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RSSArchived Drug Trial News Stories - 2005

Date Title Comments Rating
2005-12-30 Treatments for epilepsy compared 0 None
2005-12-29 University of Michigan Medical School to study the science of obesity and metabolism 0 None
2005-12-29 Hyperbaric oxygen treatments mobilizes stem cells aiding injury repair 0 None
2005-12-28 Misdosing anti-clotting drugs leads to heart attack symptoms 0 None
2005-12-28 Daily dose of Vitamin D cuts cancer risk 0 None
2005-12-22 Bigger brain = more intellectual capacity 0 None
2005-12-22 Study to look for links between the nervous system and fatal heart rhythm 0 None
2005-12-22 Second-hand smoke increases the risk of eye disease 0 None
2005-12-21 Long term air pollution exposure leads to acceleration of atherosclerosis and vascular inflammation 0 None
2005-12-21 Experts unsurprised by level of alcohol abuse 0 None
2005-12-19 Lupus patients safe to go back on the pill 0 None
2005-12-19 Eating chicken may reduce colon cancer risk 0 None
2005-12-19 Keep on trying - when you do get pregnant the chances are it will be a boy! 0 None
2005-12-19 More veggies, less red meat = lower blood pressure 0 None
2005-12-15 A crucial role for TGF-beta signaling in congenital eye disorders 0 None
2005-12-15 The role of genes in the development of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas 0 None
2005-12-15 65% of ovarian cancer cells sideline body's defences 0 None
2005-12-15 Milk thistle extract treatment for liver disease found to be ineffective 0 None
2005-12-15 Researchers discover potential mechanism for tumor growth 0 None
2005-12-15 Fish oil supplements prevent declines in heart rate variability 0 None
2005-12-15 Protein induces dental pulp stem cells into dentin-forming odontoblasts 0 None
2005-12-15 Impact of Medicare drug law on retiree health benefits 0 None
2005-12-15 Chronic pain sufferers may be able to reduce pain levels by studying their own live brain images 0 None
2005-12-15 Cholesterol levels down overall 0 None
2005-12-14 Epilepsy surgery improves depression 0 None
2005-12-14 Diets bad for your mental health 0 None
2005-12-13 Vitamin D keeps lungs healthy - CHEST study 0 2
2005-12-13 Cocaine abuse may increase risk of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2005-12-13 Fee-for-service associated with a significantly higher rate of cataract surgery 0 None
2005-12-13 Brain enlargement may indicate autism 0 5
2005-12-13 Bone quality regulator identified - possible target for preventing and treating bone fractures 0 None
2005-12-13 Iodine intake may play a part in teen-age acne 0 None
2005-12-13 A colonization factor links Vibrio cholerae environmental survival and human infection 0 None
2005-12-13 Stress increases alcoholism 0 5
2005-12-13 Testosterone replacement therapy shows promise for Alzheimer sufferers 0 None
2005-12-13 Securin is not required for chromosomal stability in human cells 0 None
2005-12-13 Benefits of aspirin for postmenopausal women 0 None
2005-12-12 New treatment for chronic Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura 0 None
2005-12-12 A cuppa a day keeps cancer away 0 None
2005-12-12 Lifestyle factors affect prostate cancer tests 0 None
2005-12-12 Infections are a major cause of childhood cancer 0 None
2005-12-11 Nothing changes - health aid still fails for the poorest 0 None
2005-12-11 When trouble occurs good samaritans can be relied on to help 0 None
2005-12-07 Obese mothers put their kids at risk 0 None
2005-12-07 Nasal flu vaccine just as safe as a jab 0 None
2005-12-07 Study suggests a way to eliminate glioblastoma 0 None
2005-12-07 Study reveals treatment and screening inequalities for patients with mental health problems 0 None
2005-12-07 COX-2 inhibitors may not be as safe as originally thought 0 None
2005-12-07 High-intensity ultrasound waves heats and destroys uterine fibroids 0 1
2005-12-07 Short-term use of painkiller drugs does not increase the risk of heart attack 0 None
2005-12-07 Buttock injections do not provide proper dose 0 5
2005-12-07 Understanding obesity in humans 0 None
2005-12-07 People in relationships are generally happier 0 None
2005-12-07 Hippocampal myo-inositol and cognitive ability in adults with Down Syndrome 0 None
2005-12-07 Liver plays crucial role in iron metabolism 0 None
2005-12-07 New anti-clotting treatment 0 None
2005-12-07 Subclinical hypothyroidism associated with increased risk of congestive heart failure 1 None
2005-12-07 The evolutions and functions of laughter and humor 0 None
2005-12-06 Greater risk of a stroke after a heart attack 0 None
2005-12-06 Chronic fatigue syndrome may be a legitimate neurological condition 0 5
2005-12-06 New study sheds light on role of type II collagen in rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-12-05 Exercise good for children with heart defects 0 None
2005-12-05 A tipple or two a day will keep you trim 0 None
2005-12-05 Caffeine and alcohol addiction similar 0 None
2005-12-05 People who drink small amounts of alcohol regularly are less likely to be obese 0 None
2005-12-05 Alagebrium may prevent arterial aging in patients with systolic hypertension 0 None
2005-12-05 Study of 30-day extended wear contact lenses 1 None
2005-12-05 Iron-biofortified rice improves the iron stores of nonanemic Filipino women 0 None
2005-12-05 Genetics play a part in the inability to stop caffeine use 0 None
2005-12-05 Ultrafiltration therapy safe and effective 0 None
2005-12-05 Innovative economic enhancement and HIV-prevention intervention study 0 None
2005-12-05 Lay people can effectively use defibrillators to save the lives of cardiac arrest victims 0 None
2005-12-05 Liver transplants may not be suitable for all cystic fibrosis patients 0 None
2005-12-05 Phenoxodiol - docetaxel combination for women with recurrent ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-12-05 Redefining how the heart functions 0 None
2005-12-05 First study to demonstrate the elimination of a racial/ethnic disparity in health and healthcare 0 None
2005-12-05 Men are from Mars, women are from Venus - when it comes to brains! 0 4
2005-12-05 Sleep-disorders related to breathing suggest increase risk of stroke 0 None
2005-12-05 HRAS mutation analysis in Costello Syndrome 0 None
2005-12-02 Fast-tracked screening for Chlamydia in UK 0 None
2005-12-02 Significant relationships between household endotoxin and diagnosed asthma 0 None
2005-12-02 Depressed heart patients skip medications 0 None
2005-12-02 Drinking lots of coffee and tea can reduce the risk of chronic liver disease 0 None
2005-12-02 Mycophenolate mofetil helps treat lupus patients 0 None
2005-12-02 Strong relationship between cannabis and car crashes 0 None
2005-12-02 Childcare helps reduce stress levels for mums and children 0 None
2005-12-02 Cellular and molecular mechanisms that accelerate the development and progression of atherosclerosis 0 None
2005-12-02 New alcohol biomarker test lowers the cost of caring for patients with chronic illnesses 0 None
2005-11-30 Risk of severe asthma episodes predicted from fluctuation analysis of airway function 0 None
2005-11-30 Under-active thyroid can increase heart failure risk 0 None
2005-11-29 Feeling fat - it's all in the mind! 0 None
2005-11-29 Checking blood pressure at home gives better control 0 None
2005-11-29 Hard to quit smoking even after cancer is diagnosed 0 None
2005-11-28 Amygdala activation to interpersonal threat can be specifically linked to the severity of social anxiety symptoms 0 None
2005-11-28 Prion protein codon 129 genotype prevalence is altered in primary progressive aphasia 0 None
2005-11-28 Chronic stress induces rapid occlusion of angioplasty 0 None
2005-11-28 Stenting of the carotid artery significantly improves cognitive speed 0 None
2005-11-28 Orbitofrontal thickness, retention of fear extinction, and extraversion 0 None
2005-11-28 Low doses of aspirin increase chance of developing ulcers 0 None
2005-11-28 One-half of cancer patients continue to smoke after diagnosis 0 None
2005-11-28 A sign of the times - fat bums mean longer needles for that jab 0 None
2005-11-28 MGH study finds first function for, promising flexibility in adult-born nerve cells 0 None
2005-11-28 Noise can increase risk of heart attack 0 None
2005-11-28 Stress can raise a person's lipid levels 0 None
2005-11-28 Large-scale international study confirms value of blood test to diagnose heart failure 0 None
2005-11-28 Lifestyle modification should be the first line of treatment for obesity 0 None
2005-11-28 Study links low level of response (LR) to alcohol to an area on chromosome 10 0 None
2005-11-28 New findings in patients with pediatric kidney failure 0 None
2005-11-28 Kidney disease may be a more important risk factor for heart disease than is cholesterol 0 None
2005-11-28 The internet may help sufferers of panic disorder 0 None
2005-11-28 Recognizing facial expressions is separate from identifying familiar faces in autism or Asperger's 0 None
2005-11-28 Analysis of Fcg Receptor haplotypes in rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-11-28 The Mater Study outcomes 0 None
2005-11-28 Megestrol acetate may combat weight loss during radiation treatments 0 None
2005-11-28 Loss of genes on chromosome 1 or 11 raises the risk of death from the children's cancer neuroblastoma 0 None
2005-11-28 Distance to radiation facilities has an inverse relationship with breast-conserving surgery with radiation use 0 None
2005-11-28 Endorectal-body phased-array coil improves prostate cancer detection 0 None
2005-11-26 Study finds AKT blocks cancer cell motility 0 None
2005-11-26 Lowering of LDL level shows limited benefit for patients with previous heart attack 0 None
2005-11-26 Age alone influences risks for people in their eighties after heart surgery 0 None
2005-11-26 Cellular clues to vitamin A resistance in lung cancer 0 None
2005-11-26 Study finds common pollutants linked to fetal growth retardation 0 None
2005-11-26 48% of people with diabetes are not using aspirin to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke 0 None
2005-11-26 People drink less as they age 0 None
2005-11-26 United Kingdom has among the highest reported rates of primary resistance to HIV drugs worldwide 0 None
2005-11-24 Study of two drugs for angina treatment shows equal outcomes to patients 0 None
2005-11-24 Radiotherapy for certain cancers increases the risk of pelvic fractures 0 None
2005-11-24 New drug CellCept far more effective in treating kidney problems in lupus patients 0 None
2005-11-24 It's a fact - noise can give you a heart attack! 0 None
2005-11-24 Who's calling who fat round here? 0 None
2005-11-21 Diets rich in meat increase the likelihood of developing chronic respiratory symptoms 0 None
2005-11-21 Aspirin can significantly reduce the risk of stroke in women 0 None
2005-11-21 Sleeping on back affects sleep apnea among young children 0 None
2005-11-21 Re-opening of carotid arteries in stroke has high success rate with stenting 0 None
2005-11-21 Exercise capacity is a powerful predictor of death in patients with coronary artery disease 0 None
2005-11-21 Tamoxifen reduces the risk of invasive and noninvasive breast cancer 0 None
2005-11-21 American physicians may be too liberal in their use of blood transfusions 0 None
2005-11-21 Viagra effectively treats urinary tract symptoms associated with prostate enlargement 0 None
2005-11-20 Beta-blockers may help deal with stress 0 None
2005-11-20 Why some people do not respond as well as others to statin therapy 0 None
2005-11-20 Lack of selenium increases risk of knee osteoarthritis 0 None
2005-11-20 Study of how bacteria change their metabolic networks 0 None
2005-11-20 Study reveals how T cells analyze and react to the signals of infection at the immunological synapse 0 None
2005-11-20 Lowering calorie intake may help Parkinson's disease 0 None
2005-11-20 Cholesterol lowering drugs, including statins, may slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-11-20 Stem cells to repair heart tissue soon after a heart attack 0 None
2005-11-20 Aspirin advice ignored by those who need it 0 None
2005-11-20 Forget decaf - coffee full of caffeine is much healthier! 0 1
2005-11-20 Double the weight-loss when counseling is combined with diet drugs 0 None
2005-11-16 Decaffeinated coffee may cause an increase in harmful LDL cholesterol 0 None
2005-11-16 Pancreatic cancer vaccine extends survival 0 None
2005-11-16 High fat, low carb diets could damage the heart 0 None
2005-11-16 Exercise and you'll live longer 0 None
2005-11-16 Tamoxifen reduces long-term risk of cancer 0 None
2005-11-15 Lack of aggressive treatment for clogged leg blood vessels means missed heart attack prevention opportunity 0 None
2005-11-15 Genetic makeup helps dictate how physically and mentally healthy you feel 0 None
2005-11-15 Study suggests that some patients on beta blockers should not be 0 None
2005-11-15 It's true! study confirms that Glucosamine and Chondroitin relieve arthritis pain 0 None
2005-11-15 Clinical decision support system reduces overall use of antimicrobials for colds, bronchitis and sinusitis 0 None
2005-11-15 Gene therapy and exercise may help sufferers of Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2005-11-14 Blood pressure near the heart is more predictive of cardiovascular outcomes than blood pressure measured in the arm 0 None
2005-11-14 Largest hepatitis-C U.S. study defines optimal therapy 0 None
2005-11-14 Norvasc better than beta blockers for lowering blood pressure 0 None
2005-11-14 Edifoligide no better than placebo for clogged veins 0 None
2005-11-14 Race may play a role in whether a patient accepts surgical treatment for lung cancer 0 None
2005-11-14 Early changes in the oxygenation of the skin may help predict foot disease in diabetes patients 0 None
2005-11-14 $230 billion in health care spending nationally is devoted to insurance administration 0 None
2005-11-14 Australian study highlights lateral genetic transfer 0 None
2005-11-14 Meditation may slow down brain aging 0 None
2005-11-14 New respiratory synctial virus treatment for at-risk infants under study 0 None
2005-11-14 Speed of PSA increase matters more than PSA level 0 None
2005-11-14 Role of statin therapy in patients with heart failure 0 None
2005-11-14 Study suggests that subtle breakdowns in attention may offer a reliable clue to Alzheimer's-related dementia 0 None
2005-11-14 African-American patients have worse quality of life after heart attacks 0 None
2005-11-14 Gender affects the way a person's brain responds to humor 0 None
2005-11-14 Fentanyl transdermal patch is an effective way to control pain in children 0 None
2005-11-14 Prevalence of major psychiatric disorders is as common in cancer patients 0 None
2005-11-14 Findings imply that cognitive difficulties can be detected early 0 None
2005-11-14 Large portions push people to overeat 0 None
2005-11-14 Fundamental flaws in many medical studies must be fixed in order to catch signs of harm 0 None
2005-11-13 Link between diet and epileptic seizures studied 0 None
2005-11-13 Lifelong exercise decreases cellular aging in the brain 0 None
2005-11-13 Meditation associated with increased cortical thickness 0 None
2005-11-13 Phenolic compounds in olive oil may explain cardiovascular health benefits associated with Mediterranean Diet 0 3
2005-11-13 Taking either COX-2 inhibitors or NSAIDs after a heart attack increases the risk of death 0 None
2005-11-13 Pretreating a vein graft with edifoligide prior to coronary bypass graft surgery does not lower the rate of graft failure 0 None
2005-11-13 Obstructive sleep apnea significantly increases the risk of stroke 0 None
2005-11-13 Statins reduce the risk of stroke after carotid artery endarterectomy 0 None
2005-11-13 Zyflamend shows promise in the early treatment of prostate cancer 0 None
2005-11-13 Physical activity enhances long-term quality of life in older adults 0 None
2005-11-13 Antibiotics overprescribed for sore throat 0 None
2005-11-13 Newly discovered hormone obestatin could help fight obesity 0 None
2005-11-10 Use of traction to help treat low back pain has no benefit 1 None
2005-11-10 Anabolic steroids help people with HIV put on weight and muscle mass 0 None
2005-11-10 Hopkins study finds no "cognitive decline" after use of heart-lung machine during bypass surgery 0 None
2005-11-10 Mental illness exacts "enormous toll" for U.S. businesses 0 None
2005-11-10 Vitamin D sufficiency may be more important than high calcium intake for maintaining calcium metabolism 0 None
2005-11-10 Fc gamma receptor gene variants associated with rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-11-09 First study to use a cannabis-based medicine for treating rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-11-08 What a joke! women laugh more than men 0 None
2005-11-08 Those most at risk of Alzheimer's would allow loved ones enroll them in research 0 None
2005-11-07 Antisocial behavior in children associated with gene variant and environmental risk factors 0 None
2005-11-07 Anxiety disorders increase risk of suicidal thoughts 0 4
2005-11-07 Smoking a hookah can damage teeth 0 None
2005-11-07 Should Alzheimer's sufferers take part in research? 0 None
2005-11-07 Methylphenidate shows promise for hyperactivity associated with autism 0 None
2005-11-07 Cholesterol lowering drugs do not appear to decrease the risk of melanoma 0 None
2005-11-07 Nine risk indicators for periodontal disease 0 5
2005-11-07 First clinical study of FX06 treatment against damage caused by heart attacks 0 None
2005-11-07 Studies outline dangers of mixing stress, deprivation and tempting foods 0 None
2005-11-07 Resveratrol effective in lowering amyloid-beta peptides 0 None
2005-11-07 Genetic profile of ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-11-07 HIV antiretroviral therapy does help those in third world 0 None
2005-11-07 HIV-positive patients have shorter survival periods while awaiting liver transplants 0 None
2005-11-07 Study proves the effectiveness of Vfend for the treatment of candidemia 0 None
2005-11-07 New discovery helps explain complex neurocircuitry behind body weight control 0 None
2005-11-07 Waist-to-hip ratio, not body mass index, is the best measure of heart attack risk 0 None
2005-11-07 How does a neighborhood influence physical activity and diet? 0 None
2005-11-07 First study to investigate regional low birth weight rates on a national scale 0 None
2005-11-07 Daily dose of probiotics keeps workers healthy 0 None
2005-11-03 Young hockey player injuries studied - suprising findings 0 4
2005-11-03 Exercise is good for multiple sclerosis, but it must be done correctly 0 5
2005-11-03 Largest study to date on risk factors associated with primary biliary cirrhosis 0 None
2005-11-03 Clinicans warned about randomized clinical trials 0 None
2005-11-03 Ospemifine may also help to prevent breast cancer 0 None
2005-11-03 Issues faced by cancer patients - assessement - impact - implications 0 None
2005-11-03 Testicular cancer survivors can still have children 0 5
2005-11-03 Accumulation of fat in the liver linked to hypertension 0 None
2005-11-03 Vaccine that targets nicotine rather than the brain's reaction to it 0 None
2005-11-03 Capecitabine and Gemcitabine help battle pancreatic cancer 0 None
2005-11-03 Socioeconomic status determines life expectancy in HIV patients 0 None
2005-11-03 Interracial relationships and marriages more common 0 None
2005-11-03 Women show a better response to lung cancer therapy, resulting in better survival rates 0 None
2005-11-03 Study suggests that sinusitis is more common than previously thought in people with chronic cough 0 None
2005-11-03 Rapid screen-and-treat methods significantly reduce cervical cancer precursor lesions 0 None
2005-11-03 New therapies for prostate cancer 0 None
2005-11-03 DN-101 may protect against major side effects of chemotherapy 0 None
2005-11-03 Calcitriol - promising chemopreventive agent that may prevent prostate cancer 0 None
2005-11-03 Simple, at-home treatment for jet lag 0 None
2005-11-03 New insight into the eradication of HIV in infected individuals receiving antiviral therapy 0 None
2005-11-03 Dynamic protein personalities reveal traits 0 None
2005-11-03 Study examines cancer risks after cancer diagnosis in family 0 None
2005-11-03 Women who smoke are more concerned about their habit and their ability to quit than men 0 None
2005-11-03 Cervical cancer control program increases rate of follow-up 0 None
2005-11-02 Tongues have a taste for fatty food 0 None
2005-11-02 "Screen and treat” cervical cancer programs effective in poorly resourced areas 0 None
2005-11-02 Top cancer fighting foods 0 None
2005-11-02 Top priority flu shots for children with neurological and neuromuscular disease 0 None
2005-11-01 A promising new vaccine against a pre-cancerous cervical virus 0 None
2005-11-01 Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation may have a significant impact on absenteeism 0 None
2005-11-01 Potential new targets for antibiotics 0 None
2005-11-01 Breastfeeding does not raise the risk of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C virus 0 None
2005-11-01 Strong association between physical and mental health problems and restless legs syndrome 0 None
2005-11-01 Pediatricians ignoring hearing test results 0 None
2005-11-01 Gatorade appears effective in correcting dehydration and improving bowel symptoms 1 2.2
2005-11-01 Link between the act of lying and a significant increase in gastric arrhythmia 0 None
2005-11-01 Women more at risk for colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-11-01 Study shows impact of birth order on maternal feelings of excessive concern 0 None
2005-11-01 Diabetics are significantly more likely to have colon cancer 0 None
2005-11-01 Therapies for negative body image 0 None
2005-11-01 Benefit of combining radiation and hormone therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer 0 None
2005-11-01 Regular use of ibuprofen may increase gastrointestinal bleeding 0 None
2005-11-01 Discovery of signaling mechanism may help prevent metastatic melanoma 0 None
2005-11-01 iNOS inhibitors may be effective therapies for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-11-01 INTERACT trial to look at effects of early intensive blood pressure lowering on death and disability in stroke patients 0 None
2005-11-01 Buccal mucosa may help test for lung cancer 0 None
2005-11-01 Bumetanide may help treat seizures in newborns 0 1
2005-11-01 Unique approach to enhance the immune system in patients with breast or colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-11-01 At least two "diabetes genes" predict the risk of Type 2 diabete 0 None
2005-11-01 First study to confirm the benefit of anti-angiogenic therapy in patients with breast cancer 0 None
2005-10-31 Colon cancer hits blacks at a younger age 0 None
2005-10-31 When it comes to telling lies it's the stomach not the heart which is the giveaway 0 None
2005-10-30 Long-term benefits of initial combination therapy for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-10-30 New vaccine that targets avian flu 0 None
2005-10-30 Risk of ischemic stroke increases with a rise in air pollution 0 None
2005-10-30 Increased physical activity may strenghten adult joint cartilage 0 None
2005-10-30 Vaccination against measles could prevent many more cases of SSPE, than previously thought 0 None
2005-10-30 Head injury patients not treated in specialist brain surgery centres are at significantly greater risk 0 None
2005-10-30 Gene involved in B-cell development might play a role in multiple sclerosis 0 None
2005-10-30 First long-term study to evaluate repeated treatment with BoNTA for post-stroke spasticity 0 None
2005-10-30 Rimonabant appears to be very promising, especially for the treatment of patients with abdominal obesity 0 None
2005-10-30 Does aerobic exercise improve well-being? 0 None
2005-10-27 Mammograms a big factor in the fight against breast cancer 0 None
2005-10-27 Pravastatin is highly effective in lowering the risk of heart attack 0 None
2005-10-27 Cardiac regeneration using stem cells may heal hearts even years after heart attacks 0 None
2005-10-27 Early detection and improved treatment have contributed almost equally to the substantial decrease in breast cancer 0 None
2005-10-27 Type 2 diabetes and depression can be a fatal mix 0 None
2005-10-27 More exercise equals lower risk of ischemic stroke 0 None
2005-10-27 Strong relationship of major depressive disorder to alcohol use disorders, drug disorders and other mental health conditions 0 None
2005-10-27 Growth patterns before birth, after birth and into childhood reveal a risk of coronary heart disease later in life 0 None
2005-10-26 New diabetes trial - largest diet and exercise study of its kind 0 None
2005-10-26 Australian obesity crisis 0 None
2005-10-26 Kids with asthma may also be at risk for psychological problems such as depression 0 None
2005-10-25 State budget cuts lead to decline in care by private practice physicians 0 None
2005-10-25 Scientists find key step in a signaling pathway that helps orchestrate embryonic development 0 None
2005-10-25 Study provides insight into cellular defenses against genetic mutation 0 None
2005-10-25 Preventing pneumonia in children helps prevent pneumonia in older adults 0 None
2005-10-25 Supplemental oxygen during colorectal surgery reduces risk of wound infection 0 None
