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RSSArchived Medical Condition News Stories - May 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-05-31 Problems patients experience due to dental or skin conditions often misunderstood by care providers 0 None
2010-05-31 Cook Medical launches BIGopsy Backloading Biopsy Forceps for accurate diagnosis of kidney cancers 0 None
2010-05-31 Ontario's doctors call for renewed effort in fight against tobacco 0 None
2010-05-31 Amorfix provides update on development of blood test for vCJD 0 None
2010-05-31 New Brunswick's economic cost of diabetes to increase to $427M by 2020, if left unchecked 0 None
2010-05-31 New links discovered between Paul Klee's work and his 'scleroderma' 0 5
2010-05-31 Education slows down development of dementia: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-31 FAIR-HF study: Ferinject improves renal function in patients with CHF and iron deficiency 0 None
2010-05-31 Deep-brain stimulation makes difference in the lives of people with Parkinson disease 0 None
2010-05-31 Epilepsy surgery ends seizures and prevents further deterioration in memory 0 None
2010-05-31 Alzheimer's disease awareness event aims to raise over $100,000 for Alzheimer Society of Montreal 0 None
2010-05-31 U.S. Department of Defense OTT initiative to replace scars and defects with healthy, functional tissues 0 None
2010-05-31 IMRT avoids xerostomia, but effectiveness on controlling cancer unclear 0 None
2010-05-31 Researchers identify pattern of gene expression in kidney transplant recipients who don't need anti-rejection drugs 0 None
2010-05-31 NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center announce presentations at American Urological Association meeting 0 None
2010-05-31 Athletic mouthguards reduce incidence and severity of dental injury 0 None
2010-05-31 Celladon announces 6-month data from Phase 2 clinical trial of MYDICAR in advanced heart failure patients 0 None
2010-05-31 Scientists identify new susceptibility genes in genome-wide association study of nasopharyngeal carcinoma 0 None
2010-05-31 Researchers identify body's natural self-repair mechanism that kicks in after spinal-cord injury 0 None
2010-05-31 Targeted Genetics's partner Celladon presents Phase II trial data with MYDICAR at Heart Failure Congress 2010 0 None
2010-05-29 Secretary of Health commends two Allegheny County schools for commitment to exercise every day 0 None
2010-05-29 Active-living neighborhoods help increase youth physical activity and reduce obesity 0 None
2010-05-29 Canadian hockey legend joins Toronto Walk to Fight Arthritis 0 None
2010-05-29 AAID's advice on teeth suddenly knocked out 0 None
2010-05-29 Glasgow lawyers boost fundraising effort for brain injury charity 0 None
2010-05-29 Effectiveness of two stroke-prevention procedures vary by age, say researchers 0 None
2010-05-29 Major response to preoperative therapy increases survival in pancreatic cancer patients 0 None
2010-05-29 Clinical abstracts on Urologix' Cooled ThermoTherapy selected for presentation at AUA's GUS meeting 0 None
2010-05-29 Circumstantial evidence suggests first identified Alzheimer disease patient carried N141I presenilin-2 mutation 0 None
2010-05-29 EDAP to showcase Ablatherm-HIFU technology and Sonolith i-sys lithotripter at AUA 2010 Annual Meeting 0 5
2010-05-29 Famous painters, musicians, and writers who fought against neurological disorders 0 None
2010-05-29 Advances in cancer care help people diagnosed with cancer survive the disease 0 None
2010-05-29 ICA hosts forum to improve quality of healthcare and lives of people with IC 0 None
2010-05-29 Patients with stage IIIA NSCLC who receive lobectomy have increased overall survival: Research 0 5
2010-05-29 HSV-1 may cause cognitive deficits: Study 0 None
2010-05-29 Bioheart to establish two Centers of Excellence to provide cell therapy procedures for patients with CHF, PAD 0 None
2010-05-29 Research roundup: Reform's impact on health spending; Cultural/Racial differences in medicine; Swine flu lessons 0 None
2010-05-29 Allergic reactions prevent people with allergic asthma from generating healthy immune response to influenza 0 None
2010-05-29 Patients Medical offers innovative stroke treatments to live longer, healthier life 0 None
2010-05-29 Sunitinib not effective in patients with papillary RCC: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-29 CytRx commences Phase 2 clinical trial of bafetinib for high-risk B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2010-05-29 LCRF to donate $25,000 for lung cancer studies at TGen 0 None
2010-05-29 FDA approves Cysview for detection of non-muscle-invasive papillary cancer of bladder 0 None
2010-05-29 Pancreatic cancer patients with circulating tumor cells tend to have worse outcomes: Study 0 None
2010-05-28 Novel pipette technique for study of structural properties of tissues 0 None
2010-05-28 2010 Quality Index Reports on Ontario's Cancer System 0 None
2010-05-28 Age of patients makes a difference in comparing endarteroctomy with carotid stenting for stroke-prevention 0 None
2010-05-28 Novel imaging system helps visualize and monitor cellular immune responses of transplanted tissue in real time 0 None
2010-05-28 Helicobacter pylori's helical shape helps it colonize the stomach 0 None
2010-05-28 Relevare Pharmaceuticals to present CNSB015 Phase IIa results at international neuropathic pain congress 0 None
2010-05-28 KCI receives 510(k) clearance to market V.A.C. Therapy System for treatment of VLUs 0 5
2010-05-28 Amorfix, Aragen Bioscience collaborate to develop high-affinity monoclonal antibodies against targets for cancer 0 None
2010-05-28 Nymox Pharmaceutical announces symposium and panel discussion on NX-1207 drug for BPH 0 None
2010-05-28 DaVita provides hurricane hotline to help dialysis patients find clinics, schedule treatments during emergencies 0 None
2010-05-28 LCA commends Senator Snowe, Congresswoman Pingree for support of Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act 0 None
2010-05-28 ACG announces release of new IBD podcast series 0 None
2010-05-28 Consistent consumption of alcohol contributes to high blood pressure 0 4
2010-05-28 Overweight, obesity and low weight affect teenagers' physical fitness 0 None
2010-05-28 NCKU Assistant Professor receives prestigious Ting Nong Award 0 None
2010-05-28 New study provides cause-and-effect link between immune system cells and mental illness 0 None
2010-05-28 Stanford Hospital & Clinics uses endovascular laser technology to retrieve permanently embedded IVC filters 0 5
2010-05-28 Research finding could lead to first-ever target for drug therapy for lymphedema 0 3
2010-05-28 CytRx's bafetinib demonstrates significant inhibition of glioblastoma multiforme cell lines in preclinical trial 0 None
2010-05-28 Good muscle mass, strength and diet needed to stave off diabetes 0 5
2010-05-28 CREST: Carotid artery surgery and stenting have long-term outcomes for patients with stroke 0 None
2010-05-28 Aggressive treatment of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma increases survival: Study 0 5
2010-05-28 IMRT leads to fewer cases of xerostomia than other types of radiation: AHRQ report 0 None
2010-05-28 Biomedical engineering professor receives Transition Career Development Award 0 5
2010-05-28 Cardiac biomarkers help nephrologists manage fluid overload in dialysis patients: Study 0 None
2010-05-28 New treatment benefits patients with advanced liver disease due to HCV infection: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-28 AbleNet to showcase assistive technology products at Heartland Home for Independent Living 0 None
2010-05-28 BG Medicine announces data presentations on galectin-3 at Heart Failure Congress 2010 0 None
2010-05-28 New research links use of indoor tanning devices to increased risk of melanoma 0 None
2010-05-28 BTE awards Diabetes Care Recognition Program certificates to 118 Montefiore Medical Group physicians 0 None
2010-05-28 One-quarter of all hospital patients experience readmission for same conditions: AHRQ 0 None
2010-05-28 Scientists study interaction between Notch signaling pathway and BCL6 gene to understand how cancer forms 0 5
2010-05-28 State-of-the-art heart pump lowers risk for infection in end-stage cardiac patients: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-28 Restricting salt intake helps control blood pressure in dialysis patients: Research 0 None
2010-05-28 Alimera Sciences provides new data from Iluvien Phase 3 FAME clinical trials for DME 0 None
2010-05-28 Alcohol-related mortality increases in socioeconomically deprived areas of England and Wales 0 None
2010-05-28 Bone marrow transplant cures excessive pathological grooming behavior in mice 0 None
2010-05-28 The Wistar Institute Melanoma Research Center launched to develop new therapies for melanoma 0 None
2010-05-28 Quality Partners of Rhode Island equips healthcare providers with Pocket Guide to Pressure Ulcers 0 None
2010-05-28 Individuals with poor oral hygiene at increased risk of heart disease 0 None
2010-05-28 OHSU partners with UO, Harvard to expedite research into compounds that may prevent Fanconi anemia 0 None
2010-05-28 CSL Behring granted authorization to market Berinert for HAE in Italy and Luxembourg 0 None
2010-05-28 NICE denies availability of Sorafenib liver cancer drug on NHS 0 None
2010-05-28 Corvalen M introduced for treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms 0 3.4
2010-05-28 Positron Emission Mammography helps evaluate response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy: Study 0 None
2010-05-27 HeartMate II left ventricular assist device also improves right side heart function 0 None
2010-05-27 Scientists develop inexpensive method for determining chemicals that may cause skin allergies 0 None
2010-05-27 YM BioSciences initiates enrollment in nimotuzumab trial in brain metastases from NSCLC 0 None
2010-05-27 InfraReDx's LipiScan IVUS Coronary Imaging System to be featured at EuroPCR 2010 0 None
2010-05-27 Leading stem cell scientists to discuss on stem cell clinical trials for ALS and heart attack patients 0 None
2010-05-27 Diving "feet first" can prevent spinal cord injuries 0 5
2010-05-27 Genentech uses Complete Genomics' sequencing service to compare primary lung tumor, adjacent normal tissue 0 None
2010-05-27 Dosage of statin drugs given to patients with heart disease should be monitored: Study 0 None
2010-05-27 Pfizer plans recruitment halt to EMPHASIS-HF trial 0 None
2010-05-27 Canadian Diabetes Association urges people with diabetes to quit smoking to improve overall health 0 5
2010-05-27 Tendons in high-stress areas repair themselves less frequently than low-stress tendons: Study 0 None
2010-05-27 Use of bisphosphonates associated with risk of developing BON after dental surgery: Study 0 None
2010-05-27 Patterns consolidate features of older theories, may help diagnosis of psychiatric disorders 0 None
2010-05-27 IOM, UIC to convene regional meeting to discuss rising rates of diabetes, obesity in the U.S 0 None
2010-05-27 Shark cartilage extract shows no benefit for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2010-05-27 HZI researchers develop new method to produce insulin for treatment of diabetes 0 None
2010-05-27 CREST study data published in The New England Journal of Medicine 0 None
2010-05-27 Rate of hypertension in the U.S. not decreased in recent years: JAMA 0 None
2010-05-27 New device to predict wound healing 0 5
2010-05-27 Blocking the activity of PAT proteins stops cancer cell growth: Scientists 0 None
2010-05-27 Wireless monitoring system for people with debilitating conditions 0 None
2010-05-27 UCI scientists create eight-layer, early-stage retina from human embryonic stem cells 0 4
2010-05-27 Patients with transformed lymphoma show positive response to lenalidomide: Research 0 None
2010-05-27 Physician experts review current practices for pain management in cirrhotic patients 0 None
2010-05-27 Report: Use of indoor tanning beds increases risk of melanoma 0 None
2010-05-27 New $1.4M study to develop novel computer automation techniques for reducing prep time of IMRT for cancer 0 None
2010-05-27 FDA advises consumers, health care professionals about Xenical, Alli 0 None
2010-05-27 New study holds promise for patients with LCA 0 None
2010-05-27 Increased BMI levels not attributed to sugar consumption: Study 0 None
2010-05-27 Nottingham scientists given green light to test new vaccine for malignant melanoma 0 5
2010-05-27 Health Canada approves Victoza for treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes 5 5
2010-05-27 Drug and dosage influence risk of GI bleeding 0 None
2010-05-27 Researchers use new imaging technique to view microvessels in the brains of living mice 0 None
2010-05-27 GSK Consumer Healthcare announces update of alli product label 0 None
2010-05-27 PBI awarded contract to provide essential laboratory data for Phase I cardiovascular trial 0 None
2010-05-27 Rates of cardiovascular disease increase in Australian winters: Seasonal researcher 0 None
2010-05-27 Bacteria may play wider role in people predisposed to obesity: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-27 FDA accepts Horizon Pharma's DUEXA NDA for review 0 None
2010-05-26 Abbott's TREK Coronary Dilatation Catheter receives European approval 0 None
2010-05-26 Cardiovascular Systems initiates enrollment in ORBIT II IDE clinical trial of Diamondback 360 System 0 None
2010-05-26 Investment banker with Brachial Plexus Palsy climbs all Seven Summits 0 5
