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2009-11-30 QRxPharma commences Phase 3 pivotal trial of MoxDuo IR 0 None
2009-11-30 Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals commences enrollment in florbetaben Phase III clinical trials 0 None
2009-11-30 NOVAVAX completes patient enrollment in its trivalent seasonal influenza VLP vaccine Phase II study 0 None
2009-11-30 Kiadis Pharma commences enrollment in multinational ATIR study 0 None
2009-11-30 NanoViricides announces filing of its quarterly report with the SEC 0 None
2009-11-30 Micromet to present new results from its blinatumomab study at the ASH meeting 0 None
2009-11-30 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals completes enrollment in apaziquone Phase 3 trial 0 None
2009-11-27 Tripep completes clinical trial of ChronVac-C for Hepatitis C virus treatment 0 None
2009-11-26 Merck to commence MK-6913 phase IIa efficacy trial for treatment of hot flashes/hot flushes 0 None
2009-11-25 Additional data on lubiprostone presented at the GASTRO 2009 UEGF/WCOG meeting 0 None
2009-11-25 Novartis to terminate its research collaboration agreement with Idera Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2009-11-25 Synexus recruits patients to study paediatric vaccine against rotavirus 0 None
2009-11-25 Positive Phase II/III clinical data from ChemoCentryx' PROTECT-1 Traficet-EN trial 0 None
2009-11-25 Clinical data on ImmunoGen's TAP compounds to be presented at the 51st ASH meeting 0 None
2009-11-25 CHMP positive opinion for marketing ELONVA in Europe 0 None
2009-11-25 Ambit Biosciences presents data evaluating FLT3 inhibitor in AML at the 51st ASH meeting 0 None
2009-11-25 EMEA grants orphan drug status for LFB Biotechnologies' recombinant anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody 0 None
2009-11-25 Initiation of Phase II clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of BN83495 announced 0 None
2009-11-25 Positive efficacy data from Phase 2 study of AEZS-108 announced 0 None
2009-11-24 OmniComm Systems chosen as Beardsworth's preferred EDC provider 0 None
2009-11-24 Ohr Pharmaceutical to develop OHR/AVR118 for cachexia treatment 0 1.5
2009-11-24 CytRx to initiate a multinational Phase 2 clinical trial of its doxorubicin prodrug 0 None
2009-11-24 Positive data from Æterna Zentaris' Phase 2 targeted cytotoxic peptide conjugate study 0 None
2009-11-24 StemCells commences patient recruitment for a Phase I clinical trial of HuCNS-SC in PMD 0 None
2009-11-23 Proteon Therapeutics commences PRT-201 Phase 1/2 clinical study in hemodialysis patients 0 None
2009-11-23 Top-line data from Lexicon Pharmaceuticals' LX1031 Phase 2 study for IBS to be presented 0 None
2009-11-23 Acucela to present data on its ACU-4429 visual cycle modulator for dry AMD 0 None
2009-11-23 Positive interim results from Nereus Pharmaceuticals' plinabulin VDA study for advanced NSCLC 0 4.3
2009-11-23 Phase IIb/III clinical trial results of CINQUIL for pediatric EoE announced 0 1
2009-11-23 Phase 1 data of ARIAD Pharmaceuticals' pan-BCR-ABL inhibitor to be presented at the ASH meeting 0 None
2009-11-23 Provectus Pharmaceuticals announces Phase 1 interim study data of PV-10 for metastatic melanoma 0 5
2009-11-23 Human Genome Sciences commences patient dosing in its HGS1029 inhibitor trial 0 None
2009-11-23 Raptor Pharmaceutical announces Phase 2b results of DR Cysteamine trial 0 None
2009-11-23 Raptor Pharmaceutical announces results of NGX426 clinical trial 0 5
2009-11-23 Enrollment for ongoing phase 2b trial of RG7128 announced 0 None
2009-11-23 Initiation of Phase I/IIa clinical trial of IL-7 announced 0 None
2009-11-20 POZEN commences enrollment in PA32540 phase 3 study 0 None
2009-11-20 Genta announces preliminary results from study of Genasense Injection for advanced melanoma 0 None
2009-11-20 EMEA's CHMP recommends approval of Merck's ELONVA 0 None
2009-11-20 Inovio Biomedical announces positive test results of its consensus influenza vaccines 0 1
2009-11-20 Positive results from recently completed phase II clinical study of ToleroMune therapy announced 0 None
