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Date Title Comments Rating
2011-09-30 Increased communication needed for TB diagnostics development 0 None
2011-09-30 Members of MAPRx coalition urge supercommittee to protect Part D program 0 None
2011-09-30 Study highlights importance of prior planning before introduction of new vaccines 0 None
2011-09-30 Patients with chronic hepatitis C less likely to take medications over time 0 None
2011-09-30 Researchers determine structure of RIG-I protein linked with viral infections 0 None
2011-09-30 Strides being made against trypanosomiasis 0 None
2011-09-30 Two UTA scientists win 2011 PECASE award for innovative research 0 None
2011-09-30 Small Phase I trial shows HIV vaccine candidate is most powerful to date 0 None
2011-09-30 Increased focus on vaccine for dengue fever is critical to curb spread of disease 0 None
2011-09-30 GlobalPost examines how Indian city of Surat cleaned up after 1994 plague outbreak 0 None
2011-09-30 Roads may play a major role in the spread or containment of antibiotic resistant bacteria 0 None
2011-09-30 Adult male circumcision not a cost effective anti-HIV tactic, panel of economists says 0 None
2011-09-30 Food aid reaches almost half of Somalis in need but threat of disease looms, U.N. agency says 0 None
2011-09-30 Invida, Sinclair IS launch two dermatology products in seven Asia-Pacific markets 0 None
2011-09-30 Two Influenza test kits receive FDA clearance for use in JBAIDS 0 None
2011-09-30 Global Fund board supports recommendations of Independent Review Panel, will implement 'wide-reaching reforms' 0 None
2011-09-29 Sexually transmitted infection epidemic worries health experts 0 None
2011-09-29 Powerful HIV vaccine being tested on humans 0 2
2011-09-29 FDA CDER assigned for pre-market review of CorMedix's Neutrolin 0 None
2011-09-29 IRIN examines rise in new leprosy cases in remote region of Madagascar 0 None
2011-09-29 Aborigines have higher STD rates than general Australian population 0 None
2011-09-29 Cubist plans to move CB-183,315 into Phase 3 trial for treatment of CDAD 0 None
2011-09-29 Thanks from Global Fund Executive Director Kazatchkine 0 None
2011-09-29 African leaders showing 'clear commitment' to fighting malaria 0 None
2011-09-29 Scientists report discovery of potential new drug for epidemic keratoconjunctivitis 0 None
2011-09-29 With ALMA scorecard, African leaders are taking responsibility in malaria fight 0 None
2011-09-29 Researchers identify 'programmed cell death' pathway in parasitic worms 0 None
2011-09-29 AASLD publishes updated practice guidelines on hepatitis C 0 None
2011-09-29 VOICE HIV prevention trial to discontinue use of tenofovir tablets 0 None
2011-09-29 Post-Soviet economic breakdown may have contributed to re-emergence of NTDs in Central Asia 0 None
2011-09-29 Viewpoints: Blocking, replacing health law; a doc's HPV advice; County wellness plan working 0 None
2011-09-29 Roche to sponsor 3rd Annual World MRSA Day 0 None
2011-09-28 Phase I clinical trials reveal MVA-B preventive vaccine's immune efficiency against HIV 0 None
2011-09-28 Anthrax defenses need to be strengthened: Experts 0 None
2011-09-28 'Urgent action' needed to prevent resistance to antiretroviral therapy 0 None
2011-09-28 Scientists warn about climate-induced increase in death rates over the next 60 years 0 None
2011-09-28 Contaminated Cantaloupes carrying listeria leads to one of the worst outbreaks 0 None
2011-09-28 Vietnam closes kindergartens to control outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease 0 None
2011-09-28 GAVI to purchase $1 billion in childhood vaccines for distribution in 37 of the poorest nations 0 None
2011-09-28 Treatment of CMV infection can inhibit medullablastomas development 0 None
2011-09-28 High prevalence of NTDs in Central Asia after 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union 0 None
2011-09-28 Burundi makes significant progress against NTDs 0 None