2010-05-26 Lymphoma Foundation Canada applauds Ontario government's decision to publicly fund Rituxan for CLL 0 None
2010-05-26 Research findings offer possible applications in diagnosis and treatment of patients with atherosclerosis 0 None
2010-05-26 St. Jude Medical to evaluate cost-effectiveness of FFR for multivessel coronary artery disease 0 None
2010-05-26 CTRC starts enrolment in Phase 2 combination trial of REOLYSIN and gemcitabine for advanced pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-05-26 National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention introduces Don't Fry Day to encourage sun safety awareness 0 None
2010-05-26 Researchers report key cellular pathway in deadly brain cancer malignant glioma 0 None
2010-05-26 Good number of natural bypass vessels an 'insurance policy' against blockage 0 None
2010-05-26 BMI in overweight range not a higher risk for health problems 0 3
2010-05-26 Researchers discover gene mutations in autistic, mentally impaired patients 0 None
2010-05-26 Psychologists and neuroscientists study link between brain volume reduction and anorexia 0 None
2010-05-26 Research shows reduced consumption of SSB lowers blood pressure 0 None
2010-05-26 New journal to focus on autoimmune disease research and development 0 5
2010-05-26 Nurses use up-to-date techniques to help smokers quit, says RNAO 0 None
2010-05-26 Abbott reports positive 6-month results from bioresorbable vascular scaffold trial at EuroPCR 2010 0 None
2010-05-26 Report: 235 new medicines in development to treat diabetes 0 None
2010-05-26 Study finds disagreement between RA patients and doctors on assessment of disease severity 0 None
2010-05-26 Free emergency care training to address sudden cardiac arrest 0 None
2010-05-26 Medtronic’s Resolute zotarolimus-eluting stent as effective as Xience V everolimus-eluting stent: Study 0 None
2010-05-26 Ambrotose AO capsules raise antioxidant protection in serum ORAC in healthy adults: Study 0 None
2010-05-26 UCSF scientists discover new stem cell in developing human brain 0 None
2010-05-26 New book to prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration 0 None
2010-05-26 Highlights from June 2010 issue of American Journal of Pathology 0 None
2010-05-26 Contaminant in cocaine impairs immune systems 0 None
2010-05-26 Medication for mood disorders common among youth: Study 0 None
2010-05-26 Researchers use CASL MRI technique to map cerebral blood flow patterns in schizophrenic patients 0 None
2010-05-26 Researchers describe carcinogenic effects of EDCs 0 None
2010-05-26 ACOEM publishes new medical treatment guidelines for hip and groin disorders 0 None
2010-05-26 Positive results from 3 year follow-up of BPH patients treated with NX-1207 in Study NX02-0016 0 None
2010-05-26 Increasing levels of GGA3 protein prevent accumulation of enzyme linked to Alzheimer's disease 0 5
2010-05-26 Shire announces study results of Vyvanse Capsules CII for treatment of ADHD in adolescents 0 None
2010-05-26 Positive results reported from Phase IIa clinical trial of intranasal oxytocin for CDH 0 None
2010-05-26 Visually-guided laser-balloon catheter stops abnormal electrical pulses in patients with irregular heartbeats 0 None
2010-05-26 Study confirms effectiveness of CT for diagnosis of appendicitis 0 None
2010-05-26 Targeted enrollment in Phase IIb trial for EpiCept NP-1 in CPN attained: EpiCept 0 None
2010-05-26 NIDDK awards Albert Einstein College of Medicine $9.5M for continuation of Diabetes Research and Training Center 0 1
2010-05-26 FDA warns on possible fracture risk with proton pump inhibitors use 0 None
2010-05-26 NASH-induced cirrhosis is greater risk factor for HCC: Cleveland Clinic study 0 None
2010-05-26 New approach to prevention and management of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-05-26 HDL cholesterol can transform from good to bad actor in heart-disease process 0 4
2010-05-26 Lumizyme receives FDA approval for patients with late-onset Pompe disease 0 None
2010-05-26 Researchers examine association between use of antibiotics and outcomes among patients with COPD 0 None
2010-05-26 Spouses face hurdles when caring for themselves, ill loved ones 0 None
2010-05-26 Kidney Health Week, experts criticise government inaction 0 None
2010-05-25 Mylan Pharmaceuticals introduces Temazepam Capsules USP, 7.5 mg 0 None
2010-05-25 Genzyme's Lumizyme for Pompe disease receives FDA marketing approval 0 None
2010-05-25 St. Jude Medical initiates enrollment in FAME II trial for coronary artery disease 0 None
2010-05-25 Rockwell Medical's SFP Phase IIb data accepted for presentation at XLVII ERA-EDTA Congress 0 None
2010-05-25 Five Prime Therapeutics, Fast Forward partner to develop Multiple Sclerosis therapeutic candidate 0 None
2010-05-25 CoDa Therapeutics reports positive results from Phase 2 study of NEXAGON for chronic venous leg ulcers 0 5
2010-05-25 FDA grants priority review for Alkermes' VIVITROL sNDA for opioid dependence 0 None
2010-05-25 Cytochroma reports positive Phase 1/2 results for CTAP101 Capsules in non-dialysis CKD patients 0 None
2010-05-25 CCO announces 2010 Research Chairs program 0 None
2010-05-25 Nanoliposomes engineered to deliver therapeutic drugs that kill malignant cells 0 None
2010-05-25 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals to present clinical data on belinostat at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-05-25 DMC recommends ARIAD continue Phase 3 trial of oral ridaforolimus for metastatic sarcomas to final analysis 0 None
2010-05-25 Anaheim Regional Medical Center uses Arctic Sun cooling device to protect a patient from brain damage 0 None
2010-05-25 New campaign to raise awareness about soul wrenching realities of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-05-25 Clovis Oncology, Avila Therapeutics announce development agreement for NSCLC EMSI program 0 None
2010-05-25 Consumer Reports Health rates four spray-on sunscreens 0 None
2010-05-25 ImmunoGen to present clinical data on IMGN388 solid tumor compound at 2010 ASCO 0 None
2010-05-25 Nutritious gluten-free breads for coeliac disease patients 0 None
2010-05-25 Epeius Biotechnologies announces Phase I/II study results of Rexin-G and Reximmune-C for cancer immunotherapy 0 None
2010-05-25 Researchers develop new device that can change current landscape of chronic wound management 0 None
2010-05-25 AlphaMed Press earns CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation 0 None
2010-05-25 Masimo PVI identifies patients at high risk for developing severe hypotension during anesthesia induction 0 None
2010-05-25 USPTO issues composition of matter patent for Transave's ARIKACE 0 None
2010-05-25 Researchers determine critical role of bone marrow cells in fighting respiratory viruses 0 None
2010-05-25 Researchers use zebrafish as model to analyze function of every known mutation in BBS 0 None
2010-05-25 DAPT Study expands into seven countries in the EU: HCRI 0 None
2010-05-25 Biogen Idec to join global MS community to commemorate the second annual World MS Day 0 None
2010-05-25 Biogen Idec, Abbott commence enrollment in Phase III comparative study of daclizumab to AVONEX for RRMS 0 None
2010-05-25 ADDF provides $248,000 grant to ALSP to allow its lead drug candidate towards clinical trials 0 None
2010-05-25 Bayer's Adalat XL product and Mylan's nifedipine extended release 60 mg not bioequivalent: Study 0 None
2010-05-25 Rush University Medical Center uses Mini TightRope procedure to treat bunions 0 3.7
2010-05-25 Preclinical results of AMEP for metastatic melanoma presented at ASGCT Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-05-25 Researchers examine relationship between visiting primary care physician and effect blood pressure 0 None
2010-05-25 Researchers explore impact of asymptomatic LV dysfunction in vascular surgery patients 0 None
2010-05-25 Neuralstem updates progress of ongoing Phase I human clinical trial for ALS 0 5
2010-05-25 Dermatologists recommend broad spectrum sunscreen products to protect against UVA and UVB rays 0 None
2010-05-25 Combination therapy improves patients with depression symptoms: Study 0 None
2010-05-25 Dietary fat and heart disease 0 None
2010-05-25 New strategies defined to reduce salt levels in ready meals 0 None
2010-05-25 Traumatic brain injuries may disrupt sleep patterns, says study 0 None
2010-05-25 Economic access becomes primary research focus in public health nutrition 0 None
2010-05-25 Obesity is a risk factor for depressive symptoms 0 None
2010-05-25 Reducing consumption of sugary drinks can lower blood pressure: Research 0 None
2010-05-25 One-third of Minnesotans understate their weight problems 0 None
2010-05-25 STOP Obesity Alliance researchers receive $250,000 donation to research on health impact of obesity 0 None
2010-05-25 Beta-blocker medications provide new hope for patients with COPD: Study 0 None
2010-05-24 Repligen's RG2833 granted orphan drug designation for treatment of Friedreich's ataxia 0 5
2010-05-24 66% of patients with schizophrenia have extreme trust in their psychiatrists: New survey 0 1
2010-05-24 Thymosin beta 4 reduces brain tissue damage, improves brain function in rats: Research paper 0 None
2010-05-24 OnePath Gaucher Application available for patients with Type 1 Gaucher disease 0 None
2010-05-24 Salix Pharmaceuticals announces availability of Xifaxan tablets for reducing risk of overt HE recurrence 0 None
2010-05-24 Enrollment in phase II clinical trial of brentuximab vedotin for ALCL completed 0 None
2010-05-24 Data from MiDAS I trial of mild for treatment of LSS to be released 0 None
2010-05-24 Filing of Clinical Data's NDA for vilazodone accepted for FDA review 0 None
2010-05-24 NCC receives $25,000 grant award from Hospira Foundation to support pharmaceutical relief program 0 None
2010-05-24 2010 ASCO Annual Meeting highlights new research findings on cancer 0 None
2010-05-24 New study suggests protective effect of alcohol consumption on risk of AD in female nonsmokers 0 None
2010-05-24 New technique designed to analyze individual immune cells may help diagnose food allergies: Study 0 None
2010-05-24 Researchers look for new ways of targeting Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-05-24 UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center commemorates signing of new act for cancer screening programs 0 None
2010-05-24 Lithium reduces brain inflammation by adjusting metabolism of DHA: Researchers 0 5
2010-05-24 New therapies can turn cancer into chronic disease 0 None
2010-05-24 South Dakota State University mathematicians design mathematical models to treat cancer 0 None
2010-05-24 Researchers develop new therapy for psychological treatment of patients suffering from fibromyalgia 0 None
2010-05-24 At-home blood pressure monitors help patients manage their high blood pressure: Research 0 4
2010-05-24 Poor survival rates in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients attributed to lifestyle factors 12 None
2010-05-24 Disparities exist in bone marrow transplantation 0 None
2010-05-24 Health leaders discuss polio, alcohol, childhood obesity at WHA 0 None
2010-05-24 Common myths about tanning and sun protection 0 None
2010-05-24 Stem cell research could lead to new treatment strategies for motor neuron disease 0 None
2010-05-24 CINJ experts available to discuss prevention and treatment of skin cancer 1 5
2010-05-24 Study: Th1 cells play a vital role in pathogenesis of immune-mediated diseases 0 None
2010-05-24 Underestimated cancer risks related to radon exposure 1 4
2010-05-24 Scientists identify new gene candidates that regulate aggregate formations in Huntington's disease 0 None
2010-05-21 Bristol-Myers Squibb announces positive results from Phase 2 study of ipilimumab in patients with NSCLC 0 None
2010-05-21 Young Faces of ALS campaign to raise awareness on ALS 1 None
2010-05-21 Research aims to describe women's experience of living with MS 0 None
2010-05-21 High family medical bills appear to reduce use of expensive medications: Study 0 None
2010-05-21 Researchers study correlation between type 2 diabetes and increased risk of cancer 0 None
2010-05-21 Pharmacist-led HBPM program improves blood pressure control 0 None
2010-05-21 Researchers analyze impact of health promotion program on cardiovascular disease-related medical, hospital costs 0 None
2010-05-21 CTT's Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment decreases pain associated with CIPN 0 None
2010-05-21 Lack of discussion on resuming sex after heart attack associated with less sexual activity 0 None
2010-05-21 New data on ARIAD's AP24534 and ridaforolimus accepted for presentation at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-05-21 Lantheus Medical Imaging receives additional supply of Mo-99 for production of vital medical isotopes 0 None
2010-05-21 PLC Systems' RenalGuard to be showcased at EuroPCR 2010 0 None
2010-05-21 Clinical data evaluating CAL-101 in patients with hematologic malignancies to be presented at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-05-21 Eli Lilly to honor individuals with Welcome Back Award for improving lives of others 0 None
2010-05-21 Ligand Pharmaceuticals secures milestone and royalty interest in IL-9 antibody program 0 None
2010-05-21 Tai Chi may help reduce stress, anxiety and depression 0 4.7
2010-05-21 ArQule announces presentations on ARQ 197 c-Met inhibitor at 2010 ASCO 0 None
2010-05-21 IGF1 drug improves nerve cell communication in PMS mouse model 0 None
2010-05-21 Information about tanning's damaging effect on appearance reduces sunbed use among young women 0 None
