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RSSArchived Medical Condition News Stories - April 2011

Date Title Comments Rating
2011-04-30 Abnormal connections created by central nervous system linked to persistence of chronic pain 0 None
2011-04-30 Most nurses are chronically sleep deprived 0 None
2011-04-30 NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center to present research studies at 2011 ATC 0 None
2011-04-30 Ontario Lung Association to launch new asthma education book to mark World Asthma Day 0 None
2011-04-30 Springtime blooms, thunderstorms can trigger asthma symptoms, warns ACAAI 0 None
2011-04-30 Harvard Medical School and BIDMC professor delivered Solomon A. Berson Distinguished Lectureship 0 None
2011-04-30 Animal-assisted therapy reduces anxiety in patients undergoing MRI: Study 0 None
2011-04-30 No proven advantages of PET for diagnostic accuracy of head and neck tumours: Research 0 None
2011-04-30 Mediaplanet releases Kidney Health report to targeted markets in USA 0 None
2011-04-30 Three hundred neurosurgeons to participate in Central Park softball tournament 0 None
2011-04-30 Animas to host Canadian tour to inspire, entertain people living with Type 1 diabetes 0 None
2011-04-30 UCLA study findings hold promise to cure diabetes 0 None
2011-04-30 ARVO announces 2011 distinguished fellows in ophthalmology research 0 None
2011-04-30 UCSF nursing professor earns AACN-GE recognition for cardiac care 0 None
2011-04-30 Tips for parents to prevent child's sports injuries 0 None
2011-04-30 FightSMA to host panel discussions on spinal muscular atrophy 0 None
2011-04-30 Invivo Therapeutics' Chief Science Officer selected as recipient of 2011 Apple Award 1 None
2011-04-30 Pearl's PT003 Phase 2b study results in COPD to be presented at ATS meeting 0 None
2011-04-30 Combining CT with FDG-PET improves treatment options for head, neck cancer patients 0 None
2011-04-30 Video games can serve as respiratory therapy for children with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2011-04-30 Mammography screening can benefit women under age 50 0 None
2011-04-30 WHO highlights global threat of NCDs, need for action at Moscow meeting 0 None
2011-04-30 Fetal exposure to crude oil chemical may increase risk of heart disease 0 None
2011-04-30 Babies born to obese mothers may face risk of iron deficiency 0 None
2011-04-30 FFR-guided intervention strategy can improve patient outcomes: Study 0 None
2011-04-30 Early interventions can help cease smoking 0 None
2011-04-30 Winner of MDEA Lifetime Achievement Award announced 0 None
2011-04-30 Researchers study about exercise habits among obese, overweight individuals 0 None
2011-04-30 Brain function variations may increase person's risk of drug abuse 0 1
2011-04-30 Dual-energy CT has potential to allow non-invasive diagnosis of gout, say radiologists 0 None
2011-04-30 The AFA completes yearlong fertility educational series 0 None
2011-04-30 Opinions: NCDs must be tackled worldwide; myths surround usefulness of foreign aid 0 None
2011-04-30 WAST NHS to equip its frontline ambulances with ZOLL E Series EMS monitor/defibrillator 0 None
2011-04-30 People with Alzheimer's, cardiovascular risk gene experience early memory decline 0 None
2011-04-30 ATRN experts to improve health in Appalachian region 0 None
2011-04-30 University of South Florida researcher earns Everfront Award for stem cell study 0 None
2011-04-30 Health Canada approves Eli Lilly's Cymbalta for chronic low back pain treatment 0 None
2011-04-30 Study explores link between primary healthcare provider and patient activation 0 None
2011-04-30 New guide to help cancer patients manage symptoms, side effects 0 None
2011-04-30 IMPAKT 2011 conference to highlight new breast cancer studies 0 None
2011-04-30 ETP makes investment to support development of ICVrx's targeted epilepsy drug technology 0 None
2011-04-30 Gene therapy approach using CD59 shows promise against AMD: Study 0 None
2011-04-30 CEL-SCI receives no objection letter to initiate Phase III clinical trial of Multikine in Canada 0 None
2011-04-30 DVA is now DaVita Labs 0 None
2011-04-30 Black cardiac arrest victims less apt to survive at hospitals: Study 0 None
2011-04-30 FDA approves Abbott's AndroGel for hypogonadism treatment in men 0 None
2011-04-30 Spectrum receives FDA approval for FUSILEV to treat colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-04-29 Improved body armor needed to protect brain from 'shell shock' injuries 0 None
2011-04-29 Health Canada grants SQI license to market IgX PLEX Celiac Panel 0 None
2011-04-29 Sorin launches XTRA autotransfusion system 0 None
2011-04-29 Interval training and healthy eating are perfect solutions for obesity sufferers 0 None
2011-04-29 Researchers unravel mechanism behind sickle hemoglobin protection against malaria 0 None
2011-04-29 New study identifies less invasive therapy for ACE inhibitor side-effects 0 None
2011-04-29 Scientists develop novel genetic model of premature aging disorders 0 None
2011-04-29 Avastin, Lucentis are equally effective for age-related macular degeneration treatment 0 None
2011-04-29 Melatonin can help fight obesity and risks associated with it 1 5
2011-04-29 Journal Blood publishes MacroGenics' DART antibody technology preclinical data 0 None
2011-04-29 New article on psychology research 0 1
2011-04-29 Study finds increase in obesity prevalence among adults with arthritis 0 None
2011-04-29 Cornell Research Program: 12 to 24% of young people have self-injured 0 None
2011-04-29 Takeda, Affymax announce additional peginesatide Phase 3 study results in dialysis patients 0 None
2011-04-29 CTSN focuses on new prairie vole model for autism treatment 0 None
2011-04-29 Bayer expands sponsorship agreement with World Federation of Hemophilia 0 None
2011-04-29 Biodesix announces patient enrollment for VeriStrat CASTLE study in lung cancer 0 None
2011-04-29 UMMS, RXi receive MLSC grant to develop RNAi therapeutics for ALS 0 None
2011-04-29 Study reveals dangerous chemicals in foam carpet pads 0 None
2011-04-29 Researchers discover possible role of SCCA in breast cancer progression 0 None
2011-04-29 IOF, ANZBMS to hold osteoporosis and bone meeting in Asia-Pacific region 0 None
2011-04-29 Monkeys can recall and reproduce simple shapes from memory 0 None
2011-04-29 Researchers develop new gene therapy technique for CGD treatment 0 None
2011-04-29 Researchers report Avastin is effective as Lucentis for AMD treatment 0 2
2011-04-29 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation honors University Of Colorado researcher for preeclampsia study 0 None
2011-04-29 Antibiotics may serve as effective treatment for appendicitis than surgery 0 2
2011-04-29 Longer looks: Autism researcher's legacy; methadone for prisoners 1 None
2011-04-29 Symposium to examine bidirectional relationship between oral health and diabetes 0 None
2011-04-29 Experts to present stem cell therapies for neurological disorders at Cedars-Sinai conference 0 None
2011-04-29 Lithium shows hope for Alzheimer’s disease 1 3.7
2011-04-29 Study explores link between alexithymia and auto-immune disease 0 None
2011-04-29 Researchers confirm fish livers as good source of fatty acids 0 4
2011-04-29 New PET imaging clinical trial to improve early esophageal, lung cancer detection 0 None
2011-04-29 GHRI founder earns Baxter-AUPHA recognition for Health Services Research 0 None
2011-04-29 Top-line results from Pfizer's tofacitinib Phase 3 studies in RA 0 None
2011-04-29 Ramipril can effectively reduce risk of ESRD in obese patients 0 None
2011-04-28 LEO Pharma introduces new Taclonex website for plaque psoriasis treatment 0 5
2011-04-28 CEL-SCI initiates Multikine Phase III trial in head and neck cancer 1 None
2011-04-28 Study shows direct link between cotton swab use and ruptured eardrum 0 5
2011-04-28 Roche introduces new Accu-Chek Mobile glucose monitoring device 0 None
2011-04-28 Centocor Ortho Biotech receives FDA approval for Zytiga to treat prostate cancer 0 2
2011-04-28 FDA accepts OncoMed's IND filing for OMP-18R5 in Phase 1 clinical trial for advanced solid tumors 0 None
2011-04-28 FDA approves orphan drug designation for Cytrx’s INNO-206 to treat pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-04-28 Positive results from Otonomy's OTO-104 Phase 1b study in Meniere's disease 0 5
2011-04-28 WellPoint offers health coaches for employees to resolve clinical issues 0 None
2011-04-28 MGH's telestroke program selects Vidyo healthcare solution for video conferencing 0 None
2011-04-28 STAAR Surgical receives CE Mark approval for nanoFLEX Collamer IOL lens 0 None
2011-04-28 Simple blood test can diagnose early Parkinson's disease 0 2.5
2011-04-28 Experts to teach athletic trainers, medical providers on sports head injuries 0 None
2011-04-28 Collaborative approach can help improve Appalachian's health 0 None
2011-04-28 DNA structure co-discoverer to present 'Curing Incurable Cancer' at Uofl event 0 None
2011-04-28 New microchip sensor can detect individual's respiratory rate 2 None
2011-04-28 Heart attacks in the morning are more serious 0 None
2011-04-28 Special-focus on postoperative cognitive dysfunction in older adults 0 None
2011-04-28 Health effects of Chernobyl nuclear crisis remain unknown 25 years after incident 0 None
2011-04-28 Guided Therapeutics' cervical detection technology design, branding to be presented at ACOG 0 None
2011-04-28 Anesthetia does not appear to influence children's brain 0 1
2011-04-28 Study finds increase in implementation of evidence-based therapies for myocardial infarction 0 None
2011-04-28 Abnormal clock gene coordination observed in tissues of Alzheimer's patients 0 None
2011-04-28 Positive results from Shire's Vyvanse clinical trial in schizophrenia 0 3
2011-04-28 Study examines racial differences between obesity and vitamin D among children 0 None
2011-04-28 New discovery in cancer and autoimmune diseases 0 None
2011-04-28 Study focuses on calcium intake among U.S. population 0 None
2011-04-28 GSN receives NIH grant for non-invasive prenatal test trial in genetic abnormalities 0 None
2011-04-28 Early diagnostic tool for joint replacement implant failure 0 None
2011-04-28 New control point for suppressing cancer cell growth 0 None
2011-04-28 UTHealth's education program helps nurses to gain extra skills in geriatric care 0 None
2011-04-28 Simple home genetic test can identify health risk factors in young athletes 0 None
2011-04-28 Cotinine can reduce plaques linked with dementia and prevent memory loss 0 None
2011-04-28 Researchers begin approved drugs screening for clinical use against rare diseases 0 None
2011-04-28 Molecular Partners completes MP0112 phase I/IIa trials in wet AMD, DME 0 None
2011-04-28 Legislative approaches needed to address obesity epidemic in Canada 0 None
2011-04-28 Non-communicable diseases responsible for more than half of deaths worldwide, WHO report says 0 None
2011-04-28 ASTRO develops new thoracic radiotherapy guideline 0 None
2011-04-28 Frailty increases exponentially with age throughout adult life span 0 None
2011-04-28 IAHF, Global Bridges launch tobacco treatment training for Mexico health care providers 0 None
2011-04-28 Scientists weaken long-term memory 0 5
2011-04-28 Nursing environment linked to improved patient outcomes 0 None
2011-04-28 Tsetse fly mapping distribution model may help solve sleeping sickness mystery 0 None
2011-04-28 Blueberries can protect against heart disease and cancer 0 None
2011-04-28 Scientists identify new risk gene variant for depression 0 None
2011-04-28 The Lancet publishes phase 3 clinical study data on VIVITROL for treatment of opioid dependence 0 None
2011-04-28 Resection arthroplasty more effective for patients with diabetic foot ulcers 0 None
2011-04-28 Women more likely to develop kidney damage after coronary angiogram 0 None
2011-04-28 New device can reduce pain during colon cancer screening 0 None
2011-04-28 Deep Breeze launches telehealth [email protected] system for COPD patients 0 None
2011-04-28 New study sheds light on how sleep-deprived lifestyles might impair brain function 0 None
2011-04-28 Baby doll can serve as effective therapy for geriatric patients 0 None
2011-04-28 Five-minute screening program can help track children with autism 0 None
2011-04-28 New screening marker can detect pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-04-28 Novel strategy for physicians to detect Autism Syndrome Disorder in babies 0 None
2011-04-28 Arthritis poses significant health and economic burden in U.S. adults 0 None
2011-04-28 Kava tea may cause kidney failure and muscle breakdown 0 None
2011-04-28 New nanoparticle imaging agent can help diagnose heart disease, breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-28 Grapefruit can help reduce weight in obese adults 0 5
2011-04-28 Study clarifies ginkgo's pain-reducing effects 0 None
2011-04-28 Study finds prevalence of low vitamin D status among obese adolescents 0 None
2011-04-28 FDA approves BIOTRONIK's new Estella and Effecta pacemakers 0 None
2011-04-28 NHL Alumni, Baycrest team up for brain health research 0 None
2011-04-28 New study reveals a novel gene linked with major depression 0 None
2011-04-27 Promising pain medication may decrease ability to fight off sepsis 0 None
2011-04-27 Adherence to diabetes medication lowers risk of hospitalization 0 1
2011-04-27 High metabolic rates linked to accelerated aging in humans 0 None
