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RSSArchived Medical Condition News Stories - February 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-02-28 Precise immune disturbances leading to Coeliac disease: More insight 0 None
2010-02-27 Brain cancer awareness: 55-year-old cycles across USA 0 3
2010-02-27 Unexplained, sudden anemia: Brown recluse spider bite 0 4
2010-02-27 Kidney Cancer Canada: Survival, support, understanding, research and hope 0 5
2010-02-27 Cotton thread as core material in 'lab-on-chip' devices to detect kidney failure and diabetes 0 None
2010-02-27 Assisting people with disabilities during emergency or disaster situations: New training materials 1 None
2010-02-27 Researchers develop noninvasive infrared scanning system to diagnose melanomas 0 None
2010-02-27 Fear of increased tobacco industry influence over policymakers due to business-friendly 'Better Regulation' reforms 0 None
2010-02-27 Blacks less likely to know they have atrial fibrillation or about use of warfarin 0 None
2010-02-27 University of Michigan Health System opens new facility for eye care, diabetes research 0 None
2010-02-27 Minimally-invasive procedure as effective as gold standard for treating carotid artery blockages: Study 0 None
2010-02-27 Thomas Jefferson University Hospital CLP receives Outstanding Performance Award 0 None
2010-02-27 Stroke incidence and treatment: Racial and geographic disparities 0 None
2010-02-27 Phadia AB plans to provide access for specialists to peanut allergen components 0 None
2010-02-27 UAMS researchers identify age-related mechanism as primary cause of osteoporosis 0 None
2010-02-27 For people who carry common gene variants, smoking increases risk of aneurysm 0 None
2010-02-27 African-Americans more likely to have highest stroke rate compared with Caucasians 1 None
2010-02-27 Overall incidence of stroke, heart attack and death similar in carotid endarterectomy and stenting procedures 0 None
2010-02-27 CREST stroke prevention trial: Seminal and robust 0 None
2010-02-27 MLL cancer cells rely on normal protein to proliferate 0 None
2010-02-27 Acculis' new device for destroying unwanted tissues receives European CE Mark clearance 0 None
2010-02-27 Chronic stroke impairment: Intensive, repetitive rehabilitation exercises may benefit arms, legs and cognitive function 0 5
2010-02-27 Shire receives marketing approval from FDA for VPRIV 0 None
2010-02-27 Neurogenesis linked to drug addiction and relapse 0 4
2010-02-27 Synta Pharmaceuticals presents preclinical and clinical data of Hsp90 inhibitor STA-9090 0 None
2010-02-27 NIH awards $3M grant to VCU Massey Cancer Center to develop test to measure health literacy of cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-27 Federal officials focus on radiation practices at Florida clinic; Medical scan makers announce new efforts to prevent mistakes 0 None
2010-02-27 Dabigatran as effective as warfarin in preventing subsequent strokes among atrial fibrillation patients 0 5
2010-02-27 Cancer researchers assess PCI-32765 drug that targets molecular abnormalities of lymphoma cells 0 None
2010-02-27 Prevention of recurrent strokes: Antiplatelet drug cilostazol effective and safer than aspirin 0 5
2010-02-26 Gene signature may help identify risk of colon cancer recurrence 0 None
2010-02-26 Carotid artery stenting and carotid endarterectomy equally safe and effective for people at risk for stroke 0 None
2010-02-26 Gaucher disease: FDA approves VPRIV 0 None
2010-02-26 CAMH signs licensing agreement with US-based Athena Diagnostics to market new genetic test 0 None
2010-02-26 Vion Pharmaceuticals' Onrigin SPA: FDA responds 0 None
2010-02-26 Arena Pharmaceuticals' lorcaserin NDA: FDA assigns PDUFA date 0 None
2010-02-26 Notch-blocking drug effective against brain cancer stem cells, but more than one targeted attack needed 0 None
2010-02-26 Widely used biomarkers in early detection of liver cancer are not ideal: Study 0 1
2010-02-26 Larynx preservation using chemotherapy followed by radiation is effective treatment: Study 0 None
2010-02-26 UCLA School of Nursing selects CytoCore's PadKit Collection Kit for comparative cytology study of cervical cancer 0 None
2010-02-26 Fragility fractures: 'Own the Bone' program for enhancing prevention and treatment 0 None
2010-02-26 Prevention of heart attacks: Resveratrol appears to exhibit broader action than aspirin 0 None
2010-02-26 Genoptix to participate in Aetna's national provider network to offer laboratory and diagnostic services 0 None
2010-02-26 Integrative oncology program aims to address cancer patients' needs from every angle 0 None
2010-02-26 Researchers develop new technique to reduce acrylamide in French fries 0 None
2010-02-26 Evolving sex disparity in midlife stroke prevalence: Further study needed 0 None
2010-02-26 Rapid, multiplexed genotyping method to identify SNPs that affect warfarin dose developed 0 None
2010-02-26 Nanotechnology to tackle side effects and drug resistance in treatment of cancer 0 None
2010-02-26 Combining DCP and AFP biomarkers may improve early detection of liver cancer 0 None
2010-02-26 Paralysis from a stroke: Rare nerve transfer improves mobility 0 4
2010-02-26 Massaging advanced cancer patients for 14 minutes can reduce stress: Study 0 None
2010-02-26 Genetic factors influence likelihood of developing PTSD 0 None
2010-02-26 Intracranial stenting, intra-arterial tPA more effective than other urgent ischemic stroke treatments 0 None
2010-02-26 Over 600 programs for Aboriginal Canadians with diabetes at risk of being shut, renewed federal funding needed 0 None
2010-02-26 MetLife Foundation Awards for Medical Research in Alzheimer's Disease: Four scientists honored 0 None
2010-02-26 Comprehensive development strategy yields two potential drugs that block cancer-promoting pathways 0 None
2010-02-26 SNI clinical study using ultrasound for treatment of ICH and IVH presented at International Stroke Conference 0 5
2010-02-26 Teva Pharmaceutical announces clinical study results of Copaxone in RRMS patients 0 None
2010-02-26 Locally advanced sinonasal malignancies: Proton beam radiation therapy promising 0 None
2010-02-26 Schizophrenia: Insight into late development of symptoms 0 None
2010-02-26 Heel pain continues to be the most common reason patients seek care, say foot and ankle surgeons 0 None
2010-02-26 Surgeons perform nation's first incision-free myotomy procedure to treat achalasia 0 1
2010-02-26 CPF to partner with ATS to fund Pulmonary Fibrosis research 0 None
2010-02-26 NORD lauds FDA's establishment of new position within CDER 0 None
2010-02-26 New dietary supplement blocks triggering mechanism causing breast cell mutations 0 None
2010-02-26 Exergames improve mood and mental health-related quality of life in seniors with SSD 0 None
2010-02-26 Accelerated radiation therapy helps reduce amount of chemotherapy in advanced head and neck cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-26 Misperceptions about risk, symptoms and lethality of lung cancer increase mortality rates for lung cancer 1 None
2010-02-26 Study confirms efficacy and tolerability of lacosamide for uncontrolled POS 0 None
2010-02-26 RMEI, PIM jointly sponsor complimentary continuing education virtual lecture on HAE 0 None
2010-02-26 Resverlogix commences enrollment in RVX-208 Phase 2 clinical trial for atherosclerosis in ACS patients 0 5
2010-02-26 USPTO issues notice of allowance for Vanda Pharmaceuticals' Fanapt long-acting injectable formulation 0 None
2010-02-25 New fatigue rating scale predicts increased risk of heart attack in dialysis patients 0 None
2010-02-25 BioMedix Vascular Solutions, Howard University Hospital to participate in Community Health Project and Demonstration 0 None
2010-02-25 Lawsuit alleges Medtronic illegally marketed stent device for unapproved use 0 None
2010-02-25 FDA sets new PDUFA action date for exenatide once weekly NDA 0 None
2010-02-25 Greater access to rehabilitation after TIA needed to prevent future strokes 0 None
2010-02-25 Interventional radiologists to highlight scientific advances, new discoveries at 35th Annual Scientific Meeting 0 None
2010-02-25 IOS Press announces the 20th anniversary of Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience journal 0 None
2010-02-25 Study demonstrates Prochymal treamtent is safe for cardiac patients 0 None
2010-02-25 Semafore Pharmaceuticals awarded U.S. patent covering PI-3 kinase inhibitor prodrugs 0 None
2010-02-25 Family violence survivors: Enhancing resilience a promising therapy 0 None
2010-02-25 Toys"R"Us fundraising campaign to benefit Autism Speaks 0 None
2010-02-25 Myeloma Canada calls on Quebec government to approve Revlimid as second-line therapy 2 5
2010-02-25 Lab research targets 'estrogen-receptor positive' breast cancer cells; identifies key protein 0 4
2010-02-25 Saint Louis County Justice Services awards alcohol monitoring contract to EMASS 0 None
2010-02-25 LGL awards first three grants from POC fund for research in immunotherapy, schizophrenia and heart disease 0 None
2010-02-25 Recovery of consciousness in traumatic brain injury patients 0 None
2010-02-25 NIPTRC and partners announce development of new imaging process for proton beam therapy in cancer 0 None
2010-02-25 ESMO conference on sarcoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumour 0 None
2010-02-25 New report focuses on improving care delivery system for stroke patients 0 None
2010-02-25 Ovarian transplant: A viable method for fertility treatment 0 None
2010-02-25 ESMO Conference to address issues relating to sarcoma and GIST 0 None
2010-02-25 Platelet function tests may predict heart attack, says study 0 None
2010-02-25 Patients with unwitnessed strokes may benefit from clot-busting drugs 0 None
2010-02-25 WSU Boonshoft School of Medicine and Miami Valley Hospital form new neuroscience institute 0 5
2010-02-25 YoNaturals' healthy nutrition agenda could help combat childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-25 Signaling molecules may link certain actions of B cells to solid tumor growth: Study 0 5
2010-02-25 Greater access to rehabilitation after TIA can prevent future strokes, says researcher 0 None
2010-02-25 Study challenges psychiatrists' official diagnostic manual in preventing mistaken diagnoses of depression 0 None
2010-02-25 Study examines how individuals utilize benefits and services under Medicare program 0 None
2010-02-25 Asymptomatic pancreatic cyst treatment: UCLA-Veterans Affairs research team develops evaluation tool 0 3.2
2010-02-25 Philanthropic organizations fund for cancer research studies 0 None
2010-02-25 Retinitis Pigmentosa: Embryonic stem cells for replacement of diseased retinal cells and restoration of sight 1 4.5
2010-02-25 JBG to develop new facility for cancer research 0 None
2010-02-25 A surgical cure for diabetic and obese patients 0 None
2010-02-25 Orexo partner submits NDA for cancer pain drug Abstral in Japan 0 None
2010-02-25 MicroTransponder awarded $2.6M NINDS SBIR FastTrack U44 grant, announces $7M Series B funding 0 None
2010-02-25 Identification of gaps in accessing stroke centers cuts down the deadly toll of stroke 0 1
