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RSSArchived Healthcare News Stories - 2008

Date Title Comments Rating
2008-12-30 More private patients in public Australian hospital beds 0 None
2008-12-30 Study examines impact of managed care on stroke prevention surgery 0 None
2008-12-18 Doctors question standardized training requirements 0 None
2008-12-17 Likely shortage of emergency physicians in foreseeable future 1 None
2008-12-17 Policymakers, the media and the public should use 20 specific health indicators 0 None
2008-12-17 Informed consent process has lost its educational value 0 None
2008-12-16 Healthcare leaders vow to stop intravenous medication errors 1 None
2008-12-15 Proactive care saves lives of seniors 0 None
2008-12-15 Nearly one-fifth of all Californians under age 65 lack health insurance 0 None
2008-12-15 Interruptions in Medicaid coverage associated with a higher rate of hospitalization 0 None
2008-12-12 New Georgia initiative to improve rural hospitals 0 None
2008-12-12 An evidence-based approach to theories of medical decision making and health 0 None
2008-12-10 Nearly all U.S. hospitals have adverse event reporting systems 0 None
2008-12-10 Reforms needed in adolescent health care 0 None
2008-12-10 People who want access to the NHS should behave more responsibly, says expert 0 None
2008-12-09 New mobile health van will tackle ear problems amongst children in remote Indigenous communities 0 None
2008-12-08 United States can learn from Dutch healthcare system 0 None
2008-12-08 Studies examine quality of care for hospitalized sickle cell disease patients 0 None
2008-12-05 Rethink urged on NHS outsourcing 0 None
2008-12-05 Sage tests high-tech solution for nursing shortage 0 None
2008-12-05 To heal our ailing health care system, we need to stop thinking like Americans 0 None
2008-12-03 Applied engineering makes for more efficient operating rooms 0 None
2008-12-02 Worrying about your health? more government money will help you stay well 0 None
2008-12-01 The coming surgeon shortage 0 None
2008-12-01 Childhood vaccines cause financial burden to many health care providers 0 None
2008-12-01 America's Health Insurance Plans to release health care reform proposal 0 None
2008-12-01 Age care in jeopardy as workers quit because of job stress 0 None
2008-12-01 Experts say reducing number of trauma centres long 'overdue' 0 None
2008-11-30 Prescription for improvements in patient safety 0 None
2008-11-26 AARP report finds value of unpaid family caregiving in Illinois hits over $17 billion 0 None
2008-11-26 Australian doctors say the public hospital system is 'flat lining' and rural hospitals are feeling the strain 0 None
2008-11-25 Electronic health records may lower malpractice settlements 0 None
2008-11-24 New voice care center 0 1
2008-11-24 HHS releases first-ever inventory of quality measures 0 None
2008-11-24 Should the private sector play a greater role in delivering health care in low-income countries? 0 None
2008-11-24 Study looks at health care in 21 countries 0 None
2008-11-24 Final ruling on Patient Safety Organizations 0 None
2008-11-19 How is a shortage of primary care physicians affecting the quality and cost of medical care? 0 None
2008-11-19 Call for greater scrutiny of relationship between medical journalists and health care industry 0 None
2008-11-19 Household budget cutbacks in health care could have serious consequences 0 None
2008-11-19 Advisory vote begins on California long-term care local union 0 None
2008-11-18 Poor understanding of medicare leads to worse healthcare access 0 None
2008-11-18 Seniors happy with Medicare drug coverage just the way it is 0 None
2008-11-18 Sexuality and nursing home residents 0 None
2008-11-17 Ethnic disparities in treatment of trauma patients 0 None
2008-11-17 Financial incentives motivates doctors to reduce ethnic differences in heart disease treatments 0 None
2008-11-17 Cost of health insurance rises 33% with state pricing rule 0 None
2008-11-13 Doctors' questions about end-of-life legalities may result in patient pain 0 None
2008-11-12 Study looks at ways to improve doctors well-being 0 None
2008-11-11 New study highlights potential for cost effective NHS policy 0 None
2008-11-11 One in five U.S. hospital admissions are for patients with mental disorders 0 None
2008-11-10 New legislation addresses Massachusetts primary care crisis 0 None
2008-11-10 One in ten patients harmed in Australian hospitals 0 None
2008-11-10 Initiative by world-recognized specialists in heart disease and diabetes to reduce residual vascular risk 0 None
2008-11-08 Impact of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) Medicare reform explained 0 None
2008-11-08 Education, health care expected to be among Obama's priorities 0 None
2008-11-07 Accelerated education alleviates nation's nursing shortage 0 None
2008-11-06 More hospitals discharging patients to nursing homes for rehabilitation 0 None
2008-11-06 Nurse practitioners gather in London to discuss new horizons 0 None
2008-11-06 Canadian government through CIDA contributes to healthcare in Cuba 0 None
2008-11-05 Enhancing quality and safety of care for patients across Europe 0 None
2008-11-05 Healthy bones program reduces hip fractures by 37 percent 0 None
2008-11-05 Australian doctors are working less - but there are more of them 0 None
2008-11-04 Survey finds health care in the U.S. must be fundamentally reformed 0 None
2008-11-04 Are Canadian physicians passing the test? 0 None
2008-11-03 More family doctors desperately needed in U.S. 0 None
2008-10-31 Harvard study looks at quality of hospitals across the United States 0 None
2008-10-28 Newspapers examine effect of economic downturn on prospects for candidates' health proposals 0 4
2008-10-23 Ontario Hospital Association campaign highlights importance of effective hand hygiene 0 None
2008-10-20 Junior doctors in Australia struggling to cope 0 None
2008-10-19 Cumulative spending on Medicaid benefits projected to reach $4.9 trillion over 10 years 0 None
2008-10-15 Health care questions we want to hear answered tonight 0 None
2008-10-14 New advert questions entrusting health care reform to the same people who created the banking crisis 0 None
2008-10-13 North Carolina County officials face lawsuit after denying permit to build health clinic expected to serve low-income residents 0 None
2008-10-13 More Arizona Hispanics uninsured in 2005 than whites, new census analysis finds 0 None
2008-10-13 Voters pick Obama to tackle nation's health care problems 0 None
2008-10-05 Private health plan spending growth slows in Minnesota, report finds 0 None
2008-10-05 Pennsylvania Governor revises health insurance expansion proposal 0 None
2008-10-05 Florida regulators try to determine specifics of new law that allows some adults to stay on parents' health policies up to age 30 0 None
2008-10-05 Medicare stops paying for 10 reasonably preventable medical errors 0 None
2008-10-05 Senate Finance Committee leaders raise concerns about problems in Medicare appeals office 0 None
2008-10-05 Commonwealth Fund report examines health care proposals of major Presidential candidates 0 None
2008-10-05 MedPAC hearing panelists call for residency programs to move away from hospital-centered care, toward treatment of chronic illnesses 0 None
2008-10-05 Health plans' quality of care improved in some areas in 2007, NCQA report says 0 None
2008-10-05 Vice Presidential debate includes references to health care 0 None
2008-10-05 Advocates, lawmakers push for House to pass bailout bill that includes mental parity 0 None
2008-10-05 Medical student gender and self-confidence: Females underestimate their abilities and males tend to overestimate theirs 0 None
2008-10-05 A decade of change in general practice 0 None
2008-10-02 Experts confront cancer trend: aging population, new challenges 0 None
2008-09-30 Don't ask, don't tell doesn't work in prenatal care 0 None
2008-09-29 States see rising enrollment in Medicaid as economy falters 0 None
