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2004-10-29 Routine screening of blood samples would reduce the risk of disease transmission among transplant recipients 0 None
2004-10-29 Acetaldehyde appears to increase the addictive properties of nicotine 0 None
2004-10-29 New evidence to explain why mental function becomes less efficient with ageing 0 None
2004-10-29 Is NICE delivering the goods? 0 None
2004-10-29 Selling paracetamol and other painkillers in smaller pack sizes has slashed rates of suicide 0 2
2004-10-28 Higher radiation doses helps patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer live longer 0 None
2004-10-28 Study supports earlier findings, and even showed a significantly higher prevalence of periodontal diseases in cardiac patients 0 None
2004-10-28 Scientists are trying to determine what goes on inside the brain when it sees a face 0 None
2004-10-28 Mail-order prescriptions exposed to excessive heat may become significantly less effective for patients 0 None
2004-10-28 Blacks are more likely to be lifetime nonsmokers than whites 0 None
2004-10-28 Brief psychological interventions are effective in relieving traumatic stress symptoms in family members 0 None
2004-10-28 Study suggests safer immunization approach to Alzheimer's 0 None
2004-10-26 New study of blood substitute for use in trauma cases 0 None
2004-10-26 First study to measure the influence of night-shift work on hormone levels that may affect breast-cancer risk 0 None
2004-10-26 Understanding the impact of breast cancer beyond treatment 0 None
2004-10-26 Friends and family could be the cure for work related stress 0 None
2004-10-26 Ruboxistaurin may reduce vision loss from diabetes-induced eye disease 0 None
2004-10-26 Anxiety helps memory recall, but stress hinders complex problem solving 0 None
2004-10-26 Magnetic resonance guidance may improve the long-term success of treatment for deforming birthmark 0 None
2004-10-26 Radiotherapy with cetuximab significantly improves disease control and survival in head and neck cancer 0 None
2004-10-25 Workers exposed to dioxin have higher cancer rates 0 None
2004-10-25 Impaired endothelial function is an early indicator of atherosclerosis 0 None
2004-10-25 Lead exposure can hinder recovery from a brain injury 0 None
2004-10-25 Evidence links cellular iron deficiency to restless legs syndrome 0 None
2004-10-25 Many patients with sleep apnea or insomnia also have attention deficit disorder 1 4
2004-10-25 Studies examine risk factors and potential consequences associated with prehypertension 0 None
2004-10-25 Study could lead to new, more effective treatments for urinary tract infections 0 None
2004-10-25 Injured motor vehicle occupants cumulatively lost 60.8 million days of work 0 None
2004-10-25 Treating childhood sexual abuse 0 None
2004-10-25 Allopurinol, a common gout drug may also offer some protection against colorectal cancer 0 None
2004-10-25 Women and Hispanics are less likely to undergo colorectal cancer screening 0 None
2004-10-25 Europe has one of the highest incidence rates of ovarian cancer in the world 0 None
2004-10-24 Calorie restriction prevents certain aging-related changes in the brain 0 None
2004-10-24 Intoxicated honey bees provide greater insights into the effects of alcohol 0 None
2004-10-22 New Yorkers' use of mental health services rose only slightly after 9//11 0 None
2004-10-21 Study clearly showed the benefit of weight loss in terms of pain, function and quality of life 0 None
2004-10-21 Gene variations explain why people with type 2 diabetes are at much greater risk for coronary artery disease 0 None
2004-10-21 Diet which mimics the effects of starvation may be started as an outpatient treatment for children with epilepsy 0 None
2004-10-21 Male scientists typically have a level of the hormone oestrogen as high as their testosterone level 0 5
2004-10-21 Highly sensitive receptors in the brain may function differently in a person with a family history of alcoholism 0 None
2004-10-21 Common antibacterial and antifungal ingredient used in tooth paste may protect against skin cancer 0 None
2004-10-21 52% of the late-stage breast cancer cases were associated with an absence of screening 0 None
2004-10-21 Ductal lavage is not an effective method for detecting breast cancer 0 None
2004-10-21 Tamoxifen use for the treatment of breast cancer is not associated with an increased risk of stroke 0 1
2004-10-21 Evidence showing treatment benefits of beta interferon for multiple sclerosis 0 None
2004-10-21 Misconceptions about sexual violence common among South African youth 0 None
2004-10-21 Adults who were abused or neglected as children tend to visit doctors more often 0 None
2004-10-21 Freezing or refrigerating expressed breast milk for longer than 48 hours substantially lowers its antioxidant content 0 None
2004-10-21 Lack of improvement 24 hours after stroke treatment associated with poor outcome or death at 3 months 0 None
2004-10-21 Study identifies factors associated with higher risk of death in hospital after treatment for stroke 0 None
2004-10-19 Finding it hard to quit smoking? It may be due to your environment 0 None
2004-10-19 Women with late effects of polio experience menopause differently than their non-disabled peers 0 None
2004-10-19 Study suggests that some survivors have a genetic tendency to developing breast cancer as young women 0 None
