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RSSArchived Medical Condition News Stories - October 2009

Date Title Comments Rating
2009-10-31 Hospitals and medical centers partner to share quality data to improve breast cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-31 Congressman Mike Thompson lauded for endorsing the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act 0 None
2009-10-31 Amgen publishes Phase 3 study results of Aranesp 0 None
2009-10-31 Molecular imaging pinpoints inflammation in the brains of schizophrenics and migraine sufferers 0 5
2009-10-31 Dialysis patients at increased risk of infections during travel: Study 0 None
2009-10-31 New report on the global addiction pharmacotherapeutic market 0 None
2009-10-31 Shire announces Phase IIIb study results of Daytrana 0 None
2009-10-31 Race of kidney donors may affect the survival rates of transplant recipients 1 None
2009-10-31 Conference to address the need for gender specific diagnostic strategies for women 0 None
2009-10-31 John Simpson named the 2009 Distinguished Alumnus for his invention 0 None
2009-10-31 Schering-Plough receives FDA complete response letter regarding PEGINTRON 0 None
2009-10-31 Stress-evoked changes can precipitate low mood and re-ignite drug-seeking behaviors 0 None
2009-10-31 Meeting to understand gastrointestinal problems in children with ASDs to be held 0 None
2009-10-31 Johns Hopkins researchers find life in blood-starved retinas; shed light on vision loss 0 None
2009-10-31 GE Healthcare to showcase its sophisticated imaging systems for oncology at the ASTRO meeting 0 None
2009-10-31 Quintiles and Eisai partner to develop potential oncology products 0 3
2009-10-31 CeloNova BioSciences submits a request for approval of its new Embozene Microsphere 0 1
2009-10-31 New diagnostic test for detecting colorectal cancer 0 4
2009-10-31 Novo Nordisk re-launches its changing possibilities in hemophilia campaign 0 None
2009-10-31 Immunotherapy, a new therapeutic area to destroy tumor cells 0 None
2009-10-31 Study: Gene therapy can reduce symptoms of Huntington's disease 0 None
2009-10-31 Accuray to focus on its CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System at the ASTRO meeting 0 None
2009-10-31 Innovative optical system to study the complex mechanisms that lead to sudden cardiac arrest developed 0 None
2009-10-31 Geron plans to advance clinical program for spinal cord injury 0 5
2009-10-31 New teleneurology medicine program to provide 24-hour emergency services launched 0 None
2009-10-31 Genetic susceptibility study for Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma awarded $7.9M grant 2 None
2009-10-31 NYBC and its divisions call upon the community to join the fight against cancer by donating blood 0 None
2009-10-31 BHGI's approach to cancer treatment guidelines for low- and moderate-income countries 0 None
2009-10-31 FDA approves an expanded indication for BYETTA injection 0 None
2009-10-31 Data from multiple clinical and preclinical studies evaluating Hematide announced 0 None
2009-10-30 Solasia Pharma completes Phase I clinical trial for Sancuso extended release transdermal granisetron patch 0 None
2009-10-30 Hyperthermia therapy delivered through BSD Medical's system improves survival rate for bladder cancer patients 0 None
2009-10-30 NIH awards Charles Drew University $9.8M to reduce cancer health disparities in underserved populations 0 None
2009-10-30 Bayer HealthCare's Phase II study results of imaging agent florbetaben 0 None
2009-10-30 Cosmetic pesticides cause cancer, CCSBCY calls for government action 0 None
2009-10-30 VIA Pharmaceuticals to discuss its cardio-metabolic product portfolio at the Target 2009 conference 0 None
2009-10-30 Annual dilated eye exam helps prevent vision loss in people with diabetes 0 None
2009-10-30 Cancer patients in northern Portugal to gain access to advanced cancer treatments 0 None
2009-10-30 Tips for reducing neck and back injuries 0 None
2009-10-30 Sunesis Pharmaceuticals enrolls 113 patients in voreloxin REVEAL-1 trial 0 None
2009-10-30 New social networking site for breast cancer survivors 0 None
2009-10-30 Updated results from Oncolytics Biotech's Phase II study of REOLYSIN presented at CTOS meeting 0 None
2009-10-30 Siemens Hearing Instruments introduces new hearing solutions at the ADA 2009 Convention 0 None
2009-10-30 ASTRO to host news briefings on top cancer research papers 0 None
2009-10-30 Participation in clinical trials may offer better prognosis for patients with chronic heart failure 0 None
2009-10-30 Young medical school graduates more likely to recommend kidney transplantation for CKD patients 0 None
2009-10-30 GPC establishes grants to expand knowledge about probiotics 0 None
2009-10-30 Genetists identify gene signature expressed in skin associated with the occurrence of lung disease 0 None
2009-10-30 Isotechnika Pharma develops portfolio of NICAMs with potent cyclophilin inhibition 0 None
2009-10-30 Clinical data on the validation set 'Alzheimer patients versus healthy controls' for AclarusDx presented 0 None
2009-10-30 Current measurement of diabetes care quality is complex and cumbersome, says NCDP 0 5
2009-10-30 Shire's ADHD treatment data to be presented at the Honolulu psychiatric meeting 0 None
2009-10-30 Studies demonstrate that investigational cancer vaccines show encouraging immune response rates 0 5
2009-10-30 Smartphones for diabetic patients 0 None
2009-10-30 NeuroVigil and Roche collaborate to speed up drug development for CNS disorders 0 None
2009-10-30 La Jolla Institute dedicates new Elam Discovery Wall and Type 1 Diabetes Center 0 None
2009-10-30 UCSF scientists receive grants to advance stem cell based strategies for diabetes and brain tumors 0 None
2009-10-30 New study reviews science behind the efficacy of biofield therapies on pain management 0 None
2009-10-30 Pre-dialysis recipients with high kidney function do not benefit from kidney transplants 0 None
2009-10-30 Winners of 4th annual Katz Prizes in Cardiovascular Research announced 0 None
2009-10-30 Case Western Reserve awarded $14.7M to lead study on effects of lowering systolic blood pressure 0 None
2009-10-30 Women face higher risk of graft loss after liver transplantation compared to men 0 None
2009-10-30 University of Virginia Cancer Center commences patient treatment with the TomoDirect delivery mode 0 5
2009-10-30 Official European guidelines for management and treatment of hypertension 0 None
2009-10-30 New hope for chronic pain sufferers 0 None
2009-10-30 Combination of psychiatric medication and depression linked to preterm delivery 0 None
2009-10-30 Nonin Medical receives Medical Technology Award for Onyx II, Model 9560 0 None
2009-10-30 Comparative study of chronic wound treatment completed 0 None
2009-10-30 Researchers report preclinical results of a novel PET biomarker designed to detect malignant breast tumors 0 None
2009-10-30 Study: HSP inhibitor could stop tumor formation and extend survival 0 None
2009-10-30 Research project to improve early diagnosis and treatment of mild traumatic brain injuries 0 None
2009-10-30 Dr. Heather Greene to receive 2009 C.A.R.E. Pharmacy Award 0 None
2009-10-30 NCDP to help bring dramatic improvement in the prevention and care of diabetes 0 3
2009-10-30 Healthy eating tips for diabetics 0 None
2009-10-30 Researchers use BEZ235 drug to eliminate NSCL cancer 0 None
2009-10-30 Online resource to illustrate genetic networks in common autoimmune diseases published 0 None
2009-10-30 Thrombolytic therapy can reduce stroke disability if given within the first few hours 0 5
2009-10-30 Diabetes may damage nerves in the skin leading to dry skin, say experts 0 1
2009-10-30 Study shows how differing Asian cultures and attitudes impact cancer screening rates 0 None
2009-10-30 Anabolic steroids may cause severe kidney dysfunction 0 None
2009-10-30 Dynavax Technologies announces first clinical data for HEPLISAV investigational hepatitis B vaccine 0 None
2009-10-30 Researchers show Simvastatin prevents Parkinson's disease from progressing further 0 None
2009-10-30 Increased fructose intake is associated with elevated blood pressure 0 5
2009-10-30 NIH launches randomized trail to determine whether lower BP goal cuts the risk of heart and kidney diseases 0 None
2009-10-30 Aerobics and resistance training exercise prevent visceral fat gain 0 None
2009-10-30 Celera to use Medical Therapies' midkine patent portfolio for development of novel lung cancer diagnostics 0 None
2009-10-30 Vitamin D deficiency may account for increased risk of end-stage renal disease in African Americans 0 None
2009-10-29 USC to develop stem cell-based treatment for age-related macular degeneration with CIRM grant 0 5
2009-10-29 CIRM awards Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute $5.5 million grant for development of cardiac stem cell therapies 0 None
2009-10-29 Positive results from Celldex Therapeutics' Phase 1 studies of CDX-1307 cancer vaccine candidate 0 None
2009-10-29 CCS updates the Canadian guidelines for the management and treatment of dyslipidemia 0 None
2009-10-29 World’s first Cesium-131 lung implants performed 0 5
2009-10-29 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals announces participation in a $2.4M cardiovascular disease research grant 0 5
2009-10-29 Amorfix Life Sciences achieves 100% specificity in using EP-vCJD Blood Screening Assay 0 None
2009-10-29 Positive results from Genta's Phase 3 trial of Genasense 0 2.3
2009-10-29 Protox Therapeutics to present Phase 2 study data of PRX302 for benign prostatic hyperplasia 0 None
2009-10-29 Seminar on multiple myeloma 0 None
2009-10-29 Publix Supermarkets to sell HeartSavior and LipidShield Plus 0 None
2009-10-29 Grassroots Health and the University of Toronto School of Medicine to host a Vitamin D symposium 0 None
2009-10-29 Non-surgical alternative treatment for moderate to advanced gum disease announced 1 2.5
2009-10-29 Fondation Jacques-F. Gougoux donates over $57,000 to the Quebec Division of the Multiple Sclerosis Society 0 None
2009-10-29 Raise awareness about psoriasis: National Psoriasis Foundation's call to psoriasis affected Americans 0 None
2009-10-29 CytRx study reveals potential of molecular chaperones in design of anti-aging pharmaceuticals 0 None
2009-10-29 PFNC presents Wake Forest psychiatrist the Eugene A. Hargrove, M.D., Award 1 None
2009-10-29 Effects of head injuries on players in the NFL: House Judiciary Committee's call to experts 0 None
2009-10-29 Highlights of new cancer research to be presented at 51st ASTRO Annual Meeting 0 None
2009-10-29 Long-term effects of statin therapy could lead to transient or permanent cognitive impairment 0 5
2009-10-29 National study to prevent strokes in children and adolescents with sickle cell anemia 0 None
2009-10-29 CHS, BPC and CHEP integrated into one hypertension entity 0 None
2009-10-29 CTE cases are misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease, says CSTE researchers 0 None
2009-10-29 CIRM awards Salk Institute $10.8M grant to develop stem-cell based therapy for Lou Gehrig's Disease 0 None
2009-10-29 FDA Anesthesiology and Respiratory Therapy Devices Panel recommends approval for Asthmatx' Alair System 0 None
2009-10-29 Study: Short-term use of COX-2 inhibitors may help prevent gastric cancer 0 None
2009-10-29 Treatment of angina patients with ivabradine reduces risk of cardiovascular death 0 None
2009-10-29 USC researchers receive grant to develop stem cell-based treatment for age-related macular degeneration 0 None
2009-10-29 Recipients of the second round of funding under CLL/SLL Research Initiative announced by LRF 0 None
2009-10-29 New study demonstrates that stem cell therapy may help prevent acute lung injury 0 None
2009-10-29 Steroid-induced osteoporosis can now be treated with Teriparatide 0 None
2009-10-29 Cognitive scores deteriorate with age: Study 1 5
2009-10-29 Proper diet and exercise reduce risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2009-10-29 Tele-stroke network launched by Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center 0 None
2009-10-29 Transient ischemic attacks are treatable and preventable 0 5
2009-10-29 Aerobic exercise not only prevents weight gain, but also inhibits regain of harmful visceral fat 0 None
2009-10-29 Avon Foundation for Women awards grant to improve reconstructive breast surgery 0 None
2009-10-29 No scientific proof that patients with Alzheimer's disease benefit from drugs containing the agent memantine 0 None
2009-10-29 TNF therapy does not raise cancer risk in RA patients; overall cancer risk comparable to those not taking immunosuppressive drugs 0 None
2009-10-29 Biomoda to launch multisite Phase III clinical trials of CyPath assay 0 None
2009-10-29 Berkeley HeartLab enters into collaborative agreement 0 None
2009-10-29 Lifestyle and genetic factors are considered to play a major role in "Asian paradox" 0 None
2009-10-29 Sixth round of recipients of Pfizer Cardiovascular Research Awards Program announced 0 None
2009-10-29 New anti-cancer medications may help in managing cancerous conditions 0 None
2009-10-29 HD colonoscopy is more sensitive than standard colonoscopy in finding polyps: Study 0 None
2009-10-29 Depressed people more likely to overstate the frequency of physical symptoms 0 None
2009-10-29 $5.5 million grant to Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute for development of cardiac stem cell therapies 0 None
2009-10-29 CAMH Foundation receives $5 million gift for mental health research 0 None
2009-10-28 Moores UCSD Cancer Center awarded $20 million for cancer research 0 None
2009-10-28 U.S. Department of Defense funds Rush University Medical Center for gastrointestinal microorganism research 0 None
2009-10-28 NIH awards DiscoveryBioMed grant to develop therapies for cystic fibrosis 0 None
2009-10-28 NeoChord commences patient enrollment in its TACT European clinical trial 0 None
2009-10-28 Philanthropist gifts $10-million to Sunnybrook Foundation 0 5
2009-10-28 Helix BioMedix' SmartPeptides technology products demonstrate improvement in skin texture 0 None