2008-09-29 Illinois legislature overrides revisions from governor to approve bill that requires hospitals to provide discounts to uninsured 0 None
2008-09-29 Office of personnel management estimates premiums for Federal employees will increase by 8% in 2009 0 None
2008-09-29 President Bush signs legislation to expand protections under Americans with disabilities act 0 None
2008-09-29 Senate unveils second economic stimulus bill that would provide additional Federal Medicaid funding; House also to consider stimulus measure 0 None
2008-09-25 Protecting patient privacy the new fashioned way 0 None
2008-09-25 Doctors raise stakes about presidential candidates' health care plans 0 None
2008-09-24 Florida Medicaid beneficiaries sue state to receive home-based care 0 None
2008-09-24 Massachusetts lawmakers pass legislation to attract more primary care physicians to state as wait times for appointments increase 0 None
2008-09-24 Obama releases new ad criticizing McCain on health insurance regulation 0 None
2008-09-24 Aetna allows independent physician panel to review rescissions 0 None
2008-09-24 Funding dispute affects plans to develop office of minority health in Cincinnati 0 None
2008-09-22 Study finds Medicare's benefits are less generous than large-employer plans 0 None
2008-09-22 Associated Press examines drug disposal practices of hospitals, long-term care facilities 0 None
2008-09-22 PhRMA contributes $11.3 million to SCHIP advertising campaign 0 None
2008-09-22 House could remove provision from mental health parity bill banning some referrals to specialty hospitals 0 None
2008-09-22 Obama criticizes McCain on health insurance regulation 0 None
2008-09-22 Premium, 'out-of-pocket' costs for U.S. workers to increase by 9% in 2009, according to study 0 None
2008-09-22 U.S. citizens cutting back on health care 0 None
2008-09-22 Cost of uncompensated care for undocumented immigrants difficult to calculate, experts say 0 None
2008-09-22 California Bill would require insurers to pay for HIV tests if signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger 0 None
2008-09-22 Pennsylvania, New Jersey release hospital quality performance reports 0 None
2008-09-22 Huckabee discusses need to focus on preventable health problems 0 None
2008-09-22 Congress approves legislation that would expand Americans with Disabilities Act 0 None
2008-09-22 Editorial questions proposals to limit health services to undocumented immigrants 0 None
2008-09-22 Studies look at Hispanics' access to U.S. health care system 0 None
2008-09-22 Greater awareness of HIV/AIDS, other global health issues attributed to the growth in public health students 0 None
2008-09-22 Sen. Edward Kennedy holds video conference with HELP Committee Democrats to discuss health care reform strategy 0 None
2008-09-22 House, Senate Veterans Committee Chairs push to approve VA budget one year in advance 0 None
2008-09-22 Reauthorization of Indian health care improvement act 'desperately' needed, columnist says 0 None
2008-09-22 House leaders say they will consider mental health parity as stand-alone bill this week 0 None
2008-09-22 House Energy and Commerce Committee discusses options for health care reform amidst struggling economy 0 None
2008-09-16 Health students hit by debt 0 None
2008-09-16 Supermarket dentists fill a hole in the market! 0 None
2008-09-16 Hospitals offering better working conditions instead of financial incentives to address nursing shortages 0 None
2008-09-16 Minnesota lawmakers seek suspension of proposed Medicaid rule that would reduce Federal funding for MinnesotaCare 0 None
2008-09-15 Ohio bill would ban public funding for health care services to undocumented immigrants 0 None
2008-09-15 Ohio health officials discuss strategies to address racial heath disparities 0 None
2008-09-15 House passes veterans' health bill, cost-of-living increase 0 None
2008-09-15 New York Times examines concerns about health care issues in U.S. amidst energy, economy worries 0 None
2008-09-15 Senate approves bill to expand protections under Americans with disabilities act 0 None
2008-09-15 Senate Committee approves legislation that would invalidate mandatory banding arbitration provisions of nursing home admission contracts 0 None
2008-09-15 House Committee weighs options for permanent overhaul of Medicare physician payment system 0 None
2008-09-15 30 years on from Alma-Ata and the pendulum is swinging back to primary health care 0 5
2008-09-15 One million pounds to improve access to physiotherapy 1 None
2008-09-11 New York State physicians' practices influenced by insurers' guidelines, survey finds 0 None
2008-09-11 Employers offering deals for workers who travel domestically for medical care 0 None
2008-09-11 2% of U.S. medical students plan to become primary care physicians, study says 0 None
2008-09-11 New study examines effect of retail clinics on overall health care costs 0 None
2008-09-11 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Biden discusses health care proposal of GOP Presidential Nominee McCain 0 None
2008-09-11 Experts testifying before Senate panel extol incentives, standardization as means to improve quality of care 0 None
2008-09-10 'Deep flaws' with pay-for-performance model need to be addressed to provide quality health care, according to commentary 0 None
2008-09-10 California budget impasse could affect health services 0 None
2008-09-10 Massachusetts' proposed rule could lead to Federal lawsuit, Partners HealthCare warns 0 None
2008-09-10 Employment rates, economic factors could decrease access to employer-sponsored health coverage for workers younger than age 65, according to EBRI analysis with the same conditions 0 None
2008-09-09 Presidential candidates discuss proposals for health care, other issues at AARP convention 0 None
2008-09-09 Sen. Grassley asking for details of hospital cost-cutting programs 0 None
2008-09-09 Top ANZ medical body says trainee doctors need more clinical training places 0 None
2008-09-08 Prentis slams 'flawed' private finance initiative 0 None
2008-09-08 Johns Hopkins to assist practices in Medicare medical home demonstration 0 None
2008-09-07 New York State to audit state employees', retirees' dependents to ensure eligibility in health care plan 0 None
2008-09-07 Washington Post examines Rhode Island plan to cap Medicaid spending in exchange for greater flexibility in overhauling program 0 None
2008-09-07 Should nurses replace GPs as frontline providers of primary care? 0 None
2008-09-05 59% of U.S. companies plan to increase workers' deductibles, copayments or out-of-pocket spending limits in 2009, survey finds 0 None
2008-09-05 U.S. District Judge amends Medi-Cal reimbursement rate reduction repayment; only requires repayments for services after Aug. 18 0 None
2008-09-05 High gas prices lead U.S. residents who travel far, frequently for medical treatment to skip, delay appointments 0 None
2008-09-05 Wall Street Journal examines record of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Palin on health care, other issues 0 None
2008-09-04 Georgia approves HMO fee to help fund state Medicaid program 0 None
2008-09-04 HMOs to stay in Florida Medicaid reform program after agency for health care administration agrees to lower payment cuts 0 None
2008-09-04 Proposed medical loss ratio requirement in California would not address rising health care costs, insurers say 0 None
2008-09-04 More companies offering on-site health care services for workers 0 None
2008-09-04 Wall Street Journal examines insurer WellPoint's strategy to raise premiums, retain plan members, report indicates 0 None
2008-09-04 President Bush signs law to ensure health benefits for 'sole survivor' veterans 0 None
2008-09-04 Mike Huckabee says GOP should focus more on health care in Presidential election 0 None
2008-09-03 Public health expenditure in Northern Territory four times the national average per capita 0 None