2005-10-25 Little evidence exists to support the widespread use of bronchodilators to treat children and adults with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2005-10-25 Lawyers' salaries in private sector impact whether drug cases go to trial 0 None
2005-10-25 Can strength-training exercises reduce or prevent lymphedema symptoms in breast cancer? 0 None
2005-10-25 Comprehensive home-based environmental intervention results in decreased asthma symptoms 0 None
2005-10-25 Cholesterol and blood pressure-lowering treatment preventive treatments are less available to the most needy 0 None
2005-10-25 Viagra significantly reduces stress on the heart 0 None
2005-10-25 DOS47 scientific paper published in the Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology 0 None
2005-10-25 Depression raises disability risk 0 None
2005-10-25 Cholesterol levels and use of statins are not associated with breast cancer risk 0 None
2005-10-25 The face represents an important window into the influences of stress and emotion on health 0 None
2005-10-25 COLD-fX reduces colds 0 None
2005-10-25 Elderly people with the lowest and highest hemoglobin concentrations are at increased risk of death 0 None
2005-10-25 Electronic health record-based clinical trial alert system increases recruitment rates 0 None
2005-10-25 Botox injections relieve severe facial pain 0 None
2005-10-24 New whooping cough vaccine for adolescents and adults 0 None
2005-10-24 Viagra may be the next drug treatment for heart problems 0 None
2005-10-24 Fair treatment in the workplace associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease 0 None
2005-10-24 Quality of care determines heart attack outcomes 0 None
2005-10-24 Botulinum toxin successfully treats trigeminal neuralgia 0 3.3
2005-10-24 Faulty gene may identify those at risk of schizophrenia 0 None
2005-10-24 Early nerve damage caused by repetitive strain injuries can trigger "sick worker" syndrome 0 None
2005-10-24 First study to examine chemotherapy errors in ambulatory care for cancer patients 0 None
2005-10-24 Survival benefits of longer-term tamoxifen use may take years to appear 0 None
2005-10-24 Keep on working - you'll live longer but it may not be so much fun! 0 None
2005-10-23 Possible new directions for treatments for addiction to cocaine 0 4
2005-10-23 Traditional medical treatment of persistent cough may not be the most effective 0 None
2005-10-23 Protein Oct-6 is not a biological marker for schizophrenia 0 None
2005-10-23 Mental health professionals need to be watchful of mental health problems beyond depression in order to prevent youth suicide 0 None
2005-10-23 Study shows cystic fibrosis gene mutation a risk factor for young-onset pancreatic cancer disease 0 2.5
2005-10-23 It's safe for patients with asthma to exercise regularly 0 None
2005-10-23 Natural selection has played an important role in patterning the human genome 0 None
2005-10-23 More than half of Norwegian doctors surveyed prescribe themselves medication 0 None
2005-10-23 Acid reflux disease - surgery has longterm success rate 0 None
2005-10-20 New treatment advances for patients with follicular lymphoma 0 None
2005-10-20 Defibrillators plentiful in schools but not senior centers 0 None
2005-10-20 Link between emotional impairment and poor cognition in children with bipolar disorder 0 None
2005-10-20 Diet rich in fruits and vegetables could be a good defense against prostate cancer 0 None
2005-10-20 Breast cancer drug Herceptin a 'stunner' 0 None
2005-10-19 Award for genetic study that revolutionised thinking on epilepsy 0 None
2005-10-19 "Junk" DNA not important to an organism's evolutionary survival 0 None
2005-10-19 Medicare patients have a substantially higher risk of early death following bariatric surgery than previously suggested 0 None
2005-10-19 Blocking macrophage migration inhibitory factor molecule might prevent the progression of multiple sclerosis 0 None
2005-10-19 Consistently, African-Americans have been found to have worse health outcomes than whites 0 None
2005-10-19 Dust storms in Asia can have implications in geographically remote countries 0 None
2005-10-19 Herceptin results "quite remarkable" 0 None
2005-10-19 Herceptin therapy highly superior to standard breast cancer treatment 0 None
2005-10-18 Conjugated linoleic acid prevents inflammatory damage resulting from immune response 0 None
2005-10-18 Study of the effects of aripiprazole, olanzapine, quetiapine and risperidone, in elderly patients with dementia 0 None
2005-10-18 Patients with head and neck cancer may be spared the risk and expense of surgery by undergoing a CT scan 0 None
2005-10-18 Drug-eluting stents significantly cut the rates of heart attack and repeat procedures 0 None
2005-10-18 LABA medications, asthma and inhaled steroids 0 None
2005-10-18 Access to genetic counseling and testing are an important part of cancer control 0 None
2005-10-18 Data supports use of personal and family history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or both in making clinical decisions 0 None
2005-10-18 Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) for head and neck cancer 0 None
2005-10-18 Interactive health websites can help people live with their chronic illness 0 None
2005-10-18 HIV drug combo Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole highly effective at preventing malaria 0 1
2005-10-18 Possible new combination treatment regimen for patients with head and neck cancers who develop a second tumor 0 None
2005-10-18 Treating four or more brain tumors in a single radiosurgery session resulted in improved survival 0 5
2005-10-18 Study demonstrates feasibility of a revolutionary, minimally invasive approach to introducing an electrical lead to stimulate the heart 0 None
2005-10-18 No credible evidence behind claims of harm from the MMR vaccination 0 None
2005-10-18 Beta blockers not as effective as other drugs that reduce high blood pressure in patients with hypertension 0 None
2005-10-18 Pathological liars found to have less gray matter 1 4
2005-10-18 More doubt cast on benefit of beta blockers for high blood pressure 0 None
2005-10-17 Women with cervical cancer have a broad range of concerns 0 None
2005-10-17 Corticosteroids often used in the treatment of infectious mononucleosis 0 None
2005-10-17 Study shows possibilities for curing patients with early-stage Hodgkin's lymphoma of their cancer 0 None
2005-10-17 New approaches to counteract platelet shortages 0 None
2005-10-17 Study of the molecular mechanism involved in the human implantation process 0 None
2005-10-17 Study identifies molecular switch that integrates cell survival signals from multiple intracellular signaling pathways 0 None
2005-10-17 Treating breast cancer with "MammoSite" study 0 None
2005-10-17 Less invasive surgery effective in treatment of reflux disease 0 None
2005-10-17 New tool that may prove to be invaluable for investigating the long-term mutagenic effects of chemotherapy and radiation 0 None
2005-10-17 Breast magnetic resonance imaging helps doctors select best treatment for early breast cancers 0 None
2005-10-17 Accelerated partial breast irradiation using balloon brachytherapy is an excellent option for women with early breast tumors 0 None
2005-10-17 Course of radiation after prostate cancer surgery improves cancer-free survival rates 0 None
2005-10-17 Radiation therapy combined with hormone therapy after surgery is more effective in keeping the breast cancer from returning 0 None
2005-10-17 Radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy before surgery helps patients beat rectal cancer 0 None
2005-10-17 New treatment for the pediatric eye cancer retinoblastoma 0 3.7
2005-10-17 Antibiotic moxifloxacin as a new treatment for tuberculosis 0 4
2005-10-17 Your worse nightmare - harmful fungi live in your pillow! 0 5
2005-10-16 BMA says smoking ban protecting bar workers in Ireland 0 3.5
2005-10-16 Ireland's smoke free law is protecting bar workers 0 None
2005-10-16 Antibody-dependent enhancement 0 1
2005-10-16 Harvard study finds vaccines boost economies of poor countries 0 None
2005-10-16 New radiation technique to treat cancer that has spread to the brain prevents hair loss 0 None
2005-10-16 Gene therapy may prevent the damaging effects of radiation 0 None
2005-10-16 High blood pressure is higher in many Asian countries than in Australia 0 None
2005-10-16 Computer-assisted instruction offers the potential to overcome knowledge barriers and improve screening rates 0 None
2005-10-16 Possible explanation for the higher incidence of lung cancer in African Americans 0 None
2005-10-16 Isotretinoin-related birth defects 0 None
2005-10-16 Family history of alcohol dependency does not relate to age of first drink 0 None
2005-10-16 Cell phones speed heart attack treatment 0 None
2005-10-16 Largest known series of data examining the sequencing of tamoxifen and radiation 0 None
2005-10-13 Combining alcoholics anonymous and treatment works best 0 None
2005-10-13 PCBs found widely in the environment and absorbed in the diet - may damage sperm 0 None
2005-10-13 Gel made from a patient's own blood reduces pain and may improve wound healing 0 None
2005-10-13 Moderate drinking has effects on blood coagulation, primarily as a "blood thinner" 0 None
2005-10-13 Canadian adolescents and complementary or alternative medical treatment 0 None
2005-10-13 No shred of evidence that HIV-positive men who lose fat in their legs reciprocally gain fat in their bellies 0 None
2005-10-13 Russian moonshine contributes to very high death rate among Russians 0 None
2005-10-13 Infants and adolescents vaccinated against hepatitis B are protected for over 10 years after immunisation 0 None
2005-10-13 Bacille Calmette Guerin (BCG) vaccination can protect children from tuberculosis infection as well as active TB disease 0 None
2005-10-12 Whooping cough vaccine 90 percent effective 0 None
2005-10-12 Why breast black cancer patients experience lower survival rates than other women 0 None
2005-10-12 Protein called CPSF73 performs a necessary step in the production of human chromosomes 0 None
2005-10-12 Lowering infant's body temperature within the first six hours of life reduces the chances for disability 0 None
2005-10-12 Study on childhood asthma shows home-based interventions are cost-effective 0 None
2005-10-12 New study of the public's priorities for the funding of research into what people eat and how it affects their health 0 None
2005-10-12 Older men with Parkinson's disease at increased risk of bone fractures 0 None
2005-10-11 Psychological stress during infancy has been found to cause early impaired memory 0 None
2005-10-11 Incidence of end-stage renal disease is lower than previously estimated 0 None
2005-10-11 Study confirms that couples using natural family planning have intercourse just as frequently as couples using other methods 0 None
2005-10-11 New Orleans floodwaters not as toxic as previously thought 0 None
2005-10-11 Sleletal muscle findings highlight the importance of exercise in obese people 0 None
2005-10-11 Newly discovered hormone plays an important role in the digestion of fat, cholesterol, and fat-soluble vitamins 1 None
2005-10-11 Experimental HIV vaccine progresses in trials 0 None
2005-10-11 Very low LDL cholesterol levels appear to be safe for heart patients on statin therapies 0 None
2005-10-11 Real-world treatment of patients with acute coronary syndromes 0 None
2005-10-11 Disparities in breast cancer survival between blacks and whites remain 0 None
2005-10-11 Paying clinicians to reach a common, fixed performance target may produce little gain in overall quality 0 None
2005-10-11 Defibrillator implantations performed by physicians with low volume are more likely to have adverse outcomes 0 None
2005-10-11 Significant link between childhood sexual abuse and symptoms of sexual dysfunction in adults 0 1
2005-10-11 Aging may intensify and prolong feeling run down when common infections like the flu occur 0 None
2005-10-11 Black adolescents are as achievement-oriented as white adolescents 0 None
2005-10-11 Cholesterol levels among older adults has declined significantly 0 None
2005-10-10 New treatments for health conditions related to abnormal iron metabolism 0 None
2005-10-10 First study to investigate how heat affects people with heart failure 0 None
2005-10-10 Potential new treatment for stroke 0 None
2005-10-10 People with epilepsy 4 times more likely to have attempted suicide before ever having a seizure 0 None
2005-10-10 New way to measure the impact of AIDS on the living brain 0 None
2005-10-10 Colorectal cancer screening rates remain low 0 None
2005-10-10 Eating fish lowers risk of dementia 0 None
2005-10-10 Frequency and cause of errors in cancer diagnosis 0 None
2005-10-10 Eyes reveal risk of stroke 0 None
2005-10-10 High fat foods can soothe inflammation 0 None
2005-10-10 Colorectal cancer screening rates are too low 0 None
2005-10-10 Actos reduces the combined risk of non-fatal heart attacks, strokes in patients with type-2 diabetes 0 None
2005-10-10 Amount of exercise more important than the intensity of the exercise 0 None
2005-10-10 Screening for cardiovascular risk by measuring blood levels of C-reactive protein should not be advocated 0 None
2005-10-10 Association between long-term smoking and diminished mental proficiency 0 None
2005-10-10 People living in predominantly minority areas face significant barriers to accessing pain medication 0 None
2005-10-10 How heat affects people with heart failure 0 5
2005-10-09 Long-term use of NSAIDs cuts the risk for oral cancer in smokers by half but increases risk of cardiovascular problems 1 None
2005-10-09 Recommendation that physicians be a little more cautious in deciding against tPA treatment 0 None
2005-10-09 Melanoma patients with a positive family history and/or dysplastic nevi were found to be at higher risk for multiple primary melanomas 0 None
2005-10-09 20 percent of people with chronic hepatitis C who receive a liver transplant will develop advanced cirrhosis 0 None
2005-10-05 Our own mind and body give us the foundation to understand what other people are doing, thinking, or feeling 0 None
2005-10-05 Study looks at childrens end-of-life care preferences 0 None
2005-10-05 Influenza evolution in action 0 None
2005-10-05 PET imaging with FDG represents one of the most promising tools for diagnosis of Alzheimer's 0 None
2005-10-05 Many people continue to smoke after life threatening event 0 4
2005-10-04 PACs should not be used routinely in patients in intensive care units with severe heart failure 0 None
2005-10-04 Call to stop exposing women to breast cancer risk by needlessly using radiation therapy as a component of Hodgkin disease treatment 0 None
2005-10-04 High blood glucose levels early in pregnancy deprive the embryo of oxygen 0 None
2005-10-04 Students with higher levels of emotional intelligence achieve more academically 0 None
2005-10-04 Study shows hospitals can streamline procedures to reduce the time they take to treat heart attack patients 0 None
2005-10-04 Cancer incidence among women has increased slightly 0 None
2005-10-04 Specific guidelines for treating juvenile idiopathic arthritis 0 None
2005-10-04 Americans' risk of dying from cancer continues to decline 0 None
2005-10-04 Patients with a family history of multiple melanoma skin cancer are at increased risk of multiple primary melanomas 0 None
2005-10-04 Common cancer susceptibility gene appears to be frequently acquired in metastatic lesions from colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-10-04 Kidney paired donation transplantation has graft survival rates equivalent to compatible live donor transplants 0 None
2005-10-04 Hospitalized patients with severe congestive heart failure did not experience a benefit from use of pulmonary artery catheterization 0 None
2005-10-04 Evaluation of the efficacy of buprenorphine hydrochloride and clonidine hydrochloride, in detoxification of opioid-dependent teenagers 0 None
2005-10-04 New light shed on the causes of drug addiction 0 None
2005-10-04 Study paves the way for new therapeutic targets which can potentially improve heart disease in patients with end-stage kidney failure 0 None
2005-10-04 Third of pediatricians say they would dismiss a family from their practice for refusing all vaccinations 0 None
2005-10-04 Mental disorders were diagnosed in roughly one-half of emergency visits by young people treated for episodes of deliberate self-harm 0 None
2005-10-04 Johns Hopkins awarded $12 million to study how stem cell therapies can be used to treat hearts damaged by heart attack 0 None
2005-10-04 United States has a major weight problem and it will get worse 0 5
2005-10-04 Use of the antibiotic amoxicillin during infancy appears to be linked to tooth enamel defects in permanent teeth 0 None
2005-10-03 First time a protein serving as a template for DNA synthesis seen 0 None
2005-10-03 Landmark study aims to find genetic link to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-10-03 Brain mechanism may play a central role in regulating anxiety and alcohol-drinking 0 None
2005-10-03 Beta glucan may help treat skin disorders and remove fine lines and wrinkles 0 5
2005-10-03 Potential biomarker that could be used to predict who might develop hepatic fibrosis 0 None
2005-10-03 Important developmental link between the cerebrum and the cerebellum 0 None
2005-10-03 Greasing the gears that drive the interferon signal 0 None
2005-10-03 Study shows that high-fat diets correlate to a chronic inflammatory state in the liver, 0 None
2005-10-03 Potential beneficial effect of copper orotate 0 None
2005-10-03 Ubiquitin ligase Rnf6 may be involved in oncogenesis 0 None
2005-10-03 Steroids significantly reduce heart damage in children with Kawasaki's disease 0 None
2005-10-03 Misoprostol could play an important part in reducing complications of delivery in developing countries 0 None
2005-10-03 First identification of the genetic basis of disease in a patient with a complex I assembly defect 0 None
2005-10-03 Microarray technology may help tailor breast cancer therapy 0 None
2005-10-03 Speeding up fetal MRIs 0 None
2005-10-03 Concerta, a once-daily form of the drug methylphenidate, successfully controlled ADHD symptoms 0 3
2005-10-03 Attitudes of a peer group are more influential than a group that is not as closely allied 0 None
2005-10-03 Physical activity may reduce gastrointestinal symptoms in people who are obese 0 None
2005-09-28 No specific antiretroviral drug-related "Crix belly" syndrome 0 None
2005-09-28 Housework has an adverse effect on wages 0 None
2005-09-28 Salivary antimicrobial peptide expression and dental caries experience in children 0 None
2005-09-28 Time-to-treatment is important to success of angioplasty treatment 0 None
2005-09-28 Flavanols help smokers repair blood vessel function 0 None
2005-09-28 People who receive a kidney transplant are nearly four times more likely to develop melanoma 0 None
2005-09-28 Working in a pub can be hazardous to your health 0 None
2005-09-28 Alcoholics who smoke appear to lose more brain mass than alcoholics who don't smoke 0 None
2005-09-28 Parental behavior about smoking affects children 0 1
2005-09-28 Musical training might be good for the heart 0 None
2005-09-28 Determining levels of homocysteine may be one way to intervene in mild cognitive deficit early in the adult life-cycle 0 None
2005-09-28 New option for treatment of lower back pain 0 None
2005-09-28 Revolutionary new study into the psychology of disfigurement 0 None
2005-09-27 Survival of heart attack patients placed on beta-blocker therapy corresponds to specific variations in their genes 0 None
2005-09-27 Patients with panic disorder have nearly double the risk for coronary heart disease, 0 None
2005-09-27 Phytoestrogens linked with a lower lung cancer risk 0 None
2005-09-27 Treatment of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in children 0 None
2005-09-27 Heavy smokers can reduce their risk of lung cancer if they decrease smoking by 50 percent 0 None
2005-09-27 Gene variants and beta-blockers associated with increased risk of death 0 None
2005-09-27 Benefits of statin therapy identified 0 None
2005-09-27 Racial discrimination is a major cause of poor health for American blacks 0 None
2005-09-27 Combining optical tomography with standard ultrasound imaging can help distinguish early-stage breast cancer 0 None
2005-09-27 48 percent of adults in the U.S. have inadequate health literacy 0 None
2005-09-27 Still a long way to go in diagnostic evaluation of all patients who suffer ischemic strokes 0 None
2005-09-27 Online education program improved physicians' knowledge about the diagnosis and management of diseases caused by bioterrorism 0 None
2005-09-27 Early parenting style makes a big difference in how a child turns out 0 None
2005-09-27 Computer-aided detection useful in detecting small tumors in young women 0 None
2005-09-27 Pneumonia doesn't appear to harm HIV-positive patients any more than those without HIV 0 None
2005-09-27 Work absence after breast cancer diagnosis 0 None
2005-09-27 Pulsing heart cell provides clues into how heart disease develops 0 None
2005-09-26 Understanding another's expectation from action: The role of peripheral sensation 0 None
2005-09-26 Statin use associated with a 36 percent reduction in risk of fracture 0 None
2005-09-26 First step towards effective drug-addiction therapies 0 None
2005-09-26 Adults not washing hands 0 5
2005-09-26 Innovative new treatment for moderate to severe heart failure 0 None
2005-09-26 Pharmacists can play a vital role in bridging the care gap for patients with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2005-09-26 Parents' Views on School Wellness Practices 0 None
2005-09-26 Clinical trial participants may not be as unrepresentative of general clinical populations as often reported 0 None
2005-09-26 New study into the health-related quality of life for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients 0 None
2005-09-26 State-of-the-art treatment program increases survival from the aggressive uterine papillary serous carcinoma 0 None
2005-09-26 Magnetic shoe insoles did not effectively relieve foot pain 0 None
2005-09-26 Lead exposures early in life combined with high blood pressure in working age adults may lead to diminishing cognitive abilities in later life 0 None
2005-09-26 Mutations in the gene, called PIG-A may help identify individuals at high risk for cancer 0 None
2005-09-26 Genes from both the mother and father can trigger pre-eclampsia 0 None
2005-09-26 Notch1 and Jagged1 genes are likely markers indicating a patient's probable aggressive breast cancer 0 None
2005-09-26 No significant differences among different ethnic groups for breast cancer related to hormone replacement therapy 0 None
2005-09-26 Two recent studies may help clinicians and researchers better predict and understand dementia of the Alzheimer's type 0 None
2005-09-26 Warning: Popularity may be hazardous to pre-teens' health 0 None
2005-09-26 People use discretion in deciding when show up in the emergency department 0 None
2005-09-26 Exposure to hydraulic oil increases the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-09-26 Neurologix announces positive interim results of gene therapy clinical trial for patients with Parkinson's disease 0 None
2005-09-26 New technique may provide a better way of monitoring response to melanoma treatment 0 None
2005-09-26 Implant-placed overdentures make life more pleasurable 0 None
2005-09-26 Men who experience a downward social shift are four times more likely to experience depression 0 None
2005-09-26 New information about how the brain directs the body to make movements 0 None
2005-09-26 People who receive a kidney transplant are nearly four times more likely to develop melanoma 0 None
2005-09-26 PET brain scans of a brain chemical messenger system may prove sensitive enough to help plan brain surgery for epilepsy 0 None
2005-09-26 Screening passengers at airports will not prevent SARS or influenza 0 None
2005-09-26 Supportive spouse helps lower blood pressure 0 None
2005-09-26 Study shows that nursing homes should consider diabetes a significant risk factor for falling 0 None
2005-09-26 New treatment approach for severe asthma 0 None
2005-09-26 Spouses in a poor marriage are more likely to be stressed during the workday 0 None
2005-09-26 Does treatment setting influence suicide rates for substance abusers 0 None
2005-09-22 Study clarifies insulin's role in blocking release of energy in patients with type II diabetes 0 None
2005-09-22 22 biomarkers that provide a more accurate screening for prostate 0 None
2005-09-22 Long-term alcoholics are at a higher risk for postoperative infections following elective cardiac surgery 0 None
2005-09-22 Definitive multiple sclerosis linkage screen 0 None
2005-09-22 One to four cigarettes a day almost triples a smoker's risk of heart disease 0 None
2005-09-21 Genetic factors influence elderly individual's propensity to bone fractures 0 None
2005-09-21 Effects of 10 commonly prescribed second-generation antidepressants studied 0 None
2005-09-21 New study details side effects of five medications that are currently used to treat people with schizophrenia 0 None
2005-09-21 Eating lots of fruits and vegetables greatly reduces risk of developing pancreatic cancer 0 None
