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RSSArchived Disease/Infection News Stories - December 2009

Date Title Comments Rating
2009-12-31 Southern Chicago healthcare provider takes extra precautions to prevent H1N1 virus 0 None
2009-12-31 Study says short-term school closures during flu pandemic may increase infection rates 0 5
2009-12-31 Presence of Streptococcus pneumoniae could predict risk of severe disease in H1N1 pandemic influenza 0 None
2009-12-31 U.S. Congress designates January as ‘Cervical Health Awareness Month’ 0 None
2009-12-31 HHS Secretary to unveil new H1N1 flu vaccination advertisement 0 None
2009-12-30 Young people more likely to catch swine flu from an infected person in their household 0 None
2009-12-30 J&JPRD receives FDA Complete Response Letter for ceftobiprole 0 None
2009-12-30 Santarus submits rifamycin SV MMX IND to the FDA 0 None
2009-12-30 CPF reports success in advocacy, research support and awareness of PF 0 None
2009-12-30 Fred Pritzker calls on meat suppliers to pay medical bills incurred by victims of E. coli 0 None
2009-12-30 Lakeshore General Hospital restricts patient visits as a result of bacterial outbreak 0 None
2009-12-30 Gene mutation that decreases flesh-eating disease discovered by scientists 0 None
2009-12-30 Researchers develop automated system to differentiate strains of influenza 0 None
2009-12-29 Xin Aoxing Oleanolic Acid Capsules for treatment of Hepatitis B to be launched 0 5
2009-12-29 Food Safety News lists its top ten ten food safety stories of 2009 0 None
2009-12-29 Successful RNA interference to turn off multiple genes raises hope for new liver disease treatments 0 None
2009-12-29 Selected store locations in Massachusetts, Virginia and California to receive H1N1 flu vaccinations 0 None
2009-12-28 SVA submits the first clinical trial application for HFMD vaccine in China 0 None
2009-12-28 Canadian Health deploys IceWEB's GIS server technology to combat the growth of H1N1 Flu virus 0 None
2009-12-28 Medical treatment and evacuation during international travel 0 None
2009-12-28 Sudden worldwide increase in antibiotic-resistant bacterium, a cause for concern 0 4
2009-12-28 Infecting mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria increases their resistance to human disease-causing viruses 0 None
2009-12-28 Disinfectants can promote growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria 0 None
2009-12-28 Also in Global Health news: Food shortages in Eritrea; Kenya HIV testing; aid in Malawi, Nepal; U.S. agriculture appointment 0 None
2009-12-27 American Medical News examines PEPFAR five-year strategy 0 None
2009-12-27 Opinion: Food aid; HIV vaccine, microbicide research; Global Tobacco Surveillance 0 None
2009-12-24 SemBioSys Genetics' Apo AI(Milano) program progress update 0 None
2009-12-24 New series of 30-second PSAs on getting vaccinated against H1N1 flu 0 None
2009-12-24 RP International benefit "The Eyes of Christmas" to be telecast to 160 million homes 0 None
2009-12-24 EGCg in green tea inhibits flu infection 0 4.3
2009-12-24 CPF, ATS and health groups launch campaign to raise awareness on lung health 0 None
2009-12-24 Growing public health threat from surge in drug-resistant strains of acinetobacter 0 None
2009-12-24 Forest Laboratories acquires additional rights to NXL 104 beta-lactamase inhibitor 0 None
2009-12-24 More H1N1 vaccines available in U.S., many Americans don't want it 0 None
2009-12-24 Fluzone High-Dose inactivated influenza virus vaccine receives FDA approval 0 None
2009-12-24 IRIN series examines health, development issues in Kenya 0 None
2009-12-23 Elusys Therapeutics receives contract to speed up drug development for Anthrax 0 None
2009-12-23 Majority of Australians think H1N1 vaccination is not necessary 0 None
2009-12-23 Motility mechanism of malaria pathogens explained 0 None
2009-12-23 Comprehensive up-date on pharmacology-assisted vitreoretinal surgery 0 None
2009-12-23 One-third of parents do not expect to get H1N1 vaccine for kids; concerns about safety remains major factor 0 None
2009-12-23 Older adults face higher risk of hospitalization for pneumonia when exposed to pollution 0 None
