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RSSArchived Medical Condition News Stories - July 2011

Date Title Comments Rating
2011-07-31 Chronic fatigue researchers bullied, intimidated by protesters 1 1
2011-07-31 Skin cancer vaccine on the way: Cancer expert Prof Ian Frazer 0 4
2011-07-31 8 out of ten Australians would use genetic depression susceptibility test results to reduce risky behaviour, survey shows 0 None
2011-07-30 Class I recall for Vital Signs HCH/Anesthesia Breathing Circuit 0 None
2011-07-30 Former Specialty Hospital patient credits Left Ventricular Assist Device surgery 0 None
2011-07-30 UT Southwestern's support group book shares stories of members whose wives battled cancer 0 None
2011-07-30 Therapeutic hypothermia might not be effective for children after heart attack 0 None
2011-07-30 Scientists receive funding to continue research into pathological processes supporting Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-07-30 RegenoCELL to open new facility in Panama for treatment of congestive heart failure 0 None
2011-07-30 UCSD researchers examine association of energy balance, breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-30 Eight in ten Ontarians expect better access to trauma centre for life-threatening injury 0 None
2011-07-30 PPTA applauds introduction of 'Preserving Access to Orphan Drugs Act' 0 None
2011-07-30 Researchers cite stress from 'collective trauma' of terrorist attacks 0 None
2011-07-30 Lupin, Lilly partner to promote and distribute Huminsulin products in India and Nepal 0 5
2011-07-30 First cardiac ablation procedure using Thermocool SmartTOUCH catheter performed at Mount Sinai 0 4
2011-07-30 Individuals with dyslexia do not experience familiar language advantage 0 None
2011-07-30 Humira defect lawyers file lawsuit against Abbott in Texas state court 0 None
2011-07-30 Middle-age health differences responsible for life expectancy gap 0 None
2011-07-30 Motorcycle helmets may contribute to hearing loss 0 None
2011-07-30 AACE declares obesity as a disease state 0 5
2011-07-30 WARFARIN Study initiated to assess utility of genetic testing to reduce warfarin-related adverse events 0 None
2011-07-30 ORENCIA SC formulation receives FDA approval for treatment of adults with RA 0 3
2011-07-30 Physicians to provide high-quality care, training to medically underserved community 0 None
2011-07-30 Scientists examine relationship between REM sleep behaviour disorders, Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-07-30 Researchers examine drug that has potential to stop Parkinson's progression 0 None
2011-07-30 Study shows fall in blood pressure during dialysis for patients increases risk of blood clotting 0 5
2011-07-30 Heart disease remains most costly condition in terms of health care expenditure for women: AHRQ 0 None
2011-07-30 Cancer patients should stick to basic sun-protection guidelines, experts say 0 None
2011-07-30 Researchers awarded $12M to study pathology of severe lung injury 0 None
2011-07-30 WU researchers receive NCI grant to study link between obesity and cancer 0 None
2011-07-29 Improved cardiovascular health can help hear better 0 None
2011-07-29 Pain intensity and location can predict chronic low back pain 0 None
2011-07-29 EGT transfers clinical grade lentiviral vector to MSKCC 0 None
2011-07-29 FDA approves Lannett's ANDA for Phentermine Resin Extended-Release Capsules 0 None
2011-07-29 Human kinome RNAi screening performed using Roche’s xCELLigence MP Instrument 0 None
2011-07-29 South Asians more likely to add organ-hugging fat linked with cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-07-29 Scientists discover gene pattern that distinguishes severe from less aggressive bone cancer 0 None
2011-07-29 Studies reveal new set of mutations linked with head and neck cancer 0 None
2011-07-29 Veterinary medicine students more likely to struggle with depression 0 None
2011-07-29 Positive data from BioMarin's MOR-100 Phase 1/2 extension study on Morquio syndrome 0 None
2011-07-29 Customized surfaces help reveal protein clumping process linked with Alzheimer's, diabetes 0 None
2011-07-29 Hospice services improve quality of care and support for dementia patients 0 None
2011-07-29 NanoString introduces new assay for leukemia fusion gene analysis 0 None
2011-07-29 WSU professor receives NIH grant for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease research 0 None
2011-07-29 Grapes help protect skin cells from sun's UV radiation 0 None
2011-07-29 'Systems biology' study of breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-29 Houston-based Mattress Firm commits to support pancreatic cancer research 0 None
2011-07-29 Bone fluoride levels are not associated with osteosarcoma: Study 1 1
2011-07-29 Conference to discuss latest advances in brain tumours by non-surgical means, space science 0 None
2011-07-29 Expert offers air quality control tips 0 None
2011-07-29 Book examines impact of new racial science 0 None
2011-07-29 Combination drug regimen safe and effective for renal transplant patients 0 None
2011-07-29 High fructose corn syrup consumption may promote heart disease 0 None
2011-07-29 Ivabradine effective in reducing risk of cardiac fibrosis, diastolic heart failure 0 None
2011-07-29 Researchers receive federal grant to improve diabetes management in minority patients 0 None
2011-07-29 FDA issues Refusal to File letter for Eisai's perampanel NDA to treat partial-onset seizures 0 None
2011-07-29 Cancer Research UK honors cell signalling expert with Lifetime Achievement Prize 1 None
2011-07-29 BTI's IPOXYN data on traumatic shock and ischemia to be presented at XIIIth MGH symposium 0 None
2011-07-29 Introducing maspin protein into tumor nucleus can stop growth and spread of cancer 0 None
2011-07-29 NCI awards Hutchinson Center to coordinate cancer and obesity consortium 0 None
2011-07-29 Scientist discovers novel way to convert human skin cells into neurons 0 None
2011-07-29 Polaris initiates ADI-PEG 20 Phase 3 trial in hepatocellular carcinoma 0 3
2011-07-29 Patients with diabetes, depression more likely to develop serious eye disease 0 None
2011-07-29 Routine dipstick urine test may identify individuals with silent kidney disease 0 None
2011-07-29 Sigma-Tau, Soligenix expand partnership to develop and commercialize orBec in Europe 0 None
2011-07-29 New protein 3D model could inhibit cancer development 0 5
2011-07-29 RegeneRx to initiate enrollment in RGN-259 Phase 2 trial for dry eye syndrome 0 None
2011-07-29 Positive data from Histogenics' NeoCart Phase 2 study on knee cartilage injury 0 None
2011-07-29 Muscle mass may influence risk for diabetes: Study 0 None
2011-07-29 Stroke in pregnancy on the rise 0 None
2011-07-28 $3 million grant to aid minorities with uncontrolled diabetes 0 None
2011-07-28 Yaupon seeks FDA marketing approval of mechlorethamine gel for mycosis fungoides 0 None
2011-07-28 Amylin, Lilly and Alkermes submit reply to FDA complete response letter for BYDUREON 0 None
2011-07-28 Physiological instability precedes an hour before naturally occurring panic attacks 0 1
2011-07-28 All Canadian provinces except Quebec announce funding agreement for PNH drug, Soliris 0 None
2011-07-28 New approaches to improve biomarker discovery 1 None
2011-07-28 Cigarette smoke exposure alters airway tissue in people with COPD 0 None
2011-07-28 Relative muscle mass inversely linked with insulin resistance and pre-diabetes 0 None
2011-07-28 Study examines effect of unhealthy food outlets on adolescent junk food consumption 0 None
2011-07-28 Study finds link between parental smoking and COPD 0 None
2011-07-28 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass appears to reduce dietary fat intake 0 None
2011-07-28 Arterial spin labeling shows areas of brain activity in chronic low back pain patients 0 None
2011-07-28 World Bank urges China to address NCDs or face economic consequences 0 None
2011-07-28 Sorin Group's Mitroflow valve with PRT receives CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-07-28 Reprogrammed kidney cells could make transplants and dialysis things of the past 0 None
2011-07-28 Ironwood licenses worldwide rights to Depomed's Acuform drug delivery technology 0 None
2011-07-28 Study finds harmful haloacetic acids in the urine of pool workers, swimmers 0 None
2011-07-28 New report is setback for 9/11 responders and cancer costs 0 None
2011-07-28 Chronic psychological stress linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-07-28 Cognitive behavioral therapy and self-help may improve unexplained symptoms of pain, fatigue 0 None
2011-07-28 Yoga reduces symptoms of chronic pain in women with fibromyalgia 0 None
2011-07-28 Inspiration presents OBI-1 pivotal study data on hemophilia at 23rd ISTH congress 0 None
2011-07-28 New research shows unique nature of human brain aging 0 None
2011-07-28 New LEAP technique can restore heart rhythm in patients with atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-07-28 Noninvasive brain computer interface could turn thoughts into motion 0 None
2011-07-28 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery can lead to effective weight loss 0 None
2011-07-28 Isis, Genzyme submit European MAA for mipomersen to treat familial hypercholesterolemia 0 None
2011-07-28 VDF's annual meeting to discuss latest information in vascular disease 0 None
2011-07-28 Blueberries can help prevent cell damage linked to cancer 0 None
2011-07-28 Structural changes associated with frequent exacerbations identified in lungs of COPD patients 0 None
