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RSSArchived Healthcare News Stories - August 2009

Date Title Comments Rating
2009-08-31 Senior citizens in Nevada to be affected by the recent House bill 0 None
2009-08-31 Celticare Health Plan of Massachusetts to cover legal immigrants from October 0 None
2009-08-31 Rite Aid pharmacies to offer regular seasonal flu shots throughout the flu season 0 None
2009-08-31 PrimeSuite provides physicians with access to lab results, radiology reports and transcribed documents from their community health system 0 None
2009-08-31 CLARIFY registry designed to increase knowledge and understanding of CAD was launched in 40 countries 0 None
2009-08-31 New Hospital Operating System solution from StatCom launched 0 None
2009-08-31 Health care reform will kill competition in most states: 0 None
2009-08-31 Fifth annual Pathology Visions conference to showcase digital pathology technology and its healthcare applications 0 None
2009-08-31 Walgreens to provide flue shots faster and easier this season 1 None
2009-08-31 Ardent Health Services selects Bravo Wellness for providing health assessment and wellness incentive services 0 None
2009-08-31 Health Net urges Americans to have their blood cholesterol measured 0 None
2009-08-31 Takeda visits managed care professionals to promote its two new drugs 0 None
2009-08-31 Mark Farrah Associates partners with Strenuus to launch Medicare Benefits Analyzer 0 None
2009-08-31 Holistic health expert highlights the benefits of regular meditatation 0 5
2009-08-31 Seasonal flu shots to be available daily without an appointment at more than 500 MinuteClinic locations 0 None
2009-08-31 First Edition: August 31, 2009 0 None
2009-08-31 CVS Caremark to provide free seasonal flu shots to unemployed people 0 None
2009-08-31 Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences launches Vermont's first pharmacy program 0 None
2009-08-31 Findings reveal that Americans have grown increasingly confident to pay for healthcare services 0 None
2009-08-30 HHS Flu Prevention PSA contest conducted to help promote flu prevention 0 None
2009-08-30 As Kennedy is memorialized, talk turns to impact on health legislation 1 None
2009-08-30 GOP finance negotiators cast doubts on bipartisan health bill 0 None
2009-08-30 Emotions still running high in health care reform debate 0 None
2009-08-29 “Next Top Doc” quiz winner to receive the ReachMD $5000.00 Educational Scholarship 0 None
2009-08-29 Weight loss competition to be held to bring a new focus on healthy living 0 None
2009-08-29 Leading experts in health and health care reform to take part in symposium 0 None
2009-08-29 Options for insurance are few in some states: BestWeek U.S./Canada 0 None
2009-08-29 New contract agreement reached between Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Packard Children’s hospital and the SEIU-UHW union 0 None
2009-08-29 AARP members urge Congressman Schock to tackle health care reform 0 None
2009-08-29 Reduction in the registered nurse workforce detrimental to healthcare quality 0 None
2009-08-29 U.S. aerosol scientist analyses the risks posed to workers in pharmacies by using air-pressure activated pill dispensing machines 0 None
2009-08-29 Vision document to guide CHA's support to health reform 0 None
2009-08-29 Recent releases: health development in Afghanistan; trade agreements effect on drug access; outside experts in patent reviews; neglected disease legislation; management in public health; foreign aid reform 0 None
2009-08-29 Pennsylvania Department of Health to commence distribution of new KI tablets next month 0 None
2009-08-29 Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh leads the use of electronic health records among U.S. pediatric hospitals 0 None
2009-08-29 Pressure on G20 leader to tax financial transactions for aid money intensifies 0 None
2009-08-29 Inhibitor Education Summits to address pertinent topics regarding hemophilia 0 None
2009-08-29 Replacing Kennedy tall task for reform-minded democrats 0 None
2009-08-29 "Africa is mismanaging water resources," scientists say at conference; BBC examines effect of Kenya's drought on kids 0 None
2009-08-29 Express Medical Care offered by Manhattan’s Physician Group requires no appointment 0 None
2009-08-29 Also in Global Health news: ARVs in Uganda; Brazil's fight against HIV/AIDS 0 None
2009-08-29 Congressman Roy Blunt should stop blocking health care reform, say Missouri families 0 None
2009-08-29 White paper highlights the need for more number of physician hospitals 0 None
2009-08-29 Scare tactics favored by generations of reform opponents 0 None
2009-08-29 Simple steps to prevent outbreak of H1N1 flu 0 4
2009-08-29 Members of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona to receive coverage for H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-08-29 Software seeks to help customers decipher their health benefits 0 None
2009-08-29 Health experts appeal for vaccines to be added to national immunization programs 0 None
2009-08-29 Study reveals that the pending health reforms bill will affect senior citizens in Wyoming 0 None
2009-08-29 Two new studies from a federal agency point to risks, costs in health care 0 None
2009-08-29 Adverse publicity about energy drinks has no effect, sales continues to increase 0 None
2009-08-29 Insurance workers: We're not 'villains' 1 None
2009-08-28 Medtronic defends payments to physicians 0 None
2009-08-28 Bishops turn against reform, conservative Christians ramp up opposition 0 None
2009-08-28 Lawmakers, though still elbowing, agree on some health care reforms 0 None
2009-08-28 Small business groups worry about reform 0 None
2009-08-28 Research round-up: Highlights from recent releases 0 None
2009-08-28 Physician payment plan stirs concern over reform efforts 0 None
2009-08-28 Iowa hospital uses innovative design to reduce error 0 None
2009-08-28 Sinovac to supply its Anflu seasonal flu vaccine to the Beijing Public Health Bureau 0 None
2009-08-28 Former President Bill Clinton to be the keynote speaker at the Annual Speaker Series Luncheon 0 None
2009-08-28 Bus tour campaign to raise the awareness of patient assistance programs 0 None
2009-08-28 First Edition: August 28, 2009 0 None
2009-08-28 The California Endowment to fund a statewide campaign that promotes the participation of all residents in the 2010 U.S. Census 0 None
2009-08-28 AHCA applaudes thirty-one state Attorneys General for sending a letter to HHS Secretary 0 None
2009-08-28 St. Jude Medical opens first Advanced Learning Center in Brussels 1 5
2009-08-28 Nurse practitioners and physician assistants may help with primary care shortage 1 None
2009-08-28 Pelosi appeals for $100,000 to counter GOP 'Smears' on health overhaul efforts 0 None
2009-08-28 Mental health advocates demand more psychaitric beds in North Carolina 1 None
2009-08-28 Medassets' web-based technology and consulting solutions to improve profitability of hospitals 0 None
2009-08-28 NIH panel releases report on the pertinence of family health history information in improving health 0 None
2009-08-28 Opinion piece outlines new model for foreign aid 0 None
