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2004-04-29 Stroke survivors have twice the risk of dementia compared to stroke-free men and women of the same age 0 None
2004-04-29 Transplanted bone-marrow cells could regenerate nerve cells in the brain 0 None
2004-04-29 Australian study helps to better understand MS disease 0 None
2004-04-29 A new prognostic marker has shown potential to predict recurrence in certain colon cancer patients 0 None
2004-04-29 Mystery surrounding ageing, death and cancer is dispelled by new study 0 None
2004-04-29 Chlamydia may cause infertility in men as well as long-term health problems for women 0 2
2004-04-29 Patients don't recognize physical symptoms as possible indicators of depression and anxiety disorders 0 None
2004-04-29 High levels of microscopic, soot-like particles are increasing the risk of premature death 0 None
2004-04-28 New teatment for intractable low blood pressure 0 None
2004-04-27 Improvement of Parkinson’s disease symptoms when neurorestorative molecule pumped to the center of the brain 0 None
2004-04-27 A ten year study shows that surgery is not only effective, but the preferred treatment for select epilepsy patients 0 None
2004-04-27 A high rate of marriage among deaf individuals can explain the increased frequency of connexin deafness in the United States 0 None
2004-04-27 PTSD study focuses on mental window of opportunity 0 None
2004-04-27 NYU School of Medicine and Bellevue to examine health issues in hispanic population 0 None
2004-04-27 Relieving acute stress from trauma may be a matter of thinking it through 0 None
2004-04-26 Heart disease and stroke hit younger in developing countries 0 None
2004-04-26 A new study is better defining the impact that stress and depression have on women suffering from rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2004-04-26 A study of nearly 1,700 hernia repair operations found fewer recurrences and complications overall with open surgery than with laparoscopic surgery 0 None
2004-04-24 New use of Botox helps voice disorders 0 None
2004-04-22 New survey on the U.S. market for synthetic oligonucleotides 0 None
2004-04-21 Cell associated with asthma linked to tobacco smoke 0 None
2004-04-20 Infertile couples may be unaware of multiple birth risks 0 None
2004-04-20 Study suggests that donor livers are not always distributed according to a patient's need 0 None
2004-04-20 Study is first to see such changes in women without high blood pressure or other diseases 0 None
2004-04-19 Study reveals brain function of poor readers can improve 0 None
2004-04-16 Weight training women don't lose weight 0 None
2004-04-16 Blood pressure testing in people under 35 often misdiagnosed 0 None
2004-04-16 Evidence suggests cutting back on state-sponsored smoking prevention campaigns could increase smoking rates 0 None
2004-04-16 New gene presents a potent new target for breast cancer therapy 0 None
2004-04-16 Proteomics techniques to find a possible predictor of response in a chemoprevention trial 0 None
2004-04-14 Unflued gas heaters linked to asthma attacks 0 None
2004-04-14 Ethnocultural beliefs vary widely on organ donation 0 None
2004-04-14 Cinnamon's role as an insulin substitute in type II diabetes 1 3.7
2004-04-14 Survey finds most Americans are not getting enough sleep 0 None
2004-04-13 Lung cancer affects male and females differently 0 None
2004-04-13 Extended lymph node dissection fails to increase survival among gastric cancer patients 0 None
2004-04-13 Strongest evidence yet for the role of genetic factors in smoking addiction 0 None
2004-04-12 Extended lymph node dissection, a treatment for gastric cancer 0 None
2004-04-11 Study suggests ways to prevent prostate cancer 0 None
2004-04-07 A protein involved in the release of neurotransmitters in the brain is essential to learning and memory 0 None
2004-04-07 Study shows frequent masturbation reduces chance of developing prostate cancer 0 4
2004-04-06 New study could lead to new drugs to prevent premature birth 0 None
2004-04-05 Fluorescent molecule used to examine real time chemical reactions that result in smooth-muscle contraction 0 None
2004-04-05 The National Cancer Institute has awarded USC scientists $3.5 million for a study of the enzyme that faithfully copies our genetic information 0 None
2004-04-05 Cephalosporins three times more effective than penicillin 0 None
2004-04-05 ULTRACET® Effective And Well Tolerated For Post-Surgical Pain 0 None
2004-04-05 BRITONS risk dying prematurely from cancer due to ignorance 0 None
2004-04-05 Sheepskin reduces the incidence of pressure ulcers by 58 per cent. 0 None
2004-04-04 New study to benefit pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers 0 None
2004-04-03 New Study Links Passive Smoke to Heart Attacks 0 None
2004-04-01 Fatty acid pathway, glucose produce triacetic acid lactone 0 5
2004-04-01 Link Between Stress And Multiple Sclerosis Attacks 0 None


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