2011-09-28 Researchers validate two parasite enzymes as potential anti-malarial drug targets 0 None
2011-09-28 Global health blunders can lend useful lessons 0 None
2011-09-28 Emissions from livestock farms cause lung patients living nearby to experience more exacerbations 0 None
2011-09-28 New method for quickly identifying individual viruses 0 None
2011-09-28 UCI professor wins Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists & Engineers 0 None
2011-09-28 More predictability in the chaos of infectious Chagas disease transmission 0 None
2011-09-28 Columbia University receives CFI grant to investigate causes of chronic fatigue syndrome 1 None
2011-09-28 Microbiologist offers advice to guard against coming down with the flu 0 None
2011-09-28 Study sheds light on when to start antiretroviral therapy 0 None
2011-09-28 MicroDose initiates MDT-637 Phase 1 trial in respiratory syncytial virus 0 None
2011-09-27 Methodist Hospital internist offers few simple suggestions to prevent cold and flu 0 None
2011-09-27 Lead compound activates infection-fighting REDD1 protein and kills flu strain 0 4
2011-09-27 Immediate action needed to curb spread of TB, especially among children 0 None
2011-09-27 HIV vaccine research showing promise 0 None
2011-09-27 Rush Foundation, Copenhagen Consensus Center examine how to spend hypothetical AIDS funding 0 None
2011-09-27 Researchers modify HIV in a way that makes it no longer able to suppress immune system 0 None
2011-09-27 University of Zurich receives AICR grant to improve vaccines against Burkitt's lymphoma 0 None
2011-09-27 Pakistan officials ask for international assistance as dengue fever outbreak overwhelms local resources 0 None
2011-09-27 URBAN ARCH Consortium to examine consequences of alcohol on HIV disease 0 None
2011-09-27 MSU creates new malaria vaccine with immune-stimulating gene 0 None
2011-09-27 Researchers discover cell receptor for CDT toxin of C. difficile bacterium 0 None
2011-09-26 Link between changes in malaria parasite and absorption of pharmaceutical compounds 0 None
2011-09-26 Asthma patients admitted to hospital with H1N1 are half as likely to die from infection 0 None
2011-09-26 OU to host 2011 International WaTER Conference 0 None
2011-09-26 N.Y. State Department of Health releases 2010 report on hospital infection rates 0 None
2011-09-26 Exposure to goats could increase risk of pneumonic-type lung adenocarcinoma 0 None
2011-09-26 Sodium Stibogluconate & Paromomycin combination treatment for Kala azar 0 1
2011-09-26 Britain’s health workers urged to get flu shots to protect patients 0 None
2011-09-26 Rotavirus vaccine saved 65,000 hospitalizations and $278 million in healthcare costs: Study 0 None
2011-09-26 Listeria contamination in cantaloupes shipped to 10 states 0 None
2011-09-26 EMA CHMP adopts positive opinion for Optimer's DIFICLIR to treat C. difficile infection 0 1
2011-09-26 CytoDyn files provisional patent application for humanized version of Cytolin to treat HIV 0 None
2011-09-23 Vaccination must be part of response to cholera outbreak in Haiti 0 None
2011-09-23 Viewpoints: Concerns that AIDS fight is losing steam; Pharmacy choice bill is praised; Texas sex-ed policies questioned 0 None
2011-09-23 More funding for leishmaniasis treatment could save more lives in East African outbreak 0 None
2011-09-23 Urgency of antimalarial drug resistance must be recognized 0 None
2011-09-23 Fight against HIV losing momentum; Robust analysis needed to develop long-term strategy 0 None
2011-09-23 Examining alternatives to assessing Global Fund effectiveness 0 None
2011-09-23 African Leaders Malaria Alliance launches malaria scorecard 0 None
2011-09-23 New treatment concept for complex malaria 0 None
2011-09-23 Gilead announces EMA CHMP positive opinion for HIV-1 drug, Eviplera 0 None
2011-09-23 Synthetic lectins inhibit HIV from entering cells 0 None
2011-09-23 FDA denies FOIA regarding Gilead Sciences' Truvada correspondence, AHF sues 0 None
2011-09-23 EMA CHMP adopts positive opinion for DIFICLIR to treat C. difficile infection 0 None