2004-10-19 Study into ageing yields wealth of data 0 None
2004-10-19 Study will evaluate arsenic exposure from the environment and its potential carcinogenic effects 0 None
2004-10-18 Sister study that examines causes of breast cancer opens 0 None
2004-10-18 A study to help women decide how to give birth 0 None
2004-10-18 Cymbalta significantly reduced pain in more than half of women treated for fibromyalgia, with and without major depression 0 None
2004-10-18 Study of patient's perspective medical errors may have health care professional rethinking what is important to their patients 0 None
2004-10-18 Comprehensive study raises questions about "demethylation" agents 0 None
2004-10-18 Study underscores the relative safety of infliximab, when used properly 0 None
2004-10-18 Fruit and vitamin C intake are likely to be useful for the prevention of stomach cancer 0 None
2004-10-18 People who use their computers to find health information often wind up in worse condition than if they had listened to their doctor 0 None
2004-10-18 Psychic powers that enable people to see auras around others may simply be a quirk of the brain 20 2.8
2004-10-16 Study links possible role of ephedrine in sudden cardiac arrests 0 None
2004-10-16 Per capita consumption of ethanol is the most reliable measure of a population's overall alcohol-drinking behaviors 0 None
2004-10-16 People who drank alcohol on a regular basis appeared to have less cardiovascular disease 0 None
2004-10-14 Vitamin E's status as a super supplement questioned 0 None
2004-10-13 Scientists can now explain why the brain prefers one brand of soft drink to another 0 None
2004-10-13 Researchers make House of Commons focus on school toilets 0 None
2004-10-13 Study shows how people with severe and persistent mental illnesses live their everyday lives 0 None
2004-10-13 Laboratory test of evolutionary theory confirms the importance of connections between populations 0 None
2004-10-13 Surgical remedies for snoring and sleep disorders 0 None
2004-10-13 Old and poor people are less likely to have knee replacement surgery 0 None
2004-10-13 Melanin is not only good for you, it also can be bad 0 None
2004-10-13 Portion control or planned exercise induces greatest weight loss 0 None
2004-10-13 Influenza expert is beginning a three-year direct comparison of flu shots versus nasal spray flu vaccine 0 None
2004-10-13 Greater risk for children of mothers over 40 to die in the womb or as a newborn 0 5
2004-10-12 Genetic discovery may hold clues to the development of many cases of the most common cancers 0 None
2004-10-12 Some post-surgical epilepsy patients have a significant decline in verbal memory 0 None
2004-10-12 People who have uncontrolled seizures on the left side of their brains are more likely to have learning disabilities 1 None
2004-10-12 Dietary iron imbalances increase the odds of developing Parkinson's disease 0 None
2004-10-12 Study examines fertility concerns among young women with breast cancer 0 None
2004-10-12 Surgical treatment for morbid obesity helps prevent hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and obstructive sleep apnea 0 None
2004-10-12 Study finds new vaccine against pneumococcal has minor adverse effects but continued surveillance is warranted 0 None
2004-10-12 Changes in reimbursement have reduced length of stay for patients receiving inpatient medical rehabilitation 0 None
2004-10-12 New study on disparities in maternal and infant health 0 None
2004-10-12 Ecstasy study identifies potentially lethal combination 0 None
2004-10-12 Adults with mental disorders have higher odds of being diagnosed with brain tumors and lung cancer 0 None
2004-10-12 One of the largest studies in the world looking at how caffeine in our diet may affect health 0 None
2004-10-12 Loss of fat and sun exposure play a bigger role than gravity in aging the face 0 None
2004-10-12 New study highlights survey vulnerabilities 0 None
2004-10-11 Protein called Mrp4 blocks the access of the anti-cancer drug topotecan into the brain 0 None
2004-10-11 Lifestyle factors that increase the risk of heart disease in adults begin to take hold in childhood 0 None
2004-10-11 Evidence for a link between alcohol consumption and heart flutter is conflicting 0 None
2004-10-11 Study raises important questions about the use of drugs that promote or prevent angiogenesis 0 None
2004-10-11 Study increases likelihood that MRI could be used as predictive technology to determine which patients should be placed on statin therapy for atherosclerosis 0 None
2004-10-11 Study sheds light on events orchestrating the changes when mammalian eggs are fertilized and become embryos 0 None
2004-10-11 Treatment of obesity reduces the onset of lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol levels, diabetes mellitus, and even erectile dysfunction 0 None
2004-10-11 Respiratory therapists are at an increased risk of developing asthma 0 None
2004-10-11 Signaling pathway could be a valuable target for future drug therapies against systemic lupus erythematosus 0 None
2004-10-11 Brain imaging study shows brain differences between autistic boys with language impairment and those with normal language development 0 None
2004-10-11 Genetic link to Preeclampsia, a serious complication of pregnancy 0 5