2009-12-23 CVS/pharmacy to provide H1N1 flu vaccinations at select store locations in Rhode Island 0 None
2009-12-23 Brazilian researchers perform autopsy study to examine the causes H1N1 death 0 None
2009-12-23 Researchers develop new approach for treating and healing skin abscesses 0 None
2009-12-23 Hand sanitizers become popular promotional products 0 None
2009-12-23 MSU researchers expand global health outreach 0 None
2009-12-23 Prolonged exposure to higher levels of pollutants can lead to hospitalization for pneumonia 0 None
2009-12-23 New community-associated strain of MRSA more apt to cause serious problems 0 None
2009-12-23 Staphylococcus aureus causes far more serious infections than previously realised 0 None
2009-12-23 Scientists explain how smallpox viruses disrupt immune systems 0 None
2009-12-23 Guardian Technologies International meets and presents SM TBDx to Indian healthcare officials 0 None
2009-12-22 H1N1 flu vaccination clinics to be offered at 33 locations across Pennsylvania 0 None
2009-12-22 Use of digital checklist for patients during pandemic reduces fatigue factor, shows report 0 None
2009-12-22 Opinions: Community-based health care models; U.S. leadership in reproductive health care 0 None
2009-12-22 Ottawa Citizen examines water, sanitation in East Africa 0 None
2009-12-22 Also in Global Health news: HIV prevention in China; Global Fund in Philippines; drug-resistant TB; U.S. stance on anti-gay legislation 0 None
2009-12-22 MSF report names malnutrition, inadequate funds for HIV/AIDS, neglected diseases among top humanitarian crises of 2009 0 None
2009-12-22 Matrix Laboratories receives FDA tentative approval for Efavirenz NDA under PEPFAR 0 None
2009-12-22 Researchers to discover how to combat the negative aspects of fungi 0 None
2009-12-22 New quantities of H1N1 vaccine available for walk-in patients; no appointments necessary 0 5
2009-12-22 Study results of CSL’s pandemic H1N1 2009 vaccine published in JAMA 0 None
2009-12-22 TB bacterium does not contain genes needed for spore formation 0 None
2009-12-22 Rifampicin resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2009-12-22 NMA urges parents to protect their children from meningococcal disease 0 None
2009-12-22 New study suggests nasal allergy may be involved in chronic sinus disease 0 5
2009-12-22 Scientists offer potential new way to combat malaria 0 None
2009-12-22 Researchers identify new method to tackle bacterial infections 0 None
2009-12-22 Select CVS/pharmacy locations and all MinuteClinic medical clinics offer H1N1 vaccinations 0 None
2009-12-22 New findings reveal POPG lipid can prevent RSV infection in lungs 0 5
2009-12-22 Scientists identify new therapeutic approach for overcoming emphysema 0 None
2009-12-22 Findings may help develop new antiviral drugs for influenza 0 5
2009-12-21 One dose of vaccine may be effective to protect infants and children from H1N1 virus, shows study 0 None
2009-12-21 Positive interim results from Idera Pharmaceuticals' IMO-2125 Phase 1 clinical trial for HCV 1 5
2009-12-21 TessArae's RM-Flu test granted FDA EUA 0 None
2009-12-21 Swedish agency approves Medivir's Xerclear for treatment of cold sores 0 None
2009-12-21 Positive interim results from Medicago's H5N1 vaccine Phase I human clinical trial 0 None
2009-12-19 Malaria nasal vaccine, antimicrobial peptide against MRSA, and safer method to prolong orange juice shelf life 0 None
2009-12-19 Second wave of H1N1 virus infection in the U.S. comes to an end 0 None
2009-12-19 Diabetes patients at higher risk from glaucoma 0 None
2009-12-19 SCCA's infection control program leads to suppression of potential H1N1 pandemic 0 None
2009-12-19 MinuteClinic medical clinics in select CVS/pharmacy stores offer H1N1 vaccinations 0 None
2009-12-19 New ways of treating infections identified by researchers at Binghamton University 0 None
2009-12-18 WHO sponsors event at Copenhagen conference to highlight climate change effect on public health 0 None
2009-12-18 Recent releases in Global Health 0 2
2009-12-18 Opinion: Uganda anti-gay bill; Shah confirmation 1 None
