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Date Title Comments Rating
2012-07-31 Obesity also affects sexual and urinary health in men 0 None
2012-07-31 Specific autoantibodies associated with blood vessel damage in the brain 0 None
2012-07-31 OrPro to advance development of ORP-100 for treatment of cystic fibrosis 0 None
2012-07-31 InSite Vision commences enrollment in BromSite Phase 3 clinical trial 0 None
2012-07-31 Health Union releases results of 'Migraine In America 2012' study 0 None
2012-07-31 Array BioPharma announces positive results from ARRY-797 Phase 2 trial on osteoarthritis 0 None
2012-07-31 Rye Radiology offers new 3D mammography that detects many breast cancers 0 None
2012-07-31 FibroGen receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for FG-3019 to treat IPF 0 5
2012-07-31 Alseres enters agreement with Navidea to license Altropane imaging agent 0 None
2012-07-31 E-nose detects malignant mesothelioma 1 None
2012-07-31 Opioid receptors can control metabolic response to diets high in fat and sugar 0 None
2012-07-31 Researchers use computational analysis to identify new Achilles heel for drug-resistant breast cancer 0 None
2012-07-31 GenSpera receives FDA clearance to commence G-202 Phase II trial in prostate cancer 0 None
2012-07-31 Researchers identify anxiety as important risk factor for long-term sick leave 0 None
2012-07-31 Study examines link between early-onset mental disorders and adult household income 0 5
2012-07-31 Latrepirdine appears effective in treating Alzheimer's disease in animals 0 5
2012-07-31 Top-line results from Pfizer's tofacitinib Phase 3 study on moderate-to-severe active RA 2 None
2012-07-31 Treatments for peripheral neuropathic pain compared 1 None
2012-07-31 Diverted medical marijuana use more common among adolescents in substance abuse treatment 1 None
2012-07-31 Men with large waists urinate more frequently than their slimmer counterparts 0 None
2012-07-31 Study identifies Olympic athletes with asthma and airway hyper-responsiveness 0 None
2012-07-31 VA releases PE Coach mobile app for use with PTSD treatment 1 None
2012-07-31 KSU researcher completes study that examines dietary fiber in children 0 None
2012-07-31 Stem cell therapy holds promise for craniofacial bone repair 0 None
2012-07-31 'Fifth link' associated with increase in survival rate among survivors of sudden cardiac arrest 0 None
2012-07-31 Photoacoustics limited in its ability to identify multiple types of cancer 0 None
2012-07-31 Parkinson’s disease treatment: an interview with Ted Dawson 0 4.3
2012-07-31 Stem cells can actually replace dead tissue after heart attack very early in life 0 None
2012-07-31 Sinai Hospital to help investigate health and safety of astronauts in long-duration spaceflight 0 None
2012-07-31 TAU researcher reveals link between plant and human biology 0 None
2012-07-31 Health coaches could play an important role in the battle of the bulge 0 None
2012-07-31 EPHA3 mutations may be important drivers of lung cancers 0 4
2012-07-31 Gluconeogenesis severely compromised in HCC by IL6-Stat3-mediated activation of miR-23a 0 None
2012-07-31 Researchers identify new genetic target for diuretic therapy 0 None
2012-07-31 National Marfan Foundation’s annual conference to be held in Chicago 0 None
2012-07-30 New drug shows promise for Long QT syndrome 0 None
2012-07-30 New research indicates molecular signaling from end to end in peripheral nerve cells 0 None
2012-07-30 Study sheds light on complexities of cancer genetics 0 None
2012-07-30 Biovest receives Rapporteur and Co-Rapporteur designation for BiovaxID personalized cancer vaccine 0 None
2012-07-30 French Ministry of Health approves cost-effectiveness study of RePneu Lung Volume Reduction Coil 0 None
2012-07-30 FDA grants Senesco's SNS01-T orphan-drug designation to treat lymphomas 0 None
2012-07-30 Sunovion launches ZETONNA Nasal Aerosol for allergic rhinitis 0 None
2012-07-30 Encouraging results from Tonix TNX-102 SL clinical trial for fibromyalgia syndrome 4 3
2012-07-30 Positive results from XIAFLEX phase IIIb multicord trial for Dupuytren's contracture 0 None
2012-07-30 Watson seeks FDA approval to market Epiduo Gel for severe acne 0 None
2012-07-30 Promising implications for improving cellular immunotherapy for treatment of cancer 0 None
2012-07-30 Advaxis reports continued positive patient survival pattern in ADXS-HPV Phase 2 cervical cancer trial 0 None
2012-07-30 Tenth patient treated in ACT's hESC derived RPE cell trial for SMD 0 None
2012-07-30 Dosimetry data from SalutarisMD episcleral brachytherapy device clinical study on wet AMD 0 None
2012-07-30 FDA accepts Exelixis’ cabozantinib NDA for filing 0 None
2012-07-30 MCW, Transgenomic partner to offer next-generation genetic testing services 0 None
2012-07-30 Toshiba’s Vantage Titan 1.5T and 3T MR systems can help visualize CSF bulk flow 0 None
2012-07-30 Ansell introduces GAMMEX Non-Latex Accelerator-Free Sensitive surgical glove with SENSOPRENE 0 None
2012-07-30 Researchers describe new human tissue dendritic cell with cross-presenting function 0 None
2012-07-30 Scientists decipher molecular causes of life-threatening candida fungal infections 0 None
2012-07-30 Patients with plantar fasciitis experience less pain and improved QOL after standard radiation therapy 0 None
2012-07-30 New assay method finds evidence of clonal evolution in chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2012-07-30 New compound effective at blocking damage to the retina in diabetic retinopathy 0 None
2012-07-30 Neurotez receives U.S. patent for Leptin to treat Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-30 Pre-hospital electrocardiography offers more timely diagnosis of heart attack 0 None
2012-07-30 Group yoga can boost motor function and balance in stroke survivors 0 None
2012-07-30 Scientists discover new way to combat post-surgical scarring for glaucoma patients 0 None
2012-07-30 OX40 molecule responsible for airway inflammation in the lungs 0 None
2012-07-30 Cedars-Sinai to develop stem cell treatments for patients with ALS 0 None
2012-07-30 Paper highlights clinical and immunological activity of immatics’ IMA901 in renal cell carcinoma 0 5
2012-07-29 Ephrin-A5 blocks formation of new connections between neurons after stroke 0 None
2012-07-28 Brief treatments with accelerated resolution therapy reduce symptoms associated with PTSD 0 None
2012-07-28 New device makes it possible to draw and write using just eye movements 0 None
2012-07-28 Genentech's BREVACTA study of ACTEMRA on rheumatoid arthritis meets primary endpoint 0 None
2012-07-28 Takeda resubmits alogliptin and fixed-dose combination therapy NDAs with FDA 0 None
2012-07-28 New study sheds light on exactly how cigarette smoke causes osteoporosis 0 None
2012-07-28 New drug can aid in losing weight and keeping it off 0 None
2012-07-28 U of U researchers to develop new prosthetic device for veterans with limb amputations 0 None
2012-07-28 Roofers have higher PAH blood-levels after 6-hour shift 0 None
2012-07-28 ACT receives Australian patent for human retinal pigment epithelial cells 0 None
2012-07-28 Study shows how neurons in the brain select information needed to keep us in balance 0 None
2012-07-28 ARIAD Pharmaceuticals commences ponatinib Phase 3 trial in newly diagnosed CML 0 None
2012-07-28 Rituximab also benefits patients with kidney disorder 0 None
2012-07-28 EC approves Vertex's KALYDECO for treatment of cystic fibrosis 0 None
2012-07-27 Potential biomarker to predict lung cancer patients' response to chemotherapy 0 None
2012-07-27 Ketamine doesn't improve response to ECT for severe depression 0 None
2012-07-27 Scientists analyze raw sewage samples to determine illicit drug use 0 None
2012-07-27 TB combination drug: an interview with Mel Spigelman, MD, CEO and President of TB Alliance 0 None
2012-07-27 SAMHSA awards $22M in new funding to expand SBIRT services 0 None
2012-07-27 Study validates importin beta1 protein's crucial role in nerve repair 0 None
2012-07-27 University of York researchers launch major study of lymphoma and myeloma 0 None
2012-07-27 Orthognathic surgery requires a balancing act in anesthetic technique 0 None
2012-07-27 Novel method of identifying molecules that can help prevent diabetes 0 None
2012-07-27 Coca-Cola sold in California now contains little of cancer-causing chemical 4-methylimidizole 0 None
2012-07-27 A2bAR receptor plays a significant role in regulation of type 2 diabetes and obesity 0 None
2012-07-27 Anakinra can dramatically limit amount of brain damage in stroke patients 0 None
2012-07-27 Treatment with robotic surgery offers dramatic benefit for people with head and neck cancer 0 None
2012-07-27 Biodel to develop ultra-rapid-acting insulin formulations for use in closed loop pump system 0 None
2012-07-27 FDA DODAC recommends approval of ThromboGenics’ ocriplasmin for VMA 0 None
2012-07-27 Navidea announces results from Lymphoseek Phase 3 trial on head and neck squamous cell carcinoma 0 None