2011-09-23 Study identifies genetic mutations that affect immune response to measles vaccination 0 None
2011-09-23 National HIV/AIDS Strategy meeting to be held at UAB 0 None
2011-09-23 Two TGen students receive SRP grants for antibiotic resistance and Alzheimer's research 0 None
2011-09-23 Researchers to expand malaria vaccine study after initial trial yields encouraging results 0 None
2011-09-23 Researchers compare safety and effectiveness of cryotherapy, salicylic acid for verrucae 0 None
2011-09-23 IU professor to study factors influencing young women's adoption of HPV vaccine 0 None
2011-09-23 New microbicide may block AIDS virus from infecting cells 0 None
2011-09-23 Twenty aid agencies issue open letter urging international community to change approach in Somalia 0 None
2011-09-23 Nigeria expected to sign agreement with UNESCO for international biotech center targeting food security, disease 0 None
2011-09-23 Preclinical data from two Pulmatrix's PUR118 study to be presented at ERS 2011 0 None
2011-09-23 Verax Biomedical receives FDA clearance for Platelet PGD test 0 None
2011-09-23 Study: Opioid drugs can increase risk of pneumonia in older adults 0 None
2011-09-23 Researchers discover how a novel type of antibody works against pneumococcal bacteria 0 None
2011-09-22 Polio spreads from Pakistan to China; WHO warns of further spread 0 None
2011-09-22 Children's Medical Center employees, volunteers and vendors to get free flu shots 0 None
2011-09-22 Vaccinating infants against rotavirus decreases health care use and treatment costs 0 None
2011-09-22 Health officials in Africa address NCDs in addition to HIV/AIDS epidemic 0 None
2011-09-22 USAID launches 'FWD' campaign to raise awareness of famine, drought in Horn of Africa 0 None
2011-09-22 Quidel, Life Technologies to distribute and commercialize molecular diagnostics in Europe 0 None
2011-09-22 Addressing the exclusion of mental health from the MDGs 0 None
2011-09-22 Indian government responds to new avian flu outbreak 0 None
2011-09-22 'ResistanceMap' tracks antibiotic resistance online 0 None
2011-09-22 HSPH receives CDC grant to evaluate HIV combination prevention initiative in Botswana 0 None
2011-09-22 Archbishop Tutu calls on Obama to lead the world in expansion of HIV treatment 0 None
2011-09-22 Early ART cost effectiveness in resource-poor settings 0 None
2011-09-22 Cornell researchers identify how T. gondii controls host's immune system 0 None
2011-09-22 Celebrating partnerships that lead to sustainable, locally managed HIV/AIDS response efforts 0 None
2011-09-22 Theraclone initiates TCN-032 Phase 1 trial in influenza A 0 None
2011-09-22 Early ART can be cost-effective and decrease mortality in HIV patients 0 None
2011-09-22 Three Johns Hopkins scientists receive NIH Director's New Innovator Awards 0 None
2011-09-22 NIH to honor IGB faculty member with innovator award 0 None
2011-09-22 Viewpoints: Progressives relish fight for 'shared sacrifice;' Desmond Tutu seeks to renew battle against HIV 0 None
2011-09-21 GAVI Alliance cited as “game changer” in international development aid 0 None
2011-09-21 People should be concerned about flu every year 0 None
2011-09-21 Two IGB faculty members recognized as University Scholars 0 None
2011-09-21 Converting genetic data into biomedical knowledge a true challenge for statisticians 0 None
2011-09-21 New FDA-approved antiviral drugs offer treatment hope for hepatitis C 0 None
2011-09-21 UTHealth doctoral student receives ASM, NIH research fellowships for E. coli study 0 None
2011-09-21 ASU scientists receive USDA grants to combat food-related illness 0 None
2011-09-21 Bird flu strikes Eastern India yet again as culling operations begin 0 None
2011-09-21 Polio in China 0 None
2011-09-21 Pakistan officials move to contain dengue epidemic that has infected thousands 0 None
2011-09-21 AIDS 2012 CCC selects Turning The Tide Together as theme for XIX international conference 0 None