2010-02-25 Rapamycin may hold promise for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-02-25 GlaxoSmithKline responds to Staff Report on GlaxoSmithKline and the Diabetes Drug Avandia 0 None
2010-02-25 Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator prescribed to patients suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia 0 None
2010-02-25 Increase in anti-Apo A-I, anti-HDL and anti-CRP may lead to atherosclerosis in SLE patients 0 None
2010-02-25 Inverseon comments on LABAs and INV102CR drugs 0 None
2010-02-25 High blood pressure drugs may be useful in preventing and treating diabetic retinopathy: Study 0 None
2010-02-25 JVC offers treatment for vascular diseases and thrombotic disorders under one roof 0 None
2010-02-25 Prevalence of arthritis and AAL may be effect of obesity and physical inactivity, particularly in women 0 None
2010-02-25 EpiCept provides business update and fourth-quarter financial highlights 0 None
2010-02-25 Institute of Medicine to be congratulated for calling more resources to fight hypertension 0 None
2010-02-25 Harbor BioSciences to receive patent for Apoptone in treatment of prostate cancer, breast cancer and benign prostatic hypertrophy 0 None
2010-02-25 End-stage ankle arthritis: New treatment options for baby boomers 1 4
2010-02-25 SSRIs exhibit anti-inflammatory effects and may provide drug development opportunities for RA 0 None
2010-02-25 Nearly 40% of TIA and minor ischemic stroke patients may experience mental impairment 0 None
2010-02-25 Study: Single, unhappily married men may have elevated risk of fatal stroke in the coming decades 0 None
2010-02-25 Genetic Disorder Tracker introduced by Guidepoint Global 0 None
2010-02-25 More young people are having strokes while older people are having fewer: Study 0 None
2010-02-25 Researchers develop evaluation tool to help guide asymptomatic pancreatic cyst treatment 0 None
2010-02-24 Researchers to test Radio-embolisation technique in patients with bowel cancer 0 None
2010-02-24 Enzon Pharmaceuticals initiates treatment in PEG-SN38 Phase 1 study for pediatric cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-24 Novelos Therapeutics' NOV-002 Phase 3 NSCLC trial fails to meet primary survival endpoint 0 None
2010-02-24 InfraReDx to exhibit novel LipiScan Coronary Imaging System at LUMEN 2010 0 None
2010-02-24 Meditation improves cognition in people with memory loss 0 4.6
2010-02-24 FDA accepts Arena Pharmaceuticals' lorcaserin NDA 0 None
2010-02-24 Shire receives FDA Fast Track designation for REPLAGAL 0 None
2010-02-24 Incidence rate for all causes of dementia in older people to increase with age: Study 0 None
2010-02-24 Observational study on mild demonstrates acute safety of procedure in treatment of LSS 0 None
2010-02-24 Lack of knowledge and awareness impeding efforts to control HBV and HCV 0 None
2010-02-24 FDA's warning over LABA medications for asthma: AANMA offers guidance 0 None
2010-02-24 QR Pharma awarded patent covering use of Posiphen and analogs in treatment of DS 0 None
2010-02-24 Diabetic Neuropathy: Drug having disease-modifying potential will earn 40% patient share in the U.S 0 None
2010-02-24 Over-produced PKC-iota oncogene linked to poor pancreatic cancer patient survival 0 None
2010-02-24 AutoGenomics launches expanded test panel to detect 17 B-RAF mutations 0 None
2010-02-24 Different rates of post-traumatic stress disorder in different countries: Study 0 None
2010-02-24 Comparison study of two treatment strategies for severe sepsis reveals similar short-term survival rates 0 None
2010-02-24 Guardian offers six questions to help employees and their families avoid critical illness 0 None
2010-02-24 Hospitalization may be a marker for cognitive decline or dementia in older patients, says study 0 None
2010-02-24 BioMedix Vascular Solutions, Howard University Hospital partner to help uninsured PAD patients 0 4.5
2010-02-24 Special issue of NeuroRehabilitation journal devoted to HI-BI published 0 None
2010-02-24 Anxiety in German psychosomatic units: Long term extensive experience of treatment 0 1
2010-02-24 ES cells-functions: Condensins promote mitotic progression and maintain interphase chromatin compaction 0 None
2010-02-24 Emerging oral atypical antipsychotics to compete in increasingly crowded schizophrenia drug market 0 None
2010-02-24 Take 2 To Save 2 campaign: To send life-changing health messages to those who may be at risk for stroke 0 None
2010-02-24 Joint science advisory issues messages for diabetics at risk for heart disease and stroke 0 5
2010-02-24 Religious belief can reduce depression symptoms 0 4.5
2010-02-24 Arsenic exposure may increase cancer risk, says study 0 1
2010-02-24 Research may lead to new therapeutic treatments for Huntington's disease 0 None
2010-02-24 Gene expression in prostate cancer cell more complex than ever imagined 0 None
2010-02-24 Colonoscopies performed by non-gastroenterologists may increase risk of developing subsequent CRC 0 None
2010-02-24 New treatments for heart disease 1 5
2010-02-24 BSD2000 deep hyperthermia combined with chemotherapy improves quality of life in NSCLC patients 0 None
2010-02-24 Combination therapies effective for treating depression 0 None
2010-02-24 Individuals with higher midlife BMI scores have lower cognitive ability: Study 0 None
2010-02-24 Treadmill intervention may benefit infants with prenatal complications 0 None
2010-02-24 Genetic link between schizophrenia and autism may help study effectiveness of drugs for both illnesses 0 None
2010-02-24 Poniard Pharmaceuticals enters into $20M committed equity financing facility with Commerce Court Small Cap Value Fund 0 None
2010-02-24 Scientists identify key mechanism of drug resistance in breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-24 Depression and stress hormone levels may lead to obesity in girls 0 None
2010-02-24 Researchers study how laser-induced ultrasound could help identify the stage of melanoma 0 None
2010-02-24 GW report: Asthma is on the rise in America and more than 1M children with asthma not insured 0 None
2010-02-24 Study may help in defining better therapeutic strategies for oral and throat cancer 0 None
2010-02-24 New genetic data may help predict risk for end-stage kidney disease 0 None
2010-02-24 Presence of SIBLING proteins in premalignant oral lesions may predict oral cancer 0 None
2010-02-24 A1C lab test can help in combating diabetes 0 None
2010-02-24 Sage Bionetworks selected to establish new interdisciplinary research and training center 0 None
2010-02-24 Researchers receive grant to study how ILD appears in patients with autoimmune diseases 0 None
2010-02-24 Prednisolone associated with recurrence of CAP after its withdrawal 0 None
2010-02-24 CellCentric out-licenses development, commercialisation of novel epigenetic discovery programme to Takeda Pharmaceutical 0 None
2010-02-24 Enrollment complete in Ocera Therapeutics' ASTUTE Phase 2B trial for mild hepatic encephalopathy 0 None
2010-02-24 AGA conference highlights emerging technologies for digestive and metabolic disorders 0 5
2010-02-23 Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, NIDA partner to conduct CPP-109 Phase II(b) clinical trial for cocaine addiction 0 4.5
2010-02-23 Findings suggest bitter melon extract may help in preventing breast cancer 0 None
2010-02-23 FDA Gastrointestinal Drugs Advisory Committee supports approval of XIFAXAN 550 mg for management of HE 0 3
2010-02-23 Timely treatment and rehabilitation key to proper healing 0 None
2010-02-23 Elevated cerebrospinal fluid levels of P-tau231 may be an early diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-02-23 Cephalon to acquire Ception Therapeutics following positive clinical study of eosinophilic asthma 0 None
2010-02-23 New Barts Cancer Research UK Centre launched 0 None
2010-02-23 NASDAQ halts trading of Salix Pharmaceuticals stock, FDA Committee to discuss XIFAXAN NDA 0 None
2010-02-23 Study proves accuracy of MTWA non-invasive test in identifying patients at risk of arrhythmic events and SCD 0 5
2010-02-23 Lexicon Pharmaceuticals reports positive results from Phase 2 clinical trials for IBS and type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-02-23 NCC, Pfizer provide over 10M units of ReFacto Antihemophilic Factor to underserved hemophilia patients 0 None
2010-02-23 Gross sales of Acorda Therapeutics' ZANAFLEX CAPSULES and tablets increase 9.1% to $58.3M in 2009 0 None
2010-02-23 Simple test to check personal cholesterol levels 0 5
2010-02-23 NewCardio's CardioBip technology for remote wireless monitoring demonstrates reliable detection of AF 0 None
2010-02-23 Key mechanism that makes brain cells become tumorous identified 0 None
2010-02-23 DNA interval in unexplored region of human genome increases risk for coronary artery disease 0 None
2010-02-23 Slightly to moderately elevated CRP levels in patients undergoing CABG surgery: Implications 0 None
2010-02-23 Genentech's Avastin combination Phase III study in advanced stomach cancer does not meet primary endpoint 0 None
2010-02-23 FDA issues approval for Gileads's Cayston for respiratory symptoms in cystic fibrosis 0 None
2010-02-23 Obecure granted patent covering betahistine with olanzapine for mitigating antipsychotic drug associated weight gain 0 None
2010-02-23 Older diabetes patients with high stress levels are more likely to experience memory loss 0 None
2010-02-23 Lilly, Merck, Pfizer collaborate to accelerate research on commonly-diagnosed cancer 0 None
2010-02-23 Head and neck tumors in close proximity to sensitive areas may lead to brain injury, visionary risk or hearing loss 0 None
2010-02-23 More research needed for osteoporosis treatments 0 None
2010-02-23 Newborn Possibilities program for babies at-risk for neurological injury 0 None
2010-02-23 Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Symposium in Phoenix 0 None
2010-02-23 Unique resource for families facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-02-23 Committee calls for strategies to curb hypertension 0 None
2010-02-23 Combination of MRI and mammography reduces mortality rate in high-risk women 0 None
2010-02-23 Pulmonx to raise new funding for global launch of Zephyr EBV and Chartis Pulmonary Assessment System 0 None
2010-02-23 Acute stroke care and clinical outcomes improve substantially with stroke program 0 None
2010-02-23 Study shows CEL-2000 vaccine blocks RA progression in mice 0 None
2010-02-23 DURECT, Nycomed amend POSIDUR Development and License Agreement 0 None
2010-02-23 Star Scientific seeks FDA marketing approval for Ariva-BDL dissolvable tobacco lozenge 0 5
2010-02-23 MRI: An efficient diagnostic tool for testicular cancer 0 None
2010-02-23 Merrimack Pharmaceuticals commences dosing in MM-121/Tarceva combination Phase 1/2 study for NSCLC 0 None
2010-02-23 Watson Laboratories files ANDA for generic Aplenzin ER in treatment of major depressive disorder 0 None
2010-02-23 Senate, FDA reports increasing concerns about controversial diabetes drug 0 None
2010-02-23 Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Takeda Pharmaceutical to advance pramlintide/metreleptin combination therapy development 0 None