2008-09-01 Florida nursing shortage could have 'crippling' effect on state in 10 years, study finds 0 None
2008-09-01 Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report highlights recent Medicaid news in six states 0 None
2008-09-01 Social determinants, inequality have negative impact on global health, WHO report says 0 None
2008-09-01 Obama accepts Democratic Presidential nomination; discusses health care, other issues at convention 0 None
2008-08-29 WSJ examines concerns over large not-for-profit hospital system in southwestern Virginia 0 None
2008-08-29 Kansas American Indian tribe declares health care emergency, requests funds from IHS 0 None
2008-08-28 California health officials seek suspension of injunction against Medi-Cal reimbursement rate reduction 0 None
2008-08-28 Health care costs, other economic concerns prompt baby boomers to delay retirement 0 None
2008-08-28 Sen. Clinton expresses support for Presidential nominee Obama, discusses health care in convention speech 0 None
2008-08-28 Number, percentage of uninsured U.S. residents decreased in 2007, according to U.S. Census Bureau 0 4
2008-08-26 Alabama board approves plan to charge state employees for obesity, health problems 0 None
2008-08-26 Democratic National Committee approves platform with health care language; Obama campaigns in Iowa 0 None
2008-08-26 Blue Cross Blue Shield plans consider consolidation amid tightening managed-care market 0 None
2008-08-26 Uninsured U.S. residents will spend $30 billion out-of-pocket on health care this year, while receiving $56 billion in uncompensated care 0 None
2008-08-26 45 million Americans are uninsured 0 None
2008-08-26 The challenge of an ageing population 0 None
2008-08-26 CMS official expresses concerns with timeline, scope of Texas Medicaid overhaul plan 0 None
2008-08-26 Presidential candidates' positions on health and economic issues 0 None
2008-08-26 HHS releases proposed rule on conscientious objections that would protect providers who refuse to perform abortions 0 None
2008-08-25 New Zealand Ministry of Health increases funding to the very low cost access and zero fees for under sixes schemes 0 None
2008-08-25 Uninsured spend $30 billion out of pocket for health care 0 None
2008-08-25 Charity warns elderly still go hungry in hospital 0 None
2008-08-20 79 million adults with medical bill problems or medical debt in U.S. 0 None
2008-08-18 Wake Forest University launches major initiatives in bioethics 0 None
2008-08-13 Advisers to Presidential candidates discuss health care proposals during online debate 0 None
2008-08-13 More than a quarter of Hispanics in U.S. have no regular health care provider 0 None
2008-08-13 Increased coordination between CMS, IHS could improve quality of care for American Indians, GAO report finds 0 None
2008-08-13 22% of survey respondents have reduced number of physician visits to save money, survey finds 0 None
2008-08-13 Associations, trade groups offer members group-like health insurance 0 None
2008-08-13 New York Gov. Paterson proposes $1.04 billion in budget cuts, including $506 million to Medicaid 0 None
2008-08-13 California, health insurers reach agreement to reinstate coverage for some former members 0 None
2008-08-13 U.S. faces serious shortage of primary care physicians 0 None
2008-08-13 Study to look at health care system trust among Hispanics with HIV 0 None
2008-08-12 Virginia Hospital Center to launch $14 million new hospital information system 0 None
2008-08-12 NHS is a sickness system not a health system, according to new book 0 None
2008-08-11 Brits told by the NHS their lives will not be saved if the cost is too much 0 None
2008-08-11 Australian doctors call for a national immunisation register 0 None
2008-08-11 Launch of new codes of ethics and professional conduct for Australian nurses and midwives 0 4
2008-08-04 YMCA and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center offer free exercise program for cancer survivors 0 None
2008-08-04 Queensland health in bother again over employment of a foreign doctor 0 None
2008-08-04 U.S. EPA calls out nation's largest manufacturer of hospital disinfectants 0 None
2008-08-04 Concerns about possible cancer cluster prompts investigation of Gold Coast private hospital 0 None
2008-08-03 Hospital error resulted in 17 cancer patients wrongly told they were clear 0 None
2008-08-03 House votes to extend medical leave coverage for college students 0 None
2008-08-03 Court refuses to halt 10% cut to Medi-Cal payments for physicians, dentists 0 None
2008-08-03 Participation in Connecticut Charter Oak Health Plan off to slow start 0 None
2008-08-03 Kaiser roundup of health policy-related blog posts 0 None
2008-08-03 Presidential candidate Nader promotes single-payer health care plan 0 None
2008-07-31 Medical profession must dissociate itself from torture and actively investigate and sanction offenders 0 None
2008-07-31 The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center, ASTRO partner to raise awareness of cancer survivorship 0 None
2008-07-31 Increase in number of homeless Australians receiving help 0 None
2008-07-30 Top Doc slams cancer treatment in Australia 0 None
2008-07-30 Shocking deaths of six people with learning disabilities details unnecessary suffering at the hands of the NHS 0 None
2008-07-29 Doctors don't change their routine during longer consultations 0 None
2008-07-29 Senate Republicans to begin campaign against Medicare fraud 0 None
2008-07-29 CQ's Armstrong discusses Medicare 'trigger' bill, health IT legislation, tobacco regulation, mental health parity measure 0 None
2008-07-29 Florida Medicaid Healthy Behaviors Incentive Program has low participation, many unaware of program, study finds 0 None
2008-07-29 San Jose Mercury News examines health care advocacy business 0 None
2008-07-28 New report examines donor funding for health in low and middle income countries 0 None
2008-07-28 $38.6 million to WA Royal Flying Doctor Service - a raw deal for those living in the bush 0 5
2008-07-28 Former cancer patient says radiation bungle shows flaw in the health system 0 None
2008-07-28 Patient liaison is the focus of a new medical centre 0 None
2008-07-24 Schwarzenegger signs law that bans insurers from linking employee bonuses to health insurance coverage limits, cancellations 0 None
2008-07-24 NYT examines potential for cost savings in Obama's health plan 0 None
2008-07-24 Senate passes legislation that would reauthorize federal funding for community health centers 0 None
2008-07-24 America's Health Insurance Plans launches campaign in Ohio for nationwide universal health 0 None
2008-07-23 ACLU urges Congress to define medical privacy as patient control of electronic health records 0 None
2008-07-23 House hearing to consider more federal funds for state Medicaid programs as part of second economic stimulus package 0 None
2008-07-23 Tennessean examines physicians in state limiting new Medicare beneficiaries they see, charging concierge fees 0 None
2008-07-23 WellCare revises past financial statements to include refunds owed to Florida, Illinois Medicaid programs 0 None
2008-07-23 Alaska Group to offer health coverage to employees of not-for-profit 0 None
2008-07-23 Blitz on hospital waiting lists pays off 0 None
2008-07-22 Nursing teams in care homes could reduce hospital admissions 0 None
2008-07-22 Healthcare assistants feel undervalued 0 None
2008-07-22 Rising fuel prices affecting some health care workers 0 None
2008-07-22 Association of Academic Health Centers calls for national plan to recruit, retain health care workers 0 None
2008-07-22 House Democrats plan second, $50 billion economic stimulus package with possible funds for state Medicaid programs 0 None
2008-07-22 NYT examines record of cooperation on health care, other issues by McCain 0 None
2008-07-22 Means testing in Medicare, other entitlement programs could help address financial problems 0 None
2008-07-21 Rural doctors say people in the bush can expect to die younger 0 None
