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RSSArchived Disease/Infection News Stories - October 2009

Date Title Comments Rating
2009-10-31 Response and investigation of the outbreak of foodborne illnesses vary greatly 0 None
2009-10-31 RESPOND program to improve global perspective on emerging diseases 0 None
2009-10-31 AHF praises Obama for lifting travel ban on HIV-infected people 0 None
2009-10-31 Scientists report a major step forward in the development of an effective therapy against Nipah virus 0 None
2009-10-31 GAA welcomes Obama's announcement to lift HIV travel ban 2 None
2009-10-31 Canada's doctors thank government for easing sick note requirements during H1N1 pandemic 0 5
2009-10-31 New tools and interventions can help in eradicating malaria 0 None
2009-10-31 Four abstracts on RSV and influenza prevention in pediatric health to be presented 0 None
2009-10-31 Patients who acquire SSTIs in healthcare settings may stay longer in hospitals to control the infection 0 None
2009-10-31 Study indicates possibility of a vaccine to prevent Group B Streptococcus infection 0 None
2009-10-31 Speaker Pelosi's statement on signing of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act 1 None
2009-10-31 Requests to compound liquid Tamiflu have steadily increased over the past couple of weeks 1 None
2009-10-31 Replenish+ delays the progression of AIDS in HIV-infected patients not receiving ART 0 None
2009-10-31 NovaBay Pharmaceuticals' Aganocide compounds demonstrate potent antifungal activity against onychomycosis 0 None
2009-10-31 MedImpact to provide a suite of free, online flu self-assessment tools 0 None
2009-10-31 Tufts University receives $185M grant as part of the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats program 0 None
2009-10-31 Women may need smaller dose of H1N1 vaccine 0 5
2009-10-31 New York Times examines efforts underway to prevent spread of H1N1 during Hajj 0 None
2009-10-31 Grenadian Prime Minister calls for continued investment in Caribbean HIV/AIDS programs 0 None
2009-10-31 Research suggests the possibility of an effective treatment for Hendra virus infections in humans 0 None
2009-10-31 Public concern can undermine flu vaccination campaigns 0 None
2009-10-31 Administration officially ends HIV travel ban 0 None
2009-10-30 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2009-10-30 New York Times examines debate over U.S. global health spending priorities 0 None
2009-10-30 Researchers report an epidemic of sexually-transmitted HCV infection among HIV-infected men in NY City 0 None
2009-10-30 130 million children to be immunised against pneumonia 0 None
2009-10-30 CDC study finds swine flu may have infected as many as 5.7 million Americans 0 None
2009-10-30 Avicenna's work on respiratory diseases highlighted in SAGE journal 0 None
2009-10-30 Bacterial or viral skin infections continue to grow among high school and college athletes, survey reveals 0 None
2009-10-30 Idenix Pharmaceuticals reports phase I study results of IDX184 for treating HCV 0 5
2009-10-30 Patients on immunosuppressant medication can receive H1N1 vaccine in the form of shots 0 None
2009-10-30 Scientists present new perspective on antigenic drift of flu viruses 0 None
2009-10-30 Most children visit hospitals with mild flu-like symptoms and fever 0 None
2009-10-30 Risk of serious flu-related sickness far outpaces risk of injectable vaccine in pregnant women 0 None
2009-10-30 Leading gynecologist recommends flu shots for pregnant women 0 None
2009-10-30 Antioxidants may hold the key in preventing severe flu-related lung damage 0 None
2009-10-30 Case Western Reserve awarded $14.7M to lead study on effects of lowering systolic blood pressure 0 None
2009-10-30 TGen to secure emergency FDA approval for 2009 H1N1 flu test 0 5
2009-10-30 All Canadians need to be immunized against H1N1: CPHA 0 None
2009-10-30 Antiviral protein produced by immune system can tame HIV and other viruses, show researchers 0 None
2009-10-30 Regional HIV/AIDS conference opens in Russia 0 None
2009-10-30 Five-year program aimed at preventing future pandemic diseases awarded to DAI 0 None
2009-10-30 Study seeks to debunk myths about HIV-infection among black women 0 None
2009-10-30 New campaign offers information and resources on seasonal and H1N1 flu prevention 0 None
2009-10-30 Risk of serious flu-related sickness far outpaces risk of injectable vaccine in pregnant women 0 None
2009-10-29 Also in Global Health news: Sudan food aid; Congolese refugees; Ntds in U.S. 0 None
2009-10-29 Obama administration hits reset button in wake of flu vaccine shortage 0 None
2009-10-29 GSK will ensure experimental malaria vaccine is affordable, CEO says 0 None
2009-10-29 Black AIDS Institute and CDC leaders finalize grant details for African American HIV University 1 None
2009-10-29 Promedior granted European Orphan Medicinal Product Designation for PRM-151 0 None
2009-10-29 CHU Sainte-Justine and The Montreal Children's Hospital to update the public regarding H1N1 testing at emergency rooms 0 None
