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RSSArchived Healthcare News Stories - December 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-12-30 A ‘tough’ 2011 for Britain’s NHS 0 3
2010-12-30 Winner Medical receives Shenzhen Baoan District Quality Award for quality, organizational performance 0 None
2010-12-30 New Year resolution: Cosmetic dentistry 0 None
2010-12-30 Adjusting mortality for reliability provides more stable estimates of hospital quality 0 None
2010-12-30 Health and Safety Watch tracks over 500 food and product advisories and recalls in 2010 0 None
2010-12-30 URAC releases Patient Centered Health Care Home Program Toolkit 0 None
2010-12-30 Sleep-deprived physicians not to perform elective surgeries without patient's consent 0 5
2010-12-30 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts announces new community partner strategy 0 None
2010-12-30 Race to have the first baby of the new year 0 None
2010-12-30 Tips to avoid allergy and asthma triggers at the gym 0 None
2010-12-30 Children more likely to suffer from appendicitis in areas with few pediatricians 0 None
2010-12-30 Indoor plants can contribute to patient well-being 0 None
2010-12-29 Winter grips Scotland with unprecedented rise in health concerns 0 1
2010-12-29 New innovative program to identify and treat combat veterans suffering from PTSD 0 5
2010-12-29 NYBC urges communities to donate blood 0 None
2010-12-29 Top weight-loss behaviors 0 None
2010-12-29 Health Management Associates to sell Riley Hospital to Anderson Regional Medical Center 0 None
2010-12-29 Kennedy Krieger inagurates new clinic for AHO treatment and research 0 5
2010-12-29 Appalachian Regional Healthcare sues West Virginia DHHR, Bureau for Medical Services over Medicaid reimbursements 0 None
2010-12-29 New Year's Eve can be bad for your health 0 None
2010-12-28 71% of Americans say Baby Boomers should work past normal retirement age 0 None
2010-12-28 Majority of Americans hopeful for renewed commitment to fitness in 2011 0 None
2010-12-28 Frst wave of baby boomers become eligible for Medicare in 2011 0 None
2010-12-28 UPMC MyHealth Connect web-browser mobile application launched 0 None
2010-12-28 FDA warns against consumption of Tiny Greens brand Alfalfa Sprouts or Spicy Sprouts 0 None
2010-12-28 NIIT Technologies forays into US health care segment with acquisition of Preferr EHR 0 None
2010-12-27 Palladium Equity Partners acquires Jordan Healthcare Holdings 0 None
2010-12-27 Mylan settles lawsuits pertaining to Medicaid reimbursements paid to health care providers 0 None
2010-12-27 NYBC calls upon community to donate blood, platelets 0 None
2010-12-27 Stem cell therapy helps patient with diabetes gangrene recover from foot ulcer: ICMS conference 0 None
2010-12-27 Great River Medical Center's Board of Directors approve construction of new long-term-care center 0 None
2010-12-27 Obama administration sets regulation for controversial end-of-life benefit 0 None
2010-12-24 Pros and cons of apps for common New Year's resolutions 0 None
2010-12-24 Demand for medical interpreters to increase in the new year 0 None
2010-12-24 Senate confirms Paige Alexander as USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia 0 None
2010-12-24 Littleton and Porter hospitals selected to pilot new iTriage 'Tell us you're coming' feature 0 None
2010-12-24 Law expert analyses relationship between modern sport and the law 0 None
2010-12-24 Pediatric Trauma Program launches holiday PSA against hazards of texting while driving 0 None
2010-12-24 Research reaffirms bovine TB's threat to humans, animals, and to international trade 0 None
2010-12-24 High pressure technology holds promise for decontamination of dairy products 0 None
2010-12-24 $1.1 billion Martek sale measures success of UMD-Mtech 'grads' 0 None
2010-12-24 New study shows striking changes, variations by region in admission rates for substance abuse treatment 0 None
2010-12-24 Meaningful use of EHR systems is an IT and organizational initiative 0 None
2010-12-24 The Candie's Foundation welcomes drop in teen birth rates, says more work still to be done 0 2
2010-12-24 22% of hospital admissions in 2008 were for patients over 75 years old: AHRQ 0 None
2010-12-24 HIT interventions promising tools in fight to improve medication adherence, despite paucity of data 0 None
2010-12-24 Five-stage reverse osmosis best for removal of hexavalent chromium from drinking water 0 None
2010-12-24 Research Roundup: Surgery and health costs; ACOs and independent doctors; Stroke's long-term effects; Improving low-income care 0 None
2010-12-24 Financial Times examines how Brazil's state-run drug sector is engaging in partnerships at home, abroad 0 None
2010-12-24 Scientific American examines efforts to increase influenza virus monitoring in pigs to prevent pandemics in humans 0 None
2010-12-24 American Regent initiates voluntary recall of Sodium Bicarbonate Injection, USP 7.5% and 8.4% 0 None
2010-12-24 Report examines infant, child feeding practices in 33 countries 0 None
2010-12-24 9/11 responders health bill gains congressional nod 0 None
2010-12-24 Texas doctor arrested in whistle-blowing case; Mass. judge dismisses hospital payment lawsuit against the state 0 None
2010-12-24 Health spending and mandates: What is central to the overhaul's implementation and what is not 0 None
2010-12-24 Guardian Home Care Holdings sold to AccentCare 0 None
2010-12-24 Electronic health records have only limited effect on improving quality of medical care: RAND study 0 None
2010-12-24 Calif. insurers opt to resume kids' policies; Meanwhile, other plans cut mental health benefits in response to health law 0 None
2010-12-24 Today's opinions: Ariz. hospital and abortion; Wall Street Journal's issues with PolitiFact; Calif.'s anti-smoking success 0 None
2010-12-23 BROMG doctor calls for votes to win $25,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant to pay for more flu vaccine 0 None
2010-12-23 AVMA offers DEA guidance on new controls for propofol 0 None
2010-12-23 TPRF supports AmeriCares with $40,000 grant in battle against Haiti cholera epidemic 0 None
2010-12-23 Great River Foundation awarded 2-year Wellmark Foundation grant to fight childhood obesity 0 5
2010-12-23 First Edition: December 23, 2010 0 None
2010-12-23 Over 36,000 people visit interactive infection research exhibition in 2010 0 None
2010-12-23 Baylor Sammons Cancer Center, Sarah Cannon, and Virginia Cancer join Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium 0 None
2010-12-23 Delayed sex among couples leads to better marriages 0 None
2010-12-23 Mobile trends, FDA regulations to be explored at Digital Health Summit 2011 0 None
2010-12-23 UMMC improves delivery turnaround time, enhances nurse satisfaction with MedEx system 0 None
2010-12-23 Dec. 31st healthcare reform deadline limits patient choice and encourages business as usual 0 None
2010-12-23 2010 'a watershed year' for lung cancer 0 None
2010-12-23 Chinese government should show more leadership on HIV/AIDS, says AHF 0 None
2010-12-23 Ohio smokers lose big as 2-year legal battle comes to an end 0 None
2010-12-23 Jury returns $7M verdict for failure to diagnose and treat cardiac tamponade in bypass surgery patient 0 5
2010-12-23 Fraunhofer MEVIS initiates research partnership with ARTORG Center 0 None
2010-12-23 HPV chemicals cause harm to human health, environment 1 None
2010-12-23 NPSF creates new membership program for patient safety professionals 0 None
2010-12-23 Values-based approach for making more effective New Year's Resolutions 0 None
2010-12-23 Dieting trends in 2011 0 None
2010-12-23 Columbia Asia opens new hospitals in India and Malaysia 0 None
2010-12-23 Pelosi supports James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act on the House floor 0 None
2010-12-23 Congress approves stopgap spending measure; Some funding for federal agencies, global health programs delayed 0 None
2010-12-23 EPA to clean up vector-breeding site to eliminate dengue epidemic 0 None
2010-12-23 AADR testifies at FDA Advisory Panel meeting on dental amalgam 0 None
2010-12-23 Northstar Healthcare reports successful syndication of MicroSurgery Institute of Houston 0 None
2010-12-23 Funding bill passed; Food safety measure sent to President; 9/11 worker legislation still held up 0 None
2010-12-23 U.S. Physical Therapy acquires mid-Atlantic six clinic physical therapy group 0 None
2010-12-23 New York Times reports on Gates Foundation's Grand Challenges in Global Health grant program 0 None
2010-12-23 Vatican issues communique to clarify Pope's statement on condoms 0 None
2010-12-23 New method predicts outcome of bleaching treatment for teeth 0 None
2010-12-23 USAID official discusses agency's efforts to address cholera in Haiti 0 None
2010-12-23 New Regs: Health insurers will be required to justify large rate increases 0 None
2010-12-23 In State budgets, Medicaid goes under the knife; Costs high for Florida Medicaid's doctor-immunity plan; N.J. practices to launch ACOs 0 None
2010-12-23 Medicare pays out big bucks for questionable treatments 0 None
2010-12-23 Genetic variant of brain receptor molecule may contribute to impulsive behavior 0 None
2010-12-23 Health biz sector ripe for action 0 None
2010-12-23 Opinions: U.S. foreign aid; Malaria eradication; Moving Haiti forward; Health care financing 0 None
2010-12-23 Bloomberg: The politics, investments of judges 0 None
2010-12-23 Today's Opinions: Congressional funding vote leaves out health law; Price controls on health; Tough choices in Washington State 0 None