2010-05-21 New technique may improve treatments for heart disease 0 None
2010-05-21 Red Cross survey: 68% of Americans involved in some kind of summer emergency 0 None
2010-05-21 Patients with VAD implants develop varying severities of AVWS 0 None
2010-05-21 Data on retreatment experiences with brentuximab vedotin in clinical trials to be presented at 2010 ASCO 0 None
2010-05-21 Study explores genetic imbalances that give rise to childhood brain tumors 0 None
2010-05-21 PTCL trial data on belinostat to be presented at 2010 ASCO Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-05-21 Combination of reovirus and carboplatin/paclitaxel shows promising anticancer activity in SCCHN 0 None
2010-05-21 Interim data from Phase 2 clinical trial of sapacitabine in patients with MDS to be presented at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-05-21 New therapy program serves as foundation for ongoing clinical development 0 None
2010-05-21 Cancer Institute of New Jersey investigators target autophagy 0 None
2010-05-21 Blood biomarker underscores role of inflammation in vascular disease 0 None
2010-05-21 Smoking cessation treatments effective and safe for people with schizophrenia 0 None
2010-05-21 Data evaluating use of nab-paclitaxel for treatment of pancreatic cancer to be presented at ASCO 2010 0 5
2010-05-21 SAMHSA study reveals differences in rates of substance use among various Asian-American adults 0 None
2010-05-21 Pluristem to highlight potential of PLX-PAD cell therapy for critical limb ischemia at 16th ISCT 0 None
2010-05-21 Researchers propose steps to enhance patient-physician communication to improve depression care 0 None
2010-05-21 New data highlighting Pfizer's approach to cancer drug development to be presented at ASCO meeting 0 None
2010-05-21 Group weight loss programs reduce risk for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-05-21 Researchers identify drug that improves communication between nerve cells in Phelan-McDermid Syndrome 0 4.5
2010-05-21 Psychiatrists should be included in disaster first-response teams 0 None
2010-05-21 Researchers discover key gene that promotes development of common kidney cancer 0 None
2010-05-21 Provectus to present further positive data from PV-10 Phase 2 clinical trial for metastatic melanoma at ASCO 0 None
2010-05-21 ZIOPHARM Oncology to present phase II data from PICASSO trial for soft tissue sarcoma at ASCO meeting 0 None
2010-05-21 New research seeks customised treatment of cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2010-05-21 'Teachable moments' can reduce cancer risk in children of parents with mutations in tumor suppressor genes 0 None
2010-05-21 Routine cessation of clopidogrel in patients before colonoscopy polypectomy not necessary: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-21 Top scientists to share latest research on autism at IMFAR 2010 1 None
2010-05-21 Restoration of post-meal blood vessel expansion may help improve strength and health in elderly people 0 None
2010-05-21 Transplant centers should utilize DCD kidneys to minimize patients’ mortality rates 0 None
2010-05-21 eGFR as valuable as Ccr as an indicator of preoperative renal function in gastric cancer patients: Study 0 None
2010-05-21 Data from three Phase II clinical trials of PS-targeting antibody to be presented at 2010 ASCO Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-05-21 Arizona's smoking ban reduces hospital admissions for stroke, asthma and angina 0 5
2010-05-21 Vitamin D plays much wider role in people's life 0 2
2010-05-21 Phase III PRIMA study data of Rituxan to be featured at 46th ASCO 0 None
2010-05-21 AFSPP program reduces suicide rates 0 None
2010-05-21 Prescribing practices for dementia patients 0 None
2010-05-21 Eli Lilly to present results of two Phase II trials evaluating ALIMTA in combination with chemotherapy, radiation 0 None
2010-05-21 Genentech to present new data for targeted cancer medicines at 46th ASCO 0 None
2010-05-21 Vesicoureteral reflux more common among girls 0 None
2010-05-21 Infinity to present data from Hsp90 chaperone and Hedgehog pathway inhibitor programs at 2010 ASCO 0 None
2010-05-21 VIA-2291 can reduce inflammation in patients with atherosclerosis: Study 0 None
2010-05-21 Exelixis reports interim data from XL184 phase 2 trial for recurrent glioblastoma at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-05-21 More than 44% Canadian seniors living in residential care homes diagnosed with depression: CIHI study 0 None
2010-05-21 Salix announces additional intellectual property protection for rifaximin in treatment of IBS 0 None
2010-05-21 Phase II study results of Lilly Oncology's tasisulam for metastatic melanoma to be presented at 46th ASCO 0 None
2010-05-21 ZymoGenetics' IL-21 Phase 2 trial data in metastatic melanoma to be presented at ASCO annual meeting 0 None
2010-05-21 Obesity rate decreases as amount of weekly LTPA increases 0 None
2010-05-21 Positive results from Phase 1 study evaluating IV administration of JX-594 to metastatic cancer patients 0 None
2010-05-21 Experts to discuss impacts of air pollution on life expectancy, cardiovascular disease 0 None
2010-05-21 Toxcure granted U.S. patent for method of treating neoplasms with neurotoxins 0 None
2010-05-21 Caregivers can give complete clinical picture of brain cancer patients' condition 0 None
2010-05-21 SLU Hospital announces increase in number of minimally-invasive spinal procedures performed 0 5
2010-05-21 Preliminary data of BIBW 2992 in head and neck cancer, NSCLC to be presented at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-05-21 Medtronic announces clinical data presentations on cardiovascular devices at EuroPCR 0 None
2010-05-21 Onyx Pharmaceuticals announces presentations evaluating carfilzomib for multiple myeloma at 46th ASCO 0 None
2010-05-21 Blood clot-related strokes decrease among whites for the first time: Study 0 None
2010-05-21 Long-term data demonstrates clinical benefits of Exelixis XL184 for medullary thyroid cancer 0 None
2010-05-21 Dementia patients treated with neuroleptic drugs instead of anti-dementia medication: Study 0 None
2010-05-21 Narrow-band imaging could be novel tool for in vivo assessment of mucosal angiogenesis 0 None
2010-05-21 AMT reports positive preclinical data from cholesterol targeting AAV gene therapy study 0 None
2010-05-21 EpiCept launches Ceplene in Germany 0 None
2010-05-21 New study reveals PTPN2 gene loss causes bone cancer 0 None
2010-05-21 Niacin fortification foods can cause obesity 0 None
2010-05-20 Weight Watchers group program helps obese adults lose weight, reduce glucose and insulin levels 0 None
2010-05-20 NewLink Genetics to present Phase 2 data of HyperAcute-Pancreas immunotherapy for resected pancreatic cancer 0 5
2010-05-20 Office-based ESWT for treatment of foot pain 0 None
2010-05-20 Pistachio nuts increase levels of antioxidants in blood of adults with high cholesterol: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-20 Dispelling misconceptions associated with anaesthesia reduce patient anxiety before surgery 0 None
2010-05-20 3rd Annual Disability Leadership and Policy Summit to commemorate 20th Anniversary of the ADA 0 None
2010-05-20 EPFL develops flowing 3D model of cardiovascular system that predicts heart attacks 0 None
2010-05-20 Phase 1/2 clinical trial data of Oncophage for recurrent high-grade glioma 0 None
2010-05-20 STAAR Surgical receives CE Mark approval for product improvements to Visian Implantable Collamer Lens 0 None
2010-05-20 Canadian Cancer Statistics 2010 focuses on care, support for dying patients 0 4
2010-05-20 AANS/CNS issue statement on Congress hearing of impact of concussions on high school athletes 0 None
2010-05-20 Spanish researchers reprogram adult stem cells to help cardiac muscle regeneration 0 None
2010-05-20 NIH Director to brief U.S. Senate on ways to leverage investments in medical research 0 None
2010-05-20 Basque researchers find new Alzheimer's-related mechanism 0 None
2010-05-20 Study shows plexiform lesion develops in experimental rat model of severe PAH 0 None
2010-05-20 Canadian Cancer Society advocates for greater access to quality palliative care 0 None
2010-05-20 British Columbians lead the way in battle against cancer 0 None
2010-05-20 Chronic kidney disease patients with depression have poorer health outcomes: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-20 Studies show positive effects of CPAP on cardiovascular incidence in non-sleepy OSA patients 0 None
2010-05-20 Ectoin shows positive effect on nanoparticle-induced lung inflammation: Study 0 None
2010-05-20 Treatment costs higher for CVD patients readmitted after leaving hospitals against medical advice 0 None
2010-05-20 Home portable monitor testing can be used to diagnose, manage patients with OSA: Study 0 None
2010-05-20 Allergy sufferers can save out-of-pocket costs by visiting urgent care and retail health clinics instead of ER 0 None
2010-05-20 Recruitment of children and adults with type 1 diabetes commences in Protege Encore teplizumab trial 0 None
2010-05-20 Elevated levels of Lp-PLA2 associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease 0 None
2010-05-20 Role of neurotransmitter acetylcholine may suggest new treatment for Parkinson's disease: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-20 Update on Phase I clinical trials of Oncopore for treatment of cancer 0 None
2010-05-20 Research shows improved treatment of severe epilepsy reduces overall cost of the condition 0 None
2010-05-20 Scientists present data on denufosol tetrasodium for CF at ATS 2010 International Conference 0 None
2010-05-20 NPMA: Cockroach allergens can trigger allergies, asthma attacks 0 None
2010-05-20 Psychological factors are major predictors of chronic pain in trauma patients, say researchers 0 None
2010-05-20 MHAUS to discuss how medical facilities can best prepare for MH emergency 0 None
2010-05-20 Initial results of MUSIC Trial using PD2i in chronic heart failure patients released 0 None
2010-05-20 Cobalt Pharmaceuticals receives Notice of Compliance from Health Canada to market Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets 0 None
2010-05-20 Daily ginger consumption reduces muscle pain caused by exercise: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-20 Air pollution associated with cardiopulmonary mortality, morbidity: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-20 AACE, AME and ETA jointly publish guidelines for diagnosis and management of thyroid nodules 0 None
2010-05-20 Study confirms inverse association of increase in BMI with lower brain volumes 0 None
2010-05-20 Emotional distress can lead to overeating, serious weight gain 0 None
2010-05-20 Gene therapy shows positive effects in rat models of PAH: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-20 Phase I study of SNS-032 demonstrates safety, potential clinical activity in treating B-cell malignancies 0 None
2010-05-20 AIR Trial demonstrates benefits of BT in asthma patients 0 5
2010-05-19 Rising number of asthma deaths in Australia: Study 0 None
2010-05-19 275% rise in dementia cases for Australia over next 40 years: Study 0 None
2010-05-19 Diagnostic change not enough to help children diagnosed with bipolar disorder 0 None
2010-05-19 Targacept commences Phase 2 clinical proof of concept trial of TC-5619 in adults with ADHD 0 None
2010-05-19 Results from Phase 1 clinical trials of TRC105, TRC102, and TRC093 to be presented at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-05-19 PrimeWire PRESTIGE Pressure Guide Wire receives 510(k) clearance, CE Mark approval 0 None
2010-05-19 Rosetta Genomics announces publication of study on discovery of microRNAs in solid tumors 0 None
2010-05-19 Riga to host 3rd Baltic Congress of Osteoporosis 0 None
2010-05-19 Plastic corneal prosthesis for patients unable to tolerate donor corneas 0 None
2010-05-19 Positive data from Geron's TAT153 small molecule telomerase activator in animal model of IPF 0 None
2010-05-19 USPTO issues Soligenix patent for use of beclomethasone dipropionate in treatment of IBS 0 None
2010-05-19 Oncolytics Biotech initiates Phase I study of REOLYSIN and FOLFIRI in colorectal cancer patients 0 None
2010-05-19 Tanning an addiction among young women 0 None
2010-05-19 Long-term smoking cessation success possible with treatment philosophy and individualized information 0 None
2010-05-19 Research team converts astroglia into two main classes of cortical neurons 0 None
2010-05-19 Study identifies suppression as a mediator between negative emotions and desire to binge 0 None
2010-05-19 Study examines impact of APOE ε4 on cognitive function, brain anatomy in AD patients 0 None
2010-05-19 Study shows 62.7% of teachers experience voice disorders on daily, weekly basis 0 None
2010-05-19 Cell Therapeutics reports cardiac safety results from phase II trial of pixantrone in CHOP-R regimen 0 None
2010-05-19 Flexible treatment delivery intervention in primary care reduces symptoms of anxiety: Study 0 None
2010-05-19 Use of life-ending drugs without explicit patient request occurs in hospital, among elderly patients 0 None
2010-05-19 Anxiety or depression do not raise teen's risk for motor vehicle accidents 0 None
2010-05-19 Survey details impact of COPD on working-age population 0 None
2010-05-19 Alternaria fungus produces more spores with increase in CO2 levels and makes life miserable for allergy, asthma sufferers 0 None
2010-05-19 Study results may help researchers determine genetic abnormalities that cause lung disease to develop 0 None
