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RSSArchived Device / Technology News Stories - March 2012

Date Title Comments Rating
2012-03-31 CT scans more effective than traditional lung cancer detection methods 0 None
2012-03-31 Online virtual communities may effectively train patients in mind/body techniques 0 None
2012-03-31 ASI to present innovative technology solutions at ASA's Aging in America conference 0 None
2012-03-31 Flexible system for enabling comfortable access for people with reduced mobility 0 None
2012-03-31 Clinical findings from Transgenomic's NuclearMitome Test study on nuclear mitochondrial disorders 0 None
2012-03-31 NanoString to launch 3 new products for nCounter Analysis System at AACR 2012 0 None
2012-03-31 Fujifilm introduces Aspire CRm Full Field Digital Mammography system 0 None
2012-03-31 State of Texas awards Asuragen $6.8M to pursue Next Generation Sequencing applications 0 None
2012-03-31 UH clinical trial to evaluate stool DNA testing for colon cancer 0 None
2012-03-31 Accuray, University of Heidelberg enter multi-year master research and collaboration agreement 0 None
2012-03-31 Abbott receives CE Marking for PLEX-ID instrument and assays 0 None
2012-03-31 Mirada Medical, BioClinica partner to extend oncology clinical trials 0 None
2012-03-31 PLC receives Brazilian government approval to market RenalGuard System 0 None
2012-03-31 FDA approves Roche's cobas p 630 pre-analytical instrument 0 None
2012-03-31 Intronix launches Myoguide Needle EMG Guided Injection System 0 None
2012-03-31 Cardium launches Excellagen wound care product 0 5
2012-03-30 Study looks at how health care providers react to medication alerts in EMR systems 0 None
2012-03-30 The Lancet acknowledges world's first bedside genetic test 0 None
2012-03-30 Small electrical sensors can quickly detect MRSA infection 0 None
2012-03-30 Cyberplasm could pinpoint diseases within the human body 0 None
2012-03-30 Lumbar puncture, PET scan not useful to establish diagnosis of Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-03-30 Patients with IBD, other GI disorders may be exposed to higher levels of diagnostic radiation 0 None
2012-03-30 Thermo Fisher introduces new HyPerforma S.U.B. TK system 0 None
2012-03-30 Massively parallel sequencing quickly identifies breast cancer risk gene 0 None
2012-03-30 FDA seeks expert advice on risks and benefits of MoM hip systems 0 None
2012-03-29 MO BIO introduces PowerMicrobiome RNA Isolation Kit 0 1
2012-03-29 ProImmune introduces Special Assay Service 0 None
2012-03-29 Rare total shoulder replacement performed using rotator cuff sparing approach 0 None
2012-03-29 Evergreen utilizes spinal navigation system for Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion procedure 0 None
2012-03-29 Elekta receives EU CE marking for Connexion modular couchtop 0 None
2012-03-29 Nomir announces data from Noveon Laser pivotal trial on onychomycosis 0 None
2012-03-29 anwerina, Ascendx Spine announce distribution partnership 0 None
2012-03-29 Greenwood launches Syndromic Autism 62-Gene Panel 0 None
2012-03-29 SafeStitch Medical's AMID Stapler to be presented at AHS 2012 0 None
2012-03-29 BioSeek, Merck Serono sign new BioMAP collaboration agreement 0 None
2012-03-29 Sun damage revealed by UV photographs show skin cancer risk 1 None
2012-03-29 BHECN designs new online training modules to treat mental health issues 0 None
2012-03-29 VasoStitch percutaneous access-and-closure system featured at ACC annual meeting 0 None
2012-03-29 DUHS chooses M*Modal's Speech Understanding technology 0 None
2012-03-29 Castlight Health launches new mobile offerings 0 None
2012-03-29 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Meso Scale Discovery collaborate to advance AD research 0 None
2012-03-29 Top-five pharma manufacturer implements ALSCG MemberMATCH GPO solution 0 None
2012-03-29 Affymetrix' GeneChip technology incorporated into Lineagen's FirstStepDx genetic evaluation service 0 None
2012-03-29 FDA clears BD MAX assay for detecting GBS DNA in Lim Broth cultures 0 None
2012-03-29 Many medical implants never tested for safety 0 None
2012-03-29 MabCure retains CUNY CAT to evaluate monoclonal antibodies against ovarian cancer 0 None
2012-03-29 Greenway announces availability of PrimeMOBILE 0 None
2012-03-29 IMRT associated with reduced toxicities when compared with standard whole breast irradiation 0 None
2012-03-29 Smiths Medical initiates voluntary market withdrawal of CoZmonitor Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems 0 None
2012-03-29 EU's Safety Evaluation Ultimately Replacing Animal Testing initiative tests Roche's xCELLigence system 0 None
2012-03-29 MESO-1 device can help in diagnosis and treatment of cancer 0 None