2009-10-28 NCI awards UAMS Myeloma Institute $19.5M grant 0 None
2009-10-28 Modern functional brain imaging techniques can be a dynamic process of looking at psychopathology 0 None
2009-10-28 New data from CIMZIA WELCOME trial to be presented at the ACG meeting 0 None
2009-10-28 Controlled trial in UC meets primary endpoint of non- inferiority for reducing ulcerative colitis 0 None
2009-10-28 Global sales volumes of Levulan Kerastick exceed one million units 0 None
2009-10-28 Arrayit sells NanoPrint Microarrayer system to CENAT 0 None
2009-10-28 Scientists test rapamycin's effectiveness at rescuing impaired nerve cells 0 None
2009-10-28 Veterans with TBI vision loss have poor quality of life compared to civilian patients 0 1
2009-10-28 Urigen Pharmaceuticals announces a presentation on interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome 0 None
2009-10-28 Study of ‘real-life’ experiences of patients undergoing 5-ASA treatment for ulcerative colitis 0 None
2009-10-28 Diabetes alerts for seniors from Always Best Care Senior Services 0 None
2009-10-28 Catheter-directed therapy safe and effective for treating acute pulmonary embolism 0 None
2009-10-28 Treatment with TYSABRI reduces the rate of hospitalization in Crohn’s patients 0 None
2009-10-28 Two-year trial to test effectiveness of behavioral psychotherapy for young adolescents with autism 0 None
2009-10-28 Debilitating muscle weakness can linger long after hospital discharge 0 None
2009-10-28 Folate-enriched prescription medical food lowers medical costs of patients with peripheral neuropathy 0 None
2009-10-28 Seminar on XTRAC Velocity Laser treatments for psoriasis sufferers 0 None
2009-10-28 Noncardiovascular mortality are rates higher in patients receiving dialysis 0 None
2009-10-28 IFPA urges WHO to act on new insights on psoriasis to help millions of psoriasis patients 0 None
2009-10-28 Shire receives European approval for FOSRENOL 0 None
2009-10-28 Precision Antibody to develop antibodies for NCI's Clinical Proteomic Technologies for Cancer 0 None
2009-10-28 Orexigen Therapeutics presents phase 3 trial results of Contrave for treating obesity 0 None
2009-10-28 NBPF develops 'Safe 'til Stable' preventative care program for bipolar disorder patients 0 None
2009-10-28 Upsher-Smith Laboratories publishes data on Slo-Niacin and Lipitor combination study 1 5
2009-10-28 Susceptibility to schizophrenia and autism may have common genetic fingerprints, says researchers 0 None
2009-10-28 Arena Pharmaceuticals presents data from its Phase 3 trial of LOrcaserin 0 None
2009-10-28 U.S. PTO awards Endocyte patent for vitamin receptor binding anti-cancer agents 0 None
2009-10-28 Dementia patients face higher risk of flu mortality; refine guidelines needed for testing and vaccination policies 0 None
2009-10-28 Contour Products promotes the results of a 2009 survey conducted among respiratory therapists 0 None
2009-10-28 Culture-based treatment may be effective for reducing depression 0 None
2009-10-28 Dr. Jay Smith receives PASSOR Legacy Award and Lectureship from AAPM&R 0 None
2009-10-28 National Institutes of Health awards $735,000 grant for prenatal obesity and diabetes research 0 None
2009-10-28 First nationwide Prostate Cancer registry for identifying effective treatment options 0 None
2009-10-28 Bcl-2 inhibitor may enhance chemotherapy treatment in patients with prostate cancer 0 None
2009-10-28 MMRF raises over $1.8 million at its 13th annual Fall Gala 0 None
2009-10-28 Pediatric and adolescent patients who receive antipsychotic medications experience weight gain 0 5
2009-10-28 DiabetEZE, an energy bar designed and developed for diabetics launched 0 None
2009-10-28 Multidisciplinary center to be launched for treatment of advanced liver disease 0 None
2009-10-28 Vegetable intake during pregnancy can protect unborn child against diabetes 0 None
2009-10-28 Barrett's esophagus patients are at no greater risk of dying from esophageal cancer 0 None
2009-10-28 NCI grant to conduct innovative cancer research 0 5
2009-10-28 Exposure to carcinogens should be minimized to prevent cancer, says ACS 0 None
2009-10-28 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes funds multi-year project 0 None
2009-10-28 Researchers find healthy dose of exercise good for lymphoma patients receiving chemotherapy 0 None
2009-10-28 Scientists explore genetic 'Prozac markers'; research may provide simple test for treating depression 0 None
2009-10-28 UCSF receives $6.5 million gift from philanthropists Irwin and Joan Jacobs of La Jolla 0 None
2009-10-28 Liquid-based cytology is not better than Pap tests for detecting cervical cancer 0 None
2009-10-27 Medicines used for lowering blood cholesterol may be effective in the treatment of cancer 0 None
2009-10-27 URI scientists discover a new and effective approach for treating cancerous tumor 0 None
2009-10-27 Hyperion Therapeutics enrolls first patient in HPN-100 phase III clinical trial for urea cycle disorders 0 None
2009-10-27 Discovery of AVM can relieve pain due to chronic back pain and neurologic deficits 0 5
2009-10-27 GI Dynamics’ EndoBarrier Gastrointestinal Liner for pre-surgical weight loss treatment demonstrates safety 0 None
2009-10-27 CWRU grants licensing agreement to Bioptigen for FDOCT technology 0 None
2009-10-27 NeoPharma submits a Phase II protocol to the FDA for its liposome entrapped docetaxel study 0 None
2009-10-27 First Japanese patient treated in Celsion’s global Phase III ThermoDox HEAT trial 0 None
2009-10-27 Hope for lung cancer patients 0 None
2009-10-27 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics presents additional data from its ICT-107 Phase I clinical trial 0 None
2009-10-27 BioSphere submits an IDE to the FDA for its QuadraSphere Microsphere product 0 None
2009-10-27 Even one cigarette has serious adverse effects on young adults, says researcher 0 None
2009-10-27 Positive results from Phase II clinical trial of INT-747 announced 0 None
2009-10-27 Positive results from Logical Therapeutics' Phase I/II LT-NS001 clinical study 0 None
2009-10-27 New systematic study for managing treatment-resistant bipolar depression 0 None
2009-10-27 Public lecture on "swearing as a response to pain" 0 None
2009-10-27 PillCam ESO accurately identifies patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding 0 None
2009-10-27 Smoking one cigarette can increase artery stiffness by 25% in young adults 0 None
2009-10-27 One in five young teens has high blood pressure; elevated cholesterol levels increasing at alarming rate 0 None
2009-10-27 Excessive salt intake raises blood pressure and increases risk for heart disease and stroke 0 None
2009-10-27 Study reveals that adding ezetimibe to atorvastatin aids in reducing cholesterol 0 None
2009-10-27 New therapy for decreasing anxiety and improving psychological well-being in children 2 None
2009-10-27 Study explores the link between child sexual abuse and inability to express emotions in adulthood 0 None
2009-10-27 International experts discuss ion radiation therapy 0 None
2009-10-27 Dr. Paul Cutarelli, the first ophthalmologist to implant an advanced nanoFLEX lens 0 None
2009-10-27 Arizona State University researchers to use laws of physics for cancer research 0 None
2009-10-27 Studies highlight race- and gender-specific disparities in gastrointestinal disease 0 None
2009-10-27 Northwestern University to establish research center for the study of genes and their role in cancer 0 None
2009-10-27 HealthCore study shows Metanx tablets reduces health plan costs 1 5
2009-10-27 Canadian Lung Association's initiative to reduce smoking rates in Canada 0 None
2009-10-27 Colonoscopy recommended as primary screening method for colorectal cancer, researchers report 0 None
2009-10-27 Some colonoscopic technologies better at improving detection of adenomas 0 None
2009-10-27 Hutchinson Center receives USAID grant to build a cancer clinic and medical-training facility in Africa 0 None
2009-10-27 Comprehensive, risk-based screening guidelines for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers 0 None
2009-10-27 New research may help in understanding mechanisms involved in blood flow-related disorders 0 None
2009-10-27 Detecting the cause of occult gastrointestinal bleeding with the PillCam SB video capsule demonstrated 0 None
2009-10-27 GI Solutions to conduct new incision-free procedure for GERD patients 0 None
2009-10-27 Phase 3 trial results of Horizon Therapeutics's HZT-501 presented at the ACG meeting 0 None
2009-10-27 Researchers explore link between workplace stress and exposure on GI disorders 0 None
2009-10-27 Driving restrictions for heart patients after angioplasty 0 None
2009-10-27 Patients with diverticulosis have lower incidence of polyps, says new study 0 None
2009-10-27 Barrett's esophagus patients are at no greater risk of dying than the rest of the population 0 None
2009-10-27 Shire reports results of Lialda and 5-ASA persistency analyses 0 None
2009-10-27 Genetic mutations cause for SIDS and SUDS 1 None
2009-10-27 Study reveals LOAD therapy can eliminate bacterium in patients with gastritis and peptic ulcers 0 None
2009-10-27 Football linemen at higher risk of future health problems 0 None
2009-10-27 Heart attacks in middle-aged women more common, says study 0 None
2009-10-27 BH3 profiling can help in determining cancer's chemosensitivity 0 None
2009-10-27 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center receives a $500,000 grant to construct cancer clinic in Africa 0 None
2009-10-27 Some patients with AMD develop elevated pressure within the eye following anti-VEGF medications: Study 0 None
2009-10-27 Protein crucial for insulin regulation may play a role in diabetes 0 None
2009-10-27 Deep brain stimulation: New treatment option for people with severe Tourette syndrome 1 5
2009-10-27 Researchers identify how Tissue Factor contributes to cancer growth 0 None
2009-10-27 Princeton University scientists and researchers team up to explore cancer evolution 0 None
2009-10-27 Arzerra drug approved by FDA for treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2009-10-27 Impax Pharmaceuticals begins Phase III trial of IPX066 drug in PD patients 0 None
2009-10-27 Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease may be at risk for developing non-melanoma skin cancer 0 None
2009-10-27 Implantation of blue light-filtering intraocular lens increases nutritional component of the eye 0 None
2009-10-27 SkinMedica enters into a global license agreement with New York University 0 None
2009-10-27 Obesity linked to fewer neighborhood food options 0 None
2009-10-27 Diabetes decreases cognitive decline in people with Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-10-27 Dartmouth explores glucorticoid side effects on bladder-cancer patients 0 None
2009-10-27 Clinical trial helps improve prognosis and changes the standard of care for patients with colorectal cancer 0 None
2009-10-27 New significant tool to improve the quality of care for patients with brain tumors released 0 None
2009-10-27 School to college transition can trigger eating disorders in young adults 0 None
2009-10-27 NCI funds new Center on Microenvironment and Metastasis to research on cancer 0 None
2009-10-27 Researchers show link between alcohol and cancer 0 None
2009-10-27 Innovative approach to build a new drug to treat a number of CNS diseases 0 None
2009-10-26 National Cancer Institute awards Johns Hopkins $14.8 million for cancer research 0 5
2009-10-26 Athletes may face future health problems despite their rigorous exercise routines, says study 0 5
2009-10-26 Major fundraising initiative launched for Rett syndrome research 0 None
2009-10-26 Study links abnormalities in the white matter of the brain with schizophrenia 0 None
2009-10-26 St. Rose Hospital Cardiologists implements CVIS from McKesson 0 None
2009-10-26 DVD series "Start Fitness Now: Beating Type 2 Diabetes" released 0 None
2009-10-26 Thermo Fisher Scientific announces the availability of its Copeptin assay in Europe 0 None
2009-10-26 Clinical study to evaluate potential new approaches for early detection of breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-26 ADA Technologies to develop home lithiummonitor for patients with bipolar disorder 0 None
2009-10-26 Ontario Lung Association partners with Health Canada for radon gas awareness campaign 0 None
2009-10-26 CMSC analyses patient self-management in Multiple Sclerosis 0 4
2009-10-26 Results from Phase I dose-escalation study of AT-101 announced 0 3
2009-10-26 American Heart Association joins international organizations to fight the global threat of stroke 0 None
2009-10-26 Pritzker Olsen to represent 3-year-old child sickened with an E. coli O157:H7 infection 0 None
2009-10-26 STAAR Surgical Company reports promising assessments from CAST 0 None
2009-10-26 New lightweight, elastic cloth seal for Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients 0 None
2009-10-26 SuperGen and GSK team up to discover and develop cancer therapeutics based on epigenetic targets 0 None
2009-10-26 Dr. Dennis Lin retains Adam Kluger Public Relations to promote his psychiatric practice 0 None
2009-10-26 Younger women experience larger improvements after myocardial infarction than men 0 None
2009-10-26 Peripheral artery disease can increase risk for stroke and heart disease 0 None
2009-10-26 Probiotic therapy can be effective for treating intestinal disorders 0 5
2009-10-26 Diabetics who are nearsighted may be less susceptible to diabetic retinopathy 0 None
2009-10-26 Aldosterone antagonist therapy can be adopted for treating heart failure 0 2
2009-10-26 Saving sight in premature babies: The past, present and future of ROP treatment 0 None
2009-10-26 Cancer cells fueled by the mutant KRAS oncogene can be killed by blocking its genetic partner 0 None
2009-10-26 Gene therapy may help improve congenital blindness in children 0 5
2009-10-26 Aerobic activity makes older adults' arteries more elastic 0 None
2009-10-26 Research reveals that mutation of chromosome 16 increases risk of schizophrenia 0 None
