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Date Title Comments Rating
2012-02-29 New health data from Cleveland neighborhoods on obesity, hypertension and diabetes 0 None
2012-02-29 Springer adds 6 new quarterly clinical review journals to medicine portfolio 0 None
2012-02-29 Viewpoints: 'Romney's rebound,' Va. lawmakers' ultrasound vote, Kennedy's not sole interpreters of Senator's legacy 0 None
2012-02-29 Texas doctor caught in a $375 million fraud 0 None
2012-02-29 Walnuts associated with better memory scores and cognitive function 0 None
2012-02-29 Health care costs after self-castration significantly greater than elective outpatient surgical castration 0 None
2012-02-29 U.N. helps kick off polio immunization campaigns in Angola, Central African Republic 0 None
2012-02-29 Tenfold increase in OARnet network bandwidth speeds will boost medical research 0 None
2012-02-29 Positive reaction from hospitals, consumer groups on 'stage 2' health IT rules 0 None
2012-02-29 Novartis defends challenge to Indian medicines patent law 0 None
2012-02-29 First Edition: February 29, 2012 0 None
2012-02-29 Physical activity and diet program in doctor's office may be effective for obese people 0 None
2012-02-29 On health exchange, Neb. makes progress, Wis. and Texas mull next steps 1 None
2012-02-29 Minimally invasive treatments to be showcased at SIR's 37th Annual Scientific Meeting 0 None
2012-02-29 Obama contraception rule continues to fuel arguments 0 None
2012-02-29 Tips for people to ensure heart health 0 None
2012-02-29 Activists protest Novartis challenge to Indian patent law 0 None
2012-02-29 AAN, ALS Association announce creation of Richard Olney Clinician Scientist Development Award 0 None
2012-02-29 Mass. Senate race: Brown-Kennedy dust-up continues 0 None
2012-02-29 Clinton to testify about FY13 budget request 0 None
2012-02-29 Coloplast's InterDry textile receives Most Innovative New Product award from NAFC 0 None
2012-02-29 Feds pursue anti-trust action against Georgia hospital chain, other state hospital news 0 None
2012-02-29 Wiley-Blackwell to publish 44 new important journals in 2012 0 None
2012-02-29 IRIN examines potential strategies to fight sleeping sickness in Tanzania's rural communities 0 None
2012-02-29 Urbanization leaves millions of children without access to vital services, UNICEF report states 0 None
2012-02-29 Timing of educational attainment associated with health 0 None
2012-02-29 Obamacare draws more opposition than Romneycare 0 None
2012-02-29 On-site pathology evaluations cut operating time, reduce costs of breast cancer care 0 None
2012-02-29 Financial crime convictions - including health care fraud - reap billions in restitution payments 0 None
2012-02-29 As votes are cast in Ariz. and Mich., health law, entitlement programs part of GOP campaign talk 0 None
2012-02-29 Senate Republican reintroduces measure to repeal health law's Independent Payment Advisory Board 0 None
2012-02-29 State budgets improve but not enough to spare Medicaid; Calif. Gov. Brown pressing for co-pays 0 None
2012-02-29 CSIS report recounts adversities faced by Global Fund in 2011, suggests strategies for moving forward 0 None
2012-02-29 NJH to improve asthma care in Colorado's San Luis Valley 0 None
2012-02-29 Cancer survival rates on the rise in Northern Ireland 0 None
2012-02-29 KCC's geriatric oncology symposium to take place on March 9 0 None
2012-02-29 SWHR, NAMS encourage women to understand benefits and risks of hormone therapy 0 None
2012-02-29 U.S. funding to address basic health in Ghana 'noble' but improving access to health care still imperative 0 None
2012-02-29 NIH award to help MU students become more culturally competent and effective physicians 0 None
2012-02-29 PRI introduces OnSite to assist clinical sites with patient enrollment solutions 0 None
2012-02-29 Nurses play a key role in alleviating cancer patients' concerns 0 None
2012-02-29 Lack of insurance coverage driving up number of patients who seek dental care in the emergency room 0 None
2012-02-29 Maturitas publishes EMAS' clinical guide on SERMs against postmenopausal osteoporosis 0 None
2012-02-29 IDWeek 2012 to take place October 17-21 in San Diego 0 None
2012-02-29 DKR Fund for Alzheimer's research launches today 0 None
2012-02-29 Minn. Senate takes on anti-abortion bills; Texas to cut women's health programs; 'Personhood' initiatives advance 0 None
2012-02-28 State roundup: Helping hand for safety-net clinics; Conn. tries medical homes; Kansas disabled waiting for space 0 None
2012-02-28 Silver Hill Hospital announces opening of Chronic Pain and Addiction Center 0 None
2012-02-28 Viewpoints: Disabled 'disdain' a poisonous meme? Two sides on physician payments issue, letting Mich.'s community colleges train nurses 0 None
2012-02-28 New guidelines for detection of rheumatic heart disease 0 5
2012-02-28 Lantronix selects ADI's iCoupler technology to enable new wireless communication devices 0 None
2012-02-28 IU report supplies close examination of EU's reformed chemicals law 0 None
2012-02-28 Study sheds light on why physicians mistakenly believe that poor people sue more often 0 None
2012-02-28 Blog examines sale of fake malaria drugs in Tanzania 0 None
2012-02-28 Behavioral intervention appears to reduce WC among obese patients 0 None
2012-02-28 Aid group warns of cholera surge as Haiti enters rainy season 0 None
2012-02-28 Abortion legislation making noise at state capitols 0 None
2012-02-28 Telephone-based counseling program does not improve osteoporosis medication adherence 0 None
2012-02-28 Feds tighten Medicare plans oversight to curb improper payments 0 None
2012-02-28 Patrick Kennedy takes offense at ad by Sen. Scott Brown 0 None
2012-02-28 A health care history lesson 0 None
2012-02-28 Ghana Health Service launches initiative to prevent, eliminate NTDs 0 None
2012-02-28 A look at Obama's 'deficit dilemma' 0 4
2012-02-28 World Bank needs better leadership to achieve goals of reducing poverty 0 None
2012-02-28 Swaziland looking to shore up funding for AIDS treatment, testing supplies 0 None
2012-02-28 Study shows incorrect condom use common worldwide 0 None
2012-02-28 Examining HIV/AIDS in Zambian prisons 0 None
2012-02-28 Actuarial value, health disparities draw attention as part of health law implementation 0 None
2012-02-28 Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Autism Speaks create new sleep guide 1 None
2012-02-28 States, governors have different thoughts on insurance exchanges, impact of health law 0 None
2012-02-28 Shanghai ShowStar, UBM Asia form JV company 0 None
2012-02-28 Ambient assisted-living technology supports active ageing 0 None
2012-02-28 The high cost of cancer care 0 None
2012-02-28 NTU's Complexity Programme aims to establish Singapore as Asian hub 0 None
2012-02-28 Simpler Consulting forms new entity in India 0 None
2012-02-28 Tips to reduce potential sleep deprivation in children 0 None
2012-02-28 Problem Products to offer no charge software licenses for Gambling Website Blocker 0 None
2012-02-28 UT Southwestern's chairman of pharmacology wins 2012 Rolf Luft Award 0 None
2012-02-28 Viewpoints: Santorum on repeal; Ariz. Republic endorses Romney; How Catholic church almost accepted birth control 0 None
2012-02-28 LA BioMed to honor Women & Infants physician as 'Legend' 0 None
2012-02-28 Senate slated to debate GOP plan to allow for religious 'opt out' from administration birth control rule 0 None
2012-02-27 State roundup: State tobacco funds scrutinized; More allegations against Calif.'s Prime Healthcare; Ore. CCOs get green light 0 None
2012-02-27 Doctors balloted on industrial action against pension rule modifications 0 None
2012-02-27 Romney's Medicare plan would gradually raise eligibility age 0 None
2012-02-27 Greater patient and healthcare provider dialogue needed for morning sickness 0 None
2012-02-27 PointRight introduces new loss evaluation service, ClaimAnalytics 0 None
2012-02-27 Sebelius casts doubt on Calif. Medi-Cal changes; Other Medicaid changes around America scrutinized 0 None
2012-02-27 GBMC adds eClinicalWorks Care Coordination Portal and Community Analytics build on EHR 0 None
2012-02-27 New poll finds public opinion sharply divided on health law repeal 0 None
2012-02-27 India taken off WHO list of polio endemic countries 0 None
2012-02-27 NCQA certifies Health Data Essentials for HEDIS Quality Measures 0 None
2012-02-27 First Edition: February 27, 2012 0 None
2012-02-27 Gallup-Healthways WBI data shows decline in the U.S. obesity rates 0 None
2012-02-27 Diaverum expands core dialysis clinic network 0 None
2012-02-27 Montefiore director to host Twitter chat about neuroendocrine tumors on Feb. 29 0 None
2012-02-27 Chronic pain patients at high-risk for comorbid substance abuse benefit from 3-week program 0 None
2012-02-27 KIT, FZI to present innovations for everyday life in the future at CeBIT fair 0 None
2012-02-27 KF scientist to speak at William Paterson University, March 1 0 None
2012-02-27 Medication plus parent training effective in treating children with ASD 0 None
2012-02-27 News briefs from featured presentations at Cardiology 2012 0 5
2012-02-27 Translational research in addiction conference to take place in Texas 0 None
2012-02-27 Abortion, contraception politics still on front burner as primaries loom 0 None
2012-02-27 Wiley-Blackwell introduces new WIREs in membrane and developmental biology 0 None
2012-02-27 Researchers trace states with disparities in life expectancy 0 None
2012-02-27 Project GREAT earns ACP's 2012 Award for Creativity in Psychiatric Education 0 None
2012-02-27 CINJ experts available to discuss importance of healthy diet and its role in cancer prevention 0 None
2012-02-27 Romney calls for raising Medicare age gradually to 67 0 None
2012-02-24 State health insurance exchanges moving in fits and starts 0 None
2012-02-24 Romney defends health care record on the campaign trail 0 None
2012-02-24 Viewpoints: Elizabeth Warren on contraception mandate, comparison shopping for drugs, 'dismantling' Illinois 0 None
2012-02-24 Senate contests touch on contraception, health reform issues 0 None
2012-02-24 Woman barred from House contraception hearing testifies at Dems' event 1 None
2012-02-24 State roundup: Calif. prison medical facilities; New Ore. Rx dispensing rules 0 None
2012-02-24 CSIS publishes analyses of health sectors in Egypt, Gaza 0 None
2012-02-24 Research roundup: Hospital medication errors; Key Medicaid issues in 2014 0 None
2012-02-24 High-risk pools expand coverage for people with serious conditions, but at greater cost than predicted 0 None
2012-02-24 Premier healthcare alliance awards new SEEDS agreements for disposable labor and delivery products 0 None
2012-02-24 Seven states file lawsuit to block Obama administration birth control coverage rule 0 None
2012-02-24 Va. considering new abortion ultrasound bill after more controversial bill pulled 0 None
2012-02-24 Study: GOP candidates' plans would lead to larger deficits 0 None
2012-02-24 Handicapping the role of health care in 2012 0 None