2005-09-21 Scintigraphy scan may help clinicians properly diagnose and then treat two forms of cardiac amyloidosis 0 None
2005-09-21 Digital mammography detects more cancers than screen film mammography 0 None
2005-09-21 Failure to block out inappropriate sensory stimulation activity in Alzheimer disease 0 None
2005-09-21 Abatacept, marketed as Orencia appears to offer pain relief and increased mobility to rheumatoid arthritis patients 0 None
2005-09-21 Key neural system at risk from prenatal exposure to alcohol 0 None
2005-09-21 Study reveals critical molecular events in the origin of fat cells 0 None
2005-09-20 Adult sickle cell drug hydroxyurea proves effective in young children 0 None
2005-09-20 New evidence for a genetic pathway that is involved in the recurrence of breast cancer 0 None
2005-09-20 Students might actually overestimate rather than underestimate their levels of drinking 0 None
2005-09-20 Dual association of beta-carotene with risk of tobacco-related cancers 0 None
2005-09-20 Change in gene may be underlying molecular defect in some colorectal cancers 0 None
2005-09-20 Significant death risk linked to airborne particles 0 None
2005-09-20 Periodontal disease develops much earlier than dentists and other health professionals thought 0 None
2005-09-20 New treatment approach for severe asthma 0 None
2005-09-20 Link between tissue tension and tumor formation 0 None
2005-09-20 Largest ever study of smoking in the Asia Pacific region 0 None
2005-09-20 Low-dose aspirin might prevent the cardiovascular damage known to arise from use of the painkiller rofecoxib (Vioxx) 0 None
2005-09-20 85 percent of embryos transferred during in vitro fertilization fail to become live births 0 None
2005-09-20 PUMA protein offers critical insights for developing new anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2005-09-20 Liverpool scientists have found a way of identifying families at high risk of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2005-09-20 Survey of general surgeons suggests that the amount of education and training they receive in palliative care is limited 0 None
2005-09-19 People who take risks more satisfied with their lives 0 None
2005-09-19 PSA remains the best measure of the likelihood of prostate cancer recurrence after surgery 0 None
2005-09-19 Oral contraceptives appear to reduce risk of developing multiple sclerosis 0 None
2005-09-19 More than two thirds of meta-analyses available to critical care physicians have major methodological flaws 0 None
2005-09-19 Injury prevention could save Maryland at least $700 million per year 0 None
2005-09-19 Study points to importance of MYC gene in cancer progression 0 None
2005-09-19 Acute-leukemia sign may signal need for different therapy 0 None
2005-09-19 Study suggests chronic infections may create autoimmune response 0 None
2005-09-19 Cost-cutting strategy employed by HMOs for 15 years is simply not working 0 None
2005-09-19 Impact of prevention strategies and improvements in stroke healthcare 0 None
2005-09-19 MRC study to monitor Pentosan Polysulphate as a treatment for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease receives approval 0 None
2005-09-12 Does surgery induce angiogenesis in dormant breast cancer? 0 None
2005-09-12 Retinoic acid combined with PIC, a synthetic immunity booster, significantly elevates the immune system response to a tetanus shot 0 None
2005-09-12 New and unusual class of genes plays an important role in the development of chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2005-09-12 Budesonide provides lasting relief for Crohn's disease patients 0 None
2005-09-12 Children who survive cancer face educational difficulties and social isolation 0 None
2005-09-12 Number of women getting routine screening mammography may be less than previously reported 0 None
2005-09-12 Large scale study to see if angioplasty can be safely performed in small hospitals 0 None
2005-09-12 Amantadine resistant avian influenza viruses more common in Southeast Asia than North America 0 None
2005-09-12 Clioquinol appears to block the genetic action of Huntington's disease 0 None
2005-09-12 Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy is helpful to many people with bipolar disorder 0 4
2005-09-10 Young adults have a greater ability to hold their tongue than older adults 0 4
2005-09-10 United States investment in tuberculosis treatment abroad saves lives and money at home 0 None
2005-09-10 Is suburban life making people overweight? 0 None
2005-09-10 Low-fat, plant-based diet is more effective at helping women lose weight 0 5
2005-09-10 Scientists characterize the most infectious prion protein particles 0 None
2005-09-10 Smokers twice as likely to lose their sight - calls for warnings on cigarette packets 0 None
2005-09-07 Depression may hasten the progression of heart disease 0 None
2005-09-07 Bacteria lurking in household dust produce chemicals that may trigger asthma 0 3
2005-09-07 More heart victims die when clot-buster drug is used before angioplasty 0 None
2005-09-07 Simple word test could identify early Alzheimer's 0 None
2005-09-07 Anorexia may be caused by change in brain chemical 0 None
2005-09-07 Animal model of Parkinson's disease reveals striking sensitivity to common environmental toxins 0 None
2005-09-07 Contaminated water presents bigger crisis in the Gaza Strip 0 None
2005-09-07 United States is expected to face a shortage of millions of workers within the coming decade 0 None
2005-09-07 Batch reading mammograms can significantly reduce the number of patients who have to return for additional mammograms 0 None
2005-09-07 Study indicates that patients with a cervical spinal injury may harbor additional spinal damage not visible on regular x-rays 0 None
2005-09-07 Letrozole following tamoxifen may benefit women with breast cancer 0 None
2005-09-07 Researchers recommend multidisciplinary approach of low back pain 0 None
2005-09-06 New study dispels role of B vitamins in preventing heart attacks 0 None
2005-09-06 3D gradient-echo MRI examinations useful in detecting most lethal of all major cancers 0 None
2005-09-06 First national study shows black immigrants' health erodes the longer they live in the US 0 None
2005-09-06 Part of largest randomised international trial program ever conducted in atrial fibrillation (AF) discontinued 0 None
2005-09-06 Exposure to secondhand smoke kills as many women in China as does smoking 0 None
2005-09-06 Anorexia nervosa linked with alteration of the activity of serotonin in their brain 0 None
2005-09-06 Does growing up without a dad at home change a woman's life? 0 5
2005-09-06 Osteopontin protein found to be more common in patients with lung fibrosis 0 None
2005-09-06 Soldiers at risk for heat illnesses 0 None
2005-09-06 When it comes to controlling pain, positive thinking can be as powerful as a shot of morphine 0 None
2005-09-06 Amnioinfusion does not reduce the risk of meconium aspiration syndrome 0 None
2005-09-06 Stents may be too expensive to use in all patients 0 None
2005-09-06 More insight into the end-of-life decision-making process 0 None
2005-09-06 The Measles Initiative partnership a significant reason for success 0 None
2005-09-06 Strokes and heart attacks can be prevented in people with high blood pressure 0 None
2005-09-06 Giving patients both chemotherapy and radiation in the beginning of treatment may help cancer patients live longer 0 None
2005-09-06 Most teenage boys who don't plan to cause pregnancy still believe it is likely they will get someone pregnant within six months 0 None
2005-09-06 Stroke sufferers at increased risk of developing epilepsy 0 None
2005-09-06 Study - no effect of fish oil on life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia 0 None
2005-09-06 Alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel significantly reduces the spread of gastrointestinal infections in the home 0 None
2005-09-06 Fewer antibiotic prescriptions leads to fewer superbugs 0 None
2005-09-06 Immune cells known as macrophages linked to growth of lymph vessels in eyes, 0 None
2005-09-06 When it comes to heart disease women get worse treatment than men 0 None
2005-09-05 Single molecular anchor holds the key to treating many types of bacterial meningitis 0 None
2005-09-05 Phase II clinical study of ularitide 0 None
2005-09-05 Benefits of starting CHF treatment with beta-blocker, bisoprolol 0 None
2005-09-05 CT scans that detect calcium deposits in heart arteries can help predict the risk of coronary heart disease 2 None
2005-09-05 World's largest study on acute coronary syndromes 0 None
2005-09-05 Significant advance in the study of small ribonucleic acids 0 None
2005-09-05 New findings suggest balancing Chk1 activity will produce less toxic cancer drugs 0 None
2005-09-04 Immunosuppressive drug mycophenolate mofetil may be effective in controlling inflammatory eye diseases 0 None
2005-09-04 Abstinence-only education can influence teen sexual behavior and beliefs 0 None
2005-09-04 New key evidence supports claims that some types of cancer originate with defects in stem cells 0 None
2005-09-01 Cochlear implants' performance not affected by amount of hearing loss in the implanted ear 0 None
2005-09-01 Release of the neurotransmitter GABA halts stem cell production in the brain 0 None
2005-09-01 Molecular switch that turns on the production of myelin 0 None
2005-09-01 Potential new way to fight HIV 0 None
2005-09-01 Study points to link to neurodegenerative disease target 0 None
2005-09-01 Can a new combination treatment prevent a secondary stroke in children with sickle cell anemia? 0 None
2005-09-01 Attention doctors: Want patients to follow your advice? Treat them with dignity 0 None
2005-09-01 Rev/Dex combo looks like a breakthrough treatment for multiple myeloma 0 None
2005-09-01 Treating nighttime heartburn improves sleep and boosts quality of life 0 None
2005-09-01 Two proteins for the diagnosis of lung diseases 0 None
2005-09-01 Complex chemotherapy cocktails offers pluses, minuses in advanced endometrial cancer 0 None
2005-09-01 Study provides first steps toward individualized treatment of serious injuries 0 None
2005-09-01 Toluidine blue dye reveals oral cancers 0 None
2005-09-01 Contraceptive pill controls severe premenstrual disorder 0 2
2005-09-01 Stress leads to drugs, leads to more stress and more drugs - part of a vicious cycle 0 None
2005-09-01 Unrecognized hypertension is common among emergency room patients, especially African Americans 0 None
2005-09-01 Women may not be accurately reporting how many cigarettes they smoke daily during pregnancy 0 None
2005-09-01 Smokers are significantly less likely to seek dental care than nonsmokers 0 None
2005-09-01 Study of the 2003 outbreak of SARS reveals fears 0 None
2005-09-01 People with serious mental illness have higher rates of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2005-09-01 MRSA risk doubled in critically ill patients with glucose in their airways 0 None
2005-09-01 IP 751 a marijuana-derived drug effectively suppresses pain and bladder overactivity in hypersensitive bladder disorders 0 None
2005-09-01 Pomegranate fruit extracts can block enzymes that contribute to osteoarthritis 0 None
2005-09-01 Low doses of the active form of vitamin D and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs form one-two punch against prostate cancer cells 0 None
2005-09-01 Study suggests cirrhosis and liver disease nearly inevitable for people with hep C 0 None
2005-08-31 When it comes to inflammation, too much of a good thing can be deadly 0 None
2005-08-31 Another use for Botox - enlarged prostate 0 None
2005-08-31 Study results counters the popular belief that nicotine exposure curbs appetite 0 None
2005-08-31 Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy for treatment-resistant depression proves effective for some patients 0 None
2005-08-31 Low dose oral contraceptive effective in controlling premenstrual disorder 0 None
2005-08-30 Early life exposure to second-hand smoke can produce life-long respiratory problems 0 None
2005-08-30 Significant advance in understanding how enzyme can prevent certain bacteria from becoming virulent 0 None
2005-08-30 Teenage boys in cars with mates, are far more reckless 0 None
2005-08-30 When it comes to heart bypass surgery, women twice as likely to die 0 None
2005-08-30 Young people self-diagnose mental illness 0 None
2005-08-30 Emergent Biosolutions' typhoid vaccine achieves positive results in Phase II clinical study 0 None
2005-08-30 Sperm testing in UK labs fails to meet World Health Organization standards 0 None
2005-08-30 Opiate drugs such as morphine leave animals more vulnerable to stress 0 None
2005-08-30 Genetic makeup may detemine likely success of quit smoking therapies 0 None
2005-08-30 Teenage drug use can lead to adult addiction and heart attack 0 None
2005-08-30 Blood flow into the brain may play a larger role in the development of dementia than previously believed 0 None
2005-08-30 Asthmatics don't need to hear the word "wheeze" 0 None
2005-08-30 Aspirin shown to be beneficial before heart surgery 0 None
2005-08-30 Statins reduce heart attack deaths by 50% 0 None
2005-08-29 Americans get most of their antioxidants from their coffee 0 None
2005-08-29 Plastic surgery patients come from all walks of life 0 None
2005-08-29 Study shows humans have ability to track odors 0 None
2005-08-29 Early statin therapy may be essential for reducing mortality and other complications in heart attack victims 0 None
2005-08-29 Depressant benzodiazepine especially effective at treating seizure in alcohol withdrawal syndrome patients 0 None
2005-08-29 Subtle effects of hearing loss on memory and cognitive function in older adults 0 5
2005-08-29 Unusual type of antibiotic shows promise in defeating deadly "superbugs" 0 None
2005-08-29 Leading medical journal says homeopathy no better than dummy drugs 0 1
2005-08-29 Coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet 0 None
2005-08-29 Study reveals functional link between emotion processing centers in the brain and certain physiological processes relevant to disease 0 None
2005-08-28 Continued race and sex disparities heart attack care 0 None
2005-08-28 Ways to avoid hazards of heart bypass under study 0 None
2005-08-28 Inhibitory systems essential for controlling the pattern of activity in the cortex 0 None
2005-08-28 Elevated blood lactate levels may indicate poor prognosis in liver failure 0 None
2005-08-26 Nitric oxide synthase plays a role in peripheral vascular disease 0 None
2005-08-26 UCI study helps identify one reason why women have lower stroke risk than men 0 None
2005-08-26 New knowledge into the molecular mechanisms involved in tumor growth 0 None
2005-08-26 Londoners coping well after terror attacks 0 None
2005-08-25 Drug Cytotec as good as surgery at expelling tissue following failed pregnancy 0 2
2005-08-25 Study continues to support margarine's use in heart-healthy diets 0 None
2005-08-25 First clinical trial of a biologic nanoparticle designed to give back to cancer patients the tumor-busting gene they have lost 0 None
2005-08-25 Media reports of drug trials can lack accuracy and reliability 0 None
2005-08-25 Television advertising is packed with junk food 0 5
2005-08-25 Acupuncture relieves symptoms of fibromyalgia 0 None
2005-08-24 Experimental immunusuppressant drug preserves transplanted kidneys 0 None
2005-08-24 Immigrant children still mastering the English language risk being shuffled into special education services they don't need 0 None
2005-08-24 Quitting heroin under anesthesia is dangerous and ineffective 0 None
2005-08-24 Healthy or wealthy, dementia affects us all the same 0 None
2005-08-24 Out-of-body experiences to be investigated 0 None
2005-08-24 Taking aspirin longterm could reduce colorectal cancer risk 0 None
2005-08-24 Female college students do better overall 0 None
2005-08-24 Brain can be tricked into thinking the pain has gone 0 None
2005-08-23 First direct evidence that endorphins play a role in the phenomenon known as the placebo effect 0 None
2005-08-23 No major difference in the incidence of dementia between men and women 0 None
2005-08-23 Susceptibility to Hepatitis A in patients with chronic liver disease due to Hepatitis C virus infection: missed opportunities for vaccination 0 None
2005-08-23 New drug CX717 can temporarily improve performance and reverse the effects of sleep deprivation 0 None
2005-08-23 Unique blood test detects iron deficiency in infants earlier 0 None
2005-08-23 First study to test the role of RNA chemical modifications on immunity 0 None
2005-08-23 Aspirin use can significantly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-08-23 Study examines the incidence and risk factors associated with Hepatitis C infection in rural Egypt 0 None
2005-08-23 Patients with primary biliary cirrhosis who are treated with methotrexate have an increased risk of death 0 None
2005-08-23 Rotenone study may lead to novel therapies for Parkinson's disease 0 None
2005-08-23 Dietary supplement chitosan shows some promise in treating obesity 0 None
2005-08-22 Birth order not a factor in multiple sclerosis risk 0 None
2005-08-22 Epidemiological study links heart protection with non-aspirin, non-steroidal drugs 0 None
2005-08-22 Study shows potential treatment for brain cancer 0 None
2005-08-22 Propofol is a safe and effective drug to treat children with refractory status epilepticus 0 None
2005-08-22 Heart healthy habits are good for oral health 0 None
2005-08-22 Australian employers can save up to $1 Billion lost every year by assisting employees with untreated depression 0 None
2005-08-22 Experimental vaccine can prime the immune system to help fight an aggressive form of lymphoma 0 None
2005-08-22 Antidepressant drug should have suicide warning for adults as well as children 0 None
2005-08-22 Health benefits of different types of language use and writing contexts now explored 0 None
2005-08-22 Nearly one-third of former brain tumor patients require special education services 0 None
2005-08-22 A cell's energy level is critical to its survival 0 None
2005-08-22 Non-invasive imaging may help predict type 1 diabetes and response to treatment in humans 0 None
2005-08-22 Novel vaccine strain with high efficacy against tuberculosis 0 None
2005-08-22 Paroxetine linked to higher rate of suicide 0 None
2005-08-22 Early clinical signs of ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-08-22 Many phase I trials for new cancer fighting drugs never get reported in peer-reviewed journals 0 None
2005-08-22 Detailed picture of migraines 0 None
2005-08-22 Phase I cancer findings under-reported 0 None
2005-08-18 Protein Sirt1 points to new therapies for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2005-08-18 Magazines aimed at African-American and Hispanic women publish twice as many adverts for potentially health-damaging products 0 None
2005-08-18 Chicken pox vaccination has decreased hospitalizations and doctor visits over the last 10 years 0 None
2005-08-18 Reasons for complications with kidney failure patients 0 None
2005-08-18 Anxiety disorders can compromise success of alcohol-dependence treatment 0 None
2005-08-18 Global prevalence of kidney failure among critically ill patients 0 None
2005-08-18 Separate studies produce conflicting results on race and gender disparities in U.S. health system 0 None
2005-08-17 Treatment of U.S. patients hospitalized for heart attacks continues to vary according to sex and race 0 None
2005-08-17 Long working hours culture drives up the risk of injury and illness 0 None
2005-08-17 Low hemoglobin levels are a predictor of increased risk of death among heart failure patients 3 4
2005-08-17 Brightly-coloured fruit and veg, may act as antioxidants - protect against rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-08-17 Study shows more obesity-related arthritis among baby boomers 0 None
2005-08-16 Tobacco control and healthier diets are key to cutting heart deaths 0 None
2005-08-16 Interferon selectively kills colon cancer cells when combined with irinotecan chemotherapy agent 0 4.9
2005-08-16 Discovery of gene that controls the speed at which patients develop tuberculosis 0 None
2005-08-16 Proportion of high-risk HPV infections preventable by vaccine may vary by region 0 None
2005-08-16 Good news for the hundreds of thousands of cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy 0 None
2005-08-16 Higher protection sunscreens do not encourage people to spend more time in the sun 0 None
2005-08-16 Developmental culling and cancer 0 None
2005-08-16 Decline in energy production by mitochondria appears to be a key problem leading to insulin resistance 0 None
2005-08-16 New study shows even non-prescription painkillers raise blood pressure in women 0 5
2005-08-16 New hope for those deaf from immune system attack 0 None
2005-08-16 Thousands of young athletes at risk of skin cancer 0 None
2005-08-16 Chronic use of nitroglycerin for chest pain could lead to mitochondrial damage 0 None
2005-08-16 How patients deal with disparities in patient medical care 0 None
2005-08-16 Interventions give cancer survivors a greater feeling of control over their health and emotional well-being 0 None
2005-08-15 Nicotine patch dosage can be adjusted to provide more effective treatment for smokers with a history of alcoholism 0 None
2005-08-15 Gene therapy success for the treatment of congenital muscular dystrophy (CMD) in mice 0 None
2005-08-15 How much people eat is in direct relation to how much they are served 0 None
2005-08-15 Complications from angioplasty much lower among patients whose doctors perform a large number of those procedures each year 0 None
2005-08-15 Adalimumab and methotrexate is about five times more effective than methotrexate alone for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-08-15 Psychiatric disorders represent an independent risk factor for delay in cancer diagnosis 0 None
2005-08-15 People who drink alcohol have a lower risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 0 None
2005-08-15 Effects of estrogen on heart disease prevention 0 None
2005-08-15 New study shows testosterone treatment linked to prostate cancer 0 None
2005-08-15 Even a couple of drinks could harm an unborn baby 0 None
2005-08-15 Psychologists find that two different thought processes can explain how we gauge our risk of disease 0 None
2005-08-15 Folates best at preventing Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-08-15 Diabetics who require surgery for ankle fractures fare worse than non-diabetics after surgery 0 None
2005-08-14 Scientists say valproic acid can eradicate dormant HIV 0 None
2005-08-13 Electron-beam computed tomography best for evaluating adults with congenital defects in the heart arteries 0 None
2005-08-13 Violent online games appear not to cause any substantial real-world aggression 1 None
2005-08-13 Vitamin B reduces risk of developing Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-08-13 Teens more likely to have good friends if they have a warm relationship with their parents 0 None
2005-08-13 Body's own defense mechanism causes some of the most serious asthma symptoms 0 None
2005-08-13 Fluorescence spectroscopy able to detect the presence of inflammatory cells that are associated with critical atherosclerotic plaques 0 None
2005-08-13 There are subtle effects of hearing loss on memory and cognitive function in older adults 0 None
2005-08-11 Plasma exchange treatment shown most helpful for severe attacks in subtype of MS patients 0 None
2005-08-11 Specialist counselling does not help pregnant smokers quit 0 None
2005-08-11 Medical scandals may have a negative impact on scientific research 0 None
2005-08-11 Young people in the UK report little difficulty in obtaining cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs 0 None
2005-08-11 New therapeutic approach that could help eliminate dormant HIV infection 0 None
2005-08-11 Protein that protects the body from tissue damage also increases the risk of tumors 0 None
2005-08-11 Nasal vaccination with a proteosome-based adjuvant and glatiramer acetate clears beta-amyloid in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-08-11 Men and women receive remarkably similar outpatient care at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), 0 None
2005-08-11 Standardized guidelines for stroke care offer improved outcomes and fewer complications 0 None
2005-08-11 New study points to new treatments for some forms of Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2005-08-11 Taking parathyroid hormone followed by a year on alendronate shows strong osteoporosis benefit 0 None
2005-08-11 Hangover gene may be to blame for alcohol addiction 0 None
2005-08-11 As many as one in 25 men in the UK could be raising another man's child 0 None
2005-08-11 Cataracts a risk for pilots and astronauts 0 None
2005-08-10 Nurses unable to engage in research practices essential for positive patient outcomes 0 None
2005-08-10 Strawberries most effective at inducing cancer cell death 0 None
2005-08-10 Blondes may have fun but redheads can take the pain 0 None
2005-08-10 No link between multiple vaccinations and infections 0 None
2005-08-10 Assisted living and in-home care increase as nursing home beds decline 0 None
2005-08-10 Contrast-enhanced MRI is better than SPECT in detecting heart damage in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 0 None