2009-08-28 New law passed in Texas governing physician alternative practice sites will continue to help clinics to provide easy access to affordable health care 0 None
2009-08-28 Study reveals the detrimental effects of high concentration levels of dangerous ultrafine particles in tunnels 0 None
2009-08-28 Senior citizens are paying escalating cost for their health care says HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius 0 None
2009-08-28 Linkwell's subsidiary to establish one hundred model hospitals across the country 0 None
2009-08-28 Latest Md. budget cut rips into health care programs 0 None
2009-08-28 Kucinich asks insurers to testify on coverage, costs after recess 0 None
2009-08-28 Stark: Blue Dog Dems 'just want to cause trouble' 0 None
2009-08-28 Joint Commission urges health care leaders to prevent errors by taking the zero-defect approach 0 None
2009-08-28 Influence: A labor leader's return and the Blue Dogs' campaign cash 0 None
2009-08-28 Medical journal article highlights the challenges faced by healthcare providers for treating patients with non-healing wounds 0 None
2009-08-28 ACCME awards accreditation to COHRI for continuing medical education 0 None
2009-08-28 Hospitals could see windfall from overhaul; while Obama calls for doctors' support 0 None
2009-08-28 Town halls: Even tempers prevail in Wisconsin, but not Phoenix 0 None
2009-08-28 Lawmakers debate the merits of cooperatives in health care 0 None
2009-08-28 Maxim Health Systems' website provides detailed information about flu vaccination 0 None
2009-08-28 Online resource created to help parents, teachers, and school officials to cope with swine flu 0 None
2009-08-28 AAPS and CURE file a free speech lawsuit against the White House 0 None
2009-08-28 Governor Schwarzenegger’s successful public private partnerships to help 2,000 students gain employment in the healthcare field 0 None
2009-08-28 New rule from CMS for improving stroke patient care in hospitals 0 None
2009-08-28 Also in global health news: NTD study; false cholera cases in Zimbabwe; contaminated water in Kenya; doctor's strike ends 0 None
2009-08-28 Brazil emerges as country with highest number of H1N1-related deaths 0 None
2009-08-28 Kennedy death places leadership question mark on health care reform 0 None
2009-08-28 CREW opposes misleading ad about healthcare released by MSNBC 0 4
2009-08-27 Abortion questions continue in health reform debate 0 None
2009-08-27 New award created to honour healthcare CEOs and administrators that support infection prevention 0 None
2009-08-27 Majority of Americans are ready to get vaccinated against H1N1 flu virus 0 5
2009-08-27 Premier’s group buy program helps hospitals to save more than $74 million in 2008 0 None
2009-08-27 Study: Patients may face radioactive risk from imaging tests 0 None
2009-08-27 First Edition: August 27, 2009 0 None
2009-08-27 Four medical groups of Resurrection Health Care Preferred earn nine blue stars in the 2009 Blue Star Report 0 None
2009-08-27 MN Community Measurement publishes cost and quality information together to help consumers make informed decisions about their health care 0 None
2009-08-27 Adventist Medical Center receives the Community Value Index Five-Star hospital award 0 None
2009-08-27 Providing voluntary benefits to workers helps close financial gaps 0 None
2009-08-27 New analysis tool from Sg2 to help hospitals gear up for reform-driven payment changes 0 None
2009-08-27 Urgent requirement for O negative blood group in Memorial Blood Centers 0 None
2009-08-27 Detroit area physical therapist involved in a conspiracy to defraud the Medicare program 0 None
2009-08-27 California Bioscience Business Roundtable event hosted at the Quadrus Conference Center 0 None
2009-08-27 Hospital Value Index reveals that consumers can find high-value healthcare in U.S. 0 None
2009-08-27 ACPM launches a web page on lifestyle medicine 0 None
2009-08-27 Plastic surgery recovery center for post surgery patients 0 4.3
2009-08-27 Town halls continue across the country 0 None
2009-08-27 Specialty doctors displeased with American Medical Association Representation 0 5
2009-08-27 Integrated Healthcare Association releases healthcare performance results for California 0 None
2009-08-27 Enzi and Thune among major Republican voices in health reform 0 None
2009-08-27 Tobacco Atlas shows rising smoking rates in developing countries 0 None
2009-08-27 EHR Association to help hospitals install and use electronic health records 0 None
2009-08-27 USIBC takes initiative to ensure that Indian patients have access to latest treatments 0 None
2009-08-27 Floundering health care campaign translates to slipping polls 0 None
2009-08-27 eHealth releases updated data on the cost of individually-purchased health insurance plans 0 None
2009-08-27 Sen. Edward M. Kennedy -- health care champion -- dies 0 None
2009-08-27 CDC report predicts that forty percent of Americans may be affected by the H1N1 flu 0 3.5
2009-08-27 Lawson to provide software suites to Oklahoma State University Medical Center 0 None
2009-08-27 Standard Reference Material for determining essential nutrient concentration in infant and adult nutritional formula 0 None
2009-08-27 Analysis of a pending health reform bill reveals that more 1,800 caregivers in Michigan may lose their jobs 0 None
2009-08-27 Aid agencies seek to access displaced Yemenis at 'high risk' of disease outbreaks 0 None
2009-08-27 Briggs introduces a new program to improve quality of healthcare in nursing homes 0 None
2009-08-27 Myths and facts about food safety explained 0 5
2009-08-27 FDA releases consumer health information updates 0 None
2009-08-27 NPR reviews the heated debate over the creation of Medicare and Medicaid 0 None
2009-08-27 Iowa hospital pays Feds $4.5 million for overpaying doctors with Medicare money 0 None
2009-08-27 Waxman seeks to save money on Medicare drugs 0 None
2009-08-27 Illegal aliens to benefit from health care reform bill: Congressional Research Service 5 3.1
2009-08-27 Health spending blamed for ballooning deficit projection 0 None
2009-08-27 Will Kennedy's death add momentum to the health care push? 0 None
2009-08-27 Lancet series examines health issues in South Africa 0 None
2009-08-26 Asia will experience H1N1 vaccine shortage, WHO says 0 None
2009-08-26 Stony Brook University Hospital and EPA sign historic green partnership 0 None
2009-08-26 Wednesday's round up of state health stories 0 None
2009-08-26 Consumer Reports covers issues pertaining to the efficacy and safety of prescription and non-prescription drugs 0 None
2009-08-26 Town meeting to discuss about Canadian health system 0 None
2009-08-26 01 Data Center applies for government funds to render broadband access to healthcare facilities in unserved areas 0 None
2009-08-26 Today's selection of opinions and editorials 0 None
2009-08-26 Premier’s ClinicalAdvisor offers customized benchmarking and regulatory reporting solution for hospitals and health systems 0 None
2009-08-26 Covenant Medical Center resolves False Claims Act allegations by paying $4.5 million 1 None
2009-08-26 PrimeEnterprise community healthcare IT solution launched by Greenway Medical Technologies 0 None
2009-08-26 DaVita to present three abstracts on Peritoneal Dialysis at the ISPD meeting 0 None
