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2011-07-31 Universal flu vaccine based on “super antibody” coming soon 0 None
2011-07-30 Ghana declares eradication of Guinea worm 0 None
2011-07-30 Demonstrators in Swaziland express concern over possible antiretroviral shortages 0 None
2011-07-30 CDC, ZKBS classifies Advaxis Agents as non-pathogenic materials 0 None
2011-07-30 PA departments warn public regarding use of glass-bottled milk from Brunton Dairy in Aliquippa 0 None
2011-07-30 U.S. investment in polio eradication must be protected 0 None
2011-07-30 Economist examines cholera, possible solutions to mitigate disease 0 None
2011-07-30 Gates Foundation partners with soccer team for polio eradication, vaccine awareness campaign 0 None
2011-07-30 Political, economic tensions in Malawi threaten new HIV/AIDS strategy 0 None
2011-07-30 Hospitals miss opportunities to diagnose patients infected with HIV in EDs: UC research 0 None
2011-07-30 Malaria No More, NASCAR champion partner to end mortality 0 None
2011-07-30 Caltech researchers find simple engineering technique to ward off HIV 0 None
2011-07-30 FDA issues 90-day extension for Pfizer's Prevnar 13 sBLA to treat pneumonia in adults 0 None
2011-07-30 UH Case Medical Center to commence Phase 1 clinical trial on TMC207 0 None
2011-07-30 Physicians to provide high-quality care, training to medically underserved community 0 None
2011-07-29 ELPA, WHA announce educational program for hepatitis B patients 0 None
2011-07-29 WHO marks first-ever World Hepatitis Day 0 None
2011-07-29 UK MRC, Humabs discover first neutralizing antibody that targets all influenza A subtypes 0 None
2011-07-29 MSNBC's Chris Matthews interviews NIAID head Anthony Fauci 0 None
2011-07-29 Cholera in Congo has killed 279, infected more than 4,000 people 0 None
2011-07-29 NIH selects Viamet's novel antifungal compound for inclusion in the TRND program 0 None
2011-07-29 Oral chicken interferon-alpha may significantly reduce influenza infection 0 None
2011-07-29 New protein 3D model could inhibit cancer development 0 5
2011-07-29 Sorrento receives NIAID Phase I STTR grant to develop vaccines against C. difficile infection 0 None
2011-07-29 Universal flu vaccine with super antibodies in near future 0 None
2011-07-29 Hepatitis on the rise 0 None
2011-07-28 SMRT DNA sequencing technology reveals genetic profile of German E. coli bacteria 0 None
2011-07-28 ELPA, WHA to launch PATH B programme for patients with chronic hepatitis B 0 None
2011-07-28 USAID releases new issue of Frontlines 0 None
2011-07-28 U.N. warns 3.5M Kenyans will need food aid by September 0 None
2011-07-28 Pharmaceutical companies' profit protection hurts global AIDS fight 0 None
2011-07-28 Social media may improve public health system's ability to prepare, recover from disasters 0 None
2011-07-28 Control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases can help treat HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-07-28 UM researchers unravel genomic code of German E. coli bacteria 0 None
2011-07-28 GlobalPost blog interviews Iranian doctor imprisoned after treating HIV/AIDS patients 0 None
2011-07-28 Efforts to fight HIV/AIDS, NTDs should be integrated 0 None
2011-07-27 UNICEF in new African vaccine drive 0 None
2011-07-27 OR models verify cost effectiveness of hepatitis B interventions 0 1
2011-07-27 New HIV prevention findings delay release of WHO guidelines for discordant couples 0 None
2011-07-27 World leaders should either scale up commitment to polio eradication significantly or abandon goal 0 None
2011-07-27 South Africa could reduce HIV-associated costs, extend lives with earlier treatment, study says 0 None
2011-07-27 UBC research projects receive CIHR grants to promote greater equity in global health 0 None
2011-07-27 Early initiation of HIV therapy would save money, lives of South Africans 0 None
2011-07-27 Positive data from two GSK's Promacta Phase III studies on hepatitis C-related thrombocytopenia 0 None
2011-07-26 Dog owners told not to worry about Hendra virus 0 None