2011-04-27 Cardiac Science receives European contract for automated external defibrillator 0 None
2011-04-27 Stereotaxis launches Stereotaxis Epoch solution for electrophysiology lab 0 None
2011-04-27 Samson Hair Restoration inaugurates new facility in San Diego 0 None
2011-04-27 Clinical study: Plant extract can fight effectively against hay fever 0 None
2011-04-27 McGill develops new tool that can help stroke patients to recover hand motion 0 None
2011-04-27 U.S. Labor Department campaign to educate workers on heat-related illnesses 0 None
2011-04-27 American Lung Association releases 2011 annual air quality report 0 None
2011-04-27 Rwanda launches Africa's first nationwide cervical cancer vaccination, detection program 0 None
2011-04-27 Study finds link between health literacy and outcomes among heart failure patients 0 5
2011-04-27 Tips for parents to identify concussions in young athletes 0 None
2011-04-27 New discoveries on polycystin-1 can lead to novel kidney disease treatment 0 None
2011-04-27 Socioeconomic status linked to medication non-adherence in children with epilepsy 0 None
2011-04-27 Riverain Medical's bone suppression technology effective for lung nodule detection 0 None
2011-04-27 Proteostasis acquires Harvard University's two novel protein target licenses 0 None
2011-04-27 Advanced Orthopaedics & Spine Medicine to participate in iUni G2 knee implant trial 0 None
2011-04-27 CDC: States can do more to improve Children's food environment 0 None
2011-04-27 Interventionalist-transfer strategy can improve heart attack patients' outcomes 0 None
2011-04-27 New study sheds light on sleep problems in children with autism 0 5
2011-04-27 Performance Orthopedics to participate in iUni G2 knee implant trial 0 None
2011-04-27 MAQUET introduces new pediatric oxygenators and reservoirs in the U.S. 1 None
2011-04-27 Northwestern Asthma-COPD Program with palliative medicine can enhance patient care 0 5
2011-04-27 CESAR, Saladax begin patient enrollment in paclitaxel CEPAC-TDM trial for NSCLC 0 None
2011-04-27 CTNNB1 activation can improve colorectal cancer survival in obese patients 0 None
2011-04-27 ISCO completes first series of hepatocytes preclinical testing 0 5
2011-04-27 Biologists determine molecular structure of GluN2D receptor subunit 0 None
2011-04-27 Major breakthrough in understanding of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2011-04-27 Nationwide researchers to launch Oncotype DX test phase III trial in breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-27 Researchers investigate new device that can recognize early heart attack signs 0 None
2011-04-27 Children, adolescents with liver disease may not benefit from vitamin E or metformin 0 None
2011-04-27 Brain-derived protein in colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-04-27 Blueberries may help fight obesity 0 None
2011-04-27 BioInvent, ThromboGenics initiate TB-402 Phase IIb trial for VTE prophylaxis 0 None
2011-04-27 Study finds gender difference in immune responses to PTSD 0 None
2011-04-27 Brookside Surgery Center to participate in iUni G2 knee implant trial 0 None
2011-04-27 Rxi secures SBIR grants to develop novel RNAi therapeutics for ALS 0 None
2011-04-27 Positive results from Sanofi-aventis and Regeneron ZALTRAP Phase III study in mCRC 0 None
2011-04-27 Heparan sulfate may have a key role in tumor-spurred lymphatic vessel growth 0 None
2011-04-27 Researchers develop protein-based inhibitor that can treat HPV 0 5
2011-04-27 Bioengineering students invent life-saving heart device 1 None
2011-04-27 ISC-4 topical compound may prevent skin cancer lesion formation 0 None
2011-04-27 Cholesterol-lowering drugs may help clot-busting drugs treat strokes 0 None
2011-04-27 VeraLight's Scout DS Device receives Health Canada License approval 0 None
2011-04-27 Tarix begins patient enrollment for TXA127 Phase 1 study in DCBT 0 None
2011-04-27 Acousticon receives FDA 510K clearance for ACAM-5 integrated hearing loss assessment system 0 None
2011-04-27 Vitamin D levels may help explain racial disparities in hypertension 0 2
2011-04-27 AAN honors BIDMC neurologist with Epilepsy Award 0 None
2011-04-27 Motor regulatory protein can block human ovarian tumor growth 0 None
2011-04-27 Scripps Research receives $1.9 million NIH grant for prostate cancer study 0 None
2011-04-27 FDA grants orphan drug status to Provectus' PV-10 for liver cancer treatment 0 None
2011-04-27 Viewpoints: Shortsighted fight against fund to prevent disease; strengthening regulators' control of premium increases 0 None
2011-04-26 Diabetes and prediabetes are on the rise: New medication in research trials 0 None
2011-04-26 Millennium submits two VELCADE sNDAs to FDA 0 None
2011-04-26 USPTO grants Cortex patent for CX1739 AMPAKINE molecule 0 None
2011-04-26 Real-time GPS tracking bracelet for people with cognitive disorders 0 None
2011-04-26 Most Americans unaware of recommended alcohol limits and risks of sea salt 0 None
2011-04-26 BioControl Medical initiates INOVATE-HF study of CardioFit system 0 None
2011-04-26 New nano-systems capable of binding heparin as effectively as protamine 0 None
2011-04-26 Active Healthy Kids Canada releases 2011 Report Card on physical activity for children, youth 0 None
2011-04-26 Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce effectiveness of widely used antidepressant medications 1 None
2011-04-26 Experts to present research on vascular biology and disease at ATVB meetings 0 None
2011-04-26 Ohio State Roundtable to discuss about cancer drug development 0 None
2011-04-26 Pharmacyclics receives Servier's $7 million milestone payment for HDAC inhibitor 0 None
2011-04-26 University of Arkansas receives USDA grant for childhood obesity project 0 None
2011-04-26 FDA clears Reverse Medical's ReFlex Catheter for neurovascular procedure 0 None
2011-04-26 University of Texas receives $5 million USDA grant to fight childhood obesity 0 None
2011-04-26 Fibulin-5 protein can help prevent pelvic organ prolapse development in women 0 None
2011-04-26 Multipolar electrocoagulation is a safe, effective therapy for Barrett's esophagus 0 None
2011-04-26 Colorectal cancer patients with genetic mutation can benefit from new class of drugs 0 None
2011-04-26 Researchers discover molecular mechanisms behind autoimmunity 0 None
2011-04-26 Tai chi exercise linked to improved quality of life in CHF patients 0 None
2011-04-26 African-American couples with HIV can benefit from health promotion interventions 0 None
2011-04-26 Researchers report game-changing advance in stem cell science 0 None
2011-04-26 Unintentional prescription opioid overdose deaths have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. 0 5
2011-04-26 Men with high DHA levels may face risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-26 FDA approves Bayer's new Kogenate FS storage option for hemophilia A treatment 0 None
2011-04-26 KemPharm to formulate and develop KP106 as oral film dosage for ADHD treatment 0 None
2011-04-26 Alkem, Karo Bio partner to license eprotirome 0 None
2011-04-26 Simple radar system can diagnose traumatic brain injuries in soldiers, athletes 0 None
2011-04-26 Dactinomycin more effective for low-risk gestational tumor treatment 0 None
2011-04-26 Patients of orthopedists are more apt to undergo back surgery 0 None
2011-04-26 Death rates have decreased among people with high blood pressure 0 None
2011-04-26 ACC/AHA release consensus document to help clinicians reduce risk of hypertension in older adults 0 None
2011-04-26 CSI's cancer cytogenetic testing receives COG approval 0 None
2011-04-26 HemaQuest initiates HQK-1001 Phase 2 study in sickle cell disease 0 None
2011-04-26 Bioengineering students develop new device that can detect patients with dry eye 0 None
2011-04-26 New discoveries in stem-cell technology 0 5
2011-04-26 Infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia can benefit from azithromycin therapy 0 None
2011-04-26 GSK receives FDA approval for Lamictal XR to treat partial seizures 0 None
2011-04-26 Study: 80% of blacks more likely to spend all personal finances for cancer care 0 None
2011-04-26 People who travel extensively for business have high rates of health risk factors 0 None
2011-04-26 Scientists develop new low cost test for acute pancreatitis 0 None
2011-04-26 Frequent social activity may prevent or delay cognitive decline in old age 0 None
2011-04-26 Study: HIV infection linked to increased risk of heart failure 0 None
2011-04-26 SI-BONE receives FDA approval for updated iFuse Implant System 0 None
2011-04-26 Red pepper consumption can help manage appetite 0 None
2011-04-26 UC Davis professor receives $4.8 million federal grant for child obesity study 0 None
2011-04-25 Corticosteroid creams do not cause skin thinning: Study 1 1.2
2011-04-25 Aussies avoiding regular dental check-ups: Report 10 5
2011-04-25 Abbott’s mental health plan draws support and surprise 0 None
2011-04-25 A.P. Pharma targets resubmission of APF530 NDA in 2012 0 None
2011-04-25 Boston Scientific launches ION Paclitaxel-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System 0 None
2011-04-25 Curemark CM-182 demonstrates positive results for schizophrenia in transgenic chakragati model of psychosis 0 None
2011-04-25 Adults with PTSD and history of childhood trauma have shorter telomeres 0 3.5
2011-04-25 MonoSol Rx, KemPharm enter development and commercialization partnership for ADHD prodrug 0 None
2011-04-25 Nausea and vomiting are most feared of all chemotherapy-related side effects 0 None
2011-04-25 Pro-Pharmaceuticals receives method patent regarding DAVANAT in Japan 0 None
2011-04-25 Simple, obvious and obscure ways to keep minds sharp and brains healthy 0 None
2011-04-25 AstraZeneca announces U.S. availability of vandetanib for rare medullary thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-04-25 Enrollment commences in Gore Early TIPS study for ascites at Indiana University Hospital 0 None
2011-04-25 Cambridge Heart releases new MTWA software 0 None
2011-04-25 Bayer's oral contraceptives may increase risk of blood clots, stroke or heart attack 0 None
2011-04-25 Uroplasty to present Urgent PC, Macroplastique products study data at upcoming meetings 0 None
2011-04-25 STAA receives CE Mark approval for Visian Implantable Collamer Lens V4 design 0 None
2011-04-25 NCM, National Park Foundation partner to combat childhood obesity 0 None
2011-04-25 XenoPort files SPA with FDA for arbaclofen placarbil Phase 3 trial in multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-04-25 VDF seeks nominations for PAD and venous disease research awards 0 None
2011-04-25 Individuals on SSRIs still exhibit depressive symptoms 0 None
2011-04-25 New research provides insight into mechanism behind cardiac development 0 None
2011-04-25 New book on aging 0 None
2011-04-25 Researchers to develop Alzheimer's diagnostic test based on spinal fluid biomarkers 0 None
2011-04-25 New findings can lead to better understanding of neurological development, cancer metastasis 0 None
2011-04-25 LoJack announces availability of SafetyNet service in Miami-Dade County 0 None
2011-04-25 Pfizer comments on abstract concerning ORAL Sync tofacitinib Phase 3 study in RA 0 None
2011-04-25 Cornell University professor comments on interventions identified by new Alzheimer's guidelines 0 None
2011-04-25 Epic Imaging receives 100% Mammography Quality Standards Act score 0 None
2011-04-25 Eisai receives FDA Complete Response Letter for Aricept Patch NDA 0 None
2011-04-25 Noninvasive Masimo carboxyhemoglobin can effectively screen ED patients for CO poisoning 0 None
2011-04-25 NCOA to provide online Chronic Disease Self Management Program for employees 0 None
2011-04-25 New genetic discovery in Pulmonary Fibrosis 4 None
2011-04-25 Group B streptococci continues to increase risk of sepsis in newborns 0 None
2011-04-25 Research sheds light on molecular movements of neural transporters 0 None
2011-04-25 Early meniscus interventions may help prevent future osteoarthritis 0 None
2011-04-25 Free CME course on cardiovascular disease to be held in Phoenix, Arizona 0 None
2011-04-25 Experts to present new research on pediatric ear, nose, and throat disorders at ASPO meeting 0 None
2011-04-25 GM-CSF appears to be key culprit in multiple sclerosis onset 0 None
2011-04-25 Symposium to explore energy balance in physiologically maladaptive Homo sapiens 0 None
2011-04-25 Oncologists discuss about NCCN updated guidelines at 4th Annual Asia Scientific Congress 0 None
2011-04-25 Medtronic's English Channel swimming competition to raise awareness on ALS 0 None
2011-04-25 PVT1 gene may help reduce diabetic nephropathy 0 None
2011-04-25 UH honors glaucoma researcher with overall career excellence award 0 None
2011-04-25 Study shows neutralizing antibodies against GM-CSF can halt MS development 0 None
2011-04-25 Creative approach can tackle bacterial infections in patients with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2011-04-25 Anacor's AN2728 and GSK '052 new data to be presented at upcoming meetings 0 None
2011-04-22 Avita's ReCell Spray-On Skin exhibits potential for applications relating to healing of acute wounds 2 None
2011-04-22 Echosens's Vibration Controlled Transient Elastography stands out at 46th EASL Congress 0 None
2011-04-22 Live surgical procedure to repair abdominal aortic aneurysm broadcast to CICE 2011 in Sao Paolo, Brazil 0 None
2011-04-22 Transplanting cells from healthy adult livers may help treat genetic liver-lung disorder 0 None