2011-07-28 IRCM geneticists discover an unsuspected organization of pituitary cells 0 None
2011-07-28 U.S. food labelling system has a positive impact 0 None
2011-07-28 ADHD severity impacts child's health-related quality of life 0 None
2011-07-28 Invadopodia could help survival of cancer cells 0 5
2011-07-28 Brain stimulation improves learning in people with schizophrenia 0 None
2011-07-28 Cardiac rehab can prolong patients' lives and reduce risk of second heart attack 0 None
2011-07-28 Binge drinking may precede sexual victimization in a subset of adolescents 0 None
2011-07-28 Researchers draw on ontology to define pain 0 None
2011-07-28 New study shows high prevalence of gout in the U.S. 0 None
2011-07-28 New enhanced MS ActiveSource for patients with multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-07-27 FDA accepts peginesatide NDA for anemia associated with CKD 0 None
2011-07-27 Recruitment complete in Aeterna Zentaris' perifosine Phase 3 trial for advanced colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-07-27 Epitomics launches 23 novel cancer-related antibodies 0 None
2011-07-27 MR-guided focused ultrasound prior to radiation therapy could treat cancer 0 None
2011-07-27 BrainTrust Canada to launch national online contest, 'Sponsor My Head' 0 None
2011-07-27 Underwater-treadmill improves mobility following spinal-cord injury 0 None
2011-07-27 Virtual reality study to address alcohol abuse issues in veterans 0 None
2011-07-27 Amphetamines can control ADHD symptoms in adults 0 4
2011-07-27 Researchers compile first global estimates of coeliac disease and associated mortality 0 None
2011-07-27 Scientists reveal complete three-dimensional atomic structure of an activated GPCR 0 None
2011-07-27 Teens with military parents more likely to engage in risky habits 0 None
2011-07-27 Mayo Clinic releases recommendations from the ice hockey concussion summit 0 4
2011-07-27 Study reveals several compounds that block cancer cell invasion 1 None
2011-07-27 Early detection critical in preventing vision loss among Baby Boomers 0 None
2011-07-27 All football players do not get chronic traumatic encephalopathy 0 None
2011-07-27 New Penn Center for Orphan Disease Research and Therapy 0 None
2011-07-27 Athletic trainers and coaches bear major responsibility for preventing deaths 0 None
2011-07-27 Novel blood-cleaning procedure allows receipt of transplant from different blood type donor 0 None
2011-07-27 OICR to receive Government of Ontario grant for important cancer research 0 None
2011-07-27 New preclinical data from Baxter's BAX 499 hemophilia study presented at ISTH 0 None
2011-07-27 Groundbreaking biomechanical data on cervical spine injuries 0 None
2011-07-27 New convenient device can track degenerative eye disease 0 None
2011-07-27 Researchers investigate the nature of stuttering 0 None
2011-07-27 Extreme heat and rain lead to higher mold count in the Midwest 0 None
2011-07-27 Study suggests common process for both pleasurable and anxiety-reducing effects of nicotine 0 None
2011-07-27 Gut microflora may influence obesity treatments 0 None
2011-07-27 Stenting prevents recurrence of aneurysms after minimally invasive 'coiling' procedure 0 None
2011-07-27 EMA accepts to evaluate Vanda's MAA for oral iloperidone tablets 0 4
2011-07-27 Interpersonal relationships in individuals with generalized anxiety disorder: Study 0 None
2011-07-27 Lipid-based nanocarrier can improve cancer treatments 0 None
2011-07-27 Aeterna Zentaris completes AEZS-130 Phase 3 study for diagnosis of AGHD 0 None
2011-07-27 Roundup: Md. to release cancer control plan; funding cut at Texas mental health centers 0 None
2011-07-27 Scientists identify possible genetic variations linked to eating disorders 0 None
2011-07-27 Methamphetamine users more likely to develop Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-07-27 New preclinical data suggests microRNA-15 inhibits cardiomyogenesis 0 None
2011-07-27 FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation for Diffusion's TSC to treat glioblastoma multiforme 0 None
2011-07-27 Positive data from two GSK's Promacta Phase III studies on hepatitis C-related thrombocytopenia 0 None
2011-07-27 NeurOp receives NIH grant to support research program for ischemia 0 None
2011-07-27 PACA study: Adrenaline can treat cardiac arrest 0 None
2011-07-27 Health Canada issues notice of compliance for OCPI's SAMSCA to treat hyponatremia 0 5
2011-07-26 Hormone therapy may be hazardous in men with pre-existing heart conditions 0 None
2011-07-26 Wealthiest countries most depressed! 0 None
2011-07-26 Volunteers needed in worldwide study to help people breathe easier 0 None
2011-07-26 Substances found in cigarette smoke damage blood vessels' endothelial cells 1 None
2011-07-26 Researchers reveal how photolyase can repair sunburn 0 None
2011-07-26 THERAPY trial to evaluate benefits of catheter-based intervention for acute ischemic stroke 0 None
2011-07-26 BioWa, arGEN-X sign license agreement for POTELLIGENT Technology 0 None
2011-07-26 TikoMed receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for TM-400 to treat hematological cancers 0 None
2011-07-26 Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Biogen Idec announce data of rFVIIIFc Phase 1/2a trial for hemophilia A 0 None
2011-07-26 Conference to discuss autism research and awareness in Bangladesh, South East Asia 0 None
2011-07-26 Symposium papers highlight role of oxidative stress in cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-07-26 VeganZyme supplement may aid in reducing digestive discomfort and symptoms 0 None
2011-07-26 New potential anti-tumor agents might effectively treat mesothelioma 0 4
2011-07-26 New ATA guidelines on diagnosis and management of thyroid disease during pregnancy 0 None
2011-07-26 New larger lumen catheter for clot removal in ischemic stroke patients 0 None
2011-07-26 Specific predictors can differentiate dying suddenly versus living through heart attack 0 None
2011-07-26 Patients with MTBI exhibit abnormal functional connectivity in the thalamus 0 None
2011-07-26 Foot care tips for diabetes patients 0 None
2011-07-26 PharmaNet to assist BrainStorm in obtaining FDA approval for ALS human clinical trials 0 None
2011-07-26 Tumor marker, endoscopic ultrasound more likely to detect stage 1 pancreatic cancer 0 3
2011-07-26 UC San Diego receives NHLBI 'Program of Excellence in Glycosciences' grant 0 None
2011-07-26 Anesthetic agent isoflurane may treat intracerebral hemorrhage 0 None
2011-07-26 EMA recommends orphan drug designation for 4SC's resminostat to treat HCC 0 None
2011-07-26 Erionite in North Dakota roads may increase risk of mesothelioma 0 None
2011-07-26 Type 2 diabetes and obesity in pregnancy is a daunting duo: New research 0 5
2011-07-26 Advaxis submits protocol revision for ADXS-HPV CIN Phase II study 0 None
2011-07-26 Resolute drug-eluting stent superior to Taxus DES for coronary artery disease 0 None
2011-07-26 Takeda resubmits alogliptin and fixed-dose combination therapy NDA to FDA 0 5
2011-07-26 Diabetes drug rosiglitazone can reduce development of neuropathic pain 0 None
2011-07-26 CRI announces new changes to cancer research funding programs 0 None
2011-07-26 Researchers identify elusive gene responsible for Grey Platelet Syndrome 0 None
2011-07-26 Phadia demonstrates ImmunoCAP Molecular Allergy testing at AACC 2011 0 None
2011-07-25 Drugs targeting specific brain region could help people with schizophrenia manage daily life, study shows 0 None
2011-07-25 Fragile X syndrome study to reveal more 0 5
2011-07-25 Promising drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy 1 5
2011-07-25 When psoriasis strikes the famously beautiful 0 None
2011-07-25 Affordable cell transfer therapy for cancers 0 None
2011-07-25 Enrollment commences in Lutonix LEVANT 2 drug-coated balloon IDE trial for PAD 0 None
2011-07-25 Genesis Biopharma partners with Lonza for Contego to treat metastatic melanoma 0 None
2011-07-25 Waters receives CE mark for MassTrak Immunosuppressants XE Kit 0 None
2011-07-25 Threshold reports initiation of TH-302 and bevacizumab clinical trial for astrocytoma 0 None
2011-07-25 Ranbaxy announces launch of Letrozole Tablets in UK, Romania and France 0 None
2011-07-25 Australian TGA approves GI Dynamics EndoBarrier Gastrointestinal Liner for type 2 diabetes and obesity 4 5
2011-07-25 Biogen Idec's FAMPYRA receives EU conditional approval for treating functional impairment in MS 0 4.5
2011-07-25 Baxter GAMMAGARD LIQUID for PI receives FDA approval for subcutaneous administration 0 None
2011-07-25 Valeritas' V-Go Disposable Insulin Delivery Device receives CE Mark approval 0 4
2011-07-25 BDSI completes BEMA Buprenorphine Phase 3 trial on chronic pain 0 None
2011-07-25 Mayo Clinic trial to evaluate folate receptor alpha-targeted breast/ovarian cancer vaccine 0 None
2011-07-25 Three pediatric cardiac hospitals to perform live cases with Toshiba's Infinix CF-i system 0 None
2011-07-25 Novalis Tx system for treatment of cancer goes into service today 0 1
2011-07-25 R-Tech Ueno announces protocol amendment of RK-023 Phase I trial for eyelash hypotrichosis 0 None
2011-07-25 Study: Mail-order pharmacy use linked to improved cardiovascular risk factor outcomes 0 None
2011-07-25 Study explores factors for misuse of prescription opioid in young injection drug users 0 None
2011-07-25 Health Canada approves Valeant's NDA for Sublinox to treat insomnia 3 None
2011-07-25 Children with ADHD may face increased risk of pedestrian injury 0 None
2011-07-25 Specific yeast protein can promote spontaneous prion formation 0 None
