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Date Title Comments Rating
2011-05-31 Health IT roundup: Feds monitor privacy breaches and propose changes to HIPPA records sharing 0 None
2011-05-31 First Edition: May 31, 2011 0 None
2011-05-31 Moisturisers, hair dyes cause serious adverse effects 0 4
2011-05-31 AAPA recognizes nation's top five Physician Assistants with PAragon Awards 0 None
2011-05-31 Koreans show positive attitude towards end-of-life care for cancer patients: Study 0 None
2011-05-31 Some Veterans' health jeopardized due to poor infection control 0 None
2011-05-30 Improvements to Medicare prescription drug program benefit MS patients in the 'donut hole' 0 None
2011-05-30 Canadian women more aware of ovarian cancer now, but misconceptions remain 1 None
2011-05-30 Novartis employees to do volunteer work for non-profit groups during 15th annual Community Partnership Day 0 None
2011-05-30 ExpeData, Nightingale partner to launch 'Clinipen' technology within North American EMR market 0 None
2011-05-30 CPS, AAP release joint statement on early childhood caries 0 None
2011-05-30 New American Red Cross survey reinforces need for water safety this summer 0 None
2011-05-30 New method can precisely measure quality of life in older age 0 None
2011-05-30 National Pharmacovigilance Programme to increase awareness about benefits of adverse event reporting 0 None
2011-05-30 U-M researcher receives $1.3M Gates Foundation grant to study women's menstrual practices, sanitation 0 None
2011-05-30 Ad Council, AHRQ launch new multimedia Spanish-language campaign for Hispanics 0 None
2011-05-30 New position paper examines benefits of actual, virtual natural environments on human health 0 None
2011-05-30 ENS, SSIF announce prestigious award to recognize excellence in medical education 0 None
2011-05-30 Medicare beneficiaries who receive higher medical spending have better health outcomes 0 None
2011-05-30 UC RNs ratify new collective bargaining agreement to strengthen patient safety in hospitals 0 None
2011-05-30 Politics of Medicare making Democrats, Republicans testy and disputatious 1 None
2011-05-30 McConnell, Romney, freshmen Republicans face tough questions on GOP Medicare plan 0 None
2011-05-29 Alcohol related hospital admissions rise sharply: Report 0 None
2011-05-29 Doctor rating website upsets medical groups 0 None
2011-05-27 New smart phone application provides pediatric and adult ER wait times directly to phone 0 None
2011-05-27 The Economist examines lack of attention to Plasmodium vivax malaria parasite 0 None
2011-05-27 AHRQ: 94% of women hospitalized for pregnancy and delivery in the U.S. had complications 0 None
2011-05-27 Parties craft strategies, Medicare spin in aftermath of NY-26 special election results 0 None
2011-05-27 Research Roundup: Medicaid co-payments, access to docs causes worse health 0 None
2011-05-27 U.N., U.S. re-evaluate HIV/AIDS treatment targets 0 None
2011-05-27 IBM expands Dallas Health Analytics Solution Center 0 None
2011-05-27 Current efforts not enough to halt HIV/AIDS in Philippines, UNAIDS country coordinator says 0 None
2011-05-27 Viewpoints: Medicare controversy continues to raise outrage, prescriptions, vivid prose 0 None
2011-05-27 In aftermath of Dem's upset special election, will budget balancers now set sights on Medicaid? 0 None
2011-05-27 OPINION: U.S. must do more on global food security 0 None
2011-05-27 AP examines debate over India's poverty line 0 None
2011-05-27 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2011-05-27 Appointment of drug company to GAVI board draws criticism from NGOs 0 None
2011-05-27 Obama, Medvedev reaffirm efforts to eradicate polio ahead of G8 summit 0 None
2011-05-27 Brazilian Court denies claims for indemnification for damages attributed to smoking cigarettes 0 None
2011-05-27 Gov. Shumlin signs law putting Vermont on path to single-payer system 0 None
2011-05-27 First Medicare Meaningful Use incentive dollars issued to physicians using athenahealth EHR 0 None
2011-05-27 Dynamics in the health care system trigger ACO concerns 1 None
2011-05-27 Proposed rule for health law's CLASS Act expected in October 0 None
2011-05-27 AHRQ: 39,000 school-age children treated for sports-related concussions at emergency departments 0 None
2011-05-27 Senate Democrats pressure states to maintain funding for Planned Parenthood 0 None
2011-05-27 AACE applauds legislation for preservation of access to osteoporosis testing for Medicare beneficiaries 0 None
2011-05-27 Despite Senate vote on House-passed budget, Ryan presses forward on debt reduction 0 None
2011-05-27 CMS announces dollars doled out to encourage docs, hospitals to adopt electronic health records 0 None
2011-05-27 Candidate Pawlenty says he would sign Ryan budget plan 0 None
2011-05-27 Report: Budget impact of health law defunding unclear 0 None
2011-05-27 States struggle to rein in medical costs 0 None
2011-05-27 New Web portal makes FDA's enforcement and compliance-related activities more accessible 0 None
2011-05-27 Roundup: Calif., Iowa hope to streamline mental health care delivery; Wis. battle with public employee unions continues 0 None
2011-05-27 Preparticipation cardiac screening required for college athletes 0 None
2011-05-27 Fallout from NY-26 election makes Dems gleeful, Republicans defensive 0 None
2011-05-27 Blue Cross and Blue Shield FEP pharmacy benefit management program awarded to CVS Caremark 0 None
2011-05-27 Kenya considers how PEPFAR technical guidance on MSM squares with laws against homosexuality 0 None
2011-05-27 Nature special issue focuses on vaccines 0 None
2011-05-27 Ten changes medical oncologists can do to flatten costs, improve care 0 None
2011-05-27 Everyone has an opinion about Dems' NY victory impact on Medicare, politics 0 None
2011-05-27 California's largest non-profit insurer releases details of executive pay 0 2
2011-05-27 Switching to a newer electronic health record system reduces prescription errors 0 None
2011-05-27 Senate Democrats force a vote on House-passed Republican budget, put GOP in hot seat 0 None
2011-05-27 WGO to focus on diarrheal disease prevention, management during World Digestive Health Day 0 None
2011-05-27 First Edition: May 27, 2011 0 None
2011-05-27 Report: Only 2% of nation's substance abuse treatment facilities offer counseling services in Asian languages 0 None
2011-05-27 ASH announces approval of official health care taxonomy code for Designated Specialists 0 None
2011-05-27 Brown County Regional Hospital RN earns 'Extraordinary Nurse' recognition from The DAISY Foundation 0 None
2011-05-27 IDF applauds Representatives for Medicare IVIG Access Act 0 None
2011-05-27 Safety tips for children to avoid lawn mower accidents 0 None
2011-05-27 India pledges $5B in aid to Africa to help continent reach MDGs 0 None
2011-05-27 International Dairy Federation releases new publication on Integrated Supply Chain Management 0 None
2011-05-27 Nutribar, CBCF partner to support breast cancer research 0 None
2011-05-27 Parties differ on selling insurance across state lines 0 None
2011-05-27 Sanofi-Aventis, Medtronic under scrutiny in press reports 0 None
2011-05-27 GOP presidential hopefuls offer Medicare, health reform opinions 0 None
2011-05-27 Disparities based on race and ethnic origin exist in every aspect of stroke care 0 None
2011-05-27 Tufts Health Plan receives prestigious advertising awards for new health and wellness promotion 1 None
2011-05-27 Next round of arguments in health law appeals process will be marked by tough questioning 0 None
2011-05-27 Albert Einstein College of Medicine to help shed light on causes and treatments of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-05-27 Los Angeles Times reports on case of Libyan children infected with HIV 0 None
2011-05-27 Two national campaigns aim to reduce spread of HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases 0 None
2011-05-27 ViroPharma launches documentary film on hereditary angioedema 0 None
2011-05-27 Johns Hopkins announces establishment of new institute for patient safety and quality 0 None
2011-05-27 Defense, VA wrestle with health record system 0 None
2011-05-27 State lawmakers take up effort to defund Planned Parenthood 0 None
2011-05-27 SEIU-UHW members at Tenet Hospitals reach tentative agreement to maintain high quality patient care 0 None
2011-05-27 Poorer African countries spend greater proportion of their budgets on social programs that benefit children, report says 0 None
2011-05-27 New six month braces system straightens adult front teeth with lower cost, less discomfort 0 None
2011-05-27 Longer looks: Stem cells, vaccinating against addictive drugs, the GOP's budget hatchet man 0 None
2011-05-27 Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center offers free life-changing procedures for uninsured patients 0 None
2011-05-27 State roundup: Budget battles continue in statehouses 0 None
2011-05-27 DHF receives two Telly Awards for diabetes awareness video Big Blue Test 0 None
2011-05-27 Opinion: Bipartisan consensus on medical research 0 None
2011-05-27 Opinion: How universities can advance global health 0 None
2011-05-26 Americans happy with Medicaid as it is 0 None
2011-05-26 Geisinger reports positive results with computer-assisted and NLC-driven intelligent workflow solution 0 None
2011-05-26 First Edition: May 26, 2011 0 None
2011-05-26 CNA launches National Expert Commission on health system improvement 0 None
2011-05-26 Music therapy enhances quality of life for patients with fibromyalgia 1 None
2011-05-26 Tips for building strong and healthy bones 0 None
2011-05-26 New book on 'Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear' 0 4