2008-07-18 New Orleans area hospitals hope Iowa health system doesn't suffer same fate 0 None
2008-07-15 Health partnership expands cancer screening services 0 None
2008-07-15 AHA recognizes quality of URMC cardiac, heart failure, stroke programs 0 None
2008-07-14 AARP finds U.S. seniors have limited access to home and community-based aervices under Medicaid 0 None
2008-07-14 Integrating palliative care for dementia into primary care 0 None
2008-07-10 New framework for social marketing and public health in UK 0 None
2008-07-10 Medical students say bullying in the profession must stop 0 None
2008-07-07 Get rid of the market in health care, says Dr Hamish Meldrum 0 None
2008-07-06 UNISON raises concerns over individual budgets 0 None
2008-07-04 UnitedHealth Group announces lower profit outlook 0 None
2008-07-04 Pennsylvania health care cost containment council employees let go after program authorization lapses 0 None
2008-07-04 San Francisco Chronicle examines 'Healthy San Francisco' program enrollment progress 0 None
2008-07-04 Massachusetts cigarette tax increases by $1 per pack to fund state health insurance law 0 None
2008-07-03 Lord Darzi's final vision for primary care is positive though undermined by previous announcements 0 None
2008-07-03 Edward Kennedy working toward bipartisan support for major health care initiative in 2009 0 None
2008-07-03 North Carolina mental health parity law comes into effect 0 None
2008-07-03 USA Today examines financial strain on retirees with fixed incomes as health care costs, other essentials rise 0 None
2008-07-02 Report says cancer clinicians should understand and consider the economic impact of new interventions 0 None
2008-07-02 CMS rule requires hospice providers to track, improve quality of care delivered 0 None
2008-07-02 Democratic lawmakers call Bush administration's efforts to temporarily hold Medicare physician payment rates at current levels 'misleading' 0 None
2008-07-02 Costs pose challenge to Massachusetts health insurance law one year after deadline for residents to obtain coverage 0 None
2008-07-02 President Bush signs war supplemental spending bill that blocks six new Medicaid rules 0 None
2008-07-02 Report recommends that Washington, D.C., spend $90 million on health care services in underserved areas 0 None
2008-07-02 Bush Administration to temporarily keep Medicare physician payment rates at current levels after congress fails to pass legislation to delay scheduled cut 0 None
2008-07-02 Old order Amish, Mennonites reject health insurance, face high costs for care at not-for-profit hospitals 0 3
2008-07-02 Federal Judge rejects request for injunction against Medicare competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment, editorial says 0 None
2008-07-02 New Australian health programmes provide health checks for children and teen dental care 0 5
2008-07-01 New American Medical Association adverts blast Senate inaction on Medicare cuts 0 None
2008-06-30 $300m earmarked to care for the elderly outside hospital in Australia 0 None
2008-06-26 What price for a more effective Australian health care system? 0 None
2008-06-26 House votes 355-59 to approve legislation that would delay Medicare physician fee cut 0 None
2008-06-26 War supplemental spending bill that would block Medicaid rules shows 'inability' of Congress to control spending, opinion piece states 0 None
2008-06-26 Mississippi lawmakers should pass legislation to create sustainable funding for Medicaid, Gov. Barbour writes 0 None
2008-06-26 New York Times Editorial, column address provision in Medicare bill to delay DME competitive bidding program 0 None
2008-06-26 Mailing error left 16,000 Commonwealth Care beneficiaries unaware of coverage cancellation, how to appeal decisions 0 None
2008-06-26 Senate panel approves $153.1 billion for discretionary spending in labor-HHS-education bill for FY 2009 0 None
2008-06-26 GOP lawmakers, health care officials raise concerns with proposed health disparities bill at house panel hearing 0 None
2008-06-26 Inquest hears how overworked, exhausted doctors make mistakes 0 None
2008-06-25 Harbor House to assist transplant and critical care patients, families 0 None
2008-06-25 First comprehensive report on colorectal cancer care in Europe and Australia reveals need for action 0 None
2008-06-25 Few employers addressing employees' obesity despite increasing costs 0 None
2008-06-24 CBO Director Orszag says health IT holds promise, but no panacea for health care costs 0 None
2008-06-24 Future of Medicare at stake in Presidential election, opinion piece states 0 None
2008-06-24 Reps. Barton, Dingell to introduce legislation that aims to spur nationwide adoption of electronic health records 0 None
2008-06-24 USA Today examines online second-opinion services 0 None
2008-06-24 Social Security officials call for social security numbers to be removed from Medicare ID cards 0 None
2008-06-24 New Orleans teaching hospital that would replace charity will require state funds 0 None
2008-06-24 Nursing home alternative challenges traditional system 0 None
2008-06-24 Lack of health insurance for many U.S. residents 'merely a symptom' of larger problem with costs, according to opinion piece 0 None
2008-06-24 Montana measure to expand SCHIP, Medicaid eligibility to be included on November ballot 0 None
2008-06-24 San Francisco Chronicle examines health insurance claim denials 0 None
2008-06-24 House to vote on modified version of Senate Democrats' Medicare physician pay patch bill 0 None
2008-06-24 Health Minister accuses the AMA of being protectionist 0 None
2008-06-24 Overtired 'ambos' make mistakes 0 None
2008-06-24 Australia's first Chief Nursing Officer will give nurses a political voice 0 None
2008-06-24 More government in health care is not a prescription for reform 0 None
2008-06-23 Australian Medical Association says aged care residents the victims of 'inertia' by the government 0 None
2008-06-19 Top scientists say 'NHS won't survive next 20 years' 0 None
2008-06-19 Audit to be done on nursing home where elderly were given poison pancakes 0 None
2008-06-17 New AMA public health policies on vitamin D, processed foods, flavored cigarettes, tobacco sales, disaster medicine and seniors 0 None
2008-06-17 AMA adopts strategies to help address medical student debt - aim to help relieve physician shortage 0 None
2008-06-17 Employer health care costs projected to rise by nearly 10% in 2008 and 2009 0 None
2008-06-17 Kaiser Daily Health Policy report feature highlights recent blog posts 0 None
2008-06-17 Few community health centers receive reimbursement for providing language services, report indicates 0 None
2008-06-17 Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report rounds up health news from the campaign trail 0 None
2008-06-17 Insurers often improperly reimburse physicians, adding $200 billion annually to U.S. health care costs, AMA report finds 0 None
2008-06-17 Connecticut Governor vetoes health care bill that would have expanded State employee health insurance plan 0 None
2008-06-17 Washington post examines Medicare's 'growing fraud problem' 0 None
2008-06-17 Washington Post examines growth of employment in health care industry, increased costs 0 None
2008-06-17 American Medical Association members say 'secret shoppers' should not be used to gauge quality at physicians' offices 0 None
2008-06-17 Massachusetts health insurance law of 2006 working, but challenges lie ahead, NYT editorial states 0 None
2008-06-17 Health IT might not produce immediate savings, but it could improve quality of care, reduce health disparities 0 None
2008-06-17 U.S. health care debate must address 'plight of the underinsured,' editorial states 0 None
2008-06-17 Newspapers highlight health care, economic proposals of Presidential candidates Obama, McCain 0 None
2008-06-17 Gingrich outlines proposal to address health care costs 0 None
2008-06-17 Hawaii physicians, hospitals urge Gov. Lingle to release Medicaid physician payment funds 0 None