2010-02-23 AAN guideline evaluates drugs’ safety and efficacy for treatment of muscle cramps 0 None
2010-02-22 BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, Hadassah Medical Center sign collaborative agreement for ALS clinical trials 0 None
2010-02-22 UIC researchers receive federal grant to study effects of TV media on children’s health outcomes 0 None
2010-02-22 Gilead Sciences receives FDA approval for new inhaled antibiotic in treatment of CF 0 None
2010-02-22 Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval for Mirapex ER in treatment of early PD 0 None
2010-02-22 ResMed launches S9 sleep apnoea therapy platform in Europe 0 None
2010-02-22 Smokers, tobacco users and high alcohol consumers: Get mouths, gums and tongues checked for cancer 0 None
2010-02-22 ACR REF Clinician Scholar Education Award for rheumatology health professionals 0 None
2010-02-22 New gene locus influencing risk for atrial fibrillation identified 0 None
2010-02-22 HHMI investigator to discuss how brain creates and controls emotions 0 None
2010-02-22 Researchers identify common gene variant associated with atrial fibrillation 0 None
2010-02-22 Racial differences in beliefs and perceptions of lung cancer 0 None
2010-02-22 Racial disparities in beliefs about lung cancer 0 None
2010-02-22 Genetics associated with DILI and SSR: FDA and SAEC complete third release of data 0 None
2010-02-22 Cancer pain patients: European regulations restricting access to opioid-based drugs 0 4
2010-02-22 Aesthetic sports sanction behaviors more consistent with eating disorders than healthy living 0 None
2010-02-22 Researchers develop new tool to understand how cancer grows 0 None
2010-02-22 WCMC-Q students receive new round of UREP funds totaling $280,000 0 None
2010-02-21 Scientists develop new mathematical model to understand CML better 0 5
2010-02-21 Siestas can dramatically boost and restore brain power 0 None
2010-02-21 Two genetic alterations linked to benign enzyme condition keep hepatitis C patients anemia-free 0 None
2010-02-20 Brain and tissue sample repository to help advance understanding and treatment of psychiatric diseases 0 4
2010-02-20 El Tejano Magazine article: Medical innovation and research help many Americans live longer, healthier 0 None
2010-02-20 Early treatment and prevention of gum disease can positively impact many medical conditions 0 5
2010-02-20 Georgia State Senate praised for passing legislation to help kidney failure patients have access to health insurance 0 None
2010-02-20 Health groups call for cigarette manufacturers to pay for anti-smoking education campaigns and quit-smoking programs 0 None
2010-02-20 Ways of stem cells division linked to development of cancer 0 None
2010-02-20 Obama Administration releases details of over $400M Healthy Food Financing Initiative 0 None
2010-02-20 Animal study shows calcineurin enzyme is critical for normal heart function 0 None
2010-02-20 Emory School of Medicine to enroll nearly 1,140 people for Phase III clinical trial of progesterone for TBI 0 None
2010-02-19 US scientists develop new technique to track the progression of cancer 0 None
2010-02-19 MHCC receives $500,000 grant to operate research project on mental health and homelessness 0 None
2010-02-19 AFH Holding & Advisory donates funds to support children with cancer 0 None
2010-02-19 Researchers identify specific metabolic profiles that predict risk of heart attack and death 0 None
2010-02-19 Low levels of cooking fumes in UK kitchens unlikely to affect people's risk of cancer 0 None
2010-02-19 University of Missouri researchers visualize "terminals" inside proline degrading enzyme 0 None
2010-02-19 Cancer genomes: Distinguishing between 'driver' and 'passenger' mutations 0 None
2010-02-19 Mental health care for federally incarcerated offenders through telemedicine 0 None
2010-02-19 United Therapeutics announces withdrawal of Tyvaso European MAA for treatment of PAH 0 None
2010-02-19 Depomed receives final meeting minutes from FDA for pre-NDA meeting on DM-1796 for PHN 0 None
2010-02-19 Most genetic abnormalities shared across multiple cancers 0 None
2010-02-19 University of California researchers awarded AAN's 2010 Potamkin Prize 0 None
2010-02-19 Contrast-enhanced MRI may help physicians differentiate between rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis 0 None
2010-02-19 Roseville ROC commences cancer treatment with Elekta VMAT 0 None
2010-02-19 Most important osteoporosis meeting of 2010: More than 850 abstracts received 0 None
2010-02-19 AGH neurosurgeons explore new therapeutic approach for brain tumor 0 None
2010-02-19 Researchers use Life Technologies’ next-generation sequencing instruments for cancer research 0 None
2010-02-19 FDA approves 53 new cancer indications between July 2005 and end of 2007 0 None
2010-02-19 Research shows natural compound in marine sponges reduces cancer cell motility 0 None
2010-02-19 ATM tumor-suppressor also recognizes damage caused by ROS and orders autophagy 0 5
2010-02-19 Novartis' Tasigna capsules granted priority review by FDA for treatment of adult patients with Ph+ CML 0 None
2010-02-19 Untreated gum disease has potentially dangerous implications 0 None
2010-02-19 NBCH's annual report: How America's health plans are doing to improve care and control costs for diabetes 0 None
2010-02-19 Medical experts craft much-needed classification system for diabetic nephropathy 0 None
2010-02-19 New endoscopic ablation technique safe and effective for treating Barrett's esophagus 0 5
2010-02-19 Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital gearing up for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 0 None
2010-02-19 Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies working on nearly 200 new medicines to treat diabetes 0 None
2010-02-19 Two UCSF scientists selected for Potamkin Prize for their achievements in research on dementias 2 None
2010-02-19 Blood transfusions based on single low hematocrit measurement questioned 0 5
2010-02-19 Study: Elderly people with untreated visual disorders more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-02-19 VARI researchers find ways to reverse resistance to sunitinib: Patients with ccRCC show positive response 0 None
2010-02-19 Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center scientists develop genome-based blood tests for cancer 0 None
2010-02-19 Cellular metabolism plays a key role in cancer development 0 None
2010-02-19 Health experts explore risk reduction and management strategies for lymphedema 0 None
2010-02-19 Six states to study sickle cell disease and thalassemias in national pilot project 0 2
2010-02-19 Researchers find gene mutations that may provide clues for treating AML patients 0 None
2010-02-19 Report: Green tea catechins may protect against glaucoma and other common eye diseases 0 None
2010-02-19 FDA's proposed label changes for LABA asthma medications: GSK reviews 0 None
2010-02-19 Scottish scientists identify link between deprivation and breast cancer survival 0 None
2010-02-19 Asthma: LABAs should not be used alone 0 None
2010-02-19 The Methodist Hospital Research Institute awarded $11.5M NIH grant for research into methods of targeting cancer stem cells 0 None
2010-02-19 New resource for parents to combat childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-19 FDA accepts filing of Jazz Pharmaceuticals' NDA for sodium oxybate 0 None
2010-02-19 Gladstone MD receives Potamkin Prize for identifying new avenues in Alzheimer's research 0 None
2010-02-18 Lower dose of avosentan drug may provide more favorable results in diabetes patients 0 None
2010-02-18 FDA approves Rituxan-FC combination therapy for CLL 0 None
2010-02-18 Rituxan, intended for patients with CLL receives FDA approval 0 None
2010-02-18 Highly fit MS patients perform better on tests of cognitive function than less-fit patients: Study 0 None
2010-02-18 Medical experts convene to discuss emotional and medical issues of young breast cancer survivors 0 None
2010-02-18 Incyte announces 2009 financial results and key fourth-quarter accomplishments 0 None
2010-02-18 Phase 2 study results: VEGF Trap-Eye improves vision in patients with DME 0 None
2010-02-18 Charity Navigator bestows MMRF coveted 4-star rating for efforts in finding cure for multiple myeloma 0 None
2010-02-18 Long-term solution for U.S. medical isotope shortage needed 0 None
2010-02-18 Revised and updated edition of Toole's Cerebrovascular Disorders textbook now available 0 None
2010-02-18 Aprea's AML treatment receives EMEA recommendation for orphan drug status 0 None
2010-02-18 Single microRNA exhibits potential to forecast outcomes of MPM 0 None
2010-02-18 Combination therapy that delays nursing home admission for AD earns 43% patient share in U.S. and 30% in Europe 0 None
2010-02-18 Easier walking for amputees: Artificial foot that recycles energy 0 None
2010-02-18 Pfizer Canada accepts entries for seventh round of competition for Pfizer CVRAP 0 None
2010-02-18 AHA Scientific Statement: Only 33% of annual PCIs are performed in women 0 None
2010-02-18 Nanotechnology plays a key role in detection and treatment of cancer 0 None
2010-02-18 Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners to present overview of CPP-115 compound at epilepsy conference 0 None
2010-02-18 Researchers discover new prognosis marker for prostate cancer 0 None
2010-02-18 NCI's NCL to conduct characterization studies of Celator Pharmaceuticals' HDPN formulation 0 None
2010-02-18 NAMI launches new health education program to promote sound "mind and body" health 0 None
2010-02-18 First robot-assisted cystectomy in North Texas 0 None
2010-02-18 Pediatric patients face number of cardiac conditions that can impact their health 0 None
2010-02-18 Single test is not enough for making accurate diagnosis of disc herniation 0 None
2010-02-18 Anti-seizure medication prevents seizures in patients following bleeding stroke: Study 0 2.7
2010-02-18 Research opens up new exploration possibilities for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-02-18 Cannabis promising for certain pain-related medical conditions, CMCR presents findings to California legislature 0 5
2010-02-18 FDA issues Complete Response Letter for Horizant in treatment of RLS 0 None
2010-02-18 Taking zinc supplements reduces otitis media in healthy children: No clear evidence 0 None
2010-02-18 Some heart care costs stay outside insurance coverage, Lowe's does national comparison shopping for employees' heart surgery 0 None
2010-02-18 Researchers develop guidelines for assessment, treatment and management of lymphedema 0 None
2010-02-18 Neuroimaging study may lead to new therapeutic treatments for stroke and hearing loss 0 None
2010-02-18 EGS announces performance of 3,500th NOS procedure 0 None
2010-02-18 BG Medicine, Merck collaborate in development of novel biomarker for lipid disorder management 0 None
2010-02-18 Obesity doubles the risk of developing kidney stones: Study 0 None
2010-02-18 People who are happy and content are less likely to develop heart disease 0 None
2010-02-18 Ibuprofen may reduce risk of Parkinson's disease, says study 0 None
2010-02-18 Roche Molecular Systems, Merck Sharp & Dohme announce cancer therapeutics collaboration 0 None