2009-10-26 NPR show highlights dramatic rise of mental illness among students 0 None
2009-10-26 Rates of binge eating among adult women identical across race but not among college age women 0 None
2009-10-26 Orexigen Therapeutics announces new data from COR-I, COR-II and COR-Diabetes trials for Contrave 0 5
2009-10-26 New urine tests may help predict kidney problems post surgery 0 None
2009-10-26 Surgery offers hope for migraine sufferers 0 None
2009-10-26 Exercise and lifestyle changes are key to improve heart health 0 None
2009-10-26 Omega-3 fatty acid supplements do not improve levels of depression in heart disease patients 0 None
2009-10-26 Supplemental oxygen during stroke is effective to combat brain tissue damage 0 None
2009-10-26 Rare form of testicular tumour provides new insight into how genetic changes arise in children 0 None
2009-10-26 Obese patients less likely to achieve cholesterol and blood pressure control 0 None
2009-10-26 African Americans face higher risk of colorectal cancer 1 None
2009-10-26 Women and men experience same typical or non-typical heart attack symptoms 0 None
2009-10-26 Study: High protein levels are associated with heart attack and not stroke 0 None
2009-10-26 Cardiovascular disease may increase hip fracture incidence 0 None
2009-10-26 Inhaling carbon nanotubes can affect outer lining of the lungs 0 None
2009-10-26 Difficult-to-treat asthma may be attributed to poor medication adherence 0 5
2009-10-26 Study shows diabetics who are nearsighted may be less susceptible to diabetic retinopathy 0 None
2009-10-26 APC enzyme may be effective for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2009-10-26 Dr. Shelagh Coutts receives award for developing new brain scan 0 None
2009-10-24 DaVita to demonstrate clinical outcomes, patient care and nutrition through 43 abstracts 0 None
2009-10-24 Professor Suzanne Cory receives award for her work in cancer and immunogenetics 0 None
2009-10-24 Revised and updated handbook on treatment of urinary stone 0 None
2009-10-24 ULURU presents clinical posters; highlights efficacy of Altrazeal dressing for wound care 0 None
2009-10-24 Lpath to present clinical results of iSONEP drug in wet-AMD patients 0 None
2009-10-24 Doctoral candidate sheds new light on the biology of Leishmania parasites 0 None
2009-10-24 Researchers elucidate the effect of nutritional parameters in long-term PPI therapy 0 None
2009-10-24 TV program shares insights on epilepsy, diagnosis and treatment 0 None
2009-10-24 Supermodels' tips for matching glasses with face shapes 0 None
2009-10-24 Hypothalamic dysfunction can cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 4 5
2009-10-24 Naviscan to present clinical trail results of new tools for breast cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-24 Study on Pten's tumour suppressive functions published 0 None
2009-10-24 Optical system for simultaneous imaging electrical and metabolic quantities in the heart 0 None
2009-10-24 Biomoda to complete Phase II clinical trial of Biomoda assay for lung cancer detection 0 None
2009-10-24 Strong support for people who are blind or have other significant disabilities in America 0 None
2009-10-24 Rotary clubs reach milestone: Nearly US$100 million raised to eradicate polio 0 None
2009-10-24 Brookwood to support "The Race for Hope Philadelphia": Event to raise funds for brain tumor research 0 None
2009-10-24 Antidepressants are not effective for many people 0 5
2009-10-24 Over-the-counter lenses can cause serious eye disorders 1 5
2009-10-24 National campaign to raise awareness of actinic keratosis 0 None
2009-10-24 UAB to create national database and repository to identify medications for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-10-24 Researchers find link between hepatic steatosis and carotid lesions 0 None
2009-10-24 Justice Department intervenes to protect civil rights of the mentally ill in New York 1 None
2009-10-24 CAP commends SACGHS stand against human health-related gene patents 0 None
2009-10-24 New garment for obese people who suffer from urinary incontinence 0 None
2009-10-24 Potentia Pharmaceuticals and Alcon Research sign license and purchase option agreements 0 None
2009-10-24 SARRC awarded a $100,000 as the winner of the 2009 Arizona Benefits grant 0 None
2009-10-24 Egypt Race for the Cure supports breast cancer programs 1 5
2009-10-24 LifeLock and Arthritis Foundation announce new partnership deal 0 None
2009-10-24 Learn to recognise stroke symptoms and take action: World Stroke Organization 0 None
2009-10-24 Researchers question the necessity of duodenal biopsy for celiac disease diagnosis 0 None
2009-10-24 Officials question validity of community research center cancer studies 0 None
2009-10-24 John Muir Health earns Network Cancer Program accreditation 0 None
2009-10-24 University neurologists launch multiple sclerosis research study 53 5
2009-10-24 Updated data on XL184 study in patients with glioblastoma multiforme presented 0 3
2009-10-24 Study links urogenital birth defects with DDT 0 None
2009-10-24 Cohen Independent Research Group publishes a report profiling Nutra Pharma 0 None
2009-10-24 Dr. Anthony Falcon: We're facing a catastrophic situation on the border 0 None
2009-10-24 2009 Inspiration Gala raises $1.27 million for BC Cancer Foundation 0 None
2009-10-23 Sickle cell disease can be treated with resveratrol extract, according to researchers 0 5
2009-10-23 Modified NAGA: New enzyme for enzyme replacement therapy 0 None
2009-10-23 Follow healthy lifestyle to overturn genetic predisposition to heart disease 0 None
2009-10-23 Study compares differences between inpatient and day treatment of bulimia nervosa 1 None
2009-10-23 Workers with MetS can cost employers up to $5,867 in health care annually: Study 0 None
2009-10-23 Tips to prevent allergy during Halloween 0 None
2009-10-23 The 23rd annual Alternatives conference to be held in Nebraska 0 None
2009-10-23 Shire announces new pharmacokinetic data of ADHD medication 0 None
2009-10-23 DDT exposure is associated with urogenital birth defects in newborn boys 0 None
2009-10-23 Exposing pregnant women to chemotherapy does not affect the foetus 0 None
2009-10-23 Boehringer Ingelheim receives European CHMP positive opinion for MICARDIS 0 None
2009-10-23 Verizon Foundation awards $10,000 grant to The Wellness Community of the East Bay 0 None
2009-10-23 Study shows appropriate use of CRRT improves AKI patient outcomes 0 None
2009-10-23 Number of diabetic patients on the rise; figures could reach to 440 million by 2030 0 5
2009-10-23 Decision Resources predicts TNF-alpha inhibitors to dominate rheumatoid arthritis treatment 0 None
2009-10-23 Community based initiative to help combat obesity and promote healthy lifestyles 1 None
2009-10-23 Vasamed partners with BBHOP for peripheral arterial disease research 0 None
2009-10-23 Study: General anesthesia can cause brain injury in immature rats 0 None
2009-10-23 Study reveals benefits of recombinant human C1 inhibitor in treating ischemic brain injury 0 None
2009-10-23 Relationship between cannabis and schizophrenia is controversial 0 None
2009-10-23 Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Repligen partner to develop a treatment for SMA 0 None
2009-10-23 Brain inflammation not linked to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-10-23 Study finds link between high levels of pesticide exposure and suicidal thoughts 0 None
2009-10-23 Alzheimer's Association appreciates RCN for its generous donation and awareness campaign 0 None
2009-10-23 Physicians' negative attitudes toward obese patients can affect quality of care 0 None
2009-10-23 New guidelines from American Academy of Dermatology for treatment of psoriasis with ultraviolet light therapy 0 None
2009-10-23 Play less video games to keep your focus 0 4
2009-10-23 Canadian Cardiovascular Society to honor University of Alberta medical researcher 0 None
2009-10-23 Liraglutide drug causes less nausea and hypoglycaemia compared to exenatide 0 None
2009-10-23 Intellectual property covering compounds that have utility in treating SMA licensed 0 None
2009-10-23 Non-adherence to medication may be the cause for difficult asthma 0 None
2009-10-23 Aethlon Medical establishes ESI as a wholly owned subsidiary 0 None
2009-10-23 American Thoracic Society releases new clinical guidelines for pulmonary exacerbation of cystic fibrosis 0 None
2009-10-23 AJC urges Egyptian government to allow Israeli breast cancer researchers to enter the country 0 None
2009-10-23 TargeGen completes JAK2 inhibitor TG101348 clinical trial in myelofibrosis patients 0 None
2009-10-23 AAFP receives MetLife Foundation grant to counter childhood obesity 0 None
2009-10-23 Majority of allergy patients can be vaccinated against swine flu after evaluation by an allergist 0 None
2009-10-23 Important guidelines from IDF for diabetes care 0 None
2009-10-22 FDA grants IDE approval to Harvest Technologies to commence its BMAC Enhanced CABG trial 0 None
2009-10-22 NCI awards $2.8 million grant to Allegro Diagnostics 0 None
2009-10-22 LIVALO statin effective than simvastatin in reducing lipid levels 0 2.2
2009-10-22 KemPharm commences KP106 Phase 1 clinical trial for ADHD 0 None
2009-10-22 Positive results from Aerie Pharmaceuticals’ Phase 2a study of its Rho-kinase inhibitor 0 None
2009-10-22 Helix Hearing Care Centre's initiative to increase hearing healthcare awareness 0 None
2009-10-22 Musculoskeletal patients and their advocates to participate in more than 175 Congressional visits 0 None
2009-10-22 Drugs affecting the central nervous system effective against fibromyalgia, study finds 0 4.7
2009-10-22 GeneNews announces the publication of a paper in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 0 None
2009-10-22 Faster insulin absorption for varying insulin doses and PH20 concentrations demonstrated 0 None
2009-10-22 Cold laser relieves pain and accelerates healing of muscle injuries 0 None
2009-10-22 Pilot study examines the concordance of Quotient ADHD Test 0 4
2009-10-22 The Melting Pot Restaurants' initiative for cancer research 0 None
2009-10-22 Peripheral arterial disease linked to lifestyle changes 0 None
2009-10-22 Highlights of Cell Therapeutics' pixantrone study to be presented at the Lymphoma and Myeloma Conference 0 5
2009-10-22 Short-listed companies to submit proposals for chronic disease management system 0 None
2009-10-22 Obese women retain half of post pregnancy weight 1 None
2009-10-22 Study explores aldosterone antagonist usage among US patients hospitalised with heart failure 0 None
2009-10-22 New study on the factors that determine development of posttraumatic stress disorder 0 None
2009-10-22 Researchers develop a new test process for cancer drugs 0 None
2009-10-22 Clinical performance study reveals the accuracy and precision of TRUE2go system 0 None
2009-10-22 Plant-based foods could help fight obesity and heart disease 0 None
2009-10-22 People in developing countries spend 90% of all medical expenditures for diabetes care 0 None
2009-10-22 HBO treatments may improve neurological outcome after traumatic brain injury 0 None
2009-10-22 Laser Spine Institute acquires Aspen Back & Body 0 None
2009-10-22 Obesity prevention efforts in the El Paso region are effective, say researchers 0 None
2009-10-22 New research suggests physical therapy helps restore variety of functions after neurological injury 0 None
2009-10-22 The Sutter Heart Transplant Program gets recertified after an eight-month legal battle 0 None
2009-10-22 New health initiative focuses on environmentally-associated cancers 0 None
2009-10-22 Alzheimer's Association Comfort Zone launched 1 5
2009-10-22 New study suggests potential treatment for blindsight patients 0 None
2009-10-22 Halozyme Therapeutics commences patient dosing in Phase 3 Enhanze trial with Herceptin 0 None
2009-10-22 CDC urges heart disease patients get vaccinated against the flu each year 0 None
2009-10-22 TomoTherapy adds the TomoHD treatment system to its suite of advanced radiation therapy solutions 0 None
2009-10-22 Constant light at night can increase depressive symptoms 0 None
2009-10-22 New findings from ADVANCE clinical trial presented 0 None
2009-10-22 iPierian to participate in $3.7 million NIH grant awarded to The Johns Hopkins University 0 None
2009-10-22 Millennium commences Vc-R-CHOP Phase II trial for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma 0 None
2009-10-22 Sexual dysfunction in cancer survivors rarely addressed by internists 0 None
2009-10-22 Blood test to identify MCI patients at risk of Alzheimer's disease 0 4
2009-10-22 Exposure to stress hormones and chemicals while in the womb can affect male fertility 0 None
2009-10-22 Collection of rheumatology research articles published 0 None
2009-10-22 GE and Eli Lilly develop tissue-based biomarker technology for cancer therapy 0 None
2009-10-22 Electronic eye implant mimics human retina; restores partial vision 0 None
2009-10-22 GlaxoSmithKline's CERVARIX recommended by CDC for protection against cervical cancer 0 None
2009-10-22 New findings on biological cartilage may restore damaged knee joints 0 None
2009-10-22 Positive results from Isis Pharmaceuticals' ISIS 113715 Phase 2 study in type 2 diabetes patients 0 None
2009-10-22 New partnership to create Translational Orthopedic Research Program 0 None
2009-10-22 Eyes may mirror Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-10-22 New diabetes algorithm released by AACE for the management of type 2 diabetes 0 5
2009-10-22 NIH awards $8 million to The Medical College of Wisconsin for heart research 0 None
2009-10-22 NIH grants $2.1 million for schizophrenia research 0 None
2009-10-21 VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies to present on its implantable telescope technology 0 None
2009-10-21 Research suggests latent cytomegalovirus infection exacerbates inflammatory bowel disease 0 None
2009-10-21 Curis to outline Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor at Annual BIO Investor Forum 0 None
2009-10-21 EMEA informs Antigenics on a negative opinion for Oncophage MAA 0 2