2009-11-20 Data from second positive pivotal study of PSD502 for treatment of PE presented 0 None
2009-11-20 Curemark begins enrolling patients in Phase III clinical trials for CM-AT 0 None
2009-11-19 Aegera Therapeutics commences AEG35156 Phase 2B study for AML 0 None
2009-11-19 Adamas Pharmaceuticals expands its Phase 2 TCAD therapy study for influenza A 0 None
2009-11-19 Altair Therapeutics initiates its IL-4 receptor alpha inhibitor bronchoprovocation phase 2 trial 0 None
2009-11-19 Positive results from Sciele Pharma's second pivotal study of PSD502 for the treatment of PE 0 None
2009-11-19 Interim data from Geron's ongoing imetelstat trial presented at the AACR-NCI-EORTC conference 0 4
2009-11-19 AFFiRiS to commence Phase II trial of its Alzheimer's vaccine candidate 0 None
2009-11-19 Final results from ImmuPharma's Phase IIb trial of LUPUZOR 0 None
2009-11-19 Data from Phase 1 safety study of SB-728-T announced 0 None
2009-11-19 Results from Phase IIa clinical trial evaluating VT-111 reported by Viron Therapeutics 0 None
2009-11-19 Once-a-day dosing clinical study of udenafil for erectile dysfunction completed 0 5
2009-11-19 Interim data from an ongoing phase 1 dose-escalation trial of XL147 reported 0 None
2009-11-18 Key findings from AstraZeneca's phase II studies of ticagrelor 0 None
2009-11-18 Millennium commences Phase I clinical trial for its second-generation proteasome inhibitor 0 None
2009-11-18 Lee's Pharmaceutical granted exclusive license to Jennerex' lead product for HCC 0 None
2009-11-18 CytRx plans Phase 2 clinical trial of its doxorubicin prodrug for advanced gastric cancer 0 None
2009-11-18 Epiphany Biosciences announces results from its valomaciclovir Phase 2b trial for shingles 0 None
2009-11-18 Data on Synta Pharmaceuticals' STA-9090 synthetic inhibitor of Hsp90 presented 0 None
2009-11-18 Recent data from CNSBio's Phase IIa CNSB015 trial to be presented at the Neuropathic Pain conference 0 None
2009-11-18 Clinical Data commences patient enrollment in Stedivaze Phase III trial 0 None
2009-11-18 New pre-clinical data from Alnylam Pharmaceuticals' ALN-VSP program presented 2 None
2009-11-18 Positive results from REVIVE, a phase 3 pivotal study of avanafil announced 0 None
2009-11-18 Phase 2/3 study results of Genzyme's APB announced 0 None
2009-11-18 Pluristem’s PLX-PAD holds promise for critical limb ischemia 0 None
2009-11-18 Findings of Merck's anacetrapib phase IIb study presented at the AHA sessions 0 4
2009-11-18 Updated clinical data from Poniard Pharmaceuticals' picoplatin Phase 2 trial announced 0 None
2009-11-18 NeoPharm presents LE-DT Phase I data at the AACR conference 0 1
2009-11-18 Albireo completes A3309 phase 1b study in patients with chronic idiopathic constipation 0 None
2009-11-18 On-going Phase 2b study conducted by Roche of ITMN-191 modified 0 None
2009-11-18 Review of the results of Phase 2b clinical trial on PASCAL announced 0 None
2009-11-18 Phase 2 clinical trial to test gene therapy treatment for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-11-18 Phase III randomized clinical trial for Alpharadin to be commenced 0 3
2009-11-18 Ongoing Phase 1 study results of XMT-1001 announced by Mersana Therapeutics 0 None
2009-11-17 Genzyme and Isis Pharmaceuticals announce phase 3 study data of mipomersen 0 None
2009-11-17 Alkermes commences phase 2 study of ALKS 33 in patients with alcohol dependence 0 None
2009-11-17 Oncolytics Biotech's REOLYSIN combined with paclitaxel and carboplatin well tolerated for advanced cancers 0 None
2009-11-17 Melanoma Institute director to present Phase 2 study data of PV-10 for metastatic melanoma 0 5
2009-11-17 YM BioSciences presents preclinical results of its small molecule VDA at the AACR-NCI-EORTC conference 0 None
2009-11-17 Anacor Pharmaceuticals commences patient dosing in AN3365 Phase I clinical study 0 None
2009-11-17 ThromboGenics and BioInvent International present phase I results of novel anti-cancer monoclonal antibody 0 None
2009-11-17 Phase II clinical study to evaluate Nanocort commenced 0 None
2009-11-16 Results of Phase III clinical trials of flibanserin for treatment of HSDD in pre-menopausal women released 0 None