2010-02-18 World's smallest ultrasound device could offer a new level of home therapy for painful ailments 0 None
2010-02-18 Javelin Pharmaceuticals’ Dyloject NDA receives FDA PDUFA date 0 None
2010-02-17 Sorafenib drug therapy can reduce the size of primary kidney tumors before surgery 0 None
2010-02-17 Athersys completes enrollment in phase I MultiStem allogeneic stem cell therapy clinical trial 0 None
2010-02-17 Eat fruits and vegetables to prevent heart disease 0 None
2010-02-17 Health Canada approves Talecris Biotherapeutics' PROLASTIN-C for AAT deficiency 0 None
2010-02-17 Tioga Pharmaceuticals to utilize $18M equity funding for Phase 3 clinical trial of asimadoline 0 None
2010-02-17 FDA clears Otonomy's IND for clinical trial of OTO-104 in Meniere's disease patients 0 4.2
2010-02-17 Marcadia Biotech commences Phase 1 clinical trial of MAR701 for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-02-17 Fourth-quarter and full-year 2009 results announced by Celsion 0 None
2010-02-17 FDA approved cannabis medicines needed for veterans to relieve symptoms of PTSD 1 5
2010-02-17 SynCardia Total Artificial Heart recipient celebrates 10 years of life 0 3
2010-02-17 AAFA launches national PSA on "Two Main Causes of Asthma" 0 None
2010-02-17 Eleven Biotherapeutics announces completion of $35M Series A funding 0 None
2010-02-17 Infants and toddlers face increase risk from 'third-hand smoke' 0 None
2010-02-17 UKONS publishes position statement on safe, effective use of oral anticancer medicines 0 None
2010-02-17 Role of surgery and subsequent need for RT in treatment of stage I SCLC 0 None
2010-02-17 AMAG's Feraheme use on the rise 0 None
2010-02-17 Researchers discover new strategy to overcome drug resistance in breast cancer 0 None
2010-02-17 Directing gold nanoparticles into nucleus can kill cancer cells 0 5
2010-02-17 Educational event: SCAI highlights gender and racial disparities in treating cardiovascular disease 0 None
2010-02-17 New foundational research may advance pharmacological therapies for neurological disorders 0 None
2010-02-17 Low RVEF increases risk of death in patients with systolic heart failure 0 None
2010-02-17 Study demonstrates usefulness of salivary diagnostics in finding pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-02-17 Simple urine tests for four proteins may detect early kidney disease in people with lupus 0 None
2010-02-17 Protein crucial in mediating anti-inflammatory actions of nuclear lipid receptors discovered 0 None
2010-02-17 BAC adds affinity resin for AAT purification to GE Healthcare’s range of custom designed media 0 5
2010-02-17 ECR Pharmaceuticals to promote Urocit-K 15mEq tablets to primary care physicians 0 None
2010-02-17 CalciMedica granted U.S. composition patent concerning key component of CRAC channel 0 None
2010-02-17 VTT Technical Research Centre develops 3-minute MR image assessment method 0 None
2010-02-17 NASBE selects four states to receive grants to fight childhood obesity in their public schools 0 None
2010-02-17 New report focuses on how to reduce and control hypertension 0 None
2010-02-17 Study: Earlier detection of lung cancer can reduce number of late stage lung cancer deaths 0 None
2010-02-17 Exagen Diagnostics, EndoChoice announce agreement for promoting diagnostic services to U.S. gastroenterologists 0 None
2010-02-17 Research assesses the overall efficacy of palliative chest RT in patients with advanced NSCLC 0 None
2010-02-17 First field study shows lack of exposure to morning light delays sleep in teenagers 0 None
2010-02-17 Right-ventricular impairment increases risk of death in heart-failure patients 0 None
2010-02-17 ViewRay earns NorTech Innovation Award for advancements in cancer radiation therapy technology 0 None
2010-02-17 Oxytocin hormone improves social behavior in autistic patients 0 None
2010-02-17 Generx clinical development opportunities: bioRASI to assist Cardium 0 None
2010-02-17 TKS4 protein plays significant role in Frank-Ter Haar syndrome 0 None
2010-02-17 Rhubarb may have anti-cancer properties, but more research needed 0 None
2010-02-17 Adding daclizumab to standard treatment reduces enlarged brain lesions in patients with relapsing MS 0 None
2010-02-17 Researchers adopt new technique to inhibit cancer growth 0 None
2010-02-17 Quintiles' anatomic pathology services now available in China to help develop effective cancer treatments 0 None
2010-02-17 Certain patients with IBD at increased risk of developing colorectal cancer: AGA's new guidelines 0 None
2010-02-17 Combination of daclizumab and interferon beta significantly reduces MS lesion formation 0 None
2010-02-17 Controlled utility study results of BGM Galectin-3 test for heart failure published in cardiology journal 0 None
2010-02-17 Delayed introduction of complementary baby foods may influence weight: Study 0 None
2010-02-17 New fluorescent probes improve tumor detection in mice 0 None
2010-02-17 Amgen and Centocor Ortho Biotech Products: FDA approves REMS for Aranesp, EPOGEN and PROCRIT ESAs 0 None
2010-02-17 Special issue reviews current state of science in fetal therapy 0 None
2010-02-17 Quark Pharmaceuticals' QPI-1002 receives orphan drug designation from FDA 0 None
2010-02-17 TopoTarget pays Celldex Therapeutics $3M sublicense income over Belinostat co-development agreement 0 None
2010-02-16 American Heart Association announces strategic goal to reduce stroke and cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2010-02-16 Cancer Research UK, immatics Biotechnologies sign collaboration agreement to trial IMA950 vaccine for GMB 0 None
2010-02-16 Researchers use model organism to test new therapies for retinal degeneration 0 None
2010-02-16 Eat 'heart-healthy' oats to prevent atherosclerosis 0 None
2010-02-16 Positive topline data from Alkermes' phase 1 clinical study of ALKS 37 announced 0 None
2010-02-16 Adding rosemary extracts in ground beef can reduce cancer-causing agents 0 4
2010-02-16 Oncolytics Biotech receives U.K. MHRA approval for REOLYSIN combination Phase 3 trial 0 3
2010-02-16 EntreMed's ENMD-2076 for AML receives FDA's orphan drug designation 0 None
2010-02-16 MAP Pharmaceuticals initiates LEVADEX-intravenous DHE comparative trial 0 None
2010-02-16 Delcath Systems to initiate Expanded Access Program for melphalan in patients with metastatic melanoma to the liver 0 None
2010-02-16 Narcolepsy is indeed an autoimmune disorder, finds University of Lausanne study 0 None
2010-02-16 Study explores relationship between adverse events, early antecedents and CO2 reactivity in panic disorder 1 None
2010-02-16 Digestive care expert Brenda Watson's website discusses bowel movements and underlying health 0 5
2010-02-16 Studies show association between high levels of vitamin D and decreased risk of heart disease 0 None
2010-02-16 When blood sugar levels rise in healthy people, insulin signals cells to increase production: Study 0 None
2010-02-16 Octapharma initiates Phase III studies for new, high purity IVIG in treatment of primary immune deficiency 0 None
2010-02-16 Case study demonstrates positive impact of diabetes management program 0 None
2010-02-16 Simple, inexpensive test to help determine concussion in athletes 0 None
2010-02-16 Revisional bariatric surgery linked to higher risk of complications 0 None
2010-02-16 Researchers find new risk factor for early-onset dementia 0 None
2010-02-16 Scientists discover molecular pathway to regenerate damaged kidney tissues 0 5
2010-02-16 AstraZeneca, Rigel Pharmaceuticals announce exclusive worldwide license agreement for R788 0 None
2010-02-16 Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs not associated with risk of squamous cell skin cancer 0 None
2010-02-16 Clive Svendsen to receive American Academy of Neurology Sheila Essey Award for his research on ALS 0 None
2010-02-16 CNRS-Institut researchers identify 'virulence factor' that inhibits host immune response 0 None
2010-02-16 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia awarded two grants to research into cellular therapies for blood disorders 0 None
2010-02-16 Tinnitus not a highly inherited condition, says study 0 None
2010-02-16 Research findings highlight the vital need for better secondary stroke prevention 0 None
2010-02-16 Progressive walking reduces arthritic pain, improves physical function 0 None
2010-02-15 Genous Bio-engineered R stent beneficial for patients not suitable for long term DAPT 0 None
2010-02-15 Botulinum injection used for cosmetic purposes may reduce migraine headaches 0 None
2010-02-15 Stem cells intentionally cut and then repair their own DNA to develop new tissues 0 None
2010-02-15 CEO Roundtable on Cancer salutes Duke Blue Devils basketball team coach on 1000th game 0 None
2010-02-15 Structure of 'DNA repair engine' that reverses beneficial effects of chemotherapy deciphered 0 None
2010-02-15 Research findings may open door to new therapeutic strategies for serious health problems 0 None
2010-02-15 Potential cancer-killing compounds synthesized 0 5
2010-02-15 Muscle-preserving therapy development may help young men keep muscle shirts a bit longer 0 None
2010-02-15 National MS Society launches We Keep Moving campaign to capture stories of people living with MS 0 None
2010-02-15 People can take simple steps to minimize risk of exposure to allergens during gardening, AAAAI 0 None
2010-02-15 Calcium waves could be relevant for understanding the origin of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-02-15 Researchers identify defective signaling pathway that contributes to the severity of cystic fibrosis 0 None
2010-02-15 Effective smoking cessation treatments 0 None
2010-02-15 Tobacco users with HPV-positive head and neck cancers at increased risk of recurrence 1 None
2010-02-15 CROF, sanofi-aventis announce the creation of CASARIA for cancer research 0 None
2010-02-15 Any new pressure in upper body can signal heart attack 0 None
2010-02-15 Research roundup: Bundled payments, PTSD incidence, cost of treating immigrants 0 None
2010-02-15 Study shows severe OSA suppresses cognitive experience of nightmare recall 0 None
2010-02-15 Researchers use $1.3M grant from NIH to study on obesity and Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-02-15 Symposium exploring future of cancer research to be hosted at GUMC 0 None
2010-02-15 Chocolates may reduce risk of death after stroke 0 2
2010-02-15 CoAxia completes enrollment in NeuroFlo Perfusion Augmentation Therapy trial for ischemic stroke 0 None
2010-02-15 p62 and ERK proteins lead to development of obesity and insulin resistance, say scientists 0 4
2010-02-15 Idera Pharmaceuticals presents TLR antagonist preclinical hyperlipidemia data at Keystone Symposia conference 0 None
2010-02-14 Today's OpEds: Republicans and Medicare, small business health costs and changes to FEHBP 0 None
2010-02-12 Diabetic retinopathy: 5.3M U.S adults suffer 0 None
2010-02-12 "Goin' Bald for Bucks" program: RPCI CEO to shave head and mustache in honor of cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-12 New research finds sensory cortex develops late in fragile X syndrome defect 0 None