2011-07-25 Eating location, food source impact daily energy intake for children 0 None
2011-07-25 Aspen Dental to inaugurate new office in Davenport, Iowa 0 None
2011-07-25 PNH patients applaud pan-Canadian approach to providing equitable access to Soliris 0 None
2011-07-25 GlaxoSmithKline files suit against Watson over generic JALYN 0 None
2011-07-25 MHCC, U of C partner to evaluate 'The Mind Course' for medical students 0 None
2011-07-25 Large clinical trial to test new device for detecting Barrett's oesophagus 0 None
2011-07-25 Janssen receives FDA Complete Response letter for SIMPONI sBLA to treat RA 0 None
2011-07-22 Sigma Life Science releases breast cancer-specific knockout and knockin cell lines for drug research 0 None
2011-07-22 Rats, fish oil and beetroot juice could lead to health breakthroughs for aging populations 0 None
2011-07-22 Access to kidney transplantation for minorities improves on elimination of allocation policy 0 None
2011-07-22 Homeless people report using street drugs to treat their pain 0 None
2011-07-22 Blue-collar workers with arthritis in much worse health than all other workers 0 None
2011-07-22 Researchers examine benefits of hyperbaric oxygen in treatment of aggressive brain cancer 0 None
2011-07-22 CDR recommends reimbursement for schizophrenia drug, ABILIFY 1 None
2011-07-22 Fluoride at recommended levels is both safe and effective for reducing decay and tooth loss 0 None
2011-07-22 Scientists differentiate brain activity associated with grasping 0 3
2011-07-22 Prolonged viewing of mobile devices leads to visual discomfort, fatigue and headaches 0 None
2011-07-22 Metabolic syndrome increases risk of developing HCC and ICC primary liver cancers 0 None
2011-07-22 Elite task force provides insights and guidance on deep brain stimulation for dystonia 0 None
2011-07-22 Myelin regulates key protein involved in sending long-distance signals 0 None
2011-07-22 Health Canada approves SPRYCEL as first-line treatment for life-threatening blood cancer 0 None
2011-07-22 22nd Century receives FDA approval for X-22 IND to conduct Phase II-B smoking cessation trial 0 None
2011-07-22 Alere, Thermo Fisher Scientific sign license deal for novel biomarker assays 0 None
2011-07-22 UCSF, Kaiser Permanente achieve first major milestone in genomics project 0 None
2011-07-22 Scientists discover new bases of DNA 0 None
2011-07-22 Insight into Fragile X Syndrome and autism 0 None
2011-07-22 Impaired immunological memory causes psoriasis, atopic eczema 0 None
2011-07-22 Michigan Cardiovascular Institute performs first Astron Pulsar stent procedure in the U.S. 0 None
2011-07-22 Scientists directly link lipid metabolism and cancer-associated cachexia 0 None
2011-07-22 Roche's cobas KRAS Mutation Test for colorectal cancer now available in Europe 0 None
2011-07-22 Enrollment begins in Repligen's RG1068 pilot study to improve detection, staging of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-07-22 First genome-wide mapping of DNA modification in embryonic stem cells 0 None
2011-07-22 UCSF neurosurgery shows promise against severe epilepsy 0 None
2011-07-22 Common myths about air purifiers 1 None
2011-07-22 Renowned neurosurgeon to receive National Urban League's highest honor on July 30 0 None
2011-07-22 Taiho announces results of TAS-102 Phase II trial for metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-07-22 Inotek completes two stages of INO-8875 Phase 2b trial against glaucoma 0 None
2011-07-22 Skin dendritic cells promote distinct and opposing antigen-specific responses 0 None
2011-07-22 McDavid 195 Ultralight Ankle Brace prevents acute injuries in amateur athletes 0 None
2011-07-22 Study finds high prevalence of prescription pain medication addiction in chronic patients 0 None
2011-07-22 Montifiore's surgeons receive certification training for implanting total artificial heart 0 None
2011-07-22 Quest receives U.S. patent allowance for cancer combination therapy 0 None
2011-07-22 Neuroscience 2011 to explore latest advances in brain research 0 None
2011-07-22 FDA approves Cephalon's REMS for FENTORA, ACTIQ 0 None
2011-07-22 A*STAR's ETC, Agilent introduce drug screening platform 0 None
2011-07-22 Scripps Research, Jupiter Medical Center partner for cancer study 0 None
2011-07-22 Metabolic syndrome linked to increased risk of primary liver cancers 1 None
2011-07-22 Measures to reduce BMI could improve outcome for patients with cirrhosis 0 5
2011-07-22 Microglia prune connections between neurons 0 None
2011-07-22 Enrollment complete in Sapheon's clinical study of saphenous vein reflux disease treatment 0 None
2011-07-22 Adamis receives U.S. patent for APC-100 to treat prostate cancer 0 None
2011-07-22 Leading cancer specialists and researchers establish Australia’s first comprehensive ‘Cancer Survivors Centre’ 0 None
2011-07-22 BioMedix receives U.S. patent titled, 'System and Method for Testing for Cardiovascular Disease' 0 None
2011-07-21 Breathing problems trouble U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, speculation about inhaled toxins 0 None
2011-07-21 Optimism could protect you from stroke: Study 0 None
2011-07-21 High cost of multiple sclerosis drugs 0 None
2011-07-21 Researchers at Macquarie trial new program to help improve neglected area of aged care 0 None
2011-07-21 Galectin, University of Michigan enter collaboration to study role of Galectins in cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-07-21 Microencapsulated cell transplant can help treat chronic illnesses more effectively 0 None
2011-07-21 Neovasc to fund Tiara project with $4 million private placement 0 None
2011-07-21 BioSante announces worldwide license of Melanoma Vaccine to Hussman Foundation 0 None
2011-07-21 Isis commences ISIS-PTP1BRx Phase 1 study in type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-21 Reducing variety in food choices may help lose weight 0 None
2011-07-21 Researchers discover novel combination of two mutations in a patient with ADHD 0 None
2011-07-21 World's best genetic map now built in African-Americans 0 None
2011-07-21 Experts to explore wound healing abilities of dolphins 0 None
2011-07-21 New strategy for improving development of induced pluripotent stem cells 0 None
2011-07-21 Deep brain stimulation benefits people with Parkinson's, essential tremor 0 None
2011-07-21 Children and adults with social withdrawal due to Fragile X may benefit from STX209 0 None
2011-07-21 High methodological quality studies of PET in malignant melanoma patients needed 0 None
2011-07-21 Public disclosure of Bachmann's migraine condition raises much-needed awareness 0 None
2011-07-21 Experts present new research at 2011 Alzheimer's Association ICAD 0 None
2011-07-21 Summer heat prompts SCAN to issue dehydration warning for seniors 0 None
2011-07-21 Researchers develop mouse model of rare human birth defect 0 None
2011-07-21 Diabetes trends in Alberta 0 None
2011-07-21 Majority of people in the U.S., Europe express desire to seek early diagnosis of AD 0 None
2011-07-21 New vaccine formulation may help heroin addicts maintain abstinence 0 None
2011-07-21 Promising compounds for new anti-obesity drugs 0 None
2011-07-21 Excess brain activity in aMCI patients contributes to brain dysfunction underlying memory loss 0 None
2011-07-21 Key finding sheds new light on common bleeding disorders 0 5
2011-07-21 French scientists publish paper on guidelines for drinking and relation of alcohol to cancer 0 None
2011-07-21 Genetically engineered excitable cells made to generate and pass electrical current 0 None
2011-07-21 Localized one-time gene therapy might effectively protect against atherosclerosis 0 None
2011-07-21 Dealing with chronic pain 0 5
2011-07-21 Essential criteria for clinical diagnosis of restless legs syndrome 0 None
2011-07-21 Study: Access to outpatient psychiatric care in Boston is severely limited 0 None
2011-07-21 Receptor GPR56 could have a critical role in cancer progression 0 None
2011-07-21 Channel Swim Relay event aims to raise money for JDRF 0 None
2011-07-21 Inherited forms of Alzheimer's could be detected long before memory problems develop 0 None
2011-07-21 Study examines cost-effectiveness of MS drugs in the U.S. 0 None
2011-07-21 Women & Infants Hospital fellow earns ASCO's Conquer Cancer Foundation award 0 None
2011-07-21 Researchers influence activity of nerve cells with laser light 0 None
2011-07-21 Three flutemetamol clinical abstracts to be presented at 2011 Alzheimer's Association ICAD 0 None
2011-07-21 Researchers identify IDOL protein as potential new target for lowering LDL cholesterol 0 None
2011-07-21 Intense visual stimulation renders nerve cells more receptive to subsequent learning 0 None
2011-07-21 Humans and zebrafish share mechanisms that regulate the circadian system 0 None
2011-07-21 Bristol-Myers Squibb announces results of BMS-708163 Phase II study on Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-07-21 Beta HPV prophylactic strategies may have a positive impact on prevention of NMSC 0 None
2011-07-21 PrioNet Canada awards University of Western Ontario $600,000 to study neurodegenerative disorders 0 None
2011-07-21 Research: Substance P appears to trigger formation of extraskeletal bone 0 None
2011-07-21 Gene-based test for distinguishing harmless from precancerous pancreatic cysts 0 None
2011-07-21 Promising results from phase I study of Genentech's GDC-0941 for advanced breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-21 FDA approves Brilinta to reduce cardiovascular death and heart attack in ACS patients 0 None
