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2008-06-30 Bavarian Nordic files patent infringement suit against Oxford BioMedica 0 None
2008-06-26 Barr announces favorable ruling in Mirapex patent challenge 0 None
2008-06-26 Clinical Data secures European patent for key multi-drug resistance gene 0 None
2008-06-26 Aventix Pharma takes over key patents for innovative screening tool for treatments for cystic fibrosis 0 None
2008-06-24 India's patent office rejects Boehringer's application for pediatric antiretroviral 0 None
2008-06-23 Alchemia granted first two patents in the "Synthetic Heparin Oligosaccharide" family of patents 0 None
2008-06-19 AutoGenomics issued European patent for Human papillomavirus 0 None
2008-06-19 Ranbaxy and Pfizer settle on Lipitor patent litigation 0 None
2008-06-16 Peregrine Pharmaceuticals awarded two new U.S. patents for targeted anti-aminophospholipid agents 0 None
2008-06-16 VistaGen Therapeutics announces new broad composition of matter patent protection for its ES Cell-derived pluripotent precursor cells 0 None
2008-06-11 Breakthrough in understanding tumor immune therapy 0 None
2008-06-11 EntreMed receives new patent for 2-Methoxyestradiol analogs 0 None
2008-06-11 Mylan wins generic Prilosec patent litigation 0 None
2008-06-11 Barr confirms patent challenge of Prevacid SoluTab tablets 0 None
2008-06-11 Telik announces patents on TELINTRA compounds 0 None
2008-06-08 FDA grants pediatric exclusivity for UCB's Keppra 0 None
2008-06-04 Mylan confirms Azor patent challenge 0 None
2008-06-03 Skinvisible granted patent in Australia for polymer delivery system 0 None
2008-06-03 Cephalon files patent infringement case against Watson Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2008-06-02 DialysisPPO files provisional patent for dialysis cost containment 0 None
2008-06-02 U.S. Patent Office confirms second of four Viread patents 0 None


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