2011-09-21 Matrix receives FDA's tentative approval for novel co-packaged version of HIV/AIDS therapy 0 None
2011-09-21 Risk factors for variety of complications following spine surgery 0 None
2011-09-21 Viewpoints: Mixing politics and deficit cutting; transparency in health care; doctors' salaries 0 None
2011-09-21 MDC researchers determine molecular structure of dynamin 0 None
2011-09-21 Report warns against shifting funding, prevention efforts away from countries successful in malaria fight 0 None
2011-09-21 NIH announces recipients of 2011 Transformative Research Award Projects 0 None
2011-09-20 Whooping cough vaccine may lose protective capacity in 3 years: Study 0 None
2011-09-20 Gilead’s new 4 in 1 combo HIV pill works 0 None
2011-09-20 Gilead’s Quad Phase 3 clinical study in treatment-naïve HIV-1 patients meets 48-week primary objective 0 None
2011-09-20 Liposomes block HIV infection in early tests 0 None
2011-09-20 Immune system uses zinc to destroy tuberculosis bacillus, E. coli 0 4
2011-09-20 Scientists discover how liver destroys immune T-cells 0 None
2011-09-20 Autopsy study reveals earliest 1918 pandemic influenza cases 0 None
2011-09-20 New York Times examines possible entry into global market of generic drugs for NCDs 0 None
2011-09-20 Independent panel calls for stronger financial safeguards for Global Fund 0 None
2011-09-20 World Bank report examines gender equality, highlights mortality disparity between men and women 0 None
2011-09-20 'ScienceSpeaks' interviews director of technical leadership at OGAC 0 None
2011-09-20 NCD draft declaration lacks specific targets, calls for nations to adopt recommendations for reducing chronic disease deaths 0 None
2011-09-20 Major donors should consider funding for potential malaria vaccine 0 None
2011-09-20 Powerful new antibiotic treatment for MRSA and C. difficile bugs 0 None
2011-09-20 Positive data from NovaDigm's NDV-3 vaccine preclinical study on VVC 0 None
2011-09-19 Online gamers decipher 3D molecular structure that may help AIDS research 0 None
2011-09-19 Chronic diseases could cost $47 trillion over the next 20 years: Report 0 None
2011-09-19 California schools bar children without whooping cough shots 0 None
2011-09-19 MUHC orders GlobalMed TotalExam 2 Examination Cameras for Québec telemedicine program 0 None
2011-09-19 Umeå University´s Centre for Global Health Research hosts meeting on Dengue fever 0 None
2011-09-19 Positive Phase 1 data for NovaDigm NDV-3 vaccine presented at 51st ICAAC 0 None
2011-09-19 Inhibitex initiates INX-189 combination Phase 2 trial in HCV-infected genotype 2/3 patients 0 None
2011-09-19 UMF sponsors second annual Hygiene Specialist Excellence award 0 None
2011-09-19 Meda, Moberg Derma enter license agreement for Nalox to treat onychomycosis 0 None
2011-09-19 Gamers solve molecular structure of retrovirus enzyme 0 None
2011-09-17 Roundup: San Diego launches new HIV testing effort; Study finds economy hurt by Mass. health law; Texas schools turning to safe sex curriculum 0 None
2011-09-17 Emergency mosquito control operations in flood affected Pennsylvania counties 0 None
2011-09-17 An evening of grace and glamour to benefit people living with HIV/AIDS in Orange County 0 None
2011-09-17 Prevention is global health community's greatest challenge in fight against chronic diseases 0 None
2011-09-17 Congressional cuts to global health R&D spending would hinder preparations for new pandemic threats 0 None
2011-09-17 Supplement in USA Today highlights global NTD eradication efforts 0 None
2011-09-17 Afghanistan facing challenges in effort to eradicate polio by end of 2012 0 None
2011-09-17 BARDA awards Vaxin $21.7M contract to accelerate development of novel anthrax vaccine 0 None
2011-09-17 The 4th annual National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day takes place on September 18 0 None
2011-09-16 Georgia reminds adults to get vaccinated 0 1
2011-09-16 PopART project awarded $37 million study grant for HIV prevention in Africa 0 None