2009-12-18 H1N1 cases still increasing in many countries; WHO to begin shipping donated vaccines within weeks 0 None
2009-12-18 U.S. health officials announce shift in focus of prep trial in Botswana 0 None
2009-12-18 EMA's CHMP issues positive opinion for Cangene's Human Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin product 0 None
2009-12-18 PolyMedix completes first two segments of its PMX-30063 antibiotic drug candidate Phase 1B study 0 None
2009-12-18 Flamel Technologies initiates IFN-alpha-2b XL Phase 2a clinical trial for HCV 0 None
2009-12-18 Congress lifts federal ban on needle exchange programs 0 None
2009-12-18 Safe living guidelines for transplant recipients 0 None
2009-12-18 Many states still lack the 21st century technology capacity needed for disease surveillance 0 None
2009-12-18 Government not held accountable for keeping nurses safe during SARS, Supreme Court denies appeal 0 None
2009-12-18 Human protein may help prevent H1N1 infection 0 None
2009-12-18 AHF praises California Assembly members' initiative to protect state’s AIDS drug program funding 0 None
2009-12-18 Immuno Laboratories and TRPN sign agreement to reduce chronic illness 0 None
2009-12-18 New WHO report shows considerable progress in malaria 0 None
2009-12-18 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grants funds for visceral leishmaniasis research 0 None
2009-12-18 Genetic variant associated with reduced risk of COPD 0 None
2009-12-18 Flu-fighting proteins found in human cells stop flu virus, uncover scientists 0 None
2009-12-18 Comprehensive approaches to understand the interaction of H1N1 strains with human cells 0 None
2009-12-17 Hebrew University of Jerusalem receives $5 million grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 0 None
2009-12-17 Update on Phase 2 clinical trial of oral interferon announced by Amarillo Biosciences 0 None
2009-12-17 La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology awarded $18.8M NIH grant for infectious diseases study 0 None
2009-12-17 PEPFAR decisions to be grounded in scientific evidence, Goosby says 0 None
2009-12-17 African AIDS vaccine conference addresses future trials in Africa, lower participation rates among women 0 None
2009-12-17 Hebrew University of Jerusalem granted $5M for research into visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia 0 None
2009-12-17 EPA approves BASF's Aseptrol S10 - Tab for H1N1 sanitization operations 0 None
2009-12-17 AlphaRx, Venturepharm sign supply agreement for ARX1088's API 0 None
2009-12-17 Anadys Pharmaceuticals reports positive 4-week results from its ANA598 Phase II study for HCV 0 None
2009-12-17 Three H1N1 influenza vaccination clinics scheduled to offer vaccines free of charge 0 None
2009-12-17 MIT to host community-wide Caregiver Kit Build Event 0 None
2009-12-17 Risk of H1N1 exposure alters U.S. holiday plans 0 None
2009-12-17 Sanofi Pasteur uses PHT’s LogPad System and StudyWorks online portal for its Phase II trial 0 None
2009-12-17 Cannabis for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease treatment 14 4.8
2009-12-17 Scientists analyze more than 21 million calls to determine the spread of malaria 0 None
2009-12-17 Wood pallet: A source of food poisoning bacteria 0 None
2009-12-17 Portable bladder volume ultrasound now included in 2009 CDC guidelines for the prevention CA-UTIs 0 None
2009-12-17 Diagnostic Nano Technology to use Instant Detect Technology to detect H1N1 virus 0 None
2009-12-17 Majority of Canadians confuse sinusitis with H1N1 symptoms 1 None
2009-12-17 Infection control program protects immunocompromised cancer patients from H1N1 infection 0 None
2009-12-17 GSK and NanoBio sign license agreement for nanoemulsion technology 0 None
2009-12-17 New licensing agreement to develop and commercialize prophylactic vaccine against MRSA signed 0 None
2009-12-17 Survey examines disease R&D investment in 2008 0 4
2009-12-17 Also in global health news: Kenya HIV/AIDS; Uganda bill; water project in Philippines; U.N. appeal for Yemen 0 None
2009-12-17 Scientists draw on bacterial decision-making success to guide human choices on H1N1 vaccine 0 5