2012-07-26 High-dose IL-2 still the most effective treatment for patients with stage IV metastatic melanoma 0 None
2012-07-26 Study highlights advantages of Baxano's iO-Flex system in performing lumbar spinal decompression 0 None
2012-07-26 Fusion of FGFR and TACC gene leads to glioblastoma 0 None
2012-07-26 FDA approves Horizon Pharma's RAYOS to treat key IL-6 mediated diseases 0 None
2012-07-26 Preliminary findings from Protalex's PRTX-100 Phase 1b study on active rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2012-07-26 Takeda, Sucampo file AMITIZA sNDA with FDA for treatment of opioid-induced constipation 0 None
2012-07-26 New association found between basal cell carcinoma and eczema 0 None
2012-07-26 Novel technique allows scientists to assay tumor invasion attributable to interstitial fluid 0 None
2012-07-26 Insomnia: an interview with Dr Darryle Schoepp 0 None
2012-07-26 American Society of Hematology announces new grant program for biomedical research 0 None
2012-07-26 Study confirms link between sickle cell trait and deaths in young black competitive athletes 0 None
2012-07-26 Researchers decipher function of β-catenin in generating blood tissue stem cells 0 None
2012-07-26 Risk of endometrial cancer begins to decrease after age 30 in women 0 None
2012-07-26 Rapamycin improves function and extends survival in mice with DCM and rare muscular dystrophies 0 None
2012-07-26 Vitamin B12 supplements and hepatitis C treatment: an interview with Gerardo Nardone and Alba Rocco 2 5
2012-07-26 Virginia Hospital Center offers new Calypso System for patients with prostate cancer 0 None
2012-07-26 Adolescent girls three times more likely to have experienced major depressive episodes 0 None
2012-07-26 Two Ottawa researchers take innovative approaches to improve virus-based cancer therapy 0 None
2012-07-26 Study finds disparities in the assessment of patients for kidney transplant 1 None
2012-07-26 Molecular explanation for increased susceptibility to intestinal inflammation in malnutrition 0 None
2012-07-26 AAQ chemical temporarily restores vision in blind mice 4 5
2012-07-26 Bio-Path initiates enrollment in fourth cohort of Liposomal Grb-2 Phase I trial for blood cancers 0 None
2012-07-26 Follow-up exams for patients with celiac disease are often inadequate and highly variable 0 None
2012-07-26 Consumption of alcohol mixed with energy drinks can lead to casual sex among college-age adults 0 None
2012-07-26 Female stroke patients more affected in all quality of life domains than males 0 None
2012-07-26 Multi-center clinical trial results demonstrate safety and efficacy of carfilzomib for multiple myeloma 0 4
2012-07-26 Diabetic women more likely to report low overall sexual satisfaction 0 None
2012-07-26 FDA grants priority review to GSK’s Promacta sNDA for treatment of thrombocytopenia 0 None
2012-07-26 AHAF announces glaucoma and macular degeneration research grants 0 None
2012-07-26 ImmunoCellular receives FDA IND clearance for ICT-121 Phase I trial in glioblastoma multiforme 0 None
2012-07-26 Bard completes enrollment in Lutonix DCB clinical trial for peripheral arterial disease 0 3
2012-07-26 Vmersion-Health introduces Gluco-Share app for people with diabetes 0 5
2012-07-26 Jennerex initiates JX-594 Phase 2 trial in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma 0 None
2012-07-26 Miriam researchers encourage physicians to inquire about ED symptoms in young, middle-aged men 0 None
2012-07-26 Roche Diabetes Care announces availability of new ACCU-CHEK Nano SmartView System 0 1
2012-07-26 Census Bureau releases report on disability status in the U.S. 0 None
2012-07-26 CytRx commences aldoxorubicin plus doxorubicin Phase 1b trial in advanced solid tumors 0 None
2012-07-26 Researchers discover new cause of congenital myopathy 0 None
2012-07-26 Studies look at surgical site infections and hyperglycemia 0 None
2012-07-25 Everyday words that describe feelings lost in dementia 0 None
2012-07-25 Single event of brain trauma can lead to Alzheimer’s 0 None
2012-07-25 Cepheid launches new Xpert BCR-ABL Monitor test 0 2
2012-07-25 Karyopharm commences two KPT-330 phase 1 studies in cancers 0 None
2012-07-25 Increased distribution of neurosurgeons may reduce risk of motor vehicle accident-related deaths 0 None
2012-07-25 New cell regeneration method uses gene therapy to repair bone tissue 0 5
2012-07-25 MASL protein from plant's seeds may halt spread of melanoma 0 None
2012-07-25 EntreMed commences ENMD-2076 Phase 2 study in triple-negative breast cancer 0 None
2012-07-25 WASC accredits Cedars-Sinai PhD program in biomedical sciences and translational medicine 0 None
2012-07-25 Study uses photodynamic therapy to ablate cardiac myocytes responsible for arrhythmias 0 None
2012-07-25 Study uncovers pathways by which yoga impacts biological processes 0 4
2012-07-25 Daily Beast profiles George W. Bush's post-presidency global health work 0 None
2012-07-25 NBTI participates in ICT-107 phase II trial for glioblastoma multiforme 1 None
2012-07-25 EC grants Marketing Authorisation to Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly’s Jentadueto for diabetes 0 None
2012-07-25 Malaria misdiagnosis in parts of Asia 0 None
2012-07-25 Sunbed users at a 20% increased relative risk of skin cancer 0 None
2012-07-25 Insights into link between fat-hoarding genes and ancient diet 0 None
2012-07-25 Researchers discover important link between sodium and calcium 0 None
2012-07-25 New tool uses fluorescence to distinguish cancerous tissue from normal one in low-grade tumors 0 None
2012-07-25 Giving patients a new immune system can cure Crohn's disease 0 None
2012-07-25 RhoC gene promotes breast cancer stem cell progression 0 None
2012-07-25 Moderate-to-severe TBI can disrupt proteins that regulate enzyme associated with Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-25 Vanderbilt researchers receives new $2.1M grant to develop microbrain bioreactor 0 None
2012-07-25 LSDF announces $570,000 in awards to support commercialization of new health-related products 0 None
2012-07-25 New algorithm can help scientists predict gene and drug interactions 0 None
2012-07-25 EMA COMP issues positive opinion to Albireo for A4250 0 None
2012-07-25 Hypoxic lung environment increases HIF-2a tumor growth signaling 0 None
2012-07-25 Aeterna Zentaris files request with FDA for Fast Track designation for AEZS-130 0 None
2012-07-25 Researchers plan to develop new rehabilitation tool for stroke victims 0 None
2012-07-25 New classification scheme for psychiatric symptoms 0 None
2012-07-25 Colonoscopy with polypectomy decreases colorectal cancer incidence and mortality 0 None
2012-07-25 Favorable results from BioCryst’s ulodesine plus allopurinol Phase 2b trial on gout 0 None
2012-07-24 South Asians have higher levels of blood sugar than Europeans: New diabetes study 0 None
2012-07-24 New large animal model for human cancer studies 0 None
2012-07-24 Jersey Shore continues to provide outstanding cardiac surgery services 0 None
2012-07-24 Study identifies MDM4 protein as promising target for treatment of melanoma 0 None
2012-07-24 Biokine receives FDA Orphan Drug designation for BKT140 to treat hematological cancers 0 None
2012-07-24 Blood flow in blocked arteries to extremities improved by new angioplasty procedure 0 4
2012-07-24 Microneedles can deliver drug formulations into the eye 0 None
2012-07-24 Mephedrone does have potential for abuse and addiction 0 None
2012-07-24 Watching YouTube videos may help treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo 0 None
2012-07-24 OncoSec announces data from two Phase III trials of OMS ElectroChemotherapy for SCCHN 0 None
2012-07-24 Queen's University, Cirdan Imaging partner to develop novel techniques for cancer detection 0 None
2012-07-24 Topline results from first of four Phase 3 studies of Pfizer's bapineuzumab for Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-24 Endoscopy, better tissue sampling required to improve care for patients with oesophageal cancer 0 None
2012-07-24 Michigan High School Athletic Association, U-M collaborate to offer free concussion education 0 None
2012-07-24 Implementing population level changes could avoid up to 50% of deaths from CVD 0 None
2012-07-24 Anti-IL-3 monoclonal antibodies to treat early stage Rheumatoid Arthritis in development 0 None
2012-07-24 Study represents new use of bone marrow transplantation 0 None
2012-07-24 Debiopharm initiates Debio 8206 Phase III study on advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2012-07-24 Tumor necrosis factor may play a key role in how light at night leads to depression 0 None
2012-07-24 Pancreatic cancer risk may be lowered by high dietary antioxidant intake 0 None
2012-07-24 Researchers identify new class of compounds that inhibit spread of prions 0 None
2012-07-24 New laser technology can non-invasively destruct cancerous tumors 0 None
