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2011-07-30 UH Case Medical Center to commence Phase 1 clinical trial on TMC207 0 None
2011-07-30 UH Rainbow physicians to participate in two new clinical trials with AsthmaNet 0 None
2011-07-29 EGT transfers clinical grade lentiviral vector to MSKCC 0 None
2011-07-29 Positive data from BioMarin's MOR-100 Phase 1/2 extension study on Morquio syndrome 0 None
2011-07-29 Combination drug regimen safe and effective for renal transplant patients 0 None
2011-07-29 Polaris initiates ADI-PEG 20 Phase 3 trial in hepatocellular carcinoma 0 3
2011-07-29 Sorrento receives NIAID Phase I STTR grant to develop vaccines against C. difficile infection 0 None
2011-07-29 RegeneRx to initiate enrollment in RGN-259 Phase 2 trial for dry eye syndrome 0 None
2011-07-28 Curis second quarter net loss increases to $4.9 million 0 None
2011-07-28 Inspiration presents OBI-1 pivotal study data on hemophilia at 23rd ISTH congress 0 None
2011-07-27 Recruitment complete in Aeterna Zentaris' perifosine Phase 3 trial for advanced colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-07-27 Amphetamines can control ADHD symptoms in adults 0 4
2011-07-27 New preclinical data from Baxter's BAX 499 hemophilia study presented at ISTH 0 None
2011-07-27 Aeterna Zentaris completes AEZS-130 Phase 3 study for diagnosis of AGHD 0 None
2011-07-27 Ceridia completes CER006 Phase 1 Proof-of-Concept study in humans 0 None
2011-07-27 NSU, Immunotec collaborate to determine effects of Immunocal on children with ASD 0 3
2011-07-27 Positive data from two GSK's Promacta Phase III studies on hepatitis C-related thrombocytopenia 0 None
2011-07-26 Anavex presents data on neuroprotective evidence for lead compound for Alzheimer’s 0 None
2011-07-26 Selexis, CSL enter commercial license agreement for therapeutic antibody 0 None
2011-07-26 Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Biogen Idec announce data of rFVIIIFc Phase 1/2a trial for hemophilia A 0 None
2011-07-26 Zinc lozenges might treat natural common cold infections 0 None
2011-07-26 Debiopharm, INC Research partner for clinical development programmes 0 None
2011-07-26 PharmaNet to assist BrainStorm in obtaining FDA approval for ALS human clinical trials 0 None
2011-07-26 Advaxis submits protocol revision for ADXS-HPV CIN Phase II study 0 None
2011-07-25 Adaptimmune announces opening of pilot clinical trial in synovial sarcoma 0 None
2011-07-25 Promising drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy 1 5
2011-07-25 Genesis Biopharma partners with Lonza for Contego to treat metastatic melanoma 0 None
2011-07-25 Nanoviricides lead anti-HIV candidate as good as HAART cocktail therapy 0 None
2011-07-25 Threshold reports initiation of TH-302 and bevacizumab clinical trial for astrocytoma 0 None
2011-07-25 Bionovo completes 13 weeks repeat dose animal toxicology studies for Menerba 0 None
2011-07-25 BDSI completes BEMA Buprenorphine Phase 3 trial on chronic pain 0 None
2011-07-25 Mayo Clinic trial to evaluate folate receptor alpha-targeted breast/ovarian cancer vaccine 0 None
2011-07-25 R-Tech Ueno announces protocol amendment of RK-023 Phase I trial for eyelash hypotrichosis 0 None
2011-07-22 22nd Century receives FDA approval for X-22 IND to conduct Phase II-B smoking cessation trial 0 None
2011-07-22 Enrollment begins in Repligen's RG1068 pilot study to improve detection, staging of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-07-22 UK regulators approve Europe's first clinical trial of plant-derived antibody for HIV 0 None
2011-07-22 Taiho announces results of TAS-102 Phase II trial for metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-07-22 Inotek completes two stages of INO-8875 Phase 2b trial against glaucoma 0 None
2011-07-21 BioSante announces worldwide license of Melanoma Vaccine to Hussman Foundation 0 None
2011-07-21 Isis commences ISIS-PTP1BRx Phase 1 study in type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-21 PAREXEL completes 100th Asian ethnobridging study 0 None
2011-07-21 Clinical Vaccine Immunology publishes NanoBio's NB-1008 influenza study results 0 None
2011-07-21 Children and adults with social withdrawal due to Fragile X may benefit from STX209 0 None
2011-07-21 Clinical study of anti-HIV antibody made from genetically modified tobacco plants 0 None
2011-07-21 Boosted REYATAZ shows durable viral suppression in women with HIV 0 None
2011-07-21 Bristol-Myers Squibb announces results of BMS-708163 Phase II study on Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-07-21 Promising results from phase I study of Genentech's GDC-0941 for advanced breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-20 Final SVR results from Pharmasset's PSI-7977 phase 2b study in HCV 0 None
2011-07-20 Three-drug regimen more effective for treating H. pylori infection 0 None
2011-07-20 NCCN experts recommend bevacizumab for treating metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-20 Chemotherapy combined with anti-cancer agent shows promise for treatment of aggressive breast cancers 0 None
2011-07-20 Investigational compound dapagliflozin receives negative recommendation from FDA Advisory Committee 0 None
2011-07-20 Janssen presents EDURANT 96-week Phase 3 trial data at International AIDS Society Conference 0 None