2009-12-16 Opinions: HIV prevention; PEPFAR; H1N1 vaccine donation; developing country R&D; climate change 0 None
2009-12-16 New study to evaluate the effectiveness of H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines in pregnant women conducted 0 None
2009-12-16 Syntiron grants sanofi pasteur exclusive world-wide license to its human vaccine against MRSA 0 None
2009-12-16 More details emerge about UNITAID's plan for patent pool for HIV/AIDS drugs 0 None
2009-12-16 NanoBio, GSK partner to develop and commercialize novel cold sore treatment compound 0 1
2009-12-16 Awareness increase program of HIV/AIDS patients on ADAP waiting lists 0 None
2009-12-16 BUSM Pulmonary Center awarded $1.4M grant to derive stem cells and lung progenitors from lung disease patients 0 None
2009-12-16 Walgreens offers H1N1 vaccine in 27 states 0 None
2009-12-16 Pomegranate rind, metal salts and Vitamin C: An effective combination for treating MRSA infection 0 3.3
2009-12-16 HHS to provide H1N1 response update on December 17, 2009 0 None
2009-12-16 DNA reveals earliest proven case of leprosy, Turin Shroud not from Jesus-era Jerusalem 2 5
2009-12-16 H1N1 outbreak reveals existing gaps in nation's public health emergency preparedness 0 None
2009-12-16 MRSA, the most concerning pathogen to surveyed for skin and skin structure infections 0 None
2009-12-16 Human Rhodesian sleeping sickness in Uganda points to infected livestock movements 0 None
2009-12-16 Pennsylvania expands H1N1 vaccination program to everyone 0 None
2009-12-16 Immune system produces neutralizing antibodies capable of blocking HIV, says study 0 None
2009-12-16 Physicians need to utilize best practices to treat HAE patients in emergency settings 0 None
2009-12-16 Chagas disease transmission in Peru linked to migration and urbanization patterns 0 None
2009-12-16 Post-surgical infections raise healthcare expenditures 0 None
2009-12-16 Infectious virus particles can bind to the surface of red blood cells: MHRP researchers 0 None
2009-12-16 Drug monitoring may provide alternative treatments for patients with severe H1N1 0 None
2009-12-16 Interactive education program to fight against malaria 0 None
2009-12-16 Routine tests to patients in community health centers increase HIV screening: UCSF researchers 0 None
2009-12-16 Majority of workers believe swine flu may impact workflow and productivity 0 None
2009-12-15 Dendritic cell changes suggest new strategy to identify and treat debilitating lung disease 0 None
2009-12-15 Increased funds lead to 'significant progress' in global malaria fight, WHO report says 0 None
2009-12-15 Can-Fite BioPharma to commence Glaucoma Phase II clinical study in Israel 0 4
2009-12-15 Also in Global Health news: Drug trafficking in Kenya; violence in S. Sudan; Uganda bill; sleeping sickness 0 None
2009-12-15 Genocea Biosciences to develop Chlamydia trachomatis vaccine with UPMC grant 0 None
2009-12-15 Tibotec Virco Virology BVBA acquires Ground Zero Software's LAB TRACKER HIV EMR system 0 None
2009-12-15 Safe Life increases production of its A400 Series respirators 0 3
2009-12-15 Dangers of H1N1 flu contaminated touch surfaces tour kicks-off 0 None
2009-12-15 Researchers call for continued STI screening in sexually active teenage girls 0 None
2009-12-15 Protozoan parasite may be the cause for dinosaur extinction 0 None
2009-12-15 Researchers advance in developing a vaccine against AIDS disease 0 None
2009-12-15 Scientists create Pandemic Influenza Planning Tool to model the spread of pandemic influenza 0 None
2009-12-15 Microbicide does not reduce women's risk of HIV infection, study shows 0 None
2009-12-15 AIDS develops more rapidly in individuals who express HLA B*35-Px, shows study 0 None
2009-12-15 NBC News examines 'fastest growing' vector-borne disease: Dengue 0 None
2009-12-15 Optiquant BKV Quantification Panel for MSSA DNA testing procedures 0 None
2009-12-14 FDA grants EUA for DxNA’s 2009 H1N1 influenza virus diagnostic test 0 None
2009-12-14 Study supports the use of SinoFresh Nasal Spray to prevent and decrease H1N1 virus 0 2.5
