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2005-02-28 Hospital admission medication errors common and potentially harmful 0 None
2005-02-27 Beginning of new wave - first generation to turn 18 since technology and treatments have allowed them to survive to adulthood 0 None
2005-02-27 Massive majority of doctors against pension changes 0 None
2005-02-27 GP leader responds to ban on higher rate telephone numbers 0 None
2005-02-23 South Africa explores faith-based healing 0 None
2005-02-23 Dental fee increase will do nothing to improve smile 0 None
2005-02-23 Health promises need budget scrutiny 0 None
2005-02-22 British Medical Association comments on below-average pay rises for doctors 0 None
2005-02-20 Free chlamydia testing in pharmacies - questions need addressing 0 None
2005-02-17 $5.53 million to help strengthen Canada's nursing workforce 0 None
2005-02-16 Private health covering more older Australians 0 None
2005-02-16 Midwives urge payment equity under Medicare 0 None
2005-02-14 Heart specialists increasingly fear that the lack of women in cardiology 0 None
2005-02-13 New York blood inventory has dropped to crisis proportions 0 None
2005-02-13 UK tops Euro league for costs of living with heart disease 0 None
2005-02-11 Teaching ethical decision-making in medicine 0 None
2005-02-10 What can Michael Howard learn from John Howard? 0 None
2005-02-10 Junior overseas doctors warned to be prepared for long periods of unemployment 0 None
2005-02-08 Chlamydia screening in high street pharmacies across the Britain is now underway 0 None
2005-02-07 Bush Administration opens the door to the elimination of critical health services for the most vulnerable women, infants and children 0 None
2005-02-07 Bush will seek a record $70.8 billion in 2006 for Veterans Affairs 0 None
2005-02-03 Call for faster action to improve NHS cardiac rehab services 0 None
2005-02-03 Male surgeons report highest rate of mistakes in patient care 0 None
2005-02-03 NHS Trusts meeting government target on stroke units "in name only" 0 None


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