2011-04-22 TJX commits $1 million to advance mission of Alzheimer's Association 0 None
2011-04-22 Facts become greatest casualty in war on pain medications 0 None
2011-04-22 Research roundup: New hips, Medicare & hospital stays; Medicaid update 0 None
2011-04-22 LCA-GA calls on entire Georgia delegation to support Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act 0 None
2011-04-22 Daiichi Sankyo's LIXIANA receives Japanese marketing approval 0 None
2011-04-22 Canada Prime Minister announces $10 million fund for defibrillators and related training 0 None
2011-04-22 Studies emphasize need to avoid central venous catheters in patients on hemodialysis 0 None
2011-04-22 DNA rearrangements in roundworm chromosomes offer insight into genome duplications in developing tumors 0 None
2011-04-22 New otolaryngology research topics to be presented at ASPO meeting 0 None
2011-04-22 Topshop introduces limited edition t-shirt for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 0 None
2011-04-22 Teva acknowledges promising results of DEFINE study in MS 0 None
2011-04-22 Study finds link between musical activity and high cognitive aging 0 None
2011-04-22 BioCryst's BCX4208 study results in gout to be presented at EULAR meeting 0 None
2011-04-22 Jeffrey Modell Foundation opens new center for primary immunodeficiency 0 None
2011-04-22 Worm protein controls key aspects of secretion of growth factors out of cells 0 None
2011-04-22 Decision Resources: 63% of neurologists select Tysabri as effective MS treatment 0 None
2011-04-22 EMQ FamiliesFirst offers Therapeutic Behavioral Services Program in Monterey County 0 4
2011-04-22 Valuable insight into immune response 0 None
2011-04-22 Nanotechnology in sunscreens is safe, says Nanodermatology Society 0 None
2011-04-22 Cardiologist pioneers new test to detect sudden death syndrome in young athletes 0 None
2011-04-22 Urologic Nursing publishes NAFC nocturia research in middle-aged American women 0 None
2011-04-22 Scott & White Healthcare teleconferences first live aortic aneurysm surgical procedures 0 None
2011-04-22 Study identifies major osteoporosis knowledge gaps for some patient groups 0 None
2011-04-22 Unanticipated structure at chromosome ends could be key ingredient in biological 'elixir of life' 0 None
2011-04-22 Early surgery, timely treatment and prenatal diagnosis can help prevent oral clefts 0 2
2011-04-22 Plant Purple-Grow Hope honors pancreatic cancer patient 0 None
2011-04-22 Human placenta plays an active role in serotonin synthesis 0 None
2011-04-22 Fleming ramps up production of ThyroShield to meet increased domestic and international demand 0 None
2011-04-22 Coquitlam student earns top prize in 2011 British Columbia SABC competition 0 None
2011-04-22 JEWEL-OSCO announces free educational tours on diabetes management 0 None
2011-04-22 Employers looking for ways to reduce high blood pressure in the workplace 0 None
2011-04-22 Also in global health news: Nuclear accidents; measles outbreak in Europe; funding shortfall in Zimbabwe; drinking water in Pakistan; agricultural development in S. Asia 0 None
2011-04-22 Research sheds new light on pathogenesis of diabetes 0 None
2011-04-22 Mindfulness meditation may enhance mental abilities 0 None
2011-04-22 IDF and DHA to host World Diabetes Congress in Dubai 0 4
2011-04-22 Scientists to develop new technique for early-stage Alzheimer's detection 0 5
2011-04-22 Promedior to present PRM-151 study data in age-related macular degeneration at ARVO meeting 0 None
2011-04-22 FDA approves Spectrum's FUSILEV Injection to treat metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-04-22 Physiotherapy Associates inaugurates new clinic in Grand Haven, MI 0 None
2011-04-22 Acupuncture offers long-lasting relief for patients after prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2011-04-22 BrightSky, Sanare form relationship with American Diabetes Association 0 None
2011-04-22 Physiotherapy Associates inaugurates new clinic in Franklin, TN 0 None
2011-04-22 DEKRA, Health Canada clear ORTHOCON's new Absorbable Bone Hemostat Matrix 0 None
2011-04-22 NAA launches new program to fight wandering incidents among children with autism 0 None
2011-04-22 Marinus initiates ganaxolone Phase 2 trial in posttraumatic stress disorder 0 None
2011-04-22 Convergence initiates CNV2197944 Phase I study in chronic pain 0 None
2011-04-22 JASN publishes positive results from pirfenidone study in diabetic nephropathy 0 None
2011-04-22 Elderly individuals with CKD more likely to suffer from heart disease 0 None
2011-04-22 Severely obese adolescents no more likely to be depressed 0 None
2011-04-22 Two Canadian health researchers earn UBC recognition 0 None
2011-04-21 Nature solves complex topological puzzles in DNA substrate recognition with elegant simplicity 0 None
2011-04-21 Discovery of cancer drugs to kill malaria parasite could open up new strategies for treatment 0 None
2011-04-21 Thought leaders gather to examine challenges facing patients with primary immunodeficiencies 0 None
2011-04-21 Utah philanthropists gift Huntsman Cancer Institute $41 million for cancer research 0 None
2011-04-21 First UCLA patient with hand transplant doing well at six-and-a-half weeks 0 None
2011-04-21 First Spouses support Down syndrome cognitive research 0 None
2011-04-21 First implantation of blended vitamin E total knee replacement in the U.S 0 None
2011-04-21 Astra Tech OsseoSpeed TX Profile implants now include Atlantis Abutments 0 5
2011-04-21 Prolonged exhaustion caused by schoolwork and cynicism toward school lead to increased sense of inadequacy 0 None
2011-04-21 Psoriasis patients still need long-established treatment alternatives 0 5
2011-04-21 Genetic variation associated with MUC5B gene may increase risk of developing Pulmonary Fibrosis 0 None
2011-04-21 US-LACRN selects Agilent gene expression microarrays for major breast cancer study 0 None
2011-04-21 Nutlin-3a molecules stimulate signal to induce cell death and senescence in brain cancer 0 None
2011-04-21 Scientists explore the role of microRNA that influences obesity-related traits 0 None
2011-04-21 Jennerex and Green Cross report positive phase 2 JX-594 clinical trial for liver cancer 0 None
2011-04-21 Hanmi granted exclusive rights to Kinex KX01 Src kinase/pretubulin dual mechanism inhibitor for oncology indications 0 3
2011-04-21 Veterans with mental illness show increased rates of substance use disorders 0 None
2011-04-21 Stanford and SanBio initiate SB623 Phase 1/2a clinical trial for stroke disability 0 None
2011-04-21 Study examines hospital stays and readmissions for hip-replacement patients 0 None
2011-04-21 Study underscores need for more targeted antidepressant therapies to decrease depressive symptoms 0 None
2011-04-21 Scientists discover critical pathway in the brain linked to stress response 0 None
2011-04-21 Ketogenic diet may reverse impaired kidney function in diabetics 0 None
2011-04-21 Elderly persons with low income use inappropriate psychotropic drugs more often 0 None
2011-04-21 Abuse during childhood substantially increases risk of depression in adolescence 0 None
2011-04-21 Breath test shows promise for detection of head-and-neck cancers 0 None
2011-04-21 NHATS to begin enrollment for study on improving quality of life among the elderly 0 None
2011-04-21 Military personnel with TBI should receive adequate protein and calories immediately after trauma 0 None
2011-04-21 Genes linked to obesity may also cause poor weight loss outcomes after gastric bypass surgery 0 None
2011-04-21 Scientists discover 'small molecule' substance that blocks cholesterol formation in the brain 0 None
2011-04-21 IAN survey reveals preliminary results on wandering and elopement in ASD children 0 None
2011-04-21 Neuralstem signs MoU with BaYi Brain Hospital for ischemic stroke program in China 0 None
2011-04-21 U.S. DOD awards $4.5M to NYU Langone Medical Center for novel breast cancer research 0 None
2011-04-21 NAMI joins with HealthPartners to reduce stigma of mental illnesses 1 None
2011-04-21 New breast cancer projects receive $1.175 million from Komen Northeast Ohio 0 None
2011-04-21 Cancer Centers of North Carolina buys WROS from Wake Radiology 0 None
2011-04-21 Harvest initiates enrollment in trial of BMAC autologous cell composition to treat Congestive Heart Failure 0 None
2011-04-21 ACT seeks European MHRA clearance to initiate hESC derived RPE cell Phase 1/2 study in SMD 0 5
2011-04-21 FDA approves St. Jude Medical's Trifecta valve for stented aortic valve replacement 0 None
2011-04-20 Brain trauma helped by nutrition 0 None
2011-04-20 InfraReDx's LipiScan IVUS Coronary Imaging System receives European CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-04-20 Florida Hospital uses flexible surgery instruments from Apollo Endosurgery for stomach tumor extraction 0 None
2011-04-20 Stealth Peptides launches mitochondrion targeting compound Bendavia at Experimental Biology 2011 0 None
2011-04-20 Treatment for Bipolar Disorder now available in Nova Scotia Formulary 0 3
2011-04-20 Ludwig Institute demonstrates ability of DAVANAT to enhance efficacy of T-lymphocytes to kill tumor cells 0 None
2011-04-20 ARIAD executes three exclusive out-license agreements for ARGENT cell-signaling regulation technology 0 None
2011-04-20 Oncolytics announces interim data from REOLYSIN translational clinical trial in metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-04-20 PCRF awards $1.15 million grant to Children's Hospital Los Angeles 0 None
2011-04-20 Sequencing the genomes of cancer patients help doctors decide the best course of treatment 0 None
2011-04-20 Blocking abnormal movement of mutated human FUS gene also blocks ALS process 0 None
2011-04-20 LMP1 viral protein needs TRAF6 cellular protein to promote B cell activation signaling pathways: Study 0 None
2011-04-20 Adeona, TG United enter commercial-scale manufacturing agreement for reaZin 0 None
2011-04-20 KCMC uses Toshiba's diagnostic imaging systems to treat pediatric patients 0 None
2011-04-20 New state of myosin in cardiac muscle with low ATP turnover rate could decrease metabolic load of myocardium 0 None
2011-04-20 Whole-genome sequencing could soon improve cancer survival rates 0 None
2011-04-20 Researchers discover new way to force cancer cells to self-destruct 0 None
2011-04-20 Forest acquires worldwide rights to novel antiarrhythmic agent azimilide 0 None
2011-04-20 Minimizing neurological side effects in high-grade glioma patients may improve survival 0 None
2011-04-20 Sialix announces blood test results for early detection and treatment of breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-20 Squamous cell cancers can originate from hair follicle stem cells, finds study 0 None
2011-04-20 RCSI conducts study to examine psychiatric disorders in people with epilepsy 0 None
2011-04-20 IBD patients at greater risk of death if infected with Clostridium difficile 0 None
2011-04-20 New findings show relation between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma 0 None
2011-04-20 Advancell initiates ATH008 phase IIb study for hand-foot syndrome 0 None
2011-04-20 Eye exams play a critical role in detection of chronic diseases 0 None
2011-04-20 Scientists detect several biomarkers to screen active drugs for Batten disease 0 None
2011-04-20 Hypothalamus plays a key role in obesity and type 2 diabetes 0 4
2011-04-20 Rituxan receives FDA approval for treating two rare diseases 0 None
2011-04-20 Combination therapy restores skilled use of limb in rodent model 0 None
2011-04-20 Future cuts by the government could undermine charity funded medical research 0 None
2011-04-20 How peppermint helps to relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome 0 None
2011-04-20 Diabetes in Control publishes complete list of drugs that affect blood glucose 0 None
2011-04-20 Researchers deploy new tool in study of tubulin tyrosine ligase in tumor growth 0 None
2011-04-20 Biothera's Phase II clinical trials in lung cancer attain stage 1 endpoint 0 None
2011-04-20 Adamis acquires cancer vaccine technology from UCSD 0 None
2011-04-20 Chronic inflammation due to infection may lead to cancer 0 None
2011-04-20 Diabetes in Control announces clinical slide presentation library for medical community 0 None
2011-04-20 Cognitive behavior therapy eases depressive symptoms, improves cardiovascular health in diabetics 0 None
2011-04-20 Antibodies to non-human sugar molecule may be useful for early detection of cancer 0 None
2011-04-20 Acorda receives patent for AMPYRA tablets to improve walking in MS patients 0 None
2011-04-20 Alcohol intake increases risk of many cancers 0 None
2011-04-20 Tissue Genesis commences PVD clinical trials with adipose-derived adult stem cell-coated vascular grafts 0 None
2011-04-20 Dental diagnosis and treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea 0 None
2011-04-20 Positive results from first human masitinib phase 2 study in Alzheimer's disease published in peer-reviewed journal 0 None
2011-04-20 OSU biophysicist leverages computer cluster to develop drug to block small protein molecule IL-6 0 None
2011-04-20 Biomerix receives Health Canada licenses for REVIVE and ASSURE Hernia Repair Meshes 0 None
2011-04-20 Product name impacts dieters' food evaluations 0 None
2011-04-20 Medically vulnerable families can benefit from high-deductible health plans 0 None
2011-04-20 Treatment commences in NeuroVive-HCL's 1,000 patient European cardioprotection trial 0 None
