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2004-08-31 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart may have suffered from Tourette's Syndrome 0 4.5
2004-08-30 Mental distress increases risk of heart disease in diabetics 0 None
2004-08-30 Surgery for angina in the elderly provides long-term mortality 0 None
2004-08-30 Diabetes mellitus in acute coronary syndromes – worse for women 0 None
2004-08-29 New guidelines today to diagnose and treat acromegaly 0 None
2004-08-29 No benefit from early PCI/CABG in high risk unstable angina patients 0 5
2004-08-29 Atrial fibrillation patients often receive needless treatment 0 None
2004-08-27 Stress won't cause stomach ulcers, but it can make them worse 0 5
2004-08-26 Botox may help improve movement in children suffering from cerebral palsy 0 None
2004-08-24 Facilities for stroke patients should match those of heart patients 0 None
2004-08-23 Striking increase in high blood pressure in the U.S. 0 None
2004-08-23 Researchers have discovered that many people with Bardet-Biedl syndrome can't detect odors 0 None
2004-08-23 Diarrhea the leading cause of death among the developing world's children 0 1.5
2004-08-23 Cholesterol guidelines advise more intensive treatment 0 None
2004-08-17 Critical shortage of support services for parents raising children with autism 0 None
2004-08-17 Agreement on terminology for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders 0 None
2004-08-16 Nasal cream effective in reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis 0 5
2004-08-16 Scientists have uncovered the identity of the last of eight genes known to contribute to Bardet-Biedl syndrome 0 None
2004-08-12 Osteoarthritis twice as likely if parents suffer the condition 0 None
2004-08-12 Investigating how young adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder process sound 0 None
2004-08-12 Nutritionists are attacking Tennessee's obesity problem 0 None
2004-08-11 Significant differences between men and women when it comes to identifying the cause of back pain 0 None
2004-08-11 American Indians and Alaska Natives are 2.3 times as likely to have diabetes as non-Hispanic whites of similar age 0 None
2004-08-11 Important for physicians to identify patients at risk for hyperkalemia and implement corresponding measures when using ACE inhibitors 0 5
2004-08-09 New direction for research into Sly Syndrome 0 None
2004-08-09 Clinical trial of lipase inhibitor for the treatment of obesity 0 None
2004-08-09 World's first audio collection of examples of stammered speech 0 None
2004-08-06 Novel treatment of patients with high cholesterol focus of national meeting 0 None
2004-08-06 To prevent heart attack, stroke, amputation, and death, National “PAD Coalition” is formed 0 None
2004-08-05 New initiative aimed at reducing the excessively high rates of stroke 0 None
2004-08-05 Rheumatoid arthritis and early indicators of disease 0 5
2004-08-03 Water from the Dead Sea, the climate of Jordan and a special cream can significantly help sufferers of vitiligo 0 4.8
2004-08-03 Half of the complications and deaths due to in-hospital DVT can be prevented with once daily dalteparin 0 None
2004-08-03 New gene therapy treatment involves injecting Herpes simplex virus into the brain tumours of Glioma patients 0 None
2004-08-03 Scripps Encinitas Program helps brain-injury patients regain living skills 0 None
2004-08-03 Estimated 30.8 million American adults meet standard diagnostic criteria for at least one personality disorder 0 None
2004-08-02 New alternative offered by physicians to help patients who suffer from heartburn 0 None
2004-08-02 Joint inflammation 0 None


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