2010-12-22 FDA joins Abbott Diabetes Careto to recall 359 glucose test strips 0 None
2010-12-22 Snowblowers can cause severe hand injuries during winter 0 None
2010-12-22 Earlier ART initiation should be highest priority for global expansion of HIV patient care 0 None
2010-12-22 Edge releases edgeDMS for iPad for Dentists and Dental offices 0 None
2010-12-22 Vote For Kids Health calls for voting support to help win December Pepsi Refresh Project 0 None
2010-12-22 NAHN and Partnership at join to address teen drug and alcohol use in the Hispanic community 0 None
2010-12-22 ACSF releases report on EPA's new pollution controls for electric power plants 0 None
2010-12-22 First Edition: December 22, 2010 0 None
2010-12-22 Red Cross and Pitney Bowes deliver 'a touch of home' to service members, veterans 0 None
2010-12-22 Global Business Forum on health care at University of Miami 0 None
2010-12-22 Texas' Medicaid program in financial crisis 0 None
2010-12-22 National Nurses United calls for Senate approval of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act 0 None
2010-12-22 Gifts to help navigate daily routine best for people living with chronic conditions 0 None
2010-12-22 Kaiser Permanente's Los Angeles and San Diego Medical Centers achieve Baby-Friendly status 0 None
2010-12-22 Charity Navigator provides four-star rating to Alzheimer's Foundation of America 0 None
2010-12-22 10 guiding principles for strengthening health systems 0 None
2010-12-22 Proposed Affordable Care Act regulations will bring transparency to proposed insurance rate increases 0 None
2010-12-22 Life expectancy, other health indicators improve in Asia-Pacific, OECD report says 0 None
2010-12-22 Poison centers raise concern over dangerous substance marketed as bath salts 0 None
2010-12-22 Tips on toy safety during holiday season 0 None
2010-12-22 Majority of nurses are unaware of simple diagnostic test for sepsis 0 None
2010-12-22 OSI to provide patient monitoring solutions for new hospital in Issaquah, WA 0 None
2010-12-22 Funding, antitrust suit pose tests for health law 0 None
2010-12-22 The Citizen examines potential impact of EU-India free trade agreement on HIV/AIDS patients in developing countries 0 None
2010-12-22 Birth rate for U.S. teens falls to a record low 0 None
2010-12-22 Parents most influence teens' decisions about sex 0 5
2010-12-22 Esprida software solution can help improve patient care 0 None
2010-12-22 Healthy foods improve survival and quality of life in older adult population 0 None
2010-12-22 Congress poised to approve food safety legislation; 9/11 bill triggers criticsm of some GOP lawmakers 0 None
2010-12-22 AP: Despite passage of health law, other accomplishments, 2011 was not a good year for President Obama 0 None
2010-12-22 Nature News explores developing countries' commitment to R&D 0 None
2010-12-22 Daily Report Global Health Conversations: The QDDR and global health 0 None
2010-12-22 Contamination with potential disease-causing bacteria is commonly found on hands of anesthesia providers 0 None
2010-12-22 Verizon grants will eanble heart attack patients to receive life-saving treatments more quickly 0 None
2010-12-22 24th study finds stronger association between fluoride in water and lower IQ in children 0 5
2010-12-22 Inadequate sanitation costs India close to $54B, World Bank report finds 0 None
2010-12-22 Military health: Philanthropy, not the Pentagon, leads to quality care for brain-injured soldiers 0 None
2010-12-21 Mayo Clinic accused of submitting false Medicare claims 0 None
2010-12-21 State Roundup: New Minn. Gov.'s plans to expand Medicaid could be off to slow start; Ariz. Gov. asks for federal help 0 None
2010-12-21 Today's Opinions: The collective benefits of the new health law; Patient safety; Legalizing marijuana 0 None
2010-12-21 URI, R.I. Hospital to offer medical physics degree 0 4
2010-12-21 Working more closely with community will make research more meaningful, say Johns Hopkins faculty 0 None
2010-12-21 BSI publishes new standard to help protect vulnerable consumers 0 None
2010-12-21 Medicaid Health Plans of America selects MedAssurant for advanced analytics in healthcare delivery 0 None
2010-12-21 CoreMatrix delivers new cloud based, integrated, on demand marketing solutions 0 None
2010-12-21 First Edition: December 21, 2010 0 None
2010-12-21 Tips to find if a senior relative needs immediate medical attention 0 None
2010-12-21 Gym injury prevention advice for the New Year 0 None
2010-12-21 Auditor General Wagner stands by finding of double-digit error rates in Pennsylvania's Medicaid program 0 None
2010-12-21 The Children's Agenda delivered to California's incoming policymakers 0 None
2010-12-21 CIOs need to identify where IT needs to be 0 None
2010-12-21 Study on why whole orange is better than components 0 None
2010-12-21 Novel pen measures stress levels 0 None
2010-12-21 Country must make wise choices in preventing infections, says study on future of AIDS in Cambodia 0 None
2010-12-21 Dentists recognized for excellence in ethics, leadership and professionalism 0 None
2010-12-21 LUMEDX announces subscription of 50 hospitals to cardiovascular SaaS solution 0 None
2010-12-21 Simple ways to limit damage due to holiday drinks loaded with calories 0 None
2010-12-21 Majority of Massachusetts physician groups use statewide results to improve patient experiences 0 None
2010-12-21 Aetna's ACO model improves health care quality, lowers cost of care 0 1
2010-12-21 New study finds 80% of transfer cases in Illinois take longer than two hours 0 None
2010-12-21 NAMI publishes updated family guide for treating adolescents living with depression 0 None
2010-12-21 Survey shows 81% of seniors think Congress may not find solution for physician payments for Medicare 0 None
2010-12-21 Group buy program helps hospitals save $81 million 0 None
2010-12-21 Omnibus bill defeated; Congress will vote on continuing resolution to fund government through March 4 0 None
2010-12-21 MEDSEEK, BayCare Health System partner to develop and deploy fully integrated eHealth solution 0 None
2010-12-21 Writing habit 'is one of the top predictors of weight loss success' 0 None
2010-12-21 Priority Health launches health insurance plans for Michigan residents 0 None
2010-12-21 Pennsylvania's Medicaid program error rate less than half the national average, feds say 0 None
2010-12-21 Motivational interviewing may not be an ideal treatment choice for smoking-cessation 0 None
2010-12-21 Inconsistent, incomplete labeling of alcoholic beverages taking health, safety toll on drinkers 0 None
2010-12-21 Wishard expands partnership with SIS to improve perioperative services 0 None
2010-12-21 Magellan, ACG partner to train specialists to provide Peer Support Whole Health services 0 None
2010-12-21 Touro University Worldwide introduces new online program in Marriage and Family Therapy 0 None
2010-12-21 FMCNA recommends dialysis patients to take precautions during severe weather 0 None
2010-12-21 Cholera deaths in Haiti top 2,500, health ministry says 0 None
2010-12-21 Lilly Endowment grants funds to Manchester College to establish School of Pharmacy 0 None
2010-12-21 Study examines treatment options for children diagnosed with ADHD 0 None
2010-12-21 New study finds racial, ethnic disparities in cancer treatment 0 None
2010-12-21 Wage growth slowed during economic downturn, report says 0 None
2010-12-21 Hutchinson Center's tips for weight loss in the new year 0 None
2010-12-20 Health-care coverage program for kids ends in Ariz.; Florida Medicaid patient information may be at risk 0 None
2010-12-20 Congressional battle lines emerge over spending issues; Backers continue to press 9/11 health bill 0 None
2010-12-20 Britain’s NHS falls short in providing services 0 None
2010-12-20 Requirements set for grant program to inform seniors about new health law provisions 0 None
2010-12-20 The health law and legal challenges: What the future holds 0 None
2010-12-20 DMN: Lax supervision of residents at U.S. teaching hospitals puts patients at risk 0 None
2010-12-20 Criterions EHR earns ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification 0 None
2010-12-20 WSJ: Top spine surgeons reap royalties, Medicare bounty 0 None
2010-12-20 Monday's opinions: Justice Anthony Kennedy may hold key to health care outlook; Minn.'s Medicaid plans; Improving food choices 0 None
2010-12-20 Health overhaul roundup: Analyzing the individual mandate, watching the politics around reform 0 None
2010-12-20 First Edition: December 20, 2010 0 None
2010-12-20 MEDNAX acquires Neonatology Associates in Kingsport 0 None
2010-12-20 Food sack to help supplement Cincinnati students' nutrition through the holiday break 0 None
2010-12-20 AHF calls on Sen. Nelson to address Florida's AIDS drug crisis 0 None
2010-12-20 Dell receives CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation 0 None
2010-12-20 Participants in CMS, Premier healthcare alliance HQID VBP project raise quality by 18.3% 0 None
2010-12-20 Progress report on 'Strategy for Europe on nutrition, overweight and obesity' 0 None
2010-12-20 Health Care at Home: Trends and issues 0 5
2010-12-20 NAFC forms council to establish independent quality standards for incontinence products 0 None
2010-12-20 Comprehensive guidance for care providers on Dementia Care Mapping process 0 5
2010-12-20 Take charge of your medical tests 0 None
2010-12-20 PRI receives CLO Gold award for online physician communication course 0 None
2010-12-20 PwC: Top Health Industry Issues of 2011 0 None
2010-12-20 Americans' confidence in ability to obtain, afford healthcare continues to decline 0 None
