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Date Title Comments Rating
2011-04-30 SaneVax criticizes FDA for approval of Roche's cobas HPV genotyping test 0 None
2011-04-30 Childs Medical Clinic uses Greenway Medical Technologies' PrimeSUITE 2011 0 None
2011-04-30 No proven advantages of PET for diagnostic accuracy of head and neck tumours: Research 0 None
2011-04-30 MarginProbe System meets its primary endpoints: Dune Medical Devices 0 None
2011-04-30 ABI Research study shows global market for medical robotics to reach nearly $1.3 billion in 2016 0 None
2011-04-30 Evive Health COO to discuss latest fitness technologies at a radio show 0 None
2011-04-30 USHIFU announces results from clinical investigation of Sonablate HIFU to treat prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-30 Gartner lists Appature as 2011 'Cool Vendor' in Life Sciences 0 None
2011-04-30 Defibtech initiates voluntary recall of DDU-100 series semi-automatic external defibrillators 0 None
2011-04-30 LSI announces publication of Emerging Medtech Companies report 0 None
2011-04-30 Combining CT with FDG-PET improves treatment options for head, neck cancer patients 0 None
2011-04-30 Video games can serve as respiratory therapy for children with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2011-04-30 CJPS Medical Systems releases its newest VitalPoint software 0 1
2011-04-30 Mammography screening can benefit women under age 50 0 None
2011-04-30 3D models prove useful in neurosurgical planning 0 None
2011-04-30 FFR-guided intervention strategy can improve patient outcomes: Study 0 None
2011-04-30 Winner of MDEA Lifetime Achievement Award announced 0 None
2011-04-30 Dual-energy CT has potential to allow non-invasive diagnosis of gout, say radiologists 0 None
2011-04-30 WAST NHS to equip its frontline ambulances with ZOLL E Series EMS monitor/defibrillator 0 None
2011-04-30 NASA grants development order to Flexpoint's Bend Sensors 0 None
2011-04-30 ETP makes investment to support development of ICVrx's targeted epilepsy drug technology 0 None
2011-04-30 Visionary Healthware receives ONC-ATCB certification for new EHR solution 0 None
2011-04-30 Mary Ann Liebert introduces new videojournal on minimally invasive surgery 0 None
2011-04-29 Reimbursement policy influences choice of IMRT for treating breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-29 Annual mammogram sufficient follow-up after BCT for breast cancer patients 0 None
2011-04-29 Improved body armor needed to protect brain from 'shell shock' injuries 0 None
2011-04-29 Harvard Engineering School receives $100,000 grant to develop microbial-based cell phone charger 0 None
2011-04-29 Health Canada grants SQI license to market IgX PLEX Celiac Panel 0 None
2011-04-29 Proton radiography imaging helps lower radiation dosage to pediatric cancer patients 0 None
2011-04-29 Pelvic MRI scan identifies local recurrence of prostate cancer at low PSA levels 0 None
2011-04-29 Zimmer launches UniWallis Posterior Dynamic Stabilization System in Europe and Asia Pacific 0 None
2011-04-29 Sorin launches XTRA autotransfusion system 0 None
2011-04-29 InTouch Health launches expanded suite of clinical workflow documentation and imaging solutions for telemedicine 0 None
2011-04-29 Journal Blood publishes MacroGenics' DART antibody technology preclinical data 0 None
2011-04-29 Biodesix announces patient enrollment for VeriStrat CASTLE study in lung cancer 0 None
2011-04-29 Physicians who refer patients to LUHS can now access Loyola Connect system 0 None
2011-04-29 Celanese EVA Performance Polymers, PSI partner to develop drug-eluting devices 0 None
2011-04-29 New PET imaging clinical trial to improve early esophageal, lung cancer detection 0 None
2011-04-28 LEO Pharma introduces new Taclonex website for plaque psoriasis treatment 0 5
2011-04-28 Terason releases new Breast Ultrasound system 0 None
2011-04-28 Roche introduces new Accu-Chek Mobile glucose monitoring device 0 None
2011-04-28 AquaStar granted U.S. Patent for Portable Capillary Sensor technology used in Capwave ELISA platform 0 None
2011-04-28 Leading pharmaceutical company, Flamel enter Micropump license agreement 0 None
2011-04-28 BIOTRONIK launches Selectra left ventricular lead delivery system in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-28 MGH's telestroke program selects Vidyo healthcare solution for video conferencing 0 None
2011-04-28 STAAR Surgical receives CE Mark approval for nanoFLEX Collamer IOL lens 0 None
2011-04-28 Simple blood test can diagnose early Parkinson's disease 0 2.5
2011-04-28 New microchip sensor can detect individual's respiratory rate 2 None
2011-04-28 Guided Therapeutics' cervical detection technology design, branding to be presented at ACOG 0 None
2011-04-28 E-Cigarette company welcomes FDA regulation 0 None
2011-04-28 New blog for parents and caregivers of children with autism 0 None
2011-04-28 AstraZeneca introduces new CRESTOR and NEXIUM customer service websites 0 None
2011-04-28 GSN receives NIH grant for non-invasive prenatal test trial in genetic abnormalities 0 None
2011-04-28 Early diagnostic tool for joint replacement implant failure 0 None
2011-04-28 Simple home genetic test can identify health risk factors in young athletes 0 None
2011-04-28 Vascular Center at Mercy installs Toshiba Infinix VC-i and customized CAT-880B catheterization table 0 None
