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RSSArchived Drug Trial News Stories - November 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-11-30 NSAID Celebrex may help prevent non-melanoma skin cancer development: Research 0 None
2010-11-30 Golimumab with methotrexate improves markers of inflammation and structural damage in RA patients 0 None
2010-11-30 Ikaria initiates enrollment in LUCASSIN Phase III trial for HRS Type 1 0 None
2010-11-30 Argos commences dosing in Arcelis personalized immunotherapy Phase 2b clinical trial for HIV 0 None
2010-11-30 FDA approves Inspire to begin STAR clinical trial to evaluate UAS therapy for OSA 0 None
2010-11-30 Neuraltus reports positive results from NP001 Phase 1 study for ALS 0 1.8
2010-11-30 Intellikine and MMRC commence INK128 Phase I trial in multiple myeloma 0 None
2010-11-30 Zogenix completes enrollment in ZX002 Phase 3 study for moderate to severe pain 0 None
2010-11-30 Cyrenaic announces results of CYR-101 Phase IIa clinical trial for schizophrenia 0 4.5
2010-11-30 Keryx announces positive top-line results from Zerenex Phase 3 study for hyperphosphatemia 0 None
2010-11-30 Pharmasset commences combination study of PSI-7977 and PSI-938 nucleotide analogs in HCV 0 None
2010-11-30 ImmunoGen initiates IMGN901 Phase I/II clinical trial in SCLC patients 0 None
2010-11-30 Cytheris' combinational therapy demonstrates possible therapeutic strategy for PML 0 None
2010-11-30 ARIAD to present clinical data on ponatinib for CML at ASH Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-11-30 DATATRAK applauds Cosmo Pharmaceuticals for positive top-line results from budesonide MMX 0 None
2010-11-30 FG-2216 drug offers new treatment option for kidney disease-related anemia 0 None
2010-11-30 GeoVax supports Bionor's Phase 2b trial of therapeutic HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 None
2010-11-30 Sanofi Pasteur commences phase II clinical study of vaccine for Clostridium difficile infection prevention 0 None
2010-11-30 Long-term phase 3 trial confirms safety of lubiprostone in Japanese patients with chronic idiopathic constipation 0 None
2010-11-30 NIAID scientists confirm antiviral activity of two lead compounds against HPV 1 5
2010-11-30 Medivation, Astellas enroll 1,199 patients in MDV3100 Phase 3 AFFIRM study in advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2010-11-30 Array BioPharma to present data on ARRY-520 Phase 1 trial for multiple myeloma at ASH Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-11-30 Calistoga to feature data on CAL-101 inhibitor for hematologic malignancies at ASH Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-11-30 Hana Biosciences to present Marqibo data for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at ASH Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-11-29 Zalicus to highlight A2A agonist oncology programs at ASH Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-11-29 FDA approves Merit's phase 3 clinical trial protocol to treat primary liver cancer with QuadraSphere Microspheres 0 None
2010-11-29 Merck announces initial results from ISENTRESS Phase III study in HIV-1 0 None
2010-11-29 Hemispherx requests FDA time extension for Ampligen NDA data resubmission 0 None
2010-11-29 Positive results from Oncolytics' combination REOLYSIN-docetaxel Phase I trial in advanced cancer 0 None
2010-11-29 Amarin reports top-line results from AMR101 Phase 3 trial for treatment of high triglycerides 0 None
2010-11-25 Phase 3 trial: TYSABRI improves vision in MS patients 0 None
2010-11-25 Neptune, Acasti completes preclinical program comparing CaPre with Lovaza 0 None
2010-11-25 Response to PLX4032 drug short lived in BRAF-mutated metastatic melanoma patients 0 None
2010-11-24 Advaxis initiates ADXS11-001 clinical trial for cervix cancer 0 None
2010-11-24 A new treatment landscape for triple-negative breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-24 FTC/TDF tablet reduces HIV infection among high-risk individuals: iPrEx study 0 None
2010-11-24 GCM supports iPrEx Study to prevent HIV infection among MSM 0 None
2010-11-24 Important queries about PrEP, iPrEx trial for HIV infection 0 None
2010-11-24 HIV treatment drugs also help prevent HIV infection in high-risk men: Study 1 None