2012-03-29 Interleukin, U-M School of Dentistry complete enrollment in PST Genetic Test study 0 None
2012-03-29 Scientists uncover new layer of information in the genetic code 0 None
2012-03-29 Luna to extend development and supply agreement with Intuitive Surgical 0 None
2012-03-29 iSonea launches post-market study of WheezoMeter device for pediatric asthma 0 None
2012-03-29 ASGE announces honorees of new endoscopy unit recognition program 0 None
2012-03-29 Henry Schein launches Dentrix G5 practice management system 0 None
2012-03-29 LivHOME introduces LivIndependa for older adults 0 None
2012-03-29 Inhibitory control test and lactulose for MHE saves more than $3 million over 5 years 0 None
2012-03-29 Enrollment complete in Aperion Biologics' Z-Lig Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Device trial 0 None
2012-03-29 EU-funded project to help control appetite, combat obesity 0 None
2012-03-29 FDA approves Avioq HTLV-I/II Microelisa System 0 None
2012-03-28 CryoConcepts introduces breakthrough low-cost and disposable cryosurgical device 2 None
2012-03-28 E-Readers motivates boys, while girls prefer actual books 0 None
2012-03-28 New MRI method to test effectiveness of baking soda against breast cancer 0 None
2012-03-28 Invasive strategy benefits patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1 neuromuscular disorder 0 None
2012-03-28 Improper preparation for colonoscopy hides pre-cancerous polyps 0 None
2012-03-28 Lung cancers diagnosed in CT screening are similar to those found in clinical practice 0 None
2012-03-28 Chemistry team discovers environmentally-friendly iron-based nanoparticle catalysts 0 None
2012-03-28 Direct Molecular Recognition technique can quantitate multiple DNA species 0 None
2012-03-28 Pulsed photoacoustic techniques can diagnose different cancer cell types 0 None
2012-03-28 Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticle-induced hyperthermia can kill cancer cells 0 None
2012-03-28 Cardiac CT more effective in evaluating ER patients with chest pain 0 None
2012-03-28 Brown University to host 'Materials by Design' conference 0 None
2012-03-28 Simple genetic test could help predict aggressiveness of rhabdomyosarcoma tumours 0 None
2012-03-28 Therapy Finder - Colorectal Cancer app now available for patients 0 None
2012-03-28 Starfruit-shaped nanorods for medical imaging, chemical sensing 0 None
2012-03-28 Researchers develop gut-on-a-chip microdevice 0 None
2012-03-28 CRF initiates Harmonizing Outcomes with Revascularization and Stents in AMI II trial 0 None
2012-03-28 New microfluidic chip more effective in detecting flu outbreaks 0 None
2012-03-28 FDA publishes first-of-a-kind guidance for medical device manufacturers 0 None
2012-03-28 Researchers demonstrate how to use eye-tracking in children with ASD 0 None
2012-03-27 Telenurses provide effective advice 0 None
2012-03-27 New CMS requirement increases ICD placement costs 0 None
2012-03-27 Study reveals clinically relevant differences between on pump and off pump bypass 0 None
2012-03-27 High-risk, high-cost PCI patients can be identified through pre-procedure bleeding risk score 0 None
2012-03-27 Detailed CT scan can safely and quickly rule out possibility of heart attack 0 None
2012-03-27 Sientra receives FDA approval for new silicone gel-filled breast implant 0 None
2012-03-27 CRT-D appropriate for patients with left ventricular dysfunction 0 None
2012-03-27 Catheter-based heart valve procedures effective for patients with aortic stenosis 0 None
2012-03-27 New analytical method predicts maturity in premature infants 0 None
2012-03-27 AIUM to honor four individuals in the field of medical ultrasound 0 None
2012-03-27 Minimally invasive treatments re-establish blood flow in people with chronic DVT 1 5
2012-03-27 Pacemaker may effectively prevent NMS-related fainting spells 0 None
2012-03-27 New technique can detect small secondary brain tumours 0 None
2012-03-27 GE Healthcare, DiaGenic enter research collaboration to develop blood-based test for MCI 0 None
2012-03-27 Nanoscale sensor can conduct individual DNA sequencing 0 None
2012-03-27 DBS allows surgeons to control tremors with brain 'pacemaker' 0 None
2012-03-27 eLink introduces Risk Services Connector application 0 None
2012-03-27 Carotid artery stenting safe and effective in older adults 0 None
2012-03-27 Medtronic pacemaker reduces risk of syncope recurrence 0 None
2012-03-27 Novel interventional radiology procedure zaps around complicated pancreatic tumors 0 None
2012-03-27 ACS symposium focuses on biomimetics 0 None
2012-03-27 Medtronic Resolute DES found effective through two years 0 None
2012-03-26 NIH OBSSR creates Web-based interactive anthology 0 5
2012-03-26 Ariosa completes clinical validation study for Harmony Prenatal Test 0 None
