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Date Title Comments Rating
2004-03-31 First patient dosed with Tesmilifene in pivotal breast cancer study 0 None
2004-03-30 Lack of iodine prompts new Australian study 0 None
2004-03-30 Antarctic fish may aid cardiac research 0 None
2004-03-29 Study to look at whether patients needing surgery the most are those receiving it 0 None
2004-03-29 Colorectal cancer and preventative screening legislation in the US 0 None
2004-03-28 Australia’s first large-scale study into genetic discrimination 0 5
2004-03-28 Study demonstrates pharmacists ability to identify & refer patients at-risk for fractures 0 None
2004-03-26 Pregnancies that end in miscarriage or abortion do not increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer 0 None
2004-03-25 Asthma study turns up new information on viral infections 0 None
2004-03-24 Psychologists Study Zero-Gravity Effects on the Human Brain 1 1
2004-03-24 Study tracks behaviour changes in Alzheimer sufferers 0 None
2004-03-23 Carbon Dioxide may be used in medical implants 0 None
2004-03-23 20% of worldwide population lack enough zinc in diet 0 None
2004-03-23 Walnuts prevent heart disease 1 4.5
2004-03-22 Clinical study - Diagnostic testing for epilepsy released 0 None
2004-03-22 Study suggests cigarette smoking increases likelyhood of death by prostate cancer 0 None
2004-03-22 The placebo effect, study suggest pain management is possible 0 None
2004-03-22 Spina bifida on the decline 0 None
2004-03-22 Liverpool scientist presents chronic illness study to House of Commons 0 None
2004-03-22 Emergency caesarean sections should be completed within 75 minutes 0 None
2004-03-22 Side Effects of Diabetes Drugs Involve Unsuspected Brain Region 0 None
2004-03-22 New therapies that may treat cancers 0 None
2004-03-22 Bacteria Live in the Esophagus! 0 3
2004-03-22 Cigarette Smoking May Lower Rates of Neurodegenerative Diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's 0 None
2004-03-20 Sleep apnea may be commonly misdiagnosed with hypertension 0 None


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