2011-04-28 Women more likely to develop kidney damage after coronary angiogram 0 None
2011-04-28 New device can reduce pain during colon cancer screening 0 None
2011-04-28 Deep Breeze launches telehealth [email protected] system for COPD patients 0 None
2011-04-28 Low-cost colorimetric sensing array identifies bacterial infections 0 None
2011-04-28 Trig Medical to launch new standard for labor progression management at ACOG 2011 0 None
2011-04-28 MIT develops new software to predict complex 3-D DNA structures 0 None
2011-04-28 New nanoparticle imaging agent can help diagnose heart disease, breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-28 FDA approves BIOTRONIK's new Estella and Effecta pacemakers 0 None
2011-04-27 K2M receives FDA 510(k) clearance for EVEREST Degenerative Spinal System 0 None
2011-04-27 Cardiac Science receives European contract for automated external defibrillator 0 None
2011-04-27 CTS to present latest self-service innovations at CETW tradeshow 0 None
2011-04-27 Stereotaxis launches Stereotaxis Epoch solution for electrophysiology lab 0 None
2011-04-27 Samson Hair Restoration inaugurates new facility in San Diego 0 None
2011-04-27 McGill develops new tool that can help stroke patients to recover hand motion 0 None
2011-04-27 Biomagnetics accepts Los Alamos National Labs' optical biosensor for disease diagnosis 0 None
2011-04-27 Riverain Medical's bone suppression technology effective for lung nodule detection 0 None
2011-04-27 Advanced Orthopaedics & Spine Medicine to participate in iUni G2 knee implant trial 0 None
2011-04-27 JumpStart Ventures invests $250,000 in SPR Therapeutics 0 None
2011-04-27 Interventionalist-transfer strategy can improve heart attack patients' outcomes 0 None
2011-04-27 Performance Orthopedics to participate in iUni G2 knee implant trial 0 None
2011-04-27 MAQUET introduces new pediatric oxygenators and reservoirs in the U.S. 1 None
2011-04-27 Nationwide researchers to launch Oncotype DX test phase III trial in breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-27 Researchers investigate new device that can recognize early heart attack signs 0 None
2011-04-27 Grant Memorial selects HMS to provide full suite of products for Petersburg hospital 0 None
2011-04-27 Synthes, JNJ sign merger agreement for orthopaedics business 0 None
2011-04-27 Brookside Surgery Center to participate in iUni G2 knee implant trial 0 None
2011-04-27 Bioengineering students invent life-saving heart device 1 None
2011-04-27 VeraLight's Scout DS Device receives Health Canada License approval 0 None
2011-04-27 Acousticon receives FDA 510K clearance for ACAM-5 integrated hearing loss assessment system 0 None
2011-04-27 IDSI signs exclusive distribution agreement with Kepter Internacional 0 5
2011-04-27 FDA clears Biomet's Active Articulation Hip System 0 None
2011-04-26 Lilly and Medtronic’s joint venture in Parkinson’s disease therapy 0 None
2011-04-26 Hair transplant robot gets FDA nod 0 None
2011-04-26 Real-time GPS tracking bracelet for people with cognitive disorders 0 None
2011-04-26 FDA grants Cepheid marketing clearance for Xpert Flu diagnostic test 0 None
2011-04-26 BioControl Medical initiates INOVATE-HF study of CardioFit system 0 None
2011-04-26 BIOBASE introduces new genome sequence custom annotation tool 0 None
2011-04-26 ATA calls on CMS to remove Medicare's outdated restrictions on telemedicine for ACOs 0 None
2011-04-26 FDA clears Sound Surgical's new PowerX Lipo System 0 None
2011-04-26 FDA clears Reverse Medical's ReFlex Catheter for neurovascular procedure 0 None
2011-04-26 Multipolar electrocoagulation is a safe, effective therapy for Barrett's esophagus 0 None
2011-04-26 Vexim's SpineJack implant obtains ISO certification in Canada 0 None
2011-04-26 Oxford Nanopore raises $41 million via private placement of ordinary shares 0 None
2011-04-26 Simple radar system can diagnose traumatic brain injuries in soldiers, athletes 0 None
2011-04-26 CSI's cancer cytogenetic testing receives COG approval 0 None
2011-04-26 Bioengineering students develop new device that can detect patients with dry eye 0 None
2011-04-26 Scientists develop new low cost test for acute pancreatitis 0 None
2011-04-26 SI-BONE receives FDA approval for updated iFuse Implant System 0 None
2011-04-25 Boston Scientific launches ION Paclitaxel-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System 0 None
2011-04-25 MACHC offers Phytel's Proactive Patient Outreach solution to members 0 None
2011-04-25 PDI extends eDetailing to mobile programs 0 None
2011-04-25 Pharmatek purchases spray dryer for drug formulation and manufacturing 0 None
2011-04-25 Enrollment commences in Gore Early TIPS study for ascites at Indiana University Hospital 0 None
2011-04-25 Cambridge Heart releases new MTWA software 0 None
2011-04-25 Teleflex, Amerinet sign deal for Arrow vascular access products 0 None
2011-04-25 Uroplasty to present Urgent PC, Macroplastique products study data at upcoming meetings 0 None
2011-04-25 Texas Institute for Surgery, StreamVenue partner for innovative endoscopy technology 0 None
2011-04-25 STAA receives CE Mark approval for Visian Implantable Collamer Lens V4 design 0 None
2011-04-25 Researchers to develop Alzheimer's diagnostic test based on spinal fluid biomarkers 0 None
2011-04-25 USC School of Medicine to host world congress on ultrasound for healthcare providers 0 None