2012-03-26 Zotec Partners to manage billing operations for TRA Medical Imaging 0 None
2012-03-26 Lower BMI increases risk during insertion of ICDs 0 None
2012-03-26 UPMC Health Plan offers WebMD Digital Health Assistants program 0 None
2012-03-26 Doctors adjusting (or not) to e-prescribing, smartphones 0 None
2012-03-26 CardioFocus introduces HeartLight Endoscopic Ablation System for AF in the Netherlands 0 4
2012-03-26 Minimally invasive treatments could target ‘hunger hormone’ 0 None
2012-03-26 Novel device for measuring pelvic floor muscle strength 0 None
2012-03-26 Accuray releases PlanTouch integrated software application in radiation oncology 0 None
2012-03-26 CCTA identifies more patients with coronary artery disease 0 None
2012-03-26 Percutaneous cryoablation freezes and destroys breast cancer tumors 1 5
2012-03-26 Ansell to launch SANDEL healthcare safety devices in EMEA 0 None
2012-03-26 PCI may be an excellent option for STEMI patients 90 years and older 0 None
2012-03-26 Toshiba highlights Aquilion ONE and CT Myocardial Analysis at ACC annual meet 0 None
2012-03-26 Toshiba's Infinix-i cardiovascular X-ray system highlighted at ACC 2012 0 None
2012-03-26 Breast implant materials may deter cancer cells from dwelling and thriving 0 None
2012-03-26 Benvenue's Blazer Vertebral Augmentation System now available in the U.S. 0 None
2012-03-26 OSI Systems receives FDA clearance for Arkon anesthesia delivery system 0 None
2012-03-26 GE Healthcare introduces Discovery CT750 HD FREEdom Edition 0 None
2012-03-26 Hi-tech 3D imaging may improve lives of chronic lung disease patients 0 None
2012-03-26 Epsilon Imaging introduces EchoInsight for cardiology community 0 None
2012-03-26 USS more successful in removing palpable breast tumours 0 None
2012-03-26 Nordion introduces new custom dose feature in Canada, Europe for TheraSphere 0 None
2012-03-26 Panasonic launches new CardioHealth Station software 0 None
2012-03-26 New embolization procedure may bring hope to men with enlarged prostate 0 None
2012-03-26 PerkinElmer to showcase new informatics solutions at ACS 2012 0 None
2012-03-26 Medtronic announces results from two Symplicity system trials on treatment-resistant hypertension 0 None
2012-03-26 CVD/MI complications tend to occur within first 30 days after PCI 0 None
2012-03-26 New guidelines for CT-guided biopsies of lung nodules reduce radiation exposure 0 None
2012-03-26 FUJIFILM introduces Synapse Cardiovascular 4.0.8 0 None
2012-03-26 New method for measurement of aggregated beta-amyloid in AD 0 None
2012-03-26 TPPF introduces website 0 None
2012-03-26 Toshiba to showcase Infinix-i vascular X-ray product line at SIR annual meeting 0 None
2012-03-26 Medgenics to commence EPODURE Biopumps Phase IIa study in ESRD-related anemia 0 None
2012-03-26 FDA Advisory Committee to review Repligen's SecreFlo NDA on May 31 0 None
2012-03-23 Real-time, non-invasive test to detect heart attack 0 None
2012-03-23 Canon to showcase RK-F2 Full Auto Ref-Keratometer at Vision Expo East 0 None
2012-03-23 New information service on Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs 0 None
2012-03-23 Fraunhofer FIT software rapidly analyzes complex biological processes 0 None
2012-03-23 FDA clears multiple enhancements to St. Jude Medical's FFR measurement guidewire 0 None
2012-03-23 Mendelian randomization not the 'Holy Grail' in evaluating alcohol intake with cognitive function 0 None
2012-03-23 Relief for dry eyes through scleral contact lenses 2 None
2012-03-23 Ultrasound-guided surgery more successful in removing breast tumours 0 None
2012-03-23 Bronchoscopy helps distinguish phenotypes, personalize therapy for refractory asthma 0 None
2012-03-23 Uppsala University researchers identify promising biomarkers for ASD 0 None
2012-03-23 Quest Diagnostics unveils redesigned corporate website 0 None
2012-03-23 OncoSec to present data from head and neck cancer studies at two upcoming conferences 0 None
2012-03-23 IBM, MSKCC partner to develop decision support tool for oncologists 0 None
2012-03-23 Boston Scientific's WallFlex Stent technology now available for interventional radiologists 0 None
2012-03-23 Nightingale on Demand receives EMR certification from Infoway 0 None
2012-03-23 UI receives three grants to hasten discovery of new TB therapeutics 0 None
2012-03-23 WCI technique uses MRS to detect oncometabolites 0 None
2012-03-22 Study uses Veridex CellSearch technology to capture CECs in MI patients 0 None
2012-03-22 Video capture and other automated systems cut down medical errors 0 None
2012-03-22 Computer program could help dementia patients manage their disease 0 None
2012-03-22 Supreme Court limits patents on diagnostic medical tests 0 None
