patients 0 None
2011-03-05 IMMY, University of Nevada, Reno collaborate to make new blood test for Cryptococcosis 0 None
2011-03-04 ScandiDos, Varian sign distributor agreement for Delta4PT pre-treatment verification system 0 None
2011-03-04 Initial Microcutter surgical cutting, stapling device receives CE Mark certification 0 None
2011-03-04 Medtronic launches Achieve Mapping Catheter in Europe 0 None
2011-03-04 ICFH receives Health Foundation of South Florida grant for health information technology 0 None
2011-03-04 Scientist develops cryo-electron microscopy to clarify salmonellae structure 0 1
2011-03-04 Volcano launches Platinum digital IVUS catheter at PCI Live Demonstration Course in Kurashiki 0 None
2011-03-04 Miracor completes PICSO System pilot study in patients with ACS 0 None
2011-03-04 SERS nanosubstrates revolutionize medical diagnostics 0 None
2011-03-04 Cancer patients' willingness to undergo tests bodes well for future of personalized medicine 0 None
2011-03-04 Varian to highlight new digital image detectors and X-ray tubes at ECR annual meeting 0 None
2011-03-04 Worldwide collaborative project to improve newborn screening accuracy for metabolic disorders 0 5
2011-03-04 Electrical stimulation may help bring back the voice of stroke patients 0 5
2011-03-04 Premier creates new tool to help hospitals and health systems assess VBP impact 0 None
2011-03-04 New brain training app can help prevent cognitive decline and dementia 0 None
2011-03-04 New computer-controlled system to create cell assembly line 0 None
2011-03-04 CT scanning offers benefit to patients undergoing dental implant surgery 0 None
2011-03-04 Wako i30 Immunoanalyzer incorporating Caliper's microfluidic LabChip technologies receives 510(k) clearance 0 None
2011-03-04 New, inexpensive method to accurately differentiate between benign and malignant breast tumors 0 5
2011-03-04 HITArkansas names ABEL as preferred vendor for electronic medical health records 0 None
2011-03-04 Hemispherx, Chronix jointly file US patent application for CFS blood test 1 None
2011-03-03 Ziehm Imaging launches next generation hybrid Vision RFD mobile C-arm 0 None
2011-03-03 CAS is an economically attractive alternative to endarterectomy for stroke patients 0 None
2011-03-03 BIOTRONIK launches new Renamic implantable cardiac device in Europe 0 None
2011-03-03 VICC introduces nation's first personalized cancer decision support tool 0 None
2011-03-03 dicomPACS®DX-R 2.0 sets new standards in image processing 0 None
2011-03-03 Ventus Medical's Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy granted CE Mark 0 None
2011-03-03 Sarsia grants BerGenBio NOK7 million to continue CellSelect advanced technology platform 0 None
2011-03-03 ContextVision launches MAMMO PlusViewCAD breast cancer detection tool at ECR 0 None
2011-03-03 Roche, OraSure receive FDA 510(k) clearance for Oral Fluid Drug Testing System 0 None
2011-03-03 ContextVision launches GOPView iRVUltra product at 2011 ECR annual meeting 0 None
2011-03-03 Affymetrix releases complete genotyping data set on its website 0 None
2011-03-03 Scientists develop simple home-based blood pressure measuring device for diabetics 0 None
2011-03-03 ContextVision launches two breast cancer diagnostic imaging solutions at ECR 2011 0 None
2011-03-03 iCAD to showcase its cancer diagnostic imaging products at ECR annual meeting 0 None
2011-03-03 PositiveID reaches chemistry milestone in glucose-sensing RFID microchip development 0 None
2011-03-03 MicroConstants completes installation, qualification of new Xevo TQ-S tandem mass spectrometer 0 None
2011-03-03 Children with ASD can benefit from interactive computer program 0 3
2011-03-03 IBM announces new Patient Empowerment System 0 None
2011-03-03 Alternative intraoral appliance to treat obstructive sleep apnea 0 4
2011-03-03 Patients with end-stage renal disease who opt for PD experience no greater risk of catheter infection 0 3
2011-03-03 Naviscan launches PEM breast cancer scanner in Europe 1 None