2011-07-26 Physician-targeted education campaign reduces outpatient antibiotic use in Quebec 0 None
2011-07-26 CANARY software can protect nation's water systems from contamination 0 None
2011-07-26 Zinc lozenges might treat natural common cold infections 0 None
2011-07-26 Preventing bioterrorism worldwide 0 None
2011-07-26 Sediments buried beneath the Black Sea contain ancient virus and host DNA 0 None
2011-07-26 CNBG, Aeras sign MOU to develop TB vaccines in China and around the world 0 None
2011-07-25 Chicken pox vaccine reduced related deaths by 88% 0 None
2011-07-25 Salmonella outbreak linked to Mexican papayas 0 None
2011-07-25 Guidance needed on recent HIV prevention findings 0 None
2011-07-25 African leaders must invest in malaria prevention 0 None
2011-07-25 Nanoviricides lead anti-HIV candidate as good as HAART cocktail therapy 0 None
2011-07-25 Researchers characterise protein complex linked to malaria and toxoplasmosis 0 None
2011-07-25 New WHO policy recommendation warns against use of blood tests for active TB 0 None
2011-07-25 NAACP, AHF offer free HIV and STD testing at Los Angeles Convention Center 0 5
2011-07-25 Radiofrequency identification device for studying spread of infection 0 None
2011-07-25 New details about how dendritic cells regulate fate of naive T cells 0 3
2011-07-25 House committee votes to reinstate 'global gag rule' on abortion 0 None
2011-07-25 Report on versatility of nitric oxide in arming hosts against pathogens 0 None
2011-07-25 Combination strategies more effective for reducing population of tiger mosquitos 0 None
2011-07-25 Tel Aviv University researcher tracks clinical cases of West Nile Virus 0 None
2011-07-25 Medicines Patent Pool can help many but has potential limitations for AIDS drug access in middle-income countries 0 None
2011-07-24 Hendra virus continues in Queensland 0 None
2011-07-24 Circumcision prevents HIV transmission & cocktail of anti-HIV drugs prolong life 0 None
2011-07-24 Cholera hits Haiti again 0 None
2011-07-22 Discovery challenges current thinking on origin of malaria parasite 0 1
2011-07-22 Combination of strategies reduces more than half the number of tiger mosquitos 0 None
2011-07-22 Contaminated nasal spray associated with rare bacterial outbreak 0 5
2011-07-22 Scientists identify bacterial attack pathway 0 None
2011-07-22 IAS conference concludes with positive news on HIV prevention 0 None
2011-07-22 Financial Times examines product development partnerships developing drugs for neglected diseases 0 None
2011-07-22 Hepatitis B immunization for health care students may fall short of current recommendations 0 None
2011-07-22 UK regulators approve Europe's first clinical trial of plant-derived antibody for HIV 0 None
2011-07-22 Abbott's AACC workshops to showcase HIV and vitamin D diagnostics, lab informatics 0 None
2011-07-22 Skin dendritic cells promote distinct and opposing antigen-specific responses 0 None
2011-07-22 HIV-infected MSM more likely to contract HCV through sex 0 None
2011-07-22 Roundup: Ore. cuts insurer's rate increase; Ga.'s effort to curb TB struggles; psychiatric care hard to get in Boston 0 None
2011-07-22 NIDA awards $3.5M to BUSM/BMC for 'Linking Infectious and Narcology Care' project 0 None
2011-07-21 Flying is riskier than hospital says World Health Organization 0 None
2011-07-21 WHO warns against blood test kits for tuberculosis 0 None
2011-07-21 Neogen develops new pathogen DNA detection method for E. coli strains 0 None
2011-07-21 Identification of third microRNA target triggers milestone payment from GSK to Regulus 0 None
2011-07-21 Clinical Vaccine Immunology publishes NanoBio's NB-1008 influenza study results 0 None
2011-07-21 NIAID awards $36M grant to BIDMC for AIDS vaccine research in nonhuman primates 0 5
2011-07-21 Cell biologists identify infection mechanism of adenoviruses 0 None
2011-07-21 WHO warning increases opportunity for Biomagnetics urine based TB assay 0 None
2011-07-21 Clinical study of anti-HIV antibody made from genetically modified tobacco plants 0 None