2011-07-21 USPTO issues patent for Mirna's tumor suppressor microRNAs 0 None
2011-07-21 Taller people at increased risk of cancers 0 None
2011-07-21 Five physicians receive ASTRO grants for radiation oncology research 0 None
2011-07-21 Common cancer drug alleviates symptoms associated with schizophrenia 0 None
2011-07-21 Novel vaccine for treating heroin addiction 0 None
2011-07-21 USPTO issues patent for Avila's targeted covalent drugs portfolio 0 None
2011-07-21 AstraZeneca receives FDA approval for BRILINTA to treat acute coronary syndrome 0 None
2011-07-20 Diabetes gene linked to Alzheimer’s 0 5
2011-07-20 Falling may be an early sign of Alzheimer's 0 5
2011-07-20 Alzheimer’s risk transmitted from mother to offspring: Study report 0 None
2011-07-20 Alzheimer’s risk reduced by healthy living: study 0 None
2011-07-20 Portable robotic device, videogames can help patients to recover from stroke 0 None
2011-07-20 PBS Newshour series examines health challenges in Indonesia 0 None
2011-07-20 Stress testing with MPI may not be needed for bariatric surgery candidates 0 None
2011-07-20 Latest advances in Alzheimer's research presented at AAIC 2011 0 None
2011-07-20 Inherited forms of Alzheimer's can be detected years before dementia develops 0 None
2011-07-20 Registration now open for Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics 2011 0 None
2011-07-20 NCCN experts recommend bevacizumab for treating metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-20 AP: Boomers are more obese than other generations 0 None
2011-07-20 New insights into sleep difficulties among older people 0 None
2011-07-20 Scientists discover new dominant gene linked to Parkinson's 0 None
2011-07-20 Medco announces new offerings within Advanced Oncology Solutions 0 None
2011-07-20 Series of articles explore recent evidence-based vascular medicine 0 None
2011-07-20 Hallmark of cancer cells 0 None
2011-07-20 Clinipace Worldwide selected to manage Spectranetics' cardiovascular device clinical study 0 None
2011-07-20 Gastroespophageal reflux treatment might improve survival in patients with IPF 0 None
2011-07-20 Ventus Medical launches Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy in India 0 None
2011-07-20 Investigational compound dapagliflozin receives negative recommendation from FDA Advisory Committee 0 None
2011-07-20 Regular physical activity may reduce rates of cognitive impairment in older adults 0 None
2011-07-20 Possible new drug targets for treating diffuse large B-cell lymphoma 0 None
2011-07-20 People with small hippocampus do not face higher risk of depression 0 None
2011-07-20 Lack of kidney dopamine leads to high blood pressure and shorter life span 0 None
2011-07-20 New transgenic mouse could predict toxicity of targeted cancer drugs 0 None
2011-07-20 Millennium submits VELCADE sNDA to FDA to add OS data for previously untreated multiple myeloma 0 None
2011-07-20 High rates of osteoarthritis in athletes linked to femur damage during adolescence 0 None
2011-07-20 Nuclear Factor I/B appears to drive progression of small cell lung cancer 0 None
2011-07-20 Falls, balance problems linked to early stages of Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-07-20 Valeant, sanofi-aventis partner to market and distribute Zuacta cream 0 None
2011-07-20 Patients who use anti-depressants more likely to suffer relapses 0 None
2011-07-20 Altogen Labs introduces pyrosequencing services for hospitals, research institutions 0 None
2011-07-20 CEL-SCI expands licensing agreement with Teva for Multikine cancer drug 0 None
2011-07-20 Tips for preventing heat-related illness 0 None
2011-07-19 New nanotechnology-based cancer treatment might improve chemotherapy 0 None
2011-07-19 Texas Children's Hospital uses new surgical approach for treating epilepsy 0 5
2011-07-19 Family members, dementia patients can benefit from adult day care services 0 None
2011-07-19 Teens with high positive well-being less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors 0 None
2011-07-19 Newborn study suggests that increase in congenital hypothyroidism is entirely artifactual 0 None
2011-07-19 Medically treated patients with GERD more likely to develop esophageal cancer 0 None
2011-07-19 Insight into global incidence and prevalence of mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2011-07-19 First neurobiological evidence for theory of episodic memory 0 5
2011-07-19 Food4Me project to investigate potential of personalised nutrition 0 None
2011-07-19 Scientists discover cholesterol moves far slower within and between cells 0 None
2011-07-19 Scientists identify new inherited form of Parkinson's disease 0 4
2011-07-19 Simple lifestyle changes could prevent half of all Alzheimer's disease cases 0 None
2011-07-19 Researchers identify potential therapeutic target for ER-negative breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-19 Aeterna's AEZS-108 final Phase 2 results in endometrial cancer to be presented at ESGO 2011 0 None
2011-07-19 Convergence initiates CNV1014802 Phase II study in lumbosacral radiculopathy 0 None
2011-07-19 Exposure to tobacco smoke nearly doubles risk of hearing loss among adolescents 0 None
2011-07-19 Anti-malaria drug provides key insight into potential treatments for autoimmune diseases 0 None
2011-07-19 Online therapy programs revolutionise access to mental health services 0 None
2011-07-19 InterStim Therapy now available for treatment of chronic bowel incontinence 0 5
2011-07-19 U.S. News & World Report ranks HSS as No.1 orthopedic hospital 0 None
2011-07-19 U.S. Patent Office issues Notice of Allowance for Kuros' PTH to improve bone healing 0 None
2011-07-19 International Journal of Cancer publishes Bionovo's Bezielle research 0 5
2011-07-19 Preliminary data from Amorfix human diagnostic test for Alzheimer's presented at ICAD 0 None
2011-07-19 Single TBI may accelerate Alzheimer's disease-like neurodegeneration 0 None
2011-07-19 Researchers identify gene linked to muscle endurance 0 None
2011-07-19 Study describes how hyperactivation of AMPK promotes neurodegeneration in HD 0 None
2011-07-19 Simple eight-question survey can help predict depression, PTSD 0 None
2011-07-19 FDA approves Lannett's Diethylproprion HCl Tablets ANDA for anti-obesity treatment 0 None
2011-07-19 Graceway receives FDA approval for Zyclara Cream to treat actinic keratoses 0 None
2011-07-19 Head injury and dementia - Alzheimer’s connection 0 None
2011-07-18 Earlier Alzheimer’s disease and dementia diagnosis: New guidelines 0 None
2011-07-18 LLS awards new SCOR grants valued at $12.5M for research in lymphoma and myeloproliferative neoplasms 0 None
2011-07-18 IHD blood test for Alzheimer's disease yields 83% sensitivity and 82% specificity 0 None
2011-07-18 Scientists identify key immune system regulator in white blood cells 0 None
2011-07-18 Neutrons show how massive enzyme complexes inside cells control rate of sugar metabolism 0 None
2011-07-18 Brief, intense running doesn't alter kinematics and shock absorption 0 None
2011-07-18 Upsher-Smith initiates USL261 ARTEMIS1 Phase III study for seizure clusters in epilepsy patients 0 None
2011-07-18 Endologix, LeMaitre Vascular announce early termination agreement for aortic endovascular products in Europe 0 None
2011-07-18 CSL Behring supports World Federation of Hemophilia with 1 million IUs of von Willebrand factor/Factor VIII 0 None
2011-07-18 Study finds retired football players at higher risk for mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-07-18 Study: IL-2 monotherapy not effective as maintenance therapy for acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2011-07-18 Improvement of body image can enhance effectiveness of weight loss programs 0 None
2011-07-18 FDA approves Shire's Lialda for maintenance of remission of ulcerative colitis 0 None
2011-07-18 Study: 'The wave of death' may not indicate onset of brain death 0 None
2011-07-18 Study reveals far more genetic mutations involved in formation of colon cancer 0 None
2011-07-18 Traumatic brain injury in older veterans increases risk of dementia 0 None
2011-07-18 Novel compound blocks signaling from protein implicated in many types of cancer 0 None
2011-07-18 Global research initiatives to standardize Alzheimer's biomarkers 0 None
2011-07-18 Higher rates of falls can occur very early in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-07-18 Information about hazards of unsafe volume levels need to be included with packaging of headphones 0 5
2011-07-18 AOA supports efforts to prevent traumatic brain injury in athletes 0 None
2011-07-18 Positive results from levomilnacipran Phase III study for major depressive disorder 0 3
2011-07-18 Viral toxin causes release of serotonin leading to vomiting 0 None
2011-07-18 QRxPharma seeks NDA approval for MoxDuo IR 1 None
2011-07-18 Cancer rates increase among middle-aged people in Great Britain 0 5
2011-07-16 World's largest conference on addiction, mental health and criminal justice system 0 None
2011-07-16 Study examines acute effects of low-dose alcohol on cardiac performance 0 None
2011-07-16 New antidepressant prescription linked to increased risk of falls in nursing home residents 0 None
2011-07-16 Gladstone plans to create new center for Alzheimer's disease research 0 None
2011-07-16 Scientists use two methods to manipulate disease-causing mutations in stem cells 0 None
2011-07-16 Grape seed polyphenols may help prevent Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-07-16 Autism Speaks honors Scripps Research scientist with Weatherstone Fellowship 0 None
