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2009-08-31 CLARIFY registry designed to increase knowledge and understanding of CAD was launched in 40 countries 0 None
2009-08-31 MabCure featured in the August edition of Biotechnology Focus magazine 0 4.5
2009-08-31 Health Net urges Americans to have their blood cholesterol measured 0 None
2009-08-31 Psychogenics and Astrazeneca sign agreement to identify new compounds for treating Central Nervous System disorders 0 None
2009-08-31 DYSlipidemia International Study results presented at the ESC congress 0 None
2009-08-31 Doxorubicin granted orphan drug designation by the FDA 0 None
2009-08-31 Varian Medical Systems unveils first low-energy radiotherapy system with image-guidance and RapidArc treatment capabilities 0 3
2009-08-30 Caltech neuroscientists emphasize on the neural mechanisms involved in social behaviour 0 None
2009-08-29 American Podiatric Medical Association refutes Arizona Congressman's statement 2 None
2009-08-29 Inhibitor Education Summits to address pertinent topics regarding hemophilia 0 None
2009-08-29 High dosage of ursodeoxycholic acid does not help PSC patients 0 4
2009-08-28 DaVita's nocturnal dialysis treatment allows patients to dialyze in-clinic while sleeping overnight 0 None
2009-08-28 Milestone reached in Biotie Wyeth collaboration for the development of PDE10 inhibitors for schizophrenia 0 None
2009-08-28 The Research Partnership study reveals that diabetes can have a major effect on people's lives 0 None
2009-08-28 Iowa researchers modify siRNA for impacting targeted cells in cancer treatment 0 None
2009-08-28 Springer signs agreement with The Endocrine Society to co-publish a new journal 0 None
2009-08-28 $11.5 million grant to Mayo Clinic Cancer Center to translate research into treatments for women with ovarian cancer 0 None
2009-08-28 Leicester research reveals the detrimental effects of Beta blockers on central aortic pressures 0 None
2009-08-28 New technology based on the Lombard effect for improving speech and voice in Parkinson's patients 0 None
2009-08-28 Arno Therapeutics to commence Phase 1 clinical study of AR-12 in adult patients with lymphoma 0 None
2009-08-28 $3 million grant to help Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center to continue cutting-edge research 1 None
2009-08-27 Research finds that people with psoriasis are less likely to react to looks of disgust by others 0 None
2009-08-27 Beta-blockers are less effective at preventing stroke in older people with high blood pressure 0 None
2009-08-27 New study of diabetes patients across five European countries launched by GfK Healthcare 0 None
2009-08-27 Study suspects involvement of PPAR-γ in gastric carcinogenesis 0 None
2009-08-27 New genetic mechanism to control body's fat-building process identified 0 5
2009-08-27 Kudzu vine root extracts may be developed as a dietary supplement for people with metabolic syndrome 0 5
2009-08-27 GI Dynamics to present additional results of mechanisms of actions clinical study 0 None
2009-08-27 Significant drop in prevalence of rheumatoid vasculitis between 2000 and 2001 0 None
2009-08-27 Prevention and eradication of FVIII antibodies could improve hemophilia treatment 0 None
2009-08-27 Wellness International Network's BioLean Free help fight obesity 0 None
2009-08-27 Ontario Expert Panel releases practical recommendations for couples facing adoption and infertility problems 0 5
2009-08-27 Angiotensin arrests lung tumor growth by inhibiting blood vessel formation 0 None
2009-08-27 Kansas City Cancer Center uses radiation therapy for cancer treatments 0 None
2009-08-27 Link between collagen deficiency and osteoarthritis found in mice 0 None
2009-08-27 Fight against brain tumor will result in greater awareness and positive outcomes 0 None
2009-08-27 Muscular thighs protect women from developing symptomatic knee osteoarthritis 0 None
2009-08-27 New technique for diabetes treatment may be in the offing 0 None
2009-08-27 More than 22,000 Americans expected to be diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2009 0 None
2009-08-26 Patients with Phenylketonuria face increased risk of developing severe neurological complications 0 1
2009-08-26 CP Family Network's guide helps parents find resouces for their children with Cerebral Palsy 0 None