2010-11-24 iPrEx study: PrEP reduces HIV infection risk among gay, bisexual men 0 None
2010-11-24 iPrEx trial shows reduction in new HIV infections 0 None
2010-11-24 Provectus reports progress in PV-10 program for metastatic melanoma 0 None
2010-11-24 iPrEx oral PrEP study achieves major milestone in HIV prevention research 0 None
2010-11-24 CONRAD congratulates Global iPrEx study team for HIV prevention trial 0 None
2010-11-24 XenoPort receives grant from Michael J. Fox Foundation to support Parkinson's disease therapies 0 None
2010-11-23 ViiV Healthcare awards $20 million to Idenix for GSK2248761 clinical milestone 0 None
2010-11-23 CEL-SCI holds clinical investigator meeting for Multikine Phase III clinical trial in head, neck cancer 0 5
2010-11-23 DoD awards Regenicin and Lonza $18 million to develop PermaDerm for severe burns 0 None
2010-11-23 Compugen announces development of Protein Family Members Discovery Platform 0 None
2010-11-23 Preclinical trial shows Chimerix’s CMX001 inhibits HSV replication 0 None
2010-11-23 Hemispherx announces publication of Ampligen Phase III data in Journal of Applied Research 0 None
2010-11-23 Apricus files protocol of PrevOnco Phase 3 clinical trial for FDA SPA program 0 None
2010-11-23 BioCancell raises $5.1 million by excess demand in public offering 0 None
2010-11-22 Winston announces Phase II study results of Dolorac for chronic migraine at Lazard Conference 0 None
2010-11-22 Stem cell trial for eye disease receives FDA approval 2 4.7
2010-11-22 Omthera reaches agreement with FDA on SPA for Epanova Phase III trial in patients with very high triglycerides 0 5
2010-11-22 Neurocrine announces results from elagolix Phase II Daisy PETAL study in endometriosis 0 None
2010-11-22 FDA grants ACT clearance for Phase I/II clinical trial of hESC derived retinal cells in patients with SMD 0 None
2010-11-22 Mimetogen initiates MIM-D3 Phase II clinical trial for dry eye disease 0 None
2010-11-22 S*BIO begins SB1317 Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with advanced/refractory hematologic malignancies 0 None
2010-11-22 Interim results from H.P. Acthar Gel study in patients with advanced diabetic nephropathy 0 None
2010-11-22 Acthar Gel may be a viable treatment option for resistant nephrotic syndrome 0 None
2010-11-22 Stealth Peptides introduces Bendavia clinical candidate at AHA Scientific Sessions 0 None
2010-11-22 Cell Therapeutics announces preliminary results of phase II OPAXIO study for high-grade gliomas 0 None
2010-11-22 VYTORIN reduces major vascular events in patients with chronic kidney disease 1 2.5
2010-11-22 Phase 3 study of VEGF Trap-Eye regimen meets primary endpoint in patients with wet AMD 0 None
2010-11-22 SHARP study shows cholesterol-lowering effective for patients with kidney disease 0 None
2010-11-22 Bardoxolone methyl treatment may reduce stage of CKD, improve eGFR in kidney function 0 None
2010-11-21 Alexion's Soliris Phase 2 clinical study for aHUS meets primary, secondary endpoints 0 None
2010-11-21 Celldex presents ACT III Phase 2 clinical trial data for glioblastoma multiforme at SNO Meeting 0 None
2010-11-20 Myrexis announces poster presentation on Azixa at Neuro-Oncology Scientific Meeting 0 None
2010-11-20 Data from Rockwell Medical's Phase IIb study of SFP presented at ASN meeting 0 None
2010-11-20 Allos Therapeutics to present FOLOTYN data for blood cancers at ASH Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-11-20 Pfizer's Phase 3 AXIS 1032 trial for metastatic renal cell carcinoma meets primary endpoint 0 None
2010-11-20 VeriStrat analysis shows patients with advanced NSCLC benefit from dual targeted therapies 0 None
2010-11-20 Acceleron presents ACE-041 interim results for advanced cancer at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-19 Baxter enters definitive agreement to acquire all hemophilia-related assets Archemix 0 None
2010-11-19 FibroGen to present FG-4592 phase 2a study of patients with stage 3-4 Chronic Kidney Disease and anemia 0 None
2010-11-19 Cyclacel to present results of sapacitabine Phase 2 trial for MDS at ASH Meeting 0 None
2010-11-19 AVEO's RON antibody shows anti-tumor activity in human cancer xenografts 0 None