2011-07-16 New study confirms key risk factors for heavy drinking among adolescents 0 None
2011-07-16 Propranolol can block brain from retrieving cocaine-associated memories 0 None
2011-07-16 Lap Band surgery less expensive than other obesity-related treatments 0 None
2011-07-16 Research: 17 genetic mutations linked to colon cancer formation 0 None
2011-07-16 Study indicates bi-directional relationships between alcohol and stress 0 None
2011-07-16 Tips for preventing allergy during ragweed pollen season 0 None
2011-07-16 New ways for treating diabetes 0 None
2011-07-16 Retinal cells require vitamin C to function properly 0 None
2011-07-16 Zocor, Crestor drugs may cause serious muscle and kidney problems 0 1.5
2011-07-16 Researchers discover new gene mutation associated with Parkinson's 0 None
2011-07-16 Tips for swimmers to minimize risk of shoulder injury 0 2.2
2011-07-16 Stored red blood cells lose ability to release key anti-adhesive molecule 0 None
2011-07-15 Researchers discover new gene linked to intellectual disability 0 None
2011-07-15 FDA ODAC recommends approval of Seattle Genetics' ADCETRIS for Hodgkin lymphoma after ASCT 0 None
2011-07-15 Methods and trends in evaluation of cancer risk 0 None
2011-07-15 ECG results for young athletes prone to misinterpretation 0 None
2011-07-15 Experts available to discuss various effects of sun exposure 0 None
2011-07-15 Patients with pulmonary hypertension more likely to have complications after bilateral TKA 0 None
2011-07-15 EC grants marketing authorization for Amgen's XGEVA to prevent skeletal-related events 0 4
2011-07-15 Scientists analyze structural changes in calcium channels caused by Timothy-mutation 0 4.5
2011-07-15 Novel combined technique for treating neoplastic meningitis, hydrocephalus 1 None
2011-07-15 Study: Bone marrow transplant offers new hope for patients with high-risk leukemia 0 None
2011-07-15 IBM, Coriell partner to explore personalized medicine 0 None
2011-07-15 Family doctors misdiagnose 31.7% of coronary heart disease: Study 0 None
2011-07-15 FDA asks Guided Therapeutics to provide additional information on LuViva PMA 0 None
2011-07-15 Study: Overall awareness about eye health lower among ethnic Americans 0 None
2011-07-15 CDC investigators working to understand nodding syndrome among East African children 0 None
2011-07-15 Rcadia reports promising results from calcium scoring cCTA trial 0 None
2011-07-15 IQWiG finds no differences between two treatment strategies for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-15 NSF announces $18.5M grant to establish new engineering research center 0 None
2011-07-15 Study sheds light on the way antibodies distinguish between different 'biomarkers' 0 None
2011-07-15 Neuralstem receives U.S. patent allowance for three new neurogenic compounds 0 None
2011-07-15 Transcept receives FDA Complete Response Letter for Intermezzo NDA 0 None
2011-07-15 Scientists identify new metabolic pathway for breast cancer 0 None
2011-07-15 Scientists discover high levels of antioxidants in two species of neotropical blueberries 0 None
2011-07-15 E-cadherin may regulate up to 25% of genes within embryonic stem cells 0 None
2011-07-15 CLEOPATRA Phase III study on HER2-positive mBC meets primary endpoint 0 None
2011-07-15 Simple dental algorithm can effectively identify patients with unrecognized diabetes 0 None
2011-07-15 Study: Early-stage melanomas can help predict tumor metastasis 0 None
2011-07-15 Tocotrienol could help reduce stroke damage 0 None
2011-07-15 UTHealth enrolls first patient in new stem cell therapy trial for ischemic stroke 0 None
2011-07-15 Babies have far less ability to recognize rapidly changing images than adults 0 None
2011-07-15 Young investigators to receive Brain & Behavior Research Foundation awards 0 None
2011-07-15 Bariatric surgery cost-effective for all obese 0 None
2011-07-15 CVS Caremark adds Access' MuGard to pharmacy benefit network 0 None
2011-07-15 Short telomeres may increase risk of emphysema 0 None
2011-07-15 ASTRO develops white paper on safe use of intensity modulated radiation therapy 0 5
2011-07-15 Camel blood can help scientists fight against cancer 0 None
2011-07-15 BioMarin commences BMN 673 Phase 1 trial in hematological malignancies 0 None
2011-07-14 Cancer may soon affect 40% of UK’s population: Report 0 None
2011-07-14 Michael J. Fox Foundation awards Impax $400,000 grant for research of IPX066 for Parkinson’s disease 0 None
2011-07-14 Eli Lilly makes charitable contribution to Patient Advocate Foundation 0 None
2011-07-14 Safety guidelines for preventing injuries from gasoline 0 None
2011-07-14 Two promising projects focus on new treatments for cystic fibrosis 0 None
2011-07-14 Study examines psychological problems among adopted children 0 None
2011-07-14 USPTO awards patent for Convergen LifeSciences' CNVN202 to treat lung cancer 0 None
2011-07-14 New paper provides unique review on respiratory disorders in the Middle East 0 None
2011-07-14 European Respiratory Society Congress to take place on September 24, 2011 0 None
2011-07-14 Low optimism appears to predict initiation of psychotherapy 0 None
2011-07-14 EC grants marketing authorization for BENLYSTA to treat SLE 0 None
2011-07-14 Study shows benefits of onion waste on human health 0 None
2011-07-14 IMM researcher wins prestigious Early Career Bayer Hemophilia Award 0 1
2011-07-14 Study demonstrates how unconscious brain continues to process information 0 None
2011-07-14 New low-energy method for terminating cardiac fibrillation 0 2
2011-07-14 New less painful technique to end life-threatening heart fibrillations 0 None
2011-07-14 No single approach might effectively improve Americans' dietary behavior, health 0 None
2011-07-14 RXi expands intellectual property portfolio with additional NeuVax patents 0 None
2011-07-14 Maintaining general health may help reduce risk for dementia 0 None
2011-07-14 EC approves YERVOY for treatment of previously-treated advanced melanoma 0 None
2011-07-14 Humira's early-line growth threatens Enbrel's future uptake in psoriatic arthritis 0 None
2011-07-14 BIOTRONIK begins comparative study of ORSIRO stent with Abbott's XIENCE PRIME stent 0 None
2011-07-14 Light-switching complex could help detect signs of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-07-14 Self-care, serum biomarkers improve heart failure outcomes 0 None
2011-07-14 UW scientists determine atomic architecture of sodium channel 0 None
2011-07-14 Scientists link human gene to risk of developing Mild Cognitive Impairment 0 None
2011-07-14 DaVita's catheter-reduction program lowers CVC rates in hemodialysis patients 0 5
2011-07-14 Study overturns long-accepted theories about fundamental aspect of tissue regeneration 0 None
2011-07-14 Cancer studies less likely to make data available for future research 0 None
2011-07-14 Researchers capitalize on 'memories' of adult-derived stem cells for treatment of diabetes 0 None
2011-07-14 Study examines accuracy, effectiveness of pre-sport participation ECG screenings 0 None
2011-07-14 UCI study sheds light on how transplantation alleviates side effects of radiotherapy 0 None
2011-07-14 Cornell grants ChromaDex worldwide rights to novel manufacturing process for nicotinamide riboside 0 None
2011-07-14 Eisai's DACOGEN sNDA for acute myeloid leukemia accepted by FDA for review 0 None
2011-07-14 Patients with brain cancer may benefit from stem cell therapy 0 None
2011-07-14 Arabidopsis thaliana helps scientists to solve puzzles in human health 0 None
2011-07-14 DARA's DB959 shows promise against type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-14 New ‘state-by-state’ obesity data released in U.S. 0 4
2011-07-14 Chimerix initiates CMX001 Phase 2 study for prevention of adenovirus disease following HSCT 0 None
2011-07-14 OncoVista commences OVI-117 additional safety study in a second animal species 0 None
2011-07-14 Patient-centered medical home boosts diabetes outcomes, health 0 None
2011-07-14 ASLAN, Array sign license agreement to develop ARRY-543 for solid tumors 0 None
2011-07-14 Fish oil consumption helps reduce inflammation, anxiety in healthy young people 0 None
2011-07-13 Dummy inhalers trick asthma patients to breathe easier: Study 0 None
2011-07-13 Swine flu vaccine and risk of Guillain-Barré Syndrome 0 None
2011-07-13 Chronic self-reported NSAID use associated with increased risk of adverse events in hypertensive patients with CAD 0 None
2011-07-13 Clinical symptoms of food addiction are similar to symptoms of drug addiction 0 None
2011-07-13 Both body and brain mechanisms are involved in effects of exercise to modulate food intake 0 None
2011-07-13 Variation in DNA sequence linked to increased risk of sudden cardiac death 0 None
2011-07-13 Wireless power system for ventricular assist devices holds promise 1 None
2011-07-13 ActiveRx introduces Fall Prevention Program for Medicare-eligible senior patients 0 None
2011-07-13 Kinexus introduces new KiNET-Antibody Microarray website 0 None
2011-07-13 InfraReDx commences LipiScan IVUS System Phase 2 trial against heart attack 0 None
2011-07-13 FDA accepts Eisai's DACOGEN sNDA for review to treat acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2011-07-13 UCLA establishes new reconstructive transplantation program 0 None
2011-07-13 Heart experts begin to test new device for treatment of blocked aortic valves 0 1
2011-07-13 Symposium to raise awareness and increase knowledge of OA among nurses 0 None
2011-07-13 Strength exercises boost bone density in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis 0 None