2010-05-19 Loyola conducts heart health-risk assessment and screening program for EMS providers 0 None
2010-05-19 Global Health Partner inaugurates own clinic for obesity and metabolic disorders in Prague 0 None
2010-05-19 Research findings help explain diverse genetic susceptibility for alcohol use disorders 0 None
2010-05-19 Research analysis shows 10% of fathers experience prenatal or postpartum depression 0 None
2010-05-19 Natural molecule in body counters progression of osteoarthritis: Scientists 0 None
2010-05-19 People with asthma or COPD at risk from oil-dispersing chemicals 0 None
2010-05-19 Vigorous exercise decreases lung function in healthy children without history of asthma or allergies 0 None
2010-05-19 Unhealthy coping behaviors lead to higher rates of physical health problems, earlier mortality 0 None
2010-05-19 Diabetic patients with limited health literacy are at higher risk for hypoglycemia: Study 0 None
2010-05-19 Early tracheotomy not beneficial in terms of MV duration, mortality compared to late tracheotomy 0 None
2010-05-19 Third International Epilepsy Colloquium to be hosted in Cleveland 0 None
2010-05-19 Choir singing induces state of stimulated regeneration in IBS patients 0 5
2010-05-19 Parents ignore emotional suffering overweight kids experience as teens 0 None
2010-05-19 Roche, Biogen Idec discontinue ocrelizumab clinical development programme for RA 0 None
2010-05-19 Newly-discovered watchmen DCs instruct T cells to attack and destroy cancer cells 0 None
2010-05-19 Aprea to present poster on phase I/II clinical trial of APR-246 anticancer compound at ASCO Meeting 0 None
2010-05-19 NAC therapy shows promise for patients with mild IPF 0 None
2010-05-19 Oncolytics announces publication of Phase Ia/Ib U.K. clinical trial results of REOLYSIN for cancer 0 None
2010-05-19 Causes and treatment options of mental disorders need to be reassessed: JAMA commentary 0 None
2010-05-19 Lentigen receives NIH STTR grant for Hunter syndrome lentiviral gene therapy 0 None
2010-05-19 Researchers discover biological pathway signature of ccRCC 0 None
2010-05-19 Majority of patients experience depression following hospitalization for TBI: Study 0 None
2010-05-18 30 percent risk of heart attack in Australians over 55 0 3
2010-05-18 Repetitive treatment with cocktail of B vitamins improve recovery after TBI 0 5
2010-05-18 Senesco to present preclinical data of SNS-01 at ASGCT Annual Meeting 0 5
2010-05-18 FDA grants orphan drug designation to pralatrexate for treatment of advanced TCC of urinary bladder 0 None
2010-05-18 Warnings about a ruined appearance is best way to reduce tanning salon visits 0 None
2010-05-18 Interphone Study underestimates risk of brain cancer, says International EMF Collaborative 0 None
2010-05-18 ICF International awarded multi-year contract to support community action in reducing chronic disease 0 None
2010-05-18 Web conference to analyze latest trends, developments in the European melanoma skin cancer market 0 None
2010-05-18 Human stem cells restore alveolar epithelial tissue after E. coli endotoxin-induced ALI: Researchers 0 4
2010-05-18 Study reveals association between depression and coronary spasm 0 5
2010-05-18 Adults with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes recruited for Protege Encore clinical trial 0 None
2010-05-18 KemPharm enters Supply Agreement with Johnson Matthey for KP201 hydrocodone prodrug for acute pain 0 None
2010-05-18 IDEV launches SUPERA VERITAS Peripheral Vascular System in Europe 0 None
2010-05-18 Study confirms genetic overlap for susceptibility to COPD and lung cancer 0 1
2010-05-18 Millions of Americans continue to risk losing their hearing each day, warns audiologist 0 None
2010-05-18 ev3 files final module of PMA for Pipeline Embolization Device 0 None
2010-05-18 Sleep apnea increases insulin resistance: Study 0 None
2010-05-18 Combination therapy proves to be effective treatment for lethal form of leukemia: Research 0 None
2010-05-18 IMUC, Torrey Pines Institute identify peptides that generate CD-133 specific T-cells 0 None
2010-05-18 New research shows link between mental health and creativity 0 5
2010-05-18 LIFEDGE delivery system from Stand-By Systems ready for pilot scale production 0 None
2010-05-18 Remote Presence hospital networks to accelerate patient's access to clinical stroke experts 0 None
2010-05-18 Regular consumption of pistachios lowers risk of CHD: Study 0 None
2010-05-18 REVEAL risk score calculator provides innovative approach to better understand PAH 0 None
2010-05-18 Combining medicine switch with cognitive behavioral therapy can reduce symptoms of depression: Study 0 None
2010-05-18 Cerenis' CER-001 Phase 1 study data supports continued clinical development for acute coronary syndromes 0 None
2010-05-18 New book offers practical knowledge on celiac disease, gluten-related disorders 0 None
2010-05-18 If Laura's Law is not implemented, mentally ill people will be arrested and jailed: Recent analysis 0 None
2010-05-18 University of Leeds researchers identify natural defence mechanism against heart disease 0 None
2010-05-18 Eisai calls on Alzheimer's patients and caregivers to nominate pharmacists for 2010 C.A.R.E. Pharmacy Award 0 None
2010-05-18 Researchers treat undiagnosed FIM with experimental stem cell transplant 0 None
2010-05-18 PositiveID announces early completion of iGlucose system prototype development 0 None
2010-05-18 Patients who receive H-SRT for recurrent brain cancer live longer: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-18 FDA accepts for filing Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals' cysteamine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution NDA 0 None
2010-05-18 Final data from Open-Label studies of Cinryze in patients with HAE now available 0 None
2010-05-18 Phase II ALSTAR trial: Talampanel is safe for ALS patients 0 5
2010-05-18 Covidien introduces EEA Hemorrhoid & Prolapse Stapler Set with DST Series Technology 0 None
2010-05-18 Caffeine normalizes brain function and prevents cognitive decline 0 None
2010-05-18 UMPIRE trial of Red Heart Pill launched to combat cardiovascular problems 0 5
2010-05-18 High-fat ketogenic diet effective in treating infantile spasms 0 None
2010-05-18 Electrical muscle stimulation prevents critical illness polynueromyopathy 0 None
2010-05-18 NMES may reduce muscle atrophy in patients with severe COPD: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-18 Tests of kidney function, damage predict risk of death from cardiovascular diseases: Study 0 None
2010-05-18 Apnex HGNS System shows promising results in people suffering from OSA 0 None
2010-05-18 Altered blood flow leads to falls in elderly people: Research 0 None
2010-05-18 Population Diagnostics receives NINDS grant for identifying genetic causes of Parkinson's Disease 0 None
2010-05-18 FibroGen's FG-3019 human monoclonal antibody against CTGF reverses progression of lung fibrosis 0 4.2
2010-05-18 152 research and training grants awarded to researchers at 93 institutions nationwide 0 None
2010-05-18 FDA issues complete response letter for roflumilast NDA 0 None
2010-05-17 Is gluten the latest villain in the battle for better health? 0 None
2010-05-17 Australian doctors identify new disease and devise its cure 0 None
2010-05-17 Hawthorn announces licensing deal with University of Pittsburgh for novel monoclonal antibodies for cancer 0 5
2010-05-17 BaroFold licenses PreEMT Technology to Nuron Biotech for development of BaroFeron 0 None
2010-05-17 Mpex Pharmaceuticals presents Phase 2b trial results of Aeroquin for cystic fibrosis at ATS Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-05-17 Aastrom Biosciences initiates treatment in Phase 2 catheter-based clinical trial for dilated cardiomyopathy 0 None
2010-05-17 FDA grants NeoPharm's IL13-PE38QQR orphan-drug designation for treatment of IPF 0 None
2010-05-17 FDA approves ROXRO PHARMA's SPRIX Nasal Spray 0 1
2010-05-17 ARCA biopharma announces SPA agreement with FDA for bucindolol clinical trial 0 None
2010-05-17 Celldex Therapeutics commences screening in CDX-1307 Phase 2 study for bladder cancer 0 None
2010-05-17 Tranzyme Pharma to present data on prokinetic agent TZP-101 in GI recovery at ASCRS 2010 0 None
2010-05-17 Most recurrences of HCC occur early after initial diagnosis and treatment: Research article 0 None
2010-05-17 Roche to commence clinical study of TB-403 in patients with colorectal and ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-05-17 High fat diet linked to exacerbation of asthma 1 4.5
2010-05-17 The Neuropathy Association joins with the Empire State Building to recognize National Neuropathy Week 0 None
2010-05-17 'Do by doing' is the best advice to help COPD patients improve ability to function in daily life 0 None
2010-05-17 RFA causes less post-procedural pain in patients with varicose veins: Study 0 None
2010-05-17 Large number of people do not see health-care provider for skin cancer screening: Survey 0 None
2010-05-17 Asthma patients need to avoid heavy, high-fat meals: New research 0 None
2010-05-17 Obese patients with COPD improve following pulmonary rehabilitation program: Research 0 None
2010-05-17 New data from MVP trial on ICDs shows health care use burden 0 None
2010-05-17 Study identifies potential noninvasive biomarkers in NAFLD, NASH using Metabolon's platform 0 None
2010-05-17 UNC-developed technique has broad applications in cancer, biomedical research 0 None
2010-05-17 Statins may play role in lowering risk of clot-related diseases: Study 0 None
2010-05-17 Treatment with MP-376 reduces P. aeruginosa in CF patients: Research 0 None
2010-05-17 Long-term, regular use of vitamin E in women may help decrease risk of COPD: Study 0 None
2010-05-17 Novel internet-based strategy effective in patients with severe prednisone dependent asthma 0 None
2010-05-17 People who live in urban areas tend to have higher blood pressure: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-17 No increase in risk of glioma or meningioma with use of mobile phones: INTERPHONE project 1 None
2010-05-15 Saint John's Health Center Trustee receives 2010 Distinguished Medical Science Award 0 None
2010-05-15 Researchers identify protein involved in pushing bladder tumors to become invasive 0 None
2010-05-15 Tips for cutting back on added sugar 0 2
2010-05-15 EvoLife Laboratories participates in ONS Congress 2010 to assist nurses, caregivers 0 None
2010-05-15 Athersys presents data supporting MultiStem programs 0 None
2010-05-15 Power3 Medical Products files provisional patent applications with USPTO 0 5
2010-05-15 Blood flow restriction combined with resistance exercise can increase muscle-mass in older men 0 None
2010-05-15 Novartis employees organise events to contribute to community organizations 0 None
2010-05-15 Canadian cancer patients cross the border for second opinion 0 None
2010-05-15 BUSM researchers identify clinical characteristics associated with PDUD in primary care patients 0 None
2010-05-15 Research sheds light on early embryogenesis, genetic disease 0 None
2010-05-15 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants patent to Historx's AQUA technology 0 None
2010-05-15 Differential diagnosis and therapy for gait disturbance 0 None
2010-05-15 Merck, Cardiome Pharma show superiority of BRINAVESS to amiodarone injection 0 None
2010-05-15 New intervention method reduces self-stigma in mentally-ill patients 1 None
2010-05-15 Foundation Venture Capital Group makes initial investment of $175,000 to develop test to diagnose AD 0 None
2010-05-15 Mental health problems outpace pregnancies, injuries at military hospitals 0 None
2010-05-15 Rich Canadian men increase their likelihood of being overweight 0 None
2010-05-15 Study examines safety of non-invasive cardiac shock wave procedure for angina pectoris 0 1
2010-05-15 Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Week declared to honor work of PPMD 0 5
2010-05-15 Still River Systems announces clinical beam extraction from world's smallest high-energy proton therapy accelerator 0 None
2010-05-15 Fat tissue different in men and women 0 4
2010-05-15 STOP AF trial: Arctic Front Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter System reduces AF symptoms by 80% 0 2
2010-05-15 Agronomic practices can increase cancer-preventive phytochemicals in broccoli and tomatoes 0 4
2010-05-15 Amgen submits BLA for denosumab subcutaneous RANK Ligand inhibitor 0 None
2010-05-15 FDA grants tentative approval for Teva's Cinacalcet HCl Tablets ANDA 0 None
2010-05-14 Heart defibrillators complicate end-of-life care 0 None
2010-05-14 Report underscores need for additional research on diagnosis and treatment of food allergy 0 None
2010-05-14 Data from RGN-259 study published in Archives of Ophthalmology 0 None
2010-05-14 FDA grants tentative approval for Impax Laboratories' generic Opana ER 0 1
2010-05-14 SQI announces poster presentations on novel diagnostic assays at 7th International Congress on Autoimmunity 0 2
2010-05-14 Convergent procedure promising for longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation 0 None
2010-05-14 Over 75 countries represented at 2010 Alcoholics Anonymous convention 0 None
2010-05-14 Multivitamin and mineral supplements improve mood, mental performance in healthy males: Study 0 None
2010-05-14 3D test for diagnosing malignant melanoma 0 None
2010-05-14 Medtronic releases Virtual ICD study data 0 5
2010-05-14 Study examines long-term economic consequences of childhood psychological disorders 0 None
2010-05-14 Experts address fundamental questions related to renal failure in ICU 0 None