2011-04-20 Dogs develop cancer that is biologically similar to a human tumour 0 None
2011-04-20 A cluttered brain doesn't remember 0 None
2011-04-20 FDA approves Rituxan-corticosteroid combination for Wegener's Granulomatosis and Microscopic Polyangiitis 0 5
2011-04-19 Alzheimer’s diagnostic guidelines released 0 None
2011-04-19 New guidelines allow definition of pre-Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-04-19 EMA CHMP grants positive opinion for Biogen Idec's AVONEX PEN 0 None
2011-04-19 NeuroVive, HCL initiate CicloMulsion Phase III trial in myocardial infarction 0 None
2011-04-19 Gene mutation in Tibetian Terrier dogs causes hereditary form of Parkinson's disease in humans 0 None
2011-04-19 RaySearch receives order for its RayStation system from RISO 0 None
2011-04-19 Pupil measurements can predict patients' response to cognitive therapy 0 None
2011-04-19 SafeMinds calls for immediate vaccine safety studies in autistic children 1 None
2011-04-19 Cumberland acquires Vanderbilt's ifetroban rights 0 None
2011-04-19 Radiology publishes Riverain Medical's SoftView chest X-ray study data in lung cancer 0 None
2011-04-19 Positive interim anemia response data from YM's CYT387 Phase I/II trial in myelofibrosis 0 None
2011-04-19 Obese patients may face high risk of complications after non-cardiac surgery 0 None
2011-04-19 AADSM event to discuss latest advances in sleep-disordered breathing research 0 None
2011-04-19 Overweight and obese parents more likely to view school-time activity as inadequate 0 None
2011-04-19 Novartis NVA23 Phase III trial in COPD achieves primary end point 0 None
2011-04-19 Young scoliosis patients do not need routine MRI scanning before spinal surgery 0 None
2011-04-19 Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist takes new challenge to combat cancer 0 None
2011-04-19 Mount Sinai's new Dubin Breast Center to provide patients with seamless care 0 None
2011-04-19 Patients with low back pain can benefit from immediate physiotherapy 0 None
2011-04-19 Canada needs to modernize its pharmaceutical laws to ensure drug safety: CMAJ 0 None
2011-04-19 New research: 56% of Canadians with AF do not fear having fatal stroke 0 None
2011-04-19 Spinal fluid analysis can help detect early stage Alzheimer's disease 0 5
2011-04-19 Binge drinking can alter body's immune system response to orthopaedic injury 0 None
2011-04-19 UBH El Paso expands facility to offer mental health services 0 None
2011-04-19 Bexion earns Biotech Innovation Award for new cancer treatment approach 0 None
2011-04-19 Abiomed to present new data from PROTECT II study in PCI at SCAI meeting 0 None
2011-04-19 AMIA honors UTMB professor with Distinguished Paper Award for translational bioinformatics 0 None
2011-04-19 Researchers identify TrkB antagonist with anxiolytic, antidepressant activity 0 None
2011-04-19 Exacerbate-reverse' approach can identify potential therapy for fatal childhood disease 0 None
2011-04-19 Current thoughts, behaviour can predict future mood swings in bipolar patients 0 None
2011-04-19 Mother's diet during pregnancy can influence child's risk of obesity 0 None
2011-04-19 National Institute on Aging/Alzheimer's Association update new dementia guidelines 0 None
2011-04-19 BioSante, Aduro BioTech enter license agreement for GVAX cancer vaccines 0 None
2011-04-19 Well-controlled blood sugar levels linked to low risk of diabetic complications 0 None
2011-04-19 Sugar-based vaccine against Helicobacter pylori 0 4.8
2011-04-19 FDA approval of Pipeline Embolization Device offers better options for treatment of large/giant aneurysms 0 None
2011-04-19 Single antibody injection limits tissue and organ destruction after ischaemic events 0 None
2011-04-19 New biomarker-based test more effective for early acute kidney injury detection 0 None
2011-04-19 People with infectious mononucleosis, low UVB exposure may face high risk of MS 0 3
2011-04-19 New study finds treatment-resistant epilepsy common in idiopathic autism 0 None
2011-04-19 DaVita re-designs its leading online kidney disease resource 0 5
2011-04-19 Journal of Clinical Oncology publishes CytRx tamibarotene Phase 2b trial results in APL 0 None
2011-04-19 Researchers investigate new digital tool for breast cancer prognosis 0 None
2011-04-19 Anti-depressants spur creation and survival of new brain cells after brain injury 0 None
2011-04-19 First bypass surgery to restore lost brain tissue performed at Krembil Neuroscience Centre 0 None
2011-04-19 Drospirenone doesn't carry any risk of gall bladder disease 0 None
2011-04-19 HHWC introduces Executive Edge Wellness Program 0 1
2011-04-19 FDA approves Taro's Imiquimod Cream ANDA 0 None
2011-04-19 Roche introduces new EMR interface for the U.S. Department of VA 0 None
2011-04-18 Japan Tobacco and Torii commence ferric citrate Phase 3 clinical program for hyperphosphatemia 0 None
2011-04-18 Tweaking gene in satellite cells may increase lifespan of people with muscular dystrophy 0 None
2011-04-18 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease linked to coronary artery disease 0 None
2011-04-18 Novel lifestyle program may slow loss of brain cells due to aging and also grow new cells 0 None
2011-04-18 St. Jude Medical's Accent MRI pacemaker and Tendril MRI lead system receives European CE Mark approval 0 5
2011-04-18 FDA accepts Regeneron's VEGF Trap-Eye BLA for review 0 None
2011-04-18 Biotech Synergy concludes EP-2101 asset transfer, cancer epitopes related portfolio 0 None
2011-04-18 Top-line results from Amarin's AMR101 Phase 3 trial in patients with high triglycerides 0 None
2011-04-18 Ipsen, Active Biotech sign deal to co-develop and commercialize TASQ 0 None
2011-04-18 Scientists develop new compound for multiple sclerosis treatment 0 None
2011-04-18 Blue Cross launches 'The Human' project to improve communities' health 0 None
2011-04-18 'The Invisible Gorilla' test for inattention blindness 0 None
2011-04-18 Non-Hispanic black infants born with heart defects more likely to die within five years 0 None
2011-04-18 New guidelines for cardiac specialists 0 None
2011-04-18 Eye physicians need to include low-cost molecular medicine in their tool box 0 None
2011-04-18 Researchers discover strategy that promotes new blood vessel formation 0 None
2011-04-18 Scientist discovers new molecular mechanism underlying asthma, COPD 0 None
2011-04-18 Patients with schizophrenia can benefit from L-lysine treatment 0 3.3
2011-04-17 Sarcasm and lie detection failure signals dementia: Study 0 3
2011-04-16 Dalhousie's medical program focuses on education through arts and life skills 0 None
2011-04-16 Researchers seek scientific evaluation for visual perception of adults with cleft lip, palate 0 None
2011-04-16 Person's inability to understand sarcasm and lies can be a warning sign of dementia 0 3
2011-04-16 Cornerstone reports successful use of Humedica's MinedShareTM for its new patient care program 0 None
2011-04-16 New book on women's health and diabetes care 0 None
2011-04-16 New study finds apparent gaps in restaurant staff's knowledge of food allergy 0 None
2011-04-16 Scientists discover new clues about mechanism behind losartan drug's protective effects 0 3
2011-04-16 Radiologists to develop quantitative research tool that produces reliable numbers 0 None
2011-04-16 Exercise improves outcomes in patients with heart attack 0 None
2011-04-16 UT Southwestern surgeons' new device offers precise repair of pelvic fractures 0 None
2011-04-16 LCA-NE calls on entire delegation to show support for lung cancer community 0 None
2011-04-16 Evidence backing effectiveness of community-wide programs is poor, says new review 0 None
2011-04-16 Kakadu Complex can protect against high insulin levels 0 2.5
2011-04-16 Study uses simulation model to assess cost-effective eye screenings for Americans with diabetes 0 None
2011-04-16 Women experience more severe and frequent domestic violence than men 0 None
2011-04-16 Neural dysfunction underlying impulsive choice increases with AD severity: Study 0 None
2011-04-16 Seniors living in supportive neighborhoods have better stroke survival rates 0 None
2011-04-16 Novocure's NovoTTF-100A System receives FDA approval for GBM treatment 0 None
2011-04-16 GRAVITAS study shows no benefit of double-dose compared with standard-dose clopidogrel 0 None
2011-04-16 Hospital patients with AUDs are at increased risk of developing HAIs: Study 0 None
2011-04-16 Data of ImmunoCellular's lead dendritic cell cancer vaccine candidate for GBM presented at AAN meeting 0 None
2011-04-16 Amylin's new metreleptin data in lipodystrophy to be presented at AACE meeting 0 None
2011-04-16 IOF, ISCD to develop new training courses to focus on osteoporosis diagnostic techniques 0 None
2011-04-16 Abbott submits ARCHITECT 25-OH Vitamin D assay application to FDA for clearance 0 None
2011-04-16 NIH researchers survey landscape of melanoma genome 0 None
2011-04-16 Parental AUDs associated with increased risk of AUDs among offspring: Study 0 None
2011-04-16 Eli Lilly receives FDA complete response letter for liprotamase NDA 0 None
2011-04-16 New results from largest multicenter clinical trial for heart transplant patients be released at ISHLT 2011 0 None
2011-04-16 Smile Brands inaugurates new Bright Now! Dental office in Lake Stevens 0 None
2011-04-16 Chronic exposure to polluted air can lead to inflammation 0 5
2011-04-16 Complementary alternative medicine may improve quality of life in urban adolescents with asthma 0 None
2011-04-16 Proteins could lead to new therapeutic target for NF2: Wistar Institute researchers 0 3
2011-04-16 Children who have eczema with hay fever more likely to develop allergic asthma 0 None
2011-04-16 Opexa's Tovaxin Phase IIb study data in MS presented at AAN meeting 0 5
2011-04-16 Boehringer Ingelheim's dabigatran etexilate receives positive opinion from EMA committee 0 None
2011-04-15 Top-line results from Pfizer's tofacitinib Phase 3 study in rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2011-04-15 Novocure receives FDA approval for NovoTTF-100A System to treat GBM 0 None
2011-04-15 Patients with heart failure can benefit from left ventricular assist device 0 None
2011-04-15 New approach links cancer cell metabolism with poor clinical outcome 0 None
2011-04-15 JNJ, Merck sign distribution agreement for REMICADE and SIMPONI 0 None
2011-04-15 Study: Low-carb diet greatly reduces liver fat 0 2.7
2011-04-15 Saint Louis professor develops new high-flow brain bypass procedure 0 None
2011-04-15 Patients with COPD can benefit from ICS use 0 None
2011-04-15 Genentech receives FDA approval for Actemra to treat juvenile idiopathic arthritis 0 None
2011-04-15 Patients with RLS more likely to develop cardiovascular conditions 0 None
2011-04-15 Study: CCSVI may result from multiple sclerosis progression 0 3
2011-04-15 New insights into dynamics of amyloid fibrils 0 None
2011-04-15 ANNA releases new textbook on nephrology nurse's role 0 None
2011-04-15 Merz launches 'Make Your Mark' campaign to raise awareness on cervical dystonia 0 None
2011-04-15 Chicago doctor develops new non-surgical procedure to alleviate back pain 0 None
2011-04-15 Adhering to cancer prevention guidelines reduces risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-04-15 AMGA honors Boehringer Ingelheim with Distinguished Corporate Partner Award 0 None
2011-04-15 FEN1 enzyme might serve as anti-cancer therapy target 0 None
2011-04-15 Cytonet initiates clinical trial using liver cell infusion to treat urea cycle disorders in children 0 None
2011-04-15 New treatment improves immune function in 13-year-old with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome 0 None
2011-04-15 Varian Medical Systems launches new brachytherapy applicator 0 None
2011-04-15 Investigational Alzheimer's compounds may treat neuropathies 0 None
2011-04-15 Halozyme announces Aspart-PH20 study results in type 1 diabetes 0 None
2011-04-15 Early recognition of oral cancer symptoms 0 None
2011-04-15 Scientists identify novel small molecules that block human tumor cell growth 0 None
2011-04-15 Pharmacy costs for multiple sclerosis patients increase at a faster rate than medical costs 0 None
2011-04-15 Study: 30% of patients with TBI more likely to suffer from depression 1 None
2011-04-15 Treatment of vascular risk factors may lower risk of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-04-15 Acute high-fat diets can protect against heart attack 0 None
2011-04-15 Genzyme reports positive data from 5-year alemtuzumab Phase 2 study in MS 0 None
2011-04-15 Donor-specific antibodies may accelerate arteriosclerosis after kidney transplantation 0 None
2011-04-15 Researchers pinpoint new approach that can treat pediatric leukemia 0 None
2011-04-15 GSK announces safety profile of orlistat and alli 0 None
2011-04-15 Insight into Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy 0 None
2011-04-15 Stimulation of brain nerves accelerates learning 0 None
2011-04-15 Serotonin can help promote human intimacy and romantic feelings 0 None
2011-04-15 Mortality rates increase 800% when epilepsy and autism occur together 0 None
2011-04-15 Researchers report injectable gel can help treat arthritis 0 None
2011-04-15 AHRQ finds 52% increase in medication side effects, injuries between 2004 and 2008 0 None
2011-04-15 Researchers classify chronic ulcerative stomatitis as a new autoimmune disease 0 5
