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2009-02-26 Lab tests show meropenem and clavulanate combination effective against drug-resistant TB bacteria 0 1.5
2009-02-25 Medivation announces new positive efficacy data from trial of MDV3100 in Castration-resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2009-02-24 Goserelin improves long-term survival in premenopausal women with early breast cancer 0 None
2009-02-23 Bavarian Nordic updates on breast cancer vaccine studies 0 5
2009-02-22 Neuralstem's ALS trial on hold 0 None
2009-02-20 Questions of ethics and quality cloud globalization of clinical trials 0 None
2009-02-20 Optimizing dosage of blood-thinning drug warfarin 0 None
2009-02-20 Drug sodium phenylbutyrate could improve the memory of those with Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-02-18 Ondansetron shown to be a viable treatment option for opioid addiction 1 5
2009-02-18 GlaxoSmithKline starts phase III trial of Syncria (albiglutide) type 2 diabetes medication 0 None
2009-02-16 Experimental antiarrhythmic drug dronedarone reduces death rate in patients with atrial fibrillation 0 2
2009-02-16 New trial targets kidney cancer drug sorafenib in bladder cancer 0 None
2009-02-16 Avosentan shows prmoise for diabetic kidney disease 0 None
2009-02-15 Trial of Quadramet (153 Samarium-lexidronam) in combo with Velcade shows positive results 0 None
2009-02-11 Study on ustekinumab for treatment of psoriatic arthritis published 0 None
2009-02-11 Candesartan cilexetil reduces proteinuria in kidney disease patients 0 3.5
2009-02-10 ViroPharma reports results of trial for Maribavir in bone marrow transplant patients 0 None
2009-02-08 Atorvastatin and lovastatin found to be ineffective for breast cancer prevention 0 None
2009-02-05 Study tests salsalate anti-inflammatory for poorly controlled type 2 diabetes 0 None
2009-02-05 Sangamo BioSciences starts trial of CCR5-ZFP therapeutic to treat HIV/AIDS 1 None
2009-02-05 Safinamide significantly improved motor function in patients with advanced Parkinson's disease 0 4
2009-02-02 Fasudil could reduce risk of Alzheimer's 0 None
2009-02-02 Sedative dexmedetomidine may offer advantages over agents often used for sedation in ICU 0 None
2009-02-02 Antiepileptic drug vigabatrin may decrease spasms for infants with epilepsy 0 None
2009-02-02 Century old drug clofazimine shows potential for multiple sclerosis 0 None
2009-02-02 Infliximab after intestinal resective surgery may help prevent post-op Crohn's disease recurrence 0 None


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