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2009-08-31 Stanford University starts recruiting participants for swine flu vaccine clinical trial 0 None
2009-08-31 Clinical trial results of Dabigatran proves its effectiveness for treating atrial fibrillation 0 None
2009-08-31 Celladon announces completion of patient enrollment for Phase 2 CUPID clinical trial 0 None
2009-08-31 Sonomax Hearing Healthcare completes Phase II trials of a delivery mechanism that inflates a V3 earplug successfully 0 None
2009-08-31 BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics partners with Protein Production to start production of clinical-grade stem cell therapeutic product 0 None
2009-08-31 Cancer researcher to serve as Peregrine Pharmaceuticals' clinical advisor for bavituximab cancer program 0 None
2009-08-31 Results of the Phase II SEPIA-ACS1/ TIMI-42 study presented at the plenary session of the Annual European Society of Cardiology 0 None
2009-08-31 RE-LY trial establishes effectiveness of PRADAX in reducing stroke risk in AF patients 0 None
2009-08-30 Initial results of the CURRENT-OASIS 7 clinical trial due for release 0 None
2009-08-29 Phase 2B clinical trial results of oral vernakalant to be presented at the ESC Congress 2009 0 None
2009-08-29 Two human biomarker assays that play a key role in the early detection of kidney damage provide assistance in drug development 0 None
2009-08-28 Facet Biotech And Trubion to jointly develop and commercialize the TRU-016 SMIP protein therapeutic 0 None
2009-08-28 Boston Scientific to discuss final results of MADIT-CRT trial at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 0 None
2009-08-28 Polymedix And UMass receive Phase I STTR contract for research on drug-resistant bacteria treatments 0 None
2009-08-28 Forest Laboratories announces phase 3 trial results for roflumilast 0 2
2009-08-28 Forest Laboratories to host a conference call for discussing the results of Daxas Phase III clinical trials 0 None
2009-08-28 Infectious Disease Research Institute commences clinical trial of its leishmaniasis vaccine in Sudan 0 None
2009-08-28 Arno Therapeutics to commence Phase 1 clinical study of AR-12 in adult patients with lymphoma 0 None
2009-08-27 Lakewood-Amedex to speed up development of its broad spectrum anti-influenza product into clinical studies 0 None
2009-08-27 QRxPharma completes its pilot evaluation study investigating the efficacy of MoxDuo capsules 0 5
2009-08-27 Novelos Therapeutics enters into a definitive agreement with Purdue Pharma to raise funds 0 None
2009-08-27 BioAlliance Pharma's LIP phase III pivotal study provides positive preliminary results 0 None
2009-08-26 Quality test for Guardian Technologies International's Signature Mapping TBDx system completed 0 None
2009-08-26 New interactive web site launched by DATATRAK 0 None
2009-08-26 EPIX Pharmaceuticals' PRX-00023 Therapeutics CNS program in Phase 2B/3 offered for auction sale 0 None
2009-08-26 Morria Biopharmaceuticals receives approval to commence its Phase II clinical trial on MRX6 0 None
2009-08-26 Peptimmune's Phase Ib clinical trial of PI-2301 in multiple sclerosis patients complete 0 None
2009-08-26 Cardium announced that patients enrolled for MATRIX clinical trail have completed their evaluation period 0 None
2009-08-26 Patients enrolled in the TREAT Phase 3 study treated with Aranesp to a target hemoglobin of 13 g/dL 0 5
2009-08-26 Positive results obtained from phase 3 clinical trial of lurasidone for treating schizophrenia 0 None
2009-08-26 Phase III RE-LY study results to be presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 0 4
2009-08-26 Washington Post examines development of vaccine for food borne intestinal illness 0 None
2009-08-26 Alvine Pharmaceuticals commences Phase 2a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of ALV003 0 None
2009-08-25 Venlafaxine alleviates depressive symptoms 0 None
2009-08-25 Delcath Systems enrolls 85 patients for its pivotal Phase III Metastatic Melanoma Trial 0 None
2009-08-25 Subject enrollment in patients with retinitis pigmentosa for Phase 2 clinical study completed by R-Tech Ueno 0 None
2009-08-25 Seattle Genetics completes enrollment of its pivotal clinical trial of brentuximab vedotin 0 None
2009-08-25 Regado Biosciences to commence Phase I study of a subcutaneous administration formulation of the REG1 anticoagulation system 0 None
2009-08-25 Phase I/II trial of Amphinex uses photochemical internalisation approach 0 None
2009-08-24 Orphan drug status granted to BioCancell's BC-819 drug 0 None
2009-08-24 Retigabine's Phase IIa clinical trial preliminary results announced 0 None
