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2009-06-30 Lifespan of HIV-infected cells might be shorter than previously anticipated 0 4
2009-06-30 Research examines history of H1N1 and provides cautionary tale about the use of extinct viruses 1 4
2009-06-30 Sinovac receives revised Chinese approvals for Panflu 0 3
2009-06-30 MedImmune funds study on RSV disease among premature infants 0 5
2009-06-30 U.S. Vaccine Advisory Committee considers response to H1N1 spread 0 None
2009-06-30 Newsweek, Boston Globe examine ways to combat mosquito-borne illness 0 None
2009-06-29 Battle is on to keep swine flu out of hospitals and prisons 0 None
2009-06-29 Black gay men may be at increased HIV risk 2 None
2009-06-29 U.S. swine flu cases reach one million 0 None
2009-06-29 VOA News examines malaria in southern Sudan 0 None
2009-06-29 Vitamin A supplements can reduce malaria cases in children by one-third, study finds 0 None
2009-06-29 Mexican, Chilean Presidents appeal for developing countries access to H1N1 vaccine 0 5
2009-06-29 USAID commits $1 million to help several African nations deal with natural disasters, disease spread 0 None
2009-06-29 Kenya seeks support from PEPFAR to expand blood transfusion centers 0 None
2009-06-28 Australian swine flu vaccine ready in months 0 5
2009-06-28 The swine flu death that wasn't 1 None
2009-06-25 New media-led effort responds to AIDS crisis in black America 0 None
2009-06-24 Lancet Infectious Diseases examines spread of XDR-TB 0 None
2009-06-24 IRIN examines PEPFAR funding of IDU programs 0 None
2009-06-24 Malaria cases reported in Cambodian public facilities drop more than 50% 0 None
2009-06-24 Lancet examines Obama's pledge to fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2009-06-24 NewsHour features two health experts on President Obama's global health initiative 0 None
2009-06-24 HHS awards $35 million contract to company in hopes of faster flu vaccine production 0 None
2009-06-24 Namibia close to reaching some MDGs 0 None
2009-06-24 Americans come up with first swine flu vaccine 1 None
2009-06-24 Intervention strategies to curb spread of pandemic flu 0 None
2009-06-23 Swine flu tally has U.S. top and Australia 6th 0 5
2009-06-23 PAHO board to discuss 'revolving fund' vaccine system 0 None
2009-06-23 H1N1 spread continues worldwide; first death in Asia confirmed 0 None
2009-06-23 Merck partners with non-profit for neglected diseases initiative 0 None
2009-06-23 Number of Polio cases in Nigeria decreases, some states still showing low immunizations rates 0 None
2009-06-23 Scientists block Ebola infection in cell-culture experiments - could lead to first therapy 0 5
2009-06-23 New tuberculosis drug targets 0 4
2009-06-23 Cryo-electron tomography shows immature HIV in 3D 0 None
2009-06-22 Senate confirms Goosby as U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator 0 None
2009-06-22 Ghana launches public-private partnership to control malaria 0 None
2009-06-22 Ban Ki-Moon calls on governments to eradicate polio 0 None
2009-06-22 To stop spread of HIV, prevention campaigns in China targeting sex workers, MSM 0 None
2009-06-22 Do viruses make bacteria more deadly? 0 None
2009-06-22 Discovery on HIV replication may lead to new therapies 0 None
2009-06-21 Questions raised over Australia's first swine flu related death 1 4
2009-06-21 Experts warn swine fever could devastate Australian pig population 0 None
2009-06-21 HIV antibody tests unreliable for early infections in teens 0 None
2009-06-21 HIV-positive Cambodians evicted from Phnom Penh homes 0 None
2009-06-21 Economist examines schistosomiasis in China 0 None
2009-06-21 Some call for more action at conclusion of Pacific Health Summit 0 None
2009-06-21 BBC examines river blindness program in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2009-06-21 U.S. flu funds; South Africa confirms first case; EU encouraged to coordinate pandemic vaccine policy 0 None
2009-06-21 PEPFAR and IDUs; economic crisis and health; human-rights and pharmaceutical companies 0 None
2009-06-21 Lancet studies examine aspects of global health funding 0 None