2011-07-21 Global polio eradication efforts unlikely to meet 2012 goal, health experts say 0 None
2011-07-21 IAS, UIPHP to launch VKC for injecting drug users living with HIV 0 None
2011-07-21 WHO denounces TB blood tests in first-ever 'negative' policy recommendation 0 None
2011-07-21 New rapid test accurately distinguishes bacterial and viral infections 0 None
2011-07-21 Experts at IAS conference suggest ways to increase funding for HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-07-21 Exposure to household tobacco smoke increases risk of bronchiolitis in infants 0 None
2011-07-21 Maltodextrin-based imaging probes could improve diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infections 0 None
2011-07-21 Roche, Merck sign new non-exclusive agreement for HCV triple combination therapy 0 None
2011-07-21 Maintaining and increasing AIDS funding critical 0 None
2011-07-20 Australia sees early rise in flu cases 0 None
2011-07-20 MDL announces HPV-16 Status reflex test 0 None
2011-07-20 Software uses Twitter to track dengue outbreaks in Brazil 0 None
2011-07-20 Final SVR results from Pharmasset's PSI-7977 phase 2b study in HCV 0 None
2011-07-20 MDI, Eldan partner to distribute Detect-Ready MRSA Panel in Israel 0 None
2011-07-20 Kool Smiles inaugurates new Elkhart office to offer dental services 0 None
2011-07-20 Shah discusses importance of partnerships in global health 0 None
2011-07-20 Three-drug regimen more effective for treating H. pylori infection 0 None
2011-07-20 New trends in HIV cure research presented at IAS 2011 0 None
2011-07-20 IAS conference opens with push for treatment as prevention 0 None
2011-07-20 Papua New Guinea government stepping down as Global Fund grant principal recipient 0 None
2011-07-20 Raw eggs are not safe for consumption under any circumstances 3 None
2011-07-20 Janssen presents EDURANT 96-week Phase 3 trial data at International AIDS Society Conference 0 None
2011-07-19 UNC receives $3M federal grant for AIDS research 0 None
2011-07-19 EPA to expand Cooperative Research And Development Agreement with NanoLogix 0 None
2011-07-19 Swaziland's King Mswati urges men to get circumcised to prevent HIV infection 0 None
2011-07-19 UNAIDS' Sidibe calls for increased access to HIV drugs at IAS conference opening 0 None
2011-07-19 Mayo Clinic licenses M. tuberculosis complex speciation test from QIAGEN 0 None
2011-07-19 HIV vaccine discovery requires 'open mind' 0 None
2011-07-19 Anti-malaria drug provides key insight into potential treatments for autoimmune diseases 0 None
2011-07-19 Novel approach for preventing HIV infection 0 None
2011-07-19 Optimer introduces DIFICID for treatment of C. difficile-associated diarrhea 0 None
2011-07-19 U.S. FDA approves 2011-2012 influenza vaccine formulation 0 None
2011-07-19 Emory-led consortium receives NIH grant to develop effective HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 None
2011-07-19 BMC receives $1.1 million MDPH grant to expand HIV clinic 0 None
2011-07-19 Flu vaccine for 2011-12 season approved and ready 0 1
2011-07-18 Partners of Bacterial Vaginosis sufferers at increased risk of HIV 0 5
2011-07-18 Peak of Australian flu season is imminent so take the necessary precautions now: Experts 0 None
2011-07-18 Midland hospitals claim victory against MRSA superbug 0 None
2011-07-18 Measles epidemic grips Kenya and Ethiopia 0 4
2011-07-18 Rome Statement for an HIV Cure calls for accelerated research 0 None
2011-07-18 WHO to warn against use of TB blood test 0 None
2011-07-18 Partners can help advance global HIV/AIDS fight 0 None
2011-07-18 Researchers closer to developing meningitis B vaccine 1 None
2011-07-18 Disrupting protein components kills mosquitoes 0 1
2011-07-18 Facts and myths about bed bugs 2 4
2011-07-18 ISENTRESS demonstrates comparable efficacy to efavirenz in treatment-naïve adult HIV-1 patients 0 None
2011-07-18 FDA files MedImmune's sBLA for quadrivalent intranasal nasal influenza vaccine, FluMist 0 None
2011-07-18 FDA warns consumers not to drink raw milk from Tucker Adkins Dairy 0 None
2011-07-18 Viral toxin causes release of serotonin leading to vomiting 0 None