2012-07-24 Two thirds of obese children have heart disease risk factors 0 None
2012-07-24 Aspirin use appears to reduce risk of Barrett's esophagus 0 None
2012-07-24 UV induction of melanin is directly involved in melanoma formation 0 None
2012-07-24 Study reveals 50% increased risk of urothelial and colorectal cancers in adulthood 0 None
2012-07-24 Top-line result from Pfizer Bapineuzumab Phase 3 studies on Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-24 Scientists identify mechanisms by which GLP-1 protects against kidney disease, diabetes 0 None
2012-07-24 PAMAM G-3 actually prevents activation of the process that leads to thrombosis 0 None
2012-07-24 Ocular Therapeutix announces results from sustained release OTX-TP1 study on glaucoma 0 None
2012-07-24 FDA approves Forest Laboratories’ Tudorza Pressair to treat COPD 0 5
2012-07-24 Bioniche receives U.S. and Canadian approval for first of two canine oncology products 0 None
2012-07-24 Scientists demonstrate link between cancer and faulty differentiation of stem cells 0 None
2012-07-24 Forest Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval for Tudorza Pressair to treat COPD 0 None
2012-07-23 InnerSpace Neuro introduces new Tunneled Ventricular Catheter for TBI 0 None
2012-07-23 Neural precursor cells suppress aggressive tumors 0 None
2012-07-23 Synthetic triterpenoids block development of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2012-07-23 Tiny microneedles to treat macular degeneration 0 None
2012-07-23 Once-daily Gralise significantly reduces pain intensity in PHN patients 0 None
2012-07-23 Top-line results in Pfizer's Lyrica long term safety study for Generalized Anxiety Disorder 0 1
2012-07-23 Overeating and increased weight linked to brain region associated with motivation and reward 0 None
2012-07-23 Low-lactose functional milk with ginseng may help improve cognitive function 0 None
2012-07-23 Reward-related decision making may be affected by the emotional processing system 0 None
2012-07-23 Insights on neural mechanisms behind guidance of attention 0 None
2012-07-23 Cerulean commences dosing in CRLX101 Phase 2 study for ovarian cancer 0 None
2012-07-23 FDA meeting confirms Orexo regulatory submission of OX219 NDA on track 0 None
2012-07-23 Research finds new gene involved in epilepsy 0 None
2012-07-23 Noted philanthropist to launch mobile eye clinic in North India 0 5
2012-07-23 Linagliptin safe and effective for long-term management of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-07-23 Egg allergy treatment for children: an interview with Dr Robert Wood 0 5
2012-07-23 HIV drug resistance rates rising in some parts of Africa 0 None
2012-07-23 Computer program based on GLDM can improve accuracy in diagnosis of prostate cancer 0 None
2012-07-23 Researchers uncover protein structure that regulates blood cell formation and activity 0 None
2012-07-23 Foundation Fighting Blindness grants US$125,000 to Oxford BioMedica for UshStat Phase I/IIa trial 0 None
2012-07-23 Bayer, Onyx and Astellas announce results from Tarceva plus Nexavar Phase 3 trial on HCC 0 5
2012-07-23 Targeting monocyte activation may reduce arterial inflammation in HIV-infected patients 0 None
2012-07-23 Periodontal examination can determine risk of diabetes 0 None
2012-07-23 Researchers turn inanimate silicone and living cardiac muscle cells into a jellyfish 0 None
2012-07-22 BioDiem presents positive findings of their eye disease drug at international conference 0 None
2012-07-22 ‘Disablism’ could shape the future for young people with a disability: University of Sydney research 0 None
2012-07-21 Kyprolis for multiple myeloma receives FDA approval under accelerated approval program 0 5
2012-07-21 Exposure to high-intensity vibrations increases risk of Parkinson's 0 None
2012-07-21 FDA's approval of Kyprolis offers hope to myeloma patients, says IMF 0 None
2012-07-21 Antibody detects progenitor cells in cancers and cirrhosis of liver 0 None
2012-07-21 Study identifies genetic markers that influence protein involved in regulating oestrogen, testosterone levels 0 None
2012-07-21 Menu labeling at chain restaurants has some benefits 0 None
2012-07-21 Training EMS to interpret ECGs can expedite treatment for severe heart attacks 0 None
2012-07-21 FDA grants accelerated approval for Kyprolis to treat multiple myeloma 0 None
2012-07-21 Axial lumbar interbody fusion for two spinal levels may not be effective 0 None
2012-07-21 2-D models may often give researchers misleading results 0 None
2012-07-21 EMA CHMP issues positive opinion for conditional approval of brentuximab vedotin for lymphoma 0 None
2012-07-21 Second Sight’s Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System scheduled for FDA panel review 1 None
2012-07-21 Neuroscience 2012 annual meeting to take place from Oct. 13-17 0 None
2012-07-21 Janssen-Cilag receives positive opinion from EMA CHMP for DACOGEN 0 None
2012-07-21 Pfizer receives positive opinion from EMA CHMP for crizotinib to treat ALK-positive NSCLC 0 None
2012-07-21 New antibody can be used as early diagnostic tool for Parkinson's 0 None
2012-07-21 Number of blind persons decline in Germany 0 None
2012-07-21 CBT, pharmacologic interventions decrease depressive symptoms in cancer patients 0 None
2012-07-21 Marshall University faculty member receives $426,000 NIH grant for lung cancer study 0 None
2012-07-21 Study explores role of L. reuteri against foodborne infection 0 5
2012-07-21 RPB awards $110,000 grant to Mass. Eye and Ear and HMS for research into blinding diseases 0 1
2012-07-21 HPV positively impacts overall survival in African Americans with oropharyngeal cancer 0 None
2012-07-21 FDA grants accelerated approval to Onyx's Kyprolis for treatment of multiple myeloma 0 None
2012-07-21 Regeneron, Sanofi initiate enrollment in SAR236553/REGN727 Phase 3 program 0 None
2012-07-21 uniQure receives positive recommendation from EMA CHMP for Glybera 0 None
2012-07-21 Scientists uncover how internal mechanisms in nerve cells wire the brain 0 None
2012-07-21 Onyx receives FDA approval for Kyprolis to treat multiple myeloma 0 None
2012-07-21 Vitamin D might modify damaging effects of smoking on lung function 0 None
2012-07-21 Caregivers of stroke survivors are at risk for depression and complications from chronic stress 0 None
2012-07-21 Study identifies genetic markers that influence sex hormone-binding globulin 0 None
2012-07-20 Choir participation improves quality of life factors for cancer survivors and their carers 0 None
2012-07-20 Placenta-derived endothelial colony-forming cells are more vasculogenic: Study 0 None
2012-07-20 Phosphate binders may cause unexpected harm to blood vessels in patients with CKD 1 3.3
2012-07-20 Study on relationship between pain and higher brain functions 0 None
2012-07-20 Sanquin, Baxter enter manufacturing services agreement for plasma therapies 0 None
2012-07-20 Moderate alcohol consumption may reduce risk of kidney cancer 0 None
2012-07-20 ASA, Iowa Society of Anesthesiologists launch public education campaign 0 None
2012-07-20 HIV epidemic in MSM could be helped by better interaction with their health system 0 None
2012-07-20 Treating complex spinal pathologies: an interview with Eric Major 0 3
2012-07-20 Short-term infection with intestinal worms may provide long-term protection against TID 0 None
2012-07-20 SGC, Life Technologies to generate first-ever master set of epigenetic recombinant antibodies 0 None
2012-07-20 Studies report on therapeutic efficacy of stem cell transplantation in animal models of ALS, SCI 0 None
2012-07-20 New blood sugar monitor: An interview with Sherita Hill Golden 0 None
2012-07-20 Bristol-Myers Squibb reports results from brivanib plus sorafenib phase III trial on HCC 0 4.3
2012-07-20 Study demonstrates how nerve stimulation paired with specific experiences can reorganize the brain 0 None
2012-07-20 Researchers identify six genes with driving mutations in melanoma 0 None
2012-07-20 Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute offers new TAVR procedure for patients with aortic stenosis 0 None
2012-07-20 CPAP effectively reduces symptoms and improves QOL in sleepy patients with milder OSA 0 None
2012-07-20 Study helps explain why leukemia occurs more frequently as people age 0 5
2012-07-20 Scientists to create new drugs with bone formation stimulating activities 0 None
2012-07-20 Vitamin D may modify damaging effects of smoking on lung function 0 None
2012-07-20 Nuvo Research receives first three Pliaglis marketing licenses from E.U. countries 0 None
2012-07-20 Conatus, University of Alberta initiate islet cell transplant Phase I/II trial of emricasan for diabetes 0 None
2012-07-20 GUMC, MedStar GUH launch Huntington Disease Care, Education and Research Center 0 None
2012-07-20 Epithilone D effective in preventing Alzheimer's in animal models 0 None
2012-07-20 BioAlliance Pharma, Vestiq enter license agreement for Oravig to treat oropharyngeal candidiasis 0 None