2010-05-14 New research to improve treatment for oesophageal and upper stomach cancer 0 None
2010-05-14 Off-label use of AAs among elderly associated with increased risk of diabetes: Study 0 None
2010-05-14 Stanford researchers make hair-cell-like cells in a petri dish 0 None
2010-05-14 Mauna Kea Technologies' Cellvizio improves diagnosis of early forms of bile duct cancer 0 None
2010-05-14 Catheter ablation treatment reduces risks associated with atrial fibrillation 0 None
2010-05-14 Research efforts needed to identify optimal treatments for sexual dysfunction in people with CKD 0 None
2010-05-14 Medical professionals meet to standardize CT scanning techniques 0 None
2010-05-14 Each melanoma cell capable of cancer stem cell behavior: Study 0 None
2010-05-14 Prometheus announces novel method for early detection of HACA during infliximab treatment 0 None
2010-05-14 FREEDOM trial results to be presented at Heart Rhythm 2010 0 None
2010-05-14 NiTi Surgical Solutions completes over 4,000 successful ColonRing applications in 16 countries 0 None
2010-05-14 New cases of Type 1 diabetes in young children to double by 2020: The Lancet 0 None
2010-05-14 International study to test effectiveness of celecoxib in preventing growth of precancerous polyps 0 None
2010-05-14 GRNCM1 do not cause cardiac arrhythmias after transplantation: Preclinical study 0 None
2010-05-14 Increase in use of imaging scans underscores need for evidence-based protocols in cancer care 0 None
2010-05-14 Nationwide Children's Hospital offers new gastric sleeve surgical weight loss procedure 0 None
2010-05-14 Smoking, obesity and alcohol use associated with poorer survival of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients 0 None
2010-05-14 DMC recommends Celsion to continue enrollment in ThermoDox clinical study for primary liver cancer 0 None
2010-05-14 Jennerex to present key data on JX-594 Phase 1 dose escalation clinical study at ASGCT Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-05-14 Immunosuppressive drug sirolimus improves kidney health of patients with ADPKD: Study 0 None
2010-05-14 Phase IIb trail results of epratuzumab in lupus patients to be presented at EULAR 2010 0 None
2010-05-14 RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals awarded $3M federal grant to develop heart attack drug 0 None
2010-05-14 Osteoporosis screening of women increased from 34% in 2001 to 64% in 2006: AHRQ 0 None
2010-05-14 Study results of Cameron Health's S-ICD- System published online in NEJM 0 None
2010-05-14 New laparoscopic procedure for hernias 0 None
2010-05-14 Fibrocell Science commences histology study of azficel-T for treatment of nasolabial fold wrinkles 0 None
2010-05-14 New Infrared Relief therapy now available for patients with diabetic neuropathies 0 None
2010-05-14 Calcium deficiency may make people more prone to osteoporosis, obesity in later life: Study 0 None
2010-05-13 Being physical and mental activity delays onset of Huntington’s disease: Research 0 None
2010-05-13 Repligen files IND for Phase 1 study of RG2833 selective HDAC-3 inhibitor for Friedreich's ataxia 1 5
2010-05-13 Stereotaxis to be featured prominently in 31st HRS 0 None
2010-05-13 Researchers provide better understanding of anti-cell death proteins and potential antagonist to defeat them 0 None
2010-05-13 Adults with SCA show poorer performance on neurocognitive tests: Study 0 None
2010-05-13 No clear consensus on prevalence, diagnosis, management, and prevention of food allergies 0 None
2010-05-13 Study reveals increase in treatment admissions for drug abuse 0 None
2010-05-13 25% of adults quit their overactive bladder medication: Study 0 None
2010-05-13 Pain rehabilitation programs can help patients break the cycle of worsening pain: Mayo Clinic Health Letter 0 None
2010-05-13 Increased IR associated with HCC development in chronic HCV-infected patients 0 None
2010-05-13 Trubion Pharmaceuticals to present promising data from Phase 1 studies of SBI-087, SBI-087 0 None
2010-05-13 Cancer Research UK to unveil its eighth garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2010 0 None
2010-05-13 Research investigates MDR in human HCC 0 None
2010-05-13 Cognitive strategies lessen depression symptoms: Study 0 None
2010-05-13 Researchers to discuss various implications for personalized medicine during one-day symposium 0 None
2010-05-13 Children and young adults account for as many as 10% of all stroke cases 0 None
2010-05-13 27-year-old sickle cell disease patient undergoes multiple joint replacement surgery 0 None
2010-05-13 Rapid responders in novel behavior treatment for IBS maintain improvement at 3-month follow-up 0 None
2010-05-13 RYGB surgery increases insulin activity in diabetes mellitus patients 0 None
2010-05-13 Childhood sexual or emotional abuse associated with greater body dissatisfaction in BED: JGH 0 None
2010-05-13 Researchers develop new approach to immunotherapy of cancer 0 None
2010-05-13 e-Volution-TREAT system simplifies mental health care planning in Ontario and beyond 0 None
2010-05-13 Music enhances new learning of information in AD patients 0 None
2010-05-13 Robotic surgery keeps features intact in head, neck cancer removal procedures 0 None
2010-05-13 Study: When incentive payments are removed, quality of health care suffers 0 None
2010-05-13 Four caged xanthones can inhibit growth of CCA cell lines: Research article 0 None
2010-05-13 Study compares outcome of popular esophageal stents in patients with dysphagia 0 None
2010-05-13 Individual's lifestyle choices can affect cholesterol, triglycerides levels: Mayo Clinic Health Letter 0 None
2010-05-13 Additional benefits of LAIAs over long-acting human insulin not been proven 0 None
2010-05-13 Study: Treating serious gum disease in diabetics can help lower blood sugar levels 0 None
2010-05-13 New Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary valve helps congenital heart defect patients avoid multiple surgeries 0 None
2010-05-13 Seriously mentally ill are three times more likely to be imprisoned than hospitalized, report finds 0 None
2010-05-13 NARSAD honours UNC's Patrick Sullivan with 2010 Distinguished Investigator Award 0 None
2010-05-13 Research sheds light on prenatal heart formation, chromosome 22q.11 deletion syndrome 0 None
2010-05-13 Atherotech to showcase VAP Cholesterol Test at NLA Scientific Sessions 2010 0 None
2010-05-13 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals provides update on REGN727, REGN475 antibody product candidates 0 None
2010-05-13 FDA warns of side effects from swallowing Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Stopping Gel 0 None
2010-05-13 Melanoma is becoming increasingly common: Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource 0 None
2010-05-13 Report describes imaging features of superior mesenteric artery aneurysm 0 5
2010-05-13 New case report addresses diagnostic significance of CT and MRI for DCF 0 None
2010-05-13 Computerized systems can detect early eye problems related to diabetes: UI team 0 None
2010-05-13 Resverlogix' Phase 2 ASSERT trial dosing complete ahead of schedule 0 None
2010-05-13 Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource offers information about abdominal aortic aneurysms 0 None
2010-05-13 Study evaluates cost-utility of MARS treatment in ALF patients 0 None
2010-05-13 FDA approves Sagent's bacitracin for pneumonia and empyema 0 None
2010-05-12 Clinical Data expands PGxHealth's FAMILION tests to include two new tests to diagnose heart diseases 0 None
2010-05-12 Risk of venous thromboembolism is low after hepatic resection in cirrhotic patients: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-12 Capstone Therapeutics to continue to planned 12-month endpoints in AZX100 Phase 2a clinical trials 0 None
2010-05-12 FDA approves Aeterna Zentaris' AEZS-108 IND for bladder cancer 0 None
2010-05-12 Patient enrollment completed in Phase 2 clinical trial of orBec for prevention of acute GVHD 0 None
2010-05-12 Genetic variations do not improve ability to predict risk of AD: Study 0 None
2010-05-12 Key mechanisms for delivery of LNP-encapsulated siRNAs to the liver 0 None
2010-05-12 Updated data from Vical's Phase 2 trial of high-dose Allovectin-7 in metastatic melanoma patients 0 None
2010-05-12 COTI announces favourable independent pre-IND gap analysis report for novel oncology drug candidate 0 None
2010-05-12 Academic scientist receives $125,000 from ADDF/LBDA program to study LBD 0 None
2010-05-12 Meda acquires European rights to new imiquimod formulation for AK from Graceway Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2010-05-12 Caffeine helps shift workers make fewer errors: Cochrane researchers 0 None
2010-05-12 Gap between Hispanic and white asthma sufferers widen in the use daily medications 0 None
2010-05-12 Periodontal disease treatment reduces blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients 0 None
2010-05-12 Researchers discover molecular mechanism behind smoking cessation effect 0 None
2010-05-12 New computer-based tool developed to benefit cancer patients 0 None
2010-05-12 Regular exercise plays important role in improving wellbeing of patients with schizophrenia: Review 0 None
2010-05-12 Researchers develop anti-angiogenic molecule SR16388 for treatment of MM 0 None
2010-05-12 Neurimmune Therapeutics honored with ZKB TECHNOPARK Pioneer Award 0 None
2010-05-12 Japanese MHLW approves St. Jude Medical's AnalyST ICD with ST Monitoring device 0 None
2010-05-12 Angiogenesis inhibitors safe for cancer patients despite hypertension risk: Panel 0 None
2010-05-12 St. Jude Medical launches Promote Quadra CRT-D in Europe 0 None
2010-05-12 CHD mortality rate in Ontario decreased by 35%: Study 0 None
2010-05-12 Sanofi-aventis commences multinational Phase IIIb PALLAS trial of Multaq in permanent AF patients 0 None
2010-05-12 Colorectal cancer screening rates much lower among African Americans: Study 0 None
2010-05-12 CEA-Leti launches TARGET-PDT project to increase effectiveness of PDT for treating cancer 0 None
2010-05-12 Anti-inflammatory drugs help block kidney destruction that occurs with hypertension: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-12 Minimum-wage employees more likely to be obese than those who earn higher wages: UC Davis study 0 None
2010-05-12 Study shows relationship between built environment, SES and changes in BMI 0 None
2010-05-12 Adult patients with sickle cell disease may develop cognitive problems: Study 0 None
2010-05-12 Allergic conditions that result from hyper reactive immune system may lower cancer risk: Study 1 None
2010-05-12 IMBio receives regulatory concurrence from FDA to market OCL 500 microspheres in the U.S. 0 None
2010-05-12 Australian TGA approves Acetadote for treatment of paracetamol poisoning 0 None
2010-05-12 Phase IIb study of EVP-6124 initiated in patients with Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-05-12 Routine dental treatment can reduce blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-12 Compugen discovers CGEN-928 as antibody drug target for treatment of multiple myeloma 0 1
2010-05-12 Phakic IOLs safer than laser surgery for correcting moderate short-sightedness 0 None
2010-05-11 Overtime workers at 60% higher risk of heart-related problems 0 5
2010-05-11 Amorfix, Epitomics collaborate to develop high-affinity monoclonal antibodies against cancer targets 0 None
2010-05-11 Hothead Technologies, Shafer partner to develop normothermia monitoring and management system 0 None
2010-05-11 Study reveals association between cardiac vagal activity and functional somatic symptoms 0 None
2010-05-11 Limiting fat intake to below 20% can reduce risk of breast cancer recurrence by 24% 0 None
2010-05-11 Scancell signs worldwide licensing agreement with NIH for TRP-2 and gp100 melanoma antigens 0 None
2010-05-11 CINJ nurses to present at Oncology Nursing Society's 35th Annual Congress 0 None
2010-05-11 Cancer costs double in 20 years but are still in line with overall health spending, study finds 0 None
2010-05-11 Medtronic announces new M-Link cellular accessory 0 None
2010-05-11 Gene variations may increase risk of developing schizophrenia: Study 0 None
2010-05-11 Increased cholesterol levels can affect microenvironment of bone marrow 0 None
2010-05-11 New combination therapy may help treat anti-estrogen resistant ER+ breast cancer 0 None
2010-05-11 Advanced radiation techniques treat head and neck cancer, reduce swallowing complications 0 None
2010-05-11 New law could help hospice patients continue aggressive medical treatments 0 None
2010-05-11 LifeWatch Services to unveil advanced AF TeleClinic service at HRS Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-05-11 Forest, Almirall to present data on aclidinium bromide for COPD and LAS100977 for asthma at ATS conference 0 None
2010-05-11 Nuts can reduce blood cholesterol levels: Study 0 None
2010-05-11 Personalized treatments for thyroid disorders to be presented at ATA meeting 0 None
2010-05-11 UCF receives $1.9M NIH grant for exploring new ways of reversing damage caused by MS 0 None
2010-05-11 Imperial College London and McGill University expand scientific collaboration 0 None
2010-05-11 Exposure to fine particulate matter can trigger cardiovascular deaths, heart attacks 0 None
2010-05-11 Winners of IOF-Servier Young Investigator Research Grant 0 None
2010-05-11 Sucampo presents phase 3 trial results of lubiprostone in non-cancer pain patients with OBD at DDW 2010 0 None
2010-05-11 Research may aid in developing new cancer therapies 0 None
2010-05-11 Study: Omega-3 fatty acids can help mitigate bone loss 0 None
