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RSSArchived Healthcare News Stories - October 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-10-31 NHS trust is compensating the bereaved and victims for poor patient care 0 None
2010-10-30 2010 Mid-Atlantic Bio a great kick-off for hosting 2011 BIO International Convention 0 None
2010-10-30 HDMG and Heritage Health Care host over 4000 seniors at 20th anniversary of Health Expo 0 None
2010-10-30 The Melting Pot joins St. Jude in seventh annual Thanks and Giving campaign 0 None
2010-10-30 Special issue of Ecopsychology outlines woman's self-perception and behavior 0 None
2010-10-30 New Specialist Library offers treatment for eating disorders 0 None
2010-10-30 Marijuana legalization initiatives prompt NFIA to launch 'But What About the Children?' campaign 7 1.8
2010-10-30 National Conference to educate breast cancer patients about personal health 0 None
2010-10-30 Dance for the Cure of Prostate Cancer: A national awareness and fundraising campaign 0 None
2010-10-30 Summit discusses value, cost-effectiveness of America's investment in wellness and prevention 0 None
2010-10-30 Halloween treats can expand waistline and decrease productivity 0 None
2010-10-30 Progress made in universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care under threat 0 None
2010-10-30 NOAA and FDA add second chemical test for detecting dispersants in Gulf seafood 0 None
2010-10-30 NTU and Imperial College to jointly establish Singapore's third medical school 0 5
2010-10-30 Value of medical innovation far outstrips its cost, says Lilly CEO 0 None
2010-10-30 HHS announces 'Early Innovators' grants for states to implement IT for health insurance exchanges 0 None
2010-10-30 Premier Purchasing awards new agreements for bandages, dressings and gauze 0 None
2010-10-30 ACS to host event on food safety at AAAS auditorium 0 None
2010-10-30 Largest annual Pregnancy Wellness report distributed to millions 0 None
2010-10-30 NABT to recognize biology teacher of South Salem High School with 2010 Evolution Education Award 0 None
2010-10-30 Federal government takes second enforcement action against food distributor Lao Trading 0 None
2010-10-30 SAVE hosts Suicide Survivor and Bereavement Leadership Summit 0 None
2010-10-30 Target joins American Cancer Society in 2010 Great American Smokeout 0 None
2010-10-30 New MBP solution helps provide lifesaving HIV-prevention medications to mothers and babies 0 None
2010-10-30 Taligen CEO recognized with Mass High Tech 2010 All-Star Award 0 None
2010-10-30 CMA calls for nominations of 2011 Award for Excellence in Health Promotion 0 None
2010-10-30 HIMSS celebrates 50th anniversary year and formation of Central Pennsylvania chapter 0 None
2010-10-30 Linda Vista receives Culture Change Initiative grant from Oregon's DHS 0 None
2010-10-30 NYBC calls for blood donations during Pancreatic and Lung Cancer Awareness Month 0 None
2010-10-30 Surrogates preference increases for value-laden decisions in ICUs: Report 0 None
2010-10-30 MNA nurses and Caritas Christi Health Care ratify landmark master agreement 0 None
2010-10-30 Experts at XXXIII World Congress present new clinical challenges about thrombotic disorders 0 None
2010-10-30 UBM's virtual expo offers job opportunities and career development for psychiatrists, mental health professionals 0 None
2010-10-30 Third summit on health care fraud prevention commences on 5th November 0 None
2010-10-30 Annual meeting of INFORMS to take place at Austin Convention Center 0 None
2010-10-30 Chicago to host BIO International Convention again in 2013 and 2016 0 None
2010-10-30 Denver Examiner selects Cannabis Medical as top stock pick for investors in medical marijuana sector 0 None
2010-10-30 HDL and Virginia governor announce $4.2 million investment for expanding operations 0 None
2010-10-30 Life's humanitarian campaign to provide aid to hospitals and clinics in Pakistan 0 None
2010-10-30 Study classifies best-selling scented household products as carcinogens 0 None
2010-10-30 Delaware Physicians Care #21 on NCQA's top 25 Medicaid plan rankings 0 None
2010-10-30 Study evaluates community weight loss campaign through online competition 0 None
2010-10-30 New NRNB center helps clinicians to study network biology 0 None
2010-10-30 Anthem reaches long-term agreement with Hartford and Windham hospitals 0 None
2010-10-30 NIH director receives Mid-Atlantic Bio Lifetime Achievement Award 0 None
2010-10-30 AACR announces launch of new journal, Cancer Discovery 0 None
2010-10-30 Memorial Healthcare System to implement ExactCost Cardiovascular Service Line 0 None
2010-10-30 Experts at ICB-2010 Conference to discuss new research findings in biotherapy 0 None
2010-10-30 PUMA's Project Pink program raises funds for Women's Cancer Research Center 0 None
2010-10-30 ADA apologizes for not strongly enforcing non-discriminatory membership practices 0 None
2010-10-30 MGH Institute shatters fundraising records at Annual Scholarship Gala 0 5
2010-10-30 Secretary Clinton, USAID Administrator Shah address importance of development assistance partnerships between India, U.S. 0 None
2010-10-30 Research Roundup: Primary care doc pay and satisfaction; fixes to Medicare reimbursements; free vaccines? 0 None
2010-10-30 BioMedix receives ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification for TRAKnet Practice Management Software 0 None
2010-10-30 Races tighten over health overhaul issues as clock ticks down to midterm elections 0 None
2010-10-30 Lancet series examines malaria eradication goal 0 None
2010-10-30 Health reform implementation: Insurance options, states and exchanges, ACOs 0 None
2010-10-30 Providers brace for health overhaul, seek to improve quality 0 None
2010-10-30 HHS approves hundreds more local Gov'ts, businesses, unions for early retiree health program 0 None
2010-10-30 Medicare pilots deliver mixed savings results 0 None
2010-10-30 Enrollees in high-deductible plans may be forgoing care because of high costs 0 None
2010-10-30 State Watch: R.I. group experiments with payment reform; Ariz. dispute over abortion; Vt. and Feds to end monitoring of caregivers 0 None
2010-10-30 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2010-10-30 Drug and device makers face new taxes, fees 0 None
2010-10-30 Today's Op-Eds: Competition among insurers; health reform and hospital cuts; Medicare reimbursement crisis 0 None
2010-10-29 Practice Fusion receives ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification for EHR system 0 None
2010-10-29 New Chicago Sports Concussion Clinic at Rush University provides proper diagnosis for athletes 0 None
2010-10-29 FDA awards 84 grants worth $18.5 million to boost food and feed safety initiatives 0 None
2010-10-29 ACRO responds to government report on FDA's Overseas Offices 0 None
2010-10-29 Beryl Institute releases White Paper on patient experience 0 None
2010-10-29 Professionals share ideas on effective ways to educate patients, practitioners and public about cancer 0 None
2010-10-29 Wolters Kluwer Health partners with Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and State Ministry for Scientific Research 0 None
2010-10-29 NCI indifferent to, or unaware, of avoidable non-smoking causes of lung cancer, says coalition 0 None
2010-10-29 Phytonutrient Report says Americans do not consume enough fruits and vegetables 0 None
2010-10-29 Stanford study shows aged people can solve highly emotional problems 0 None
2010-10-29 First Edition: October 29, 2010 0 None
2010-10-29 Good report cards mean more money for nursing homes 0 None
2010-10-29 Diabetic Hypoglycemia supports World Diabetes Day 0 None
2010-10-29 New e-SMART-HD program helps improve doctor-patient communications 0 None
2010-10-29 New Ostomy Algorithm receives support of nurses 0 None
2010-10-29 Healthcare costs expected to reach $191.6 billion in 2010 0 None
2010-10-29 Public health care supporters call for investigation of Copeman Healthcare Centre 0 1
2010-10-29 Health plan costs may cause members to delay care, put families in financial jeopardy 0 None
2010-10-29 New wearable wireless sensors can improve healthcare 0 None
2010-10-29 Pepsi Refresh grant helps in launching Rett syndrome drug development program 0 None
2010-10-29 New eight-month pilot program to advance standards of care for people with schizophrenia 0 None
2010-10-29 Mary Ann Liebert launches Brain Connectivity journal 0 None
2010-10-29 Memorial mass for former Loyola University Hospital cardiothoracic surgeon 0 None
2010-10-29 Inadequate payments prompt insurance companies to raise premiums, avoid low-income market 0 None
2010-10-29 VCU Massey receives grant to expand cancer research community program 0 None
2010-10-29 Miami Miller School receives grant to study impact of GenerationOne's mobile solution on heart failure patients 0 None
2010-10-29 Health overhaul dominates some state, midterm races, but is ignored in others 0 None
2010-10-29 Hospital group and physicians looking at ACOs; Harvard to open primary care education center 0 None
2010-10-29 Prominent scientist in mitochondrial genetics joins Children's Hospital to establish CMEM 0 5
2010-10-29 examines India’s push for clearer definition of counterfeit, substandard medicines 0 None
2010-10-29 cbm marks 10 millionth cataract surgery 0 None
2010-10-29 Nursing homes struggle to allow seniors use of medical marijuana 0 None
2010-10-29 New surgical centers open in Penn., faith-based clinic in Michigan 0 None
2010-10-29 Physicians suggest tips to overcome acute pain 0 None
2010-10-29 CNN reports on recent uptick in cholera cases worldwide 0 None
2010-10-29 Outcome-based contract between CIGNA and Merck helps diabetics control blood sugar levels 0 None
2010-10-29 Agweek examines USAID's food aid purchases 0 None
2010-10-29 Countdown on as Republicans ready health repeal agenda, Democrats continue push 0 None
2010-10-29 Return of the doc cuts threatens access, physician-group lobby says, again 0 None
2010-10-29 With incentives from insurers, pharmacies refocus from snacks to drugs 0 None
2010-10-29 Physician-owned hospitals racing to meet health law deadline 0 None
2010-10-29 More details of the health law revealed as implementation unfolds 0 None
2010-10-29 Health law only small part of insurance rate increases 0 None
2010-10-29 Long hours and nights on call lead to surgeon distress 0 None
2010-10-29 Statewatch: D.C poised to approve Johns Hopkins-Sibley deal; Controversial Medicaid cuts in Idaho, Indiana 0 None
2010-10-29 KHN Column: What if the President had changed his priorities? A pre-election analysis from an alternate universe 0 None
2010-10-29 Health on The Hill – October 27, 2010 0 None
2010-10-29 Opinions: Defense, diplomacy, development; PMTCT in Africa; perils of DIY aid; cholera in Haiti 0 None
2010-10-29 Today's Op-Eds: Medicare rip-offs; Courts and the individual mandate; Accountable care 0 None
2010-10-28 Health department officer admits taking bribes 0 None
2010-10-28 First Edition: October 28, 2010 0 None
2010-10-28 AACN joins call for system-wide programs for medication reconciliation 0 5
2010-10-28 New oncology training program for registered nurses in Ghana 0 None
2010-10-28 Medical costs per workers' compensation claim in Texas stabilized in 2007: Study 0 None
2010-10-28 NICE issues PTNS guidance for overactive bladder 0 None
2010-10-28 New version of Addiction Severity Index performs well in psychometric terms 0 None
2010-10-28 Joined-up approach to evaluate childhood obesity programmes 0 None
2010-10-28 NMA/NBNA releases new consensus report on RSV 0 None
2010-10-28 Future of health reform legislation and voting for Congressional elections 0 None
2010-10-28 Teck donates $2.5M to support emergency programs and services at St. Paul's Hospital 0 None
2010-10-28 Older patients suffer with real life-changing burdens after beating sepsis: Study 0 None
2010-10-28 Improved end-of-life care needed in Canada 0 None
2010-10-28 PCP credits dedicated primary care community for formation of Harvard's new Center 0 None
2010-10-28 PFF’s national scientific conference improves clinical understanding of IPF 0 None
2010-10-28 Outcomes detects over one million drug therapy problems through Targeted Intervention Program 0 None