2009-12-14 AVAC: MDP 301 effectiveness trial finds no evidence that PRO 2000 microbicide reduces HIV infection 0 None
2009-12-11 About 47M infected, 10,000 dead from H1N1 in U.S., CDC says 0 None
2009-12-11 "Gift a bed net" initiative to prevent malaria 0 None
2009-12-11 GAA calls on Obama to fund for PEPFAR 0 None
2009-12-11 HSMR helps identify sepsis as an area of concern for Canadian hospitals 0 None
2009-12-11 Speaker Pelosi lauds lift of ban on federal funding for syringe exchange initiatives 0 5
2009-12-11 Study finds better than predicted outcomes for patients who undergo pancreatic necrosectomy 0 None
2009-12-11 Pertinent questions about H1N1 Influenza answered by NERAC 0 None
2009-12-11 Pharmacies to provide H1N1, seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccinations under TRICARE program 0 None
2009-12-11 McGraw-Hill Education's free instructional resources on H1N1 available online 0 None
2009-12-11 Four new H1N1 influenza vaccination clinics scheduled by Macomb County Health Department 0 None
2009-12-11 Humidifiers may help in reducing flu virus 0 3
2009-12-11 Researchers identify new biological pathway of H1N1 transmission to human population 0 None
2009-12-11 Researchers find weakness in H1N1's method for evading detection by immune system 0 None
2009-12-11 BioWorld highlights the development of 97 drugs and vaccines to treat HIV/AIDS 0 None
2009-12-10 FY2010 State and Foreign Ops bill expected to move on the Hill this month 0 None
2009-12-10 Leaders and community activists create strategy to combat HIV/AIDS in African-Americans 0 None
2009-12-10 Flu vaccine shortages in developing countries could destabilize global security, says former WHO deputy head 0 None
2009-12-10 ARTs safe without routine lab tests, Lancet study finds 0 None
2009-12-10 AFP examines insecticide resistance's effect on malaria fight in Nigeria 0 None
2009-12-10 Public health information website to provide information about advanced disinfectants launched 0 None
2009-12-10 Despite worldwide outbreak of H1N1 virus, American adults not eager to get vaccinated 0 None
2009-12-10 BIOGUARD barrier gauze dressings offer high antiviral efficacy against H1N1 0 None
2009-12-10 Roche launches new automated clinical laboratory system for HPV and CT/NG tests 0 None
2009-12-10 Patients' urine may provide rapid diagnosis of pneumonia 0 4
2009-12-10 Sanofi Pasteur expands dengue vaccine clinical program in Latin America 0 None
2009-12-10 Study reveals increased discussion on flu vaccines has no significant impact on public's behavior 0 None
2009-12-10 Scientists discover the potential basis for urine test to diagnose CAP 0 None
2009-12-10 U.N. weather agency predicts heightened disease spread with rising temps; Globe and Mail examines potential health effects of climate change in Africa 0 None
2009-12-09 WHO issues report on global tobacco use 0 None
2009-12-09 Washington Post, New York Times examine PEPFAR 0 None
2009-12-09 Also in global health news: Illegal drug trade in E. Africa; Somalia humanitarian crisis; alcohol, IV drug use in Russia; HIV/AIDS in China; FBOs engage in HIV fight 0 None
2009-12-09 Pacific Beach BioSciences signs licensing agreement with major pharmaceutical company 0 5
2009-12-09 DOTS has cured 36m People, prevented up to 8m TB deaths over 15 years, WHO says 0 None
2009-12-09 NIH awards Lentigen a SBIR grant for program to generate Hepatitis C Virus-Like Particles 0 None
2009-12-09 Medicare to pay for HIV testing 0 None
2009-12-09 Phase 3 clinical trial results of RG1068 to be discussed 0 None
2009-12-09 Laser technique used to change metal colors could have important implications for medicine 0 5
2009-12-09 Human blood stem cells can be engineered to kill HIV and other chronic viral diseases 0 None
2009-12-09 Medicare covers HIV screening: AHF lauds CMS 0 None
2009-12-09 Researchers describe how PDNF protein prolongs the life of T. cruzi parasite 0 None
2009-12-09 CMS to cover HIV infection screening for Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2009-12-09 Breakthrough findings may lead to new treatments for Ebola hemorrhagic fever 0 4