2005-08-10 Open nephron-sparing surgery remains the most desirable for the patients 0 None
2005-08-10 Study estimates Staphylococcus aureus infections cause 12,000 deaths, cost hospitals $9.5 billion 1 None
2005-08-10 Assessing physician compliance with the rules for euthanasia and assisted suicide 0 5
2005-08-10 Airline pilots have an increased risk of nuclear cataracts 0 None
2005-08-10 Certain gene variation associated with better mobility for older individuals who exercise 0 None
2005-08-10 Quality of the doctor-patient relationship can greatly affect patients' medication use 0 None
2005-08-10 Current clinical practice guidelines are not written with older adults with multiple illnesses in mind 0 None
2005-08-10 Placental tissue could feasibly provide an abundant source of cells with the same potential to treat diseases as embryonic stem cells 0 None
2005-08-09 High insulin levels increase inflammatory markers and beta-amyloids 0 None
2005-08-09 Checkerboard Tissue Microarray (TMA) Method will help in predicting the behaviour of prostate cancer 0 None
2005-08-09 Latest findings on aspirin resistance 0 None
2005-08-09 Findings do not support the hypothesis of increased risk of nontargeted infectious disease hospitalization after childhood vaccination 0 None
2005-08-09 Non-melanoma skin cancers in young adults has increased significantly in the last three decades 0 None
2005-08-09 New theory as to why some people die during sleep 5 4
2005-08-09 Testing for the activity of certain genes can predict response to chemotherapy for breast cancer 0 None
2005-08-09 First evaluation of California's much-watched ratios law 0 None
2005-08-09 Study results reaffirm cyclin D1 as a candidate target for molecular therapeutic control of breast tumor development 0 None
2005-08-09 Two minor changes in technique could make a major difference in the radiation dose used in survey CT scans 0 None
2005-08-08 Feeling depressed and fatigued does not increase a person's risk for cancer 0 None
2005-08-08 Failure to account for shift in tumor size can lead to overestimation of the impact of treatment advances 0 None
2005-08-08 Walk to work and cut the risk of a stroke 0 None
2005-08-07 High intakes of dairy foods and lactose may increase the risk of ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-08-07 Nighttime dying linked to sleep apnea from brain cell loss 1 None
2005-08-07 Psychologists have gained insight into how people judge their personal health risks 0 None
2005-08-07 Doubt cast over study that says milk linked to ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-08-04 Low levels of folate linked to lower birth rates 0 None
2005-08-04 Switching treatment to the drug anastrozole after two years of tamoxifen is beneficial for women with early breast cancer 0 None
2005-08-04 Multivitamins don't prevent infections in older people 0 None
2005-08-04 Wet combing four times more effective than chemical treatments for head lice 0 None
2005-08-04 National Programme for IT in the NHS (NPfIT) is at risk despite costing millions 0 None
2005-08-04 Cognitive therapy can have a preventive effect for depression 0 None
2005-08-04 MDCT arthrography is an accurate method for assessing cartilage loss in patients with hip dysplasia 0 None
2005-08-04 People with prehypertension are at much higher risk of heart attack 0 None
2005-08-04 More than fifty percent of the U.S. population tested positive to one or more allergens 0 None
2005-08-04 Exposure to secondhand smoke can increase your chances of getting heart disease 0 None
2005-08-04 High levels of physical activity can reduce your risk of stroke 0 None
2005-08-04 New study aims to understand the intricate biochemistry governing gene regulation 0 None
2005-08-04 Drinking in moderation boosts brainpower 0 None
2005-08-04 Risk of metabolic syndrome raised even by secondhand smoke 0 None
2005-08-03 Obese people are less likely to receive preventive services such as mammograms, Pap smears and flu shots 0 None
2005-08-03 Bone marrow-derived cells fail to meet high expectations says Bonn study 0 None
2005-08-03 Babies born during famine are at higher risk of schizophrenia 0 None
2005-08-02 Limited efficiency with the English language increases the risk of adverse medication reactions 0 None
2005-08-02 Study addresses critical GVHD complication - limitations of bone marrow transplants 0 None
2005-08-02 Pedometers motivate walkers 0 None
2005-08-02 Vimentin marker detects colon cancer in 46 percent of patients 0 None
2005-08-02 Lowering the current PSA threshold for recommending a prostate biopsy may subject millions of men to unnecessary, potentially harmful medical procedures 1 5
2005-08-02 People born during a famine in China have an increased risk of schizophrenia 0 None
2005-08-02 By not implementing a neuroblastoma screening program the United States and Canada saved $574.1 million in health costs 0 None
2005-08-02 Cognitive therapy programs help prevent repeat suicides attempts 0 None
2005-08-02 Link between stress and the health of victims of crime 0 None
2005-08-02 High fructose corn syrup: a safe, natural ingredient 0 None
2005-08-02 West Australian study to look at whether dust has the potential to cause health problems 0 None
2005-08-02 Safer driving in old age 0 None
2005-08-02 Masked hypertension poses hidden hazard 0 4.3
2005-08-02 Signs of atherosclerosis seen in apparently healthy young adults 0 None
2005-08-02 So you thought you liked strawberry ice cream! 0 None
2005-08-02 Single hit of meth damages fetal development in mice 0 None
2005-08-02 Smoking during pregnancy linked to childrens' anti-social behaviour 0 None
2005-08-02 Omega-6 fatty acids promote the growth of prostate tumor cells in the laboratory 0 None
2005-08-02 Study finds risk of death increases with peritoneal dialysis over hemodialysis 0 None
2005-08-02 Study findings offer hope of identifying new at-risk population for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2005-08-02 Women's preference for female colonoscopists hinders colon cancer screening 0 None
2005-08-01 Radiation helps eye cancer patients retain vision 0 None
2005-08-01 More than one fourth of individuals with severe mental illness (SMI) were victims of violent crime in the past year 0 None
2005-08-01 Memory manipulation may lessen appeal of certain unhealthy treats 0 None
2005-08-01 New understanding of cell movement may yield ways to brake cancer's spread 0 None
2005-08-01 People have signs of Alzheimer's years before diagnosis 0 None
2005-08-01 New recommendations can help medical arms of the military meet their mission 0 None
2005-08-01 Dairy foods may actually help dieters keep the muscle and lose even more fat 0 None
2005-08-01 People with HIV in developing countries do just as well on antiretroviral therapy (ART) programs as do people with HIV on ART programs in developed countries 0 None
2005-08-01 Study findings will help early detection and treatment of hyperglycemic diabetes 0 None
2005-08-01 Human beings show greater persistence of learned fear toward members of another race than those of their own race 0 None
2005-08-01 Two studies reveal how plague disables immune system 0 4.5
2005-07-31 Study finds right-brain strokes harder to diagnose 0 None
2005-07-31 Possible early warning system for heart problems 0 None
2005-07-31 Riluzole appears to have significant antiobsessional, antidepressant, and antianxiety properties 0 None
2005-07-31 Fructose sweetning could be even worse than using other sweeteners 0 None
2005-07-29 Combination antiretroviral drug therapy may reduce the risk of mother-to-child HIV transmission 0 None
2005-07-29 Millions of hospital patients could be spared the humiliation and infection risk that come with a urine-collecting catheter 0 None
2005-07-29 Beta-blockers 'blot out memories' for sufferers with post-traumatic stress disorder 0 None
2005-07-29 Knee pain more often part of a package of aches and pains 0 None
2005-07-28 Acupuncture is an effective treatment for tension headache 0 None
2005-07-28 Black people are more likely to survive a stroke than white people 0 None
2005-07-28 New way to prevent macular degeneration 0 None
2005-07-28 Study raises concern about the use of beta blockers for all heart patients 0 None
2005-07-28 Echinacea little use in relieving colds 0 None
2005-07-28 Carbon monoxide could turn out to be a life-saver for patients recovering from organ transplants 0 None
2005-07-27 Habit memory - humans clearly can acquire and retain knowledge through repetition 0 5
2005-07-27 First study of household water treatment to show a significant reduction in mortality 0 None
2005-07-27 Students and school employees are being poisoned by pesticide use at schools and from drift off of neighboring farmlands 0 None
2005-07-27 After 30 aerobic fitness declines rapidly 0 None
2005-07-27 Simple measures could help to improve outcome for patients who have suffered head injuries 0 None
2005-07-27 Clinical factors can help predict the risk of prostate cancer death for patients following a radical prostatectomy 0 None
2005-07-27 Quality of care may vary in association with the characteristics of individual physicians and their practices 0 None
2005-07-26 When the media encourage HIV testing, more people get tested 0 None
2005-07-26 Rate of increase in PSA value predicts risk of death following radiation therapy 0 None
2005-07-26 Mate Choice and Friendship in Twins: Evidence for Genetic Similarity 0 None
2005-07-26 Controlling high blood pressure in individuals age 80 years and older has become a major national health problem 0 5
2005-07-26 Nerve-insulating substance called myelin can lead to functional improvements in animals with spinal cord injury 0 None
2005-07-26 Exposure to second-hand smoke during pregnancy can be just as detrimental to a developing fetus as primary exposure through maternal smoking 0 None
2005-07-26 Study shows that while the rate of high blood pressure increased with age, numbers of people receiving treatment for the condition did not 0 None
2005-07-26 Unprecedented industry-backed laws limit public safety 0 None
2005-07-26 Cancer vaccine combined with hormone-deprivation therapy can help patients with recurrence of prostate cancer 0 None
2005-07-26 Acetaminophen, when taken as directed, is safe for patients with liver disease 0 5
2005-07-26 Leg strength gets a push from training technique 0 None
2005-07-26 Working class twins fare worse than their professional sibs on blood pressure, cholesterol and self-rated health 0 None
2005-07-26 Does aspirin work equally well for everyone? 0 None
2005-07-26 Human papillomavirus (HPV) genotyping can benefit clinical practice 0 None
2005-07-26 Eplerenone shows benefit for patients with damaged hearts 0 None
2005-07-26 Combination therapy based on artemisinins might not be the ideal treatment for malaria 0 None
2005-07-26 Adding spectroscopy to breast MR examinations may improve the efficiency and quality of patient care 0 None
2005-07-26 Immigrants in the United States receive less than half the health-care services than do native-born Americans 0 None
2005-07-26 Risk perceptions of natural versus 'medicalized' childbirth 0 None
2005-07-26 U-M Health System study finds patient education video is excellent teaching tool but doctors are better at calming fears 0 None
2005-07-25 Plaques in the brain more likely to be expressed as dementia in women than in men 0 None
2005-07-25 Multi-species genome comparison sheds new light on evolutionary processes 0 None
2005-07-25 Bodily illusions rearrange the sense of touch 0 None
2005-07-25 Gene that regulates normal embryonic development is found at high levels in virtually all forms of breast cancer 0 None
2005-07-25 Cancer survivors initiate diet, exercise, and other beneficial lifestyle changes following a cancer diagnosis 0 None
2005-07-25 Vitamin D supplementation does not appear to prevent bone loss in postmenopausal black women 0 None
2005-07-25 Rates of breast biopsy remained stable over a 12 year period even as mammogram use increased 0 None
2005-07-25 Multiple rare mutations within a single gene may increase risk for autism 0 None
2005-07-25 Breathing in large quantities of salt particles has just the same effect on blood pressure as eating a salty diet 0 None
2005-07-25 Variation in HIV's ability to disable host defenses contributes to rapid evolution 0 None
2005-07-25 Stem cell therapy can be used effectively to treat heart attacks, or myocardial infarction, in pigs 0 None
2005-07-25 Study offers a unique perspective on the beginnings of the alcohol experience and usage patterns of 12-year-olds 0 None
2005-07-25 Nearly half of New Yorkers ages 50 and older are not undergoing screening within the recommended schedule 0 None
2005-07-25 Pneumonia - another use for statins 0 None
2005-07-25 Nonsmokers report better health and fewer symptoms of depression than smokers 0 None
2005-07-25 Medical scans can trigger airport alarms for up to 30 days after 0 None
2005-07-25 New treatment helps obese patients to feel full 0 None
2005-07-24 Bacteria use host's immune response to their competitive advantage 0 None
2005-07-24 Less than 1 percent of health plan members are actually diagnosed with alcoholism or related disorders 0 None
2005-07-23 One shot testicular cancer drug as good as radiotherapy 0 None
2005-07-21 One-day treatment with the anticancer drug carboplatin is as effective as radiotherapy for testicular cancer 0 None
2005-07-21 Spousal violence affects one in three Albanian wives 0 None
2005-07-21 Food subsidies in Poland has led to a drastic drop in deaths from coronary heart disease 0 None
2005-07-21 Large precentage of extremely low-birth-weight children develop chronic problems 0 None
2005-07-21 Calcium may help prevent the polyps, but not colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-07-21 Stress test has less effect on blood vessels when hormone cortisol is blocked 0 None
2005-07-21 Heart attack patients: shedding pounds reduces risks 0 None
2005-07-21 Good quality of life for cardiogenic shock patients after emergency procedures 0 None
2005-07-21 Doctor shortage looms as baby boomers retire 0 None
2005-07-21 Teens drinking more soda then ever before 0 None
2005-07-21 Study suggests that adult patients with persistent asthma from inner-city populations are not being optimally evaluated 0 None
2005-07-21 Imiquimod and fluorouracil emerge as effective weapons for treating superficial basal cell carcinomas 0 None
2005-07-20 Obese people are more likely than normal-weight people to injure themselves 0 None
2005-07-20 Researchers have doubled the potency of a protein that drives blood to clot 0 None
2005-07-20 Protein found in fat cells is a newly discovered cause of insulin resistance 0 None
2005-07-20 Alendronate combined with calcium and vitamin D almost completely prevented further bone loss in the first 4 months afte liver transplant 0 None
2005-07-20 Moraxella catarrhalis found to be responsible for 10 percent of exacerbations of COPD 0 None
2005-07-20 Study questions benefits of breast cancer screenings as practiced in the real world 0 None
2005-07-20 Study: Orientation congruency effects for familiar objects 0 None
2005-07-20 Metformin should be in the first line of defense against type 2 diabetes 0 None
2005-07-20 Single dose of antibiotics may be just as effective as multiple doses in preventing infections after an appendectomy 0 None
2005-07-19 Antibiotics should not be prescribed to patients with the common cold 0 None
2005-07-19 Older-style antidepressants, as well as anticonvulsant drugs, can help ease the disabling pain caused by nerve tissue damage 0 None
2005-07-19 Study warns against global use of old asthma medicines for kids' coughs 0 None
2005-07-19 New protective drugs called bisphosphonates reduce pain and fractures in metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2005-07-19 Calcium may prevent polyps, but effect on colorectal cancer unclear 0 None
2005-07-19 Surgical removal of severe hemorrhoids is more effective in the long run than tying them off with rubber bands 0 None
2005-07-19 Intestinal hormone secretin should not be used to treat autism 0 None
2005-07-19 Insulin keeps fat in the liver under control 0 None
2005-07-19 Study provides evidence that hormone treatments can be beneficial to limiting cardiovascular ailments 0 None
2005-07-19 Ibuprofen can increase bleeding during surgery 0 None
2005-07-19 No single PSA level ensures safety from prostate cancer risk 0 None
2005-07-19 People who drink alcohol have a lower risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 0 None
2005-07-19 Use of antibiotics increases risk of developing antibiotic resistance 0 None
2005-07-19 Parental attitudes to MMR revealed 0 None
2005-07-19 Quit smoking to heal that gum disease and live longer! 0 None
2005-07-19 It's not the last word - for every new medical study there's bound to be another one later which contradicts it! 0 None
2005-07-19 News we always wanted to hear - Chocolate does you good! 0 None
2005-07-19 Healing touch, music, relaxation a plus for heart surgery patients 0 None
2005-07-19 Smokers believe light or herbal cigarettes are less harmful 0 None
2005-07-19 Minimally invasive colorectal surgery may have a less pronounced inflammatory response 0 None
2005-07-19 Studies explore genetic interactions between two well-known tumor suppressor proteins, PTEN and TSC2 0 None
2005-07-19 Cranberry juice common for urinary tract infections 0 None
2005-07-19 Regular yoga practice may help prevent middle-age spread 0 None
2005-07-18 A study analyzes the most important factors leading to death or liver transplant in drug-induced liver disease 0 None
2005-07-18 Fever might be a useful weapon in the fight against cancer 0 None
2005-07-18 Tamiflu may treat avian flu virus 0 None
2005-07-18 ACE inhibitors should be available at no cost to the 8 million Americans over age 65 who have diabetes 0 None
2005-07-18 Discovery of a chemical messenger called neuropeptide Y (NPY) in taste bud cells 0 None
2005-07-18 New theory on aging says popping pills and drinking orange juice no guarantee you'll live longer 0 None
2005-07-18 Nebivolol may help control high blood pressure 0 None
2005-07-18 Telephone helps reduce diabetes health disparities and improves health outcomes 0 None
2005-07-18 Females showed less of an increase in systolic blood pressure (SBP) than their male counterparts after exercise 0 None
2005-07-18 Chemical sealant - poloxamer 188 can repair damage to cardiac muscle cell membrane 0 5
2005-07-18 Study shows mutation in NOTCH1 gene causes aortic valve disease 0 5
2005-07-18 Nerve cells can also release neurotransmitters outside of synapses 0 None
2005-07-17 Cultural and language barriers may be hindering the treatment of South Asians with diabetes 0 None
2005-07-17 Radiation therapy to combat early-stage prostate cancer does not affect sexual and urinary function 0 None
2005-07-17 Asian American and Pacific Island women less likely to receive breast-conserving surgery 0 None
2005-07-17 Individuals with inactive heterozygous ALDH2, a tendency to alcohol flushing have a greater susceptibility to hangovers 0 None
2005-07-17 PGE2 may be a target for Celebrex therapy 0 None
2005-07-15 Data directly support a pathogenetic model of acute leukemia 0 None
2005-07-15 Novel treatment for ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-07-15 New compound ruboxistaurin may decrease vision loss in diabete 0 None
2005-07-15 Having asthma, hay fever or another allergic condition may reduce the risk of developing Glioblastoma multiforme 0 None
2005-07-15 Dental X-rays effectively identify stroke risk 0 None
2005-07-15 Growing body of evidence indicating that childhood obesity is linked to a lack of exercise 0 None
2005-07-14 Handwashing with soap could halve the incidence of diarrhoea in children in developing countries 1 None
2005-07-14 Distant prayer does not improve clinical outcome for patients undergoing coronary procedures 0 None
2005-07-14 Happiness in old age is not linked to intelligence over a lifetime 0 None
2005-07-14 Important role of early experience in shaping neuronal development 0 None
2005-07-14 Asbestos in rocks cause lung cancer 0 None
2005-07-14 At the end of life hospices better option for the elderly than nursing homes 0 None
2005-07-13 Decline in activity in the transition from childhood to adulthood could be responsible for increased weight gain in US girls 0 None
2005-07-13 Erlotinib increases survival in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2005-07-13 Desire more important than therapy for quitting alcohol 0 None
2005-07-13 A new study shows that the number of Americans who had weight-loss surgery quadrupled between 1998 and 2002 0 None
2005-07-13 Targeted program drastically reduced hepatitis A in U.S. 0 None
2005-07-13 Researchers find genetically controlled brain mechanism responsible for social behavior in humans 0 None
2005-07-13 Body mass index proves to be an unexpectedly valuable tool for runners 0 None
2005-07-13 Mesothelioma may be caused by exposure to ultramafic rock 1 5
2005-07-13 United States continues to spend significantly more on health care than any country in the world 0 None
2005-07-12 Study proves Lorenzo's Oil prevents rare disease in boys 0 5
2005-07-12 Metabolic syndrome prevented by a fit heart 0 None
2005-07-12 Statins not effective in reducing dementia risk 0 None
2005-07-12 Most perinatal strokes lead to neurologic disorders 0 None
2005-07-12 Curcumin has potent anticancer powers 0 None
2005-07-12 Age may work in reverse when it comes to raising grandchildren 0 None
2005-07-12 Study focuses on peripheral arterial disease - availability of vascular surgeons impacts amputation rate 0 None
2005-07-12 Sunscreen plays a much more important role than just protecting against sunburn 0 5
2005-07-11 Gambling and sex addiction caused by Parkinson's drug 0 None
2005-07-11 Many local health directors unsure of authority to curtail smoking 0 None
2005-07-11 Costs of coronary artery bypass graft surgery more than 80 percent higher in US than in Canada 0 None
2005-07-11 Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS) offers clues to SIDS, sleep apnea 0 None
2005-07-11 Overactive dopamine receptors may help explain anorexia nervosa symptoms 0 None
2005-07-11 Dopamine agonist therapy for Parkinson's disease may lead to problem gambling 0 None
2005-07-11 Nearly two million Americans are treated for eye injuries per year 0 None
2005-07-11 Statins not associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia 0 None
2005-07-11 Most people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are not depressed 0 None
2005-07-11 Lorenzo's oil prevents onset of pediatric neurological disorder 0 None
2005-07-11 Study compares four standard measures for heart failure treatment 0 None
2005-07-11 Obese men may not process carbohydrates as efficiently as obese women 0 None
2005-07-11 Molecules that give certain bugs their color also help them resist attack by immune cells called neutrophils 0 None
2005-07-11 Identical twins lose some fundamental similarities as they grow older 0 None
2005-07-11 Genes play an overriding role in cholesterol response 0 None
2005-07-11 New roles for granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) in treating stroke 0 None
2005-07-11 Northerners in the UK more prone to certain cancers 0 None
2005-07-11 Anti-tobacco advertising reduces smoking 0 None
2005-07-11 Prescription drug abuse in the USA exceeds 15 million 0 None
2005-07-11 Bacteria linked to oral cancer 0 None
2005-07-11 Genes decide the shape you're in! 0 None
2005-07-11 Stress on arthritic knees significantly eased by small weight loss 0 None
2005-07-07 Nitric oxide good for some prem babies but not for others 0 None
2005-07-07 Acupuncture no help for fibromyalgia sufferers 0 None
2005-07-07 Study confirms you're either gay, straight or lying! 0 1
2005-07-06 Accuracy of PSA screening for detecting prostate cancer 0 None
2005-07-06 Early child intervention programs make for healthier adults 0 None
2005-07-06 Catchers' mitts do not adequately protect players' hands from injury 0 None
2005-07-06 Link between weight loss and wealth gains was particularly strong among white women 0 None
2005-07-06 New study strengthens the case for development of vaccine to prevent dengue fever 0 None
2005-07-06 Vitamin E fails to deliver benefits for major cardiovascular events or cancer 0 None
2005-07-06 Having normal blood pressure may prolong life 0 None
2005-07-06 Texas medical malpractice claims examined 0 None
2005-07-06 New tool to help healthcare professionals treat children with autism 0 None
2005-07-06 Study details safety and efficacy of new Merci Retriever treatment for stroke patients 0 None
2005-07-06 Aspirin can help prevent heart disease, but vitamin E no protection against cancer 0 None
2005-07-06 Antidepressants will cheer you up and stop a repeat heart attack 0 None
2005-07-06 Tourette's and obsessive compulsive disorders linked to strep throat 0 None
2005-07-06 Early detection of colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-07-06 Teenage IQ linked to risk of dementia 0 None
2005-07-06 State-sponsored anti-tobacco media campaigns reduce youth smoking 0 None
2005-07-06 Study is the first to show that there are mechanisms in place for the immune system to identify cancer cells 0 None
2005-07-06 Obese older women may be more prone to frailty 0 None