2011-05-26 Disputes over ACO rule, IPAB, MLR, health law continue 1 None
2011-05-26 GSK partners with NGOs to support health care workers in LDCs 0 None
2011-05-26 Many young adults couldn't afford needed health care: New Commonwealth Fund report 0 None
2011-05-26 PBS' NewHour examines health insurance for 'urban poor' in Pakistan 0 None
2011-05-26 Ryan budget, with Medicare and Medicaid overhaul, rejected by Senate 0 None
2011-05-26 Vatican newspaper article addresses condom use among married couples 0 None
2011-05-26 Dems win upset in NY special election; Medicare viewed as game-changing issue 0 None
2011-05-26 IPS examines access to medicine in Malawi 0 None
2011-05-26 Studies find antibiotics overused for children with asthma, urinary tract infections 0 None
2011-05-26 More wealthy families in India choosing to abort female fetuses, study shows 0 None
2011-05-26 Health Media Syndicate releases LiVe 2.0 for teens to stay healthy 0 None
2011-05-26 State Legislatures struggling with efforts to fund health programs 0 None
2011-05-26 Budget talks: Medicare costs on table as Biden aims for $1 trillion in cuts 0 None
2011-05-26 U-M develops new tool that helps physicians better evaluate patient's depression outcomes 0 None
2011-05-26 Researchers propose 'advance directives' for driving 0 None
2011-05-26 New Hypertension Management Program study results revealed at ASH scientific meeting 0 None
2011-05-26 Texas considers performance-based payments; Calif. docs oppose mammography bill 0 None
2011-05-26 Nurses can play vital role in increasing patients' adherence to cancer-fighting medication 0 None
2011-05-26 CDC reports 118 measles cases in 23 states, issues travel alert highlighting vaccination recommendations 0 None
2011-05-26 Miami Herald explores pilot program for medical homes 0 None
2011-05-26 USC engineers to develop robot vision-based mobility aid for visually impaired people 0 None
2011-05-26 Editorial: G8 should tell the truth on aid targets 0 None
2011-05-26 Poll finds popularity for Medicaid program 0 None
2011-05-26 Viewpoints: Sebelius, Orszag on Medicare costs; has the Minnesota GOP lost its way? 0 None
2011-05-26 NIST releases suite of green tea reference materials for manufacturers 0 None
2011-05-26 FDA warns online retailers for illegal tobacco product marketing 0 None
2011-05-26 Roundup: N.Y.C. hospitals face new cuts; Vt. health bill signing expected Thursday; difficulties for Conn. insurance chief 0 None
2011-05-25 MAXIMUS offers eHealth Literacy Services for state and community programs 0 None
2011-05-25 First Edition: May 25, 2011 0 None
2011-05-25 Apollo completes 100 liver transplantations in less than 4 years with over 90% success rate 0 3
2011-05-25 PPSC, InVivo enter sponsorship deal to support Adaptive Sailing Program for the disabled 0 None
2011-05-25 Federal officials review Indiana's Planned Parenthood law 0 None
2011-05-25 As implementation continues, poll finds public view of law improving 0 None
2011-05-25 Pawlenty, Gingrich offer views on Medicare, entitlement programs 0 None
2011-05-25 GOP leaders ask governors for ideas on Medicaid savings, improvements 0 None
2011-05-25 GSA, NAM receive new MetLife Foundation's grant for aging fellowship program 0 None
2011-05-25 Medical-income argument by critics of 'Obamacare' is feeble, says Queen's University professor 0 None
2011-05-25 With NY special election down to the wire, Republicans 'brace for blowback' 0 None
2011-05-25 Doctors report hundreds of new cholera cases in Dominican Republic 0 None
2011-05-25 Global Fund freezes grants to China over suspected misuse of funds 0 None
2011-05-25 LifeLinks introduces real time video interpreting services for 180 spoken languages 0 None
2011-05-25 Russia spent more than $80M in health-related foreign aid in 2010, report says 0 None
2011-05-25 The Beryl Institute report highlights results from recent patient experience benchmarking study 0 None
2011-05-25 Atmospheric chlorine-content linked to risk of childhood leukaemia 0 None
2011-05-25 U Should Know to launch new online sexually transmitted disease status-sharing service 0 5
2011-05-25 Biogen Idec joins global multiple sclerosis community to celebrate third annual World MS Day 0 None
2011-05-25 Ahead of U.N. General Assembly meeting next month, IPS examines global funding shortfall for HIV/AIDS treatment 0 None
2011-05-25 Study examines various state laws that address adolescent sexual behavior 0 None
2011-05-25 Senate GOP faces tricky vote on House-passed budget 0 None
2011-05-25 Homeless people more likely to have family doctor if they possess health card 0 None
2011-05-25 Biogen Idec launches educational forum, 'Women in MS' 0 None
2011-05-25 Abortion rates decline, except among poor women 0 None
2011-05-25 GP groups call for reinvestment into successful mental health program 0 None
2011-05-25 Debt limit talks move to topic of finding savings in Medicare, Medicaid 0 None
2011-05-25 USPTO awards Awarepoint patent for wireless interaction-based tracking system for hospitals 0 None
2011-05-25 MIT, ADI partner to research and develop technologies for next-generation patient monitoring devices 0 None
2011-05-25 Eating with a larger fork leads to less food consumption 0 None
2011-05-25 3M Skin and Wound Care introduces Tegaderm Diamond Dressing with Comfort Adhesive Technology 0 2.5
2011-05-25 Viewpoints: Pawlenty weighs in; entitlement reform dominating GOP politics 0 None
2011-05-25 MRSA, VRE traces found in bed bugs 0 None
2011-05-25 State Roundup: Texas overhauls hospital payments 0 None
2011-05-24 Cost of elderly and long term care set to double by 2050: Report 0 None
2011-05-24 GP’s religious advice sparks controversy 0 None
2011-05-24 First Edition: May 24, 2011 0 None
2011-05-24 Majority of opinion leaders strongly support creation of federal health insurance exchange 0 None
2011-05-24 Disaster-response planning raises challenges for mental health services, bioethicists say 0 None
2011-05-24 WellAWARE Systems receives 2011 Smart Choice Award for senior care 0 None
2011-05-24 Ocean County, Conmed sign new agreement to provide correctional healthcare services for detainees 0 None
2011-05-24 MMP selects Online Tech for colocation services and offsite data storage, backup 0 None
2011-05-24 National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention 'Don't Fry Day' campaign to encourage sun safety awareness 0 None
2011-05-24 eCareSoft launches national preferred partner program for small hospital market providers 0 None
2011-05-24 Lawmakers jockey for position in Medicare debate 0 None
2011-05-24 ECRI Institute PSO highlights patient safety issue involving cardiac monitoring errors in special E-lert 0 None
2011-05-24 Officials and re-election campaigns face health law challenges 0 None
2011-05-24 Washington State Green Chemistry Roundtable conference to focus on environmental toxics 0 None
2011-05-24 New legislation helps fulfill promise of Medicare for seniors in Alaska: AMA 0 5
2011-05-24 Some providers fight for chance at federal health IT funding 0 None
2011-05-24 More than 15% of school children have a developmental disability 0 None
2011-05-24 U.N. Secretary-General Ban addresses maternal mortality in Nigeria, IDPs in Cote d'Ivoire 0 None
2011-05-24 Circulation journal introduces new series on preventive cardiology, lifestyle interventions 0 None
2011-05-24 Ford engineers develop car seat that can monitor driver's heartbeat 0 None
2011-05-24 Tulsa burn specialist, assistant fire marshal partner with National Gasoline Safety Project 0 None
2011-05-24 Future nurses receive NINR grant for cardiovascular disease management research 0 None
2011-05-24 Authorities in India's only Muslim-majority state battling increase in female foeticide, AFP reports 0 None
2011-05-24 RACGP urges government to engage with profession regarding GP mental health funding cuts 0 None
2011-05-24 Swedish Medical Center implements Aegis' physician relationship management program 0 None
2011-05-24 Skagit Valley Hospital joins Premier healthcare alliance and saves more than $1M annually 0 None
2011-05-24 'Smoothing' occupancy could help children's hospitals reduce crowding 0 None
2011-05-24 IPS examines subsidized malaria drugs in Kenya 0 None
2011-05-24 Pakistani province cancels six U.S. aid agreements 0 None
2011-05-24 HIV prevention study results raise public health questions about forcing patients into treatment 0 None
2011-05-24 Opinion: Recognizing the success of foreign aid 0 None
2011-05-23 Terminally ill missing out on palliative care: Survey reports 0 None
2011-05-23 Is ACO the healthcare Holy Grail? 0 None
2011-05-23 In N.Y. special election, Medicare politics playing major role 0 None
2011-05-23 G20 meets to discuss food price spikes 0 None
2011-05-23 The Boston Business Journal names athenahealth as 'Best Place to Work' 0 None
2011-05-23 Viewpoints: IPAB debate; Medicare flap continues; WSJ on VT single payer 0 None
2011-05-23 Without medical liability reform, health care costs will continue to rise 0 None
2011-05-23 Vermont Gov. to sign single-payer bill Thursday 0 None
2011-05-23 Study links early complementary feeding with infant malnutrition in Kenya 0 None
2011-05-23 Kansas, Iowa pursue health law waivers 0 None
2011-05-23 Lifestyle modifications help control blood pressure levels: More evidence 0 None
2011-05-23 Baby boomers becoming the replacement generation 0 None
2011-05-23 EDITORIAL: Study results show need for more data on HIV prevention economics 0 None
2011-05-23 AP-GfK Poll: Most Americans don't believe Medicare has to be cut 0 None
2011-05-23 State Roundup: States' economic success often beyond their control 0 None