2009-10-21 Auxano point-of-care indicator system for dry eye syndrome 0 5
2009-10-21 Women Veterans had a lower prevalence of pain than male counterparts returning from the conflicts: Study 0 None
2009-10-21 UW researchers suggest approaches for treating depression in older cancer patients 0 None
2009-10-21 CombinatoRx announces Synavive Phase 2 extension trial results at the 2009 ACR meeting 0 None
2009-10-21 Markers that cause primary liver cancer identified 0 5
2009-10-21 Celsion completes patient enrollment in its global Phase III ThermoDox trial 0 None
2009-10-21 Shire to file a Biologics License Application for REPLAGAL with the FDA 0 None
2009-10-21 King Pharmaceuticals receives FDA complete response letter for CorVue NDA 0 None
2009-10-21 Professor secures grant for further research on immunotherapy strategies 0 None
2009-10-21 New results from ADVANCE provide important insights to reduce diabetes complications 0 5
2009-10-21 Clinical data supports continued development of ORENCIA administration for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-10-21 NIH awards $2.1 million to a team of scientists for schizophrenia research 0 None
2009-10-21 Carcinoembryonic antigen co-discoverer Dr. Phil Gold to be inducted into The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame 0 None
2009-10-21 MIRP surgery carries higher risk of impotence and incontinence than traditional surgery 0 4
2009-10-21 Study of aldosterone antagonist usage among patients hospitalised with heart failure published 0 None
2009-10-21 Herrick Foundation's $3M grant for cancer research 0 None
2009-10-21 Cheering for your favorite baseball team: Is it hazardous to your health? 0 None
2009-10-21 Genzyme commences patient enrollment in Genz-112638 phase 3 trials 0 None
2009-10-21 New tools needed to identify men and women at risk for the most aggressive cancers 0 None
2009-10-21 Contribution of glycosaminoglycans to skeletal abnormalities in patients with lysosomal storage diseases demonstrated 0 None
2009-10-21 Researchers study reading and written comprehension skills of deaf youngsters 0 None
2009-10-21 Statewide Initiative to increase sudden cardiac arrest survival rates launched in Minnesota 0 None
2009-10-21 Palmerolide A: Real hope for cancer treatment 1 5
2009-10-21 V8 100% vegetable juice aids in weight loss and lowers blood pressure 0 None
2009-10-21 STR genotyping and p57 immunohistochemistry used to distinguish hydatidiform moles 0 None
2009-10-21 Medicaid beneficiaries with disabilities frequently have multiple chronic conditions, says study 0 None
2009-10-21 Class action lawsuit by patients who received high dosage of radiation during their CT brain perfusion scans 0 None
2009-10-21 Findings suggest a new approach to the rehabilitation of stroke patients 0 None
2009-10-21 St. Jude Medical's quadripolar pacing system receives European CE Mark approval 0 None
2009-10-21 MMPF technique for diagnosing and predicting brain syndromes 0 None
2009-10-21 Research shows exon-skipping drug may prove effective for treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 5
2009-10-21 School-based intervention programs alleviate posttraumatic symptomatology in children and adolescents 0 None
2009-10-21 Amputation prevention tips for diabetic patients 0 None
2009-10-21 The Patient Recruiting Agency begins patient recruitment for major depressive disorder 0 None
2009-10-21 Abbott acquires Visiogen; expands vision care business 0 None
2009-10-21 CCS is the largest funder of childhood and adolescent cancer research in the charitable sector 0 None
2009-10-21 Lactose intolerance rates may be overestimated by wide margins 0 None
2009-10-21 People living with diabetes to increase up to 435 million by 2030 0 None
2009-10-21 Cook Medical launches new products for treating peripheral arterial disease 0 None
2009-10-21 Novo Nordisk's Levemir not associated with increase in the incidence of cancer 0 None
2009-10-21 Research may facilitate improved understanding of music perception in human nervous system 0 None
2009-10-21 MediWound reports positive results from phase III Debrase trial for treating burns 0 None
2009-10-21 Osteologix to continue clinical development of NB S101 osteoporosis drug 0 None
2009-10-21 Retinal prosthesis restores partial vision to people who are totally blind 0 4
2009-10-21 Apotex to market Hisamitsu's Fentanyl Transdermal System for chronic pain management 0 None
2009-10-21 AFFiRiS reports encouraging results from clinical studies of its two Alzheimer's vaccines 0 None
2009-10-21 New cutting edge nerve procedure relieves migraine permanently 0 None
2009-10-21 Health care providers should assist patients in breaking the smoking habit 0 None
2009-10-20 New research highlights brain's vulnerability to obesity 0 None
2009-10-20 Patients with chronic hepatitis C can benefit by drinking coffee 0 None
2009-10-20 Positive results from KAI Pharmaceuticals' pain therapeutic program 0 None
2009-10-20 Children having accelerated bone growth at an increased risk of hypertension 0 None
2009-10-20 Positive data from BioSante Pharmaceuticals' LibiGel Phase III clinical development program 0 None
2009-10-20 Targacept presents data from Phase 2b clinical trial of TC-5214 0 None
2009-10-20 Human neural stem cells protect cone photoreceptors: StemCells preclinical data 0 4.3
2009-10-20 Report: National investment on childhood and adolescent cancer research 0 None
2009-10-20 Researchers use biotechnological tools to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease 0 4
2009-10-20 ImPACKD calls for raising awareness about the risks of calcium overuse in CKD patients 0 3
2009-10-20 Women without HOXA13 gene mutation need not be subjected to X-rays 0 None
2009-10-20 DCPR classification provides diagnostic criteria to evaluate psychosomatic syndromes 0 None
2009-10-20 Individuals and governments around the globe should join the fight against osteoporosis: IOF 0 None
2009-10-20 Presentation highlights the administration of autologous stem cells for treating spinal cord injury 0 None
2009-10-20 NCCN Guidelines for Acute Myeloid Leukemia updated 0 2.5
2009-10-20 IntegraMed America expands its Attain IVF treatment financing offerings 0 None
2009-10-20 Two high blood pressure medicines effective in treating stable ischemic heart disease 0 None
2009-10-20 PhRMA calls for appropriate incentives for continued biotechnology innovation 0 None
2009-10-20 Novartis' Tasigna capsules meets primary endpoint in comparison trial with Gleevec 0 None
2009-10-20 Bristol-Myers Squibb presents study data on ORENCIA for treating rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-10-20 Repligen completes patient treatment in its Phase 3 RG1068 clinical trial 0 None
2009-10-20 SIMPONI treatment results in greater inhibition of structural damage in arthritis patients 0 None
2009-10-20 Study explores the efficacy of antidepressant drugs for patients with severe depression and medical disorder 0 None
2009-10-20 Day care center integrates diabetes care for children into its routine as part of ADA settlement 0 None
2009-10-20 Clonality analyses may lead to further understanding of hepatocarcinogenesis 0 None
2009-10-20 Three deaths in Detroit Marathon highlight the importance of greater public awareness about SDC 0 None
2009-10-20 Regulatory differences between mother and daughter cells shed new light on cell division 0 None
2009-10-20 Gastrointestinal Associates emphasizes the need for colon screenings 0 None
2009-10-20 Vitamin D and progesterone combination for treating traumatic brain injury 0 None
2009-10-20 RA patients who adhere to their prescription drug regimen have better outcome: Study 2 None
2009-10-20 Highly educated women deal less well with psychological aspects of breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-20 Tempur-Pedic Hugs Back campaign to help fund research for pancreatic cancer 0 4
2009-10-20 Physicians say thyroid surgery safe for older people 0 None
2009-10-20 Springer to launch "Translational Stroke Research" journal 0 None
2009-10-20 Age, gender and malignancies pose significant risk factors for TIVADs survival 0 None
2009-10-20 Unemployment for people with disabilities has reached its highest rate since January, says study 0 None
2009-10-20 Stemedica completes pre-IND meeting with the FDA concerning allogeneic mesenchymal bone marrow cells 0 None
2009-10-20 Study explores the link between LUTS and depression, anxiety disorders, sexual trauma 0 None
2009-10-20 NicOx presents data on its phase 3 naproxcinod study at the ACR meeting 0 None
2009-10-20 Rexahn Pharmaceuticals announces positive results from Phase IIa Serdaxin clinical study 0 None
2009-10-20 Virtual Reality Exposure Treatment to help tackle driving phobias 0 None
2009-10-20 New research emphasizes benefits of exercise on brain and related disorders 0 None
2009-10-20 AAP's initiative to address childhood asthma 0 3
2009-10-20 Rexall Diabetes Starter Kit for newly diagnosed patients 0 None
2009-10-20 Tel Aviv University develops scaffold to regenerate damaged bones and tissues 0 None
2009-10-20 Uninsured American adults with diabetes or high cholesterol often go undiagnosed and undertreated: Study 0 None
2009-10-20 Body composition analysis can help in determining obesity risk 0 None
2009-10-20 Data on ULORIC treatment for gout flares presented at the 73rd American College of Rheumatology meeting 0 None
2009-10-20 Lower extremity injuries on the rise among skiers 0 None
2009-10-20 Right combination of estrogen and SERM can reduce breast cancer risk 0 None
2009-10-20 Health Canada approves new Lantus ClikSTAR reusable insulin pen 0 4
2009-10-20 Internet training could potentially enhance brain function and cognition in older adults: Study 0 5
2009-10-20 Therapists can help individuals to cope with mental health issues 0 None
2009-10-20 Human Genome Sciences and GlaxoSmithKline to present Phase 3 trial results of BENLYSTA 0 None
2009-10-20 Celgene Corporation updates on Phase II study evaluating apremilast in psoriatic arthritis patients 0 None
2009-10-20 Online training program to address the needs of autistic individuals 0 None
2009-10-20 UT student receives fellowship grant for pre-eclampsia research 0 5
2009-10-20 New technique to treat metabolic disorders in babies while still in the womb 0 5
2009-10-20 Health Canada issues Notice of Non-Compliance to Winston Laboratories for CIVANEX 0 None
2009-10-20 Multilingual capability has a positive impact on cognitive functions 0 5
2009-10-20 Diabetes represents a global health threat 0 5
2009-10-20 Jennerex' JX-594 granted European Orphan Drug Designation for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma 0 None
2009-10-20 Amylin Pharmaceuticals to present new data from its obesity program at Obesity 2009 0 5
2009-10-20 Boehringer Ingelheim's TWYNSTA approved by FDA for the treatment of hypertension 0 None
2009-10-20 FDA approves new oral medication for renal cell carcinoma 0 None
2009-10-20 Interim results from Phase 1 CAL-101 trial for chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2009-10-20 Positive results from Transave's Phase II ARIKACE clinical trials 0 None
2009-10-19 Article evaluating StemEx therapy for leukemia and lymphoma to be published 0 None
2009-10-19 Children with history of diabetic ketoacidosis may have memory problems 0 None
2009-10-19 UCB reports on the outcome of Cimzia and MTX treatment for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-10-19 Scientists find cause for lupuslike disease in mice 0 None
2009-10-19 Children with neurological disorders have low skin temperature 0 None
2009-10-19 URL Pharma's Colcrys approved by FDA for prevention of gout flares 0 None
2009-10-19 FDA approves Boehringer Ingelheim's MICARDIS for the reduction of risk of heart attack 1 None
2009-10-19 Failure to correct hearing loss may lead brain to forget how to hear and understand speech 0 None
2009-10-19 Alnara Pharmaceuticals’ announces results of its international Phase 3 study of liprotamase 0 None
2009-10-19 FDA approves GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals' Cervarix for prevention of cervical cancer 0 None
2009-10-19 Philippines and Malaysian regulatory agencies approve Celsion’s Phase III Thermodox trial 0 None
2009-10-19 Scientists explore what is behind the feeling of not being competent 0 None
2009-10-19 Durham VA Medical Center receives Daxor's BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer 0 None
2009-10-19 Amarin selects Medpace as CRO for its Phase 3 AMR101 MARINE clinical study 0 None
2009-10-19 New data on Phase 3 SIMPONI clinical trials for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-10-19 Yashoda Cancer Institute in India to expand use of Varian Medical Systems' RapidArc radiotherapy 0 None
2009-10-19 Positive results from Trubion Pharmaceuticals' Phase 2B study of TRU-015 for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-10-19 PLC Systems' RenalGuard to be utilized in a live case transmission at the GISE 2009 conference 0 None
2009-10-19 Metabolic master switch sets the biological clock in body tissues 0 None
2009-10-19 Campaign to educate men and women about fibromyalgia 0 None
2009-10-19 Antisense Pharma's SAPPHIRE Phase III trial evaluating trabedersen approved by Health Canada 0 None
2009-10-19 Oral salmon calcitonin using absorption-enhancing Eligen Technology holds promise for osteoarthritis 0 None
2009-10-19 Rich Plasma and Stem Cell therapies improve orthopedic conditions 0 None
2009-10-19 Chinese SFDA approves China Medical Technologies' SPR System 0 None
2009-10-19 Talecris Biotherapeutics' PROLASTIN-C receives FDA approval 0 2.7
2009-10-19 Genentech reports results of ACTEMRA Phase III study for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-10-19 Angiochem reports Phase 1/2 efficacy study results of ANG1005 for treating brain cancer 0 None
2009-10-19 AstraZeneca's CRESTOR approved for treating pediatric patients with HeFH 0 4
2009-10-19 New decision-making tool offers breast reconstruction options post cancer surgery 1 None