2010-02-12 Adult stem cell transplant therapy may help prevent amputations from PAD 0 5
2010-02-12 White rye flour bread leads to better insulin and blood sugar levels than wheat bread with rye bran 1 5
2010-02-12 VR technology plays important role in treating patients with PTSD 0 None
2010-02-12 Histone modifications associated with pancreatic cancer development and progression 0 None
2010-02-12 Gold nanoparticles for cancer treatment 0 5
2010-02-12 Data demonstrates the effectiveness of NeuroAiD on neuronal and brain injuries 0 None
2010-02-12 Learning Lab of Brentwood to present free seminar on ADHD in Brentwood 0 None
2010-02-12 Anti-PC antibody linked to reduced risk of arteriosclerosis 1 None
2010-02-12 Glycotex announces the expansion of patent portfolio in Advanced Wound Healing for GLYC-101 0 None
2010-02-12 Cal-EPA intents to add BPA to state's list of chemicals known to cause cancer 0 None
2010-02-12 AHA survey: Heart disease and stroke patients fare poorly under current health care system 0 None
2010-02-12 Encouraging results from Circassia's ToleroMune ragweed allergy T-cell vaccine phase II clinical trial 0 None
2010-02-12 Peregrine Pharmaceuticals' Cotara specifically targets solid tumors and anti-tumor activity 1 5
2010-02-12 IPF added to Social Security's "Compassionate Allowances" program 0 None
2010-02-12 Center for Adolescent Bariatric Surgery performs 100th LAGB procedure 0 None
2010-02-12 Ethnic and racial minorities less likely to receive A1C diabetes test 0 None
2010-02-12 Genzyme announces 2-year data from eliglustat tartrate Phase 2 trial for Gaucher disease 0 None
2010-02-12 SSA to add early-onset Alzheimer's disease to its Compassionate Allowances Initiative 0 None
2010-02-12 Clinical research study conducted for patients with IC/PBS 0 5
2010-02-12 Mediterranean diet beneficial to heart health: Study 0 5
2010-02-12 Social Security Administration adds early-onset Alzheimer's disease to Compassionate Allowances list: AFA lauds 0 None
2010-02-12 OrbusNeich commences enrollment in Chinese Genous Bio-engineered R stent trial 0 None
2010-02-12 Second-quarter fiscal 2010 results announced by Pharmacyclics 0 None
2010-02-12 Researchers identify potential drug candidate that halts tumor growth 0 None
2010-02-12 Cancer drug could be effective for treating recurrent nose bleeds 0 None
2010-02-12 Blood test to detect elevated levels of antibodies unique to Alzheimer’s disease developed 0 None
2010-02-12 Study could lead to new ways to combat obesity 0 None
2010-02-12 NewLink Genetics receives FDA SPA approval for HyperAcute immunotherapy Phase 3 pancreatic cancer trial 0 None
2010-02-12 Additional data from Phase III clinical trial of taliglucerase alfa in patients with Gaucher disease presented 0 None
2010-02-12 Researchers discover cancer gene in ancestral metazoan 0 None
2010-02-12 New amplitude gating technique helps scanners pinpoint tumors 0 None
2010-02-12 Scientists uncover new gene that could help save sight of patients with inherited blindness 0 None
2010-02-12 3SBio, Ascentage Pharma announce cancer therapeutics collaboration 0 None
2010-02-12 FKF receives funds to launch Fragile Kids Partner Program 0 None
2010-02-11 British rhubarb could be a potential source of anti-cancer agent 0 1
2010-02-11 Amicus Therapeutics presents additional data from Amigal Phase 2 extension study for Fabry disease 0 None
2010-02-11 Critical phases of brain development may be mistimed in autistic patients, says study 0 None
2010-02-11 Eating chocolates may lower stroke risk, but more research is needed 0 None
2010-02-11 Decline in breast cancer rates linked to race, ethnicity and economic background 0 None
2010-02-11 Mayo Clinic provides treatment options for aging skin 0 None
2010-02-11 Chemical compound found in blood shows promise in preventing intractable form of heart failure 0 5
2010-02-11 Cognitive behavioral therapy effective for insomnia and chronic pain 0 None
2010-02-11 3SBio submits application for Phase I clinical trial of NuPIAO to the Chinese SFDA 0 None
2010-02-11 Study suggests obesity prevention efforts should begin much earlier 0 None
2010-02-11 YM Biosciences to present JAK1/2 inhibiting small molecule and vascular disrupting agent data at Cancer Conference 0 None
2010-02-11 Cadence Pharmaceuticals' IV acetaminophen NDA receives FDA Complete Response letter 0 None
2010-02-11 Biodel's VIAject insulin Phase 3 study results to be presented at international diabetes conference in Basel 0 None
2010-02-11 Oral hygiene: Insights 0 None
2010-02-11 NovaShunt initiates study to evaluate AFS for refractory ascites patients 0 None
2010-02-11 Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish: Foundation to transform junk food culture and reduce incidence of obesity 0 None
2010-02-11 Barley beta-glucan soluble fiber lowers cholesterol and reduces risk for coronary heart disease 0 3.5
2010-02-11 New genetic 'hotspots' may help doctors devise therapies for bowel cancer patients 0 5
2010-02-11 4SC AG announces the first treatment in Phase I clinical study of 4SC-205 0 None
2010-02-11 New campaign launched to bring attention to national asbestos problem 0 None
2010-02-11 Women's heart-health awareness: Educational campaigns with evidence-based prevention messages needed 0 None
2010-02-11 Research study on epigenetic phenotypes published online in the Journal of Clinical Oncology 0 None
2010-02-11 'CARES by GSK' introduces oncology co-pay assistance program 0 None
2010-02-11 Headache is a common and persistent symptom in people exposed to dust at World Trade Center 0 None
2010-02-11 New research solves mystery behind speech disorder 0 None
2010-02-11 DPC lauds passage of S.B. 316 dialysis care legislation 0 None
2010-02-11 Researchers investigate risk factors for childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-11 People with GAD have abnormalities in the way their brain unconsciously controls emotions 0 None
2010-02-11 Type-2 diabetics is associated with poor impulse control 0 5
2010-02-11 Allos Therapeutics' disease-specific registry for patients with PTCL enrolls first study participant 0 None
2010-02-11 ASO announces additional society affiliation with the American Society of Breast Surgeons 0 None
2010-02-11 ExonHit Therapeutics S.A. selected to participate in the European IMI consortium 0 None
2010-02-11 MUSC researchers introduce second generation dual-source CT scanner to detect cardiac disease 0 None
2010-02-11 Neurology researchers explore link between MS and chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency 0 None
2010-02-11 Micromet outlines the design of registration study for blinatumomab in ALL 0 None
2010-02-11 HDC signs agreement to receive clinical specimens for colon cancer molecular diagnostic test 0 None
2010-02-11 Principio, Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center sign technology licensing agreement 0 None
2010-02-11 MUHC commences clinical trial of Exsulin for type 1 diabetes 0 5
2010-02-11 IDF grants $2 million for new diabetes research projects 0 None
2010-02-11 DMC recommends Gamida-Teva JV to continue enrollment in StemEx Phase III trial for leukemia and lymphoma 0 None
2010-02-11 QRxPharma announces the initiation of second pivotal Phase 3 registration trial of MoxDuo IR 0 None
2010-02-11 Migraine sufferers face increase risk of heart attack, says study 0 None
2010-02-11 Study may pave for effective treatments for blood clotting disorders 0 None
2010-02-11 Bioactive lipid LPA mediates fibrogenesis in bleomycin mouse model of scleroderma 0 None
2010-02-11 10th Annual Spring Meeting of ESC on Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professionals 0 None
2010-02-11 CINJ researchers develop new vaccine strategy for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-02-11 Study: There are still barriers to veterans getting full course of PTSD treatment 0 None
2010-02-11 Celebrity promotes fundraising event fro cancer research 0 None
2010-02-11 Feeding tube use more likely at big, for-profit hospitals 0 None
2010-02-10 Operation Eyesight urges Canadians to make a difference on Valentine's Day 0 None
2010-02-10 TZD drug may increase fracture risk in older women 0 None
2010-02-10 Women who take AdvaCAL calcium supplements have high bone density 0 3.3
2010-02-10 HealthYes! brings mobile screening services to Colorado 0 None
2010-02-10 Researchers study new ways to block movement of cells that cause autoimmune diseases and cancer 0 None
2010-02-10 Raptor Pharmaceutical to present DR Cysteamine trial data at Lysosomal Disease Network Symposium 0 None
2010-02-10 Seaside Therapeutics granted U.S patent covering methods of treating autism 0 None
2010-02-10 DMC recommends Celsion to continue its Phase III ThermoDox clinical trial for primary liver cancer 0 None
2010-02-10 Genzyme and Isis Pharmaceuticals: Phase 3 mipomersen study in heFH patients meets primary endpoint 0 None
2010-02-10 Positive results from Naurex's Phase I clinical trial of GLYX-13 reported 0 None
2010-02-10 Alexza Pharmaceuticals announces development and commercialization collaboration with Biovail Laboratories International 0 None
2010-02-10 DMC recommends JV to continue enrolling patients in Phase III clinical trial of StemEx 0 None
2010-02-10 DTM programs increase adherence to injectable medications and treatment persistence in MS patients 0 None
2010-02-10 Researchers find differences in the biology of lung cancer between men and women 0 None
2010-02-10 ONA warns nursing cuts may result in longer wait times for cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-10 Mapping of all fragile sites of yeast S.cerevisiae may lead to better understanding of cancer development 0 4
2010-02-10 Provectus Pharmaceuticals publishes article on novel treatment for metastatic melanoma 0 5
2010-02-10 Findings suggest AP patients lack the ability to process faces as a whole 0 None
2010-02-10 Age-related gaps in care and outcomes for stroke patients are diminishing in hospitals 0 None
2010-02-10 Insight into mechanism H. pylori uses to evade the immune system 0 None
2010-02-10 QR Pharma commences clinical trial of Posiphen in early stage AD patients 0 None
2010-02-10 Clarient launches Clarient Insight Dx Pulmotype Test for lung cancer 0 None
2010-02-10 American Heart Month: Spread awareness on dangers of heart disease and stroke 0 None
2010-02-10 People living with IBD are at high risk of blood clots 0 None
2010-02-10 Cardiac arrest due to medication-induced heart rhythm disturbance: Rare but catastrophic 0 None
2010-02-10 Patients treated with Biodesign Inguinal Hernia Graft experience less postoperative pain 0 2
2010-02-10 Study calls for improved decision-making in using feeding tubes in dementia patients 0 None
2010-02-10 Concomitant use of dexlansoprazole and other PPIs with Plavix: TGRD U.S. initiates trial 0 None
2010-02-10 Rating of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease: Low IQ follows cigarette smoking 0 None
2010-02-10 Study provides new data about potential risk of gastric cancer in patients with intestinal metaplasia 0 None
2010-02-10 Psychotherapeutic treatment effective for patients with cluster C personality disorders 0 None