2011-09-16 Follow-up study of HIV vaccine trial provides clues for continued research 0 None
2011-09-16 Simple strategies prevent bloodstream infections and save hundreds of patient lives 0 None
2011-09-16 Scientists, policymakers meet to present recent AIDS vaccine developments 0 None
2011-09-16 India sees increase in malaria deaths despite global decline reported by WHO 0 None
2011-09-16 HHS' BARDA contract advances development of novel anthrax vaccine, antitoxin 0 None
2011-09-16 Researchers develop polymers that fluoresce in the presence of bacteria 0 None
2011-09-16 PEPFAR shows how working across 'political spectrum' can prove successful 0 None
2011-09-16 Report urges integrated aid approach to tackle poverty, disease 0 None
2011-09-16 PEPFAR announces $45M, four-year initiative to study combination HIV prevention 0 None
2011-09-16 New report finds improvements in hospital performance 0 None
2011-09-16 New paper describes unique process that is central to induction of MSRA antibiotic resistance 0 None
2011-09-16 U.S. HIV/AIDS policy and funding should be guided by science, policy statement recommends 0 None
2011-09-16 Teva to invest in CDI for development of novel antiviral drugs 0 None
2011-09-16 Bachmann, Perry embroiled in HPV fracas 0 None
2011-09-16 Shorter treatment with telaprevir-based combination regimen may benefit hepatitis C patients 0 5
2011-09-16 Experimental malaria vaccine shows positive results among children in small Burkina Faso study 0 None
2011-09-16 Burundi becomes 10th African country to protect children from pneumonia through immunisation 0 None
2011-09-16 Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification test for human African trypanosomiasis 0 None
2011-09-16 Longer looks: Fighting antibiotic resistance; a health care arms race video; the HVP debate 0 None
2011-09-16 Probiotics appear to protect against upper respiratory tract infections 0 None
2011-09-16 Azithromycin gel may treat borreliosis in humans 0 None
2011-09-15 Plans to tackle drug resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2011-09-15 Listeriosis outbreak sparks unofficial cantaloupe recall 0 None
2011-09-15 Something like 'Contagion' could happen for influenza 0 None
2011-09-15 Cempra's solithromycin demonstrates efficacy comparable to levofloxacin for CABP treatment 0 None
2011-09-15 Integrated health, education and water/sanitation programs can defeat disease and poverty 0 None
2011-09-15 FDA creates Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation Network 0 None
2011-09-15 Scientists compare complete genome sequences of cowpox virus to prepare a phylogeny 0 None
2011-09-15 New research aims to control transmission of infectious diseases 0 None
2011-09-15 E.U. announces launch of 126M Euro program to fight AIDS, TB in South Africa 0 None
2011-09-15 HPV more prevalent among men with laryngeal cancer, private health insurance 0 None
2011-09-15 Pakistan's Punjab province reports growing dengue outbreak 0 None
2011-09-15 U.K. Coalition against NTDs officially launched in London 0 None
2011-09-15 Presidential Commission report calls 1940s STD experiments in Guatemala 'gross violations of ethics' 0 None
2011-09-15 WHO warns drug-resistant TB spreading in Europe at 'alarming' rate, releases plan to fight disease 0 None
2011-09-15 Without action to curb antibiotic resistance, some diseases may once again become untreatable 0 None
2011-09-15 Patients with hepatitis C may benefit from 24 week telaprevir-based regimen 0 None
2011-09-15 Major UK retailers, Liverpool scientists partner to reduce incidence of food poisoning 0 None
2011-09-15 First effective blood-stage vaccine against malaria 0 5
2011-09-15 NEJM publishes data from Vertex INCIVEK Phase 3 study on genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C 0 None
2011-09-15 Researchers discover several chemical compounds against human prion diseases 0 5
2011-09-14 Viamet commences VT-1161 Phase 1 clinical study to treat fungal infections 0 None