2008-06-17 Pennsylvania Senate Republicans unveil health care plans 0 None
2008-06-17 Coalition calls for end of redesigned Medicaid program in West Virginia 0 None
2008-06-17 Colorado SCHIP classified 10% of beneficiaries incorrectly 0 None
2008-06-17 Expansion of health insurance could help reduce health care disparities, lawmakers, experts say 0 None
2008-06-11 Australian Government oddly excludes AMA again on health plans - AMA negative about plans to ease GP shortage 0 None
2008-06-11 Obama, McCain discuss health care proposals 0 None
2008-06-11 CMS to launch Medicare pilot project that will provide physicians with incentives to use health IT 0 None
2008-06-11 Massachusetts insurers to expand health plans with physician ranking system despite lawsuit 0 None
2008-06-11 Colorado SCHIP classified 10% of beneficiaries incorrectly, according to state auditors 0 None
2008-06-11 House bill would allow small businesses to form statewide, nationwide pools for purchasing insurance 0 None
2008-06-11 Without increased funding, California's dominance and public health are threatened, according to new report 0 None
2008-06-11 UNISON welcomes government guidance on procurement 0 None
2008-06-11 Government and nurses call for a major shake-up of Australia's health system 0 None
2008-06-11 The Politico examines prospects for U.S. health care system overhaul 0 None
2008-06-11 Bush Administration requests $275 million increase for FDA in FY 2009 budget 0 None
2008-06-11 Bill 'best way to ensure' transparency of possible conflicts of interest, editorial states 0 None
2008-06-11 Utah Medicaid program to launch initiative to reduce unnecessary ED visits 0 None
2008-06-11 Obama launches economic tour, promotes health care proposal 0 None
2008-06-11 Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report feature highlights recent blogs 0 None
2008-06-11 CMS announces $15 million funding increase for Medicare counseling programs 0 None
2008-06-10 Agfa HealthCare assigned second phase RIS/PACS agreement with First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University 0 None
2008-06-10 Philadelphia Inquirer examines health care price transparency issue 0 None
2008-06-10 Panel discusses expanding health coverage to uninsured via 'early Medicare' program 0 None
2008-06-10 Decision by Democratic Presidential Candidate Clinton to suspend campaign decreases prospects for individual health insurance mandate, Wall Street Journal reports 0 None
2008-06-10 Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft launch personal electronic health records pilot program 0 None
2008-06-10 New Jersey lawmakers advance bill that would require income verification of all state-funded health insurance program applicants 0 None
2008-06-10 CQ's Carey discusses Democratic, GOP Medicare proposals, VA mental health bill, health care IT measure 0 None
2008-06-10 Congressional Democrats move to impose new limits on specialty hospitals 0 None
2008-06-10 New Indigenous health clinics commence 0 None
2008-06-08 Louisiana's Charity Hospitals need $35 million to continue services at current levels 0 None
2008-06-08 Massachusetts employers, insurers lobby against higher employer fees for uninsured workers, support cost control efforts 0 None
2008-06-08 House panel hearing focuses on health IT privacy, cost concerns 0 None
2008-06-08 Senate Finance Committee hears testimony on health IT, quality of care, medical liability laws in preparation for major health system overhaul efforts next year 0 None
2008-06-08 Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Obama criticizes health care proposal of opponent McCain 0 None
2008-06-08 Kansas Health Institute News Service examines prospects for expanding health coverage in state 0 None
2008-06-08 Connecticut lawmaker asks Gov. Rell to delay implementation of Charter Oak health plan 0 None
2008-06-08 Health care legislation might not top next administration's agenda, former house leader says 0 None
2008-06-08 Walgreen agrees to pay $35 million to settle allegations of improper medication switches for Medicaid beneficiaries 0 None
2008-06-08 Colorado Gov. Ritter signs 11 health care bills to increase access, expand coverage 0 None
2008-06-08 South Los Angeles residents face difficulties receiving medical care for variety of reasons 0 None
2008-06-08 Senate approves $3.1 trillion FY 2009 budget resolution without proposed reductions in Medicare, Medicaid spending 0 None
2008-06-08 Wall Street Journal letter to the editor responds to column in support of medical liability reform 0 None
2008-06-08 California Legislature takes up multiple health care bills 0 None
2008-06-08 HHS releases comprehensive plan to encourage nationwide adoption of health IT 0 None
2008-06-08 U.S. immigration policy irrational when U.S.-born physicians in short supply 0 None
2008-06-08 Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report feature highlights recent blog entries 0 None
2008-06-08 Study finds wide racial, geographic health care disparities among Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2008-06-08 Building a healthy future for rural communities 0 None
2008-06-08 UNISON condemns proposed cuts to care home inspections 0 None
2008-06-08 UNISON members say yes to NHS pay offer 0 None
2008-06-05 New NHS guidelines on recreational drug use in nightclubs 0 None
2008-06-05 Majority of U.S. House supports repeal of Medicare therapy caps 0 None
2008-06-04 Independent presidential health panel proposed 0 None
2008-06-04 ACLU urges Congress to maximize medical privacy of electronic health records 0 None
2008-06-04 UNISON rejects private management move for NHS 0 None
2008-06-04 New Filton Blood Centre to open in July 0 None
2008-06-04 Tough action against underperforming hospitals and primary care trusts in UK 0 None
2008-06-03 Number of uninsured Massachusetts residents decreased by nearly half in 2007 0 None
2008-06-03 Health IT legislation stalled by privacy concerns 0 None
2008-06-03 Health insurer lobby releases plan to reduce U.S. health care costs by $145 billion 0 None
2008-06-03 Finance Committee staffers meet with stakeholders about Medicare physician cuts 0 None
2008-06-03 Rep. Walberg touts market-based health care legislation in Washington Times op-ed 0 None
2008-06-02 Arizona Republic examines health insurance policy rescissions 0 None
2008-06-02 Senate Democrats to move forward with bill that would halt 10.6% Medicare physician payment cut despite veto threat 0 None
2008-06-02 Lawmakers seek to revive legislation that would eliminate COBRA coverage limits 0 None
2008-06-02 Health care standards needed at immigration detention centers, opinion piece states 0 None
2008-06-02 Improving palliative care 0 None
2008-06-02 Prime Healthcare to acquire three hospitals from Tenet Healthcare 0 None
2008-06-01 13.7 million young adults in the United States lack health insurance coverage 0 None
2008-05-30 Minnesota Health Care Group to launch pilot 'pay-for-performance' initiative to reduce treatment costs for depression 0 None
2008-05-30 Maine Democratic Rep. Allen proposes mix of public, private health plans to achieve universal coverage 0 None
2008-05-30 Consumers Union to launch hospital ratings service 0 None
2008-05-30 Report ranks Aetna, Cigna most efficient, accurate among health insurers in reimbursements to physicians 0 None
2008-05-30 Sen. Kennedy to introduce bill to revise national cancer act 0 None
2008-05-30 Maine Democratic Rep. Allen proposes mix of public, private health plans to achieve universal coverage 0 None
2008-05-30 South Carolina House fails to override veto of cigarette tax increase that would have funded health care programs 0 None
2008-05-30 NewYork-Presbyterian ranks top in U.S. News children's hospital survery 0 None
2008-05-28 Cancer survivors are living "in limbo" with unmet needs for care 0 None
2008-05-28 CQ's Carey discusses Medicare legislation, Medicaid regulations, bipartisan health care summit 0 None