2012-03-22 MRI screening could be cost effective for women with familial risk of breast cancer 0 None
2012-03-22 NeuroLogica's BodyTom CT scanner receives CE Mark 0 None
2012-03-22 Tomosynthesis may be more beneficial in diagnosing knee OA than X-ray imaging 0 None
2012-03-22 Challenges in Salivary Diagnostics symposium to take place on March 22 0 None
2012-03-22 New method for in vivo study of unknown selenium metabolism 0 None
2012-03-22 Peripheral nerve stimulation may help manage neuropathic pain in injured soldiers 0 None
2012-03-22 TGA clears Bioline's illumigene Group B Streptococcus test 0 1
2012-03-21 USAID World TB Day website 0 None
2012-03-21 Scans reveal Williams syndrome-associated personality/temperament traits 0 None
2012-03-21 Fat-enclosed nanoparticles can directly irradiate brain tumor 0 None
2012-03-21 Bone-marrow derived MSCs may reduce acute rejection rates in kidney recipients 0 None
2012-03-21 Two-year results from Boston Scientific's PROMUS Element trial to be presented at ACC 2012 0 None
2012-03-21 MD Anderson, Transgenomic partner to evaluate use of ICE COLD-PCR 0 None
2012-03-21 Improving health outcomes with mHealth 0 None
2012-03-21 Enrollment commences in Global Registry for Endovascular Aortic Treatment 0 None
2012-03-21 Colorectal cancer screening rates higher in population with multiple morbidities 0 None
2012-03-21 New way to accurately test for peanut allergy 0 None
2012-03-21 OriGene releases UltraMAB Antibodies for IHC applications 0 None
2012-03-21 HCPSS selects Benefitfocus HR InTouch 0 None
2012-03-21 BioDrain announces installation of two STREAMWAY units at Specialty Surgery Center 0 None
2012-03-21 Two SpinalMotion's sub-5mm Kineflex|C cervical total disc replacements receive CE Mark 0 None
2012-03-21 Axial Exchange care transition products now available for cloud deployment 0 None
2012-03-21 HCD implements HLI's Language Engine 0 None
2012-03-21 Jersey Shore University Medical Center installs Asteres' ScriptCenter 0 None
2012-03-21 Closer to effective screening for TB 0 None
2012-03-21 Terason receives FDA 510(k) clearance to use Soma's AxoTrack technology 0 None
2012-03-21 Systagenix announces U.S. launch of EPIFIX amniotic membrane allograft 0 4
2012-03-21 IQMS releases new version of ERP software, EnterpriseIQ 0 None
2012-03-21 Study tests new method of sound simulation for treating tinnitus 0 None
2012-03-21 FDA clears CareFusion's new electrodiagnostic system 0 None
2012-03-21 Healthper mobile application now available for Apple devices 0 5
2012-03-20 Delcath receives first commercial order for CHEMOSAT system from IEO 0 None
2012-03-20 n3D releases new 24-well Bio-Assembler 0 None
2012-03-20 Chemists produce first high resolution structure of HCV viral RNA-inhibitor complex 0 None
2012-03-20 FDA, Agilent partner to develop new tools for detection of salmonella subtypes 0 None
2012-03-20 Benvenue Medical initiates enrollment in Luna Interbody System for Fusion Trial 0 None
2012-03-20 Synthes signs license and development agreement with Kuros 0 None
2012-03-20 Single dose of X-ray radiation can prevent glaucoma 0 None
2012-03-20 U.S. Senator from Texas receives NSBRI's Pioneer Award 0 None
2012-03-20 New solid state NMR method can help visualize structure of proteins 0 None
2012-03-20 Researchers discover new method to identify cancer-causing translocations 0 1
2012-03-20 New three-step process for DMD newborn screening 0 None
2012-03-20 Moraga announces publication of its blood-derived BLSCs patent with EPO 0 None
2012-03-19 TriZetto QNXT Essentials solution to streamline administration of Ventura County's HMO 0 None
2012-03-19 Ingenuity Variant Analysis and iReport selected for Weill Cornell sequencing core facility 0 None
2012-03-19 Boston Scientific lauds private insurance reimbursement coverage for bronchial thermoplasty 0 None
2012-03-19 DNA Electronics licenses technology platform for rapid, lab-free DNA detection to geneOnyx 0 None
2012-03-19 Novel technique rapidly identifies and tracks location of diseased proteins inside cells 0 4
2012-03-19 FDA approves key testing phase for artificial pancreas 0 None
2012-03-19 New medical education portal - Lipoprotein Perspectives - launched 0 None
2012-03-19 FDA panel to review Cameron Health S-ICD System PMA application 0 None
2012-03-19 CoActiv Medical, Capital X-Ray enter distribution agreement 0 None
2012-03-19 Software tool accurately estimates risk of heart disease 0 None
2012-03-19 BSD-500 Hyperthermia System installed at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital 0 None
2012-03-19 Maryland DHMH awards CSC contract to replace state's Medicaid Management Information System 0 None
2012-03-19 GE-BAC partner to launch LambdaFabSelect bioprocess affinity resin 0 None