2009-10-19 Research study on EGFR and HER2 expressions in BTC 0 None
2009-10-19 IAVI and Ragon Institute sign MOU to devise new vaccine strategies for AIDS 0 None
2009-10-19 QLT receives exclusive U.S. sales and marketing rights for Visudyne therapy 0 None
2009-10-19 Lubricin injections can reduce cartilage degeneration 0 5
2009-10-19 Copper bracelets and magnetic wrist straps are ineffective in relieving arthritis pain, says study 1 3
2009-10-19 Anti-clotting drug may cause problems for elderly trauma patients: Study 0 None
2009-10-19 New mathematical model for rapid and accurate diagnoses of AHF 0 None
2009-10-19 Readmission of elderly patients after colectomy strongly linked with mortality: Study 0 5
2009-10-19 NanoBio's NB-401 preclinical data to be presented at the 2009 North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference 0 None
2009-10-19 Breakthrough discovery by scientists may lead to a new treatment for Alzheimer's Disease 0 5
2009-10-19 NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology updated to include pralatrexate drug 0 None
2009-10-19 Smoking bans reduce risk of of heart attack in nonsmokers and smokers 0 5
2009-10-19 Chrysanthemum indicum extract holds promise for treating human cancer 0 None
2009-10-19 Physical therapists can promote early diagnosis of breast cancer-related lymphedema 3 5
2009-10-19 Stem cell treatments could repair the kidney defects associated with Alport syndrome 0 3
2009-10-19 Immune-related proteins are potential drug targets for gastric inflammation and cancer 0 None
2009-10-19 Researchers find the genetic mutation that is linked with changes in brain development 0 None
2009-10-19 New scientific journal from Elsevier 0 None
2009-10-19 Angiochem announces results of Phase 1 /2 clinical trials of ANG1005 0 None
2009-10-19 CONFIRMS trial demonstrates efficacy of ULORIC for treating hyperuricemia in patients with gout 0 None
2009-10-19 FRAX online tool to help clinicians to better identify women and men at high risk of fracture 0 None
2009-10-19 FDA approves continuation of the fourth 6-month open label extension of PRX-03140 0 None
2009-10-19 New chromosomal abnormality in acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2009-10-19 DKC establishes link between genetic mutation affecting telomerase function and human disease 0 None
2009-10-19 Cardium Therapeutics reports positive findings from Excellarate Phase 1/2 clinical study 0 None
2009-10-19 Novel HIV drug to be studied in cell cultures and patients 0 None
2009-10-19 Elected officials have no excuse for failing to enact comprehensive smoke-free workplace laws: IOM 0 None
2009-10-19 NCCN program on Discovery Health Channel profiles patients battling lung cancer 0 None
2009-10-19 Biogen Idec and Biovitrum to conduct rFIXFc clinical trial in hemophilia B patients 0 None
2009-10-19 Epilepsy Therapy Project unveils My Epilepsy Diary 0 None
2009-10-19 Institute Curie Hospital in France adds another TomoTherapy radiation therapy system 0 None
2009-10-19 Physical therapists stress on definitive vestibular screenings and assessment measures for BITBI 0 None
2009-10-19 PHARMACIA & UPJOHN COMPANY to pay the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the U.S. 1 None
2009-10-19 Ruthenium and Osmium compounds show high levels of activity against ovarian cancer 0 None
2009-10-19 Counseling program to promote education and lifestyle change in lupus patients 0 None
2009-10-19 Research programme to develop immunological biomarkers for chronic inflammatory diseases 0 None
2009-10-19 Migraine can stimulate alcohol-induced headache 0 None
2009-10-19 Research study provides supportive evidence for using ATR inhibitors in cancer therapy 0 None
2009-10-19 Coronary angiography does not affect kidney functioning in CKD patients, reveals study 0 None
2009-10-19 Internet use among older Americans can reduce U.S. healthcare costs 0 None
2009-10-19 NIH grants to develop screening tool for autistic disorder 0 5
2009-10-19 Innovative tool for providing patient-centered care for diabetics 0 None
2009-10-19 Initiative calls for more research and improved treatment methods on musculoskeletal pain 0 None
2009-10-19 Rituxan drug effective for treating ANCA-associated vasculitis 0 None
2009-10-19 Regulation of neurotransmitters may help treat depression 0 None
2009-10-19 Recently approved Gleevec drug for cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-19 Findings provide new insight on skin pigmentation 0 None
2009-10-19 New EVestG diagnostic technique aids in quick detection of mental and neurological illnesses 0 1
2009-10-19 Findings may yield new treatments for COPD 0 None
2009-10-19 Asthma is the most common underlying condition associated with H1N1 Swine Flu: CDC Report 0 None
2009-10-19 Exercise prevents memory decline post brain radiation treatments 0 None
2009-10-19 Study reveals the cost effectiveness of Rheos blood pressure lowering device 0 None
2009-10-19 GlaxoSmithKline receives FDA approval for cervical cancer vaccine 0 None
2009-10-19 APP balance critical for normal neuronal development 0 None
2009-10-19 Unlike obesity, overweight does not increase mortality rate 0 None
2009-10-19 Early detection of PGAP may reduce mortality rate 0 None
2009-10-15 China's SFDA approves Celsion’s global Phase III ThermoDox HEAT trial for treating liver cancer 0 3
2009-10-15 Access Pharmaceuticals' update on its European commercial launch of Mugard 0 None
2009-10-15 Overview of innovative technology for treating ischemic and autoimmune disorders 0 5
2009-10-15 Arrayit announces collaboration with European Space Agency for mission-critical contribution 0 None
2009-10-15 MDS secures international cooperation to help Canadian teenager with malignant blood disorder 0 None
2009-10-15 Olympic gold medal winner Lisa Leslie and Covidien launch new liver cancer education program 0 None
2009-10-15 NFL, NDC launch 'Fuel Up to Play 60' to tackle childhood obesity 0 None
2009-10-15 Soligenix commences enrollment in its Phase 3 Orbec clinical trial for acute GI GVHD 0 None
2009-10-15 Prometheus Laboratories introduces three new cancer diagnostic products 0 None
2009-10-15 Breathe Right "Extra" to help consumers sleep better at night 0 None
2009-10-15 Inspire to present its denufosol tetrasodium cystic fibrosis program data at the 23rd NACFC 0 None
2009-10-15 New range of foods from marine animals and plants to help fight human diseases 0 None
2009-10-15 Managing Myeloma launches educational activities for multidisciplinary professionals 0 None
2009-10-15 Sangretech Biomedical signs amended license agreement with Bostwick Laboratories 0 None
2009-10-15 Managing Myeloma website offers scholarship for attending the December 2009 American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting 0 None
2009-10-15 Positive results from Protalix BioTherapeutics Phase III UPLYSO clinical trial 0 None
2009-10-15 ADI and CeTeCancer collaborate for research project 0 None
2009-10-15 EP Global Communications to co-produce World Congress & Exposition on Disabilities conference 0 5
2009-10-15 Vegetable lamb plant: New treatment for osteoporosis 0 5
2009-10-15 Delays contribute to unnecessary ER visits and additional imaging services in symptomatic gallstone treatment 0 5
2009-10-15 A study on development of deaf children fitted with a Cochlear Implant 0 None
2009-10-15 Negative symptoms represent an attractive target for drug development 0 None
2009-10-15 National Biological to market Quantel's 308 Excimer System in the U.S. 0 None
2009-10-15 Slavica BioChem scientists reverse multidrug resistance in lung cancer using small molecules 0 None
2009-10-15 Specific immune system cells linked to susceptibility of younger people to variant CJD 0 None
2009-10-15 pSivida achieves milestone in Phase III Iluvien trial, last patient completes two-year follow up visit 0 None
2009-10-15 Scientists are trying to decipher the chemistry of human odor 0 None
2009-10-15 Genes to determine which rectal cancer patient can avoid surgical procedure for treatment 0 None
2009-10-15 PIKAMAB obtains U.S. patent rights to develop theragnostic product 0 None
2009-10-15 Resveratrol in red grapes offers some protection against diabetes 0 None
2009-10-15 "A Stroke of Health" for the weight loss benefits of healthy eating 0 None
2009-10-15 Incisionless operation for stomach ulcers may soon move into human trials 0 None
2009-10-15 NCCN updates NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology for Cervical Cancer Screening 0 None
2009-10-15 Policymakers urged to preserve access to advanced imaging in final health care reform legislation 0 None
2009-10-15 Depression becomes more difficult to treat the longer it goes undiagnosed or undertreated 0 None
2009-10-15 Nephrologists should weigh the benefits of dialysis over more conservative therapies for frail elders 0 None
2009-10-15 NICoE to study how brain works after sustaining combat-related injury using Elekta Neuromag 0 None
2009-10-15 National Institutes of Health grants $12 million to WCDRC for obesity research 0 None
2009-10-15 Researchers to study gastric banding procedure on overweight, type 2 diabetic patients 0 None
2009-10-15 Study shows type 2 diabetes patients treated with ACTOplus met experience blood sugar reduction 0 2
2009-10-15 MSU receives $6.2 million Morris K. Udall Center of Excellence for Parkinson's disease grant 0 None
2009-10-15 Gelotophobia has no cultural barriers 0 None
2009-10-15 Foundation for Chiropractic Progress joins 92 national associations in support of World Spine Day 0 None
2009-10-15 Diet and exercise program unlikely to eliminate OSA in overweight patients 0 None
2009-10-15 Shortage of general surgeons may be linked to higher rate of perforated appendix in rural areas 0 None
2009-10-15 Marker genes help determine the effectiveness of targeted molecular drug regimen for treating GIST 0 None
2009-10-15 NYU Langone Medical Center to establish a schizophrenia research center with $10M NIMH grant 0 None
2009-10-15 Much remains to be done for autism spectrum disorders, say experts 0 None
2009-10-15 Genetic mutation implicated in breast and ovarian cancers could also have a role in causing heart failure: Study 0 None
2009-10-15 Curemark commences enrollment in Phase III CM-AT clinical trials for autism treatment 0 None
2009-10-15 Control and coordination may aid multiple sclerosis patients perform daily activities independently 0 5
2009-10-15 More than half RCTs do not report vital information about study populations race, says study 0 None
2009-10-15 Jazz Pharmaceuticals to present Phase III sodium oxybate trial data at ACR 2009 meetings 0 None
2009-10-15 Positive data from Cardium Therapeutics' Matrix Phase 2b Excellarate trial 0 None
2009-10-15 ValenTx to present its first clinical study for the treatment of morbid obesity 0 None
2009-10-15 NIH awards grant to conduct genetic drug research on cancer and heart disease 0 None
2009-10-14 FDA approves ZyStor Therapeutics' ZC-701 for Phase I human safety trial 0 None
2009-10-14 Positive data from ZIOPHARM's palifosfamide sarcoma Phase II trial 0 None
2009-10-14 EMEA grants ArQule's ARQ 197 orphan drug designation 0 None
2009-10-14 Vision scientists identify an intricate process that allows the human eye to adapt quickly to darkness 0 None
2009-10-14 Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital commences treatment with the Novalis Tx radiosurgery platform 0 None
2009-10-14 Provectus Pharmaceuticals commences compassionate use program of PV-10 for cancer 0 None
2009-10-14 Research scientists develop bioengineered treatment for targeting pancreatic cancer 0 None
2009-10-14 Breakthrough in pancreatic cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-14 Children with low birth weight are at a higher risk of developing asthma later in life, says study 0 None
2009-10-14 HERO House granted 501 (c) (3) status by the Federal Government 0 None
2009-10-14 MUC1 protein defends against the stomach ulcer bacterium, according to study 0 None
2009-10-14 NY Senators co-sponsors bill to establish comprehensive program for lung cancer 0 None
2009-10-14 Diabetes care undergoes a paradigm shift to delay onset of full-blown disease 0 None
2009-10-14 Renal artery stenosis does not necessitate surgical procedures 0 3.5
2009-10-14 Researchers develop magneto-nano sensor chip to detect cancer 0 None
2009-10-14 Blocking newly discovered second molecular pathway may prevent angiogenesis: UCLA researchers 0 None
2009-10-14 Study: Animals are not essential for human cancer research 0 4
2009-10-14 2009 American Cancer Society Pathfinder in Palliative Care awarded to James A. Block 0 None
2009-10-14 State-level education policy essential to reverse childhood obesity 0 4
2009-10-14 Survey shows etiology of current mastectomy rates is multifactorial 0 None
2009-10-14 SCID infants who receive early bone marrow transplants are likely to have fewer complications 0 None
2009-10-14 Researchers discover new cancer gene that causes adenoid cystic carcinoma 1 4
2009-10-14 Decreased expression of tumor suppressor gene PTEN transforms neurofibromas into cancer 0 None
2009-10-14 New UCL cancer research centre launched in UK 0 None
2009-10-14 Geniom RT Analyzer provides accurate diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and lung cancer disorders 0 None
2009-10-14 Voice output AAC device to improve communication skills in autistic children 0 None
2009-10-14 Endovascular procedure for abdominal aortic aneurysm may reduce mortality rate 0 None
2009-10-14 Medtronic commences study of the Zotarolimus-Eluting Peripheral Stent System for treating erectile dysfunction 1 5
2009-10-14 Sosei Group assigns its SD281 drug discovery programme to Biocopea 0 None
2009-10-14 OPKO Health signs agreement with Schering-Plough to acquire assets relating to NK-1 program 0 None
2009-10-14 Increase in adiponectin hormone levels protects against sepsis-related mortality 0 5
2009-10-14 Older generation antibiotic for treating colon cancer 0 5