2011-04-15 LCA announces additional funds for lung cancer research 0 None
2011-04-15 Takeda announces EDARBI availability in U.S. pharmacies for hypertension treatment 0 None
2011-04-15 Walking slows progression of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in obese people 0 4
2011-04-15 Researchers show how TET1 enzyme controls fetal development and fights cancer 0 None
2011-04-15 AAN, PDF honor Boston researcher with Clinician Scientist Development Award 0 None
2011-04-15 Study identifies why salt-sensitive hypertension develops 0 None
2011-04-15 New MRI device can make deep brain stimulation effective for patients 0 None
2011-04-15 NIST's new reference can aid in Huntington's disease diagnosis 0 None
2011-04-15 Scientists link increase of calcium influx in brain neurons to long-term memory 0 None
2011-04-15 Scientists identify filter neurons that can reduce 'brain clutter' 0 None
2011-04-15 Researchers develop non-steroid based strategy for patients with COPD 0 None
2011-04-15 SQI enters clinical validation agreement with University North Carolina Kidney Center for Vasculitis Assay 0 None
2011-04-15 Study: Simple illusion can reduce arthritic pain 0 None
2011-04-15 QRxPharma receives new U.S. Patent for MoxDuo IR in treatment of acute pain 0 None
2011-04-15 Metabolic syndrome less prevalent in vegetarians 0 None
2011-04-15 NRC, NCKU partner to develop cancer diagnostic and treatment technologies 0 None
2011-04-15 ACE survey: 55% of patient with type 2 diabetes experience hypoglycemia 0 None
2011-04-15 Good neighbors increase stroke survival 0 None
2011-04-15 Plasma biomarkers can predict risk of metastasis in patients with melanoma 0 None
2011-04-15 Manage type 2 diabetes to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s 0 None
2011-04-15 Experts to discuss about intracranial haemorrhage at EANS-4th WORLD ICH 2011 0 None
2011-04-15 Perampanel drug can effectively treat seizures in patients with epilepsy 0 None
2011-04-15 Ortho-McNeil Neurologics announces voluntary recall of TOPAMAX 100mg Tablets 0 None
2011-04-15 Study finds association between C-reactive protein and memory decline 0 None
2011-04-15 Botox may offer new hope for patients with low cerebrospinal fluid headaches 0 None
2011-04-15 New study shows neurophysiological impacts of psychotherapy 0 None
2011-04-15 Klotho hormone can protect kidney from renal fibrosis 0 None
2011-04-15 EPO grants patent to OncoGenex OGX-427 for prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2011-04-15 Neurovasx receives FDA approval for cPAX Aneurysm Treatment System 0 None
2011-04-15 The Wistar Institute, Advaxis enter research collaboration 0 None
2011-04-14 Trial of non-invasive prenatal test to determine Down syndrome successful 0 None
2011-04-13 Catherine Zeta Jones treated for bipolar disorder 0 None
2011-04-13 Brain starts shrinking in Alzheimer’s disease a decade earlier: Study 0 5
2011-04-12 Lanx launches Concero Facet Screw System at AANS 2011 0 None
2011-04-12 Lanx announces initial launch of Durango Stand-Alone ALIF System 0 None
2011-04-12 Yissum announces successful Docetaxel pre-clinical data in cancer 0 None
2011-04-12 Cerapedics announces i-FACTOR biologic bone graft study results in PLIF spine surgery 0 None
2011-04-12 Study finds 27% increase in pediatric and adolescent football-related injuries in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-12 Teva presents new CNS products study data in RRMS, Parkinson's at AAN meeting 0 None
2011-04-12 Breast cancer patients can benefit from new nanobodies 0 None
2011-04-12 New research confirms high-fat diet can contribute to type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-04-12 Scientists discover how anti-depressants make new brain cells 0 4
2011-04-12 Children who consume white potatoes have more nutrient-dense diets 0 None
2011-04-12 Specific oestrogen might serve as effective treatment for osteoporosis 0 2
2011-04-12 New research suggests iodine-deficiency in large UK population 0 None
2011-04-12 Healthways, Gallup present findings from Well-Being Index at RSA meeting 0 None
2011-04-12 Media outlets examine growing number of overweight, obese in Brazil, Pacific region 0 None
2011-04-12 Experts to discuss latest findings in IBD research at Rome meeting 0 3.5
2011-04-12 Research on workplace injustices 0 5
2011-04-12 Sirolimus may help treat lymphangioleiomyomatosis in women 0 None
2011-04-12 KCDC, KT, Gyeonggi Province and Qualcomm sign MOU for Self Quality Care project 0 None
2011-04-12 Positive outcomes from Gamma Knife Radiosurgery in posterior fossa meningiomas 0 2.8
2011-04-12 New study aims to improve care of African Americans with cancer pain 0 None
2011-04-12 Positive results from ULCA's Phase 1 dendritic cell vaccine trial in glioblastoma 0 5
2011-04-12 Sea squirt study unravels complex mechanisms underlying heart defects 0 None
2011-04-12 Fat in pistachios may not be readily absorbed by the body 0 None
2011-04-12 Alternative mechanism through which tumor cells become invasive 0 None
2011-04-12 Insight into neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2011-04-12 Positive results from laquinimod Phase III ALLEGRO study in multiple sclerosis to be presented at AAN 0 None
2011-04-12 Study: Significant variation found in results of bowel cancer surgery across English NHS hospitals 0 None
2011-04-12 New study outlines clinical characteristics of self-injury during treatment 0 None
2011-04-12 Non-specific recurring genital symptoms could be undiagnosed herpes 0 None
2011-04-12 Periodontal ligament stem cells most efficacious among dental tissue-derived stem cells 0 5
2011-04-12 Early uMSC transplantation may treat lupus nephritis 0 None
2011-04-12 Patients with cervical disc disease can benefit from new neck surgery 0 None
2011-04-12 Novel drug holds potential against resistant chronic myeloid leukemia 0 None
2011-04-12 Israeli scientists identify genetic cause of hereditary spastic paraparesis 0 5
2011-04-12 Targeted photodynamic therapy eradicates some models of cancer 0 None
2011-04-12 Laquinimod drug greatly reduces number of relapses in patients with MS 0 2
2011-04-12 Study to discover mysterious biological cause of Gulf War Illness 0 None
2011-04-12 Hypericin may treat recurrent malignant brain tumors 0 None
2011-04-12 African-American adults with CVD may benefit from 'sunshine vitamin' 0 3
2011-04-12 Depression can sabotage efforts to effectively treat Hepatitis C 0 None
2011-04-12 Diet tips for preventing cancer 0 None
2011-04-12 New guideline on most effective treatments for diabetic nerve pain 0 None
2011-04-12 Statin prior to major elective surgery can reduce serious kidney injury 0 None
2011-04-12 Study finds pelvic anatomy differences following RARP and open prostatectomy 0 None
2011-04-12 Study shows neutralizing antibodies to C5a protein may prevent heart failure 0 5
2011-04-12 Stress wreaks havoc on bacteria in digestive system 0 None
2011-04-12 Pharmacological manipulation of DKK1, DKK2 can treat various vascular diseases 0 None
2011-04-12 Wrist circumference may predict insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk 0 5
2011-04-12 Longitudinal displacement in carotid artery reflects both degree of atherosclerosis in artery and heart function 0 None
2011-04-12 Top-line results from DURECT's ELADUR Phase II trial in chronic low back pain 0 None
2011-04-12 Obesity impacts gene clock of cardiovascular system 0 None
2011-04-12 Researchers discover new mechanism underlying esophageal cancer 0 None
2011-04-12 New research: Pomegranate juice may help reduce blood pressure 0 4
2011-04-12 Epilepsy medication USL255 associated with less fluctuation in plasma levels compared to topiramate IR 0 None
2011-04-12 Researchers discover new cancer stem cells in breast tissue 0 None
2011-04-12 Medtronic introduces Enlite Sensor for continuous glucose monitoring 0 5
2011-04-12 Older women with high vitamin D status less likely to have early AMD 0 None
2011-04-12 New research: MRI can help detect early stage Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-04-12 REACH introduces new web-based services for physicians 0 None
2011-04-11 Bowel cancer surgery survival rates “worrying” experts 0 None
2011-04-11 New diabetes education program brings better blood sugar control 0 3.7
2011-04-11 NCI awards MabVax with Phase II SBIR grant to develop vaccine against recurrent sarcoma 0 None
2011-04-11 Vanda initiates Fanapt Phase I study in patients with schizophrenia 0 None
2011-04-11 OFID honors UAE ear surgeon with Annual Award for Development 1 None
2011-04-11 Positive interim results from PROLOR's hGH-CTP Phase II trial in growth hormone deficiency 0 None
2011-04-11 Auxilium to receive $30 million from Pfizer following XIAPEX sale in EU market 0 None
2011-04-11 Positive top-line results from Biogen BG-12 Phase 3 trial in RRMS 0 None
2011-04-11 Study shows how specific nutritional combination may help maintain healthy breast tissue 0 None
2011-04-11 The Lancet publishes VIVUS 56-week QNEXA study results in obesity 0 None
2011-04-11 NBCAM events increase breast cancer diagnosis 0 None
2011-04-11 Research on rare cancers 0 5
2011-04-11 Study: Patients with glaucoma experience psychological problems 0 None
2011-04-11 Blood journal to publish Soliris study results in Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria 0 None
2011-04-11 CINJ experts to comment on vaccine therapy and biomedical informatics 0 None
2011-04-11 New experimental drug can help treat peripheral neuropathy in cancer patients 0 3.5
2011-04-11 Tai chi, green tea may help reduce inflammatory diseases in postmenopausal women 0 None
2011-04-11 Pfizer to support immatics' IMA901 Phase III trial in advanced renal cell carcinoma 0 None
2011-04-11 Takeda, Heptares collaborate to develop new drugs against CNS disorders 0 None
2011-04-11 Planned Parenthood funding a major stumbling block in budget negotiations 0 None
2011-04-11 Neurosurgeons to present techniques and discuss surgical approaches at AANS meeting 0 None
2011-04-11 Researchers discover new avenue for hypertension, cardiovascular disease treatment 0 None
2011-04-11 Annals of Neurology publishes Diamyd Medical´s NP2 Enkephalin Phase I results in cancer pain 0 None
2011-04-11 Positive link between 100% fruit juice intake and reduced risk of chronic diseases 0 None
2011-04-11 Immunization does not increase emergency room visit in children with inherited disorders 0 None
2011-04-11 Childhood cancer survivors' cognitive problems linked to poor sleep and fatigue 0 None
2011-04-11 Gilenya can reduce risk of disability progression in patients with RRMS 0 None
2011-04-11 A4M: Estrogen helps prevent risk of breast cancer in women 0 None
2011-04-11 Scientists identify new treatment to combat PFAPA syndrome in children 16 3.5
2011-04-11 Investigational drug effective for patients with obesity 0 None
2011-04-11 PSA velocity is a poor predictor of prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-11 Scientists identify novel mechanism to control cancer spread 0 None
2011-04-11 New study finds no significant benefit of bosentan against IPF 0 None
2011-04-11 New nonviral method to create cardiac cells 0 None
2011-04-11 Louisville Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine earns APS' Walter B. Cannon Award 0 None
2011-04-11 NCI, ASH, AMEH join to improve care for patients with AML 0 None
2011-04-11 Blueberry polyphenols can reduce obesity 0 1
2011-04-08 Increased levels of plasma renin activity protein may predict major cardiovascular event in high-risk patients 1 None
2011-04-08 Revised definition of catastrophic impairment may result in reduction of benefits 0 None
2011-04-08 Key regulator of fat cell development may provide a target for obesity and diabetes drugs 0 None
2011-04-08 Elekta to highlight Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion radiosurgery solution at AANS 2011 0 None
2011-04-08 Polaris' ADI-PEG 20 exhibits potential against AML, GBM and bladder cancer 0 None
2011-04-08 FDA grants tentative approval for Hi-Tech Pharmacal's generic Combigan ANDA 0 None
2011-04-08 Watson confirms patent challenge by Alcon for generic Vigamox 0 None
2011-04-08 FDA accepts Antares Pharma's Anturol NDA for filing, assigns PDUFA date 0 None
2011-04-08 Vascular Disease Foundation invites applicants for ambassador program 0 None
2011-04-08 Researchers identify new gene that predisposes people to both autism, epilepsy 0 None
2011-04-08 New report finds 13,000 cancer cases per year in the UK due to alcohol consumption 0 None
2011-04-08 Adult survivors of childhood CNS tumors have persistent, unmet health care needs 0 None
2011-04-08 Biochemical battle of the bulge: New developments 0 None
2011-04-08 Computational modeling provides more knowledge of lipoprotein properties 0 None
2011-04-08 New publication on therapeutic hypothermia and temperature management 0 None
2011-04-08 Study: Majority of hospital deaths are due to late cancer diagnosis 0 None
2011-04-08 Loyola's HARRT program enhances emergency angioplasty times 0 None
2011-04-08 Orthopaedic surgeon: Broken bones and itching more common during spring weather 1 None
2011-04-08 Researchers determine age of atherosclerotic plaques using carbon dating 0 None
2011-04-08 Caffeine disrupts glucose metabolism and may contribute to type 2 diabetes 1 None
2011-04-08 Kidney transplantion more effective than previously thought 0 None
2011-04-08 First trial to test shared decision making for weight-loss surgery 0 None