2010-02-10 Future studies may provide clarity on the best approach for pre-surgery beta blockers 0 None
2010-02-10 Racial gaps persist in women's heart-health awareness 0 None
2010-02-10 Obese adolescents who receive laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding lose excess weight 0 None
2010-02-10 FoP in patients with chronic arthritis or cancer: Group psychotherapy may help 0 None
2010-02-10 Biology of lung cancer varies by age and gender 0 None
2010-02-10 Low potassium levels increase risk of death in patients with heart failure and CKD 0 None
2010-02-10 Comcast and SU2C launch initiative to raise funds for cancer research 0 None
2010-02-10 Soy isoflavone tablet does not prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women 0 None
2010-02-10 New campaign against childhood obesity: AACE lauds First Lady's efforts 0 None
2010-02-10 SMT Research and Development completes first two clinical cases using Shimon Embolic Filter 0 4
2010-02-10 NCCS joins CoC to reduce morbidity and mortality of cancer 0 None
2010-02-10 UnitedHealthcare launches OCA program for cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-10 Study may pave way for more refined treatments for brain tumors 0 None
2010-02-10 LRF's 2009 Mantle Cell Lymphoma Consortium report published 0 None
2010-02-10 Report shows 3.4% of adult Minnesotans suffer from COPD 0 None
2010-02-10 An inspirational story from stroke survivor 0 None
2010-02-10 Study of complement reaction can help eliminate reperfusion injuries 0 None
2010-02-10 HairDX introduces improved genetic baldness test, incorporates maternal and paternal influences 0 None
2010-02-10 Researchers find link between prevalence of diabetes and neighborhood socioeconomic status 0 None
2010-02-10 Soft drinks increase risk of developing pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-02-10 Neuroimaging technique could help in devising effective treatments for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-02-10 Autism Speaks: Ten most significant autism research achievements in 2009 0 None
2010-02-10 Atrial fibrillation more common among competition skiers 0 None
2010-02-10 Sequenom CMM licenses rights from Optherion to develop and commercialize AMD diagnostic tests 0 None
2010-02-10 Elevator-related injuries are preventable 0 None
2010-02-10 Endurance athletes at high risk of atrial fibrillation 0 None
2010-02-10 Hospitals use new robotic catheter guidance system to treat abnormal heart rhythms 0 None
2010-02-10 Children with depressive symptoms may have greater affinity for sweets, says study 0 None
2010-02-10 Cholesterol lowering drugs also reduce risk of developing cataracts 0 5
2010-02-10 APA releases proposed draft diagnostic criteria for DSM-5 0 None
2010-02-10 Research suggests a potential means of circumventing drug resistance in breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-10 Data provide key information about epigenetic profiles for gastric cancer 0 None
2010-02-10 Acupuncture: An effective pain management therapy for pediatric patients 0 1
2010-02-10 FDA announces initiative to reduce cancer risk from medical imaging procedures 0 None
2010-02-10 Johns Hopkins Hospital initiates Phase I trial with Neogenix's NPC-1C 0 4.3
2010-02-10 GA²LEN and EAACI warn: Older antihistamines in OTC allergy medications may be hazardous 0 None
2010-02-10 J. Armand Bombardier Foundation donates $200 000 to advance prostate cancer research 0 None
2010-02-10 Chamomile extract therapy effective for generalized anxiety disorder 0 2
2010-02-10 TI commences Phase IIa clinical trial for its lead molecule in CDH 0 None
2010-02-10 Drinking milk during pregnancy can protect baby against multiple sclerosis 0 None
2010-02-10 Study could lead to new therapeutic strategies for Parkinson's disease 0 None
2010-02-10 MHI researchers receive $4.8M as grants for genetics and genomic medicine research projects 0 None
2010-02-10 Study challenges clinical myths about effects of depression on cognitive functioning 0 None
2010-02-10 Ligon Discovery, Lycera announce collaboration to identify drug candidates for immune disorders 0 None
2010-02-10 ASA Effect test: A tool to identify patients who do not respond to ASA therapy 0 None
2010-02-10 Early life stress could be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in adulthood 0 None
2010-02-10 Advaxi to receive fund from CRUK for clinical trial of ADXS11-001 0 None
2010-02-10 FDA expands indication for Crestor 0 None
2010-02-09 Insurer to take new role in assessing cancer treatments 0 None
2010-02-09 AMA supports initiative to combat childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-09 Phase III BSD-2000 Hyperthermia System-chemotherapy combination study for pancreatic cancer initiated 0 None
2010-02-09 Survey reveals need for better access to levalbuterol for asthma patients 0 None
2010-02-09 FlowCardia commences enrollment in CROSSER CTO Recanalization Catheter study 0 None
2010-02-09 Simple, inexpensive test for diagnosing cardiac-related chest pain 0 None
2010-02-09 Egg consumption does not raise blood cholesterol 0 4
2010-02-09 Leading researchers discuss latest breakthroughs and best forms of cancer prevention 0 3
2010-02-09 Preliminary study results of ExThera Medical's Seraph extracorporeal affinity therapy published 0 None
2010-02-09 Study calls for effective intervention strategy for non-specific chest pain 0 None
2010-02-09 Low potassium levels increase risk of death in patients with heart failure and CKD 0 None
2010-02-09 NNK induces epigenetic alteration during cancer formation and inhibits tumor suppressor genes 1 None
2010-02-09 Study highlights the importance of effective therapy to fight depression 0 None
2010-02-09 Innovative nerve graft transplant successful in treatment and prevention of posterior pressure ulcers 0 None
2010-02-09 IHHS website provides medical resources for people suffering from dermatologic disorder 0 None
2010-02-09 New European-developed system may help dementia patients to lead independent lives 0 None
2010-02-09 Study validates Transgenomic's COLD-PCR technology for colorectal tumor-associated KRAS mutation detection 0 5
2010-02-09 European Urology Forum to be held in Switzerland 0 None
2010-02-09 Thrombogenics announces publication of positive microplasmin Phase II trial results 0 None
2010-02-09 Lundbeck launches web-based initiative to support people with rare diseases 0 None
2010-02-09 Targacept receives grant for developing alpha6*-selective NNR Imaging Agent as Parkinson’s disease biomarker 0 None
2010-02-09 Racial disparities continue in U.S. cancer screening practices 0 None
2010-02-09 Italian researchers identify a new therapeutic approach for Ewing sarcoma 0 None
2010-02-09 Synta Pharmaceuticals' STA-9090 inhibits WT1 protein in AML 0 None
2010-02-09 Findings point towards new therapeutic approach for breast and prostate cancer 0 None
2010-02-09 Cell Therapeutics' pixantrone NDA: FDA postpones ODAC meeting due to severe weather conditions 0 None
2010-02-09 Three in ten overweight teenagers think they are underweight 0 None
2010-02-09 Scientists identify enzyme mutations in AML patients 0 None
2010-02-09 Merck's asthma drug formoterol/mometasone to garner global peak year sales of more than $250M 0 None
2010-02-09 Mediterranean diet can avoid brain infarcts, reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-02-09 KineMed, Bristol-Myers Squibb broaden collaboration to develop novel mechanisms for Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2010-02-09 PM vows to provide better preventive care for cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-09 Doctors do not follow evidence-based guidelines for treating low back pain, says report 0 None
2010-02-09 Gastric banding surgery offers fewer complications, but more research needed 0 None
2010-02-09 Resverlogix completes Phase 2 ASSERT trial enrollment 5 months ahead of schedule 0 None
2010-02-09 High BP may predict dementia in older adults with cognitive impairment 0 None
2010-02-09 Exposure to electronic media is not linked to headaches 0 None
2010-02-09 Health hazards: Clinging tobacco smoke reacts with nitrous acid and produces dangerous carcinogens 0 None
2010-02-09 Researchers study link between premature births and cerebral palsy 0 None
2010-02-09 Unhealthy behaviors contribute to excessive number of premature deaths in U.S. 0 None
2010-02-09 Seven-day exercise plan for reducing cancer risk 0 None
2010-02-09 Boston researchers identify new mechanism that inhibit tumor growth in mice 0 None
2010-02-09 FDA approves Lupin Pharmaceuticals' Amlodipine/Benazepril capsules 0 None
2010-02-09 New revolutionary treatment for patients suffering from movement disorders 0 None
2010-02-09 FDA approves Sagent Pharmaceuticals' labetalol HCl injection for severe hypertension 0 None
2010-02-09 CRT, AstraZeneca announce alliance to develop new anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2010-02-09 Dimebon drug associated with improved cognitive function in patients with Huntington's disease 0 None
2010-02-09 Tax on sugared drinks loses appeal, tanning salons still fighting 0 None
2010-02-09 Kamada commences enrollment in European inhaled AAT clinical trial for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency 1 4
2010-02-09 Study reveals people with anorexia nervosa have increased fat content in their bone marrow 0 None
2010-02-09 Genta commences Phase 2 trial of tesetaxel on first subject 0 None
2010-02-09 A novel way to identify color choice in healthy, anxious and depressed individuals 0 None
2010-02-09 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries extends marketing rights for laquinimod, includes Nordic and Baltic regions 0 None
2010-02-08 FDA approves Amneal Pharmaceuticals' Tramadol/APAP tablets 1 None
2010-02-08 QIAGEN acquires global licence for PI3K gene to develop real-time-PCR and endpoint PCR assays 0 None
2010-02-08 Anthera Pharmaceuticals reaches agreement with the FDA on SPA for VISTA-16 clinical study 0 None
2010-02-08 Hand amputation distorts visuospatial perception of the action space 0 None
2010-02-08 Memory complaints: Effectiveness of Non-pharmacological interventions 0 None
2010-02-08 3SBio announces Nephoxil collaboration and license agreement with Panacor Bioscience 0 None
2010-02-08 Beer may help prevent osteoporosis 0 3.5
2010-02-08 Marijuana ineffective against Alzheimer's disease in animal model 0 None
2010-02-08 Consuming two or more soft drinks per week may increase risk of developing pancreatic cancer 0 4
2010-02-07 Workers exposed to TCE may be at higher risk of developing Parkinson's disease 0 4
2010-02-07 Investigational drug for osteoporosis inhibits serotonin synthesis in the gut 0 5
2010-02-07 Risk of heart attack greater in women with gout 0 None
2010-02-06 HealthSpring nurse practitioner identifies impending heart attack 0 None
2010-02-06 Link between anti-gay sentiment and suicidality: Further study needed 0 None
2010-02-06 ZeaVision launches online campaign to raise awareness on Age-related Macular Degeneration 0 None
2010-02-06 Women riders support MDA's initiative on neuromuscular disease 0 None
2010-02-06 MetroSouth Medical Center launches campaign to raise awareness on heart disease 0 None
