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2008-10-31 Malaria falls significantly in the Gambia in last 5 years - raises possibility of elimination in other parts of Africa 0 None
2008-10-31 Important steps towards the development of a human vaccine against malaria 0 None
2008-10-28 Students at Missouri High School tested for HIV following concern of exposure to virus 0 None
2008-10-27 The sooner the better when it comes to HIV/AIDS treatment 0 None
2008-10-26 Rapid HIV testing in the emergency department boosts diagnoses, screening 0 None
2008-10-26 Gates Foundation grant to help prevent deaths in Africa by improving antibiotic access 0 None
2008-10-23 Researchers downplay value of mandatory universal nasal screening of patients for MRSA 0 None
2008-10-23 Ministers urged to rethink rather than repackage $2 billion global response to infectious diseases 0 None
2008-10-22 New TB test more accurate in predicting those most susceptible 0 None
2008-10-21 helps identify future disease hot spots 0 None
2008-10-21 Worries over test for mad cow disease 0 5
2008-10-21 Bird flu appears again in Hong Kong 0 None
2008-10-20 Getting the flu early may protect against worse one later 0 None
2008-10-20 New tuberculosis test reveals patients at risk 0 None
2008-10-20 Universal vaccine could protect people and pets from deadly flu pandemics 0 None
2008-10-20 Hand, foot and mouth disease in China kills 3 children and sickens over 100 others 0 None
2008-10-20 Mumps making a comeback in Australia 0 None
2008-10-19 Polio could be wiped out in Nigeria thanks to improved vaccine 0 None
2008-10-19 More hospital cleaners the answer to superbugs 0 None
2008-10-16 Governments urged to fight pneumococcal disease 0 None
2008-10-14 Qld uni student diagnosed with tuberculosis 0 None
2008-10-14 Free treatment program against Buruli ulcer in Cameroon not working 0 None
2008-10-14 Discovery of earliest known cases of human tuberculosis in Neolithic village 0 1
2008-10-13 Unpicking the complexity of human disease 0 None
2008-10-13 TB Alliance receives pledge of up to $40 million from USAID 0 None
2008-10-13 Program in India aims to implement HIV/AIDS services in private maternity hospitals 0 None
2008-10-13 Workshop in Ghana encourages NGOs, volunteers to bolster TB control efforts 0 None
2008-10-13 Global Health Group to assist Namibia in developing strategic malaria control plan 0 None
2008-10-13 HIV drug resistance spreading in China, researcher says 0 None
2008-10-13 35% of annual new HIV infections in Spain occur among immigrants, researcher says at conference 0 None
2008-10-13 Empowering people living with HIV/AIDS can address poverty in Nigeria, advocate says 0 None
2008-10-13 Women's independence necessary to address HIV/AIDS in Uganda, opinion piece says 0 None
2008-10-13 Panel discusses how Asian migrant women are vulnerable to HIV 0 None
2008-10-12 Georgia Tech models future pandemic flu, improves food, quarantine strategies 0 None
2008-10-12 Tuberculosis vaccine a step closer 0 None
2008-10-12 Tracking down the cause of Mad Cow disease - first synthetic prion protein with an anchor 0 None
2008-10-07 Outbreak of mystery disease kills four in South Africa 0 1.5
2008-10-06 New vaccines may not reduce tuberculosis incidence 0 None
2008-10-06 Improper cooking linked to 32 cases of Salmonella in the U.S. 0 None
2008-10-05 Philippines receives $5 million from Chevron for TB eradication efforts 0 None
2008-10-05 Call for India to legalize homosexuality to improve fight against HIV/AIDS 0 None
2008-10-05 Canadian program provides care to HIV-positive pregnant women, aims to reduce mother-to-child transmission 0 None
2008-10-05 Newsweek examines global malaria action plan 0 None
2008-10-05 Kenya signs $15 million grant agreement to fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2008-10-05 Ukraine Parliament introduces bill to increase HIV prevention, treatment efforts 0 None
2008-10-05 100 years of HIV in humans 0 None
2008-10-05 Spiritual healing threatening adherence to antiretrovirals in Uganda, official says 0 None
2008-10-05 Lack of advocacy, communication, mobilization programs hindering Uganda's efforts to fight TB, health official says 0 None
2008-10-05 Newspapers examine efforts, reaction to easing ban on HIV-positive visitors to U.S. 0 None
2008-10-05 Medicines for Malaria venture launches five-year plan for new drugs 0 None
2008-10-05 HIV cases increasing among women, MSM in rural China 0 None
2008-10-05 HIV-positive women in Nepal call for greater assistance from government 0 None
2008-10-05 New York Times examines California HIV testing bill 0 None
2008-10-05 Health workers cannot refuse to provide treatment to HIV-positive people, India's Supreme Court rules 0 None
2008-10-05 CDC says 1.1 million people living with HIV 0 None
2008-10-02 7 million pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa infected with hookworms 0 None


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