2011-04-08 New Clinical Practice Guideline for evaluation and treatment of pituitary incidentalomas 0 None
2011-04-08 GlaxoSmithKline, XenoPort receive FDA approval for Horizant to treat RLS 0 None
2011-04-08 Long-term delivery of CNTF slows loss of visual acuity caused by geographic atrophy 0 None
2011-04-08 Bayer, Regeneron initiate two VEGF Trap-Eye Phase 3 trials in Diabetic Macular Edema 0 None
2011-04-08 Scientists discover unknown function of dopamine in brain 0 None
2011-04-08 Antidepressant medication improves physical recovery from stroke 0 None
2011-04-08 Targacept's TC-5619 Phase 2 trial data in schizophrenia presented at ICOSR 0 None
2011-04-08 Refined carbohydrates create an ill and obese population 0 5
2011-04-08 Male abuse victims more likely to suffer from psychological trauma 0 3
2011-04-08 New discovery in cancer and gene therapy 0 None
2011-04-08 Cosmic radiation can increase risk of atherosclerosis in astronauts 0 None
2011-04-08 Precision launches new tumor profiling product 0 None
2011-04-08 Hope4Cancer offers gentle non-invasive therapies for patients with brain tumor 0 None
2011-04-08 New insight into acute pancreatitis 0 None
2011-04-08 Virtual reality games can improve motor function in stroke patients 0 None
2011-04-08 AJG publishes new review on Inflammatory Bowel Disease management 0 None
2011-04-08 New ATA recommendations on outpatient 131I therapy aim to treat thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-04-08 BioParadox's VitaKine PCT can serve as promising therapy for heart attack patients 0 5
2011-04-08 Study suggests depression treatment may have long-term benefits 0 None
2011-04-08 Genzyme's alemtuzumab Phase 2 trial data in MS to be presented at AAN meeting 0 None
2011-04-08 ZOLL begins shipments of new AED Plus version as per AHA, ERC Guidelines 0 None
2011-04-08 New treatment approach raises hope for women with ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-04-08 CFFT, Vertex collaborate to develop new medicines for cystic fibrosis 0 4.5
2011-04-08 Experts to discuss about links between metabolic function and disease at EB2011 0 None
2011-04-08 Study: DBS surgery allows 77% of patients to stop anti-tremor medication use 0 None
2011-04-08 Cenovus donates $1.3 million to Alberta Children's Hospital to combat childhood cancer 0 None
2011-04-08 Scientists identify two molecules that enable cancer spread 0 None
2011-04-08 Blood pressure's internal circadian rhythm does not appear to increase morning heart attacks 0 4.3
2011-04-08 Patients with stroke can benefit from antidepressants 0 None
2011-04-07 Zacharon, Pfizer enter research collaboration to develop drugs for orphan diseases 0 None
2011-04-07 FDA issues Approvable Letter for Oceana's Solesta in treatment for bowel incontinence 0 None
2011-04-07 BIOTRONIK donates ICD and pacemaker to 75 cardiac patients in Trinidad & Tobago 0 5
2011-04-07 Positive top-line results from Roche's T-DM1 Phase II trial in HER2-positive MBC 0 None
2011-04-07 MAP Pharma publishes LEVADEX Phase 3 FREEDOM-301 study data in 'Headache' journal 0 None
2011-04-07 Alexion submits Soliris marketing applications to FDA, EMA for aHUS treatment 0 None
2011-04-07 Vismodegib is an effective treatment for patients with basal cell carcinomas 0 None
2011-04-07 Powerful natural formula is an effective treatment for men with prostate cancer 0 2
2011-04-07 Softer, more specific alternative to combat inflammation 0 4
2011-04-07 Physician's documentation confirms successful treatment of basal cell carcinoma with topical cannabis extract 2 5
2011-04-07 DSP, BBI sign license agreement for BBI608 0 None
2011-04-07 JDRF to host pedaling challenge for diabetes research 0 None
2011-04-07 Pitt, UPCI researchers' cancer studies presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-07 Roche LightCycler 480 PCR System to be used at Koch Institute for advanced cancer research 0 5
2011-04-07 Neuralstem to present HSSC Phase I trial data in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at AAN meeting 0 None
2011-04-07 TBL1 levels may help identify obese persons at risk of developing fatty liver 0 None
2011-04-07 Patients with type 2 diabetes can benefit from metformin than other drugs 0 1
2011-04-07 AstraZeneca's vandetanib receives FDA approval in medullary thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-04-07 Roche launches Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote diabetes education 0 5
2011-04-07 Key enzyme in non-small cell lung cancers could make standard chemotherapy more effective 0 None
2011-04-07 Living human taste cells maintained in culture for seven months 0 None
2011-04-07 U.S., Canada research institutions to participate in NCI's Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network 1 None
2011-04-07 Optometrists congratulate Ontario government for progressive health policy 0 None
2011-04-07 Johns Hopkins scientists identify autism gene linked to severity of social interaction deficits 0 None
2011-04-07 Cliffside encourages patients to continue antidepressant use despite health risks 0 None
2011-04-07 Novel strategy to build molecular probes may lead to development of new cancer drugs 0 None
2011-04-07 Navigator-3 gene plays a key role in liver development 0 None
2011-04-07 Breast cancer symposium to discuss on latest advances in research and treatment 0 None
2011-04-07 Empire implements AGA, ACG guidelines for evaluation and management of dyspepsia and PUD 0 None
2011-04-07 Mandometer method to treat eating disorders receives FDA clearance 0 None
2011-04-07 Protecting skin from sun's ultraviolet radiation is best way to avoid potential skin problems 0 None
2011-04-07 Parents and schools may contribute to childhood obesity 0 None
2011-04-07 OncoGenex, Teva's custirsen preclinical data in CRPC presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-07 Molecular switch regulating protein behavior increases human susceptibility to schizophrenia, mood disorders 0 None
2011-04-07 Fish oil can serve as beneficial booster for tamoxifen breast cancer therapy 0 None
2011-04-07 Seattle Genetics presents SGN-35 study data in Hodgkin lymphoma at EBMT meeting 0 None
2011-04-07 Study reveals few genes involved with lymphoma shared by dogs and humans 0 5
2011-04-07 Study sheds new light on how older people may lose their memory 0 None
2011-04-07 Study: Naproxen can reduce colon cancer formation 0 None
2011-04-07 Study explores physical effect of freeway pollution on brain cells 0 None
2011-04-07 Affectionate communication may have positive impact on alexithymia sufferers 0 None
2011-04-07 Robotic-assisted keyhole surgery tested for bowel cancer 0 None
2011-04-07 Elevated BMI linked to high risk of obesity-related disorders in young adults 0 None
2011-04-07 Vegans at increased risk of developing blood clots and atherosclerosis 0 2.6
2011-04-07 Supplements are less well regulated than drugs and may have side effects, drug interactions and toxicities 0 None
2011-04-07 EACPR to host sessions on Cardiovascular prevention in Russia at EuroPRevent meeting 0 None
2011-04-07 Positive results from Neuros Medical Electrical Nerve Block technology study in chronic pain 0 None
2011-04-07 New insight into Huntington's disease 0 None
2011-04-07 PerkinElmer exhibits new drug discovery reagents and in vivo imaging, detection solutions at AACR 2011 0 None
2011-04-07 Scientists identify cellular switch that may help treat cardiovascular disease, cancer 0 None
2011-04-07 New Pipeline Embolization Device receives FDA approval for treatment of brain aneurysms 0 5
2011-04-07 Cernostics, Definiens enter partnership to develop unique cancer assay 0 None
2011-04-07 ALR announces medical research grant awards to cure lupus 0 None
2011-04-07 USPTO issues notice of allowance to Mirna's mir34a patent application 0 None
2011-04-07 Circadian's VGX-100 neutralises VEGF-C and inhibits tumour growth in mouse models of human cancers 0 None
2011-04-07 A2AAR-selective agonists may prevent permanent vision damage from traumatic optic nerve injury 0 None
2011-04-07 FDA approves Horizant Extended-Release Tablets for Restless Legs Syndrome 0 4
2011-04-07 Workers exposed to welding fumes may face risk of developing brain damage 0 5
2011-04-07 VBL's VB-111 preclinical data against metastatic cancer presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-07 Brazil's Ministry of Health, PharmaPraxis sign deal to manufacture biologic drugs 0 5
2011-04-07 FDA approves Covidien's PMA application for Pipeline Embolization Device 0 None
2011-04-07 Parkinson's disease linked to increased risk of prostate cancer 0 5
2011-04-07 New PSA test identifies men with prostate cancer more accurately 0 None
2011-04-07 Study: New cancer drug shrinks tumors in mouse model with few side effects 0 5
2011-04-07 AstraZeneca receives FDA approval for vandetanib to treat medullary thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-04-06 Avila announces successful completion of AVL-292 Phase 1a clinical studies for B-cell cancers 0 None
2011-04-06 Strawberries may slow progression of precancerous lesions in the esophagus 0 None
2011-04-06 Asuragen launches InformThyroid, a panel of molecular markers 0 None
2011-04-06 ImClone Systems initiates IMC-3C5 Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced solid tumours 0 None
2011-04-06 Americans concerned about thyroid cancer development from mammography 0 None
2011-04-06 BioWa, OBT enter license agreement to advance ADCC programs 0 None
2011-04-06 Only half of post-combat military service members having mental health issues seek treatment 0 None
2011-04-06 Results of study evaluating potential inhibitory effects of PPIs on Plavix presented at ACC 2011 0 None
2011-04-06 ICD therapy can improve ischemic cardiomyopathy survival rates 0 None
2011-04-06 Roswell Park Cancer Institute selected to be part of Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network 0 None
2011-04-06 Researchers develop new stroke rehabilitation devices 0 None
2011-04-06 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, AACR honor NYU School of Medicine's scientist with Fellowship 0 5
2011-04-06 SWHR roundtable to examine sex differences in Alzheimer's disease 1 None
2011-04-06 Record number of medicines for various cancers in clinical trials 0 None
2011-04-06 Celldex presents CDX-1127 preclinical data against cancer at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-06 Specific lipids in tumours linked to cancer progression and patient survival 0 None
2011-04-06 Work, social and family disability affect 50% of patients with bipolar disorder 0 None
2011-04-06 Aeterna Zentaris presents AEZS-131 data against cancer at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-06 Heart patients share perspectives on deactivation, donation and reuse of ICD devices 0 None
2011-04-06 Aid groups respond to escalating violence in Cote d'Ivoire 0 None
2011-04-06 AMPK suppression and SREBP activation are root cause of fatty liver and hyperlipidemia in type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-04-06 Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention in autism continues to be questioned in Quebec 0 5
2011-04-06 J&JPRD announces rivaroxaban Phase 3 trial results against venous thromboembolism 0 None
2011-04-06 Socioeconomic factors still influence autism diagnosis 0 None
2011-04-06 Soy food does not increase risk of recurrence or death among breast cancer survivors 0 None
2011-04-06 Novartis' TOBI Podhaler receives Health Canada NOC for Pa treatment in CF patients 0 None
2011-04-06 Keryx KRX-0401 data in colorectal cancer, multiple myeloma presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-06 Study: Hookah use may spread among youth in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-06 Comprehensive book on chronic pain and addiction 0 None
2011-04-06 New data finds 50% decline in heart surgery wait times in Alberta and BC 0 None
2011-04-06 Combination of molecularly targeted cancer drug and anti-malarial drug stops tumor growth 0 5
2011-04-06 EKG test is a poor predictor of sudden death syndrome in young athletes 0 None
2011-04-06 High clusterin levels linked to Alzheimer's prevalence and severity 0 None
2011-04-06 Study finds marked increases in teen use of marijuana and Ecstasy 0 None
2011-04-06 Nanotechnology can help better assess whether cancer drugs hit their targets 0 None
2011-04-06 LDL particles may be a more accurate measure of subclinical atherosclerosis than LDL cholesterol 0 None
2011-04-06 Avila's PI3Kα inhibitor preclinical study data presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-06 Henry Ford performs partial nephrectomy with new, robotically controlled ultrasound probe 0 None
2011-04-06 New amniochip to detect 150 genetic genetic syndromes 0 None
2011-04-06 NYC scientists receive $420,000 S.L.E. Lupus Foundation grant for new research 0 None
2011-04-06 Expression of key tumor suppressor protein induces premature aging 0 None
2011-04-06 Neurotech’s NT-501 intraocular implant slows progression of vision loss in GA subjects 1 None
2011-04-06 New medical guidelines for diabetes care 0 None
2011-04-06 Higher prescribed doses associated with increased risk of opioid overdose death 0 None
2011-04-06 MRIs can help predict MCI individuals at greatest risk for developing Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-04-06 TZDs might serve as new agents for addiction treatment 0 4
2011-04-06 Elevated levels of sodium limit body's natural responses to stress 0 None