2010-12-20 Tips to keep alcohol intake in check for a healthier, safer holiday season 0 None
2010-12-20 Donors pledge almost $49.3B for World Bank's International Development Association fund 0 None
2010-12-20 New U.N. commission will track donors' pledges on maternal, child health 0 None
2010-12-20 Medicare bonus payment pilot program also a test for ACOs 0 None
2010-12-20 FDA warns against consumption of Sally Jackson cheese due to risk of E. coli O157:H7 0 None
2010-12-20 Implementation roundup: HHS meets on state exchanges; Regs out soon on 'unreasonable' insurance rate increases; Plan 'B' options for the individual mandate 0 None
2010-12-20 CNA Warranty, MVP to provide cost-effective equipment maintenance coverage for hospitals 0 None
2010-12-20 House rejects Senate bill to fight child marriage, citing cost as main concern 0 None
2010-12-20 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan seeks dismissal of federal antitrust lawsuit 0 None
2010-12-20 BioNeutral Group, KHA to introduce Ogiene and Ygiene products 0 None
2010-12-20 U.N. Security Council adopts resolution to ramp up fight against sexual violence 0 None
2010-12-20 Research roundup: Gender differences in health spending; How the states could fare under the new law; Increased Medicare premiums 0 None
2010-12-20 Sanofi-aventis, Oxford University to conduct multi-phase oncology research in India 0 None
2010-12-20 Walgreens partners with HHS to provide over $10M worth of flu shots for people without adequate health insurance 0 None
2010-12-20 In Florida, federal court judge considers health-care challenge by states 0 None
2010-12-20 The Hill: GOP leaders for House Energy and Commerce health panel named 0 None
2010-12-20 State Roundup: UMass bone marrow registry practices probed; Insurance woes hit many Calif. middle income families 0 None
2010-12-20 Significant gap exists in medical services for ER patients 0 None
2010-12-20 SAGE publishes first comprehensive textbook on psychology 0 None
2010-12-20 Research: Beetroot juice may allow patients with heart and lung-conditions to enjoy more active lives 0 5
2010-12-17 UCLA report: Low-income Californians with asthma experience more frequent symptoms 0 None
2010-12-17 Nation's anti-fraud efforts paying off, Holder says 0 None
2010-12-17 Today's Opinions: Cucinelli argues for quickly moving Va. case to the Supreme Court; Unraveling Medicaid leaves a big gap; Taking away a cancer treatment 0 None
2010-12-17 Relationship skills to help communicate effectively during the holidays 0 None
2010-12-17 Goji berries' components are available in fruits and vegetables 0 None
2010-12-17 Bio-IS and HSS sign 5-year partnership to deliver Bio-Intervention Disinfection Service to hospitals 0 None
2010-12-17 First Edition: December 17, 2010 0 None
2010-12-17 Tips to enjoy holiday food and other special parts of the season 0 5
2010-12-17 40% of global burden of disease is attributable to exposures to biological and chemical pathogens 0 None
2010-12-17 Germany has not yet achieved influenza vaccination rates set by WHO 0 None
2010-12-17 Best Buy announces national rollout of health, fitness products at 600 Best Buy stores 0 None
2010-12-17 Home health, hospice patients need to have face-to-face encounter with physician: New Medicare rule 0 None
2010-12-17 RMHC of the Philadelphia Region grants to support programs that aim to improve well-being of children 0 None
2010-12-17 Elsevier Foundation's new library grants focus on telemedicine, HIV/AIDS videos and Egyptian cancer database 0 None
2010-12-17 Sustainable Phosphorus Summit, Feb. 3-5, 2011 0 None
2010-12-17 Health inequalities still exist between England's richest and poorest 0 None
2010-12-17 ACP and AARP develop consumer-friendly guide about health care law in English and Spanish 0 None
2010-12-17 Study highlights death or rehospitalization rates for Medicare beneficiaries with ischemic stroke 0 None
2010-12-17 Social Security's long-term impact on women's financial security 1 None
2010-12-17 Ischemic stroke patients at substantial risk once leaving the hospital: Study 0 None
2010-12-17 Electronic medical records appear to have varying effects on primary care physicians: UC Davis study 0 None
2010-12-17 U.N. says it will investigate source of Haitian cholera epidemic as death toll rises 0 None
2010-12-17 Alzheimer's Association applauds Congress for passage of NAPA Bill 0 None
2010-12-17 Research project examines unfamiliar space to make it 'older person-friendly' 0 None
2010-12-17 GE Healthcare announces global partnership with Embrace to distribute low-cost infant warmer 0 None
2010-12-17 Cancer Treatment Centers of America deploys Intel's personal health system solution 0 None
2010-12-17 City Tech Nursing Professor provides community-based care plan to study difference in health outcomes 0 None
2010-12-17 Antidepressants may have adverse effect on elders when prescribed for the first time 0 None
2010-12-17 Mayo Clinic ACTS project supports African-American dementia caregivers 0 None
2010-12-17 AHA recognizes UC Irvine Medical Center's commitment to high-quality cardiac care 0 None
2010-12-17 Electronic cigarettes much safer than real cigarettes, says BUSPH researcher 0 5
2010-12-17 Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota praises fix of orphan drug discount under 340B program 0 None
2010-12-17 Global Fund approves 79 grants with two-year commitment of $1.7B 0 None
2010-12-17 President signs one-year 'pay-fix'; Medicare tests competitive bidding for common medical equipment 0 None
2010-12-17 U.S., South Africa sign PEPFAR partnership agreement 0 None
2010-12-17 First comprehensive guide to hospital emergency preparedness exercise development 0 None
2010-12-17 Reuters rates hospitals' cardiovascular program 0 None
2010-12-17 White House to hold meetings with stakeholders on overhaul implementation 0 None
2010-12-17 Iowa moves forward on health exchange; Texas medical school highlights geriatrics; Concerns grow about prisoners' mental health needs 0 None
2010-12-17 Florida Judge hears arguments in 20-state health law challenge; says ruling will take time 0 None
2010-12-17 Collaboration seeks to uncover the best strategies to improve health care, lower costs 0 None
2010-12-17 Holder, Sebelius convene day-long summit on health care fraud 0 None
2010-12-17 Clinton outlines QDDR recommendations at launch event 0 None
2010-12-17 Positive economic signs evident in health sector 0 None
2010-12-17 Houston Chronicle: Testing flex money limits 0 None
2010-12-17 High-dose rate brachytherapy procedure to treat prostate cancer 0 None
2010-12-16 Health law challenges shift to Florida courtroom 0 None
2010-12-16 Today's Opinions: Health law spending; Funding threats undercut U.S. legal tradition; Medicaid falls short 0 None
2010-12-16 Guardian 24/7 selects Glowpoint's video managed services for remote diagnosis and patient collaboration 0 None
2010-12-16 First Edition: December 16, 2010 0 None
2010-12-16 RAD to restore SCI's Radiation Treatment Center 0 None
2010-12-16 PCSBI issues 18 recommendations in emerging field of synthetic biology 0 None
2010-12-16 MedicAlert Foundation's 'Code of Conduct' helps evaluate integrity of emergency medical information 0 None
2010-12-16 Determinants of health have stronger impact on Canadians' health than healthy lifestyle 0 None
2010-12-16 WHO report shows significant progress in global malaria fight, highlights need for continued funding 0 None
2010-12-16 New York Times examines debate over aid strategy in Afghanistan 0 None
2010-12-16 SIDS deaths surge 33% on New Year's Day 0 None
2010-12-16 International Bionic Engineering Conference to be held from 18-20 September, 2011 0 None
2010-12-16 Affordable Care Act provisions will increase breastfeeding among working mothers 0 4
2010-12-16 NextGen Healthcare announces partnership with Wills Eye for meaningful use 0 None
2010-12-16 Alzheimer's Foundation of America praises House, Senate passage of National Alzheimer's Project Act 0 None
2010-12-16 Justice Department will appeal health ruling, Virginia decision viewed as one step in long path to Supreme Court 0 None
2010-12-16 New visualisation software tool for older people to understand mobility problems 0 None
2010-12-16 UT Southwestern and Rabin Medical Center enter innovative 5-year affiliation agreement 0 None
2010-12-16 Harmful ingredients in toxic toys need to banned 0 5
2010-12-16 Three million Western Europeans suffer from critical limb ischemia 0 None
2010-12-16 AMA commends President Obama for commitment to one-year delay of Medicare cut into law 0 None
2010-12-16 IPS examines NGOs' call to reform World Bank's funding for poorest countries 0 None
2010-12-16 Study: People who believe in justice believe that tragedy gives the victim's life more meaning 0 None
2010-12-16 ADA supports FDA panel's recommendation for continuing review of existing, new scientific information 0 None
2010-12-16 EBRI report: Young people, minorities, and low-wage workers more likely to find financial incentives extremely useful 0 None
2010-12-16 New study records show dementia residents seek hospice benefit 0 None
2010-12-16 State roundup: Minn. to add more adults to Medicaid; Mass. Gov. seeks savings in pensions and health care costs; Ariz. bishop and hospital spar over control 0 None
2010-12-16 Use of vitamin K antagonists is driven by availability of oral formulation 0 None
2010-12-16 Arguments in twenty-state legal challenge to health law begin Thursday; Medicaid expansion central to action 0 None