2009-08-26 ClubCorp partners with Muscular Dystrophy Association to raise funds to support ALS research initiative and more than 100 nonprofit groups 0 None
2009-08-26 Patient health and safety survey reveals that healthcare facilities are not ready to combat swine flu pandemic 0 None
2009-08-26 MedAssets to deliver transformational revenue cycle solutions for Saint Barnabas Health Care System 0 None
2009-08-26 Program to help sex workers to go off the streets 0 None
2009-08-26 Parents' drinking habits influence teenagers to use alcohol and drugs 1 5
2009-08-26 USP and FEUM agrees to collaborate on the development of standards for medicines 0 None
2009-08-26 Veteran’s Administration Medical Center awards contract to Pioneer Behavioral Health for providing behavioral health services 0 None
2009-08-26 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City selects UMB Healthcare Services to provide Health Savings Accounts to its customers 0 None
2009-08-26 Sebelius names Chair of Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS 0 None
2009-08-26 Pegasystems' business process management solution certified for full integration with Milliman Care Guidelines' CareWebQI 0 None
2009-08-26 Verisk Health signs six new contracts for use of its healthcare data analytic software 0 None
2009-08-26 Healthy San Francisco enrollees express high levels of satisfaction with city's health access program and survey shows signs of improved access to care 0 None
2009-08-26 Importance of access to oral health care emphasized 0 None
2009-08-26 FDA recommends electronic report formats to strengthen postmarket safety data collection 0 None
2009-08-26 FAIR Health Plan provides cost effective healthcare to the uninsured 0 None
2009-08-26 Analysis of pending health reform bill points to huge cuts in Medicare funding 0 None
2009-08-26 New online educational forum for medical professionals from HMP Communications 0 None
2009-08-26 Half of Somalia needs emergency aid, significant deterioration in food security, report says 0 None
2009-08-26 California AIDS Clearinghouse to close after cut in social service funding 0 5
2009-08-26 Bioethicists and safety experts suggest guidelines for policy makers to improve patient safety 0 None
2009-08-26 University of Kentucky receives grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 0 None
2009-08-26 Vision-related patient-reported outcomes used for improving medical product labeling in ophthalmology 0 None
2009-08-26 Online patient data may open new doors in medical research 0 None
2009-08-26 Public and private sector players ready to tackle North America’s upcoming flu season 0 None
2009-08-26 Staff continues health reform heavy lifting while Obama vacations 0 None
2009-08-26 MRSA Survivors Network founder organizes the first Inaugural World MRSA Day 0 None
2009-08-26 Reform efforts focus attention on regional innovations in care delivery 0 None
2009-08-26 Chicago physician segment likely to grow more consolidated in future 0 None
2009-08-26 White House increases deficit projection; CBO offers slightly better outlook 0 None
2009-08-26 Vertical farms could solve food production problems, opinion piece says 0 None
2009-08-26 Report warns H1N1 could affect half of U.S. population 0 None
2009-08-26 iMedicor's partnership with PhoneTag provides transcription services to physicians and healthcare providers 0 None
2009-08-26 Pro-health reform, other rallies to start this week 0 None
2009-08-26 Antimicrobial-resistant typhoid fever in U.S. patients is associated with international travel 0 None
2009-08-26 Obama's rhetoric fails to capture voters' support 0 None
2009-08-26 One-quarter of medicare beneficiaries will see premium hikes next year 0 None
2009-08-26 The University of Nottingham scientists conduct research on swine flu virus 0 None
2009-08-26 Survey reveals that majority of middle-class Americans are worried about about health care costs in retirement 0 None
2009-08-26 Amerinet enters strategic partnership with Indiana Federation of Ambulatory Surgical Centers 0 None
2009-08-26 Customized health plan introduced by American Community 0 None
2009-08-26 Democrats talk of moving reform bill without republicans, plan rallies 0 None
2009-08-26 Veterans receive false health scare 0 None
2009-08-26 Fear mongering abounds in health debate 0 None
2009-08-26 U.S. troops serving overseas to be tested for H1N1 infection 0 None
2009-08-26 CPM’s physician relationship management system implemented by Advocate Health Care System 0 None
2009-08-26 Medicare's Part D program subsidizes cost of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2009-08-26 Prescription assistance program helps Iowa residents to save money on drugs 0 None
2009-08-26 Grassley: 'Government is not a competitor, it's a predator' 0 None
2009-08-26 Mental health in the news: Foreclosures spur depression 0 None
2009-08-26 Arizona awards health care contract to Aetna 0 None
2009-08-26 Experts in government healthcare from Affiliated Computer Services to aid state Medicaid programs 0 None
2009-08-26 Aetna promotes patient safety measures through informative website 0 None
2009-08-26 Young Obama supporters missing from health reform debate 0 None
2009-08-26 GOP unveils latest salvo in health reform battle: seniors' bill of rights 0 None
2009-08-26 Hospitals find openness about mistakes improves safety, reduces lawsuits 0 None
2009-08-25 Healthcare information technology to enable clinicians spend more time on patient care 0 None
2009-08-25 Aastra's CC:LifeLine provides virtual call center for pandemic response planning 0 None
2009-08-25 Americans' hand-washing habits has not changed despite H1N1 virus reveals a national survey 0 None
2009-08-25 Socket Mobile collaborates with iBleep and Dakota Integrated Solutions to provide advanced wireless communication systems to healthcare organizations 0 None
2009-08-25 All funding for Miami-Dade community-based organizations cut by Mayor Alvarez 0 None
2009-08-25 Total Medical Solutions is the 15th fastest growing firm in Florida, finds place in Inc. Magazine’s list 0 None
2009-08-25 TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative receives $3 million grant from Gates Foundation 0 None
2009-08-25 Consumers should understand healthcare denial appeal process 0 None
2009-08-25 Study reveals that Americans lack confidence in healthcare reforms 0 None
2009-08-25 Bioneutral Group holds scientific and business discussions with major health care companies 1 None
2009-08-25 Navinet offers its real-time healthcare communications solution to all state governments and U.S. territories at no cost 0 None
2009-08-25 Aging with Dignity president urges Department of Veterans Affairs to suspend use of advance care planning guide 0 None
2009-08-25 States pass laws to expand parents' ability to insure 20-somethings 0 None
2009-08-25 Emdeon and BroMenn Healthcare System implement an interactive software application for transparent pricing of healthcare 0 None
2009-08-25 New RAND study finds that Prescription Benefit Program for Medicare recipients surpasses expectations 0 None
2009-08-25 States worry about cost of Medicaid expansion 0 None