2011-05-23 Chamberlain College of Nursing announces opening of Miramar campus in Florida 0 None
2011-05-23 New hybrid OR at Loyola equipped with advanced fluoroscopy equipment 0 None
2011-05-23 Healthways, BCBSNC to offer SilverSneakers to Blue Medicare HMO and PPO members 0 5
2011-05-23 First Edition: May 23, 2011 0 None
2011-05-23 Millennium Laboratories founder to be honored as 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur for pain care 0 None
2011-05-23 eCareSoft releases enhanced electronic health record solution for mid-size hospitals 0 None
2011-05-23 Morris Hospital installs Toshiba's Ultimax X-ray system to streamline diagnosis, improve patient throughput 0 None
2011-05-23 METI, Elsevier partner to release turn-key health care education product 0 None
2011-05-23 Welch Allyn announces availability of co-branded Health o meter Professional Scales in Europe 0 None
2011-05-23 CMBC honors Carol Milgard Breast Health Society with celebratory donor wall 0 None
2011-05-23 ShiftWise launches free VeriStaff management system for hospitals, healthcare providers 0 None
2011-05-23 Study: Full access to personal medical record increases cancer patient's trust in physicians 0 None
2011-05-23 Protesters favoring health reform disrupt Aetna meeting 0 None
2011-05-23 Huntsman's stance on Utah health mandate questioned 0 None
2011-05-23 Medicare worries may tip balance to Democrat in NY congressional race 0 None
2011-05-23 Ryan defends Medicare, Medicaid plan; Gingrich explains attack on GOP budget 0 None
2011-05-22 From September insurers will need to justify annual premium increases of 10% plus 0 None
2011-05-21 CHIPRA quality measures will provide an excellent set of metrics to judge quality of children's health care 0 None
2011-05-21 UB's graded exercise test for concussion could help decide hockey player's fitness to return to the ice 0 None
2011-05-21 UH launches careers of 5 NSF Graduate Research Fellows for 2011 0 None
2011-05-21 Studies: Unintended pregnancies cost taxpayers $11B a year 0 None
2011-05-21 Wills Eye Institute and Thomas Jefferson University create new vision research center 0 None
2011-05-21 Roundup: Kan. exchange blueprint coming soon; 'Most favored nation' ban passes in Conn.; Anti-fraud repeal in Calif. 0 None
2011-05-21 Leopoldina recommends improvements for global access to clean drinking water and sanitation to G8 states 0 None
2011-05-21 16 Countries announce new commitments to reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality 0 None
2011-05-21 5 Faculty members at Stanford medical school disciplined 0 None
2011-05-21 CDC issues guidelines on dealing with the walking dead 0 None
2011-05-21 American Dental Association launches new ADA Seal of Acceptance Web area 0 None
2011-05-21 Editorial boards, columnists have lots to say about Gingrich and Medicare 0 None
2011-05-21 Health reform implementation recommends ways to maintain access to affordable insurance: Report 0 None
2011-05-21 FAO launches anti-locust program to protect food security for 20M people in Central Asia, the Caucasus 0 None
2011-05-21 APS honors recipients of Clinical Centers of Excellence in Pain Management Awards 0 None
2011-05-21 Some cancer patients go without drugs because of high cost 0 None
2011-05-21 Breast cancer survivors, advocates stress importance of Every Woman Counts program 0 None
2011-05-21 Global Fund disbursed record $3B in 2010, faces more than $1B shortfall for 2011-13, report says 0 None
2011-05-21 Kenyan HIV/AIDS advocates ask government to boost health funding 0 None
2011-05-21 UM Board of Regents approves $13.7M renovation project for new health care policy institute 0 None
2011-05-21 N.J. seeks waiver to trim Medicaid rolls; Texas trims Medicaid budget 0 None
2011-05-21 Labour, delivery health professionals lack clear understanding of anesthesiologist's role: Study 0 None
2011-05-21 Local production of pharmaceuticals could improve access in developing countries, U.N. report says 0 None
2011-05-21 Malian government to reimburse GAVI Alliance for grant money after joint investigation shows misuse 0 None
2011-05-21 Ryan Medicare plan may split GOP as Senators prepare to vote on it 0 None
2011-05-21 Separation of family planning, HIV funding harms women, girls in developing world, advocates say 0 None
2011-05-21 Hospital groups fight over patients 0 None
2011-05-21 Free NCLEX-RN Review Class for nursing students affected by tornado disasters 0 None
2011-05-21 WHO member states adopt resolutions on financing, reform and flu pandemic at World Health Assembly 0 None
2011-05-21 Adjusting life goals can help family caregivers prevent depressive symptoms: Study 0 None
2011-05-21 OPINION: Global health community must recognize merits of HIV treatment as prevention 0 None
2011-05-21 Cross-disciplinary fall prevention programs for visually impaired older adults 0 None
2011-05-21 World Health Assembly could pass resolutions asking governments to improve water, sanitation, IPS reports 0 None
2011-05-21 Researchers to examine different teaching models for children with ASD 0 None
2011-05-21 Texas, Minnesota lawmakers advance abortion bills 0 None
2011-05-21 Coordinated efforts required to close gaps in preventive behavior: American Cancer Society 0 None
2011-05-21 Conservative groups urge states, insurers to seek health law waivers 0 None
2011-05-21 Pediatric pain experts discuss safety, efficacy of pain medications in children 0 None
2011-05-21 Free skin cancer screenings for local community 0 None
2011-05-21 Coburn writing his own budget, Sebelius helps Dems refine Medicare message 0 None
2011-05-21 House GOP plans vote on canceling health bill provision on medical education 0 None
2011-05-20 Most paediatric paracetamol prescriptions fails to comply with BNFc recommendations 0 None
2011-05-20 HHS rule says insurers must justify double-digit rate increases 0 None
2011-05-20 State health care 'compact' advances; Some states wrestle with exchanges, MLR 0 None
2011-05-20 Research roundup: Closing E.R.S; Predicting future health costs; Providing rural residents with specialized care 0 None
2011-05-20 Survey finds consumers face higher health care costs; Employer costs also expected to rise in 2012 0 None
2011-05-20 Water shortages most extreme in Middle East, African regions, report says 0 None
2011-05-20 Parliamentarians issue call for G8 nations to focus on role of women in development 0 None
2011-05-20 Funding shortages mean WFP will stop food aid to nearly 1 million Nepalese 0 None
2011-05-20 OMB review could lock-in ACO rule; Long-term care providers say health law doesn't help with their problems 0 None
2011-05-20 HHS issues finalized health insurance rate review regulation 0 None
2011-05-20 Medicare politics play out as possible presidential candidates vie for position and in a special congressional election 0 None
2011-05-20 North Shore-LIJ implements new program to ensure safe radiation therapy 0 None
2011-05-20 Outlook dims for GOP-backed malpractice reform 0 None
2011-05-20 Monitoring adherence to mandatory hand-washing protocols can help stop outbreaks of C. diff bacteria 0 None
2011-05-20 Roundup: Private prison costs; GOP lawmakers in Wis. break with Governor on cuts to senior services 0 None
2011-05-20 Health Endeavors releases ACO WebCenter 1.0 and Physician Alignment WebCenter 2.0 0 None
2011-05-20 Reid seizes political opportunity, readies Senate vote on Ryan budget plan 0 None
2011-05-20 The Chartis Group and HPMG partner to help providers improve outpatient care delivery systems 0 None
2011-05-20 Dominican Republic health officials raise alerts about possible cholera outbreaks 0 None
2011-05-20 Bill to expand reproductive health services in the Philippines introduced in country's Congress 0 None
2011-05-20 Fla. officials facing tight timeframe for Medicaid overhaul; Advocates in Ariz. threaten lawsuit on cuts 0 None
2011-05-20 Study reports 20% increase in U.S. home births between 2004 and 2008 0 None
2011-05-20 Court documents offer details of administration's legal defense of individual mandate 0 None
2011-05-20 Osteoarthritis directly linked to low-fat, high-carb food 0 None
2011-05-20 Analysis of 'Gang of Six' tensions: What will the impact be on deficit-reduction and entitlement reform plans? 0 None
2011-05-20 New York Times examines DDT use in Uganda 0 None
2011-05-20 AIDS mortality in China drops by nearly two thirds since 2002 when country began free treatment program 0 None
2011-05-20 African LGBT advocates warn against cutting multilateral aid to Uganda 0 None
2011-05-20 9/11 Health fund administrator chosen 0 None
2011-05-20 Study: Costs get in way of cancer patients refilling their prescriptions 0 None
2011-05-20 HealthGrades identifies major flaws in hospital ratings study 0 None
2011-05-20 Longer looks: Tough health care questions for GOP presidential contenders; Robotics help spike use of prostate treatment 0 None
2011-05-20 OPINION: U.S. administration must address humanitarian situation in Haiti 0 None
2011-05-20 Viewpoints: Coburn on his dropout; Malpractice reform and states 0 None
2011-05-20 OPINION: Economists helping to deliver reliable data about what development aid works 0 None
2011-05-19 Medical food resolves metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk factors 0 None
2011-05-19 First Edition: May 19, 2011 0 None
2011-05-19 MAXIMUS wins Title IV-E Foster Care and Adoption Assistance contract in Wisconsin 0 None
2011-05-19 Online program helps people to manage chronic pain 0 None
2011-05-19 Caring Online offers comprehensive and informative website on adult eating disorders 0 None