2010-12-16 USAgainstAlzheimer's applauds House passage of National Alzheimer's Project Act 0 None
2010-12-16 Opinions: Kangaroo care; NTDs, Women's health 0 None
2010-12-16 NIH grants $7.5 million for researchers to develop novel compounds in treating nicotine addiction 0 None
2010-12-16 CAMY reports 71% increase in youth exposure to alcohol ads 0 None
2010-12-16 Houston Endowment awards UH $5 million to increase number of doctoral student graduates 0 None
2010-12-16 Three-day African food security forum opens in Accra 0 None
2010-12-16 Nation's leading health care systems collaborate to improve quality while reducing costs 0 None
2010-12-16 Tort reform legislation has not reduced physician concerns about malpractice lawsuits: Study 0 None
2010-12-16 CRS report details regs issued since passage of health overhaul 0 None
2010-12-16 Tampa Hospital associates receive Transplant Excellence Award for lung transplant program 0 None
2010-12-16 Sun-Times: Medicare wants pharmacists out of Plan D decision-making process 0 None
2010-12-16 Personalities, politics emerge from decision's aftermath 0 None
2010-12-16 The Baltimore Sun: Stent sellers were allowed inside lab despite hospital ban 0 None
2010-12-16 Researchers discover newborn's brain respond strongly to mother's voice 0 None
2010-12-15 Today's Opinions: Reviewing judge's ruling on health law's individual mandate 0 None
2010-12-15 ICSA Labs can now test and certify electronics health record product solutions 0 None
2010-12-15 Experts study obesity in young population with physical, cognitive disabilities 0 None
2010-12-15 MCSA Tool for colonoscopy trainees to assess cognitive and motor skills 0 None
2010-12-15 First Edition: December 15, 2010 0 None
2010-12-15 Customer satisfaction with health insurance falls 2.7%, says ACSI report 0 None
2010-12-15 SBUMC to rename and dedicate ALS clinic as Christopher Pendergast ALS Center of Excellence 0 None
2010-12-15 Demand for clinical research professionals double 0 None
2010-12-15 Research reveals pattern of declining health among Mexican-American immigrants 0 None
2010-12-15 Global Fund to draw up action plan against drug theft, invites stakeholders to participate 0 None
2010-12-15 Survey reveals 40% of consumers prefer to purchase vision care services during weekends, evenings 0 None
2010-12-15 Legal analysis, implementation predictions and political posturing abound in the wake of yesterday's decision 0 None
2010-12-15 CMS increases reimbursement rate for Cylex's immune cell function assay by 267% 0 None
2010-12-15 Federal judge in Virginia voids key provision of health law 0 None
2010-12-15 Illegal online drug sellers prey upon 36 million Americans 0 None
2010-12-15 HUP launches Penn Hand Transplant Program 0 None
2010-12-15 New HHS Strategy on Multiple Chronic Conditions 0 None
2010-12-15 Reuters examines investors' interests in bonds that support GAVI Alliance 0 None
2010-12-15 Children in Sweden are exposed to a huge number of unhealthy TV advertisements 0 None
2010-12-15 Smiths Medical launches Medfusion 4000 wireless syringe infusion pump with PharmGuard systems in Canada 0 None
2010-12-15 Clinton calls for Haiti to resolve election dispute 0 None
2010-12-15 Study investigates medical students and the information resources they use 0 None
2010-12-15 NY Times: Panel set to study safety of electronic patient data 0 None
2010-12-15 Report examines ways to improve care for Medicare's dual eligibles 0 None
2010-12-15 Texas' problem with prescription drug abuse; Vermont's plans for single payer 0 None
2010-12-15 Nine months after passage, public remains divided on health overhaul 0 None
2010-12-15 New research reports more than 10% of RA patients lack health literacy 0 None
2010-12-15 New study finds health law will aid those close to retirement age 0 None
2010-12-15 Medicaid budget challenges continue to plague states, threaten safety net 0 None
2010-12-15 Accidental ingestion of Tessalon could be dangerous for young children, FDA warns 0 None
2010-12-15 IOM reconfirms the importance of calcium and vitamin D intake 0 None
2010-12-15 Also in Global Health News: Drought in Middle East; HIV/AIDS, TB in Indonesia; MSF warnings over needs of HIV/AIDS patients; Non-profit at work in Uganda 0 None
2010-12-14 OpEds: Assessing Judge Hudson's decision on individual mandate 0 None
2010-12-14 Healthcare reform – debates begin all over again 0 None
2010-12-14 Health report card for NSW 1 None
2010-12-14 First Edition: December 14, 2010 0 None
2010-12-14 60% of Americans concerned about negative health impact of beverages 0 1
2010-12-14 Study explores meaning of respect in medical student education 0 None
2010-12-14 Marketers must pay $2.1M to refund purchasers of Disney- and Marvel heroes-licensed vitamins 0 None
2010-12-14 Implementation and strong management support crucial for successful worksite health programs 0 None
2010-12-14 Natural Prosthetic Dental Lab launches 'Digital revolution of dentistry' 1 None
2010-12-14 Food stored at rodent-infested warehouse seized by U.S. Marshals 0 None
2010-12-14 Institute for Child and Family Health recognized for exemplary implementation of evidence-based interventions 0 None
2010-12-14 Workplace interactions may educate people about organ donation process 0 None
2010-12-14 Strength training exercise program for seniors provides sustained cognitive, economic benefits 0 None
2010-12-14 Rheumatologists raise awareness on early diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory arthritis 0 None
2010-12-14 Alzheimer Society applauds House of Commons motion calling on government to address dementia in Canada 0 None
2010-12-14 Series of papers highlights challenges with moving African-developed drugs, technology forward 0 None
2010-12-14 Grey's Anatomy features patient with von Hippel-Lindau disease 0 None
2010-12-14 Mercury Policy Project welcomes WHO's support for 'phasing down' amalgam 0 None
2010-12-14 NIST publishes guides to support EHR system developers 0 None
2010-12-14 CMA launches national initiative on future of Canada's health care system 0 None
2010-12-14 ICESP selects Ekahau RTLS for staff tracking solution 0 None
2010-12-14 Scientists perform metagenomic analysis of bacterial immune system for personalized oral health care 0 None
2010-12-14 Myths and misunderstandings about medical male circumcision for HIV prevention 1 None
2010-12-14 SulAmerica enters agreement for acquisition of Dental PLAN 0 None
2010-12-14 Mexican Americans more likely to require resources to manage their health conditions 0 None
2010-12-14 Diamyd Medical issues new shares to cover social security contributions for employee stock option plans 0 None
2010-12-14 GAVI Alliance launches pneumonia vaccine project in Nicaragua 0 None
2010-12-14 The Affordable Care Act can benefit 18.3 million men and women ages 50 to 64 0 None
2010-12-14 African American patients less likely to receive medications for parkinsonian symptoms 0 None
2010-12-14 Pelosi releases statement on Obama's signing of Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act 0 None
2010-12-14 Delphi places first stone of new building on Aéropole de Charleroi 0 None
2010-12-14 Researchers implement life skills program to reduce HIV and drug use among South African youth 0 None
2010-12-14 PenTAG researchers contribute to new NICE guidance on preventing unintentional injury to under-15s 0 None
2010-12-14 Methodist Willowbrook Hospital achieves zero infection rate in top three at-risk categories 0 None
2010-12-14 RediClinic to open 20 new clinics in H-E-B stores across Texas 0 None
2010-12-14 SINTEF ICT scientists develop sensor belt to monitor chronically ill patients 0 None
2010-12-14 Go Daddy gifts $500,000 to Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS to launch Women's Health Center in Phoenix 0 None
2010-12-14 Senator Leahy calls for U.S. to suspend direct aid to Haiti's government, visas for Haitian officials 0 None
2010-12-14 ACCESS receives $6.7M NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award 0 None
2010-12-14 EU, India talks end with resolution on drug seizures, little progress on free trade agreement 0 None
2010-12-13 State roundup: New Dem Gov. and Minn. Medicaid; Fla. docs on Medicaid changes; Iowa Gov. eyes long-term care loopholes; Conn. provider rates 0 None
2010-12-13 Consumers, employers and insurers work to incorporate reform's new rules 0 None
2010-12-13 iMDsoft, Mindray enter new distribution agreement 0 None
2010-12-13 Federal judge poised to issue ruling in Virginia health law challenge 0 None
2010-12-13 Survey: Health savings accounts pick up steam but remain a small part of health insurance market 0 None
2010-12-13 Mass. confronts high health costs 0 None
2010-12-13 MedVirginia becomes first community HIE to connect with Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record 0 None
2010-12-13 1099 repeal foiled again, Politico reports 0 None
2010-12-13 Reuters: Supreme Court to decide generic drug labeling issue 0 None
2010-12-13 OpEds: Ryan on 'welfare state'; Wisconsin health care; Facing AIDS; Penn. safety net 0 None
2010-12-13 Elsevier announces special Issue on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders 0 None
2010-12-13 Nuance announces availability of Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder on iTunes App Store 0 None
2010-12-13 Zimmer's Trabecular Metal Modular Cup awarded 20% reimbursement premium in Japan 0 None
2010-12-13 WellDoc DiabetesManager solution integrated with leading EHR system 0 None
2010-12-13 PLATO Foundation launches first medical education activity during 33rd CTRC - AACR Symposium 0 None