2010-11-19 ZIOPHARM announces data on darinaparsin efficacy for solid tumors at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-19 ImmunoGen presents positive data on IMGN388 anticancer compound at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-19 Threshold Pharmaceuticals announces results on TH-302 prodrug for cancers at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-19 ACE-041 drug may provide new option to treat cancer 0 None
2010-11-19 DoD recommends funding for Synta's STA-9584 for prostate cancer study 0 None
2010-11-19 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer discontinue Phase 3 APPRAISE-2 trial in patients with ACS 0 1
2010-11-19 GRAVITAS Trial finds high dose of clopidogrel does not reduce risk of ischemic events 0 None
2010-11-19 AVEO announces results from tivozanib Phase 1b clinical trial for advanced gastrointestinal cancers 0 None
2010-11-19 COG to conduct Phase I REOLYSIN trial in pediatric patients with solid tumors 0 None
2010-11-19 Zalicus presents data on novel synergistic drug combinations for cancer at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-19 OXiGENE updates data on FALCON trial for non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2010-11-19 YM BioSciences expands CYT387 Phase I/II clinical trial for myelofibrosis in five sites 0 None
2010-11-19 Aastrom announces interim analysis of Phase 2b RESTORE-CLI clinical trial for treatment failure 0 None
2010-11-19 Ipsen initiates patient treatment in phase III OBI-1 study for acquired hemophilia A 0 None
2010-11-19 Spectrum to present four key belinostat data for solid cancers at ASH annual meeting 0 None
2010-11-19 Impax announces positive top-line results of Phase III IPX066 study for Parkinson's disease 0 2
2010-11-19 Elorac announces results of Phase III CPO solution studies for acne at Healthcare Conference in New York 0 None
2010-11-19 Cerulean presents data on CRLX101, CRLX288 study for cancer at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-19 Clinical data of CU-201, CUDC-101 presented at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-18 Aeterna presents data on AEZS-108 Phase 2 study for endometrial cancer at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-18 Circassia announces positive result from phase II T-cell vaccine study for house dust mite allergy 0 None
2010-11-18 Naurex's antidepressant shares efficacy mechanisms with NMDA receptor antagonist ketamine 0 5
2010-11-18 Researchers report results from Phase III DEFINE study for coronary heart disease 0 5
2010-11-18 Access Pharmaceuticals to present two oncology posters at CPR Conference 0 None
2010-11-18 Medivir AB reports positive interim data on Phase 2b ASPIRE study for hepatitis C 0 None
2010-11-18 MK-4827 drug candidate shows promising anti-tumour activity in first human trial 0 None
2010-11-18 Exelixis reports interim data of XL184 for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer 0 3
2010-11-18 Exelixis reports interim data from phase 2 RDT trial for epithelial ovarian cancer 0 5
2010-11-18 Inovio achieves positive results in Phase I PENNVAX-B study for HIV 0 None
2010-11-18 Clinical trial shows dalfampridine tablets improve walking ability in MS patients 0 None
2010-11-18 Neuralstem files NSI-189 IND with FDA for Phase I safety trials for major depression 0 None
2010-11-18 Myrexis presents data on MPC-9528 cancer metabolism inhibitor at EORTC/NCI/AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-18 Bioniche's achievement of fourth milestone in Urocidin Phase III trial triggers $4.0M payment from Endo 0 None
2010-11-18 Idera presents data on TLR7, TLR9 antagonist candidate for hyperlipidemia at American Heart Association 0 None
2010-11-18 Regado presents poster on REG3 at AHA Scientific Sessions meeting 0 None
2010-11-18 VX-770 drug candidate improves lung function in people with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2010-11-18 Titan Pharmaceuticals presents data on Probuphine Phase 3 clinical program for opioid addiction at Neuroscience Meeting 0 None
2010-11-17 Sangamo presents Phase 2 clinical data in ALS at Society for Neuroscience Meeting 0 None
2010-11-17 New investigational drug improves lung function in CF patients 0 None
2010-11-17 Scientists investigate new class of drugs for treating kidney failure 0 None
2010-11-17 Aeterna Zentaris presents results of orally active compounds with anti-tumor effects at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-17 Cardio3 BioSciences announces positive results from C-Cure Phase II clinical trial for heart failure 0 None