2009-10-29 Gen-Probe receives FDA emergency use authorization for its Prodesse ProFlu-ST test 0 None
2009-10-29 Genetic mutations may put individuals at increased risk for fungal infections 1 None
2009-10-29 Tool to support the development of age-based dosing regimens for malaria drugs developed 0 None
2009-10-29 Centene takes proactive approach to prevent influenza virus through its Fluvention program 0 None
2009-10-29 Cempra Pharmaceuticals to present CEM-102 data at the Infectious Diseases Society of America meeting 0 None
2009-10-29 Sangamo BioSciences awarded a grant to develop zinc finger nuclease-based stem cell therapy for AIDS 0 None
2009-10-29 Antibiotic effects of pumpkin may help fight yeast infections 0 5
2009-10-29 CCO HIV inPractice to provide critical information for the management of HIV/AIDS launched 0 5
2009-10-29 Poison control centers to take calls for H1N1 1 None
2009-10-29 Comprehensive H1N1 influenza health information centre launched in Canada 0 None
2009-10-29 AAHP confirms homeopathic medicines for prophylaxis of infectious diseases 0 None
2009-10-29 NIH awards contract to LRRI for anthrax research 0 None
2009-10-29 Pregnant women with symptoms of depression have a stronger biological reaction to the seasonal flu vaccine 0 5
2009-10-29 GE Healthcare to provide surveillance data for H1N1 and seasonal influenza activity throughout the U.S. 0 None
2009-10-29 $12.2 million grant from NIH for research on the sexually transmitted bacteria chlamydia 0 None
2009-10-29 Scientists identify genetic mutations that may put individuals at increased risk of fungal infections 0 None
2009-10-28 U.S. Department of Defense funds Rush University Medical Center for gastrointestinal microorganism research 0 None
2009-10-28 NIH awards Excelimmune grant to develop treatment for Clostridium difficile infection 0 None
2009-10-28 CDC says U.S. H1N1 vaccine supplies on the rise; Senators question government's handling of H1N1 vaccination program 0 None
2009-10-28 Also in Global Health News: Germany HIV/AIDS grant; Sumatra water situation; India's unlicensed doctors; land ownership, food security 0 None
2009-10-28 CDC: H1N1 vaccine supplies on the rise 0 None
2009-10-28 Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute and Brigham and Women's Hospital collaborate on respiratory diseases research 0 None
2009-10-28 FDA approves the 100th antiretroviral drug in association with PEPFAR 0 None
2009-10-28 Innovative new partnership to provide free HIV testing and HIV/AIDS medical care in Saint-Petersburg 0 None
2009-10-28 Fastest supercomputer used to create an evolutionary genetic HIV family tree 0 None
2009-10-28 Dementia patients face higher risk of flu mortality; refine guidelines needed for testing and vaccination policies 0 None
2009-10-28 Researchers find link between foreskin and HIV infection 4 None
2009-10-28 Toxic chemicals in face paints can cause skin sensitization and contact dermatitis 0 None
2009-10-28 Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swabs are recommended for H1N1 and influenza A testing 0 None
2009-10-28 Drug-cocktail approach offers hope in developing single agent to treat drug-resistant H1N1 swine flu 0 None
2009-10-28 HHS funds projects to combat health care-associated infections 0 None
2009-10-28 Internet-based diet and exercise program shows promise in lowering healthcare costs 0 None
2009-10-28 HMSMobile Swine Flu Center application to provide information on H1N1 virus introduced 0 None
2009-10-27 Also in Global Health news: U.S. grant to Uganda; reproductive health in Philippines; counterfeit drugs 0 None
2009-10-27 New York Times examines journal editorial on neglected tropical diseases in Islamic nations 0 None
2009-10-27 HIV infections, deaths declining in Caribbean, senior official says 0 None
2009-10-27 Gateses to appeal for ongoing U.S. funding of global health 0 None
2009-10-27 H1N1 overwhelms hospitals; Sebelius addresses flu vaccine shortage 0 None
2009-10-27 Federal study would test all adults in a community for AIDS 0 None
2009-10-27 SDC-based hard surface disinfectant is effective against the 2009 H1N1 0 5
2009-10-27 New hygienic cutlery dispenser, DIXIE SmartStock, aids in fight against germs 0 None
2009-10-27 Mosquitoes are attracted by naturally produced, dominant odor in humans 0 None
2009-10-27 New anti-flu drugs to fight flu virus could become a reality 0 3
2009-10-27 Vaccination rates need improvement; racial and ethnic disparities in vaccination coverage 0 None
2009-10-27 USAID and USP join to combat substandard and counterfeit medicines 0 None
2009-10-27 Consumers concerned about H1N1 flu, to avoid shopping during holiday season 0 None
2009-10-27 HHS releases new flu radio PSAs to promote flu prevention messages 0 None
2009-10-27 New data on KAPIDEX for nighttime heartburn in adults with non-erosive GERD presented at the 2009 ACG 0 None
2009-10-27 Genomics can provide insights in understanding emerging infectious disease 0 None
2009-10-27 New data from efficacy study of CIMZIA in Crohn's disease patients presented 0 None