2009-08-26 Important development in the treatment of multiple sclerosis 2 4
2009-08-26 Study reveals benefits of balloon dilation to heart patients with moderately impaired renal function 0 None
2009-08-26 HealthCore study reports that oral controllers provide better clinical outcomes for asthma patients 0 None
2009-08-26 Clinical study results of USANA Health Sciences products published in the Obesity and Weight Management journal 4 3
2009-08-26 Studies suggest that serrated polyps can be precursors of colon cancers 0 None
2009-08-26 Virginia Tech researchers to help pre-diabetic adults begin resistance training for preventing diabetes 0 None
2009-08-26 Task Force guidelines to improve identification and treatment of high BP among young people 0 None
2009-08-26 Kinase inhibitors can arrest growth of cancer cells at early stages 0 None
2009-08-26 The Society of Chest Pain Centers announces a new grant program to encourage clinical research 0 None
2009-08-26 Racial/ethnic disparities in clinically confirmed outcomes of heart and stroke surgeries 0 None
2009-08-26 Scientists develop new technology that helps Parkinson's patients to overcome speech problems 0 None
2009-08-25 Rates of hip fracture decline in Canada 0 None
2009-08-25 Venlafaxine alleviates depressive symptoms 0 None
2009-08-25 Awareness campaign on sun protection by Portland dermatologists at the LPGA Safeway Classic 0 None
2009-08-25 Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy and Ohio Caresource collaborate to develop Chronic Kidney Disease treatment 0 None
2009-08-25 Department of Veterans Affairs to simplify rules for PSTD compensation claimants 0 None
2009-08-25 Report assessing school-based policies that address the health of students released by AAFA 0 None
2009-08-25 Avacor teams up with HopeCuts and Team Continuum to provide help for cancer patients 0 None
2009-08-25 Soft drinks are not a risk factor for negative health outcomes: American Beverage Association 0 None
2009-08-25 UCLA finds link between high cholesterol and osteoporosis 2 5
2009-08-24 The Center for Health Value Innovation to support the National Diabetes Goal 0 None
2009-08-24 People with high diastolic blood pressure more likely to have cognitive impairment 0 None
2009-08-24 Fresenius Medical Care's Patient Travel Service to provide free dialysis scheduling assistance to travelling patients 2 None
2009-08-24 Prescient Medical's vProtect(TM) Luminal Shield Stent System receives CE Mark approval for treating heart disorders 0 None
2009-08-24 Primary cilia can suppress or promote skin cancer 0 None
2009-08-24 PETA's billboard campaign promoting vegetarianism opposed by The Obesity Society 0 None
2009-08-24 New technique may help clinicians in diagnosing pleural effusion 0 None
2009-08-24 Tiny filaments extending from cells may play a role in common malignant brain tumors 0 None
2009-08-24 Diabetics can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by increasing vitamin D levels 2 5
2009-08-24 Recently diagnosed young adults with blood-related cancers have better long-term survival rates 0 None
2009-08-24 High serum insulin levels linked with increased risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2009-08-24 Dominique Wilkins urges seniors to undergo diabetes screening test 0 None
2009-08-24 Research study links partial epilepsy to the disruption of brain development during early childhood 0 None
2009-08-24 Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission announces annual award ceremony in Georgia, USA 0 None
2009-08-24 New minimally invasive surgery techniques and instruments reduce tissue damage and infection 0 None
2009-08-24 Discovery of genetic biomarkers enable targeted personalised medication for Colorectal cancer 0 5
2009-08-24 CIGNA Health Awareness Tour team to help raise money and awareness for cancer prevention 0 None
2009-08-21 PTSD could be treated with Craniosacral therapy according to a research study 2 4.5
2009-08-21 Bronchial asthma screening procedure for preschoolers still unreliable 0 2
2009-08-21 Exhaled nitric oxide needs to be measured in asthma patients 0 None
2009-08-21 Wheat-free diet reduces the incidence of diabetes 0 None
2009-08-20 PETA asked to end its campaign promoting vegetarianism by OAC 0 4