2011-04-25 LoJack announces availability of SafetyNet service in Miami-Dade County 0 None
2011-04-25 Planned Parenthood offers free STI tests during Take Action Tour concert 0 None
2011-04-25 Epic Imaging receives 100% Mammography Quality Standards Act score 0 None
2011-04-25 Eisai receives FDA Complete Response Letter for Aricept Patch NDA 0 None
2011-04-25 Noninvasive Masimo carboxyhemoglobin can effectively screen ED patients for CO poisoning 0 None
2011-04-25 NCOA to provide online Chronic Disease Self Management Program for employees 0 None
2011-04-25 MedPro Imaging opens ultrasound transducer repair facility in Longmont, Colo 0 None
2011-04-25 San Ramon dentist offers iTero digital system for patients 0 None
2011-04-22 Avita's ReCell Spray-On Skin exhibits potential for applications relating to healing of acute wounds 2 None
2011-04-22 Echosens's Vibration Controlled Transient Elastography stands out at 46th EASL Congress 0 None
2011-04-22 Live surgical procedure to repair abdominal aortic aneurysm broadcast to CICE 2011 in Sao Paolo, Brazil 0 None
2011-04-22 Novation adds BIOTRONIK to Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices portfolio 0 None
2011-04-22 Creekridge Capital, Healthland partner to offer financing solutions for healthcare information system 0 None
2011-04-22 Emerus implements Stockell's suite of Patient Access and Revenue Cycle Management solutions 0 None
2011-04-22 iMD to expand Medical Diagnostics operations 0 None
2011-04-22 Digital Assent announces 100th customer of PatientPad self-service patient check-in and education solution 0 None
2011-04-22 Halfpenny adds 13 new clients for clinical data connectivity in first quarter 2011 0 None
2011-04-22 Canada Prime Minister announces $10 million fund for defibrillators and related training 0 None
2011-04-22 Studies emphasize need to avoid central venous catheters in patients on hemodialysis 0 None
2011-04-22 ESHRE's Guide for CBRC aims to ensure high-quality assisted reproduction treatment 0 None
2011-04-22 Latest advancements in telemedicine to be presented at ATA 2011 0 None
2011-04-22 Health IT creates demand for new group of employees — 'Medical scribes' 0 None
2011-04-22 Eaton, Spiceworks release first free power management software features 0 None
2011-04-22 HTX provides $248,750 financing to Baylis Medical for development of novel surgical device 0 None
2011-04-22 Cardiologist pioneers new test to detect sudden death syndrome in young athletes 0 None
2011-04-22 Velos and Comaiba collaborate to provide healthcare risk and compliance management solutions 0 None
2011-04-22 Roundtable to discuss about advances in neuroscience 0 None
2011-04-22 Scientists to develop new technique for early-stage Alzheimer's detection 0 5
2011-04-22 Experts question hospital's heart device data claims 0 None
2011-04-22 DEKRA, Health Canada clear ORTHOCON's new Absorbable Bone Hemostat Matrix 0 None
2011-04-22 Misonix enters new three year distribution agreement with Instrumentacion 0 None
2011-04-22 UC Berkeley researchers form new Synthetic Biology Institute 0 None
2011-04-22 OSI Systems introduces new patient monitoring solution for clinicians 0 None
2011-04-21 MRG: Radioembolization is expected to grow from $50M in sales in 2011 to $128M in 2015 0 4
2011-04-21 University of Freiburg launches new science portal, Surprising Science 0 None
2011-04-21 First UCLA patient with hand transplant doing well at six-and-a-half weeks 0 None
2011-04-21 Lovelace Medical Center upgrades to Gamma Knife Perfexion system 0 None
2011-04-21 First implantation of blended vitamin E total knee replacement in the U.S 0 None
2011-04-21 Providing complete information about breast cancer treatment options often ends up overwhelming patients 0 None
2011-04-21 Astra Tech OsseoSpeed TX Profile implants now include Atlantis Abutments 0 5
2011-04-21 US-LACRN selects Agilent gene expression microarrays for major breast cancer study 0 None
2011-04-21 Biomagnetics signs agreement with LANL to develop validated TB biomarker assay 0 None
2011-04-21 ICA selected by Central Illinois HIE as vendor of choice 0 None
2011-04-21 Breath test shows promise for detection of head-and-neck cancers 0 None
2011-04-21 BSD Medical sells hyperthermia systems to a U.S. Government medical facility 0 None
2011-04-21 RTCA HT instrument from Roche employs high-throughput real-time cell analysis 0 None
2011-04-21 Immigrant screening fails to detect more than 70% cases of latent tuberculosis infection 0 None
2011-04-21 FDA approves St. Jude Medical's Trifecta valve for stented aortic valve replacement 0 None
2011-04-20 Intrinsic Bioprobes launches mass spectrometry-based protein assays for in-vitro diagnostic testing 0 None
2011-04-20 InfraReDx's LipiScan IVUS Coronary Imaging System receives European CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-04-20 Roche's cobas HPV Test receives FDA approval for cervical cancer screening 0 5
2011-04-20 Spacelabs Healthcare introduces XPREZZON patient monitoring solution 0 None
2011-04-20 Florida Hospital uses flexible surgery instruments from Apollo Endosurgery for stomach tumor extraction 0 None
2011-04-20 ARIAD executes three exclusive out-license agreements for ARGENT cell-signaling regulation technology 0 None
2011-04-20 Clontech releases iDimerize inducible dimerization systems 0 None
2011-04-20 Gen-Probe receives FDA marketing clearance for APTIMA Trichomonas vaginalis assay 0 None
