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2004-06-30 Nigeria resuming polio immunization 0 None
2004-06-30 New educational campaign on celiac disease 0 None
2004-06-30 Americans not that bothered by Mad Cow disease 0 None
2004-06-30 Women delay AIDS with vitamins B, C and E 0 None
2004-06-29 Rochester scientists have taken an important step toward creating a vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2004-06-29 First presence of West Nile Virus in Kansas this year 0 None
2004-06-29 Unexplained neurological illness in cattle and sheep – assessing the potential risks to human health 0 None
2004-06-29 Michael J. Fox Foundation funds $2 million to solve midbrain system mysteries 0 None
2004-06-29 Australian biomedical scientists tackle malaria with on-line malaria information resource 0 None
2004-06-29 New Harvard website recommendations could help prevent over half of all chronic disease in the U.S. 0 None
2004-06-29 The EU is contributing €9 million to the “Vigilance against Viral Resistance” (VIRGIL) project 0 None
2004-06-28 Lou Gehrig's disease may be treated or even prevented 0 None
2004-06-28 Meningococcal disease: peak season warning 0 None
2004-06-27 It is imperative for those who are at risk of getting HIV to be tested 0 None
2004-06-26 Bush outlines government actions on HIV/AIDS 0 None
2004-06-25 Mysterious disease that causes the body’s immune system to turn against itself 0 None
2004-06-25 Latin America and the Caribbean lead the developing world in providing HIV/AIDS treatment 0 None
2004-06-24 New risk factors associated with inflammatory bowel disease 0 None
2004-06-24 Fewer Americans with Alzheimer’s and $149 billion in annual Medicare and Medicaid savings by 2025 0 None
2004-06-23 West and central Africa is on the brink of the largest polio epidemic in recent years 0 None
2004-06-22 2000 Ukrainian patients to receive treatment for HIV/AIDS 0 None
2004-06-22 Testing for the SARS coronavirus by using a patients tear drops 0 None
2004-06-22 Mathematics helps explain meningococcal meningitis outbreaks 0 None
2004-06-22 1 million deaths from malaria per year 1 None
2004-06-21 Embryonic cell implantation improves motor skills in patients with Parkinson's disease 0 None
2004-06-21 Elevated homocysteine levels have been associated with an increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer disease 0 None
2004-06-21 Secrecy about HIV in Nigerian Navy could be fueling AIDS epidemic 0 None
2004-06-20 SARS, the highly infectious respiratory virus, has been found in tears 0 None
2004-06-20 Cornelia de Lange syndrome gene discovered 0 None
2004-06-20 Washington and Oregon health officials are investigating a multi-state outbreak of salmonellosis 0 None
2004-06-20 Lingering outbreak of pertussis in four Chicago-area counties 0 None
2004-06-20 Oxford researchers call for new malaria distribution maps 0 None
2004-06-20 Drug for multiple sclerosis prevented disease development when tested on animal models 0 None
2004-06-20 Ugandans highly knowledgeable about HIV vaccine and willing to participate in future trials 0 None
2004-06-17 Mothers infected with HIV who breast feed risk infecting infants 0 None
2004-06-17 27 per cent of HIV positive gay and bisexual men may not know they are infected 0 None
2004-06-17 Biotech organization receives $1 million form Bill & Melinda Gates 0 None
2004-06-16 Soil-borne disease called allergic fungal sinusitis is on the rise 0 None
2004-06-16 2,332 dengue fever cases reported in Philippines this year 0 1.5
2004-06-16 Obesity must be acknowledged as a disease 0 None
2004-06-15 Cholera outbreak in Cameroon 0 None
2004-06-15 Beef tacos with a side order of Escherichia coli 0 None
2004-06-15 Findings could explain why island populations worldwide are particularly susceptible to disease 0 None
2004-06-15 Latin America and the Caribbean lead the developing world in providing HIV/AIDS treatment 0 None
2004-06-15 African Americans more at risk of kidney disease 0 None
2004-06-15 Expansion of Medicare coverage of positron emission tomography to include some Medicare beneficiaries with suspected Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2004-06-15 Real-Time Immuno-PCR has the ability to detect HIV infection earlier than all current methods 0 1
2004-06-15 Fruit consumption may protect against age-related maculopathy (ARM) 0 None
2004-06-14 $2.5 billion will be invested in the search for type 1 diabetes cure for over next 5 years 0 None
2004-06-14 Indiana campaign "Get tested for HIV" 0 None
2004-06-14 John Kerry pushes for new cures and treatments for Alzheimer’s 0 None
2004-06-14 West Nile virus prevention 0 None
2004-06-12 Guinea and UNDP step up HIV/AIDS fight 0 None
2004-06-11 Dead birds collected in five northern Illinois counties have tested positive for West Nile virus 0 None
2004-06-11 EU plan to reduce diseases caused by a polluted environment 0 3
2004-06-11 Arizona advisory on tick removal 0 5
2004-06-11 G8 commitment to eradicate polio welcomed 0 None
2004-06-11 WHO welcomes G8 endorsement of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise 0 None
2004-06-11 Pathogens have the ability to cause late-onset sporadic Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2004-06-11 U.S. team to battle malaria in Peru 0 None
2004-06-11 Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis patients to rally in Washington 0 None
2004-06-11 Australian government to provide free pneumococcal disease vaccinations 0 None
2004-06-10 Common weeds may be better than herbal cousins for preventing and curing a host of diseases 0 None
2004-06-10 Large-scale network to test potential treatments in muscular dystrophy 0 None
2004-06-10 Project aimed at eliminating anthrax as a potential weapon for terrorists 0 None
2004-06-10 Expert to help WHO in Dili, East Timor with tropical diseases 0 None
2004-06-09 Possible new type of zoonose in England 0 None
2004-06-09 New Hampshire begins statewide West Nile virus detection activities 0 None
2004-06-07 Better co-ordination needed to manage chronic diseases 0 None
2004-06-07 HIV infection impairs immunity to malaria in pregnant women 0 None
2004-06-07 New study to determine the effectiveness of a new pediatric screening method for Wilson's disease 0 None
2004-06-05 Americans' risk of getting and dying from cancer continues to decline 0 None
2004-06-05 New advice to doctors on lowering diabetes-heart disease risks 0 None
2004-06-05 Antibiotics given to entire household reduces risk of meningitis 0 None
2004-06-03 Cardiovascular disease is Europe's largest cause of death 0 None
2004-06-03 Cancer rates falling in the US 0 None
2004-06-03 Disease-causing microbes found in baby food 0 None
2004-06-03 Terrence Higgins suggest one in four gay men living with HIV in the UK is unaware of their infection 0 None
2004-06-03 Dire health consequences for millions of people in Darfur, Sudan 0 None
2004-06-02 Ethiopia needs external help fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic 0 None
2004-06-02 West Nile virus found in Illinois crows 0 None
2004-06-02 Malaria, Africa's biggest killer 0 None
2004-06-01 Myth of disease threat posed by dead bodies after natural disasters unfounded 0 None
2004-06-01 Chronic diseases are the largest cause of death in the world 0 None
2004-06-01 West Nile set to explode in summer 2004 0 None
2004-06-01 Gay men casual about HIV 0 None
2004-06-01 New UK HIV infection data 0 None
2004-06-01 Call for Bush Administration to remedy failures on mad cow disease 0 None


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