2012-02-24 Capsules: Health IT coordinator: Release of stage 2 guidelines a 'push ahead' 0 None
2012-02-24 Texas bars abortion providers from Medicaid, endangering federal money 1 None
2012-02-24 Medicare's fraud-busting computer has slow start 0 None
2012-02-24 Administration releases new health IT 'meaningful use' rules 0 None
2012-02-24 Calif. Medicaid chief promises dental changes for kids 0 None
2012-02-24 A shifting model of care for older patients 0 None
2012-02-24 South Sudan's army calls for concerted efforts to fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2012-02-24 Two new analyses raise questions about mortality rate of bird flu 0 None
2012-02-24 HIV to be covered under insurance in India beginning in October 0 None
2012-02-24 Despite economic downturn, Global Fund 'needs and deserves' international support 0 None
2012-02-24 Gates calls for greater coordination among U.N. food agencies, announces nearly $200M in grants for agricultural development projects 0 None
2012-02-24 Political cartoon: 'Focus, Focus, Focus' 0 None
2012-02-24 Science Speaks blog interviews country director for CDC in Haiti 0 None
2012-02-24 Cardiologists not satisfied with 'doc fix' 0 None
2012-02-24 Access to healthy food most problematic in low-income neighborhoods 0 None
2012-02-24 Eradication of river blindness in Africa is feasible 0 None
2012-02-24 Additional discussion needed before final decision made on publication of bird flu studies 0 None
2012-02-24 First Edition: February 24, 2012 0 None
2012-02-24 Biofund, Quintiles to expand clinical development services in Russia 0 None
2012-02-24 Western Dental Services celebrates expansion into Northern California 0 None
2012-02-24 Calorie listings on fast-food chain restaurant menus do not benefit consumers 0 None
2012-02-24 Bathtub refinishers may cause work-related death 0 None
2012-02-24 Saving Lives at Birth partnership launches second round grants 0 None
2012-02-24 Supreme Court sends Calif. Medicaid case back to lower court 0 None
2012-02-24 Study looks at link between family members' behaviours and hoarders 0 None
2012-02-24 Curbing consequences of obesity takes personal responsibility 0 None
2012-02-24 Vt., Okla. lawmakers mull creating health insurance exchanges 0 None
2012-02-24 Federal rules for HIT 'meaningful use' expected today 0 None
2012-02-24 MGH Pathology Service selects Corista's Digital Image Management Platform 0 None
2012-02-24 India lags in efforts to meet Millennium Development Goals 0 None
2012-02-24 New insurance coverage option may have negative effects on veteran's health care 0 None
2012-02-24 CHAI official discusses Affordable Medicines Facility for Malaria 0 None
2012-02-24 BWH researchers publish findings that question reliability of new CMS quality measure 0 None
2012-02-24 Research!America shares findings about global health R&D in New Jersey 0 None
2012-02-24 Draft national plan to fight Alzheimer's released 0 None
2012-02-24 Feds award health exchange grants to 10 states 0 None
2012-02-24 Castlight Health named among Fast Company's annual Most Innovative Companies 0 5
2012-02-24 Scalia could be unlikely health law ally 0 None
2012-02-24 Governor of Illinois urges Medicaid cuts 0 None
2012-02-24 Health issues create political flashpoints during GOP presidential primary debate 0 None
2012-02-24 Workshop increases pharmacy and medical students' empathy 0 5
2012-02-24 State legislatures contemplate controlling costs, health IT, prescribing authority 0 None
2012-02-24 Penn researchers produce first state-by-state sleep maps for the U.S. 0 None
2012-02-24 More people than ever overweight, obese in developed countries, OECD report says 0 None
2012-02-24 Blog examines gap between mental health disease burden, attention given to problem 0 None
2012-02-24 Cedars-Sinai pharmacy director to receive 2012 Whitney award 0 None
2012-02-24 Washington state law requiring pharmacies stock emergency contraception is struck down 0 None
2012-02-24 South Sudan hoping NTD initiative will bring relief from high levels of disease, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-02-24 NYU Langone HJD first in the Metro NY area to launch J-tip needle-free anesthetic system 0 None
2012-02-24 WHO urging Afghans to vaccinate children for measles following outbreak in western region 0 None
2012-02-24 ACS 243rd National Meeting & Exposition to be held March 25-29 0 None
2012-02-24 European Urology to launch two new Resource Centres 0 None
2012-02-24 RCSI's 31st annual international conference addresses identity of nurses in medicine 0 None
2012-02-24 First comprehensive framework to close the gap on Indigenous eye health for Australians 0 None
2012-02-24 Global Fund releases more than $7M to South Africa following request from AIDS organizations 0 None
2012-02-24 Wolters Kluwer, APAO launch Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology 0 None
2012-02-23 Viewpoints: A missing contraception question, Obama's budget blind spot, NEJM on Medicare Advantage 0 None
2012-02-23 Protests against NHS reforms results in a disciplinary meeting for a senior medical professional 0 None
2012-02-23 Medical homes offer model for better, less expensive health care 0 None
2012-02-23 IOF-ESCEO 2nd pre-clinical symposium to be held in March, 2012 0 None
2012-02-23 Patients' Choice ranks Denver Dr. Michael Keller among top reviewed physicians 0 None
2012-02-23 New Fort Collins and Loveland medical offices for Kaiser Permanente Colorado 0 None
2012-02-23 IHA disappointed over proposal to cut $2.7 billion from Illinois' Medicaid program 0 None
2012-02-23 Oscar nominated movie influences people to change eating and food shopping habits 0 None
2012-02-23 First Edition: February 23, 2012 0 None
2012-02-23 How treatment options are presented strongly impacts patients' decision-making 0 None
2012-02-23 New phone number to University of Michigan memory loss and dementia services 0 None
2012-02-23 Supreme Court sends California Medicaid case back to Court of Appeals 0 None
2012-02-23 Care Connectivity Consortium to demonstrate data exchange technology at 2012 HIMSS conference 0 4
2012-02-23 States wage internal battles to fund mental health systems, overhauls 0 None
2012-02-23 High-tech human patient simulation bolsters faculty teaching capacity and enhances clinical learning 0 None
2012-02-23 Feds launch health insurance co-ops with $639 million in low-interest loans 0 None
2012-02-23 Underreporting of alcohol's role in crime and accidents decreases public support for liquor laws 0 None
2012-02-23 Patients' Choice ranks Dr. Ali Gheissari among top reviewed physicians 0 None
2012-02-23 ATA predicts 2012 as the most significant year ever for telemedicine growth 0 None
2012-02-23 Sustainable funding needed to reduce Burma's HIV, TB treatment gap 0 None
2012-02-23 Radiation risk from Japan's nuclear disaster debris not a worry, but other aspects might be 0 5
2012-02-23 Overall positive attitude towards concept of uniform CVD prevention guidelines across Europe 0 None
2012-02-23 Scientific American examines Gates Foundation toilet-design initiative 0 None
2012-02-23 Videotaped encounter evaluates medical students conveying bad news to 'standardized patients' 0 None
2012-02-23 Fair management, positive leadership can ameliorate job worries among elder care staff 0 None
2012-02-23 Lack of coverage of alcohol's harm may dampen public's support for alcohol-control laws 0 None
2012-02-23 USAID releases external evaluation of President's Malaria Initiative 0 None
2012-02-23 AFA applauds nation's first National Alzheimer's Plan 0 None
2012-02-23 Porter surgeon first in the U.S. to perform single-incision cholecystectomy 0 None
2012-02-23 QHN to provide health care providers with new registry services 0 None
2012-02-23 States propose more Medicaid cuts, changes to save money 0 None
2012-02-23 Experts to discuss current treatments for children with heart disease at Cardiology 2012 0 None
2012-02-23 Older physicians have higher frequency of litigation 0 None
2012-02-23 HPSO, CNA HealthPro collaborate to publish Physical Therapy Liability report 0 None
2012-02-23 Environmental health risks low in the United Arab Emirates 0 None
2012-02-23 HHS releases first draft of National Alzheimer's Plan 0 None
2012-02-23 Consumer advocates worry that health law's lifetime-limits ban can be circumvented 0 None
2012-02-23 AAOS calls for submission of stories of orthopaedic care 0 None
2012-02-23 South Korea stepping up fight against TB, CBS News reports 0 None
2012-02-23 Health Fidelity to participate in BluePrint Health IT Innovation Exchange Summit 0 None
2012-02-23 U-M Cardiovascular Center now offers Edwards aortic valve replacement 0 4
2012-02-23 State lawmakers take up contraception coverage, abortion fights 0 None
2012-02-23 Kaiser Permanente to display new mobile offerings at HIMSS12 0 None
2012-02-23 AHCA, NCAL announce multi-year Quality Initiative 0 None
2012-02-23 A job doesn't always solve health insurance difficulties 0 None
2012-02-23 New model to evaluate probiotic survival in the gut 0 None
2012-02-23 Studies provide global perspective on condom use problems and errors 0 None
2012-02-23 State officials debate whether, how to set up health exchanges 0 None
2012-02-23 ValueOptions, LifeWIRE partner to create mobile monitoring, intervention and counseling program 0 None
2012-02-23 Adoption of Health IT still an uphill climb 0 None
2012-02-23 GOP presidential hopefuls face off in two battleground states 0 None
2012-02-23 Pediatricians should screen all children for vitamin D deficiency 0 None
2012-02-23 HIMSS awards Kaiser Permanente for leadership in use of health information technology 0 None
2012-02-23 Ariz. advocates ask for better pay for disabled caregivers, Va. disabled find new home 0 None
2012-02-23 Experts discuss Universal Health Coverage at CFR roundtable 0 None
2012-02-23 Accelitech announces new CyberKnife Cancer Institute of Chicago 0 1
2012-02-23 Teleflex announces two new agreements with HealthTrust 0 None
2012-02-23 South Asia makes little progress in meeting maternal, child mortality MDGs, U.N. report says 0 None
2012-02-23 Viewpoints: Real 'doc fix,' Saint Santorum and why Supreme Court TV is 'a bad idea' 0 None
2012-02-23 Cholera epidemic spreads in DRC; Efforts to combat disease remain underfunded, U.N. reports 0 None
2012-02-23 Dems schedule own contraception hearing 0 None
2012-02-23 New Herman & Walter Samuelson Children's Hospital at Sinai to be dedicated on March 1 0 None
2012-02-23 USAID funding cookstove initiative in Haiti 0 None
2012-02-23 Burma unable to expand HIV, TB treatment programs without more donor support, MSF report says 0 None
2012-02-23 State roundup: Calif. HMO report cards, Ore. family planning bills challenged, Texas managed care 0 None
2012-02-23 Birth control mandate, abortion draw lines in presidential debate 0 None
2012-02-23 Surgical instruments, CT pan-scans under scrutiny 0 None
2012-02-23 U.S. Surgeon General, SEMBC join to launch Fighting D in the D campaign 0 None
2012-02-23 GeoBlue launches first iPhone app for quality healthcare services 0 None
