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2012-12-20 Sperm viability assessment: an interview with Caroline Feltham from Linkam Scientific Instruments 1 None
2012-12-12 Exoskeleton technology: an interview with Larry Jasinski, CEO, ARGO Medical Technologies 1 4
2012-12-10 Cervical disc replacement: an interview with Joe Ross, VP of U.S. Marketing at LDR 0 None
2012-12-06 Nanoparticles and cancer treatment: an interview with John Stroh, CEO of Nanospectra Biosciences 0 None
2012-11-29 Fertility treatment auto-injector: an interview with Lai Chiu Tang, Senior Industrial Designer at Cambridge Consultants 0 5
2012-11-27 Liver disease therapies: an interview with Eric Halioua, CEO of Promethera Biosciences 0 None
2012-11-23 Lymphopenia driven diseases and the orphan drug industry: an interview with Damian Marron, CEO of Cytheris 0 None
2012-11-06 Fracture bracing systems: an interview with Steve Ingel, President for the Bracing & Supports Division of DJO Global 0 4.7
2012-10-29 Blood banks: an interview with Celia Tombalakian, Worldwide Group Director, Immunohematology at Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. (OCD) 0 4.9
2012-10-25 Biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing offering: an interview with Peter Gariepy, VP of Operations, Olympus Biotech 0 None
2012-10-23 Sickle cell disease treatments: An interview with Dr Niihara, CEO of Emmaus Medical 0 4
2012-10-10 Non-surgical orthopedic medical devices: an interview with Brian Moore, Director of Sales and Product Marketing from DJO global 0 None
2012-09-25 Chronic respiratory disease treatments: an interview with Dr Sven Jan-Anders Karlsson, CEO of Verona Pharma 0 4.7
2012-09-19 Bionic legs: an interview with Rob Cripe, SVP of Marketing from Tibion 0 None
2012-09-18 Fall prediction and prevention technology: an interview with Rob Goudswaard and Heribert Baldus from Philips 1 5
2012-09-14 Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation: an interview with Dr Leon Ekchian, President and CEO of NeuroSigma 3 4.5
2012-09-05 Eco-friendly blood glucose monitor: an interview with Gemma Evans from Cambridge Consultants 0 None
2012-09-03 Diabetes prevention: an interview with Julian Baines, CEO of EKF Diagnostics 0 None
2012-08-30 Bradykinesia in Parkinson’s disease: an interview with Dr. Joseph Giuffrida, President of Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies 1 3
2012-08-29 Sleep disorder treatment: an interview with Dr Seth Lederman, President and CEO of Tonix Pharmaceuticals 0 4.5
2012-08-21 MitoTarget Project and neurodegenerative diseases: an interview with Rebecca Pruss, Ph.D., CSO of Trophos 0 4
2012-08-20 Cervical cancer screening: an interview with Alastair Atkinson, CEO of DySIS Medical Ltd 0 4
2012-08-07 Creating new non-influenza vaccines: an interview with Julie Phillips, CEO of BioDiem 0 None
2012-08-06 Medical devices for diabetic peripheral neuropathy: an interview with Dr. Shai Gozani, CEO of NeuroMetrix 0 None
2012-08-01 Biomimetic bioartificial livers and cell toxicity assays: an interview with Dr. Joris Braspenning, CEO Medicyte 0 None
2012-07-26 Insomnia: an interview with Dr Darryle Schoepp 0 None
2012-07-20 Treating complex spinal pathologies: an interview with Eric Major 0 3
2012-07-09 Stroke Telemedicine: An interview with Séamus Watson 0 5
2012-06-29 HIV therapy: Interview with Joël Crouzet, CEO of InnaVirVax 0 None
2012-06-15 Interview with Dr Moazzaz on advances in robotic spine surgery 0 2.8


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