2012-07-20 Covidien receives Brazilian approval for Solitaire FR Revascularization Device 0 None
2012-07-20 Actinium completes Actimab-A Phase I/II study on Acute Myeloid Leukemia 0 None
2012-07-20 Longer looks: Physicians and assisted suicide; Avoid getting sick in July 0 None
2012-07-20 TLC announces first Laser Cataract Surgeries to be performed in Canada 0 None
2012-07-20 Blockade Medical’s Barricade Coil System receives CE Mark 0 None
2012-07-19 New AAN guideline recommends several treatments for people with Huntington's chorea 0 None
2012-07-19 Researchers discover potential drug targets that might reduce ventilator-induced lung inflammation 0 None
2012-07-19 Additional research required to assess effectiveness of herbal remedies for insomnia 0 None
2012-07-19 New hope for children with egg allergy 0 None
2012-07-19 Bryologs more potent than prostratin in treating HIV 0 None
2012-07-19 Statistical method uses evolutionary information to enhance identification of disease-associated alleles 0 None
2012-07-19 A quarter of patients admitted to Scottish ICUs have alcohol problems 0 None
2012-07-19 Huddersfield scientist receives Pain Relief Foundation grant for research into BH4 pathway 0 None
2012-07-19 Adolescents and young adult cancer patients more likely to report unmet need 0 None
2012-07-19 New research sheds light on pluripotency 0 None
2012-07-19 Egg allergies in children can be treated with oral immunotherapy 0 None
2012-07-19 Pioneering technique that uses thermal imaging can help fight obesity 0 None
2012-07-19 Dementia patients allowed to live at home thanks to new research program 0 None
2012-07-19 ScinoPharm to offer commercial manufacturing of topiramate API for VIVUS' Qsymia 0 None
2012-07-19 Diabetes linked to onset of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-07-19 Sleep deprivation after severe traumatic event decreases risk of PTSD 0 None
2012-07-19 Study gauges depression among spouses of severe-sepsis survivors 0 None
2012-07-19 Researchers verify role of alpha-synuclein aggregates in vivo 0 None
2012-07-19 Only 63% of New Yorkers on Medicaid with chronic conditions are adherent to drug regimens 0 None
2012-07-19 U.S. News names Dana-Farber/ BWH Cancer Center among 2012 America's Best Hospitals 0 None
2012-07-19 Alcohol and marijuana use predict hookah initiation, frequency 0 None
2012-07-19 Inhibiting STAT3 might unleash an effective anti-lymphoma immune response 0 None
2012-07-19 Autism Speaks to hold National Conference for Families and Professionals in Columbus 0 None
2012-07-19 Positive preliminary results from Feraheme phase III study on iron deficiency anemia 0 None
2012-07-19 Metabolic syndrome may reduce cerebral blood flow 0 None
2012-07-19 Otsuka, Acucela commence rebamipide ophthalmic suspension Phase 3 trial in dry eye syndrome 0 None
2012-07-19 New UC M program to test comprehensive care physician model 0 None
2012-07-19 Police officers with sleep deprivation more susceptible to chronic fatigue and health problems 0 None
2012-07-19 Virtual colonoscopy effective screening tool for colorectal cancer in seniors 0 None
2012-07-19 High ceramide levels may increase a person's risk of AD 0 None
2012-07-19 High vitamin E intake associated with reduced risk of liver cancer 0 None
2012-07-19 People with schizophrenia more likely to develop cancer 0 4
2012-07-19 New procedure can shut down irregular heart rhythms 0 None
2012-07-19 NCCN Guidelines for Patients: Lung Cancer Screening now available free of charge 0 None
2012-07-19 Angion Biomedica initiates BB3 Phase II trial in heart attack 0 None
2012-07-19 UCSF Medical Center acquires BSD-2000 Hyperthermia System 0 None
2012-07-19 Problems walking associated with increased risk of cognitive decline 0 None
2012-07-19 HCV infections can lead to increased mortality from liver disease or variety of other causes 0 None
2012-07-18 Six young scientists to receive 2012 Klerman and Freedman Awards 0 None
2012-07-18 Study focuses on interaction between two key proteins involved in apoptosis 0 None
2012-07-18 First detailed analysis of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster's global health effects 0 None
2012-07-18 Cancer more likely in people with serious mental illnesses 0 None
2012-07-18 Applying more stringent ozone standards would minimize premature mortality and morbidity 0 None
2012-07-18 New roadmap provides expert guidance on how to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities 0 None
2012-07-18 Interferon beta not associated with less progression of disability in patients with RRMS 0 None
2012-07-18 Simple shoe insole can improve posture in post-stroke patients 0 None
2012-07-18 Cigna, PAMF launch collaborative accountable care initiative 0 None
2012-07-18 Research explains why exercise is beneficial for heart function in type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-07-18 Nanofiber scaffolds regenerate protein components in cartilage repair 0 None
2012-07-18 USDTL releases new BloodSpot Collection Kit 0 None
2012-07-18 Vivus receives FDA approval for Qsymia to manage chronic weight 0 1
2012-07-18 Novel technique can cause apoptosis of cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-18 Three outstanding young scientists named July 2012 Damon Runyon-Sohn Fellows 0 None
2012-07-18 Mobile Music Touch may improve motor skills, sensation for people with paralyzing SCI 1 None
2012-07-18 Application now open for 2012 AACR-Kure It Grant for Kidney Cancer Research 0 None
2012-07-18 Normalizing weight helps girls with eating disorders improve essential fatty acid status 0 None
2012-07-18 Adding stroke severity in hospital mortality model may improve prediction of death risk 0 None
2012-07-18 Discrepancies between patients and physicians' views of RA disease activity 0 None
2012-07-18 Researchers uncover mechanism by which aging may weaken immune response 0 None
2012-07-18 Study into how IDPN nitrile causes neurological syndromes similar to ALS 0 None
2012-07-18 GE Healthcare announces final results from [18F]flutemetamol phase 3 study on AD 0 None
2012-07-18 c-Kit receptor plays critical role in development and function of insulin-producing beta cells 0 None
2012-07-18 Study shows major link between physical and mental health 0 5
2012-07-18 Combination of obesity and vitamin D deficiency may increase risk of diabetes 0 None
2012-07-18 Memantine boosts memory function in people with Down syndrome 1 5
2012-07-18 Combination of Dox with MCP shows promise against prostate cancer 0 None
2012-07-18 BJP publishes data from ESTEVE's E-52862 preclinical studies on pain 0 None
2012-07-18 Emmaus receives EC Orphan Medicinal Product designation for Levoglutamide 0 None
2012-07-18 Xlumena receives CE Mark approval to market AXIOS Stent and Delivery System 0 None
2012-07-18 Combination of tPA and 3K3A-APC may effectively treat stroke 0 None
2012-07-18 Study suggests link between binge drinking and risk of dementia in older adults 0 None
2012-07-18 Rheumatoid arthritis patients and their doctors differ on perception of disease activity 0 None
2012-07-18 How does exercise improve heart function in diabetics? 0 None
2012-07-18 Hepatitis C treatment may be helped by vitamin B12 supplements 0 None
2012-07-18 Heart defects at birth linked to workplace exposure to solvents 0 None
2012-07-18 Risk of birth defects linked to certain jobs dads do 0 None
2012-07-18 Smoking, hepatitis and liver transplantation: An interview with Dr Peter Ghali 0 3.5
2012-07-17 Ferring Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval for new colon-cleansing drug 0 None
2012-07-17 Promising path to Parkinson’s disease treatment 0 None
2012-07-17 Premier research institutions, Biogen Idec partner to sequence genomes of patients with ALS 0 None
2012-07-17 Massage helps improve muscle health in athletes following exercise-induced injury 0 None
2012-07-17 WCMC receives NHLBI grant to study smoking-induced COPD 0 None
2012-07-17 Study shows why eating less may be therapeutic for people with neuromuscular disorders 0 None
2012-07-17 Anthera announces final set of clinical data from blisibimod Phase 2b study on SLE 0 None
2012-07-17 Pre-concussion baseline testing now available at three Vanderbilt clinics 0 None
2012-07-17 Healthier levels of vitamin C can reduce inflammatory conditions 0 None
2012-07-17 High blood pressure associated with reduced mortality in extremely frail, elderly adults 0 None
2012-07-17 Researchers begin to uncover important clues about SCAD 0 None
2012-07-17 New Alzheimer's model derived from skin cells of patients may prove to be more accurate 0 None
2012-07-17 Relationship between two biological risk factors for schizophrenia 0 None
2012-07-17 AstraZeneca plans to conduct ticagrelor plus clopidogrel clinical trial for PAD 0 5
2012-07-17 Activating NOTCH and AKT gene may trigger cholangiocarcinoma 0 None
2012-07-17 MSU nursing researcher’s Wii-Fit program helps lung cancer patients reduce fatigue 0 None
