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2010-03-31 Collegium Pharmaceutical receives USPTO notice of allowance for novel formulation of milnacipran 0 None
2010-03-31 Japanese Patent Office grants Alnylam Pharmaceuticals' claims in second patent application for Tuschl II 0 None
2010-03-31 Rosetta Genomics reports revenues of $150,000 for full-year 2009 0 None
2010-03-31 BioNanomatrix awarded patent covering nanochannel arrays for high-throughput macromolecular analysis 0 None
2010-03-31 BIO pleased with Court's dismissal of claims over patenting gene-based inventions 0 None
2010-03-31 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance for menadione to prevent skin rash in patients taking EGFR inhibitors 0 None
2010-03-31 Judge throws out human gene patents linked to cancers 0 None
2010-03-30 USPTO issues patent for Incisive Surgical's proprietary INSORB Absorbable Skin Stapling Technology 0 None
2010-03-30 Court rules certain claims covering isolated DNA sequences in patents covering BRACAnalysis as invalid 0 None
2010-03-30 releases investment report on MDRNA 0 None
2010-03-30 Appeals court ruling clears way for Enzo Biochem to pursue claim for substantial damages against Applera 0 None
2010-03-30 Sectra's method for effective multi-site workflow and rapid image data delivery receives U.S. patent 0 None
2010-03-29 Chinese Patent Office granted new patent for Totobobo mask 1 5
2010-03-29 Medtronic announces settlement of lawsuit initiated against AGA Medical 0 None
2010-03-29 AGA Medical Holdings announces settlement of patent infringement lawsuit with Medtronic 0 None
2010-03-27 Federal Circuit affirms validity of Pressure Products’ patent infringement case against Greatbatch Medical 0 None
2010-03-26 ARCA biopharma granted patent for methods of treating heart failure patients with bucindolol based on genetic testing 0 None
2010-03-26 Genentech, Biogen Idec file declaratory relief complaint against GSK regarding Arzerra 0 None
2010-03-26 ITC Judge rules in favor of Knowles Electronics on ADI’s microphone packages infringement issue 0 None
2010-03-26 USPTO allows Pisgah Labs' patent application regarding imipramine pamoate 0 None
2010-03-26 U.S. Court vacates Greatbatch patent infringement verdict 0 None
2010-03-25 PositiveID files patent application for iGlucose system 0 None
2010-03-25 US patent reinforces Ikonisys' position in digital image-analysis industry 0 None
2010-03-24 Transcept Pharmaceuticals receives second patent for Intermezzo formulation 0 None
2010-03-24 Skinvisible obtains Korean patent for polymer delivery system 0 None
2010-03-23 Pluristem Therapeutics receives European Patent on core 3D cell expansion technology 0 None
2010-03-23 Celladon Corporation receives USPTO notice of allowance covering MYDICAR for advanced heart failure 0 None
2010-03-23 Texas jury returns binding verdict of invalidity on two Covidien's patent claims covering trocar seal technology 0 None
2010-03-23 Uroplasty announces newly-issued patent for Urgent PC Neuromodulation System 0 None
2010-03-23 Covidien subsidiary wins patent infringement suit against Applied Medical Resources 0 None
2010-03-23 Can-Fite BioPharma files patent application for treatment of Uveitis with A3 adenosine receptor ligands 0 None
2010-03-20 Drug company fights for patent extension 0 None
2010-03-19 Providence receives U.S. patent for CPMMS 0 None
2010-03-19 USPTO reissues composition of matter patent for Poniard Pharmaceuticals' picoplatin 0 None
2010-03-18 StemCells granted UK patent covering true rat stem cells and genetically engineered rats 0 None
2010-03-18 USPTO allows Regulus Therapeutics' claims covering methods of antagonizing miR-181a for regulating immune response 0 None
2010-03-18 Bone Biologics receives Notice of Allowance of patent claims that protects formation of cartilage by UCB-1 0 None
2010-03-17 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics receives Notice of Allowance covering antibodies targeting pancreatic cancer 0 2
2010-03-17 Patent applications continue to alter medical landscape to improve patient care 0 None