2009-08-25 Value-Based Insurance Design improves health care services 0 None
2009-08-25 RetireSafe's supporters outraged at proposed health care reform that adversely affects senior citizens 0 None
2009-08-25 Senators debate cost of insurance subsidies for low-income families 0 None
2009-08-25 VHA's Non-Salary Cost Reduction program helps hospitals save supply costs 0 None
2009-08-25 State of Arizona offers BCBSAZ network option to its employees and their families 0 None
2009-08-25 Senate Democrats plot new strategy, consider reconciliation to pass health bill 0 None
2009-08-25 Insurers seek savings by offering coverage for care in other countries 0 None
2009-08-25 Insurance industry may benefit from reform, employees attend town halls to counter criticism 0 None
2009-08-25 Rising costs and patient loads push some primary care MDs to concierge practices 0 None
2009-08-25 Report assessing school-based policies that address the health of students released by AAFA 0 None
2009-08-25 Comparative effectiveness: Back surgery remains popular despite poor study results 0 None
2009-08-25 Survey reveals that many Americans believe controversial statements about health care reform 0 None
2009-08-25 GOP plan centers on seniors' bill of rights 0 None
2009-08-25 FRC urges Obama to support the exclusion of abortion coverage from healthcare plans 0 None
2009-08-25 Aetna renews contract with WellStar Health System for three years 0 None
2009-08-25 USDA donates funds for teaching food safety awareness to AIDS patients 0 None
2009-08-25 National dialysis treatment program under fire; criticized as too costly, risky 0 None
2009-08-24 Health Fair 11 to offer free or low-cost health screenings 0 None
2009-08-24 Health reform fact checks fall short on dispelling angry myths 0 None
2009-08-24 The Center for Health Value Innovation to support the National Diabetes Goal 0 None
2009-08-24 Health care profiles: Kennedy, Daschle and Kratovil 0 None
2009-08-24 Rhode Island Hospital to identify a model for integrating screening and brief interventions for alcohol misuse 0 None
2009-08-24 University of Southern California's gerontology students participate in an interactive senior sensitivity training program 0 None
2009-08-24 New website launched to raise awareness of palliative care 0 4
2009-08-24 Activists, consumers and labor groups oppose Whole Foods Chief Executive Officer's efforts to undermine health care reforms 0 1
2009-08-24 WHO appeals for donated, low-cost H1N1 vaccines 0 None
2009-08-24 Washington post examines spread of drug-resistant TB in Russia 0 1
2009-08-24 The Estate Vault to open a subsidiary in Australia for delivering portable health management solutions 0 None
2009-08-24 Zipcar announces results of the 2009 Low-Car Diet annual program 0 5
2009-08-24 Ad Audit: Allies of Obama try to ease jitters about health care changes 0 None
2009-08-24 $10 billion provision may aid retired autoworkers; NFIB opposes house plan 0 None
2009-08-24 After vacation, Obama could shift health reform tactics 1 None
2009-08-24 Obama tops ranking of the 100 most powerful people in healthcare 0 None
2009-08-24 Fresenius Medical Care's Patient Travel Service to provide free dialysis scheduling assistance to travelling patients 2 None
2009-08-24 Medical students experience life inside nursing home 0 None
2009-08-24 Claims Auditor Solution from Compliance 360 provides total control of medical claims audits and appeals 0 None
2009-08-24 Economic professors at Baylor suggest that insurance reform must expand coverage to the uninsured 37 million Americans 1 None
2009-08-24 Authentidate to provide web-based healthcare documentation process to LifeCare Solutions 0 None
2009-08-24 PatientKeeper's user community grows more than 60% in the last 12 months 0 None
2009-08-24 Staywell Custom Communications partners with Self Care Decisions to provide online applications for health care providers 0 None
2009-08-24 First Edition: August 21, 2009 1 None
2009-08-24 Survey reveals that majority of adult Americans fear the dentist 0 None
2009-08-24 Thomson Reuters to supply real-time clinical surveillance solution to Bryanlgh Health System 0 None
2009-08-24 offers comprehensive health insurance coverage 0 None
2009-08-24 Secretary Shinseki announces health care expansion plan in Albany, New York 0 None
2009-08-24 Health and Human Services Secretary to present at the 2009 Community Health Institute and Expo 0 None
2009-08-24 $25.7 million in grants announced to increase and improve US health center services 0 None
2009-08-24 Grants to grease e-health transition renew optimistic skepticism 0 None
2009-08-24 Senators ignore rhetoric, consider scaling back their plan 0 None
2009-08-24 Public plan and Co-ops battle for public hearts, political minds 1 None
2009-08-24 Congressman discusses federal government's importance in providing healthcare insurance 0 None
2009-08-24 Illinois senate candidate stresses the signifance of public insurance in health care reform 0 None
2009-08-24 Obama on the radio: faults GOP stalling, guarantees reform passage 0 None
2009-08-24 Recent releases: limiting corruption; mental health; U.S. global health policies; non-physician administered ARV; African health ministers 0 None
2009-08-24 Foreign aid reform needed 'quickly,' opinion piece says 0 None
2009-08-24 Mom & Baby mobile health centers serve pregnant women, teenagers and children 0 None
2009-08-24 What role for government in promoting wellness? 0 None
2009-08-24 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan replies to Congressmen's queries 0 None
2009-08-24 DS Waters of America forges alliance with breast cancer advocacy group 0 None
2009-08-24 Poll: Dwindling confidence in Obama's handling of health care 0 None
2009-08-24 Health coverage issues around the country 0 None
2009-08-24 Dominique Wilkins urges seniors to undergo diabetes screening test 0 None
2009-08-24 The Health care reform bill and Medicare regulation cut Medicare-funded nursing home care in Texas by $2.7 billion 0 None
2009-08-24 American Correctional Solutions' CEO to appear on radio show 0 None
2009-08-24 Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission announces annual award ceremony in Georgia, USA 0 None
2009-08-24 Obama, dems plot new health reform strategy 0 None
2009-08-24 Labor unions boost campaign contributions in N.C. 0 None
2009-08-24 The California Chronic Care Coalition launches new website to share information on chronic conditions 0 None
2009-08-24 Chicago health conference to focus on health care reforms and expandng access to care for the uninsured and jobless during recession 0 None
2009-08-24 Some basis seen for senior citizens' anxieties 0 None
2009-08-24 CIGNA Health Awareness Tour team to help raise money and awareness for cancer prevention 0 None
2009-08-23 Estimating the number of uninsured 0 None
2009-08-23 Doctors' strange economic role 0 None
2009-08-23 Democrats consider endgame strategies as bipartisan reform hopes fade 0 None
2009-08-23 Daschle advising Obama, health industry on reform 0 None
2009-08-23 Brits defend National Health Service against U.S. criticism 0 None
2009-08-23 Dems in conflict on health reform options, Mccain defends GOP 'end of life' claims 0 None