2012-07-17 Tips to help minimize risks associated with acid reflux disease 0 None
2012-07-17 Why is the incidence of gout increasing? 0 5
2012-07-17 Scientists discover new way to convert cord blood cells into iNC 0 None
2012-07-17 PsychoGenics, Afraxis partner to offer Enhanced Spine Platform technology 0 None
2012-07-17 Ampio announces advancement of NCE001 to preclinical development 0 None
2012-07-17 Scientists develop first cell-based model of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-07-17 VHVI now offers new minimally invasive, catheter-based approach to dissolve pulmonary embolism 0 None
2012-07-17 BRAF L597 mutation in melanoma patients responds to MEK inhibitor drugs 0 None
2012-07-17 Genetic tests for Alzheimer’s disease a comfort for the majority 0 None
2012-07-17 People with amnestic MCI more likely to die 0 None
2012-07-17 Patients with early-stage MS show sodium accumulation in specific brain regions 0 None
2012-07-17 Studies provide evidence of connections between MCI and negative health outcomes 0 None
2012-07-17 New CD141hi DC subset plays a critical role in activating immune response against pathogens 0 None
2012-07-17 Obesity leads to more doctor visits than smoking 0 None
2012-07-17 D-ribose effective in improving QOL in energy-depleted patients with FMS/CFS 0 5
2012-07-17 Stress management treatment reduces formation of new brain lesions in people with MS 0 None
2012-07-17 New automated method for identification of lung nodules in community-based settings 0 None
2012-07-17 InvivoSciences, WUSTL to construct artificial tissue models for heart failure 0 None
2012-07-17 Targeting CDK1 pathway may be efficacious for acute myeloid leukemias with FLT3 mutation 0 None
2012-07-16 Osteoporosis and sarcopenia: researchers at UMKC receive $8.3 million to study relationship 0 None
2012-07-16 Positive results from Alnylam’s ALN-TTR02 Phase I trial on TTR-mediated amyloidosis 0 None
2012-07-16 FDA clears TMI’s Glider PTCA balloon catheter 0 None
2012-07-16 Merck to present results from clinical studies on BACE inhibitors at AAIC 2012 0 None
2012-07-16 St. Joseph Hospital initiates enrollment in Medtronic’s SYMPLICITY HTN-3 trial for hypertension 0 None
2012-07-16 TV watching increases waist size and reduces sporting ability in children 0 None
2012-07-16 UMMS scientists identify new genetic mutation that causes familial ALS 0 None
2012-07-16 UCB’s Neupro now available in U.S. pharmacies 0 None
2012-07-16 Study determines optimal screening strategy for gastric or stomach cancer 0 None
2012-07-16 New surgical technique may repair common, painful hip condition in elite athletes 0 None
2012-07-16 Novel way to monitor real-time chemical changes in brains of patients undergoing DBS 0 None
2012-07-16 PRP therapy safe and effective method of treatment for athletes with cartilage tears 0 None
2012-07-16 Patients undergoing repeat ACL surgery are unlikely to return to prior activity levels 0 None
2012-07-16 Gait disturbances could indicate a decline in cognitive function 0 None
2012-07-16 Studies describe ability of targeted exercise training on cognitive impairment and dementia 0 None
2012-07-16 The Alzheimer's Association recognizes four leading scientists with Lifetime Achievement Award 0 None
2012-07-16 Varying brain activity may reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-07-16 Rehabilitation after rotator cuff surgery may be partially to blame for high rates of failed healing 0 None
2012-07-16 IDH mutation drives aggressive form of acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2012-07-16 Scientists uncover new strategy that may help reverse mucus dehydration in CF, COPD 0 None
2012-07-16 New eye-tracking device for amputees 0 None
2012-07-16 Alzheimer's Association honors Gladstone researcher with Lifetime Achievement Award 0 None
2012-07-16 Researchers link newly discovered gene mutations to ALS 0 None
2012-07-14 Study shows little connection between onset of OA and single or double bundle surgery 0 None
2012-07-14 Cleveland Clinic receives NHLBI grant to identify new pathways linked with cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2012-07-14 Five recent Science and Nature papers shed light on elusive 'GPCRs' 0 None
2012-07-14 Scientists clone tannin gene in sorghum 0 None
2012-07-14 Body rids itself of excess copper through urine: New study 0 None
2012-07-14 James J. Peters Veterans Hospital actively enrolls participants for NIC5-15 phase IIb trial in AD 0 5
2012-07-14 MedStar NRH, Georgetown University create new Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery 0 None
2012-07-14 Scientists isolate beige fat cells that may have therapeutic potential against obesity 0 None
2012-07-14 Study shows why co-morbid conditions can result in impaired vision 0 None
2012-07-14 New paper documents discovery of novel lipids, including MC3 0 None
2012-07-14 Chica and Heinz Schaller Foundation supports work of five new C.H.S. research groups 0 None
2012-07-14 Scientists investigate new ingredients to produce food with less energy, more taste 0 None
2012-07-14 Two cellular proteins team up to provide steady supply of RBCs 0 None
2012-07-14 New inexpensive paper-based device for diabetes testing in developing countries 0 None
2012-07-14 Migraine involves multiple symptoms that vary widely among sufferers 1 None
2012-07-14 Chicago-area dermatologists to offer free skin cancer screenings 0 None
2012-07-14 AHA statement addresses varied cardiac evaluation and management of transplant patients 0 None
2012-07-14 Vitamin D deficiency may impair lung function in asthmatic children treated with budesonide 0 None
2012-07-14 Study examines link between phthalates and diabetes in women 0 None
2012-07-14 Bioethicists discuss personal experiences with cancer in new book 0 None
2012-07-14 WUSM receives NHLBI grant to study heart disease in patients with diabetes 0 None
2012-07-14 Obesity-fighting tissue in humans is actually not quite brown, says study 0 None
2012-07-14 Researchers identify potassium channel as an autoantibody target in MS 0 None
2012-07-14 Researchers define interaction between two essential proteins that control inflammation 0 None
2012-07-14 Psychotic depression now fulfills the criteria for a valid psychiatric syndrome 0 None
2012-07-14 Paper describes novel psychotherapeutic approach in a boy with Asperger's syndrome 1 None
2012-07-13 Researchers evaluate new social media tool to treat type I and II diabetes 0 None
2012-07-13 Breakthrough diagnostic apparatus for detecting aneurysms, atherosclerotic plaque 0 None
2012-07-13 Study demonstrates superiority of AE technique for ACL reconstruction in children 0 None
2012-07-13 Femoral Acetabular Impingement may contribute to groin pain in athletes 1 None
2012-07-13 ACT treats fourth patient in U.S. clinical trial for Stargardt's Macular Dystrophy 1 5
2012-07-13 Scientists isolate new type of energy-burning fat cell 0 None
2012-07-13 Longer looks: Keeping Parkinson's a secret 0 None
2012-07-13 OncoMed commences dosing in OMP-54F28 Phase I clinical trial for advanced solid tumor cancers 0 None
2012-07-13 Heart disease risk in elderly could be lowered by drugs 0 None
2012-07-13 Breast cancer patients who undergo breast conserving surgery often have a reoperation 0 None
2012-07-12 Nutrisystem announces debut of enhanced weight management plan for people with diabetes 0 None
2012-07-12 Eisai, Verastem partner for next-generation of small molecule Wnt inhibitors 0 None
2012-07-12 AOSSM to present ten research awards and seven grants during annual meeting in Baltimore 0 None
2012-07-12 Pressure Point develops 72 hour low-cost dermal device to effectively reduce PONV 0 None
2012-07-12 International Society for Anthrozoology conference to take place from July 11-13 0 None
2012-07-12 Nottingham researchers to lead Avastin clinical study for AMD 0 None
2012-07-12 Maraviroc reduces incidence of GvHD in blood cancer patients after bone marrow transplantation 0 None
2012-07-12 Scientists capture high-quality images of immune cell trafficking in a beating heart 0 None
2012-07-12 PGC-1alpha and TFEB provide two new therapeutic targets for Huntington's disease 0 None
2012-07-12 Stress management program may help people with MS prevent new disease activity 0 None
2012-07-12 Manipulating retinal recipient microenvironment impacts photoreceptor cell transplantation 0 None
2012-07-12 SLU professor to study how antithrombin might prevent premature death from heart disease 0 None
2012-07-12 Scientists assemble timeline of brain changes that lead to Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-12 Mayo Clinic, 18 other leading research institutions urge Congress to maintain funding levels for NIH 0 None
2012-07-12 Obama administration's intellectual property policy inflating medical costs abroad 0 None
2012-07-12 Communication between brain and muscle cells is short-lived without LRP4 protein 0 None