2010-02-06 Kidney care advocates urge passage of key legislation for Georgia’s kidney patients 0 None
2010-02-06 Athlete hopes for first U.S. cross-country medal; health issues plagued 2006 Olympic bid 0 None
2010-02-06 EndoSheath Systems advantageous over germicidal immersion in preventing flexible ENT scope contamination 0 None
2010-02-06 Tβ4 may help treat skeletal muscle disease in Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 None
2010-02-06 Artificial pancreas can help manage diabetes in kids overnight 1 None
2010-02-06 Study may provide new intervention strategies for esophageal adenocarcinoma 0 None
2010-02-06 Endoscopic surveillance could be an appropriate strategy for subepithelial lesions 0 None
2010-02-06 Renova Life moves into Mtech TAP incubator 0 None
2010-02-06 Over 12,000 courses of lung cancer treatment completed with Accuray's CyberKnife radiosurgery 0 None
2010-02-06 Sunridge International extends distribution contract with Beijing Vision World Trading 0 None
2010-02-06 HDC partners with New York surgery center to develop new molecular diagnostic tests for pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-02-06 Cardiologists recommend tips to prevent heart disease 0 None
2010-02-06 AMAG Pharmaceuticals releases safety update on Feraheme Injection 0 None
2010-02-06 Sorin Group announces first implant of FDA approved Paradym CRT Model 8750 defibrillator 0 None
2010-02-06 HHS donates more than $119 million to support health promotion initiatives 0 None
2010-02-06 Strativa Pharmaceuticals' Zuplenz NDA: FDA issues complete response letter 0 None
2010-02-06 A program to raise awareness of heart disease 0 None
2010-02-06 Stigma and social stereotyping of obesity impacts individuals' beliefs and behaviours 0 None
2010-02-06 Study calls for individualized therapeutic interventions for MS patients 0 None
2010-02-05 Biotechnology: The next medical revolution 0 5
2010-02-05 FDA grants Talecris Biotherapeutics orphan drug designation for Alpha1-Proteinase Inhibitor to treat AAT deficiency 0 None
2010-02-05 Teens with suicidal thoughts and depressive symptoms can benefit from family therapy 0 None
2010-02-05 BioTime announces results of independent Hextend study in hemodynamically unstable trauma patients 0 None
2010-02-05 10 helpful tips to safeguard Alzheimer's patients 0 None
2010-02-05 P.A.D. Task Force Committee: BioMedix Vascular Solutions invited to participate 0 None
2010-02-05 Intrathecal drug delivery cost effective for chronic pain treatments 0 None
2010-02-05 NIH panel convened to increase the use and quality of colorectal cancer screening in the U.S. 0 None
2010-02-05 Low frequency therapy for temporary tinnitus: Student research project evolves into web-based company 0 None
2010-02-05 Tracking early signs of coronary artery clogs: CT perfusion vs. SPECT nuclear imaging tests 0 None
2010-02-05 Project Lifesaver International, Xanboo to offer medical facilities to help people with cognitive disorder 0 None
2010-02-05 Substance use disorder treatment for workers without health insurance promotes safe and productive workplaces 0 None
2010-02-05 EVMS researchers identify source that causes Type 1 diabetes 0 None
2010-02-05 Nearly 50% of essential services provided for cancer treatment not reimbursed by Medicare 0 5
2010-02-05 Personalized risk assessment tools can help improve smoking cessation 0 None
2010-02-05 Study suggests molecules and pathways in mood regulation and circadian rhythms are intertwined 0 None
2010-02-05 Hope for back pain: Minimally invasive facet arthrodesis and spinal cord stimulation 0 None
2010-02-05 Pazopanib drug slows the progression of RCC in patients by 54% 0 None
2010-02-05 HSS supports Arthritis Foundation's educational campaign for osteoarthritis 0 None
2010-02-05 Spinal muscular atrophy screening, not cost effective 3 None
2010-02-05 Patients with mild gallstone pancreatitis can be operated within 48 hours of admission 0 None
2010-02-05 Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute offers new blood test to predict heart disease 0 None
2010-02-05 Aradigm's first U.S. sale of SUMAVEL DosePro needle-free delivery system triggers $4M milestone payment 0 None
2010-02-05 San Antonio Methodist Hospital upgrades to Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion system 0 None
2010-02-05 BioMarin announces update on BMN 110 Phase I/II trial for Morquio A Syndrome 0 None
2010-02-05 LDDI releases biomonitoring report on environmental neurotoxins in health affected community 1 4
2010-02-05 AAOS issues new clinical practice guidelines for treating distal radius fractures 0 None
2010-02-05 Bioheart initiates REGEN Phase I Clinical Trial for testing genetically modified MyoCell in CHF patients 0 None
2010-02-05 Use of laparoscopic hepatectomy in treating HCC patients achieves complete resection 0 5
2010-02-05 WORLD Symposium: Protalix Biotherapeutics to present data on taliglucerase alfa Phase III Gaucher disease trial 0 None
2010-02-05 Scientists discover new technique to destroy individual diseased cells 0 None
2010-02-05 St. Jude Medical receives European approval for Fortify ST ICD and Unify CRT-D defibrillators 0 None
2010-02-05 Pfizer, DxS sign agreement to develop a diagnostic test kit for CDX-110 to treat patients with GBM 0 5
2010-02-05 Paloma Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval to enter Phase I studies with P529 0 None
2010-02-05 Polymedco's automated immunoassay fecal occult blood test system receives FDA clearance 0 None
2010-02-05 Lux Biosciences seeks US and European marketing approval for LUVENIQ 0 None
2010-02-04 Progenics Pharmaceuticals to present preclinical data of multiplex PI3K inhibitors 0 None
2010-02-04 Michael J. Fox Foundation announces more than $2.8M in awards to discover biomarkers of PD 0 None
2010-02-04 ASTRO and ACR release practice guidelines for new radiation treatments 0 None
2010-02-04 Global cancer rates could be reduced by 40% with prevention strategies, report says 0 None
2010-02-04 Arizona Oncology physicians provide advanced cancer care for MHC patients 0 None
2010-02-04 Data analysis of Delcath Systems' Phase III trial of melphalan to be commenced 0 None
2010-02-04 Texas Health Dallas offers heart and vascular screening program for women 0 None
2010-02-04 Respite for overactive bladder: Powder Room lists public restrooms along the Sea-to-Sky Highway 0 None
2010-02-04 Expert available to discuss Lancet’s retraction of paper on autism study 0 None
2010-02-04 Peripheral nerve stimulation promising for treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia 0 None
2010-02-04 February issue of Chest releases latest medical news 0 None
2010-02-04 Dundee Centre to help set the pace for national and international progress in cancer research 0 None
2010-02-04 Health Canada accepts AbstralTM New Drug Submission for review 0 None
2010-02-04 New research may help adopt acupuncture as a treatment option for NHS patients 0 None
2010-02-04 Results from three phase two studies show the effectiveness of Tanezumab 1 None
2010-02-04 Closing funding gap for federal viral hepatitis education, screening and surveillance programs stops liver cancer 0 None
2010-02-04 NIH awards CYCORE project for cancer research $2.6M 0 None
2010-02-04 High school pitchers should do low-weight, high-repetition exercises to avoid injuries 0 None
2010-02-04 ASTRO leads the way to help physicians improve safety and reduce medical errors 0 5
2010-02-04 Paracetamol reduces damage caused to kidneys following severe muscle injury 1 1
2010-02-04 Around seven in every thousand morbidly obese people are missing part of their DNA 0 None
2010-02-04 Defective chromosome cause of severe obesity 0 5
2010-02-04 Scientists still searching for valid biomarker for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 0 None
2010-02-04 Study sheds new light on cancer metastasis 0 None
2010-02-04 Neuroscience research and clinical care launched at UT Medical School 0 4
2010-02-04 Cancer Research UK opens Cambridge Cancer Centre 0 None
2010-02-04 Sermo announces a new report on evolving trends in CML 0 None
2010-02-04 Immigrants may be healthier than long-term residents 0 None
2010-02-04 Low Vision of Michigan introduces new device for RP patients 0 None
2010-02-04 UCSF studies show relationship between Alzheimer's disease and smoking 0 None
2010-02-04 Type 1 diabetes: Regeneration exhibits potential as a possible cure 0 None
2010-02-04 Study on the role of MCP-1 in obese patients with pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-02-04 Blood cytokine levels may help in predicting arthritic rheumatism 0 None
2010-02-04 Researchers uncover new mechanism to protect individuals from serious complications of obesity 0 None
2010-02-04 1st Annual Biliary Tract-Gallbladder Cancer Research Symposium to be held at ASCO in Alexandria 0 None
2010-02-04 PLX cell therapy may be an effective treatment for ischemic stroke disorder 0 None
2010-02-04 Anti-inflammatory plant derivative could play a role in cancer treatment, say MCG researchers 0 None
2010-02-04 ACT and Brown Cancer Center scientist collaborate in discovery of new therapeutics for cancer 0 None
2010-02-04 Shire's clinical study results for treatment of Gaucher disease to be presented at LDN World Symposium 0 None
2010-02-04 Transplantation of pulmonary progenitor cells derived from hESCs promising for acute lung injury 0 None
2010-02-04 Ontario's doctors urge patients to make simple lifestyle changes for better health 0 None
2010-02-04 New technique may reduce recovery time in arrhythmia patients 0 None
2010-02-04 FDA approves Xiaflex drug for treatment of Dupuytren's contracture 5 3.3
2010-02-04 HUCB-derived purified and expanded CD133+ cells may show promise in cellular cardiomyoplasty 0 None
2010-02-04 Study could lead to non-surgical alternatives for tonsillectomies 0 None
2010-02-04 Brentuximab vedotin-chemotherapy combination clinical trial for Hodgkin lymphoma announced 0 None
2010-02-04 Organizations across Canada unite as partners to prevent chronic diseases among Canadians 0 None
2010-02-04 Geisinger Health System and TGen sign research agreement 0 None
2010-02-04 Recent clinical trials in patients with ALBP show that SOMA 250 mg reduces disability 0 None
2010-02-04 ACCP and FIRS honor World Cancer Day 0 None
2010-02-04 Sudden infant death syndrome linked to low serotonin levels 0 None
2010-02-04 St. Jude Medical to commence enrollment in IRASE AF trial 0 5
2010-02-04 Court weighs patents for human genes 0 None
2010-02-04 Phase 2a clinical trial results of VX-809 in patients with CF announced 0 None
2010-02-03 Researchers discover anomalies that cause lack of motivation in ADHD children 0 5
2010-02-03 Major study of perfusion imaging under way to assess value of alternative diagnostic methods 0 None
2010-02-03 Keryx Biopharmaceuticals reaches agreement with FDA on SPA for Phase 3 trial of KRX-0401 0 None
2010-02-03 Study shows Cymbalta reduces chronic low back pain 1 5
2010-02-03 FDA approves Labopharm's OLEPTRO antidepressant for MDD 0 None
2010-02-03 Daiichi Sankyo initiates Phase III trial of edoxaban in reducing recurrent VTE complications 0 4