2012-02-23 ANFP renames and re-launches its charitable foundation 0 None
2012-02-23 Laboratory Supply Company raises $16,000 to benefit Kosair Children's Hospital 0 None
2012-02-23 More toxic aldehydes found in reheated sunflower and linseed oil 0 None
2012-02-23 High Court extends time allocated for health law arguments 0 None
2012-02-23 AHA Heart-Check mark for almonds 0 None
2012-02-23 Dolbey launches DocAssist Documentation Guides for hospitals 0 None
2012-02-23 International Microbicides Conference to take place from April 15-18 0 None
2012-02-23 Baron and Budd now offers free wristbands to help raise awareness of mesothelioma 1 5
2012-02-22 NCQA awards MHC Distinction to Health Net of California 0 None
2012-02-22 Department of Veterans Affairs introduces Health Benefits Handbook 0 None
2012-02-22 Political cartoon: 'High Occupancy?' 0 None
2012-02-22 Counterfeit drugs on the Internet find their way into legitimate pharmacies 0 None
2012-02-22 International effort to define ECG interpretation standards in athletes 0 None
2012-02-22 Southeast Minnesota Beacon Community to demonstrate HIE technology at HiMSS Conference 0 None
2012-02-22 Americans used less health care during recent U.S. economic recession 0 5
2012-02-22 ASH releases statement on FDA actions to alleviate drug shortages 0 None
2012-02-22 CMS unveils 2013 Medicare Advantage payment and policy guidelines 0 None
2012-02-22 Analyzing the impact of the Court's consideration of the health law 0 None
2012-02-22 First Edition: February 22, 2012 0 None
2012-02-22 New York Times profiles UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé 0 None
2012-02-22 Young people don't know the government guidelines for safe alcohol consumption 0 None
2012-02-22 Congress approves tax package including temporary 'doc fix' 0 None
2012-02-22 Lent offers a great opportunity to get started on a track to better health 0 None
2012-02-22 India still faces challenges in efforts to eradicate polio 0 None
2012-02-22 AAN to honor former NASA astronaut with Public Leadership in Neurology Award 0 None
2012-02-22 First prospective study of ethnic differences in symptoms of autism in toddlers 0 None
2012-02-22 Meeting demand for primary care, family physicians 0 None
2012-02-22 Birth control issues crop up on the campaign trail 0 None
2012-02-22 Essential benefits, health exchanges trigger questions, answers 0 None
2012-02-22 Obama contraceptive rule reverberates through health care marketplace 0 None
2012-02-22 AAN announces recipients of 2012 scientific research awards 0 None
2012-02-22 Health policies part of political buzz words in presidential, congressional races 0 None
2012-02-22 Child welfare experts to gather at UNC for Wicked Problems Institute 0 None
2012-02-22 How 30 kidneys linked 60 lives 0 None
2012-02-22 AAN to honor Tokyo neurologist with Potamkin Prize for AD research 0 None
2012-02-22 State roundup: Calif. expands uninsured access, gives adult day care reprieve 0 None
2012-02-22 USAID's Shah discusses role of faith-based organizations in humanitarian aid 0 None
2012-02-22 Autism Speaks releases two new ATN tool kits 0 None
2012-02-22 Medicaid: Bachmann calls for scrutiny of Minn. system, other state developments 0 None
2012-02-22 Childhood Obesity celebrates second anniversary of Let's Move! initiative 0 None
2012-02-22 March issue of BMJ's 'Sexually Transmitted Infections' focuses on HIV, health systems 0 None
2012-02-22 Nebraska readies for exchange debate 0 None
2012-02-22 Combination of key guideline-recommended heart failure therapies improve survival odds 0 None
2012-02-22 Viewpoints: Medicare mudslinging, 'pound-foolish' doc fix and unrealistic death attitudes 0 None
2012-02-22 AANEM endorses AAN guideline update on intraoperative monitoring 0 None
2012-02-22 PBS NewsHour blog discusses curable, preventable neglected tropical diseases with CDC experts 0 None
2012-02-22 Contraception opinions: We're all Catholics now, a sex tax? And the 'safe, legal, rare' illusion 0 None
2012-02-22 IRIN examines whether poverty reduction schemes can help lower TB rate in developing countries 0 None
2012-02-22 Russian government's censorship of websites with harm reduction methods for drug users helps fuel HIV epidemic, IPS reports 0 None
2012-02-22 ALS Association, AAN to honor KCL neurologist with Essey Award 0 None
2012-02-22 Foreign-born Hispanics in the U.S. might have lower risk of stroke 0 None
2012-02-22 First study to gauge college students' willingness to donate to a genetic biobank 0 None
2012-02-22 WHO meeting decides to extend moratorium on bird flu research, delay full publication of two studies detailing lab-modified strains 0 None
2012-02-22 AAN, National MS Society to honor Cleveland Clinic researcher with John Dystel Prize 0 2.3
2012-02-22 SOT 51st Annual Meeting and ToxExpo to be held March 11-15 0 None
2012-02-22 AChemS recognizes Monell Center molecular biologist as outstanding junior scientist 0 None
2012-02-22 USAID assisting communities affected by cyclones in Eastern Africa 0 None
2012-02-22 PNAS selects six papers to receive 2011 Cozzarelli Prize 0 None
2012-02-21 Political cartoons: 'One Pill Makes You...' and 'True Confession?' 0 None
2012-02-21 First Edition: February 21, 2012 0 None
2012-02-21 Perioperative IT sees significant growth in Anesthesia Information Management Systems 0 1.3
2012-02-21 Verizon to deploy and manage Highmark's new health information exchange 0 None
2012-02-21 Comprehensive mobile solution to deliver enhanced care to patients 0 None
2012-02-21 Nation's top hospitals for emergency medical care 0 5
2012-02-21 Overall 'health' of 152 countries around the world 0 None
2012-02-21 Pharmacist-led interventions can help reduce medication errors in primary care 0 None
2012-02-21 Study finds increase in social smoking among young adults 0 None
2012-02-21 Obama campaign pushes back against Santorum attack on prenatal testing 0 None
2012-02-21 AWMSG makes prostate cancer drug abiraterone available on the NHS 0 None
2012-02-21 Movies featuring alcohol induce teens to start drinking 0 None
2012-02-20 Healthcare organizations using data recovery providers may be vulnerable to data breaches 0 None
2012-02-20 ZirMed launches VeraFund Manager for healthcare providers 0 None
2012-02-20 Temkin Group rates 13 health plans 1 None
2012-02-20 Axway-GE Healthcare combined HIE solution selected by HITE-CT 0 None
2012-02-20 Screening events to find out risk for heart attack or stroke 0 None
2012-02-20 Paragon HIS to be deployed at Comanche County Memorial Hospital 0 None
2012-02-20 Belkin, Peerless partner to provide PeerCare EMR Hybrid Cart 0 None
2012-02-20 Premier healthcare alliance awards new SEEDS agreement for coffee, tea and cocoa 0 None
2012-02-20 Lack of diapers keep children out of childcare 0 None
2012-02-20 Helen DeVos Children's Hospital wins first annual Leape Ahead Award 0 None
2012-02-20 USHCC, Aetna patner to offer affordable health coverage 0 None
2012-02-20 Teleflex, Premier enter new agreements for ligation and stapling products, suture and trocars 0 None
2012-02-20 COMMUNITY 2012, the ALFA Conference and Expo to be held in Dallas in May 2012 0 None
2012-02-20 A pediatric version of Rothman Index 0 None
2012-02-20 New CNN report points to a serious problem - childhood obesity 0 None
2012-02-20 Apixio introduces Clinical Knowledge Exchange at HIMSS 2012 conference 0 None
2012-02-20 CAI improves asthma outcomes and saves $1.46 for every dollar spent 0 None
2012-02-20 With contraception issue, Santorum highlights conservative credentials 0 None
2012-02-20 Substituting smokeless tobacco products can save smokers' lives 0 5
2012-02-20 ESOF 2012 science program launches today at AAAS meeting in Vancouver 0 None
2012-02-20 Smoke forecasting tools can help protect individuals and public health professionals 0 None
2012-02-20 Symposium discusses links between genetic, epigenetic and environmental influences on autism 0 None
2012-02-19 Contraception fight heads to state legislatures, federal court 0 None
2012-02-19 Protein fragments from yellow field pea seeds can lower blood pressure 0 None
2012-02-19 Evolution of cancer genome to be discussed at 2012 AAAS annual meeting 0 None
2012-02-19 Bristol-Myers Squibb awards 3 new grants to enhance HBV and HCV prevention, diagnosis and care 0 None
2012-02-18 Vitality program reaches milestone of over one million members in the U.S 0 None
2012-02-18 Medicare cuts include psychotherapy payment reduction 0 5
2012-02-18 Health law implementation: State insurance exchange bills; HHS rules on MLR Waiver requests 0 None
2012-02-18 SFCS to host special showing of the Third Age Suit for seniors 0 None
2012-02-18 Flooding leaves millions in Pakistan at risk of malnutrition, disease, aid groups warn 0 None
2012-02-18 NPAF commends passage of bill for parity in insurance coverage for orally administered chemotherapy 0 5
2012-02-18 AADA expresses disappointment over Medicare SGR fix 0 5
2012-02-18 AGHE announces new elected officers, fellow and recipients of 2012 awards 0 None
2012-02-18 Cyclone kills at least 16 in Madagascar; UNICEF responds with medicines, mosquito nets 0 None
2012-02-18 AGHE to hold 38th Annual Meeting and Educational Leadership Conference, Feb. 23-26 0 None
2012-02-18 Proposed Sustainable Development Goals need greater health focus 0 None
2012-02-18 State of Iowa selects MHP to provide managed Medicaid health services 0 None
2012-02-18 Shah says 'difficult choices' made in FY13 International Affairs budget request 0 None
2012-02-18 CVS Caremark's integrated businesses help patients achieve better health 0 None
2012-02-18 CCF endorses bill to identify students at risk of sudden cardiac death 0 5
2012-02-18 Global Health Technologies Coalition blog responds to President's FY13 budget request 0 None
2012-02-18 New publication explains role of standards-based interoperable digital identities in healthcare 0 None
2012-02-18 Medicare Part D beneficiaries flock to lower cost Part D plans with competitive pharmacy networks 0 None
2012-02-18 Not-for-profit company leads push for automation of Medicaid enrollment process 0 None
2012-02-18 UM's Momentum2 Campaign receives $100M gift from DRIF 0 None
2012-02-18 NSU launches blogs targeted toward brokers and insureds 0 None
2012-02-18 FDA to reconsider diet drug that failed to get approval in 2010 0 None
2012-02-18 Provena Health and Resurrection Health Care are now joined as Presence Health 0 None
2012-02-18 More than 1 in 4 elderly patients received potentially hazardous drugs during 2007 0 None
2012-02-18 Ala. mental hospitals to close; La. hospital copes with budget cuts; D.C. gets mental health system 0 None
2012-02-18 Clinton holds press conference marking International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM 1 None
2012-02-18 Five types of food rich in good fats 0 5
2012-02-18 MSF warns health, living conditions of refugees in Dadaab camp deteriorating 0 None
2012-02-18 Increased bacterial loads in potable water may have significant health effects on indigenous people 0 None