2012-07-12 Nonsurgical treatment may be more beneficial for baseball players with SLAP tears 0 None
2012-07-12 IOM report: Nation lacks health workers trained to meet seniors' mental health needs 0 None
2012-07-12 Researchers identify set of laboratory-based biomarkers that aid in diagnosis of schizophrenia 0 None
2012-07-12 Lifestyle behaviour in adolescents may adversely affect BP and cardiovascular risk in adulthood 0 None
2012-07-12 Cellular change also occurs in early-stage lung cancer, say researchers 0 None
2012-07-12 Low-fat, high fruit and vegetable diet may help reduce menopausal symptoms 0 None
2012-07-12 TGen's customized procedure produces high amounts of exosomes for treatment of CKD 0 5
2012-07-12 Physiologists, neuropathologists identify origin of cancer metastasis formation 0 None
2012-07-12 Moderate alcohol intake may reduce risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women 0 None
2012-07-12 Arena files lorcaserin hydrochloride MAA with Swissmedic 0 None
2012-07-12 Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics receives pilot project award from PCORI 0 None
2012-07-12 IntNSA, Wolters Kluwer partner to publish Journal of Addictions Nursing 0 None
2012-07-12 Mindfulness techniques show health benefits 1 None
2012-07-12 Many abusers switch to heroin due to new formulation of OxyContin 0 None
2012-07-12 New assay can identify rare cancerous cells within mixed populations 0 None
2012-07-12 Study details how resistance to targeted drug therapy emerges in colorectal cancers 0 None
2012-07-12 Study shows high rates of concussion among collegiate football players 0 None
2012-07-12 New book outlines cutting-edge approach to systematically address AD 0 None
2012-07-12 Novel molecular mechanism responsible for most important symptom of major depression 0 None
2012-07-12 BioControl Medical receives FDA approval to initiate second phase of CardioFit study for heart failure 0 None
2012-07-12 Prenatal and early childhood exposure to PCE may be associated with long-term visual impairments 0 None
2012-07-12 Powerful brain chemical systems work together to paralyze skeletal muscles during REM sleep 0 None
2012-07-12 NOXXON commences Spiegelmer NOX-A12 Phase IIa trial in CLL 0 5
2012-07-12 Naturally occurring molecule may prevent plaque buildup inside arteries 0 None
2012-07-12 Enrollment complete in Phase III IND study of Spinal Restoration's Biostat System 0 None
2012-07-12 FDA approves Watson’s ANDA for generic ARTHROTEC 0 None
2012-07-12 Effective therapies to reduce perioperative morbidity and mortality remain elusive 0 None
2012-07-11 Oligodendroglia cells: An interview with Jeffrey Rothstein 0 None
2012-07-11 Research into “insulating” brain cells could help to cure neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS 0 None
2012-07-11 Arrowhead initiates Adipotide Phase 1 trial in obesity 3 4
2012-07-11 Physicians need to know how chemical intolerance affects people: Study 0 5
2012-07-11 BioInvent announces data from BI-204 phase IIa study on stable atherosclerotic vascular disease 0 None
2012-07-11 BWH performs New England's first implant of SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart 0 None
2012-07-11 Enrollment complete in Terumo's MISAGO Self-expanding Stent trial 0 None
2012-07-11 Neutronic Ear announces newly re-designed knowledge-sharing website 0 None
2012-07-11 OncoSec establishes UCSF as second enrolling site for OMS-I110 Phase II Merkel cell carcinoma trial 0 None
2012-07-11 New computer system for early diagnosis of AD 0 None
2012-07-11 Courtagen launches nucSEEKPDx assay 0 None
2012-07-11 ImmunoGen announces start of IMGN853 Phase I trial for ovarian cancer, other solid tumors 0 None
2012-07-11 Neonate blood-brain barrier more intact than adults following stroke 0 None
2012-07-11 PROLOR to present data on long-acting clotting factors for hemophilia at WFH World Congress 0 None
2012-07-11 Chemotherapy improves survival for patients with periampullary cancer following resection 0 None
2012-07-11 Rheumatoid arthritis risk reduced by moderate alcohol consumption 0 None
2012-07-11 HIV infection risk reduced by same drugs that treat HIV 0 None
2012-07-11 Anemia prevention in pregnancy works just as well with fewer iron supplements 0 None
2012-07-11 Breast cancer drug bevacizumab slows progression but has no overall survival benefit 0 None
2012-07-11 Study details development of first mouse model for Usher syndrome III 0 None
2012-07-11 FDA clears Asthmapolis’ sensor system and associated software 0 None
2012-07-11 Study assesses risk of GBS following H1N1 vaccine administration 0 None
2012-07-11 Registration now open for Disease Models & Mechanisms' one-day symposium 0 None
2012-07-11 Clinical preventive services increase by IPHR 0 None
2012-07-11 Cylene's Pol I inhibitor activates p53 and selectively destroys cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-11 TLR1 plays a critical role in protecting the body from food-borne illnesses 0 None
2012-07-11 Researchers discover unknown mechanism that promotes growth and spread of cancer 0 None
2012-07-11 ‘Open to Options’ guides cancer patients in making critical health decisions 0 None
2012-07-11 Research finds new single-gene cause of chronic kidney disease 0 None
2012-07-11 DRCRF names 21 new Damon Runyon Fellows 0 None
2012-07-11 Article addresses tremendous impact of genetic testing for Alzheimer’s 0 None
2012-07-11 New method uses acoustic angiography to identify cancer in minutes 0 None
2012-07-11 LUHS opens multidisciplinary center to treat obesity 0 None
2012-07-11 Study refutes link between depression and Facebook use 0 None
2012-07-11 New approach integrates rational drug design with supramolecular nanochemistry in cancer treatment 0 None
2012-07-11 Alzheimer's Association International Conference to be held in Vancouver 0 None
2012-07-11 Book explains complex world of personalized medicine 0 None
2012-07-11 Connections between daily stressors of police work and obesity, suicide 0 None
2012-07-11 Nutrient cocktail can boost memory in patients with mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2012-07-11 SRI International receives DoD grant to develop novel therapy for MS 0 None
2012-07-11 Colon cancer cells use clever trick to migrate: Study 0 None
2012-07-11 Common barnyard chicken might offer new ways to attack cancer 0 None
2012-07-10 Liver failure, cancer and mortality in cirrhotic patients coinfected with HIV/AIDS and HCV predicted by liver stiffness 0 None
2012-07-10 Hepatitis C levels higher among males and African Americans 0 None
2012-07-10 K2M expands biologics portfolio 0 5
2012-07-10 Scientists identify novel strategy to target Taspase1 enzyme 0 None
2012-07-10 ImmunoCellular receives Japanese patent allowance for brain cancer technology 0 None
2012-07-10 Derma Sciences’ MEDIHONEY HCS dressings receive CE Mark 0 None
2012-07-10 OREF study to explore how helmet design might protect sport-related head, neck and spine injuries 0 None
2012-07-10 Book outlines importance of Alzheimer's diagnosis and therapeutic interventions 0 None
2012-07-10 Increasing obesity could cut some couples' fertility in half 0 None
2012-07-10 Abbott announces CE Marking for ARCHITECT HbA1c assay 0 None
2012-07-10 Nearly 3.8M California adults are food insecure: New policy brief 0 None
2012-07-10 New devices effectively monitor and control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes 0 None
2012-07-10 ACADI’s pimavanserin may have therapeutic benefits in treatment of ADP 0 None
2012-07-10 Scientists discover two key epigenetic regulating genes that govern stem cell differentiation 0 None
2012-07-10 MiR-33 plays a key role in regulating bile metabolism 0 None
2012-07-10 Researchers investigate whether PTSD is a brain disorder 0 None
2012-07-10 Researchers discover mechanism that favours disappearance and inhibition of SCC development 0 None
2012-07-10 New blood sugar monitor works better than conventional methods 0 None
2012-07-10 Vertebroplasty can benefit patients with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures 0 None
2012-07-10 New research estimates impact of an R rating for movie smoking 0 None
2012-07-10 Lipid ceramide helps cells keep cilium or antenna from retracting 0 None
2012-07-10 Glycemic index varies from one type of rice to another 0 None
2012-07-10 Scientists develop novel anticancer drug designed to travel through the bloodstream 0 None
2012-07-10 Methylation provides signal of unique mix of leukocytes 0 None
2012-07-10 Echocardiography can help identify athletes with heart problems at risk for sudden death 0 None
2012-07-10 FDA approves risk evaluation and mitigation strategy for ER and LA opioids 0 None
2012-07-10 PENTAX Medical introduces EG-3270UK endoscope 0 5
2012-07-10 RA patients do not receive fewer cancer screening tests than general population: Study 0 None
2012-07-10 Oligomers may be responsible for onset of Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-10 Federal government commits $11B to expand operating capacity of FQHC and look-alike clinics 0 None