2011-05-19 Center for Companies That Care names UHC as 2011 Honor Roll 0 None
2011-05-19 Latest development in Gingrich-Ryan Medicare dust-up: An apology 0 None
2011-05-19 'Gang of six' budget talks hit wall as Sen. Coburn withdraws 0 None
2011-05-19 Health law faces legal challenges and political battles 0 None
2011-05-19 Dementia experts call for new approach to support patients and carers 0 None
2011-05-19 ECRI Institute to conduct '10 Key Readiness Indicators for Exchange of Health Information' survey 0 None
2011-05-19 Free NYU Physician iPad app now available in iTunes store 0 None
2011-05-19 People living with HIV/AIDS in China face discrimination when accessing health care, report says 0 None
2011-05-19 HHS offers new initiatives to add momentum to ACOs 0 None
2011-05-19 IRIN examines high risk of TB infection among health workers in Kenya 0 None
2011-05-19 Hospital websites use industry-provided content and overestimate claims of surgical robots 0 None
2011-05-19 Afghan Acting Health Minister says country wants to boost immunization access 0 None
2011-05-19 Study: 10% of cancer patients fail to fill initial oral oncolytic prescriptions 0 None
2011-05-19 Government study finds 12 women died giving birth per month in 2010 at hospital in Sierra Leone 0 None
2011-05-19 Thirty endoscopy units earn ASGE recognition for safety and quality 0 None
2011-05-19 XTRAC Excimer Laser treatment offers new hope for patients with psoriasis 1 3
2011-05-19 Decline in donations, weak U.S. dollar causing WHO to cut budget, staff, Director-General Chan says 0 None
2011-05-19 Health video games motivate vigorous exercise 0 None
2011-05-19 On Op-Ed pages, controversies abound: Romney, Gingrich, abortion, telemedicine, cancer funding cuts 0 None
2011-05-19 NEW Lifestyle on-line teaching modules for medical students 0 None
2011-05-19 Rally Foundation distributes $700,000 nationwide to support childhood cancer research 0 None
2011-05-19 Maine law could be at odds with federal overhaul 0 None
2011-05-19 Iroko Cardio deploys Veeva CRM in nine European countries 0 None
2011-05-19 JAMA: Number of ERs decline just as emergency visits rise 0 None
2011-05-19 Global health partnership announces first-, second-line AIDS drugs price reductions in developing world 0 None
2011-05-19 Vinformatix receives ONC-ATCB certification for MedSonic EMR solution 0 None
2011-05-19 Inspector General: Push for EMRs overlooks security issues 0 None
2011-05-19 Mpex, Synteract partner for cystic fibrosis fundraising event 0 None
2011-05-19 State roundup: Med schools in Texas face budget crunch 0 None
2011-05-18 New gripping and safety device to protect nurses' fingers and hands to be displayed at INS meeting 0 None
2011-05-18 Schryver Medical adopts Zmanda's backup and disaster recovery solutions to backup critical enterprise data 0 None
2011-05-18 Probability of contamination during handshaking could be lower than is commonly perceived 0 None
2011-05-18 First Edition: May 18, 2011 0 None
2011-05-18 Oak Point students raise $42,474.24 to combat cancer 0 None
2011-05-18 Gingrich focuses attention on aging research 0 None
2011-05-18 GOP intra-party divisions emerge over Medicare revamps 0 None
2011-05-18 State efforts to protect patients fall short, group says 0 None
2011-05-18 Kool Smiles inaugurates new Takoma Park dental office 0 None
2011-05-18 Haiti presents plan to immunize 90 percent of newborns 0 None
2011-05-18 GAO report looks at U.S. aid for food emergencies, iWatch reports 0 None
2011-05-18 CitiusTech receives ONC-ATCB certification for BI-Clinical 10.3 EHR Module 0 None
2011-05-18 Scientists detect potentially toxic flame retardants in common baby products 0 4
2011-05-18 State Senators in Minnesota and Iowa pass abortion measures 0 None
2011-05-18 Restrictive gadolinium-based contrast agent guidelines help prevent nephrogenic systemic fibrosis 0 None
2011-05-18 Provider backlash to ACO rule continues 0 None
2011-05-18 IOM workshops explore new digital technologies to improve health care 0 None
2011-05-18 Rural patients more likely than city dwellers to have common surgeries 0 None
2011-05-18 Workplace smoking ban improves respiratory health and reduces emergency admissions 0 None
2011-05-18 New interactive website for patients with schizophrenia 0 None
2011-05-18 Bill Gates calls for greater immunization efforts in World Health Assembly address 0 None
2011-05-18 As Federal Gov't. hits debt limit, budget plans draw attention 0 None
2011-05-18 Mobile phones could help improve diabetes management in under-developed countries 0 None
2011-05-18 Routine Aedes aegypti mosquito control programs less expensive than ITC to fight dengue 0 None
2011-05-18 Early rainy season brings cholera to Cameroon's capital 0 None
2011-05-18 African-American children have poor lung function at their initial visit to asthma specialist 0 None
2011-05-18 WHO Director-General outlines vision for reform in World Health Assembly opening address 0 None
2011-05-18 TFAH warns about impact of CDC budget cuts on America's future health 0 1
2011-05-18 U-M C.S. Mott Children's Hospital ranks top in best pediatric specialty rankings 0 None
2011-05-18 Two GOP judges will be on health law's next review panel 0 None
2011-05-18 TurboCharged weight-loss book now available for readers in France 0 5
2011-05-18 Thirty years of AIDS 0 None
2011-05-18 State roundup: Gov. Brown offers revisions to health budget 0 None
2011-05-18 Viewpoints: Gingrich fallout; Sebelius, Matsui on Medicare reform; physicians on their rights 0 None
2011-05-18 Opinion: Innovative funding mechanisms needed for global development 0 None
2011-05-18 Opinion: Study will unite HIV advocates, add funding pressure to Obama administration 0 None
2011-05-17 Fewer emergency rooms raises concern 0 None
2011-05-17 HII, CDISC launch new project to harmonize health research guidelines 0 None
2011-05-17 WellAWARE Systems earns RichTech Technology Innovation: Healthcare Award 0 None
2011-05-17 First Edition: May 17, 2011 0 None
2011-05-17 Medsphere achieves complete EHR certification for OpenVista solution 0 None
2011-05-17 Fifty patients to receive complimentary cataract surgery from Kremer Eye Center 0 None
2011-05-17 Gastroenterologists have limited knowledge of appropriate immunizations for IBD patients, study finds 0 None
2011-05-17 Connecture, MAXIMUS partner to deliver comprehensive government Health Insurance Exchange solution 0 None
2011-05-17 Nordic Naturals' dietary supplements earn NSF certification 0 1
2011-05-17 Uganda launches PEPFAR-supported mobile male circumcision clinic 1 None
2011-05-17 Ugandan Parliament fails to debate legislation criminalizing homosexual acts 0 None
2011-05-17 NY election may offer view of voters' take on GOP Medicare plan 0 None
2011-05-17 Study: Sleep problems more common among urban minority children than previously thought 0 None
2011-05-17 States struggling with Medicaid costs look for innovation 0 None
2011-05-17 Scientists tackle teenage dietary problems through education programme 0 None
2011-05-17 Major Norwegian healthcare region signs agreement with Sectra for medical IT solutions 0 None
2011-05-17 ONE report examines G8 follow through on development assistance to Africa 0 None
2011-05-17 AP reports on Global Fund's release of information on corruption, fund responds 0 None
2011-05-17 Patients with COPD can benefit from computer-based decision aid 0 None
2011-05-17 Critics say program offering money for contraception to HIV-positive Kenyan women is illegal 0 None
2011-05-17 Remote telemonitoring does not offer promise for critically-ill patients 0 None
2011-05-17 Five out of 13 plastic products intended for children are toxic 0 None
2011-05-17 Researchers discover bed bugs with MRSA in lower-income area residents 0 None
2011-05-17 WFP resumes food aid operations in South Sudan 0 None
2011-05-17 American Heart Association recognizes NIC as Platinum-Level Start! Fit-Friendly Company 0 None
2011-05-17 Bioengineering students redesign pediatric mannequin 0 None
2011-05-17 Concern over vaccine safety prevents parents from vaccinating asthmatic children 0 None
2011-05-17 LDC conference ends with 10-year action plan 0 None
2011-05-17 Business trends shape medical practices 0 None
2011-05-17 World Health Assembly begins in Geneva 0 None
2011-05-17 Delay in seeking emergency medical care for asthma exacerbations can result in worse outcomes 0 None
2011-05-17 Gingrich calls GOP Medicare voucher plan radical 0 None
2011-05-17 MHAUS sponsors one-day conference on Malignant Hyperthermia 0 None
2011-05-17 WHO releases annual World Health Statistics report 0 None
2011-05-17 HealthPartners prescribes walking or exercise for patients with depression 0 None
2011-05-17 COPD Foundation to host biannual conference in the U.S. for the first time 0 None
2011-05-17 Fits and starts continue for health law implementation 0 None
2011-05-17 Medicare trustees: Funds will run out sooner than expected 0 None
2011-05-17 State roundup: Calif. considers safety measures for mental hospitals 0 None
2011-05-17 Viewpoints: Ryan on 'shared scarcity'; Romney fallout; Baltimore's ambitious health plan 0 None
2011-05-17 Opinion: New HIV infections more expensive than providing antiretroviral drugs to existing patients 0 None
2011-05-16 FDA warns consumers about look like antimicrobial dietary supplements 0 None
2011-05-16 City of Philadelphia chooses eClinicalWorks' EHR suite to help improve patient care 0 None
2011-05-16 First Edition: May 16, 2011 0 None
2011-05-16 Study finds link between heart failure hospitalization and readmission rates 0 None
2011-05-16 Gingrich criticizes Obama and GOP health plans; Medicare politics sway N.Y. race 0 None