2012-03-19 Ventana launches novel platform for special stains 0 None
2012-03-19 Medidata names EXTEDO as technology partner 0 None
2012-03-19 DBS introduces novel Multiplex Immunohistochemistry cancer kits 0 None
2012-03-19 Biomedical Systems launches wireless ambulatory ECG monitoring system for management of AF 0 None
2012-03-19 Home Controls, Traxxit to distribute GPS tracking solution 0 None
2012-03-19 Study confirms value of Cambridge Heart's MTWA test for SCA 0 None
2012-03-19 IOB, Delcath to launch CHEMOSAT system for Spanish cancer patients 0 None
2012-03-19 Amphar, ETView Medical to distribute VivaSight airway devices 0 None
2012-03-19 RBCC's new agreement with n3D could help develop stem-cell therapies 0 None
2012-03-19 New software tool can accurately estimate risk of heart disease 0 None
2012-03-19 arGEN-X introduces NHance technology to create therapeutic antibodies 0 None
2012-03-19 Addition of two MRI sequences to MRPA improves detection of pulmonary embolism 0 None
2012-03-18 Westmead Hospital endorse a new medical device designed to increase blood circulation and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis 0 4.2
2012-03-17 FDA approves IDE for HeartWare 'ADVANCE' bridge-to-transplant clinical trial 0 None
2012-03-17 Gamma Knife surgery stops growth of 'World's tallest living human' 0 None
2012-03-17 Japan's MHLW provides reimbursement coverage for MTWA test 0 None
2012-03-17 Life Length, Cenegenics Carolinas partner to offer telomere testing 0 5
2012-03-17 Sysmex America announces selection to Center for Companies That Care's 2012 Honor Roll 0 None
2012-03-17 APN forms GPO partnership with ASDS 0 None
2012-03-17 BC BS of Florida retires negative medical policy for FeNO testing 0 None
2012-03-17 SBMT announces 2012 recipients of Pioneers in Medicine, Technology and Healthcare Policy Awards 0 None
2012-03-17 DMEI chooses ifa EMR v6 as future Electronic Medical Record system 0 None
2012-03-17 Researchers use standard inkjet printer to print live cells 0 None
2012-03-17 Kensey Nash to resolve Angio-Seal license disputes with St. Jude Medical 0 None
2012-03-17 Researchers describe preparation of chitosan nanoparticles 0 None
2012-03-17 PFO closure device no better than drugs alone in preventing recurrent strokes or TIAs 0 None
2012-03-17 LCA comments on CDC's new anti-tobacco campaign 0 None
2012-03-17 Results from AspenBio Pharma's AppyScore trial on appendicitis to be presented at SAEM meeting 0 None
2012-03-17 The Medical Letter introduces mobile apps for iPad, Android 0 None
2012-03-17 Solos to introduce new endoscopic instrument line, SteriTAP 0 None
2012-03-17 UAB researchers develop new vehicle to release proteins with therapeutic effects 0 None
2012-03-17 New book on reproductive treatments 0 None
2012-03-17 Thermo Fisher launches HyCell CHO medium 0 5
2012-03-16 Guidelines for cervical cancer screening revised 0 None
2012-03-16 Novel sensor selectively screens single molecules passing through nanopores 0 None
2012-03-16 Experts highlight latest advances in use of biomarkers in various diseases 0 None
2012-03-16 CYFRA reliable marker for response to chemotherapy for NSCLC 0 None
2012-03-16 Depression increases risk of death in PCI patients 0 None
2012-03-16 Addition of inflammatory biomarkers to clinical variables improve mortality prediction in COPD 0 None
2012-03-16 New FSU technology could decrease the cost of drug discovery 0 None
2012-03-16 New telemetric system safe and effective for ICP measurement 0 None
2012-03-16 Panel of 10 serum protein biomarkers could help in lung cancer diagnosis 0 None
2012-03-16 Smartphone technology can help assess and treat schizophrenia 0 4
2012-03-16 Western University develops DeskCAT- Multi-slice CT Scanner 0 None
2012-03-16 FDA clears Alma Lasers' novel approach for treatment of nail fungus 0 None
2012-03-15 Health Canada approves Boston Scientific's Blazer Open-Irrigated RFA Catheter 0 None
2012-03-15 OncoLink launches redesigned website based on search habits and feedback from patients, caregivers 0 None
2012-03-15 USPTO issues patent to iSonea's ultrasound-based cough detector 0 None
2012-03-15 Researchers observe membrane repair in real-time in a living organism 0 None
2012-03-15 Doctors can use genetic profiling to more accurately predict patients with AML 0 None
2012-03-15 UMDNJ to receive TB biomarkers grant from Gates Foundation 0 None
2012-03-15 Mobile phones could play a valuable role in helping HIV patients to take medication every day 0 None
2012-03-15 Silver nanoparticles cause more damage to testicular cells 0 None
2012-03-15 ACS, ASCCP and ASCP release new screening guidelines for cervical cancer 0 None
2012-03-15 Researchers design new version of labor-tracking tool for pregnant women 0 None