2012-07-10 Sox10 gene plays a central role in melanoma 0 None
2012-07-10 Measuring creatinine and cystatin C more accurately estimates kidney function 0 None
2012-07-10 Prolonged exposure to high-fat diets reduces quality of sleep in rats 0 None
2012-07-10 SUNY Downstate receives PCORI award to develop mobile phone apps for stroke patients 0 None
2012-07-10 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery induces changes in the gut microbiota 0 None
2012-07-10 Overproduction of hepcidin appears to impair maternal-fetal iron transfer 0 None
2012-07-10 Inspiration receives FDA clinical hold order for IB1001 phase III studies on hemophilia B 0 None
2012-07-10 Protein interactions outside breast cancer cells can permanently stop proliferation 0 None
2012-07-10 A person's circle of friends may influence his or her weight 0 None
2012-07-10 UTSMC could play key role in operating a proton therapy center for North Texas 0 None
2012-07-10 Blocking a fundamental process deep within cancer cells can selectively kill them 0 3
2012-07-10 Diabetes far more widespread than previously thought 0 None
2012-07-10 Study clarifies anti-inflammatory impact of boswellic acids 0 None
2012-07-10 EGF helps prevent inflammation-induced cancer 0 None
2012-07-10 AtheroNova receives U.S. patent allowance for 'Dissolution of Arterial Plaque' 0 None
2012-07-10 Adiponectin reduces depression-like symptoms in mice 0 None
2012-07-09 Gene defect linked to cluster of systemic complications 0 None
2012-07-09 Enrollment complete in Lux Biosciences Luveniq Phase 3 study for non-infectious uveitis 0 None
2012-07-09 Cintas launches blood sugar control product for first-aid cabinets 0 None
2012-07-09 BioView, ScreenCell enter collaboration agreement for imaging of CTC 0 None
2012-07-09 Health Canada approves XIAFLEX for Dupuytren's contracture 0 5
2012-07-09 Stroke Telemedicine: An interview with Séamus Watson 0 5
2012-07-09 Cook Medical receives FDA clearance for Evolution Colonic Controlled-Release Stent 0 None
2012-07-09 Positive data from Tonix's sublingual TNX-102 PK study for fibromyalgia 0 None
2012-07-09 Regnite to treat primary restless legs syndrome launched in Japan 0 None
2012-07-09 Acusphere completes MAA dossier for Imagify to detect CAD 0 None
2012-07-09 Researchers use metal complexes to modify peptide hormones 0 None
2012-07-09 Novel system to treat hair loss receives CE Mark approval 0 None
2012-07-09 Positive interim results from Inspiration's OBI-1 Phase 2/3 study for acquired hemophilia A 0 None
2012-07-09 Novel treatment for cancer based on protein from HIV-1 virus 0 None
2012-07-09 Treatment of Schizophrenia receives notice of intention to grant a European patent 0 None
2012-07-09 OrSense launches Glasswing for anemia monitoring and hemorrhage detection 0 None
2012-07-09 JRD receives FDA priority review designation for XARELTO sNDAs to treat PE, DVT 0 None
2012-07-09 FDA approves Capricor’s IND application for myocardial infarction study 0 None
2012-07-09 Long Beach Memorial uses Toshiba's Aquilion ONE to expand stroke care capabilities 0 None
2012-07-09 Recovery may be lifelong process for children with brain injury 0 None
2012-07-09 Ampio announces results from Optina trial on DME 0 None
2012-07-09 Merck, PDS Biotechnology enter licensing agreement for Versamune 0 None
2012-07-09 Novel gene therapy approach may treat dysferlinopathies 0 None
2012-07-09 Researchers describe inflammatory mechanism of sunburn 0 None
2012-07-09 New somatostatin vaccines promote weight loss 0 None
2012-07-09 DNA from CF patients with and without chronic infections points to unsuspected mutation 0 None
2012-07-09 Targeting double-stranded RNA dependent protein kinase could treat inflammation 0 None
2012-07-09 High expression of interleukin-9 in immune cells inhibits melanoma growth 0 None
2012-07-08 Bayer commences enrollment in BAY94-9027 Phase II/III trial for hemophilia A 0 None
2012-07-08 Conference highlights utility of zebrafish for human disorder studies 0 None
2012-07-08 Mouse model demonstrates role of AEG-1 in hepatocellular carcinoma 0 None
2012-07-08 Comparative study on meditation 0 None
2012-07-08 Effect of spaceflight on C. elegans could help it to live longer 0 None
2012-07-08 Presence of SPDEF protein may predict prostate cancers that are unable to metastasize 0 None
2012-07-07 Extra weight not necessarily linked with higher risk of death 0 2
2012-07-07 Dynorphin plays an important role in weakening anxiety 0 5
2012-07-07 SAGE sponsors symposium on cardiovascular disease prevention 0 None
2012-07-07 Study reveals connection among sugar, cancer, and dependence on breathing machines 0 None
2012-07-07 Key difference between spinal regeneration in fish and mammals 0 None
2012-07-07 Protein AMPK protects sensory cells in the inner ear from permanent damage 0 None
2012-07-07 New strategy to reduce or eliminate scars on the skin 0 None
2012-07-07 New epigenetic path toward a cure for osteoarthritis 0 None
2012-07-07 Biological mechanisms behind appetite-suppressing effects of proteins 0 None
2012-07-07 Cystic fibrosis patient receives generous 'gift of life' 0 None
2012-07-07 Safe optimal concentration of propolis against radiation-induced damage 0 None
2012-07-07 New Gateway-funded phase II ADAPT study for metastatic colorectal cancer 0 None
2012-07-07 FDA approves KRAS gene mutation test for colorectal cancer 0 None
2012-07-07 New optical microscope identifies rare breast cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-06 DTU develops new computer model for AAA rupture risk evaluation 0 None
2012-07-06 NYU Langone completes first year of robotic mitral valve repair program 0 None
2012-07-06 Bioengineers develop microfluidic platform to mechanically confine cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-06 U.S. researchers produce robotic set of legs with biological accuracy 0 None
2012-07-06 USC public health researchers try to pinpoint the ‘science’ behind social influence 0 None
2012-07-06 Novel biomimetic strategy can dissolve blood clots before they cause serious damage or even death 0 None
2012-07-06 Scientists train visually impaired to perform fast and accurate movements using EyeMusic 0 None
2012-07-06 FDA action affects companies that manufacture and distribute unapproved oxycodone drugs 0 None
2012-07-06 ADCT, CRT sign agreements to develop ADCs against cancer 0 None
2012-07-06 New class of injectable materials can stimulate tissue regeneration 0 None
2012-07-06 Rescreening men for aneurysm likely to be a cost-effective option 0 None
2012-07-06 First robot-assisted distal pancreatectomy performed at TJUH 0 None
2012-07-06 Audit finds wrong part of Medicare was used to pay for hospice patients' drugs 0 None
2012-07-06 Study sheds light on the assembly of ribosome 0 None
2012-07-06 FDC precursor cells exist in the wall of blood vessels 0 None
2012-07-06 Obesity increases risk of AKI following cardiac surgery 0 None
2012-07-06 Paralympic medicine: challenges and rewards 0 None
2012-07-06 Aneurysm rescreening for high risk men should be considered 0 None
2012-07-06 PHF21A gene plays a big role in Potocki-Shaffer syndrome 0 None
2012-07-06 Fingolimod offers minor added benefit for patients with RRMS 0 None
2012-07-06 MiR-125b downregulated in both aggressive and indolent forms of CLL 0 None
2012-07-06 Peptides block MORs and curb appetite 0 None
2012-07-06 Higher doses of Vitamin D may be most beneficial in reducing bone fractures in older adults 0 None
2012-07-06 Insight into understanding IDH mediated disease 0 None
2012-07-06 Metformin can activate neural stem cells to encourage brain repair 0 None
2012-07-06 Scientists discover new signalling pathway that controls both obesity and atherosclerosis 0 None
2012-07-06 The Center for Cancer Support and Education in Arlington to receive $10,000 ASTRO grant 0 None
2012-07-06 Diabetes on the rise among Chinese teenagers 0 None
2012-07-06 Scientists use antibody injections to rapidly reverse onset of Type I diabetes in mice 0 None
2012-07-06 Around 7% of adults suffer from an intolerance to wine 0 None
2012-07-05 Abbott, Sucampo receive Japanese approval for AMITIZA 0 None
2012-07-05 Medunik Canada signs exclusive distribution agreement with Orphan Europe 0 None
2012-07-05 Exercise-based treatment effective in treating persistent dizziness 1 5
2012-07-05 Cancer Therapeutics announces validation and performance of CTx-294886 plus Avastin 0 None
2012-07-05 Preventing post-operative delirium may improve recovery of cognitive ability in cardiac patients 0 None
2012-07-05 AIDS battle: stretching use of anti-HIV drugs 0 None
2012-07-05 Scientists discover constant cloud of potent inflammatory molecules surrounding the monocytes 0 None
2012-07-05 Study shows cells from different Parkinson’s patients have unique drug responses 0 None