2010-10-28 Abbott provides $180,000 to support recent cholera outbreak in central Haiti 0 None
2010-10-28 Federal Government seizes prescription and OTC drug products from Tri-Med Labs 0 None
2010-10-28 The Methodist Hospital Research Institute opens 12-story, 440,000 square foot research facility 0 None
2010-10-28 SAMHSA awards funds to assist new Project LAUNCH for children's health issues 0 None
2010-10-28 ESHRE releases new textbook for paramedics in the field of reproductive medicine 0 1
2010-10-28 Cholera outbreak in Haiti shows 'slight slowing,' but experts say interventions should continue 0 None
2010-10-28 World's largest free-standing proton therapy center opens 0 None
2010-10-28 Delegates from nine African countries discuss health information systems 0 None
2010-10-28 Administrative costs of Medicare plans decline 4.1% in 2009 0 None
2010-10-28 Consumer groups still concerned as insurance rules are considered by HHS 0 None
2010-10-28 Global supply of medical products create demanding challenges for Life Sciences industry 0 None
2010-10-28 Phrma pushes back against campaign calls for Medicare Part D price negotiation 0 None
2010-10-28 Polio vaccination campaign targeting 72M children in 15 African countries announced; Ugandan health authorities declare polio outbreak 0 None
2010-10-28 Report notes potential for African agriculture, European partnerships 0 None
2010-10-28 A look at the secretive AMA panel behind Medicare's payment rates 0 None
2010-10-28 Sec. of State Clinton commits $44M toward new initiatives to empower women 0 None
2010-10-28 Mass. hospitals turn away mentally ill kids, Anthem braces for rate hearings, other state news 0 None
2010-10-28 Intuit Health patient portal solutions selected by AMS for physician practices 0 None
2010-10-28 Republican's controversial proposal to mend Medicare 0 None
2010-10-28 Ford pays down debt, including to worker's health trust 1 None
2010-10-28 Gov. candidates in Florida, Minnesota offer few details on health care 0 None
2010-10-28 Candidates on health care offense, defense in final week before election 0 None
2010-10-28 Health IT Roundup: Digital divide, a VA contract, the open data movement 0 None
2010-10-28 Glaxo to pay $750 million settlement for defective, unsafe medicines 0 None
2010-10-28 Today's Op-Eds: Costs of health care lawsuits; politics and the deficit; self-recusal and the Supreme Court 0 None
2010-10-27 Public and private investment approaches carry potential for eliminating health disparities 0 None
2010-10-27 First Edition: October 27, 2010 0 None
2010-10-27 notifymd announces new offering in MGMA's AdminiServe Partner Network 0 None
2010-10-27 HHS announces $3.9 million in funding to support Family-to-Family Health Information Centers 0 None
2010-10-27 Tips to prevent lead poisoning in children 0 None
2010-10-27 Bruegger's announces new partnership with Children's Miracle Network 0 None
2010-10-27 PLoS Medicine: Journals need to develop policies for inevitable competing interests 0 None
2010-10-27 Survey finds significant increase in cost of care in nursing homes and assisted living 0 None
2010-10-27 MedLearn and Panacea launch coding, compliance, and reimbursement system for pharmacy departments 0 None
2010-10-27 Tips to maintain healthy weight through Halloween and holidays 0 None
2010-10-27 HRS to co-sponsor world's premier annual electrophysiology meeting 0 None
2010-10-27 DMC and Vanguard extend definitive purchase agreement 0 None
2010-10-27 Baxa announces 2011 dates for courses at STAR Center training facility 0 None
2010-10-27 AseraCare publishes guide book on hospice 0 None
2010-10-27 New campaign raises funds for UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital 0 None
2010-10-27 Preventive health programs reduce employee health risks 0 None
2010-10-27 The Beryl Institute Survey finds patient experience as an emerging priority among hospitals 0 None
2010-10-27 Prevention, oral health literacy, rebuilding public health infrastructure are key to improving nation's oral health 0 None
2010-10-27 WHO regulation on human toxicity helps in reducing acute pesticide poisoning 0 None
2010-10-27 Playnormous Video Games receive Creative Child Magazine's 2010 Media of the Year Award 0 None
2010-10-27 Fever, diarrhoea or vomiting do not prevent British parents from sending children to school 0 None
2010-10-27 Expert shares information on detoxification to promote better health 0 None
2010-10-27 Widely used fragranced products give off toxic chemicals 0 None
2010-10-27 New intervention strategies help manage depression 0 1
2010-10-27 TCSPP, Los Angeles launches Forensic Training Institute 0 None
2010-10-27 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins to publish journal Pathology 0 None
2010-10-27 Survive & Thrive event assists OIF/OEF service members with traumatic brain injury 0 None
2010-10-27 Marital adjustment associated with better health status for RA patients 0 None
2010-10-27 Halting mosquito surveillance can increase management costs of epidemics 300 times 0 None
2010-10-27 New International malaria research consortium to develop novel classes of antimalarials 0 None
2010-10-27 New York DOH and NYeC plan to create country's largest network for EHRs 0 None
2010-10-27 CJPS Medical releases VitalPoint device to improve healthcare 0 1
2010-10-27 Diabetic patients unwilling to pay physicians for outside scheduled office visits 0 None
2010-10-27 Study finds prevalence of cognitive impairment in older adults with severe sepsis 0 None
2010-10-27 Dangerous combination of alcohol and caffeine in energy drink 0 None
2010-10-27 USAID announces LAUNCH: Health innovators 0 None
2010-10-27 Telehealth Monitoring System improves health outcomes in patients with chronic diseases 0 None
2010-10-27 IPS examines USAID's implementation and procurement reform 0 None
2010-10-27 U.S. Preventative Services Task Force cancels meeting to review prostate-cancer screening 0 None
2010-10-27 Coalition pushes to replace Conn. Insurance Commissioner; Ind. lawmakers raise questions about Medicaid program 0 None
2010-10-27 Some Hill races could hinge on seniors anger over Medicare 0 None
2010-10-27 Political picture still dreary for some Dems who backed health reform 0 None
2010-10-27 ECSA forum kicks off Monday with discussion on effects of funding, health worker shortages on MDGS 0 None
2010-10-27 Reuters examines how harm reduction policies in Switzerland could serve as model for reducing spread of HIV/AIDS among IDUs 0 5
2010-10-27 Physicians' efforts keep payments on Medicare database confidential 1 None
2010-10-27 Bayer launches unique fitness program for hemophilia A children 0 None
2010-10-27 335M available under HHS Expanded Services initiative for community health centers 0 None
2010-10-27 New technologies streamline health IT system; Electronic medical records raise privacy issues 0 None
2010-10-27 Upper Peninsula Health Plan awards 3-year PBM contract to Catalyst Rx 0 None
2010-10-27 Pharmaceutical industry pays billions in fraud settlements; Walgreen selling PBM Co. 0 None
2010-10-27 Medicare growing fiscally unsustainable yet remains politically untouchable 0 None
2010-10-27 Trilogy receives four-year federal grant from SAMHSA 0 None
2010-10-27 Doctors agree on need to change Medicare pay, but not how 0 None
2010-10-27 Insuring your health: High risk pools for people with medical issues start slowly 0 None
2010-10-27 States, insurers, employers move forward with health law implementation 0 None
2010-10-27 Health care angst keeps campaigns on edge in final week 0 None
2010-10-26 ACS My Medicare Advocate helps retirees chart Medicare decision process 0 None
2010-10-26 New heart and vascular clinic to implement Streamline Health's HIM Suite of document workflow solutions 0 None
2010-10-26 Racial disparities among children with frequent ear infections can influence access to health care resources 0 None
2010-10-26 First Edition: October 26, 2010 0 None
2010-10-26 Archimedes launches AOA web application to help healthcare organizations 0 None
2010-10-26 AAHC launches Education and Training Clinical Research Compliance Tool 0 None
2010-10-26 Prevention of vascular diseases needed to avoid tsunami of cases 0 None
2010-10-26 72 million children to be immunized against polio across 15 African countries 0 None
2010-10-26 DGAC Report highlights effective approaches to facilitate better eating habits among Americans 0 None
2010-10-26 Rush and UHC awarded $500,000 grant to boost medical travel to U.S. academic medical centers 0 None
2010-10-26 Novation, MedLearn enter agreement to provide unsurpassed coding, reimbursement expertise to health care organizations 0 None
2010-10-26 Admissions for medication, drug-related conditions increase by 117% among Americans aged 45 and older 0 None
2010-10-26 RLJ launches insurance services 0 None
2010-10-26 Pharmacopeias of US and Kazakhstan sign accord 0 None
2010-10-26 Athletic performance can improve after heat acclimation 0 None
2010-10-26 New Risk Stratification Index allows important clinical outcomes 0 None
2010-10-26 Contraband tobacco accounts for 43% of cigarettes consumed by Ontario students 0 None
2010-10-26 Innovative program for new graduate doctors to ensure safety prescription 0 None
2010-10-26 New strategic brand platform shows UPMC as world-class health care organization 0 None
2010-10-26 NAA applauds IACC's decision on safety issues in autism community 0 None
2010-10-26 Challenges in overcoming communication barriers when treating non-Swedish-speaking patients 0 None
2010-10-26 DKSH’s distribution centers achieve GMP/GDP certification 0 None
2010-10-26 Beryl redefines focus as patient experience company 0 None
2010-10-26 Behavioral economics and school nutrition 0 5
2010-10-26 Barbers help customers control high blood pressure 0 None
2010-10-26 COPD Alliance calls upon primary care clinicians to STEP forward in fight against COPD 0 None
2010-10-26 Pre-retirees concerned over rising healthcare costs 0 None
2010-10-26 AAHP highlights safety of homeopathic children's medicines 0 None
2010-10-26 Physiotherapy Associates announces affiliation with National Multiple Sclerosis Society 0 None
2010-10-26 John Theurer Cancer Center unveils new $130M, 155,000-square-foot comprehensive facility 0 None
2010-10-26 Cholera epidemic in Haiti persists despite slow down in fatalities 0 None
2010-10-26 To reach MDGs, citizens must demand more from political leaders, former U.N. Secretary-General tells U.N. Foundation board meeting 0 None
2010-10-26 Medicare plan choices attract attention as open enrollment approaches 0 None
2010-10-26 Sprint to Meaningful Use solution helps healthcare organizations to achieve Stage 1 requirements 0 None
2010-10-26 Health politics: Obama challenges GOP on health law; insurers backing republicans; Democrat Manchin opposes law 0 None
2010-10-26 Future geriatric care should focus on systems, not technology, say nurses 0 None
2010-10-26 In India, major reduction seen in polio since 2009, WHO says on World Polio Day 0 None
2010-10-26 Michigan hospitals focus on ERs for seniors; GA. voters consider funding new trauma centers 0 None
2010-10-26 Take McAlester Back campaign for drug-free life 0 None
2010-10-26 Doctors, nurses and urgent care centers address increasing demand 0 None
2010-10-26 Calif. budget comes in the nick of time for health centers; LA. Gov. announces cuts in health care funding 0 None
2010-10-26 Fluoride consumption can cause mild enamel fluorosis 0 1
2010-10-26 Confusion over reform may fuel health fraud 0 None
2010-10-25 Paramedics at risk of stress, anxiety and depression: Study 0 5
2010-10-25 Entrust Healthcare acquires PRISMA Systems Medical Billing 0 None
2010-10-25 Mergers between hospitals and insurers expected to increase 0 None
2010-10-25 Catalyst Rx awarded new service contract with Wellmark 0 5
2010-10-25 Online health records gain (a little) popularity 0 2
2010-10-25 VitalHealth and Mayo Medical Laboratories collaborate to offer EHR 0 None
2010-10-25 Tips for unemployed buying health insurance 0 None
2010-10-25 Dueling letters on Medicare Part D changes 0 None
2010-10-25 Today's Op-Eds: Confusion, compromises on health reform law 0 None
2010-10-25 MSSNY names athenahealth as preferred EHR vendor 0 None