2009-10-14 Study shows elevated levels of antioxidant urate can slow the progression of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2009-10-14 Galapagos extends collaboration with Merck to develop new therapies for atherosclerosis 0 None
2009-10-14 New neurosurgical procedure may prove helpful for patients with treatment-resistant depression 0 None
2009-10-14 ADDF grant to support the evaluation of PPAR-sparing insulin sensitizers 0 None
2009-10-14 H1N1 patients with ARDS survive illness when treated with ECMO 0 None
2009-10-14 Shire settles pending ADDERALL XR litigation with Sandoz 0 None
2009-10-14 Invacare Corporation's initiative to raise awareness of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 0 None
2009-10-14 Researchers to investigate an existing drug for speedy recovery of stroke patients 0 None
2009-10-14 Bicycle-related injuries on the rise 2 3
2009-10-14 Parkinson's patients with higher urate levels in their blood and CSF had slower functional decline 2 None
2009-10-14 Gene variations increase the risk of sudden cardiac death 0 None
2009-10-14 Positive results from Metabolex' Phase 1 MBX-2982 clinical trial for treating type 2 diabetes 0 None
2009-10-14 Epeius Biotechnologies announces clinical study results of tumor-targeted genetic medicine 0 None
2009-10-14 Bladder cancer patients benefit from anticancer drug that is used to treat lung and colon malignancies: Study 0 None
2009-10-14 Case Western Reserve University researchers step up to National Institutes of Health challenge 0 None
2009-10-14 AVANIR Pharmaceuticals announces results of Zenvia double-blind Phase III STAR trial 0 None
2009-10-14 Timely and individualized publicly funded therapy denied to children with autism 0 None
2009-10-14 NIH awards Gladstone Institute consortium $3.7M for Huntington's disease research 0 None
2009-10-14 Bioluminescence imaging distinguishes tumor growth in vivo; leads to early treatment of eye cancer 0 1
2009-10-13 Positive results from Alkermes' ALKS 33 clinical trials announced 0 None
2009-10-13 Meda Pharmaceuticals introduces Onsolis for treating breakthrough cancer pain 0 None
2009-10-13 PhysioNetics receives grant to continue development of 'gripper' for upper-extremity prostheses 0 None
2009-10-13 Interleukin Genetics to present new genetic findings on obesity and osteoporosis 0 None
2009-10-13 Provectus Pharmaceuticals completes initial treatment in Phase 2 trial of PH-10 for plaque psoriasis 0 None
2009-10-13 Compugen, Bayer Schering Pharma sign collaboration agreement for tumor research 0 None
2009-10-13 Cochlear implant inventor chosen for neuroscience research 0 None
2009-10-13 University of Nottingham pioneers new type of MRI scan 0 None
2009-10-13 Psoriasis patients taking immunosuppressive drugs at increased risk of H1N1 flu viruses 0 None
2009-10-13 AHA: Americans should reduce their calorie intake to combat obesity and cardiovascular disease 0 None
2009-10-13 Discovery opens new possibility of designing drugs for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2009-10-13 9% of Québec adults report being diagnosed with a thyroid disease 0 None
2009-10-13 New study launched to detect DNA alterations linked to sudden cardiac death in sports 0 None
2009-10-13 Good Samaritan Hospital tops HealthGrade ratings for stroke treatment and joint replacement 0 None
2009-10-13 New mouse models resembles human ALS; may provide important tool for screening new drugs 0 None
2009-10-13 International experts to present new diagnostic approaches and interventions for fetal conditions 0 None
2009-10-13 Mouse model of ALS closely resembles humans with the paralyzing disorder, says report 0 None
2009-10-13 New sports division established to address athletes' neurological problems 0 None
2009-10-13 Statistical model helps identify patients who need to undergo further cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-13 Guidelines for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis identified 0 None
2009-10-13 Renowned physicians encourage women to go for regular breast examinations 0 None
2009-10-13 Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics' AMT-080 granted EMEA Orphan Drug Designation 0 None
2009-10-13 NIH funds the University of California's consortium for immune disorder research 0 None
2009-10-13 Debiopharm Group and Ipsen complete European decentralised registration of Decapeptyl 0 None
2009-10-13 Kidney Care Partners commends CBC for supporting reforms to improve access to quality kidney care 0 None
2009-10-13 VitalProteinRx nutritional supplement for chronic kidney disease affected patients 0 None
2009-10-13 Increasing number of pre-term infants experience eye disorders 0 None
2009-10-13 Neighborhood may be a modifiable risk factor for diabetes 0 None
2009-10-13 Strengthen key muscles in the foot to improve overall performance 0 4
2009-10-13 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals receives Complete Response letter from the FDA for FUSILEV 0 None
2009-10-13 Vanda Pharmaceuticals' Fanapt to be commercialized in the U.S. and Canada by Novartis Pharma 0 None
2009-10-13 New guidelines for treating amyotropic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2009-10-13 Melanocyte-like cells in heart and pulmonary veins contribute to atrial fibrillation 0 None
2009-10-13 Inflammation markers not involved with the chemopreventative effect of aspirin on colorectal adenomas 0 None
2009-10-13 FirstCare Texas to provide Vermedx Diabetes Information System to health care providers and patients 0 None
2009-10-13 Report shows that visual impairments are associated with the risk of death in older adults 0 None
2009-10-13 Brookstone launches anti-snore pillow 0 None
2009-10-13 Legendary coach helps raise awareness on osteoarthritis 0 None
2009-10-13 Public lecture at UC Riverside to focus on the evolutionary struggle for cancer 0 None
2009-10-13 Cognitive abilites other than memory may decline prior to clinical diagnosis in patients with Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-10-13 Study demonstrates coexistence of visuospatial and phonological disorders in dyslexics 0 None
2009-10-12 A new site and blog for dieters to share information launched by 0 None
2009-10-12 SCAA honors San Diego Project Heart Beat with 2009 Public Service Award 0 None
2009-10-12 Low birth weight children face higher risk of developing asthma later in life 0 None
2009-10-12 Researchers identify genes that play a role in the development of endometrial cancer 0 None
2009-10-12 FDA grants marketing approval for CSL Behring's Berinert C1-Esterase Inhibitor 0 None
2009-10-12 Xoft to showcase a variety of investigational IORT oncology applications at ACS Annual Congress 0 None
2009-10-12 Synta Pharmaceuticals updates its Phase 3 SYMMETRY trial results at the Melanoma XIII Conference 0 None
2009-10-12 The Hallowell Centers include beneficial exercises in treatment of ADHD 0 None
2009-10-12 Holistic care needed for people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia 0 5
2009-10-12 Rice consumption improves overall diet and reduces obesity and Type II diabetes 0 None
2009-10-12 ImmuneRegen BioSciences to test efficacy of Homspera against H5N1 Avian Influenza 0 None
2009-10-12 Celator Pharmaceuticals enrolls 120 patients in CPX-351 Phase 2 study 0 None
2009-10-12 GE Healthcare launches global initiative to celebrate 10th anniversary of digital mammography 0 None
2009-10-12 The third “Exciting Biologies” meeting focuses on “Biology In Balance” 0 None
2009-10-12 Study finds that stranger homicide by people with schizophrenia rare 0 None
2009-10-12 First evidence that personalized medicine leads to better outcomes 0 None
2009-10-12 COPD Management Program for South Region TRICARE beneficiaries 0 None
2009-10-12 New journal focuses on therapeutic hypothermia and its applications in cardiology and neurotrauma 0 None
2009-10-12 Vaccination against HPV will help decrease cervical cancer death rate in India 0 None
2009-10-12 Federal stimulus funds for comparative-effectiveness research in cancer 0 None
2009-10-12 U.S. women with RA feel less self-confident in their sex-life, reveals survey 0 None
2009-10-12 FDA advisory committee reviews Fibrocell Science's azfibrocel-T for treating wrinkles 0 None
2009-10-12 Compounds that bock nutrient-sensing receptor may impact obesity and diabetic conditions 0 None
2009-10-12 Researchers find how KEAP1 tumor suppressor works 0 None
2009-10-12 M. D. Anderson Cancer Center researchers announce study results of treatment for rare pediatric brain cancer 0 None
2009-10-12 Bio-Matrix Scientific Group provides updates on COPD research 0 None
2009-10-12 AACR to host its first Frontiers in Basic Cancer Research Meeting 1 None
2009-10-12 New technique may lead to more effective treatment for liver disease 0 3
2009-10-12 Doctors and scientists form national pain research centre 0 None
2009-10-12 Bad breath can be treated 0 None
2009-10-12 Mentalympians announces its inaugural Advisory Group 0 None
2009-10-12 Homicides of strangers by people with schizophrenia are exceptionally rare, says study 0 None
2009-10-12 Hyper-SAGE with MRI sensitivity, a promising tool for in vivo diagnostics and molecular imaging 1 5
2009-10-12 WCMC-Q program highlights the importance of mental health to overall physical health 0 None
2009-10-12 Women who take fertility drugs are at greater risk to develop thyroid cancer 0 None
2009-10-12 Canary Foundation to implement biosensor technologies for early cancer detection 0 None
2009-10-12 Study shows the impact of blood cell development on human diseases 0 None
2009-10-11 Three hundred participants sought for world-first study to determine shared biological basis for psychotic illnesses 0 None
2009-10-09 Controlled trial comparing Bevacizumab to Ranibizumab finds no difference in efficacy 0 None
2009-10-09 CREON Delayed-Release Capsules improves fat absorption in patients with Cystic Fibrosis 0 5
2009-10-09 Manual microdissection to remove biopsy cavities from breast cancer specimens essential 0 None
2009-10-09 SCAA to host Survivor Celebration event to mark SCA Awareness Month 0 5
2009-10-09 Breast cancer misinformation prevalent among U.S. young women; promotes unnecessary fears 0 None
2009-10-09 NIH grant to the University of Central Florida to conduct research on aphasia 0 None
2009-10-09 Overweight children and youth are just as active, but spend more time in front of TV 0 None
2009-10-09 Calcium to cure cardiovascular problems 0 None
2009-10-09 Keep oral health in mind during Thanksgiving Day 0 None
2009-10-09 Bicycling is a way to fight Parkinson's disease for an 81-year old patient 0 None
2009-10-09 Hispanic children with brain tumors rarely get high-quality treatment than other children: Study 0 None
2009-10-09 Program on protecting and preserving reproductive health 0 None
2009-10-09 Uvopalatopharyngoplasty surgery is effective for treating sleep apnea disorder 0 None
2009-10-09 HealthHelp to provide radiation oncology management on national scale 0 4
2009-10-09 Number of doses, delivery system and setting impact radiation price tag 0 None
2009-10-09 TargetEx to be the coordinator for CancerGrid consortium 0 None
2009-10-09 Three minutes a day to improve posture and spinal health 0 None
2009-10-09 Fight against obesity and heart disease gets new boost from public sector and industry 1 None
2009-10-09 New technique developed to assess individual's risk for type 1 diabetes 0 None
2009-10-09 TGen selected to conduct cancer experiments using advanced computer simulations 0 None
2009-10-09 Plexxikon commences patient dosing in PLX3397 Phase 1 clinical trial 0 None
2009-10-09 NHLBI grants for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and blood disorders 0 None
2009-10-09 Cold Spring Publishing releases new oncology publication for nurse practitioners 0 None
2009-10-09 Manchester scientists test radioimmunotherapy in early phase clinical trials 0 None
2009-10-09 Burnham Institute officially dedicates its new research facility at Lake Nona 1 None
2009-10-09 Refurbished pacemakers: No complications for patients 0 None
2009-10-09 Applied Neurosolutions provides update regarding its blood-based Alzheimer’s test 0 None
2009-10-09 Gluten-free diet leads to complete recovery of bone mineralization in CD affected children 0 None
2009-10-09 Researchers to develop new technique to detect tuberculosis in developing countries 0 None
2009-10-09 Aging of the immune system coincides with higher rates of cancer in the elderly 0 None
2009-10-09 Therapeutic hypothermia after CPR improves survival and lessens brain damage 0 5
2009-10-09 Research rules out link between MMR vaccines and autism 3 2.5
2009-10-09 Digestive Health Outcomes Registry for patients with GI disease 0 None
2009-10-09 Destructive immune cells gain access to insulin-producing cells and help cause diabetes 0 None
2009-10-09 University of Guam receives NIH grant to determine causes of cancer disparities 0 None
2009-10-09 Destination Cellars supports skin cancer awareness campaign 0 None
2009-10-09 Exercise offers significant health benefits for patients with chronic kidney dysfunction 0 None
2009-10-09 New findings on genetic disorder may lead to better treatment of inflammatory bowel disease 0 None
2009-10-09 New findings highlight potential role of copper in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-10-09 Premature aging of immune system develops amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 5
2009-10-08 Angiochem to announce clinical study results of ANG1005 drug 0 None
2009-10-08 IntrinsiQ President joins a panel of top oncologists to discuss implementation of clinical pathways 0 None
2009-10-08 Keryx Biopharmaceuticals commences Phase 2 clinical study evaluating KRX-0401 for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 0 None
2009-10-08 Epitope spreading can get triggered by live, attenuated Listeria vaccine 0 None
2009-10-08 BioDelivery Sciences' partner Meda to launch ONSOLIS for managing breakthrough pain 0 None
2009-10-08 Kaiser Permanente launches osteoporosis prevention campaign 1 5
2009-10-08 New Everyware Medical Gateway solution to remotely monitor treatment for diabetic patients 0 None