2012-03-14 CME conference on deep brain stimulation for movement disorders 0 None
2012-03-14 NCKU demonstrates home robot for senior companionship 0 None
2012-03-14 Wiki as an innovative new tool for developing individual asthma action plans 0 None
2012-03-14 Ultrasound system to track patients in hospitals 0 None
2012-03-14 Microbubbles and focused ultrasound help drugs enter the brain 0 None
2012-03-14 Nuvilex discusses Cell-in-a-Box technology used for pancreatic cancer clinical trial 0 3.7
2012-03-14 Health Central installs RADREX-i digital radiographic X-ray system 0 None
2012-03-14 Authors defend study that concluded electronic health records may not reduce health care costs 0 None
2012-03-14 MRI perfusion imaging can help determine brain tumor progression 0 None
2012-03-14 Biomedical research advances through new Australian Institute 0 None
2012-03-14 ‘All-metal’ hips may fail more often study finds as experts call for a ban 0 None
2012-03-14 FDA clears Ventana PR (1E2) image analysis algorithm and digital read applications 0 None
2012-03-13 Wireless asthma inhaler training device could help save thousands of A&E visits and lives 0 None
2012-03-13 Thermo Fisher launches innovations that enable customers to improve lab productivity 0 None
2012-03-13 Florida Hospital purchases Mazor Robotics' Renaissance system 0 5
2012-03-13 New recovery protocol treats heart failure patients with LVADs 0 None
2012-03-13 Orra Health transcription software for physicians 0 None
2012-03-13 Thermo Fisher introduces Dionex ICS-5000 system 0 None
2012-03-13 MRI reveals microgravity-induced intracranial hypertension in astronauts 0 None
2012-03-13 Over 125,000 NYU Langone patients now use new biometric identification system 0 None
2012-03-13 Lowering HbA1c cutoffs increases health benefits of type 2 diabetes preventive interventions 0 None
2012-03-13 Some adaptive motion trainers may still impose high stresses on the knee 0 None
2012-03-13 Researchers identify variation in head CT use among ED doctors 0 None
2012-03-13 Thermo Fisher launches three new capillary ion chromatography columns 0 None
2012-03-12 Study reveals significant variation in use of head computed tomography 0 None
2012-03-12 Majority of physicians utilize genetic testing, finds report 0 None
2012-03-12 AB SCIEX introduces new triple quadrupole mass spectrometry instrumentation system 0 None
2012-03-12 UnitedHealth report: Spending on genetic tests to rise sharply in a decade 0 None
2012-03-12 Simple device for disinfecting stethoscopes 1 4.5
2012-03-12 Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces integrated capillary high-pressure ion chromatography system 0 None
2012-03-12 LensAR closes $24 million private financing 0 None
2012-03-12 Thermo Fisher Scientific launches Acclaim Surfactant Plus and MAbPac SCX-10 chromatography columns 0 None
2012-03-12 Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces new ICP-MS system, iCAP Q 0 None
2012-03-12 Korean FDA grants pre-market clearance for ETView's VivaSight‐SL airway management solutions 0 None
2012-03-12 Interventional Spine's PerX360 System to be presented at ISASS annual meeting 0 None
2012-03-12 InflammaGen to initiate Phase 2 study of new drug/delivery platform for shock 0 None
2012-03-12 UHC retires negative coverage policy effective April 1, 2012 0 None
2012-03-12 Cicel, Mazor Robotics sign agreement to distribute Renaissance system in China 0 None
2012-03-12 Chlamydia has evolved more actively than previously thought 0 5
2012-03-12 Researchers produce extensive catalog of genes expressed in human islets 0 None
2012-03-12 DeSyRe develops new design techniques for future Systems-on-Chips 0 None
2012-03-12 New Burn Medical Education app for physicians, students 0 None
2012-03-12 OSU researchers use carbon nanotubes to increase the speed of biological sensors 0 3
2012-03-12 Researchers develop Bluetooth-enabled medical monitoring device 0 None
2012-03-12 Boston Scientific in bid to take over Cameron Health 0 None
2012-03-11 Sientra announces FDA approval of silicone breast implants. 0 None
2012-03-11 Implant to assume function of damaged venous valves 0 None
2012-03-09 New study finds significant variation in head CT use 0 None
2012-03-09 IDRI receives $1 million RHSC grant to eliminate leprosy 0 None
2012-03-09 Va. Gov. signs pre-abortion ultrasound bill 0 None
2012-03-09 Even low-dose nanoparticles could have big impact on long-term health 0 None
2012-03-09 Infrared optical head tracker can help diagnose ocular torticollis 0 5
2012-03-09 Elekta Clarity 3D system transforms prostate radiotherapy at UHG 0 None
2012-03-09 State legislatures take on ultrasound mandate costs, employee health plans, Medicaid reform, malpractice 0 None