2010-12-13 Quality of care for ADHD children poor under Medicaid, says new report 0 None
2010-12-13 MEDNAX acquires Wilmington Maternal-Fetal Medicine 0 None
2010-12-13 First Edition: December 13, 2010 0 None
2010-12-13 U-M's participation in Medicare Physician Group Practice Demonstration Project helps save over $15 million 0 None
2010-12-13 Fracture risk assessment tool for Singaporeans released 0 None
2010-12-13 Strategies for securing life insurance policy for pre-existing medical conditions 0 None
2010-12-13 Origin of Haiti cholera epidemic traced to South Asia 0 None
2010-12-13 No safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke 0 3
2010-12-13 HRSA ranks UCLA's heart transplant program as best in the U.S. 0 None
2010-12-13 News outlets examine flooding in Pakistan four months on 0 None
2010-12-13 Higher co-payments lead to early discontinuation of life-saving therapy for breast cancer 0 None
2010-12-13 New DNA-based testing technology for tuberculosis treatment 0 None
2010-12-13 EMEA calls for Europe-wide ban on blood donation from ME/CFS patients 0 None
2010-12-13 Small amounts of mobility can reduce hospital stay for elderly patients 0 None
2010-12-13 Lowering legal drinking age would be ineffective in reducing binge drinking in colleges 0 5
2010-12-13 Excess weight gain during winter holidays increases back injury 0 None
2010-12-13 Study finds Haitian cholera strain resembles one from South Asia, carries mutation that increases severity 0 None
2010-12-13 FDA issues final guidance for public's comments at advisory committee meetings 0 None
2010-12-13 New initiative launched to fight cystic fibrosis 0 None
2010-12-13 More sensitive screening tests needed to reduce ovarian cancer deaths 0 None
2010-12-13 Rate of health care-associated infections in developing countries more than double U.S., European rates, study finds 0 None
2010-12-13 Multi-unit dwellings contribute to children's exposure to tobacco smoke 0 None
2010-12-13 EU, India leaders meet to discuss trade deal, some concerned deal will jeopardize drug access in developing countries 0 None
2010-12-13 Better approaches to ovarian cancer screening could lower cancer deaths 0 None
2010-12-13 Mayo clinic creates new computerized radiation tracking system 0 None
2010-12-12 New MyHospitals website stumbles against criticism 0 None
2010-12-10 House clears the Medicare 'doc fix' for the President's signature; Senate falls short of passing 9/11 bill 0 None
2010-12-10 New challenges to FDA's 'no risk' classification of mercury fillings 0 5
2010-12-10 Arizona's transplant funding cuts continue to trigger controversy; Florida, Kansas focus on state role in reforms; Wisc. plan would elminate tax on health savings accounts 0 None
2010-12-10 In effort to curb preventable ICU infections, new reporting requirement kicks in Jan. 1 0 None
2010-12-10 Research roundup: For-profit hospitals' readmission rate, containing self-referrals, children's dental health, revisiting McAllen 0 None
2010-12-10 HHS slaps 'mini-med' plans with new restrictions 0 None
2010-12-10 OPTN arranges first paired donation of living donor kidneys 0 None
2010-12-10 The New York Times: Aetna's former chief executive ponders the new health law 0 None
2010-12-10 GOP lawmaker calls government funding bill a 'trojan horse' for health reform 0 None
2010-12-10 Deals, expansions and ACOs mark hospital sector activity 0 None
2010-12-10 OpEds: Palin on the Ryan Roadmap, Seniors and primary care docs, Arizona transplant controversy 0 None
2010-12-10 Elsevier enables text-to-speech option for all ePub book titles 0 None
2010-12-10 Stroke falls from third to fourth leading cause of death 0 None
2010-12-10 AARP Pennsylvania thanks House for passage of bill stopping payment cut to doctors in Medicare 0 None
2010-12-10 AMA welcomes House passage of legislation to stop Medicare physician payment cut for one year 0 None
2010-12-10 First Edition: December 10, 2010 0 None
2010-12-10 Official guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and management of food allergies released 0 None
2010-12-10 Process of activating helicopter EMS delays treatment for heart attacks beyond recommended times 0 None
2010-12-10 Alliance of Specialty Medicine calls for new, permanent Medicare reimbursement formula 0 None
2010-12-10 Access problems for psychiatric patients to Medicaid medication leads to increased hospital, emergency care 0 None
2010-12-10 AvMed to optimize Member Services call center operation with Panviva SupportPoint 0 None
2010-12-10 AMGA issues comments on CMS Request for Information on ACOs 0 None
2010-12-10 Incoming House Foreign Affairs Committee chair outlines views on U.S. foreign policy; House passes FY 2011 funding act 0 None
2010-12-10 WFP, UNAIDS work to improve nutritional support available for people living with HIV/AIDS 0 None
2010-12-10 Three-day meeting on eliminating river blindness kicks off in Nigeria 0 None
2010-12-10 Presidential commission pushes feds to 'facilitate' more health IT 0 None
2010-12-10 COPD becomes third leading cause of death in the U.S. 0 None
2010-12-10 Exposure to tobacco smoke causes immediate damage leading to serious illness or death 0 None
2010-12-10 Insurers develop new products, brace for overhaul's impact 0 None
2010-12-10 State roundup: Facing budget 'cliff'; Medicaid woes; Arizona transplant program; Another Florida health vote? 0 None
2010-12-10 Opinions: Questioning WHO's relevance; Reforming foreign aid; Efforts to prevent child marriage 0 None
2010-12-10 TeleHealth Services announces extended partnership with Central Baptist Hospital 0 None
2010-12-10 IETF announces March as National Essential Tremor Awareness Month 0 None
2010-12-10 Southwest Washington Health System announces formal affiliation agreement with PeaceHealth 0 None
2010-12-10 Physiotherapy Associates announces new MS Specialty Program 0 None
2010-12-10 Senate approves Medicare 'doc fix' 0 None
2010-12-10 NCCN announces new guidelines for patients with multiple myeloma 0 None
2010-12-10 Rule makers in health reform hot seat; Number of administration waivers from key aspect of law climbing 0 None
2010-12-10 Five Fairfield County community health centers awarded grants to increase access to primary care 0 None
2010-12-10 Chinese study examines association between alcohol intake, CAD 0 None
2010-12-10 Powerful GOP lawmakers clarifying plans for cutting health costs, repealing reform law 0 None
2010-12-10 FDA grants approval to manufacture Collagenase SANTYL Ointment at DPT Laboratories' facility 0 1
2010-12-10 Tobacco-cessation expert receives 2011 ASPO Joseph W. Cullen Memorial Award tobacco research 0 None
2010-12-10 New Jersey judge dismisses another health reform legal challenge 0 None
2010-12-09 More young people in nursing homes; Home health care agencies face Medicare rate cuts 0 None
2010-12-09 The Joint Commission names AMC as Certified Primary Stroke Center 0 None
2010-12-09 IKEA pencils better than traditional felt tipped pens for facial, head surgery, two surgeons say 0 None
2010-12-09 OpEds: How debt panel 'punted' on health costs; Sustainable 'doc fix;' Arizona 'death panel;' Sebelius on flu vaccine 0 None
2010-12-09 MyHospital website goes live 0 None
2010-12-09 Nightingale to launch EMR and practice management solution for Apple iPad 0 None
2010-12-09 LUMEDX implements CardioInventory software at Iowa Health Systems' affiliate hospitals 0 None
2010-12-09 November U.S. Well-Being Report released by Gallup and Healthways 0 None
2010-12-09 Appeals Court upholds preliminary injunction against FDA to stop seizure of electronic cigarettes 0 None
2010-12-09 Registered dietitians practice what they preach 0 None
2010-12-09 Central Logic rebrands event series to Patient Flow Summit 0 None
2010-12-09 Pelosi issues statement following House passage of food safety legislation 0 None
2010-12-09 Study to develop ways to track individual's exposure to traffic pollution 0 None
2010-12-09 Collegium Ramazzini repeats calls for total global ban on all asbestos 1 None
2010-12-09 School-based intervention program helps students with asthma better manage symptoms 0 None
2010-12-09 Trauma surgeon co-authors call to action to establish pediatric trauma research network 0 None
2010-12-09 Number of people admitted to hospital for treatment of dog bites increased by 86%: AHRQ 0 5
2010-12-09 EFSA publishes positive opinion on disease risk reduction health claim for oat beta-glucan 0 None
2010-12-09 New report indicates that struggling economy may have reduced use of preventive care 0 None
2010-12-09 Health care systems inadequate for managing acute GI hemorrhage outside of normal hours 0 None
2010-12-09 More registered nurses in Canada than 5 years ago 0 None
2010-12-09 AARP Pennsylvania applauds U.S. Senate for protecting seniors' access to their doctors 0 None
2010-12-09 Oral contraceptives account for less than 1% of estrogen in drinking water 0 None
2010-12-09 Excreted antibiotics become potential sources of antibiotic resistant genes 0 3
2010-12-09 Study shows living in walkable neighborhood enhances individual's quality of life 0 None
2010-12-09 USAID, PEPFAR and HHS welcome WHO's endorsement of rapid diagnostic test for TB 0 None
2010-12-09 Insulin related calls to poison centers increase 279% 0 None
2010-12-09 Northwestern Mutual study examines costs of long-term care across the country 0 None
2010-12-09 Health2 Resources provides strategic research, analysis for ACCC project 0 None
2010-12-09 Systagenix launches new innovative website 0 5