2009-12-09 Comparative study on erosive and nonerosive diseases 0 None
2009-12-09 Research suggests that everyday germs may prevent diseases in adulthood 0 None
2009-12-09 Severe pandemic scenario can impact blood supplies 0 None
2009-12-09 CDC awards Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine $19.7M for TB research 0 None
2009-12-09 Physicians trust the safety and efficacy of H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-12-09 Bird influenza viruses have a variety of strategies to cross the species barrier 0 5
2009-12-08 Opinions: ARV access; global health promotion; climate change; under-nutrition; Ethiopia 0 None
2009-12-08 PlusNews examines cases of hospital-acquired HIV in Africa 0 None
2009-12-08 Reuters news examines quest for new TB drugs, vaccines 0 None
2009-12-08 Also in Global Health news: Rotavirus vaccine; guinea worm eradication; health systems; Zulu King calls for male circumcision 1 None
2009-12-08 FIFA uses soccer to teach African youth about HIV/AIDS, other issues 0 None
2009-12-08 Swine flu news round-up 0 5
2009-12-08 Brazil: The largest emerging pharmaceutical market for hepatitis C virus 0 None
2009-12-08 Department of Health reminds at-risk Pennsylvanians to receive H1N1 vaccination 0 None
2009-12-08 BIOGUARD barrier gauze dressings exhibit high antiviral efficacy against H1N1 virus 0 None
2009-12-08 West Nile Virus can become more widespread in Europe than previously thought, says new report 0 None
2009-12-08 Beryl launches H1N1 Risk Assessment service to provide useful information about H1N1 virus 0 None
2009-12-08 Travelers may risk both health and travel insurance coverage by not getting vaccinated 0 None
2009-12-08 MicroPhage obtains CE mark to market MRSA/MSSA Blood Culture Test in Europe 0 None
2009-12-08 Defibrotide drug effective against hepatic veno-occlusive disease 0 4
2009-12-08 H1N1 virus produces pulmonary damage similar to earlier flu pandemics 0 None
2009-12-08 Human blood stem cells can be engineered to kill HIV-infected cells, find researchers 0 None
2009-12-08 People infected with West Nile virus may have persistent virus in their kidneys, shows study 0 None
2009-12-08 Marketers and retailers refrained from promoting any dietary supplement for H1N1 treatment 0 None
2009-12-08 CDA launches Acne And Rosacea Awareness Campaigns 0 None
2009-12-08 Also in global health news: Clean water in India; cholera in Kenya; Zuma, Gates discuss HIV/AIDS; MDR-TB in Marshall Islands; sanitation in Jakarta 0 None
2009-12-08 H1N1 virus causes more life-threatening complications than seasonal flu 0 None
2009-12-08 New York Times examines cash transfer, other aid to Malawian children 0 None
2009-12-07 HHS joins with Ad Council to launch new nationwide PSA campaign 0 None
2009-12-07 H1N1 reported in Gaza, Southern Sudan 0 None
2009-12-07 Interleukin Genetics' PST genetic test approved for marketing in New York 0 None
2009-12-07 Football for Hope Centre opened in Khayelitsha 0 None
2009-12-07 AHF hosts free rapid HIV testing in conjunction with Faithful Central Bible Church 0 None
2009-12-07 CDC announces the start of National Influenza Vaccination Week 0 None
2009-12-07 New approach to protein misfolding may lead to novel therapies for a number of diseases 0 None
2009-12-07 Norovirus-related illnesses linked to eating oysters, reveals report 0 None
2009-12-06 FDA approves new technology tool for breast cancer screening 0 None
2009-12-05 Chicken pox vaccine also reduces risk of herpes zoster in children 0 5
2009-12-05 97 new drugs and vaccines in development for HIV/AIDS treatment, finds report 0 None
2009-12-05 PharmAthene's Valortim demonstrates potential for anthrax treatment 0 None
2009-12-05 Biomagnetics Diagnostics discusses utilization of acquired Los Alamos National Security intellectual property 0 None
2009-12-05 Comparative study on African monkeys may provide novel targets for AIDS therapy 0 5
2009-12-05 Tips to prevent H1N1 infection 0 None
2009-12-05 Statins may protect against GVHD complications 0 None
2009-12-05 Scientists report cervarix vaccine offers protection against cervical cancer 0 None