2009-10-27 Rhode Island launches new system for tracking swine flu 0 None
2009-10-27 New Pandemic Influenza Stress Vaccine course for health-care workers 0 None
2009-10-27 Stomach infection on the rise in outpatient settings; symptoms can range from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation 0 None
2009-10-27 Sperm can transmit HIV to macrophages and dendritic cells 0 2
2009-10-26 President Obama declares H1N1 national emergency 0 None
2009-10-26 Also in Global Health News: Ghana, Nigeria Global Fund grants; CDC Director on global health role; African Peacekeepers and HIV/AIDS 0 None
2009-10-26 Swine flu 'emergency' declaration could mean expedited care 0 None
2009-10-26 Pritzker Olsen to represent 3-year-old child sickened with an E. coli O157:H7 infection 0 None
2009-10-26 Rega Institute and CD3 to receive funds for new medication research for dengue treatment 0 None
2009-10-26 H1N1 swine flu vaccine consent forms for Maryland Department of Health processed by Quality Associates 0 None
2009-10-26 London residents are one of the most unhygienic in Britain: Poll results 0 5
2009-10-26 Poll results reveal Bristol residents as the most unhygienic in Britain 1 None
2009-10-26 Wellcome Trust's 91M fund aims at developing new drugs related to the dengue fever virus 0 None
2009-10-24 Wildlife Conservation Society to monitor diseases for preventing global pandemic 0 None
2009-10-24 UC Davis' international effort to prevent new pandemics 0 5
2009-10-24 Doctoral candidate sheds new light on the biology of Leishmania parasites 0 None
2009-10-24 Maxim Health Systems cancels all flu shot clinics at retail locations 0 None
2009-10-24 Documentary film about global fight against pediatric HIV/AIDS premiered 1 None
2009-10-24 African American seniors less likely to be vaccinated against flu; fear and misinformation pose problems 0 None
2009-10-24 Pregnant women unsure about getting H1N1 flu shot, shows new survey 0 5
2009-10-24 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2009-10-24 Pennsylvania allocated 566,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-10-24 Ontario doctors urge employers not to ask sick note from a physician for employees taking leave this flu season 0 None
2009-10-24 E. coli outbreak highlights the importance of food safety 0 None
2009-10-24 FDA issues emergency use authorization for intravenous antiviral drug peramivir in H1N1 patients 0 None
2009-10-24 Philippines calls for help to address disease outbreak in storms' aftermath 0 None
2009-10-24 Study links urogenital birth defects with DDT 0 None
2009-10-24 Low adiponectin levels may increase sepsis related complications 0 None
2009-10-24 Media examines U.S., Mexico H1N1 vaccine campaigns, health effects of handwashing in Bolivia 0 None
2009-10-24 Dr. Anthony Falcon: We're facing a catastrophic situation on the border 0 None
2009-10-24 Congress reauthorizes Ryan White Care Act - funding for HIV/AIDS 1 None
2009-10-24 HHS funds $17M for fight against costly and dangerous health care-associated infections 0 None
2009-10-24 Campaign to end pediatric HIV/AIDS launched in Africa 0 None
2009-10-23 Strict adherence in taking HIV medication; extremely difficult for many individuals 1 None
2009-10-23 Swine flu concern greater among less educated and low income people 0 None
2009-10-23 Findings may lead to new vaccine strategies for pulmonary tularemia 0 5
2009-10-23 ISHLT Infectious Disease Council issues new H1N1 advisory for cardiothoracic transplantation programs 0 None
2009-10-23 Practical guidance for cardiothoracic transplant programs in view of H1N1 flu pandemic 0 None
2009-10-23 Brown University researchers find no link between overlapping sexual partners and the HIV epidemic in Africa 0 None
2009-10-23 Notificateur communications tool: Preventive measure for influenza A virus 0 None
2009-10-23 Alzheimer's Association appreciates RCN for its generous donation and awareness campaign 0 None
2009-10-23 MedImmune announces interim data from its live attenuated influenza vaccine studies 0 None
2009-10-23 Some hospital revenues could decline if H1N1 becomes pandemic 0 None
2009-10-23 Most health professionals lack access to tests for diagnosing primary syphilis, reveals survey 0 None
2009-10-23 U.N. report documents how opium contributes to spread of disease, deaths 0 None
2009-10-23 Aethlon Medical establishes ESI as a wholly owned subsidiary 0 None
2009-10-23 Also in global health news: Somali IDPS; MDR-TB elimination; Chagas; Zimbabwe disease, hunger 0 None
2009-10-23 45% of American adults not inclined to get vaccinated against seasonal flu 0 None
2009-10-22 FDA grants Response Biomedical a Special 510(k) clearance for the RAMP Influenza A/B Assay 0 None
2009-10-22 eHealthInsurance releases answers for FAQs on swine flu and their health insurance 0 None
2009-10-22 “Sid the Science Kid” show to explain the science behind flu vaccinations 0 None
2009-10-22 Eat healthy food to keep bacteria in the gut healthy 0 None