2011-04-20 Injury Sciences launches WrExpert Pro for scientific analysis of vehicle damages related auto injury claims 0 None
2011-04-20 KCMC uses Toshiba's diagnostic imaging systems to treat pediatric patients 0 None
2011-04-20 New biosensor microchip with 'nanosensors' could simultaneously monitor thousands of protein-binding events 0 None
2011-04-20 Cmed Group selected to help PDPs develop new medicines in Third-World Countries 0 None
2011-04-20 New method allows single microchip to screen tens of thousands of genes simultaneously 0 None
2011-04-20 Rothman Healthcare, Methodist Hospital System enter strategic partnership 0 None
2011-04-20 Spanish tool measures infant pain rapidly and simply 0 None
2011-04-20 Medtronic launches MARROWMAX Bone Marrow Aspiration Needle Kit in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-20 Swinburne University of Technology acquires Elekta's Neuromag TRIUX MEG system 0 None
2011-04-20 Diagnostic test Xpert MTB/RIF proven fast and effective in low-resource settings 0 None
2011-04-20 Adamis acquires cancer vaccine technology from UCSD 0 None
2011-04-20 SERI selects AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600 system to test chronic eye inflammations 0 None
2011-04-20 Tissue Genesis commences PVD clinical trials with adipose-derived adult stem cell-coated vascular grafts 0 None
2011-04-20 Biomerix receives Health Canada licenses for REVIVE and ASSURE Hernia Repair Meshes 0 None
2011-04-20 Axios' bio-based trackable pallet and software technology achieves FDA compliance 0 None
2011-04-19 Chembio initiates FDA Modular PMA process for DPP HIV 1/2 Screening Assay 0 None
2011-04-19 EraGen, Applied BioCode partner to commercialize molecular diagnostics 0 None
2011-04-19 RaySearch receives order for its RayStation system from RISO 0 None
2011-04-19 Radiology publishes Riverain Medical's SoftView chest X-ray study data in lung cancer 0 None
2011-04-19 Greiner Bio-One, MedPro launch new Safety Needle System Tube-Touch 0 None
2011-04-19 Scientists develop highly efficient approach for cardiac imaging 0 None
2011-04-19 Axolotl, HealthInsight partner to create Nevada HIE suite 0 4
2011-04-19 Young scoliosis patients do not need routine MRI scanning before spinal surgery 0 None
2011-04-19 New BGU technology for physically disabled 0 None
2011-04-19 Bexion earns Biotech Innovation Award for new cancer treatment approach 0 None
2011-04-19 Abiomed to present new data from PROTECT II study in PCI at SCAI meeting 0 None
2011-04-19 Blood test can predict pre-term births during second trimester 0 None
2011-04-19 Medical device industry focuses on dodging health law tax 0 None
2011-04-19 NIDA launches Addiction Performance Project for primary care providers 0 None
2011-04-19 Exacerbate-reverse' approach can identify potential therapy for fatal childhood disease 0 None
2011-04-19 FDA approval of Pipeline Embolization Device offers better options for treatment of large/giant aneurysms 0 None
2011-04-19 Hospitals can reduce unnecessary imaging tests using CD import 0 None
2011-04-19 New biomarker-based test more effective for early acute kidney injury detection 0 None
2011-04-19 DaVita re-designs its leading online kidney disease resource 0 5
2011-04-19 Researchers investigate new digital tool for breast cancer prognosis 0 None
2011-04-19 Medtronic introduces new Midas Rex e-Institute website 0 5
2011-04-19 Roche introduces new EMR interface for the U.S. Department of VA 0 None
2011-04-18 Nathan Littauer Hospital selects ProVation Order Sets to deliver safe and high-quality care 0 None
2011-04-18 Quest Diagnostics launches AccuType IL28B test for HCV 0 None
2011-04-18 Forehead scanning comparable to under arm temperature readings in newborns 0 None
2011-04-18 Rural health providers get IT shopping tips 0 None
2011-04-18 Bio-IT World honors CliniWorks with 2011 Best Practices Award 0 None
2011-04-18 QHR to connect over 72 physicians to AccuroEMR 0 None
2011-04-18 Ahram Biosystems launches portable Palm PCR thermocycler system 0 None
2011-04-18 IDS launches AbbaDox 5.0 modular healthcare workflow and documentation portal 0 None
2011-04-18 St. Jude Medical's Accent MRI pacemaker and Tendril MRI lead system receives European CE Mark approval 0 5
2011-04-18 Tibet Pharmaceuticals' updated online Investor Fact Sheet is now available in China 0 None
2011-04-18 Idera's gene-silencing oligonucleotide studies published in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 0 None
2011-04-18 ETView Medical enters distribution agreement with Stopler Belgium 0 None
2011-04-18 Penile extenders represent an effective lengthening method for men 0 1.7
2011-04-18 Ascom to add alarm functionality to its i62 Protector for safe working environment 0 None
2011-04-18 Parents may chose predictive genetic tests for their children 0 None
2011-04-18 New guidelines for cardiac specialists 0 None
2011-04-16 Cornerstone reports successful use of Humedica's MinedShareTM for its new patient care program 0 None
2011-04-16 Humedica launches novel clinical application for healthcare providers 0 None
2011-04-16 Radiologists to develop quantitative research tool that produces reliable numbers 0 None
2011-04-16 UT Southwestern surgeons' new device offers precise repair of pelvic fractures 0 None
2011-04-16 United Imaging Healthcare launches new 48-channel portable ultrasound machine 0 None