2010-10-25 Vital Images Vitrea Enterprise Suite receives VMware Ready designation 0 None
2010-10-25 Health law implementation hitting snags 0 None
2010-10-25 Doctations 2.0 EHR system achieves Surescripts Gold Certification and ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification 0 None
2010-10-25 KHN column: What if Republicans win? 0 None
2010-10-25 Political cartoon: 'Incumbent Check-Up' 0 None
2010-10-25 Emdeon Clinician receives Meaningful Use of EHR Technology certification 0 None
2010-10-25 Safety tips to reduce risk of lead exposure 0 None
2010-10-25 EMP named #4 on 'Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare' 0 None
2010-10-25 GSA Annual Scientific Meeting to focus on up-to-date news on aging 0 None
2010-10-25 World Vision increases response in cholera affected Haiti 0 None
2010-10-25 Intensive population management program reduces risk of death, health care costs 0 None
2010-10-25 Barriers for female heart patients entering cardiac rehab 0 None
2010-10-25 First Edition: October 25, 2010 0 None
2010-10-25 Non communicable diseases will cost India USD237 billion during 2006-15 0 None
2010-10-25 FDA to improve food safety practices in retail establishments 0 None
2010-10-25 New Canadian Cardiovascular Society guidelines support clinicians in practicing evidence-based medicine 0 None
2010-10-25 FDA warns about risk of Hyland's Teething Tablets to children 1 None
2010-10-25 Research Roundup: U.S. life expectancy ratings; Medicare Advantage outlook; Should advanced cancer patients have routine screening tests? 0 None
2010-10-25 Precautions needed against cold-related frostbite, ankle sprains and fractures 0 2
2010-10-25 Nestle announces plan to decrease sodium content in products 0 None
2010-10-25 Saint Francis HealthCare Partners and Phytel partner to achieve NCQA recognition 0 None
2010-10-25 Sen. Grassley asks HHS to probe doctors using excessive prescriptions 0 None
2010-10-25 Governor Rendell vetoes Senate Bill 1280 0 None
2010-10-25 State officials adopt standards for insurers' expenses 0 None
2010-10-25 Governor Edward G. Rendell signs Senate Bill 922 into law 0 None
2010-10-25 Joint Commission: Medical errors in hospitals tied to 'handoffs' of patients 0 None
2010-10-25 CPSC and child safety organizations release new crib safety video 0 None
2010-10-25 Cholera outbreak kills 138, more than 1,500 other cases reported, Haitian health ministry officials say 0 None
2010-10-25 UC San Diego researchers receive two federal grants for biomedical informatics 0 None
2010-10-25 Massive Medicare fraud operation nets millions in Miami 0 None
2010-10-25 Health reform - and opposition to it - remains contentious as Nov. 2 nears 0 None
2010-10-25 Daschle says GOP might defund health plan, and other overhaul news 0 None
2010-10-25 Vote set on contentious health law provision 0 None
2010-10-25 Diabetes and peripheral artery disease are costly; PAD may spur growth in medical device industry 0 None
2010-10-25 State Watch: N.Y. approves rate hikes; Arizona referendum on health insurance mandate; Md. insurer cuts broker fees 0 None
2010-10-25 Daschle on health law: Defunding is 'a serious threat' 0 None
2010-10-25 GE Healthcare signs definitive agreement to acquire Clarient 0 1
2010-10-25 72% of patients misdiagnosed with pneumonia upon readmission : Study 0 None
2010-10-25 New annual campaign to prevent skin cancer 0 None
2010-10-25 State regulators recommend new health insurance rules 0 None
2010-10-25 ASD-related health care expenditures escalate in state Medicaid programs 0 None
2010-10-25 Candidates debating health law as election nears 0 None
2010-10-25 Opinions: U.S. aid for Haiti delays; U.S. Medical Education Initiative 0 None
2010-10-24 Hepatitis C from anesthetist case assumes new proportions 0 None
2010-10-22 AlloSource receives Foothills Award from CPEx 0 5
2010-10-22 Quest Diagnostics reports use of prescription opiates by American workers has increased by 40% 0 5
2010-10-22 UTHealth renewed as 'Center of Excellence' by NIDA 0 None
2010-10-22 Primary care-based patient navigation can reduce healthcare disparities 0 None
2010-10-22 First Edition: October 22, 2010 0 None
2010-10-22 BIOCOM selects partneringONE platform for Global Life Science Partnering Conference 0 None
2010-10-22 New technology could prove effective in mentoring general surgeons in remote locations 0 None
2010-10-22 Justice dept. pushes for services to move patients out of mental hospitals 0 None
2010-10-22 PSST training helps mothers to cope with stress associated with child's disease 0 None
2010-10-22 Health care fraud roundup: 30-year sentence for doctor upheld; KY. cracks down 0 None
2010-10-22 Nurses in health care facilities may perform better through harm reduction strategies: Researchers 0 None
2010-10-22 Patients are under-informed about treatments; Home-based care gains popularity 0 None
2010-10-22 Participants explore role of pediatric oncology nurses at APHON 34th Annual Convention 0 None
2010-10-22 American Academy takes measures to attract women to become orthopaedic surgeons 0 None
2010-10-22 KHN column: Yeah, those emergency rooms are crowded 0 None
2010-10-22 Mount Sinai School of Medicine launches inner-city mental health program for children 0 None
2010-10-22 Drug payment database spurs local reports 0 None
2010-10-22 Stanford Hospital opens Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Clinic 0 None
2010-10-22 New guidelines feature various key updates for stroke or TIA survivors 0 None
2010-10-22 HFMA reviews 3M DRG Assurance Program using Peer Review Process 0 None
2010-10-22 Canadian hospitals' contracts with consultants scrutinized 0 None
2010-10-22 Electronic Medicaid data goes missing; New report says med-tech companies 'under siege' 0 None
2010-10-22 Health Plan One introduces web-based Medicare Quick Quotes Tool 0 None
2010-10-22 Dems and GOP each find something to cheer about in health care polls; Justice Thomas' wife against law 0 None
2010-10-22 Parent-only treatments for childhood obesity work effectively: Researchers 0 None
2010-10-22 Medicare beneficiaries will find fewer advantage and prescription drug plans 0 None
2010-10-22 LA. drops plans for quickly setting up new health plan for poor; national health insurer accused on providing "junk insurance" in Calif 0 None
2010-10-22 Rising cost of long-term care threatens state, federal budgets 0 None
2010-10-22 Clinical research scholar receives grant to promote lifestyle changes for HIV patients 0 None
2010-10-22 Malaria deaths in India 13 times higher than WHO estimate, study says 0 None
2010-10-22 State races take on health care tone as candidates talk overhaul 0 None
2010-10-22 Insurance commissioners to vote on spending requirements 0 None
2010-10-22 Today's OpEds: Orszag on malpractice reform; debate over individual mandate; insurers' hard-ball tactics 0 None
2010-10-21 First Edition: October 21, 2010 0 None
2010-10-21 UHCMC improves workflow using Toshiba's suite of systems 0 None
2010-10-21 Cord Blood to explain queries on VoiceAmerica Radio Network 0 None
2010-10-21 NBER project identifies and analyzes African successes 0 None
2010-10-21 Major companies phase out BPA from food and beverage packaging 0 None
2010-10-21 Thomson Reuters Consumer Healthcare Sentiment Index rises for second month 0 None
2010-10-21 Covidien helps sustain transportation program for low-income women needing prenatal care 0 None
2010-10-21 Bonati Spine Institute supports National Breast Cancer Awareness 0 None
2010-10-21 Nurse leaders reveal $4,000 decrease in annual salary 0 None
2010-10-21 Cardinal Health Foundation to award $1 million grant to help U.S. hospitals 0 None
2010-10-21 RNAO dismayed at government's decision to shelve report recommending sound anti-smoking measures 0 None
2010-10-21 National Staging Initiative to standardize cancer stage information across Canada 0 None
2010-10-21 SFMU selects Springer to publish new French scientific research journal 0 None
2010-10-21 Empire announces launch of Patient Centered Medical Home pilot 0 None
2010-10-21 FDA asks manufacturers to add new warnings to labeling of prostate cancer drugs 0 None
2010-10-21 SO2 emission raise health concerns 0 None
2010-10-21 ASTRO selects Scripps Clinic nurse for 2010 Excellence Award 0 None
2010-10-21 PMAI offers new addiction treatment options for opioid dependence 0 None
2010-10-21 Rep. Xavier Becerra receives CHA's Health Care Champion Award 0 None
2010-10-21 Stereotaxis launches Odyssey Interventional Network portal for global cardiovascular community 0 None
2010-10-21 European FP7 research project to develop environment-friendly pest control products 0 None
2010-10-21 Eating whole grains and limiting refined grains reduce body fat 0 None
2010-10-21 Seven million people in Pakistan still without shelter since flooding, U.N. says 0 None
2010-10-21 Internet searching for health info growing, but not dominant 0 None
2010-10-21 More groups challenge Democrats on health issues as GOP lays out repeal clues 0 None
2010-10-21 Report finds shortage of Mass. physicians is getting worse 0 None
2010-10-21 NASA establishes Human Health and Performance Center 0 None
2010-10-21 Partnership between institutions in high- and low-resource areas can improve pediatric sarcoma treatment 0 None
2010-10-21 Employers not dropping coverage as Mental Health Parity law is enacted 0 None
2010-10-21 Idaho halts Medicaid cuts for dental care; Georgia and justice department reach accord on mental health services 0 None
2010-10-21 Cost of health plans rise, but health law only one reason 0 None
2010-10-21 HHS did not violate federal law for Medicare ads, GAO says 0 None
2010-10-21 Unitedhealth says it will test lump sum payments for some cancer care, reports earnings 0 None
2010-10-21 C PORT Solutions releases new mobile computing platform for healthcare facilities 0 None
2010-10-21 CMS head Berwick praises new center for Medicare and Medicaid innovation 0 None
2010-10-21 VA checklists save lives, study says 0 None
2010-10-21 NYU Langone Medical Center announces establishment of Smilow Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Center 0 None
2010-10-21 Health reform law news: HHS awards $30 million in consumer assistance grants 0 None
2010-10-21 Candidates discuss Medicare, Medicaid spending 0 None
2010-10-21 Business groups seek health care payment reforms 0 None
2010-10-21 A new way to pay for chemotherapy 0 None
2010-10-21 Beaumont Hospital announces opening of new Ernst Cardiovascular Center 0 None
2010-10-21 Thomson Reuters introduces new version of Clinical Xpert Navigator 0 None
2010-10-21 Also in Global Health News: Foreign aid in Ethiopia; Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation; Health in Myanmar; Poverty in Zambia; Rwanda's progress on MDGs; Men involved in PMTCT of HIV 0 None
2010-10-21 Today's Opinions: The health law and Medicare, issues of implementation; the call for repeal 0 None
2010-10-21 Study: Flu vaccine is money loser for doctors paid by Medicaid 0 None
2010-10-20 NHS needs £20bn of efficiency savings 0 None
2010-10-20 Queensland Health payroll issues lead to resignation of another bureaucrat 0 None
2010-10-20 Health Impact Project announces $400,000 in grants to 4 organizations to conduct health impact assessments 0 None
2010-10-20 CASLPA celebrates International Stuttering Day on October 22 0 None
2010-10-20 CIGNA plans help reduce annual health care costs without compromising care 0 None
2010-10-20 Nightingale signs over 400 EMR seats in Canada during first half of fiscal 2011 0 None
2010-10-20 StoneArch Creative receives Gold Award at MM&M 2010 0 None
2010-10-20 Atrius selects Sightlines, DxCG Risk solutions for healthcare processes 0 None
2010-10-20 New online community to discuss weight loss management 0 None
2010-10-20 First Edition: October 20, 2010 0 None
2010-10-20 New model for rural clinics in underserved areas 0 None
2010-10-20 ACS CAN asks federal and state candidates to state positions on cancer issues 0 None
2010-10-20 Elsevier / MC Strategies partners with AORN to develop latest module for Perioperative Collection 0 None
2010-10-20 Euroscience deeply concerned over governments' proposed cuts in research investment 0 None
2010-10-20 JIPH selected for inclusion in MEDLINE Indexing 0 None