2011-07-13 New insights into specific types of brain abnormalities 0 None
2011-07-13 Article describes predictors of post-TBI psychiatric disorders 0 None
2011-07-13 Study: Family meals may help prevent eating disorders in teens 0 None
2011-07-13 WHO releases 2011 global status report on alcohol and health 0 None
2011-07-13 Tips for avoiding heat stroke 0 None
2011-07-13 Regular exercise may help prevent panic and related disorders 0 None
2011-07-13 Indirubin might help treat glioblastoma 0 None
2011-07-13 Three factors contribute to systemic scleroderma-related work disability 0 None
2011-07-13 Bladder cancer patients rarely receive recommended care: Study 0 None
2011-07-13 Celprogen develops neuronal stem cells to treat Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-07-13 New application for understanding peripheral nervous system 0 None
2011-07-13 U.S. Senators introduce Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Enhancement Act 0 None
2011-07-13 Enrollment complete in Boston Scientific's Adapt Monorail Carotid Stent System trial 0 None
2011-07-13 Johns Hopkins receives NHLBI grant to establish two programs in glycosciences 0 None
2011-07-13 Study: Modified fat diet might reduce risk of heart disease 0 None
2011-07-13 Sequana Medical's ALFApump System for liver cirrhosis receives CE Mark approval 0 None
2011-07-13 Study: No evidence of increased risk of leukaemia near nuclear power plants 0 None
2011-07-13 Study reveals link between HPV infection and SCC in organ transplant recipients 0 None
2011-07-13 Cerulean initiates CRLX101 Phase 2 trial in non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2011-07-13 Researchers discover mechanism that can protect from aging processes 0 None
2011-07-13 UIC to begin STX209 clinical trial for treatment of autism spectrum disorders 0 None
2011-07-13 Bladder cancer patients missing out on treatment and followups: Study 1 None
2011-07-13 Enrollment commences in Exact Sciences' colorectal cancer screening trial 0 None
2011-07-13 Eating nuts daily could help control type 2 diabetes and prevent complications 0 None
2011-07-13 Researchers identify biomarker for familial risk of autism 0 5
2011-07-13 FDA clears St. Jude Medical's Epiducer lead delivery system for neurostimulation 0 None
2011-07-13 Positive results from sarilumab Phase 2b trial on RA, ankylosing spondylitis 0 None
2011-07-13 Arena reports APD811 Phase 1 trial results against pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2011-07-13 Cook Medical's Zenith Spiral-Z AAA iliac leg graft receives FDA premarket approval 0 None
2011-07-12 Coronary artery disease is a predictor for new-onset atrial fibrillation after heart attack 0 None
2011-07-12 EPO grants patent for Aeterna Zentaris' perifosine to treat benign, malignant tumours 0 None
2011-07-12 New animal model for studying development of testicular germ cell tumors 0 None
2011-07-12 HIV patients with mental illness can benefit from APRN care management 0 None
2011-07-12 New insights into how cancer cells can maintain resistance to chemotherapy 0 None
2011-07-12 Affymetrix commences shipment of gene profiling reagents 0 None
2011-07-12 SUMO molecules might prevent protein aggregations that typify PD 0 None
2011-07-12 Abstainers may face higher risk of death than moderate drinkers 0 None
2011-07-12 One-fifth of all patients with fatal pulmonary disease receive delayed diagnosis 0 None
2011-07-12 Osteoporosis, low bone density common in people with early-stage MS 0 None
2011-07-12 Researchers find clear changes in how emotions are processed in smokers 0 None
2011-07-12 More patients tested, treated when fracture clinics have someone dedicated to screening 0 None
2011-07-12 Two studies on childhood leukemia 0 None
2011-07-12 Ipsen, Salk Institute renew Life Sciences Program 0 None
2011-07-12 Cancer Cell publishes results of melanoma study 0 None
2011-07-12 KiDA to host Third Annual Summit on Autism 0 None
2011-07-12 African-Americans with glaucoma have higher oxygen levels than Caucasians 0 None
2011-07-12 Poisonous shrub extract may act as natural painkiller 0 None
2011-07-12 IGR, IPSEN sign 3 year medical oncology agreement 0 None
2011-07-12 Groundbreaking study on treatment of separation anxiety disorder 0 2
2011-07-12 Wisdom psychology offers an approach to treat PTED 0 3.5
2011-07-12 Cardiologists still perform artery-opening procedure despite changes in guidelines 0 None
2011-07-12 Study may help explain why antipsychotic drugs can promote overeating, weight gain 0 4
2011-07-12 Obesity epidemic in teens and young adults began to rise in late 1990s 0 None
2011-07-12 Molasses supplementation may reduce obesity in humans 0 None
2011-07-12 AACR Conference on Frontiers in Basic Cancer Research to be held in San Francisco 0 None
2011-07-12 FDA approves protocol for Medtronic's SYMPLICITY HTN-3 for treatment of hypertension 0 None
2011-07-12 Cancer Cell publishes Epizyme and collaborators' breakthrough research on MLL 0 None
2011-07-12 College drinkers with blackouts may face higher risk of alcohol-related injuries 0 None
2011-07-12 Eating disorder behavior may directly affect brain function 0 None
2011-07-12 Gut hormone reduces willingness to pay for non-food items 0 None
2011-07-12 Sunshine completes Adva-27a study in Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer cell line 0 5
2011-07-12 American Red Cross issues appeal for donors to address critical blood shortage 0 None
2011-07-12 Specific miRNAs play a key role in melanoma metastasis 0 5
2011-07-12 Study: 82% of Georgia hospitals do not offer palliative care services 0 None
2011-07-12 BioAlliance receives European patent for Livatag to treat primary liver cancer 0 None
2011-07-12 Researchers identify obesity-related paradoxes among Chinese youth 0 None
2011-07-12 Big news for ankylosing spondylitis sufferers 0 None
2011-07-12 American Tinnitus Association awards $10,000 to Wayne State University student 0 3.5
2011-07-11 Virtual and physical reality exercises can increase movement speeds in Parkinson's patients 0 None
2011-07-11 People with long term debilitating physical illness demonstrate mental resilience 0 None
2011-07-11 New method allows for concurrent treatment of spinal tumors and stabilization of the spine 0 None
2011-07-11 Cancer Research UK awards £12 million to 10 exceptional researchers 0 None
2011-07-11 Research validates SpinalCyte's core technology to regrow the spinal disc 0 None
2011-07-11 Fibrin key to protection during gram-negative sepsis 0 None
2011-07-11 New corticosteroid with cream-like base 0 None
2011-07-11 FDA clears TearScience's LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System for evaporative dry eye 1 None
2011-07-11 Sinapis completes first clinical trial of lead drug for stroke and traumatic brain injury 0 None
2011-07-11 FDA-approved Zuplenz oral soluble film now available for licensing to new commercial partners 0 None
2011-07-11 Alnylam seeks CTA clearance to initiate ALN-PCS Phase I clinical trial for severe hypercholesterolemia 0 None
2011-07-11 FDA approves expansion of St. Jude Medical's BROADEN deep brain stimulation study for depression 0 None
2011-07-11 Sunshine Biopharma completes Adva-27a cytotoxicity study in Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer cell line 0 None
2011-07-11 Scientists study neuronal excitation to treat neurological disorders 0 None
2011-07-11 Endosense completes first patient case utilizing new prototype software 0 None
2011-07-11 Antares, Watson enter license deal to commercialize Anturol in the U.S. and Canada 0 None
2011-07-11 Pain Practice journal publishes Vertos mild procedure clinical study data on LSS 0 None
2011-07-11 Probiomed, Vanda enter license deal to commercialize Fanapt in Mexico 0 None
2011-07-11 Amgen, Micromet to expand development of BiTE antibodies against solid tumors 0 None
2011-07-11 New radiofrequency ablation system for treating spinal tumors 0 None
2011-07-11 People with long term debilitating physical illness demonstrate mental resilience 0 None
2011-07-11 Randox launches Lab Tests Blog 0 None
2011-07-11 NIHR study examines care home residents' views on living and dying 0 None
2011-07-11 Researchers measure environmental allergen linked with hypoallergenic dogs 0 None
2011-07-11 Study links OBEs with neural instability and errors in body representation 1 None
2011-07-11 Study describes how obesity could protect against mortality in patients with RI/ARDS 0 None
2011-07-11 NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital offers two new treatment options for cancer patients 0 None
2011-07-11 New research on Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-07-11 Vitamin D insufficiency may increase risk of muscle injuries in NFL football players 0 None
2011-07-11 WPD intervention might improve effects of stress management group therapy 0 None
2011-07-11 Arthroscopy as effective as open surgery for patients with common hip problem 0 None
2011-07-11 Nature journal publishes landmark genetic study of ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-07-11 Scientists identify de novo mutations linked to schizophrenia 0 None
2011-07-11 Patients with motion limitations after knee surgery more likely to develop osteoarthritis 0 None
2011-07-11 Environmental factors play a critical role in development of autism 2 1
2011-07-11 MicroOCT technology can reveal cellular features of coronary artery disease 0 None
2011-07-11 Dietary protein reduces hunger and increases fullness in obese men 0 None
2011-07-11 Global variation in relative burden of stroke and heart disease 0 None