2005-07-06 Yaktrax Walker - new footwear reduces falls in the elderly 0 None
2005-07-06 Experimental treatment shown to reverse the loss of nerve fibres in Parkinson's Disease 0 None
2005-07-06 HIF-1alpha expression regulates the bactericidal capacity of phagocytes 0 None
2005-07-06 Orthodontics takes first step toward biological control of tooth movement 0 None
2005-07-06 Vasodilators first choice for some heart patients 0 None
2005-07-04 Changes to prenatal genetic testing could mean more babies born with abnornalities 0 None
2005-07-04 Antipsychotic drug risperidone effective in treating autistic children 0 None
2005-07-04 HIV infection rates reaching epidemic proportion in Russia's vulnerable groups 0 None
2005-07-04 DNA imaging suggests where lung cancer genes may reside 0 None
2005-07-04 Children who snore are far more likely to suffer hyperactivity disorders 0 None
2005-07-04 Acetylsalicylic acid, the active ingredient in Aspirin can lower the risk of redeveloping colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-07-01 Risk of lung cancer increased by poor lung function 0 None
2005-07-01 Research shows smoking may increase the risk of Tuberculosis 0 None
2005-07-01 Mammography use exceeds targets although some are still reluctant 0 None
2005-06-30 Potatoes found to help reduce blood pressure and other diseases 1 4
2005-06-30 Daclizumab effective at reducing organ rejection and risk of infection in heart transplant patients 0 None
2005-06-30 Ethnic groups in the U.S. more at risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-06-30 Studies compare hepatitis B drugs 0 5
2005-06-30 Bipolar survey indicates how patient satisfaction is achieved 0 None
2005-06-30 E-mail spam good for you 0 None
2005-06-29 Viagra's non-blood pressure effect successfully mimics vasopressin action 0 None
2005-06-29 Study confirms health benefits of cobblestone walking for older adults 0 None
2005-06-29 Even low dose radiation exposure causes cancer 0 None
2005-06-29 Major study says for diabetics with high blood pressure diuretics are the best option 0 None
2005-06-29 Findings suggest important differences among smokers in brain responses that underlie the smoking habit 0 None
2005-06-29 Kidney disease associated with 'benign' prostate obstruction 0 4
2005-06-28 Tetracycline antibiotic shows promise for treating osteoarthritis 0 None
2005-06-28 Exercise helps find genetic regions linked to prediabetes 0 None
2005-06-28 Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are at increased risk of coronary artery disease 0 None
2005-06-28 Pomegranate juice may help babies resist brain injuries from low oxygen 0 None
2005-06-28 Parents whose children are born with a low birth weight run greater risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2005-06-28 Living closer to a casino increases likelihood of problem gambling 0 None
2005-06-28 Sleep helps memory 0 None
2005-06-28 Low doses of radiation associated with a small excess risk of developing cancer 0 None
2005-06-28 Office-based buprenorphine treatment for drug abuse shows promise 0 None
2005-06-28 Health costs soar as 60 million Americans classed as obese 0 None
2005-06-28 Changing a high-risk drinking culture through the lens of gender 0 None
2005-06-28 Ethnicity makes little difference in the quality of outpatient care 0 None
2005-06-28 Uncomplicated twin pregnancies might be more risky than previously thought 0 None
2005-06-28 fMRI enables noninvasive evaluation of epilepsy patients 0 None
2005-06-28 Diuretics work better than newer and more costly medicines for diabetics with high blood pressure 0 None
2005-06-27 Gleevec or similar drugs might be useful in preventing adverse side effects of smallpox vaccine 0 None
2005-06-27 Study causes big shift in how we think about p53 gene 0 None
2005-06-27 Compelling evidence that language comprehension is a continuous process 0 None
2005-06-27 Medical residents in Japan are more likely to involve patients' families in end-of-life decision making 0 None
2005-06-27 Adult, or post-natal, stem cells have the same ability as embryonic stem cells to multiply 0 None
2005-06-27 People with diabetes are at higher risk of contracting respiratory, urinary tract and skin infections 0 None
2005-06-27 Study shows that low-intensity exercise such as Tai Chi has great potential for health promotion in older people 0 None
2005-06-27 A blood test for thyroid cancer can detect persistent or recurrent disease even before doctors can find any trace of a tumor 0 None
2005-06-27 First comprehensive study of the relationship between racial subgroups and colorectal cancer outcome 0 None
2005-06-27 Half of American adults believe cancer myths 0 None
2005-06-27 Study challenges understanding of how messenger RNAs are translated into proteins 0 None
2005-06-27 British doctors question guidelines on blood pressure and cholesterol levels 0 None
2005-06-27 Meat eaters more likely to be obese than vegetarians 0 4
2005-06-26 Study sheds new light on the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of chronic wounds 0 None
2005-06-26 New clue to the causes of neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2005-06-26 Migraine sufferers find effects of Botox more than skin-deep 0 None
2005-06-23 Study shows significant improvement in body image following cosmetic surgery 0 None
2005-06-23 Athletes boosted by caffeine 0 None
2005-06-23 Thank God, most doctors believe in God 3 None
2005-06-22 Determining prognosis in patients with chest pain now easier and more accurate 0 None
2005-06-22 Antibiotics not effective for many coughs 0 None
2005-06-22 Folic acid improves memory and protects the brain from aging 2 3
2005-06-21 AAV2 has great potential to be developed as an anti-cancer agent 1 5
2005-06-21 Sleep studied as potential treatment for depression 0 None
2005-06-21 Foxp2 gene plays an essential role in the development of social communication 0 None
2005-06-21 Antibiotics show little benefit for uncomplicated lower respiratory tract infections 0 None
2005-06-21 New insight into autoimmune disease 0 None
2005-06-21 Endocarditis infection is increasing due to staphylococcal infection 0 None
2005-06-21 Danger of mixing mobile phones and motoring 0 None
2005-06-21 Genetic predisposition to lung cancer exists 0 None
2005-06-21 Most children with infective conjunctivitis (pinkeye) do not need treatment with an antibiotic 0 5
2005-06-21 Wearing a continuous positive airway pressure device helps heart failure patients with obstructive sleep apnea get a good night's rest 0 None
2005-06-21 Insulin resistance drug with anti-inflammatory effects reduces risk factors 0 None
2005-06-21 Fish may help prevent heart failure as well as heart attacks 0 None
2005-06-21 Worldwide cost of Alzheimer's disease and dementia estimated at $156 billion 0 5
2005-06-21 No increase in anxiety or depression when children of people with Alzheimer's get genetic testing 0 None
2005-06-21 Study identifies day-of-surgery crisis 0 None
2005-06-21 Effect of new Italian law on the choices available to infertile parents 0 None
2005-06-21 When it comes to brains bigger is definitely better 0 None
2005-06-21 New study finds many concerns with clinical trials 0 None
2005-06-21 Mentors really do help 0 None
2005-06-21 What are the links between psychological trauma and addiction? 0 None
2005-06-21 Study finds incidence of psychosis and schizophrenia is slightly higher than that found in recent studies 0 None
2005-06-21 Better prognosis for depressed patients if spouses agree reasons for their illness 0 None
2005-06-21 'Bed blocking' in one adolescent unit costs NHS over a million 0 None
2005-06-20 Simple risk score to predict stroke in the 7 days after a person has had a mini-stroke 0 None
2005-06-20 New discoveries in treatment for patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 0 None
2005-06-20 PET might be a promising tool for early prediction of response to chemotherapy for ovarian can 0 None
2005-06-20 Cyr61 gene transfer appears potent in stimulation of myocardial angiogenesis 0 None
2005-06-20 New study investigates how healthy individuals and schizophrenia patients interpret their visual worlds 0 None
2005-06-20 Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may be associated with more cases of cancers than previously thought 0 None
2005-06-20 Elevated C-reactive protein can foil diet's ability to lower cholesterol 0 None
2005-06-20 Detection levels of deadly form of melanoma remains the same 0 None
2005-06-20 Thalidomide may be a potent anti-cancer treatment 0 None
2005-06-20 Proof that single embryo transfer (SET) produces babies that are healthier than those born after multiple implantations 0 None
2005-06-20 Ramelteon may help chronic insomniacs 0 None
2005-06-20 Patients who need PET/CT scans should avoid drinking coffee 0 None
2005-06-20 Study finds better long-term outcomes when surgeons place a bypass graft to all the territories of the heart that have significantly blocked arteries 0 None
2005-06-20 Studies show Alzheimer's prevented by drinking juice daily and having the occasional alcoholic drink 0 None
2005-06-19 Fine tuning drug levels in neuroblastoma patients is effective 0 None
2005-06-19 First blood test to help predict a patient's risk for ischemic stroke 0 None
2005-06-19 Study shows why thiazolidinediones cause edema and helps understand role of kidneys in hypertension 0 None
2005-06-19 Brain size and intelligence are related 0 3
2005-06-19 Seroquel (quetiapine), may be an effective treatment option for patients with schizophrenia 0 None
2005-06-19 Bipolar disorder more prevalent and costly than believed 0 None
2005-06-19 High-volume medical centers better at treating cancer 0 None
2005-06-19 Arterial spin labeling distinguishes between Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia 0 None
2005-06-19 Early exposure to inflammatory disease multiplies Alzheimer's risk 0 5
2005-06-16 Female bed-rest study will understand changes to the immune response and decreased resistance to infection in space 0 None
2005-06-16 Yet another proven benefit of tight glucose control for those with type 1 diabetes 0 None
2005-06-16 Most common form of lung cancer may begin in a group of newly isolated lung stem cells 0 None
2005-06-16 New techniques use mitochondrial DNA as an early indicator for certain types of cancer 0 None
2005-06-16 Transplantation of spermatogonial stem cells isolated from leukemic mice restores fertility without inducing leukemia 0 None
2005-06-16 Claudin-1 regulates cellular transformation and metastatic behavior in colon cancer 0 None
2005-06-16 Fine tuning drug levels in neuroblastoma patients is effective 0 None
2005-06-16 MRI measurement of breast tumor volume predicts whether a patient's cancer will return 0 None
2005-06-16 Inactive gene may explain higher incidence of prostate cancer in African-Americans compared to Caucasians 0 None
2005-06-16 People who have had a minor stroke have a 43% chance of another stroke or vascular event within 10-years 0 None
2005-06-16 Single course of one antibiotic can successfully treat elephantiasis 0 None
2005-06-16 Planned home births a safe otption shows finds new study 0 None
2005-06-16 People with a history of epilepsy are at increased risk of developing schizophrenia 0 None
2005-06-16 Study shows fewer Canadian retailers selling cigarettes to youth 0 None
2005-06-16 Indigenous health gap wider in New Zealand 0 None
2005-06-16 Buprenorphine treatment for opioid addiction shows promise 0 None
2005-06-16 Service learning improves the social skills of students with mental impairments 0 None
2005-06-16 Chromium picolinate significantly reduces weight gain associated with common antidiabetic medication 0 None
2005-06-16 Hydroxyurea may prevent complications such as organ damage and stunted growth in treatment of sickle cell disease 0 None
2005-06-16 Risky sexual behaviour fuelled in gay and bisexual men by the internet 0 None
2005-06-15 Aortic disease difficult to diagnose 0 None
2005-06-15 Helicobacter pylori may be linked to atrial fibrillation 0 None
2005-06-15 A network of good friends, rather than close family ties, helps you live longer in older age 0 None
2005-06-15 Drinking soft drinks and other beverages through a properly positioned straw can help to minimize the risk of cavities 0 None
2005-06-15 Diabetes patients may benefit most from minor surgery plus antibiotics 0 None
2005-06-15 Oral liquid Hydroxyurea promising for long-term use in babies with sickle cell disease 0 None
2005-06-15 Walking more slowly, obese individuals can burn more calories per mile and may reduce the risk of arthritis or joint injury 0 None
2005-06-15 Acute coronary syndrome patients at increased risk of stroke 0 None
2005-06-15 Abstinence education programs increased youth's support for abstinence 0 None
2005-06-15 Key milestone in study of the antifungal treatment of asthma 0 None
2005-06-15 Brain surgery for epilepsy means patients still free of fits 30 years later 0 None
2005-06-15 Too much red meat could lead to bowel cancer 0 5
2005-06-15 Heavy drinkers at risk of lasting brain damage sooner rather than later 0 None
2005-06-15 Fish oil not a good idea for heart defibrillator patients 0 None
2005-06-15 Poor mental health services in the UK in need of complete rethink 0 None
2005-06-15 Exposure to sunlight may decrease the risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2005-06-14 Medicare's investment in quality improvement may not be paying off 0 None
2005-06-14 Study examines biomarkers for response to erlotinib in glioma 0 None
2005-06-14 Orlistat, a drug that decreases fat absorption, appears helpful for improving weight management in obese adolescents 0 None
2005-06-14 Incorporating human papillomavirus testing into cervical cancer screening will provide health benefits at a reasonable cost 0 None
2005-06-14 Continuous drinking for as little as eight weeks affects learning and memory up to 12 weeks later 0 None
2005-06-14 Drinking during pregnancy can increase the risk of infection in newborns 0 None
2005-06-14 Two common gene variations are associated with the risk for developing chronic kidney disease 0 None
2005-06-14 Fish oil does not lower risk of serious heart rhythm abnormalities for patients with implantable defibrillators 0 None
2005-06-14 Study reveals benefits of using insulin earlier 0 None
2005-06-14 'Hazardous' drinking and drug use are much less severe but much more common than dependence 0 None
2005-06-14 Causes, consequences and clinical implications of alcohol-related brain shrinkage 0 None
2005-06-14 New study supporting the importance of aggressive cholesterol-lowering 0 None
2005-06-14 Combination of over-the-counter pharmacy drugs and prescription drugs dangerous 0 None
2005-06-14 Viagra helps children with heart-lung condition achieve improved quality of life 0 None
2005-06-14 Doppler imaging provides better understanding of muscular dystrophy 0 None
2005-06-13 People who smoke or are obese are biologically older than slim individuals and non-smokers 0 None
2005-06-13 Study examines reasons for unsatisfactory outcomes following deep brain stimulation surgery 0 None
2005-06-13 Homeless persons prefer more aggressive medical care than the physicians making decisions for them 0 None
2005-06-13 Prognosis is good for people who have epilepsy surgery 0 None
2005-06-13 Psychosocial factors and interleukin-6 among women with advanced ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-06-13 Short-term use of CPAP therapy may protect against cardiovascular disease 0 5
2005-06-12 Ruboxistaurin shows favorable effects on kidney damage and function in people with type 2 diabetes and nephropathy 0 None
2005-06-12 Rimonabant study shows significant improvements in HbA1c and cardiometabolic risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2005-06-12 Muraglitazar lowers blood glucose and helps dyslipidemia seen in diabetes 0 None
2005-06-12 Half of 580 women diagnosed with breast cancer in one study experienced lymphedema 0 None
2005-06-12 Over-the-counter painkillers more likely to cause heart attacks than banned drug Vioxx 0 5
2005-06-12 No need to rush to take epilepsy drugs 0 None
2005-06-10 Ibruprofen and other commonly used painkillers for treating inflammation may increase the risk of heart attack 0 None
2005-06-10 Low birth weight - another risk factor for diabetes 0 None
2005-06-10 Optimists don't always fare better than pessimists in their immunologic response to stress 0 None
2005-06-10 Intensive therapy, even four years later, improves stroke victims speech 0 None
2005-06-10 Study sheds light on endometriosis pain 0 None
2005-06-09 Unique therapeutic strategy to combat cachexia 0 None
2005-06-09 Giving individuals with single or infrequent seizures immediate treatment does not reduce their risk of seizure recurrence in the long-term 0 None
2005-06-09 Similarities in antiretroviral therapy efficacy in poorer countries to that in industrial nations 0 None
2005-06-09 Commonly used painkillers for treating inflammation may increase the risk of heart attack 0 None
2005-06-09 Molecule called Smad7 may open doors to future treatments in pancreatic and other forms of cancer 0 None
2005-06-09 Study of glial cells in the roundworm C. elegans may provide insight into a variety of human brain diseases 0 None
2005-06-09 Healthy neighborhoods for older adults subject of study 0 None
2005-06-09 Doctors and patients think differently about clinical trials 0 None
2005-06-09 Designed drug for combined hormone and chemotherapy treatment 0 None
2005-06-09 Association between chronic cytomegalovirus (CMV) and frailty syndrome 0 None
2005-06-09 Multisequential MRI approach improves heart inflammation diagnosis 0 None
2005-06-09 Study raises questions about food products meant to block cholesterol absorption 1 None
2005-06-09 MabThera highly effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-06-09 Modifying your salt intake has the potential to prevent exercise-induced asthma 0 None
2005-06-09 Rheumatoid arthritis costs more to business and industry than almost any other disease 0 None
2005-06-09 Rituximab, used to treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is safe and effective 0 None
2005-06-09 New study shows tiny RNAs intimately associated with cancer 0 None
2005-06-09 Rituximab provides new hope for people with lupus 0 None
2005-06-08 Missing link between mothers' diets and obesity in kids 0 None
2005-06-08 Adults with diabetes at higher risk for cardiovascular problems due air pollution 0 None
2005-06-08 CT screening lowers negative appendectomy rate from 20% to 3% at urban hospital 0 None
2005-06-08 Study is the first to identify involvement of chromosome 21 in developmental regression autism 0 None
2005-06-08 African-American and Hispanic patients with diabete are less likely to get eye exams 0 None
2005-06-08 Drinking cranberry juice may fight that tummy bug 0 5
2005-06-07 Boring jobs can make your heart bad 0 None
2005-06-07 6 minutes exercise a week is all you need to keep fit! 0 None
2005-06-06 Drinking alcohol may lower risk of developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 0 None
2005-06-06 Combining morphine with small doses of methadone could increase the effectiveness of morphine for the treatment of chronic pain 0 None
2005-06-06 Tibetan Buddhist monks provide clues to meditation controls visual experience 0 None
2005-06-06 IGF-based growth hormone dosing could become a novel paradigm in treating growth hormone deficiency 0 None
2005-06-06 Doctors study surgery to stop epileptic seizures 0 None
2005-06-06 Gene therapy for arthritis is both feasible and safe 0 None
2005-06-06 Study forecasts continuing slide in job-based health coverage 0 None
2005-06-06 Study to improve symptom awareness 0 None
2005-06-06 Patients with advanced heart failure significantly improved after receiving stem cell therapy 0 None
2005-06-06 Electroconvulsive therapy not damaging to memory -- early results 1 None
2005-06-06 Workers more productive after exercise 0 None
2005-06-06 Late night eating a culprit for weight gain in college students 0 None
2005-06-06 One-a-day tablet treats common infection 0 None
2005-06-06 New survey shows Americans falling short on sun protection 0 None
2005-06-06 Study clarifies risk of recurrence for high-risk breast cancer patients 0 None
2005-06-06 Chemotherapy options improve for patients with advanced colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-06-06 Genetically engineered virus has shown promise as a treatment for patients with colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-06-06 Intelligence and genetic disease link 0 None
2005-06-06 Chemicals in Cannabis may help mentally ill 0 None
2005-06-06 Link between the protective effect of ischemic preconditioning in skeletal muscles and the substance that triggers hibernation 0 None
2005-06-05 Computer simulation helps understand DNA transcription process 0 None
2005-06-05 Vitamin B6 decreases risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-06-05 Link between childhood leukemia and power lines at the most, slight 0 None
2005-06-03 Oral cancer screening saves lives 0 None
2005-06-03 Childhood cancer and distance from high-voltage power lines 0 None
2005-06-03 Childhood cancer in relation to distance from high voltage power lines - results may be entirely due to chance 0 None
2005-06-03 U.S. Army looks at how some soldiers are trying to lose weight 0 None
2005-06-03 Aerobic exercise yields greater fitness, but is harder to maintain 0 None
2005-06-03 Two-year study shows lifestyle-related chronic illness begins early 0 None
2005-06-03 Small steps may be best path to fitness 0 None
2005-06-03 Medication errors dramatically reduced in patients with kidney disease 0 None
2005-06-03 New understanding of jet lag 0 None
2005-06-03 Exposure to aflatoxins that contaminate crops in developing countries can be reduced by a simple, cost-effective intervention 0 None
2005-06-03 Visually screening the mouths of individuals at high-risk of oral cancer could prevent around 37000 worldwide 0 None
2005-06-03 Diabetes knowledge has little effect on improving outcomes 0 None
2005-06-03 Fungal contamination of saline-filled breast implants is readily preventable 0 None
2005-06-03 New vaccine against whooping cough is effective in teens and adults 0 None
2005-06-03 Booster vaccine that includes protection against pertussis shows promise 0 None
2005-06-03 Vaccine targets tumors where they live 0 None
2005-06-03 HIV protease inhibitors block programmed cell death in vivo 0 None
2005-06-03 Prescribing methadone plus heroin to chronic, treatment resistant addicts is less costly than methadone alone 0 None
2005-06-02 Long-term exposure to passive smoking (second-hand smoke) may increase premenopausal breast cancer risk 0 None
2005-06-02 Loneliness and hopelessness increase risk of self-harm among older people 0 None
2005-06-02 Psychiatric casualties from Iraq war - majority due to adjustment difficulties rather than combat stress 0 None
2005-06-02 Life events lead to more symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder than traumatic events 0 None
2005-06-02 War is not necessarily bad for psychological health 0 None
2005-06-02 Depression is more common than post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among UK ex-service personnel 0 None
2005-06-02 A protein found naturally in the brain may protect against Parkinson's disease 0 None
2005-06-02 Pilates and yoga appear to relieve the symptoms of menopause 0 None
2005-06-02 Helix opens additional sites for its Topical Interferon Alpha-2b Phase II clinical study 0 None
2005-06-02 Most heart failure cases are discovered after patients admitted to hospital 0 None
2005-06-02 Chemo combo increases breast cancer survival 0 None
2005-06-02 Education is the best defense against obesity 0 None
2005-06-02 Indirect link between income and healthy eating 0 None
2005-06-02 Study suggests continuous NSAID treatment more effectively reduces X-Ray progression than intermittent treatment 0 None
2005-06-02 Study links TNF to androgen deficiency in rheumatoid arthritis patients and suggest a novel pathway in inflammation 0 None
2005-06-01 Lactose intolerance linked to ancestral environment 0 None
2005-06-01 Genetic variation alters response to anti-clotting drug warfarin 0 4
2005-06-01 Stronger version of chickenpox vaccine cuts incidence and severity of shingles in older adults 0 None
2005-06-01 Airbags may not be that safe 0 3.8
2005-06-01 A drug used to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1 induces resistance more often than previously thought 0 None
2005-06-01 Oxytocin - don't sniff it if you want to hang on to your money! 0 None
2005-06-01 HIV deaths drop 90 percent among African-American IDUs who are given access to combination drug therapy 0 None
2005-06-01 Losing weight for a better night's sleep 0 None
2005-06-01 Sniffing out a partner 0 None
2005-06-01 Homicide-suicide among the elderly an emerging public health concern 0 None
2005-06-01 UMHS study finds premium rates affect where ob/gyns choose to practice 0 None
2005-06-01 Having twins reduces the risk of many types of women's cancer 0 None
2005-06-01 Study of compassionate care 0 None
2005-06-01 Tobacco companies designed cigarettes "to addict women" 0 None
2005-06-01 Nearly one out of two visits to a doctor's office for help with a sleep disorder result in the prescription of potentially addictive medications 0 None