2004-10-11 Certain blood pressure drugs may slow the deterioration of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2004-10-10 Surgery for extremely obese patients may be more effective for weight reduction 0 None
2004-10-10 Botox could be assuming a new role as a pain reliever 0 None
2004-10-10 Studies reveal complex molecular choreography with implications for human health and disease 0 None
2004-10-08 Prostate cancer patients who no longer respond to hormone therapy may benefit from a combination of docetaxel and estramustine 0 None
2004-10-08 Walking fast after stroke improves rehabilitation 0 None
2004-10-08 Scientists have developed a new technology capable of improving survival outcomes after bone marrow transplantation 0 None
2004-10-08 Food allergies are a growing health and safety concern in the classroom 0 None
2004-10-08 The use of anti-inflammatory drugs to treat severe head injuries is actually dangerous 0 None
2004-10-08 Air rather than 100% oxygen for babies requiring ventilation after delivery could reduce infant mortality 0 None
2004-10-07 The search for the Holy Grail for dieters is on 0 None
2004-10-07 Men with advanced, incurable prostate cancer can benefit from docetaxel 0 None
2004-10-07 Added sugars have little or no substantive effect on diet quality 0 None
2004-10-07 Short-term exercise has a significant impact on insulin action in overweight people 0 None
2004-10-07 Ecstasy does affect the memory of people who take it 0 None
2004-10-07 Lipid profile differences explain why two people with the same overall cholesterol level can have different degrees of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2004-10-06 Breast cancer drug Taxotere extends life of prostate cancer patients 0 None
2004-10-06 Transatlantic study to help damaged hearts repair themselves 0 None
2004-10-06 Chiropractic care may reduce anxiety symptoms 0 None
2004-10-06 18 percent of seniors with chronic conditions such as heart disease and depression skip medicines due to costs 0 None
2004-10-06 Viruses from human sources occur in the La Crosse, Wisconsin municipal drinking water supply prior to its chlorination 0 None
2004-10-06 Obese women with early breast cancer at greater risk of death 0 None
2004-10-06 Eight out of 10 adults experience low back pain 0 None
2004-10-06 Using antidepressant medication to treat people with depression and alcohol or drug abuse is beneficial 0 1
2004-10-06 Noncardiac surgery risky for older heart failure patients 0 None
2004-10-06 Surgery to reshape damaged hearts may provide long-term benefits for certain patients with advanced heart failure 0 None
2004-10-05 University of Texas Health Science Center publishes web database of clinical studies 0 None
2004-10-05 One group of drugs that is effective in fighting HIV may also be promoting the death of sensory nerves in the skin 0 None
2004-10-05 Breast density, rapid tumor growth contribute to mammogram failure in women in their forties 0 None
2004-10-05 Exposure to carcinogens called arylamines is associated with bladder cancer risk in both smokers and nonsmokers 0 5
2004-10-05 Receiving a blood transfusion is associated with a greater risk of death for patients with acute coronary syndromes 0 None
2004-10-05 Black and Hispanic patients experience marked delays in heart attack treatment compared with whites 0 None
2004-10-05 Veterans in rural areas are in poorer health than their urban counterparts 0 None
2004-10-05 High-tech isometrics helps persons on hypertension medication 0 None
2004-10-05 Radiation therapy and tamoxifen helps prevent cancer returning 0 None
2004-10-05 Radiation either before or after chemotherapy and surgery just as effective for treating lung cancer 0 None
2004-10-05 In some cases, children with Hodgkin’s Disease can safely skip or reduce the amount of radiation therapy received 0 None
2004-10-05 Study suggests that radiation oncologists can and should be more aggressive in their treatment of prostate cancer 0 None
2004-10-05 Boosting the blood count in conjunction with radiation therapy doesn't improve survival for head and neck cancer patients 0 None
2004-10-05 Minor depression is effectively treated with medication 0 None
2004-10-05 Number of low birth weight infants born in America rose between 1990 and 2000 0 None
2004-10-04 Prognostic factors influencing survival in patients with brain metastases identified 0 None
2004-10-04 MRI is useful, not just in diagnosing MS, but also in the monitoring of therapies in clinical trials 0 None
2004-10-04 Four out of 10 medical students feel they can justify having a sexual relationship with a patient 0 None
2004-10-04 Assisted living residents with dementia go undiagnosed and are not adequately treated 0 None
2004-10-04 3 year study to validate bladder cancer test 0 None
2004-10-04 Most malaria deaths among U.S. travelers between 1963 and 2001 were preventable 0 None
2004-10-04 College students may be ignoring the threat of heart disease 0 None
2004-10-04 Reducing eosinophilic airway inflammation in severe asthma 0 None
2004-10-04 Race influences participation in clinical trials 0 None
2004-10-04 Home nurse visits after childbirth reduce healthcare costs 0 None
2004-10-04 The crash rate for licensed 16-year-old drivers is “alarmingly high” 0 None


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