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2004-08-30 Medicare approves University of Kentucky lung transplants 0 None
2004-08-26 Surgeons remodel and replace man's jaw bone allowing him to eat first dinner in 9 years 0 None
2004-08-25 Less invasive procedure to repair aortic aneurysm could reduce death by two-thirds 0 None
2004-08-23 Excessive use of diathermy could lead to increased haemorrhage rates 0 None
2004-08-18 Limb-sparing technique called rotationplasty helps very young children with bone cancer 0 None
2004-08-17 Methods using preventive analgesia to treat pain after surgery before it develops 0 None
2004-08-17 New colon cancer guidelines 0 None
2004-08-16 Physicians today perform more colonoscopies than necessary 0 None
2004-08-15 Suctioning babies to prevent a potentially fatal respiratory disease is probably ineffective 0 1
2004-08-13 Concern over media coverage surrounding the Tronado microwave treatment of cancer 0 None
2004-08-12 CPR and rapid defibrillation is best for cardiac arrest outside of a hospital 0 None
2004-08-12 Could the cure for cancer have been ignored for 30 years? 0 None
2004-08-11 Patients at low risk of dying after coronary artery bypass graft surgery fare better with high-volume surgeons 0 None
2004-08-05 Best approach to removing a diseased thyroid may be from under the arm 0 None
2004-08-05 Single, uniform standard of care for performing laser eye surgery procedures 0 None
2004-08-05 Physicians offer several promising and unique approaches to brain tumor treatment 0 None
2004-08-05 Henry Ford Hospital doctors have successfully completed 1,000 robotic prostatectomies 0 None
2004-08-05 New screening test for oesophageal (food pipe) cancer 0 None
2004-08-02 The Woods Technique of Follicular Relocation - single hair follicle transplant micro-surgery 0 None
2004-08-02 A more direct lateral approach to minimally invasive procedures 0 None


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