2009-08-23 House Liberals: Bill must include public option 0 None
2009-08-23 HHS Secretary to address National Association of Community Health Centers 0 None
2009-08-22 Agreement between Kodak and MyMedicalRecords to provide enhanced electronic patient information online to doctors 0 None
2009-08-21 Survey shows stronger inclination of students towards adopting primary care specialties in medical schools 0 None
2009-08-21 SRS appeals for EHR incentives in Washington 0 None
2009-08-21 Avalon members to benefit from contract signed between Avalon Healthcare and Physicians Regional Healthcare System 0 None
2009-08-21 Condom Olympics event to select an ambassador from Miss Universe contestants to spread messages about HIV prevention 0 None
2009-08-21 MedAssurant announces certification of event rate outcomes for HIP Medicare Advantage patients 0 None
2009-08-21 URAC extends support to develop and standardize health care quality improvement measures 0 5
2009-08-21 Role of life sciences and health care industries in shaping national health care reforms emphasized at summit hosted by Cherokee Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2009-08-21 State round-up: Colorado's medicaid woes, Utah's Health Exchange, and more 0 None
2009-08-21 Sound Inpatient Physicians and Obama discuss on health care reform 0 None
2009-08-21 UFCW opposes Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's efforts to undermine meaningful health care reform 2 None
2009-08-21 Commissioner Joel Ario reminds parents to review insurance coverage needs before colleges reopen 0 None
2009-08-21 Care Support Of America CEO offers advice on caregiving to aging relatives 0 None
2009-08-21 Common Sense Advisory's report highlights effects of health care reform on non-English speaking patients 0 5
2009-08-21 Real Americans share experiences, common need for patient-centric reform 0 None
2009-08-21 Physicians lack knowledge of off-label drug use and FDA approval status 0 None
2009-08-21 Safe injection practices for improving safety to be discussed at the Joint Commission Infection Control Conference 0 None
2009-08-21 MN Community Measurement's quality measure promises improved depression care 0 None
2009-08-21 ICA partners with Mark Logic for enhancing interactive clinical portal 0 None
2009-08-21 Medical Careers Institute's Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program receives accreditation 0 None
2009-08-21 Smoke free hospital campuses in USA by end of 2009 0 None
2009-08-21 Illegal immigrant dialysis in Las Vegas costly to hospitals, system 0 None
2009-08-21 Comedy commercials against Obama's Death Care to be held in 10 cities 0 1
2009-08-21 Study reveals that taxing job-based health benefits to affect low-income families more 0 None
2009-08-21 Palliative care experts focus on comfort before death 0 None
2009-08-21 UCLA highlights the benefits of restful sleep for increased efficiency 0 None
2009-08-21 Evolvent Technologies awarded contract to increase Veterans Affairs clinician access to DoD information 0 None
2009-08-21 Link found between teenage viewership and alcohol advertising on cable television 0 5
2009-08-21 Adena Health System implements Medseek's eHealth ecoSystem to improve health care workflow for physicians 0 None
2009-08-21 Alliance with GE Healthcare enables Moffitt Cancer Center optimize patient care capacity 0 None
2009-08-20 NextGen Healthcare Information Systems secures 12 new community health center contracts 0 None
2009-08-20 Coping with burn injuries 0 None
2009-08-20 Obama appeals to doubters: Health care plan a 'moral obligation' 0 None
2009-08-20 Obama stands by public plan in Conservative radio interview 0 None
2009-08-20 Medicaid gap means young homeless go without 0 None
2009-08-20 Proposed Medicare cuts will harm seniors' care 0 None
2009-08-20 NY Inspector General cracks down on Medicaid abuse 0 None
2009-08-20 Proposed Federal budget cuts will put seniors at risk 0 None
2009-08-20 Consumer groups urge transparency in health care reform for pharmacy benefit managers 0 None
2009-08-20 Premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance projected to double in 10 years 0 None
2009-08-20 Senators to test bipartisan water on co-op plan 0 None
2009-08-20 Lawmakers face constituents' health care flak 1 None
2009-08-20 Gary Bauer calls Obama's use of scripture to sell failing health care plans "clumsy attempt to manipulate" 0 5
2009-08-20 As Democrats eye going it alone, some recommit to bipartisan reform 0 None
2009-08-20 House healthcare reform legislation and administrative rule combined cut $44 billion in Medicare funds for long term care 0 None
2009-08-20 Biden: $1.2 billion from stimulus for computerized medical records 1 None
2009-08-20 Heated town halls fire up Republicans 0 None
2009-08-20 House Democrats ask to examine health insurers' finances 0 None
2009-08-20 Midcareer professionals find new opportunities in health care 0 None
2009-08-20 Varian Medical Systems to equip a new proton therapy center in Sweden 1 None
2009-08-20 Medical students give a poor grade to the U.S. healthcare system according to Epocrates' survey 0 None
2009-08-20 Saskatchewan government makes insulin detemir more accessible to residents 0 5
2009-08-20 Squabbling Democrats prepare to move ahead on health bills without GOP 0 None
2009-08-20 State round-up: New Jersey hospitals, Utah's Medicaid troubles, and more 0 None
2009-08-20 MedImmune, WPS and AYSO collaboratively launch a national health awareness campaign 0 None
2009-08-20 Public option is necessary for consumers says Congressman Chaka Fattah 0 None
2009-08-20 US physicians talk on short fallings in the current healthcare reform bills 0 None
2009-08-20 Wellcare discloses to Florida Elections Commission questionable campaign contributions 0 None
2009-08-20 White paper outlines how to maintain quality of care while effectively managing costs 0 None
2009-08-20 Physician shortage limits even insured patients' access to care 2 None
2009-08-20 Poll reveals that thin majority of Americans continue to support health care reforms 0 None
2009-08-20 HHS issues new regulations to notify individuals on health information 0 None
2009-08-20 Co-op proposal continues to draw White House defensiveness, Liberals' ire 0 None
2009-08-20 WSNA launches new website as part of outreach campaign for health care reform 0 None
2009-08-20 Diarrhea remains second leading cause of death among children, despite effective interventions 1 None
2009-08-20 Perot Systems to provide back-office functional support to Community Health Plan of Washington 0 None
2009-08-20 Blankenships receive $6 million compensation for infant son's death due to medical negligence 0 None
2009-08-20 Arizona finalizes health care contract 0 None
2009-08-20 Incentive Federation launches campaign on the benefits of health care incentives 0 None
2009-08-20 Covering Kids & Families Michigan campaign aims to enroll 50,000 children in healthcare coverage plans 0 None
2009-08-20 H1N1 vaccine administration coverage for eligible members of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine 0 None
2009-08-19 African Americans receive less mental illness treatments and diagnoses than Caucasian Americans 0 None