2009-08-20 Managing Myeloma educational website launches forum to encourage oncology nurses to discuss myeloma challenges 0 5
2009-08-19 Brits risk late cancer diagnosis because of poor symptom awareness 0 None
2009-08-19 Survey aims to better understand daily needs of unpaid caregivers of people with diabetes 0 None
2009-08-19 Brain's motor and perception regions disconnected in tone-deaf people 0 None
2009-08-19 Cost of physician reimbursement for diabetic leg amputations misconstrued 0 None
2009-08-19 American Asthma Foundation awards $750,000 to Dr.Charles Zuker 0 None
2009-08-18 Mediterranean-type diet and exercise lowers Alzheimer's risk 0 4
2009-08-18 Shire starts two adult ADHD outreach programs 0 None
2009-08-18 Sleep apnea increases chances of dying 1 None
2009-08-18 Smoking increases risk for brain shrinkage in multiple sclerosis 0 None
2009-08-16 Cognitive behavioral therapy improves sleep and pain in osteoarthritis 0 5
2009-08-16 New target for Alzheimer's disease 0 2
2009-08-16 Keeping asthma under control 0 1
2009-08-14 New study suggests possible genetic link between environmental toxins and myeloma 1 1.5
2009-08-14 Researchers study sleep paralysis 0 None
2009-08-13 How to stop osteoarthritis pain 0 None
2009-08-13 Smell and taste disorders can be treated 1 5
2009-08-13 Discovery of possible genetic link between environmental toxins and bone disease in multiple myeloma 0 5
2009-08-12 New nutrition practice guidelines for patients with spinal cord injury 0 5
2009-08-12 Massage therapy eases sickle cell disease pain in children 0 None
2009-08-12 Oxygen treatment may speed memory loss associated with Alzheimer's 0 None
2009-08-12 Education impacts cognitive function in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-08-11 Discovery of genetic mutations that increase risk of schizophrenia 0 None
2009-08-11 Mediterranean diet associated with reduced Alzheimer’s risk 0 None
2009-08-11 Experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis reverses disorder in mice 0 5
2009-08-11 Discovery of a genetic mutation underlying late-onset Leigh syndrome 1 None
2009-08-11 Cases of depression and other mental illnesses nearly doubled between 1996 and 2006 0 None
2009-08-11 New class of molecules capable of blocking formation of tau protein fibrils 0 None
2009-08-11 Research shows how schizophrenia works in the brain 0 5
2009-08-11 Insulin and type 2 diabetes - fears are largely unfounded 1 None
2009-08-11 Governor Rendell stresses need for critical funding for autism services 0 None
2009-08-10 Metabolic bone disease in cirrhosis patients 0 None
2009-08-10 New hope for sufferers of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency 0 None
2009-08-10 Discovery of gene that may play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes 0 None
2009-08-10 Discovery of gene linked to maturity-onset diabetes of the young 0 None
2009-08-10 Short sleep times linked to increased diabetes risk 0 None
2009-08-10 Gallbladder emptying in primary sclerosing cholangitis patients 0 None
2009-08-10 Launch of national colon cancer awareness campaign 0 None
2009-08-10 H5N1 avian influenza leaves people at increased risk for Parkinson's disease 0 None
2009-08-10 Improved management reduces mortality rates in endocarditis 0 None
2009-08-09 Unlikely genetic suspect implicated in Dandy-Walker malformation 0 5
2009-08-06 Stroke doubles patients' risk of breaking a hip or femur 0 None
2009-08-06 Psoriasis sufferers at risk for other medical conditions 1 None
2009-08-06 U.S. takes on challenge to fight obesity 0 None
2009-08-05 Tips to avoid heat stroke 0 5
2009-08-05 Discovery of novel function of hormone found in gut that may lower glucose levels in diabetes 0 None
2009-08-04 Set-shifting and the on-line processing of relative clauses in Parkinson's Disease 0 None
2009-08-04 Depression and inflammation linked to rheumatoid arthritis pain 0 None
2009-08-04 Eye movements of Parkinson’s disease patients during sentence comprehension support subcortical role in processing syntax 0 None
2009-08-03 Insurance and a medical provider is not enough to improve asthma control 0 None
2009-08-03 New function for missing protein in Duchenne muscular dystrophy found 0 5
2009-08-03 Metformin associated with reduced risk of pancreatic cancer in diabetics 0 None


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