2008-05-28 Hospitals hire 'nocturnists' to improve patient care during night, weekend hours, Wall Street Journal reports 0 None
2008-05-28 CMS approves Pennsylvania Medicaid Waiver Program to help residents with autism 0 None
2008-05-28 AARP to work with Hollywood to include health care issues in viewing 0 None
2008-05-28 Federal Judge prevents 'sneaky attempt' by Bush administration to implement Medicaid rule, editorial states 0 None
2008-05-28 SEC says companies must allow shareholders to vote on universal health coverage proposal 0 None
2008-05-28 Medical errors - Is healthcare getting worse or better? 0 None
2008-05-27 Netherlands bears part of the costs of ageing in other EU countries 0 None
2008-05-27 Digital Healthcare appointed to major NHS Framework contract 0 None
2008-05-26 Americans believe wounded Iraq war veterans generally neglected 0 None
2008-05-25 FDA will monitor medical records of Medicare beneficiaries to identify potential prescription drug, medical device safety problems 0 None
2008-05-25 Florida Governor signs health care bill that allows insurers to sell bare-bones health plans 0 None
2008-05-25 Federal Government should use pre-emption to strengthen citizens' protections, editorial says 0 None
2008-05-25 Massachusetts Medical Society sues group insurance commission over physician rankings 0 None
2008-05-22 AstraZeneca supports transparency legislation on payments to health care providers 0 None
2008-05-22 CBO finds health IT unlikely to generate significant savings 0 None
2008-05-22 Senate Finance Committee Democrats to move forward with Medicare package that includes Medicare Advantage plan cuts 0 None
2008-05-22 Senate leaders reach agreement on process for considering war supplemental spending bill, Medicaid provision 0 None
2008-05-22 Louisiana Gov. Jindal's administration asks State Senate to restore millions in health care budget cuts 0 None
2008-05-22 New efforts to improve medical products for patient safety 0 None
2008-05-21 White House opposes use of Medicare Advantage indirect medical education funds as offset in Medicare bill, Sen. Baucus says 0 None
2008-05-21 Insurers urge Gov. Rell to veto legislation that would expand state employee health insurance pool 0 None
2008-05-21 Eliminating Medicaid dental benefits could lead to more costly treatment for California residents, report finds 0 None
2008-05-21 Senate to vote Thursday on war supplemental appropriations bill with Medicaid provisions 0 None
2008-05-21 Rep. Ryan proposes plan to reduce entitlement spending, revise health care system 0 None
2008-05-21 Veteran group to present proposals for advance funds for health care in department of Veterans Affairs budget 0 None
2008-05-21 Michael Parkinson becomes a 'dignity' ambassador for the elderly 0 None
2008-05-21 Old age is the new middle age - Health Secretary Alan Johnson says 0 None
2008-05-20 Seniors face 'soaring costs' for health care, Chicago Tribune reports 0 None
2008-05-20 CMS announces contract winners in first phase of Medicare durable medical equipment bidding program 0 None
2008-05-20 Some specialty hospitals would benefit from amendment in supplemental war appropriations bill 0 None
2008-05-20 Presidential candidates' health care advisers discuss role of Federal Government in providing coverage to U.S. residents 0 None
2008-05-20 Senator Moore to discuss health care reform at ACNM 53rd Annual Meeting 0 None
2008-05-20 Public funding plan for Scotland is simply PFI-lite 0 None
2008-05-19 CQ's Carey looks at Bush Administration SCHIP directive, privacy protections in health IT bill, request for increased FDA funding 0 None
2008-05-19 CMS to launch three-year Medicare demonstration program that bundles payments for physician, hospital services 0 None
2008-05-19 Average 2008 employee out-of-pocket costs for family health care to increase 10.5%, according to Milliman Index 0 None
2008-05-19 Senate leaders agree on privacy protections amendment to health care information technology bill 0 None
2008-05-19 Coalition proposes using Medicaid, SCHIP funds to purchase private coverage for uninsured 0 None
2008-05-19 Two California health insurers agree to reinstate coverage for 1,200 people whose policies were rescinded after incurring high medical bills 0 None
2008-05-19 Michigan Judge rules against Blue Cross Blue Shield rate hikes, cites large surplus 0 None
2008-05-19 House Committee holds hearing on concerns about nursing home ownership, inspections 0 None
2008-05-19 Cleveland Clinic Medical School to offer no-cost education for students pursuing academic careers 0 None
2008-05-19 More than 10,000 beneficiaries enrolled in Oklahoma insurance premium assistance program 0 None
2008-05-19 Despondent nurse practitioners - disabling postmodern punishment 0 None
2008-05-15 New Wilmot Cancer Center offers expanded care, research for cures 0 None
2008-05-15 Getting sick in Victoria could be a worry 0 None
2008-05-14 Poll finds planning tops action when it comes to healthcare advance planning 0 None
2008-05-13 Washington Post series examines errors in psychiatric diagnoses, medications of detained immigrants 0 None
2008-05-13 U.S. adults trust Obama more than McCain on health care 0 None
2008-05-13 Report proposes near-universal health coverage system allowing individuals, small businesses to purchase insurance through private plans or new Medicare-like option 0 None
2008-05-13 Physician Gainsharing programs reduce hospital spending 0 None
2008-05-13 Facing the Presidential candidates; pollsters say sweeping health reform unlikely in new administration and congress 0 None
2008-05-13 New York Times examines health care access of undocumented immigrants 0 None
2008-05-13 AP/Miami Herald looks at Democratic Presidential candidates' proposed health plans 0 None
2008-05-13 Washington Post examines lack of health care for undocumented immigrants in detention centers 0 None
2008-05-13 Business Week examines college-recommended health insurance plans for students 0 None
2008-05-13 Former Surgeon General Carmona outlines preventive methods for chronic diseases in opinion piece 0 None
2008-05-13 CQ's Carey looks at new Medicare marketing guidelines, health care provisions added to supplemental war spending bill, House panel approval of health care bills 0 None
2008-05-13 Veteran disability payments to increase as number of veterans decreases 0 None
2008-05-12 End-stage dementia patients deserve the same access to palliative care as people with cancer 0 None
2008-05-11 Implementation of nurse-to-patient ratios laws in California is successful, says American Society of Registered Nurses 0 None
2008-05-11 New Hampshire House passes bill to create plan to lower insurance premiums for small businesses 0 None
2008-05-11 New Hampshire House passes bill to create plan to lower insurance premiums for small businesses 0 None
2008-05-11 Georgia Gov. Perdue signs bill establishing tax exemptions for employer-provided high-deductible policies 0 None
2008-05-09 UNISON welcomes assurances over NHS reform 0 None
2008-05-08 Senate version of supplemental war appropriations bill would delay Medicaid regulations, increase FDA funds 0 None
2008-05-08 Senate Finance Committee discusses offsets for estimated $15M to $18M cost of Medicare payment delay; Bush administration requests June 16 deadline 0 None
2008-05-08 House Energy and Commerce Committee approves bill to reauthorize community health centers program 0 None
2008-05-08 Illinois Gov. Blagojevich to stop enrolling people in expanded FamilyCare program 0 None
2008-05-08 ACP says Medicare cuts will hurt physicians in small practices - asks Congress to pass legislation to avert pending pay cut 0 None
2008-05-08 Medicare fee cuts could devastate rehabilitation services 0 None
2008-05-08 New report says Australia's health system in need of renovation 0 None
2008-05-07 U.S. manufacturers spend twice as much as foreign competitors on health care, report finds 0 None