2011-04-16 Novocure's NovoTTF-100A System receives FDA approval for GBM treatment 0 None
2011-04-16 Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces wireless sample monitoring solution 0 None
2011-04-16 Abbott submits ARCHITECT 25-OH Vitamin D assay application to FDA for clearance 0 None
2011-04-15 Novocure receives FDA approval for NovoTTF-100A System to treat GBM 0 None
2011-04-15 Patients with heart failure can benefit from left ventricular assist device 0 None
2011-04-15 Varian Medical Systems launches new brachytherapy applicator 0 None
2011-04-15 Freedom Innovations announces license agreement for lower extremity prosthesis 0 None
2011-04-15 Researchers develop Short-CGH method for preimplantation genetic screening 0 None
2011-04-15 Researchers create artificial cornea using pig and human stem cells 0 5
2011-04-15 Researchers report injectable gel can help treat arthritis 0 None
2011-04-15 New MRI device can make deep brain stimulation effective for patients 0 None
2011-04-15 Quest PharmaTech, Hemispherx Biopharma enter clinical development arrangement 0 None
2011-04-15 SQI enters clinical validation agreement with University North Carolina Kidney Center for Vasculitis Assay 0 None
2011-04-15 Researchers develop sensor film to estimate packaged food quality 0 None
2011-04-15 Elsevier introduces new online research tool 0 None
2011-04-15 NRC, NCKU partner to develop cancer diagnostic and treatment technologies 0 None
2011-04-15 Major pharmaceutical company, Access sign deal for RNAi therapeutics 0 None
2011-04-15 Scientists develop new test for premature babies 0 None
2011-04-15 Neurovasx receives FDA approval for cPAX Aneurysm Treatment System 0 None
2011-04-14 Trial of non-invasive prenatal test to determine Down syndrome successful 0 None
2011-04-12 Robotic prostatectomy speeds recovery 0 3
2011-04-12 Study finds SAVI applicator for breast brachytherapy safe for women with breast implants 0 None
2011-04-12 Lanx launches Concero Facet Screw System at AANS 2011 0 None
2011-04-12 Simulations Plus announces release of MedChem Studio 2.0 0 None
2011-04-12 Echo awarded method patent for Symphony transdermal continuous glucose monitoring system 0 None
2011-04-12 Lanx announces initial launch of Durango Stand-Alone ALIF System 0 None
2011-04-12 CMS, AAPC partner to conduct 'Code-A-Thon' webinar for health care providers 0 None
2011-04-12 USPTO issues new patent to Onset Medical's SoloPath Catheter Sheath 0 None
2011-04-12 Cerapedics announces i-FACTOR biologic bone graft study results in PLIF spine surgery 0 None
2011-04-12 Eagle and Cognizant partner with Pistoia Alliance for sequence services 0 None
2011-04-12 Positive outcomes from Gamma Knife Radiosurgery in posterior fossa meningiomas 0 2.8
2011-04-12 Scientists develop new method for enzyme immobilization 0 None
2011-04-12 Medisse completes FlexiSurge biomaterial study based on ISO standards 0 None
2011-04-12 Targeted photodynamic therapy eradicates some models of cancer 0 None
2011-04-12 Longitudinal displacement in carotid artery reflects both degree of atherosclerosis in artery and heart function 0 None
2011-04-12 Top-line results from DURECT's ELADUR Phase II trial in chronic low back pain 0 None
2011-04-12 Scientists develop new method to detect virus presence in cells 0 None
2011-04-12 Baxter's ARTISS phase III study results in face lift surgery presented at AAPS meeting 1 None
2011-04-12 Medtronic introduces Enlite Sensor for continuous glucose monitoring 0 5
2011-04-12 New research: MRI can help detect early stage Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-04-12 REACH introduces new web-based services for physicians 0 None
2011-04-11 New ultra-soft medical elastomer 0 None
2011-04-11 Detection of latent fingerprints through release of fluorescein from a nanofiber mat 0 None
2011-04-11 MediCare International introduces new policy buying website 0 None
2011-04-11 Bruker offers new TopSpin NMR software to MAC users 0 None
2011-04-11 Enigma initiates ML system trial in patients with influenza 0 None
2011-04-11 Cellix expands European distribution network with Tebu-bio 0 None
2011-04-11 Scientists to discuss innovative technologies at UMDNJ Symposium 0 None
2011-04-11 Neurosurgeons to present techniques and discuss surgical approaches at AANS meeting 0 None
2011-04-11 Lonza, Roche sign agreement to commercialize MycoTOOL PCR-test 0 None
2011-04-11 NIDA, ASAM launch new screening resources for primary care providers 0 None
2011-04-11 New nonviral method to create cardiac cells 0 None
2011-04-11 New dengue test receives FDA marketing clearance 0 None
2011-04-11 SpectraShield surgical respirator receives FDA clearance to reduce MRSA infections 0 None
2011-04-11 VIGILAIR air cleaning technology greatly reduces HAI in NICU: Study 1 None
2011-04-11 Cepheid receives FDA clearance for new assay to detect C. difficile infection 0 None
2011-04-10 Malaria diagnosis made easy with smart phone app 0 5
2011-04-08 QAD and Strategic Information Group to host Southern California Life Sciences Executive Forum 0 None
2011-04-08 McKinley Infocapital to distribute Biofield Breast Diagnostic System in Korea 0 None
2011-04-08 Elekta to highlight Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion radiosurgery solution at AANS 2011 0 None
2011-04-08 NHIC to cover PTNS using Uroplasty's Urgent PC Neuromodulation System for overactive bladder 0 None