2010-02-03 BRAF drugs may accelerate tumour growth in cancer patients with faulty RAS gene 0 None
2010-02-03 Ambassadors of Purple selected to help promote Purple Day for Epilepsy 0 None
2010-02-03 AMPYRA for MS: Acorda Therapeutics announces wholesale pricing and patient assistance program 14 5
2010-02-03 Innovative discharge program reduces congestive heart failure readmissions 0 None
2010-02-03 Penn Medicine experts available to offer medical insight and commentary during 2010 Winter Olympics 0 None
2010-02-03 Go Red For Women launches nationwide call inviting women to Speak Up about heart disease 0 None
2010-02-03 Iodoprovidone exhibits safety and efficiency in management of malignant pleural effusion 0 4
2010-02-03 LLS increases maximum benefit for myeloma patients to $10,000 0 None
2010-02-03 Certain cancer surgeries for low-risk patients may be performed at community hospitals 0 None
2010-02-03 Apple Valley Medical Center to hold free Heart Failure Community Education Evening 0 None
2010-02-03 Research retraction underscores the safety and efficacy of MMR vaccines 0 None
2010-02-03 Is there a link to rising rates of autism, ADHD and other learning and developmental disabilities? 0 None
2010-02-03 Research opens new avenues for understanding genetic basis of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-02-03 TGen, Horizon Discovery partner in development of novel cancer cell-lines 0 None
2010-02-03 Nanotope’s bioactive nanofiber system promotes cartilage regeneration 0 5
2010-02-03 Baker's yeast promising against cancer 0 None
2010-02-03 Cancer survivors become advocates for other cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-03 Hypertension drug market to decrease through 2013 due to generic erosion and few emerging therapies 0 1.5
2010-02-03 Video campaign teaches parents on how to minimize risk from toxic chemicals 0 None
2010-02-03 Patients with high levels of proteinuria have increased risk of all-cause death 0 None
2010-02-03 Study indicates majority of physicians are not following DSM-IV guidelines for major depressive disorder 0 None
2010-02-03 CDC reports shows one in five American teens faces risk of developing heart disease 0 None
2010-02-03 News article on the evolving role of hyperthermia in cancer therapy 0 None
2010-02-03 Researchers find three different degenerative brain disorders linked by toxic form of Elk-1 protein 0 None
2010-02-03 Supportive environment and intensive observation can prevent suicides among mental health patients 0 None
2010-02-03 BioSpecifics Technologies' XIAFLEX receives FDA approval 2 None
2010-02-03 One-third of doctors and diabetes patients prioritize health conditions differently 0 None
2010-02-03 Scientists are getting closer to prove how cholesterol causes heart disease 0 3
2010-02-03 Play soccer to eliminate lifestyle-related diseases 0 None
2010-02-03 Negative perceptions of speech patterns create social barriers for Parkinson's patients 0 None
2010-02-03 Herbal remedies can aggravate asthma symptoms 0 None
2010-02-03 Study finds racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in cancer incidence 0 None
2010-02-03 AACE approves A1c as additional diagnostic criterion for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-02-03 Study identifies disparities in sun protection behavior 0 None
2010-02-03 Two young cancer patients receive grants from ProCure Cancer Foundation 0 None
2010-02-03 Tips for heart-healthy diet 0 5
2010-02-03 Research shows DNA looping can impact gene expression 0 None
2010-02-03 Study could provide potential therapeutic strategies for treating prostate cancer 0 None
2010-02-03 Research suggests growth factor gene plays a central role in palate development 0 None
2010-02-03 VIDAZA prolongs survival in AML patients 5 4
2010-02-03 CSC, ALS TDI extend collaboration in advancing potential stem cell therapy for ALS 0 None
2010-02-03 Students collect money to support vital cancer research initiatives 0 None
2010-02-03 Women of Baycrest to find answers: why women are more vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease than men 0 5
2010-02-03 Fat tissue in PCOS patients may predispose them to diabetes and heart disease 0 None
2010-02-02 Entelos awarded U.S. patent for apparatus and methods of assessing metabolic substrate utilization 0 None
2010-02-02 Women's metabolic disorder remains largely undiagnosed 0 None
2010-02-02 Researchers discover new mechanism to burn body fat 0 None
2010-02-02 GenSpera’s G-115 anti-cancer drug awarded US patent 0 None
2010-02-02 Research offers new hope for rare metabolic disorder 0 None
2010-02-02 FDA accepts Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' BLA for XM02 G-CSF 0 None
2010-02-02 Compugen discovers CGEN-15001 protein for treatment of autoimmune disorders 0 5
2010-02-02 Xiaflex receives FDA approval for treatment of Dupuytren's contracture 1 5
2010-02-02 FDA approves Taro Pharmaceutical Industries' levetiracetam tablets ANDA 0 None
2010-02-02 Persons with impaired hearing should be encouraged by family members to seek appropriate treatment 0 None
2010-02-02 CTS: More people are being admitted to Canadian hospitals each year with COPD 0 4
2010-02-02 BC Cancer Foundation's campaign passes significant threshold with major donation for cancer care 0 None
2010-02-02 Vantia Therapeutics initiates Phase IIb trial of VA106483 for nocturia 0 None
2010-02-02 RMEI, PIM jointly sponsor complimentary continuing education virtual lecture on ALL 0 None
2010-02-02 FDA requests additional data on CMC section of NDA for taliglucerase alfa from Protalix BioTherapeutics 0 None
2010-02-02 Health and environmental groups propose new ozone standard to help reduce asthma attacks and premature deaths 0 None
2010-02-02 Researchers explore how brain circuitry and learning changes over time 0 None
2010-02-02 Simulation training may help improve driving skills of Parkinson's disease patients 0 None
2010-02-02 New approach may help in fighting Cerebral Palsy 0 None
2010-02-02 Study compares common treatment options for infants born with clubfoot 0 None
2010-02-02 Campbell government cuts EIBI program for ASD children 0 None
2010-02-02 Scientists find that protease HtrA2 can "clean" cells of oncogene WT1 0 None
2010-02-02 Self-directed learning program may benefit parents with autistic children 0 5
2010-02-02 Strength of distal leg musculature contributes to SCK difficulty in older adults 0 None
2010-02-02 Study may yield potential treatments for brain damage and neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2010-02-02 Unusual molecule in brain and retina can trigger vision loss 0 None
2010-02-02 Decreased release of neurotransmitter acetylcholine contributes to heart failure 0 5
2010-02-02 Cardiac catheterization: A groundbreaking tool in the field of cardiology 0 None
2010-02-02 Research could help in developing more specific treatments for Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-02-02 Researchers urge policy makers to consider coverage for smoking and weight loss counseling 0 None
2010-02-02 Tubing-Free Insulin Pump System improves glycemic control in diabetic patients 0 5
2010-02-02 Findings could lead to new therapeutic strategies for obesity 0 None
2010-02-02 Cardiac arrest sudden death: The seven warning signs 0 None
2010-02-02 Simple genetic test can help in detecting heart abnormalities 0 None
2010-02-02 ADT can worsen heart risk factors and may increase the risk of heart attack 0 None
2010-02-02 Loyola surgeon performs complicated laparoscopic procedure 0 None
2010-02-02 Smoking cessation increases cardiac health later in life 0 None
2010-02-02 SDI selected for third consecutive time as key monoclonal antibody provider 0 None
2010-02-02 Positive results from Phosphagenics' TPM Phase 1B clinical study for transdermal delivery of oxycodone 1 None
2010-02-02 IMRT and extensive safety measures can prevent radiation injuries in cancer patients, says oncology expert 0 None
2010-02-02 Memory loss or decline in thinking abilities may indicate higher risk of stroke 0 1
2010-02-02 Long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids may reduce risk of psychotic disorders 0 None
2010-02-02 Phase III study evaluating PEP005 Gel for treatment of AK meets primary clinical endpoint 0 None
2010-02-02 Genetic mutations may trigger suicidal behavior in depressed patients 0 None
2010-02-02 MSU scientist discovers the process that causes retinal cells to die 0 5
2010-02-02 FDA approves neurostimulation treatment for heart failure 0 5
2010-02-02 New technology aims to restore lost bone and gum tissue following periodontal disease 0 None
2010-02-02 People with body dysmorphic disorder have difficulties in processing visual input, say UCLA researchers 0 4
2010-02-02 American Diabetes Association announces 2010 schedule for free community health events 0 None
2010-02-02 Serious liver disorder associated with use of HIV drug, FDA warns 0 None
2010-02-02 MCADD screening is expensive but offers immense health benefits 0 None
2010-02-02 Evidence suggests antidepressants may improve post-stroke recovery 0 None
2010-02-02 DATATRAK International announces multi-center study on Renal Anemia 0 None
2010-02-01 Study: Schizophrenia patients may experience beneficial brain changes in response to exercise 0 5
2010-02-01 Congressional leader stresses the importance of annual dilated eye exam for diabetes patients 0 None
2010-02-01 University of Pittsburgh awarded $3.5M NIH grant for WaferGen Biosystems's SmartChip Real-Time PCR System 0 None
2010-02-01 Survey finds Americans hesitant to seek mental health for confidentiality reasons 0 None
2010-02-01 U-M study finds increased body fat in boys is associated with later onset of puberty 0 None
2010-02-01 Children of Spanish-speaking Hispanic mothers spend less time in front of TV 0 None
2010-02-01 Abbott signs licensing agreement with Pierre Fabre SA to develop and commercialize cancer antibody h224G11 0 None
2010-02-01 Patients with rare autoimmune disease produce antibodies that disarm immune proteins 0 None
2010-02-01 Managing Myeloma reviews past accomplishments; discusses future goals in evolving therapeutic landscape 0 None
2010-02-01 DSG’s eCaseLink EDC system employed in clinical trials for treatment of chronic kidney disease 0 None
2010-02-01 New testing method for early detection of cancer 0 None
2010-02-01 Study shows nutritional deficiency, stunted growth and obesity are common among Cameroonian teenagers 0 None
2010-02-01 Health insurer supports women’s campaign against heart disease 0 None
2010-02-01 Whole grain intake prevents diabetes, heart diseases, and excess weight gain 0 3
2010-02-01 Interim positive data from Phase IIa clinical study of SYN115 for Parkinson’s disease 0 3
2010-02-01 Researchers to assess any cancer risk associated with low-dose radiation exposure from medical imaging tests 0 None
2010-02-01 Healthy older adults without sleep disorders may need less sleep 0 None
2010-02-01 Study assesses gray matter concentration deficits in multiple brain areas of people with OSA 0 None
2010-02-01 NCD releases January 2010 monthly bulletin 0 None


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