2011-04-06 Scientists identify biological pathways that mediate IgA nephropathy 0 None
2011-04-06 Device to treat resistant hypertension lowers blood pressure by 33 points 0 None
2011-04-06 Pervasis' PVS-30200 study data in prostate cancer presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-06 Retrovirus XMRV may not be associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the central nervous system 2 None
2011-04-06 Scientists develop new method to identify factors that suppress cancer gene expression 0 None
2011-04-06 State roundup: Report urges Mass. city employees to pay more health costs 0 None
2011-04-06 Major depression linked to premature aging of immune cells: Study 0 None
2011-04-06 Teenagers with scoliosis can benefit from new generation spine implants 0 None
2011-04-06 Huntingtin protein is responsible for metabolic imbalances in hypothalamus 0 None
2011-04-06 Scientists uncover SREBP-2 role in autophagy and cholesterol generation 0 None
2011-04-06 Boston Scientific initiates clinical enrollment for INNOVA Self-Expanding Bare-Metal Stent System trial 0 None
2011-04-06 FDA approves NeuroVasx cPAX Aneurysm Treatment System 0 None
2011-04-06 Treating obstructive sleep apnea in stroke patients improves recovery from stroke 0 None
2011-04-06 More than 900 young Britons diagnosed with the deadliest form of skin cancer each year 0 None
2011-04-06 Neurocrine completes NBI-98854 Phase IIa study in schizophrenia patients with dyskinesia 0 None
2011-04-06 Caliper's CDAS unit enters cancer research collaboration with Denver-based CHI 0 None
2011-04-06 TomTec, GE partner to deliver enhanced cardiology patient care 0 None
2011-04-06 Sleep apnea people may face risk of suffering ischemic stroke 0 None
2011-04-06 Genzyme, Isis present mipomersen phase 3 study data in severe heFH at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Titan Spine's Endoskeleton lumbar interbody fusion devices receive European CE Mark Certification 0 5
2011-04-05 MR patients treated with Abbott MitraClip system demonstrate clinical benefits of initial treatment at two years 0 None
2011-04-05 New risk calculator predicts risk of postoperative complications for bariatric surgery patients 1 None
2011-04-05 Single-incision gall bladder surgery as safe and effective as standard multi-port cholecystectomy 0 None
2011-04-05 ARIAD's ponatinib potently inhibits all four FGFRs abnormally expressed in multiple cancers 0 None
2011-04-05 Insurance payers extend coverage for PTNS using Uroplasty's Urgent PC Neuromodulation System for OAB 0 None
2011-04-05 Certified asthma and allergy friendly bedding in hotel rooms 0 None
2011-04-05 RE-LY trial results suggest Pradaxa capsule reduces risk of stroke in AF patients 0 5
2011-04-05 NIPH study finds NDMA as one of the most carcinogenic compounds formed during CO2 capture 0 None
2011-04-05 Plackers launches new dental online club for kids 0 None
2011-04-05 Ubiquitine D gene may be linked to celiac disease 1 None
2011-04-05 Toshiba highlights new enhancements for cardiac ultrasound imaging at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Siemens Hearing to unveil new instruments at AudiologyNOW! 2011 0 None
2011-04-05 Metformin therapy may protect PCOS women against endometrial cancer 0 None
2011-04-05 Previously unknown mechanism blocks rewarding effects of alcohol on the brain 0 None
2011-04-05 Reverse Medical's ReFlex A+ Catheter receives European CE mark approval 0 None
2011-04-05 Aeterna Zentaris presents two posters on perifosine at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Less-invasive catheter-based aortic valve replacement as safe and effective as open surgery 0 None
2011-04-05 Adherence to guideline-related therapies can reduce heart failure patients' mortality rate 0 5
2011-04-05 Adolescent girls participating in high-impact sports may face high risk of stress fractures 0 None
2011-04-05 OncoGenex presents OGX-427 preclinical data in prostrate cancer at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 'Tactile' devices generate realistic 'sense of touch' and sensation for stroke victims 0 2
2011-04-05 Scientists reveal metabolic abnormalities underlying schizophrenia 0 None
2011-04-05 Researchers identify genetic anomaly that may drive rare subset of prostate cancers 0 None
2011-04-05 Individual’s response to alcohol can predict future drinking behavior 0 5
2011-04-05 Health experts release recommendations for fighting breast cancer in low-, middle-income countries 0 None
2011-04-05 The New England Journal of Medicine publishes positive results from NorthShore's EVEREST II trial 0 None
2011-04-05 Physical activity may moderate impact of stress on telomeres 0 None
2011-04-05 Guilt may play as motivational tool for cardiovascular patients 0 None
2011-04-05 Tumor cryoablation coupled with immunotherapy amplifies tumor immunity 0 None
2011-04-05 Certain microparticles help terminate inflammation 0 None
2011-04-05 Scientists identify gene influencing levels of alcohol consumption 0 None
2011-04-05 HCRI, MAHVI present transcatheter aortic valve data in severe stenosis at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Ranolazine is an effective treatment for patients with refractory angina 0 1
2011-04-05 Cocaine-addicted individuals show heightened response to drug-related images 0 None
2011-04-05 Scientists suggest genetic differences in breast tissue across ethnicities 0 None
2011-04-05 Synta presents ganetespib and elesclomol study data in cancer at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Artemisinin or high-pressure oxygen can boost natural cancer remedy 0 2.3
2011-04-05 American Cancer Society awards 85 institutions with $49,213,000 for new research, training 0 None
2011-04-05 Volcano receives market clearance for PrimeWire PRESTIGE pressure guide wire in Japan 0 None
2011-04-05 Serum test can detect lung cancer in non-smokers 0 None
2011-04-05 Autistic individuals have strong visual abilities 0 None
2011-04-05 Mexican-born migrants may face high risk of developing depressive, anxiety disorders 0 None
2011-04-05 Jennerex, Transgene present JX-594 Phase 1 and 2 study data in liver cancer at EASL meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Acamprosate can help treat patients with autism, Fragile X syndrome 0 5
2011-04-05 Neuropeptide ghrelin impacts alcoholism, binge-eating and sugar consumption 0 None
2011-04-05 Alcohol binge-drinking in teen years could affect decision-making and related behaviors as adults 0 None
2011-04-05 Nicotine has no effect on lung cancer tumor incidence, frequency or size 0 None
2011-04-05 UC researchers sequence individual glioblastoma genomes and track abnormalities through the bloodstream 1 None
2011-04-05 Decrease in income associated with higher risk for anxiety, substance use, and mood disorders 0 None
2011-04-05 Rare 5-way kidney swap transplant successful 0 None
2011-04-05 Researchers to develop future body sensor network 0 None
2011-04-05 New computer-based system can distinguish similar secondary tumours 0 None
2011-04-05 Modified pulse oximeter detects risk of cardiovascular disease during sleep 0 None
2011-04-05 Curis presents vismodegib Phase II data in basal cell nevus syndrome at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Cancer cells exploit 'stress response' mechanism used by normal cells to cope with harsh, demanding conditions 0 5
2011-04-05 Both radial and femoral approaches are safe and effective for angioplasty 0 None
2011-04-05 Researchers develop new cancer treatment 0 None
2011-04-05 Implementation of STEMI guidelines, protocols in hospitals without cardiac catheterization labs improves dramatically 0 None
2011-04-05 Idera presents IMO-3100 Phase 1 trial data in autoimmune diseases at Keystone Symposia 0 None
2011-04-05 MIEMSS designates Sinai Hospital as Cardiac Interventional Center 0 None
2011-04-05 Risperdal Consta can reduce risk of hospitalisation in patients with schizophrenia 0 None
2011-04-05 Exercise may decrease blood flow and oxygen in hypertensive people 0 None
2011-04-05 AGA guidelines recommend RFA for removal of precancerous cells in patients with Barrett's esophagus 0 None
2011-04-05 AACR President-elect to host press conference on cancer risk factors and genetics 0 None
2011-04-05 PLC's RenalGuard REMEDIAL II trial against CIN presented at ACC.11 0 None
2011-04-05 Food addicts appear to have high neural activity in brain 0 None
2011-04-05 Children with ASDs benefit from certain medical and behavioral treatments 0 None
2011-04-05 Injection of stem cells may improve effectiveness of cardiac bypass surgery 0 None
2011-04-05 Heavy beer drinkers with specific genetic variant at increased risk of non-cardia gastric cancer 0 None
2011-04-05 Lilly presents results of JAK2, Hedgehog inhibitor preclinical cancer studies at 102nd AACR 0 None
2011-04-05 Vitamin D can reduce estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer 0 None
2011-04-05 Positive outcomes from Medtronic's Resolute drug-eluting stent against coronary artery disease 0 None
2011-04-05 AIDS people may face high risk of stomach and esophageal malignancies 0 None
2011-04-05 Diets may cause loss of lean muscle mass 0 None
2011-04-05 PerkinElmer launches new Multispecies Imaging Module to generate 3D datasets 0 None
2011-04-05 Scientists reveal unknown role of cilia protein IFT88 in mitosis 0 None
2011-04-05 Genetic factors can explain people's susceptibility to urinary incontinence 0 None
2011-04-05 VisualSonics demonstrates Vevo LAZR imaging system at AACR conference 0 None
2011-04-05 Research: Unemployment increases risk of premature mortality by 63% 0 None
2011-04-05 Inserm Transfert, MedImmune collaborate to advance medical science research 0 None
2011-04-05 New insight into Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-04-05 Stand Up to Cancer awards UNC Lineberger scientist with 13 Innovative Research Grants 0 None
2011-04-05 Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy may raise risk of gestational diabetes: Study 1 None
2011-04-05 Researchers identify new gene that can influence person's risk of developing epilepsy 0 None
2011-04-05 Current Alzheimer Research publishes ExonHit's EHT 0202 Phase IIa results 0 None
2011-04-05 Cardioxyl's CXL-1020 preclinical data against heart failure presented at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-05 Caliper introduces novel fluorescent imaging agent for pre-clinical research 0 None
2011-04-04 Promising results for new depression treatment 0 None
2011-04-04 Aflac announces $1.06 million scholarship awards for cancer research 0 None
2011-04-04 Novel biomarker test accurately detects proteins secreted from asbestos-related tumors 0 None
2011-04-04 Study reveals increased incidence of major adverse cardiac events in patients with severe psoriasis 0 None
2011-04-04 Coronary computed tomographic angiography to evaluate acute chest pain reduces hospital admissions 0 None
2011-04-04 Pronto to distribute Signal's Myeloma Prognostic Risk Signature test in Israel 0 None
2011-04-04 FDA approves St. Jude Medical's Safire BLU and Therapy Cool Path irrigated ablation catheters 0 None
2011-04-04 Pfizer receives FDA Refusal to File letter for tafamidis to treat Transthyretin Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy 0 None
2011-04-04 FDA grants 510(k) clearance for superDimension's marker delivery kit 0 None
2011-04-04 Orexo partner ProStrakan launches Abstral in the US 0 None
2011-04-04 Mylan receives FDA approval for generic Xalatan Ophthalmic Solution 0 None
2011-04-04 People with lung cancer more likely to have high-risk forms of HPV antibodies 0 None
2011-04-04 Avanir files IND for NUEDEXTA/AVP-923 Phase II clinical trial for central neuropathic pain in MS patients 0 None
2011-04-04 Aspirin usage associated with decrease in pancreatic cancer risk 0 None
2011-04-04 ImmunoGen presents IMGN529 data against NHL, CLL at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-04 Oncothyreon's ONT-10, PX-866 preclinical data presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-04 ImmunoGen presents IMGN853 data against ovarian cancer, carcinomas at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-04 AngioDynamics introduces DuraMax chronic dialysis catheter in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-04 Stealth announces Bendavia Phase I clinical study results against ischemia reperfusion injury 0 None
2011-04-04 New anti-angiogenic therapy can lead to tumour growth inhibition 0 None
2011-04-04 Abiomed presents Impella PROTECT II study final results in PCI at ACC and i2 Summit 0 None
2011-04-04 Oral cancer more common among Americans with HPV16 viral infections 0 None
2011-04-04 Cancer Discovery to present practice-changing research at AACR meeting 0 5
2011-04-04 Abbott's XIENCE V Coronary Stent System data presented at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-04 Human immune system can help predict recurrence, overall breast cancer survival 0 None
2011-04-04 AACR continues to increase focus on cancer clinical trials 0 None
2011-04-04 Researchers pinpoint effects of enhanced adult neurogenesis in hippocampus 0 5
2011-04-04 BSX presents ION and TAXUS Stent trial data against coronary artery disease at ACC meeting 0 None
2011-04-04 Men who consume digoxin have 24% reduced risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-04 Leukemia & Lymphoma publishes CTI's CPOP phase I/II trial results against NHL 0 None