2012-07-05 Eltrombopag can raise blood cell levels in some people with severe aplastic anemia 0 None
2012-07-05 Neighboring non-cancer cells may contribute to drug resistance 0 None
2012-07-05 Interfascicular matrix essential for tendon function 0 5
2012-07-05 Lower pH reduces ability of ASL to kill bacteria in CF airways 0 4
2012-07-05 Scientists identify causative link between oncometabolite and onset of AML 1 None
2012-07-05 Dementia conference to take place in Manchester, UK 0 5
2012-07-05 Single dose breast cancer treatment helps forego 6-7 week radiation regimen 0 None
2012-07-05 Alcoholic liver disease risk only ‘modestly’ affected by genetic factors 0 None
2012-07-04 Strawberry extracts actively stimulate proteins that offer protection against cardiovascular disease 0 5
2012-07-04 Live zoster vaccine associated with reduced risk of HZ in patients with immune-mediated diseases 0 None
2012-07-04 The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation supports Genetic Initiative at CCFA 0 None
2012-07-04 GlaxoSmithKline agrees to plead guilty, pay $3B settlement 0 None
2012-07-04 Children at increased risk for heat-related illness 0 None
2012-07-04 UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging to partner in new effort to combat Alzheimer's 0 None
2012-07-04 Extensive health benefits associated with milk consumption 0 5
2012-07-04 Tips to help keep safe while celebrating Independence Day 0 None
2012-07-04 Researchers identify mechanism responsible for inhibition of AMPK activity in the hypothalamus 0 None
2012-07-04 UCLA School of Dentistry receives NIH grant to create comprehensive research training program 0 None
2012-07-04 Antidepressant use among seniors: Falling through Medicare's doughnut hole? 0 None
2012-07-04 Intense war against malaria outlined by two studies in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 0 None
2012-07-04 Acute pancreatitis: An interview with Viktor Oskarsson 0 None
2012-07-04 Higher waist circumference, obesity improve health outcomes in heart failure patients 0 None
2012-07-04 Shingles vaccine may not increase risk of varicella in people with auto-immune diseases 0 None
2012-07-04 UTHealth professor receives ACS grant to improve care and QOL for people with liver cancer 0 None
2012-07-04 Epigenetic changes due to methylation play a key role in altering genes in RA 0 5
2012-07-04 TMC receives NIH grant to evaluate pepducin in heart disease patients 0 None
2012-07-04 Important insight into association between childhood maltreatment and suicide 0 None
2012-07-04 Global warming may stimulate growth of cyanobacteria 0 None
2012-07-04 Investigators identify cell replacement/tissue repair potential in adult bone marrow stem cells 0 None
2012-07-04 Tolfenamic acid appears to reduce esophageal tumors 0 5
2012-07-04 Early childhood adversity linked with depression and inflammation 0 None
2012-07-04 Nottingham scientists to develop world's first atlas of the Asian brain 0 None
2012-07-04 Former President Bush in Zambia, Botswana to promote Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon initiative to fight cervical cancer 0 None
2012-07-04 Track-related injuries on the rise among U.S. children and adolescents 0 None
2012-07-04 BCVI introduces comprehensive program for patients with BAV 0 None
2012-07-04 Obesity epidemic requires new focus on controlling energy balance and preventing weight gain 0 None
2012-07-04 Social interventions may help slow or treat age-related dementia 0 None
2012-07-04 23andMe identifies seven SNPs associated with breast size 0 None
2012-07-04 UPM researchers develop a functional biscuit for celiac patients 0 None
2012-07-04 FDA approves Abbott’s Healon EndoCoat OVD device 0 None
2012-07-04 Scientists develop new animal model to study nonalcoholic steatohepatitis 0 None
2012-07-03 New method promotes selection and growth of dangerous cancer cells 0 None
2012-07-03 Prostate cancer patients with CVD are 52% more likely to regret their treatment choices 0 None
2012-07-03 WSU researcher looks for clues on link between H1N1 flu and obesity 0 None
2012-07-03 Researchers use mouse model of autism to treat CTD 0 None
2012-07-03 Rodents may hold the key to long and active lifespan 0 None
2012-07-03 NOTCH1 signaling promotes T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia-initiating cell regeneration 0 None
2012-07-03 Study confirms a rare susceptibility variant in glioma 0 None
2012-07-03 Researchers identify new gene target for leukemia therapy 0 None
2012-07-03 July issue of Neurosurgery provides update on Human Connectome Project 0 None
2012-07-03 Safety tips to prevent heatstroke during hot weather 0 None
2012-07-03 Study examines patterns in QOL of Parkinson's disease patients prior to diagnosis 0 None
2012-07-03 Childlessness increases risk of hospitalisations for psychiatric disorders among infertile women 0 None
2012-07-03 Osteoarthritis susceptibility: eight potential genes discovered 0 None
2012-07-03 Botulinum toxin may help prevent arm tremor in people with MS 0 None
2012-07-03 Changing tissue landscape promotes higher cancer rates in the elderly 0 None
2012-07-03 FDA accepts BLA filing and grants Priority Review to ThromboGenics' ocriplasmin 0 None
2012-07-03 Imaging PR status may help identify tumor response to endocrine therapy 0 None
2012-07-03 Scientists discover Eya1 enzyme control of pulmonary barrier integrity 0 None
2012-07-03 Critical Diagnostics showcases Presage ST2 Assay at AAHFN annual meeting 0 None
2012-07-03 Researchers show how aggressive form of multiple myeloma resists chemotherapy 1 None
2012-07-03 Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center receives $3M donation from Celebrity Fight Night 0 None
2012-07-03 Scientists assemble string of genetic letters that could control parrots' vocal learning 0 None
2012-07-03 Savient's KRYSTEXXA improves HRQOL and physical function in patients with RCG 0 None
2012-07-03 SAMFund, ASTRO partner to raise awareness of cancer survivorship issues 0 None
2012-07-03 Heart attacks that occur in late pregnancy cause more damage 0 None
2012-07-03 ASD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder share etiologic risk factors 0 None
2012-07-03 EvergreenHealth, King County EMS collaborate to prevent future falls among older adults 0 None
2012-07-02 FHIT announces strategic partnership with LecturePad 0 None
2012-07-02 USPTO issues notice of allowance to Avanir for NUEDEXTA 0 None
2012-07-02 'Adaptive' clinical trials now being planned at U-M, other sites 0 None
2012-07-02 ImmunoCellular to expand ICT-107 Phase IIb trial on GBM 0 None
2012-07-02 Study investigates association between SCC and cutaneous HPV types belonging to five different genera 0 None
2012-07-02 Hearing loss linked to Alzheimer's, heart disease, chronic kidney diseases and diabetes 0 None
2012-07-02 Onyx commences ENDEAVOR Kyprolis Phase 3 trial for relapsed multiple myeloma 0 None
2012-07-02 Current diagnosis and treatment approaches for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2012-07-02 Cerulean commences dosing in CRLX101-Avastin combination study for metastatic renal cell carcinoma 0 None
2012-07-02 Abnormal bone marrow stem cells drive development of myelodysplastic syndromes 0 None
2012-07-02 Enrollment complete in Cerulean CRLX101 Phase 2 study for non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2012-07-02 Potential link between mutant huntingtin, cell loss and cell death in Huntington's disease 0 None
2012-07-02 Rexahn submits RX-5902 IND to FDA for treatment of advanced or metastatic solid tumors 0 None
2012-07-02 Transcranial direct current stimulation can enhance outcome of swallowing therapy for post-stroke dysphagia 0 None
2012-07-02 Sosei completes SO-1105 Phase I trial for oropharyngeal candidiasis in Japan 0 None
2012-07-02 Obesity during adulthood linked to sexual and physical abuse during childhood 0 None
2012-07-02 CytRx granted European patent for tumor-targeting linker platform technology 0 None
2012-07-02 New treatment target against metastatic pancreatic cancer 0 None
2012-07-02 Chronic inflammation can predispose the brain to develop Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-07-02 European collaboration to design a biomimetic bioartificial liver 0 None
2012-07-02 Blocking AXL protein may prevent resistance to lung cancer drug 0 None
2012-07-02 Early brain changes predict chances of developing chronic pain 0 None
2012-07-02 Study illuminates key step in the journey of inflammation-producing immune cells 0 None
2012-07-02 Study reinforces CT colonography as a viable option for Medicare-aged patients 0 None
2012-07-02 Currently available online information about abdominal aortic aneurysms need improvement 0 None
2012-07-02 New volumetric functional MRI scan figures out beneficiaries of chemotherapy in liver cancer patients 0 None
2012-07-02 Secrets to the Danish success in combating antimicrobial resistance 0 None


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