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2008-03-31 Ebola virus vaccines for humans 0 None
2008-03-31 MRSA in hospital intensive care -- what's growing where? 0 None
2008-03-31 Most people believe smallpox not an extinct disease 0 None
2008-03-31 Another bird flu case in Indonesia - expert says surveillance and strict control measures are the answer 0 None
2008-03-28 Experts call for a global fund to combat neglected tropical diseases 0 None
2008-03-28 Increasing access to antiretroviral drugs would drastically cut AIDS deaths in South Africa 0 None
2008-03-28 FDA issues Salmonella Litchfield alert for cantaloupe from Agropecuaria Montelibano 0 None
2008-03-26 Polio eradicated in Somalia 0 None
2008-03-26 Update on Cairns meningococcal case 0 None
2008-03-25 Boy diagnosed with meningococcal in far north Queensland 0 None
2008-03-25 The focus on HIV/AIDS has helped forget the threat of tuberculosis 0 None
2008-03-25 When should children infected with HIV start medication? 0 None
2008-03-25 Scientists discover how salmonella becomes lethal for AIDS patients 0 None
2008-03-25 Big increase in hepatitis C-related deaths in the United States 0 None
2008-03-25 How Staphylococcus aureus resists our natural defenses 0 None
2008-03-24 Military to fight Dengue fever in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 0 None
2008-03-24 Hard to treat TB case diagnosed in Britain 0 None
2008-03-24 Typhoid no longer an enemy of the past as study highlights risk for travellers to indian sub-continent 0 None
2008-03-24 Call to step up the fight against tuberculosis 0 None
2008-03-24 Fewer TB cases recorded but numbers still too high 0 None
2008-03-23 WHO warns Aussies to prepare for deadly flu 0 None
2008-03-21 Skin patch gives bird flu vaccine a big boost 0 None
2008-03-20 New understanding of Norwalk virus 0 None
2008-03-20 Parasitic worm Schistosoma mekongi more widespread than previously thought 0 None
2008-03-20 Single dose of doxycycline protects from Lyme disease 0 None
2008-03-20 Community-acquired staph pneumonia appears more common, including MRSA 0 None
2008-03-19 Dengue fever warnings for WA and far north Queensland 0 None
2008-03-19 Illicit drug use and risky sex fueling rise in syphilis 0 None
2008-03-19 UN gives stark warning about bird flu threat from Indonesia 0 None
2008-03-19 Pneumococcal disease rates down since approval of a vaccine in 2000 0 None
2008-03-18 WHO warns the fight against TB has slowed down 0 None
2008-03-18 New information on HIV genetic switch 0 None
2008-03-18 Severe West Nile infection could lead to lifetime of symptoms 0 None
2008-03-18 Scientists identify potential therapy targets for schistosomiasis 0 None
2008-03-18 Global tuberculosis control 2008 0 None
2008-03-18 New insights into the diversity of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease agents 0 None
2008-03-18 London's HIV epidemic was driven by clusters of sexual contacts 0 None
2008-03-18 Foodborne outbreaks due to leafy green consumption on the increase 0 None
2008-03-18 Chikungunya virus appears seldom to harm infants of mothers infected early in pregnancy 0 None
2008-03-18 Alpha thalassemia blood disease protects against malaria 1 4
2008-03-17 Hong Kong on alert for both flu and bird flu 0 None
2008-03-14 Next emerging disease will come from tropics, say scientists 0 None
2008-03-14 Twist in the battle against TB 0 None
2008-03-13 Killer flu in Hong Kong not bird flu 0 None
2008-03-13 Research could put penicillin back in battle against antibiotic resistant bugs 0 None
2008-03-13 Mathematical model of malaria transmission will help with eradication 0 None
2008-03-13 $550 million to fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2008-03-11 JAMA MRSA article provides false support for CDC's 'do-nothing' status quo 0 None
2008-03-11 Regenstrief Institute to tackle catastrophic disease outbreaks on behalf of CDC 0 None
2008-03-11 A simulated pandemic influenza outbreak in Chicago 0 None
2008-03-11 Scientists unlock secrets of E coli contamination 0 None
2008-03-11 Hib meningitis eliminated in children under 5 in Uganda 0 None
2008-03-11 Tackling antimicrobial resistance 0 None
2008-03-11 Another bird flu case in Egypt... 0 None
2008-03-11 Japanese find way to make flu vaccine effective for multiple strains 0 None
2008-03-10 Pandemic influenza could be mitigated if measures were implemented quickly 0 None
2008-03-10 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine receives new Gates funding to fight disease 0 None
2008-03-10 New rapid blood test for tuberculosis 0 3.5
2008-03-09 Another wild bird in Hong Kong tests positive for H5N1 0 None
2008-03-06 Research helps explain why some flu strains cause major pandemics and others lead to seasonal epidemics 0 None
2008-03-06 Parasitic flatworm schistosomiasis much more debilitating than previously thought 0 None
2008-03-06 ISG15 protein inhibits Ebola from reaching out to infect neighboring cells 0 None
2008-03-05 New research aims to eliminate Streptococcus infections 0 None
2008-03-05 Stark warning about HIV in Australia 0 None
2008-03-04 New inexpensive test for malaria detection 0 None
2008-03-04 Rabies case confirmed in France 0 None
2008-03-01 HIV blocking gene found 0 None
2008-03-01 Discovery of gene in Asian monkeys that blocks AIDS 0 None
2008-03-01 Evolutionary analysis of influenza viruses 0 None


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