2005-06-01 Triple approach is promising against cancer cells 0 None
2005-06-01 Cancer treatments linked to decline in mental abilities later on in life 0 None
2005-06-01 Heart doctors say off-pump or on-pump, no difference in bypass surgery 0 None
2005-06-01 New study linking pain relievers and breast cancer fails to convince experts 0 None
2005-05-31 Diabetics more sensitive to cardiovascular effects from air pollution 0 None
2005-05-31 Nearly half of non-ventilated patients in intensive care units experience delirium 0 None
2005-05-31 We have been ingrained to think that seriously large people can only make improvements in their health if they diet and slim down 0 None
2005-05-31 Improving access to trauma care in the United States 0 None
2005-05-31 Cancer patients have increased risk of cognitive dysfunction 0 None
2005-05-31 Shorter course of 8 gray radiotherapy effective for palliation of painful bone metastases 0 None
2005-05-31 Under prescribing of statins puts more people at risk of premature death 0 None
2005-05-30 Ibuprofen use is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer 0 None
2005-05-30 Young adults forget their own life-support decisions 0 None
2005-05-30 Steroid treatment for prematurity put to the test 0 None
2005-05-30 Survey shows sexual health important component of overall well being for midlife and beyond 0 None
2005-05-30 New understanding of DNA repair processes may pave way to cancer treatments 0 None
2005-05-29 Why good medications are sometimes bad for the liver 0 None
2005-05-29 New evidence for cause of dyslexia 0 None
2005-05-29 Exposure to violence makes teens more violent 0 1
2005-05-29 Fewer adults smoke in the U.S. and the number is dropping 0 None
2005-05-29 Common over-the-counter cough medication dextromethorphan may help people with fibromyalgia 0 None
2005-05-26 Disturbingly high rate of home care patients are being admitted to hospital suffering from pneumonia 0 None
2005-05-26 Significant association between depression severity and poor glycemic control (PGC) among Hispanics 0 None
2005-05-26 Free nicotine patches could substantially increase the likelihood of smokers quitting 0 None
2005-05-26 Exposure to pesticides linked to Parkinson's disease 0 None
2005-05-26 Feelings intensify as we get older 0 None
2005-05-26 Smokers with access to low-tax cigarettes less likely to quit 0 None
2005-05-26 Raising tobacco taxes could curb youth’s cigar habits 0 None
2005-05-26 Elderly suicide victims more likely to have fallen to their deaths 0 None
2005-05-26 Intensive tobacco control measures can sharply reduce smoking rates 0 None
2005-05-26 New study shows that bypass surgery is more successful than stents in heart surgery 0 4
2005-05-26 IVF treatment less effective in women living with a smoker 0 None
2005-05-26 New type of inhalation chemotherapy 0 None
2005-05-26 Stimulating innate immunity helps ease Crohn's disease symptoms 0 None
2005-05-26 A small kidney stone should not preclude people from being donors 0 3
2005-05-26 Retina and its circuits are much more pliable than scientists previously thought 0 None
2005-05-26 Tendency to be prejudiced is a form of common sense, hard-wired into the human brain 0 None
2005-05-26 Listening to favorite music during surgery lessens need for sedative 0 None
2005-05-26 Study shows how COX-2 inhibitors lead to heart disease 0 None
2005-05-26 Study suggests deadlines intensify emotions 0 None
2005-05-26 Psychology studies confirm 'unfelt' emotion can alter consequential behavior 0 None
2005-05-25 The inability to care for yourself puts you at greatest risk of death in a hospital 0 None
2005-05-25 Study supports the view that public concerns about genetic discrimination are substantial 0 None
2005-05-25 Brain fatty acid levels linked to depression 0 4.5
2005-05-25 WIN compound - a prototype drug for curing colds - is showing so much promise 0 3
2005-05-25 State of "incomplete" health has resulted in a loss of productivity in the workforce 0 5
2005-05-25 First study to examine liver injury in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) 0 None
2005-05-25 Moderate program of physical exercise helps maintain bone mass in elderly 0 None
2005-05-25 Corticosteroids should not be used in the treatment of head injuries 0 None
2005-05-25 Tort reform associated with increase in physician supply 0 None
2005-05-25 Nearly 50 millions Americans do not have access to a level I or II trauma center within an hour 0 None
2005-05-25 Practice of defensive medicine widespread among physicians in specialties at high risk of lawsuits 0 None
2005-05-25 Newly developed treatment for severe grief shown more effective than standard therapy 0 None
2005-05-25 Exercise boosts chances of surviving breast cancer 0 None
2005-05-25 Measuring hormone procalcitonin cuts antibiotic use in half in pneumonia patients 0 None
2005-05-25 Female lung transplant recipients more likely to suffer from primary graft dysfunction 0 None
2005-05-25 Bladder capacity rarely changes as you age 0 5
2005-05-25 Laughter brings on asthma 0 None
2005-05-25 Study shows using expanded critera donors is safe 0 None
2005-05-25 Ceramide can be administered through the blood stream to target and kill cancer cells 0 5
2005-05-25 Patients disfigured in traumatic incidents may experience significant social and behavioral problems 0 None
2005-05-25 Patients approaching the end of life can significantly reduce their depression symptoms and improve their sense of spiritual well-being 0 None
2005-05-24 Patients on hypertension and lipid-lowering medications not sticking to prescriptions 0 None
2005-05-24 Cyclophosphamide may be a possible therapy for scleroderma 0 None
2005-05-24 Medical imaging costs at a steady percentage of overall hospital costs 0 None
2005-05-24 Fetal programming and childhood factors can't be blamed for poor bone health in mid life 0 None
2005-05-24 New cholesterol drug Crestor causes safety concerns 0 2.2
2005-05-23 Study evaluate the effects of long working hours 0 None
2005-05-23 Study tackles aging issues of adults with developmental disabilities 0 None
2005-05-23 Obstructive sleep apnea significantly increases the risk of suffering a stroke 0 None
2005-05-23 Lack of central air conditioning linked to minority deaths 0 None
2005-05-23 Patients at high risk of stroke may need to continue Warfarin therapy after heart rhythm is controlled 0 None
2005-05-23 Within six months, one in three patients fail to take cardiovascular risk-lowering medications as prescribed 0 None
2005-05-23 Risks outweigh benefits of shark cartilage as anti-cancer treatment 0 None
2005-05-23 Narcotic medications can safely and effectively ease severe, chronic pain in older people 0 None
2005-05-23 Pregnancy factors, parental psychiatric history, and preterm delivery may be associated with the risk of autism 0 None
2005-05-23 High-dose Tamoxifen may prolong survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) 0 None
2005-05-23 Gene keeps neural cells on correct developmental path 0 None
2005-05-22 New hope for people with hepatitis C 0 None
2005-05-22 Online asthma management program can help asthma patients 0 None
2005-05-22 People with chronic cough are often depressed 0 None
2005-05-22 Study finds benefits, less organ rejection using immunosuppressive combination for heart transplants 0 5
2005-05-22 Surgery for chronic low back pain is no better than intensive rehabilitation 0 None
2005-05-22 Vitamin E as part of diet may prevent Parkinson's 0 None
2005-05-22 New polysaccharide may help combat multidrug resistance in cancer 0 None
2005-05-22 Allergies increase risk for corneal transplant rejection 0 5
2005-05-22 Exercise programme is as beneficial as spinal surgery in treating lower back pain 0 None
2005-05-20 Gene keeps neural cells on correct developmental path 0 None
2005-05-20 Dextromethorphan temporarily reduces the intensity of fibromyalgia 0 None
2005-05-20 Study holds implications for gene therapy and stem cell biology 0 None
2005-05-20 Physiotherapy is effective in treating stress incontinence 0 None
2005-05-20 Black Americans are more at risk from strokes 0 None
2005-05-20 CAD system makes breast MRI more effective, efficient 0 None
2005-05-20 Drug used to treat enlarged prostate may improve the accuracy of prostate biopsies 0 None
2005-05-20 Ultrasound-guided percutaneous biopsies are a safe and effective alternative to endoscopic biopsies 0 None
2005-05-20 Chest CT can be first step to identifying if patient has had a heart attack 0 None
2005-05-20 Cystatin-C, a new blood test for kidney function, is a better predictor of death and cardiovascular risk among the elderly 0 3.5
2005-05-20 Sigmoidoscopy comes up short for women in detection of polyps in the colon 0 None
2005-05-20 New kidney test better elder mortality predictor 0 None
2005-05-19 Watching too much tele puts UK children at risk of obesity 0 None
2005-05-19 New study questions benefits of aspirin for the over 70s 0 None
2005-05-19 No evidence that designated driver programs stop drunken driving 0 None
2005-05-18 Diet rich in vitamin E may protect against Parkinson's disease 0 None
2005-05-18 Grapefruit extract may help heal stomach ulcers 0 3
2005-05-18 Colon cancer missed in simple screening test 0 None
2005-05-18 Obese people incorrectly diagnosed with asthma 0 None
2005-05-18 Older adults with insomnia report falling asleep faster with Ramelteon 0 None
2005-05-18 Hydroxycitric acid slows glucose uptake, cuts insulin peaks 0 None
2005-05-18 Concurrent radiation, chemo, followed by surgery lengthens lung cancer patients' survival 0 None
2005-05-18 Antiretroviral therapy may prevent excess risk of some cancers in people with HIV 0 None
2005-05-18 Cardiovascular risk factors among homeless people are under-treated in Canada 0 None
2005-05-18 Scientists confirm rarefied air poses in-flight problem 0 None
2005-05-18 Hypertension drug combination yields high rate of blood pressure control in hard-to-treat patients 0 None
2005-05-18 Grapes may protect against the loss of bladder function associated with an enlarged prostate 0 None
2005-05-18 Telemonitoring or telephone calls prevent heart failure deaths 0 None
2005-05-18 Routine, inexpensive blood test sharpens heart disease risk predictions 0 None
2005-05-18 A drug that controls blood pressure and reduces heart risk also appears to protect against diabetes 0 None
2005-05-18 Tobacco brands still appearing in PG-13 rated movies 0 None
2005-05-18 Prenatal environmental factors and parental mental health may be associated with a risk of autism 0 None
2005-05-18 The way obese women feed and interact with their children early in infancy might lay the foundations for obesity later in childhood 0 4
2005-05-18 Don’t skip chest CT in the ER just because X-ray checks out okay, warns study 0 None
2005-05-17 Yoga is associated with fewer symptoms of eating disorders 0 None
2005-05-17 Zevalin safe and effective for non-Hogdkin's lymphoma patients 0 None
2005-05-17 Breast cancer chemotherapy regimen associated with life-threatening complications 0 None
2005-05-17 Patients who have a blood clot are at high risk of having another one, and men have more than twice the risk as women 0 None
2005-05-17 Tumor vasculature has become an attractive target in the treatment of cancer. 0 None
2005-05-17 Exposure to radioactive iodines in childhood is associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer 0 None
2005-05-17 Regular exercise helps early stage colon cancer patients recover 0 None
2005-05-17 Grapefruit have strong antioxidant properties that can have healing effects on stomach ulcers 0 None
2005-05-17 Doxorubicin-docetaxel combination is associated with an increased risk of severe and life-threatening complications 0 None
2005-05-17 Postmenopausal women who follow a low-fat diet have 24 percent less chance of a recurrence of breast cancer 0 None
2005-05-17 Sometimes knowledge can be a bad thing 0 None
2005-05-17 Women are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of excessive drinking 0 None
2005-05-17 New discovery sparks hope of safer dosage of Warfarin 0 None
2005-05-17 New drug combination prevents breast cancer growth pre-surgery 0 None
2005-05-17 Gefitinib (Iressa) could reduce the size of breast cancer tumours 0 None
2005-05-17 The brain damage wrought by a minor stroke can alter the way artists paint 0 None
2005-05-17 Using a mobile phone in rural areas seems to pose a greater risk of developing brain tumours than it does in urban areas 0 None
2005-05-17 Vitamin D, taxotere combination promising for advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2005-05-17 Use of a common type of antidepressant may increase gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding 0 None
2005-05-16 Deletion on chromosome 11q may guide decision to use chemotherapy for neuroblastoma 0 None
2005-05-16 Association between maternal exposure to toxoplasmosis and increased risk for developing schizophrenia 0 None
2005-05-16 High-risk for melanoma patients no more likely to take proper precautions in the sun 0 None
2005-05-16 Improvements in critical care decrease risk of post-injury multiple organ failure 0 None
2005-05-16 Survival rates higher for children receiving living donor liver transplant 0 None
2005-05-16 Increased levels of estrogen that occur during pregnancy may be associated with improvement in psoriasis 0 None
2005-05-16 Intralesional immunotherapy for common warts is effective and safe 0 None
2005-05-16 Combined MRI and mammography more effective at detecting breast cancer in high risk women 0 None
2005-05-16 Statins appear to lessen chance of developing breast cancer 0 None
2005-05-16 Acne drug not linked to increased suicide risk 0 None
2005-05-16 Extract of the kudzu vine may help heavy drinkers drink less 0 None
2005-05-16 New study demonstrates high rates of tumor death in patients receiving regimen 0 None
2005-05-16 Changes in certain brain receptors can affect seizures and anxiety during the menstrual cycle 0 None
2005-05-16 People in their mid-60s are more vulnerable to memory-related scams 0 None
2005-05-16 Study shows the longest reported survival rate for patients with locally advanced lung cancer 0 None
2005-05-16 Women more vulnerable to chronic drinking than men are 0 None
2005-05-16 Social anxiety disorder patients may be avoiding their doctor 0 None
2005-05-16 Primary care clinics at Veterans Affairs hospitals are not recognizing posttraumatic stress disorder 0 None
2005-05-16 Genetic biomarker that may improve quality of life during treatment for colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-05-16 Taxotere shows significant survival benefit in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer 0 None
2005-05-16 Zometa reduces bone loss in patients receiving breast cancer treatment 0 None
2005-05-15 Alcohol consumption increases movement of S. pneumoniae toward the lungs 0 None
2005-05-15 Breast cancer hormone drug might help prevent prostate cancer 0 None
2005-05-15 Bevacizumab plus chemo extends survival beyond one year for large group of advanced lung cancer patients 0 None
2005-05-15 Sensory intervention cab help ADHD kids 0 None
2005-05-15 Tamoxifen study counters hopes that drug might protect the heart 0 None
2005-05-15 New anticancer drug SU11248 shows continued response for patients with late-stage kidney cancer 0 None
2005-05-15 Hospitalizations at children's hospitals account for only one-third of pediatric patients 0 None
2005-05-15 Doctors and patients think differently about clinical trials 0 None
2005-05-15 Hispanics have worse lung cancer survival rate 0 None
2005-05-15 First advance in pancreatic cancer treatment in a decade offers new hope 0 None
2005-05-15 Neighbourhoods with more fast food outlets are also neighbourhoods with more heart disease 0 None
2005-05-12 New treatment for retained placenta 0 None
2005-05-12 Work fatigue and working overtime are associated with weight gain 0 None
2005-05-12 Statin therapy is cost-effective for a wider range of individuals with vascular disease or diabetes than previously recognised 0 None
2005-05-11 New study says surgery still the best option for prostate cancer 0 None
2005-05-11 Physicians need to be more vocal about encouraging diabetic patients to exercise 0 None
2005-05-11 National stroke study sets new practice standard for Canada 0 None
2005-05-11 Type 2 diabetes may begin with Grandma's diet, study suggests 0 None
2005-05-11 Common antibiotic called minocycline may slow or prevent diabetic retinopathy 0 None
2005-05-11 Coping with pain quite a struggle for half of the U.S.A. 0 None
2005-05-11 Healthy dose of fat is needed for a healthy metabolism 0 None
2005-05-10 Drug lowers inflammatory markers associated with risk for heart attack 0 None
2005-05-10 Broken bones may reduce risk of ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-05-10 Asymptomatic HIV-infected newborns may benefit from early drug treatment 0 None
2005-05-10 Races react differently to dietary salt 0 None
2005-05-10 Brains of both black and white people have been programmed by racist stereotyping 0 None
2005-05-10 It's OK again to drink milk! 0 None
2005-05-10 Major Northern Ireland survey to seek public views on cancer 0 None
2005-05-10 Study reports little hope, much hazard in new tobacco products 0 None
2005-05-10 Combining behavior modification therapy with medication is the most effective way to improve the behavior of many ADHD children 0 None
2005-05-10 Americans willing to pay more for greater vaccine coverage 0 None
2005-05-09 A combination of chemotherapy drugs could double survival rates for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2005-05-09 Carbonated soft drinks can cause heartburn 0 None
2005-05-09 New study suggests you might benefit from adding more low-fat dairy to your diet 0 None
2005-05-09 Study sheds light on long term outlook for babies born before 2 weeks 0 None
2005-05-09 New study suggests Pioglitazone HCl may significantly improve key predictors of cardiovascular risk 0 None
2005-05-09 Latinos develop symptoms of Alzheimer's disease earlier 0 None
2005-05-09 African Americans and Caucasians viewing African American faces display extremely similar changes in the activity of brain structures that respond to emotional events 0 None
2005-05-09 Obese workers' pay lower due to health costs 0 None
2005-05-09 Withdrawal symptoms from marijuana may make quitting harder 0 2
2005-05-09 Clues about how alcoholic behavior is “switched” on 0 None
2005-05-09 Blood tests show autistic children have abnormal immune-system responses 0 None
2005-05-09 GPs facing prosecution for handing out Pill to girls aged 10 0 None
2005-05-08 Soft tissue injuries can predict risk of facial fractures in trauma patients 0 None
2005-05-08 Study calls for earlier use of ICDs in patients diagnosed with cardiomyopathy 0 None
2005-05-08 Suspect gene may increase susceptibility to anxiety and depression 0 None
2005-05-05 Drug combinations improve survival for patients with heart disease 0 None
2005-05-05 Survey of ED doctors shows team-based stroke care, risk-reducing measures, needed to increase use of tPA 0 None
2005-05-05 Physician assisted suicide and why patients are motivated to seek death 0 None
2005-05-05 After surgery check colon tumors for signs of syndrome, study suggests 0 None
2005-05-04 Controlling a person’s weight after they have given up smoking could help maximise the benefits for their lungs 0 None
2005-05-04 People may consume more calories after exercising in cold water 0 None
2005-05-04 When sports ads tell you to 'Just do it' they are absolutely right 0 None
2005-05-04 New study confirms 'wait and see' approach best for some prostate cancers 0 None
2005-05-04 Internet may help prevent blindness in Medicaid patients with diabetes 0 None
2005-05-04 Genetically modified rice in China benefits farmers' health 0 None
2005-05-04 Heart failure patients do better when treated according to guidelines, but too many doctors still fail to prescribe the best treatments 0 None
2005-05-04 Abnormal heart scans predict higher risks for African-Americans and Hispanics 0 None
2005-05-04 Diabetes appears to rob women of usual advantage in heart disease risk 0 None
2005-05-04 MRI study shows hormone leptin alters brains, may ease cravings of people with obesity gene 0 None
2005-05-03 Black women at less risk of fractures 0 None
2005-05-03 Study identifies possible marker for efficacy of gefitinib in lung cancer patients 0 None
2005-05-03 Study examines influence of celebrity endorsements of cancer screening 0 4
2005-05-03 MDCT highly accurate for diagnosing coronary artery disease in patients with zero to moderate coronary calcification 0 None
2005-05-03 Acupuncture treatment no more effective than sham treatment in reducing migraine headaches 0 None
2005-05-03 Coronary artery stents that release medication appear more effective than traditional stents for patients with heart attack 0 None
2005-05-03 Long-term outcomes promising for patients with localized, low-grade prostate cancer 0 None
2005-05-03 Paracetamol linked to asthma and reduced lung function 0 None
2005-05-03 Burden of cardiovascular disease will shift to the developing world 0 None
2005-05-03 If you eat too much fat, it can go straight to your liver and damage it 0 None
2005-05-03 Babies show effects of mothers stress from 9/11 trauma 0 None
2005-05-02 Obesity no longer the domain of the poor 0 None
2005-05-02 Kids are safer strapped in the back seat of the car 0 None
2005-05-02 Milk thistle not proven effective in lowering mortality in alcoholic or hepatitis B or C liver disease 0 None
2005-05-02 A grandparent at home buffers the drawbacks of single-parenthood 0 None
2005-05-02 Glaucoma therapy patients often do not comply with their doctor’s prescribed medicine regimen 0 None
2005-05-02 Teenagers sunbake despite skin cancer knowledge 0 3
2005-05-02 Increasing exposure to either natural or artificial ultraviolet (UV) light should not be recommended as a supplemental source of vitamin D 0 None
2005-05-02 Why stem cells divide and develop less vigorously as we age 0 None
2005-05-02 Adults are much more likely to protect their children from the sun than themselves 0 None
2005-05-02 Gene variant that increases colon cancer risk 0 None
2005-05-02 E. coli poses significant public health threat to seniors in the U.S. 0 5
2005-05-02 Specific genes play key role in the of regulation of human-blood stem cells 0 None
2005-05-02 Small number of genes can predict response to chronic hepatitis C therapy 0 None
2005-05-02 Antidepressant medication or psychotherapy may be effective in treating chronically depressed patients when the other is not 0 None
2005-05-02 Exercise training in ordinary people affects the activity of 500 genes 0 None
2005-05-02 Loneliness and social network appear to make independent contributions to immunity 0 None
2005-05-02 Movie ratings fail to distinguish violent content 0 None
2005-05-02 Vitamins E and C confirmed safe at high doses 0 None
2005-05-01 Being a party animal is good for you! 0 None
2005-05-01 HRT now linked to cancer of the womb 0 None
2005-05-01 Community efforts can reduce alcohol fatalities 0 None
2005-05-01 New prognostic markers help identify risk of relapse 0 None
2005-05-01 Traffic pollution may increase risk of breast cancer 0 None
2005-05-01 Tumors of the pituitary gland are more common than thought 0 None
2005-05-01 War veterans are more likely to be heavy drinkers, heavy smokers and obese 0 None
2005-05-01 Discrimination leads to coronary artery calcification in African-American women 0 None
2005-05-01 Severely obese children have lipoprotein profiles that signal early risk of cardiovascular disease and the metabolic syndrome 0 None
2005-05-01 Fiber supplements may lower cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetics 0 None
2005-05-01 Japanese women have lower recurrence of breast cancer 0 None
2005-05-01 Symptoms of concussion may increase when the outcome of a lawsuit is at stake 0 1
2005-05-01 No wisdom in pulling wisdom teeth 0 None
2005-05-01 Obesity in middle age increases risk of dementia in later life 0 None
2005-04-28 Mobile phones join the fight against youth depression 0 2
2005-04-28 Study shows genes predict how well diabetes drug will work 0 None
2005-04-28 Trial to evaluate modern stent technologies over balloon angioplasty for peripheral arterial disease 1 None
2005-04-28 Family history DNA sleuths run risk of uncovering infertility 0 None
2005-04-28 No evidence that calcium and vitamin D prevent fractures 0 None
2005-04-27 Just in case you thought it was safe to fly! 0 None
2005-04-27 Children treated for soft tissue sarcomas at greater risk of second cancers 0 None
2005-04-27 Asians and Pacific Islanders have the highest levels of iron in their blood 0 None
2005-04-27 Costs of medical institutional review boards' greater than previously estimated 0 None
2005-04-27 Patronizing behavior of male bosses undermines the performance of female 0 None
2005-04-27 Black cohosh may interfere with breast cancer drugs 0 None
2005-04-27 Giving elderly people regular supplements of vitamin D and calcium to prevent secondary bone fractures is ineffective 0 None
2005-04-27 Risk scores identify young people with hardened arteries 0 None
2005-04-27 Sydney Research Institute raises concerns about sleepy doctors 0 None