2010-11-17 MedImmune to present data on oncology portfolio at two medical congresses in Europe and the U.S. 0 None
2010-11-17 Infinity announces enrollment in IPI-926 Phase 1b/2 clinical trial for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-11-17 Mirna to present data on miRNA Replacement Therapies for cancer at CPRIT Conference 0 None
2010-11-17 EMA approves CTI's Pixuvri Pediatric Investigation Plan for lymphoid malignancies and solid tumors 0 None
2010-11-17 Anthera places voluntary hold on A-623 Phase 2b study for lupus 0 None
2010-11-17 Alkermes's ALKS 33 drug candidate offers potential treatment for multiple disease indications 0 None
2010-11-17 Combination doxorubicin-sorafenib treatment improves survival in patients with inoperable advanced liver cancer 0 None
2010-11-17 Enzon presents data on three investigational mRNA antagonists at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-17 TRITON–TIMI 38 substudy shows prasugrel reduces overall mortality rate in ACS patients 0 None
2010-11-17 Chimerix’s lipid-conjugated drugs reduces nephrotoxicity: Study 0 None
2010-11-17 JDRF, Amylin collaborate to support metreleptin study for type 1 diabetes 0 None
2010-11-17 UMass, PolyMedix receive Phase 2 STTR contract to conduct test on antimicrobial compounds 0 None
2010-11-17 AVEO commences enrollment in Phase 1b combination trial of tivozanib with oral capecitabine in advanced tumors 0 None
2010-11-17 ALLOZYNE's AZ17 antagonist shows positive data for treatment of autoimmune diseases 0 None
2010-11-17 Progenics initiates ONO-3849 phase 2 clinical trial for OIC in Japan 0 None
2010-11-16 Stem cells for stroke: Clinical trial commences 0 5
2010-11-16 Anti-stroke blood thinner shows promise in large clinical trials 0 None
2010-11-16 Diuretic lessens risk of death from mild heart failure: Study 0 None
2010-11-16 4SC to present development of resminostat and preclinical drug candidates at EORTC-NCI-AACR symposium 0 None
2010-11-16 Merrion prepares Phase III study for Orazol in breast cancer treatment 0 None
2010-11-16 BiovaxID lymphoma vaccine to be featured at ASH Meeting 0 None
2010-11-16 St. Jude presents results from ASSERT trial for stroke at American Heart Association 0 3
2010-11-16 Bayer presents results from Phase III ROCKET AF trial for atrial fibrillation at American Heart Association 0 4
2010-11-16 Infinity announces Phase 1b/2 clinical trial of IPI-926 in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-11-16 Celladon presents data on Phase 2 CUPID clinical trial for advanced heart failure at American Heart Association 0 None
2010-11-16 PolyMedix presents data on PMX-60056 Phase 1B/2 studies for blood clotting at American Heart Association 0 5
2010-11-16 ViroPharma presents data on Cinryze C1 esterase inhibitor for HAE at ACAAI Meeting 0 None
2010-11-16 Diffusion Pharmaceuticals presents positive results of TSC study for PAD at American Heart Association 0 None
2010-11-16 Oramed presents ORMD-0801 Phase IIb results for Type II diabetes at Annual Meeting in Bethesda 0 None
2010-11-15 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals to present ZEVALIN data at ASH Meeting 0 None
2010-11-15 Teva presents QNAZE Phase III study results for SAR at ACAAI Meeting 0 5
2010-11-15 New investigational drug is well tolerated in children with nmCF 0 None
2010-11-15 Celladon’s Phase 2 CUPID trial shows improved clinical outcomes in advanced heart failure patients 0 None
2010-11-15 Novel heart attack treatment results presented at premier USA cardiology forum 0 None
2010-11-15 No difference in risk of nonsuicide death between ziprasidone and olanzapine for schizophrenia 0 None
2010-11-15 SuperGen to present three abstracts at EORTC-NCI-AACR International Symposium 0 None
2010-11-15 Talecris announces publication of A1PI studies for AAT deficiency in Respiratory Research journal 0 None
2010-11-15 Scios announces results of ASCEND-HF trial for ADHF treatment 0 None
2010-11-15 Inovio third quarter total revenue decreases from $3.6 million to $1.3 million 0 None
2010-11-15 POZEN presents PA32540 Phase 1 study results for cardiovascular disease at AHA Session 0 None
2010-11-15 Immunitor completes V5 Phase IIb imm01 clinical trial enrollment for TB 0 None