2009-06-18 Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline will donate influenza vaccines to WHO 0 None
2009-06-18 Uganda to distribute insecticide-treated nets to all citizens 1 None
2009-06-18 PEPFAR funds used to encourage Swaziland couples to get tested together 0 None
2009-06-18 Tibotec, TB Alliance join to expedite development of promising tuberculosis drug 0 None
2009-06-18 U.S. recommits to improving health, education in Nigeria 0 None
2009-06-18 House State-Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee approves FY10 funding measure 0 None
2009-06-18 Continued international investment, decreased discrimination key to fight against HIV/AIDS, says U.N. Secretary-General 0 None
2009-06-18 $7.7 billion for H1N1 included in “House War-Spending Bill” 0 None
2009-06-18 Africa marks “Day of the African Child” 0 None
2009-06-18 Globe and Mail examines GlaxoSmithKline's RTS,S malaria vaccine trials in Kenya 0 None
2009-06-17 Research uncovers clues to the development of cancers in AIDS patients 0 None
2009-06-17 Targeting children may be an effective use of limited supplies of flu vaccine 0 None
2009-06-17 Household structure and infectious disease transmission 0 None
2009-06-17 Six 'major health agencies' form alliance to address chronic diseases in developing countries 0 None
2009-06-17 VOA News examines international HIV/AIDS implementers meeting 0 None
2009-06-17 U.N. Secretary-General, WHO Director-General appeal for continued investment in global health 0 None
2009-06-17 Maternal, child health lag behind other Millennium Development Goals, study finds 0 None
2009-06-17 Opinion: U.S. should double global maternal, child health spending; Ban, Chan want 'global solidarity'; resources for diabetes, HIV/AIDS 0 None
2009-06-16 Preventing spread of infectious diseases is everyone’s responsibility – and everyone’s job 0 None
2009-06-16 Farmed fish and mad cow disease – researchers air new concerns 0 None
2009-06-16 Distributed drug discovery for neglected diseases 0 None
2009-06-15 Agencies and health departments prepare for swine flu 0 None
2009-06-15 South African AIDS advocate who created radio diaries dies of drug-resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2009-06-15 Reuters examines WHO efforts to fight H1N1 in developing countries 0 None
2009-06-15 Boston Globe examines the U.S. strategy towards global health 0 None
2009-06-15 Obama pledges $73 million to Zimbabwe 0 None
2009-06-15 International AIDS conference could return to U.S. if ban on HIV-positive visitors is reversed 0 None
2009-06-15 High-tech approach to combat sepsis 0 None
2009-06-15 Rhinosinusitis may be a factor in toxic shock syndrome in children 0 None
2009-06-15 FDA releases fraudulent H1N1 flu virus product list 0 None
2009-06-13 To flu experts, 'pandemic' confirms the obvious 0 None
2009-06-13 Recent releases: HIV prevention; clinical trials debate; definition of global health; drug resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2009-06-13 Global Post articles examine Malaria worldwide 0 None
2009-06-13 International scientists' network to map drug-resistant malaria 0 None
2009-06-13 Wall Street Journal examines program to spur vaccine development for developing world diseases 0 None
2009-06-13 Progress seen in some African HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment programs, U.N. Special Envoy says at World Economic Forum on Africa 0 None
2009-06-13 Recipients of HIV/AIDS programs aid expected to feel crunch of global economic crisis 0 None
2009-06-13 Declaration of H1N1 pandemic to accelerate H1N1 vaccine production 0 5
2009-06-13 Structure of the HIV protein shell revealed 0 5
2009-06-13 90 per cent of the world's population won't have access to antivirals in pandemic - generic drugs may help though 0 4.2
2009-06-12 The Lancet to launch series on the state of public health in Southeast Asia 0 None
2009-06-12 Bioprocess increases vaccine yield 0 None
2009-06-12 UK tops the list of countries at extreme risk to the spread of swine flu 0 None
2009-06-12 Don't panic because there's a pandemic! 0 None