2010-05-11 IOF: Vitamin D can prevent falls and fractures in older adults 0 4
2010-05-11 Researchers develop new type of drug to kill non-Hodgkin lymphoma tumor cells 0 None
2010-05-11 Can familiar voices heal traumatic brain injuries? 0 None
2010-05-11 Dyslexic children may have structural differences in brain region, says study 0 None
2010-05-11 Vigorous physical activity in childhood strengthens hip bones 0 None
2010-05-11 People with family history of diabetes gain more weight 0 None
2010-05-11 BIOTRONIK launches TactiCath irrigated RF contact force ablation catheter for treating AF 0 None
2010-05-11 Patients with semantic dementia have altered sense of flavours 0 None
2010-05-10 Intellectually disabled in Victorian government run facilities treated in a “Victorian” manner 0 None
2010-05-10 Genetic link to risk for diabetes and weight gain: New study 0 None
2010-05-10 Multicomponent psychological intervention helps reduce alexithymia and cancer pain 0 None
2010-05-10 Study results of CTT's Calmare Pain Therapy for CIPN to be presented 0 None
2010-05-10 Generex Biotechnology enrolls over 400 subjects in global Phase III study of Generex Oral-lyn 0 None
2010-05-10 QRxPharma reports successful outcome of Phase 1 trial for MoxDuo CR for chronic pain 0 None
2010-05-10 Harbor BioSciences reports encouraging results from Triolex Phase IIa trials 0 None
2010-05-10 Endosense commences enrollment in EFFICAS I study with TactiCath force-sensing catheter 0 None
2010-05-10 Asthmatx announces first U.S. patient treated with BT delivered by Alair System 0 4
2010-05-10 Health Canada approves BDSI's NDS for ONSOLIS 0 None
2010-05-10 St. Jude Medical introduces Wireless USB Adaptor for [email protected] transmitter in the U.S. 4 5
2010-05-10 Total kidney removal not beneficial for elderly patients with confined kidney tumors 0 None
2010-05-10 Mice express pain through facial expressions, says study 0 None
2010-05-10 First Edition: May 10, 2010 1 None
2010-05-10 FDA approves Cipher's CIP-TRAMADOL ER for chronic pain 0 None
2010-05-10 28% of crashes attributed to cell phone talking, texting while driving 0 None
2010-05-10 AngioDynamics introduces redesigned Centros self-centering chronic hemodialysis access catheter 0 None
2010-05-10 UC San Diego researchers discover potential new treatment for familial adenomatous polyposis 0 None
2010-05-10 Negative impact of depression on glycemic control in type 2 diabetes patients 0 None
2010-05-10 Forest, Nycomed to present data from six roflumilast posters at ATS International Conference 0 None
2010-05-10 Positive results from Cytori's Celution-based ADRC trial for treatment of no-option chronic heart disease patients 0 None
2010-05-10 CE 3D US creates spatial view for hemodynamic and morphologic evaluation of focal liver tumors 0 None
2010-05-10 Majority of Americans concerned about skin cancer but still like tans 0 None
2010-05-10 UT Southwestern offers advanced lung-cancer patients free screenings of tumors for genetic mutations 0 None
2010-05-10 NIAMS, NINDS announce 5-year, $7.5M natural history study of Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 None
2010-05-10 UT Southwestern researchers uncover core function of gene involved in Fragile X syndrome 0 None
2010-05-10 Takeda enters co-promotion agreement with Janssen Pharma for VELCADE 0 None
2010-05-10 Depression, hostile behavior increase risk of mortality 0 None
2010-05-10 Initiation of QVA149 Phase III clinical programme by Novartis triggers $7.5M milestone payment to Sosei 0 None
2010-05-10 Double mastectomy best for long-term prognosis of breast cancer 0 2
2010-05-10 Free online fracture-risk calculator 0 None
2010-05-10 Zilver PTX Drug-Eluting Peripheral Stent safe and effective for treating SFA lesions 0 None
2010-05-10 Everolimus-eluting stents more effective than paclitaxel-eluting stents 0 None
2010-05-10 Costs and quality of cancer care in the U.S. 0 None
2010-05-10 Vertebral fractures can impact person's quality of life 0 None
2010-05-10 Experts to present latest research on prostate cancer and related conditions 0 None
2010-05-10 Majority of people like suntan but concerned about skin cancer 0 None
2010-05-10 Iowa researcher uses new technique to verify brain's master switch 0 None
2010-05-10 Steroids can raise cardiovascular risks in post-transplant patients 0 None
2010-05-10 Coffee and fizzy drinks do not cause bowel cancer, says US study 0 None
2010-05-10 A new generation of cereal based products for patients with celiac disease 0 None
2010-05-10 Scientists report latest research on sleep disorders at SFSS meeting 0 None
2010-05-10 Study: PDE5 inhibitors may increase permeability of blood brain barrier to Herceptin 0 None
2010-05-10 Novel imaging techniques improve post heart attack survival rates in mouse model 0 4
2010-05-10 Urgent care and retail health clinics can reduce treatment costs for allergy sufferers 0 None
2010-05-10 Findings may help develop a new class of drugs for diabetes 0 None
2010-05-10 Majority of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans experience multi-symptom pain disorders 0 None
2010-05-10 Physical activity can reduce prevalence of metabolic syndrome, CVD risk factors 0 None
2010-05-10 Double-balloon endoscopy reveals intestinal lipomas within jejunal duplication cysts 0 None
2010-05-10 Researchers study link between cognitive impairment and adherence problems among HF patients 0 None
2010-05-10 Animal study reveals intestinal bacteria can promote tumor growth 0 None
2010-05-10 Insulin can help reduce risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-05-09 Proposal for regular health check ups for the mentally ill 1 None
2010-05-07 President's cancer panel focuses on environmental chemicals 1 2
2010-05-07 Researchers launch NIH-sponsored clinical trial for spinal deformity 0 None
2010-05-07 Ancient DNA sequences within human cells can help cancer cells survive: Study 0 None
2010-05-07 Inflammation enzyme regulates production of brown fat tissue 0 None
2010-05-07 H. pylori eradication therapy treatment for localized H. pylori-negative gastric MALT lymphoma 0 None
2010-05-07 New Payer Quality Services available to oncologists to access US Oncology resources 0 None
2010-05-07 Positive preclinical results of VB-201 for treatment of psoriasis presented at 2010 SID Annual Meeting 0 5
2010-05-07 Report: 34 C>G of PPAR-γ gene might be a potential therapeutic target for colon cancer 0 None
2010-05-07 Guardian, MHA collaborate to raise awareness about depression, disability 0 None
2010-05-07 Researchers investigate aberrant expression of nuclear matrix proteins in gastric cancer cells 0 None
2010-05-07 Creator of California Tay-Sachs Disease Prevention Program among the honorees 0 None
2010-05-07 Kent State University receives four-year, $2.7M grant to study cognitive status of heart failure patients 0 None
2010-05-07 Spousal caregivers frequently show memory deficits: Study 0 None
2010-05-07 Data comparing NUCYNTA to oxycodone IR for osteoarthritis pain presented at 29th APS 0 None
2010-05-07 Telemedical Retinal Image Analysis and Diagnosis technology permits early detection of diabetic retinopathy 0 None
2010-05-07 First 3-year results of world's largest temporomandibular joint disorder study reported at APS meeting 0 None
2010-05-07 Cytori Therapeutics to initiate European medical device approval study for Celution System 0 None
2010-05-07 Nile Therapeutics completes dose escalation in CD-NP Phase II study for acute decompensated heart failure 0 None
2010-05-07 Fragile X syndrome iPS cells and embryonic stem cells behave differently: Study 0 None
2010-05-07 Closer to understanding age-related memory loss and drug to boost memory 0 None
2010-05-07 MUHC's Henry C. Witelson Ocular Pathology Laboratory celebrates tenth anniversary 0 None
2010-05-07 Socioeconomic status, social context more important than race when analyzing obesity disparities: Study 0 None
2010-05-07 Over 22% of non-elderly Americans may be denied coverage due to pre-existing health conditions 0 None
2010-05-07 M-3 Information introduces iPhone application for depression, anxiety disorders 0 None
2010-05-07 First clinical trial results of camera chip implanted under retina presented at 2010 ARVO meeting 0 None
2010-05-07 DUSA Pharmaceuticals receives notice of allowance for patent covering blue light technology 0 None
2010-05-07 Intellipharmaceutics generic Effexor XR ANDA accepted for filing by the FDA 0 None
2010-05-07 Researchers analyze relationship between extent of resection and outcome in patients with glioblastoma 0 4
2010-05-07 New research examines coping and appraisal of disease-related pain 0 None
2010-05-07 Minimally invasive scopes to detect cancer 0 None
2010-05-07 Kaposi's Sarcoma-associated herpesvirus replicates, spreads by hijacking PYM cellular protein 0 1
2010-05-07 High resolution ultrasound can be used to evaluate patients with foot drop: Study 0 None
2010-05-07 Two-day symposium on molecular neuroimaging 0 None
2010-05-07 CT technique is more specific than X-rays in detecting thoracic, lumbar spine fractures: Study 0 None
2010-05-07 Inadvertent reprogramming of genes in peripheral nervous system may cause chronic pain 0 None
2010-05-07 ADDF awards $210,300 to Amicus Therapeutics to evaluate PCs for treating Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-05-07 Movements of satellite cells could help patients with muscular dystrophy: MU researchers 0 None
2010-05-07 Majority of Americans fall short in consuming key phytonutrients 0 None
2010-05-07 Study highlights benefits of using endometrial stem cells to restore functioning of brain cells 0 None
2010-05-07 Neurons' complicated tree-like structure formation unravelled 0 None
2010-05-07 Meda acquires exclusive rights for use of flupirtine to treat fibromyalgia from Adeona Pharmaceuticals 0 1.3
2010-05-07 Advances in combination adult stem cell treatment for acute myocardial infarction presented at SCAI 0 None
2010-05-07 Sleep disturbance may result in negative consequences among residents of ALFs: Study 0 None
2010-05-07 Merrion Pharmaceuticals increases patent protection for Orazol 0 None
2010-05-07 Survey reveals low awareness of postherpetic neuralgia amongst Americans 0 None
2010-05-07 Judge's ruling gives 'wide latitude' to plaintiffs' in lawsuits against Omniscan imaging drug 0 None
2010-05-07 New documentary film reveals effective alternative therapies for health problems 0 None
2010-05-07 Advances in genetic research could help develop personalized pain medications 0 None
2010-05-07 Inflammatory bowel disorders can raise risk of osteoporotic fractures 0 None
2010-05-07 Study reveals benefits of X-ray guided steroid injections for treatment of hamstring tendonitis 0 None
2010-05-07 Methane in breath linked to obesity 0 None
2010-05-07 THI at St. Luke's reveals new insights on how adult stem cells repair damaged hearts following heart attack 0 None
2010-05-07 54% of liver cirrhosis patients experience neurocognitive impairments 0 3.7
2010-05-07 Children living near highway and railroad intersections more likely to develop asthma 0 None
2010-05-07 DXA testing can prevent osteoporosis in at-risk women 0 None
2010-05-07 Medtronic initiates U.S. clinical trial of RestoreSensor neurostimulator in chronic pain patients 0 None
2010-05-07 NHLBI grants MU $8.47 million for research on cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2010-05-07 Sleep problems can increase depression and reduce quality of life in older people 0 None
2010-05-07 Amira Pharmaceuticals' LPA1 receptor antagonist program data published in British Journal of Pharmacology 0 None
2010-05-07 Researchers study effects of dark chocolates in reducing heart disease 0 1.5
2010-05-07 Sun Pharmaceutical subsidiary granted USFDA approval for generic Namenda tablets 0 None
2010-05-07 Pfizer presents data on in vivo activity of PF-04523655 siRNA drug candidate at ARVO annual meeting 0 None
2010-05-07 Swedish researchers present a new principle for inhibiting atherosclerosis 0 None
2010-05-07 Mouse study may lead to new therapies for Parkinson's disease 0 None
2010-05-07 Study analyzes epidemiology of falls among elderly men 0 None
2010-05-07 Oramed reports Phase 2b non-FDA clinical trial results of ORMD-0801 oral insulin capsule 0 None
2010-05-06 Keryx Biopharmaceuticals commences Phase 3 registration program for Zerenex 0 None
2010-05-06 SCOLR Pharma grants RedHill worldwide rights to market and sell CDT-based ondansetron 0 None
2010-05-06 Cytochroma reports positive results from Phase I trial for CTAP201 Injection in hemodialysis patients 0 None
2010-05-06 FDA assigns BYDUREON new PDUFA action date of October 22, 2010 0 None
2010-05-06 PurGenesis announces positive results from Phase I clinical trial of PUR0110 for ulcerative colitis 0 5
2010-05-06 Investigators demonstrate safety and efficacy of targeted medication to shrink advanced kidney cancers 0 None
2010-05-06 Neuroscientists investigate alcohol dependency, withdrawal in C. elegans worms 0 None
2010-05-06 Researchers use new tools to study how brain responds when injury occurs 0 None
2010-05-06 New study shows single night of partial sleep deprivation can induce insulin resistance 0 None
2010-05-06 Study aims to clarify expression patterns of CD24 in NSCLC 0 None
2010-05-06 Bill requiring AEDs be installed in public spaces will save countless lives across Ontario 0 None
2010-05-06 PTNS performed using Urgent PC Neuromodulation System to receive category 1 CPT reimbursement code 0 None