2010-11-15 Biodel reports data on Linjeta formulation for type 1 diabetes at Technology Meeting in Bethesda 0 None
2010-11-15 Dyax to present data of KALBITOR inhibitor for Angioedema at ACAAI Meeting 0 None
2010-11-12 Clinical trial results of Threshold's TH-302 hypoxia-activated prodrug presented at 16th CTOS annual meeting 0 1
2010-11-12 Nile third quarter net loss decreases to $1.8 million 0 None
2010-11-12 Pro-Pharmaceuticals third quarter net loss decreases to $1,899,000 0 None
2010-11-12 Results of RE-LY trial evaluating Pradaxa capsules to be presented at American Heart Association Session 0 None
2010-11-12 Inovio to update HVTN 080 Phase I clinical study for HIV at HVTN Conference 0 None
2010-11-12 Reata to present bardoxolone methyl Phase 2b clinical trial data for CKD, type 2 diabetes at ASN Conference 0 None
2010-11-12 Acetylon receives two grants under QTDP program to advance HDAC6 inhibitor drug candidate 0 None
2010-11-12 Advaxis receives $244,479 QTDP credit for ADXS11-001 trial 0 None
2010-11-12 NexBio presents Fludase data for Influenza-Like Illness at ACAAI 2010 0 None
2010-11-11 SCYNEXIS receives four grants under QTDP program to develop cyclophilin inhibitors 0 None
2010-11-11 NephRx initiates NX001 Phase I clinical trial to prevent DGF in kidney transplant patients 0 None
2010-11-11 Pevion announces positive results of PEV7 Phase I study for recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis 0 None
2010-11-11 Study investigates long-term outcome of REYATAZ/ritonavir regimens in ARV-experienced patients 0 None
2010-11-11 Incyte presents data on INCB28050 Phase IIa trial for rheumatoid arthritis at ACR/ARHP Meeting 0 None
2010-11-11 4SC 2010 first nine months revenue decreases from EUR1.4 million to EUR0.8 million 0 None
2010-11-11 Cyclacel announces publication of sapacitabine in British Journal of Cancer 0 None
2010-11-11 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals presents ALN-VSP Phase I data for liver cancer at Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium 0 None
2010-11-11 Cortex applauds Servier for intent to move High Impact AMPAKINE compound into Phase I clinical studies 0 None
2010-11-11 Combination of antiviral drugs outperforms single-drug therapy in children with hepatitis C 0 None
2010-11-11 Hygeia completes HYG-102 preclinical studies for vulvar and vaginal atrophy, and age-related skin fragility 0 None
2010-11-11 Aeterna Zentaris to present AEZS-108 Phase 2 results for endometrial cancer at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-11 Resolve Therapeutics enters license with University of Washington for autoimmune disease treatment 0 None
2010-11-11 Nplate reduces treatment failure and splenectomies in adults with chronic immune thrombocytopenia 0 None
2010-11-11 Watson’s Uracyst pilot study for interstitial cystitis fails to demonstrate efficacy endpoints 1 4
2010-11-10 Vertex to enroll additional treatment arm in telaprevir/VX-222 Phase 2 clinical trial for HCV 0 None
2010-11-10 Amarin reports $31.4 million cash balance for third quarter 2010 0 None
2010-11-10 Positive results from XOMA 052 study in patients with uveitis of Behcet's disease 0 5
2010-11-10 Zalicus third quarter total revenue decreases to $1.2 million 0 None
2010-11-10 Abbott presents results of 2 pivotal HUMIRA studies at American College of Rheumatology meeting 0 1
2010-11-10 Data from AVEO's tivozanib-FOLFOX6 combination Phase 1b trial presented at 22nd EORTC-NCI-AACR 0 2
2010-11-10 TRU-016 abstracts to be presented at ASH meeting 0 None
2010-11-10 Myrexis presents key preclinical findings of MPI-0485520 at ACR/ARHP meeting 0 5
2010-11-10 Epratuzumab reduces SLE disease activity in phase IIB EMBLEM study 0 None
2010-11-10 Synageva's SBC-102 enzyme replacement therapy for LAL deficiency granted European orphan product designation 0 None
2010-11-10 BioInvent receives FDA IND clearance for BI-204 Phase II trial in cardiovascular disease 0 None
2010-11-10 TONIX Pharmaceuticals announces Phase 2a study results of cyclobenzaprine in Fibromyalgia Syndrome 0 None
2010-11-10 Silence Therapeutics' Atu027 RNAi drug prevents pulmonary metastasis formation 0 None
2010-11-10 Diamyd completes patient screening for DiaPrevent Phase III study 0 None