2010-10-20 Department of Veterans Affairs advertises Suicide Prevention Hotline 0 None
2010-10-20 ACS NSQIP recognizes Christiana Care Health System as participating hospital 0 None
2010-10-20 New CIMIT Accelerator program spins out HanGenix 0 None
2010-10-20 HHS announces new $30 million Consumer Assistance Grants program awards 0 None
2010-10-20 Highlights of world's largest ophthalmic education conference 0 None
2010-10-20 Minnesota health care organizations share patient EHRs through network of interoperable systems 0 None
2010-10-20 National Pap Test Campaign for cervical cancer diagnosis 0 None
2010-10-20 Loyola University Chicago MNSON supports recommendations to advance nursing profession 0 None
2010-10-20 Falls are the leading cause of ER visits and unintentional home injury deaths 0 None
2010-10-20 Beryl Institute awards $1,000 grants to health care organizations 0 5
2010-10-20 Experts at Ninth International Symposium discuss health effects and safety of S-equol 0 None
2010-10-20 U-M hopes to make concept of recycling pacemakers a life-saving reality 0 None
2010-10-20 Hospital mortality rates decline by 7.98% from 2007 to 2009 0 None
2010-10-20 Project LAUNCH receives $19 million from SAMHSA 0 None
2010-10-20 Studies explore efforts to measure, improve hospitals' surgical outcomes 0 None
2010-10-20 AU launches African women's decade project to improve health, development 0 None
2010-10-20 LCRF receives 2.1 million dollar donation 0 None
2010-10-20 Campaign claims examined as some democrats embrace health law in re-election bids 0 None
2010-10-20 Campaign claims: Health law myths and facts 0 None
2010-10-20 IOF urges health professionals and public to recognize signs of spinal fractures 0 None
2010-10-20 Judge in Va. to rule on health law's mandate by year's end 0 None
2010-10-20 When hospital checklists don't tell the whole story 0 None
2010-10-20 DOJ sues Michigan Blue Cross Blue Shield over pricing deals 0 None
2010-10-20 Health IT sector may face workforce shortage 0 None
2010-10-20 BIOTRONIK EHR DataSync software offers advanced patient management capabilities 0 None
2010-10-20 Reports examine drug company payments to doctors 0 None
2010-10-20 Feds ask Connecticut to reconsider rate hike approval, other health law implementation news 0 None
2010-10-20 ASBP reviews current rules of prescription medication to treat obesity in Kansas 0 None
2010-10-20 New research blames billions in medical costs on obesity 0 None
2010-10-20 Candidates continue to clash over health care law 0 None
2010-10-20 As state commissioners meet on medical loss ratio, insurers warn of impact 0 None
2010-10-20 State Roundup: Md.'s heath info exchange; LA to cut retiree health benefits; N.Y.'s mental health building boom 0 None
2010-10-20 Boeing to shift health costs to workers 0 None
2010-10-19 Agendia establishes contract with Humana for coverage of MammaPrint breast cancer recurrence test 0 None
2010-10-19 Celebrity health messages play an important role in society: Study 0 None
2010-10-19 Research calls for better environmental risk assessments of pharmaceuticals 0 None
2010-10-19 ProBuild raises $275,000 for City of Hope 0 None
2010-10-19 U.S. patient monitoring market to reach $4 billion by 2017: iData Research 0 None
2010-10-19 Legacy joins in collective call to ban menthol in all tobacco products 0 None
2010-10-19 Novartis to implement Veeva CRM for global deployments 0 None
2010-10-19 Metcare enters definitive agreement to acquire assets of Delima's medical practice 0 None
2010-10-19 First Edition: October 19, 2010 0 None
2010-10-19 CAPG and IHA convene health care conference focusing on ACOs 0 None
2010-10-19 Maria Shriver, Ann O’Leary introduce The Shriver Report for Alzheimer's patients 0 None
2010-10-19 Health care reform will lead more people to seek cancer prevention and risk-reduction services 0 None
2010-10-19 Iraqi Cultural Center to host first-of its-kind public discussion among behavioral health specialists 0 None
2010-10-19 Increased colorectal cancer screening in pre-Medicare population can reduce program costs 0 None
2010-10-19 MRG data finds factors that drive single-port laparoscopy market 0 None
2010-10-19 introduces new payment options for preventative healthcare 0 None
2010-10-19 ISI launches initiative to create translation glossary for healthcare providers 0 None
2010-10-19 PC Mall announces new solution for EHR adoption and achievement of meaningful use 0 None
2010-10-19 HOYA ConBio's dentistry lasers to be featured at LVI's teaching facilities through 2013 0 None
2010-10-19 MedAire and Control Risks partner to offer integrated medical, security services 0 None
2010-10-19 Study estimates demand for radiation therapy will increase by 22% over next decade 0 None
2010-10-19 Reproductive Specialists of New York opens new office in Brooklyn 0 None
2010-10-19 AHRQ analysis finds hospital charges for patient stay averaged $18,000 per day 0 None
2010-10-19 ADHA and GSK emphasize importance of proper brushing as key to maintaining oral health 0 None
2010-10-19 Tips to improve cellular prostate health 0 None
2010-10-19 FDA releases redacted copy of warning letter sent to Quality Egg 0 None
2010-10-19 Authors highlight importance of body fluid recovery after training session in sports persons 0 None
2010-10-19 Tri-City Medical Center receives national Telly award 0 None
2010-10-19 Pre-Brain Balance Program for autistic children 0 5
2010-10-19 Many skin cancer patients unaware of being diagnosed with melanoma or nonmelanoma cancer 0 None
2010-10-19 Credit cards increase purchases of unhealthy food 0 5
2010-10-19 Elsevier announces publication of 2010 ERC Guidelines in Resuscitation journal 0 None
2010-10-19 Medworxx highlights new opportunities in Patient Flow solution 0 None
2010-10-19 Study finds no increase in nurse practitioners and physician assistants pursuing pediatric health care 0 None
2010-10-19 Moderate amount of protein in low-carb beverage improves aerobic endurance: Report 0 None
2010-10-19 60 Plus applauds FDA decision to remove unapproved colchicine products 3 1
2010-10-19 Chemicals in everyday substances increase risk of allergies in children 0 5
2010-10-19 New website provides access to hospice care 0 None
2010-10-19 NIH awards contract to CSC for BTRIS, CRIS programs 0 None
2010-10-19 Peer partner program helps diabetic patients to manage their conditions 0 None
2010-10-19 Study: Half of Canadians with osteoporosis have insufficient levels of vitamin D 0 None
2010-10-19 Purdue Pharma supports NASCSA with $200,000 grant for state prescription drug monitoring programs 0 None
2010-10-19 Dengue cases in Western Pacific doubled in last 10 years; WHO says disease needs higher profile 0 None
2010-10-19 Changing Our World and TSIC announce strategic global health initiative 0 None
2010-10-19 PCE, NPF form partnership to provide education programs on psoriasis 0 None
2010-10-19 NCCN updates Clinical Practice Guidelines for Breast Cancer 0 None
2010-10-19 Federal judge says he'll rule on Virginia's health law challenge by year's end 0 None
2010-10-19 Revised guidelines for first aid 0 None
2010-10-19 Federal court to allow Calif. case on Medicare underpayments to move forward; LA county gets new health department head 0 None
2010-10-19 DOJ targets Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in anti-trust violation 0 None
2010-10-19 Health on The Hill - October 18, 2010 0 None
2010-10-18 CMS could save billions by changing payment, delivery methods 0 None
2010-10-18 As health law kicks in, so do grants, subsidies and worries for insurance brokers 0 None
2010-10-18 Higher Medicaid reimbursement rates could increase childhood vaccinations 0 None
2010-10-18 Support for health law dips, GOP aims to seize opportunity 0 None
2010-10-18 Legal challenge to 'individual mandate' sees day in court 0 None
2010-10-18 Ricoh awarded document management contract by Premier 0 None
2010-10-18 Candidates turn health reform volume up as midterms near 0 None
2010-10-18 California hospitals: Prices rising rapidly, but quality varies 0 None
2010-10-18 KHN column: What's the worst that could happen with the new health law? 0 None
2010-10-18 Today's Opinions: Health law's effects on the economy and Medicare; 10th Amendment questions 0 None
2010-10-18 Cmed debuts Timaeus 5 unified eClinical platform and Timaeus HotSpot regulatory-compliant eClinical suite 0 None
2010-10-18 2010 Lilly Reintegration Award honorees announced 0 4
2010-10-18 Hospital costs rise in California, but quality doesn't follow 0 None
2010-10-18 Long-term care news: Insurance costs jump; nurses' training pays off 0 None
2010-10-18 Lake Health opens Northeast Ohio's first digital hospital 0 None
2010-10-18 58% of scientists believe in surge of bedbug infestations: Survey 0 None
2010-10-18 79% of uninsured and unemployed unaware of free medicine programs 0 None
2010-10-18 AACR's magazine gives details about immense challenges faced by homeless cancer patients 0 None
2010-10-18 HHS awards $4.8 million grant for Teen Prevention Education Program 0 5
2010-10-18 First Edition: October 18, 2010 0 None
2010-10-18 MSF calls for donor countries to improve food aid nutrition standards on eve of World Food Day 0 None
2010-10-18 ACEP urges increased emergency medicine representation on National Commission on Children and Disasters 0 1
2010-10-18 New emergency care guidelines simplify CPR 0 None
2010-10-18 EPA grant helps MSU researchers to educate health care providers on fish consumption 0 None
2010-10-18 IASP sponsors campaign for acute pain management 0 None
2010-10-18 Tips to understand health benefits during open enrollment 0 None
2010-10-18 Deductible-free screening encourages use of preventive care services 0 None
2010-10-18 South Florida physician publishes unique cookbook for weight loss 0 None
2010-10-18 Sec. of State Clinton in Brussels to discuss Pakistan flood relief; Report estimates damage at $9.7 billion 0 None
2010-10-18 African-American children have higher risk of hypertension 0 None
2010-10-18 OSU's Personalized Health Care National Conference focuses on P4 Medicine 0 None
2010-10-18 UK College of Medicine celebrates 50th anniversary 0 None
2010-10-18 Proposed 25% cut in tobacco taxes will cost Maine $96.2M in future health care costs 0 None
2010-10-18 Study reinforces need for physicians to screen obstructive sleep apnea prior to surgery 0 None
2010-10-18 Politics and health law: Dems' divergent strategies; mixed polls on 'repeal and replace' 0 None
2010-10-18 ASTRO honors founder of The Oral Cancer Foundation 0 None
2010-10-18 Health law's new patient-centered outcomes board takes shape; More insurance waiver requests expected 0 None
2010-10-18 Electronic medical records aid reporting of drug problems, study finds 0 None
2010-10-18 CVS agrees to record fine to settle meth suit 0 None
2010-10-18 Catholic officials approve Caritas sale in Mass., Boston and Milwaukee hospitals strengthen their financial standing 0 None
2010-10-18 Researchers study anti-inflammatory effects of food on healthy individuals 0 None
2010-10-18 ASA to salute U.S. military members at 2010 Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-10-18 Malpractice claims against hospitals pick up 0 None
2010-10-18 TOPS program helps in losing weight: Study 0 None
2010-10-18 Today's Op-Eds: Critiques of 'Obamacare,' Skyrocketing brand name drug prices, pay-for-performance 0 4
2010-10-17 Victorian abortion clinics ask for exclusion zones 2 3
2010-10-17 Elective surgeries routed to private health system to ease burden 0 None
2010-10-15 AMA selects Quest Diagnostics' Care360 EHR for new online physician platform 0 None
2010-10-15 Tips to help keep teeth and gums healthy 0 None
2010-10-15 New analysis examines guiding principles for policymakers to fight health care fraud 0 None
2010-10-15 CDC: Hispanics more likely to have HIV than whites, but live longer 0 None
2010-10-15 GE Healthcare successfully links EMR solution with non-GE inpatient systems 0 None
2010-10-15 Report: Fewer people than expected chose COBRA subsidy 0 None
2010-10-15 UnitedHealth proposes managed-care plan for those who get both Medicare and Medicaid 0 None
2010-10-15 MasterCard, Interpol partner to prevent online supply of illegal and counterfeit drugs, medicines 0 None