2012-02-18 PCMA launches That's What PBMs Do campaign in Maryland 0 None
2012-02-18 AUA: SGR is a fatally flawed payment system and a tremendous burden to physicians 0 None
2012-02-18 ACAAI allergists available to discuss risks associated with asthma 0 None
2012-02-18 Sensors in Design conference to take place on March 28-29 0 None
2012-02-18 Catholic bishops call birth control compromise 'simply unworkable' 0 None
2012-02-18 Evergreen receives Advanced Certification in Inpatient Diabetes from The Joint Commission 0 None
2012-02-18 Vaccines are for people of all ages, not just children and seniors 0 None
2012-02-18 Capsule to feature IHE-compliant connectivity solution at HIMSS12 Interoperability Showcase 0 None
2012-02-18 Personalities ready for Supreme Court health law showdown 0 None
2012-02-18 Patient Services to join National Organization for Rare Disorders 0 None
2012-02-18 Millions of North Koreans face malnutrition despite recent food aid, relief agencies warn 0 None
2012-02-18 Viewpoints: The constitution and birth control; War on Wyden 0 None
2012-02-18 Federal probe of FDA's treatment of whistleblowers widens 0 None
2012-02-18 Netsmart chooses Overland Park as the location for permanent Kansas office 0 None
2012-02-18 Doctors group seeks to stem excessive testing 0 None
2012-02-18 CHPA releases statement on new Oklahoma economic impact study 0 None
2012-02-18 The 'nutritional magic' behind soy's heart health benefits 1 None
2012-02-18 Certain segments of hospitals show increased capability to achieve Stage 1 of meaningful use 0 None
2012-02-18 Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference to be held Feb. 22-24 0 None
2012-02-18 University of Miami launches second major fundraising campaign 0 None
2012-02-18 Questions and answers about ACOs 0 None
2012-02-18 DMVA to restructure workforce at veterans homes 0 None
2012-02-18 Anton/Bauer to launch new hot swappable batteries at HIMSS12 0 None
2012-02-18 MIEMSS re-designates JHH as a Level IIIC Perinatal Referral Center for Maryland 0 None
2012-02-18 UH's Eye Institute receives $5M Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Foundation gift 0 None
2012-02-18 BCBSF Foundation announces winners of 2012 Sapphire Award 0 None
2012-02-18 CentraState chooses Cognizant to develop ICD-10 transition strategy 0 None
2012-02-18 RelayHealth, CommunityHealth IT collaborate to develop a HIE 0 None
2012-02-18 GOP lawmakers defend proposed overhaul of Medicare 0 None
2012-02-18 Administration touts health care tax credits for small businesses 0 None
2012-02-18 Two-day WHO meeting on bird flu to release statement as soon as possible, WHO official says 0 None
2012-02-18 Votes expected today on 'doc fix' compromise bill 0 None
2012-02-18 Research roundup: Patient satisfaction, community health centers as medical homes, analyzing controversial Medicare coverage 0 None
2012-02-18 FSMB initiatives to raise awareness about opioid prescribing 1 None
2012-02-18 Video gaming can improve vision in individuals with cataracts 0 None
2012-02-18 AHF criticizes Obama administration for global AIDS budget 0 None
2012-02-18 Study examines mercury exposure in pregnant women 0 None
2012-02-18 Common misconceptions about brain and severity of head injuries 0 None
2012-02-18 Sentara implements EXTENSION clinical alerting solution for NICU nurses 0 None
2012-02-18 Personality traits play an important role in military training 0 None
2012-02-18 Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions now opens registration for ICHAD 2012 0 None
2012-02-18 DASH II app to optimise stroke care and improve patient outcomes 0 None
2012-02-17 AirStrip, HCA collaborate to expand use of mobile patient monitoring software 0 None
2012-02-17 State roundup: U.S. Senators demand more medical board oversight; Californians losing coverage; Arizona's prison 'quandary' 0 None
2012-02-17 Good surveillance system for FMD can minimize economic losses to Mexican cattle industry 0 None
2012-02-17 CPALMS educator platform to expand with $10.5M grant 0 None
2012-02-17 Standardization may improve Canada's ranking in international child health indexes 0 None
2012-02-17 Another short-term 'patch' to Medicare physician payment crisis disappoints 0 None
2012-02-17 Congressional negotiators announce 'doc fix,' payroll tax cut deal 0 None
2012-02-17 ESF-COST launch Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth initiative 0 None
2012-02-17 First Edition: February 17, 2012 0 None
2012-02-17 Fish oil added to goat cheese can deliver omega-3 fatty acids without compromising taste or shelf-life 0 None
2012-02-17 Strong spousal support helps cope with job stress 0 None
2012-02-17 IHP, PFCD organize expert roundtable on NCDs at New Delhi 0 None
2012-02-17 Patient education program may help reduce kidney transplant-related disparities 0 None
2012-02-17 Young Canadians report higher levels of emotional and behavioural problems 0 None
2012-02-17 Congress to vote on 10-month 'doc fix,' payroll tax deal 0 None
2012-02-17 Two GOP Senators propose Medicare overhaul plan 0 None
2012-02-17 White House budget director stumbles on question about mandate 0 None
2012-02-17 LUMC named one of the nation's top hospitals in cancer treatment 0 None
2012-02-17 President Obama's FY13 budget request increases multilateral global health funding 0 None
2012-02-17 Web-based intervention can effectively manage chronic migraine 0 None
2012-02-17 Bill to bar synthetic recreational drugs hits roadblock 0 None
2012-02-17 Canadian study quantifies effects of safe water, sanitation on health for first time 0 None
2012-02-17 Home health industry fights minimum wage rule 0 None
2012-02-17 Nordion celebrates first anniversary of market launch of TheraSphere 0 None
2012-02-17 Birth control rule will apply to self-insured groups, Sebelius says; Political fallout continues 0 None
2012-02-17 Iowa, Ga. legislatures consider anti-abortion bills 0 None
2012-02-17 Burkina Faso government urged to increase health budget as country faces ARV stock outs 0 None
2012-02-17 Russian NGOs fear fate of HIV harm-reduction programs as planned exit of Global Fund occurs 0 None
2012-02-17 WHO should regulate alcohol consumption with legally binding convention, global health expert says 0 None
2012-02-17 Sebelius: Exchanges will strengthen employer health coverage 0 None
2012-02-17 People experience eating problems and risk of malnutrition three months after stroke 0 None
2012-02-17 Longer looks: GOP contraceptive amendment could have wider effect; The love of caregiving 0 None
2012-02-17 Viewpoints: Contraception conscience vs. political objections; Is the mandate the 'non-tax' tax? 0 None
2012-02-17 State roundup: Settlements for mental health facilities lawsuits; Minn., Oregon insurers face scrutiny 0 None
2012-02-17 Contraception battle flares on two fronts 0 None
2012-02-17 Eliminating key part of health care reform would lower number of Americans newly insured 0 None
2012-02-17 Clinton to announce 5-year initiative to cut pollutants; Program could have positive public health impact 0 None
2012-02-17 Unique board game to help bridge gaps between various health disciplines 0 None
2012-02-17 U.N. meeting delegates urge international community to respond thoroughly, rapidly to drought-stricken Sahel 0 None
2012-02-17 Indian authorities vaccinate children crossing India-Pakistan border; Distrust of polio vaccines grows in Pakistan 0 None
2012-02-17 Sandia's decontamination foam now used for meth lab cleanup 0 None
2012-02-17 States and the health law: Wyoming exchange, N.H. compact legislation, Texas lawsuit 0 None
2012-02-17 AstraZeneca launches ARIMIDEX Direct to help cancer patients 0 None
2012-02-17 Over 7.5M children reside with a single-parent with alcohol problems 0 None
2012-02-17 Nanoparticles in foods and pharmaceuticals may impair health 0 None
2012-02-17 Campaign 2012: Santorum's hospital board compensation; Sebelius 'urged to sit out' fundraisers 0 None
2012-02-17 Lab-based treatment reminders may not be effective for CKD patients 0 None
2012-02-17 Jefferson's KCC creates new center to reduce and eradicate cancer disparities 0 None
2012-02-17 STRAW+10 report provides general road map to reproductive aging 0 5
2012-02-16 Hospital news: Colorado legislature considers limits on charges, Philly children's hospital apology, Mass. facility closure 0 None
2012-02-16 Understanding the economic impact of the 'girl effect' 0 None
2012-02-16 February marks's 5-year anniversary 0 None
2012-02-16 Examining CDC's role in Global HIV, TB research and development 0 None
2012-02-16 NCQA tool doesn't adequately evaluate quality of diabetes care at health centers 0 None
2012-02-16 First Edition: February 16,2012 0 None
2012-02-16 DEA tries to stem prescription drug abuse by suspending pharmacies 0 None
2012-02-16 All-female medical officers team leads Gottlieb Memorial Hospital 0 None
2012-02-16 Despite fewer amputations, Medicare's bill for artificial feet rises 60% 0 None
2012-02-16 Private U.S. investments improve maternal care capacity in Ethiopia 0 None
2012-02-16 ACAAI, Teva Respiratory partner to bring free asthma screenings nationwide 0 None
2012-02-16 Study investigates the whole process of stroke emergency treatment 0 None
2012-02-16 Simple tests may help doctors determine risk of dementia, stroke in middle-aged people 0 None
2012-02-16 Controversy over psychiatric diagnosis reaches a fever pitch 0 None
2012-02-16 Debate over Medicare, health law already playing out in 2012 races 0 None
2012-02-16 Diet exerts a strong influence on heart health 1 3.7
2012-02-16 Bishops plan united front campaign against contraception rule 0 None
2012-02-16 Obama praises congressional deal on doctor pay, payroll taxes 0 None
2012-02-16 Alcohol-related hospitalization common among U.S. teens and costs $755M per year 0 None
2012-02-16 Drugmaker warns that fake cancer drug is on the market 0 None
2012-02-16 New parent-training program effective in reducing risk of obesity in preschool Latino children 0 None
2012-02-16 Report looks at autoworker health care for spending variation clues 0 None
2012-02-16 Children still exposed to same level of ads for junk foods 0 None
2012-02-16 Conservatives' mixed message on health care mandate 0 None
2012-02-16 Foreign-born scientists to receive Vilcek Prize in Biomedical Science 0 None
2012-02-16 Hospitals would have to voluntarily return overpayments under new proposal 0 None
2012-02-16 Reid will allow repeal vote on contraception mandate 0 None
2012-02-16 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation announces recipients of 2012 Sloan Research Fellowships 0 None
2012-02-16 Tentative deal reached to prevent physician pay cuts, preserve payroll tax cut 0 None
2012-02-16 Children may consume more titanium dioxide than adults 0 None
2012-02-16 CMS signals it may delay deadline on new codes to be used by doctors, hospitals 0 None
2012-02-16 Drilling down into Obama's budget 0 None
2012-02-16 Reuters examines upcoming WHO meeting to discuss debate over bird flu research 0 None