2011-07-20 Millennium submits VELCADE sNDA to FDA to add OS data for previously untreated multiple myeloma 0 None
2011-07-20 CEL-SCI expands licensing agreement with Teva for Multikine cancer drug 0 None
2011-07-19 Aeterna's AEZS-108 final Phase 2 results in endometrial cancer to be presented at ESGO 2011 0 None
2011-07-19 Convergence initiates CNV1014802 Phase II study in lumbosacral radiculopathy 0 None
2011-07-18 Upsher-Smith initiates USL261 ARTEMIS1 Phase III study for seizure clusters in epilepsy patients 0 None
2011-07-18 ISENTRESS demonstrates comparable efficacy to efavirenz in treatment-naïve adult HIV-1 patients 0 None
2011-07-18 Study: IL-2 monotherapy not effective as maintenance therapy for acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2011-07-18 Positive results from levomilnacipran Phase III study for major depressive disorder 0 3
2011-07-18 SEEK HIV-v vaccine demonstrates 90% reduction in HIV viral load 0 5
2011-07-15 Inovio reports strong immune responses with VGX-3100 vaccine for cervical dysplasia and cancer 0 None
2011-07-15 CLEOPATRA Phase III study on HER2-positive mBC meets primary endpoint 0 None
2011-07-15 BioMarin commences BMN 673 Phase 1 trial in hematological malignancies 0 None
2011-07-14 Michael J. Fox Foundation awards Impax $400,000 grant for research of IPX066 for Parkinson’s disease 0 None
2011-07-14 Positive data from Inovio's VGX-3400X Phase I study against H5N1 influenza 0 None
2011-07-14 Eisai's DACOGEN sNDA for acute myeloid leukemia accepted by FDA for review 0 None
2011-07-14 PharmAthene demonstrates 36 month stability of rPA anthrax vaccine program candidate 0 None
2011-07-14 DARA's DB959 shows promise against type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-14 Chimerix initiates CMX001 Phase 2 study for prevention of adenovirus disease following HSCT 0 None
2011-07-14 ASLAN, Array sign license agreement to develop ARRY-543 for solid tumors 0 None
2011-07-14 Fish oil consumption helps reduce inflammation, anxiety in healthy young people 0 None
2011-07-13 Cerulean initiates CRLX101 Phase 2 trial in non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2011-07-13 UIC to begin STX209 clinical trial for treatment of autism spectrum disorders 0 None
2011-07-13 Blood cancer drug trial results questioned by FDA 0 1
2011-07-13 Positive results from sarilumab Phase 2b trial on RA, ankylosing spondylitis 0 None
2011-07-13 Arena reports APD811 Phase 1 trial results against pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2011-07-12 Enrollment complete in Advaxis ADXS-HPV Phase II CIN study 0 None
2011-07-11 Sinapis completes first clinical trial of lead drug for stroke and traumatic brain injury 0 None
2011-07-11 Alnylam seeks CTA clearance to initiate ALN-PCS Phase I clinical trial for severe hypercholesterolemia 0 None
2011-07-11 FDA approves expansion of St. Jude Medical's BROADEN deep brain stimulation study for depression 0 None
2011-07-11 Sunshine Biopharma completes Adva-27a cytotoxicity study in Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer cell line 0 None
2011-07-11 Combination therapy shows promise against HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-11 Positive top-line results from alemtuzumab Phase 3 trial on multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-07-11 Preliminary results from Generex Oral-lyn clinical trial on type 1 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-08 Top-line results from HyQ subcutaneous IG phase III study in patients with primary immunodeficiency 0 None
2011-07-08 Onconova, SymBio enter commercialization collaboration for rigosertib in Japan and Korea 0 None
2011-07-08 First dog enters ADXS-HER2 dose-ranging study in canine osteosarcoma 0 None
2011-07-08 Merck decides not to advance IMO-2055 development for squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck 0 None
2011-07-08 Collaborative research discovers broadly acting antibody against influenza viruses 0 None
2011-07-08 Novartis Afinitor Phase III trial on tuberous sclerosis meets primary endpoint 0 None
2011-07-08 Exenatide tQT clinical trial meets pre-specified primary endpoint 0 None
2011-07-08 Enrollment commences in InterMune's Esbriet Phase 3 study for IPF 0 None
2011-07-07 Study: Cancer patients with VTE do not benefit from IVCF and fondaparinux 0 None
2011-07-07 Amrubicin vs. topotecan Phase III trial against lung cancer presented at IASLC conference 0 None
2011-07-06 High-dose aspirin could help prevent cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients 0 None
2011-07-06 Older people, women and minorities enrolled less frequently in lung cancer drug trials 0 None
2011-07-06 Former smokers with lung cancer can benefit from celecoxib treatment 0 None
2011-07-05 Patients with high EGFR expression more likely to benefit from cetuximab plus chemotherapy 0 None
2011-07-05 Erlotinib phase III study results on lung cancer presented at IASLC conference 0 None
2011-07-01 FDA grants Advaxis pre-IND meeting for Advaxis-PSA immunotherapy for prostate cancer 0 None
2011-07-01 Tranexamic acid effective for patients with head injury 0 None
2011-07-01 Positive results from Nexavar Phase 2b trial on breast cancer presented at ASCO 0 None


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