2010-10-15 Abortion, health law heat up campaign debates around the country 0 None
2010-10-15 New rates and benefits for 2011 from APWU Health Plan 0 None
2010-10-15 ACDI/VOCA observes World Food Day 0 None
2010-10-15 Aetna adds The Washington Hospital to provider network 0 None
2010-10-15 Report examines impact of federal stimulus funding on health spending in Florida 0 None
2010-10-15 VBA awards DOMA contract for Pilot Study into Private Medical Records 0 None
2010-10-15 WSNA sues 4 hospitals for failing to provide nurses with rest and meal breaks 0 None
2010-10-15 New comprehensive program for medical electronic device designers 0 None
2010-10-15 AstraZeneca launches new campaign on depression through Facebook and Twitter 0 None
2010-10-15 NIH awards $1.2M for study on discharge decisions at hospitals 0 None
2010-10-15 Medicare actuary says changes in advantage plans will mean more cost for some seniors 0 None
2010-10-15 Spinal fractures remain undiagnosed and untreated 0 None
2010-10-15 Political cartoon: "To The Moon" 0 None
2010-10-15 First Edition: October 15, 2010 0 None
2010-10-15 FDA warns companies over unsubstantiated claims of 'chelation' products 0 None
2010-10-15 Visa supports global law enforcement action against online sale of counterfeit, illegal medicines 0 None
2010-10-15 Study highlights need to address overuse, underuse of colorectal cancer screening tests 0 None
2010-10-15 MedSolutions, Corporate Research Group announce initial results from diagnostic accuracy program 0 None
2010-10-15 WHO Western Pacific meeting addresses immunization, TB control, women's health 0 None
2010-10-15 New program will cut payment for durable medical equipment in Medicare test program 0 None
2010-10-15 RMEI, PIM sponsor continuing education monograph on hereditary angioedema 0 None
2010-10-15 HHS limits, but can't eliminate, child-only policy double-standards 0 None
2010-10-15 Experts use multi-disciplinary approach to provide innovative care for children 0 None
2010-10-15 SAMHSA awards grants to expand substance abuse treatment in offender reentry programs 0 None
2010-10-15 Federal judge in Florida allows part of suit against health reform law to proceed 0 None
2010-10-15 Issuing first report on NTDS, WHO aims for 'complete control' by 2015 0 None
2010-10-15 Democrats mostly silent on health law in their Ads as election approaches 0 None
2010-10-15 Officials address several drug issues including medical risks, proper disposal of unused medicine 0 None
2010-10-15 More minorities attending American medical schools 0 None
2010-10-15 'Largest Medicare fraud scheme' busted 0 None
2010-10-15 State News: Wash. adults could lose Medicaid coverage for prescriptions, Michigan restores services 0 None
2010-10-15 IRIN examines forthcoming U.N. child malnutrition program; IPS reports on FAO Latin American report 0 None
2010-10-15 Costs for end-of-life care rising, hospice care may be an antidote 0 None
2010-10-15 IOM Report: Food nutrition labels should be simple, on front 0 None
2010-10-15 Reuters examines experts' concerns about global polio eradication effort 0 None
2010-10-15 Today's Opeds: Upcoming problems with state health exchanges; lying campaign ads; overseeing assisted living 0 None
2010-10-14 Lonestar to perform at Ragnar Relay Tennessee to raise awareness on physical activity and exercise 0 None
2010-10-14 Republican pollster opposes 'Repeal and replace' health law strategy 0 None
2010-10-14 HHS: No double standard for kids' insurance policies 1 None
2010-10-14 PMM launches Amputation Prevention Centers of America 0 None
2010-10-14 TruStaff fingerprint biometric log-in provides quick access to Medflow EHR 0 None
2010-10-14 Verizon introduces new IT consulting services for health care providers 0 None
2010-10-14 Fear + worry = Fewer kids getting vaccinated 0 None
2010-10-14 KHN column: The health reform (almost) everyone loves 0 None
2010-10-14 First Edition: October 14, 2010 0 None
2010-10-14 Think Pink event offers information on breast care to lead healthier life 0 None
2010-10-14 Tiger Balm sponsors 15th annual Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Race for the Cure 0 None
2010-10-14 28% of health care workers in 'work risk' category will not get flu vaccine 0 None
2010-10-14 Gallup-Healthways introduces Monthly U.S. Well-Being Report for September 2010 0 None
2010-10-14 Highlighting calories, saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium in food packaging nutrition rating systems needed 0 None
2010-10-14 Integra unveils new corporate identity at Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-10-14 Free public event to discuss impact of health care reform on industry 0 None
2010-10-14 Overseas nurses not feeling personally or professionally valued by UK nursing establishment 0 None
2010-10-14 UK study measures consumer understanding of nutrition information on food labels 0 None
2010-10-14 Coalition for At-Risk Youth helps foster children improve self-esteem 0 2
2010-10-14 API Healthcare signs contract with healthcare clients 0 None
2010-10-14 European Society of Cardiology to commence new programme of Global Scientific Activities at GW-ICC 0 None
2010-10-14 Center for Global Health faculty to participate in consortium to enhance medical knowledge in Nigeria 0 None
2010-10-14 Israeli's have higher life expectancy than Americans and other OECD members 0 None
2010-10-14 Survey: 94% of psychiatric nurses are dedicated in providing care for people with mental illness 0 None
2010-10-14 GSA and NAM select journalists for new MetLife Foundation Journalists in Aging Fellows Program 0 None
2010-10-14 Real-time data access can improve quality and efficiency of drug development 0 None
2010-10-14 More minorities enroll in U.S. medical schools in 2010 0 None
2010-10-14 Yoga exercises may combat fibromyalgia: Research 0 None
2010-10-14 RCSLT and Wiley-Blackwell partner to publish 'International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders' 0 None
2010-10-14 U.S. Bone and Joint Decade observes National Action Week 0 None
2010-10-14 PPC offers on-site medication dispensing programs for hospitals 0 None
2010-10-14 Loyola announces 36-hour drill to test response to flu outbreak 0 None
2010-10-14 Marijuana legalization in California will marginally impact revenues of Mexican drug trafficking organizations 0 None
2010-10-14 Magellan clinical leaders discuss solutions to improve mental illnesses 0 None
2010-10-14 CNF initiates annual event to raise awareness on infantile spasms 0 5
2010-10-14 WHO calls for protection of hospitals and health centres from disasters 0 None
2010-10-14 Web-based questionnaire option increases survey response: Report 0 5
2010-10-14 Cincinnati Children's, North Carolina collaborate to create registry system for IBD 0 4
2010-10-14 News outlets report on sessions at World Health Summit 0 None
2010-10-14 White House will delay W-2 insurance reporting requirement, other health reform news 0 None
2010-10-14 West African cholera epidemic exacerbated by flooding; more than 1,800 deaths reported 0 None
2010-10-14 Quantros to demonstrate patient safety, risk management solution at ASHRM Conference 0 None
2010-10-14 Psychological and social challenges faced by parents of children with undiagnosed learning disorders 0 None
2010-10-14 Various health groups examine cost, quality issues 0 None
2010-10-14 Planned Parenthood launches campaign for free contraceptives as part of health law 0 None
2010-10-14 Berwick: New technology will make coordinating care easier 0 None
2010-10-14 States grapple with Medicaid problems in access, improper payments 0 None
2010-10-14 Health care workforce faces strains, shifts 0 None
2010-10-14 Risingsun signs consent decree to stop selling unapproved drugs 0 None
2010-10-14 Forum allows healthcare professionals to consider probiotics for patient wellbeing 1 None
2010-10-14 Insurance companies denied policies to 1 of every 7 applicants, probe finds 0 None
2010-10-14 Yoga program improves fibromyalgia symptoms and functional deficits 0 None
2010-10-14 Anger, seniors and Ad campaigns: Health reform politics 0 None
2010-10-14 Justices wrestle with issue of protecting vaccine makers 0 None
2010-10-14 Researchers seek to end disparities in cancer, stroke care 0 None
2010-10-14 NextGate and NextGen Healthcare partner to advance health information exchange 0 None
2010-10-14 State roundup: N.Y.'s retiree health benefits crisis; Colorado referendum 0 None
2010-10-14 Today's Opeds: Individual mandate in court, on ballot and in campaigns 0 None
2010-10-13 NHS bonuses under scanner 0 None
2010-10-13 AusBiotech 2010 set to demystify the impact of US Healthcare Reforms on Australian biotech 0 None
2010-10-13 ALFA sponsors short films competition about ageism in America 0 None
2010-10-13 Four British Columbia students awarded 2010 UCBeyond Scholarship 0 None
2010-10-13 NCQA reports two new findings on nation's health care 0 None
2010-10-13 Studies highlight high Medicare costs for people in nursing homes 0 None
2010-10-13 Humanitas Clinic treats first cancer patient using TrueBeam technology 0 None
2010-10-13 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services awards HP $26M task order to maintain IDR 0 None
2010-10-13 OptiMedica to feature Catalys Precision Laser System at Ophthalmology annual meeting 0 None
2010-10-13 Hospitals lure doctors away from private practice 0 None
2010-10-13 First Edition: October 13, 2010 0 None
2010-10-13 KHN column: Changes wrought by health reform? Well, maybe not. 0 None
2010-10-13 Canadian Cancer Society announces 'Feast for the Fight' fundraising event 0 None
2010-10-13 Beryl technology improves relationship between health care providers and consumers 0 None
2010-10-13 Collaboration between different specialties needed to realize potential of Patient Centered Medical Home 0 None
2010-10-13 IOM report recommends sweeping changes for improving the nursing profession 0 None
2010-10-13 Nurses can advocate for better healthcare and services for LGBTIQ teenagers 0 None
2010-10-13 Sargento releases Reduced Sodium natural cheeses 0 None
2010-10-13 2010 edition of The AHLA/BVR Guide to Healthcare Valuation 0 None
2010-10-13 Fourth annual luncheon benefits MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital 0 None
2010-10-13 Secure Tracks launches innovative new patient support system 0 None
2010-10-13 Employees need to review health insurance plans during open enrollment 0 None
2010-10-13 First Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day on November 10, 2010 0 None
2010-10-13 Medical Exchange announces next generation of continuing medical education events 0 None
2010-10-13 New global plan for elimination of TB 0 None
2010-10-13 MetLife study finds Adult Day Services centers are increasing in the U.S. 0 None
2010-10-13 Cancer Research UK launches programme to turn genetic revolution into better treatment for cancer patients 0 None
2010-10-13 Study finds variations at state and national levels in children's health insurance coverage 0 None
2010-10-13 ViiV Healthcare to expand Patient Assistance Program 0 None
2010-10-13 Mayo Clinic researcher named by National Academy of Sciences to Institute of Medicine 0 None
2010-10-13 Bariatric surgery reduces healthcare costs for morbidly obese diabetics 0 None
2010-10-13 Study finds increase in hospitalizations for children due to ATV-related injuries 0 None
2010-10-13 10% of children have serious mental health condition, but only one-third receive treatment 0 None
2010-10-13 Studies examine risk factors for hospital readmission 0 None
2010-10-13 Hospitalizations and associated costs with peripheral artery disease increase as condition progresses 0 None
2010-10-13 Study examines health-care costs among heart failure patients in Canada 0 None
2010-10-13 Study confirms increase in liability costs for hospitals and physicians 0 None
2010-10-13 SNM and SPR approve new North American Guidelines for Radiopharmaceutical Doses for Children 0 None
2010-10-13 Commercial genetic profiling services should provide detailed information about test results: Report 0 None
2010-10-13 Experts highlight health issues in growing megacities 0 None
2010-10-13 Urgent Care Association of America certifies eighteen more facilities 0 None