2009-08-24 Israeli government and a private investment fund Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics to complete pre-clinical studies in ALS 0 None
2009-08-24 CSL Biotherapies initiates clinical trials of Influenza A/H1N1 2009 vaccine in the US 0 None
2009-08-24 Profibrix raises funds for clinical and preclinical development 0 None
2009-08-24 Biovail enters into an agreement with Santhera to develop and market JP-1730/fipamezole drug 0 None
2009-08-22 Adamas Pharmaceuticals forges agreement with U.S. Naval Health Research Center for evaluating triple combination antiviral drug 0 None
2009-08-21 Endologix publishes abdominal aortic aneurysm treatment trial results online 0 None
2009-08-21 NY-ESO-1 recombinant proteins to be used in clinical trials for treating melanoma and ovarian cancer 0 None
2009-08-20 Peplin completes four-week enrolment phase for REGION-Ib trial 0 None
2009-08-20 InterMune receives $20 million event payment from Roche for initiating the Phase 2b trial of RG7227/ ITMN-191 0 None
2009-08-19 Light Sciences Oncology announces Phase 2 trial of Aptocine in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 0 5
2009-08-19 Gentium reports results from phase 3 trial of defibrotide for severe veno-occlusive disease 0 None
2009-08-19 Sinovac Biotech announces positive results from clinical trial of H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-08-19 Arzoxifene phase 3 study results reported by Lilly 0 None
2009-08-19 Hard to Treat Diseases' swine flu clinical trials in progress 0 1
2009-08-19 Low-dose estrogen effective for metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2009-08-19 Results of Phase IIb dose range finding of oglemilast in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease announced 1 None
2009-08-19 Amarex joins OmniComm Systems' CRO Preferred Program 0 None
2009-08-18 4SC starts phase 2 trial in hepatocellular carcinoma with 4SC-201 (resminostat) 0 None
2009-08-18 Genentech announces Phase III study results for Avastin (bevacizumab) in combination with chemo in HER2-negative breast cancer 0 None
2009-08-17 Human Genome Sciences achieves systemic lupus goals with candidate drug 0 None
2009-08-17 Aeterna Zentaris announces results from trials of Cetrorelix in benign prostatic hyperplasia 0 None
2009-08-14 New immune therapy for kidney cancer tested 0 5
2009-08-13 First batch of cancer vaccine from Cancer Vaccine Collaborative goes into trial 1 None
2009-08-13 Antigenics’ Oncophage cancer vaccine trial starts enrolling patients 0 3
2009-08-12 Study looks at imipramine in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome 0 5
2009-08-12 Cannabis Science reports on future plans for cannabis drug trials 0 None
2009-08-12 Investigational, orally-inhaled therapy effective in treating migraines 0 None
2009-08-12 Researchers respond to concerns about international insulin drug trial 0 None
2009-08-12 Endocyte announces results from study of EC145 in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2009-08-11 Britain's first swine flu vaccine trials start 0 None
2009-08-11 New type of anti-clotting drug called Apixaban 0 None
2009-08-11 Denosumab reduces fracture risk in men receiving androgen-deprivation therapy for prostate cancer 0 None
2009-08-11 Knopp Neurosciences to present phase 2 results of drug candidate in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 1 None
2009-08-11 Gene Signal publishes phase I data on GS-101 for diseases of the eye 0 None
2009-08-11 Depomed reports promising results in phase I trial for DM-1992 in Parkinson’s 0 None
2009-08-11 Additional trial to be conducted for KYNAPID under FDA special protocol agreement 0 None
2009-08-10 Eiger Biopharmaceuticals starts CLEAN-1 HCV phase 1B trial 0 4
2009-08-10 Nanoviricides anti-herpes drug candidate reduces viral load by 99.99% 2 2
2009-08-09 Cost-effectiveness of Cetuximab in metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2009-08-06 Bellicum Pharmaceuticals starts phase I/II trial of novel advanced prostate cancer vaccine 0 None
2009-08-06 Phase 1 clinical trial starts for new antibody aimed at hepatitis C virus 0 None
2009-08-05 Baxter completes production of batches of CELVAPAN A/H1N1 pandemic vaccine 0 2
2009-08-04 Clinical trial to test gene therapy for Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2009-08-04 Accelerating the development of new cancer drugs 0 None
2009-08-04 Women and minorities under-represented in trials 0 None
2009-08-03 Metformin associated with reduced risk of pancreatic cancer in diabetics 0 None
2009-08-02 Tarceva shown to extend survival in advanced non-small cell lung cancer when used after initial chemo 0 None


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