2008-05-07 Senate Finance Committee holds first in series of Congressional hearings on U.S. health system overhaul 0 None
2008-05-07 New legislation would require mandatory Federal standards for physical, mental health care for detained immigrants 0 None
2008-05-07 Theft of medical information becoming more common, USA Today reports 0 None
2008-05-07 Economic downturn prompts many nurses to work more shifts, helps address nursing shortage 0 None
2008-05-07 Lawmakers, industry reps, officials discuss Medicare competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment 0 None
2008-05-07 Workers with no healthcare protecting Kaiser Permanente facilities 0 None
2008-05-06 Nurse care for schizophrenia patients 1 3
2008-05-06 Nurse practitioners as entrepreneurs: constrained or liberated? 0 None
2008-05-06 House hearing to address concerns over Medicare durable medical equipment competitive bidding program 0 None
2008-05-06 Lawsuit filed to stop 10% Medicaid provider payment rate reduction in California 0 None
2008-05-06 Healthy San Francisco program prompts some companies to shift costs to consumers but appears effective 0 None
2008-05-06 Newspapers examine issues related to health care proposals of Presidential candidates 0 None
2008-05-06 Senate action on Medicare MD Pay Bill might be delayed due to Medicaid, war funding efforts, AARP lobbyist says 0 None
2008-05-06 Michigan Senate passes bill that would expand, reduce cost of private health insurance 0 None
2008-05-06 CQ's Carey looks at genetic anti-discrimination approval, debate over Medicaid regulations, lLegislation to treat substance abuse among veterans 0 None
2008-05-06 CMS announces decision on Medicare coverage of artificial hearts, long-term acute care hospital reimbursements 0 None
2008-05-06 Some states to ask Congress to regulate marketing of private Medicare plans 0 None
2008-05-05 New SCHIP enrollees have unmet health care needs 0 None
2008-05-02 Who pays for health care when workers are uninsured? 0 4
2008-05-01 Does it matter that medical graduates don't get jobs as doctors? 0 None
2008-05-01 Intensive training for medical staff in Latin American hospitals reduces serious complication of pregnancy 0 None
2008-05-01 Patient safety project complete as entire U-M Health System offers online ordering 0 None
2008-04-30 Health Minister says rural health in Australia is in a dire state 0 None
2008-04-30 New Jersey official discusses concerns about proposed Medicaid copayments 0 None
2008-04-30 HHS Secretary Leavitt urges lawmakers, public to 'start now' to make changes to Medicare 0 None
2008-04-30 Presumptive GOP Presidential nominee McCain provides further detail on his health care proposal 0 None
2008-04-30 PBS' 'NewsHour' examines effects of Massachusetts health insurance law two years after enactment 0 None
2008-04-30 Schwarzenegger to attempt second health care proposal 0 None
2008-04-30 Costs for elder care increase for fifth consecutive year, study finds 0 None
2008-04-30 More than half of U.S. hospitals insolvent, near insolvency, study finds 0 None
2008-04-30 HHS Secretary Leavitt says Bush administration would accept short-term moratorium on two new Medicaid regulations, while five others would take effect 0 None
2008-04-29 Newt Gingrich discusses need for more physicians to adopt electronic health record systems 0 None
2008-04-29 House members discuss SCHIP, Medicare, Medicaid during debate in Cincinnati 0 None
2008-04-29 Health care costs rank among top economic problems for U.S. residents 0 None
2008-04-29 McCain promotes health care proposal at Miami Children's Hospital 0 None
2008-04-29 Most California voters concerned about health care, would have supported Governor's overhaul plan 0 None
2008-04-29 Number of uninsured U.S. residents projected to rise by 1.1 million for each percentage point increase in unemployment rate 0 None
2008-04-29 Latest health crisis threatens South Australia 0 None
2008-04-28 Specialists create center to help patients with pediatric diseases transition to adulthood 0 None
2008-04-28 Wall Street Journal examines Presidential candidate proposals to address health care costs 0 None
2008-04-28 New York Times examines debate over dental therapists 0 None
2008-04-28 Hospitals increasingly requiring upfront payment for services to reduce bad debt 0 None
2008-04-28 Best medical minds meet to map out medical training in the Northern Territory 0 None
2008-04-26 HHS Secretary Leavitt says rising Medicare costs will cause generational divide 0 None
2008-04-26 Bush Administration should rescind SCHIP directive that restricts enrollment expansions, editorial states 0 None
2008-04-26 Florida budget officials tap into tobacco endowment fund to provide health care for low-income, severely ill residents 0 None
2008-04-26 Special needs plans seek to avoid moratorium by providing more data to congress 0 None
2008-04-26 USA Today examines stand-alone emergency departments 0 None
2008-04-26 Put patients before profit says UNISON 0 None
2008-04-24 Many physicians do not use e-mail to communicate with patients 0 None
2008-04-24 Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty discusses concerns about legislation that would overhaul state health care system 0 None
2008-04-24 Leavitt calls on successor to continue Bush administration's 'Four Cornerstones' plan 0 None
2008-04-24 Federal Government should 'pay its bills' instead of shifting health care, other costs to atates, Arizona Gov. Napolitano writes 0 None
2008-04-24 Democratic lawmakers set smaller goals for health care than Presidential candidates' proposals 0 None
2008-04-24 CMS adds searchable database of lowest-quality nursing homes nationwide to web site 0 None
2008-04-24 Proposed rules to revise family and medical leave act prompt debate over law 0 None
2008-04-24 House votes 349-62 to approve legislation that would block new Medicaid regulations 0 None
2008-04-24 Brain tumor care, treatment in spotlight 0 None
2008-04-23 Senators request resignation of VA Mental Health Director 0 None
2008-04-23 White House issues formal veto threat against legislation that would delay Medicaid regulations 0 None
2008-04-23 Slowing the spread of cancer in Albania 0 None
2008-04-22 Farm Bill will not include provision to ban physician referrals to specialty hospitals 0 None
2008-04-22 Number of general surgeons in U.S. declined by 26% since 1981 0 None
2008-04-22 Class-action lawsuit over veterans health care system begins 0 None
2008-04-22 Developing 'roadmaps' for enhancing the professional culture of medical schools 0 None
2008-04-21 Health care debate to produce sharp differences between parties in Presidential election 0 None
2008-04-21 Health insurers experience effects of recent economic downturn despite history of resisting recession 0 None
2008-04-21 Several states consider tobacco tax increases to fund health care programs, address budget deficits 0 None
2008-04-21 HHS appeals decision that requires release of Medicare physician claims data 0 None
2008-04-21 Maine Gov. Baldacci signs legislation that will increase taxes to fund health program 0 None
2008-04-21 Number of general surgeons in the U.S. declines 0 5
2008-04-21 Patients arriving at hospitals in daytime hours get faster, better care compared to off hours 0 None
2008-04-21 Below inflation pay awards very disappointing, say Northern Ireland's doctors 0 None
2008-04-20 When it comes health matters Australia appears to be a war zone 0 None
2008-04-18 Requiring more frequent eligibility checks for California Medicaid will affect children's coverage, increase costs 0 None
2008-04-18 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette examines Democratic Presidential candidates' health care plans 0 None
2008-04-18 New Democrat coalition, New York City officials announce proposal for Federal health care IT program 0 None
2008-04-18 Florida Senate passes Gov. Crist's plan to expand health coverage to uninsured residents 0 None