2011-05-16 Counterfeit medicines posing increasing risk to patients worldwide, U.N. agency says 0 None
2011-05-16 Report calls for developing new methods of contraception for women in developing countries 0 None
2011-05-16 Global health Product Development Partners consortium select GVK BIO as preferred provider 0 None
2011-05-16 Romney's defense of Massachusetts health plan triggers political questions 0 None
2011-05-16 Study to examine population rates of ED use for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities 0 None
2011-05-16 With next election in mind, Medicare politics among the dynamics similar to 2010 congressional contests 0 None
2011-05-16 Loyola earns Joint Commission certification for heart pump therapy 0 None
2011-05-16 Alzheimer's Association commends U.S. House Representatives for new legislation 0 None
2011-05-16 As consumers postpone care, health insurers make record profits 0 None
2011-05-16 IRIN reports on temporary, free medical care in Cote d'Ivoire 0 None
2011-05-16 State news: La. House passes abortion measure; Ga. faces sharp deficits in health plans; Calif. GOP offers budget plan 0 None
2011-05-16 Hospital patients with pneumonia may face risk of sudden cardiac arrest 0 None
2011-05-16 Viewpoints: Snappy headlines, prose on Romney and Medicare dominate Today's opinions and editorials 0 None
2011-05-13 With release of trustees' report, Medicare's finances likely to get even more attention 0 None
2011-05-13 Scientists 'tinker' with HIV drug chemistry hoping to reduce costs 1 None
2011-05-13 AP reports on Global Fund commitment to transparency, fund responds 0 None
2011-05-13 Supreme Court of Canada opens hearings on safe drug injection facility 0 None
2011-05-13 Cockroaches are a leading trigger of allergies and asthma attacks 0 None
2011-05-13 WHO launches Decade of Action for Road Safety 0 None
2011-05-13 Pro-gun interests, doctors clash over gun discussions 0 None
2011-05-13 Research roundup: Medicare costs in nursing homes; Docs reluctant to adopt EHRs; Health law to improve access to care 0 None
2011-05-13 Obama, Senate Republicans meet in search of budget compromises 0 None
2011-05-13 Two Congressmen launch caucus to improve aid effectiveness 0 None
2011-05-13 U.S., Egyptian officials launch report documenting results from USAID health assistance in Egypt 0 None
2011-05-13 HHS: Health law saves Medicare $120 billion 0 None
2011-05-13 Minnesota GOP lawmakers file brief in health care lawsuit 0 None
2011-05-13 Milliman study finds health costs really are increasing 0 None
2011-05-13 The Leonardo da Vinci Prize competition invites project submissions 0 None
2011-05-13 Medicaid flexibility bill approved by House Energy and Commerce subcommittee 0 None
2011-05-13 New ACR Dose Index Registry allows imaging community to measure effectiveness of dose lowering efforts 0 None
2011-05-13 House Energy and Commerce Committee approves malpractice legislation 0 None
2011-05-13 Census data: The age gap is growing, sharpening political divide 0 None
2011-05-13 First Edition: May 13, 2011 0 None
2011-05-13 More than 1,100 women raped every day in the Congo, study finds 0 None
2011-05-13 New data shows high sexual violence against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo 0 None
2011-05-13 PAF, Breakaway from Cancer partner for awareness campaign 0 None
2011-05-13 Comprehensive report finds many U.S. children lack insurance duration, quality health care 0 None
2011-05-13 HHS dual-eligible program seeks to lower states' Medicaid costs 0 None
2011-05-13 Jamaican organizations will receive PEPFAR grants to fight HIV/AIDS stigma 0 None
2011-05-13 Nine nurses earn UC Irvine recognition for patient care, education and guidance, teamwork 0 None
2011-05-13 Next stop for health law appeal includes two GOP-appointed judges 0 None
2011-05-13 Debt talks continue with Medicare losing prominence in discourse 0 None
2011-05-13 Increase in public health spending linked with reduction of pandemic influenza mortality 0 None
2011-05-13 PBS' NewsHour reports on Ukraine's efforts to fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-05-13 Federal health law pushes insurers to retool 0 None
2011-05-13 Spouse caregivers may have high risk of cognitive impairment or dementia 0 None
2011-05-13 Opinion: Ending female genital mutilation 0 None
2011-05-13 Romney uses speech to take on his political vulnerability: Health reform 0 None
2011-05-13 Opinion: Three-pronged approach needed to fight malaria 0 None
2011-05-13 People with sudden cardiac arrest at District libraries now have access to Automatic External Defibrillators 0 None
2011-05-13 AHRQ: Rural Americans more likely to be treated in emergency departments for eye injury 0 None
2011-05-13 Opinion: Haiti's cholera epidemic endures 0 None
2011-05-13 Leading public health experts agree: Menthol ban could save thousands of lives 0 None
2011-05-13 Republicans feel heat over Medicare budget votes, seek to craft new message 0 None
2011-05-13 Tips for fighting drug-resistant superbugs 0 None
2011-05-13 Boehner's support for budget cuts to Medicare, Medicaid draws criticism from Catholic U. faculty 0 None
2011-05-13 Rethink praises Ontario's decision to provide breast cancer patients with access to Herceptin 0 None
2011-05-13 Washington Governor signs health exchange bill; Texas House debates bills opposing federal overhaul 0 None
2011-05-13 House Appropriations Committee Chair releases FY12 budget plan proposing to cut $30B from current spending levels 0 None
2011-05-13 TFAH applauds HHS for new strategic approach to prevent viral hepatitis 0 None
2011-05-13 Simple tips for avoiding allergies and asthma during summer 0 None
2011-05-13 ACP wins excellence award for health care publishing 0 None
2011-05-13 Majority of Americans support ban on menthol cigarettes 0 None
2011-05-13 Longer looks: Conservatives vs. liberals on Medicare - who's winning? 0 None
2011-05-13 ACS, PGi celebrate 10 years of partnership on key cancer initiatives 0 None
2011-05-13 Viewpoints: Romney on his health plan; Enthoven, Aaron on Medicare reforms; WSJ on 'millionaire' retirees 0 None
2011-05-13 Roundup: Maryland long term care costs examined; federal judge declines to bar implementation of abortion law 0 None
2011-05-12 Florida plan to revamp Medicaid raises questions; Texas hospitals complain about Medicaid rate cuts 0 None
2011-05-12 First Edition: May 12, 2011 0 None
2011-05-12 With today's speech, Romney hopes to inoculate himself on health care issues 0 None
2011-05-12 Insurer rates spark attention 0 None
2011-05-12 InTouch Health applauds FDA for recent announcement on Medical Device Data Systems 0 None
2011-05-12 Children can benefit from The Asthma Management Plans in School Act 0 None
2011-05-12 Kool Smiles inaugurates new San Angelo dental office 0 None
2011-05-12 Oral health tips for fighting gingivitis 0 1.8
2011-05-12 Court finds feds fell short in providing veterans with mental health services 0 None
2011-05-12 Florida's largest insurer enters Medicaid system; Texas may ask feds for block grant 0 None
2011-05-12 Marylanders trust traditional media for health and medical research information 0 None
2011-05-12 Study finds link between high prenatal BPA levels and infant's neurobehavioral abnormalities 0 None
2011-05-12 Appeals Court judges appear skeptical of health law arguments, pepper lawyers with frequent questions 0 None
2011-05-12 Two new reports recommend core competencies for interprofessional education in health professions 0 None
2011-05-12 HHS announces new initiatives to improve patient care and reduce Medicaid costs 0 None
2011-05-12 NGOs urge Ugandan parliament to reject bill criminalizing homosexuality 0 None
2011-05-12 WCRI releases updated workers compensation medical cost containment strategies 0 None
2011-05-12 Fourth U.N. Conference on the Least Developed Countries continues to examine development possibilities for LDCs 0 None
2011-05-12 Minister for Health and Children launches first results from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing 0 None
2011-05-12 LogisticsWeek examines PEPFAR's Supply Chain Management System 0 None
2011-05-12 Healthy alternatives to vitamin D 0 5
2011-05-12 State roundup: Daniels signs Ind. law to ban Planned Parenthood funding 0 None
2011-05-12 Nicotine-free plastic inhalers may increase smoker's chance of quitting 0 None
2011-05-12 Three UH students to receive Albert Schweitzer Fellowship for yearlong service projects 0 None
2011-05-12 Next stop for health law appeal includes two GOP-appointed judges 0 None
2011-05-12 School-based prevention programs can help reduce alcohol problems in young people 0 None
2011-05-12 Viewpoints: Tea Party on entitlement reform; Boehner's 'trillions' demand; California's silver tsunami 0 None
2011-05-11 Plans for Medicare, deficit reduction continue to be political flashpoints 0 None
2011-05-11 Mitt Romney to give 'big' health care speech 1 None
2011-05-11 Analysis: Ryan's GOP budget plan would cause deep reductions in Medicaid coverage 0 None
2011-05-11 Catasys commences enrollment for integrated substance dependence program in Nevada 0 None
2011-05-11 First Edition: May 11, 2011 0 None
2011-05-11 New poll: Ontarians support more public investment in home and community support services 0 None
2011-05-11 Two new policy briefs on California health reform law 0 None
2011-05-11 HBA to host panel discussion on Accountable Care Organizations 1 None
2011-05-11 Challenges to health law take center stage with appellate court action 0 None
2011-05-11 Heart docs dismiss bias claims stemming from industry support of meeting 0 None