2010-11-10 New York Times examines HIV prevention products undergoing clinical trials 0 None
2010-11-10 Enrollment complete in Nabi's second NicVAX Phase III clinical trial for nicotine addiction 0 None
2010-11-09 Phytomedics awarded $244,000 QTDP grant for development of RA drug 0 None
2010-11-09 NeuroDerm commences enrollment in ND0801 Phase 2a clinical study of ADD/ADHD in adults 0 None
2010-11-09 EntreMed to present data of ENMD-2076 Phase 1 study in multiple myeloma and leukemia at ASH 2010 0 None
2010-11-09 Discovery Labs reports net operating loss of $6.2 million for third quarter 2010 0 None
2010-11-09 Arena and Eisai report positive results from lorcaserin BLOOM-DM trial in obese, overweight diabetics 0 None
2010-11-09 Arena third quarter net loss increases to $36.3 million 0 None
2010-11-09 ORAL Solo Phase 3 study shows tasocitinib reduces signs and symptoms of active RA 0 None
2010-11-09 ORVACS launches ERAMUNE 01 Phase II study to decrease HIV viral reservoirs 0 None
2010-11-09 Seattle Genetics, Millennium to feature SGN-35 in two oral presentations at ASH Annual Meeting 0 5
2010-11-09 Inspiration receives two grants under QTDP program to advance development of IB1001, OBI-1 products 0 None
2010-11-09 EVP-6124 receptor acts as co-agonist with ACh to enhance cognition 0 None
2010-11-09 Colcrys safe for treating gout flares 0 None
2010-11-09 Genta commences tesetaxel Phase 2b clinical trial as 1st-line chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2010-11-09 SIMPONI injection improves inflammation, structural damage in RA patients 0 None
2010-11-09 Merrimack receives $2.44 million under QTDP program to support cancer research 0 None
2010-11-09 Dabigatran etexilate benefits AF patients with previous stroke or transient ischemic attack 0 None
2010-11-09 EpiCept third quarter net loss decreases to $3.2 million 0 None
2010-11-09 BioCryst to present data on BCX4208 for gout at ACR Scientific Meeting 0 None
2010-11-09 Omthera initiates ECLIPSE study for treatment of high triglycerides 0 None
2010-11-09 New data on Soliris for PNH treatment to be presented at ASH Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-11-08 Denosumab superior to Zometa in preventing SREs in breast cancer patients with bone metastases: Study 0 None
2010-11-08 NUVO announces positive results from WF10 Phase 2 clinical trial for severe allergic rhinitis 0 None
2010-11-08 Raptor initiates dosing in DR Cysteamine Phase 2 clinical trial for Huntington's Disease 0 None
2010-11-08 Positive results from Ardea's RDEA594 combination study with febuxostat or allopurinol for gout 0 None
2010-11-08 TB Alliance launches three-drug combination trial for drug-sensitive and multidrug-resistant TB 0 None
2010-11-08 MAP Pharmaceuticals reports positive results from LEVADEX QT trial for migraine 0 None
2010-11-08 TransTech Pharma, High Point receive $1.96 million grants under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-08 Santarus's budesonide MMX drug shows positive result for active ulcerative colitis 0 None
2010-11-08 bitop includes first patient in Ectoin inhalation solution clinical trial for inflammation and airway obstruction 0 5
2010-11-08 Plexxikon's PLX4032 shows positive data in patients with metastatic melanoma 0 None
2010-11-08 Pervasis receives $920,000 in grants under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-08 Synergy receives $244,479 grant under QTDP program to develop plecanatide for gastrointestinal disorders 0 None
2010-11-08 SGN-35 drug reduces tumor growth in Hodgkin's lymphoma 0 None
2010-11-08 Alder to present data of ALD518 two clinical studies for rheumatoid arthritis at American College Meeting 0 None
2010-11-08 Inviragen to present data on CHIKV vaccine at ASTMH meeting 0 None
2010-11-08 ACTEMRA reduces signs, symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2010-11-08 Sanofi Pasteur's dengue vaccine enters phase III trial in Australia 0 None
2010-11-08 Genentech announces Phase II RG7204 clinical study results for metastatic melanoma tumors 0 None
2010-11-08 Provectus presents PV-10 Phase 2 clinical trial data for metastatic melanoma at Sydney Congress 0 None
2010-11-08 Merz to present data on Xeomin clinical studies for cervical dystonia at AAPM&R 0 None
2010-11-08 New malaria drug can save millions of lives: Study 0 None