2011-09-14 U.S. support to Haiti in wake of ongoing cholera epidemic 'remains unfailing' 0 None
2011-09-14 'Achilles' heels' within HCV virus 0 None
2011-09-14 ASM to honor LA BioMed investigator for A. baumannii infection study 0 None
2011-09-14 Number of global malaria deaths fell by one-fifth over past decade, RBM report says 0 None
2011-09-14 U.N. report highlights innovations aimed at improving maternal and child health 0 None
2011-09-14 Inovio achieves best-in-class immune responses in PENNVAX-B HIV vaccine Phase I study 0 None
2011-09-14 Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir avoids grim AIDS predictions 0 None
2011-09-14 Heavy rains, flooding exacerbating cholera epidemic in West and Central African countries 0 None
2011-09-14 Researchers at South Korean lab make advance in fight against neglected tropical diseases 0 None
2011-09-14 Rwanda to treat HIV-positive people in discordant relationships as soon as they test positive 0 None
2011-09-14 Merck issues statement on GARDASIL human papillomavirus vaccine 0 None
2011-09-14 “Contagion” movie entirely plausible 0 None
2011-09-14 Walgreens, MDA team up to offer free seasonal flu shots 0 None
2011-09-14 Computer models that predict response to treatment 0 None
2011-09-14 Real-life health risks of outbreak portrayed in the movie 'Contagion' 0 None
2011-09-14 Intrauterine devices may protect against cervical cancer 0 None
2011-09-13 Rep. Berman unveils discussion draft of Global Partnerships Act of 2011 aimed at foreign aid reform 0 None
2011-09-13 Positive data from NovaDigm's NDV-3 vaccine program to be presented at ICAAC conference 0 None
2011-09-13 AHF rolls out new national television ad campaign to address national AIDS drug crisis 0 None
2011-09-13 Viewpoints: Burgess, Clancy and others on hospital infections; state health exchanges causing controversy 0 None
2011-09-13 Higher flu vaccination rates for health care personnel can reduce threat of outbreak 0 None
2011-09-12 Breakthrough opens new avenues for hep C vaccine 0 None
2011-09-12 Government funding crisis in Swaziland disrupts supply of HIV/AIDS supplies 0 None
2011-09-12 Risks of infectious disease outbreak portrayed in the film 'Contagion' are 'very real' 0 None
2011-09-12 Reducing malaria incidence could also drastically reduce deaths from bacterial infections, study says 0 None
2011-09-12 Publix to offer Bioject ZetaJet for flu immunizations 0 None
2011-09-12 Bruker to acquire Center for Tribology 0 None
2011-09-12 Mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus detected 0 None
2011-09-12 Mayo Clinic develops genome-based immunization strategy against feline AIDS 0 None
2011-09-12 ASTMH annual meeting to explore latest research on infectious diseases 0 None
2011-09-12 The importance of safe drinking water in Haiti's ongoing post-earthquake recovery efforts 0 1
2011-09-12 Preliminary research shows how Fusarium microbes travel through the air 0 None
2011-09-12 Experts gather in London to propose appropriate medical devices for developing world 0 None
2011-09-12 Gates Foundation's Ananya Alliance aims to improve newborn health in India 0 None
2011-09-12 Recruitment complete in Moberg Derma's MOB-015 phase II study for nail fungus 1 None
2011-09-12 Residents of Pakistan’s tribal areas face dangerous obstacles to access HIV/AIDS treatment 0 None
2011-09-12 Specialists propose changes to allocation and distribution of organs for liver transplants 0 None
2011-09-12 Haiti's cholera epidemic, the hemisphere's worst in decades, neglected by international community 0 None
2011-09-12 PharmAthene completes 1,500 liter engineering production run for SparVax anthrax vaccine 0 None
2011-09-12 Candidate malaria vaccine represents 'potentially encouraging anti-malaria strategy,' researchers say 0 None
2011-09-12 UMSOM to receive FDA approval for whole parasite malaria vaccine clinical trials 0 None
2011-09-09 Non-communicable disease epidemic a global problem 0 None
