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2004-07-29 New surgical technique for larynx reconstruction 0 None
2004-07-29 What is wavefront LASIK? 0 None
2004-07-26 Innovative treatment for cancer patients who have previously undergone chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy 0 None
2004-07-22 Radial artery appears to be a safe alternative to femoral artery for catheter procedures 0 None
2004-07-21 Unique dual laparoscopic surgical procedure 0 None
2004-07-20 Radiance FN/Radiesse injectable implant material appears effective and well tolerated by patients undergoing facial soft tissue augmentation 0 None
2004-07-19 Iraqi child undergoes heart surgery in New York 0 None
2004-07-17 Physician task force sets out knowledge criteria for clinicians who want to consider themselves experts in this growing field 0 None
2004-07-15 Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), the most frequently performed surgical procedure among teenagers 0 4
2004-07-08 New guidelines for treating heart attacks 0 None
2004-07-07 New minimally invasive surgery - flexible transgastric peritoneoscopy, or FTP 0 None
2004-07-07 New information helps lung cancer patients better understand treatment 0 None
2004-07-05 Plastic Surgeons urge caution for patients considering plastic surgery holiday packages 0 None
2004-07-05 A new protocol for bone marrow transplants 0 None
2004-07-02 Guidelines for determining the best possible time to receive bone marrow transplants 0 None


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