2010-11-07 AiCuris to present data on AIC316 anti-HSV drug at Antivirals Congress 0 5
2010-11-07 Ortho-McNeil terminates collaboration agreement with Arena on APD597 trial program 0 None
2010-11-04 Synta reports $10.3M net loss for third quarter 2010 vs. $118.1M net income for third quarter 2009 0 None
2010-11-04 NWBT receives $490,000 in two grants under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-04 Adeona receives $488,959 grants under QTDP program to support Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis programs 0 None
2010-11-04 AVEO third quarter total collaboration revenues increase to $6.2 million 0 None
2010-11-04 Pfizer's two new compounds may be effective in treating alcohol, nicotine dependence 0 None
2010-11-04 NormOxys' OXY111A candidate selected as ‘Top 10 to Watch’ at Windhover's meeting 0 None
2010-11-04 New England Journal of Medicine publishes brentuximab vedotin Phase I clinical trial data 0 5
2010-11-04 4SC's vidofludimus Phase IIa study in IBD meets primary endpoint 0 None
2010-11-04 Phase III study suggests CYCLOSET tablets improve glycemic control 0 None
2010-11-04 World's most clinically advanced dengue vaccine candidate enters first phase 3 clinical study 0 5
2010-11-04 Millennium and Takeda initiate TAK-700 Phase III clinical trial in advanced prostate cancer 0 5
2010-11-04 Bio-Path awarded $244,479 federal grant for Liposomal Grb-2 Phase I clinical trial 0 None
2010-11-04 Regado receives funding under QTDP grant program to advance treatment for cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2010-11-04 Coronado completes series of private financings 0 None
2010-11-04 Bolder BioTechnology receives $1.2 million in Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Grants 0 None
2010-11-04 Afinitor tablets decrease size of SEGA associated with tuberous sclerosis 0 None
2010-11-04 Etanercept plus MTX improves height, weight, and BMI in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis 0 None
2010-11-04 New antibody with SGN-35 drug produces remission in Hodgkin lymphoma 0 3.5
2010-11-04 Positive results from Lithera's LIPO-102 Phase IIb clinical study for abdominal fat reduction 0 None
2010-11-04 Nymox awarded federal grant for NX-1207 Phase III BPH clinical trial program 0 None
2010-11-04 Aeolus receives $489,000 grant under QTDP program for two lead compounds 0 None
2010-11-04 Bristol-Myers Squibb and Simcere partner to co-develop oncology compound 0 None
2010-11-04 Biogen Idec and Cardiokine terminate lixivaptan collaboration 0 None
2010-11-04 PolyMedix receives $488,958 grants under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-04 Alnylam third quarter revenue increases from $24.2 million to $27.7 million 0 None
2010-11-03 Bortezomib reduces inflammation and promotes bone healing in arthritis models 0 None
2010-11-03 QLT third quarter sales decreases 12.9% to $20.5 million 0 None
2010-11-03 Incyte announces achievement of $50 million in INCB18424 clinical trial 0 None
2010-11-03 SYMBICORT improves lung function in African American asthma patients compared to budesonide alone 0 4
2010-11-03 Immune Network to complete patient enrollment in Phase 2b imm01 trial for tuberculosis 0 None
2010-11-03 GenVec receives $244,479 grant under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-03 Celsion receives $244,000 grant under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-03 POZEN’s therapeutic development programs qualified to receive federal grant under PPACA 0 None
2010-11-03 Tolerx establishes Scientific Advisory Board to advance type 1 diabetes study 0 None
2010-11-03 BioCryst receives $1.1 million in grants under QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-03 Immunomedics product candidates, technologies receive recognition from QTDP program 0 None
2010-11-03 Avila presents results of AVL-192 preclinical studies for HCV infection at AASLD Meeting 0 None
2010-11-03 Enzon receives $1.2 million in funding under IRS Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project program 0 None
2010-11-03 ImmunoGen to present clinical data of lead compounds at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-11-03 Hyperion HPN-100 phase III pivotal study for urea cycle disorders meets primary endpoint 0 None
2010-11-03 BioCancell reports results of BC-819 Phase I/IIa clinical trial for pancreatic cancer 0 5