2011-04-08 Unity receives first order for new BD Italian Tablet press 0 None
2011-04-08 Seventh Sense Biosystems receives Edison Gold Medal Award for Touch Activated Phlebotomy technology 0 None
2011-04-08 Novation adds St. Jude Medical to portfolio of Cardiac Rhythm Management products 0 None
2011-04-08 implements Google Commerce Search for prescription medications 0 None
2011-04-08 MD+DI honors Xeridiem with 2011 Medical Design Excellence Award 0 5
2011-04-08 MedAZ' EHR Plus achieves ONC-ATCB certification 0 None
2011-04-08 Brain 'talks' to computer by saying/thinking of a particular sound 0 None
2011-04-08 ASBMB honors Stanford professor with DeLano Award for Computational Biosciences 0 None
2011-04-08 T2 Biosystems' technology platform demonstrates ability to detect Candida organisms in whole blood samples 0 None
2011-04-08 Computational modeling provides more knowledge of lipoprotein properties 0 None
2011-04-08 New publication on therapeutic hypothermia and temperature management 0 None
2011-04-08 EPO Board of Appeal rejects B.Braun patent infringement appeal against Terumo 0 None
2011-04-08 NanoPhos, Keraben co-develop novel line of self-cleaning and sterilizing ceramic tiles 0 5
2011-04-08 Visual Healthcare Lab Automation Platform gains traction with private industrial clients 0 None
2011-04-08 NCAJ launches new Web site to inform North Carolinians about workers comp bill 0 None
2011-04-08 Hospira focuses on clinical surveillance systems to help reduce antimicrobial resistance 0 None
2011-04-08 IDSI receives FDA additional information request regarding CTLM imaging device 510(k) application 0 5
2011-04-08 Bruker receives Health Canada approval for IVD MALDI Biotyper 0 None
2011-04-08 Precision launches new tumor profiling product 0 None
2011-04-08 Virtual reality games can improve motor function in stroke patients 0 None
2011-04-08 ZOLL begins shipments of new AED Plus version as per AHA, ERC Guidelines 0 None
2011-04-08 Luminex receives Medical Design Excellence Award for innovative MAGPIX system 0 None
2011-04-07 Cisco survey of global health leaders: Collaboration key to health sector innovation 0 None
2011-04-07 BIOTRONIK donates ICD and pacemaker to 75 cardiac patients in Trinidad & Tobago 0 5
2011-04-07 THQ, Zuffa release new UFC fitness system for athletes 0 None
2011-04-07 Scarab Genomics, CellMed enter agreement for Clean Genome E. coli Technology 0 None
2011-04-07 Trimble releases new Android apps for athletes 0 None
2011-04-07 Elsevier launches $35,000 international developer competition for best applications for science 0 None
2011-04-07 Two studies on Naviscan high-resolution breast PET scanner 0 None
2011-04-07 Roche LightCycler 480 PCR System to be used at Koch Institute for advanced cancer research 0 5
2011-04-07 Ingenia MRI system is now available in the U.S.: Philips 0 None
2011-04-07 Roche launches Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote diabetes education 0 5
2011-04-07 Mandometer method to treat eating disorders receives FDA clearance 0 None
2011-04-07 Robotic-assisted keyhole surgery tested for bowel cancer 0 None
2011-04-07 Positive results from Neuros Medical Electrical Nerve Block technology study in chronic pain 0 None
2011-04-07 PerkinElmer exhibits new drug discovery reagents and in vivo imaging, detection solutions at AACR 2011 0 None
2011-04-07 NIH awards HemoShear with Phase I SBIR grant to develop rodent liver system 0 None
2011-04-07 ChanTest to provide new system for LGIC and VGIC screening 0 None
2011-04-07 Quest Diagnostics Simplexa molecular test receives bronze award for best new product 0 None
2011-04-07 New Pipeline Embolization Device receives FDA approval for treatment of brain aneurysms 0 5
2011-04-07 Cernostics, Definiens enter partnership to develop unique cancer assay 0 None
2011-04-07 FDA approves Covidien's PMA application for Pipeline Embolization Device 0 None
2011-04-07 New PSA test identifies men with prostate cancer more accurately 0 None
2011-04-06 MEDX announces first installations of next generation T-Quest compact gamma camera 0 None
2011-04-06 Asuragen launches InformThyroid, a panel of molecular markers 0 None
2011-04-06 Lupin grants Salix exclusive worldwide rights to rifaximin 0 None
2011-04-06 URAC awards specialty pharmacy and mail service pharmacy accreditation to BioScrip 0 None
2011-04-06 Japanese MHLW approves Spectranetics LLD lead locking device 0 None
2011-04-06 Americans concerned about thyroid cancer development from mammography 0 None
2011-04-06 BioWa, OBT enter license agreement to advance ADCC programs 0 None
2011-04-06 American Heart Association's Walking Paths app helps motivate people for healthy life 0 None
2011-04-06 ICD therapy can improve ischemic cardiomyopathy survival rates 0 None
2011-04-06 Researchers develop new stroke rehabilitation devices 0 None
2011-04-06 Aptiv Solutions creates Adaptive Clinical Trials Innovation Center 0 None
2011-04-06 Heart patients share perspectives on deactivation, donation and reuse of ICD devices 0 None
2011-04-06 Seventeen projects granted access to PRACE Research Infrastructure's Tier-0 resources 0 None
2011-04-06 EKG test is a poor predictor of sudden death syndrome in young athletes 0 None
2011-04-06 Nanotechnology can help better assess whether cancer drugs hit their targets 0 None
2011-04-06 LDL particles may be a more accurate measure of subclinical atherosclerosis than LDL cholesterol 0 None