2009-08-19 Phrma brushes off Republican leader's attacks 0 None
2009-08-19 Intracacies of doctors' fees difficult to unravel 0 None
2009-08-19 Mullti-million dollar ad campaigns supporting health overhaul launched 0 None
2009-08-19 Kaiser workers launch informational pickets at hospitals and clinics across California 0 None
2009-08-19 Polls: Americans less confident about their future health care, skeptical about reform proposals 0 None
2009-08-19 News outlets continue to explain how end-of-life care counseling works 0 None
2009-08-19 It may be August, but lawmakers aren't taking a break from health reform rhetoric 0 None
2009-08-19 Canadian Nurses Association applauds new CMA head 0 None
2009-08-19 Facing roadblocks, The White House hones message on health care reform 0 None
2009-08-19 House Democrats request insurers' financial records 0 None
2009-08-19 Hospitals rebounding from the economic recession 0 None
2009-08-19 Veterans deserve better than the Department of Veterans Affairs current advance care planning tool 0 None
2009-08-19 70 percent of specialty doctors oppose health-care reform proposals 2 None
2009-08-19 Battle over proposal to disclose drug price deals 0 None
2009-08-19 Baucus: Finance negotiators 'on track' toward bipartisan health bill 0 None
2009-08-19 U.S. Food and Drug Administration launches new Center for Tobacco Products 0 None
2009-08-19 Canada's doctors send strong message to New Brunswick Government 0 None
2009-08-19 Cutting Medicare Advantage costs may be politically difficult 0 None
2009-08-19 Health care - what a mess! 0 None
2009-08-19 Obama misleads on abortion funding in health reform 0 None
2009-08-19 Newly appointed NIH director includes global health on priority list 0 None
2009-08-19 Survey aims to better understand daily needs of unpaid caregivers of people with diabetes 0 None
2009-08-19 Pennsylvania Governor signs new emergency medical services law 0 None
2009-08-19 Message from The White House: The President is not backing away from the public plan 0 None
2009-08-19 Seniors in U.S. overwhelmingly satisfied with their current Medicare coverage 0 None
2009-08-19 Retirees at risk: The precarious promise of post-employment health benefits 0 None
2009-08-19 Medicare picks twelve New Jersey hospitals to test incentive system 0 None
2009-08-19 Kyl says GOP won't support co-op proposal 0 None
2009-08-19 Proposed health care reform legislation removes incentives for immigrants to learn English says McAlpin 0 None
2009-08-19 Compete rates number one doctor-ratings web site 3 None
2009-08-19 Medicare Part D premiums to rise slightly 0 None
2009-08-19 White House offers reassurance that public option is very much alive 0 None
2009-08-19 Women air concerns on government takeover of health care 11 5
2009-08-19 Efforts to create treatment guidelines are often complicated 0 None
2009-08-19 Massachusetts could prove model to cut costs 0 None
2009-08-19 Texas Public Policy Foundation says health plans would cause more harm than good 0 None
2009-08-19 Medical fraud creates unknown amount of waste 0 None
2009-08-19 Looking to September, lawmakers focus on health reform messages, measures 0 None
2009-08-19 Liberal backlash on public plan 0 None
2009-08-19 Gfk Healthcare launches Brand BEAT to provide a holistic evaluation of brand equity 0 None
2009-08-19 Confusion reigns about public option, health cooperatives 0 None
2009-08-19 Delay in appointing Medicare Chief baffles lawmakers 0 None
2009-08-19 COBRA rolls double as subsidy makes coverage more affordable to laid-off workers 0 None
2009-08-19 Boehner blasts PhRMA on deal with White House 0 None
2009-08-19 Electronic Cigarette Association calls for a law restricting the sale of E-Cigarettes to underage smokers 1 5
2009-08-19 Obama calls for veterans' health care expansion 0 None
2009-08-19 H1N1 vaccine administration coverage from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire 0 None
2009-08-19 Cost of physician reimbursement for diabetic leg amputations misconstrued 0 None
2009-08-19 ASA members upset with Medicare cuts 0 None
2009-08-18 GOP sees chance for revival as Democrats struggle with health proposals 0 None
2009-08-18 High cost of Tennessee's state program under the reform microscope 0 None
2009-08-18 Medicare pilot project links hospital payments to quality 0 None
2009-08-18 Consumer driven health plans overtake HMO plans in popularity with employees 0 None
2009-08-18 Sebelius to discuss health care fraud prevention 0 None
2009-08-18 Signs of racism occur in the midst of health care reform debate 0 None
2009-08-18 Obama pledges reform won't change veterans' health care 0 None
2009-08-18 Cost-saving value of some medical tests challenged 0 None
2009-08-17 The White House backs away from public option 0 None
2009-08-17 Obama in campaign mode on health reform 0 None
2009-08-17 Health overhaul explainers and answers 0 None
2009-08-17 Health care adverts dominate airwaves 0 None
2009-08-17 Florida: Confusion surrounds cost of Medicaid expansions included in reform proposals 0 None
2009-08-17 Congressman Chaka Fattah statement on public option to reform America's healthcare system 0 None
2009-08-17 Transcript: "Health on The Hill" discussion of the public plan 0 None
2009-08-17 Summary of key health care provisions 0 5
2009-08-17 The President and White House officials try to debunk end-of-life care rumors 0 None
2009-08-17 Ad audit: Club for growth's anti-government message 0 None
2009-08-16 Obama administration officials soften stance on public plan 0 None
2009-08-16 Grassley's doubts, coupled with cost control issues, could complicate Dems' overhaul efforts 0 None
2009-08-16 Lawmakers reconsider Town Hall format, continue to confront reform fervor 0 None
2009-08-16 Ratio of health lobbyists to lawmakers tops 6:1 0 None
2009-08-16 White House reform strategy includes e-mail lists, union counterattack 0 None
2009-08-16 Palin defends 'death panel' claim; Clinton, Dean, Giuliani, Murkowski weigh in 1 None
2009-08-16 Obama heads west to gain momentum for reform 0 None
2009-08-16 Grassley: Senate will not include end of life care provision, controversy continues 0 None
2009-08-16 Obama presses health overhaul case to country 7 None
2009-08-16 Lawmakers investigate hospital purchasing practices 0 None
2009-08-16 Obama criticizes media coverage, insurance companies during Montana Town Hall meeting 0 None
2009-08-14 Doctors overiding end of life counseling see benefit in current controversy 1 None
2009-08-14 Updated, evidence-based guidelines highlight primary care needs of HIV patients 0 None
2009-08-14 Verizon introduces new security capabilities for health care industry 0 None
2009-08-13 MSNBC's Rachel Maddow misleading viewers on who's funding the anti-Obama health care ads 1 2.3
2009-08-13 Florida’s health centers filling critical gaps 0 None
2009-08-13 Obama's public pitches may be different than behind-the-scenes messages 0 None
2009-08-13 Polls: Protests fuel opposition to health reform bills 0 None
2009-08-13 African American groups call on health insurers to dismiss restrictive practices 0 None
2009-08-13 MedPlexus announces creation of “Cash for Clunkers” program 0 None