2005-04-27 Binge drinking among middle schoolers tied to parental involvement 0 None
2005-04-27 Early drinking leads to alcohol problems and risky sex 0 None
2005-04-27 Pathological gambling accompanies myriad of psychological disorders for some veterans 0 None
2005-04-27 Increased risk associated with combining carotid artery, coronary artery surgeries 0 None
2005-04-27 National study to evaluate the effectiveness Targacept 0 None
2005-04-27 Alcohol-impaired driving on the increase 0 None
2005-04-27 Male therapists are just as likely as female therapists to encourage patients to admit infidelities 0 None
2005-04-26 New breast cancer drug combo could save thousands of lives 0 None
2005-04-26 The power of advertising means you may get medications you don't need 0 None
2005-04-26 Breast cancer screening situation will get worse 0 None
2005-04-26 Moderate alcohol consumption enhances the formation of new nerve cells 0 None
2005-04-26 Herceptin in combination with chemotherapy reduces risk of breast cancer recurrence in women with with early-stage breast cancer 0 None
2005-04-26 Abnormal liver tests in a Mediterranean population 0 None
2005-04-26 Direct-to-consumer advertising may influence physicians' prescribing decisions 0 5
2005-04-26 Revised Bethesda guidelines effective at identifying patients at risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-04-26 Hereditary colorectal cancer risk lowered in those without certain gene defect 0 None
2005-04-26 Pulsating ultrasound enhances gene therapy for tumors 0 None
2005-04-26 Color doppler sonography speeds detection of necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants 0 None
2005-04-26 Managed care organizations evaluate trends in epilepsy to provide better care 0 None
2005-04-26 Genetic screening for iron blood disorder feasible in the workplace 0 None
2005-04-26 Fickle enzyme helps protect, but also can promote heart failure 0 None
2005-04-25 Despite knowledge, very few follow a healthy lifestyle 0 None
2005-04-25 Virginity pledges don't reduce teen sexual activity 0 None
2005-04-25 New statin study shows arrested progression of atherosclerosis 0 None
2005-04-25 Substantially more effective therapy than current treatments for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-04-25 Elderly lung cancer patients tolerate combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy with no higher risk of death than younger patients 0 None
2005-04-25 Reduction in oxygen levels greater problem as modern aeroplanes cruise to higher altitudes 0 None
2005-04-25 Significant fall in serious violence in England and Wales 0 None
2005-04-25 Few US adults report having a healthy lifestyle 0 None
2005-04-25 Chest x-rays may provide information to help detect osteoporosis in the elderly 0 None
2005-04-25 High risk of second cancers in survivors of childhood soft tissue sarcomas 0 None
2005-04-23 Viramidine demonstrates anti-HCV Genotype 1 activity that compares favorably to Ribavirin 0 None
2005-04-23 Obesity and insulin resistance fuels cardiovascular risk factors in teens 0 None
2005-04-23 Being chubby means you may be healthier! 0 None
2005-04-23 Teens get high on painkillers 0 5
2005-04-22 Surgery reduces seizures and increases IQ for kids with epilepsy 0 None
2005-04-22 High levels of immunosuppressant may lead to tumor recurrence 0 None
2005-04-22 Brain system that controls the sleep/wake cycle might also play a role in regulating appetite and metabolism 0 None
2005-04-22 Cancer patients may one day benefit from treatment with mixtures of customized antibodies 0 None
2005-04-22 One step closer to personalized medical treatment 0 None
2005-04-21 Neural tube defects decrease with folic acid fortification 0 None
2005-04-21 With a complement, the sperm gets the egg 0 None
2005-04-20 CDC playing politics over obesity 0 None
2005-04-20 Clinical study of MDX-010/MDX-1379 combination shows durable responses in patients with metastatic melanoma 0 None
2005-04-20 Meat Institute defends hot dogs in recent pancreatic cancer study 0 None
2005-04-20 Eating hot dogs increases risk of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2005-04-20 Why people get drowsy and fall asleep, and how caffeine blocks that process 0 None
2005-04-20 Antibiotic treatment does not reduce risk of secondary cardiac events 0 None
2005-04-20 First study of mercury and cognitive function in urban, U.S. adults 0 None
2005-04-20 Enhancing the resources available to low-income, urban African American women could protect against poor health and symptoms of depression 0 None
2005-04-20 New study challenges CDC's 400,000 obesity deaths figure 0 None
2005-04-20 Heart attack victims face increased risk of death with Natrecor 0 None
2005-04-19 New era drug gives hope to Gleevec resistant leukaemia sufferers 0 None
2005-04-19 No strong evidence linking blood mercury levels with worse neurobehavioral performance in older adults 0 None
2005-04-19 Cardiovascular risk factors have declined substantially over past 40 years 0 None
2005-04-19 Being overweight, underweight, associated with increased risk of death 0 None
2005-04-19 Best school drug prevention programs teach life skills, studies find 0 5
2005-04-19 Red light cameras can reduce crash-related injuries 0 None
2005-04-19 Hospitalized babies with severe breathing problems may benefit from lying on their stomachs 0 None
2005-04-19 NSAIDs okay for tonsillectomy, new study finds 0 None
2005-04-19 Combination chemotherapy shows small survival benefit in advanced stomach cancer 0 None
2005-04-19 Some Alzheimer’s patients can benefit from drug Memantine 0 None
2005-04-19 Obesity is straining America's knees 0 None
2005-04-19 Vegetables such as broccoli and spices like red chili pepper, may provide a cancer-fighting benefit 0 None
2005-04-19 Protein studies may lead to new Alzheimer's test 0 None
2005-04-19 Survey finds four in ten seniors do not take medications as prescribed 0 None
2005-04-19 Study explores parents's reaction to discovering a child has diabetes 0 None
2005-04-19 Clinical trial of gefitinib for advanced lung cancer closes early 0 None
2005-04-19 Allergic diseases have increased 0 4
2005-04-19 One-meter waistline predicts high risk of diabetes and heart disease 0 None
2005-04-19 Obesity in China common - around 18 million adults 0 None
2005-04-19 Rimonabant appears to reduce risk factors for heart disease in obese people 0 None
2005-04-19 Electric toothbrushes best for fighting gum disease 0 None
2005-04-19 Statins help cut risk for advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2005-04-19 Women respond as well as men to treatment with drug-eluting stents 0 None
2005-04-19 Family history of obesity increases risk of suffering a serious heart ailment 0 5
2005-04-13 Neurologists may have foot in the door to preventing Alzheimer’s before it starts 0 None
2005-04-13 Clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's may be delayed 0 None
2005-04-13 No clear correlation between routine ultrasonic scans and intellectual impairment 0 None
2005-04-13 Low-Income Subsidies for the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit: The Impact of the Asset Test 0 None
2005-04-12 Drug that reduces the pain of fibromyalgia and improves sleep 0 None
2005-04-12 Promise of effective treatment for autism and other developmental disorders at a far lower cost 0 5
2005-04-12 Eat your fruits and veggies - your body will thank you and your mother will be happy! 0 None
2005-04-12 Consent forms should be more readable 0 None
2005-04-12 America’s teenagers bombarded by alcohol advertising 0 None
2005-04-12 Findings from perinatal HIV prevention study in Uganda are valid 0 None
2005-04-12 Advance in genetics of cleft lip and palate 0 None
2005-04-12 People who eat rice have healthier diets 0 None
2005-04-12 Groundbreaking results for the potential treatment of Huntington's Disease 0 None
2005-04-12 Alarming trends in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among America's young people 0 None
2005-04-12 Contrary to old wives tales, alcohol, does not aid lactation 0 None
2005-04-12 Milk and meat from cloned cattle safe to eat 0 None
2005-04-12 Students do better in public schools 0 3
2005-04-11 Tamoxifen still not popular with women at risk of breast cancer 0 None
2005-04-11 Keyboards harbour nasty bugs 0 5
2005-04-11 Soy oil increases heart rate variability 0 None
2005-04-11 Study predicted cardiovascular risk of Cox-2 inhibitors 0 None
2005-04-11 Smokers who receive abnormal results using computed tomography to screen for lung cancer are more likely to quit 0 None
2005-04-11 Ephrins may influence learning 0 None
2005-04-11 A parent's weight may also play a role in adolescent weight gain 0 None
2005-04-11 Public-health efforts to increase the use of breast-cancer screening appear to have altered the types of breast cancer being diagnosed 0 None
2005-04-10 HIVNET 012 perinatal HIV prevention trial praised by IOM 0 None
2005-04-10 Panel in US disputes drug trial allegations 0 None
2005-04-10 UAB reaction to Lancet study on human papilloma virus (HPV) 0 None
2005-04-10 Cyclosporine inhalation solution (CyIS) significantly improves long-term survival in lung-transplant patients 0 None
2005-04-10 Three out of every four adults over age 50 use some kind of alternative medicine 0 None
2005-04-07 Teens feel most stress before HIV-infected parent dies 0 None
2005-04-07 Women with heart attacks benefit from stenting 0 None
2005-04-07 Belgian doctors treating critically ill infants favour legalising euthanasia 0 None
2005-04-07 Post-traumatic stress disorder common among refugees in western countries 0 5
2005-04-07 Mediterranean diet makes you live longer 0 5
2005-04-07 Use of smokeless tobacco helped hard-to-quit smokers give up their habit 0 None
2005-04-07 Level I trauma centers boost head injury survival 0 None
2005-04-07 Study may lead to a better understanding of how antidepressants like Prozac work 0 None
2005-04-06 Contrary to common wisdom, sleeping pills may not increase fall risk 0 None
2005-04-06 Almonds may help combat obesity, heart disease and diabetes 0 5
2005-04-06 SV40 does not have a role in the majority of malignant mesotheliomas 0 None
2005-04-06 Hormonal contraceptives increase risk of HSV-2 transmission 0 None
2005-04-06 Fish oil, soluble fiber and antioxidants reduces need for traditional ulcerative colitis treatment 0 None
2005-04-05 Diuretics work better for high blood pressure 0 None
2005-04-05 Cryoablation may be safer alternative for stopping abnormal electrical patterns 0 None
2005-04-05 Modest triglyceride elevations linked to coronary artery disease risk 0 None
2005-04-05 Gene therapy shows effect in heart patients 0 None
2005-04-05 Cognitive therapy to treat moderate to severe depression works just as well as antidepressants 0 None
2005-04-05 Studies examine menopausal hormone therapy and risk of breast cancer recurrence 0 None
2005-04-05 UK study links heart conditions with common ‘hidden’ hormone disorders in the elderly 0 None
2005-04-05 Dallas heart study researchers find no link between Lp(a), calcium 0 None
2005-04-05 Study suggests that eating onions might help prevent bone loss and osteoporosis 0 None
2005-04-05 Practice wait training while weight training 0 None
2005-04-04 Young people believe oral sex less likely to have negative social and emotional consequences 0 None
2005-04-04 Obesity may hinder body's ability to control influenza infection 0 None
2005-04-04 Light therapy effectively treats mood disorders 0 2
2005-04-04 Newer imaging technologies may lead to over treatment 0 None
2005-04-04 Infants under one year of age can accept heart transplants from donors of different blood groups 0 None
2005-04-04 New antipsychotic drug prevents brain loss in schizophrenia 0 5
2005-04-04 Study finds direct link between use of alcohol hand gel and reduction in hospital infections 0 None
2005-04-04 Endovenous laser ablation is a safe and highly effective treatment for a common cause of varicose veins 0 None
2005-04-04 Study shows connection of varicose veins to chronic pelvic pain 0 4
2005-04-04 Different antipsychotic medications may have different effects on brain volume in patients with first episode of psychosis 0 None
2005-04-04 Cognitive therapy may be as effective as antidepressant medications in the initial treatment of moderate to severe major depression 0 None
2005-04-04 Brain region recovery possible in former methamphetamine users 0 None
2005-04-04 Men who are treated for prostate cancer with radiation may have almost doubled their risk of developing rectal cancer 0 None
2005-04-04 UK sex clinics swamped 0 None
2005-04-03 Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-alpha) blocking agents cause skin disease 0 None
2005-04-03 Soy is well accepted in school lunches 0 None
2005-04-03 Inexpensive treatment stops multi-drug resistant TB in its tracks 0 None
2005-04-03 Exercise-induced shortness of breath not always caused by asthma 0 None
2005-04-03 Hormonal treatment improves survival in high-risk prostate cancer patients 0 None
2005-04-03 Cannabis-based medicines given in a highly-controlled clinical environment unexpectedly lead to strong psychotic effects 0 None
2005-04-03 New methods for training eyes to pinpoint 0 None
2005-04-03 Radiation for prostate cancer doubles the risk of developing rectal cancer 0 None
2005-04-03 Stress may enhance the body's ability to fight the flu 0 None
2005-04-03 Simvastatin linked to protection against endothelial dysfunction in diabetic rats 0 None
2005-04-03 Directly observed therapy effective against drug resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2005-04-03 Sexual behaviour alone doesn’t explain the differences in STIs among ethnic groups 0 None
2005-04-03 Not enough evidence that multivitamins prevent infections in the elderly 0 None
2005-03-30 Aspirin safer than Warfarin for treating blocked arteries 0 None
2005-03-30 First North American trial to evaluate the role of an aromatase inhibitor in the prevention of breast cancer 0 None
2005-03-30 High-rise homes have the highest levels of cockroach allergens 0 None
2005-03-29 Conventional wisdom could be wrong in primary care 0 None
2005-03-29 Coordinating care of chronically ill patients does not increase liability 0 None
2005-03-29 Study links colic, maternal depression to family problems 0 None
2005-03-29 Role of uric acid in heart disease 0 None
2005-03-29 An overconfident physician will not seek help or may ignore help that is offered 0 None
2005-03-29 Pcsk9 gene - new target for cholesterol-lowering drugs 0 3
2005-03-29 Depression and anxiety affects one in two breast cancer patients 0 None
2005-03-29 Girls more active with sports they enjoy 0 None
2005-03-28 Academic medical centres need to monitor advertising 0 None
2005-03-28 Vegetarians who don't cook their food have abnormally low bone mass 0 None
2005-03-28 Smoking can harm your sexual health 0 None
2005-03-28 Poor survival rates in some cancers related to lack of clinical trial participation 0 None
2005-03-28 Diffusion MRI gives early indication if brain cancer therapy is effective 0 None
2005-03-28 Social and cultural factors play a significant role in the treatment decisions of patients with prostate cancer 0 None
2005-03-28 Statins appear to be safe for people with fatty liver disease 0 None
2005-03-28 Benefits of lung cancer screening with CT questioned 0 None
2005-03-28 Use of DNA-damaging agents revolutionizes chemotherapy against a wide variety of cancers 0 None
2005-03-28 Improving access to healthy food has little effect on diet 0 None
2005-03-23 Poor oral health can affect newborn 0 None
2005-03-23 Heart attacks can be triggered by physical exertion and emotional stress 0 None
2005-03-23 Calcium crucial to benefits of osteoporosis drugs 0 None
2005-03-23 Docosahexaenoic acid may protect against the accumulation of a protein believed to be linked to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-03-23 1 out of 7 minority women lack important family history of breast cancer 0 None
2005-03-23 Single mothers at higher risk for depression 0 None
2005-03-23 Specific test key to determine whether or not allergy symptoms are really allergy-related 0 None
2005-03-23 Scientists have found genetic regions that, when defective, allow the immune system to attack the pancreas 0 None
2005-03-23 Use of major opioid drugs combined with a history of previous relapse increased the likelihood of another relapse 0 None
2005-03-22 Vernier testing could be a substitute for the traditional Snellen eye chart test 0 None
2005-03-22 Study suggests combination therapy could stop spread, halt growth of melanomas 0 None
2005-03-22 Tummy size an indicator of potential diabetes 0 None
2005-03-22 Pomegranate juice helps keep fatty deposits from collecting on artery walls 1 None
2005-03-22 Alzheimer's treatment improves with new diagnostic method 0 None
2005-03-22 Women who are HIV-positive or are abused are more likely to think about or attempt suicide 0 None
2005-03-22 Mixed results on the effects of epilepsy drugs taken during pregnancy 0 None
2005-03-22 Ultraviolet instant cameras may help change sun protection behaviors 0 None
2005-03-22 Most cancer patients can be very hopeful for a good outcome and a continued ability to work 0 None
2005-03-22 Donor age has no affect on long-term liver transplant survival 0 None
2005-03-22 Alcohol relapse adversely affects liver transplant survival 0 3
2005-03-22 Physical exertion and emotional stress can trigger heart attacks in people with a history of heart disease 0 None
2005-03-21 Traffic fumes can damage our DNA 0 None
2005-03-21 Compound found in broccoli is a powerful disease fighter 0 4
2005-03-21 New study to evaluate Pegasys and Copegus to treat hepatitis C in liver transplant patients 1 None
2005-03-21 Foods with a low pH value can lead to irreversible dental erosion 0 None
2005-03-21 Sports drinks can damage teeth 0 None
2005-03-21 Aloe vera can also treat many oral health problems 0 None
2005-03-21 Welfare reforms haven't helped poor children, study shows 0 None
2005-03-21 Intervention with once-daily budesonide reduces long-term risk and frequency of severe asthma-related events 0 None
2005-03-21 Why respiratory viral infections are often more severe in people with asthma 0 None
2005-03-21 Hospitals may now be more willing to partner up with former adversaries 0 None
2005-03-21 $3.2 million for two shock-related studies 0 None
2005-03-21 Psychiatric trainees have no more psychological problems than other medical trainees 0 None
2005-03-21 A new method for analysing the therapy process 0 None
2005-03-21 Obtaining patient consent for clinical audit is unworkable 0 None
2005-03-21 Costs of antidepressants could have funded effective alternatives 0 None
2005-03-21 Acupuncture and strengthening exercises help relieve pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy 0 None
2005-03-21 Obstructive sleep apnoeahypopnoea increases risk of heart attacks 0 None
2005-03-21 Medical supervision for illicit drug injections could reduce syringe sharing 0 None
2005-03-21 Veterans more overweight than general population 0 None
2005-03-21 Being physically active in middle age helps people maintain higher physical function later in life 0 None
2005-03-17 Relief for overactive bladder patients 0 None
2005-03-16 Experts dispute new report on lifespan reductions from obesity 0 None
2005-03-16 Ongoing specialist care can improve heart attack survival 0 None
2005-03-16 Questions about validity of HOPE TOO vitamin E study 0 None
2005-03-16 Study reveals how brain's immune system fights viral encephalitis 0 None
2005-03-16 Risk of cardiac death after radiation for breast cancer has dramatically decreased 0 None
2005-03-16 Uncertainty about the need for prostate cancer 0 None
2005-03-16 Cancer survival comes at its own price 0 None
2005-03-16 What risk factors influence teenagers to start experimenting with marijuana? 0 None
2005-03-16 Q. What turns an obese person into a person with diabetes? - A. Leptin 0 None
2005-03-15 Malt beer drinkers more likely to be homeless and unemployed 0 None
2005-03-15 Mountain dwellers live longer 0 None
2005-03-15 Antiretroviral therapy may prevent some cancers in people with HIV 0 None
2005-03-15 Risk of ischemic heart disease associated with radiotherapy for breast cancer has substantially decreased in the last 25 years 0 None
2005-03-15 Use of potentially inappropriate medications among elderly common in some European countries 0 None
2005-03-15 Study indicates that vitamin E does not prevent cancer 0 None
2005-03-15 Drug therapy may be comparable to invasive cardiac procedures for elderly patients with heart attack 0 None
2005-03-15 Lesbian body image differs from that of women overall 0 None
2005-03-15 New study reveals little risk in insuring HIV positive patients 0 None
2005-03-15 Bevacizumab (Avastin) in combination with standard chemotherapy helps advanced lung cancer sufferers 0 None
2005-03-15 Study finds spikes in blood pressure, heart rate, adrenaline after 'dipping' snuff 0 5
2005-03-15 Good results in new lung cancer treatment 0 None
2005-03-14 Most infertile women want to choose the sex of their child 0 None
2005-03-14 Tattoo industry needs closer monitoring 0 4
2005-03-14 College in retirement helps stave off mental decline 0 None
2005-03-14 Survey reveals people’s perceptions of life-expectancy 0 None
2005-03-14 Genes play a substantial role in the development of age-related macular degeneration 0 None
2005-03-14 Obesity among African-American stroke survivors increases risk factors for recurrent stroke 0 None
2005-03-14 Postmenopausal breast cancer survivors may be at increased risk for fractures 0 None
2005-03-14 Simple blood test may help to predict cardiovascular risk in older women 0 None
2005-03-14 First study of dental injury done in Ontario 0 None
2005-03-14 New study regarding Atkins nutritional approach and obese patients 0 None
2005-03-14 High prevalence of hostility symptoms in young coronary artery disease patients 0 None
2005-03-14 Fewer than 44% of dental practitioners currently assess their patients for eating disorders 0 None
2005-03-14 First study to report that successful treatment of depression in older adults helps independent living 0 None
2005-03-14 Study indicates need for new standards and training for cornea transplants 0 None
2005-03-14 Health problems with the unknown compositions of tattoo inks 0 None
2005-03-14 Genetic factors may play a significant role in the racial differences encountered in the epidemiology of breast cancer 0 None
2005-03-14 Radiography used to identify teens with sleep apnea 0 None
2005-03-14 Significant number of women being treated for infertility would choose the sex of their next child 0 None
2005-03-14 Study examines lessons learned at Africa's first public antiretroviral treatment clinic 0 None
2005-03-14 Discovery may provide a new target to treat sepsis 0 None
2005-03-14 Yoghurt reduces bad breath 0 None
2005-03-13 European folic acid policies are not effective enough 0 None
2005-03-09 Doctors may in future be able to prevent many cases of deep-vein thrombosis 0 None
2005-03-09 Maternal smoking during pregnancy associated with chromosomal abnormalities 0 None
2005-03-09 Computerized order entry systems can increase the risk of medication errors 0 None
2005-03-09 Medicaid enrollment at late stages may partly explain poor outcomes for cancer 0 None
2005-03-09 New chemotherapy gives hope to brain tumour patients 0 None
2005-03-09 Investigational drug may help prevent recurrence of ovarian cancer 0 None
2005-03-09 Blood clotting combo saves heart patients lives 0 None
2005-03-09 Common anesthetics appear safe for developing fetal brain 0 None
2005-03-09 Study examines consequences of Thailand's "War on Drugs" 0 None
2005-03-08 Pregnant women who smoke risk their child getting cancer 0 None
2005-03-08 Lipitor patients who reduced 'bad' cholesterol show decrease in heart attack and stroke 0 None
2005-03-08 Study finds potential link to help find blocked heart arteries 0 None
2005-03-08 1 out of 7 minority women lack important family history of breast cancer 0 None
2005-03-08 Combining PET and CT scans leads to more accurate radiation therapy for lung cancer patients 0 None
2005-03-08 Use of herbal supplements in women is increasing 1 None
2005-03-08 Adiponectin may be helpful in finding treatments for Progeria 0 None
2005-03-08 Cockroach allergen is the primary contributor to childhood asthma in inner-city homes 0 None
2005-03-08 Blood pressure treatment could cut risk of strokes and heart attacks 0 None
2005-03-08 New system for growing human embryonic stem cells could make therapies utilising the cells safer for patients 0 None
2005-03-08 Asthma relapse in children common 0 None
2005-03-08 Study indicating that gastric acid inhibitors can provoke food allergies 0 None
2005-03-07 People use letters to recognize words and facial features to recognize faces 0 None
2005-03-07 Pilot study looks at healthy bone development in teenage mothers 0 None
2005-03-07 Drug eluting stents as effective as vascular brachytherapy in preventing restenosis 0 None
2005-03-07 Two important brain systems can influence an individual's behavior and emotional expression in times of need 0 None
2005-03-07 Association between cigarette smoking and suicidal thoughts and attempts 0 None