2010-10-13 Global Hunger Index shows importance of addressing childhood malnutrition 0 None
2010-10-13 NCI rates Abramson Cancer Center as 'exceptional' 0 None
2010-10-13 New cancer initiative may promote rapid drug development 0 None
2010-10-13 USAID awards $15 million grant to Tufts University for CRSP program 0 None
2010-10-13 World Economic Forum index ranks countries by gender disparities 0 None
2010-10-13 SAMHSA awards State Incentive Grants for substance abuse prevention 0 None
2010-10-13 Some states snub health reform; in others, election will decide fate of law's implementation 0 None
2010-10-13 NHC enter agreement with Attain to offer new program for IVF fertility treatments 0 None
2010-10-13 Investigators wondering: Fraud, bad medicine or Union manuevering at Calif. hospital chain? 0 None
2010-10-13 Stanford medical school doctor, author teaches 'The art of the physicial' 0 None
2010-10-13 Officials discuss leadership, donor commitments, eliminating leprosy at start of WHO Western Pacific Region Committee Session 0 None
2010-10-13 In tight budgets, states cutting back on Medicaid programs for disabled 0 None
2010-10-13 Health care politics: Republican messages examined, how state propositions evolved 0 None
2010-10-13 Web 'scrapers' look for personal information 0 None
2010-10-13 Consumers get advice on how to handle rising health costs, access health benefits 0 None
2010-10-13 High Court to hear vaccine case 0 None
2010-10-13 More insured Americans avoid prescription drugs due to cost 0 None
2010-10-13 Today's Opinions: Broken promises, Boehner's Plan B and implementing reform 0 None
2010-10-12 Open insurance season may bring sticker shock 0 None
2010-10-12 Buck survey finds health care costs projected to increase in 2011 0 None
2010-10-12 New 2010 clinical practice guidelines for diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in Canada released 0 None
2010-10-12 First Edition: October 12, 2010 0 None
2010-10-12 CAB and Gilardi lead cost-effective approach to obtain FICA refunds for medical residents, employers 0 None
2010-10-12 Boyden reports 35% increase in demand for Senior R & D Managers in Life Sciences sector 0 None
2010-10-12 Mobile outreach program by sex workers provides key link to health, support services 0 None
2010-10-12 AMGA launches Workshop and Retreat Service 0 None
2010-10-12 Cincinnati Children's, Nationwide Children's Hospital collaborate to improve ADHD care 0 None
2010-10-12 VNSNY adopts advanced information technology to improve patient care 0 None
2010-10-12 ACE educational program launched to promote awareness on anaphylaxis 0 None
2010-10-12 Adeona announces five scientific publications on Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline 0 None
2010-10-12 Minnesota Foundation announces collaborative effort to improve health of underserved populations 0 None
2010-10-12 Integrated Research Network to analyze payor health policy for chronic pain medications 1 5
2010-10-12 Core administrative expenses of Medicaid plans decline 0 None
2010-10-12 DHHS awards Medicare fraud contract to TerraMedica 0 None
2010-10-12 Woman’s socioeconomic status impacts clinicians' decisions for contraception: Study 0 None
2010-10-12 New excellence program established to recognize outstanding achievement in EMS profession 0 None
2010-10-12 Teen Art Show shares teenagers' emotions in artistic fashion 0 None
2010-10-12 AACR announces recipients of Outstanding Investigator Award for Breast Cancer Research 0 None
2010-10-12 Targeted rehabilitation approach could improve physical capabilities in stroke patients 0 None
2010-10-12 STOA Panel schedules hearing on EU's health-related research infrastructures 0 None
2010-10-12 Older people who do not get vaccinated rely on indigenous health practices 0 None
2010-10-12 Photographic exhibition reveals devastating impact of spinal osteoporotic fractures 0 None
2010-10-12 Racial disparities in breast cancer care persist despite health insurance and socioeconomic status 0 None
2010-10-12 An overview on Annual BioPartnering Europe 2010 0 None
2010-10-12 Role conflicts and high emotional demands increase risk of burnout in human service workers 0 None
2010-10-12 World Bank, IMF discuss development funds at annual meeting 0 None
2010-10-12 New data-driven strategy helps to reduce healthcare costs 0 None
2010-10-12 Challenges in provision of high-quality health care at end of life 0 None
2010-10-12 Most men with prostate cancer not referred to hospice care early enough 0 None
2010-10-12 Soldier suicides still high depite Army's prevention program 0 None
2010-10-12 Transition from child to adult mental health services poorly planned and executed 0 None
2010-10-12 HHS awards $727 million to community health centers as part of new law 0 None
2010-10-12 Research shows potatoes can be part of weight loss regimen 0 None
2010-10-12 Invasive plants increase risk of tick-borne disease in suburbs as well 0 None
2010-10-12 Urgent care clinics find place in market, other health care industry news 0 None
2010-10-12 Mammography, vaccines still raise questions in consumers' minds 0 4
2010-10-12 Study finds link between malnutrition and prolonged hospital stay 0 None
2010-10-12 Osteoporosis Canada issues new guidelines to prevent fragility fractures 0 None
2010-10-12 Health overhaul rhetoric intensifies on campaign trail 0 None
2010-10-12 Microsoft to shift part of health care costs to workers 0 None
2010-10-12 Loyola continues mandatory employee flu-vaccination policy for second straight year 0 None
2010-10-12 HHS awards $5 million grant to support teen pregnancy prevention programs 0 None
2010-10-12 Arizona struggles with severe Medicaid cuts; Medicaid fraud task force targets abuse in Iowa 0 None
2010-10-12 Family-centered care approach may improve children's care 0 None
2010-10-12 Physician shortage expected to balloon to 91,500 in 2020 0 3
2010-10-12 New, multidisciplinary Senior Adult Oncology Center established at Kimmel Cancer Center 0 None
2010-10-12 Doctors pushing hard for Medicare pay fix 0 None
2010-10-12 Health premiums climb 0 1
2010-10-11 Hospital staff go on 4 hour strike over pay issues 2 None
2010-10-11 ZeroNines launches ZenVault Medical Personal Health Record portal 0 None
2010-10-11 Atomic Tattoos launches 'Tats for Tatas' breast cancer awareness fundraising campaign 0 None
2010-10-11 Obesity treatments falter, but researchers announce gene links 0 None
2010-10-11 Texas Community Care announces debut of new office location in El Paso 0 4
2010-10-11 Health care interests push to make ACOS pay off for them 0 None
2010-10-11 Pelosi issues statement on HHS announcement of $727 million in grants 0 None
2010-10-11 NCQA recertifies Lilly's online Health Education Answers program 0 None
2010-10-11 Florida Governor issues Proclamation recognizing outstanding work of Healthcare Quality Professionals 0 None
2010-10-11 Prescription Solutions' MS DTM program wins URAC Best Practices Platinum Award 0 None
2010-10-11 The insurance straw man 0 None
2010-10-11 PlastiPure, ReliaBrand partner to produce EA-Free plastic consumer products 0 None
2010-10-11 The age wave could bust government budgets, rating agency says 0 None
2010-10-11 More than 2 hours of screen viewing associated with psychological difficulties in children 0 None
2010-10-11 First Edition: October 11, 2010 0 None
2010-10-11 ESMO and Thomson Reuters launch unique portal for oncologists 0 None
2010-10-11 CCHIT certifies Health Care Systems' eMR Version 4 0 None
2010-10-11 Financing HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment could cost $400B-$700B over 20 years 0 None
2010-10-11 Health insurance: Coverage expands for children, young adults; not necessarily for retirees 0 None
2010-10-11 Childcare centers address food allergies of ethnically diverse population 0 None
2010-10-11 Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco addresses developing country smoking 0 None
2010-10-11 Senate leaders eye temporary, one-month 'doc fix' for Medicare reimbursement 0 None
2010-10-11 Charges and counter-charges on health law infiltrate political debates 0 None
2010-10-11 Federal judge in Michigan rules health law constitutional 0 None
2010-10-11 Research-based tip sheets provide details on breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-11 Philadelphia paramedics plan to sue over health coverage; healthcare merger seeks to lower costs in wash 0 None
2010-10-11 Minn. medical groups resist as Pawlenty shuts out Obama health plan 0 None
2010-10-11 United Recovery Systems donates to Texas Children's Hospital 0 None
2010-10-11 US Health and Human Services administration announces $320 million grants to strengthen healthcare workforce in America 0 None
2010-10-11 Researchers pinpoint more obesity costs in workplace 0 None
2010-10-11 FDA warns of harmful stimulant in Slimming Beauty capsules 0 None
2010-10-11 ESC pleased with European Health Award recognition for Chronic Disease Alliance 0 None
2010-10-11 Doctors, med students face higher risks of suicide 0 5
2010-10-11 Research roundup: Examining comparative effectiveness research and changes in Medicare Part D 0 None
2010-10-11 CDC, national leaders issue recommendations to standardize testosterone tests 0 None
2010-10-11 Democrats still wonder: Run on health reform or against it? 0 None
2010-10-11 Restaurant food makes people fat 0 None
2010-10-11 Study finds inconsistencies in methods to identify CA-BSI infection in pediatric patients 0 None
2010-10-11 IPS examines water, sanitation MDG Targets 0 None
2010-10-11 Aetna, other insurers develop plans to help cut costs 0 None
2010-10-11 Administration's waivers of health law raise questions about 'mini-med' plans 0 None
2010-10-11 Are 'mini-med' plan waivers a good idea? 0 None
2010-10-11 Opinions: Learning to live with malaria; U.S. food aid policy; foreign aid reform 0 None
2010-10-11 Political Ads, rhetoric on health law heating up races in Alaska, Nevada, Pennsylvania 0 None
2010-10-08 Tobacco consumption raises risk of death in comparison with non-smokers 0 None
2010-10-08 Young adults continue to represent Americans without health insurance 0 None
2010-10-08 Fish located near coal-fired power plants can pose public health problems 0 None
2010-10-08 AFA quarterly magazine features President Obama as guest columnist 0 None
2010-10-08 Lee National Denim Day event raises $4-$5 million fund for breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-08 Reverby writes commentary for Bioethics Forum on syphilis study 0 None
2010-10-08 Progress made with enactment of ADA, but people still face challenges: Disability and Health Journal 0 None
2010-10-08 HHS, PEPFAR to invest $130 million to transform African medical education 0 None
2010-10-08 New approach to provide long lasting relief for headache 0 None
2010-10-08 GWUMC to serve as Coordinating Center for multiple NIH MEPI programs 0 None
2010-10-08 Leavitt Partners introduces Health Reform Bracketology 0 None
2010-10-08 ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives donates world's largest research collection to USC Libraries 0 None
2010-10-08 Correcting vitamin D deficiency before orthopedic surgery improves patient outcome: Study 0 None
2010-10-08 Presbyterian Hospital collaborates with New York Center for Autism to establish Institute for Brain Development 0 None
2010-10-08 Positron comments on new medical radiation bill passed into law in California 0 None
2010-10-08 US continues to lag behind other nations when it comes to gains in life expectancy: Study 0 None
2010-10-08 GE Healthcare announces successful completion of vendor neutral DI-r 0 None
2010-10-08 ABMS awarded HHS contract to align meaningful use of HIT, ABMS MOC program 0 None
2010-10-08 Clinical study data on Natural S-equol supplement presented at NAMS Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-10-08 IMNG relaunches websites for Internal Medicine News, Hospitalist News 0 None
2010-10-08 Hard combat can devastate veterans until old age 0 None
2010-10-08 Orthopaedic surgeons offer safety tips for marathon runners 0 None
2010-10-08 Health-TIES consortium aims to accelerate innovation in healthcare 0 None
2010-10-08 CDC issues new universal influenza vaccination recommendation for all Americans 0 None