2009-08-13 CVS Caremark announces results of 2009 Health IQ study 0 None
2009-08-13 Britons getting irritated by health-reform rhetoric 0 None
2009-08-13 Schwarzenegger: Health worker discipline delays 'absolutely unacceptable' 0 None
2009-08-13 Grassley: No end-of-life counseling provision in Senate finance plan 0 None
2009-08-13 Grassley gets 'tough, but respectful questions' at Town Halls, repeats euthanasia claims 0 None
2009-08-13 AFGE's "Inside Government" radio show to focus on health care this week 0 None
2009-08-13 Seniors and Medicare at center of debate 0 None
2009-08-13 Anger at Town Halls continues, sides trade barbs 0 None
2009-08-13 Ad wars: Intensity picks up during August recess 0 None
2009-08-13 Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority marks one million report milestone 0 None
2009-08-13 Kill Grandma? Debunking a health bill scare tactic 1 5
2009-08-13 Building a comprehensive child vision care system 0 None
2009-08-12 Under pressure from Dems, insurers point fingers at doctors' charges 0 1
2009-08-12 Despite officials' efforts to clear air, fears about end-of-life care remain 0 None
2009-08-12 Democrats champion change, Republicans charge confusion in message talking points 0 None
2009-08-12 Congressional Black Caucus keeps up efforts for reform 0 None
2009-08-12 Cancer Institute of New Jersey expands hospital network 0 None
2009-08-12 Many seniors worry health reform could hurt instead of help 0 None
2009-08-12 Specter gets rowdy earful at forum, other lawmakers change tactics to hear constituents 0 None
2009-08-12 Obama takes reform message to New Hampshire, takes on 'scare tactics' 0 None
2009-08-12 Health care opposition exposed 1 None
2009-08-12 Fact checkers: Health care myths range from untrue to open questions 0 None
2009-08-12 Transcript: President Obama Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire 0 None
2009-08-12 A historical look at health refom 1 None
2009-08-12 Revenue cycle: How to maximize patient collections 0 None
2009-08-12 Specter to oppose health reform covering illegal immigration 8 None
2009-08-12 U.S. health care system - “envy of the world”? not in Canada! 2 5
2009-08-12 Latinos wait for health care reform while illegal immigrants face care decisions 0 None
2009-08-11 Obama hopes to retake health debate with grass (and Net) roots activity 0 None
2009-08-11 Obama pushes for health reform at New Hampshire Town Hall meeting 0 None
2009-08-11 Government stops unlawful social security suspensions 0 None
2009-08-11 Grassley feels the heat from interest groups, Demint becomes a leading opposition voice 0 None
2009-08-11 Survey finds new low in support for health overhaul 0 None
2009-08-11 comScore releases new study on online health insurance industry 0 None
2009-08-11 An analysis of key provisions in health care legislation released to-date 0 None
2009-08-11 Canadian health care: Socialized insurance, not socialized medicine 0 None
2009-08-11 Landmark legislation brings much-needed reform to New Jersey 0 None
2009-08-11 Nurses harnessing the power of wireless technologies and online communities 0 None
2009-08-11 AHIP study finds large cost variations in medical care 0 None
2009-08-11 Democrats, Republicans dispute meanings and motivations behind angry Town Hall meetings 0 None
2009-08-11 Stress management to male nursing in Johns Hopkins Nursing Summer issue 0 None
2009-08-11 ‘Antiquated’ systems means the Government is not delivering 0 None
2009-08-11 HIV-treating clinicians support health care reform, express caution 0 None
2009-08-11 Indian health service contemplates its role in health care reform 0 None
2009-08-11 The new electronic healthcare payment processing ecosystem 0 None
2009-08-11 Obama’s corporate wellness initiatives delivered by Professional Health Services 0 None
2009-08-11 Major medical biller goes public as health reform raises expectations for sector 0 None
2009-08-11 Lawmakers scrutinized, but signal a possible deal 0 None
2009-08-11 Negotiations: A 'frustrating process' as lawmakers elbow for position during recess 0 None
2009-08-11 Underinsured face daunting medical bills, look for help from Congress 0 None
2009-08-11 Sorting out the truth in the health care debate 0 None
2009-08-11 Canadian health care system may be getting 'bum rap' 0 None
2009-08-11 Governor Rendell stresses need for critical funding for autism services 0 None
2009-08-11 White House launches website to battle health reform rumors 0 None
2009-08-10 Taxes, Medicare cuts and insurance provisions in reform bills spark worry 2 None
2009-08-10 Study shows that competitive bidding benefits insurance companies and forces many seniors to use out-of-state providers 0 None
2009-08-10 Emphasis on quality reduces deaths in hospitals, report finds 0 None
2009-08-10 Doctors' opinions not always welcome in end-of-life medical choices 0 None
2009-08-10 Debate continues around end-of-life care 0 None
2009-08-10 Government versus insurance: Who's the bad guy? 0 None
2009-08-10 At health care town halls, lawmakers try to cope with very opinionated citizens 0 None
2009-08-10 New poll exploring reform opinions shows Americans divided in complex ways 0 None
2009-08-10 Americans divided on government involvement in health insurance 0 None
2009-08-10 New online tool to help nurses prevent the 10 "Never Events" 0 None
2009-08-10 Improved management reduces mortality rates in endocarditis 0 None
2009-08-10 Separating fact from fiction in health care debate 0 None
2009-08-10 AHRA and Toshiba partner on putting patients first program 0 None
2009-08-10 CHRISTUS Health strikes partnership with Elsevier for implementing CDS solutions at 25 hospitals 0 None
2009-08-10 Advocate Health Care leads Thomson Reuters' list of top 10 U.S. hospitals 0 None
2009-08-10 Sharing prescription advice among adolescents can have dangerous repercussions 0 None
2009-08-10 New state-by-state reports show how health insurance reform will benefit all Americans 0 None
2009-08-10 Secretary Sebelius announces Senate confirmation of Dr. Francis Collins as Director of NIH 0 None
2009-08-09 Electronic health records cut cardiac deaths by 73 percent 0 None
2009-08-09 Obama: Opposition health claims 'simply not true' 0 None
2009-08-09 Democrats get an earful on health care 0 None
2009-08-09 Sebelius: protesters trying to 'silence debate' 0 None
2009-08-09 Defendants in $10.9 million Medicare fraud HIV infusion scheme sentenced to 63 months in prison 0 1.5
2009-08-09 Drug industry to spend $150 million to support Obama in health overhaul efforts 0 None
2009-08-09 Facts and tactics under fire in health care debate 0 None
2009-08-07 State Governments join push for health IT 0 None
2009-08-07 Governors nervous about proposed Medicaid expansion 0 None
2009-08-07 Mental health care costs soar 0 None
2009-08-07 White House dispenses advice about defending health proposals 0 None
2009-08-07 White House deal with drug industry sparks Democratic revolt 0 None
2009-08-07 Finding the best eldercare options 0 None
2009-08-07 Fumbled hospital discharges can lead to medical errors 0 None
2009-08-07 The Endocrine Society lauds Collins confirmation as new director of NIH 0 None