2010-11-03 Bristol-Myers extends time to review BLA for ipilimumab in melanoma 0 None
2010-11-03 NeurogesX initiates NGX-1998 Phase 2 study in postherpetic neuralgia 0 5
2010-11-03 CytRx receives nontaxable grant under Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Program 0 None
2010-11-03 Nile announces results of CD-NP Phase 2 study in renally compromised ADHF patients 0 None
2010-11-03 Combining telaprevir regimen with standard therapy improves SVR rate in hepatitis C 0 3.5
2010-11-02 Asthmatx presents 2-year results from AIR2 Trial of bronchial thermoplasty in severe asthma 0 None
2010-11-02 NPS third quarter net loss increases to $15.7 million 0 None
2010-11-02 RegeneRx announces positive results from RGN-259 non-clinical study for Dry Eye Syndrome 0 None
2010-11-02 Inhibitex to present INX-189 data for HCV infections at AASLD Meeting 0 None
2010-11-02 TriRima shows positive result in food-induced cardiovascular effects associated with MAO inhibitors 0 None
2010-11-02 Soligenix completes enrollment in RiVax Phase 1B ricin toxin clinical trial 0 None
2010-11-02 Positive preliminary data from Protalix's taliglucerase alfa switchover trial for Gaucher disease 0 None
2010-11-02 ADVANCE Phase 3 study confirms clinical benefits of telaprevir regimen in patients with HCV infection 0 None
2010-11-02 Boceprevir combinational therapy improves SVR rate in patients with HCV genotype 1 0 None
2010-11-02 BioCancell's Phase I/IIa clinical trial of BC-819 shows positive result for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-11-02 EMA issues Scientific Advice to Genta's clinical development plan for tesetaxel in patients with gastric cancer 0 None
2010-11-02 PPACA program provides $733,438 grant to Inovio 0 1
2010-11-02 Positive results from linaclotide Phase 3 trial in patients with IBS-C 0 None
2010-11-01 Telbivudine prevents HBV transmission from mothers to newborns: Study 0 None
2010-11-01 Neogenix Oncology's ensituximab granted FDA orphan drug designation for pancreatic cancer treatment 0 None
2010-11-01 GOG to initiate combination elesclomol-paclitaxel Phase 2 clinical trial for ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-11-01 Lab study shows nanoviricide drug candidate improves survival rate in influenza viral infection 0 None
2010-11-01 Medicago receives Health Canada clearance for Phase II clinical trial of H5N1 Avian Influenza vaccine 0 None
2010-11-01 Oncolytics to present REOLYSIN data for multiple myeloma at EORTC-NCI-AACR symposium 0 None
2010-11-01 FDA grants Clinical Data's PRX-8066 Orphan Drug Designation for pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 5
2010-11-01 Inhibitex announces initiation of INX-189 Phase 1b clinical trial for HCV infection 0 5
2010-11-01 Catalyst’s CPP-115 improves retinal safety profile than vigabatrin 0 None
2010-11-01 Vertex reports superior SVR rates with telaprevir-based combination therapy in Phase 3 studies for hepatitis C 0 None
2010-11-01 Labtec initiates Sufentanil TDS phase II clinical development program for chronic cancer pain 0 None
2010-11-01 Shield signs strategic commercialization agreement for ST10-021 iron therapy product 0 None
2010-11-01 Medivir's partner Tibotec reports Week 24 interim results from TMC435 Phase 2b study in HCV 0 None
2010-11-01 Merck's boceprevir improves SVR rate in adults with chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1 infection 0 None
2010-11-01 Boehringer to present data of SOUND-C1 Phase Ib study for HCV treatment at AASLD Meeting 0 None
2010-11-01 NeurAxon’s NXN-188 compound effective for acute migraine treatment 0 None
2010-11-01 Idera presents IMO-2125 Phase 1 clinical trial data for HCV infection at AASLD Meeting 0 None
2010-11-01 Salix to discuss XIFAXAN therapy for hepatic encephalopathy at AASLD 2010 Annual Meeting 0 3
2010-11-01 Tibotec to present Week-24 interim analysis of PILLAR study for chronic HCV treatment at AASLD Meeting 0 None
2010-11-01 Gilead to present data of two Phase III trials evaluating Viread efficacy for HBV infection at The Liver Meeting 2010 0 3
2010-11-01 Gilead presents Phase IIa data for HCV therapy at The Liver Meeting 2010 0 None
2010-11-01 Anadys presents data of ANA598 for hepatitis C treatment at AASLD Annual Meeting 0 None


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