2010-03-17 Shire receives Paragraph IV Notice Letter over generic INTUNIV ANDAs from Teva Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2010-03-17 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance for Quick-Med Technologies' NIMBUS technology 0 None
2010-03-16 Actoplus Met and Actos: Mylan enters into settlement agreements with Takeda Pharmaceutical 0 None
2010-03-16 Epeius Biotechnologies' tumor-targeted vaccine technology for cancer immunotherapy receives patent protection 0 None
2010-03-16 AlloSource receives US patent for cleaning and disinfecting system 0 None
2010-03-15 Impax Laboratories initiates challenge of patent over generic TRILIPIX 0 None
2010-03-15 Ranbaxy resolves generic Actos patent litigation 0 1
2010-03-15 Neurologix receives US PTO Notice of Allowance concerning treatment approach for epilepsy 0 None
2010-03-12 Generic Focalin XR patent suit: Intellipharmaceutics International announces settlement 0 None
2010-03-11 USPTO issues patent related to Seattle Genetics' ADC technology 0 None
2010-03-11 Cellectis’ 1485475 European patent: EPO confirms revocation of previously granted claims 0 None
2010-03-11 Smith & Nephew disappointed with jury findings over RENASYS-F Dressing Kit patent litigation 0 None
2010-03-11 Watson Pharmaceuticals resolves Actos patent litigation 0 None
2010-03-11 Kinetic Concepts wins patent infringement case 0 None
2010-03-09 Watson Laboratories sued over ANDA filing for generic Opana ER 0 None
2010-03-08 Rexahn Pharmaceuticals granted Japanese patent for Archexin 0 None
2010-03-08 iCAD granted patent covering SecondLook Digital CAD solution incorporating lesion metrics 0 None
2010-03-08 VIVUS granted three additional patents for Qnexa 0 None
2010-03-08 USPTO issues non-final Actions Closing Prosecution for 6,833,252 and 7,214,536 patents 0 None
2010-03-06 Sandata Technologies, Infocrossing reach agreement over patent infringement lawsuit 0 None
2010-03-06 Retractable Technologies v. OMI litigation: Court delivers final judgment and permanent injunction 0 None
2010-03-06 Peptimmune granted US patent for PI-2301 peptide copolymer in treatment of multiple sclerosis 0 3
2010-03-06 Researchers assess clinical and cost impacts of PPI utilization in hospitalized patients 0 None
2010-03-05 Humanetics' BIO 300 medical radiation countermeasure drug candidate issued U.S. patent 0 2
2010-03-05 German Federal Patent Court to nullify CryoLife's Kowanko patent 0 None
2010-03-05 Advaxis' Listeria based fusion protein granted U.S. patent 0 None
2010-03-05 Kyto Biopharma signs licensing agreement with RFSUNY, gains patent rights to Transcobalamin Receptor 0 None
2010-03-04 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals asks Court to dismiss MIT from any claims for monetary damages in ongoing litigation 0 None
2010-03-03 CRH Medical receives Japanese Notice of Allowance for CRH O'Regan System 0 None
2010-03-03 VUCCC files for patent protection: New treatment regimen for Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes 0 1
2010-03-03 YM BioSciences files Form 6K regarding certain nimotuzumab US patents 0 None
2010-03-03 Acuo Technologies granted patent covering technology implemented in DSG software suite 0 None
2010-03-03 Instacare announces filing of patent application for [email protected] technologies 0 None
2010-03-02 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics receives Notice of Allowance on ICT-69 monoclonal antibody 0 None
2010-03-02 Amedica awarded U.S patent for advance bearing technology 0 None
2010-03-02 Generic Hyzaar and Cozaar litigation: Court of Appeals rules in favor of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries 0 None
2010-03-02 Biomoda receives U.S patent for cancer and pre-cancer cell based diagnostic assay 0 None
2010-03-02 NJIT researcher awarded patent for functional coating compositions of perfluoroalkyl perfluoro-phthalocyanine compounds 0 None
2010-03-02 BioSante Pharmaceuticals announces receipt of two US patents directed to 2A/Furin technology 0 None


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