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Date Title Comments Rating
2009-06-28 Golimumab shows promise for rheumatoid arthritis 1 5
2009-06-28 Inhaled growth hormone safe for children deficient in this key protein 0 3
2009-06-23 Clinical trial raises hope for Australian diabetics to be insulin free 0 4.5
2009-06-18 Seattle Genetics starts trial of SGN-35 for anaplastic large cell lymphoma 0 None
2009-06-18 Antisense Therapeutics trial of ATL1101 in prostate cancer shows promise 0 1
2009-06-18 Globe and Mail examines GlaxoSmithKline's RTS,S malaria vaccine trials in Kenya 0 None
2009-06-17 Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs do not lower risk of pneumonia in seniors 0 None
2009-06-17 Trial of new ‘combo’ treatment for hepatitis C 0 None
2009-06-16 Topical fluorouracil may improve appearance of aging skin 0 5
2009-06-16 Pneumococcal vaccine effective in preventing severe pneumonia 0 5
2009-06-09 Antiretroviral therapy earlier yields better clinical outcomes 0 3
2009-06-09 Novel diabetes treatment Syncria (albiglutide) improves glucose control and reduces weight 0 2.7
2009-06-09 Botox injections can help overactive bladders sufferers 0 5
2009-06-09 Cisplatin doubles lung cancer survival time in mice 0 None
2009-06-05 HCV protease inhibitor telaprevir improves response, halves treatment time for hepatitis C patients 1 None
2009-06-05 Tuberculosis booster vaccine trials to begin next month In South Africa 0 None
2009-06-04 Experimental drug five times more effective against MDR-TB than conventional therapy 0 None
2009-06-02 Trial results show better survival for gallbladder and bile duct cancer 0 None
2009-06-01 Study to evaluate ‘Active Hexose Correlated Compound’ and the swine flu virus 0 None
2009-06-01 Vandetanib shows clinical benefit when combined with docetaxel for lung cancer 0 None
2009-06-01 Citalopram no more effective than a placebo for children with autism spectrum disorders 0 None
2009-06-01 Bayer announces new data on novel anti-cancer compound 0 None
2009-06-01 Blood pressure drug reverses liver damage 0 None


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