2009-06-11 How prepared are we? New study to investigate Australia’s pandemic preparedness 0 None
2009-06-11 Women, girls priority in U.S. efforts against global HIV/AIDS, Clinton tells international health experts 0 None
2009-06-11 National survey looks at HIV/AIDS in South Africa 0 None
2009-06-11 WHO declares H1N1 virus spread a pandemic 0 None
2009-06-11 Zimbabwean PM to meet with Clinton, Obama in appeal for foreign aid 0 None
2009-06-11 World Economic Forum on Africa begins; reports examine African development 0 None
2009-06-10 The 'hijacking mechanism' of HIV-1 pinpointed 0 4
2009-06-10 Spike in Australian H1N1 cases could lead WHO to declare pandemic 0 None
2009-06-10 Global AIDS coordinator nominee Goosby testifies before Senate committee 0 None
2009-06-10 Philippines Health Secretary warns of impending Dengue threat 0 None
2009-06-09 Disease control expert urges health workers to clean hands and save lives 0 None
2009-06-09 New York Times examines varying definitions of 'pandemic' 0 None
2009-06-09 AP/Washington Post examines experimental malaria vaccine, mutant mosquitoes to combat malaria 0 None
2009-06-09 Opinion: Second-line ARVs in India; PEPFAR funding 0 None
2009-06-09 Australia's swine flu alert level may be raised a notch 0 None
2009-06-09 Jacob Zuma addresses increased access to antiretrovirals, reduction in HIV incidence 0 None
2009-06-09 3-day polio, measles vaccination campaign launched in Uganda 0 None
2009-06-09 WHO to incorporate disease severity into pandemic alert scale 0 None
2009-06-09 Lyme disease emerging in Canada 0 None
2009-06-09 New discovery about mycobacteria – implications for tuberculosis research 0 5
2009-06-05 Scientists use climate variables and vegetation indices to predict and mitigate Dengue epidemics 0 None
2009-06-05 International HIV/AIDS experts to meet in Namibia next week 0 None
2009-06-05 Articles examine use of mobile phones for global health 0 None
2009-06-05 Officials concerned about potential disease outbreaks among displaced Pakistanis; Obama requests more U.S. aid money 0 None
2009-06-05 WHO recommends global use of rotavirus vaccines - can protect millions of children from diarrhoeal diseaseas 0 None
2009-06-05 Drug-resistant tuberculosis a very real threat in the Pacific region 0 None
2009-06-04 Australia's swine flu toll soars to almost 900 0 None
2009-06-04 Australia in top five countries worse hit by swine flu 0 4.5
2009-06-04 White House seeks more money in case of a H1N1 pandemic emergency 0 None
2009-06-04 Congress unlikely to approve Obama's request for additional flu money, majority leader says 0 None
2009-06-04 Mozambique's Health Minister reviews country's health status with Parliament 0 None
2009-06-04 One in four nursing home residents carries Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 0 None
2009-06-03 U.S. doubles annual Malawi HIV/AIDS support to $45 million 0 5
2009-06-03 Indonesia to host AIDS congress; smoking ban in Ghana 0 None
2009-06-03 WHO closer to declaring H1N1 flu outbreak a pandemic 0 None
2009-06-03 Vietnam publishes report documenting Millennium Development Goal progress 0 None
2009-06-03 Swine flu in Victoria - alert measures move up a level 0 5
2009-06-03 Swine flu - a threatening pandemic or media panic? 0 4
2009-06-02 U.N. agencies increase request for foreign donations to Zimbabwe 0 None
2009-06-02 Report shows Jamaica's progress towards achieving U.N. MDGs 0 None
2009-06-02 British researchers call for WHO to 'condemn homeopathy' for serious diseases 0 5
2009-06-02 Universal access to malaria drugs, prevention by 2013 will lead to eradication, Nigerian Government says 0 None
2009-06-02 Research sheds new light on how bird flu outbreaks begin in wild bird populations 0 None
2009-06-02 Discovery of new arenavirus associated with hemorrhagic fever – first identified in nearly four decades 0 None
2009-06-01 A pandemic of human fear and anxiety 1 5
2009-06-01 Experts say let swine flu run its course 0 3.5
2009-06-01 Australian swine flu toll now over 300 0 5


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