2011-05-11 Study: Many patients screened for colon cancer more often than recommended 0 None
2011-05-11 Medicare, entitlement reform continue to trigger political rifts 0 None
2011-05-11 Georgia to review Medicaid changes; Calif. judge rules against freeze on payments for disability services 0 None
2011-05-11 Majority of urban NYC women with hepatitis B do not receive education, subsequent care 0 None
2011-05-11 USA Today: Uninsured hospitalizations result in a hefty unpaid tab 0 4
2011-05-11 Adherence to disease-modifying drugs is low in patients with multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-05-11 U.K. parliamentary committee report says U.N. response to Pakistan floods was 'patchy' 0 None
2011-05-11 Reducing hearing aid cost does not improve device purchase 0 None
2011-05-11 Study stresses importance of rapid intervention to prevent Self-Embedding Behavior in adolescents 0 None
2011-05-11 Chances of dying in natural disaster decreasing, economic costs increasing worldwide, U.N. report says 0 None
2011-05-11 Intensive exercise can help improve facial nerve damage 0 4
2011-05-11 Scientists to develop 'eTraining' system for doctors and healthcare providers 0 None
2011-05-11 GlobalPost examines Pres. Obama's Global Health Initiative 0 None
2011-05-11 Press Ganey creates comprehensive new tool for hospitalists 0 None
2011-05-11 Safety tips for athletes with asthma and allergies 0 None
2011-05-11 Govt. audit finds antipsychotic drugs often overused in nursing homes 0 None
2011-05-11 Washington Post examines Iraq's Baghdad Hospital 0 None
2011-05-11 Study: Only 15% of heart failure patients with spinal fractures are being treated for osteoporosis 0 None
2011-05-11 Chicago Magazine selects three Gottlieb physicians as region's 'medical MVPs' 0 None
2011-05-11 Tenet rejects Community Health's 'best and final' offer 0 None
2011-05-11 Couples having marital difficulties may have infants with sleep problems 0 None
2011-05-11 New health reform law to make insurance more affordable for women by 2014 0 None
2011-05-11 Single-payer bill slated for introduction 0 5
2011-05-11 NCL launches new public education campaign on medication adherence 0 None
2011-05-11 Roundup: Calif.'s Central Valley facing health problems; Baltimore launches campaign to attack causes of preventable deaths 0 None
2011-05-11 Repeated case-based medical training for physicians can save lives of heart patients 0 None
2011-05-11 Unscrupulous GP loses case to renew license 0 None
2011-05-11 Boehner draws line in sand on debt-limit vote 0 None
2011-05-11 Viewpoints: NY Times warning on women's rights; WSJ on 'Romneycare'; Dutch model for Medicare 0 None
2011-05-11 Opinions: U.S. child survival programs; global family planning; impact of nuclear fallout; success in global health 0 None
2011-05-10 American hospitals search for new ways to cut costs and increase revenue 0 None
2011-05-10 Seven-time Tour de France champion to raise funds for CBCF's cancer research initiatives 0 None
2011-05-10 George Washington University hosts panel on future of nursing 0 None
2011-05-10 HHS: Few families without health insurance have financial assets to pay hospital bills 0 None
2011-05-10 Older heart-transplant recipients more likely to be alive if operated at high-volume centers 0 None
2011-05-10 Merck launches 'Hope Against Hepatitis C' education program 0 None
2011-05-10 U.S. veterans over 70 and older can benefit from current colon cancer screening methods 0 None
2011-05-10 Dermatologists to provide free melanoma screenings at Loyola Center for Health on May 20 0 None
2011-05-10 Wealth, population size, race and age associate with local availability of hospice programs 0 3
2011-05-10 Skin cancer prevention tips for anglers 0 None
2011-05-10 More than half of all adolescents accept free rapid HIV test after risk assessment survey 0 None
2011-05-10 Study: Personality impacts medication adherence behaviour 0 None
2011-05-10 Elekta to integrate cancer workflow and patient management tools into IBA's Proteus TK2 center 0 None
2011-05-10 HFA develops free 'Alzheimer's Disease and Hospice Care' online webinar 0 None
2011-05-10 UCH to hold groundbreaking ceremony for $400M expansion at Anschutz Medical Campus 0 None
2011-05-10 ADI, Mayo Clinic announce new health insurance option for Canadians 0 None
2011-05-10 ASA survey shows more than 90% of respondents experience anesthesia drug shortage 0 None
2011-05-10 Mathematical approach can make combination vaccines more affordable for developing countries 0 None
2011-05-10 IOF launches Vertebral Fracture Initiative for health professionals 0 None
2011-05-10 UNC researchers present latest advances in GI, medicine and technology at DDW 2011 0 None
2011-05-10 Fourth U.N. Conference on the Least Developed Countries opens in Istanbul 0 None
2011-05-10 One in 30 Americans use mind-body therapies due to provider referral 0 None
2011-05-10 Seventh Annual Neuro-Oncology Symposium to be held at Hackensack University Medical Center 0 None
2011-05-10 MHA's annual awards recognize outstanding health care leaders, innovative programs 0 None
2011-05-10 Dorsogluteal buttock site still most popular despite known potential for sciatic nerve injury 0 None
2011-05-10 International group agrees to create funding mechanism to provide humanitarian aid for Libya 0 None
2011-05-10 Interleukin Genetics introduces new free weight loss tools in Inherent Health website 0 None
2011-05-10 Nurse-driven open access colonoscopy program is safe and effective for cancer patients 0 None
2011-05-10 U.S. boosts Cote d'Ivoire commitment; polio vaccine campaign delayed in country's southern region 0 None
2011-05-10 Opinions: Democracy needed in epidemic outbreaks; U.S. food aid; development partnerships in Africa 0 None
2011-05-10 Health Net achieves reaccreditation from URAC 0 None
2011-05-09 When Government usurps responsibility, people are more likely to abdicate 2 5
2011-05-09 Viewpoints: Dems' Medicare strategy; Health disparities; Chicago hospital dispute 0 None
2011-05-09 First, free EHR vendor earns complete ONC-ATCB meaningful use certification 0 None
2011-05-09 RWJF offers health law implementation assistance to states 0 None
2011-05-09 Minn. House approves abortion restrictions 0 None
2011-05-09 Will the GOP now set its sights on Medicaid? 0 None
2011-05-09 State roundup: Concerns about state employee retirement boom 0 None
2011-05-09 Military health costs continue to climb 0 None
2011-05-09 Massachusetts patients face long wait times for doctor appointments 0 None
2011-05-09 Elsevier acquires Spanish e-clinical reference solution 0 None
2011-05-09 Premier healthcare alliance awards new agreements for advanced wound care 0 None
2011-05-09 House panel set to mark up medical malpractice legislation this week 0 None
2011-05-09 Confusion surrounds Medicare proposals, budget plan debate 0 None
2011-05-09 Calif. health exchange effort slows; Sebelius: Health law is state friendly 0 None
2011-05-09 Appeals Court set to hear arguments Tuesday in health law challenge 0 None
2011-05-09 First Edition: May 9, 2011 1 None
2011-05-09 Lovelace signs definitive agreement to acquire Heart Hospital of New Mexico 0 None
2011-05-09 IOD announces expanded capabilities to address top health information management challenges 0 None
2011-05-09 Expert says Homeopathy is 'ethically unacceptable' 1 None
2011-05-09 Centene's AHCCCS receives Bridgeway contract to deliver Arizona Long Term Care System services 0 None
2011-05-09 Young new nurses more likely to follow latest VG site advice to administer intramuscular injections 0 None
2011-05-09 Philips, IBA enter agreement to establish proton therapy center for patients 0 4
2011-05-09 CMS outlines two different ways to revise Medicare payment system for skilled nursing care 0 None
2011-05-09 Retirees face big challenges on health costs 0 None
2011-05-09 Study examines cancer prevalence survival by sexual orientation in California 0 None
2011-05-09 Socioeconomic status may contribute to celiac diagnostic disparity 0 None
2011-05-09 GOP Medicare proposal keeps roiling Washington politics 0 None
2011-05-09 Pawlenty's health-care claims during debate get mixed ratings 0 None
2011-05-09 New book outlines revolutionary 8-step rapid fat-loss program 0 None
2011-05-09 Mary Ann Liebert publishes new journal on cancer care for adolescent and young adult patients 0 None
2011-05-09 Florida, Vermont, Hawaii, Maine make sweeping health care changes 0 None
2011-05-09 Karmanos Cancer Institute raises funds for patient care and research 0 None
2011-05-09 Administration's top lawyer to argue for health law at appeals court hearing 0 None
2011-05-07 Women more likely to leave substance abuse treatment center after new tobacco-free policy 0 1
2011-05-07 KFA announces plans for charity Game-A-Thon and food allergy campaign 0 None
2011-05-07 Objet's 3D printing dental solutions to be showcased at LMT LAB DAY West 0 None
2011-05-07 Cegedim Relationship Management's co-pay savings card programs presented at PMSA conference 0 None
2011-05-07 IPAB claims a friend within the GOP 0 None
2011-05-07 Medical societies still 'welcome' drug company support 0 None
2011-05-07 Urgent action needed to avoid preventable strokes in Asia-Pacific region, says new report 0 None
2011-05-07 ESC Heart Failure meeting offers strong scientific programme 0 None
2011-05-07 News outlets offer different takes on nurse supply and demand 0 None
2011-05-07 Study analyzes breast-feeding frequency of infants in eight inner-city Philadelphia health centers 0 None
2011-05-07 Summit Entertainment, Participant Media create depression awareness campaign 0 None