2012-02-16 Small cash transfers to young women may help them avoid HIV infection, study suggests 0 None
2012-02-16 UCI's Health Education Center to expand DUI awareness program 0 None
2012-02-16 Seven Sahel region nations declare emergencies with at least 12M people threatened by hunger 0 None
2012-02-16 Impact of child malnourishment similar to that of AIDS 0 None
2012-02-16 CDC report: Suicide rate increases 2.4% in the U.S. between 2008 and 2009 0 None
2012-02-16 One quarter of young children worldwide suffer effects of malnutrition, Save the Children survey shows 0 None
2012-02-16 Hospital news: Colorado hospital settles suit with Indian tribe; In Dallas, 'problems persist' at Parkland 0 None
2012-02-16 State roundup: Legislatures tackling abortion restrictions, Medicaid cuts/revamps, Rx drug abuse 0 None
2012-02-16 Wolters Kluwer Health enters distribution agreement with NEJM 0 None
2012-02-16 Zimbabwean officials call for improvements to water, sanitation systems to prevent further typhoid outbreaks 0 None
2012-02-16 Viewpoints: Health law in 'red and blue' states; OpEds slam Obama compromise on birth control; Illinois' Medicaid disaster 0 None
2012-02-16 Study identifies variations in non-pharmacological palliative care 0 None
2012-02-16 African-American children tend to be diagnosed later for autism 1 None
2012-02-16 Study finds low rate of contraception among sexually active young Latinos 0 None
2012-02-16 Report illustrates great potential of integrative medicine in chronic health issues 0 None
2012-02-16 Wikipedia the most highly rated mental health source 0 None
2012-02-16 Virginia Tech professor to receive Costa Rica's 2011 National Technology Prize 0 None
2012-02-16 Walking With Anthony's campaign to raise money for The CST Regeneration Project 0 None
2012-02-16 CompuGroup Medical releases LabNexus system 0 None
2012-02-15 Researchers develop first 'newborn weight curves' for specific ethnic groups across Canada 0 None
2012-02-15 Hospital apologizes to Amelia Rivera who was denied kidney transplant 3 3.5
2012-02-15 Mencap accuses hospitals of discriminating against patients with learning disabilities 0 None
2012-02-15 Patient feedback on how NHS hospitals are doing important 0 None
2012-02-15 Kansas House approves 'compact' bill opposing health law; Conn., Alaska moving ahead with exchanges; Mass. reform very popular 0 None
2012-02-15 IOM recommendations for healthful diet to children and adolescents not fully implemented 0 None
2012-02-15 Online anatomy dissector a 'superb learning tool': JAMA 0 None
2012-02-15 Feds recover record amounts from fraudulent Medicare claims 0 None
2012-02-15 Senate Republicans ask Supreme Court to strike mandate 0 None
2012-02-15 USAID improves health through access to clean water in Timor-Leste 0 None
2012-02-15 Fewer people getting health insurance through employer 0 None
2012-02-15 Humana, NextGen Healthcare to increase adoption and exchange of EHRs 0 None
2012-02-15 Medworxx announces expansion into the U.S. 0 None
2012-02-15 Smart sensors can enable orthopaedicians to collect objective, quantifiable information 0 None
2012-02-15 Updated tool to track NTD funding, identify gaps 0 None
2012-02-15 Health professionals should routinely recommend chemo websites for cancer patients 0 None
2012-02-15 Study to examine relationship between oral and silent reading in children 0 None
2012-02-15 Critics find much to fault in Obama budget 0 None
2012-02-15 Obama 2013 budget would cut $360 billion from Medicaid and Medicare 0 None
2012-02-15 Debate shifts on contraception rule 0 None
2012-02-15 U-M competes with 16 other colleges in 9th annual Gift of Life Campus Challenge 0 None
2012-02-15 Patient satisfaction not linked with health status 0 None
2012-02-15 Davos meeting highlights link between nutrition, health and development 0 None
2012-02-15 Bird flu controversy an opportunity to set a higher tone for public debate 0 None
2012-02-15 Fewer health care dollars would flow to states under Obama budget plan 0 None
2012-02-15 President Obama releases FY13 budget proposal with overall decrease for GHI 0 None
2012-02-15 Many women 'want and need' gift of reproductive health this Valentine's Day 0 None
2012-02-15 Aging Asian population raising concerns over pensions, chronic health conditions 0 None
2012-02-15 Viewpoints: Obama's budget, birth control choices; Planning hospital readmissions to save 0 None
2012-02-15 AMCHP honors LSUHSC's professor for excellence in maternal and child health care 0 None
2012-02-15 UnitedHealth to offer industry cloud computing option 0 None
2012-02-15 Legislation in Chinese autonomous region would eliminate anonymous HIV testing, require names 0 None
2012-02-15 States' experiences with high-risk pools vary 0 None
2012-02-15 Top four reasons why many dieters fail to lose weight 0 None
2012-02-15 Book focuses on gender and well-being 0 None
2012-02-15 UBC community to take part in 2012 AAAS annual meeting 0 None
2012-02-15 New clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of DVT 0 None
2012-02-15 AGS honors IU professor for outstanding achievement in geriatric care 0 None
2012-02-14 House Republicans propose separating payroll tax extension from 'doc fix,' unemployment debate 1 None
2012-02-14 Penn State researchers develop new app for caffeine drinkers 0 None
2012-02-14 American Physical Society commends President's 2013 budget 0 None
2012-02-14 State roundup: Mass. small biz co-ops start, Miss. Medicaid changes, R.I. hospital overbilling Medicare 0 None
2012-02-14 National Library of Medicine acquires papers of sickle cell disease expert 0 None
2012-02-14 Gaming and technology may help control weight and promote health in children 0 None
2012-02-14 Unstructured free play, recess need to be reinstated in schools 0 None
2012-02-14 Foreign Policy examines India's growing industry of fertility treatment 0 None
2012-02-14 Mich. Attorney General to sue administration on birth control rule 0 None
2012-02-14 Examining Romney's 'shift' on birth control mandate, other campaign news 0 None
2012-02-14 Ugandan government announces $3M plan to fight nodding disease 0 None
2012-02-14 WHO warns battle against leprosy not over in Western Pacific region 0 None
2012-02-14 Political cartoon: "Love, Mitch?" by John Cole, Scranton Times-Tribune 0 None
2012-02-14 Switching from calorie-laden beverages to water can help lose weight 0 None
2012-02-14 First Edition: February 14, 2012 0 None
2012-02-14 Tips to reduce car accident risk among teens 0 None
2012-02-14 Pakistan, Afghanistan form joint action plan against polio 0 None
2012-02-14 Administration brief defends Medicaid expansion 0 None
2012-02-14 E-cars in China could be more harmful to health than gasoline vehicles 0 None
2012-02-14 Tax increases, Medicare cuts expected in Obama budget 0 None
2012-02-14 Viewpoints: Rationing health care, Jindal and hospitals, Romney vs. past 0 None
2012-02-14 Shortage of primary care doctors raises concerns 0 None
2012-02-14 Two research studies receive HSR Impact Award from AcademyHealth 0 None
2012-02-14 Large NTD public-private partnership has greater potential than smaller efforts 0 None
2012-02-14 N.Y. Times poll finds majority of Americans say taxes will exceed benefits 0 None
2012-02-14 Hospitals: N.Y. Times finds aggressive debt collection despite charity care rules 0 None
2012-02-14 States' Medicaid spending on target; Feds deny further Fla. Medicaid privatization 0 None
2012-02-14 FDA requests a budget of $4.5 billion to protect and promote public health 0 None
2012-02-14 The U.S. debates the contraception rule 0 None
2012-02-14 President's budget adds to CMS for health law implementation, cuts Medicare/Medicaid 0 None
2012-02-14 FAU's new medical school closes application process for second round of admissions 0 None
2012-02-14 CSIS report examines polio eradication efforts in Nigeria 0 None
2012-02-14 Fair trade agreement between E.U., India could impede access to medicine for world's poor 0 None
2012-02-14 Insight into factors that affect Medicare decisions on CMS's coverage of medical technology 0 None
2012-02-14 UMDNJ-RWJMS, RWJUH among the first to offer TAVR procedure 0 None
2012-02-14 February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month 0 5
2012-02-14 WHI program improves depression-related work disruption 0 None
2012-02-14 Despite contraception compromise, Catholic bishops, Congressional Republicans vow to continue fight 0 None
2012-02-14 Norwegian government introduces legal limits for 20 illegal drugs and medicines 0 None
2012-02-14 Crop failures, returning migrants, weather patterns threatening to worsen malnutrition in Africa's Sahel, Horn regions 0 None
2012-02-13 Obama's budget demonstrates his strong commitment to end HIV 0 None
2012-02-13 State roundup: Health law implementation in Alaska, Calif., mental health funding challenges, Miami's heart attack network 0 None
2012-02-13 Forbes examines how mobile phones are improving access to care in developing world 0 None
2012-02-13 Lawmakers facing showdown on payroll tax, Medicare bill 0 None
2012-02-13 Premier healthcare alliance awards new agreements for feeding pumps, sets, tubes and devices 0 None
2012-02-13 Some Senate Democrats split from White House on contraception rule 0 None
2012-02-13 New contraceptive rule has precedents in federal, state law 0 None
2012-02-13 Elton John AIDS Foundation awards over $3.2 million in new grants 0 None
2012-02-13 Aid for water, sanitation programs must benefit the poor 0 None
2012-02-13 President's budget to call for Medicare, Medicaid cuts - but no major changes 0 None
2012-02-13 Permitting children to stay on parents' health insurance improves access to care 0 None
2012-02-13 Even in dramatic times of crisis it is possible to assure public health 0 None
2012-02-13 Birth control mandate is a rallying cry in presidential campaigns 0 None
2012-02-13 First Edition: February 13, 2012 0 None
2012-02-13 NYU Langone's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery publishes 2012 Quality and Outcomes Report 0 None
2012-02-13 Study examines sleep and its impact on health and education 0 None
2012-02-13 'The Elders' promote 'Girls Not Brides' initiative in India 0 None
2012-02-13 Coakley and Cuccinelli debate the health law 0 None
2012-02-13 Sexuality changes throughout life but US policy and research fail to keep up 0 None
2012-02-13 Health insurance exchanges stall in Kansas and Georgia 0 None
2012-02-13 Bishops, GOP candidates push back against Obama's contraception compromise 0 None
2012-02-13 ICN Food List for interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome patients 0 5
2012-02-13 Examining malaria data methodologies 0 None
2012-02-13 Health plans must provide consumer-friendly health plan summaries by this fall 0 None
2012-02-13 State roundup: Fraud crackdowns, searching for more doctors, immigrant health care 0 None
2012-02-13 Researchers complete systematic review of three major orthopaedic journals 0 None
2012-02-13 Catholics choosing sides in contraception battle as bishops lead fight again Obama administration 0 None