2011-07-11 Positive top-line results from alemtuzumab Phase 3 trial on multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-07-11 Arthroscopy restores range of motion in patients with common hip problem 0 None
2011-07-11 Researchers discover how genetic mutations cause rare human diseases 0 None
2011-07-11 Patients with high-grade noninvasive bladder cancer do not receive recommended care 0 None
2011-07-11 New genetic research on Ankylosing Spondylitis 0 5
2011-07-11 Scientists convert brain cells into cardiomyocytes 0 None
2011-07-11 Preliminary results from Generex Oral-lyn clinical trial on type 1 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-11 New genetic clues about ankylosing spondylitis 0 5
2011-07-11 Research targets malignant glioma stem cells 0 5
2011-07-11 Scientists probe 'atlastin,' a protein linked to hereditary spastic paraplegia 0 None
2011-07-11 Study reports high prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in patients with psoriatic arthritis 0 None
2011-07-08 History of cancer increases risk for developing blood clotting issues following knee arthroscopy 0 None
2011-07-08 Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin establishes MagForce NanoTherm therapy center for treatment of tumors 0 None
2011-07-08 Lace-up ankle braces can reduce occurrence of acute ankle injuries in basketball players 0 None
2011-07-08 German investigators test new approach for chronic depression 0 None
2011-07-08 Top-line results from HyQ subcutaneous IG phase III study in patients with primary immunodeficiency 0 None
2011-07-08 Onconova, SymBio enter commercialization collaboration for rigosertib in Japan and Korea 0 None
2011-07-08 Common cell pathway could lead to new treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancer 0 None
2011-07-08 AJMS summarizes developments related to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2011-07-08 Blood tests encourage more people to participate in regular screening for colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-07-08 Scientists discover mechanism that enables developing cancer cells to sustain abnormal growth 0 None
2011-07-08 Shire files lawsuit against Watson over generic Vyvanse 0 None
2011-07-08 First dog enters ADXS-HER2 dose-ranging study in canine osteosarcoma 0 None
2011-07-08 Merck decides not to advance IMO-2055 development for squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck 0 None
2011-07-08 Study finds higher rate of switching from Byetta to Victoza in treatment of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-08 New human syndrome features craniosynostosis, maxillary hyperplasia, delayed tooth eruption, extra teeth 0 None
2011-07-08 Pediatricians debunk pearls of medical wisdom 1 None
2011-07-08 Transplants with half-matched bone marrow or cord blood are comparable to fully matched tissue 0 None
2011-07-08 Autologous adult stem cells reduce frequency of angina episodes 0 None
2011-07-08 New strategy may combat age-associated infertility and birth defects 0 None
2011-07-08 New target could halt growth of glioblastoma 0 None
2011-07-08 Cardiac Science's Powerheart G3 AED receives Japanese regulatory approval 0 None
2011-07-08 ACMG presents new guideline on genetic counseling, testing for AD 0 None
2011-07-08 Novartis Afinitor Phase III trial on tuberous sclerosis meets primary endpoint 0 None
2011-07-08 Scientists discover way to separate neural wheat from the chaff 0 None
2011-07-08 NUS, NTU students win WFF's Ph.D. Prizes for environmental research 0 None
2011-07-08 New advances in Alzheimer's disease research 0 3
2011-07-08 AHAF awards 22 new grants to scientists worldwide for innovative vision research 0 None
2011-07-08 InVivo files biopolymer scaffold IDE with FDA to initiate spinal cord injury clinical trial 0 None
2011-07-08 Cortisol hormone controls bile acid recycling process 0 None
2011-07-08 New NCCN Clinical Practice Guideline on Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma 0 None
2011-07-08 Exenatide tQT clinical trial meets pre-specified primary endpoint 0 None
2011-07-08 PDF announces $1M for 11 novel Parkinson's research projects 0 None
2011-07-08 Roche, CPRIT partner to advance cancer research projects in Texas 0 None
2011-07-08 Viewpoints: Debt talks 'opportunity'; NY Times on cancer drugs; Calif. insurance rate regs 0 None
2011-07-08 Tulane University receives NIH grant to examine oil spill effects on women's health 0 None
2011-07-08 Researchers identify cellular origin of malignant glioma 0 None
2011-07-08 Enrollment commences in InterMune's Esbriet Phase 3 study for IPF 0 None
2011-07-07 Half-matched transplants widen donor pool for leukemia and lymphoma 0 None
2011-07-07 Gender may increase risk of cartilage lesions in ACL knee injury 0 None
2011-07-07 Study finds large state disparities in progress against colorectal cancer mortality rates 0 None
2011-07-07 Researchers use AFM to characterize ovarian cell structure for cancer diagnosis 0 None
2011-07-07 Experiment to protect astronauts from bone loss during space travel 0 None
2011-07-07 Researchers find new molecule that controls pain sensitivity from UVB irradiation 0 None
2011-07-07 Cultural, gender and ethnic stereotypes can distort treatment of Parkinson's 0 None
2011-07-07 Study provides information about trends in obesity, public health implications 0 None
2011-07-07 Study finds link between genetic variation and cetuximab rectal cancer therapy 0 None
2011-07-07 Progress in reducing colorectal cancer mortality rates varies across U.S. states 0 None
2011-07-07 Medicare coverage, pricey cancer drugs and the 'rationing' issue 0 None
2011-07-07 Study: Cancer patients with VTE do not benefit from IVCF and fondaparinux 0 None
2011-07-07 Endoscopic testing prior to lung cancer surgery improves quality of life 0 None
2011-07-07 Gene therapy may help prevent progression of type 1 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-07 Current prevention strategies may not be very effective at reducing in-hospital falls 0 None
2011-07-07 Study illuminates roles of two nearly identical proteins in cancer development 0 None
2011-07-07 Amrubicin vs. topotecan Phase III trial against lung cancer presented at IASLC conference 0 None
2011-07-07 TGen presents two key studies at 14th World Conference on Lung Cancer 0 None
2011-07-07 Eighteen scientists receive Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation awards 0 None
2011-07-07 Toxic waste exposure impacts residents' health in Campania Region 0 None
2011-07-07 Study delineates link between social support and distress after stem cell transplants 0 None
2011-07-07 Study finds top grand challenges in global mental health 0 None
2011-07-07 Bariatric surgery patients can benefit from rigorous exercise program 0 None
2011-07-07 First transcatheter aortic valve implantation performed at Loyola University Hospital 0 None
2011-07-07 Loyola to launch interdisciplinary Geriatric Fracture Program 0 None
2011-07-07 Inhibiting heat shock transcription factor 1 prevents liver cancer in mice 0 None
2011-07-07 Scientists identify molecular mechanism behind alcohol-induced blackouts 0 None
2011-07-07 Study: Breastfeeding does not appear to protect women from MS relapses 0 None
2011-07-07 Understanding glioblastoma at the genetic, molecular level 1 None
2011-07-07 Global research initiative to improve health care for people with MNS disorders 0 None
2011-07-07 Study finds heart stents often overused 0 None
2011-07-07 Freeze-dried gene therapy system safe and effective for treating brain cancer 0 None
2011-07-07 Hydrogel capsule could simultaneously deliver different types of drugs 0 None
2011-07-07 Egg yolks may protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer 0 None
2011-07-07 Scientists reveal that 'detox' protein could trigger pancreatic, lung cancer development 0 5
2011-07-06 Induced pluripotent cells may make embryonic stem cells unnecessary 0 None
2011-07-06 Increase in lung cancer resection rate linked to increased investment in thoracic surgical expertise 0 None
2011-07-06 New CRM simulation model for Canadian Partnership Against Cancer 0 None
2011-07-06 High-dose aspirin could help prevent cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients 0 None
2011-07-06 Study finds link between biological stress and voting 0 None
2011-07-06 New report suggests only small risk of mobile phones causing cancer 0 None
2011-07-06 Air traffic pollution impacts growth and development of unborn children 0 None
2011-07-06 Nanoscientist to develop new microsystem for more efficient drug-testing 0 None
2011-07-06 Experiment to protect astronauts from bone loss during micro-gravity exposure 0 None
2011-07-06 Review of non-smoker patient with lung cancer to be presented at IASLC conference 0 None
2011-07-06 Concept advances for more accountable care to elderly patients 0 None
2011-07-06 Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy improves median survival for elderly Dutch NSCLC patients 0 None
2011-07-06 Scientists discover three unexpected RNAs involved in diabetes cell-death pathway 0 None
2011-07-06 Older people, women and minorities enrolled less frequently in lung cancer drug trials 0 None
2011-07-06 ASN President discusses latest information about diabetic nephropathy at ADA 0 None
2011-07-06 Study: More PCIs classified as appropriate for acute indications in the U.S. 0 None
2011-07-06 Federal officials try again to bolster plans for people with medical conditions 0 None
2011-07-06 Study highlights importance of mRNA translation in aging process 0 None