2011-05-07 Vermont legislature passes bill to establish single payer health plan 0 None
2011-05-07 Researchers report unexpected finding in Staph aureus study in child care facilities 0 None
2011-05-07 Appellate hearing for two health law challenges scheduled for Tuesday 0 None
2011-05-07 Paragon's offerings and solutions to be showcased at EMC World Conference 0 None
2011-05-07 U.N. officials recognize International Day of the Midwife 0 None
2011-05-07 U.S. still needs to treat health care delivery as a science, says AHRQ director 0 None
2011-05-07 Report: 76% of U.S. hospitals meet performance measures program 0 None
2011-05-07 Study finds 4.5 million outpatient visits yearly due to adverse drug effects 0 None
2011-05-07 House Energy and Commerce Committee takes on Medicare payment reform issues 0 None
2011-05-07 In effort to find common ground on budget talks, GOP Medicare message becomes mixed 0 None
2011-05-07 Regenstrief Institute, Indiana University partner to enhance health IT workforce 0 None
2011-05-07 Abortion bills move to governors in Texas and Florida 0 None
2011-05-07 African Progress Panel report highlights status of African economies at World Economic Forum on Africa 0 None
2011-05-07 Virginia communities applaud signing of autism insurance reform into law 0 None
2011-05-07 Study: 73% of Los Angeles children need dental care 0 None
2011-05-07 Centric Health to acquire LifeMark Health 0 None
2011-05-07 Research roundup: Racial disparities in cancer screening and VA treatment 0 None
2011-05-07 SAHA and LAN partner to provide video language interpretation services 0 None
2011-05-07 Affordable preventive care options available for all California women 0 None
2011-05-07 Roundup: Fla. lawmakers to vote today on Medicaid changes; Calif. court expands deadline for tobacco suits 0 None
2011-05-07 Viewpoints: Will GOP back away from Medicaid plan too?; exchanges geared to politics, not health 0 None
2011-05-07 Tufts Health Plan now covers SBi's STAR total ankle replacement system 0 None
2011-05-07 Ryan blames politics for preventing overarching agreement to reduce the debt 0 None
2011-05-07 VA and DoD produce new collaboration guidebook on clinical health research 0 None
2011-05-07 CCF awards $500,000 grant to Cedars-Sinai for new kids program 0 None
2011-05-07 Also in Global Health News: WHO highlights health care-associated infections; Niger food shortages, health care workers; Latin American food security 0 None
2011-05-07 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2011-05-06 Study examines patient-physician gender concordance in weight-related counseling 0 None
2011-05-06 First Edition: May 6, 2011 0 None
2011-05-06 Clinicians must address limited health literacy of patients with kidney disease 0 None
2011-05-06 Workload, time constraints hold nurses to lead global fight against non-communicable diseases 0 None
2011-05-06 House passes restrictive abortion measure, includes limits on insurance policies that cover abortions 0 None
2011-05-06 'Confluence of circumstances' resulted in Haitian cholera outbreak, U.N.-appointed panel says 0 None
2011-05-06 FDA clears Solta Medical's new Clear + Brilliant laser aesthetic skin treatment 0 4
2011-05-06 New rules regarding hospice stays respond to patients with unpredictable illnesses like Alzheimer's and heart failure 0 None
2011-05-06 26 states ask court to uphold Florida federal judge's decision to overturn health overhaul 0 None
2011-05-06 New project to explore European diet and healthy ageing 0 None
2011-05-06 Longer looks: States creating health compacts; IPAB under fire; is GOP redefining rape? 0 None
2011-05-06 CJASN: Only few US medical students adopt nephrology as a career 0 None
2011-05-06 UPMC signs affiliation agreement with Aetna to expand health plan access in Pittsburgh 0 None
2011-05-06 Survey: Only 12% of black stroke patients call 9-1-1 after experiencing symptoms 1 None
2011-05-06 Quinnipiac poll finds voters dislike GOP plans to revamp Medicare, Medicaid 0 None
2011-05-06 Parents' work influences how often family meals are eaten outside of home 0 None
2011-05-06 Despite expanded Medicare coverage racial disparities continue in colorectal cancer screening 0 None
2011-05-06 AHRQ finds 3 million hospital emergency visits for headaches during 2008 0 None
2011-05-06 Kaiser Permanente awards $7.7 million as 217 grants during first quarter, 2011 0 None
2011-05-06 Penn State nursing professor receives NIH grant to improve oral hygiene for dementia patients 0 None
2011-05-06 U.S. Army and VA team up to provide simulation-based training for medical staff 0 None
2011-05-06 Lawmakers question U.S. aid program to Pakistan in wake of Bin Laden's death 0 None
2011-05-06 Opponents offer dire warnings about Medicaid block grant proposal 0 None
2011-05-06 Elsevier introduces new online exam preparation tool for UK Medical Schools 0 None
2011-05-06 Patent expiries, generic pricing policies may be factors in slow drug spending growth 0 None
2011-05-06 New SCAI position statement calls for changes in percutaneous coronary intervention care 0 None
2011-05-06 Redfox, Microsoft and Elsevier introduce new e-learning netbook for nurses 0 None
2011-05-06 LRMC selects Allscripts as health information technology partner 0 None
2011-05-06 Regence introduces flexible health plans for small employers in Oregon 0 None
2011-05-06 House hearing will include effort to revive 'balance billing' 0 None
2011-05-06 Pregnant Latinas who endure partner violence more likely to suffer postpartum depression 0 None
2011-05-06 Bills to tighten abortion regulations advance in Texas, La. 0 None
2011-05-06 Study examines community-based HIV testing programs in Africa, Southeast Asia 0 None
2011-05-06 Colo. legislature close to final consideration of health exchange bill 0 None
2011-05-06 Savings projected from 'emerging' generic drugs 0 None
2011-05-06 Viewpoints: Gov. Daniels's reversal?; IPAB's Medicare fix; Texas Medicaid cuts 0 None
2011-05-06 Roundup: Vt. House vote on universal health care could come today; Calif. group warns of rising costs of retiree health care and pensions 0 None
2011-05-05 Researchers find increasing the number of family physicians reduces hospital re-admissions 0 None
2011-05-05 A new round of deficit talks begins amidst roadblocks, debt-ceiling concerns 0 None
2011-05-05 Easy way to lower blood pressure 0 5
2011-05-05 NHI acquires four assisted living and memory care communities for $15 million 0 None
2011-05-05 Boston Business Journal honors Tufts Health Plan for Worksite Wellness program 0 None
2011-05-05 First Edition: May 5, 2011 0 None
2011-05-05 Researchers present evidence from first ever general population survey of autism in adulthood 0 None
2011-05-05 FDA releases final guidance to firms that market OTC drug products 0 None
2011-05-05 IOM study calls for increased oral health awareness in the U.S. 0 None
2011-05-05 Conrad views $4T budget savings blueprint as counterpoint to House-passed GOP plan 0 None
2011-05-05 Headache disorders prevalent but under-treated and cause financial burden, WHO report says 0 None
2011-05-05 States are battlegrounds for Planned Parenthood funding, abortion issues 0 None
2011-05-05 Congressional Republicans advance legislation to repeal Medicaid maintenance-of-effort provisions 0 None
2011-05-05 St. Vincent RNs sign agreement with management to withdraw strike for patient safety 0 None
2011-05-05 U.N. report forecasts global population increases through 2100 0 1
2011-05-05 NBA Cares, SAHM and Tulsa Shock guard partner for teen vaccine awareness campaign 0 None
2011-05-05 Rural Doc becomes federally certified to use electronic health records 0 None
2011-05-05 AARP launches campaign to preserve health and retirement security of older Americans 0 None
2011-05-05 Research experts to speak at brain tumor educational conference 0 None
2011-05-05 Study explores impact of environmental toxins on health care costs and childhood morbidity 0 None
2011-05-05 Nonprofit groups use social media to promote health literacy among public: Study 0 None
2011-05-05 Desmond Tutu calls on youth to lead next generation in HIV/AIDS fight 0 None
2011-05-05 New poll: 57% of women believe mammograms should start at age 40 0 None
2011-05-05 Marianjoy Medical Library launches new website on developmental problems, chronic conditions 0 None
2011-05-05 Cantor warns that health law will lead to care rationing 0 None
2011-05-05 Lead investigator to discuss growing impact of AFib on US health care costs and resources 0 None
2011-05-05 First INFORMS conference in healthcare operations, decision-making, informatics 0 None
2011-05-05 Secretary of State Clinton launches collaborative mobile application to advance maternal health 0 None
2011-05-05 Humana's dental benefits coverage is now available in New York 0 None
2011-05-05 House GOP votes to defund state exchanges in health law 0 None
2011-05-05 Penn State receives USDA grant for childhood obesity prevention training program 1 None
2011-05-05 Nation's emergency physicians warn about dangers linked with deep vein thrombosis 0 None
2011-05-05 Targeting mosquito larvae and not adults could worsen dengue epidemics, study says 0 None
2011-05-05 Roundup: Vt. universal care bill advances; Duluth, Minn., seeking to change retiree health benefits; Texas steps back from plan to close centers for disabled 0 None
2011-05-05 ACOs, employer mandate continue to draw attention 0 None
2011-05-05 Viewpoints: Basic benefits package budget buster?; Colorado CHIP cuts; pharma's public image 0 None
2011-05-04 DaVita completes nationwide rollout of wireless Internet access at dialysis treatment clinics 0 None