2009-10-22 SAGE announces the launch of "Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease" 0 3
2009-10-22 Awareness campaign to educate families on H1N1 flu virus, seasonal flu and common cold 0 None
2009-10-22 FDA uses Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions' prescription data for tracking viral treatments 0 None
2009-10-22 Emerging Pandemic Threats program to combat newly emerging diseases of animal origin 0 None
2009-10-22 Grand Challenges Explorations grant for Seventh Sense Biosystems 0 None
2009-10-22 CDC urges heart disease patients get vaccinated against the flu each year 0 None
2009-10-22 AHF commends Congress for its passage of the Ryan White CARE Act 0 None
2009-10-22 Experts discuss methods to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections 0 None
2009-10-22 HIV stigma: a barrier for proper care 0 None
2009-10-22 Media outlets examine how AIDS vaccine trial results will shape future studies 0 None
2009-10-22 Guardian examines how Uganda's drought, food shortages affect HIV-positive people 0 None
2009-10-22 U.S. Congress extends Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, HIV care providers applaud move 0 None
2009-10-22 Gates Foundation awards Vanderbilt University $100,000 for developing a malaria diagnostic test 0 None
2009-10-22 Women more likely than men to curb swine flu 0 None
2009-10-22 CWRU establishes collaborative research center to address common health issues in urban neighborhoods 0 None
2009-10-21 Research suggests latent cytomegalovirus infection exacerbates inflammatory bowel disease 0 None
2009-10-21 Positive results from Argos Therapeutics' personalized immunotherapy candidate AGS-004 Phase 2a trial 0 None
2009-10-21 Swine flu vaccines arrive at health departments, hospitals and community vaccinator facilities 0 None
2009-10-21 FDA grants Fast Track designation for MacuSight's Perceiva 0 None
2009-10-21 Study suggests superiority of CT scans over X-Rays in detecting abnormalities in patients with the H1N1 virus 0 None
2009-10-21 Study reveals a dramatic increase in TTB cases 0 None
2009-10-21 Aethlon Hemopurifier effective in capturing H1N1 Swine Flu Virus 0 None
2009-10-21 Contribution of glycosaminoglycans to skeletal abnormalities in patients with lysosomal storage diseases demonstrated 0 None
2009-10-21 Dutch researcher sheds new light on coronaviruses 0 None
2009-10-21 New public health tool to identify all Tier 1 candidates for H1N1 vaccination 0 None
2009-10-21 Duke Abdominal Assessment Scale can help predict NEC disease in newborns 0 None
2009-10-21 Swine flu treatments, safety issues prompt health workers to speak out 0 None
2009-10-21 CHA urges California Nurses Association to promote vaccinations to all health care workers 0 None
2009-10-21 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's initiative to transform health in developing countries 0 None
2009-10-21 Grady Memorial Hospital uses LiveProcess event log for emergency healthcare management 0 None
2009-10-21 Nationwide H1N1 Event Log to help ongoing challenges of flu pandemic 0 None
2009-10-21 Rice University scientists win NIH stimulus funds to study influenza A 0 None
2009-10-21 Also in Global Health News: Cholera in Zimbabwe; personal computers; medical 'outliers'; rain in Kenya; generic drugs 0 None
2009-10-20 World Medical Association adopts climate change, task shifting resolutions 0 None
2009-10-20 As HIV vaccine conference opens, experts appeal for sustained commitment to global fight against disease 0 None
2009-10-20 Boehringer Ingelheim continues providing non assert declarations to manufacture HIV/AIDS medicines 0 None
2009-10-20 GlaxoSmithKline to allow Apotex continue manufacturing their drug in Rwanda 0 None
2009-10-20 Coworkers should remain home if infected with H1N1 flu virus, says majority of Americans 1 None
2009-10-20 PCV vaccines can save the lives of millions of children 0 None
2009-10-20 Elan and Biogen Idec to present TYSABRI study data at ACG meeting 0 None
2009-10-20 Web site marketing fraudulent H1N1 flu supplements warned by the FDA and the FTC 0 None
2009-10-20 Swine flu outbreak at USAFA: Investigators study behavior of the nH1N1 virus 0 4
2009-10-20 Biomagnetics Diagnostics to raise $1 million 0 None
2009-10-20 Shire Canada supports initiative for further access to antiretroviral medicine for Rwanda 0 None
2009-10-20 70% of workers have changed their behavior to prevent flu, reveals survey 0 None
2009-10-20 Fluarix seasonal influenza vaccine approved by the FDA 0 None
2009-10-20 GlaxoSmithKline may see increased sales of Relenza during the A/H1N1 2009 pandemic 0 None
2009-10-20 Novel H1N1 influenza raises parents' awareness and concern about seasonal influenza 0 None
2009-10-20 Poor readiness by many hospitals to tackle H1N1 pandemic; RNs step up protest 0 None
2009-10-20 Optimer Pharmaceuticals to present additional data on fidaxomicin at the 47th IDSA meeting 0 5
2009-10-20 Opinions: HIV vaccine; HIV resources help promote global disease control; U.S. fight against world hunger 0 None