2012-03-09 FDA clears Hospira's Symbiq 3.13 infusion device 0 None
2012-03-09 Biologists identify how and where the brain processes FM sweeps 0 None
2012-03-09 Elsevier to publish new journal of FPM, Health Policy and Technology 0 None
2012-03-09 Avedro submits VibeX/KXL System NDA with FDA to treat keratoconus, corneal ectasia 0 None
2012-03-09 ICON's Nuloy Coronary Stent System receives CE Mark 0 None
2012-03-09 Enzo Biochem to unveil data on AmpiProbe HCV assay at ESCMID meeting 0 None
2012-03-08 New ultrasound technique for rapid and accurate assessment of osteoporosis 0 None
2012-03-08 FDA clears Abbott's FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System 0 None
2012-03-08 Exposure to MSS could help reduce cardiorespiratory events in preterm infants 0 None
2012-03-08 FDA approves Teva's ProAir HFA with dose counter for asthma, COPD and EIB 0 None
2012-03-08 New precise 3D scanner provides image in 12 seconds 0 None
2012-03-08 £1.2 billion over five years to be saved with Telehealth roll out in UK 0 None
2012-03-08 WPI professor receives NSF's CAREER Award for general purpose robots 0 None
2012-03-08 New inexpensive medical sensor may simplify diagnosis of diseases 0 None
2012-03-08 Women with breast pain do not gain benefit from imaging 0 None
2012-03-08 New minimally invasive procedure can treat resistant hypertension 0 None
2012-03-08 People with tinnitus can benefit from internet-based therapy 0 None
2012-03-08 First 'theranostic' agent for treatment of ALL 0 None
2012-03-08 NMR techniques shed new light on how pharma molecules adopt different polymorphic forms 0 None
2012-03-07 Transcranial direct current stimulation safe and effective treatment for depression 0 None
2012-03-07 FDA approves Covidien's EverFlex Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 0 None
2012-03-07 Genesys BioLabs introduces PAULA's test for early lung cancer detection 0 None
2012-03-07 Illumina launches new highly multiplexed cancer panel 0 None
2012-03-07 Study: Patients need greater access to their electronic medical data 0 None
2012-03-07 New research provides explanation for some of autism's mysteries 0 None
2012-03-07 e-Health records don't always equal reduced costs 0 None
2012-03-07 NeuroVista technology shows promise in detecting and predicting seizures 0 None
2012-03-07 A&G, Mayo Medical sign license agreement for new progranulin blood test for FTD 0 None
2012-03-07 Methodist, UH to improve existing surgical training processes 0 None
2012-03-07 EES to demonstrate innovative surgical simulations at SAGES conference 0 None
2012-03-07 Scientists develop nanocombinatorics for directing stem cell differentiation 0 None
2012-03-07 People with schizophrenia benefit from new evidence-based clinical program 0 None
2012-03-07 Viewpoints: Contraception politics; Better food labels; Opposing stands on ultrasounds and abortion 0 None
2012-03-07 Altogen launches new pancreas-targeted in vivo RNAi transfection system 0 None
2012-03-07 Pharmspective releases first knowledge management application: ClearView 0 None
2012-03-06 New imaging tool reveals subtle changes in breast tissue 0 None
2012-03-06 Internet-based support can help young people with mentally ill relatives 0 None
2012-03-06 Ivantis initiates enrollment in Hydrus Microstent study for open angle glaucoma 0 None
2012-03-06 Make That Call campaign to promote colorectal cancer screening 0 None
2012-03-06 Whole-body CT more effective at determining life-threatening injuries 0 None
2012-03-06 Neuroimaging for stroke patients may be unnecessarily costly and redundant 0 None
2012-03-06 Women with breast cancer can benefit from web-based programme 0 None
2012-03-06 Carl Zeiss Meditec wins NFSB award for excellence in customer service 0 None
2012-03-06 Health Robotics receives Premier contract for world-leading IV Robots 0 None
2012-03-06 UC Davis develops new sensor for use in medical applications 0 None
2012-03-06 Video games do not adequately meet older adults' needs 0 None
2012-03-06 New DNA-reading technology could lead to correct genetic diagnosis for muscle-wasting diseases 0 None
2012-03-06 somo•v Platinum Automated Breast Ultrasound system to be showcased at NCBC conference 0 None
2012-03-06 New, freely available Web-based program helps predict effect of mutations on mRNA splicing 0 None
2012-03-05 Cartilage repair gel gives injuries a sporting chance 0 None
2012-03-05 Medtronic launches MRI passive leads approved for full body MRI scans 0 None
2012-03-05 FUJIFILM Synapse RIS v6.1 receives modular EHR certification for Meaningful Use for radiology 0 None
2012-03-05 Innovative telemedicine program connects neonatal specialists to treat tiniest, difficult cases 0 None