2012-02-13 RUMC sponsors Nutritional Medicine workshop 0 None
2012-02-13 Lew defends adminstration on contraception, McConnell calls for president to 'back down' 0 None
2012-02-13 SFU cell biologist to talk at AJAS conference on Feb. 16 0 None
2012-02-13 President's budget not expected to tackle entitlement costs 0 None
2012-02-13 Censorship of public health websites by Russian drug agency an 'assault' on HIV prevention 0 None
2012-02-13 WHO convening meeting in one week to explore opinions surrounding H5N1 bird flu research 1 None
2012-02-13 Health spending, insurance profits down 0 None
2012-02-13 Benin's government fighting malaria with free treatment, cadre of community health workers 0 None
2012-02-13 Obama administration signals contraception compromise 0 None
2012-02-13 Research roundup: Predicting the health law's effects on small business, uninsured, disparities 0 None
2012-02-13 Negotiations stalled on House-Senate package that would avert Medicare pay cuts for doctors 0 None
2012-02-13 Leavitt says exchanges are here to stay 0 None
2012-02-13 Grand Challenges Canada, Gates Foundation announce grants for innovative Global Health projects 0 None
2012-02-13 State legislatures face tough decisions on long-term care, abortion rules, pain prescriptions, coordinated care 0 None
2012-02-13 Obama readies compromise on birth control mandate 0 None
2012-02-13 Proposed intellectual property agreement between E.U., India could affect generic drug exports, advocacy groups say 0 None
2012-02-13 Donor fatigue, funding cutbacks could mean another 50 years of AIDS epidemic, UNAIDS deputy executive director says 0 None
2012-02-13 Viewpoints: Contraception as Obama's 'gospel'; The right balance? Freedom at risk?; Examining Medicaid mandate 0 None
2012-02-13 OptumHealth names Women & Infants as Center of Excellence for Neonatal Care 0 None
2012-02-13 USC Occupational Science Symposium to be held on March 9, 2012 0 None
2012-02-12 Examining Komen's history with Planned Parenthood; Rep. Blackburn wants expanded Planned Parenthood investigation 0 None
2012-02-10 Some high-profile Catholic Democrats are criticizing HHS rule 0 None
2012-02-10 Study reveals racial disparities in renal transplant access 0 None
2012-02-10 Two studies on shoulder instability in military population 0 None
2012-02-10 Medicaid changes eyed in Georgia, California and Connecticut 0 None
2012-02-10 Group seeks to reopen case over access to Plan B 0 None
2012-02-10 Shorter stay protocols for TKR patients may increase risk of mortality, readmission 0 None
2012-02-10 Web-based tool suite helps first responders rapidly coordinate resources during disasters 0 None
2012-02-10 Congressional Republicans vow to overturn contraception rule 0 None
2012-02-10 White House scrambles for compromise on birth control rule 0 None
2012-02-10 VCU program reduces cost and utilization of ED among uninsured population 0 None
2012-02-10 Survey finds doctors not always honest with patients 0 None
2012-02-10 Komen's Brinker apologizes for 'how we mishandled this situation' 0 None
2012-02-10 Democrats to unveil options to pay for 'doc fix,' other measures 0 None
2012-02-10 Genomics pioneer to present at ARVO 2012 meeting 0 None
2012-02-10 New program aims to reduce early elective deliveries 0 None
2012-02-10 Researchers call for collective effort to halt increases in drug-resistant gonorrhea 0 None
2012-02-10 Hospitals seek to consolidate in Ga., Wis. and N.Y.; Other state hospital news 0 None
2012-02-10 Quantifying the quality of health aid 0 None
2012-02-10 Water and sanitation sector must speak up to be included in NTD eradication efforts 0 None
2012-02-10 Malawi faces cholera outbreak after floods lead to declining sanitary conditions 0 None
2012-02-10 Viewpoints: Many weigh in on contraception controversy; NEJM on essential benefits 0 None
2012-02-10 Administration officials announce new initiatives to promote innovations in global development 0 None
2012-02-10 Romney remains target over health care credentials 0 None
2012-02-10 States' capabilities to share patient data vary greatly 0 None
2012-02-10 Health status of indigenous populations across Asia unknown, putting them at risk, experts say 0 None
2012-02-10 Study investigates concept of 'additionality' in domestic health spending amid foreign donations 0 None
2012-02-10 Former Omnicare employees claim to have been unlawfully underpaid 0 None
2012-02-10 Heart-healthy Valentine's Day meal tips 0 None
2012-02-10 Grand Challenges Canada announces 15 grants to support rising stars in global health 0 None
2012-02-10 Most disabled seniors rate their quality of life 'fair to very good' 0 None
2012-02-10 International Congress on Nursing Informatics to be held June 23-27 0 None
2012-02-10 Experts discuss benefits of combining deworming, school feeding programs at meeting with U.K. Parliament 0 None
2012-02-10 State roundup: Iowa ponders HPV awareness program; Md. workers will see pharmacy plan change; Mass. changes saving money for cities 0 None
2012-02-10 Farmers markets at medical centers may improve public health 0 None
2012-02-10 Study shows high cost of defensive orthopaedic care 0 None
2012-02-10 Longer looks: Former Komen VP's new 'bona fides'; Alzheimer's definition changing?; Palin on her special needs child 0 None
2012-02-09 Two new NCCN guidelines for patients with colon and prostrate cancer 0 None
2012-02-09 Insurers shift more costs to patients; Washington state insurance commissioner wants to consider surpluses in rate increases 0 None
2012-02-09 BGI and VIB's genomics meeting to take place on Feb. 15 0 None
2012-02-09 Congress struggles to tackle doc fix, payroll tax cut extension 0 None
2012-02-09 ACC: New community-wide collaboration to reduce impact of chronic diseases 0 None
2012-02-09 India's ownership over polio eradication program contributed to success 0 None
2012-02-09 Patients with GERD benefit from radiofrequency ablation 0 3
2012-02-09 More collaborative, flexible approach needed to combat NTDs 0 None
2012-02-09 On Santorum's big day, GOP candidates hit Romney on contraception rule 0 None
2012-02-09 Mozambique expected to pass bill legalizing abortion in March 0 None
2012-02-09 USAID-supported programs fighting TB, HIV in Brazil 0 None
2012-02-09 Two new cancer research laboratories at WEHI receive $2M ACRF funding 0 None
2012-02-09 Roundup: State legislatures consider nursing home, insurance exchange bills 0 None
2012-02-09 Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer to raise funding for personalized medicine 0 None
2012-02-09 Obama aides seek to calm storm over contraceptive rule 0 None
2012-02-09 Lymphatic Research and Biology focuses on lymphangiomatosis, Gorham's disease 0 None
2012-02-09 NewsOne examines HIV in Caribbean 0 None
2012-02-09 Rhinoplasty successfully retains African American patient's ethnic features 0 None
2012-02-09 Obama administration pledges $156 million for Alzheimer's research and care 0 None
2012-02-09 Discussion of SGR fix heats up 0 None
2012-02-09 Web-based follow-up after TJR may improve physician access for critical care 0 None
2012-02-09 Santorum attacks Romney, Obama on health care (video) 0 None
2012-02-09 Court says Medicare beneficiaries can't opt out if they receive Social Security 0 None
2012-02-09 After-school program can help young adolescents avoid alcohol 0 None
2012-02-09 Washington state's Medicaid program will no longer pay for unnecessary ER visits 0 None
2012-02-09 Examining debate over bird flu research 0 None
2012-02-09 Eye clinics in India use tiered pricing to provide affordable service to poorest patients 0 None
2012-02-09 Women in Haiti face widespread gender-based violence, sexual exploitation 2 years after earthquake 0 None
2012-02-09 Komen vice president resigns 0 None
2012-02-09 Viewpoints: Political furor on contraceptive policy; Confusing estimates of Medicare's costs 0 None
2012-02-09 UCLA cardiologist offers heart-healthy tips 0 None
2012-02-09 British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery launches new online resource 0 None
2012-02-09 Sanford-Burnham, Florida Hospital and Moffitt partner to develop PMP Florida 0 None
2012-02-09 India's proposed food security program will face infrastructure challenges, Farm Minister says 0 None
2012-02-09 DF/CHCC specialists recommend genetic counseling for children with Li-Fraumeni syndrome 0 None
2012-02-09 Few ways to stay on track on Valentine's Day 0 None
2012-02-09 CSIC develops web application to test visual intelligence of Facebook users 0 None
2012-02-09 Nearly 200 workers seek to improve staffing and patient care at Telecare La Casa 0 None
2012-02-09 Partnership aims to reduce cancer health disparities in Hispanics in Tampa, Ponce 0 None
2012-02-09 Breaks from sitting may help lower cancer risk 0 None
2012-02-09 Mary Ann Liebert to launch BioResearch Open Access in March 0 None
2012-02-09 New Spine iPad app to be unveiled at AAOS annual meeting 0 None
2012-02-09 ASTRO creates guideline on radiotherapeutic, surgical management for brain metastases 0 None
2012-02-08 Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals launches new magazine 0 None
2012-02-08 BioMimetic to launch new bone graft substitute product line at AAOS meeting 0 None
2012-02-08 White House budget trims Medicare with cuts focused on insurance company payments, hospitals 0 None
2012-02-08 More seamless exchange of information between EHRs and immunization registries needed 0 None
2012-02-08 State Department, USAID blog posts support elimination of FGM/C 0 None
2012-02-08 Ethical framework to guide coverage and reimbursement decisions for expensive orphan drugs 0 None
2012-02-08 Legal challenges likely next step as flap over birth control rule continues 0 None
2012-02-08 Al Jazeera examines unique polio eradication campaign in Pakistan 0 None
2012-02-08 Humana, HCA show brighter earnings picture though worries remain 0 None
2012-02-08 Obama administration rejects Calif. Medicaid co-pay proposal 0 None
2012-02-08 New survey highlights health insurance gaps faced by poor 0 None
2012-02-08 Some House Democrats press for 'essential benefits' to be federal decision 0 None
2012-02-08 World recognizes 9th annual International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM/C 0 None
2012-02-08 Debate continues over needle/syringe exchange programs 0 None
2012-02-08 Four options for resolving bird flu research debate 0 None
2012-02-08 Guardian blog interviews researcher regarding artemisinin synthesis discovery 0 None
2012-02-08 National Alzheimer's plan to include more research funding 0 None
2012-02-08 Research!America 2012 National Health Research Forum to be held on Mar. 14 0 None
2012-02-08 Question for cardiologists has far-reaching implications for health care costs 0 None
2012-02-08 Simple, innovative program can detect and prevent falls among seniors 0 None
2012-02-08 States busy implementing local, federal health reforms 0 None
2012-02-08 Communities with small, locally-owned businesses have healthier populations 0 None