2009-10-08 Macuclear and Mystic announce groundbreaking results from Phase Ib Clinical Trial for Macular Degeneration 0 None
2009-10-08 Human stem cells advance cancer vaccine research 0 None
2009-10-08 New Leaf Brands' initiative to find cure for MS, will sponsor a participating team for bike ride event 0 None
2009-10-08 Team PHLY to play against 'Big 5' to raise money for American Cancer Society 0 None
2009-10-08 Elderly cancer patients need custom-made treatment to combat the disease 0 None
2009-10-08 Clinical and health status outcomes information repository of heart attack patients completed 0 None
2009-10-08 Mitraclip is an experimental and controversial procedure, says heart specialist 1 None
2009-10-08 Ipsen and Spirogen sign new licensing agreement for development of SJG-136 anticancer agent 0 None
2009-10-08 Quest Diagnostics' DNA testing for gene variants help improve outcomes for stent recipients 0 None
2009-10-08 BUSM researchers identify genes that influence the onset age of Parkinson's Disease 0 None
2009-10-08 New results support rapid blood pressure treatment for patients with hemorrhagic stroke 0 5
2009-10-08 Researchers find link between obesity and common mental disorders 0 None
2009-10-08 Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research to study vision impairment and blindness 0 None
2009-10-08 AMAG Pharmaceuticals to present three abstracts at ASN Renal Week meeting 0 None
2009-10-08 PP5 enzyme decrease in neurons can cause cell death in Alzheimer's disease patients 0 None
2009-10-08 Study discusses possible genetic effects of radiation and cancer drug exposures on future generations 0 None
2009-10-08 Multi-center Lung Genomics Research Consortium to study fatal lung diseases 0 None
2009-10-08 Researchers to analyze role of air pollution in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2009-10-08 Antidotes effective for treating acute liver failure patients in early stages of disease 0 None
2009-10-08 Obesity and diabetes-2 increase the risk of serious health problems and reduce quality of life 0 None
2009-10-08 Complications of otitis media: Evolving trends in children 0 None
2009-10-08 New study finds rare type of head and neck cancer caused by HPV 0 None
2009-10-08 Triple therapy may benefit patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0 None
2009-10-08 Cancer Genome Atlas funds study for analysis and interpretation of tumor genetic data 0 None
2009-10-08 Researchers succeed in engineering human tissue patches from stem cells 0 None
2009-10-08 Johns Hopkins researchers identify several genetic links to autism 0 None
2009-10-08 New mechanism of bone formation may help fight osteoporosis 0 None
2009-10-08 Study suggest childhood cancer survivors are less likely to get married 0 None
2009-10-08 Researchers identify tumor-suppressing genes to diagnose the phase of laryngeal cancer 0 None
2009-10-08 CHEO researchers identify protein that inhibits insulin production 0 None
2009-10-08 New study to assess the risk of heart disease in diabetics 0 None
2009-10-08 CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium to honor two leading breast cancer researchers 0 None
2009-10-08 Pfizer-FRSQ Innovation Fund supports genetic study of inflammatory bowel disease and cancer 0 None
2009-10-08 Joslin Diabetes Center and Diabetica Research Solutions join to raise diabetes awareness 0 None
2009-10-08 NHLBI awards $11 million to research on the biology of two fatal lung diseases 0 None
2009-10-08 HHS awards a five-year $2 million grant to BayCare Behavioral Health 0 None
2009-10-08 Overweight individuals at greater risk of having SDB 0 None
2009-10-08 Family and population based approaches sheds new light on the potential roles of common and rare forms of human genetic variation 0 1
2009-10-08 Coeliac disease patients at risk of osteoporosis 0 None
2009-10-08 Ethnicity plays a significant role in non-small cell lung cancer genetics: Study 0 None
2009-10-08 DATATRAK International to evaluate treatment of peripheral vascular disease 0 None
2009-10-08 Antioxidants can contribute to early onset of Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2009-10-08 Entest BioMedical applies for Phase II grant from National Cancer Institute 0 5
2009-10-08 World Sight Day to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment 0 None
2009-10-08 Aflac raises $1.16 million through a grant campaign for pediatric cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-08 NIH grants over $3.8 million to Asuragen 0 None
2009-10-08 MENA's diabetes action plan to improve the prevention, treatment and care of diabetes 0 None
2009-10-08 NCI awards $11.5 million grant to UAB for cervical cancer research 0 None
2009-10-07 Relypsa commences patient enrollment in Phase 2b clinical trial of RLY5016 for treating hyperkalemia 0 None
2009-10-07 NCI awards BioMarker Strategies a SBIR contract to develop its SnapPath live-tumor-cell testing system 0 None
2009-10-07 Zelos Therapeutics commences patient dosing of ZT-034 for treating osteoporosis 0 None
2009-10-07 New lung cancer pathways discovered using computer modeling 0 None
2009-10-07 Help Group Summit 2009 on autism, learning disabilities and ADHD 0 None
2009-10-07 Arizona Heart Institute partners with Arizona Research Center for the advancement of cardiovascular therapies 0 None
2009-10-07 New report on the relationship between secondhand smoke and heart disease 0 None
2009-10-07 Idera Pharmaceuticals commences phase 1 IMO-2125 clinical trial for chronic HCV infection 0 None
2009-10-07 Shire publishes efficacy study results of FOSRENOL and Renagel 0 None
2009-10-07 Electrostimulation techniques for osteoarthritis still unclear 0 None
2009-10-07 Panel Intelligence expands patient focused market research service 0 None
2009-10-07 HDSA honors outstanding contributors against Huntington's Disease 0 None
2009-10-07 Brain injuries in Ontario's construction industry are highest in August and October 0 None
2009-10-07 Hydrogen Advertising partners with National MS Society to create new programs for MS affected people 0 None
2009-10-07 Autism rates among U.S. children is one in 91, says new report 0 4.8
2009-10-07 FDA provides Genzyme a complete response letter for Clolar NDA 0 None
2009-10-07 More studies needed to compare the efficacy of different biologic drugs for RA, say researchers 0 None
2009-10-07 New tool to help reduce cost and time factors for colonoscopies 0 None
2009-10-07 Physical activity during adolescence decreases risk of glioma 0 None
2009-10-07 Opioid drugs may not be effective for osteoarthritis 0 5
2009-10-07 California Center for Cardiothoracic Surgery: A destination for diagnosing and treating lung cancer 0 None
2009-10-07 Clinical trial of gene transfer therapy for advanced Parkinson's disease 0 None
2009-10-07 Study: Patients experience sleep apnea after opharyngeal cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-07 Cochrane Systematic Review finds Abatacept effective against rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-10-07 Clinical Genomics extends collaboration with CSIRO 0 None
2009-10-07 New ultrasound probe effective for treating kidney stones 0 2
2009-10-07 Skin cancer patients may benefit from smaller surgical margins 0 None
2009-10-07 IDF announces new social networking online website for people with PIDD 0 None
2009-10-07 Combination of leukemia and breast cancer drugs inhibits cancer progression 0 None
2009-10-07 Award-winning GWTG hospitals have lower mortality rates for heart attack and heart failure patients: Study 1 None
2009-10-07 Stereotactic Radiosurgery for metastatic brain tumors reduces risks of learning and memory problems 0 None
2009-10-07 NIDCR announces research and technology grants to support new Facebase Consortium 0 None
2009-10-07 Repros announces results of its Androxal efficacy study for secondary hypogonadism 1 None
2009-10-07 Diuretics effective as second-line agents in treating high blood pressure 0 5
2009-10-07 Research must focus on discovering potential causes and treatments for Bell's palsy 0 5
2009-10-07 HRT may increase urinary incontinence in postmenopausal women 0 None
2009-10-07 Scientists create new technology to improve detection of leukemia cells in bone marrow 0 None
2009-10-07 Jobless individuals are four times as likely as employed to report depression 0 None
2009-10-07 Low levels of ROS might protect us from diabetes, says study 0 None
2009-10-07 New findings on Alzheimer's disease suggest a possible way for treatment 0 5
2009-10-07 Merz publishes Phase III study results assessing the impact of NT 201 on muscle tone 0 None
2009-10-07 B-vitamin supplements do not prevent heart attack 0 None
2009-10-07 More research required to determine efficacy of Chinese herbal medicines in preventing diabetes 1 None
2009-10-07 Aerobic and strength training exercises safe and effective for rheumatoid arthritis patients 0 None
2009-10-07 Cardiorespiratory training can improve walking in stroke patients 0 None
2009-10-07 Primary care providers should screen all adults for depression: ACPM 0 None
2009-10-07 Biovail provides update on its Phase III program with pimavanserin for Parkinson’s disease psychosis 0 None
2009-10-07 $16 million federal stimulus funds establish Seattle as national hub for cancer research 0 None
2009-10-06 Cognitive behavioral therapy effective for bulimia and binge eating disorders 0 None
2009-10-06 FDA provides 510(k) clearance for Boston Scientific's WallFlex Biliary RX covered stents 0 None
2009-10-06 US Army grants BioDelivery Sciences $1.3M for investigating Bioral Amphotericin B 0 None
2009-10-06 AVANIR's STAR trial Phase III data to be presented at the World Congress on Controversies in Neurology 0 None
2009-10-06 pDCs promote growth and survival of malignant myeloma cells 0 None
2009-10-06 iMedicor to market Access Pharmaceuticals' MuGard in North America 0 None
2009-10-06 U.S. market for diabetes drugs, devices and monitoring systems to reach over $55 billion by 2016 0 5
2009-10-06 Resveratrol may help improve diet-induced diabetes 0 4.5
2009-10-06 Scientists expand their fleet of genomic next-generation sequencing technology to study about cancer 0 None
2009-10-06 Fat and muscle mass may contribute to diabetes risk 0 4
2009-10-06 The latest medication to treat schizophrenia "ABILIFY" launched in Canada 4 3.4
2009-10-06 Triage NGAL Test allows early identification of AKI in ICU patients 0 None
2009-10-06 FDA Advisory Committee approves Peginterferon alfa-2b for treating metastatic melanoma 0 None
2009-10-06 16 Canadian students living with chronic illness to receive UCBeyond Scholarships 0 None
2009-10-06 Kennedy Krieger Institute announces the results of largest ever twin study of ASDs 1 None
2009-10-06 OncoGenex' OGX-011 receives additional FDA Fast Track Designation for treating metastatic prostate cancer 0 5
2009-10-06 Brain study of people with psychopathic personality disorder 0 None
2009-10-06 Premera Blue Cross supports cancer diagnostics study 0 None
2009-10-06 Pepsico's initiative to reduce obesity, joins HWCF 0 None
2009-10-06 Ventilation mask leakage may contaminate hospital setting 0 None
2009-10-06 New embolization technique offers better clinical outcomes in the treatment of liver cancer 0 None
2009-10-06 Campaign for breast cancer awareness 0 None
2009-10-06 New findings reinforce the urgency of autism as a major global public health crisis 0 None
2009-10-06 Telephone program to mange depression offers significant benefits at moderate increase in costs: Study 0 None
2009-10-06 NIH awards $2 million grant to fight Neurofibromatosis type 2 disease 0 None
2009-10-06 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center receives 60 research grants totaling nearly $40.4 million 0 None
2009-10-06 Eating Recovery Center expands inpatient facilites to meet increased demand 0 None
2009-10-06 New wallet-sized card for detecting and monitoring concussions 0 None
2009-10-06 Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy causes sudden cardiac death in children and young adults 1 None
2009-10-06 Restrictions on fast-food chain restaurants unlikely to reduce obesity: Study 0 None
2009-10-06 Direct Flow Medical releases clinical results of its new Percutaneous Aortic Valve System 0 None
2009-10-06 Government of Alberta reimburses first medication to improve vision and restore quality of life 0 None
2009-10-06 Boston Scientific begins patient enrollments for MADIT-RIT clinical trial 0 None
2009-10-06 Researchers identify novel circulation within human eye that provides new insight into glaucoma 0 None
2009-10-06 IAN Project launches the Grandparents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Survey 0 None
2009-10-06 Individuals who follow the Mediterranean dietary pattern at reduced risk to develop depression: Study 0 None
2009-10-06 Virgin HealthMiles' Pay-for-Prevention approach aims to reduce U.S. obesity rates 0 None
2009-10-06 Framingham Heart Study receives $1M grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 0 None
2009-10-06 Two-thirds of tonsil tumour samples show evidence of HPV-16 gene: Study 0 None
2009-10-06 ThromboGenics presents Phase IIa microplasmin intravitreal injection trial results at the ASRS conference 0 None
2009-10-06 Absence of certain proteins for proper cell duplication can lead to cancer 0 None
2009-10-06 Scientists identify new interference method to target cancer cells 0 5
2009-10-06 Sit-and-reach test to gauge age-related arterial stiffness 1 5
2009-10-06 Schering-Plough receives FDA recommendation approval for PEGINTRON 0 4
2009-10-06 Gilbert Hospital to provide renal dialysis services 0 None
2009-10-06 FDA's Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee recommends approval of GlaxoSmithKline's VOTRIENT 0 None
2009-10-06 Group Health Research Institute to receive federal stimulus funds from ARRA 0 None
2009-10-06 Depression leads to elevated inflammatory proteins in the human body: Study 0 None
2009-10-06 Pico-Tesla commences Phase III clinical trial its Resonator system for treating Parkinson’s disease 0 None