2010-10-08 Mayo Clinic enters network relationship with UnitedHealthcare to serve commercial plan participants 0 None
2010-10-08 ABC news announces one-year reporting series on global health issues 0 None
2010-10-08 HHS official: Medical loss ratio rules will allow 'flexibility' 0 None
2010-10-08 Royal Philips Electronics introduces IntelliVue MX800 patient monitoring system 0 None
2010-10-08 Patient personality can cause missed diagnoses of depression 0 None
2010-10-08 Opeds: Editorials weigh in on success -- or not -- of 'Obama's' health reform 0 None
2010-10-08 International scientific conference explores new approaches to prevent infectious diseases 0 None
2010-10-08 Michigan judge rules individual mandate in health law is constitutional 0 None
2010-10-08 Insurer funds business PAC supporting Calif. GOP insurance commissioner candidate, other health politics 0 None
2010-10-08 AHRQ awards $1.2M grant to evaluate effectiveness of primary care transformation efforts 0 None
2010-10-08 HHS offers waivers as firms, insurers threaten to abandon markets 0 None
2010-10-08 Device maker study: Hospital middlemen arrangement wastes billions 0 None
2010-10-08 Websites bridge gaps between patients and doctors and marketers 0 None
2010-10-08 Senate Dems criticize 'excessive' Medigap price hikes; Acos examined 0 None
2010-10-08 Filthy nursing home in Thursday Island – manager fired 2 4
2010-10-08 Mass. attorney general recommends approval of Caritas sale; Calif. will require students to get whooping cough vaccine 0 None
2010-10-08 University of Colorado receives $6.3 million for umbilical cord blood bank 0 None
2010-10-08 Doctors say practices disrupted by piecemeal Medicare payment fixes 0 None
2010-10-08 DEA issues new guideline to ease delay in prescriptions for nursing home residents 0 None
2010-10-07 Hospitals improve patient care by reducing blood transfusions: Study 0 None
2010-10-07 KHN Column: Reminding ourselves what has gone right with the health law 0 None
2010-10-07 First Edition: October 7, 2010 0 None
2010-10-07 Should Medicare consider cost-effectiveness when setting reimbursement rates? 0 None
2010-10-07 Simple tips to prevent breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-07 WHO releases new guidelines for simplified treatment of common mental disorders 0 None
2010-10-07 IMS launches new Recommendations to manage postmenopausal vaginal atrophy 0 None
2010-10-07 e-IRG endorses Blue Paper at ESFRI delegates meeting 0 None
2010-10-07 SAMHSA awards grants to improve mental health services 0 None
2010-10-07 Retiree benefits prove promising hunting ground for state budget cuts 0 None
2010-10-07 Role of TGF-ß in cancer diseases 0 5
2010-10-07 UEM, San Diego School of Medicine enter partnership to address medical human resource needs in Mozambique 0 None
2010-10-07 Study finds link between language barriers and diabetes-related health outcomes 0 None
2010-10-07 CDC selects Northrop Grumman to compete for task orders in CIMS contract 0 None
2010-10-07 Rising Medical, Align team up to enhance rehabilitation care for patients 0 None
2010-10-07 Majority of cancer patients are concerned about treatment costs: MDLinx 0 None
2010-10-07 CCAW program launched at Baltimore County Department of Aging Senior Expo 0 None
2010-10-07 Health care votes haunt anti-abortion Dems; Republicans confront challenges with 'pledge' 0 None
2010-10-07 RNs of North Adams Regional Hospital approve two-year contract 0 None
2010-10-07 Study explains importance of identifying global pandemic risk factors to predict spread of diseases 0 None
2010-10-07 AstraZeneca provides free medicines to patients at Primary Care Center Pharmacy in Sacramento 0 None
2010-10-07 Feds reassure hospitals, doctors on cooperation though Acos 0 None
2010-10-07 NHCAA releases new white paper to focus on health care fraud 0 None
2010-10-07 African development, economies improve, many governments doing poorly, Index says 0 None
2010-10-07 Louise A. Villejo recognized with 2010 Julie and Ben Rogers Award for Excellence in Education 0 None
2010-10-07 PharmMD STAR Solution introduced to help health, drug plans increase their Medicare CMS Star Ratings 0 None
2010-10-07 Health law rhetoric increases in races across country 0 None
2010-10-07 Donors pledge nearly $12b for Global Fund, missing lowest funding target 0 None
2010-10-07 VAP bundle helps eliminate hospital-acquired infection 0 None
2010-10-07 Medical device industry, advocates weigh in on proposed expedited approval process 0 None
2010-10-07 IOM: Nurses can take bigger role in medical care 0 None
2010-10-07 New video PSA may help raise donation for brain research 0 None
2010-10-07 ESH and ERS consent document to manage hypertension and OSA 0 None
2010-10-07 Health reform facing early legal tests 0 None
2010-10-07 HHS partners with PEPFAR to invest $130M for African medical education 0 None
2010-10-07 Sudden cardiac arrest survivors to gather at SCAA Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-10-07 Feds try to address hospitals' and doctors' concerns about accountable care organizations 0 None
2010-10-07 EONS launches new initiative to improve pain management for cancer patients 0 None
2010-10-07 U.S. continues to lag behind other nations in life expectancy 0 None
2010-10-07 Gallup: Fewer get insurance from employers 0 None
2010-10-07 Daschle warns opponents can still damage health law and stirs controversy on public option 0 None
2010-10-07 Cincinnati Children's Hospital receives $12 million grant to create IBD registry 0 None
2010-10-07 ACF grants $4.5 million to domestic violence prevention organizations 0 None
2010-10-07 Top experts to discuss concussion-related issues at Ice Hockey summit 0 None
2010-10-07 Hedgeye Risk Management to host conference on demand and profits in healthcare 0 None
2010-10-07 Feds agree to waive minimum health insurance requirement for 30 companies while 3 GOP congressmen begin probe of health law costs 0 None
2010-10-07 BioNJ creates special diagnostics committee to focus on personalized medicine 0 None
2010-10-07 3.5 million Calif. residents eligible for tax credits in future exchange; N.Y. prescription drug aid for seniors cut back; Idaho trims dental providers in Medicaid 0 None
2010-10-07 Congress scientific program to highlight new developments in Parkinson's disease 0 5
2010-10-07 DIS to generate $436 million in 2010 to improve patient care 0 None
2010-10-07 Today's Opeds: Mini-meds, Ariz.'s anti-health mandate and are premium refunds a bad thing? 0 None
2010-10-06 Queensland health workers unhappy with pay rise 0 None
2010-10-06 Springer launches American Joint Committee on Cancer e-Staging Tool 0 None
2010-10-06 U.S. Army re-awards Patient Appointing Services bridge contracts to Health Net Federal Services 0 None
2010-10-06 Insuring your health: New laws expand mental health coverage 0 None
2010-10-06 Wound Care Innovations adds first pharmacy client to growing list of customers 0 None
2010-10-06 NHPCO releases report on hospice care in U.S 0 None
2010-10-06 CASMED presents abstracts of FORE-SIGHT Absolute Oximeter technology at American Academy of Pediatrics 0 None
2010-10-06 Group Health gets $2 million to study value-based insurance 0 None
2010-10-06 ESHRE workshop highlights problems related to MAR treatment in Europe 0 None
2010-10-06 Team-based health care adds tremendous value to patient experience 0 None
2010-10-06 MEPs organizes joint meeting to improve policies for tackling chronic diseases 0 None
2010-10-06 Survey of active, retired military officials highlights attitudes about foreign aid 0 None
2010-10-06 AOA launches 'Break Through Your Pain' public education campaign 0 None
2010-10-06 WHO Eastern Mediterranean meeting opens in Cairo 0 None
2010-10-06 NBF's Brilliance in Bipolar Initiative receives Congressman Kennedy's endorsement 0 None
2010-10-06 First Edition: October 6, 2010 0 None
2010-10-06 U.N. calls for increased efforts to reduce urban poverty, improve city living conditions 0 None
2010-10-06 IVF pioneer wins Nobel prize three decades after groundbreaking work 0 None
2010-10-06 iMDsoft to install MetaVision clinical information system across Queensland's network of public hospitals 0 None
2010-10-06 Health overhaul implementation updates: States fret, Sebelius hits The Hill 0 None
2010-10-06 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health selected as field trial sites for DSM-5 criteria 0 3
2010-10-06 Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation hosts conference to discuss advancements in therapeutic medicine 0 None
2010-10-06 Research suggests carotenoids can support women's health 0 None
2010-10-06 Mercy Medical Center and Alegent Health implement PatientKeeper NoteWriter documentation software 0 None
2010-10-06 Obama administration expected to announce $4B pledge to Global Fund 0 None
2010-10-06 Study on potential advantages and disadvantages of medical tourism 0 3.5
2010-10-06 Nurses push for bigger role gets powerful ally, Va. tries to retain docs they train 0 None
2010-10-06 AHF applauds Obama administration for reasserting U.S. leadership in contributions to fight global AIDS 0 1
2010-10-06 Healthcare organizations urge Congress to raise awareness on sudden cardiac arrest 0 None
2010-10-06 FEHBP premium costs to increase next year, just not as much as this year 0 None
2010-10-06 Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center redesignated as Magnet hospital 0 None
2010-10-06 Global health fund to get big boost from U.S. 0 None
2010-10-06 Ohio study finds 13% of parents with insurance skip treatment for kids because of cost 0 None
2010-10-06 Amgen to present oncology portfolio results at ESMO Congress 0 None
2010-10-06 Mass. hospital sale talks seeking to protect employee retirement plans; Conn. Gov. ask for waiver in preexisting insurance plan 0 None
2010-10-06 Democrats gain in polling, but health care helps GOP hold 'enthusiasm' edge 0 None
2010-10-06 Report calls for more independent role for nurses 0 None
2010-10-06 Study finds usage of advanced radiology in emergency department increases 0 None
2010-10-06 Ore. hospitals with most clout command higher prices 0 None
2010-10-06 CDC grant to support community-based public health project in RI and CT 0 None
2010-10-06 Health IT may bring unintended consequences 0 None
2010-10-06 CTTC, Spero enter sales agreement for Calmare medical devices 0 None
2010-10-06 Universite de Montreal study links office work with obesity 0 None
2010-10-06 HHS adds 1,000 companies to early retiree benefit program 0 None
2010-10-06 SJMHS and IHA announce strategic merger to develop new integrated health network 0 None
2010-10-06 Bernanke: Aging, health costs challenge U.S. future 0 None
2010-10-06 USP announces revision schedule for Model Guidelines Version 5.0 0 None
2010-10-06 Accountable Care Organizations trigger legal worries from health care providers and insurers 0 None
2010-10-06 Sebelius: Medicare Advantage cuts won't hurt plans 0 None
2010-10-06 Today's OpEds: ACOs, Health care honesty and the sanctity of health insurance 0 None
2010-10-05 Administaff extends arrangement for medical and dental coverage with UnitedHealthcare 0 4
2010-10-05 CCHIT certifies Allscripts Professional EHR Version 9.2 0 5
2010-10-05 NSSHB study provides update on contemporary Americans' sexual behaviors 0 5
2010-10-05 TMNG Global and Scientia Advisors partner to offer strategic consulting services for home health sector 0 None
2010-10-05 Interactive gaming devices cause injuries 0 None
2010-10-05 HighPoint Solutions launches ICD-10 Appliance for healthcare systems 0 None
2010-10-05 Galapagos honored with 2010 EUROPEAN BIOTECHNICA AWARD 0 None
2010-10-05 Dr. Bessler joins Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 0 None
2010-10-05 First Edition: October 5, 2010 0 None
2010-10-05 Data shows Take Care Clinics’ quality of care exceeds national benchmarks 0 None
2010-10-05 EU called upon to tackle problem of chronic non-communicable diseases 0 None
2010-10-05 AACR to host special conference on colorectal cancer 0 None
2010-10-05 GPs less successful in identifying depression in older people 0 None
2010-10-05 International experts to discuss effect of diet on children's mental and behavioral development 0 None