2009-10-20 Winner of first annual Healthcare Administrator Award announced 0 None
2009-10-20 DC 'squanders' AIDS money on questionable groups despite urgent needs 0 None
2009-10-19 California's community hospitals launch public education and media campaign on H1N1 0 None
2009-10-19 WHO recommends antivirals for patients with symptoms of both H1N1, pneumonia 0 None
2009-10-19 School-age children most vulnerable to malaria infection in Africa, study says 0 None
2009-10-19 Philippines at risk for rapid spread of disease after typhoons 0 None
2009-10-19 Experts: Treat swine flu quickly, even without verification 0 None
2009-10-19 Innovative financing for global health issues discussed at Nairobi meeting 0 None
2009-10-19 Also in Global Health News: Asia-Pacific reproductive health; developing country medical waste disposal; draft bill in Uganda; diarrhea deaths in China 0 None
2009-10-19 Schering-Plough to present data on boceprevir at the AASLD 2009 Annual Meeting 0 None
2009-10-19 Children's Hospital Boston's CRAFFT substance abuse diagnostic test helps identify high risk sexual behavior 0 4
2009-10-19 Ardea Biosciences reports results of RDEA594 Phase 2a study for hyperuricemia and gout 0 None
2009-10-19 Vaccinations and preventative hygiene routines can help protect families from H1N1 0 None
2009-10-19 XenoPort commences Phase 2b arbaclofen placarbil clinical trial for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease 0 None
2009-10-19 Viriom picks ChemDiv's Russian subsidiary for development of innovative HIV compounds 0 None
2009-10-19 IL-2 compound ineffective against HIV-AIDS 0 None
2009-10-19 Majority of girls and young women well aware of HPV vaccine's benefits and limitations 0 None
2009-10-19 TheraDoc commences beta testing of new computerized patient surveillance tool 0 None
2009-10-19 Pork consumption is safe, says USDA scientists 0 None
2009-10-19 Focus Diagnostics' 2009 H1N1 influenza virus test granted FDA emergency use authorization 0 None
2009-10-19 New scientific journal from Elsevier 0 None
2009-10-19 Inaccurate body temperature readings can harm the entire health care system 0 None
2009-10-19 Mothers receiving HAART less likely to transmit HIV virus to their newborns through breastfeeding 0 None
2009-10-19 Aurora Visiting Nurse Association to suspend its seasonal flu vaccination clinics 0 None
2009-10-19 WHO, UNICEF publish plan to reduce childhood diarrhea deaths 0 5
2009-10-19 Recent releases in global health 0 None
2009-10-19 International human migration needs to be factored into infectious disease policy 0 4
2009-10-19 FDA urges consumers to exercise care on online H1N1 drug products 0 None
2009-10-19 Over 80 countries mark world handwashing day 0 None
2009-10-19 Asthma is the most common underlying condition associated with H1N1 Swine Flu: CDC Report 0 None
2009-10-19 CVS Caremark's seasonal flu shot clinics to run through October 22 0 None
2009-10-15 Aethlon Medical to present data on HVC patients treated with its Hemopurifier at the 42nd ASN meeting 0 None
2009-10-15 Patients with severe cases of the H1N1 virus are at risk for developing severe complications 0 None
2009-10-15 Survey reports patients' concern about the safety and access to flu vaccines 0 None
2009-10-15 FDA approves Ortho Clinical Diagnostics' anti-HIV 1+2 test for use on VITROS 5600 & 3600 systems 0 None
2009-10-15 UNICEF and WHO call for an urgent plan to control diarrheal disease 0 None
2009-10-15 Hospital visitation policy to reduce the spread of H1N1 flu 0 None
2009-10-15 UT Southwestern Medical Center awarded $15.7M NIH contract to develop a new virus database 0 None
2009-10-15 Handwashing with soap is the best way to control flu and respiratory infections 0 None
2009-10-15 Human populations may have some level of existing immunity to the pandemic H1N1 influenza, say researchers 0 None
2009-10-15 Government of Canada to support H1N1 flu virus research 0 None
2009-10-15 SHEA urges CDC to remove the use of N95 respirators from its recommendations for routine care 0 None
2009-10-15 Interim data from Sanofi Pasteur's Influenza A 2009 Monovalent Vaccine clinical trials in infants and children 0 None
2009-10-15 Genetic diversity thwarts the usefulness of malaria vaccine 0 None
2009-10-15 Environmental Solutions launches alcohol-free hand sanitizer 0 None
2009-10-15 Surveillance of travel-related illness helps to detect and respond to H1N1 influenza 0 None
2009-10-15 News outlets examine efforts to control TB in South Africa 0 None
2009-10-15 New York Times examines HIV stigma in Vietnam 0 None
2009-10-15 Fero Industries to acquire Pyro Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2009-10-14 Patients who are severely ill with H1N1 are at risk for developing PE, says study 0 None
2009-10-14 Breakthrough in pancreatic cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-14 DIATHERIX Laboratories granted EUA for H1N1-09 Influenza Test 0 None
2009-10-14 NIBIB awards $1M grant to develop a rapid test for sepsis-related pathogens 0 None