2009-10-06 General Mills launches Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation to address obesity 0 None
2009-10-06 Drivers with Parkinson's disease at greater risk of crashes on foggy days 0 None
2009-10-06 New journal on cancer biology and genetics 0 None
2009-10-06 Butler Hospital leads clinical study for effectiveness and safety of DBS for OCD 0 None
2009-10-06 ResMed announces acquisition of Laboratoires Narval 0 5
2009-10-06 Campbell Soup's initiative to help reduce obesity 0 None
2009-10-06 Eat strawberries to improve cholesterol levels 0 None
2009-10-06 $16 million federal stimulus funds for cancer research projects 0 None
2009-10-06 Pomegranate juice beneficial for patients with elevated cardiovascular disease risk factors: Study 0 5
2009-10-06 Guided Therapeutics awarded $2.5M NCI grant for marketing LightTouch technology 0 None
2009-10-06 Antibiotic minocycline may be used for treatment of strokes: Study 0 None
2009-10-05 Uncontrolled maternal asthma during pregnancy increases the likelihood of the child developing asthma 0 None
2009-10-05 Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca receive marketing authorisation for ONGLYZA in Europe 0 None
2009-10-05 CSL Behring - Canada Research Chair to develop therapies for treating bleeding and immune system disorders 0 None
2009-10-05 ArQule completes patient enrollment in ARQ 197 Phase 2 trial for non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2009-10-05 Alnara to announce Phase 3 study results of liprotamase for treating cystic fibrosis at the 23rd NACFC 0 None
2009-10-05 Supportive housing program is cost-effective option for people with mental illness 0 None
2009-10-05 VIVUS to present data on Qnexa at The Obesity Society meeting 0 None
2009-10-05 FDA grants Impax tentative approval of ANDA for FLOMAX generic version 0 None
2009-10-05 Positive results from Peregrine's Phase II bavituximab trial for non-small cell lung cancer 0 5
2009-10-05 avVaa World Health Care Products launches Neuroskin Psoriasis Relief DRTV media test campaign 0 None
2009-10-05 Seattle Genetics discontinues its SeaGen MARINER clinical trial for large B-cell lymphoma 0 None
2009-10-05 ImThera Medical launches the aura6000 neurostimulation system for treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea 0 None
2009-10-05 Positive results from Depomed's Phase 3 clinical trial of DM-1796 for postherpetic neuralgia 0 None
2009-10-05 GSK reports positive Phase II results from trial evaluating GSK1838262 for post-herpetic neuralgia 0 None
2009-10-05 Surgeon Spotlight Series showcases interview with top orthopaedic surgeons 0 5
2009-10-05 Survey finds majority of Americans are at risk of heart disease due to their lifestyle factor 0 None
2009-10-05 Autistic patients have underlying medical disorders that are amenable to treatment 0 5
2009-10-05 Fifth SEEM anniversary meeting to be held in Belgrade 0 None
2009-10-05 Prostate cancer and its influence on men's daily lives 0 None
2009-10-05 Registry to help patients in need of bone marrow transplants 0 None
2009-10-05 JCA-Mauvernay Award presented to Dr Toshikazu Ushijima for his research in oncology 0 None
2009-10-05 National experts to address epilepsy disorder 0 None
2009-10-05 Younger patients have increased risk for additional ACL surgery 0 5
2009-10-05 Second annual Hispanic Radiothon to help children with cancer and other deadly diseases 0 None
2009-10-05 Combination of medications and light therapy effective against head and neck cancers 0 None
2009-10-05 Study identifies new genes associated with head and neck cancer 0 None
2009-10-05 Patients with chronic rhinosinusitis also suffer from asthma and hypertension 0 None
2009-10-05 GI tract conditions can occur in sleep apnea patients 0 None
2009-10-05 Study reveals that most patients in an inner city pediatric voice clinic suffer from hoarseness 0 None
2009-10-05 Non-invasive imaging technique can aid in diagnosing tinnitus 0 None
2009-10-05 The Lewin Group issues recommendations to overcome barriers obstructing the lupus drug development 0 None
2009-10-05 New genetic alteration can cause familial cancers 0 None
2009-10-05 Patients suffering from allergic rhinitis experience escalated symptoms of stress and fatigue 0 None
2009-10-05 Chinese martial arts effective for patients with vestibular symptoms 0 None
2009-10-05 CIBC supports breast cancer initiative in Canada 0 4
2009-10-04 Study reveals the increasing demand for alternative medical therapies to treat CRS 0 None
2009-10-04 Researchers examine effects of curcumin on HNSCC growths 0 None
2009-10-03 Seattle Cancer Care Alliance launches TheDayIFoundOut website for cancer patients 0 None
2009-10-03 Bristol-Myers Squibb to present new data on BARACLUDE and other compounds at the AASLD 2009 0 None
2009-10-03 Study finds that visual impairment in T1D patients may be decreasing 0 None
2009-10-03 Retinoic acid may provide relief for ulcerative colitis 0 None
2009-10-03 6.5 percent of ACL reconstruction patients undergo second knee surgery 0 4
2009-10-03 CSPI sues Bayer for false claims on Men's One A Day multivitamins 0 None
2009-10-03 GeneMedRx software warns patients and physicians if tamoxifen benefit is at risk 0 5
2009-10-03 Falls are a major cause for eye injuries in the elderly 0 None
2009-10-03 New study shows that NovoMix 30 is effective for type 2 diabetes patients who are to start on insulin 0 3
2009-10-03 Clinical scientists call for a reform in clinical psychology training programs 0 None
2009-10-03 Bradycardia more likely in patients taking cholinesterase inhibitors 0 None
2009-10-03 Hip fracture patients more likely to be evaluated for osteoporosis than wrist fracture patients 0 None
2009-10-03 Researchers study the role of CHRNA3 and CHRNA5 genes in lung cancer 0 None
2009-10-03 Study finds an independent link between self-perceived psychological stress and stroke 0 None
2009-10-03 Few risks to babies born to parents who underwent cancer treatment in childhood: Study 0 None
2009-10-03 Study to determine vitamin D's effectiveness in pregnant women with asthma 0 None
2009-10-03 Household food insecurity contributes to overweight in children 0 None
2009-10-03 Construction of $50 million campus to address the crisis of a growing and aging population with autism begins 1 None
2009-10-03 Ontario government's promise regarding UV radiation from artificial tanning equipment not fulfilled 0 None
2009-10-03 New study reports PRP treatment and its use in sports medicine 1 5
2009-10-03 American Lung Association launches new smoking cessation campaign 0 None
2009-10-03 70% of Americans underestimate the seriousness of SCA 0 None
2009-10-03 Quest PharmaTech acquires immunotherapeutic antibody products from Paladin Labs 0 None
2009-10-03 Self-monitoring of blood glucose helps patients with diabetes to manage their disease better 0 None
2009-10-03 Sagent announces launch of vinorelbine injection 0 None
2009-10-03 Opening Minds launched to reduce stigma of mental illness 0 None
2009-10-03 MABIDA encourages parents and caregivers to understand warning signs for dyslexia 0 None
2009-10-03 Data for end-stage kidney disease in the United States available online 0 None
2009-10-03 Teens with chronic disease often have expensive, uncertain coverage 0 None
2009-10-03 IRSF awards $2M for research into a cure for Rett syndrome 0 None
2009-10-03 Research study reveals primary chemotherapy benefits 0 None
2009-10-03 Study finds link between allergic inflammation and nephropathy in men with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2009-10-03 Increase in omega-3 fatty acid levels can prevent strokes, according to research 0 None
2009-10-03 Nutra Pharma manufactures first commercial batch of Cobroxin 0 5
2009-10-03 FDA grants Fast Track designation to Corthera's relaxin for treating acute heart failure 0 None
2009-10-03 Eye treatment reimbursement change could cost Medicare millions 0 None
2009-10-03 Telik's announces positive results from Phase 1-2a TELCYTA-carboplatin-paclitaxel combination study 0 None
2009-10-03 American Kidney Fund to host national gala to support kidney care community 0 None
2009-10-03 Dapagliflozin with metformin reduces glycosylated hemoglobin level and body weight 1 None
2009-10-03 ALL initiative three-year clinical observational study results published 0 None
2009-10-03 Angelman Syndrome Foundation increases grant award for 2009 for AS research 0 None
2009-10-03 American Airlines' initiative to fight breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-03 61 institutions awarded grants for cancer research from American Cancer Society 0 None
2009-10-02 Array BioPharma to present poster on ARRY-403 glucokinase activator 0 2
2009-10-02 sNDA for Clonicel submitted to the FDA 0 None
2009-10-02 Clinical study results demonstrate the efficacy of AFRESA inhalation powder 0 None
2009-10-01 Mayo study reveals infliximab reduces the need for colectomy 0 None
2009-10-01 People with rare mutations of gene MUTYH at increased risk of bowel cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 New software to detect multiple sclerosis before brain damage occurs 0 None
2009-10-01 Orexigen's Empatic Phase 2b results demonstrate weight loss 0 None
2009-10-01 Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners to continue development of CPP-109 drug 0 None
2009-10-01 Clinical study results of prostate cancer patients treated with CyberKnife Radiosurgery released 0 None
2009-10-01 Women create nationwide movement to eradicate breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 Two-thirds of women say psoriasis negatively affects their overall emotional well-being 0 None
2009-10-01 Fast track assessment facilities can contribute to timely evaluation of lung malignancies 0 None
2009-10-01 Grand Opportunity grant to pursue "whole-genome" sequencing of patients with autism 0 None
2009-10-01 Provectus Pharmaceuticals commences Phase 1 study of PV-10 for liver cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 Intoxicated trauma patients have higher survial rates than sober patients: Study 0 5
2009-10-01 NIH awards $10.5 million grant for OCD treatment research 0 5
2009-10-01 Study links stress and stroke 0 None
2009-10-01 Progressive infantile scoliosis responds well to a series of casts: Study 0 None
2009-10-01 Promising results from Cell Therapeutics' phase II OPAXIO study for advanced esophageal cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 Rush University receives grants to study how epigenomic changes define cognitive decline 0 None
2009-10-01 Treatment of gestational diabetes benefits both infant and mother 0 None
2009-10-01 FASgen receives $1.4 million SBIR Phase II NIH grant for obesity research 0 None
2009-10-01 Cardiac experts study a new procedure to treat leaky heart valves 0 None
2009-10-01 Axiomed Spine Corporation receives Ferchill Partner Award for its medical innovation 0 None
2009-10-01 Disease of the heart and arteries remains major cause of mortality and morbidity in the Western World 0 None
2009-10-01 New research on brain and fear may help PTSD victims 0 None
2009-10-01 Researchers develop integrated treatment program for PTSD affected veterans 0 5
2009-10-01 POWER study results support the need to re-evaluate depression treatment in Ontario 0 None
2009-10-01 Consumption of fish has no major role in protection against heart failure 0 None
2009-10-01 Gamida Cell publishes article evaluating Stemex for leukemia and lymphoma 0 None
2009-10-01 Exercise may help reduce breast cancer risk 0 None
2009-10-01 Social environment plays vital role in breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 St. Mary Medical Center offers Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery treatment to fight cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 Annual campaign to help patients learn about, manage and prevent diabetes 0 None
2009-10-01 Pfeiffer Treatment Center opens new Alzheimer’s care center in Illinois 0 None
2009-10-01 Bristol-Myers announces availability of ERBITUX for metastatic colorectal cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-01 Patients with serious mental illness need to be treated for physical and mental health 0 None
2009-10-01 New medical breakthrough by Bioheart for treatment of patients with heart disorders 0 None
2009-10-01 Streptococcal infection does not cause OCD or Tourette syndrome, says study 0 None
2009-10-01 NCI and NHGRI collaborate to characterize genetic and genomic changes that occur in cancers 0 None
2009-10-01 New drug combination releives neuropathic pain and improves sleep 0 None
2009-10-01 New Pathways to Memory Program to improve cognitive function for patients with dementia 0 None
2009-10-01 Peanuts can help control obesity in children 0 None
2009-10-01 Alcoholism affects sleep even after long periods of abstinence for both men and women, says study 0 None
2009-10-01 Resverlogix RVX-208 exceeds expectations in Phase 1b/2a clinical trial 0 None
2009-10-01 Antidepressant amitriptyline works just as well as placebo for children with gastrointestinal disorders 0 2
2009-10-01 EMD Serono submits NDA for Cladribine Tablets in the U.S. 0 None
2009-10-01 Ardea's to present its hyperuricemia canditate study results at the ACR/ARHP Scientific Meeting 0 None
2009-10-01 Cost-effective screening test for coronary artery disease 0 None
2009-10-01 Participants seek depression treatment post initial screening, according to NDSD study 0 None
2009-10-01 PSA test vital for assessing prostate cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 Can-Fite BioPharma commences preparatory work for a Phase III trial with CF101 to treat Psoriasis 0 None
2009-10-01 Study reveals how kidney repair processes are controlled 0 None
2009-10-01 Scientists report new development for diagnosing malignant melanoma 0 None
2009-10-01 Respiragene test for lung cancer motivates smokers to quit smoking 0 None
2009-10-01 Less than half of men and women in Ontario with depression visit doctor for treatment 0 None


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