2010-12-09 Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center symposium aims for high-value health care system in the US 0 None
2010-12-09 Mortality is higher in for-profit than non-profit dialysis centers, says study 0 None
2010-12-09 Laparoscopic approach still best for most patients, not for all: Study 1 2
2010-12-09 WSJ investigation: A sharp rise in specific prostate therapy parallels high Medicare payments 1 None
2010-12-09 Conference examining family planning integration with national health strategies in Asia-Pacific countries begins 0 None
2010-12-09 Winners of 2010 Quality and Innovation Awards announced 0 None
2010-12-09 Research into hospital bed technology could soon represent giant leap forward in patient care 0 None
2010-12-09 Capitol Hill: Upton to lead energy and commerce; Dems unveil budget bill, Senate considers 9/11 worker health bill 0 None
2010-12-09 Media examines efforts to protect patients in Africa from counterfeit medications 0 None
2010-12-09 Urgent reform of Medicaid-financed community care for ADHD children needed 0 None
2010-12-09 Dietitians prefer olive oil as food oil of choice 0 None
2010-12-09 Report examines African government funding for child development 0 None
2010-12-09 Arizona State Dem. lawmakers push for restoring Medicaid transplant money 0 None
2010-12-09 Nottingham researchers develop new 'score' to detect heart disease in younger people 0 None
2010-12-09 Study: Adding community features to online health programs could reduce attrition 0 None
2010-12-09 Texas leaders cut spending for Medicaid, Wyo. begins to set up state exchange 0 None
2010-12-09 Annual survey ranks states on health, health care 0 None
2010-12-09 Senators announce deal to 'fix' Medicare doctor payments - for now 0 None
2010-12-09 Home health care technology could help patients improve their health, overall well-being: Study 0 None
2010-12-09 Personalized medicine advocates push for better reimbursement system 0 None
2010-12-09 NIH to create new translational science center 0 None
2010-12-09 Docs distrust hospitals; Americans divided over health law; Children's hospitals lose discounts on orphan drugs 0 None
2010-12-09 AJPH publishes study on importance of preventive dental treatment for pregnant women 0 None
2010-12-09 India, EU trade agreement will not restrict ability for India's pharmaceutical firms to export generic drugs, official says 0 None
2010-12-09 Three drug companies to pay $421 million in fraud settlement 0 None
2010-12-08 Private insurers, employee wellness programs seek to control costs 0 None
2010-12-08 Neurologist wins trial for defamation against Utah Medicaid Fraud Control Unit 0 None
2010-12-08 Aetna to acquire health information exchange firm for $500 million 0 None
2010-12-08 New Hora de Hablar CARDIO program launched to help better manage heart health 0 None
2010-12-08 MedeAnalytics introduces Accountable Care Solution for healthcare provider and payer organizations 0 None
2010-12-08 MassMutual broadens life insurance underwriting guidelines for prostate cancer survivors 0 None
2010-12-08 First Edition: December 8, 2010 0 None
2010-12-08 TOS, OAC call on FDA to address urgent need for obesity treatments 0 None
2010-12-08 Vaccine World Summit to be held in New Delhi 1-3 March, 2011 0 5
2010-12-08 California's MRMIB extends Healthy Families contract with MAXIMUS 0 None
2010-12-08 Court ruling on regulation of electronic cigarettes as drugs and devices is wrong 0 None
2010-12-08 FDLI to launch Food and Drug Policy Forum publication in 2011 0 None
2010-12-08 Robots in the ER 0 None
2010-12-08 Video games effective in improving diet behaviors of children 0 None
2010-12-08 Overeating and drinking at holiday parties could affect those unaware of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-12-08 Some progress, but big challenges remain in prevention of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2010-12-08 St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, UH College of Pharmacy earn national 'best practices' award 0 None
2010-12-08 European Commission must stop attacking generic medicines, says ITPC 0 None
2010-12-08 Private insurers more effective in controlling health care spending than Medicare 0 None
2010-12-08 Ginseng may improve thinking ability, but more research is needed 0 None
2010-12-08 American College of Physicians recognize two scientists for clinical effectiveness research 0 None
2010-12-08 IEEE members are transforming the future of medicine and healthcare 0 None
2010-12-08 Stars and Stripes looks at barriers to scaling up foreign aid 0 None
2010-12-08 CML patients treated with dasatinib associated with better treatment adherence, lower health costs: Study 0 5
2010-12-08 Med-Vision offers steps to maintain weight during holidays 0 None
2010-12-08 Study examines impact of poor care coordination on quality, cost of care in America 0 None
2010-12-08 Cymetrix partners with Siemens Healthcare for financial system conversion support 0 None
2010-12-08 Short Jump training program may help lower risk of knee injuries in women basketball players: Study 0 None
2010-12-08 First standard-of-care guidelines for children with congenital muscular dystrophy 0 None
2010-12-08 Respondents overestimate amount U.S. government spends on foreign aid, poll finds 0 None
2010-12-08 School-based ASMA program helps adolescents improve asthma management, quality of life 0 None
2010-12-08 Health professionals discuss on reducing maternal, newborn mortality, morbidity 0 None
2010-12-08 New website provides guidelines to optimal stroke care 0 None
2010-12-08 Employers pay more for health insurance, number of uninsured rises 0 None
2010-12-08 New Health Affairs study reexamines cost issues related to care in McAllen and El Paso 0 None
2010-12-08 Issues in health delivery: Hospital-spread infections; Finger-prick blood tests for diabetes; Medicare spent millions on unnecessary stents 0 None
2010-12-08 Jackson Health System selects MedAssets as its strategic partner 0 None
2010-12-08 HHS reaches out to defiant states for health law support 0 None
2010-12-08 Test vote on health bill for Ground Zero workers expected today 0 None
2010-12-08 AMR begins nationwide initiative to implement Stryker-PRO XT powered stretchers 0 None
2010-12-08 N.Y. charges 33 with selling prescriptions to dealers 0 None
2010-12-08 Conn. addresses insurance rates, Mass. physician groups evaluate controversial payment plan 0 None
2010-12-08 Texas health officials confronting Medicaid costs 0 None
2010-12-08 Some in health industry raising concerns about Accountable Care Organizations 0 None
2010-12-08 Concentrated nicotine in E-cigarattes poses unknown risks to consumers 0 None
2010-12-08 Military health costs skyrocket 0 None
2010-12-07 Company reaches $28 million settlement for Medicare program 0 None
2010-12-07 Deal for year-long doc fix in the works 0 None
2010-12-07 eLINCx to implement GE's eHealth Information Exchange across Wooster, Dunlap Community Hospitals 0 None
2010-12-07 China Biologic receives license to commence commercial plasma collection at Yishui station 0 None
2010-12-07 Lutheran Medical Center implements Medsphere's OpenVista EHR solution 0 None
2010-12-07 First Edition: December 7, 2010 0 None
2010-12-07 Ontario Pharmacists' Association praises health profession registration for pharmacy technicians 0 None
2010-12-07 Idis to manage ViroPharma's named patient program 0 None
2010-12-07 Interference with biofilm detachment mechanisms may prevent biofilm-associated infections 0 None
2010-12-07 WHO to create an evidence base for traditional medicine 0 None
2010-12-07 Third Edition of Occupational Medicine Practice Guidelines released 0 None
2010-12-07 Early physical therapy associated with fewer subsequent injections, surgery, physician visits: Study 0 3
2010-12-07 CSC's Leading Edge Forum: Disruptive technologies to reshape delivery of healthcare 0 None
2010-12-07 FAI releases comprehensive food allergy guidelines 0 1
2010-12-07 Boston Scientific's Close the Gap campaign to raise awareness of heart disease risk factors 0 None
2010-12-07 Scientists have learned to mask bitterness of ginseng to improve consumers health 0 None
2010-12-07 Research team creates digital version of Broselow tape for children 0 None
2010-12-07 East African Community leaders pledge to combat climate change to promote development, food security 0 None
2010-12-07 Research roundup: Early retiree insurance; high deductible plans and skipped care; innovation and FDA 0 None
2010-12-07 Guardian examines difficulty of delivering polio vaccines in war-torn parts of Africa, like DRC 0 None
2010-12-07 Quantros to demonstrate new patient safety improvement solutions at IHI National Forum 0 None
2010-12-07 Report: Baltimore cardiologist inserted 'medically unnecessary' stents 0 None
2010-12-07 Dartmouth awarded $2M grant for new Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Center 0 None
2010-12-07 Bierman ABA opens new clinic for children with autism 0 None
2010-12-07 Health experts, mobile service providers discuss potential for mobile health in Africa at summit 0 None
2010-12-07 GOP's rallying cry on health reform: states' rights 0 None
2010-12-07 New poll reflects views on Palin and abortion; Abortion clinic protests planned 0 None
2010-12-07 In Mass., health insurance program falters; Long term care costs increase 0 None
2010-12-07 AARP survey shows overwhelming support for long term solution to protect access to medicare doctors 0 None
2010-12-07 Hospitals turn to luxury services to entice patients 0 None
