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2009-01-29 Study of cannabinoid medicine for pain found patients got 'high,' but effects not related to pain relief 0 None
2009-01-29 Leconotide, an investigative calcium channel blocker, shows potential as pain treatment 0 None
2009-01-27 Early treatment with rasagiline (Azilect) for Parkinson's best 1 5
2009-01-23 Lisofylline drug improves type 2 insulin action; reduces harm of fat in preclinical study 0 None
2009-01-19 Cream containing tretinoin associated with death in clinical trial, but relationship does not appear causal 0 5
2009-01-19 Pre-emptive treatment helped curtail skin toxicity with Panitumumab 0 None
2009-01-19 Combo malaria treatment dihydroartemisinin and piperaquine shows promise 0 None
2009-01-15 Algeta completes phase II trial with Alpharadin for treating bone metastases in advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2009-01-09 Discovery of better treatment for bacterial pneumonia 0 5
2009-01-08 New nasal spray vaccine shown to be effective against botulism 0 None
2009-01-06 Active Hexose Correlated Compound shown to enhances immune system by increasing production of key dendritic cells 0 None
2009-01-06 Sequella, Inc. drug compound SQ109 selected for phase 1B clinical trial program 0 None
2009-01-06 New drug being tested for Fragile X syndrome 1 4
2009-01-06 Phase III studies of EXPAREL (DepoBupivacaine) from Pacira complete enrollment 0 None
2009-01-06 Clioquinol - gastrointestinal drug could become anti-aging treatment 0 None
2009-01-06 Nicotine gum effective for gradual smoking reduction and cessation 0 None
2009-01-06 Chimerix completes phase I study and starts phase II multi-dose trial for CMX001 0 None
2009-01-06 Novel compound F15845 shows promise for angina 1 None
2009-01-06 Novel treatment option for obesity 0 None
2009-01-05 Phase 3 trial begins for Gammagard liquid plus rHuPH20 in primary immunodeficiency patients 0 None
2009-01-05 Molecular insight into how a heart failure drug in clinical trials works 0 None
2009-01-05 Cylene Pharmaceuticals starts CX-4945 trial - first-in class inhibitor of CK2 0 None
2009-01-01 Candesartan shown to be safe new therapy for genetic heart disease 0 None


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