2011-03-03 New microfluidic device may help clinicians to improve cancer therapy 0 None
2011-03-03 Portola, Accumetrics sign agreement to develop and supply VerifyNow System 0 None
2011-03-02 Scientists devise new on-line calculator to predict food allergies in children 0 None
2011-03-02 ASU receives W. M. Keck $1 million grant to build next-generation 3D imaging microscope 0 None
2011-03-02 TOF positron emission tomography scans can improve cancer detection 0 None
2011-03-02 Calypte Biomedical completes new Aware HIV-1/2 oral fluid rapid test internal studies 0 None
2011-03-02 FDA clears Meridian's illumigene C. difficile molecular amplification test 0 None
2011-03-02 Novabay commences NVC-422 catheter Phase 2 trial to treat UCBE 0 None
2011-03-02 OZ Systems helps TEHDI program to provide latest newborn hearing screening equipment for midwives 0 None
2011-03-02 Avvo launches new medical website for users to make physician search more effective 0 None
2011-03-02 NEI/FDA conference to analyze functional vision outcomes from clinical trials of visual prostheses 0 None
2011-03-02 Dietitians of Canada releases new nutritional website 1 None
2011-03-02 Robotic surgery offers better results than laparoscopic procedures for kidney disease 0 None
2011-03-02 Thermo Fisher Scientific plans for new manufacturing facility in China 0 None
2011-03-02 Accelr8 to present new BACcel test study results against hVISA in Europe 0 None
2011-03-02 AMIA releases position statement on EHR adoption and meaningful use 0 None
2011-03-02 Court case question: Who holds the patent — drug company or research institution 0 None
2011-03-02 CRT market in Europe to reach over €4.4 billion by 2017 0 None
2011-03-02 Scientists use pioneering technology to create safer drinking water in the U.S. 0 None
2011-03-02 Majority of U.S. adults age 50 and over fail to take colon cancer screening 0 None
2011-03-02 Psychologists develop cognitive-bias modification to help alcoholics stay sober 0 None
2011-03-02 Wako receives FDA 510(k) clearance for uTASWako i30 with AFP-L3 and DCP assays 0 None
2011-03-02 Nanotechnology holds promise for developing surgical measures 0 None
2011-03-01 New CPR method improves long-term survival rates in patients with cardiac arrest by 50% 0 None
2011-03-01 FDA clears Valeritas' V-Go Disposable Insulin Delivery Device for use with NovoLog 0 None
2011-03-01 U-M's SIVQ software-tool can pinpoint cell and tissue samples more accurately 0 5
2011-03-01 Radiologists develop new non-surgical post-mortem technique 0 None
2011-03-01 Axolotl's two EHR systems receive ONC-ATCB certification 0 None
2011-03-01 ADC announces RNAscope technology clinical study results for HPV-associated head and neck cancers 0 None
2011-03-01 Routine blood test can reduce hospital readmissions in patients with heart failure 0 None
2011-03-01 Cerner CareAware iBus solution receives CE Marking certification from BSI 0 None
2011-03-01 Objet, Remedent partner to enhance 3D printing solutions for cosmetic dentistry 0 5
2011-03-01 Freescale adds Kinetis K50 family of MCUs for medical, industrial applications 0 None
2011-03-01 LEO selects Veeva CRM to support its rapidly growing New Markets Europe region 0 None
2011-03-01 Sweden's TLV confirms reimbursement for Qutenza patch for treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain 0 None
2011-03-01 Cellectis launches new TALEN Access tool for genome customization 0 None
2011-03-01 Researchers combine old bones and new technology to treat chronic back pain 0 None
2011-03-01 Renishaw launches first RUO multiplex assay system 0 None
2011-03-01 Despite absence of Medicare coverage, hospital use of CTC is on the rise: Study 0 None
2011-03-01 New process automatically ensures optimum tension for sutures in minimally invasive surgeries 0 None
2011-03-01 HP announces innovative drug research application for its inkjet technology 0 None
2011-03-01 Social networking websites can increase risky sexual behaviors in homeless youth: New study 0 None


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