2009-10-14 Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority's initiative to raise awareness of healthcare-associated infections 0 None
2009-10-14 Researchers discover compounds that show promise as novel treatments for AIDS 0 None
2009-10-14 TAXIS Pharmaceuticals, Rutgers and UMDNJ to develop and commercialize a novel antimicrobial technology 0 None
2009-10-14 Is DDT pesticide safe to combat malaria? 0 1.5
2009-10-14 Imaging as a tool to identify severe cases of H1N1 0 None
2009-10-14 NIH awards Novavax a SBIR grant for respiratory syncytial virus vaccine research 0 None
2009-10-14 NanoBio to receive a $4.1M subcontract for developing nanoemulsion-based mucosal vaccine adjuvants 0 None
2009-10-14 Do not underestimate the serious impact of the H1N1 virus, say researchers 0 None
2009-10-14 Rapid rollout of H1N1 vaccines is effective in reducing infection rates according to simulation model 0 None
2009-10-14 American Lung Association to raise awareness about the seriousness of seasonal influenza 0 None
2009-10-14 Also in Global Health News: Ban addresses women's health; Afghanistan's health services; PMI Africa grants; Q&As 0 None
2009-10-14 New Ultra Sensitive facemasks to protect against seasonal and swine flu 0 None
2009-10-14 Studies examine H1N1 treatment, outcome differences in Mexico, Canada 0 None
2009-10-14 NIH awards $2.2m grant to Smiths Detection to develop a test for multiple types of influenza 0 None
2009-10-14 Used hotel soaps help prevent disease in developing countries 0 None
2009-10-14 Market Street's initiative to combat cold and flu season 0 None
2009-10-13 AHF praises the California Governor for signing rapid HIV testing bill 0 None
2009-10-13 Study says critical illness among Canadian patients with H1N1 occurred rapidly after hospital admission 0 None
2009-10-13 Sanofi-aventis collaborates with Merrimack Pharmaceuticals for rights to human monoclonal antibody MM-121 0 None
2009-10-13 Study reveals that teenage boys are less responsible than girls in preventing chlamydia 0 None
2009-10-13 Psoriasis patients taking immunosuppressive drugs at increased risk of H1N1 flu viruses 0 None
2009-10-13 HAAN provides swine flu tips 0 None
2009-10-13 Noninvasive ventilation should be used during an infectious outbreak contrary to current policies 0 None
2009-10-13 Closure simulation reinforces how educational technologies meet DOE expectations for H1N1 preparedness 0 5
2009-10-13 Users can share interactive information on Humanpapilloma Virus anonymously 0 None
2009-10-13 Swisher Hygiene launches free online course on H1N1 0 None
2009-10-12 Educational video on seasonal and H1N1 vaccines development 0 None
2009-10-12 Also in global health news: HIV immigration rules; Global Fund Aid in Kenya; water shortage in Yemen; testing for TB 0 None
2009-10-12 H1N1 illness in young Mexican patients associated with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome 0 None
2009-10-12 Even with early shortages, public is conflicted about getting the swine flu vaccine 0 None
2009-10-12 Office Depot teams up with Acme United to create flu kit 0 None
2009-10-12 Data undermining Thai HIV vaccine trial not reported, AHF disappointed 0 None
2009-10-12 NIH to launch 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine trials in HIV-infected pregnant women, children and youth 0 None
2009-10-12 Presentations on efficacy of interferon to combat influenza 0 4.2
2009-10-12 NIH launches trial for the determination of 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine for asthma patients 1 None
2009-10-09 Haiti, Dominican Republic leaders aim to eradicate malaria, lymphatic filariasis by 2020, funding unclear 0 None
2009-10-09 Anti-smoking campaigner Konrad Jamrozik receives the Nigel Gray Award for Achievement in Tobacco Control 0 None
2009-10-09 Clinical trial reveals cholera vaccine is safe, offers protection for up to 2 years 0 None
2009-10-09 AP examines H1N1 surveillance by U.S., WHO 0 None
2009-10-09 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2009-10-09 Scidev.Net examines African Network for Drugs and Diagnosis Innovation 0 None
2009-10-09 VOA News examines U.S. global health funding 0 None
2009-10-09 A three-month study reveals the impact of swine flu on the health of the general public in Australia and New Zealand 0 None
2009-10-09 State governments start swine flu vaccine campaign 0 None
2009-10-09 Verichip Corporation's H1N1 virus triage detection system to feature in Fox News 0 3
2009-10-09 LeVOCC air purification system destroys the PR8 strain of the H1N1 virus 1 3
2009-10-09 St. Petersburg City Council partners with American Lung Association for "Faces of Influenza" campaign 0 None
2009-10-09 Continuing education virtual lecture to help prevent fungal infections in HSCT recipients 0 None
2009-10-09 Millions of people with HIV/AIDS lack access to lifesaving treatment, says AHF 0 None
2009-10-09 AHF criticizes Pfizer for its current pricing of Selzentry AIDS drug 0 None
2009-10-09 U.S. army Phase I STTR contract for Intralytix 0 None