2012-02-08 Texas begins enforcing strict abortion sonogram law 0 None
2012-02-08 Study examines impact of CPOE systems in five Mass. community hospitals 0 None
2012-02-08 World Economic Forum helps 'improve global cooperation' surrounding health issues 0 None
2012-02-08 Action needed to reach ambitious targets set forth in President's World AIDS Day speech 0 None
2012-02-08 Pointing to health care, contraception policies, Mitt Romney goes on offense against Obama 0 None
2012-02-08 President's budget plan to include Medicare and Medicaid spending cuts but no structural changes 0 None
2012-02-08 Opponents argue the health law 'went too far' 0 None
2012-02-08 Negotiations at impasse on efforts to prevent a scheduled cut to Medicare physician payments 0 None
2012-02-08 U.N. says Asia Pacific region making strides against HIV/AIDS, must address social and legal barriers to treatment, prevention 0 None
2012-02-08 Padded gloves and headgear can help protect young fighters 0 None
2012-02-08 Ten innovative public health demonstration projects to receive SAHM grants 0 5
2012-02-08 Southern Medical Journal now available for the iPad 0 None
2012-02-08 Tips to understand drug-related recall 0 None
2012-02-08 Changes in economy affect orthopedic trauma volume 0 None
2012-02-08 Parents more likely to blame and doubt child sex abuse victims 0 None
2012-02-08 World-renowned researcher to address NTDs at UH, Feb. 10 0 None
2012-02-08 Hitachi Aloka Medical releases F37 digital diagnostic ultrasound system 0 4
2012-02-08 Calling for greater protection of health care workers in conflict settings 0 None
2012-02-08 Comparing health problems can influence physical and emotional health 0 None
2012-02-08 Soft drink consumption associated with increased chance of asthma, COPD 0 None
2012-02-07 Viewpoints: GOP dragging heels on payroll tax, doc fix plan; Opinions still heated on contraception rule 0 None
2012-02-07 NQF endorses two surgical outcomes-based measures from ACS NSQIP 0 None
2012-02-07 State roundup: Mental health problems complicate immigrant detention hearings; Penn. hospital replacing nursing assistants with all RNs 0 None
2012-02-07 Proposed Australian e-health records system criticised 0 None
2012-02-07 NYU Langone experts to present at American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting 0 None
2012-02-07 Proactive test-and-treat case-detection strategy can combat malaria 0 None
2012-02-07 Ovid and LWW journals Technical Services team earns BenchmarkPortal certification 0 None
2012-02-07 State roundup: Legislatures, govs juggling costs and health programs 0 None
2012-02-07 TGen to host Pediatric Cancer Translational Genomics in Scottsdale 0 None
2012-02-07 U.N. supporting yellow fever vaccination campaigns in Cameroon, Ghana 0 None
2012-02-07 Closing the 'cancer divide' between developing and developed countries 0 None
2012-02-07 How 'observation care' status can drive up patients' hospital bills 0 None
2012-02-07 Viewpoints: Religious freedom and insurance coverage for contraception 0 None
2012-02-07 WHO disputes study's claims that global malaria deaths are double current estimates 0 None
2012-02-07 Supporting scientific evidence under PEPFAR to end AIDS 0 None
2012-02-07 Sugar poses significant health risks, should be regulated like alcohol, U.S. researchers say 0 None
2012-02-07 Komen Foundation works to regain balance in the wake of Planned Parenthood funding flap 0 None
2012-02-07 Mental health system changes readied in La., Iowa, Texas 0 None
2012-02-07 New scientific report finds many areas for improvement in online dating industry 0 None
2012-02-07 Dispute over malaria figures highlights lack of certainty in data in age of 'information overload' 0 None
2012-02-07 CIHR experts available to discuss various aspects of love and affection 0 None
2012-02-07 GOP candidates: Santorum backs 'discredited' stroke claim, he and Gingrich continue attacks on 'Romneycare' 0 None
2012-02-07 Five coping strategies can help people to overcome dental fear 0 None
2012-02-07 Minnesota medical board comes under scrutiny 0 None
2012-02-07 Economic transformation in Latin America an opportunity to improve NTD strategies, DNDi regional director says 0 None
2012-02-07 UCR's 23nd annual Science and Engineering Fair to be held Feb. 7-9 0 None
2012-02-07 First European CPGs for diagnosis and management of Wilson's disease 0 None
2012-02-07 Book focuses on Group Schema Therapy for BPD 0 None
2012-02-07 Fogarty Institute's Advanced Endovascular Training Fellowship to begin on July 1 0 None
2012-02-07 BPS Annual Meeting to be held Feb. 25 - 29 in San Diego 0 None
2012-02-07 New ACCP guidelines address DVT/PE risk factors for long-distance travel 0 3
2012-02-07 Wake Forest Baptist researchers create emergency general surgery registry 0 None
2012-02-07 AJRR selects Remedy Informatics to build national hip and knee replacement registry 0 None
2012-02-07 Tips to combat milder winter doldrums 0 3
2012-02-06 New report on state of health insurance in California 0 None
2012-02-06 CWRU/Cleveland Clinic consortium to focus on head, neck and spinal injuries 0 None
2012-02-06 Viewpoints: Komen's retreat; Romney's selected support of Medicare cuts; Heritage refuses blame for individual mandate 0 None
2012-02-06 Emergency time reduced by 4 hours could save 80 lives a year: Study 0 None
2012-02-06 Free, online community for oncology nurses 0 None
2012-02-06 Chances dim for live broadcast of health law arguments before the Supreme Court 0 None
2012-02-06 Panel discussion shows heated controversy over H5N1 research 0 None
2012-02-06 Support from supervisors can help employees recover from somatic symptoms 0 None
2012-02-06 Establishing clean water, sanitation in Liberia 0 None
2012-02-06 MedTech Media to launch online publication for small and medium sized physician group practices 0 None
2012-02-06 World Cancer Day highlights importance of detection, prevention 0 None
2012-02-06 Comprehensive program to help reduce health risks of narcotics drugs on injured workers 0 None
2012-02-06 Political cartoon: 'A New Direction?' 0 None
2012-02-06 Health Management to partner with five Oklahoma hospitals 0 None
2012-02-06 Dust-up continues over Obama administration's contraception rule 0 None
2012-02-06 Essential benefits, summaries among implementation issues in the news 0 None
2012-02-06 Doctor ratings increase in DrScore's 2011 Annual Report Card on Patient Satisfaction 0 None
2012-02-06 First Edition: February 6, 2012 0 None
2012-02-06 HEP, Verizon establish strategic relationship to encourage health IT innovation and adoption 0 None
2012-02-06 McMaster receives $30M gift to accelerate innovations in health research, education and care 0 None
2012-02-06 Business Group urges flu shot requirements for hospital workers 0 None
2012-02-06 U-M develops new system to reduce incidence of retained surgical instruments 0 None
2012-02-06 Have some for-profit hospices learned to work the Medicare system? 0 None
2012-02-06 HHS offers progress report on shrinking Medicare's doughnut hole 0 None
2012-02-06 USCCB responds to Feb. 2 post on the White House blog 0 None
2012-02-06 As administration explains birth control rule, GOP leaders join in criticism 0 None
2012-02-06 Online dating surpasses all forms of matchmaking in the U.S. 0 None
2012-02-06 Hospitals pay more for devices, according to government study 0 None
2012-02-06 Sharp rise in incidence of children hospitalizations due to physical abuse 0 None
2012-02-06 Questions emerge about whether war savings can pay for 'doc fix' 0 None
2012-02-06 Komen denies cut in Planned Parenthood funding was political 0 None
2012-02-06 Objet 3D Printer helps develop digital workflow for fabrication of dental implant models 0 None
2012-02-06 At local level, Komen affiliates express concern about decision 0 None
2012-02-06 State developments: Florida hospitals dodge budget bullet 0 None
2012-02-06 Early parenting intervention holds promise for childhood obesity prevention 0 None
2012-02-06 Research roundup: Safety-net hospitals stack up well against others 0 None
2012-02-06 AOPO supports and facilitates living organ and tissue donation 0 None
2012-02-06 Medicaid news: Kansas insurer says 'no' to Medicaid 0 None
2012-02-06 States, localities seek ways to trim health care costs for employees, retirees 0 None
2012-02-06 Tennessee Gov. declares February as 'St. Jude Month' 0 None
2012-02-06 Medicare, deficits and the politics of 2012 0 None
2012-02-05 Viewpoints: Komen takes a lashing; Is the safety net really intact?; Romney assails HHS' rule on contraception 0 None
2012-02-05 Komen Foundation seeks to restore public support after ending cuts to Planned Parenthood 0 None
2012-02-04 Weight loss program for African-American women in a church may become more successful 0 None
2012-02-04 Analysis looks at cost effectiveness of simultaneously confronting several diseases 0 None
2012-02-04 Global malaria deaths twice as high as previously estimated, IHME study suggests 0 None
2012-02-04 Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer to kick off sophomore campaign on Feb. 7 0 None
2012-02-04 WHO finds very high levels of drug-resistant TB in Russia, Moldova 0 None
2012-02-04 UCLA professor receives ASA's Feinberg Award for clinical stroke research 0 None
2012-02-04 Results of CMIO Compensation Survey 2012 0 None
2012-02-04 Sudan categorically rejects allegations of civilian attacks by SAF 0 None
2012-02-04 Go Bananas earns Brambleton recognition for their commitment to community service 0 None
2012-02-04 DRC facing decline in donor funding, HIV treatment shortage 0 None
2012-02-04 AARP applauds AZ Department of Insurance for rate reviews of health plans 0 None
2012-02-04 Republican win in 2012 election could spell end of international family planning programs 0 None
2012-02-04 Al Jazeera speaks with experts about new NTD initiative 0 None
2012-02-04 Smoking cessation reduces coughing, other respiratory symptoms within weeks 0 None
2012-02-04 Kenyan AIDS official says country has sufficient funding to support programs through 2016 0 None
2012-02-04 UTMB's international vaccine symposium to be held Feb. 7-9 0 None
2012-02-04 Starkey delivers gift to 235 hearing impaired children and adults from Indianapolis 0 None
2012-02-04 Tips on how not to get sidelined on Super Bowl Monday 0 None
2012-02-04 Susan G. Komen reverses decision on Planned Parenthood funding 0 None
2012-02-04 PerkinElmer to showcase new drug discovery technologies at SLAS conference 0 None
2012-02-04 Major healthcare provider systems join doxo 0 None
2012-02-04 AFER congratulates the first Genentech AMD Fellowship recipients 0 None
2012-02-04 'Humanosphere' blog examines roles of former President Carter, researcher Foege in fighting NTDs 0 None
2012-02-04 AACN launches Critical Care Pharmacology 0 None
2012-02-04 Simple lifestyle changes can reduce your cancer risk: Dana-Farber expert 0 None
2012-02-04 UCSD Moores Cancer Center offers NovoTTF procedure for patients with GBM 0 None
2012-02-03 Majority of geriatric patients in German rehabilitation hospital have vitamin D deficiency 0 None