2009-12-05 Paralyzed dancer sues Cargill over E. coli tainted burger 0 None
2009-12-04 Number of new active TB cases increases from 2007 to 2008, WHO says 0 None
2009-12-04 Too early to declare end of H1N1 pandemic, WHO says 0 None
2009-12-04 Measles deaths decline worldwide by 78%, experts warn against complacency 0 None
2009-12-04 Foreign Policy examines 'philanthrocapitalism' trend 0 None
2009-12-04 New York Times examines HIV testing program in China 0 None
2009-12-04 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2009-12-04 Campaign for legislation to protect adult film industry performers 0 None
2009-12-04 Study shows herbal medicine is effective for treating acute rhinosinusitis 0 None
2009-12-04 New study shows seasonal flu vaccine awareness is high among Hispanics, but vaccination rates are lower 0 None
2009-12-04 Habitat destruction and biodiversity loss can increase the incidence of infectious diseases 0 None
2009-12-04 GSK places a batch of AS03 adjuvanted H1N1 vaccine on hold 0 None
2009-12-04 New SPC3649 drug found effective in treating HCV infections 0 4.4
2009-12-04 Santaris Pharma's LNA technology based microRNA-targeted therapy holds promise for HCV 0 None
2009-12-04 Adaptive vaccination strategies outperform seasonal influenza vaccination allocation strategies 0 None
2009-12-04 Integrative medicine and treatment strategies for the H1N1 infection discussed at the Buchang Forum 0 None
2009-12-04 Vaccination, social distancing and antiviral drugs may help lessen swine flu impact 1 None
2009-12-04 Two antimicrobial drug developing companies evaluate new approach for treating bacterial infections 0 None
2009-12-04 New medical-scientific article on A/H1N1 epidemic 0 None
2009-12-04 Expert advice for organ transplant surgeons on clinical issues posed by swine flu pandemic 0 None
2009-12-04 Researchers discover new strategy against invasive parasite 0 None
2009-12-04 U.N.-backed report features recommendations to scale up fight against HIV/AIDS in Pacific 0 None
2009-12-04 WHO investigates Tamiflu resistance, updates antiviral recommendations for H1N1 patients with severely compromised immune systems 0 None
2009-12-04 PlusNews examines push to evaluate HIV prevention strategies 1 1
2009-12-04 Opinions: Media coverage of HIV/AIDS; WTO and global health; G8, HIV/AIDS; stopping syringe reuse 0 None
2009-12-04 Malaria campaign kicks off, will coincide with 2010 World Cup Soccer 0 None
2009-12-03 Also in global health news: U.S. aid to Philippines, Swaziland, Guyana; Uganda Bills; Botswana HIV/AIDS 0 None
2009-12-03 Fear of swine flu impacts lifestyle 0 None
2009-12-03 Global HIV reporting and monitoring system provides good indication of overall progress towards HIV goal 0 None
2009-12-03 China's SFDA initiates quality investigation of Simcere Pharmaceutical Group subsidiary's rabies vaccine 0 None
2009-12-03 UK DFID awards CNTD £10M in elimination of elephantiasis initiative 0 None
2009-12-03 NIDA funds proposed 'seek and treat' strategy in the fight against HIV/AIDS 0 None
2009-12-03 Roche to provide the RealTime ready Influenza A/H1N1 Detection Set to CLIA high-complexity labs under EUA 0 None
2009-12-03 Lung disease linked to the use of contaminated well water in a CPAP machine 0 None
2009-12-03 Email security experts at Red Condor issue a warning about latest spam campaign 0 5
2009-12-03 U.S. unveils 5-year PEPFAR strategy 0 None
2009-12-03 Respiratory syncytial virus, the most common cause of pneumonia in children 0 None
2009-12-03 Children vaccinated against chickenpox at much lower risk of developing shingles 0 None
2009-12-03 Sepsis, a serious infection, remains a major threat to 'late preterm' infants 0 1.5
2009-12-03 The Hill examines push to get more U.S. funding for malaria medicines 0 None
2009-12-03 U.S. H1N1 cases decreasing, CDC says; HHS to review approach to health-threat preparedness 0 None
2009-12-03 Guidelines to diagnose and manage complicated skin and soft tissue infections published 0 None
2009-12-02 Leaders respond to World AIDS Day; South Africa to expand HIV treatment program 0 None
2009-12-02 Officials to review U.S. health-threat response systems 0 None