2012-03-05 Cell-based test to discover molecules to treat ER-positive breast cancer 0 None
2012-03-05 FDA clears UELS contactless breast cancer imaging tool 0 None
2012-03-05 ETView completes Viva EB Endobronchial Blocker Technical File submission for review by MDC 0 None
2012-03-05 Abbott, GenLab collaborate to develop new assay for PLEX-ID automated microbial identification system 0 None
2012-03-05 Roche selects ICON as technology partner 0 None
2012-03-05 FDA clears Covidien Solitaire FR revascularization device 0 5
2012-03-05 Lixiu, BIEL announce distribution agreement for RecoveryRx devices 0 None
2012-03-05 Special computer algorithms can help doctors to make rapid diagnoses of known diseases 0 None
2012-03-05 RS donates new medical kit bags to save lives in Northamptonshire 0 None
2012-03-05 diaDexus introduces new PLAC Activity test in Europe 0 None
2012-03-05 Philips SpeechExec now fully supports Nuance's Dragon Medical 0 None
2012-03-05 GVDI develops PERCUGUARD needlestick prevention device 0 None
2012-03-05 Tobii introduces next-generation eye tracking integration component at CeBIT 0 None
2012-03-05 CSOS to comply with international emergency medical service protocols 0 None
2012-03-05 Bovine collagen can enhance gum healing 0 None
2012-03-04 Brain more flexible and trainable than previously thought 0 None
2012-03-04 New tool to map extent of traumatic brain injury 1 4
2012-03-03 New Brown center for evidence-based medicine and science 0 None
2012-03-03 Promising results from initial trial of new ultrasonic breast cancer screening 0 None
2012-03-03 New method can determine possible location to park EMS vehicles 0 None
2012-03-03 New breakthrough in early mammalian embryo development 0 None
2012-03-03 WUSTL scientists to decode DNA of 99 patients with rare diseases 0 None
2012-03-03 Four Cockrell School faculty members receive NSF CAREER awards 0 None
2012-03-03 Polymer-based medical implants can produce harmful free radicals 0 None
2012-03-03 Emotional inhibition and alexithymia are distinct phenomena: Study 0 None
2012-03-03 Scientists to develop new carbon-based biointerfaces 0 None
2012-03-02 Safe sex apps anyone? 0 None
2012-03-02 Bisphosphonates improve fixation of dental impants in human bones 0 None
2012-03-02 F-DOPA PET/CT imaging alters management plans for patients with brain cancer 0 None
2012-03-02 Berg Diagnostics achieves CLIA certificate of accreditation 0 None
2012-03-02 DXA scan should be done at shorter intervals for women at high risk for fracture 0 None
2012-03-02 HDFT scan can show broken neural connections caused by TBI 0 None
2012-03-02 AJPM&R releases new iPad app for physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists 0 None
2012-03-02 Report highlights benefits of Nuvilex's cell encapsulation technology for diabetes 0 None
2012-03-02 Ekso Bionics, Kessler Foundation partner to test commercial robotic exoskeleton 0 None
2012-03-01 Mayo researchers gain insights into function of histone chaperones 0 None
2012-03-01 DRI scientists create novel oxygen-generating material 0 None
2012-03-01 Metal hip implants need monitoring annually: MHRA issues guidelines 0 None
2012-03-01 Photon etc. announces the launch of IRIS, an innovative Retinal Hyperspectral Imaging system 0 None
2012-03-01 Non-invasive hyperspectral imaging system for skin cancer screening relies on Andor technology 0 None
2012-03-01 Akeso Medical Imaging starts clinical study for proof of concept of imaging device for rheumatoid arthritis disease activity monitoring and control 0 None
2012-03-01 'Call to action' on wrong-route injections in anesthesia 0 None
2012-03-01 New method for creating nanofibers could improve drug delivery methods 0 None
2012-03-01 Software transmits brain wave data for instant analysis 0 None
2012-03-01 New robotic surgical system can treat early-stage lung cancer 0 None
2012-03-01 U-M summit to focus on shortage of medical technologies for children 0 None
2012-03-01 Va. lawmakers approve scaled-back abortion ultrasound bill 0 None
2012-03-01 New portable device can quickly diagnose infectious disease 0 None
2012-03-01 Digital exercises improve brain function, behavior in people with schizophrenia 0 None
2012-03-01 Study focuses on genetic markers in the diagnosis of autism 0 None
2012-03-01 MU researcher to improve current rehabilitation strategies for amputees 1 5
2012-03-01 Glucose meter could be adapted to monitor DNA 0 None
2012-03-01 Scientists develop safer and more accurate way to administer warfarin 0 None
2012-03-01 HPV and smear tests offer more effective approach for cervical screening 0 None
2012-03-01 Researchers observe how cholera decimates competing bacteria and human cells 0 None


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