2005-03-07 Warning signs of an ischemic stroke may be evident as early as seven days before an attack 0 2
2005-03-07 Diet high in oily fish improves inflammatory conditions 0 None
2005-03-07 Aspirin does not prevent first heart attacks or death from cardiovascular causes in women 0 None
2005-03-07 Unemployment, poverty and housing unaffordability correlated with a risk of mental illness 0 None
2005-03-07 Two chemicals boost immune cells' ability to fight HIV without gene therapy 0 None
2005-03-07 Thalidomide may have a new lease of life as a cancer treatment 0 None
2005-03-07 Risky injection behaviors are established at the onset of injection drug use 0 None
2005-03-07 Underhand methods used to challenge secondhand smoke's link to infant death risk 0 None
2005-03-07 ViroLogic and AstraZeneca to conduct Iressa biomarker study 0 None
2005-03-07 Studies find Aspirin resistance in up to 27% of Aspirin users 0 None
2005-03-07 Who would have thought we needed to study men for a cancer that targets women? 0 None
2005-03-06 Study shows that African American children with asthma have significantly higher levels of cotinine 0 None
2005-03-06 St. John's wort increases effectiveness of Plavix 0 None
2005-03-06 MRI useful in assessment of suspected breast cancer patients 0 None
2005-03-06 New therapeutic targets in liver diseases 0 None
2005-03-03 Phase 1 clinical trials have greater response rates than had been previously believed 0 None
2005-03-03 Autism and MMR, no link found 0 None
2005-03-03 Emergency room intervention for problem drinkers in ten minutes 0 None
2005-03-03 Freezing tumors is an effective way to treat a cancer patient's pain 0 None
2005-03-03 Medical interventions during pregnancy and childbirth may not be the best way to improve newborn survival 0 None
2005-03-03 Increases in macronutrient consumption during pregnancy can lead to increased birthweight 0 None
2005-03-03 Massage with sunflower seed oil helps low birth weight babies 0 None
2005-03-03 Possible errors in treatment of depression 0 None
2005-03-03 Smoking prevention programs in junior high or high school have little influence on whether teens choose to light up 0 None
2005-03-03 Gender discrepancies in who gets bypass surgery 0 None
2005-03-03 Future research should lead to better layout of work and equipment for orthodontists and all other dental workers 0 None
2005-03-03 MRI better than current standard of practice in assessing neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients 0 None
2005-03-03 Inherited traits and tumor mutations affect response to treatment of leukemia 0 None
2005-03-02 Surgery gives normal life expectancy to patients with severe mitral regurgitation 0 None
2005-03-02 Natural mentoring relationships positively impact teens 0 None
2005-03-02 A shallow hip socket predicts osteoarthritis of the hip 0 None
2005-03-02 Amercan footballers are too fat 0 None
2005-03-01 Older women benefit from chemo to treat breast cancer 0 None
2005-03-01 Artery clearing device does not provide benefit for heart attack patients undergoing artery-opening interventions 0 None
2005-03-01 An apple a day keeps breast cancer away 0 None
2005-03-01 African-Americans receive less aggressive treatment for heart attack than whites 0 None
2005-03-01 More experienced physicians less likely to falsely characterize a mammogram as abnormal 0 None
2005-03-01 Study describes the first known mutation to occur in lung cancer patients who have never smoked 0 None
2005-03-01 Helping parents quit smoking should be considered in future public-health interventions that target youth smoking 0 None
2005-03-01 CPAP therapy helps control glucose levels among patients with Type II diabetes and sleep apnea 0 None
2005-03-01 Youth smoking prevention campaign associated with substantial decrease in youth smoking 0 None
2005-03-01 Diesel engines are posing a serious threat to public health 0 None
2005-03-01 Abnormal electrocardiograms linked to heart enlargement 0 None
2005-03-01 Growing evidence base supports focus on mind-body connection in heart disease 0 None
2005-03-01 Stop smoking services encourage more GPs to help smokers quit 0 None
2005-03-01 Nose cells provide a window into the brain 0 None
2005-02-28 Encouraging results in wet age-related macular degeneration study 0 None
2005-02-28 Mammography comfort aid yields better detection 0 None
2005-02-28 Unique study of the use of deep brain stimulation 0 None
2005-02-28 Massage on a par with consumer use of chiropractic and physical therapy services 0 None
2005-02-28 Electrical deep brain stimulation can dramatically alleviate depression 0 None
2005-02-28 Intravenous vitamin D appears to significantly improve the survival of patients on dialysis 0 None
2005-02-28 Study finds single-set training actually decreases strength in trained postmenopausal women 0 None
2005-02-28 Study first to document increase risk of herpes infection due to oral sex, particularly in young women 0 None
2005-02-28 First study to show cost-effectiveness of pre-diabetes intervention 0 None
2005-02-28 New study following 12,574 individuals over the course of three years of HAART 0 None
2005-02-28 Forgoing of end of life treatment varies across Europe 0 None
2005-02-28 People with osteoporosis should be screened for celiac disease 0 None
2005-02-28 Hormone therapy for prostate cancer can affect men's thinking 0 None
2005-02-28 San Francisco top city for health 0 None
2005-02-28 Food costs, convenience predict obese women’s fat intake 0 None
2005-02-28 Youth with HIV take more risks after new meds introduced 0 None
2005-02-28 College administrators, students differ on what hazing is 0 None
2005-02-27 Surgical treatment of hip or knee arthritis does not reduce obesity 0 None
2005-02-27 Cigarette smokers have an increased risk of experiencing rotator cuff tears 0 None
2005-02-27 Methylphenidate linked to chromosomal changes 0 None
2005-02-27 Ankle sprains may predispose a patient to osteoarthritis 0 None
2005-02-27 Measuring hyaluronan in joints and fluid that lubricates cartilage might enable doctors to diagnose osteoarthritis more accurately 0 None
2005-02-27 A pilot study gathers baseline information on subway workers’ exposure to airborne metals 0 None
2005-02-27 Importance of Fbw7 as an emerging tumor suppressor 0 None
2005-02-24 Trial results on the use of recombinant activated factor VII in acute intracerebral haemorrhage 0 None
2005-02-24 Sexual banter in the workplace is OK, sex might be an issue though! 0 5
2005-02-24 Counseling smokers to quit reduced their chances of dying 0 None
2005-02-24 Herpesviruses are everywhere! 0 None
2005-02-23 Pollution exposure during pregnancy can cause chromosomal abnormalities in fetal tissues 0 None
2005-02-23 Biggest-ever study of constipation in the world 0 None
2005-02-23 Breast and dairy milk found to contain primary ingredient in solid rocket fuel 0 None
2005-02-22 Exercise therapy can improve muscle strength in people with multiple sclerosis 0 2.5
2005-02-22 Health insurance that pays the full cost of smoking-cessation treatments can increase quit rates 0 None
2005-02-22 Association noted between certain non-lver cancers and hepatitis C 0 None
2005-02-22 Short-term use of selective COX-2 inhibitors may be safe for patients with cirrhosis of the liver 0 None
2005-02-22 People drink less alcohol as they age 0 None
2005-02-22 Don’t believe everything you read on diets 0 None
2005-02-22 First study to explore the use of biofeedback as a complementary treatment to asthma medication 0 None
2005-02-22 People who live with migraine headaches show a riskier profile for cardiovascular disease 0 None
2005-02-22 Differing forms of taste genes mean that we all live in our own unique taste world 0 None
2005-02-22 Diagnosis of prions in patients should utilize novel strategy, conformation-dependent immunoassay 0 None
2005-02-21 Cell phones useful and feasible for visualizing leg wounds 0 None
2005-02-21 Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in snorers 0 None
2005-02-21 Antimicrobials improperly used about 50% of the time 0 None
2005-02-21 Bipolar disorder a common feature in urban primary care practice 0 None
2005-02-21 New compound, AMN107, 20 times more potent than Gleevec for chronic myelogenous leukemia treatment 0 None
2005-02-21 Female sex hormones have a profound effect on susceptibility to the herpes simplex virus 1 None
2005-02-20 Green tea protects livers 0 None
2005-02-20 Biochemical marker aids prognosis in liver transplant patients 0 None
2005-02-20 Prozac, Xenical and Meridia may help type 2 diabetes patients lose weight 0 None
2005-02-20 Naltrexone helps alcoholics moderate their drinking 0 None
2005-02-20 Vaccine that boosts the immune response could improve the effect of conventional treatment for patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia 0 None
2005-02-20 Boys who were taller between birth and 1 year earned more than their shorter peers later in life 0 None
2005-02-20 Folic acid recommendations have had little impact on incidence of neural tube defects 0 None
2005-02-20 Antidepressant drugs may be associated with an increased risk of suicidal behaviour 0 None
2005-02-17 Studies reveal methods viruses use to sidestep immune system 0 None
2005-02-17 Study aims to help heart patients adapt to implanted defibrillators 0 None
2005-02-17 Deaths from mesothelioma will peak within ten years in the UK 0 None
2005-02-17 Nonsurgical microspheres an option for liver cancer patients 0 None
2005-02-17 Olmesartan improves blood supply to kidneys 0 None
2005-02-17 Link between muscle movement and breathing rhythms may shed new light on SIDS and sleep apnea 0 None
2005-02-16 Separating chromosomes improves genetic test results 0 None
2005-02-16 Blood tests improve within two weeks of quitting smoking 0 None
2005-02-16 Heart repair linked to migraine relief 0 None
2005-02-16 IVF process may lack natural growth factors in fluid 0 None
2005-02-16 Antigens produced by the Epstein Barr virus may provide an ideal target for cancer therapy 0 None
2005-02-16 Early epidurals do not increase risk of Cesarean delivery 0 None
2005-02-15 Coffee consumption may be associated with a decreased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma 0 None
2005-02-15 Exposure of expectant mothers to urban air pollution may alter the structure of babies' chromosomes while in the womb 0 None
2005-02-15 Vioxx doubles risk of heart attacks and strokes 0 None
2005-02-15 Green tea extract has potential as an anti-cancer agent 0 None
2005-02-14 Study recommends the provision of ear plugs, education at rock concert entrances 0 None
2005-02-14 Calcium added to many soy beverages settles to the bottom of the container 0 None
2005-02-14 New compound AMN107 may help treat some imatinib resistant cancer cases 0 None
2005-02-14 Medical expenditures for morbidly obese adults far outweighs that for normal-weight adults 0 None
2005-02-14 Paradox suggests reasons why COX-2 inhibitors hurt and help 0 None
2005-02-14 Potential cause of rapid kidney stone formation in astronauts on space travels 0 None
2005-02-13 Two-step approach to transform HIV into a cancer-seeking machine 0 None
2005-02-13 What influences your choice of valentine? 0 None
2005-02-10 Prescription of antibiotics in primary care in Europe vary greatly 0 None
2005-02-10 People with severe illnesses and disabilities don't wallow in misery and self-pity 0 None
2005-02-10 Markers for premature birth risk at the molecular level 0 None
2005-02-10 Expanded HIV screening can increase patient life span 0 None
2005-02-09 Keeping a gun locked and unloaded lowers the risk of unintentional injuries 0 None
2005-02-09 Patients with cancer have a 7-fold increased risk for blood clots in the legs or lungs 0 None
2005-02-09 Ximelagatran effective for preventing blood clots and stroke 0 None
2005-02-08 Traditional Indian medicine, herb Salacia oblonga may help treat diabetes 0 None
2005-02-08 Fruit juices do play role in healthy diet 0 None
2005-02-08 Many alcohol dependent HIV patients need assistance adhering to medications 0 None
2005-02-08 Green tea boosts exercise endurance 0 None
2005-02-07 Asthma or allergies in an expectant mother may increase the likelihood that her child will exhibit symptoms of autism 0 None
2005-02-07 Racial differences may play a significant role in determining a patient's response to asthma medications 0 None
2005-02-07 Finding points towards the possibility of retrovirus involvement in ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) 0 None
2005-02-07 Findings could lead to new asthma treatment based on individual genetic profiles 0 None
2005-02-07 Over-the-counter DHEA hormonal therapy may be an effective treatment for depression 0 None
2005-02-07 Clues to autism's neural basis 0 None
2005-02-07 People with gum disease are more likely to suffer from atherosclerosis 0 None
2005-02-07 Marijuana changes blood flow in the brain 0 None
2005-02-07 Sexual behaviour study of Nepalese trekking guides 0 None
2005-02-07 Special imaging study shows failing hearts are energy starved 0 None
2005-02-07 People with autism may perform unusually well on some tests of visual processing 0 None
2005-02-07 Turning point in the history of preterm labor diagnosis 0 None
2005-02-07 Parent methamphetamine abuse and child welfare in the rural midwest 0 None
2005-02-07 Study compares at home weight-loss and exercise programs to center work out regimes for women 0 None
2005-02-07 Short girls with underlying disease are not being diagnosed 0 None
2005-02-07 Study supports giving dehydrated children fluids by mouth, oral rehydration therapy 0 None
2005-02-03 Sunlight reduces the chances of developing tumours in the lymphatic glands 0 None
2005-02-03 Third of cancer patients in Europe make use of complementary and alternative medicine 0 None
2005-02-03 American suicide rates have dropped steadily since the introduction of serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drugs 0 None
2005-02-03 Acupuncture to reduce back pain in pregnancy 0 None
2005-02-03 Gene therapy for heart patients with chest pains who do not benefit from other treatments 0 None
2005-02-03 Clinical breast examination offers modest benefit to breast cancer screening program 0 None
2005-02-03 MRI is both safe and accurate for diagnosing pregnant women with acute pain in the abdomen and pelvis 0 None
2005-02-03 Furan, a potentially dangerous chemical has been found in processed foods 0 None
2005-02-03 New study details trends in diagnosis, treatment of brain tumours 0 None
2005-02-03 People with rheumatoid arthritis have more silent, unrecognized heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths 0 None
2005-02-03 Suffering from fatigue, abdominal discomfort or bloody diarrhea? Your doctor might not recommend an uncomfortable endoscopy 0 None
2005-02-01 Calcium and vitamin D treatment alone can improve bone mineral density in Crohn's patients 0 None
2005-01-31 What causes puberty to begin? 1 4.7
2005-01-31 Important and previously unrecognized trigger for breast cancer 0 None
2005-01-31 Do genes play a role in determining whether a man is gay or heterosexual? 0 None
2005-01-31 You'll live longer if you drink wine instead of beer 0 None
2005-01-31 Superbowl molecule shows promise for precision drug delivery 0 None
2005-01-31 Nicotine may hold promise in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-01-31 Study shows that pilots who drink and drive are at higher risk to crash planes 0 None
2005-01-31 Nearly 10,000 preterm births could have been prevented in 2002 0 None
2005-01-27 Paracetamol effective for chronic pain and arthritis 0 None
2005-01-27 Contrary to popular belief, rural physician incomes on par with urban physicians 0 None
2005-01-26 Doctors under pressure to compromise good health care for athletes 0 None
2005-01-26 Young, male, and infected - the forgotten victims of Chlamydia 0 None
2005-01-26 US rates of early death and disability from sexual behaviour triple those of other wealthy nations 0 None
2005-01-26 Trial of Etanercept for Wegners's disease shows no benefit against the autoimmune condition 0 None
2005-01-26 Study explains reasons behind recent Medicaid spending growth 0 None
2005-01-26 Increasing trend in society to be more open about the use of sperm donors 0 None
2005-01-26 Exposure to infant siblings decreases multiple sclerosis risk 0 None
2005-01-26 Obesity and weight gain are associated with increased risk for developing kidney stones 0 None
2005-01-26 Drug reviparin reduces the risk of death after heart attack 0 None
2005-01-25 New method of delivery of gene therapy may lead to safer treatment for cancer 0 None
2005-01-25 Whole-body computed tomography (CT) is not a cost-effective screening method 0 None
2005-01-25 Blood clots in the lungs could be prevented with computed tomography (CT) scans of the legs 0 None
2005-01-25 Sociologists create a love map for an entire high school 0 None
2005-01-25 Younr black people experience the most pain 0 None
2005-01-24 Vioxx could have caused 140000 excess cases of coronary heart disease in the USA since 1999 0 None
2005-01-24 Dietary fat quality may be more important than fat quantity in reducing risk of cardiovascular deaths in middle-aged men 0 None
2005-01-24 Warfarin combined with NSAIDs or COX-2 inhibitors increased risk of upper gastrointentinal hemorrhage 0 None
2005-01-24 Study of patients on COX-2 inhibitors does not show increased cardiovascular risk 0 None
2005-01-24 More studies on risks and benefits of COX-2 inhibitors 0 None
2005-01-24 Living in a disadvantaged neighborhood may increase HIV risk 0 None
2005-01-24 Use of anti-inflammatory steroids for traumatic head injuries may actually increase the risk of death 0 None
2005-01-24 No association between neuroticism and extroversion – and cancer 0 None
2005-01-24 Obesity is linked to lower levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in men 0 None
2005-01-24 Are NSAIDS enough for cancer pain? 0 None
2005-01-24 Antioxidants do not prolong the survival of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease 0 None
2005-01-24 Severity of liver disease not a reliable indicator of quality of life 0 None
2005-01-20 Pharmacist review does not keep older people out of hospital 0 None
2005-01-20 Invasive procedures do not necessarily improve survival for heart patients 0 None
2005-01-20 Intellect linked to risk of suicide in young men 0 None
2005-01-20 South Asian and black people in the UK are more likely to be admitted to hospital for asthmarelated problems 0 None
2005-01-20 Fracture jaw, lose consciousness and suffer less than if you don't black out? 0 None
2005-01-20 Jeans too tight, then check your genes 0 None
2005-01-19 Consumption of alcohol the risk of several common cancers 0 None
2005-01-19 Low to moderate amounts of alcohol reduce cardiovascular risk, while larger quantities raise it 0 None
2005-01-19 More evidence that wine helps protect the heart 0 None
2005-01-19 Role of ethnicity in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease 0 None
2005-01-19 Sildenafil restores cognitive function in rats after liver failure 0 5
2005-01-19 Clopidogrel (Plavix®) responses appear normal in largest data set 0 None
2005-01-19 Medicine alone may not offer best quality of life for patients with moderate heart attack risk 0 None
2005-01-19 Two minutes of magnetic stimulation can change your brain for an hour 0 None
2005-01-19 Psychiatric disorders detected using blood test 0 None
2005-01-19 Survey finds that many recover from alcoholism 0 None
2005-01-19 Racial disparities in access to surgical evaluation 0 None
2005-01-19 Beneficial effects of essential fatty acids in children with autism and Asperger's syndrome 0 None
2005-01-19 New study finds that regular physical activity, mental stimulation, and a diet rich in antioxidants can help keep old dogs young 0 None
2005-01-19 Catheter ablation safe for patients 0 None
2005-01-19 Parental notification laws concerning contraception would affect teenagers 0 None
2005-01-19 Program aimed at improving the quality of treatment for depression is effective at reducing depression 0 None
2005-01-18 Over 75s who care for others and see grandchildren have a better quality of life 0 None
2005-01-17 Single gene mutation as the cause of around one in 25 cases of Parkinson’s disease worldwide 0 None
2005-01-17 Animal study on vascular effects of COX-2 inhibition 0 None
2005-01-17 Study provides insight into strategies for telomere-based molecular cancer therapeutics 0 None
2005-01-17 Few smokers make use of the help that is available 0 None
2005-01-17 Residents face increased safety risks when subjected to extended work hours 0 None
2005-01-17 Lifting weights can help people with multiple sclerosis 0 5
2005-01-17 Botox may help people with movement disorders 0 None
2005-01-17 People who prefer the couch to the track are more at risk for obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease 0 None
2005-01-13 High levels of homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood, may indicate an increased risk of stroke 0 None
2005-01-13 1 billion people with high blood pressure by 2025 0 None
2005-01-13 Tobacco industry involvement in p53 gene research impairs integrity of the scientific process 0 None
2005-01-13 Smoking marijuana is associated with increased risk of many of the same symptoms as smoking cigarettes 0 None
2005-01-12 Soy may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2005-01-12 Study identifies potentially valuable applications for new drug Nifrolidine 0 None
2005-01-12 Steady points to need for more rigorous evaluation of complementary & alternative medicine use 0 None
2005-01-12 Study links meat consumption to colon cancer 0 None
2005-01-12 Elevated glucose levels and diabetes associated with a greater risk for cancer 0 None
2005-01-12 High consumption of red meat increases risk for colorectal cancer 0 None
2005-01-12 Recent study correlates human cord blood cells with reduced animal heart attack damage 0 None
2005-01-10 Obese and overweight patients in a study group reported sleeping less 0 None
2005-01-10 Weight loss may be an early sign of dementia 0 None
2005-01-10 Modafinil may be a possible medicinal treatment for cocaine dependence 0 None
2005-01-10 Macular degeneration patients benefit from self-management training 0 None
2005-01-10 Depression intensifies from one generation to the next 0 None
2005-01-10 Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis study points to survival as key endpoint in future actimmune studies 0 None
2005-01-10 Seven percent of college students have used prescription stimulants for non-medical purposes 0 None
2005-01-10 Scientists reveal how we recognise the look of fear 0 None
2005-01-10 Girls' diets call for more calcium 0 None
2005-01-10 High rate of disability in extremely premature babies, new research results reveal 0 None
2005-01-10 Groundbreaking study will assist stroke and head injury victims rehabilitate their sight 0 None
2005-01-09 Smaller lymph nodes seen on abdominal CT scans in "healthy" people are not clinically significant 0 5
2005-01-07 Pegylated interferon alfa-2b offers the best treatment option for people with chronic hepatitis B infection 0 None
2005-01-07 Strong association between high levels of hyaluronic acid and severe osteoarthritis 0 None
2005-01-07 Potential cure for lymphoma in HIV patients 0 None
2005-01-07 Peginterferon alfa-2b produced sustained responses in patients with chronic hepatitis B 0 None
2005-01-06 Adults with pre-diabetes can lose up to 3 percent of their body weight using diet 0 None
2005-01-06 Scents and emotions linked by learning 0 4
2005-01-06 Reduced progression of atherosclerosis tied to statin drugs lowering fats, protein 0 None
2005-01-06 Herpes virus is everywhere and it's unavoidable 0 None
2005-01-06 CDC concern over contraceptive decline deserves second look 0 None
2005-01-05 Night-time splinting can effectively improve discomfort from early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome 0 None
2005-01-05 Stem cells from umbilical cord blood effectively treated heart attacks 0 None
2005-01-05 Chamomile tea shown to boost the immune system and fight infections associated with colds 0 None
2005-01-05 Genetics may not be enough to explain the rates of high blood pressure in US African-American populations 0 None
2005-01-05 Easier access to emergency contraception would not increase the risk of STDs 0 None
2005-01-05 Sticking to one diet plan key to losing weight 0 None
2005-01-04 Study to compare traditional and spiritual post-heart attack recovery approaches 0 None
2005-01-04 Study is the first to track changes in the rate of ICD utilization among blacks and whites 0 None
2005-01-04 Angioplasty may replace bypass for more patients who are also receiving a new heart valve 0 None
2005-01-04 Patient safety measures work at children’s hospitals 0 None
2005-01-04 Genomics tools provide clues to what causes 400 million cases of gastrointestinal disease each year 0 None
2005-01-04 Chronic users NSAIDs have greater risk of bleeding and visible damage to their small intestine 1 None
2005-01-04 No link between immunizations and autism 0 None
2005-01-04 Exposure to the chemical BPA (Bisphenol A) stimulates prostate cancer cell growth 0 5
2005-01-03 Study shows women with invasive lobular carcinoma may not need chemotherapy before surgery 1 4.3


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