2011-04-06 Henry Ford performs partial nephrectomy with new, robotically controlled ultrasound probe 0 None
2011-04-06 New amniochip to detect 150 genetic genetic syndromes 0 None
2011-04-06 HaloSource introduces new line of finished devices for in home point-of-use water treatment 0 None
2011-04-06 Neurotech’s NT-501 intraocular implant slows progression of vision loss in GA subjects 1 None
2011-04-06 MRIs can help predict MCI individuals at greatest risk for developing Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-04-06 NEB, Sequenom sign deal to commercialize research tools for epigenetics 0 None
2011-04-06 NuGEN, Roche develop unique genomic sample preparation solutions 0 None
2011-04-06 MCH: HyGreen Hand Hygiene Reminder System reduces infections by 89% 0 None
2011-04-06 CIC microGUNE uses DNA stretching technique to detect illnesses 0 None
2011-04-06 Device to treat resistant hypertension lowers blood pressure by 33 points 0 None
2011-04-06 Study finds low multiple birth rates in 15 states that provide insurance coverage for IVF 0 None
2011-04-06 Scientists develop new method to identify factors that suppress cancer gene expression 0 None
2011-04-06 VA plans to move its ground-breaking VistA EHR system to open source platform 0 None
2011-04-06 U.S. biotech company chooses OmniComm's SaaS model for 4 clinical studies 0 None
2011-04-06 Teenagers with scoliosis can benefit from new generation spine implants 0 None
2011-04-06 PQM program launches new public medicine database 0 None
2011-04-06 Boston Scientific initiates clinical enrollment for INNOVA Self-Expanding Bare-Metal Stent System trial 0 None
2011-04-06 FDA approves NeuroVasx cPAX Aneurysm Treatment System 0 None
2011-04-05 New stethoscope for nurses from Littmann 0 None
2011-04-05 Titan Spine's Endoskeleton lumbar interbody fusion devices receive European CE Mark Certification 0 5
2011-04-05 MR patients treated with Abbott MitraClip system demonstrate clinical benefits of initial treatment at two years 0 None
2011-04-05 New risk calculator predicts risk of postoperative complications for bariatric surgery patients 1 None
2011-04-05 Insurance payers extend coverage for PTNS using Uroplasty's Urgent PC Neuromodulation System for OAB 0 None
2011-04-05 Certified asthma and allergy friendly bedding in hotel rooms 0 None
2011-04-05 Viking 3D/HD Laparoscopic Vision System provides superior stereoscopic depth perception 0 None
2011-04-05 AlwaysCare implements Plexis Healthcare Systems' Quantum Choice claims processing software 0 None
2011-04-05 Study finds substantial increase in pediatric CT in hospital emergency departments 0 None
2011-04-05 Toshiba highlights new enhancements for cardiac ultrasound imaging at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Central Texas Hospital to implement eCareSoft's inpatient EHR and revenue cycle management technology 0 None
2011-04-05 Siemens Hearing to unveil new instruments at AudiologyNOW! 2011 0 None
2011-04-05 Reverse Medical's ReFlex A+ Catheter receives European CE mark approval 0 None
2011-04-05 Less-invasive catheter-based aortic valve replacement as safe and effective as open surgery 0 None
2011-04-05 SBHCS selects McKesson to replace its multiple legacy medical imaging solutions 0 None
2011-04-05 'Tactile' devices generate realistic 'sense of touch' and sensation for stroke victims 0 2
2011-04-05 The New England Journal of Medicine publishes positive results from NorthShore's EVEREST II trial 0 None
2011-04-05 HCRI, MAHVI present transcatheter aortic valve data in severe stenosis at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Volcano receives market clearance for PrimeWire PRESTIGE pressure guide wire in Japan 0 None
2011-04-05 Serum test can detect lung cancer in non-smokers 0 None
2011-04-05 Researchers to develop future body sensor network 0 None
2011-04-05 New computer-based system can distinguish similar secondary tumours 0 None
2011-04-05 Modified pulse oximeter detects risk of cardiovascular disease during sleep 0 None
2011-04-05 More physicians opting for salaries, other health care industry news 0 None
2011-04-05 Agilent launches SureCycler 8800 thermal cycler 0 None
2011-04-05 AGA guidelines recommend RFA for removal of precancerous cells in patients with Barrett's esophagus 0 None
2011-04-05 PLC's RenalGuard REMEDIAL II trial against CIN presented at ACC.11 0 None
2011-04-05 Positive outcomes from Medtronic's Resolute drug-eluting stent against coronary artery disease 0 None
2011-04-05 PerkinElmer launches new Multispecies Imaging Module to generate 3D datasets 0 None
2011-04-05 VisualSonics demonstrates Vevo LAZR imaging system at AACR conference 0 None
2011-04-05 CryoLife files PerClot IDE with FDA to initiate clinical trials in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-05 Caliper introduces novel fluorescent imaging agent for pre-clinical research 0 None
2011-04-04 Medical industry veteran set to play key role as Microvisk gears up to launch Smartstrip® 0 None
2011-04-04 Novel biomarker test accurately detects proteins secreted from asbestos-related tumors 0 None
2011-04-04 VA's electronic health record system to be updated 0 None
2011-04-04 Sofie Biosciences launches GENISYS4 benchtop small animal PET system 0 None
2011-04-04 to distribute TGR's new ELISAONE technology assay reagents in the US and South America 0 None
