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Date Title Comments Rating
2009-02-26 Experimental animal vaccine may protect humans from Ebola 0 None
2009-02-26 Drug combo shows potential for treating extensively drug resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2009-02-25 Emergence of parasites resistant to artemisinin could set back malaria control success 0 None
2009-02-25 Johns Hopkins safety team works to eliminate bloodstream infections in the nation and the world 0 None
2009-02-24 Putting a face on influenza 0 None
2009-02-23 AIDS Healthcare Foundation launches "Stay Negative" HIV testing campaign 0 None
2009-02-23 Global AIDS Alliance sounds alarm on potential budget cuts 0 None
2009-02-20 Meningitis bacteria dress up as human cells to evade our immune system 0 None
2009-02-18 MRSA infections in ICU patients have been decreasing in recent years 0 None
2009-02-18 NASA scientists predict outbreak of deadly Rift Valley fever 0 None
2009-02-17 Discovery of new mode of how diseases evolve 0 None
2009-02-16 Interfering with quorum sensing in bacteria may prevent foodborne illness 0 None
2009-02-16 Antimicrobial resistance in clinics, hospitals and at home 0 None
2009-02-15 Novel blood test for hepatitis C 0 None
2009-02-10 Blood clotting cells help fight malaria 0 None
2009-02-09 Scientists identify protein key to Lyme disease 0 None
2009-02-09 Link found between humidity and influenza virus survival and transmission 0 None
2009-02-09 World experts meet in Australia to find ways to wipe out malaria 0 None
2009-02-09 Natural insect repellent could be good news for dengue stricken areas 0 1
2009-02-08 Good news for folks is bad news for mozzies! 0 None
2009-02-05 Proof of concept vaccine against Chikungunya virus 0 None
2009-02-05 Swinging 60s saw a rise in HPV related cancers 0 None
2009-02-05 Many neglected diseases lacking research funding 1 5
2009-02-05 Ebola Reston virus found in pigs and humans in the Philippines 0 None
2009-02-03 Major malaria breakthrough 0 None
2009-02-02 Quinolone-resistant gonorrhea increases in Ontario 0 None


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