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2011-03-30 USPTO grants composition-of-matter patent to Zalicus 'Synavive' product 0 None
2011-03-30 USPTO issues patent to Somaxon's Silenor food effect 0 None
2011-03-29 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance to Modular's green surfactant patent application 0 None
2011-03-28 Biotectix acquires Chameleon BioSurfaces technology 0 None
2011-03-28 U.S. District Court rules in favor of Watson in generic SEASONIQUE patent infringement suit 0 None
2011-03-25 US District Court rules against Watson in generic Fentora patent suit 0 None
2011-03-25 USPTO issues Notice of Allowance to AlphaRx ARX8203 pain product candidate 0 None
2011-03-25 VARI, Gentel Biosciences receive U.S. Patent for new glycan detection technology 0 None
2011-03-24 Colorcon announces specific details on its patent positions for enteric coatings 0 None
2011-03-24 ACT to be awarded broad patent protection in China for hESC-derived RPE cells 0 None
2011-03-24 NephRx receives new U.S. patent for NX002 to treat IBD 0 None
2011-03-24 USPTO grants patent to ULURU's Altrazeal product 0 None
2011-03-23 NephRx receives new U.S. patent for NX002 to treat oral mucositis 0 None
2011-03-23 PRWP receives two new patents for Galectin-targeting compounds in the U.S., Australia 0 None
2011-03-23 POZEN files motion for Treximet patent litigation against Par 0 None
2011-03-22 BDSI's BEMA drug delivery technology receives Canada patent 0 None
2011-03-22 USPTO grants patent to HistoRx methods for digital microscopy standardization 0 None
2011-03-17 GenSpera strengthens intellectual property for second prostate cancer drug 0 None
2011-03-17 USPTO rejects Biotage's re-examination application for three patent claims 0 None
2011-03-16 HPK receives Reissue Patent for digital slide scanning 0 None
2011-03-16 Global settlement agreement reached in Tuschl patents litigation 0 None
2011-03-15 Argentum responds to recent decision in patent lawsuit against Noble Biomaterials 0 None
2011-03-14 European Patent Office grants ProtAffin key patent for CellJammer discovery technology 0 None
2011-03-14 US District Court rules in favor of Watson in FENTORA patent litigation 0 None
2011-03-10 Israel grants patent to Kamada's Transferrin for use in Pharmaceutical Compositions 0 None
2011-03-10 Salient settles patent infringement lawsuit against Bovie Medical 0 None
2011-03-09 PILMA praises Senate for 2011 Patent Protection Act 0 None
2011-03-09 USPTO grants new patent to Intellect's Alzheimer's vaccine 0 None
2011-03-07 USPTO grants patent to Symphogen's Sym004 to treat solid tumors 0 None
2011-03-05 Oxford Instruments patents to be auctioned off at ICAP Ocean Tomo's Spring 2011 Live IP Auction 0 None
2011-03-05 Bovie settles patent infringement ligation with Salient Surgical and Medtronic 0 None
2011-03-05 Stockholm court rules in favour of Occlutech against AGA-St Jude Medical 0 None
2011-03-04 Hemispherx, Chronix jointly file US patent application for CFS blood test 1 None
2011-03-02 Trial date set for Teva's generic COPAXONE patent infringement litigation against Momenta 0 None
2011-03-02 Court case question: Who holds the patent — drug company or research institution 0 None
2011-03-02 GenMark announces dismissal of microfluidic technology patent lawsuit against Caliper Life Sciences 0 None
2011-03-02 EPO to grant patent for Apricus MycoVa product to treat nail fungus 0 3
2011-03-01 EPO cancels PDL's '216B European Patent 0 None
2011-03-01 Cummings School granted U.S. Patent for antibody-based treatment against Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome 0 None


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