2011-07-18 SEEK HIV-v vaccine demonstrates 90% reduction in HIV viral load 0 5
2011-07-18 European Commission Framework 7 programme awards €3 million grant to Enigma Diagnostics 0 None
2011-07-18 Experimental online tool launched to guide HIV treatment decisions without the need for resistance testing 0 None
2011-07-16 Study recommends short and simple HIV consent forms 0 None
2011-07-16 U.S. will strengthen health work in Haiti 0 None
2011-07-16 Shah congratulates researchers on PrEP findings 0 None
2011-07-16 DRC facing cholera, measles outbreaks, U.N. says 0 None
2011-07-16 Global MDR-TB response has been slow, report says 0 None
2011-07-16 Lancet issue dedicated to HIV/AIDS ahead of IAS conference 0 None
2011-07-16 WHO says it is better prepared for influenza pandemic 0 None
2011-07-16 Heavy rains, disease affecting drought refugees in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia 0 None
2011-07-15 Genome Research publishes studies utilizing emerging Collaborative Cross mouse strains 0 None
2011-07-15 Opinions about the CIA's ruse vaccination campaign in Pakistan 0 None
2011-07-15 Simple steps can improve malaria prevention 0 None
2011-07-15 Vaccine and aid workers express anger over CIA plot to collect DNA through fake vaccine program 0 None
2011-07-15 Berks County's Department of Health advises public about possible measles exposure 0 None
2011-07-15 Non-invasive 'swine flu' breath test could help ease future vaccine shortages 0 None
2011-07-14 Tea or coffee can protect from MRSA superbug 0 None
2011-07-14 Device that crowd-sources water quality introduced at TEDGlobal conference 0 None
2011-07-14 Study finds structural determinants of adolescent girls' vulnerability to HIV 0 None
2011-07-14 Studies show AIDS drugs can prevent heterosexuals from acquiring HIV 0 None
2011-07-14 New paper provides unique review on respiratory disorders in the Middle East 0 None
2011-07-14 European Respiratory Society Congress to take place on September 24, 2011 0 None
2011-07-14 Malaria prevention project using dirty sock odor awarded Grand Challenges grant 0 None
2011-07-14 Positive data from Inovio's VGX-3400X Phase I study against H5N1 influenza 0 None
2011-07-14 'Sex' between viruses can create new influenza pandemic 0 None
2011-07-14 New Tamiflu anti-viral flu medication in lower concentration 0 None
2011-07-14 Scientists discover new mechanism of drug resistance in hospital microbes 0 None
2011-07-14 Five-year research initiative to cure HIV disease 0 None
2011-07-14 Foreign Policy examines HIV epidemic in Swaziland 0 None
2011-07-14 Pre-exposure prophylaxis reduces risk of HIV infection 0 None
2011-07-14 Arabidopsis thaliana helps scientists to solve puzzles in human health 0 None
2011-07-14 PharmAthene demonstrates 36 month stability of rPA anthrax vaccine program candidate 0 None
2011-07-13 Melbourne bat-bourne virus warning 0 None
2011-07-13 Daily pill ‘combo’ prevents HIV transmission: New African study 0 None
2011-07-13 Gates Foundation's Grand Challenges Explorations increases investments in bold innovative ideas 0 None
2011-07-13 AIDS activists and advocates to protest against Gilead's drug pricing at San Francisco federal building 0 None
2011-07-13 IAS, NIDA announce recipients of third annual joint research fellowships 0 None
2011-07-13 Malaria parasite uses antibody camouflage to hide 0 None
2011-07-13 NIH grants $70M over five years to help search for HIV cure 0 None
2011-07-13 AHF applauds Gilead for licensing AIDS drugs to Medicines Patent Pool 0 None
2011-07-13 Gilead becomes first company to license drugs to Medicines Patent Pool 0 None
2011-07-13 Donors should continue to provide AIDS funding to China, UNAIDS head says 0 None
2011-07-13 New innovative device can eliminate malaria 0 None
2011-07-13 Biologists discover new way in which bacteria hijack healthy cells during infection 0 None
2011-07-13 BRICS health ministers agree to improve access to low-cost medicines 0 None
2011-07-13 Study reveals link between HPV infection and SCC in organ transplant recipients 0 None