2009-11-16 Sequella broadens the licensed therapeutic indications of its SQ109 lead drug candidate 0 None
2009-11-16 Semafore Pharmaceuticals to present SF1126 Phase I data at the 51st ASH meeting 0 None
2009-11-16 Seattle Genetics commences phase I clinical trial of SGN-75 ADC for metastatic renal cell carcinoma 0 None
2009-11-16 Interim data from Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals' Apoptone Phase I/II clinical trial presented 0 None
2009-11-16 Alkermes' phase 3 trial of naltrexone XR-NTX meets primary endpoint 0 None
2009-11-16 Aradigm commences patient dosage in Phase 2 trial of novel inhaled ciprofloxacin formulation 0 None
2009-11-16 Findings from post hoc analysis examining emotional lability from Phase 3 study data with Vyvanse announced 0 None
2009-11-16 Aspirin doses have beneficial effects for patients with heart diorders: Study 0 5
2009-11-16 New reversible blood thinner for angioplasty patients not superior over placebo 0 None
2009-11-16 Phase I clinical study for ETC-1002 commenced 0 None
2009-11-13 Axelar AB to present data from ongoing Phase I/II clinical trial of AXL1717 0 1
2009-11-13 Findings on the use of Traumeel S in children with mucositis undergoing SCT presented 0 None
2009-11-13 Abbott to acquire the global rights to PanGenetics' new therapeutic for treatment of chronic pain 0 None
2009-11-13 Results from first-in-man study of NO-donating HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor released 0 None
2009-11-13 Mithridion reports progress with its potential oral small-molecule drugs for AD and schizophrenia 0 None
2009-11-13 Positive results from Lexicon Pharmaceuticals' LX1031 Phase 2 study for IBS 0 None
2009-11-13 Adolor commences clinical testing of its oral mu opioid receptor antagonist 0 None
2009-11-12 Senesco's multiple myeloma drug candidate data to be presented at the AACR-NCI-EORTC conference 0 None
2009-11-12 arGentis Pharmaceuticals to commence human clinical evaluation of ARG301 oral altered peptide ligand 0 None
2009-11-12 Tobira Therapeutics presents data on TBR-652 at the European AIDS Conference 0 None
2009-11-12 Keryx Biopharmaceuticals to present KRX-0401 Phase 1/2 clinical trial data at the ASH meeting 0 None
2009-11-12 Trubion Pharmaceuticals to present data on its TRU-016 product candidate at the ASH meeting 0 None
2009-11-12 Data from Phase IIa clinical trial evaluating VT-111 to be presented by Viron Therapeutics at AHA conference 0 None
2009-11-11 Bend Memorial Clinic to begin Phase III lung cancer trial 0 None
2009-11-11 Poniard Pharmaceuticals to present picoplatin Phase 2 trial data at the AACR-NCI -EORTC conference 0 None
2009-11-11 Avanir Pharmaceuticals unveils Star trial results for Zenvia in the treatment of PBA 0 None
2009-11-10 Bristol-Myers Squibb and Alder Biopharmaceuticals collaborate in development of novel biologic for rheumatoid arthritis 0 5
2009-11-10 BioVex completes $70M financing to complete OncoVEX Phase III study 0 None
2009-11-10 Tokai Pharmaceuticals commences TOK-001 Phase 1/2 clinical trial for treatment of castration resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2009-11-10 ImmunoGen to present IMGN901 clinical data at AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference 0 None
2009-11-09 Emisphere Technologies' key product developments and financial results for the third quarter of 2009 0 None
2009-11-09 ISTA Pharmaceuticals presents additional data from its Bepreve Phase 3 clinical studies 0 None
2009-11-09 Concert Pharmaceuticals commences Phase 1b clinical study of its CTP-518 HIV protease inhibitor 0 None
2009-11-09 Evaluation of DX-88 to resolve symptoms of acute HAE attacks to be presented 0 None
2009-11-09 C1-INH concentrate, an effective therapy to treat acute swelling attacks for HAE 0 None
2009-11-07 Halozyme Therapeutics announces results of its insulin variability study 0 None
2009-11-07 Graceway Pharmaceuticals acquires global rights to Gilead Sciences' GS 9191 anti-proliferative agent 0 None
2009-11-06 GeoVax Labs announces financial results and operational update for the third quarter of 2009 0 None