2010-05-06 Swedish Cancer Institute, Elekta renew partnership to continue flow of technology, services to cancer patients 0 None
2010-05-06 Whole grain barley products with low glycemic response provide favourable metabolic benefits 0 None
2010-05-06 Measurement of finger temperature to assess individual's risk for CVD 0 None
2010-05-06 Scientists analyze genetic networks of microRNAs in tumors 0 None
2010-05-06 Study reveals long-term advantages of fast initial weight loss 0 None
2010-05-06 Promising new generation of contact lenses for myopia control 0 None
2010-05-06 Phase II trial: TB-402 demonstrates superior antithrombotic activity to enoxaparin 0 None
2010-05-06 Study confirms long-term durability of endoscopic RFA using HALO system for eradicating Barrett's esophagus 0 None
2010-05-06 New film on depression, drugs and alternative paths to better mental health 0 None
2010-05-06 Lack of physical activity and greater TV viewing time associated with wider retinal venules 0 None
2010-05-06 Neuroscientist Snyder presents annual Ellis S. Grollman Lecture at UMB 0 None
2010-05-06 Research reveals reason for ineffectiveness of antioxidants against cardiovascular disease 0 None
2010-05-06 ViaCyte granted three new U.S. patents 0 None
2010-05-06 Multistage nanovector system for siRNA delivery lengthens therapeutic effects of ovarian cancer treatment 0 None
2010-05-06 VEGF is key target for new anti-angiogenesis drugs, Spanish team reports 0 None
2010-05-06 Colonoscopy preparation drugs administered same day as procedure equally effective: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-06 IOF WCO-ECCEO10 osteoporosis congress opens in Florence, Italy 0 None
2010-05-06 Abbott's SPIRIT IV trial results published in The New England Journal of Medicine 0 None
2010-05-06 New blood test could increase success of lung cancer drug erlotinib: Study 0 5
2010-05-06 Southeast Pain Care offers non-addictive alternatives to pain relief 0 None
2010-05-06 Research reveals role of ovarian hormone progesterone in alteration of breast stem cells 0 None
2010-05-06 Osiris Therapeutics resumes enrollment in Prochymal trial for treatment-resistant Crohn's disease 0 None
2010-05-06 Sermo Category Report: About 30% of patients suffer from depression 0 None
2010-05-06 Annual heart disease and stroke rates in China to rise up to 73% by 2030: Research 0 None
2010-05-06 Researchers to identify rare genetic mutation to produce histamine against TS 0 None
2010-05-06 Bone marrow stem cells show promise in multiple sclerosis 0 None
2010-05-06 ThromboGenics, BioInvent International report positive results from Phase II trial of TB-402 for VTE 0 None
2010-05-06 Dark chocolate may protect brain after stroke by increasing cellular signals: Researchers 0 5
2010-05-06 Positive results from Phase 2 clinical study of LX1031 in IBS patients presented at DDW 2010 0 None
2010-05-06 THI at St. Luke's awarded $1.5M NIH grant for study of stem cells with LVADs for end-stage heart failure 0 None
2010-05-06 Milk consumption does not cause renal cell cancer 0 None
2010-05-06 Research may promote better diagnosis and treatment for glaucoma 0 None
2010-05-06 Genomic Health reports 22% revenue growth, 58% decrease in net loss for first-quarter 2010 0 None
2010-05-06 Researchers discover link between sporadic and familial forms of ALS 0 None
2010-05-06 Radiologists discuss ways to reduce patient exposure, cancer risk 0 None
2010-05-06 New study reveals facial skin cancer occurs predominantly on left-side 0 None
2010-05-06 Study: Hospital follow up can curb readmission rate for heart patients 0 None
2010-05-06 Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can increase risk of AML in children 0 None
2010-05-06 Pharmacyclics reports total GAAP revenues of $2.1 million for third-quarter fiscal 2010 0 None
2010-05-06 Positive results from Phase IIa clinical study of LIPO-102 0 None
2010-05-06 Innate Therapeutics receives funding to conduct Phase 2A clinical trial for MIS416 0 None
2010-05-06 Use of combined PET/CT can confirm suspected colorectal cancer recurrence at early stage: Study 0 None
2010-05-06 Allos Therapeutics reports net loss of $20.5 million for first-quarter 2010 0 None
2010-05-06 New research suggests tPA can act as neuroprotectant against stroke 0 None
2010-05-06 New test indicates bone marrow cell therapy may benefit MS patients 0 None
2010-05-06 Vaccinogen chooses Clinipace Worldwide to manage pivotal phase 3b confirmatory trial for OncoVAX 0 None
2010-05-06 DGIMED ORTHO receives 510(k) clearance for DISTALOCK Titanium Femoral Intramedullary Nail system 0 None
2010-05-05 Forbidding ambulance costs deter heart attack victims from calling ‘000’: National Heart Foundation 0 5
2010-05-05 Acceleron Pharma commences Phase 2 clinical trial of ACE-031 protein therapeutic in DMD patients 0 None
2010-05-05 Rockwell Medical first-quarter sales up 17.1% 0 None
2010-05-05 Boehringer Ingelheim, Micromet enter collaboration for new BiTE antibody for multiple myeloma 0 None
2010-05-05 Spouses of dementia sufferers at higher risk of developing dementia 0 None
2010-05-05 Single night of partial sleep deprivation induces insulin resistance in healthy people 0 5
2010-05-05 Aradigm receives FDA IND approval for inhaled liposomal ciprofloxacin 0 None
2010-05-05 New data on Surfaxin LS presented at 2010 PAS Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-05-05 Cadence Pharmaceuticals resubmits OFIRMEV NDA 0 None
2010-05-05 LightLab Imaging granted FDA clearance for C7-XR Imaging System and C7 Dragonfly Imaging Catheter 0 None
2010-05-05 Survey reveals need for educating U.S. women about stroke symptoms 0 None
2010-05-05 High-altitude exposure helps detect early vascular dysfunction 0 None
2010-05-05 Study reveals changes in brain activity in response to withdrawal of life support 0 None
2010-05-05 Older men who receive pneumococcal vaccine not less likely to have heart attack, stroke: JAMA 0 None
2010-05-05 Researchers analyze spine surgery patients' existing comorbdities in relationship to hospital stay, costs 0 None
2010-05-05 Decreasing radiotherapy doses given to 'cold spots' can help reduce side-effects 0 None
2010-05-05 AAA symposium features digital technologies in anatomical reconstruction 0 None
2010-05-05 Pay-for-performance may create unintended financial incentives for doctors to discriminate against obese patients 0 None
2010-05-05 Diets rich in whole grain reduce risk of obesity and other diseases related to metabolic syndrome 0 None
2010-05-05 JAMA study shows decline in incidence of gastric cancer for all age groups 0 None
2010-05-05 Study finds early follow-up for heart failure patients reduces readmission rates 0 None
2010-05-05 Colorectal pre-cancer can be detected through stool DNA testing: Mayo Clinic study 0 None
2010-05-05 Hepatitis B treatment appears to improve liver transplant outcomes for some patients: Study 0 None
2010-05-05 Quark to present poster on predicting risk of DGF following machine perfusion of renal transplants at ATC 2010 0 None
2010-05-05 Genetics researchers use new approach to detect causal gene variants 0 None
2010-05-05 Canadian Cancer Society awards London scientists new funds for innovative research 0 None
2010-05-05 Special issue of Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases 0 None
2010-05-05 HbA1c can be deceptive in African American children with diabetes: Study 1 None
2010-05-05 Palatin Technologies granted patent relating to small molecule compounds that bind to melanocortin receptors 0 None
2010-05-05 Three Hamilton scientists receive cancer research grants from Canadian Cancer Society 0 None
2010-05-05 FDA's call for further review of pirfenidone disappointing for Pulmonary Fibrosis patients, says CPF 0 None
2010-05-05 Protein PEA-15 stops T-cell proliferation 0 None
2010-05-05 New treatments for intestinal failure, other intestinal absorption disorders 0 None
2010-05-05 Researchers analyze role of gender in treatment and outcome of patients with MMD 0 None
2010-05-05 Americans and their babies are gaining more body fat: Study 0 None
2010-05-05 New pathology test may help doctors distinguish between two overlapping esophageal disorders: Study 0 None
2010-05-05 UK GTAC, MHRA approve Scancell's Phase I clinical trial of SCIB1 DNA ImmunoBody vaccine 0 None
2010-05-05 Study investigates pilot VBBD program to improve adherence to diabetes medications 0 None
2010-05-05 Targeted antibiotics provide safe, long-lasting improvement for IBS patients, says study 0 None
2010-05-05 Ventral striatum plays important role in circuitry of reward-oriented behavior: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-05 Argos Therapeutics announces presentations on sCD83 protein capabilities at 2010 American Transplant Congress 0 None
2010-05-05 TCT for Surgeons to showcase hybrid surgical, interventional techniques during TCT 2010 0 None
2010-05-05 Azithromycin does not improve lung function in children with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2010-05-05 UVA exposure at early age does not cause melanoma 0 None
2010-05-05 ZEGERID OTC capsules offer more rapid acid reduction than Prevacid- 24HR delayed-release capsules 1 None
2010-05-05 Physically active lifestyle during adolescence can reduce effect of mutation in FTO gene: Study 0 None
2010-05-05 Alvine Pharmaceuticals reports data of ALV003 in gastric simulation model at DDW 2010 0 None
2010-05-05 Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery effective for patients with large acoustic neuromas: Study 0 None
2010-05-05 Data shows rates of colorectal cancer screening vary by race, ethnicity and method 0 None
2010-05-05 Non-compliance, NSAIDs use inhibit clinical benefit of aspirin 0 None
2010-05-05 Medication used to treat heart arrhythmias also reduces myotonic dystrophy: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-05 Older adults with depression do not respond to emotional stimuli, says study 0 None
2010-05-05 ChemoCentryx reports positive data with Traficet-EN in Crohn's disease trial 0 None
2010-05-05 Study: Parvovirus therapy offers complete regression of malignant brain tumors 0 None
2010-05-05 High doses of antioxidant nutritional supplements may predispose cells to develop cancer 0 None
2010-05-05 Seniors who consume high dietary protein are less likely to suffer hip fractures 0 None
2010-05-05 TeleHealth Services announces launch of High Blood Pressure and Stroke Awareness Campaign 0 None
2010-05-05 Anavex reports promising results from ANAVEX 2-73 Alzheimer's disease compound in animal studies 0 None
2010-05-05 New study searches for trauma-induced changes in genes of people with PTSD 0 None
2010-05-05 S*BIO, Onyx Pharmaceuticals expand development, commercialization collaboration for JAK2 Inhibitors 0 None
2010-05-05 AdvaCAL named official partner of National Osteoporosis Foundation 0 None
2010-05-05 Research analyzes clinical connection of NPH to AD 0 None
2010-05-05 Researchers receive NIDDK grant to identify pre-diabetes symptoms 0 None
2010-05-05 Study: Flaxseed diet reduces ovarian cancer, increases survival rates 0 5
2010-05-05 IBI to present data on Verisome Liquid Drug Delivery System for cystoid macular edema at ARVO 2010 0 None
2010-05-05 Mayo Clinic researchers identify genetic variants in serotonin genes that impact IBS 0 None
2010-05-05 Nymox Pharmaceutical announces new positive results from long term outcome study of NX-1207 for BPH 0 None
2010-05-05 Second fidaxomicin Phase 3 clinical study data in patients with CDI to be presented at DDW 2010 0 5
2010-05-05 Osiris Therapeutics' Prochymal granted FDA Orphan Drug Designation 0 None
2010-05-05 Scientists discover key molecular mechanism in breast cancer metastasis 0 5
2010-05-05 BELLUS Health to discontinue NC-503 diabetes development program 0 None
2010-05-04 Supreme Court decides federal doctors cannot be sued for prisoner's death 0 None
2010-05-04 Living with a dementia sufferer may affect spouse 1 None
2010-05-04 Roche announces Health Canada approval for ACTEMRA to treat RA 0 None
2010-05-04 Synageva BioPharma seeks FDA orphan drug designation for SBC-102 enzyme replacement therapy 0 None
2010-05-04 Australia to introduce plain cigarette packaging 0 None
2010-05-04 Aethlon Medical plans to initiate patient recruitment for cancer immunotherapy study 0 None
2010-05-04 Amorfix Life Sciences detects AD-associated aggregated Beta-amyloid in blood plasma 0 None
2010-05-04 Chances of surviving lung cancer much lower in England than in Norway or Sweden: Scientists 0 None
2010-05-04 Celsion reports $4.6 million net loss from operations for first-quarter 2010 0 None
2010-05-04 Personalized vaccine processed using tumor tissue promising for brain tumor treatment 0 5
2010-05-04 Karolinska Institutet researchers discover new control mechanism in immune system 0 5
2010-05-04 Approval of personalized therapy for lung cancer in Europe will change way of treatment 0 1.3
2010-05-04 Study examines sleep issues in 2,800 people 100 years of age and older 0 None
2010-05-04 JNM supplement examines advances in cardiovascular molecular imaging 0 None
2010-05-04 Children of parents with hypertension, larger waist and hip circumference exhibit masked hypertension 0 None
2010-05-04 Isolated microalgal strain produces significant amounts of DGLA that helps reduce risk for heart attacks 0 None
2010-05-04 Study comparing enteroscopy technologies finds SE quicker than DBE for examining small intestine 0 None
2010-05-04 Moving story of a Parkinson's patient 0 None
2010-05-04 Shorter shifts for endoscopists positively influence polyp detection rates 0 None