2009-08-07 Opposition campaigns and protests stalk Democrats 0 None
2009-08-07 France struggling to provide universal care while controlling high costs 0 None
2009-08-07 Doctors create program to help providers adjust to rural work settings 0 None
2009-08-07 Disagreement over public plan among Dems straining party unity 0 None
2009-08-07 President criticizes 'deceptive' reform opponents, urges public support for health bills 1 None
2009-08-07 Reform could strain community health centers 0 None
2009-08-07 Guided care reduces cost of health care for seniors with chronic conditions 0 None
2009-08-07 Community insurance co-ops, medical homes offer models for reform 0 None
2009-08-06 Pending health care reform should not distract from making medical technology investments 0 None
2009-08-06 States expand kids' coverage despite widespread health care budget cuts 0 None
2009-08-06 West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency awards overpayment project to HMS 0 None
2009-08-06 Parties trade barbs, refine messages over health care reform town hall events 0 None
2009-08-06 Total number of uninsured difficult to predict 0 None
2009-08-06 Senators move closer to centrist health reform bill 0 None
2009-08-06 Physician practices help Michigan become a leading adopter of e-prescribing 0 None
2009-08-06 President Obama hosts Senate 'gang of six' at the White House for a health reform update 0 None
2009-08-06 Health reform still worth fighting for 0 None
2009-08-06 Obama to drug industry: We still have a deal 0 None
2009-08-06 Insurance industry speaks up on health reform 0 None
2009-08-06 Monographs address health reform issues 0 None
2009-08-06 Congressman’s visit to The American Legion beneficial to veterans 0 None
2009-08-06 Checking in with health insurers' chief lobbyist Karen Ignagni 0 None
2009-08-06 Big business group urges cost cutting to pay for health overhaul 0 None
2009-08-06 Huge cost of scaling up entire health system in Sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2009-08-06 Baucus/Grassley relationship challenged, other Senators weigh in on Rreform 0 None
2009-08-06 House left unfinished business when it left for August break 0 None
2009-08-06 Consumer Reports ranks five affiliates of National Surgical Hospitals as "best in state" 0 None
2009-08-06 CQ Politics examines delay in naming USAID head, Farmer's reported withdrawl 0 None
2009-08-06 Neurosurgeons support new healthcare reform bill 1 4
2009-08-06 Secretary Sebelius to host health insurance webcast 0 None
2009-08-06 In Massachusetts, a radical idea for changing how doctors are paid 0 None
2009-08-06 Take Care Health Systems now offering nebulizer treatments for acute respiratory distress 0 None
2009-08-06 Seniors defend Medicare Advantage plans 0 None
2009-08-06 Insurers say Democratic 'villain' comments on reform hurtful to process 0 None
2009-08-06 Even while considering major overhaul, Democrats expand government role in public health 0 None
2009-08-06 Comprehensive health reform proposals could help 13 million uninsured young adults gain coverage 0 None
2009-08-06 Health bills create tension over abortion coverage 0 None
2009-08-06 Checking in with health insurers' chief lobbyist Karen Ignagni 0 None
2009-08-06 Dartmouth wins $3 million for health IT research 0 None
2009-08-06 CNN poll finds Americans' opinons are divided regarding the President's health reform push 0 None
2009-08-06 $1 million grant to Rhode Island hospital for melanoma screening training program 0 None
2009-08-05 In health care debate, small businesses are key 0 None
2009-08-05 Medicare proposes capping home health care agency payments 0 None
2009-08-05 Interest groups crowd airwaves, pursue lawmakers 0 None
2009-08-05 States confront budget pressure, anticipate reform 0 None
2009-08-05 Plans to control doctors' pay big in Massachusetts, not so much in Washington 0 None
2009-08-05 Wolters Kluwer Health announces release of new health care software 0 None
2009-08-05 Health care reform must avoid conflicts-of-interest 0 None
2009-08-05 Poll numbers show public wary of health reform legislation 0 None
2009-08-05 Baucus: Bipartisan group of finance committee members reach Medpac agreement 0 None
2009-08-05 Insurance agents look into the future and see uncertainty and "opportunity" 0 None
2009-08-05 Are insurers' profits as low as they Claim? 3 None
2009-08-04 President Obama to Senate Democrats: let's do lunch 0 None
2009-08-04 Website helps caregivers navigate Medicare 0 None
2009-08-04 Mexico steps up efforts to attract medical tourists 0 None
2009-08-04 Senate Dems prepare contingency plans as finance negotiators grapple for a deal 0 None
2009-08-04 Rural hospital places critical bet on health IT 0 None
2009-08-04 No recess rest in health reform ad wars 0 None
2009-08-04 Health insurance chief lobbyist says "villain" comments hurt process 0 None
2009-08-04 Many Americans find themselves flummoxed by health care reform 0 None
2009-08-04 Lobbyists play ball, flex muscles on health care reform 0 None
2009-08-04 Health reform: Good for small business, according to President's economic advisors 0 None
2009-08-04 Battles over insurance reform afflict House Democrats 1 None
2009-08-04 Protesters disrupt Democrats' best-laid plans for health reform 'conversations' 0 None
2009-08-04 Health care CEOs see decline in compensation 0 None
2009-08-04 Obama really does have best health care in the world! 0 None
2009-08-04 White House: 'No middle class tax hike' 0 None
2009-08-04 Guardian examines U.K. offer to help provide free healthcare in 'world's poorest countries' 0 None
2009-08-04 University of Illinois at Chicago awarded $7.2 million to eliminate health disparities 0 None
2009-08-04 For doctors and even patients, rationing health care is an everday occurrence 0 None
2009-08-04 Public baffled by health care arguments 0 None
2009-08-04 Will emphasis on prevention bring health costs down? 0 None
2009-08-03 Schumer: Sen. Democrats might approve health reform legislation without Republicans 0 None
2009-08-03 Parents fear medical errors when children in hospital 0 None
2009-08-03 Ten exceptional health professionals have unique opportunity to influence health reform 0 None
2009-08-03 Senate Democrats in the 'hot seat' on health overhaul 0 None
2009-08-03 Lawmakers, officials distort the facts to support or oppose health overhaul 0 None
2009-08-03 Comp. effectiveness promises better, cheaper health care but cricits link it to rationing 0 None
2009-08-03 Doctor shortage and disparities after reform examined, nurses prepare for changing role 0 None
2009-08-03 House recesses, Democrats reflect on accomplishments and what's ahead 0 None
2009-08-03 White House retools message as GOP opposition, public opinion push back 0 None
2009-08-03 Health care industry increases lobbying spending 0 None
2009-08-03 Number of uninsured California kids may double 0 None
2009-08-03 California's struggle with insurance exchanges offers lesson for national reform 0 None
2009-08-03 Democrats hone August health care message, Republicans plan counter-offensive 0 None
2009-08-03 Divisions over future Medicare spending surface in house 0 None


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