2010-12-07 State roundup: Wash. state to pay most of state worker premiums; Budget cuts and mental health in N.Y.; Idaho fraud 0 None
2010-12-06 Today's Op-Eds: ObamaCare and FEHBP; California prisons; and workhorse Medicaid 0 None
2010-12-06 PAREXEL International opens two new Clinical Logistics Services facilities 0 None
2010-12-06 Nation's top insurance lawyer suggests people to take steps before changing health insurance policy 0 None
2010-12-06 Elsevier announces title change for Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics journal 0 None
2010-12-06 Researchers show link between accepting family attitudes, behaviors towards LGBT children 0 None
2010-12-06 MBH receives prestigious 2010 Healthcare IT Summit Innovation Award 0 None
2010-12-06 WebMD Health announces 2010 Year in Health 0 None
2010-12-06 ACAAI allergist experts available to comment on new food allergy guidelines 0 None
2010-12-06 Oral levetiracetam may be effective in stopping neonatal seizures 0 5
2010-12-06 Texas gov. Perry backs away from Medicaid dropout threat 0 None
2010-12-06 Health insurance news: Conn. rejects Anthem BC/BS rate increase, stock prices 'steady' despite reform law 0 None
2010-12-04 University of Portland's school of engineering named after Bjork-Shiley heart valve inventor 0 None
2010-12-04 Symposium to highlight aggression nurses experience in workplaces and lives 0 None
2010-12-04 HSS creates Center for Musculoskeletal Outcomes and Patient Oriented Research 0 None
2010-12-04 NCI director ignorant of cancer prevention, says coalition 0 5
2010-12-04 AANS injury prevention tips during winter holiday season 0 None
2010-12-04 Elimination of first month purchase option for power wheelchairs will hurt Medicare beneficiaries in rural areas 0 None
2010-12-04 Conference focuses on new molecular, mechanical solutions to improve surgeries 0 None
2010-12-04 THCA has serious concerns regarding any effort to drop elders out of federal Medicaid program 0 None
2010-12-04 HCW, CAI invite NC employers to participate in Healthcare Benefits & Cost Survey 0 None
2010-12-04 ETP, EF announce latest grant recipients of New Therapy Grants Program 0 None
2010-12-04 Healthy People 2020 targets barriers to breastfeeding 0 5
2010-12-04 LHC Group alters 2010 guidance due to reduction in Medicare reimbursement 0 None
2010-12-04 HHS, CCSC establish new national awards program 0 None
2010-12-04 IOM releases new dietary recommendations for calcium, vitamin D intakes 0 3
2010-12-04 Sermo releases report on potential replacements for warfarin 0 None
2010-12-04 New web-based CME program to improve cancer care in rural areas 0 None
2010-12-04 African, Caribbean, Pacific, EU leaders meet to discuss maternal mortality, climate change, other issues 0 None
2010-12-04 Debt panel members vote today; Some say recommendations will shape future efforts to reduce health costs 0 None
2010-12-04 adds post-graduate therapist training directory, psychology graduate school directory 0 None
2010-12-04 HIV prevention programs worldwide are missing MSMs, survey finds 0 None
2010-12-04 NFID supports CDC's National Influenza Vaccination Week 0 None
2010-12-04 Omnicell to unveil new solutions at 2010 ASHP midyear conference 0 None
2010-12-04 Event reporting prevents medication errors in primary care: Study 0 None
2010-12-04 Minnesota pilot project seeks to save Medicare money by addressing readmission rates; MedPac offers draft payment recommendations 0 None
2010-12-04 Active recreational athletes at risk for shoulder injuries this holiday season, say doctors 0 None
2010-12-04 Administration offers new guidance to make the small business tax credit more user-friendly 0 None
2010-12-04 Obama faces tough talk about the health law from GOP governors, lawmakers 0 None
2010-12-04 UBC receives $7M grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for PRE-EMPT Project 0 None
2010-12-04 Study: Some states fall short in insurance rate reviews 0 None
2010-12-04 Review shows need for standardized approach to outcome assessment in breast reconstruction 0 None
2010-12-04 News outlets explore approaches for caring for aging patients 0 None
2010-12-04 In New York, quiet Medicaid spending talks proceed while a Michigan insurer adds a range of new insurance products 0 None
2010-12-04 Electronic cigarettes are potentially harmful, researchers say 0 1
2010-12-04 ProPublica: Drug Co. used ghostwriters to pen work bylined by academics 0 None
2010-12-04 Research findings could provide breakthrough for development of effective therapies for NSCLC 0 None
2010-12-04 OpEds: Positions on Fiscal Commission; Reinhardt on Medicare; Defeating diabetes 0 None
2010-12-04 Dispute between hospital, insurer highlight health reform challenge 0 None
2010-12-04 Phase III studies should make meaningful difference in patients' quality of life: Commentary 0 None
2010-12-03 Ontario coalition encourages drivers to take precautions to reduce preventable crashes 0 None
2010-12-03 China collaborates with Norway to address prevalence and spread of mercury 0 None
2010-12-03 Tips to keep kids 'jingle belling' with safe toys 0 None
2010-12-03 International project on equitable distribution of health resources and priorities within global health 0 None
2010-12-03 NetDimensions releases Enterprise Knowledge Platform version 6.3 0 None
2010-12-03 New book on ageing, health and pensions in Europe 0 None
2010-12-03 Loyola nurses honored 0 None
2010-12-03 Children with developmental disabilities face obstacles in intervention services 0 None
2010-12-03 Relationship-strengthening class for expectant, first-time parents improves family life 0 None
2010-12-03 CIHR experts discuss impact of violence on Canadians’ health 0 None
2010-12-03 Exposure to polluted air leads to accumulation of abdominal fat and insulin resistance 0 None
2010-12-03 Experts reach consensus on beneficial effects of Soy 0 None
2010-12-03 Johns Hopkins patient-safety tools help reduce lethal bloodstream infections 0 None
2010-12-03 SLEEP ACCESS to deliver customized driver fatigue programs 0 5
2010-12-03 NSU receives $1.6 million federal grant to provide better care for homeless 0 None
2010-12-03 Columbia's professor receives 2010 Garfield Economic Impact Award 0 None
2010-12-03 New article questions role of amenities in hospital care 0 None
2010-12-03 NSU offers free dental services to victims of domestic violence 0 None
2010-12-03 New pilot program to connect rural health care providers with VA 0 None
2010-12-03 Moderate consumption of 'energy drinks' can improve people's response time 0 None
2010-12-03 Hospital-wide patient-safety programs can improve 'culture of safety' 0 None
2010-12-03 New book on managing worry, anxiety and fear 0 None
2010-12-03 Healthy lifestyle choices, emergency room interventions can help prevent first-time strokes 0 None
2010-12-03 Individually tailored dietary treatment for acutely hospitalized elderly reduces mortality 0 None
2010-12-03 UC Irvine receives Silver Medal from HHS for supporting organ, tissue donation 0 None
2010-12-03 Nemours commends House and Senate for passage of child nutrition legislation 0 None
2010-12-03 People enrolled in CDHP plan reaches 22 million in 2010: EBRI report 0 None
2010-12-03 Obama praised for enhanced health care reform for Alzheimer's community 0 None
2010-12-03 Humana Military receives two contracts to provide patient appointing services 0 None
2010-12-03 AFFI commends Congress for approval of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act 0 None
2010-12-03 Cardiac surgeons are trying innovative approaches to traditional open heart surgery 0 None
2010-12-03 New national awards program to recognize healthcare institutions to eliminate HAI infection 0 None
2010-12-03 Number of medical school graduates increasing; average age of physicians stabilizing 0 None
2010-12-03 Democrats confident food safety bill will be resolved despite procedural error; Child nutrition bill set for house vote 0 None
2010-12-03 AHA: Incidence of hospitalization for heart valve diseases rises in New York 0 None
2010-12-03 More Coloradans lose Medicare Advantage plans, Missouri lawmakers push for doctor's order to buy common cold and allergy meds 0 None
2010-12-03 Justice Department offers expedited antitrust review for ACOs 0 None
2010-12-03 Health costs: Employer-sponsored insurance premiums rise 41% 0 None
2010-12-03 Medicare beneficiaries will need significant savings to cover health insurance costs in retirement 0 None
2010-12-03 Debt panel proposals target health costs 0 None
2010-12-03 In spite of health care law, patients may still pay for preventive care 0 None
2010-12-03 Jimmy Carter: Kennedy obstructed health care reform in 1970s 0 None
2010-12-03 Minnpost examines foreign aid prospects in new Congress 0 None
2010-12-02 Republican governors want health law flexibility, could help insurers with reform 0 None
2010-12-02 At Senate hearing, Democrats blast 'mini-med' insurance policies 0 None
2010-12-02 States continue to confront Medicaid issues 0 None
2010-12-02 White House marks World AIDS Day 0 None
2010-12-02 Text from KHN: Fiscal commission's recommendations on health care spending 0 None
2010-12-02 New agreement gives CIGNA customers in-network access to medical center 0 None
2010-12-02 Today's Op-Eds: Preventing hospital errors; myths about the reform law; Medicare and the independent payment advisory board 0 None
2010-12-02 Super GP clinic minus GP grabs attention 0 None
2010-12-02 Physician-led models of care benefit patients, health system 0 None
2010-12-02 First Edition: December 2, 2010 0 None