2011-04-04 NAA joins with organizations worldwide to raise awareness about autism 0 3
2011-04-04 FDA clears Vexim's COHESION bone cement to treat vertebral compression fractures 0 None
2011-04-04 Therapeutic hypothermia is an effective treatment for young adult patients with HCM 0 None
2011-04-04 Researchers develop new way to stimulate neuron production in adult brain 0 None
2011-04-04 Routine periodic fasting can reduce risk of coronary heart disease 0 None
2011-04-04 Researchers discover immune system can help predict breast cancer survival 0 None
2011-04-04 Study finds high utilization of CTC and Medicare coverage in recent years 0 None
2011-04-04 New research reveals potential treatment for HO in children, soldiers 0 None
2011-04-04 Positive results from GDC-0973, GDC-0941 combination therapy Phase I trial against cancer 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists identify five new genes that increase risk of developing Alzheimer's 1 5
2011-04-04 Study finds link between smoking and breast cancer risk among non-obese women 0 None
2011-04-04 Sickle cell trait can cause sudden death in young African-American athletes 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists identify new treatment target for squamous cell lung cancer 0 None
2011-04-04 FDA releases rules for restaurants to provide calorie information 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists sequence tumor genomes from 50 breast cancer patients 0 None
2011-04-04 New Ulm project shows 24% reduction in acute heart attack rates in five-quarter period 0 None
2011-04-04 Positive results from GDC-0449 Phase II data against basal cell nevus syndrome 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists confirm metabolic syndrome may raise risk of liver cancer 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists identify novel gene markers for EGFR inhibition in patients 0 None
2011-04-04 Researchers identify four new genes linked to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-04-04 Life Technologies launches new TaqMan Mutation Detection Assays 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists uncover genetic characteristic of metastatic prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-04 Non-invasive catheterization can lead to positive outcomes in elderly patients with stenosis 0 None
2011-04-04 Study: Diabetes is linked with risk of cancer and mortality 0 None
2011-04-04 Study links chronic stress of cancer with telomere length 0 None
2011-04-04 Common genetic variation linked to bladder cancer risk and telomere length 0 None
2011-04-04 Positive results from Abbott's ABSORB device trial in coronary artery disease 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists identify biomarker for lung cancer chemoprevention 0 None
2011-04-04 Study: Nanoparticles can prevent nickel-induced dermatitis 0 4
2011-04-04 Study: Antidepressants can thicken arteries and lead to heart disease 0 None
2011-04-04 Regado's REG1 system Phase 2b trial results presented at i2 Summit 0 None
2011-04-04 Scientists identify digoxin as possible therapy for prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-04 Lack of vitamin D can lead to impaired vascular health 0 None
2011-04-03 Discovery of 4 new genes associated with Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-04-02 Pfizer to present new investigational compounds data against cancer at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-02 Sunshine Biopharma to present new Adva-27a data against cancer at AACR meeting 0 5
2011-04-02 APA to host 2011 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Conference in Chicago 0 None
2011-04-02 Thalidomide provides new hope for patients with difficult to treat liver cancer 0 None
2011-04-02 Prevalence of NAFLD in US expected to increase by 50% in 2030: Study 0 2
2011-04-02 Report shows a continued decline in diagnoses, deaths for many types of cancers 0 None
2011-04-02 New research identifies diverse barriers to breast cancer screening and treatment 0 None
2011-04-02 KCP commends CMS for eliminating 'transition adjustment' imposed on new ESRD PPS 0 None
2011-04-02 Hispanic population health issues portend challenges for health care system 0 None
2011-04-02 Men and women with stretch marks problem can benefit from laser treatment 0 None
2011-04-02 Diabetes testing among poor adults plunged 23% in 2007: AHRQ 0 None
2011-04-02 Rsearchers define new step that controls programmed cell death in cancer cells 0 None
2011-04-02 Global Autism Alliance launches new Internet website for public 0 None
2011-04-02 Oral Cancer Awareness Week aims to educate people regarding importance of early detection 0 None
2011-04-02 Oncologist issues 'Emergency Radiation Medical Handbook' 0 None
2011-04-02 Brain Canada issues statement reinforcing need for government support for brain research funding 0 None
2011-04-02 PDHI adds Risky Drinking and Depression health action plan to its online library 0 None
2011-04-02 PLC's RenalGuard System REMEDIAL II trial final results to be presented at ACC conference 0 None
2011-04-02 PBI commits to sponsor APS Novel Disease Model Awards for 2011 through 2013 0 None
2011-04-02 Scientists celebrate successful start up of pioneering EMMA accelerator 0 None
2011-04-02 BC Psychological Association cautions against expanded gambling 0 None
2011-04-02 DDF develops online calendar of events to raise awareness about diabetes 0 None
2011-04-02 Loss of SKIP sensitizes cancer cells to apoptotic effects of DNA damage-inducing anticancer drugs 0 None
2011-04-02 Champions enters exclusive license agreement with BCCA for Irinophore C 0 None
2011-04-02 Lindt USA announces winners of 2011 Lindt Unsung Heroes of Autism 0 None
2011-04-02 LCA calls for comprehensive plan of action to reduce lung cancer mortality 0 None
2011-04-02 PUMA-mediated intestinal apoptosis contributes to ulcerative colitis in humans, mice 0 None
2011-04-02 GAAW: ADAO to raise awareness about asbestos dangers 0 None
2011-04-01 Study findings on novel ST2 cardiac biomarker to be presented at ACC 2011 0 None
2011-04-01 Colorectal cancer screening vital for prevention and early detection 0 None
2011-04-01 AANS offers tips to prevent head injuries 0 None
2011-04-01 Sinai Hospital offers new program that can help improve pediatric patients' lung function 0 None
2011-04-01 Geisinger expert offers advice on how to manage child's asthma 0 None
2011-04-01 Aberrant DNA methylation may initiate cancer development 0 None
2011-04-01 Rapid rise in ATV-related injuries and deaths involving kids 0 None
2011-04-01 Pediatrician suggests tips to combat allergic symptoms 0 None
2011-04-01 Study: MicroRNA can predict risk of BM in lung cancer patients 0 None
2011-04-01 TeamHealth forms strategic partnership with DCH Regional Medical Center to expand in Alabama 0 None
2011-04-01 Study findings about immune systems of smoke-inhalation patients released 0 None
2011-04-01 Roundup: Fla. moves closer to Medicaid overhaul; Abortion provisions advance in Va., Kan. and Iowa 0 None
2011-04-01 Researchers study role of acetylation in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-04-01 Rx Partnership receives Amerigroup grant to provide Virginians with medication access 0 None
2011-04-01 New research: 'Good cholesterol' can act as special delivery vehicle for cancer destruction 0 None
2011-04-01 Neogenix Oncology to present laboratory studies of NEO-101 at AACR Annual Meeting 0 None
2011-04-01 Lance Sandwich Crackers to support JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes 0 None
2011-04-01 FDA approves Medtronic's InterStim Therapy to improve bowel control 0 None
2011-04-01 Insulin could play a new role in fighting Alzheimer's disease: Research 0 None
2011-04-01 CPRIT awards $12.6M grant to Gulf Coast Consortia to develop new cancer treatments 0 None
2011-04-01 APEX-PD Phase III clinical study data to be presented at American Academy of Neurology Conference 0 None
2011-04-01 AngioScore launches AngioSculpt PTA Scoring Balloon Catheters for treatment of PAD 0 None
2011-04-01 Biocept, academic collaborators' posters on CTCs to be presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-01 Donation after cardiac death may broaden the scope of organ donor selection 0 None
2011-04-01 New CMS reimbursement system for ESRD may place cost constraints on clinics 0 None
2011-04-01 New lifesaving technology can combat cancer 0 None
2011-04-01 NIH combats obesity epidemic with new strategic research plan 0 None
2011-04-01 Cellular Immunology supports Second International Conference on Immune Tolerance 0 None
2011-04-01 OPO staff working with ICU team can help recover more organs from brain dead donors 0 None
2011-04-01 Ontario's doctors praise Consumer Protection Amendment Act 0 None
2011-04-01 DeVere event raises funds to combat Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-04-01 NAMI launches new schizophrenia website and brochure 0 None
2011-04-01 Early recognition and treatment can control obsessive-compulsive manifestation 1 None
2011-04-01 JobTIPS for individuals with ASD 0 None
2011-04-01 Study finds AKIN criteria effective in cirrhosis detection 0 None
2011-04-01 Maple syrup contains a range of antioxidant compounds not found in other sweeteners 0 4.7
2011-04-01 NIH-funded program to focus on obesity complications in low-income mothers 0 None
2011-04-01 Moderate amount of protein added to three regular meals a day helps appetite control and feeling of fullness 0 None
2011-04-01 Efforts needed to keep students with food allergies safe and included 0 None
2011-04-01 Insight into traumatic brain injury 0 None
2011-04-01 Diseased human hepatocytes successfully reprogrammed into induced pluripotent stem cells 0 None
2011-04-01 CASE District IV honors MD Anderson's associate vice president with Achievement Award 0 None
2011-04-01 Diamond Mold joins with University of Utah to raise awareness about heart health 0 None
2011-04-01 Oncology experts educate lawmakers about latest information on radiation therapy 0 None
2011-04-01 Soy isoflavones can improve radiotherapy for lung cancer cells 0 None
2011-04-01 Nine state, local organizations to receive NHLBI grant for COPD education initiatives 0 None
2011-04-01 Study: Stress can increase risk of C section in first-time mothers 0 None
2011-04-01 LIFE Biosystems to present MASE data at AACR annual meeting 0 None
2011-04-01 Obeticholic Acid safe and effective against Primary Biliary Cirrhosis 1 3.2
2011-04-01 Aspen Dental reminds patients about oral cancer screening importance 0 None
2011-04-01 Scientists to develop new techniques for autism detection and treatment 0 None
2011-04-01 New study examines psychological, social challenges of women with breast cancer 0 3.5
2011-04-01 Omeros announces outcome from OMS103HP Phase 3 study in patients undergoing ACL surgery 0 None
2011-04-01 UTHealth initiates enrollment in study on promising surgical procedure for management of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-04-01 How brain's memory center repairs itself after severe trauma 0 None
2011-04-01 Rate of cancer deaths has declined in the U.S. 0 None
2011-04-01 Study: Internet-based intervention can improve childhood sleep problems 0 None
2011-04-01 CorMedix reports encouraging interim results from CRMD001 phase II study in Contrast Induced Acute Kidney Injury 0 None
2011-04-01 TNM 7 system can predict lung cancer recurrence after surgery 0 4
2011-04-01 Drinking coffee after a fatty fast food meal spikes blood sugar levels 2 None
2011-04-01 IOVS journal publishes first global consensus report on MGD 0 None
2011-04-01 Sleep apnea along with excessive daytime sleepiness elevates risk of death in older adults 0 None
2011-04-01 VBL's VB-111 preclinical data against metastatic cancer to be presented at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-01 Glenmark initiates IND enabling studies of GBR 401 anti-CD19 monoclonal antibody in B cell lymphomas 0 None
2011-04-01 Study confirms D-penicillamine and trientine effective against Wilson disease 0 None
2011-04-01 Progressive resistance training can help minimize loss of muscle mass and strength as we age 0 None
2011-04-01 Middle-aged adults with diabetes more likely to develop age-related ailments 0 None
2011-04-01 New research sheds light on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 0 None
2011-04-01 New discovery on IL-23 can lead to novel IBD treatments 0 None
2011-04-01 Syndax to present entinostat data against cancer at AACR meeting 0 None
2011-04-01 Mitochondrial defect inherited from mother is linked to high blood pressure in one Chinese family 0 None
2011-04-01 New signaling pathway discovery sheds light on chronic dermatitis 0 None
2011-04-01 Positive outcome from Orexo's OX51 initial pharmacokinetic trial to treat acute intensive pain 0 None
2011-04-01 Watson, GeneraMedix receive FDA approval for Nulecit to treat iron deficiency anemia 0 None
2011-04-01 AAN honors Mayo Clinic researcher with John Dystel Prize for MS work 0 None
2011-04-01 Positive results from Intercept OCA Phase II trial in patients with PBC 0 None
2011-04-01 NCI awards Case Western Reserve with $1.6 million grant for cancer research 0 None
2011-04-01 Mitomics introduces new test to detect prostate cancer 0 None
2011-04-01 Alnylam completes patient enrollment in ALN-VSP Phase I trial against liver cancer 0 None


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