2011-04-04 Coronary computed tomographic angiography to evaluate acute chest pain reduces hospital admissions 0 None
2011-04-04 Pronto to distribute Signal's Myeloma Prognostic Risk Signature test in Israel 0 None
2011-04-04 Hospira seeks FDA 510(k) clearance for Symbiq infusion system modifications 0 None
2011-04-04 FDA approves St. Jude Medical's Safire BLU and Therapy Cool Path irrigated ablation catheters 0 None
2011-04-04 AtlantiCare to implement MEDai's Risk Navigator predictive analytic solution 0 None
2011-04-04 Vermillion, Quest Diagnostics enter agreement to launch OVA1 IVDMIA assay in India 0 None
2011-04-04 FDA grants 510(k) clearance for superDimension's marker delivery kit 0 None
2011-04-04 AngioDynamics introduces DuraMax chronic dialysis catheter in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-04 Miltenyi Biotec launches MACSQuant VYB benchtop flow cytometer 0 None
2011-04-04 Precise Match-on-Card technology achieves quick result in MINEX II evaluation 0 None
2011-04-04 Abiomed presents Impella PROTECT II study final results in PCI at ACC and i2 Summit 0 None
2011-04-04 AtlantiCare to use MEDai's Risk Navigator solutions for patient management 0 None
2011-04-04 Abbott's XIENCE V Coronary Stent System data presented at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-04 Catheter Connections presents DualCap device clinical data against CRBSI at SHEA meeting 0 None
2011-04-04 BSX presents ION and TAXUS Stent trial data against coronary artery disease at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-04 FDA clears Vexim's COHESION bone cement to treat vertebral compression fractures 0 None
2011-04-04 World Medical Device Organization achieves its 100th online course 0 None
2011-04-04 Study finds high utilization of CTC and Medicare coverage in recent years 0 None
2011-04-04 Life Technologies launches new TaqMan Mutation Detection Assays 0 None
2011-04-04 Non-invasive catheterization can lead to positive outcomes in elderly patients with stenosis 0 None
2011-04-04 SMT announces $10.5 million financing to develop novel device for use in TAVI procedures 0 None
2011-04-04 Positive results from Abbott's ABSORB device trial in coronary artery disease 0 None
2011-04-04 Regado's REG1 system Phase 2b trial results presented at i2 Summit 0 None
2011-04-04 ORFLO introduces new Moxi Z mini cell counter 0 1.5
2011-04-03 New heart valve procedure helpful for the elderly: Study 0 None
2011-04-02 Two experts to comment on new transcatheter heart valve studies 0 None
2011-04-02 Transgenomic to present study results of high-sensitivity cancer mutation assays at AACR 0 None
2011-04-02 VSP launches mobile version for members to access vision care information 0 None
2011-04-02 CDC reviews clinical data from patients treated with BIOPATCH Protective Disk with CHG 0 None
2011-04-02 Men and women with stretch marks problem can benefit from laser treatment 0 None
2011-04-02 Global Autism Alliance launches new Internet website for public 0 None
2011-04-02 Oncologist issues 'Emergency Radiation Medical Handbook' 0 None
2011-04-02 PLC's RenalGuard System REMEDIAL II trial final results to be presented at ACC conference 0 None
2011-04-02 Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare chooses Merge Cardio, Merge Hemo for new facility 0 None
2011-04-02 Royal Inland announces radical cut in outpatient x-ray services 0 None
2011-04-02 Scientists celebrate successful start up of pioneering EMMA accelerator 0 None
2011-04-02 Hospira introduces enhanced TheraDoc clinical surveillance system 0 None
2011-04-02 UpToDate offers free access to radiation exposure resources for Japan 0 None
2011-04-01 Select Data achieves task of creating SmartScribe EMR product 0 None
2011-04-01 Colorectal cancer screening vital for prevention and early detection 0 None
2011-04-01 VA to deploy Open Source version of VistA 0 None
2011-04-01 FDA approves Medtronic's InterStim Therapy to improve bowel control 0 None
2011-04-01 AngioScore launches AngioSculpt PTA Scoring Balloon Catheters for treatment of PAD 0 None
2011-04-01 Biocept, academic collaborators' posters on CTCs to be presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-01 New lifesaving technology can combat cancer 0 None
2011-04-01 NAMI launches new schizophrenia website and brochure 0 None
2011-04-01 SXC awarded 5-year sub-contract to provide PBM services to Nevada's 180,000 Medicaid members 0 None
2011-04-01 PGXL to utilize AutoGenomics' automated INFINITI analyzer for personalized medicine applications 0 None
2011-04-01 Study finds AKIN criteria effective in cirrhosis detection 0 None
2011-04-01 Precise Biometrics emerges with fastest standardized Match-on-Card in MINEX II report 0 None
2011-04-01 USPTO issues patent to Asterand's BioMAP technology 0 None
2011-04-01 Aspen Dental reminds patients about oral cancer screening importance 0 None
2011-04-01 Study: Internet-based intervention can improve childhood sleep problems 0 None
2011-04-01 TNM 7 system can predict lung cancer recurrence after surgery 0 4
2011-04-01 GSK to implement Medidata Designer for its Clinical Research and Development organization 0 None
2011-04-01 Study: Electronic faucets more likely to become contaminated with bacteria 0 None
2011-04-01 Intuitive Surgical, Luna extend development and supply agreement 0 None
2011-04-01 Mitomics introduces new test to detect prostate cancer 0 None


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