2011-09-09 Pharmacologists study first drug-resistant strain of pneumonia to enter Texas 0 None
2011-09-09 U.N. member states must face health, economic impacts of NCDs 0 None
2011-09-09 Rich countries watering down NCD commitments to appease multinational companies 0 None
2011-09-09 Zimmer supports GEANCO's orthopaedic mission to Nigeria 0 3
2011-09-09 Einstein led consortium to spearhead Central Africa International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS 0 None
2011-09-09 Global Fund facility offering subsidized malaria drugs 'could do more harm than good' 0 None
2011-09-09 Cholera epidemics spread through West and Central Africa affecting tens of thousands, OCHA reports 0 None
2011-09-09 Study identifies genes never before linked to antibiotic resistance in enterococci 0 None
2011-09-09 Fewer doses of Cervarix vaccine may be as efficacious as standard three-dose regimen 0 None
2011-09-09 Elusys receives federal contract to develop prophylactic treatment against anthrax 0 None
2011-09-09 Ridding homes, offices of mold and dampness can help reduce respiratory infections 0 None
2011-09-09 Transitioning lead responsibilities from U.S. to South Africa in the countries' partnership against HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-09-09 HJF selects three promising USU doctoral students to receive 2011-12 fellowships 0 None
2011-09-09 Positive results from Sanaria PfSPZ Vaccine initial Phase 1 trial on malaria 0 None
2011-09-09 Human Rights Watch report says foreign aid indirectly supporting forced labor in Vietnam's drug rehabilitation centers 0 None
2011-09-08 Nexera to submit amended claims for FDA 510(k) clearance of SpectraShield 9500 Surgical N95 Respirator 0 None
2011-09-08 HRSA announces $5.1M in awards as part of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program 0 None
2011-09-08 TB vaccine candidate shows early potential in mice 0 None
2011-09-08 Study: Almost one third of students in Uganda have been subject to sexual coercion 0 None
2011-09-08 CDC reports slight drop in smoking; tick worries blood experts 0 None
2011-09-08 Building up public sector in Haiti key to controlling cholera 0 None
2011-09-08 Apply lessons from the AIDS response to NCD control and prevention in developing countries 0 None
2011-09-08 Study shows household ownership of ITNs associated with lower child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2011-09-08 Innovative UMD-based food safety program to launch on Sept. 15 0 None
2011-09-08 Mass. Eye and Ear receives NIAID grant to coordinate Harvard-wide Project on Antibiotic Resistance 0 None
2011-09-08 Better communication needed with at-risk communities for HIV vaccine trials 0 None
2011-09-08 Guyana coast at risk of malaria resurgence as climate change brings warmer temperatures, more rainfall 0 None
2011-09-07 Dwindling donor funding in Burundi leads to national shortage of ARVs 0 None
2011-09-07 BARDA awards GlaxoSmithKline contract for development of dual-purpose broad spectrum antibiotic 0 None
2011-09-07 Physical, sexual abuse and threats prevent adolescent girls from having their partner use condoms 0 None
2011-09-07 African giant pouched rat may be more effective than humans at detecting TB 0 None
2011-09-07 Ohio man dies from tooth infection after he couldn't afford medicine 0 None
2011-09-07 Continued funding from all countries needed to fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-09-07 'No evidence' mutant bird flu virus poses increased risk to humans, WHO and FAO say 0 2
2011-09-07 DOJ investigates Miss. mental health care; N.H. pharmacists win permission to vaccinate 0 None
2011-09-07 U.N. declares famine in sixth region of Somalia, expresses concern over spread of disease 0 None
2011-09-07 Impact of colds and flu on school absenteeism, workplace and economy 0 None
2011-09-07 GSK receives HHS' BARDA contract to support development of Gram-negative antibiotic, GSK2251052 0 None