2010-05-04 Short sleep linked to premature death, long sleep to serious illnesses 0 None
2010-05-04 Researchers explore role of ECoG measurement to improve brain mapping technology 0 None
2010-05-04 Novel biomarker test predicts risk of disease progression in patients with Crohn's disease 0 None
2010-05-04 New study shows people with BAV more likely to have brain aneurysms 0 None
2010-05-04 FDA orders Baxter Healthcare to recall and destroy all Colleague infusion pumps 0 None
2010-05-04 Deficiency of frataxin protein causes Friedreich's ataxia 0 None
2010-05-04 GEI reminds communities to minimize exposure to airborne chemicals, other indoor air pollutants 0 None
2010-05-04 $10M NIH grant to reduce cardiovascular disease risk among Latinos in East Los Angeles 0 None
2010-05-04 UCSF transgenic mouse model first to display earliest signs of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2010-05-04 UCB, IBDWG announce recipients of 2010 Research Awards in IBD for GI Fellows 0 None
2010-05-04 Algal DHA improves memory function in healthy aging adults: MIDAS 0 None
2010-05-04 National Cancer Institute data: San Francisco has highest rate of liver cancer in the nation 0 None
2010-05-04 Ocera Therapeutics presents Phase 2 proof-of-concept study results of AST-120 in non-constipating IBS 0 None
2010-05-04 Empowering kids to make healthy choices can help combat obesity 0 None
2010-05-04 Boston Scientific commences enrollment in trial comparing SCS to spine reoperation in FBSS patients 0 None
2010-05-04 Novel combined immunotherapy promising for treatment of malignant brain tumors 0 None
2010-05-04 Doctors often treat IBS patients with narcotics: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-04 Lupus Canada to hold annual fundraising event 0 None
2010-05-04 Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation induces remission in patients with treatment-resistant depression 0 None
2010-05-04 Percentage of obese girls in the U.S. increases: HRSA study 1 1
2010-05-04 New light-activated Photochemical Tissue Bonding technology helps treat battlefield injuries 0 None
2010-05-04 Johns Hopkins researchers identify a key protein that triggers sarcoidosis 0 None
2010-05-04 Beta version of Mental Health Social Network launched 0 5
2010-05-04 Osteoporosis screening can reduce risk of future fractures 0 None
2010-05-04 Researchers study relationship between insurance status and head injury patient transfer 0 None
2010-05-04 tPA drug effective in treating stroke symptoms 1 None
2010-05-04 New data on salt-sensitive hypertension to be presented at ASH 2010 conference 0 None
2010-05-04 Only about half of obese adults advised by doctors to cut down on fatty foods: AHRQ 0 None
2010-05-04 Conservative therapies need to be recommended over routine use of OTC cough/cold products in children 0 None
2010-05-04 Tart cherries reduce osteoarthritis pain 0 None
2010-05-04 Physical activity when young reduces risk of developing osteoporosis 0 None
2010-05-04 Natural plant extract could help treat COPD and inflammatory disorders 0 4
2010-05-04 BioMarker Strategies receives $1M NCI grant funding to develop SnapPath live tumor cell testing system 0 None
2010-05-04 ACAAI, AGA Institute announce innovative initiative to raise awareness of HAE 0 None
2010-05-04 Kidneys of healthy adults show signs of chronic injury, says study 0 None
2010-05-04 ZENPEP CF Cycle for Life to be launched to support research and cure for cystic fibrosis 0 2
2010-05-04 Mood and anxiety disorders associated with poor health outcomes 0 None
2010-05-04 Maternal smoking during pregnancy increases risk of psychiatric problems in children 0 None
2010-05-04 Researchers evaluate efficacy of GKRS in patients with pituitary adenoma 0 None
2010-05-04 Hormone-like inner ear signaling system protects against noise-induced hearing loss 0 None
2010-05-04 Trajectory Health, HeartMath partner to deliver clinical stress management solutions to corporates 0 None
2010-05-04 Study indicates a strong link between socio-economic status and asthma 0 None
2010-05-04 JGH researchers identify 13 new genes associated with osteoporosis, bone weakness 0 None
2010-05-04 Study shows association between sleep duration and weight in adolescents 0 None
2010-05-04 Sucampo Pharmaceuticals presents Phase 2 cobiprostone clinical trial data at DDW 2010 0 None
2010-05-04 Obese men more likely to have low testosterone than non-obese men: HIM study 0 None
2010-05-04 Despite FDA black box warning, prescription of Reglan for premature infants continue 0 5
2010-05-04 Skin cancer rates going down in Alberta: Research group 0 None
2010-05-04 Scientists introduce a new way of identifying key cancer genes 0 None
2010-05-04 Data from Phase IV study of Bystolic tablets in Hispanic patients with hypertension presented at ASH 2010 0 None
2010-05-04 Rush Center for Urban Health Equity to focus on disparities in heart and lung disease 0 None
2010-05-04 New diagnostic tool could help detect heart attacks 0 None
2010-05-04 EpiCept's first Ceplene commercial shipment to the EU triggers $2M milestone payment from Meda 0 None
2010-05-04 CalMHSA announces agreement with CDMH 0 None
2010-05-04 Researchers present positive results of Phase II clinical trial of eliglustat tartrate 0 None
2010-05-04 Broccoli component sulforaphane targets and kills breast cancer stem cells 0 None
2010-05-04 PTSD symptoms more common among childhood cancer survivors 0 None
2010-05-04 Kidneys of healthy adults show signs of chronic mild injury that increase with age: Mayo Clinic 0 None
2010-05-04 Medtronic completes enrollment in first of two CURE-AF clinical trials 0 5
2010-05-04 Par Pharmaceutical signs exclusive licensing agreement with Glenmark to market ezetimibe in the U.S. 0 None
2010-05-04 Researchers receive $250,000 to study inventive cell-transfer therapy to treat cortical dysplasia 0 None
2010-05-04 Baxter Healthcare's COLLEAGUE infusion pumps to be recalled 0 None
2010-05-04 Play-based intervention trial at Sydney University for children with ADHD 0 None
2010-05-04 Depressive symptoms after ACS associated with vascular brain changes 0 None
2010-05-04 Sepracor issued FDA Complete Response Letter for STEDESA NDA 0 None
2010-05-04 Array BioPharma reports 18.4M revenue for third-quarter fiscal 2010 0 None
2010-05-04 NIH awards UIC $10M grant to study health disparities among underserved, minority women with breast cancer 0 None
2010-05-03 Weight loss through caloric restriction and increase in physical activity improve symptoms of GERD 0 None
2010-05-03 FDA issues advisory on prostate cancer drugs 0 None
2010-05-03 NOXXON Pharma completes first-in-human clinical trial with Spiegelmer NOX-A12 0 None
2010-05-03 HTG, JWCI collaborate to develop new approaches for early stage primary cutaneous melanoma diagnosis 0 None
2010-05-03 NIAID researchers initiate trial of DAS181 in patients with asthma, bronchiectasis 0 None
2010-05-03 Interim study results demonstrate anti-tumor activity of CytRx's INNO-206 in myeloma tumor cells 0 None
2010-05-03 Acucela to present data on ACU-4429 oral visual cycle modulator for dry AMD at Retina International meeting 0 None
2010-05-03 Today's Opinions and Editorials: The end of insurance rescissions, lessons from the health care rollout and the deficit panel's tough decisions 0 None
2010-05-03 Computer-based system automatically tracks radiation dose exposure in patients receiving CT scan 0 None
2010-05-03 Targacept, AstraZeneca expand TC-5619 development program to include ADHD, Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-05-03 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics seeks FDA orphan drug status for ICT-107 dendritic-cell based vaccine for GBM 0 5
2010-05-03 Curis completes enrollment in Phase I clinical trial of CUDC-101 HDAC, EGFR and HER2 inhibitor 0 None
2010-05-03 Protect eyes from sun's UV rays to decrease risk of eye diseases, disorders 0 None
2010-05-03 BioSante Pharmaceuticals reinitiates GVAX Prostate Cancer Vaccine development 0 None
2010-05-03 Ethicon Endo-Surgery SEDASYS CAPS system receives European Union CE Mark, Health Canada approval 0 None
2010-05-03 FDA approves Abbott's CREON sNDA including dosing guidance for treating EPI due to CP, pancreatectomy 0 1
2010-05-03 Omeros announces additional data from Phase 2 trial of OMS103HP for arthroscopic meniscectomy surgery 0 None
2010-05-03 Santen licenses Clinical Data's ATL313 agonist compound for development of ophthalmic treatments 0 None
2010-05-03 TGRD presents positive results from Phase 3 studies of azilsartan medoxomil for lowering SBP at 25th ASH 0 None
2010-05-03 AVEENO Brand partners with The Skin Cancer Foundation for Road to Healthy Skin Tour program 0 None
2010-05-03 SARcode presents positive results from Phase 2 study of SAR 1118 ophthalmic solution at Dry Eye Summit 0 None
2010-05-03 PolyTouch Medical files Premarket 510(k) application for PatchAssist laparoscopic mesh deployment device 0 None
2010-05-03 African-Americans less likely to have varus thrust, more likely to have valgus thrust than Caucasians 0 None
2010-05-03 Stimatix reports interim results from artificial sphincter trial for restoring bowel control in people with stoma 0 None
2010-05-03 Raptor Pharmaceutical presents positive results from Phase 2a trial of DR cysteamine bitartrate for NASH 0 None
2010-05-03 Belatacept preserves kidney function in transplant recipients better than cyclosporine, says study 0 3
2010-05-03 Protein test to determine response of lung cancer patients to erlotinib 0 None
2010-05-03 New classification of depressive subtypes of depression proposed 0 5
2010-05-03 Scripps Research Institute awarded grant to design assays for exploring potential target for obesity, Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-05-03 Investigators examine effects of family-oriented interventions on adults with chronic physical diseases 0 None
2010-05-03 Pfizer to maintain top spot in prescription sales through mergers and acquisitions 0 None
2010-05-03 Triple combination therapy with OM, AML, HCTZ more effective at lowering blood pressure 0 None
2010-05-03 Pay-for-performance policies may create financial disincentives for doctors to treat obese patients 0 None
2010-05-03 Study finds servicemen and women at increased risk for suicide 0 2
2010-05-03 Celgene seeks court declaration over claims of romidepsin injection usage for T-cell lymphomas 0 None
2010-05-03 EHR with controlled interventions can produce optimal BP control, reduce mortality 0 None
2010-05-03 Promising results from combination therapy of pemetrexed concurrent with radiation in lung cancer 0 None
2010-05-03 Study shows link between short cycles of sleep, stroke and SCI in elderly hypertensive patients 0 None
2010-05-03 CML, FightSMA Canada collaborate to find a cure for spinal muscular atrophy 0 None
2010-05-03 AVANIR Pharmaceuticals announces filing of Complete Response to FDA Approvable Letter for Zenvia 0 None
2010-05-03 BSGI improves breast cancer detection 0 None
2010-05-03 Exposure to violent crime may exacerbate asthma in children 0 None
2010-05-03 Left ventricular mass may help predict future cardiovascular and renal outcomes: Study 0 None
2010-05-03 Scientific validity of traditional Chinese medicine for pain treatment receives support 0 None
2010-05-03 BioMedica Diagnostics’ flagship product monitors heart disease 0 None
2010-05-03 Scientists discover two body clock genes that may help find treatments for seasonal affective disorder 0 None
2010-05-03 Study indicates older women with diabetes have increase risk for colon cancer 1 None
2010-05-03 Psychotic symptoms in children 0 5
2010-05-03 Eating more olive oil could help prevent ulcerative colitis: UEA study 0 5
2010-05-03 Majority of patients who appear healthy may be at risk for cardiovascular disease 0 None
2010-05-03 Results from VeriStrat biomarker analysis of Phase III trial presented at European Lung Cancer Conference 0 None
2010-05-03 SGB procedure holds potential promise for PTSD treatment 0 5
2010-05-03 CACS used to improve classification of risk for prediction of coronary heart disease events 0 None
2010-05-03 Hartford, Salt Lake City and Denver outshine other U.S. cities on skin cancer awareness 0 None
2010-05-03 FDA approves continuation of Phase IIb clinical trial for superficial bladder cancer 0 None
2010-05-03 Scientists discover three genes linked to development of Paget's disease 0 None
2010-05-03 Report shows increasing rates of AMD among Asians 0 None
2010-05-03 Researchers discover a new driving force behind cancer growth 0 None
2010-05-03 Experts to discuss on ASD at PAS meeting 0 None
2010-05-03 IDEFICS study aims to promote healthy dietary and exercise habits among children 0 None
2010-05-03 Heart and liver transplant recipients at higher risk of developing lung cancer: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-03 Molecular imaging can help physicians identify aortic dissection: Research 0 None
2010-05-03 Study shows CBT treatment can help reduce depressive symptoms in mothers 0 None
2010-05-03 Dietary protein for overall health 0 None
2010-05-03 Health outcomes explored at DDW 2010 0 None
2010-05-03 Smoking can increase risk of second cancer in breast cancer survivors 0 None
2010-05-03 CPMC establishes new Bryan Hemming Cancer Care Center 0 None
2010-05-03 Study reveals wide disparities in global adult mortality rates 0 None
2010-05-03 Latinos have higher rates of developing visual impairment than non-Hispanic whites: Researchers 0 None
2010-05-03 Vitamin E effective in treating NASH: Study 0 None


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