2010-10-05 Consumer Reports Health publishes rankings of 227 HMOs, POS plans 0 None
2010-10-05 Reuters, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel honored with Barlett & Steele Awards 0 None
2010-10-05 Care Improvement Plus releases 2011 Medicare health plan benefits to improve quality of care 0 None
2010-10-05 International conference on brain stimulation in psychiatry and neurology to be held October 7 and 8 0 None
2010-10-05 Nursing staff have 'difficulty' detecting depression and distress in patients: Study 0 None
2010-10-05 Researchers complete first studies of mephedrone drug ban in Northern Ireland 0 None
2010-10-05 Home birth with midwife as safe as hospital birth for women with low-risk pregnancies 0 None
2010-10-05 Race, ethnicity affect diagnostic delay more than insurance status for women with breast abnormalities 0 None
2010-10-05 New study shows direct correlation between motor vehicle deaths and access to surgeons 0 None
2010-10-05 UnitedHealth announces $2.25 million to support Y's healthy-living initiatives 0 None
2010-10-05 TV shows help teens better understand challenges of teen pregnancy and parenthood 1 None
2010-10-05 American Heart Association addresses the use of arteriotomy closure devices 0 None
2010-10-05 University of Michigan Medical School and Peking University Health Science Center to establish joint institute 0 None
2010-10-05 Mayo Clinic implements Medidata Rave technology to manage multi-site clinical research studies 0 None
2010-10-05 Ozark Health announces partnership with St. John's Regional Medical Center 0 None
2010-10-05 Calif. Governor signs law for oversight of CT scans; Ariz. man's transplant on hold because of Medicaid cuts; Texas pharmacies sue CVS Caremark 0 None
2010-10-05 Carolinas HealthCare System to launch new cancer institute with $20M gift from Leon Levine Foundation 0 None
2010-10-05 North Mississippi Medical Center selects Cogent Healthcare as hospitalist partner 0 None
2010-10-05 CHI submits comments to FDA CDRH 510(k) Working Group Preliminary Report and Recommendations 0 None
2010-10-05 New bill aims to promote federal agency collaboration on foreign aid, national security 0 None
2010-10-05 Media examines PEPFAR hearing, calls for more HIV funding ahead of Global Fund replenishment meeting 0 None
2010-10-05 African leaders to meet in Zambia to discuss country responses to HIV/AIDS 0 None
2010-10-05 U.S. Social Security Administration selects Accenture to implement emerging technology applications 0 None
2010-10-05 AmeriCares, AstraZeneca enter commitment to expand breast cancer treatment in Cambodia 0 None
2010-10-05 American Anesthesiology acquires Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants 0 None
2010-10-05 Delta Health introduces ClinicalVirtuoso solution to optimize homecare therapist 0 None
2010-10-05 Opinions: MDGs; Obama's development policy; PEPFAR in Uganda 0 None
2010-10-04 Healthcare system does not take girls with autism or ADHD symptoms seriously 0 None
2010-10-04 NY Times: DEA crackdown means delays for some patients in need of pain meds 0 None
2010-10-04 Health law's insurance plans for pre-existing conditions are slow to enroll; 3M to drop early retiree coverage 0 None
2010-10-04 Seniors face new choices with approach of first open enrollment since health overhaul 0 None
2010-10-04 Reports find disparities of care based on insurance coverage, race 0 None
2010-10-04 Brothers lead charge for electronic medical records push, but find barriers 0 None
2010-10-04 Drug companies accused of skirting requirement to submit prices 0 None
2010-10-04 Today's OpEds: Orszag's latest health column, the MLR and parables 0 None
2010-10-04 FDA announces dates for public hearing on Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009 0 None
2010-10-04 GlobalNet Services awarded $14M contract to support FDA Unified Registration and Listing System 0 None
2010-10-04 GSA awards Vision-Sciences FSS Contract for flexible endoscopy solutions 0 None
2010-10-04 Health industry funding more Republicans than Dems, anti-reform political activity ramps up 0 None
2010-10-04 Massachusetts eHealth Institute names e-MDs as EHR vendor and IOO 0 None
2010-10-04 IBM employee-wellness program shows some success for kids 0 None
2010-10-04 KHN column: Medical loss ratio rule should encourage health care fraud fighting 0 None
2010-10-04 Navigant announces acquisition of EthosPartners 0 None
2010-10-04 Excessive profits made by cigarette manufacturers need to be capped 0 None
2010-10-04 NextGen Ambulatory EHR version 5.6 SP1 achieves ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification 0 None
2010-10-04 Increase in unemployment rate linked to child maltreatment 1 None
2010-10-04 MedCath sells two hospitals 0 None
2010-10-04 First Edition: October 4, 2010 0 None
2010-10-04 Nicotine reduction strategy should be an urgent research priority 0 None
2010-10-04 Alexander Technique training program improves endurance and posture during surgery 1 4
2010-10-04 Thomas Jefferson University Hospital commences live donor liver transplant program 0 5
2010-10-04 JASH journal added to MEDLINE collection 0 None
2010-10-04 Mandatory ECG screening for athletes 0 None
2010-10-04 OHSU CROET issues public alert on Brazilian Blowout hair straightening product 2 5
2010-10-04 Californian Hispanics at lower risk of developing melanoma, but develop the disease at younger age 0 None
2010-10-04 UofL School of Nursing awarded $792,000 grant to develop nursing informatics education 0 None
2010-10-04 Merck to appeal Massachusetts federal court jury verdict 0 None
2010-10-04 Characteristics that help dialysis centers achieve higher patient survival rates 0 None
2010-10-04 USDA NIFA awards $3.8M to develop healthier food products for humanitarian assistance programs 0 None
2010-10-04 Maven Semantic updates Urinary Incontinence research database 0 None
2010-10-04 New edition of Sturge-Weber Syndrome textbook published 0 2
2010-10-04 Fred Hutchinson Center offers research-based tip sheets on breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-04 Telemedicine can help address mental health needs of elderly homebound individuals 0 None
2010-10-04 Inability to pay for pediatrician-recommended care is problem even in families with health insurance 0 1
2010-10-04 Look AHEAD intervention program improves risk factors in obese, type 2 diabetic patients 0 None
2010-10-04 NIH announces it will share IP rights to some AIDS drugs in UNITAID Patent Pool 0 None
2010-10-04 U.S. underrepresented at WHO, FAO, other U.N. organizations, GAO report says 0 None
2010-10-04 Some Minn. insurers will end certain Medicare plans; Utah issues rule on child-only plans; Fla. law on pain clinics takes effect 0 None
2010-10-04 Media outlets look ahead to next week's Global Fund replenishment meeting 0 None
2010-10-04 Report says drugmakers failing to give Medicaid adequate price data 0 None
2010-10-04 Research Roundups: Racial Disparities at end of life; stopping medicine mistakes; Grand Junction, Colorado's Cost Lessons 0 None
2010-10-04 FEHBP premiums to increase by 7.2 percent 0 None
2010-10-04 Sebelius tells seniors that 'outrageous claims' have clouded impressions of new law 0 None
2010-10-04 Feds, states begin work to set up online insurance exchanges 0 None
2010-10-04 HHS consumer website adds new features; health law provisions affecting open season 0 None
2010-10-04 Socioeconomic status impacts colorectal cancer incidence 0 2
2010-10-04 Efforts against drug-resistant malaria along Thai-Cambodian border show progress, but more 'aggressive' approach needed, health officials say 0 None
2010-10-04 Sebelius talks health reform, Rahm and campaign contributions 0 None
2010-10-04 BMC researchers receive grants to study effectiveness of integrative medicine in underserved patients 0 None
2010-10-04 Consumers should pay attention to changes in health plans during enrollment season 0 None
2010-10-03 UTHealth receives funds for teen pregnancy prevention program 0 None
2010-10-01 Record number of Americans signed up for Medicaid last year, straining state budgets 0 None
2010-10-01 Selling insurance across state lines: Still a partisan fight 0 None
2010-10-01 Bloomberg analysis finds 'doughnut hole' deal to cost drugmakers less than 1% of profits 1 None
2010-10-01 Insurer jumps ship, but is the health law to blame? 0 None
2010-10-01 Bipartisan deficit commission unlikely to make big Medicare changes 0 None
2010-10-01 Health insurance prices, restrictions now on federal consumer website 0 None
2010-10-01 Political cartoon: 'Don't Worry' 0 None
2010-10-01 Med schools say doctor shortage to worsen under new health law 0 None
2010-10-01 Merck to pay millions over Mass. allegations of inflated wholesale rate 0 None
2010-10-01 Today's OpEds: Sebelius' tough talk; Changing the malpractice system; Different perspectives on the health overhaul 0 None
2010-10-01 Vibrant joins Bike MS NYC to raise money for National Multiple Sclerosis Society 0 None
2010-10-01 After McDonald's flap, White House says it will exercise 'discretion' on medical loss ratios 0 None
2010-10-01 CVS/pharmacy's fundraising campaign raises $4.1 million for ALS research 0 None
2010-10-01 BUSM to create Center for Health Insurance Reform, Cardiovascular Outcomes and Disparities 0 None
2010-10-01 GSA urges treatment of sepsis as a medical emergency 0 None
2010-10-01 Healthy respect for flu this season 0 None
2010-10-01 CDC awards ACS and GWCI $4.25 million to establish National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center 0 None
2010-10-01 New co-branded Medicare Part D prescription drug plan from Humana and Walmart 0 None
2010-10-01 First Edition: October 1, 2010 0 None
2010-10-01 First nationwide Safe Medication Disposal Program launched 0 None
2010-10-01 Increase in excise taxes and state-of-the-art tobacco control program reduces lung cancer rates 0 None
2010-10-01 Obama to nominate Morgan Stanley COO for deputy Secretary of State for management and resources post 0 None
2010-10-01 GHI won't compromise PEPFAR, Global AIDS Coordinator says at House Foreign Affairs' Committee hearing 0 None
2010-10-01 North Shore-LIJ Health System granted approval to extend cardiac surgery program to Southside Hospital 0 None
2010-10-01 Neb. insurer launches pilot program to cut costs, improve health; W.Va. Medicaid official defends no-bid contract 0 None
2010-10-01 House passes health bill for 9/11 workers, grandfathering resolution fails in Senate 0 None
2010-10-01 Hundreds of experts including Nobel laureates say Medicare's bidding system for durable medical equipment will fail 0 None
2010-10-01 McDonald’s says reform law provision threatens employee health coverage 0 None
2010-10-01 HHS announces grants for teen pregnancy prevention programs 0 None
2010-10-01 Health law's boost for ACOs gains momentum but faces possible legal hurdles 0 None
2010-10-01 HHS announces $473 million grant to help people make effective healthcare decisions 0 None
2010-10-01 Study finds benefits of mammograms for women in their 40s, sparking disagreement 0 None
2010-10-01 Experts to discuss impact of health information technology on pediatric practice 0 None
2010-10-01 Medicare now required check for fraud before paying claims 0 None
2010-10-01 Today's Opinions: Concerns about ACOs; Obama challenged on health care claims; Scare tactics 0 None
2010-10-01 New legislation introduced to assess critical care services in the U.S. 0 None
2010-10-01 KHN column: The NAIC's effort to find balance in its medical loss ratio regulation 0 None
2010-10-01 Family and friends may pose the greatest threat to caregivers' health and well-being 0 None
2010-10-01 RN expert provides an overview on healthcare quality measurement 0 None
2010-10-01 States cutting Medicaid benefits as they stagger under economic downturn 0 None
2010-10-01 Lawmaker proposes trust fund for veterans' growing health costs 0 None
2010-10-01 New reports underscore a litany of health law implementation obstacles 0 None
2010-10-01 APhA urges consumers to discuss proper medication usage with pharmacists 0 None
2010-10-01 Health reform law bubbling up as campaign issue 0 None
2010-10-01 NHS makeover not welcomed by the BMA 0 None


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