2009-11-06 Positive interim data from the multicenter randomized Phase II trial of palifosfamide presented 0 None
2009-11-06 Novexel commences comparative study of NXL103 to oral linezolid 0 None
2009-11-05 Helix BioPharma completes enrollment in its Topical Interferon Alpha-2b ano-genital warts clinical program 0 None
2009-11-05 Amgen announces the results for Phase 3 PRIME '203' trial of Vectibix 0 4
2009-11-05 ARIAD Pharmaceuticals' SUCCEED trial of oral ridaforolimus on track 0 None
2009-11-05 Study demonstrates potential of human Serum Amyloid P to block very aggressive fibrotic pathology 0 1
2009-11-05 Raptor Pharmaceutical to present oral AMPA-kainate antagonist data at the neuropathic pain conference 0 None
2009-11-05 Patient enrollment in three late-stage clinical trials completed 0 None
2009-11-04 Phase III study results on miconazole Lauriad presented by BioAlliance Pharma 0 None
2009-11-04 Acceleron Pharma commences Phase 1 clinical study of its novel angiogenesis inhibitor 0 None
2009-11-04 Medivir presents OPERA-1 Phase IIa trial data at the AASLD meeting 0 None
2009-11-04 Exelixis to present 13 abstracts of its development candidates at the 2009 AACR-NCI-EORTC Conference 0 1
2009-11-04 FDA approves SPA Protocol Amendment for Lucanix Phase III clinical trial 0 None
2009-11-04 ThromboGenics issues business update for the third-quarter of 2009 0 None
2009-11-04 Pfizer and Medivation initiate dimebon trials in patients with Alzheimer’s disease 0 2
2009-11-03 Aerovance enrolls 540 patients in Phase 2b Aerovant clinical trial 0 None
2009-11-03 EntreMed to present its Aurora A/angiogenic kinase inhibitor data at the AACR-NCI-EORTC conference 0 None
2009-11-03 Texas State University researchers to evaluate the effects of ALKA-V6 on animal organisms 0 None
2009-11-03 Seaside Therapeutics commences STX107 Phase 1 clinical trial for Fragile X Syndrome 1 None
2009-11-03 Schering-Plough's Phase III study of Grass Allergy Immunotherapy meets primary endpoint 0 None
2009-11-03 AMRI receives $750,000 milestone payment from Bristol-Myers Squibb 0 None
2009-11-03 Phase 1 study of STX107 for Fragile X syndrome begins 0 None
2009-11-03 Interim data from Schering-Plough's narlaprevir Phase IIa study 0 5
2009-11-03 NUVIGIL improves wakefulness in patients with excessive sleepiness associated with shift work disorder 0 None
2009-11-02 BioVex publishes OncoVEX (GM-CSF) Phase 2 study results 0 None
2009-11-02 Pico-Tesla commences pilot study of its Resonator system for treating type 2 diabetes patients 0 None
2009-11-02 Dendreon submits an amended BLA for PROVENGE active cellular immunotherapy 0 None
2009-11-02 Enzo Biochem announces results of EGS21 clinical trial for treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis 0 None
2009-11-02 EnzymeRx commences patient enrollment in Uricase-PEG 20 phase 1 study 0 1
2009-11-02 Juvaris BioTherapeutics commences enrollment in its JVRS-100 influenza vaccine adjuvant study 0 None
2009-11-02 Avila Therapeutics presents preclinical study data of its AVL-181 HCV protease inhibitor 0 None
2009-11-02 Positive results from Aeterna Zentaris' AEZS-108 Phase 2 study in ovarian cancer patients 0 None
2009-11-02 NIAID awards Pulmatrix $2.2M grant for developing novel influenza therapeutics 0 None
2009-11-02 LRI and lupus organizations congratulate HGS and GlaxoSmithKline for achieving historical landmark 0 None
2009-11-02 Interim data from Bristol-Myers Squibb's BARACLUDE study for chronic hepatitis B patients 0 None
2009-11-02 BMY and ZGen present Phase 1B results for PEG-Interferon lambda in HCV patients 0 None
2009-11-02 HGS and GSK announce results from phase III clinical trials of BENLYSTA 0 None
2009-11-02 BENLYSTA meets primary endpoint in BLISS-76 trial for systemic lupus erythematosus 0 None
2009-11-02 Gilead Sciences to present Viread Phase III clinical trial data 0 None
2009-11-02 Vertex Pharmaceuticals announces study results of telaprevir-based regimen 1 None
2009-11-02 Optimer Pharmaceuticals presents additional data from Phase 3 fidaxomicin study 0 None


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