2011-07-12 Sexually transmitted diseases more common in women age 40 0 None
2011-07-12 USPTO issues notice of allowance to MDI's PCR-based technology platform 0 None
2011-07-12 Gilead, Mylan expand license deal for HIV/AIDS medicines 0 None
2011-07-12 Rapid method can predict immune responses against flu vaccines 0 None
2011-07-12 HIV patients with mental illness can benefit from APRN care management 0 None
2011-07-12 UNC receives $32 million federal grant to eradicate HIV infection 0 None
2011-07-12 Haiti passed up cholera vaccine offer, Crucell CEO says 0 None
2011-07-12 Type-3 polio virus case in Pakistan raises concerns of disease spreading, WHO says 1 None
2011-07-12 New research strategy for eradicating HIV from the body 0 None
2011-07-12 Merck researchers to participate in two new collaborative efforts to study HIV latency 0 None
2011-07-12 Gilead announces expansion of global access program for HIV medications 0 None
2011-07-12 Hutchinson Center receives $20M NIH grant to eradicate HIV infection 0 None
2011-07-12 Scientists to receive prestigious awards for innovative HIV research at IAS 2011 0 None
2011-07-12 Federal funds may help Gladstone to solve problem of HIV latency 0 None
2011-07-12 Enrollment complete in Advaxis ADXS-HPV Phase II CIN study 0 None
2011-07-12 New ‘world-first’ Malaria vaccine in the pipeline 0 None
2011-07-11 Drug resistant gonorrhea discovered 0 3
2011-07-11 NIAID awards $14 million a year for new HIV research 0 None
2011-07-11 New gonorrhea strain resistant to all antibiotics isolated in Japanese woman 0 None
2011-07-11 Microneedle patches may target dentritic cells more efficiently and induce immunity against HIV 0 None
2011-07-11 RyMed's InVision-Plus Intraluminal Protection System effective against catheter-related bloodstream infections 0 1.7
2011-07-11 Fibrin key to protection during gram-negative sepsis 0 None
2011-07-11 Ivermectin cream demonstrates activity against head lice eggs 0 None
2011-07-11 HyGreen's hand hygiene system to be showcased at AHA summit 0 None
2011-07-11 Nurses can help manage S. African's syndemic of TB and HIV 0 None
2011-07-11 Researchers identify new antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea strain 0 None
2011-07-11 MSU professor focuses on new formulation for old drug to treat parasitic diseases 0 None
2011-07-11 New tool reveals mutations that cause HIV-drug resistance 0 None
2011-07-11 Insights into why doctors are reluctant to disclose patient information 0 None
2011-07-11 AIDS Healthcare Foundation rolls out new national ad campaign 0 None
2011-07-11 GlaxoSmithKline's Boostrix receives FDA approval to prevent tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis 0 None
2011-07-11 New strategy can prevent onset of E. coli related illness 0 None
2011-07-11 Tips for preventing foodborne illness at home or while eating out 0 None
2011-07-11 FDA approves BOOSTRIX to prevent tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis in older people 0 None
2011-07-10 Arizona E. coli related death triggers warning 0 None
2011-07-10 Flu vaccine against all strains of virus coming soon 0 None
2011-07-10 Belly button full of bugs: Study 0 None
2011-07-08 Congress should take the lead in foreign aid reform 0 None
2011-07-08 U.S. leading fight against NTDs 0 None
2011-07-08 Mass administration of common anti-parasitic is possible new tool in fight against malaria 0 None
2011-07-08 India will continue to produce generic HIV drugs, Commerce and Industry Minister says 0 None
2011-07-08 Next phase of HIV programming must focus on sustainable health systems response 0 None
2011-07-08 Infectious adenoviruses and noroviruses in bathing water could pose a risk to health 0 None
2011-07-08 Mesenchymal stem cells protect and heal 0 None
2011-07-08 New technique shields patients from toxic parts of antibiotic drug 0 None
2011-07-08 Collaborative research discovers broadly acting antibody against influenza viruses 0 None
2011-07-08 Longer looks: Shortage of HIV doctors; Oregon program builds on British model 0 None
