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2004-09-30 Additional measures to prevent H5 avian influenza in view of the recent situation in Southeast Asia 0 None
2004-09-30 Berkeley searches for AIDS cure in a Samoan indigenous tree 0 None
2004-09-30 Drug-resistant bacteria increasingly causing infections in healthy people 0 None
2004-09-30 Each year, between 25 million and 50 million Americans will suffer with the flu 0 None
2004-09-29 Scientists discover a record number of proteins for the highly infectious and stealthy human cytomegalovirus 0 None
2004-09-29 Women aged 16 to 19 are 43% more likely to test positive for Chlamydia than women in their early twenties 0 None
2004-09-28 West Nile virus detected in blood donor 0 None
2004-09-28 Researchers have decoded the genome of Legionella pneumophila, the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires' disease 0 None
2004-09-28 Hong Kong health commitment pledged in Sweden 0 None
2004-09-28 Outbreak of whooping cough in South Australia 0 None
2004-09-28 Two new cases of leptospirosis confirmed in Hong Kong 0 None
2004-09-27 Hong Kong influenza vaccination to start November 0 None
2004-09-26 Contrary to popular belief, epidemics do not occur spontaneously after a natural disaster 0 None
2004-09-26 Five new human cases of West Nile virus confirmed in Mississippi 0 None
2004-09-23 Lassa Fever, not seen in US for 15 years re-emerges 0 None
2004-09-22 Steps to minimise the risk of onward transmission of vCJD 0 None
2004-09-20 Imperative that strategies to control tuberculosis include measures to treat individuals with MDR disease 0 None
2004-09-20 Global health is recurrently being threatened by new and re-emerging infectious diseases 0 None
2004-09-20 Liver cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and other diseases related to hepatitis B infection will continue to increase 0 None
2004-09-17 Neck surgeons brush up on West Nile virus 0 None
2004-09-17 Crohn’s disease may be caused by same bacterium that causes Paratuberculosis or Johne’s disease in cattle, sheep, and goats 0 5
2004-09-16 Urgent measures need to be taken to protect the public from contaminated blood transfusions 0 None
2004-09-16 WHO urges Member States to act now to avoid a major HIV/AIDS epidemic 0 None
2004-09-16 A new vector of malaria in Africa called Oveng form 0 None
2004-09-16 WHO calls for effective partnerships to tackle zoonoses 0 None
2004-09-16 New diagnostic tests for bird flu 0 None
2004-09-16 Severe infections with flesh-eating bacteria are considerably more common than expected 0 None
2004-09-14 Bush AIDS plan is using expensive, brand name drugs, rather than keeping its promise to use the lowest cost drugs available 0 None
2004-09-14 WHO calls enhanced preparedness for SARS and avian influenza 0 None
2004-09-14 New insights into the international burden of malaria 0 None
2004-09-14 Serious concerns about spa pools and jacuzzis being a cause of Legionnaires’ disease 0 None
2004-09-13 One of Australia's largest hospitals has suspected case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 0 None
2004-09-13 Growing global threat from avian influenza 0 None
2004-09-12 World Health Organisation's strategy to control the worldwide rise of tuberculosis has not worked 0 None
2004-09-10 Enterovirus-71 case confirmed in Hong Kong 0 None
2004-09-10 Early success of the meningococcal B immunisation programme celebrated 0 None
2004-09-10 John Reid has announced further developments concerning variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease 0 None
2004-09-09 Secrecy and silence clouds the true picture of AIDS related deaths among doctors in South Africa 0 None
2004-09-08 Health claim for omega-3 fatty acids should help consumers reduce risk of coronary heart disease 0 None
2004-09-08 50 year old frozen smallpox vaccines are nearly 100 percent effective 0 None
2004-09-08 Scientists have traced the first steps in the way some new diseases emerge 0 None
2004-09-07 Sinovac completes dosing in phase 1 human clinical testing of SARS vaccine 0 None
2004-09-05 Generic tritherapy can be used as a basic treatment for AIDS 0 None
2004-09-05 Widely used antimalarial drug exhibits antiviral activity against the SARS 0 None
2004-09-04 Bird flu has jumped species barrier to cats 0 None
2004-09-04 Researchers unravel genetic makeup of ticks to tackle disease 0 None
2004-09-04 Researchers make discoveries on West Nile virus, monkeypox, and yellow fever 0 None
2004-09-02 Indiana State health officials report West Nile virus detected in blood donation 0 None
2004-09-02 World needs to commit more resources to treat people infected with HIV 0 None
2004-09-01 Infectious disease registers could help detect emerging infections in tourist destinations 0 None
2004-09-01 More women and adolescents needed in HIV vaccine clinical trials 0 None


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