2008-04-18 NEJM article examines U.S. physician shortage 0 None
2008-04-17 Cutting-edge surgical training facility to open at the University of Sydney 0 None
2008-04-16 New guidelines for palliative care for children and adults 0 None
2008-04-16 Want a new hospital? Well sell the airport! 0 None
2008-04-15 Call for hospital cleaning drive 0 None
2008-04-14 Mental health services in the bush failing 0 None
2008-04-11 Medical staff require professional interpreters and specific training on intercultural awareness 0 None
2008-04-11 Giving patients greater choice over who provides their care 0 None
2008-04-10 Prioritise patients, not privatisation 0 None
2008-04-10 Burn care skills shortage to be treated by UK's first specialist professional qualification 0 None
2008-04-09 Use of information technology is minimal in nursing homes 0 None
2008-04-09 Humour can play an essential role in the most serious healthcare settings 0 None
2008-04-09 Health summit to focus on prevention rather than cure 0 None
2008-04-08 ACP reports on how scheduled Medicare pay cuts will affect patients 0 None
2008-04-07 $2.9 million to reduce colorectal cancer screening disparities in Vietnamese Americans 0 None
2008-04-04 UAB at the forefront of diabetes research and training 0 None
2008-04-04 Patients prefer to challenge nurses rather than doctors about safety issues related to their care 0 None
2008-04-04 Healthcare providers who discuss intimate piercings earn patients' trust 0 None
2008-04-03 Free vascular health checks for the over 40's promises to save 2,000 lives each year 0 None
2008-04-03 Torres Strait nurses go back to work 0 None
2008-04-02 New $98 million Bathurst Hospital a problem - mayor calls for return of community based hospital board 0 None
2008-04-02 Majority of U.S. physicians favor national health insurance 0 None
2008-03-31 No end in sight for Torres Strait island nurses dispute 0 None
2008-03-31 Australian public health on the brink of collapse and in need of urgent treatment 0 None
2008-03-31 Townsville Hospital left minus a heart surgeon after surgeon quits 0 3
2008-03-27 New Master's specialization for teaching in health care professions 0 None
2008-03-26 U.S will have a severe shortage of nurses soon 0 None
2008-03-25 Australian blood expert calls for changes in the way blood is stored 0 None
2008-03-25 AMA not happy with proposed national register of doctors 0 None
2008-03-25 Australia's seniors to be moved out of hospitals 0 None
2008-03-25 Nurses meet to discuss Torres Straits working conditions 0 None
2008-03-25 Hospitals that participate in clinical trials may provide better patient care 0 None
2008-03-24 Hospitals in NSW accused of 'cooking the books' 0 None
2008-03-24 New poll debates quality U.S. health care system 0 None
2008-03-24 Where nurses are bullied, the quality of patient care declines 0 None
2008-03-23 Roxon says short-term, interim health agreement with states a possibility 0 None
2008-03-21 New Hopkins report on successful health communication 0 None
2008-03-21 Queensland Health Minister over a barrel in sexual assault of a nurse case 0 None
2008-03-18 UK doctors warned to not allow personal beliefs to affect patients' treatment 0 None
2008-03-17 World-first screening program for lifestyle diseases for workers in Victoria 0 None
2008-03-17 Nurses Union issues ultimatum...fix safety problems or we're out of here 0 None
2008-03-17 The NHS is failing people with learning disabilities 0 None
2008-03-11 British Government in court for Judicial Review over cap on GPs' pensions 0 None
2008-03-11 Teamwork the key to better patient care and sustainable health services 0 5
2008-03-10 Global health worker crisis - world needs over 4 million additional health workers 0 None
2008-03-10 Efficient response in primary care would reduce the use of hospitals by seniors 0 None
2008-03-04 One in three British nurses attacked at work 0 None
2008-03-04 Sainsbury's the first supermarket to have a GP surgery 0 None
2008-03-03 New system for ACT to detect a patient's worsening condition 0 None
2008-03-03 New study says nurses could carry some of the GP work load 0 None
2008-03-03 Rural doctors doubt Federal health commitment to the bush 0 None
2008-03-03 New laws will mean patients in NSW are protected from doctors' misconduct 0 None
2008-03-01 UNISON calls on BMA to recommend agenda for change 0 None
2008-02-28 State-to-state differences in quality of care for children with special needs 0 None
2008-02-28 Helping older people live safely and independently 0 None
2008-02-28 UCLA to study health care disparities affecting minorities 0 5
2008-02-27 Growing US disparities in health not inevitable 0 None
2008-02-26 More money for state health in Australia will depend on performance reports 0 None
2008-02-25 Team set up to perform 'radical surgery' on the Australian health system 0 None
2008-02-22 No good evidence that private treatment centres are value for money 0 None
2008-02-21 Siemens Healthcare announces exclusive partnership with Prowess Inc. 0 None
2008-02-21 ICU nurses require training to spot delirium 0 None
2008-02-21 Many U.S. consumers want overhaul of health care design, delivery 0 None
2008-02-21 Doctors meet to get it right for new Orange hospital 0 None
2008-02-20 U.S. hospital helps lower infection rates at British hospital 0 None
2008-02-20 Mistakes in New Zealand hospitals leave 40 dead and 142 injured 0 None
2008-02-20 Rural doctors say 16,000 more health professionals are urgently needed in the bush 1 None
2008-02-17 NSW nurses push for 5% pay rise 0 None
2008-02-17 $98 million new hospital deemed dysfunctional 0 None
2008-02-14 New spine center at UT Southwestern 0 None
2008-02-13 NSW bottom of the league when it comes to public health spending 0 None
2008-02-13 NSW public hospitals below par with obsolete equipment 0 None
2008-02-13 It's official! mega-lift ambulances confirm Australia's obesity problem 0 None
2008-02-11 Study confirms that low-calorie sweeteners are helpful in weight control 0 None
2008-02-08 Faith-based health program expands, adds Latino classes 0 None
2008-02-06 Research continues to prove that medical liability reforms work 0 None
2008-02-06 Shake-up for Welsh 999 service 0 None
2008-02-04 NACDS launches campaign to expand role in healthcare debate 0 None
2008-02-04 New York State Health Department begins $1.75 million campaign to promote long-term care insurance 0 None
2008-02-04 Bush's efforts to rein in government spending places a dangerous target on health care 0 None
2008-02-04 Massachusetts health care subsidy program cost, enrollment could double over three years 0 None
2008-02-04 Florida Governor proposes $70B budget; includes $132M in cuts to Medicaid 0 None
2008-02-04 Hillary Clinton discusses enforcement mechanism for health insurance mandate 0 None
2008-02-04 New analysis looks at how income affects the purchase of individual health coverage 0 None
2008-02-04 BMA(NI) response to RPA announcement 0 None
2008-01-31 New international task force to address health workforce financing 0 None
2008-01-22 Cancer and end-of-life care research to receive boost from new Manchester Metropolitan University Professional Doctorate 0 None
2008-01-21 NHPC tackles escalating health care costs, veterans health, comparative effectiveness research 0 None
2008-01-20 British health service blamed for 17,000 unnecessary deaths each year 0 None
2008-01-18 Hospitals commit to ambitious quality, safety and patient satisfaction goals 0 None
2008-01-15 Medical error reporting by doctors to hospitals seems underused 0 None
2008-01-15 New guidelines to improve palliative care at the end of life 0 None
2008-01-14 Cleaning up the NHS 0 None
2008-01-11 Pay-for-performance improves patient care 0 None
2008-01-10 A third of British doctors face violence at work 0 None
2008-01-09 Variability in health care treatment costs amongst 9 EU countries 0 None
2008-01-07 Arizona Patient Protection Act introduced 0 None


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