2011-07-07 Hendra virus outbreak suspected after second horse death 0 None
2011-07-07 Heartworm medication Ivermectin prevents malaria transmission in Africa 0 None
2011-07-07 Final Atlantis space trip may open new era of research into infectious diseases 0 None
2011-07-07 Sen. Rubio defends foreign aid in video response to constituent letter 0 None
2011-07-07 British company designing genetically modified mosquito to fight dengue 0 None
2011-07-07 Puerto Rico reports first cholera case linked to outbreak in Dominican Republic 0 None
2011-07-07 Malaria-carrying mosquitoes becoming increasingly resistant to pyrethroid insecticides 0 None
2011-07-07 Improved global safety monitoring of HIV drugs is needed 0 None
2011-07-07 Gates Foundation releases interactive malaria infographic 0 None
2011-07-07 Antibiotic resistance is not a priority in the U.S. 0 None
2011-07-07 Review identifies RDTs as effective tool to fight malaria 0 None
2011-07-07 Simpler antibiotic combination could help prevent TB in patients with and without HIV 0 None
2011-07-06 New technology can inexpensively render medical linens, clothing permanently germ-free 0 None
2011-07-06 Long-range forecasting model makes health predictions for 2060 0 None
2011-07-06 New modified adult device effective, inexpensive for children with pneumonia 0 None
2011-07-06 New tools can significantly reduce HIV/AIDS worldwide 0 None
2011-07-06 AIDS vaccine may be far off, but path to it is getting clearer 0 None
2011-07-06 Germany to restore half of Global Fund donation withheld earlier this year 0 None
2011-07-06 International Society for Sexually Transmitted Disease Research to take place in Quebec City 0 None
2011-07-06 Faith communities play a key role in global AIDS fight 0 None
2011-07-06 India must not become complacent despite AIDS control program's success, Prime Minister says 0 None
2011-07-06 UVA biologists discover new information about how Ebola virus works 0 None
2011-07-06 Molecular technology detects up to 50% more cases of C. diff than other methods 0 None
2011-07-05 Periodontal disease can affect woman's chance of conceiving 0 None
2011-07-05 Patients with ESBL-producing bacteria need better health care 0 4
2011-07-05 New study reaffirms safety of seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccines 1 5
2011-07-04 New GHI research examines conflicts between donor and recipient countries 0 None
2011-07-02 Researchers use clever technique to look at in vivo virus-bacterium interactions 0 None
2011-07-02 Science should inform global AIDS policy 0 None
2011-07-02 Infected astrocytes can cause neuroAIDS 0 None
2011-07-02 CDC helping to detect and control disease outbreaks in other countries 0 None
2011-07-02 TB fight must break from status quo 0 4
2011-07-02 MSF website lends voice to TB patients 0 None
2011-07-02 Aquatain surface layer helps control malaria mosquitoes in rice-agro ecosystems 0 None
2011-07-02 Antimicrobial copper surfaces reduce risk of acquiring hospital infection 0 None
2011-07-02 Lancet seminar on tuberculosis 0 None
2011-07-02 European joint project to develop novel HCV vaccine based on nanotechnology 0 None
2011-07-02 Transnational research group examines how viruses evade immune system 0 None
2011-07-02 Early infection with H. pylori protects against allergy-induced asthma 0 None
2011-07-01 Liverpool scientists receive medical innovation award for dental device 0 None
2011-07-01 Thai health authorities plan to screen residents of northeast region for deadly fluke worms 0 None
2011-07-01 'Exact correlation' between peacekeeper arrival and cholera outbreak in Haiti, study says 0 None
2011-07-01 Using American diplomacy to fight NTDs 0 None
2011-07-01 Study identifies key virus-sensing mechanism necessary for successful immune response against HIV 0 None
2011-07-01 UAB receives $31.7M award for Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions 0 None
2011-07-01 Researchers identify altered expression of endogenous retroviruses in BSE-infected macaques 0 None


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