2011-07-06 Older adults with cognitive impairment need better healthcare in ED 0 None
2011-07-06 Natural vitamin E may reduce brain damage after stroke 0 None
2011-07-06 New AANN Clinical Practice Guideline on traumatic brain injury 0 None
2011-07-06 Healthy diet might help reduce risk of macular degeneration 0 None
2011-07-06 Researchers create tissue-engineered small intestine in mice 0 None
2011-07-06 Tel Aviv University researcher finds link between back pain and genetics 0 None
2011-07-06 Treating migraines with behavioral approaches can make financial sense 0 None
2011-07-06 Neurochemical-producing probiotics can promote healthy gut and mind 0 None
2011-07-06 Elderly patients receive varying standards of dignified care on NHS hospital wards 0 None
2011-07-06 Scientists, medical doctors propose integrated method for treating chronic disease 0 None
2011-07-06 More evidence needed to determine how diets can reduce hypertension in individuals 0 None
2011-07-06 Former smokers with lung cancer can benefit from celecoxib treatment 0 None
2011-07-06 New biological insights into fat tissue 0 None
2011-07-06 First flexible endoscopy robotic surgery for gastric tumours performed in India 0 None
2011-07-06 Potential new approach for treating obesity, type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-07-06 Study: 'Vanishing twin' linked to increased risk of congenital malformations 0 None
2011-07-06 New insight into tumor biology 0 None
2011-07-06 Alpha-tocotrienol protects brain cells after stroke in three ways 0 None
2011-07-06 High folate intake linked with reduced risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-07-06 Human beings can control and intentionally forget unwanted memories 1 None
2011-07-05 Prolonged exposure to air pollution can have visible, negative effects on brain 0 1
2011-07-05 Never smokers' lung adenocarcinomas show greater genome instability 0 None
2011-07-05 Patients with high EGFR expression more likely to benefit from cetuximab plus chemotherapy 0 None
2011-07-05 PET imaging technique may identify TKI-responsive lung cancer 0 None
2011-07-05 LCMC finds 9.6% of lung cancer patients with ALK rearrangement 0 None
2011-07-05 Erlotinib phase III study results on lung cancer presented at IASLC conference 0 None
2011-07-05 Smart nanomaterials can disrupt blood supply to cancerous tumours 0 None
2011-07-05 Life satisfaction protects against coronary heart disease 0 None
2011-07-05 Adipose tissue might serve as target for treating obesity-related disorders 0 None
2011-07-05 Study helps explain why fatty foods are complicit in weight gain 0 None
2011-07-05 Autism Speaks announces significant findings from largest study of twins with ASD 0 None
2011-07-05 Zebrafish study uncovers new information about hepatocellular carcinoma 0 None
2011-07-05 Individuals with anorexia nervosa have elevated mortality rate 0 5
2011-07-05 Fruit flies with poor posture help scientists understand human intellectual disability 0 None
2011-07-05 Women with sedentary lifestyle more likely to develop pulmonary embolism 0 5
2011-07-05 Anti-inflammatory drugs may increase risk of atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-07-05 Massage therapy more effective for patients with chronic low back pain 0 None
2011-07-05 NovaUCD honors leading cancer researcher with 2011 Innovation Award 0 None
2011-07-05 Researchers discover crucial role of miR-206 in skeletal muscle development 0 None
2011-07-05 Varenicline may increase risk of adverse cardiovascular events among smokers 0 None
2011-07-04 Patients should be allowed to participate in planning their rehabilitation 0 None
2011-07-04 Quitting smoking will not lead to weight gain 0 None
2011-07-04 Answering cancer patients' questions individually will help them master the situation 0 None
2011-07-04 Hope for fertility spreads through postcards 0 None
2011-07-04 LuCED test can improve utility of low-dose CT screening for early lung cancer detection 0 5
2011-07-04 Amyloid peptide Aβ43 may serve as biomarker for diagnosis of Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-07-04 Simple blood test for melanoma-inhibitory activity could detect neurofibromas 0 None
2011-07-02 Increasing total sleep time may help improve athletic performance 0 None
2011-07-02 Michigan Sinus Center director demonstrates how to build cheap home air purifier 0 5
2011-07-02 Scientists use statistical approach to assess order of genetic abnormalities in cancers 0 None
2011-07-02 Beetroot juice effective for simulated competition environment 0 None
2011-07-02 Study finds two reasons behind racial disparities in stroke treatment care 0 None
2011-07-02 Johns Hopkins team reconstitutes single stem cells' family tree 0 None
2011-07-02 Study: Diet soda negatively impacts waistline 0 None
2011-07-02 Significant gap exists in emergency care services for stroke patients 0 None
2011-07-02 International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer welcomes publication of NLST results 0 None
2011-07-02 Study confirms link between delayed access to tertiary care for IPF, higher risk of death 0 None
2011-07-02 U-M researchers a step closer to developing treatments for aging and chronic diseases 0 None
2011-07-02 Obama administration turns bright spotlight on prescription painkiller abuse 0 None
2011-07-02 MGH researchers discover new plant compounds that block blood vessel growth 0 None
2011-07-02 Aflatoxin treatment project in Kenya faces challenge in marketing product to poor farmers 0 None
2011-07-02 Scientists to test whether fish oil can prevent metastatic bowel cancer 0 None
2011-07-02 New 'Fast Track' total hip replacement effective in reducing hospital stay 0 None
2011-07-02 D.C. study probes disparities in stroke treatment 0 None
2011-07-02 Early infection with H. pylori protects against allergy-induced asthma 0 None
2011-07-02 T-type calcium channels could provide new approach for treating PD 0 None
2011-07-02 Children with dairy allergies can benefit from foods that contain baked milk 0 None
2011-07-02 STSI receives NIH grant to conduct heart-based research 0 None
2011-07-02 Medicare to cover 2 expensive cancer drugs 0 None
2011-07-02 Only half of obese Mexican-American adults receive diet, exercise advice from physicians 0 None
2011-07-01 Low-dose spiral CT scan can decrease mortality from lung cancer 0 None
2011-07-01 GWAS identifies 15 gene variants responsible for diversity of white blood cell counts 0 None
2011-07-01 Thai health authorities plan to screen residents of northeast region for deadly fluke worms 0 None
2011-07-01 Novel drug delivery device can treat diabetes-related retinal damage 0 None
2011-07-01 Novel cerebrospinal fluid proteins found in greater concentrations in Alzheimer's patients 0 None
2011-07-01 The Max Cure Foundation, SWCRF partner to fund pediatric cancer research 0 None
2011-07-01 Six new scientists to receive SWCRF grants for cancer research 0 None
2011-07-01 Small molecule treatment holds promise for Usher syndrome 0 5
2011-07-01 Autism Speaks Weatherstone fellows publish new mouse model findings in Cell journal 0 None
2011-07-01 Potential new treatment for rare, inherited metabolic disease 0 None
2011-07-01 U-M offers tips to help understand FDA's new rules about sunscreen 0 None
2011-07-01 Toolkit for measuring tranquillity 0 None
2011-07-01 Amylin behaves when guarded by zinc 0 None
2011-07-01 Resveratrol may prevent negative effects of spaceflight and sedentary lifestyles 0 None
2011-07-01 IOM report highlights need for changes in pain management 0 None
2011-07-01 New book explores extraordinary progress against cancer 0 None
2011-07-01 Study links foot positioning during running and walking with risk of ankle sprains 0 None
2011-07-01 Academy opposes legislation to repeal indoor tanning tax 0 None
2011-07-01 Two defective genes may cause telomere elongations in cancer cells: Study 0 None
2011-07-01 Genetic mutations in abnormal bone marrow can predict mortality of MDS patients 0 None
2011-07-01 Longer looks: A Medicare compromise; improving mental health policies 0 None
2011-07-01 Scientists discover enzyme that can regulate breast cancer development 0 5
2011-07-01 Research sheds light on well-documented 'other-race effect' 0 None
2011-07-01 Flutie Foundation, Autism Speaks join HP's initiative to create touch-based platforms 0 None
2011-07-01 New analytical approach can organize large amounts of varied cancer genetic data 0 None
2011-07-01 Epigenetics affects whether or not stem cells differentiate 0 None
2011-07-01 First ever clinical study using Brainwave Optimization technology to treat insomnia 1 2.9
2011-07-01 Ovarian cancer molecular updates 0 None
2011-07-01 Lantheus commences flurpiridaz F 18 PET MPI Phase 3 trial for detection of coronary artery disease 0 None
2011-07-01 Fast track protocol reduces hospital costs and infections in total hip replacement surgery 0 None
2011-07-01 NIH awards Allina $2.4M grant to examine impact of integrative therapies for pain management 0 None
2011-07-01 Nicotine receptors play crucial role in social interaction 0 None
2011-07-01 Vitamin D-deficiency linked to deaths of famous musicians 0 None
2011-07-01 Genetic variation associated with increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest 0 None
2011-07-01 Tranexamic acid effective for patients with head injury 0 None
2011-07-01 Study: Heart transplant patients more likely to get serious skin cancers 0 None
2011-07-01 Positive results from Nexavar Phase 2b trial on breast cancer presented at ASCO 0 None


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