2010-12-02 New book on interactions between HIV and rural livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2010-12-02 University of California ranks tenth among research institutions 0 None
2010-12-02 ASH honors Sen. Sherrod Brown and Erik Fatemi 0 None
2010-12-02 USAID Administrator Shah issues statement on occasion of World AIDS Day 0 None
2010-12-02 Freedom to Breathe Act improves health without imposing economic burden on hospitality 0 None
2010-12-02 Toshiba guarantees customer satisfaction with Performance Pro education approach 0 None
2010-12-02 Universal Health Care's Medicare members offered Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness Program 0 None
2010-12-02 Red Cross field hospital treats people who have contracted cholera in Haiti 0 None
2010-12-02 A.D.A.M. adds Anatomy Practice online to suite of educational resources for college level courses 0 None
2010-12-02 Wright County Egg receives FDA concurrence to sell shell eggs 0 None
2010-12-02 Study finds nursing home residents carry MRSA infection 0 None
2010-12-02 Online program enhances patient's ability to self manage chronic health conditions: Study 0 None
2010-12-02 Careers in Healthcare guide highlights unique benefits of health-related roles 0 None
2010-12-02 AES annual meeting features special session on implications of combat-induced traumatic brain injury 0 None
2010-12-02 Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory for 2010 December focusses on tackling norovirus outbreaks 0 4
2010-12-02 New pilot program to honor registered organ donors 0 None
2010-12-02 Anti-retroviral therapy yields 'Lazarus effect': Long-term household investment strategy replaces hopelessness 0 None
2010-12-02 Timberline Knolls psychiatrist recommends patients to receive specialized care for co-occurring disorder 0 None
2010-12-02 CHEP applauds Senate for passage of FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 0 None
2010-12-02 NHS to develop new treatment options for patients with lung disease 0 None
2010-12-02 AACN data: Enrollment in entry-level baccalaureate nursing program increases by 6.1% 0 None
2010-12-02 Registration for BioVision 7th edition now open 0 None
2010-12-02 OHA launches 2010 guidebook on leading practices in patient safety 0 None
2010-12-02 UMDNJ experts to discuss IOM guidelines on vitamin D 0 None
2010-12-02 St. Jude ICU honored with Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence for second consecutive year 0 None
2010-12-02 Beta-carotene from food sources is insufficient in substantial part of population 0 None
2010-12-02 Toxic lead beyond safe limits found in used consumer products 0 None
2010-12-02 Biodiversity degradation may have perverse consequences for emerging pathogens 0 None
2010-12-02 Lexus of Tacoma donates $3,000 to Carol Milgard Breast Center 0 None
2010-12-02 Tips for avoiding, treating snakebites 0 None
2010-12-02 Bottomline expert to discuss on disparate systems to eliminate paper in healthcare organizations 0 None
2010-12-02 People with mental health diagnoses receives poor quality of preventive mass screening 0 None
2010-12-02 Employer-sponsored family health insurance premiums increase 41% from 2003 to 2009 0 None
2010-12-02 Booster dose needed to protect preterm infants against invasive pneumococcal disease 0 None
2010-12-02 Improved support may reduce health care cost in children with diabetes 0 None
2010-12-02 Regular, low-cost preventive medication can protect people with HIV from TB 0 5
2010-12-02 IPC acquires Senior Care of Colorado 0 None
2010-12-02 Supreme Court considers overcrowding's effect on Cal. prison health care 0 None
2010-12-02 Deficit panel delays vote; Curbing Medicare spending part of proposal 0 None
2010-12-02 Sleep HealthCenters enters agreement with U.S. HealthWorks to provide sleep medicine services 0 None
2010-12-02 Va. federal judge rejects Liberty University's challenge to health reform law 0 None
2010-12-02 Report analyzes global health funding trends, predicts lower funding growth 0 None
2010-12-02 Republicans fight over energy and commerce gavel as they sharpen congressional agenda 0 None
2010-12-02 States struggle with significant financial budget strains, especially in Medicaid; Others position for innovative coverage efforts 0 None
2010-12-02 Mindray launches V Series patient monitoring system 0 None
2010-12-02 Medical groups weigh in on health reform, pay freeze 0 5
2010-12-02 State officials weigh in on health overhaul challenge 0 None
2010-12-02 U.N. says PMTCT of HIV is achievable; efforts must target millions currently 'falling through the cracks' 0 None
2010-12-02 Food safety bill passes in Senate 0 None
2010-12-02 U.N. launches largest ever annual aid appeal, asking for $7.4B in 2011 0 None
2010-12-02 UIC receives HHS grant to expand family medicine residency program 0 None
2010-12-02 CTRC-AACR Symposium to discuss new findings from breast cancer clinical trial 0 None
2010-12-01 U.S. retirees need hundreds of thousands to pay for medical expenses, report finds 0 None
2010-12-01 Pew Health Group applauds Senate's passage of historic bipartisan food safety legislation 0 None
2010-12-01 World AIDS Day to mark start of international effort to shed light on how public funds are used 0 None
2010-12-01 Elsevier launches Case Reviews Online for radiology professionals 0 None
2010-12-01 Pelosi calls for House passage of child nutrition reauthorization legislation 0 None
2010-12-01 Study reveals major findings of National Cancer Registry of Spain for Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours 0 None
2010-12-01 Donors donate record amounts for global health despite the worst economic crisis 0 None
2010-12-01 SAGE selected to publish Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery journal 0 None
2010-12-01 IMIA, GHIP announce strategic alliance to strengthen health information and communication systems 0 None
2010-12-01 ASH to host annual meeting for blood disorders at Orange Convention Center 0 None
2010-12-01 CRN says increased DRI for vitamin D a step in right direction, but still falls short 0 None
2010-12-01 Report on public health in an era of genomic and personalized medicine 0 None
2010-12-01 IBD patients with hospital-acquired infections experience increased risk of inpatient mortality 0 None
2010-12-01 Health, HIV and human rights 0 None
2010-12-01 Experts convene to discuss ethical, policy consideration of guidelines for disabled children 0 None
2010-12-01 Surgeon-Physician Marriages face more challenges in balancing personal and professional lives 0 None
2010-12-01 CRN issues statement on passage of FDA Food Safety Modernization Act 0 None
2010-12-01 Key factors in evaluating Medicare Part D plans 0 None
2010-12-01 British Journal: Obesity, alcohol consumption may increase cancer risk 0 None
2010-12-01 Access to Independence helps pass H.R. 5610 bill to stabilize California's CIL 0 None
2010-12-01 Clinicians should assess sleep-wake disturbances to understand physiology of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2010-12-01 Physicians prescribe less pain medications for individuals evading the police 0 None
2010-12-01 IDEA clinical study seeks to promote weight loss among young adults 0 None
2010-12-01 Blue Cross launches new payment model with Allina, Essentia, Fairview, and HealthEast 0 None
2010-12-01 Loyola's mortality rate from heart-bypass surgery 74% lower than at peer hospitals 0 None
2010-12-01 Medical negligence claims could make patients wary of being treated in hospitals 0 None
2010-12-01 Halek Energy donates funds to Scott & White Healthcare 0 None
2010-12-01 Arsenic contamination of drinking water in Bangladesh leads to slow-developing diseases 0 None
2010-12-01 Fourteen research projects on population health intervention receive $2.8 million 0 None
2010-12-01 Alliance of Specialty Medicine calls for permanent fix to Medicare SGR formula 0 None
2010-12-01 HOANNJ announces collaboration to enhance cancer care through United Network of US Oncology 0 None
2010-12-01 AHRQ selects Outcome to develop new Registry of Patient Registries database 0 None
2010-12-01 TRSI, ScribeAmerica partner to deliver online training program for Medical Scribes 0 None
2010-12-01 VCU receives $1 million to improve health care for geriatric patients 0 None
2010-12-01 New tool helps gauge care for people with neurological disorder 0 None
2010-12-01 One-fifth of nonelderly Californians lack access to job-based health insurance 0 None
2010-12-01 Washington State Hospital Association makes public surgical infection rates 0 None
2010-12-01 Philips Electronics introduces IntelliSpace Portal to improve patient care 0 None
2010-12-01 Number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa to outpace treatment resources by 2020, IOM report finds 0 None
2010-12-01 Vets compare VA hospitals online; Government doctors may face pay freeze 0 None
2010-12-01 Medicare often overpays for wheelchairs, durable medical equipment 0 None
2010-12-01 Underwood-Memorial Hospital joins Jefferson Neuroscience Network as New Jersey participant 0 None
2010-12-01 Health law causing ripples in Congress, insurance industry, among doctors 0 None
2010-12-01 Living Donor Paired Exchange becomes first Canada-wide organ donation registry 0 None
2010-12-01 Flawed health care system fuels low life expectancy rank for U.S., researchers say 0 None
2010-12-01 The complexity involved in efforts to dismantle the health law 0 None
2010-12-01 Quality issues persist at hospitals, plastic surgery centers; use of CT scans in ER increases 0 None


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