2011-09-07 International public health spending ignores neglected tropical diseases, some experts argue 0 None
2011-09-07 More than 2M people in Pakistani province of Sindh affected by flooding from monsoon rains 0 None
2011-09-07 March of Dimes urges all pregnant women to get influenza immunization 0 None
2011-09-07 Number of malaria cases in Brazilian Amazon drop 31% in first half of year compared with 2010 0 None
2011-09-07 Genetically modified M. smegmatis vaccine shows promise against TB 0 None
2011-09-06 Superbug structure deciphered 0 None
2011-09-06 Tick-borne disease in US blood supply 0 None
2011-09-06 NanoViricides selects NV-INF-1 anti-influenza drug for FDA submission 0 None
2011-09-06 Pharmasset reports SVR results from PSI-7977 phase 2b combination study on HCV genotype 1 0 None
2011-09-06 Biologists identify mechanism of H. pylori that damages DNA of gastric mucosal cells 0 None
2011-09-06 Three cases of novel influenza A virus now linked to agricultural fair in southwestern Pennsylvania 0 4
2011-09-06 Researchers discover how yeast cells identify, attach to human tissue and cause infection 0 None
2011-09-05 Researchers discover novel way to increase amounts of antibiotics 0 None
2011-09-05 Gilead to amend design of ongoing clinical trials against chronic hepatitis C 0 None
2011-09-05 Teenagers use medicines frequently without receiving targeted information about risks and benefits 0 None
2011-09-05 IKEPLUS immunization completely eliminates TB bacteria from infected tissues 1 None
2011-09-05 Einstein researchers develop tuberculosis vaccine candidate 0 None
2011-09-05 Scientists sequence ten variants of E. coli O104:H4 outbreak strain across the world 0 None
2011-09-03 UNFPA Executive Director to visit refugee camps in Kenya on 3 September 0 None
2011-09-03 Scientists hope to create models that can more accurately predict spread of disease 0 None
2011-09-03 Researchers discover protein signals responsible for preserving anti-viral antibodies 0 2
2011-09-03 WHO African region member states have challenges to meet MDGs, WHO/AFRO Director says 0 None
2011-09-03 PEPFAR releases Guidance for the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted HIV Infections 0 None
2011-09-03 Finland national health institute finds link between H1N1 flu vaccine and children's narcolepsy 0 None
2011-09-03 In research world, Walter Reed fights malaria while new facility seeks to prevent medical errors 0 None
2011-09-03 NPR examines legacy of Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Institute of Research in battle against malaria 0 3
2011-09-03 Progress in reducing child mortality rates at Somalia, Ethiopia border refugee camps is slow, U.S. official says 0 None
2011-09-02 Sand fly's salivary components play a critical role in process for Leishmania 0 3
2011-09-02 Wis. patients getting tested for HIV after misuse of equipment 0 None
2011-09-02 Using high-speed lasers to zap mosquitoes in the fight against malaria 0 None
2011-09-02 NCD summit negotiations must get back on track to help millions worldwide 0 None
2011-09-02 Discovery in rare disease may shed light on common causes of blindness 0 None
2011-09-02 New IDSA/PIDS guidelines can thwart pneumonia in children 0 None
2011-09-02 'Sustainable global pharmacovigilance' systems needed to monitor ARVs, other drugs 0 None
2011-09-02 People living with HIV in Egypt feel health care sector is source of stigma, report says 0 None
2011-09-02 Special journal edition chronicles 3-D structures of important antibacterial, bioterrorist targets 0 None
2011-09-02 New meta-analysis reaffirms safety profile of aspirin for pain relief, fever 0 None
2011-09-02 Integrating rapid syphilis and HIV testing for pregnant women could reduce maternal, child morbidity and mortality 0 None
2011-09-02 HIV/AIDS policies “woefully inadequate” in Britain: Report 0 None
2011-09-02 Tamiflu resistant flu found in Newcastle, Australia 0 None
2011-09-02 MRSA ‘superbug’: Everyone at risk! 0 None


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