2009-10-09 Series of national television public service advertisements to prevent the spread of H1N1 flu virus 0 None
2009-10-09 Also in Global Health News: Uganda malaria efforts; child mortality in Vietnam; refugee health; U.S. aid to Somalia; HIV in South Africa 0 None
2009-10-09 U.S. should provide more leadership in finding TB vaccine, opinion piece says 0 None
2009-10-09 Chinese health experts look to control spread of H1N1 In country's remote regions 0 None
2009-10-08 The Water Quality and Health Council calls for greater surface disinfection to combat bad hygiene 0 None
2009-10-08 Telecommuting is an option for businesses during H1N1 outbreak 0 None
2009-10-08 LeVOCC air purification system destroys H1N1 virus 1 5
2009-10-08 HHS unveils several new resources on federal government’s website for flu information 0 None
2009-10-08 Health experts recommend schools to use new web-based tools in view of upcoming flu season 0 None
2009-10-08 Phadia launches new, advanced assays for accurate diagnosis of celiac disease 0 3.5
2009-10-08 Precautionary measures being taken at Texas hospitals for combating flu 0 None
2009-10-08 Researchers to analyze role of air pollution in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2009-10-08 Experts to develop effective surveillance system to monitor emerging infections at global level 0 None
2009-10-08 Swine flu may levy higher toll on minorities 0 None
2009-10-08 NEI awards Case Western Reserve $1.57M for bacterial keratitis research 0 None
2009-10-08 Napo Pharmaceuticals hosts educational panel to address global health and environment 0 None
2009-10-08 The Prescription Center Pharmacy launches 'Be Prepared, Not Scared' campaign 0 5
2009-10-08 Study links improving air quality and fewer cases of cases of ear infections in children 0 None
2009-10-08 WHO emphasizes H1N1 vaccine safety 0 None
2009-10-08 Swine Flu prevention tips from California dentists 0 None
2009-10-08 Amarillo Biosciences, Intas Pharmaceuticals enter strategic partnership to combat influenza in India 0 5
2009-10-08 Also in Global Health News: Carter promotes malaria eradication; India to educate tribal populations about HIV/AIDS; WFP feels impact of global recession 0 None
2009-10-07 Peregrine Pharmaceuticals establishes a new Anti-Viral Research Group 0 None
2009-10-07 Microsoft launches a new online H1N1 Flu Response Center 0 None
2009-10-07 Researchers validate a technique capable of quick TB diagnosis 0 None
2009-10-07 Study reveals large structural differences between natural prions and man-made synthetic analogs 0 4.3
2009-10-07 HHS and PEPFAR approve the 100th HIV/AIDS antiretroviral drug 0 1
2009-10-07 Research on malarial drugs for travelers 0 None
2009-10-07 Swine Flu vaccine arrives as flu moves quickly through population 0 None
2009-10-07 Research finds 50 million people vaccinated against zoonotic brain infection 0 None
2009-10-07 Mexican Health Minister to discuss preparations and responses to H1N1 influenza 0 None
2009-10-07 Parents should watch out for flu warning signs, says Minnesota physicians 0 None
2009-10-07 Research to explore diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases 0 None
2009-10-07 Reuters examines health effects of climate change in Africa 0 None
2009-10-07 USAID grants over $10.5 million for fight against malaria 0 None
2009-10-07 New study leads to the development of first prophylactic treatment for leishmania 0 4
2009-10-07 Opinion piece responds to 'skeptics' of development aid 0 None
2009-10-07 New cases of H1N1 worldwide up 24,000 in two weeks 0 None
2009-10-07 Measures taken by Memorial Blood Centers to stay prepared for the spread of H1N1 virus 0 None
2009-10-07 Get vaccinated against both H1N1 flu and the seasonal flu, advises Chief Nurse of the American Red Cross 1 None
2009-10-07 PSI-879 nominated as second development candidate for treating HCV infection 0 None
2009-10-07 AARP recommends older adults to get seasonal flu vaccination this year 0 None
2009-10-06 Phase 2 clinical study results of TOPICA's luliconazole for athlete's foot announced 0 None
2009-10-06 Hepatitis B Foundation calls for consistent monitoring and referral of HBV infected children 1 None
2009-10-06 Researchers to investigate Buruli ulcer outbreaks 0 None
2009-10-06 HIV prevalence high among African Americans 0 None
2009-10-06 Emergency preparedness and business continuity planning to prevent and manage H1N1 virus 0 None
2009-10-06 Key defence mechanism used by the immune system against Listeria identified 0 None
2009-10-06 NIAID's grant to VBI for biomedical research on infectious diseases 0 None
2009-10-06 Majority of Europeans not concerned about H1N1 1 None
2009-10-06 HIV prevalence among African Americans is ten times greater than the prevalence among whites 0 None
2009-10-06 New York health workers protest H1N1 vaccine mandate 1 None
2009-10-06 U.N. officials highlight need for vaccine assistance to poor countries 0 None
2009-10-06 Research reveals that 52% Americans are not worried about H1N1 virus and its impact 0 None