2012-02-03 Setting the scene for the Supreme Court’s consideration of the health law 0 None
2012-02-03 Doctors, NPs often issue orders to HIV patients to maintain adherence- Problem solving rare 0 None
2012-02-03 With clock ticking, negotiators seek ways to pay for payroll tax, 'doc fix' 0 None
2012-02-03 MD Anderson study defines value in health care 0 None
2012-02-03 Knowledge, resources exist to reach maternal, child mortality MDGs in Africa with unified efforts 0 None
2012-02-03 Ensure future for Global Fund or 'forfeit' chance at 'AIDS-free generation' 0 None
2012-02-03 Longer looks: Enhanced scrutiny of IVF clinics; School-based health care 0 None
2012-02-03 One part of HIV/AIDS series examines Germany's government policies surrounding epidemic 0 None
2012-02-03 Health policy positions offered by Romney, Santorum and Paul draw attention 0 None
2012-02-03 Pediatricians lead statewide effort to raise awareness about childhood vaccination 0 None
2012-02-03 India has worst child mortality gender differential worldwide, new U.N. data show 0 None
2012-02-03 Study identifies limitations in rating of society's costs of drug-related morbidity 0 None
2012-02-03 House votes to repeal CLASS Act — A part of the 2010 health law 0 None
2012-02-03 Mexico sees spike in swine flu after two years of low transmission 0 None
2012-02-03 NCDB: Five-year survival rates higher among cancer patients treated in SCCA 0 None
2012-02-03 Marin Magazine names Sutter Health physicians among [415] Top Doctors 2012 0 None
2012-02-03 Presentation highlights contributions of FBOs to global health 0 None
2012-02-03 AHF calls for top to bottom shake-up of management at FDA 0 None
2012-02-03 Opinion pieces discuss bird flu research controversy 0 None
2012-02-03 QR-code real-time care experience feedback technology wins 2012 REACH Developer Challenge 0 None
2012-02-03 The health law implementation challenges states face 0 None
2012-02-03 Viewpoints: Censoring flu research; Assailing Komen's move to cut Planned Parenthood funding 0 None
2012-02-03 CNA/NNU announce support for Millionaires Tax of 2012 initiative 0 None
2012-02-03 Medicaid managed care takes hold in Louisiana; Florida report notes problems in longer waits for long-term care help 0 None
2012-02-03 Media outlets examine Global Fund's future as it enters second decade 0 None
2012-02-03 Uproar follows Komen-Planned Parenthood rift 0 None
2012-02-03 PLoS editorial examines inequities in global disease burden 0 None
2012-02-03 CSIS report examines changing role of private sector in global health 0 None
2012-02-03 Employing freedom-restraining measures correctly can prevent fatal consequences 0 None
2012-02-03 Fallout continues over Obama administration birth-control coverage rule 0 None
2012-02-03 VA purchase of $1.2 billion in pharmaceutics termed a 'team failure' 0 None
2012-02-03 GE Healthcare introduces configurable patient portal, Centricity Patient Online 13 0 5
2012-02-03 Capitol Hill briefing examines PEPFAR work 0 None
2012-02-03 Home-based dialysis treatments appear to decline in developed countries 0 None
2012-02-03 Cedars-Sinai experts to present research updates at International Stroke Conference 0 None
2012-02-03 State roundup: Iowa Senate provides $5M for mental health; UMass health to cut 6% of workforce; Judge considers making Wash. pharmacies sell Plan B 0 None
2012-02-03 Insurance news: Sen. Feinstein supports state review of rate increases; Anthem plans in Colo. and Conn. to pay extra for coordinated care 0 None
2012-02-03 CSIS report examines protection of health care in armed, civil conflict 0 None
2012-02-03 Aging America creates demand for health professionals, strategies to meet it emerge 0 None
2012-02-03 Websites advertising statins for sale contain poor levels of safety information 0 None
2012-02-03 HHS essential benefits 'bulletin' draws tide of comments 0 None
2012-02-03 Medicare Advantage enrollment climbs, premiums fall 0 None
2012-02-02 Hinchingbrooke Hospital privatization – a first in UK healthcare 1 None
2012-02-02 Mass. bill would mandate docs to check database before prescribing pain meds 0 None
2012-02-02 Pilot program in Tanzania to improve TB detection shows promise, IRIN reports 0 None
2012-02-02 Islamist rebel group bans ICRC from southern areas of Somalia under its control 0 None
2012-02-02 Medical device industry, FDA reach agreement in principle on user fee program 0 None
2012-02-02 Patients' financial health put at risk by costs of some medical treatments 0 None
2012-02-02 ACIP recommends changes in 2012 Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule 0 None
2012-02-02 Komen Breast Cancer Foundation cuts grants, ties to Planned Parenthood 0 None
2012-02-02 Tertiary-care hospital implements CPOE system to reduce inappropriate use of medical imaging 0 None
2012-02-02 Religious protests continue in response to Obama administration birth control rule 0 None
2012-02-02 Complex PCI: Left Main and CTO Summit to be held Feb. 23-25 0 None
2012-02-02 South African government officials recall defective condoms 0 None
2012-02-02 HHS: Medicare Advantage trends -- enrollment up, premiums down 0 None
2012-02-02 Study shows increase in musculoskeletal ultrasound utilization among podiatrists 0 None
2012-02-02 CBO: Federal health spending to double over the next decade 0 None
2012-02-02 Rethinking government approach to GHI 0 None
2012-02-02 GSK CEO speaks about new NTD public-private partnership 0 None
2012-02-02 Nursing homes, hospitals warn against reimbursement cuts 0 None
2012-02-02 Collapse of Global Fund would stall global health efforts 0 None
2012-02-02 NHLBI's The Heart Truth to showcase Red Dress Collection 2012 on Feb. 8 0 None
2012-02-02 National Science Advisory Board explains decision to censor bird flu research 0 None
2012-02-02 Sugar should be controlled to protect public health: UCSF 0 1.5
2012-02-02 State roundup: Mass. lawmakers fight Medicare charges 0 None
2012-02-02 Oxford Nanopore CTO to present at AGBT conference in Florida 0 None
2012-02-02 Study: Safety net ERs not at disadvantage in 'pay-for-performance' programs 0 None
2012-02-02 Medtronic initiates enrollment in IMPROVE HF Bridge Study 0 None
2012-02-02 Viewpoints: Debt estimates and Medicare plans; Sen. McConnell on fate of health law 0 None
2012-02-02 Study shows stalled growth in extended-wear lens prescribing 0 None
2012-02-02 House to vote today to wipe CLASS Act off the books 0 None
2012-02-02 Medicaid: Wis. program facing $141 million shortfall 0 None
2012-02-02 Poor quality vaccination campaigns, lack of government commitment helping polio spread in Chad 0 None
2012-02-02 Pros and cons of routine school BMI screening 0 None
2012-02-02 The Methodist Hospital now offers advanced rehabilitation system for treatment of foot drop 0 None
2012-02-02 UPMC Health Plan launches Individual Advantage 0 None
2012-02-02 Video series explores science behind the fastest game on ice 0 None
2012-02-02 NYU School of Medicine creates new department that focuses on population health 0 None
2012-02-02 OUP to publish Japan's pre-eminent title in radiation science 0 None
2012-02-02 Frontal NIRS can help physicians monitor hospitalized stroke patients 0 None
2012-02-02 Cancer Genomics now available online 0 None
2012-02-02 Annual Depression on College Campuses Conference to be held March 7-8 0 None
2012-02-02 Tips to avoid infections during Valentine's Day 0 None
2012-02-02 Romney claims Florida primary win 0 None
2012-02-01 Effort to address void in worldwide medical education 0 None
2012-02-01 All players involved with Global Fund must take responsibility for 'past failures,' future support 0 None
2012-02-01 No significant difference between safety-net, non-safety-net hospitals in emergency patient's length of stay 0 None
2012-02-01 Minn. lawmakers set to resume health insurance exchange fight 0 None
2012-02-01 ED length of stay may not penalize safety-net institutions 0 None
2012-02-01 Health costs, failure to enact reforms could lead to ratings downgrades 0 None
2012-02-01 GOP presidential hopefuls make final pitches to Florida primary voters 0 None
2012-02-01 Experimental application to track patients' care experiences in real time wins REACH Developer Challenge 0 None
2012-02-01 Canadian Government announces investment in personalized medicine 0 None
2012-02-01 New general manager's banking background beneficial at Global Fund 0 None
2012-02-01 Coroners more likely to hold inquests for childhood deaths from complications of medical care 0 None
2012-02-01 UCSD's upcoming Patient Safety Conference to be held on Feb. 16 0 None
2012-02-01 Lawmakers in Conn., Calif. ready public option, single-payer bills 0 None
2012-02-01 U.N. provides $9.1M to WHO, UNICEF to help fight cholera in DRC 0 None
2012-02-01 Opinion pieces, blog react to new public-private NTD initiative 0 None
2012-02-01 Opinion pieces recognize Global Fund anniversary 0 None
2012-02-01 Reference book on methods and approaches in injury research 0 None
2012-02-01 Nursing homes hope to 'fend off' deep Medicare cuts with new approach 0 None
2012-02-01 ASM to publish special commentaries on NSABB and H5N1 research 0 None
2012-02-01 New Dartmouth Atlas projects to focus on Medicaid, commercial insurance 0 None
2012-02-01 Health and wellness leader launches weight loss movement 0 None
2012-02-01 State roundup: Iowa reconsiders lawmakers' benefits 0 None
2012-02-01 RMC first in N.J. to offer TESSYS minimally invasive surgery for patients with herniated discs 0 None
2012-02-01 The challenge of crafting public health messages to combat childhood obesity 0 None
2012-02-01 Media outlets continue to publish expert opinion regarding H5N1 bird flu research 0 None
2012-02-01 Protesting Kenyans call for emergency donor conference to raise $2B for Global Fund 0 None
2012-02-01 The health care sector and jobs creation 0 None
2012-02-01 HHS contraception rule continues to stir controversy 0 None
2012-02-01 S&P warns some G20 nations face downgrade unless reforms to stem rising health care costs enacted 0 None
2012-02-01 Early retirement due to back problems reduces long-term financial capacity 0 None
2012-02-01 Democrats anxiously await new GOP budget plan 0 None
2012-02-01 Medicaid: Judge halts Calif. cuts 0 None
2012-02-01 Hand hygiene, surgical masks can cut spread of flu-like illnesses upto 75% 0 None
2012-02-01 Study identifies norovirus as major cause of all infection outbreaks in U.S. hospitals 0 None
2012-02-01 Rensselaer professor wins CAREER Award from NSF 0 None
2012-02-01 New UNC clinic to address individuals with Angelman Syndrome 0 None
2012-02-01 Policy & Politics textbook receives high honors and reviews 0 None
2012-02-01 iRobot announces $6M investment and expanded partnership with InTouch Health 0 None
2012-02-01 Most young people do not receive emergency mental health assessment after deliberate self-harm 0 None
2012-02-01 Roundtable discusses importance and potential benefits of palliative care in the ICU 0 None


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