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2004-05-27 Smoking causes diseases in nearly every organ of the body 0 5
2004-05-27 The Health Protection Agency starts surveillance programme for human cases of West Nile virus infection 0 None
2004-05-27 Cigarette smoking linked to leukemia 0 None
2004-05-27 Update on West Nile virus in Texas 0 None
2004-05-27 Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus re-emerges in Thailand 0 None
2004-05-26 Australian HIV cases have increased 22 per cent over two years 0 None
2004-05-25 Specialists work to overcome Huntington's disease 0 None
2004-05-25 Study indicates the number of people in the UK who could be incubating vCJD 0 None
2004-05-25 $3.5 million grant to develop AIDS vaccinations 0 None
2004-05-25 Data suggests potential target for Alzheimer's disease treatment 0 None
2004-05-25 New findings suggest mammograms may help predict cardiovascular disease 0 None
2004-05-25 International agreement to tackle animal disease outbreaks 0 None
2004-05-25 Animal diseases spreading between countries on the rise 0 None
2004-05-25 Foodborne diseases pose a serious threat to densely populated areas of Asia and the Pacific 0 None
2004-05-24 19 cases, including 4 deaths, of Ebola haemorrhagic fever southern Sudan 0 None
2004-05-24 Among older people, diabetes substantially increases premature deaths 0 None
2004-05-23 China commences first clinical test of SARS vaccine 0 None
2004-05-21 West Nile virus found in Champaign County 0 None
2004-05-21 Clusters of viral meningitis found in two Manhattan schools 0 None
2004-05-21 WHO reports likely Ebola case in Sudan 0 None
2004-05-20 Are we as crazy as mad cows? 0 None
2004-05-20 Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E are unlikely to prevent heart disease and other diseases such as cancer 0 None
2004-05-20 In the wake of the latest SARS outbreak CDC has implemented new system to guide travelers about potential health hazards 0 None
2004-05-20 UK pet owners who take their animals on holiday to Europe could bring back tropical diseases 0 None
2004-05-20 Watching for West Nile virus, dead bird and mosquito monitoring resumes 0 None
2004-05-19 Network formed to tackle potentially fatal reaction to smallpox vaccine 0 None
2004-05-19 $20.7 million to make smallpox vaccine safer 0 None
2004-05-19 About one in 35 adult Americans is at high risk of coronary heart disease 0 None
2004-05-19 Britain's youth complacent about HIV/AIDS 0 None
2004-05-19 WHO experts and the Chinese authorities are still trying to determine the exact cause of the recent SARS outbreak 0 None
2004-05-19 Canadian Statement to the World Health Assembly focuses on AIDS 0 None
2004-05-19 New generation of programmable chips set to revolutionise medical industry 0 None
2004-05-19 New method for treating the digestive disease, ulcerative colitis (UC) 0 None
2004-05-18 Latest SARS outbreak contained, but biosafety concerns remain 0 None
2004-05-17 1.3 million Hispanics will have Alzheimer’s disease by 2050 0 None
2004-05-17 UN round table looks at rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in prisons 0 None
2004-05-17 Research suggests that weanling pigs are susceptible to West Nile virus infection 0 None
2004-05-16 The federal government should expand its role in the financing of HIV/AIDS treatment for low-income Americans 0 None
2004-05-14 3 people with drug-resistant HIV become first to undergo a new form of gene therapy 0 None
2004-05-14 Signs of liver disease also improve in conjunction with alterations to gut flora 0 None
2004-05-14 Screening for liver diseases benefits outweigh costs for some, but not all, conditions 0 None
2004-05-14 WHO admits target on AIDS drugs may be unrealistic 0 None
2004-05-14 National effort to detect life-threatening non-cardiac vascular diseases 0 None
2004-05-14 AIDS Foundation praises Governor Schwarzenegger for restoring AIDS funding 0 None
2004-05-14 Research into placebo effect among Parkinson’s patients 0 2
2004-05-13 West Nile virus found in Illinois mosquitoes 0 None
2004-05-12 WHO reports on dengue haemorrhagic fever in Indonesia 0 None
2004-05-12 WHO reports on treating tuberculosis in Ukraine 0 None
2004-05-12 Illinois spends $2.3 million to fight West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases 0 None
2004-05-11 Study shows states will see an average 44 percent increase in Alzheimer’s disease by 2025 0 None
2004-05-11 Urgent need for increased awareness about lupus 0 None
2004-05-11 2 SARS patients in Beijing discharged from hospital 0 None
2004-05-10 Botswana begins massive emergency polio campaign 0 None
2004-05-10 The outbreak of SARS is under control in China's eastern province of Anhui 0 None
2004-05-09 China recognizes 10 million Chinese may be HIV-positive by 2010 0 None
2004-05-08 No evidence of CJD associated with the Garden State Racetrack 0 None
2004-05-06 Disease control strategies in Africa could help to halve deaths from malaria by 2010 0 None
2004-05-06 International research team have decoded the genetic blueprint of the tularemia (rabbit fever) bacterium 0 None
2004-05-06 West Nile virus found in Arizona mosquito samples 0 None
2004-05-06 Research into Chinese herbal medicine Qian Ceng Ta may help Alzheimer’s 0 None
2004-05-05 Investigation to find the source of the current SARS outbreak 0 None
2004-05-05 West Nile Virus returns to United States for another season 0 None
2004-05-05 World's first gene therapy trial aimed at preventing cancer 0 None
2004-05-05 Prevention and partnerships are the keys to improving health and reducing chronic disease in the United States 0 None
2004-05-05 New estimate of more than three million diabetes-related deaths every year 0 None
2004-05-05 New estimate of more than three million diabetes-related deaths every year 0 None
2004-05-05 Hong Kong SARS update 0 None
2004-05-04 First confirmed SARS patient given all clear 0 None
2004-05-04 Virginia prepares for mosquito borne diseases 0 None
2004-05-04 Tooth cells may help treat Parkinson's disease 0 None
2004-05-04 Randall Tobias in Indiana to discuss efforts to combat AIDS 0 None
2004-05-03 New figures suggest Scotland is in the middle of a mumps epidemic 0 None
2004-05-02 Canadian woman dies of flesh eating disease 0 3
2004-05-02 Drug-resistant gonorrhea is a major public health concern 0 None
2004-05-01 Family-based diabetes self-management leads to better health 0 None
2004-05-01 Zoonoses, diseases transmitted from animals to humans 0 None
2004-05-01 Counseling eases the depression of people caring for a loved one with the devastating brain disease 0 None


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