2009-10-06 BBC examines 'huge imbalance' between funding for HIV/AIDS, other health needs in Uganda 0 None
2009-10-06 News outlets examines health impact of disasters in Indonesia, Samoa, Philippines 0 None
2009-10-05 MSF calls on drug companies to pool HIV patents 0 None
2009-10-05 Also in Global Health news: World Bank budget concerns; Ethiopia prepares for malaria surge; malnutrition in Yemen; malaria prevention in Africa 0 None
2009-10-05 AVI BioPharma receives $11.5M DTRA fund to develop AVI-7012 for treating Junin virus infection 0 None
2009-10-05 Majority of Americans believe they are well-protected from H1N1 0 None
2009-10-05 Theraclone and Zenyaku Kogyo sign multi-year research and development agreement 0 None
2009-10-05 NOAA awards $457,000 grant to track and manage outbreaks of toxic red tide algae 0 None
2009-10-05 Inovio's SynCon H1N1 achieves protective antibody response against pandemic influenza in ferrets 0 None
2009-10-03 American Lung Association kicks off its Faces of Influenza campaign in Miami 1 5
2009-10-03 The EURORDIS and NORD rare disease organizations form a partnership 0 None
2009-10-03 HSPH's survey on H1N1 vaccines 0 5
2009-10-03 Publix Pharmacies offers to compound Tamiflu into an oral suspension for no additional charge 0 None
2009-10-03 Misuse of aspirin might have caused high death rate during 1918-1919 influenza pandemic 0 None
2009-10-03 FHC launches its second-generation female condom in the U.S. 0 None
2009-10-03 Surgical masks nearly as effective as N95 respirators in protecting health care workers against influenza 0 None
2009-10-03 Surgical masks appear as effective as N95 respirators against influenza: Study 0 None
2009-10-03 HHS distribute new flu-response guide for community and faith-based organizations 0 None
2009-10-03 90% of public support H1N1 vaccination for health care workers 0 1
2009-10-03 Face mask: A vital tool in fighting H1N1 0 None
2009-10-03 Avexa's ATC Phase III study concludes 0 None
2009-10-03 Interim results of Sanofi Pasteur's Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine clinical trials announced 0 None
2009-10-03 News outlets continue to examine findings of recent U.N. report 0 None
2009-10-03 New flu emergency website launched 0 None
2009-10-03 Phase 1b clinical trial results of PEG-Interferon lambda to be presented 0 5
2009-10-03 EMEA grants positive opinion for Baxter's CELVAPAN H1N1 pandemic vaccine 0 None
2009-10-03 First U.S. patients could receive H1N1 vaccine next week 0 None
2009-10-03 Also in Global Health news: U.S. food aid declines; agriculture in Zimbabwe; U.S.-backed ITN network; reducing maternal mortality; DNDI expands; healthcare in Congo 0 None
2009-10-03 Advanced Liquid Logic awarded an NIAID contract to develop a rapid HIV diagnostic device 0 None
2009-10-03 $7.2 million grant awarded to develop microbicide-releasing vaginal ring 0 4
2009-10-03 Enzyme that helps make tuberculosis resistant to a human's natural defense system identified 0 None
2009-10-02 Bacteria could be used to control mosquitoes, prevent disease, study says 0 None
2009-10-01 Opinions: Bridging the divide to stop the spread of HIV; ending future world hunger 0 None
2009-10-01 New website offers personalized advice on H1N1 0 None
2009-10-01 CVS Caremark to offer vouchers worth $3 million for free seasonal flu shots 1 None
2009-10-01 Study shows students do not follow proper hygiene routines 0 5
2009-10-01 Study aims to discover effective antibiotics to fight against hard-to-treat microbes 0 None
2009-10-01 Studies show vitamin D plays an important role in preventing respiratory infections 1 3
2009-10-01 Children and adolescents over five are at risk from malaria 0 None
2009-10-01 Phase 1 clinical trial to test safety and activity of human MAB launched in India 0 None
2009-10-01 Acute therapy and follow-up care of burn disease discussed 0 None
2009-10-01 Fetal exposure to H1N1 flu can increase risk of heart disease 0 None
2009-10-01 The RMC foundation develops videos for schools on how to tackle swine flu 0 None
2009-10-01 Biology and geography scientists explain the spread of HIV-1 epidemic in Africa 0 None
2009-10-01 Good hand hygiene can eliminate bacterial contamination in computer devices 0 None
2009-10-01 HIV/Aids five times more prevalent in American prisons than in general population: Study 0 None
2009-10-01 58% of Americans believe that H1N1 flu is a serious health hazard: Survey 0 None
2009-10-01 Swine flu vaccine distribution plan for Pennsylvania 0 None
2009-10-01 Over 4M people living in low- and middle-income countries have access to ART, U.N. report says 0 None
2009-10-01 Poll reveals that 43% of American adults undecided about getting the swine flu vaccine 0 None
2009-10-01 Also in global health news: Tanzania's development initiatives; disease surveillance in West Africa; water, sanitation in Kenya, Malawi; doctor fights Lassa fever 0 None
2009-10-01 New technique developed to kill swine flu in any indoor environment 2 None


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