2009-12-02 World AIDS Day observed, activists decry budget cuts 0 None
2009-12-02 Favorable initial results from Novavax' 2009 H1N1 VLP pandemic influenza vaccine Phase II study 0 None
2009-12-02 TARIS Biomedical completes Phase 1 study of its intravesical drug-device convergence system 0 5
2009-12-02 Positive results from DermaGen's Phase I/IIa AMP study of atopic dermatitis 0 None
2009-12-02 International AIDS Vaccine Initiative calls for redoubled efforts in vaccine development 0 None
2009-12-02 BC's Ministry of Health cuts funds for HIV and AIDS service organizations 0 None
2009-12-02 Statistics of HIV/AIDS cases in the U.S. population 0 3
2009-12-02 FDA approves additional intended use of Roche's cobas TaqScreen MPX Test 0 None
2009-12-02 Leicester student wins Global Health Essay Prize 2009 0 None
2009-12-02 NAF and Bristol-Myers Squibb take initiative to launch 'Positive Charge' 0 None
2009-12-02 Infections remain a common problem in ICU patients 0 None
2009-12-02 Guardian Technologies International introduces Signature Mapping TBDx to diagnose TB 0 None
2009-12-02 Controlling NTDs can improve reproductive health and rights of women in poor countries 0 None
2009-12-02 AHF protests against budget cuts to AIDS services 0 None
2009-12-02 MUHC researchers identify first genetic resistance factor against TB infection 0 None
2009-12-02 URAC accreditation ensures round the clock access to quality health care 0 None
2009-12-02 ICON, Draeger to provide clinical support services for H1N1 healthcare providers 0 None
2009-12-02 OptiNose announces study results of intranasal device for treating chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps 0 None
2009-12-02 Copper may help fight against healthcare-associated infections 0 None
2009-12-02 Universal Access and Human Rights: A central theme for World AIDS Day 2009 0 None
2009-12-02 New patented technology to combat healthcare-associated infections 0 None
2009-12-02 World AIDS Day: IAC to be held in D.C.; examination of Obama's HIV/AIDS efforts; UNICEF report 0 None
2009-12-02 Kaiser Permanente announce grants to nonprofit organizations to help HIV/AIDS patients 0 None
2009-12-02 CHG Healthcare Services implements campaign to lessen the spread of H1N1 among employees 0 None
2009-12-01 Op-eds on World AIDS Day: Research, funding, hunger, Uganda 0 None
2009-12-01 Swine flu cases appear to have peaked 0 None
2009-12-01 Chembio Diagnostics donates over 4,500 HIV test kits for the 2009 Testing Millions Global Campaign 0 None
2009-12-01 Positive results from Ardea Biosciences' ongoing drug-drug interaction study of RDEA594 and febuxostat 0 None
2009-12-01 MedImmune to develop and commercialize Trellis Bioscience's anti-RSV antibodies 0 None
2009-12-01 Positive data from Provectus Pharmaceuticals' psoriasis and atopic dermatitis trials 0 None
2009-12-01 New form of pathogen becomes a healthcare challenge in Africa 0 None
2009-12-01 Akonni Biosystems receives $3.2M Phase II SBIR grant from NIH 0 None
2009-12-01 AHF lauds WHO for its crucial HIV treatment recommendations 0 None
2009-12-01 New research highlights need for national strategy on HIV prevention education 0 None
2009-12-01 New analysis suggests physicians should change their diagnosis and treatment for sore throat 0 None
2009-12-01 Department of Health reminds Pennsylvanians to be tested regularly for HIV 0 None
2009-12-01 Global community once again recognizes World AIDS Day 0 None
2009-12-01 Mechanism blocking HIV-1 from entering cells identified 0 None
2009-12-01 GAA urges Obama to reflect on AIDS epidemic 0 None
2009-12-01 Members of priority groups to receive H1N1 vaccines from Department of Health 0 None
2009-12-01 Avioq receives premarket approval from FDA for Avioq HIV-1 Microelisa System 0 None
2009-12-01 WHO issues new HIV/AIDS treatment guidelines 0 None
2009-12-01 News outlets examine global response to HIV/AIDS ahead of World AIDS Day 0 None
2009-12-01 Reductionist model provides new insights on HIV infection 0 None
2009-12-01 News outlets examine cholera in Zimbabwe, Kenya 0 None


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