2011-05-04 Olympic Gold Medalist, P.A.D. Coalition raise awareness about peripheral arterial disease 0 None
2011-05-04 Congress returns to face health program costs, budget issues 0 None
2011-05-04 ACO rule draws tough questions, highlights system's shortcomings 0 None
2011-05-04 Lack of insurance interferes with cervical cancer prevention, treatment 0 None
2011-05-04 Top 10 gadget gifts for Mother's Day 2011 0 None
2011-05-04 Japan pledges to maintain aid to Africa despite rebuilding costs 0 None
2011-05-04 AHA's new program helps educate Hispanic women about risk of heart disease 0 None
2011-05-04 Study measures cost-effectiveness of trauma drug published in PLoS One 0 None
2011-05-04 An in-depth look at how a Medicaid block grant would work 0 None
2011-05-04 Community-based care programs can improve children's mental health: SAMHSA 0 None
2011-05-04 House Republicans continue health law defunding push 0 None
2011-05-04 Study: 15% of U.S. nursing homes receive infection control deficiency citation per year 0 None
2011-05-04 New CDC data on World Asthma Day highlights importance of air quality standards 0 None
2011-05-04 New reports predict impending doctor shortage 0 None
2011-05-04 Coronary artery bypass graft surgeries have declined by 30% between 2001 and 2008 0 None
2011-05-04 UW School of Pharmacy receives Dohmen donation to enhance students' education 0 None
2011-05-04 Save the Children releases annual global mother's index 2 None
2011-05-04 Health IT can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce environmental savings 0 None
2011-05-04 Global climate change could increase future heat wave mortality 1 1
2011-05-04 New online tool can help evaluate and improve emergency communications 0 None
2011-05-04 U.N. Commission releases recommendations aimed at improving accountability on women's and children's health 0 None
2011-05-04 NCPA explains how PBM tools can reduce costs in Texas, other states 0 None
2011-05-04 FTC, FDA take action on unproven STD drug products 0 None
2011-05-04 Structured exercise training can reduce HbA1c levels in patients with diabetes 0 None
2011-05-04 Opinions: U.S. development aid, commitment to women; R&D partnerships and development 0 None
2011-05-04 NYU Langone Medical Center to establish new emergency facility 0 None
2011-05-04 Community Health raises its bid for Tenet 0 None
2011-05-04 New rule could impact Medicaid provider payment cuts 0 None
2011-05-04 The Bonati Spine Institute to participate in the Arthritis Walk on May 7 0 None
2011-05-04 Roundup: Mass. officials wrestle with municipal health care issues 0 None
2011-05-04 Addition of family physicians linked to reduced risk of hospital readmissions 0 None
2011-05-04 New USDA funded, research-based program to combat child obesity 0 None
2011-05-04 'Big cleanout' no cure for hoarding 0 None
2011-05-04 iOWH, Center for World Health and Medicine partner to combat childhood diarrhea 0 None
2011-05-04 Viewpoints: Dem representatives on health spending; Star Tribune praises IPAB; NY Times on stem cells 0 None
2011-05-04 3M launches new Mobile Physician Solution 0 None
2011-05-03 First Edition: April 3, 2011 0 None
2011-05-03 Nonin Medical introduces new Xpod family for device manufacturers 0 None
2011-05-03 Study: Dual medications do not hasten recovery from depression 0 None
2011-05-03 Experts say best teacher for a young mother is her baby 0 None
2011-05-03 Vidyo, American Well partner to enable Online Care services 0 None
2011-05-03 National survey reveals severe asthmatics need more treatment options 0 None
2011-05-03 Patients with LEP less likely to receive home health care referral 0 None
2011-05-03 Germ Genie is also effective against C.difficile infection 0 5
2011-05-03 GOP lawmakers draw comparisons between Medicare plan, FEHBP 0 None
2011-05-03 New study: Text-heavy labels can reduce acetaminophen overdose 0 None
2011-05-03 Romney discusses his state's overhaul at Republican event 0 None
2011-05-03 Tips on how to stay safe and heal emotionally after tornado attack 0 None
2011-05-03 Study finds disparities in male, female patients for heart disease treatment at U.S. hospitals 0 None
2011-05-03 Sparks continue to fly around GOP Medicare plan 0 None
2011-05-03 Medicare unveils rules for hospital quality bonuses 0 None
2011-05-03 Poor asthma training among GP’s: Report 0 None
2011-05-03 Leeds hospitals fined over levels of superbug related cases 0 None
2011-05-03 U.Va, Coulter Foundation partner for translational research in biomedical engineering 0 None
2011-05-03 Sports-specialization can increase risk of injuries in young athletes 0 None
2011-05-03 Helping Babies Breathe focuses on resuscitation in 'The Golden Minute' 0 None
2011-05-03 Congress returns to work on the budget; Medicare will be key 0 None
2011-05-03 Study shows how secondhand smoke may increase vulnerability to nicotine addiction 0 5
2011-05-03 Incentive-based wellness programs can lead to low health care costs 0 None
2011-05-03 Washing hands with contaminated soap can increase bacterial infection 0 None
2011-05-03 Opinions: Population growth; global HIV response; global malaria fight; child brides 0 None
2011-05-03 Case Western Reserve launches new scientific and computational programs in Ohio 0 None
2011-05-03 CMS: States to analyze Medicaid provider payments, access issues 0 None
2011-05-03 State roundup: Assisted living hazards in Fla.; Ariz.'s Medicaid limits 0 None
2011-05-03 Progressive Physical Therapy, Doctors Care inaugurate new center in Newberry 0 None
2011-05-03 Viewpoints: Ryan plan politics; senior care; health care consumerism 0 None
2011-05-02 Beijing Kanglian, Dehaier sign cooperation agreement for rural healthcare project 0 None
2011-05-02 InTouch Health launches RP-Xpress telemedicine device 0 None
2011-05-02 MedRisk introduces dedicated website for claims professionals 0 None
2011-05-02 First Edition: May 2, 2011 0 None
2011-05-02 Study evaluates impact of caffeine and technology on adolescent sleep time 0 None
2011-05-02 New OMA President brings commitment to prioritize health care during election 0 None
2011-05-02 HPNC offers early childhood development program for kids upto age 5 0 None
2011-05-02 Hospitals can implement preventive measures to reduce measles outbreak 0 None
2011-05-02 Mental Illness Foundation invites Quebecers to be attentive to loved ones 0 None
2011-05-02 NCRP workshop on CT use in emergency medicine is now available through JACR May issue 0 None
2011-05-02 Northern California hospitals are new subscribers to MD Ranger's comprehensive toolkit 0 None
2011-05-02 SIS designated as preferred vendor by Anesthesia Quality Institute 0 None
2011-05-02 Weight-loss physician unveils unique reduced-calorie eating plan 0 3
2011-05-02 Survey underscores education importance on risks of tanning in young women 0 None
2011-05-02 Living conditions, sanitation and community organization play a key role in child malnutrition 0 None
2011-05-02 Rare disease guidelines can help improve treatment quality 0 None
2011-05-02 VA develops FATE survey to access treatment quality at the end of patients' lives 0 None
2011-05-02 Study: Asking adolescents about their future objectives has significant clinical value 0 5
2011-05-02 Physical education with academics can improve test scores 0 None
2011-05-02 Investigators to advance research and care of the elderly 0 None
2011-05-02 Parents can play a key role in decreasing their child's chances to bully others 0 None
2011-05-02 Study shows even families with insurance put off or go without care 0 None
2011-05-02 NCI survey: Most people do not know much about clinical trials 1 None
2011-05-02 Assessment tool may help identify newborn exposure to methamphetamine 0 None
2011-05-02 Greenwich Hospital offers spiritual care to patients 0 None
2011-05-02 Most injured children are not being treated at trauma centers 0 None
2011-05-02 Adolescents less likely to start smoking if they feel connected to their parents 0 None
2011-05-02 Young black MSM may face high risk of HIV infection 0 None
2011-05-02 New research sheds light on why young black males have high HIV infection rates 0 None
2011-05-02 Experts to review how environmental disasters affect children's health 0 None
2011-05-02 OU-COM receives Osteopathic Heritage Foundation grant to address healthcare issues 0 None
2011-05-02 Health expert to speak at 205th Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Commencement ceremony 0 None
2011-05-02 Formula-fed premature babies more likely to develop necrotizing enterocolitis 0 None
2011-05-02 ACR white paper offers strategies for radiologist participation in ACOs 0 None
2011-05-02 Porter Adventist Hospital introduces new institute for robotic surgery 0 None
2011-05-02 Premature infants who screen positive for ASD at 18 months may not have autism 0 None
2011-05-02 CT with 3D scanning can effectively identify contraband smuggling 0 None
2011-05-02 Hartford credits NICHE with hospital's success in improving older patients' care 0 None
2011-05-02 UNU, US-EPA enter new agreement to help manage global e-waste 0 None
2011-05-02 GOP link of Medicare plan to FEHBP faulted; 'premium support' once had bipartisan support 0 None
2011-05-02 Research highlights need for smoke-free car laws to protect children from toxins 0 None
2011-05-02 Penn State launches unique oral hygiene approach for dementia patients 0 None
2011-05-02 Clinton says Supreme Court might strike the individual mandate from the health law 0 None
2011-05-02 Stowers Institute for Medical Research launches new graduate program 0 None
2011-05-01 Misbehaving docs four times likely to be men than women: Study 0 None


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